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Camping Suprise (MM)

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on: January 26, 2020, 10:48:13 PM
I woke up and my wife was already being bitchy. We were supposed to go on vacation together but at that moment I had had enough and left her ass. I told her I was going on vacation and expected her to be gone when I got back in town.

I got in my car and drove, not knowing where I was going but eventually ended up on I70 heading to VA. I grew up vacationing in the VA mountains so this should have been expected. I finally arrived at the Big Meadows Campground and asked for a tent spot.

They put me in a spot about 20 yards off the roadway which is great. I was losing daylight when I got there so I hurriedly set up my tent and camp stove so I would be set for the night. I finally got a fire going and was relaxing by the fire when I heard a noise behind me. I turn around and a man is approaching.

"Hi neighbor! My name is Dave." Reaching out his hand.

"Hi Dave, I'm Jerrod, nice to meet you. Are you camping here?" As I extend my hand but aware of the location of my side arm.

"Oh, yes. I am just over there" As he points to the east. "I just saw you get set up and thought I would introduce myself."

I see a tent and canopy in his direction, about 20 yards away. "Well Dave, I am just getting dinner started. Would you like something to eat?"

"My dinner is almost ready but if you don't mind, I'll come over here to eat?"

"Not at all, come over."

We chatted for a while but I had no idea what was in store for me; us. After dinner, we both washed our dished and then sat down by the fire; only Dave sat down next to me rather than on the other side.

"So, are you single?" He asked.

"Well, yes and no. I left my wife literally this morning so..."

"Oh, wow! I'm Sorry?"

"Don't be, she became unbearable and I had enough."

"So, you are alone?"

"Yeah, I guess I am."

The fire mesmerized us for a while and then I felt something on my thigh. As I came back from my daze, I realized Dave was massaging my thigh near my cock. While I was surprised, I was actually enjoying it so I didn't say anything.

"Jerrod, are you ok with what I'm doing?"

"Um, yeah, we're good."

By this time he was rubbing my cock through my shorts and I was rock hard. Dave moved his hand down and now running his hand up my shorts; I was commando so he immediately made flesh on flesh contact with my dick and I started to melt.

"Here, whiff this." As he put a brown bottle under my nose. I immediately melt to the ground and shed my clothes. Now I am there naked by the fire and he passes the bottle under my nose again.

"Look at that ass! you don't mind if I massage it do you?" Dave then starts rubbing the cheeks of my ass in a circle getting closer and closer to my rosebud. Once he got close enough, his thumb started making it's way in to my asshole.

I had never done a gay sex act but had thought about it so while this surprised me, I let it happen. As Dave's thumb probed my asshole, I could feel it getting bigger.

"Do you want to wash your hands while I go take an enema?"

"You don't have to do the enema."

"I'd feel less self-conscious if I did."

I got up and Dave followed me to the showers. It is a pay shower so I put in my coins and get in the shower. Dave follows me in and I ignore him while I wash all over. When I get to my asshole, I start fingering myself to draw out anything in there. Eventually it falls out and I wash my hands and Dave starts kissing by shoulder.

I pushed back towards him and he pushed forward so his dick was nestled in the crack of my ass. One more push and his 8in cock was knocking at the door of my ass. I reached around with some lube and massaged his dick and pushed some up in my ass and Dave leaned forward. I saw stars as he entered my ass with his cock. He went in and out slowly at first but increased his speed. Within a couple of minutes, he was pounding his cock in me like a five dollar whore while I was loving every thrust and taking a hit off the brown bottle every couple of minutes.

After about fifteen minutes, my butt cheeks are sore from being slapped and I feel Dave tense up. I know this means he is getting ready to cum and I grind back into him to get as much as I can. Dave lets loose while he is pounding me and I feel his cum seep into my body.

He finally finishes throbbing in my ass and reaches around and grabs my dick. While he is still in me, he starts fucking me once again but jerking me off at the same time. Eventually, we both cum at the same time.

Sometimes perfection can be... perfect hell.