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A whole new experience (M,F,f, exhib, oral, inc, con)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Part 1

Closing her book Cassie placed it on the ground next to her patio lounger and leaned back.  The chair extended more and opened up allowing her to lay back.  Interlocking her fingers she swung both hands above her head and stretched.  Arching her back as much as the chair would allow, she groaned and wiggled her toes.  Relaxing she brought her hands back down making a quick adjustment to her bikini top before settling them to her sides.  She loved these lazy Saturdays, spending time by her families pool, laying out in the sun letting her skin absorb the heat.

“Oh come on, you can’t be serious”.  Her brother sitting at the edge of the pool, with his legs in the water, spoke with his cellphone to his ear.

Cassie was so happy to have her older brother home again.  She missed him so much when he left for his first semester at college.  He had always been there for her and she felt sort of lost without him there.  As long as she could remember he had made sure she was safe and as happy as could be.  She just wished he wouldn’t spend all his time on the phone with his girlfriend.

He said he met her in his first class, and they hit it off right away.  Said her name was Shy or something like that.  Who the hell names their daughter Shy?  Doesn’t seem like the name of somebody that her brother would be into.  He was always doing something, always around people, and to have a girlfriend named Shy just seemed conflicting. He was finally home and he won’t put down that damn phone.  Cassie didn’t even known this girl and she already hated her.

“I would love to drive out there and see you, but I have plans this evening.  Tomorrow I’m sure I could sneak away for the day.  It’s a five hour drive so I can leave in the morning and be there by lunch.  Introduce me to your family.”  Cassie mocked every word he spoke to his stupid girlfriend.

Looking around her chair for something to throw at him she grabbed her water bottle.  It was half full so it may not fly right, but it’ll have to do.  She plays soft ball so she is not new at throwing things.  Cocking her arm back and ready to let it fly the bottle was suddenly yanked from her hand.  Quickly turning her head she saw her mom standing there with the bottle just out of reach.  Her mother wearing a two piece with a tropical sarong draping past her knees, scowled at her.

“What the hell are you doing Cassie?”  her mother, Claire, asked with exasperation. “I thought you’d have outgrown these childish tantrums.  We are all getting used to your brother dating somebody.”

Cassie watched her mother walk off with her water bottle in one hand, and a small bag in the other.  She wasn’t sure, but she thought her mother had said something else, but it didn’t matter.  She stuck her tongue out, and folded her arms under her breasts.  Her mother was always short with her, always as a slight attitude and never took it easy on her.  It’s almost like she had to show her up every chance she got.  Even now with that bathing suit, she’s showing off her larger breasts and full butt.  Why does she have to wear that now, it’s just the three of them.  Maybe she’s hoping one of Jayden's college buddies is going to come over.

She looks back over at Jayden who was still talking on the phone.  His eyes followed their mom in a nonchalant manner as he continued his conversation.  Cassie was irritated that he ignores her all day, but as soon as mom shows up, then he's ready for family.  He has always been a mommas boy though.  Well maybe he will at least put down his phone and hang out with her if mom is around then.  With this in mind she takes off her sunglasses and makes her way to the edge of the pool.  Just as she was getting ready to jump in she hears her mother call her.

Turning she sees her mother holding up a bottle of sunscreen, “Did you use up all the lotion?”

“No, there should be plenty in that bottle, and I was using the tanning motion today.”  She replied pointing over to her stuff next to the lounger she just left.

“Well either you, or your brother used it up, and now I don’t have any.” Her mother tossed the bottle on another lounger where she had emptied the bag of items, and had draped her sarong on it.

“Well I didn’t use it,” Cassie pointed over to her brother, “maybe the stupid love bird used it.  His dumb girlfriend probably likes him all ghostly pale.  I mean look at him, he is white as a corpse.”

“It doesn’t matter who used it, I need you to go to the store for a new bottle.”  Her mother used her fingers to push her glasses up and pinch the bridge of her nose as if to relieve a headache.

“What?  Why me?  Make him go, he used it.”  She pointed back at her brother without looking at him.

“Don’t argue with me Cassie, I don’t want to deal with your attitude, I’d just like you to do as I ask.”  Still pinching her nose her mother’s tone was getting more angry

“Oh come on, this isn’t fair.  I told you I didn’t use it, and besides I have my own bottles.  I’m telling you Jayden used it up.  Make him go.”

“Damn it Cassir, he is home on spring break from college, I don’t get any spring break from work and I want to enjoy my damn Saturday too.”  Her mother turned to her and folding her arms under her breasts pushing the massive mounds together highlighting her cleavage.  “now stop being a brat and just go get the damn lotion.”

Cassie, entirely pissed off, stormed back over to her stuff and started putting her cutoff shorts on.  Pulling them up over her bikini top she grabbed her tank and stuffed her cell phone into her back pocket.  She glanced at Jayden who had finally gotten off the phone with his girlfriend and watched the confrontation.  She donned her sunglasses and slipped her feet into her sandals.  She started for the house to get her clutch and keys.

Passing her mother on the way she didn’t bother looking at her.  “this is such bullshit.”

“What did you say to me young lady?” her mother angrily removed her own sunglasses to glare at her daughter.

She turned to her mother and stood her ground.  “I said this is bullshit, I’m on my spring break too you know, and it’s not like your job is so hard, you sit at a desk all day.”

“Oh don’t you dare!  You have no idea what my job entails so don’t even talk about it.  In fact, since you want to have this whole attitude and tantrum, I have a whole list of things I need you to get from the store.”  Claire grabbing a pen and tearing a piece of paper off a small notepad she had brought out with her, started writing things down.

Cassie, just as angry as her mother, stood there waiting for the list.  She didn’t understand why her mom was being so unreasonable.  She usually strict with her, but ever since her brother came home she’s always yelling at her and sending her to her room, or worse sending her out with pointless chores.

“Here, get everything on this list and nothing extra.”  Her mother held out the piece of paper for Cassie to take.  “Maybe if you’ve cooled off when you get back I wont have you do the list of chores I’ll be writing while you’re gone.”

She opened her mouth to say something back, but thought better of it.  Her teeth made an audible noise when they came together.  She didn’t mock or make a face, she just slowly took the list folded it and put it in her pocket. Her mother reaching into her bag pulled out some money and gave some to her.  Folding the bills up she pushed them into the same pocket as the list, turned and walked to the back of the house.  She didn’t turn around or look back as she opened the door and walked inside.

“I bet the hardest thing she does at work is fucking her boss.”  Cassie finally letting that statement fly she felt the tension in her shoulders ease up. “she is such a bitch.”

She collected her keys and purse from her bedroom upstairs.  Making sure she had her own money she went downstairs, through the kitchen, and out the front door.  She got into her car, buckled up and backed out of the driveway.  As she pulled away she looked back at the house and thought she saw something move by the side gate.  Was probably her mother watching her leave.  Last time they had an argument like this she had driven over her mom’s tulips near the end of the driveway.  She wasn’t about to make things worse or she’d be spending the entire weekend cleaning.

Driving down the road she decided that she’d get herself some alcohol since she’s going to the store anyways.  Stopping at a stop sign she checked her purse for he fake ID, and enough money.  It did not take long to realize that she had left the ID in a shoebox in her closet.  Now angry at herself she made a quick U-turn in the intersection and headed home.  She didn’t want her mother to ask why she had come back so she parked in front of the neighbors house.  Hidden by the trees and hedges she snuck to the front door and made sure nobody was inside before sneaking in.  Quietly as possible she went through the kitchen, and back upstairs.  She went straight into her closet and got her fake ID out of the hiding place and slipped in into her back pocket.  Wanting to make sure her mother was still outside by the pool she went to the window and looked out.  What she saw nearly stopped her heart with shock.

Her mother laying back in her lounger had one foot on the concrete to the side of the chair.  Her bikini bottoms still around the ankle.  Her other leg was up with her calf resting on Jayden’s shoulder and her foot on his back.  His face buried between her thighs.  She had her head tossed back with her mouth open, Cassie could almost hear her moaning through the glass of the closed window.  She had one hand to her large breast while the other gripped into her son’s hair.  Every so often she’d grind her hips into his face and her toes would curl slightly.

Jayden had one foot planted on the ground and one knee on the lounger.  He had one hand wrapped around their mother’s thigh as he went down on her.  His swim trunks removed and tossed carelessly off to the side and forgotten.  By the way his other arm moved he was clearly stroking himself while he gave their mother oral pleasure.

Dropping down behind the window she leaned against the wall.  Finally taking a breath her heart beat drummed in her ears.  She could not believe what she had just witnessed.  There is no way what she saw was possible, yet it was clearly going on.  She tried to find some kind of reasoning, or excuse as to why they would be doing that, but absolutely nothing came to mind.  It was the most illogical thing that she could possibly have witness.

She needed to think, and to clear her head.  They think she is gone so first things first she needed to leave without them knowing she was there at all.  She got up and away from the wall but didn’t fully stand.  Slightly raising her head above the window sill she peered out to make sure they were still there.  She didn’t want to see them again, but she wouldn’t know what to do if they had suddenly gone inside, and she came down stairs, or if she ran into them while they came upstairs.  The urgency of her needing to leave almost overcame her caution.

Getting her head over the edge just enough to look down at them she saw they were still there.  They had changed what they were doing though.  Jayden had stopped working between her legs, and had moved on to kissing their mother.  Considering what was going on before she was sure that their tongues were inside each others mouths.  Since he had moved, she could clearly see her brother fully erect.  The vision of him fully nude and completely hard was burned into her memory forever.

Slowly she backed away from the window until she couldn’t see them anymore, and then turned, and left her room closing the door behind her.  As quickly, and as quietly as she could, she made her way down the stairs.  Before leaving the stairwell and making her way through the kitchen she looked out the large windows in the living room to make sure those two were still there.  They had moved again as her brother was now standing, and their mother had him in her mouth, her hand working along with her lips.  Turning away from the window she made her way through the kitchen towards the front door.

As she reached the door she grabbed the knob when a thought crossed her mind and she blurted the words, “I can’t believe how big Jayden’s dick is.”

The thought made the blood rush through her body making her face burn.  Her heart raced, and her hand shook as she tried to turn the knob.  Turmoil rushed through her with the blood.  She wanted to leave, but she was so tempted to go back and watch.

A.   Leave the house and come back later.
B.   Go to the living room window and watch.

I thought about doing a reader’s choice story like this, not really sure how it’ll turn out but hey, we’ll figure it out together.  So how about first choice to 5 votes is the path taken.

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go to the window and watch, pleasure yourself then get up and JOIN them.

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Take a picture before watching more

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Part 1 choice B

Cassie let go of the knob, turned around and headed towards the living room repeating the words “oh my god.”

She didn’t head straight to it, she didn’t want to be seen so she headed through the dinning room and made her was around to the edge of the big window and leaned against the wall next to the large curtains. Their large sofa sat against the wall right in front of the window. Taking a few deep breaths she used the curtain as best she could to help hide her as she looked out the window.

Jayden stills stood at the edge of the lounger as their mother kept working on him.  The way the lounger sat with their mother on it and where he stood, all of what they were doing was completely visible.  With his head back he now had the finger of one of his hands in her hair.  Sweat made his skin glisten and his abs would flex every so often when he push his hips forward.  She could see her mother’s lips drag along him as she worked her head back and forth.  She was sitting up with one hand between her legs and the other between his cupping him.

She couldn’t see all of him because of their mother’s mouth, but front what she could see. “He is really big, definitely bigger than my boyfriend"

Cassie watched with nervous amazement at what they were doing.  This type of thing doesn’t just happen.  She’s not new to sex and she could tell that this was definitely not the first time they’ve done this.  She had been gone for only a few minutes or so, which means they must have started as soon as she left.  She guessed it answered the question of who was at the side gate.

“So this is why she’s so eager to get rid of me all the time,”  she whispered to herself as she wrapped some fingers around the curtain.  “no wonder she gets so pissed so fast and sends me off to wherever.  Oh my god, like…. Every other day.”

She started glancing from one side of the yard to the other to see who might else be seeing this.  She couldn’t imagine they would just do this taboo where everybody could watch.  The backyard around the pool had more than enough coverage to prevent unwanted onlookers.  Unless of course they were in the house watching like she was.  Turning her eyes back to them she was just in time to see Jayden turn his head towards the house.

“Shit!”  Cassie squeaked before ducking behind the wall at the edge of the window.

She breathed deep and waited, her head turning to the back door.  She prayed that the door wouldn’t open, and see them walk in.  She had no idea what she would do if that happened.   She should make a run for the front door and leave before it could happen.  She braced herself to go but then heard her mother laugh through the glass.  Hearing that she could easily assume Jayden hadn’t noticed her.  So she gathered her courage and peered out the window again.

“Oh… my… god…”  she was full of relief that they were still there, as well as shock at what she was seeing.

Their mother had stood up and they were passionately kissing while she stroked her son.  He was so much bigger than she had thought now that she could see him entirely.   She watched with wide eyes and a pounding heart as their mother turned around and faced away from her son and bent over.  Placing her hands on the lounger she looked over her shoulder at her son and waited.  Cassie licked her bottom lip,  and sucked it in between her teeth as she watched her brother stroke himself.  Cassie gripped the curtain tight as he pushed himself against their bent over mother and breathed out heavily as she watched him disappear slowly inside her.

Claire moaned loudly as he worked deeper and deeper.  He started picking up a little pace and grabbed her hips.  He was just slightly taller than his mother so it was easy for him to bend over her and grip he large breasts.  He pulled the straps of her bikini top freeing her from the cups.  He used both hands on her breasts and he thrust with a constant rhythm.  Their mother had her mouth the open but Cassie could not hear any noise from them over the pounding in her ears.

Cassie still couldn’t believe this was happening, but what was more of a shock at the moment was that she was getting turned on.  She new her brother was cute, but she never really saw him as a sexual being.  Seeing him like this right now made her want him.  She wanted to be out there with them.  She wanted to be their mother.

Letting go of the curtain, she worked the button, and zipper to her cutoff shorts.  Sliding her hand inside between the denim and her bikini she curled her finger around herself.  She began masturbating through the cloth, and was so turned on she had already soaked through it.  Balling her other hand into a fist against the wall she dug her fingers hard against herself.  Mouth open she was nearly drooling and she panted watching her family members having sex.  She couldn’t imagine a more inappropriate thing to happen, but she was extremely enjoying it.  So much so she hadn’t noticed she was no longer alone.

Panic surged through her as she was suddenly wrapped up by strong arms.  Her shocked scream was muffled by a large hand.  The hand down her pants was pinned in place by the other arm.  She was lifted and held against the body behind her.  Her free hand grabbed the forearm of the person who grabbed her.  She tried to scream again and began to kick her legs to get away.

“Calm down Cassie.”  Her eyes went wild as she heard her father’s voice whisper into her ear.

She went limp in his arms, but the panic was still there but in a different way.  The fear she felt about getting caught by the two outside just doubled after being caught by her one dad.  She could feel the tears building as he held her in place.  She wished could at least take her hands out of her pants.  The way he wrapped her up there was zero chance she could talk her way out of this.  He carried her a little ways away from the wall, and stopped where they could both see the two outside.

“you going to stay quiet if I let you go"?  He asked as he let her feet touch the floor again.

Shaking her head yes he let go of her mouth and she took a deep shaky breath.  Her mind searched for something to say, and excuse for what was happening.  The only thing that could save her was what was happening outside.  She was about to open her mouth another thought struck her.  Her dad could clearly see what they were doing out there , but he didn’t seem to care.

He stood almost two feet taller than her so she needed to look up to see his face as he looked out the window.  “you know"?

“Of course I know Princess, and I’ve been waiting for the day you knew too.”  He never took his eyes off the scene outside.

“I… I don’t…. I have no idea what’s going on".  She felt dizzy with everything going on, and was grateful her dad was still behind her cause she would have fallen down otherwise.

“Looks like you know exactly what’s going on".  He said with a smile as he slowly bent down his hand sliding down her arm until his finger slipped into the front of her opened shorts.

She hadn’t been able to take her hand off of herself because of how he held her.  Then she had been too shocked to think clearly about it.  Now she froze in place as her dad curled his hand around hers.  With the slightest bit of pressure she sucked air in through her teeth.  She opened her mouth in protest but it was quickly covered again by his large hand.  It wasn’t rough or forceful, it was just cupped lightly over her lips.

“don't stop now princess, we can enjoy the show together.”  He said while moving his hand over hers.

She breathed against his fingers as they rubbed her together.  She curled her fingertips up putting more pressure against herself.  Together they picked up the pace, their hands moving in unison.  They watched the two outside change positions again.  Her mother lay down on the lounger and her brother climbed on top.  She didn’t really care that she couldn’t really see what they were doing anymore, she just enjoyed the feeling of hands on her.

She kissed her dad’s fingers covering her mouth, and then leaned hard against his body.  She no longer thought about right or wrong.  The fact it was her dad only made her feel safer, it was her need and lust that was controlling her now.  She laid her head back against his chest, as he slid his strong hand down her neck and between her small breasts.  He stopped with the broad palm against her belly and hugged her close to him.

“Mmmmhhh, yes daddy, this feels so good.”  The moan slid past her lips, the words not even sounding strange in her own ears.

“you haven’t called me daddy in years Princess.”

“You haven’t called me princess in years either.”

She took her hand out of her shorts and his followed.  She turned to him and looked up at his broad face.  His jaw looked stronger and his shoulders more broad.  Like her brother, her dad no longer looked the same.  This was a man, a strong, protective man she knew she could trust.  Hooking her thumbs into her shorts she pushed them down and the small denim garment fell to the floor.  He smiled at her, bent, and grabbed the bottom of her tank with both hands and lifted.  She put her arms up allowing the shirt to slide easily off over her head.

As he tossed it to the side she began working on the button of his jeans.  As she worked he pulled his own shirt off over his head.  Successfully opening his pants she tugged them down a bit exposing his underwear.  The outline of his erection had her smiling with anticipation.  Biting her lower lip she looked up at him as she grabbed the front of his underwear.  He smiled back at her before she looked down and pulled down on the elastic band.

His hardness fell out and laid against her belly.  “Oh wow, daddy.”

She looked back up at him as she took him in her hands.  She slowly stroked him with both hands.  She leaned her forehead against his hairy chest and stared down as she worked.  Opening her mouth she allowed a stream of spittle to fall out and land on his shaft.  It only provided the slightest bit of lubrication that was already beginning to dry.  She had no problem coming up with more saliva to cover him as the thought of him in her mouth made her drool.

Their size difference meant she didn’t need to go far before she had him between her lips.  Moaning around him she cradled him with one hand and work the other along with her mouth.  He pulled the hair out of her face and watched as she sucked on him. His taste and strong smell filled her senses as she enjoyed pleasing her dad.  He groaned deeply as she did her work, she had hoped he like it and that noise made her happy.

“You’re so beautiful princess.”  He said with another groan, “and you’re very good at this.”

Pulling him out of her mouth she stood and looked up at him a slight bashful, “thank you daddy, I guess you can tell I’ve done this before.”

“Yes I know.  If you were still a virgin we wouldn’t be doing this.  Your mother made me promise.”

She was taken back a little as she placed both hands on his strong chest, and pushing him away slightly,  “you and mom talked about this?”

“well yes.  She waited on your brother so I waited on you.”  The way he looked at her made her see her dad the way she always had.  “does this mean we are stopping then"?

She looked into his eyes for a bit before looking down at his manhood.  Reaching out she grabbed his underwear and pants and tugged them the rest of the way down.  “no, I don’t wanna stop now.”

“Good!”  He said with enthusiasm, and squatted down gripping her butt in both hands and lifting.

She squealed and giggled as he hoisted her up and brought her closer to him.  She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist as he moved to the couch.  His erection pressed up between them rubbed gently against her mound as he lifted his legs free of his clothes and headed to the couch.  They kissed each other deeply as he moved and once he got there he turned around.  As he sat she unwrapped her legs and lowered herself to her knees, straddling him.

Settling herself, she was careful of his erection as she leaned in and kissed him again.  He returned it with as much vigor and excitement.  She sucked on his tongue when she had the chance, nibbled his bottom lip.  He would chuckle at her efforts to be sexy, and moaned against her mouth when they would just kiss.  She was hot and ready to be with him.  She could feel his raging hardness against her and she want to feel it inside her.  She slowly rubbed her pelvis against him making herself pant through her nose as they kissed.

Pulling her lips away she leaned her forehead against his and looked down at his wonderful erection.  “I want you daddy.  I want you inside me so bad.”

“I want that too princess.”  He said as he placed his hands back on her bottom and lifting.

She straightened her knees getting her body up above him.  Taking her arms from around his neck she pulled her wet bikini bottom to the side.  She used her other hand to guide him to her entrance.  Her dad kept his hands on her butt and watched her position him.  Slowly she began lowering herself down on him.

“Oh god, daddy!!!”  the words came out of Cassie in a breath as her dad’s swollen cock penetrated her hungry pussy.

He leaned his head back as she slid down him a little.  His hands gripping her butt hard as he felt his daughter’s warmth.  She lifted herself a little before sliding back again.  More of him pushed into her as her juices covered him.  Slowly she rocked back and forth as more and more of him slid inside her.  They moaned and breathed together as she worked to get him all the way inside her.

“you’re so fucking tight princess.”  He groaned deeply and squeezed her butt again.

She wanted to say something back, but she just wanted to feel every inch of her dad.  With a final push she slid all the way down him until she was sitting on his lap.  His hard cock pressing against her cervix.  Her boyfriend wasn’t big enough for that and she’d never experienced that sensation before.  Her hands on his chest curled into fists grabbing some of his masculine chest hair.  She wanted to say something again but her dad cut her off by lifting her by her butt.

“oooohhhhh.” Was all that came out of her mouth.

With him holding her butt, and using his legs, he thrust up into her.  She gasped and leaned forward into him.  Her chest against his. Letting go of her butt with one hand her brought his arm around the small of her back hugging her to him.  He bucked his hips hard driving into her deep every time.  Every thrust bringing a small noise out of her.  She wrapped her own arms around her dad’s neck in an embrace as he fucked her.

“oh yes.” She could barely get the words out.

Her dad groaned in her ear as he continued to pump into her.  She laid her head down on his shoulder as she savored the feeling of him.  She panted and moaned nonstop as the pleasure her dad filled her with increased with every thrust, every heartbeat.  They hugged each other tight as they had sex on the couch.  He grunted and quickened his pace.

“Oh…. My……”  she panted and balled her hands into fists as the intense orgasm rushed through her. “Da……”

She couldn’t even finish speaking as the wave washed over her.  As if every muscle she had tensed up and relaxed at the same time.  She felt every nerve within her tingle and slowly smooth over as calm began to settle.  She didn’t want this feeling to ever end.  Breathing deep she could feel another pulse inside her.  A warm glow slowly filling her as her dad came inside her.  Him breathing as hard as she was.

Slowly she turned her head and became aware of her mother and brother standing just outside the window.  Both naked, Jayden hugged his mother from behind cupping a breast with one hand and rubbing her with the other.  Her mother smiled at her, and Cassie couldn’t help but to smile back.  Suddenly she began to giggle as the whole reality of what just happened set it.

“What so funny, princess?” her dad asked her as he stroked her hair.

“it was there turn to watch us daddy".  She said through her giggles.

Her dad cocked his head a little so he could look behind him.  Cassie used some of her returning strength to push herself up.  Her dad looked at his wife and mouthed the words “I love you" and her mother returned them.  Cassie could feel her dad softening and then slid out of her.  She thought she would feel more of his seed come out of her, but he was all the way inside when he climaxed.  She was finally grateful that her mother had hounded her about birth control.  She just hoped that it worked.

Climbing off of her dad she readjusted her bikini bottoms and picked her shorts up off the floor.  “ I love you so much daddy.”

“I Love you to princess.”  He said to her without moving from the couch.

She looked out the window and saw her brother and mother walk back to the pool.  “Do I still have to go to the fucking store.”
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This is incredibly good! Love every bit of it, a true pleasure to read. Exceptionally well crafted and written! Please, please go on! Thank you, Shiela_M

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Take a picture before watching more

good idea or maybe even a vid of the action. just in case she needs a little blackmail to get them to let her join in

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Take a picture before watching more

good idea or maybe even a vid of the action. just in case she needs a little blackmail to get them to let her join in
obviously no need for blackmail. i did not see that cummming. dad catching her and then they enjoy each other. soooo HOT

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what a great story

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I Loved the tale. I wasn't expecting the action of the second half.  Well done setting us up for the twist.  Keep it up i enjoy reading your writing.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Part 2
The sound of chimes filled the room as Cassie’s phone vibrated against the top of her night stand.  She opened her eyes and squinted against the light to check the time on her clock.  Seeing the time she sat up and grabbed her phone.  Using one finger she begins swiping the screen to bring up her messages.  Once at the right screen she rubs the sleep from her eyes as she reads the messages.  After a yawn, and a good stretch she begins tapping away with quick thumbs to type out her reply.

“Who is texting you this early?”  her dad rolled over and got up on one elbow to try and see her phone.

“Stoppit dad.”  Cassie said as she held her phone out of reach.

“Oh ho, big secret you don’t want your old man to see?”  she could hear the smile on his face as he pretended to try for her phone.

She laughed at his stupid little game and dropped her phone on the floor.  Turning she pushed him down by his shoulder. Bouncing once on the mattress she swung one bare leg over him, straddling his torso.  Sitting back her bare butt settled on his stomach and slid her hands to his hairy chest.  He smiled up at her as she settled into place.

“It’s just Jenna. me and some friends were going to get some coffee this morning and go to the mall.”  She said looking down at him, returning the smile. “I kinda overslept and she’s wondering where I am.”

“No boys are going are they?” he spoke with a sarcastic, scolding like tone.

“Oh, don’t be stupid dad, of course Aaron might be there, he is my boyfriend after all.”

“Huh…. You’re still dating that guy?”

“Of course I am.  Why wouldn’t I be?”

“Thought maybe with what we got going on here, you’d, I don’t know, call it off with that guy.”

“I’ve thought about it, but we’re family and somehow it just doesn’t seem like I’m cheating.”  She just felt it was different, since it’s family it feels like a family thing, and therefore isn’t the same as cheating.  “Besides if I break it off with him, he’ll wonder why and we don’t want our family secret to get out. At least that’s what you’ve reminded me of ever damn day for the past two weeks.”

“Still, figured that I’d be enough for you considering what you’re constantly repeating.”

“Mmmmh,” she sliding down his body until her butt feels his morning stiffness hidden poorly by the sheets.  “you're so big daddy. The biggest.”

“You really know how to brighten my day princess.”

She inhales deeply and lowers your body until her small breasts press against him.  Their size difference places her head just below his chin.  She performs an awkward stretch that makes her wiggle against him bring out a happy grunt.  She places her hands on his shoulders, and gently pulls herself up his body so they are face to face.  She smiles and kisses him on the cheek.  She slides her head to the side of his, and gives his earlobe a quick flick of the tongue.  Gripping her bare butt with strong hands he smiles softly groans through his nose.

Getting closer to his ear she whispers, “You’re bigger, but he’s still a great fuck, especially with oral.”

“HA.” His sudden laugh startled her causing her to jump a little.  “challenge accepted.”

Taking his hands off her small butt he hooked them under her legs.  With a grunt, he lifted her hips and pulled her waist higher up his body.  With the sound of surprise she pushed with her hands lifting her body.  Reaching out with one hand she grabbed her headboard and braced herself.  Her dad was a lot stronger than he looked and he used every bit of his strength to lift, and pull her small frame up to his head. 

She adjusted her legs so when he let go she was straddling his face.  He gripped her butt again, and dove his tongue between her spread open labia.  She let out a gasp and leaned into his mouth.  She gripped the headboard hard while his tongue explored her insides.  She knew he was good, but he was giving it his all.  His moaning turned his mouth into a delicate vibrator.  His strong hands squeezed her butt, and pulled her into him at the same time.  She bit her own arm to stile another loud moan as she sat on her dad’s face.

“Oh… oh yes…. So good"  every word came out in a breath.  A moaning whisper.

He kept up his rhythm and motion of his tongue as she started to slightly grind her hips.  She was only briefly concerned about how she must be down there considering she hadn’t showered yet.  She must still smell of the sex they had last night.  She quickly put the thought out of her head and focused on her dad’s mouth.  If he didn’t mind she didn’t mind.

She was just about there when a voice came booming through the house.  “RICHARD!!!”

They both froze for a second as the ring of her mother’s voice settled.  “Oh shit dad, mom’s coming.”

He nearly threw her off of him as she tried to scamper away.  She bounced once on the bed before hitting the floor with both feet.  She scooped her panties up off the floor, and her socks before turning to see her dad’s naked butt disappear into her closet.  She picked up his pants and tossed them onto the clothes hamper hoping to hide them in plain site.  She bent and pulled her panties up one leg and was hopping around on one foot trying to get her other leg threw when her bedroom door swung open.

She froze as her mother stood there in her bathrobe. “where is he Cassie?  He better not be in here.”

“He’s uh…, I think he um…, ah…, did you check the garage?” she asked finally getting her panties on.

Her mother said nothing and stormed past Cassie, and straight to her closet door grumbling about the smell of sex in the air.  Pulling the door open her mother folded her arms under her breasts and stared at her husband standing naked among Cassie’s clothes.  He gave her a broad grin and covered his erection with both hands.  Cassie not wanted to be there right now started gathering up some clothes that were hanging off the top of her dresser.  Getting what she needed, and picking her phone up off the floor, she headed for the door.

“what you hell are you doing in here.” Her mother used her best scolding tone.  “I thought we said we wouldn’t be doing stuff like this.  Spending the night in the kid’s rooms.”

“Oh come in honey,  it’s no big deal…” he glance at Cassie as she made her way to the door with clothes hanging off her arms, and phone in hand.

“No big deal?  You’re sleeping in your daughter’s bed instead of you own with your wife.”  Claire took a step closer to him, and he backed up as far as he could.  “ I want to wake up next to my husband in the morning, not an empty bed.”

“Oh, hey, hold on a minute, didn’t one of us spend an entire week with our son his first month of college….” She saw her dad take a step closer to her mother causing her to step back.

Cassie closed the door to her room as soon as she got into the hall, the smell of a cooked breakfast drifted up from downstairs.  Her tummy grumbled at the delicious smell.  Dropping the bundle of clothes she grabbed her jeans and slid them on, sticking her phone in the back pocket.  Hopping around again she got her socks on her feet, and stuffed them into her shoes stamping them into place.  She wrapped her bra around her stomach and did up the hooks before spinning it and sliding her arms through the straps.  She quickly shrugged her bra into place, made a few quick adjustments and started down the stairs.

She rounded the stairwell and headed into the kitchen putting her t-shirt on over her head.  Getting her arms through, she grabbed the bottom, and began pulling it down over her breasts.  As she had suspected her brother, Jayden, sat at the island in the middle of the kitchen eating a hot breakfast while flipping pages in a book.  Walking over to the stove to see if anything was left she slid her arms though her thin zip-up hoodie.

“Didn’t leave me anything I see.”  She turned from the empty pans on the stove and walked to the fridge.

“I bet you’re real hungry after last night.”  Jayden said without looking up from his book.

“Mom come asking you where dad was?”

“She didn’t have to, we both knew he was with you last night.”  He gave her a sideways look and bit off a piece of bacon.  “you’re a bit of a screamer.”

She blushed slightly at the thought of keeping everybody up because her dad was such a fantastic lover.  “I’ll remember that and try to keep it down.”

“don’t bother on my account.  I like how you sound.”

She closed the fridge door and walked over to her brother.  “perhaps one of these times, you can be the reason I’m screaming.”

She walked up next to him as he turned in his stool to face her.  “I think that is a great idea.”

She used her hands to spread his legs open and step up between them.  “I’ve been kind of waiting for it, I still think about that first time I saw you and mom.  How badly I wanted to be her.”

“And you looked so cute on top of dad.  I’ll be honest that I’m a bit jealous that he got you before I did.”

Going up on tip toes she brought her face right next to his.  Her lips brushing his, and her hands holding onto his thighs for balance.  She could feel his breath on her lips, could almost taste his breakfast.

“why not now, dad and I were in the middle of something when mom came busting in.” her words a whisper against his mouth as she could hear her denied orgasm scream for release.

“We’ll have to take this into the other room", he said back to her just as quiet.  “not in the kitchen.”

“Or we just do it and hope to not get caught. Seems to be right up our alley.”

“You forget already, you’re not exactly quiet.”

She opened her mouth to reply when a noise came from upstairs.  They both looked up at the ceiling as the noise became familiar.  Now that they’re focused they could hear their mother moan for their father.  It only takes a few seconds for the realization to hit Cassie.

“Oh god… they’re still in my room… oh gross.”  She stared at the ceiling with a disgusted look on her face.

Her eyes shift back and forth hoping she was wrong, but she knew better.  Jayden suddenly and gently grips her chin between thumb and forefinger.  Pulling down he forces her to make eye contact.  Once she is looking at him, he gently runs his thumb along her lips.  Her mouth opens slightly, and he slips his thumb inside. She sucks on it as they stare into each other’s eyes.

He bends his thumb hooking it behind her teeth, and gripping her lower jaw. “Sounds to me like we’ll be alone for a bit, and you can be as loud as you want.”

Closing her teeth on his thumb she smiles hungrily at her brother.  She brushes her hands over his crotch and can feel how hard he is.  She begins working on the button on top of his pants, and continues to suck on his thumb.  The button comes free, and she grips his zipper when her phones sounds again with the alert chimes.

“Aaaahhhh shit.”  She said as she spit his thumb out.

She pulls her phone out from her back pocket, and he huffs in frustration.  “Well that’s shit timing.  How about you just shut it off, and we rock each other’s world?  I want you bad little sis.”

“Yeah yeah, me too.” She was only half listening to him while she looked at her phone. “Oh crap, Jenna is already at the mall.  The store opens at nine and there is already a line.”

“No idea what your blabbering about.”  He tried to pull her attention away from her phone only for his hands to be mindlessly slapped away like an irritating bug.

“The store where we get out makeup is having a huge sale.”  She spoke mindlessly as her thumbs hammered away at the touchscreen of her phone.  “they are the only place that has my perfect match in foundation, and it super expensive so when it’s on sale I’ve got to stock up.  Plus…”

“Blah, blah, blah.”  He rolled his eyes, moved her back away from him and turned back to his food and book.  “if we’re not doing this don’t fucking tease me.”

Sending her message she put her phone back into her pocket.  “Sorry, but I need to go, but before I do.”

He turned to her again with a smirk. “oh going to make our first time a quickie?”

She pressed up against him hard and got her face as close to his as she could.  “not exactly.”

He bent down for a kiss when she suddenly pulled back.  He blinked at her in confusion before he watched her bite a piece of bacon she took off his plate. She winked at him as she chewed turned and headed out the kitchen.  Grabbing her keys put of the bowl on the counter her phone chimes again but she didn’t look at it.

“You are a god damned tease.”

Without looking back she slapped her own ass.  “thanks for the delicious piece of meat, bro.”

“such a tease.  Oh and make sure you’re home for dinner, I…”, his words cut off as the front door closed behind her.

Leaving the house she got into her car and drove to the mall.  Since this morning’s activities, and that she had overslept because of last nights activities she hadn’t had time to fix herself up.  Once she found a spot in the parking lot she did up her hair in a ponytail and put on a ball cap she had in the back seat.  Aaron liked the look, so she donned it often.  Getting out she locked her car and headed inside.

Her friend was right when she had texted earlier. The store was going to open in about fifteen minutes and the line was enormous.  Her biggest issue now was whether or not she’d be able to sneak into line.  She walked along all the women waiting to get inside until she found her friends.  Jenna was there holding two travel mugs of coffee looking a little irritated.  Aaron stood among the group with his buddy and Jenna’s boyfriend Darren.

“Its about damn time you showed up, what the hell took so long?”  Jenna held out the second travel mug.

“The usual, dad was all up in my business this morning.”  She quickly took a sip of the hit beverage to keep the stupid grin off her face.

Cassie gave Aaron a quick kiss and then they stood there chatting and drinking their coffee until the store opened.  “Hey babe, wasn’t sure if you were going to be here.”

“Of course I was, any chance I can get to see my girl, I’m going to take it.”  He smiled at her even with people in line making comments about her cutting into line.

“Yeah, I’m sure you’d love to do more than just see me.”  She stepped into him and he wrapped his arms around her.

“Well, that’s kind of…” his words trailed off as the people behind them started getting louder.  “of a, uh,  a no brainer…  holy shit people.”

He spun to the group behind them and stood as tall as he could. “would it make you all happier if we left?”

A few people started clamoring that they leave so Aaron and his buddy started walking away. “there, one person in two people out, now stop all your bitching. Hey babe, we’re going to head over to sporting goods store, we’ll catch you up later.”

They blew each other kisses before walking away.  Jenna tapped Cassie on the shoulder and got her attention.  “you know he’s fucking that black haired cashier that works there.”

“Yeah, I know, I’ve seen some of their texts.”  Cassie shrugged it off and thought about what she had been doing all night with her father. 

“Oh, not minding are we?  Do you have something going on somewhere else?”  Jenna pressed but Cassie just kept brushing it off and changing the subject.

Finally the store opened and they all headed inside.  They chatted about the normal stuff while they shopped, and finally checked out.  Afterwards they went to the food court for a small meal.

“you want to come over tonight?  Darren is going to be bringing some booze over.”  Jenna sat across from Cassie snacking on her fries.  “Maybe if Aaron is too busy, you can bring your side meat.”

“That sounds like a plan, but I don’t think I can.”

“Why not?  You going to go over to Aaron’s and fuck instead?”

“No, my dumbass brother said something about being home for dinner as I was leaving.”

“So what, you’ve missed out on dinner thousands of times, what’s so special about this one?”

“Wish I knew Jenna, I really need to pay more attention to them I guess.  I ignore him way too much when he is being serious.  I was so excited to have him home from college but now…”

“why not just leave after dinner and come over?”

“I would if I could, but I don’t know what’s going on so I can’t say for sure I’ll be able to.”

“You know, I could just come over.  That way they might let you leave.  Besides I haven’t seen Jayden since he went to college.”  Jenna shoved a fry in her mouth and used her hand to try and hide her flushed cheek.

“You’re never going to fuck my brother Jenna, no matter how much you hang around him.”  Cassie laughed at the look she got from her.

“You’re just saying that because he and I have never been alone together.”  Jenna's reply had a little venom to it.

“No. I’m saying that because he can’t stand you.”  Cassie laughed loud at how pissed Jenna got at that.

“I dare you Cassie.  I dare you to invite me to your house for a sleep over. I’ll sneak into his room and fuck him tonight.”  She leaned over the table with a certainty behind her.

“This is my brother we’re talking about,” remembering that she’s not supposed to be wanting to fuck him too, she put on a disgusted look. “that’s just nasty, and I don’t want to picture it, and besides, like I said he doesn’t like you, aaannnd he’s got a college girlfriend.”

Jenna sat back with her arms folded waiting for Cassie to take the challenge.  Cassie glanced at the rest of the group at the table who were all laughing at the ridiculous challenge.  The real problem was that if she did bring Jenna home, it would mean that she wouldn’t be able to finish what her and her brother had started this morning.  On top of that bringing Jenna over might piss somebody off considering she has no clue what’s happening tonight.  She should just text Jayden to see what’s going on.

As she brought out her phone Jenna snatched it away, “oh no you don’t, no talking to your sexy, hot, brother who I’m going to fuck tonight.  Make your decision Cassie.”

A.    Invite Jenna over for dinner, and to spend the night.
B.   Tell her no, and go home alone to the mystery of dinner.

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Absolutely great story. I would chose A.  Can't wait for the next chapter certainly got me all hot and bothered lol ^-^

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This story is so great, so absolutely fantastic, blew me away. The best erotica I read in a long while!
Please B !

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sooo HOT  :emot_penis: :emot_penis: A A A A  thanks for the story