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A whole new experience (M,F,f, exhib, oral, inc, con)

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Reply #30 on: September 03, 2020, 04:32:48 AM
HOT HOT HOT.   :emot_penis:   :emot_penis:  have her go with mom then have her sample Mr.Smith's little cock and she will appreciate her brother and dad's man size cock. also now mom will surprise them fucking or sucking and now mom will OWN mr Smith

Interesting idea. Maybe it'll also be an opportunity for Cassie and Mom to develop their relationship a little more. So I would go with...

A: go with Mom

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A - sophisticated financial planning is a beautiful thing, but Daddy's princess likes being around hard wood being skillfully applied.

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Reply #32 on: September 05, 2020, 12:21:48 PM
Great new chapter, thank you!
I am really undecided. I’d love to read what transpires in both variants but since a suggestion has to be made I opt for A, go with mom.

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Reply #33 on: September 28, 2020, 10:24:14 AM
Awesome so far, can't wait for the next part.

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Reply #34 on: November 19, 2020, 06:00:40 PM

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  • I said it's weird, not that I wouldn't do it.
“Oh you have got to be kidding me.” Cassie heard her mother say.

“What?” Cassie asked as she finished descending the stairs.  She asked, but she already knew what was bothering her mother.

“You can't seriously be considering wearing that,”  Claire said with actual astonishment, “it doesn’t even fit you right.”

Cassie looked down at her outfit with a slight smile of satisfaction.  The form fitting, grey, knee length dress hugged every small curve of her upper body.  It didn’t make anything up top look bigger, but it highlighted her breasts and hugged her belly perfectly.  The skirt came down just above her knees and the flare made her hips and butt seem bigger than they were.  It settled nicely when she would stop moving and also hid the fact she was not wearing any panties.  Just because this was for a school project didn’t mean she couldn’t have a little excitement while doing it.

“I think it fits perfectly,” Cassie said with a big smile, “besides, it’s not like what you’re wearing is all that much better.”

Claire didn’t look down at her clothes, but instead stuck out her chin and subconsciously adjusted the tight, white, top she wore, “this is no different than what I wear on a normal day, and it is not even close to what you chose.”

“Whatever mom, we both know if you take a really deep breath you’ll burst right out of that blouse,” Cassie said while she used her hands to mimic a forward explosion, “I can almost hear those buttons screaming.”

Claire uses both hands to follow the curves of her large breasts, “careful, jealousy is not a good color on you.”

Cassie opened her mouth, but closed it with a click of her teeth. She had always wondered why her mother had such big boobs, when her own were quite small.  She fought the urge to look down at her own body, and stared at her mother is a little defiance and her gaze.  She got a knowing smile from her mother which irritated her more.  The only reason her mother wore that was to compete with whatever she had decided to wear, and with a bust like that, her mother was winning.

A sudden clattering pulled her attention towards the kitchen.  She peered through the doorway and when didn’t see anybody asked, “Is daddy still here? He didn’t leave for work yet?”

Claire rolled her eyes at her daughter, “please stop calling him daddy.  It sounds ridiculous.  Dad or even father is preferable. I’d rather you call him Richard than daddy.”

“daddy loves it,” Cassie said with a smirk. “what daddy wants daddy gets.”

Claire groaned and ignored her with a, “Children", and started going through some papers she was looking through before Cassie came downstairs.

She turned from her mother, and walked into the kitchen.  Her dad was standing around the corner and at a small butcher board making himself a sandwich.  He glance up at Cassie and paused in his task to walk his eyes slowly up and down her body.  She smiled broadly as she slowly moved letting her father’s eyes feast on her figure.  She could almost feel his gaze as if they were hands or fingers tracing the subtle curves she had. She stopped on the tile, her bare feet making a little slapping sound.

“You like my dress daddy.” Cassie said through  the big smile on her face.

Her father put the knife he was using down and licked something off his thumb, “like is not a good enough word sweetheart. Love doesn’t even do it justice.”

“That makes me happy to hear daddy,” Cassie’s voice took on a more immature tone, and she folded her hands together in front of her.  She used her arms to push her breasts together as best she could.

“you look so… so…” Her father may not have been able to find the words, but his eyes kept moving up and down her form, “this is why we agreed you go with your mother today.  She works mostly with women, and the men are old and too busy making money to see you.  I have young men on my crew.  None of them would get anything done, and I’d have to smash some heads if they came after you.”

Cassie just laughed at his comment.  The truth was if she went with him to work she would spend as much of it as she could under his desk.  One of her favorite things to do is suck her daddy’s hard cock.  It was so big, and had the perfect head on it that filled her mouth.  She loved hearing his deep voice groaning as she sucked on him.  The feeling of him against her tongue and the roof of her mouth always made her so wet.  Then that fantastic finish where he would cum in her mouth.  She always tried to swallow all of it, it was her reward for being such a loving daughter, it’s only right she drink it all down.

Just the thought of him being in her mouth made her start to salivate and her slit moisten.  She bit her lip as she stared at her father, his eyes finally locking onto hers.  She could tell by that fierce gaze that he was hungry, and not for the sandwich he had just made. Cassie opened her mouth and breathed slow and deep.  She ran her hands down her hips and pinched the bottom of her dress.  Slowly she raised it up until her bare pussy was completely exposed.  Her father’s eyes zeroed in on her freshly shaven pussy, and he licked his lips.

He suddenly looked up and tried to see if he could see Claire in the other room going through papers.  Seeing that she was completely occupied he wordlessly grabbed Cassie with both hands under the arms.  He effortlessly lifted her and set her down on the nearby island of the kitchen.  The marble top felt cold against her butt, and wet crotch.  She sucked in through her teeth to help keep from a much louder gasp.  He took her head in both hands, leaned down, and kissed her on the mouth.

Sitting on the island as she was made her taller, but her dad was still nearly a foot taller than she was.  Her neck craned back as she happily excepted his tongue into her mouth.  She pushed back with her own tongue, and could just taste the mustard he had just eaten.  She moaned into his mouth, as they kissed each other with the deep love only a father and daughter could share.  He took a hand from her face and slid it down over her beast, past her belly, and ignoring the hiked up skirt, slid a finger down between her wet pussy lips.  She pulled away from his mouth so she could gasp proper to his touch.

“so smooth,” he nearly growled the words.

“Just for you daddy,” She giggled slightly at how excited he got over her hairless pussy.

Looking down she tried to see his fingers work their magic, but because of the skirt all she could see was his wrist disappear beneath it.  She spread her legs wider, and panted heavy with the motion of her father fingers rubbing against her.  She went to say something only to be cut off by her father mouth. She placed her fingers along his jawline as his tongue moved around with mirrored motions of his finger. She lifted a leg and placed a bare heel on the marble top opening her self ever wider to him, and began grinding her hips against his hand. He took the invitation and slide a finger as deep inside her as it would go. She lost focus of the kiss as his finger began working in small circles inside her.  It felt so good to have something penetrate her even if it was just a finger.

She knew they wouldn’t be able to do more than this with her mother in the other room, so she tried to get the best out of what they could do.  She wanted him badly, and it was very apparent he felt the same way. However, in order to keep her mother from yelling at her all day, she didn’t want to get caught right now.

Pulling her face away from his, she panted, “I love you so much daddy.”

“I love you too princess,” he whispered back through deep breaths, his fingers slowed.

“We gotta stop though,” she breathed deep, taking her hands from his strong jaw, and dropped her leg back down, forcing his hand out from between her legs.  She immediately missed his finger making those delicious circles inside her, “mom could walk in and we’ll just make her mad again.”

Her dad swallowed hard and smiled, “I suppose that would make for a very long day for you.”

“pure hell,” she giggled, “now if I was going to your place of work…”

He laughed a little when her words trailed off, “I wouldn’t get anything done.”

Cassie slid off the top of the island when her dad reluctantly backed up. She wrinkled her nose when he stuck his fingers into his mouth. She always thought it a little weird, but also made her blush when her dad, or boyfriend did that.  Her brother never did, but then again he never fingered her before either. She doubted he ever would, as it would just delay what she really wanted from him.

Cassie pulled herself away from reminiscing about having sex with her brother, and turned her back to her dad, “daddy? You had me so wet, did I soak the back if my dress?”

Her dad looked down at her butt and said, “no princess, you beautiful butt looks perfect.”

Cassie was just about to lift the back of her skirt when her mother walked through the doorway. She was mumbling to herself and walked passed the two of them without acknowledging either one. Cassie watched as her mother wandered over to the coffee pot and got another cup.  Claire turned and started back out the room and suddenly stopped looking at Richard.

Claire gave Cassie a quick glance before turning back to Richard and with a slight roll of the eyes and a small huff, asked, “honey, does this shirt look too tight? Too… strained?”

Cassie’s dad looked at both women real quick before replying with, “you both look absolutely beautiful.”

Claire exaggerated rolling her eyes before looking down at her blouse, “dammit, I’ve got to go change.”

Claire started undoing buttons as she walked out of the room. Cassie looked at her dad, and saw him looking through the wall as if he could see Claire walking towards the stairs.  She could only assume her dad was holding his breath like she was. She could hardly contain herself when she heard her mother start to climb the stairs. The soft thumping of feet going upstairs might as well have been trumpets of victory sounding.

Cassie quickly grabbed one of the island stools and pulled it to her.  She bent over it, leaning on an elbow, and with one hand lift the back of her skirt. “hurry daddy before she finishes changing, give it too me, I need it so bad.”

Cassie didn’t hear her father say anything, but the sound of his belt buckle rattling told her all she needed to know. She heard his zipper, and immediately felt his strong hand on her hip.  She sucked air through her teeth when she felt the fat head of his hard cock press against her. She gave out a slight moan when he began to push, but almost turned into a shocked squeal.  Her daddy's cock was massive and even with having been fingered minutes ago, her entrance wasn’t prepared for such an invasion.  She laid her body over the stool and used both hands over her mouth to cover her gasps and moans.

“Oh my god, you’re so fucking tight, princess,” her dad groaned.

Cassie couldn’t reply, even if she wanted to, all she could get out was a gutted and muffled, “Holy…Shit!”

Her dad didn’t hold back even when her body instinctively tried to escape the sudden invasion.  He gripped her hips tight and held her in place during those first unprepared thrusts.  His massive cock torturing her entrance, demanding it stretch to accommodate his girth.  When her body eventually acclimated to him, he placed both hands on her small butt and spread her open. The stool rocked with every thrust and the sound of his pelvis impacting her small butt echoed off the hard surfaces of the kitchen. It had been a while since she had her dad pound her with such impatience, and even though it hurt at first, she loved that he wanted her so bad.

The pain subsided considerably quick and all she felt was pure pleasure.  Her dad’s cock was the biggest she’s ever had, and she was not shy about telling him, “Oh fuck daddy, you’re so big…. So big”

He knew he had caused his daughter pain and discomfort, and he would feel guilty for it later.  He never slowed his hips, but groaned out an apology, “sorry princess.”

“Want it,” Cassie moaned while looking back over her shoulder at her dad.  His eyes trained on their sex, “so good, don’t stop.”

He looked up at her without pausing in his thrusts, “never want to stop fucking you princess.”

He leaned forward driving the entire length of his wonderful cock deep into her.  The fat head pressing hard against her cervix.  Her breath was pushed out in a long moan with every inch he had pushed in.  He took one hand from her ass and gripped her chin.  Turning her head to him he kissed her, sliding his tongue inside her mouth. She couldn’t even try to kiss him back with him buried in her as he was. He began grinding his hips a circular motion forcing his rock hard cock to swirl around inside her.  She quivered and tried to gasp around his mouth.  She was up on her tippy toes, as her legs began shaking. She slapped a hand on the nearby marble top as her orgasm flushed through her.

Her dad leaned back and pushed her skirt up out of the way as her fluids began flowing and small amounts made it’s way past her dad’s cock and begun traveling down the inside of her legs.  Her  mind sizzled with the feeling of her daddy’s cock standing firm in the storm of her orgasm.  Her mouth opened in a soundless gasp until her muscles finally relaxed, and she slumped over the stool.  She breathed slow and savored the settling of her nerves until he dad moved again.  This time her gasp was very loud as he withdrew his cock from her body.  She felt as if her insides were following him out, or that she should go with it off the stool.  She was only half aware of him telling her to be quiet when all she wanted was for him to put it back it.

“quiet princess,” he said in a quiet rush, “your mother’s coming back downstairs.”

Cassie stood slowly and looked at her dad as he stuffed his still hard cock back in his pants, “Huh?”

He stopped and looked her dead in the eyes, “your mother’s coming.”

Reality snapped back to her and she began straightening her dress, “shit, that was quicker than I thought it would be.”

Cassie’s dad finished buckling his belt and began working on his sandwich again, “she usually sets out a few things before deciding, so she had something ready.”

On wobbly legs she grabbed a paper towel from the counter, started wiping her legs off, and then went to the fridge and grabbed a yogurt and a spoon from the nearby drawer and began shoveling it in her mouth.  Her mother finished coming down the stairs, and walked into the kitchen where she gave Cassie a quick look before turning and smoothing out the new shirt.  It already looked better, but she could almost see through the thing to the lace bra underneath.

Cassie rolled her eyes as her mother asked, “how does this look? Better?”

Cassie’s dad smiled and adjusted his erection under his jeans, “Wow, you look so good, you got me rock hard.”

Claire smiled , stepped up to him, and began rubbing his crotch, “Oh, you’re very hard aren’t you.”

Cassie could only watch as her mother took credit for him being hard, and rubbing on what Cassie wanted.  Wasn’t fair that they didn’t get to finish and that when her dad does cum, it will probably be with her mother instead of her.  She was getting irritated that they didn’t just finish and be damned with how her mother would have reacted.  She would have been a constant pain in the ass, but Cassie would have had the memory of her dad cumming inside her to have made it worth it.

Suddenly realizing that if her mom were to do anything with her dad, she would be able to tell that he was just fucking Cassie. Trying to think of a distraction, she cleared her throat, and walked to the trash to throw away her garbage when she heard the jangling of her dad’s belt buckle, “Hey mom, don’t we have to get going soon? I’m sure dad has to head out soon too.”

They both gave her annoyed looks, and then gave each other a deep passionate kiss.  Cassie wasn’t going to stand there and watch this so she headed to the entry way where her shoes were waiting for her in the closet.  Putting them on, she gave herself a once over in the nearby mirror and grabbed her book bag and car keys.  She looked back in the kitchen and saw her parents had stopped kissing and were just holding each other.  For the time being, it looked like she avoided her mother finding out, and she relaxed watching them hug each other.  She was happy that they still loved each other as much as they did, she just wished it didn’t get in the way when her and her dad were being intimate.

“Hey, mom, I’m heading out and I’ll just see you there,” Cassie spoke as she opened the door and exited.  Her mother began to say something, but Cassie was already out the door.

She didn’t wait for anything, because she figured she just gave them the time to do what they wanted to do.  The drive was relatively boring, and was pretty much the same route she took to get to school.  The main difference was she had to take a left off the highway instead of a right.

She pulled into the parking lot and decided to park in guest parking.  She didn’t work there, so why not park there and be closer to the door than if she had parked in the employee parking lot.  She grabbed her book bag which did not go with what she was wearing, but she didn’t own anything else that she could use to carry her papers around.  She hoped that she would her done with the assignment early on, so she could just spend the rest of the time relaxing and doing nothing, may even text her friends.  It isn’t ideal, and she wished she could leave, but she had to stay the whole day and get her mother to initial a time card showing she was there every hour on the hour.

It wasn’t too long before she saw her mother pull into the parking lot.  She didn’t look too happy, so Cassie could easily assume that her mother had found out that she and her dad had been having sex, and that leaving like she did, just upset her mother even more.  However, by the time her mother walked over to her, she was all smiles.

“You ready to go do this,?” her mother asked.

“Uh, yeah, I’ve got everything I need, just hope I’m able to get it all done without causing too much interference,” Cassie was determined to get an A on the project, and hoped her extra curricular activities this morning wouldn’t interfere either.

Together they walked into the building and headed upstairs.  As they walked through the building, they got looks from most of the people they passed.  Cassie had been to her mother’s work before, and she knew that the people who worked here were always dressing to impress, and by the looks she was getting, she knew she wore the right thing.  Claire introduced her to a few people as they walked, and she even ran into two people from her school.  They weren’t in her class, but must be in a different period.  They came around a corner and started down the hall when she heard somebody call for her mother.

Turning around she saw an older man walking up to them.  He was rather short, balding, and wore a suit just bit too snug for her taste.  She immediately started thinking about her mother’s previous blouse, and how it had looked like it was going to burst open.  Only with him, it was his stomach that was going to burst through his shirt. Wanting to keep some distance from him, Cassie slowly stepped back, standing behind and just off to the side of her mother, giving her a quick glance wondering how she had been able to stomach having sex with this guy.

“Mr. Parker, good morning to you,” Claire said to him as he approached. Cassie noticed how her mother straightened her back and lifted her chin slightly.

“Morning Claire,” he said with a cheerful smile, “hope you got that report done, I kind of need it early this morning.  My meeting has been bumped up for whatever reason.”

“Absolutely sir,” Claire said, and started rummaging through her briefcase, “I double checked everything this morning before coming into work. You’ll find everything is in order.”

“Good, good,” he said taking the papers from Claire, his eyes shifted quickly to Cassie before looking down at the paperwork, “and who do we have here? A new intern I hope.”

“No, Mr. Parker this is my daughter Cassie.” Her mother said while putting an arm around her and bringing her forward to stand side by side, “she has a school project where she needs to shadow me at work.”

“Oh right, right,” Mr. Parker said looking Cassie up and down, “I seen a few kids walking around here, completely forgot about that.  I must say though, the apple did not fall far from the tree.”

Cassie leaned back a bit to try and get just a little more space between her and Mr. Parker.  She’s seen older guys staring at her or being creepy around her before, but there was something different about this guy, and it creeped her out. She slowly took some of his fingers from the hand he had extended to her.  It was an awkward shake that she didn’t want to be apart of, and couldn’t get it over with quick enough.  She snatched her hand back quick before looking at her mother. Cassie very much regretted not wearing any panties, and her pick of dresses at this particular moment.

“Well, we have to get her settled, I went over her project with her a little last night, some of the things are not necessary, but she would get extra credit if she could get a small interview from you.” Cassie nearly swore out loud when her mother said that. She had forgotten about the interview and suddenly didn’t want the extra credit.

Mr. Parker smiled broadly and was not shy about looking at Cassie’s legs, “well that sounds interesting.  I’m sure I could put aside some time for a one on one interview with her.”

“Well, um…” Cassie tried saying that wouldn’t be necessary, but Mr. Parker interrupted her.

“Oh yes, I can definitely come up with some free time to help her out,” he said when he finally stopped looking at her bare legs, and made eye contact, “I’ve got a very comfortable couch in my office that I think you’ll find enjoyable.

“that sounds great Mr. Parker, why not plan to do it around lunch time.  It’s an informal interview…” Cassie’s mother had already planned it out, but her plan was shot to pieces when Mr. Parker next spoke.

“Oh gosh, I’ve already got lunch plans,” he said and gave, what Cassie guessed was his secretary, a glance, “why not just have her come by my office just before lunch.”

“Well…” Claire began to speak, and Cassie could tell her mother was a tad flustered that her plans were being broken so easily, “I guess I could try to shift some things around so we…”

“Hold on there Claire,” Mr. Parker interrupted her, “you’ve got enough on your plate already, and that idea you flew past me last week was just terrible compared to what Michelle had planned.”

“Michelle!” Claire said the name with such distain, that Cassie got chills, she could only remember her mother sounding like that one other time, and that was when her daddy got a new receptionist that was so pretty, she should have been a car or boat model, “That…. That woman, wouldn’t know a good idea if it was shoved….”

“Look, Claire,” Mr. Parker said when Cassie’s mom stopped speaking before she said something regrettable, “I get it, you’re a bit jealous of the new employee, but I don’t blame you, she’s got a lot of potential, and she recently learned all the new ways things are done in the business world, and she, uh… she...”

“She has huge tits and an empty head,” Cassie heard her mother mutter while Mr. Parker tried to search for words.  Before he could say anything else Claire said, “I just think it would be better if I came in with her.”

“Nonsense,” he said with cheer, and another glance at her legs, “Cassie….”

“Is fifteen and it would not be appropriate for her to be in your office without me present,” Cassie looked at her mother after the lie, as she had just recently turned seventeen, “I will be attending this interview or it wont be happening.”

Mr. Parker was taken aback and gave Cassie another look, and avoided looking her up and down.  Cassie could have kissed her mother right then and there saving her from whatever this dirty old man had planned.  She tried to keep any emotion off her face, and just avoided any eye contact at all.  She pretended to be just what she was, a high school student who was there because she had to be for an assignment. The look she put on her face was between irritated that her mother was embarrassing her, and annoyance that she had to be there at all.

Mr. Parker saw the look and got a small gleam in his eye, but then shook himself knowing it would be a huge mistake to try anything with a fifteen year old, “yes of course, I just thought she was old enough to handle things in her own, but yes, you should be there as well Claire.”

“Thank you Mr. Parker,” Cassie’s mom gave him a genuine smile before adding, “so lunch time will work then?”

“Uh, yeah, I mean yes,” He replied without even glancing at his assistant, “we’ll have lunch in your office then Claire, would be better for everybody.”

Without another word, Mr. Parker turned and walked into his office a few feet away. Cassie and her mother started back down the hall, and around the corner before they came to Claire’s office door.  Her mother hadn’t said anything while they walked or while she unlocked, and opened the door to her office.  Once inside though, Claire tossed her briefcase on a small loveseat that sat against the wall.  She picked up on of the small pillows, stuffed her face against it and screamed as loud as she could.  Cassie cocked her head back and stared at her mother wide eyed.  She watched as her mother pulled the pillow away from her face, take a deep breath, and once again covered her face, and screamed.

After the screaming stopped, Cassie watched as her mother over dramatically laid the pillow gently on the loveseat. She adjusted her blouse and skirt, before grabbing her briefcase and heading behind her big wood desk. Cassie could not believe what she had just saw. She was so used to her mother being this force of control, and take charge attitude.  She had never before seen her so frustrated.  Cassie has been the cause of pretty much every angry outburst from her mother, but this was different.  She had a hard time seeing her mom right now and just saw a woman who had normal struggles at work.

For the first time in her life, Cassie wanted to truly comfort her mother.  Not just hug and embrace her, but be there for her as another woman.  Cassie had a part time job, but she had never really thought about how difficult it would actually be to have a career.  Trying to climb a ladder from new employee to a position in a company as high as her mother had gone.  Seeing how easily her mother had been pushed to the side simply because the man in charge liked a different woman. She had always been told work hard and do a good job and nothing is impossible no matter your gender, but when you’re seen as inferior or useless because the man above you is a sexist, or a dirty old pervert, there is not a whole lot of options available. Cassie had never made claim to being a feminist, but this is better her pretty close.

Cassie walked to a chair that sat in front of her mother’s desk, and sat down.  Her bare butt and clean shaven lips hit the cold seat causing her to suck air through pursed lips.  She was hit with mixed emotions about not wearing any panties.  She now thought she should have taken this far more serious, and not try to be such an immature brat about every thing, but at the same time, it was very thrilling that she was as exposed like this.

Cassie looked at her mother and wondered how this strong woman reduced herself to a stereotype of a woman who would sleep her way to the top.  There had to be a better way to put sleazy guys like Mr. Parker from taking advantage and keep women down.  Cassie wanted to do something for her mother, but didn’t want to expose what she had done.  She looked at her mother as she started moving papers around on her desk, and her eyes caught a picture that sat in the corner.  It was a small picture, but it was of just her and her mother during a trip they had taken a few years ago.

Cassie got up and walked to the desk picking up the photo, “I remember this trip.  I didn’t know you had this here.”

Her mother looked from Cassie’s face to the photo she held in her hand, “I’ve had that picture there ever since we got back from there.  Actually, that picture is the main reason I don’t want you going to that interview alone.  Mr. Parker comes in here and drools over it almost daily.  You stay away from him you hear me?”

Cassie could clearly see how serious this was by the look on her mother’s face, “yeah, I get it, don’t worry.”

“We’ll go in you don’t sit down or anything, I’ve caught him sniffing chairs,” Claire gave a small shiver after saying that.

Cassie looked from the picture back to her mother, and the mounds of papers surrounding her and her desk, and a plan began to form in her mind, “I get it mom, I wont go near him.  We can skip the interview all together if you want, I’m fine with that.”

“No, we’re going, because I want you to keep those grades up, I don’t want you to be stuck like I am here.” Cassie could see tears welling in her mother’s eyes by the time she got done speaking.

“Ok, we’ll get it done quick, and do it together,” Cassie was happy to be on the same side as her mother, but felt bad for lying.

Cassie put the picture down and went back to her seat. She picked a notebook out of her book bag, opened it and began writing. She knew exactly what she was going to do, and she hoped that her efforts would not be in vain.

“Started already huh?” her mother asked, “what are you beginning with?”

“Shattering glass ceilings,” Cassie said, and shared a heart felt smile with her mother.

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Reply #36 on: March 02, 2021, 07:08:24 AM

Pleasantly surprised to see a new chapter. ..and I'll admit that while I remembered the previous ones were good, I couldn't remember some of the details, so I also had fun re-reading starting with the second page before reading the latest addition.  ;D

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Great new installment. This time no options to choose for the next part. I already look forward to the next part.

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thanks for the add. love the detail. please continue

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Sweet Mother of Pearl you do tell a fine story!

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  • I said it's weird, not that I wouldn't do it.
“Ok, Cassie, you stay here and lock my office door,” Claire said as she gathered up some papers. “This meeting will take a while, and I’d rather you not leave here until I get back.”

“Yeah, yeah, sure sure,” Cassie said from the couch as she pretended to write on her report. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good, I don’t want you near Mr. Parker,” Claire said as she finished getting her stuff ready.

Cassie could feel her mother’s eyes on her waiting for some kind of reply, so she put on the show of being pulled from what she was doing, and looked at her, “Mom, I got it, please, I’m busy.  Go, go, I’ll be fine.”

Cassie went back to writing on her notebook and did her best to ignore her mother as she walked to the door.  Cassie didn’t look up at all as her mother slowly walked out the door, and slowly closed it behind her.  Cassie counted to three before getting up and walking over to the door, and turning the lock on the knob.  She rested her head against the door, and did her best to listen to what was happening on the other side.  She stayed that way for a bit until she heard her mother talking with somebody, and her voice was getting more distant letting her know that she was walking away.

Cassie took a deep breath and immediately began preparing to put her plan into action. She got out her phone, and played on the screen until her camera app came up, and she set it to video. She then slipped it into the small side pocket of her book bag and aimed it at the couch. She went and sat down and then went and checked the recording on the phone.  After a few more tests, she got the idea of where she needed to set her bag so the angle would be perfect. She gathered her bag up leaving the phone in place, and after slipping the strap over her shoulder, headed to the door and unlocked it. She took a few deep breaths before opening the door slightly, and peering out to make sure her mother had gone for sure.  Once she knew the coast was clear, she left her mother’s office, closed the door, and made her way quickly down the hall towards Mr. Parkers office.  She wasn’t completely sure which way it was, but considering this was the way to where she had met him, she felt she was in the right track.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before she was in the area where they had met, and she could tell that she was in the right area. She knew her mother’s meeting wasn’t going to take very long, so he quickly began reading nameplates on the large wooden doors until she found the one she was looking for. She paused briefly at the door before walking up to it to knock. However, before she could even raise her fist, she heard somebody speak behind her. Cassie was so nervous and full of adrenaline at the time, she hadn’t made out a word that was said to her.

Turning Cassie saw a young woman sitting at a small desk with a lot of papers on it. The woman looked at her as if she was expecting something, so Cassie finally walked over to her and said, “sorry, didn’t hear you.  What did you say?”

The woman didn’t react other than to reply with the unheard question, “can I help you with something?”

Cassie didn’t really think about there being anybody outside the office, but decided very quickly that it wasn’t going to stop her. “I’m Cassie, Claire’s daughter, and I’m here for school, and I thought I could get an interview with Mr. Parker. I hope he is available.”

“Ah yes, the school thing.” The young woman didn’t smile, but when Cassie had told her she was from school, she did look up and down at the dress. “Well he is very busy, and I don’t think he has any openings for you at this time. I was told that you and Claire would be doing this at lunch time? Where is your mother?”

Cassie looked back at Mr. Parker’s door before looking back at the young woman, and let sympathy creep onto her face. “Could you please see if he is available? I would much rather do this without my mother trying to take control of my project.”

The young woman sighed, and then picked up the phone and pressed a button. Cassie could hear the phone ring through the ear piece and then the sound of somebody speaking before the young woman spoke into the phone. “There is a young lady here to see you, she says it is about an interview for a school project… mhmm… well she says she is Claire’s daughter.  No sir, she's… oh, ok, I’ll let her know.”

The young woman hung up the phone and looked a Cassie eyeing her dress again before saying, “Mr. Parker says you may go in.”

“Thank you, I appreciate this so much.” Cassie said before adjusting her bag, and walking to the door.  Before she entered she looked back at the young woman and she could have sworn she saw a little bit of worry creep across her face before looking down at some papers on her desk.

Cassie opened the door, and taking a deep relaxing breath she stepped inside Mr. Parker's office. It was a huge office with bookshelves lining the wall to the right. To her left, there was a small bar with a mini fridge underneath, and on top held a pitcher of water, some half full decanters, and some decorative glasses. There was a small love seat with two matching chairs surrounding a small table just off to the side of the bar. In the middle there were two more chairs  split by a table, facing his massive desk.  Mr. Parker sat behind the desk watching Cassie take in her new surroundings.

Cassie walked up to his desk and reached over it to shake his hand. “Thank you for seeing me last minute like this Mr. Parker.  I really appreciate it.”

He took her hand gently,  and she resisted the urge to cringe when his thumb gently rubbed the back of her knuckle. “No problem at all sweetheart.  I’m a bit surprised that you decided to do this before lunch. Is your mother off at a meeting or will she be joining us shortly?”

“She is busy right now sir,” Cassie said as she turned away from him After he slowly released her hand. She approached one of the chairs and bent down, sticking her butt out, to set her bag down in the chair.  Using her butt to distract him, she started the recording in her phone as it sat in the side pocket, and aimed it at the chair she would be sitting in. “I decided to get this done in my own Mr. Parker. I’m old enough to know how to do this, and I don’t need her taking control of it.”

Cassie spun quickly, and caught him staring at where he butt had been.  She smiled a little, not because he was staring, but because she knew her butt had done its job and kept him from seeing what she was doing. He must have thought she was smiling at him, because he smiled back at her, and leaned back a little in his chair. She held a small notebook and pen in front of her and took a few steps to the other chair, and slid down slowly into it.  She settled herself into the back of the chair, but had her body turned slightly so when she crossed her legs, he would almost be able to see her crotch from under her leg.  The skirt slid up to a point to where it felt like her butt was hanging out the bottom of it.  She adjusted her seating a little bit before looking back at him, and once again caught him staring where she knew he would have been.

She cleared her throat pulling his eyes off her exposed flesh, and he looked her in the eyes. “How long have you been in charge here?”

“Oh, uh, just jumping in are we? Ok, well I was the CFO for about fifteen years and was voted to the company President about seven years ago.” He spoke to her but his eyes kept wandering, which is exactly what she had expected.

“Oh wow, long time to be in charge,” She said pretending to write down his answer, “Is it a stressful job, or are you able to handle it with ease and knowledge?”

He looked her in the face and it seemed as if he puffed out his chest a little, “Oh this is a stressful position for most men, but I know what I’m doing so it’s pretty easy for me. I graduated top of my class in college back in the day.”

“Oh that’s very impressive,” Cassie fought the urge to put sarcasm into her tone as she again scribbled into her notebook. “So then there is no need for stress relief in your day to day dealings?”

Mr. Parker tilted his head slightly as if trying to figure out where this questioning was going.  She assumed these were not the normal type of questions that students would ask him. “Ah, stress relief? I’m not sure what you mean. I’m not on any medication, if that’s where you’re going with this.”

“Oh gosh, I didn’t mean that at all,” Cassie felt she should become an actress with this performance she was giving him as she put on a tone of concern. “I just thought that you might need some help getting relaxed after a hard day.”

A few different emotions crawled across his face when she said the word, hard. She had put a little emphasis on it. “Well, having any way to relax is always a good thing. Doesn’t always need to be after a hard day.”

Cassie playfully bit her lip as he said the word, hard, the same she had done it. She slide the notebook off her leg and turned her body to face him straight on. “mmh, yes Mr. Parker, I bet you know how to handle those… Hard… days.”

A smile started to form on his lips as he watched her put her hand on the chairs armrests and begin to breath deep, exaggerating the rise and fall of her chest. Her skirt had slid up a little more as she moved and it nearly exposed her completely. His eyes focused on where there would be the dark gap between skirt and her thighs. A little bit higher and he would be able to see her hidden flesh.  This was all part of her plan and it was going so much better, and quicker, than she had hoped for.

“I can handle my, Hard, days just fine young lady.” He said as he leaned forward in his chair. “Are you offering to help me relax during this hard day?”

Cassie tossed her head back and giggled with girlish delight, and as she brought her face back down to meet his eyes, she uncrossed her legs opening them, and then crossed them again with the other leg on top. His eyes widened as she exposed her shaven pussy to him and he nearly stood up out of his chair to get a closer look. She fought the need to cringe with every fiber of her being. She had done a few things she isn’t proud of, but showing her privates to this man almost made her physically ill.

Cassie cleared her throat regaining his attention. “How on earth do you suggest I do that Mr. Parker?”

He dropped all playful banter and euphemisms as he stood up from his chair and made his way around his desk. “you know exactly how. I’ve wanted to fuck you since the first day I saw that picture on your mother’s desk.”

He walked over to where she sat, and she nearly lost her confidence as he got closer to her. He had begun working on his belt the minute he had stood up and was already pulling the zipper down on his slacks. His white button up shirt blocked everything from view as he began to ease his slacks down his legs. He stopped pulling them down when they reached about half way down his thighs, and that is where they rested.  He tucked a hand behind his shirt, and Cassie could tell that he was reaching into his underwear.

She began to panic slightly and she was on the verge of losing control of the situation. She had thought this plan through since she had gotten into her mother’s office, but thinking about something and actually trying to doing was two completely different things. She could hear herself screaming in her head to get out before it goes any further, but she wasn’t listening. She had climbed into this hole, and she was determined to see it through to the end. Worst case scenario, she could always scream her heart out and make as much noise as possible to get people’s attention.

Her legs shook slightly as she opened them up and showed him everything again. A creepy smile spread across his face, and his arm began moving with the telltale sign of him playing with himself. He shuffled himself closer to her with his eyes focused on her crotch. She felt like her mind wasn’t working anymore and her body was frozen in place as fear began creeping through the cracks in her confidence. She knew she should get up and leave. She knew she may have gotten in to deep and may be way in over her head. She tried to think of a way out, but it felt like her mind was resisting her.

Mr. Parker got just a little closer with his hand still rummaging around in his underwear, “I’m gonna fuck that sweet pussy of yours just like I did your mother’s.”

That comment snapped her mind back to why she was even here, and with an audible slap of skin, her thighs closed together hard, and she surprised herself with the calm in her voice, “No. Not yet.”

He looked her in the eye and said, “don’t play games with me girl.”

“Not games,” she said pointing at him with the hand holding the pen in a fist like a dagger.  She decided to keep her statements short to prevent her from letting her nerves to effect her voice, “quid pro quo. You seen me.”

Mr. Parker focused on the makeshift weapon in her grip before he grunted, leaned back, and reaching under his shirt with his other hand, started shoving at his underwear. He tugged them down and awkwardly got them and his slacks down to his knees.  He then lifted his shirt revealing his half erect dick that bounced around a bit after falling free from his shirt. Cassie looked at it rather wide eyed, as she found herself surprised at what she was truly seeing. She found herself waiting for the rest of it to show up until she let out a small bit of laughter but stifled it quite quickly as she lowered her hand holding the pen. Any nervousness she had been experiencing just got washed away as it was replaced by a small burst of laughter.

Mr. Parker didn’t miss the sound that escaped her and scowled, “What?”

Cassie couldn’t stop the mirth from coming out as she spoke. “Oh, it’s nothing…. Really, it’s quite… something. Um… I can honestly say, I’ve never seen one quite like it.”

He followed her gaze, and looked down at what was the smallest dick she had ever seen in her life. It was maybe three inches at most, and Cassie assumed it would probably be four if he got fully erect. She wasn’t even sure if he could get fully erect, which, to her surprise, made her feel a bit safer. If he can’t get it up, then there couldn’t be that much of a threat from him. She fought the urge to laugh at this pathetic excuse of a man.

“Oh, wait until it’s pounding you good and hard, you wont be smirking then.” He said and stood up reaching for her knees, “now open up and take what you’ve come here for.”

When his hand brushed her knee, Cassie suddenly stood up, and walked to the other chair where her bag sat. Because he was standing so close she could not avoid rubbing against him. His stomach brushed her arm, but his penis was so small it was easy to avoid touching. She got to her bag and reaching down, grabbed her phone from the side pocket and aimed the camera at him. He stood still with shock as she zoomed in on his tiny dick and the camera began to shake as her giggles started to bubble out. He sounded so awkward talking like a tough guy or somebody who was always in control.  Almost as if he was trying to take his position as boss and translate it into being a dominate man, but failed miserably.

“What the hell are you doing?” he yelled and cover himself with both hands. “are you fucking taking pictures?”

“And video,” she said with fits of laughter coming out. “Don’t flatter yourself, you can cover up with just one hand, Hell probably with just one finger.”

“You give me that phone right now you little…” he started towards her but stopped short when she took a deep breath, and have the look that she was about to scream.

He paused waiting, and she took the opportunity to talk. “I’ll hit send if you step any closer.”

He stood still and just looked at the phone in her hand, and asked, “police?”

She smiled and relaxed a little bit before saying, “nope, my daddy.”

She saw a flash of fear ghost across his face when she said that.  He had met her daddy a few times, and her daddy is a mountain of a man compared to this pathetic excuse. Seeing his reaction made her feel safe even though her daddy wasn’t even around. She thought about how strong he was and how he could easily beat this guy up. She felt hot for him and made a mental note that when she got home tonight, she was going to show her dad how much she appreciates him, by sucking his monster cock.

Mr. Parker broke her train of thought when he said, “So what is the plan here? You going to tell me what you want? Can I pull my pants up?”

Cassie had a plan to blackmail him for sexual assault, or to get him fired and maybe even het her mother a promotion, but now she’s having second thoughts. So far the plan hadn’t really gone off without a hitch, so maybe her idea wouldn’t play out like she wanted.  Maybe she should just tell him to treat these people here with more respect.  Treat her mother and the other women here with more respect. Cassie had to admit, that she was disappointed that her mother had done what she did with this guy to help her carrier. Sort of filled the stereotype of sleeping her way to the top.

Now that she was here thinking things through, perhaps her mother would want to use this as revenge or something.  She would be very mad to find that Cassie came to his office after saying she wouldn’t. Then again, with this video and pictures, maybe her mother will forgive the lie. Their relationship was on thin ice and it doesnt rake much for her mother to go nuclear on her daughter, but this was a whole new experience that could go either way.  It could bringnthem.cloer together, or put Cassie in so much trouble there may be no going back from it. Cassie went back to her phone, opened the text message app, and attached a photo of Mr. Parker and his tiny dick to a message to her mother. She looked at it a few seconds, and then back up at Mr. Parker who was watching her with interest.

Cassie took a deep breath and tried to decide what to do next.


A: send the photo to her mother.

B: put the phone away, keep it a secret, and handle this herself
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Well, it would be interesting to see how Claire reacts, so I'll go with A.

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I vote A

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Fascinating writing. This is one of the rare times that I actually believe the writer is a woman, for the depth of the description of the protagonist's feelings. Veers off track with the office scene, but otherwise a very good story.

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Fascinating writing. This is one of the rare times that I actually believe the writer is a woman, for the depth of the description of the protagonist's feelings. V,eers off track with the office scene, but otherwise a very good story.

Let me assure you, without a doubt, the writer is very much a woman.