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The Incestibles (Inspired by Shadbase)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1390

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on: May 04, 2020, 08:23:27 PM
This is a series based on the amazing artwork found at Shadbase.

Chapter 1

Helen was feeling very horny lately. Bob had been so distracted with his preoccupation with crime fighting that he hadn't paid her any attention. He had dismissed much of her subtle advances, so she decided to turn it up a notch. She hopped out of the shower and slipped into a sexy robe. She walked into the bedroom and faced him at the foot of the bed. She opened the robe, exposing herself to him with a sexy smirk, but he didn't lower his newspaper.

"Bob," she said frustratingly. "I have something for you to see."

He lowered the paper just enough to peak over the edge then immediately raised it back up. "Frozone should be here any minute. It is bowling night, remember?"

Frustrated and rejected, Helen closed her robe and stormed off to the bathroom. Later that evening, after Bob left, she got on the phone with Edna Mode, her friend. Edna had no patience for Helen's whining and coddling to her husband. She reminded Helen that she is sexy, powerful and Elastigirl! If Bob couldn't fulfill her needs then just like him, she should have no guilt in spending time out of the house.

Helen took it to heart and called her friend Melissa to vent. They had been long time friends after being roommates in college. They had always been close. Really close.

"That settles it," Mel exclaimed. "We are going out tonight and having some fun! No ifs, ands or buts about it Helen. You can't get out of this one. Meet me in two hours! And wear something sexy! We are going dancing!"

Helen quickly got ready. She put on a sexy red dress that barely covered her curvaceous ass. She was feeling sexy and ready to dance with her friend. She met her outside the club, and it was obvious by Mel's expression that Helen looking stunning.

"Oh my god Helen!" Melissa was lost for words. "You look gorgeous! I don't know how Bob can keep his eyes off of you. He doesn't realize what he has."

Helen appreciated her friend's kind words, but she was eager to get inside and dance off some of her energy. The two MILFs grabbed some cocktails and hit the dance floor. They were quickly drawing attention from other men. It probably happened several times in the night that, as they were dancing, some strange man would move behind one of them and slowly dance closer and closer. Occasionally, Helen was surprised by the feeling of a strange man's pelvis press against the curve of her gyrating ass that was bouncing to the music.

At first, she felt a little guilty, but that quickly escaped her mind when she thought how selfish Bob had been lately, and how much he had neglected her. She was feeling hot and horny from the music and atmosphere. She couldn't help but press back against the men's pelvises. She could feel the outline of their hard cocks getting trapped between her cheeks as they freaked, but Mel was getting jealous, so she pulled Helen to her.

"This is a girl's night out," she stated, as she pulled Helen closer. "You're mine tonight." She pulled Helen closer still and slid her thigh between Helen's leg, as the two women danced. Melissa was inching her way closer and closer to Helen's body, and Melissa's thigh was working its way up between Helen's sweaty legs. Melissa pulled her friend by her small waste closer and the two women's pelvises met. "Come here Helen," Mel ordered, as she pressed her breasts into Helen's.

Helen had some history with Mel back in college--experimenting--yet it was Mel who always had more of a thing for Helen, but that was then, and this was now; this was different. Helen let herself give in to her friend's advances.

Mel slid her bare thigh all the way up Helen's legs and pulled Helen's pelvis down against her flesh. Melissa could feel the heat from behind Helen's hot, damp panties pressing against her thigh. She slid her hands down to Helen's thick ass, squeezing her ass and pulling Helen's pelvis, dragging Helen's aching pussy along Melissa's thigh.

They continued dancing like that, with their bodies pressed to each other. Their erect nipples were the only thing keeping up the front of their dresses, as their tits were smashed against each other. Helen and Mel continued to grind her pelvis against Mel's thigh. Her soaked panties were getting eaten up in Helen's swollen pussy lips, and Melissa was loving the feeling of Helen's wet cunt pressed to her thigh, smearing Helen's slippery juices against her smooth leg.

Their sexy dancing only got the attention of more men, who surrounded them, and they both could feel multiple men rubbing their hard cocks against Helen and Melissa's bodies. It was so much stimulus that their breaths were getting hot, and in the darkness of the club, their mouths found each other. Their lips met and then their tongues slid along each other, swirling.

It only lasted a minute before Helen felt overwhelmed and broke away. She tore free from Melissa and the mob of men and scurried to the bathroom. Inside, she caught her breath and looked at herself in the mirror. She needed a break from it all for a moment. It was like a sexual demon had awoken in her. A dark phoenix that forgot about Bob, about the kids, and that was only interested in satisfying her sexual desires. It was something she had repressed for a long time, but her frustrations with Bob and Mel was doing well to set it free. She was feeling forgetful of her place, of her vows, of her duties to her husband and children. It felt good, which is why it scared her.

Melissa came in the bathroom behind her. "Hey sweetie," she said softly. "What's the matter? Just needed a break?" Helen nodded, but didn't look her way. She was afraid that if she did, she couldn't resist Melissa's advances any longer. She could feel how much her pussy was aching. Her panties were bunched up and soaked between her legs. She could even feel perspiration and her juices running down the inside of her legs. It felt like her nipples and clit were clenched into hard knots that were crying out for release. "That's ok," Mel continued, as she walked closer. She put her hand on Helen's back, as Helen leaned over the sink. "You are so amazing Helen. Bob is such a lucky man to have you," she continued, as she stroked Helen's back muscles. "And you have such an amazing body. He has no idea what he is missing," she said, as her hand worked its way to Helen's ass, where she squeezed her large cheek. Helen sharpened the tone of her body against her friend's touch, but Melissa continued to move her hand down Helen's ass, under her short dress, between her legs, where she softly caressed Helen's soaked panties.

Helen immediately closed her eyes and shuttered from the touch. It felt so good. She could feel her friend gently making circular strokes along her lips and up to her swollen clit. She tensed her arms, bracing herself agains the sink. "That's it Helen. Just let go," Melissa said, like an evil demon on her shoulder whispering suggestive thoughts in her ear. Helen could feel Melissa's fingers finding her juices, which only eased the movement of her fingertips across Helen's tender skin. Helen bucked when she felt Mel's fingers easier slip around her panties and into the folds of her vulva. She abruptly arched her body up and spun around, as if in defense, but her eyes were still closed, as if she couldn't face her friend, or she would be facing her infidelity.

Melissa didn't hesitate during their separation, and she immediately pounced back on her friend. She met Helen's mouth and slid her tongue deep inside her friend. She pressed her chest to Helen's aching tits and slid her hand back between Helen's legs. Helen was overwhelmed at Mel's attack, but she didn't stop her; she couldn't. Once she felt Melissa's fingers make contact against her panties once more, Helen was the past the point of return; her body was aching for sexual release, so she opened herself to her friend.

She softened her lips and met Mel's tongue, sliding against her slick, hot muscle, and wrapping her pouty lips around her appendage. She slowly parted her legs to give Mel's fingers better access to her vulva, and Melissa wasted no time. She pulled at Helen's panties, dropping them to her ankles and cupped Helen's hot, drenched pussy. She stroked the wet flesh with her fingers, parting the lips, as she advanced deeper between the silky, swollen folds. Melissa found her mark and buried her fingers in her friend. Helen shuttered, as Mel's digits slid in her body. Helen couldn't help but begin to rock her pelvis against her friend's digits.

Helen braced herself against her friend, gripping her shoulder, as she opened herself to Melissa right there on the bathroom sink. "More," she moaned, as she continued to fuck Mel's fingers. Melissa slid a third finger in her pussy. "More!" She slid another. Melissa was using her thumb to stroke Helen's throbbing clit with the rest of her fingers buried in Helen's hot pussy. "More! Please more!" Helen grabbed at her friend's wrist and thrust her whole hand in her pussy. Helen was losing control. She was deep in lust and aching for release. Helen's pussy easily accommodated her hand, engulfing it, as it slid to the back of her burning hot vagina. "Ohhh yes! More," Helen moaned! She pulled on the back of Mel's arm, and her knuckles smacked against the wall of Helen's cervix, but that didn't stop her. Helen pulled harder against her friend's arm and just as easy as the first digit went in, Mel sunk her arm into her friend's pussy--all the way to her elbow. "Oh fuck yes, fuck yes," Helen moaned! "Fuck me Mel!"

Melissa used long strokes to pump Helen's pussy with her entire forearm, while Helen rubbed her swollen clit furiously. Melissa gripped Helen's ass and pulled it into her thrusting arm. It didn't take long and soon Helen was spasming against her friend's limb, as her body burst into an orgasm. Her legs trembled, as her body convulsed, causing her ass to gyrate in spasm after spasm, as each wave of her orgasmed passed through her body. Mel found her mouth once more, and they met with a lustful and thankful kiss.

"Oh my god! That was amazing," Helen said, as she caught her breath. "God dam I needed that." She chuckled between breaths.

"I could tell!" Melissa slowly slid out her arm, which was drenched with Helen's creamy cum. "Looks like you made a mess. Good thing we are in the bathroom!"

The ladies both laughed, as Helen climbed off the sink and started to pull up her drenched panties. "Well, I ruined these." She kicked them off and tossed them in the trash. "Who needs panties anyways," she said, as she pulled her dress down over her ass.

"Apparently you do," Melissa laughed, as she washed the cum off her arm then dried her skin.

Helen walked over to Mel in a sultry walk. She grabbed her friend close and planted a big kiss on her lips. The two women gripped each other's asses and pressed their pelvises and chests together. Helen slid her tongue in Mel's mouth and passionately expressed her appreciation. She released from their locked embrace and looked her friend in the eyes. "Maybe next time..." she said, as she leaned into her friend's ear, biting the lobe. Helen grabbed her friend by the wrists and moved one hand back between her legs to her still warm and soaked vulva, and she moved the other under her dress, between her thick cheeks. She continued, " time I want you to have easier access," as she pressed a few of Mel's fingers easily past the hot, rippling folds of her clenched sphincter and into her rectum, while pressing two digits into her drenched pussy. "Just like that," she moaned with a hot breath. "Mmmm, next time," she said, as she pulled her partner's digits from her body, leaving Melissa somewhat stunned.

Helen adjusted her dress down her ass once more and strutted to the door. She looked over her shoulder. "Wanna share an Uber?"

Melissa recalled that their first ever sexual encounter back in college was in the back of a car. It was bringing back old memories. She looked back and saw a fresh smirk on her friend's face. "Oh yeah!" Melissa eagerly replied, and the two ladies left the club.

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Reply #1 on: May 04, 2020, 10:11:04 PM

Didn't read the story, but your opening sentence is correct.  The artwork is amazing.    My favorite cartoon of all time was Kim Possible.  This art reminds me of Kim's mom on the show, except a little different color hair.

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Colin Piper, Tom Brady (and Bill Clinton)
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Reply #2 on: May 11, 2020, 07:19:12 PM

Chapter 2

Elastigirl had just breached Syndrome’s island and was making her way down the hall when she spotted one of the guards. She stealthily crept behind him, as he passed through a door, but just as she was about to neutralize him, the door behind her closed on her leg, which sent her torso flying back. She elongated her torso and stretched forward, once more crawling after the guard, but just as she was about to grab him, the next door closed on her, pinching her just below her bust, which sent her outstretched arm flying back to her upper body.

“Fuck,” she whispered, in frustration. The guard heard that and turned around, but Elastigirl quickly knocked him unconscious. Then she felt two guards run into her elongated torso, knocking them off their cart, and she felt the barrel of a gun push against her leg. She instinctively kicked the guard unconscious, and as his gun fired, a bullet struck the door panel, and the door opened, releasing her leg. Her rear half came springing back towards her trapped upper torso, and as it did, her thighs knocked the two men unconscious.

Elastigirl scrambled to search for the guard’s key card. She found it and plugged it into the access port to open the door, so she could release herself, but it wasn’t working. The light turned red and buzzed at her with a sound of rejection. ‘Maybe it got damaged,” she thought. Before she had a chance to formulate a plan B, she felt something touch her thigh again. It was one of the guards regaining consciousness. His hand felt unsteady and unsure of itself, as if it was trying to detain her and steady himself. ‘He must be still dazed,’ she figured. ‘If I knock him out then I’ll never get free from this door. Maybe I should wait until he detains me and opens the door. Then I’ll break free and get away. Yeah, Helen. Good plan.’ She really didn’t know what to do, but that plan was better than any.

She could feel the guard’s hand pull at her leg, as if he was trying to hoist himself off the ground. Then she felt his other hand grab her other leg at the ankle. “Don’t move, you bitch!” She could hear him through the door. His hands were gaining focus, as he worked his way up her thighs to her hips. It shocked her, but she felt his hand pull at the fabric of her underwear, as he yanked himself up. “Haha,” he chuckled. “Now I gotcha.” Elastigirl jumped with surprise, as she felt his large hands grip her hips, as he pressed his pelvis against her ass, pressing her into the door. His feet intertwined with her boots, as he attempted to lock his knees against her thighs to secure her from moving.

It was torture not being able to move. She could easily slip his grip and knock him out, but she needed him to open the door, so she played coy.

“Wake up,” the guard said, as he kicked his coworker, which caused the other guard to arouse. “Don’t you move bitch!” The guard thrusted his hips into her ass as he said that, as if trying to assert his conviction with an aggressive push. “Don’t move a muscle, or you will get it. Come on man. Wake up!”

Elastigirl felt hand grip her by the ankle then on her calf. The other guard was arousing. She could feel him pulling himself up off the ground will attempting to neutralize her leg. While he began to scale her thigh, she felt the guard press his pelvis firmer into her gelatin rear. His thrusts made her aware of what he was packing under his uniform. He was clearly packing something big—something proportional to the large frame of the guard.

“Hold her legs,” the guard commanded, and Elastigirl felt two hands grip her ankles. “I’ll pat her down for weapons.” She bucked a little when she felt the guard’s hands move from her hip bones to her ass then to her inner thighs. Then she felt a hand pat her on her crotch. She uncontrollably wiggled. “Hold still bitch!” She did. “I think she is hiding something,” he declared to the other guard. “Hold her tight,” he said, and then she felt him pulling on her black underwear.

‘Shit!’ Helen thought. ‘What the fuck am I going to do?’ She just held still, as the guard pulled the bottoms over her ample rear and down to her mid thigh. She felt him grip the waist of her tights and tug at the tight material. It took some effort to get them over her large, bubbly cheeks, but he did. Her ass cheeks almost bounced free from the tight garment, as he tugged them down to her thighs. ‘Oh shit, shit!’ She was so exposed, but she was trapped.

“Dam Roger! Have you ever seen such an ass?” The other guard looked up to see two large mounds of sweet flesh. His eyes looked transfixed on Helen’s flesh, as if he was locked in a trance. He shook his head slowly, as if in disbelief and the roundness and fullness of her giggling, gelatinous rear. “Yeah, well, I bet she is hiding something in here. That is why she tried to evade my search.”

Elastigirl could feel the guard spread her cheeks with his leather gloves and then she bucked, as he slid his gripped glove between her ass. He began fumbling between her cheeks, occasionally brushing against her pussy and sphincter. She couldn’t believe what she was allowing, but she couldn’t fight back. She felt so exposed and vulnerable, despite her abilities. She could hear him grumbling, as he fumbled about.

“Never mind down there Roger. Hold her for me,” the guard instructed. “I know she has something. Who knows what tech this little minks may have stolen.”

Elastigirl felt the guard’s hands that were gripping her ankles slowly slide up her legs. Then she felt his foot lock inside her boot and his knee pin the outside of her thigh. She then felt his leather gloves attempting to grip her large ass. She wanted to knock them out, but she couldn’t. She banged the door with frustration. Through the door, all she could do was prop up her torso with her arms against the door, while the other half was trapped on the other side. She felt a leather glove get tossed on her lower back and then another. Suddenly she felt a large warm hand slid between her ass, as the other guard spread her cheeks. ‘Oh shit, oh shit!’

“Hold still bitch!” The guard moved his hand deep between her cheeks, and then his finger made contact with her vulva. She could feel his fingers working around her vulva, as if they were trying to orientate their position. The she felt his thick, warm fingers fumbling with the folds of her pussy, as he was clearly searching for the opening.

Helen’s body betrayed her, reacting instinctively to his touch. Maybe it was because Bob had neglected her pussy for so long, or maybe her pussy missed the tough of a man, or maybe it was just a biological reflex. Regardless of the reason, his probing fingers were causing her to get wet and to feel warm down there like a furnace was just lit.

His fingertips honed in on the building moisture from within, and he found his mark. “Hold still,” he barked once more, as he pressed forward with his digit, entering Elastigirl’s body. She tensed herself. He pressed further, and as he did, he swept his finger inside her vagina, probing the slick cavity. A second finger joined the first, and soon her pussy juices were audible from his probing digits. “I know she is carrying,” the guard muttered in frustration. His fingers pressed deeper, which caused Elastigirl’s pussy to easily stretch around the guard’s knuckles, accommodating his fist with ease. “Yo Roger. You wouldn’t believe how loose this fucking cunt is. She must be a real slut.” Elastigirl’s face grew red with fury, but there was nothing she could do. She could feel him withdraw his fingers from her vagina and slide back to her sphincter. It was apparent his fingers were covered in her juices, so when he pressed forward, his finger easily slipped into her asshole. She instinctively tensed against the foreign digit, but he pressed his second digit past her sphincter, which easily accommodated the thick size. “Oh yeah Roger. She is loose as fuck. Haha. You probably love this don’t you, you bitch!” Elastigirl gripped her teeth in frustration, but said nothing, as the fingers pressed further into her body, bursting into her rectum. He swept her cavity, but quickly realized there was nothing to find. “Well shit Roger,” he said, as he removed his fingers from her quivering sphincter, and the other guard reduced the spread on her cheeks, as they whispered. She couldn’t hear what they were saying through the door, but then she felt the guard spread her cheeks wide once more.

For a moment, Helen soaked in the sensations. She became more aware of the crisp air kissing the perspiration off her exposed ass, and the firm grip of the guard’s hands digging into her flesh. She attuned her senses to the stretch of her cheeks getting spread, and how that caused her recently posed pussy lips to spread. She could feel the dew of her juices running between her wet and swollen lips over the crest of her sensitive clit, and the moisture still lingering in her anal canal, squirming, as the folds of her sphincter twitched from recently being probed. She was feeling hot. She could feel her skin heighten their senses with her uncontrolled arousal. Her breasts felt tight and stifled, as her areolas contracted and her nipples stiffened into large erections, torturing themselves agains the tight material of her costume.

Helen had no choice, but to wait this out, but just then she felt the warm probe of flesh at the entrance of her pussy. She tensed herself when she felt the smooth, thick head of the guard’s cock press against her wet vulva. ‘Oh shit, oh shit. Fuck, fuck, fuck.’ She wanted to react, but the hands that were spreading her cheeks weren’t the gloved ones before; those were holding her ankles wide, and she realized there was not much she could do if she ever wanted to free herself from the door. All at once, she felt a large cock flood into her vagina, as the guards pelvis pressed firmly against her spread cheeks. ‘Oh fuck,’ she thought, not knowing what to do. She, Elastigirl, was getting raped by some huge henchmen.  

“Oh yeah, Roger. She is a loose one,” the guard chuckled, as he continued to thrust his huge cock in her pussy. He released her ass and moved his hands to her hips. He gripped her waist tight, hooking himself onto her pelvis, as he began thrusting harder into her squishy cheeks. “But holy shit, she sure can take a dick, and she has a first class ass. You hear that bitch?”

Elastigirl braced herself against the door, as she looked over her shoulder at the opaque figure pounding her relentlessly. Her tense face was beginning to lose its fierce expression, as her anger and frustration was giving way to her body, which was utterly betraying her. She couldn’t help herself. His large cock was filling her insides; something that it hadn’t felt from Bob in a long time. His balls were smacking her sensitive clit with each thrust of his cock, and from the feel of his cock easily sliding in and out of her pussy, she was utterly drenched. She could feel her cum beginning to build around the ring of her vulva and run down her legs. She eased the tension and resistance in her legs. She couldn’t help but arch her hips, exposing herself to his thrusts. She closed her eyes, as the pleasure built in her body. For a moment, she forgot herself and her mission and just enjoyed herself. She could feel her orgasm coming, as each smack of his balls against her clit was taking her closure and closure to her threshold. She bit her lip, so she would hide her pleasure from the guards, but it was no help.

“This slut is coming Roger! What did I say?” It was true. Elastigirl’s pussy was convulsing and her body tensed, as she released her orgasm. “Oh yeah bitch, you like that shit don’t you, you slut!” Her spasming pussy only egged him on, and the guard began to pound her gyrating ass until he too busted his load deep in her hot hole. “Oh shit, yeah. That’s an ass,” he said, as he pulled his large cock from her quivering hole. Elastigirl could feel his cum come rushing out, dripping on the floor and running down her legs. There was a lot.

Her legs were weak from her orgasm and shaking with fatigue. She relaxed her lower body, and it hung from the door. She could feel the guard release her ankles. With her eyes closed, she caught her breath. She couldn’t believe she came so hard. She must have really needed that bad, but she felt like such a slut. Here, a few weeks back, she sleeps with her friend, and now she just had an intense orgasm while being raped. ‘What is happening to me?’ She searched the depths of her feelings, but the same thing kept arising. ‘This is Bob’s fault. He did this to me.’

Just then she felt a soft object brush her lips, and almost simultaneously, a pair of hands squeeze her breasts. She turned her hanging head forward and opened her eyes and mouth in surprise, only to have the guard she knocked out earlier shove his cock in one quick thrust down her throat until his balls smacked her chin. She looked up the best she could only to affirm that she had the guard’s cock buried in her mouth. She gagged for a moment, but her throat was able to stretch to easily accommodate his size, while being able to breathe. Her surprise was palpable, yet her eyes widened, as her shock and disbelief was instantly compounded when she felt a pair of leathered hands pull at her hips, and a thicker cock than before, press against her sphincter. The head of the cock smeared the juices and cum around the opening of her sphincter, and she felt a large sloogy land from the guard’s mouth against his shaft. He pressed forward, as he pulled on her hips, and his cock plunged into her ass. Her abilities were her own enemy, as her anal muscles easily molded to accommodate his girth.

“There you go Roger! What did I say? Loose right,” the guard cheered. “Slut!”

The two men began to eagerly fuck Elastigirl’s holes. One of them had their grips into the flesh of her bare ass, while the other was squeezing her jugs and tugging on her erect nipples just beneath the stretchy material, which caused her milk to ooze from within. Elastigirl braced herself against the guard’s legs, but she did not stop him, as he fucked her mouth. The fact was that once she gained her senses and orientation after her intense orgasm, she couldn’t help but succumb to her situation. Part of her resented these thugs, but another part of her was giving into her body, and at that moment, she couldn’t help but enjoy the sensations. It had been forever since her ass was squeezed and circled about. It had been forever since she tasted the musk scent of a man’s cock. She couldn’t help the salivation that was naturally forming in her mouth, leaking out around his shaft and her lips. The guard’s long thrusts in her ass felt amazing, and she couldn’t resist opening her hips in a way that made his cock plunge with each trust directly into her g-spot. She was even moaning uncontrollably.

“Haha, yeah, she is such a whore,” they cheered, as they raped her ass and throat.

Her eyes were still closed, as she continued to swallow all that they gave her. She could feel the guard’s cock tensing in her mouth, and then his cock spasming in her throat, as he jerked and jolted in an orgasm. Elastigirl could feel the hot cum shooting into her esophagus, running down to her stomach. She couldn’t help her lust, and she pushed him back, so she could taste the cum against her tongue. She wrapped her lips around his cock and drew the last of the cum into her hot and eager mouth, as if she just had a decadent, chocolate mouse. The other guard pierced her insides with increasing thrusts; he too was going to cum. She could feel her wet, aching pussy dying for his cock, as he continued to drive his shaft into her asshole. She desperately wanted to cum, but just then she could feel his cock spasming around the grip of her anal muscles. He grunted, as his filled her hole with his cum. He quickly pulled out, and some remaining spurts shot steaming cum on her ass.

Her knees buckled in exhaustion when he released her hips. Then the men stepped back to laugh at their work. Elastigirl just hung in the door with cum dripping from her ass and pussy and down her chin. She was feeling truly slutty in that moment—used and abused. ‘This is Bob’s fault! He made me enjoy it!’ Her indifference and disdain only grew.

Her perspiring skin felt cold all of a sudden against the exposure to the air, now that warm bodies weren’t pressed to her skin. It was making her suddenly aware of her surroundings. She suddenly felt out of body, as the world around her became fuzzy, as if she was about to faint. Her mind sharpened, as she grew increasing aware of her state. She was sleeping.

Her mind sharpened more, as it pulled her from her slumber. She quickly gained tone to her surroundings and opened her eyes. It was night. She was in her bed—alone. She was in a little ball like a child in a fetal position with her thumb in her mouth. Her sheet was annoyingly tight around her mid section. It must have constricted itself there from tossing and turning in the night. The bottom of her nightie was twisted below her ass and her hand was cupping her vulva. She was soaked in sweat and her pussy and fingers were hot and soaked.

Her mind recalled that her family had defeated Syndrome a week prior. This was just a wet dream.

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Reply #3 on: May 12, 2020, 12:21:11 AM

Love it.

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Reply #4 on: May 12, 2020, 12:29:44 AM
Very cute

Feel free to message me with your interests. Love horny chat and sharing fantasies.

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Reply #5 on: May 16, 2020, 09:00:40 PM
Chapter 3

After the dream the night before about the guards gang-banging her, Helen was dying for some sex--specifically, she was craving some dick. She couldn't help but think about it all morning. Her pussy was aching so bad that she could feel it throughout her entire hips.

She decided to take a long bubble bath to relax her muscles, and she drank some wine. Hey, it was only 10:30 in the morning, but she needed to release some tension. She tried to relax in the tub, but her mind kept jumping to images of her dream. Her naked body being stimulated by the soap suds was only electrifying her skin. 'Uh,' she thought. 'This isn't working.'

She dried herself and walked into her closet to put on something for the day, but as she opened her drawer she saw her vibrator and her lingerie. She thought for a moment, while staring at the items in her drawer, as she stood there in a daze--transfixed. She convinced herself she needed some release, so she slipped on her sheer lingerie top and the matching g-string panties. She was feeling sexy. The anticipation was making her pussy swell and her nipples erect. She grabbed the vibrator and headed to the bed.

She slowly ran the vibrator over her stomach then to her erect nipples, which caused her body to clench from the sensitivity. She ran the rod down to her stomach then to her mons and over her panties, teasing her aching clit. She was so sensitive that she bit her lip, as the welling up of pleasure was almost too hard to bare like a sugar drink hitting the tongue after a day of being parched. She spread her legs wide and ran the vibrator over her vulva. Her juices quickly soaked through the sheer cloth and coated the smooth, metal, phallic rod. She pulled her panties to the side and slid the vibrator into her hot, aching pussy. She began massaging her vagina with the long shape, making sure to run the head over her g-spot. She quickened her pace, while her other hand rubbed her clit. She could feel her breath getting hotter, as she couldn't hold back the moans that were rising from her chest.  Her strokes got more and more furious, as she began to moan louder and louder. "Ahhhh, ahhh, yes," she moaned. "Ahhh, ahhhh, FUCK THIS," she said, as she yanked the vibrator from her pussy and threw it across the room.

The vibrator just wasn't cutting it. She probably would have cum, but it wasn't going to satisfy her needs. She considered her options. Melissa could not satisfy this itch, nor could any toy. She was still frustrated with Bob, but she was also feeling desperate, so she couldn't help herself. At the risk of rejection, she was going to try her best to get his attention. She grabbed her phone and saw a text from Violet. 'She can wait,' she said to herself, as she positioned herself on the bed and snapped some pics. 'Bob better fucking like these,' she thought. She snapped some more, but then got interrupted by another text from Violet.

She replied back to Violet that Violet '...couldn't go to the mall with Tony' then she fumbled through the pictures and found the one she would send him. She queued up the picture, and titled it, 'Dinner is ready', referencing her bountiful, butt cheeks, but then Violet interrupted her text again. 'Come home directly after school,' she wrote, and she pushed send, hastily and frustratingly. She queued back up the picture and saw that the image had already been sent. Confused, she checked back at her sent messages and realized she just sent her daughter a picture of her almost naked in a compromised position. 'Oh shit!' It was a sobering moment. She got dressed.

Meanwhile at school, Violet heard her phone vibrate and looked up the incoming message only to be utterly shocked by what she saw, so much so, that milk shot from her nose. She quickly slammed her phone down on the desk, so no one would see the image. 'Oh my god,' she thought. 'What the fuck did I just see? My mom naked is what.' The image was burning in her mind. It was a slap in the face. A wake up call.

It took some time to process, but she realized it was obviously not meant for her. For a moment, she questioned if it was even for her dad because her mother and her father argued so much that such a picture seemed outside of their relationship. In fact, the image of her mother was disrupting to her paradigm. She hardly saw her mother as anything more than a domesticated house wife. She was an authoritarian figure who was plain and boring, but not now. It was a slap in the face to the reality that her mother was a gorgeous and sexy woman, who had sexual desires and needs. It was a concept that was ground breaking to young Violet. She didn't know how to process or respond, so she didn't. She tried to put it out of her mind.

After school, she brought Tony over to the house. She didn't have permission, but if she couldn't go to the mall with him then she figured they could study. Plus, she was afraid of being alone with her mother, dreading the inevitable and uncomfortable conversation that was sure to happen.

Helen was a little surprised to see Tony standing next to her daughter when she opened the door, but she let him in. She was hoping to have a heart-to-heart about the mixup with the text, but she decided to put that off until later. Helen awkwardly smiled at Violet who wasn't looking at her and seemed uncomfortable, but she chalked that up to Tony being there.

She led them in and gave Tony a quick tour of the family room. As she looked over her shoulder, she noticed Tony was looking at her ass. Her yoga pants were buried between her ass cheeks, so its shape was well defined, and it articulated in a circular, figure eight as she walked. She thought it was cute and humorous at first, but as she continued the tour, she caught him again, causing her to rekindle her horniness. The attention from any man was sincerely appreciated. She put a knee on the sofa and intentionally bent over, looking for the TV remote. She slyly glanced over her shoulder. He was transfixed on her ass, and perhaps, at the outline of her camel toe, and he seemed to have a chub that was working down his pant leg. Teasing him was getting her hot. He blushed red when she turned around and caught his gaze, returning his bashful expression with a naughty smirk. "Violet. Why don't you put the rest of your bags in your room, while I make Tony comfortable on the couch."

"Oookkaayy," Violet said, with a confused, questioning tone. She did as she was told and took her bags up stairs to her room.

Helen sat Tony on the couch and took a position uncomfortably close to him. She put her hand on his thigh, only inches away from his chub. "It is so nice to finally meet you Tony. I'm glad you came over." He was stunned by her touch. He didn't move. "Listen, I hope you know how much we love Violet and want the best for her," she continued, as she rubbed his inner thigh. “We want to make sure she doesn’t get hurt. We want to know that she is in good, capable hands. Do you have good hands Tony?" She continued to look him in the eye, as he nodded, but he was a young man--just a teen boy--who couldn't resist himself when something caught his eye. He looked down at Helen's shapely, swollen, mature breasts, just hidden behind a thin layer of cloth. Her hard nipples were slightly tenting her tight top, and there was a pair of wet stains surrounding the constricted erections. Helen looked down at the milk stains that were oozing from her nipples due to her arousal then looked back up and smiled at him. "Good," she said, as she stood up. “I need to go take care of something Tony. Violet should be out in a moment.”

Tony grabbed a small pillow off the couch, as she walked to the kitchen, and put it over his growing chub. "You're a lovely MILF," he abruptly pronounced. "I MEAN WIFE! A MEAN MOM!" His face was beet red. "I MEAN YOUR HOME IS LOVELY AND VIOLET HAS A NICE MOM, YOU, I MEAN, ARE VERY NICE!" Helen smiled back at Tony before returning to the sink wear she cleaned Jack Jack’s bottles and the suction tips of her breast pump. She knew what MILF meant, and what is always on young, teen, boy’s minds, and she contemplated the worst, as her horniness was getting the best of her. She could feel her pussy aching beneath her constrictive yoga pants and panties. The moisture was accumulating in the material and making it feel clingy and sticky. She could swear that she could smell her heat in the air. Tony was the only male around for miles; he might as well have had a target on his back.

She continued to clean the bottles and sat them on the towel by the sink to dry. Her horniness was causing her breasts and nipples to swell and tighten, which was forcing milk from the tips. Jack Jack was still down, and it was too soon to feed him, so she needed to pump.

“We still have cookies and milk, right?” Violet called from the pantry.

“Maybe just cookies, sweetie,” she replied. “I asked Bob to bring some home tonight.” Violet grabbed some cookies and joined Tony on the couch, and they began to gobble down the snacks. “You know. You could borrow some from Mrs Robinson next door if you want.”

“It’s ok! Tony and I can just drink some water,” Violet yelled into the kitchen.

“Actually, I could really go for some milk right now,” Tony said, as he looked back over the couch in Mrs Parr’s direction, specifically, at her swollen bosom full of milk.

Violet was too eager to satisfy his every need, and she sprung off the couch to fetch the milk form their neighbor, saying, “Be right back!”

Helen gathered the materials from the towel and headed to her bedroom. As she walked up the stairs, she paused and turned to Tony. Her heart was pounding, as her thoughts dwelled on the swollen appendage under the couch pillow. Tony looked back, as his eyes had been tracking her up the stairs. His mouth looked parched, and his eyes looked swollen from gawking at her bum. She bit her lip with nervousness, but haphazardly dropped one of the bottles down the stairs. Tony immediately got up and ran to the bottle. He picked it up and looked back up at her. Helen smiled back at him. “Looks like I have my hands full.” He nodded. “Looks like I need your help.” He looked like he was waiting for an order. “You know, I have some milk in my room if you can’t wait for Violet. You want to come?” She couldn’t believe herself. ‘I am such a slut’, but she was a victim of her own needs at the moment. He slowly nodded and followed her to her room.

Meanwhile, Violet was delayed, locked in a conversation with Mrs. Robinson. She never gave anything away without a full life update.

“Over here,” Tony asked, as he placed the bottle down on the dresser. He stood at the other end of the room, as Helen pulled the pump from under the bed. His heart was pounding, as he cupped his boner with his hands. Helen pretended not to notice. She acted as if everything was business as usual—simple routine, as if he was part of it. She sat on the bed and placed the pump on the nightstand. She had her back to him. “Mrs. Parr?” He sounded like he had walked all day in a desert and was dying for a drink.

“Just a second Tony,” she said, as she connected the pump to the outlet and arranged the tubing and suction cups to the bottles and machine. Helen pulled off her shirt, and Tony swallowed a large lump in his throat that was loud enough for her to hear, which made her smile. She unclasped the hooks of her bra and pulled it off her shoulder, releasing her swollen breasts. Tony could just make out the side of her breasts. His erection was rock hard.

Helen laid back on the bed in a relaxed position, exposing herself to Tony’s wide eyes. “Come here hunny. You can help me.” Tony slowly walked over, trying to casually hide his erection while he walked. Helen slid her erect nipples into the ends of the suction spouts and pressed the bottles to her breasts. “Please turn on the pump hunny,” she asked, and he did so. Immediately, the machine sprang to life and began to aggressively milk Helen’s breasts. Milk began to be extracted from her swollen gourds. “Come,” she gestured with her gaze and head. “Help me hold these things.” Tony walked closer and held the bottles for her, as she relaxed herself against the pillows. “Thank you sweetie. It is so nice to get some help with this. Violet is so lucky to have such a nice and helpful boyfriend.”

“Well, we aren’t exactly boyfriend and girlfriend, Mrs. Parr,” he quickly proclaimed.

She began to rub and squeeze her breasts to encourage the let down of the milk. Tony was transfixed on the process. Unable to hide his boner, as it was now sticking up in his belt line. She was soaked too. Her scent was probably filling the room. “Oh really? Well, I hope she keeps you around,” she replied suggestively. “Ok sweetie. Let me take those. My hands are cramping. Now it is your turn,” she said, gesturing to her breasts. He looked stunned, and unable to move. “It’s ok Tony. Go ahead.” He cupped her large breasts and began kneading them just like she had been. “Mmmmm, that feels nice.” Helen could practically feel the waves of oxytocin and prolactin surging in her veins, causing her clit to feel locked to her nipples and a euphoria to wash over her.

The bottles were just about full. “Ok hunny. That’s enough of that,” she said, gesturing to the machine. He turned it off. She slowly pulled the nozzles away from her breasts, and there was a suction noise as they released from her skin. Her nipples were red, enlarged and elongated from the machine. “Set that over there,” she requested, and he sat the bottles on the table top. “Ok baby. Now it is your turn. I think there is a little left,” she said, as she pulled him over by his pants. He sat on the bed, and she pulled his head down to her nipples still wet with milk. She closed her eyes and took a breath in with anticipation, as his excited eyes spread and his mouth opened to engulf her nipple. He wrapped his eager mouth around her nipple and began to suck the rich milk from her supple breast. “Ohh yes. That’s good baby,” she said, as she stroked his hair and pulled him into her breast, smashing his face against the fluid filled gourd.

His tongue and mouth around her tit was amazing, but she wanted more. She slowly worked her hand down to his thigh then up his leg. She slowly cupped his crotch, so she didn’t scare him with any sudden gestures, but it only made his hips buck into her hand. She traced the outline of his hard-on through his pants and then clasped it, slowly stroking it. He instinctively began to thrust against her grip, so she unbuttoned his pants and pulled down his zipper. “Let’s get this out, so he can be free from those tight pants.” It was clear to her that his rock hard, teen cock wasn’t going to last long, so she slowly and carefully worked the head of his cock from the fly of his briefs and pulled it up away from his body, so she could stroke just the shaft of his rod. It was a skinny rod, but it was long with good potential.

She could feel the oven in her pussy fully heated and ready. Her heart rate was quickening with anticipation. She looked down at the young boy’s mouth dripping with her milk, as he furiously sucked on her nipples, which were easily elongating by the strong suction of his mouth. “Don’t forget the other one my dear.” She pull him off her nipple and over to the other breast that was eager for attention. She pulled his hand to her breast, and he cupped it and squeezed the milk into his mouth. His thirst was certainly getting quenched. She discreetly pulled at her yoga pants and panties, inching them over her ample ass and down her thighs. She kicked them off. He wasn’t aware. She pulled at his shirt and slowly they worked it off with him still glued to her breast.

“Come here my dear,” she said, as she pulled his face up to her mouth and passionately kissed her young lover. The boy returned her embrace, and the two wrapped their tongues around each other. She guided his body on the bed and between her legs, while keeping him locked to her mouth. She used her hands and toes to pull down his pants and boxers, exposing his erection. She wrapped her arms and legs around his fragile, young frame and pulled him closer. Their two naked bodies met, and it was like heaven for Helen, as if her sexual cravings and need for affection was simultaneously being satisfied. He was short, and his cock was sandwiched between their bodies. She spread her knees, butterflying them, so she could press the heel of her foot against his thighs, pushing his pelvis down between her legs. She felt his cock slide down her pelvis, mons then over her clit then it fell down between her smashed cheeks. She tugged on the back of his legs to pull him closer, and the tip of his cock slid up between her ass cheeks, poking her in her sphincter. She arched her hips and pulled at him again and the tip of his cock slid up into her hot, wet pussy. She gasped as she pulled harder causing the boy’s cock to slide deep into her aching vagina. “Oh my god, yes. That’s it,” she moaned, as if finally satisfied. Tony instinctively began thrusting away.

Meanwhile, Violet had returned from the neighbors and was surprised to find Tony missing from the couch. She figured he was in the bathroom, so she got the milk and some more cookies. She waited for a moment, but then she got concerned and began looking around. As she worked her way around the house, she heard a noise coming from her mother’s bedroom. She peaked inside and was shocked to see Tony fucking her mother. Besides the horror or seeing such a rare image of her mother getting fucked, it was Tony! Her Tony! Her slut mother was fucking her boyfriend!

For a moment, she just stared in disbelief. Tony was furiously fucking her mother, while making out with her, but that didn’t stop her from moaning with pleasure. By the sounds from his thrusts, her loose, soaked pussy was causing all types of sloppy noises. Her smashed breasts between their bodies was oozing milk down her sides. Violet was in shock. She closed the door and just stood there staring forward. She could feel the anger and sadness welling inside her, and as her mother and Tony began moaning louder and grunting, respectively, in the throngs of their orgasms, she dropped the cookies and milk and began to sob uncontrollably.

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Chapter 4

Weeks after that event and Violet still hadn’t fully recovered. Obviously, she played coy that afternoon because there was no way she wanted to deal with what happened. She stayed quiet and just shut down. She had gone through every emotion since that day. She blamed her mother then she blamed Tony then she blamed herself. She really didn’t know how to process the situation. How could she? Her mother had seduced and fucked her boyfriend, or maybe he seduced her, or maybe she wasn’t sexy enough, or maybe she didn’t satisfy him enough? She couldn’t decide.

She resorted to her old ways and began to dress emo and shut down. She began to rebel against her parents—especially her mother. The whole event was a hit on her self-esteem, but eventually she began to dress more provocative to get the attention she needed and to boost her self-esteem.

She eventually got over Tony, but she never lost the grudge against her mother until she found her mother’s journal in her dresser drawer, while trying to find some money to steal. The journal wasn’t chronicling her life, but rather, it was a pouring out of her emotions. Violet read how her mother was lonely and emotionally detached from her father. She read how her mother felt neglected and unappreciated. It also stated how desperate she was for affection and sexual contact. Reading the journal was a revelation into her mother’s psyche. She no longer blamed her mother, but saw her as a victim of her situation. If anything, she realized she appreciated her mother for sticking around under her circumstances. This attitude only deepened when she would strip nude and go invisible to spy on her mother, so she could see the side of her mother that she didn’t show her children, something behind the front she put up to stay positive for them.

Over the next few months, she warmed to her mother and eased away from her edgy attire. She began to admire her mother even. She still had the text of her mother in her lingerie and the image of her mother fucking her boyfriend. What use to be horrifying had changed. She saw her mother as a sexual being who needed love, attention and sex, no different than anyone else, including herself. She was coming of age, and she too was exploring her own sexuality and desires. It is strange how events can shape someone’s perspective because through it all, she was becoming obsessed with her mother and closer to her than ever before. She was thinking about her mother’s well being and sexual needs, imagining what was going through her mother’s head. The more she thought of her mother sexually, the more she saw what was sexy about her.

She did have an amazing body. Something truly to be admired and envied for any young, teen girl hoping to flower into a curvy, sexy woman. She could hardly blame Tony for gawking. Her mother had an amazing ass that Violet hoped she would one day acquire for herself. Her fixations began to grow into curiosity, as their new bond deepened. They became closer like sisters or besties, talking more and hanging out.

One day Violet and her friend Coraline got to Cory’s house early from school. They decided to grab a snack and watch some shows. Violet went to the bathroom, but when she did she heard noises coming from the laundry room. It was Mel and her mother’s voices, as expected, but they sounded sexual. Violet quickly stripped her clothes off and went invisible and slowly crept down the hall. She peered into the laundry room and saw Mel and her mother making out against the washer and dryer. They were really going at it.

This was different than her catching Tony and her mother having sex. It wasn’t upsetting to her; it was just shocking! She never knew her mother liked women as much as men. It was clear by her aggressive kissing and rubbing that the two were sexually charged, and so she stood there and watched. Her mother was clearly the aggressor, practically ripping of Mel’s clothes and shoving her tongue down her friend’s throat. Helen unclasped Mel’s bra, and Mel did the same, releasing their breasts. They smashed their bodies together and squeezed their asses in their hand like they were Playdoh. Her mother ran her hand down Mel’s torso and found hair pubic hair, which guided her find down between Mel’s legs to her wet pussy.

Violet was in disbelief. This lesbian image was a shock to her senses, but highly arousing too. She could feel her nipples tightening and her young pussy seemed to fire up instantly. Her labia felt swollen, and as she adjusted her stance, she could feel the moisture between them, as the velvety folds slipped about. As her mother finger fucked Mel, Violet ran a finger between her legs and collected the moisture that was accumulating along the edge. She slid her finger along the ridge of her wet lips, which made them part, and she slowly slid her finger inside, acknowledging to herself how wet she truly was; she couldn’t believe it. She moved her finger to her clit, which was swollen and sensitive. She circled her clit then she moved her fingers down and entered her hot vagina. As her mother felt up Melissa, Violet was feeling up herself, and if she closed her eyes, it almost felt like it was her mother feeling her up.

Just then the footsteps of Coraline coming down the hall jolted Violet from masturbating. She pulled her fingers from her pussy and pinned her back against the wall just as Cory passed her. She was standing in the doorway staring in the room. Violet could not see in the room, but she knew Cory was getting an eyeful like she had.

Violet slowly crept back down the hall to the bathroom and put back on her clothes. She cleaned up and went back out to the couch and found Coraline just sitting watching TV with a blank stare on her face. Violet could relate to her friend, so she didn’t say anything—just played coy for the rest of the afternoon.

Later that night once they returned home, Bob was out bowling or something, so Helen retired early to her bath, while Violet watched a late night movie. She was getting tired, so she turned off the TV and walked upstairs, but as she passed her mother’s room, she saw the light was on and the door was still open. She peaked inside to say goodnight, and she saw her mother on her bed talking on the phone. Her robe wasn’t even covering her breasts, which were still glistening from the moisture of her bath. Her long, thick legs were exposed, as well as, the curves of her hips and ass. In the glow of the light of the room, she looked radiant.

Helen saw Violet at the door and gestured for her to come in the room. She casually covered her breasts and legs better, but her silky legs and her cleavage were still very exposed. She smiled as Violet entered, while continuing her phone call. Violet sat on the bed, and Helen began to affectionately stroke her long black hair. “Ok, ok Edna. I’ll see you soon too,” she said, as she hung up the phone. “Ohhh that Edna. She is a character.” Violet nodded. “Wow, sweetie. Let me look at you. You are becoming such a beautiful young woman. You look just like me when I was your age.”

‘Oh goodie,’ Violet thought. ‘Maybe I’ll get your curves too.’

“Did you come in here to give me a good night kiss?” Violet nodded, so Helen leaned forward and gave her daughter a peck on the lips. Violet looked disappointed, so Helen leaned forward again and kissed her again. “Better?” Violet shook her head, so Helen leaned in again and softened her lips against her daughters young, tender mouth. She kissed her affectionately. “How was that?” Violet kinda shrugged, as if to say it could have been better. Helen leaned back in and planted her entire mouth against her daughter’s. She spread Violet’s mouth and slowly drew out her tongue. The two began to slide their tongues back and forth, in and out of each other’s mouths. Helen pulled away and assessed her daughter’s expression. “More?” She said it as if in disbelief, but she leaned in and embraced her daughter.

The two ladies locked themselves in an embrace, kissing passionately. Helen’s breasts came free of her robe, and they became sandwiched between their bodies, as Violet pulled her mother’s hips into her pelvis. The two ladies were just like Mel and her mother earlier that day.

Violet slid her hand from her mother’s ass and hip to the front of her pelvis then down between her legs. Her heart was beating out of her chest, as her trembling fingers moved between her mother’s warm, sticky thighs. She slowly moved her hand, cupping her mother’s vulva. She could sense the heat from within. She slowly moved her fingers to the base of her mother’s vulva and found a wet spot where her lips were already parted from the swell of her flesh. Violet caressed the moisture there and slowly worked her small fingers deeper into the folds of her mother’s hot cunt. Violet slid two fingers easily into her mother’s soaked pussy and stroked her g-spot. Her mother was moaning behind the slobbery kisses, but then Violet inserted a third finger and then a fourth. There was no resistance, and her mother seemed to kiss her more and moan more with each digit that she inserted, so Violet just inserted her whole hand in her mother. Her mother’s pussy easily swallowed the girl’s arm, but she pulled away and bit her lip, wincing from the pleasure, as her pussy swallowed Violet’s wrist and then her forearm.

Violet began to pump her mother’s hot pussy, which was so amazing against her skin. Her sugary, vagina walls were so slippery and supple against her arm. Violet kissed her mother again, sucking on her mother’s tongue like an expert. Violet’s mouth was salivating with lust for her mother’s pussy. She wanted to taste it bad. She withdrew her arm and pushed her mother on the bed. Her mother fell forward, but instinctively got up on her knees to pull herself up, but Violet had already pounced on her ass. She buried her face between her mother’s cheeks, smashing her face against her mother’s soaked pussy. She was lustfully lapping at her mother’s juices.

Helen was shocked, but she just opened herself up more to her daughter. She dropped down, so her ass was high in the air and arched her ass. Violet sunk her fingers into her mother’s large cheeks and spread them, so she could bury her face into her mother’s pussy that much more. Violet ran her tongue along Helen’s clit and lips. Between her daughter’s saliva and her pussy juices, her ass was a mess, but Violet was drunk with lust, and she moved to her mother’s asshole and slid her tongue in her hole. Helen curled her toes in pleasure, as the young teen tongue-fucked her sphincter. Helen was moaning with pleasure, but it seemed Violet was the one who was utterly euphoric from her frenzy.

Violet suddenly felt the cool dew of water from the depths of her mother’s hot hole. She lapped it up but pressed deeper and found more. It almost felt like drips from a faucet on her tongue. She followed it, but it started to overwhelm her. The drops were quickly turning into more cold water than she could handle. She backed off her mother’s asshole and water came shooting from the depths, striking the back of her throat, which caused her to cough.

Her mind sharpened and pulled itself from her dream. She coughed again, as her mind focused on her surroundings. She opened her eye and saw Dash standing over her, pouring a glass of water in her mouth. “What the fuck you little shit!”

Dash darted out of her reach to the other side of the couch. “You were going like this, mmmeh, mmmewww, mmmmeh,” he said, as he gestured with his tongue coming out of his mouth.

Violet realized instantly that she had been dreaming about eating out her mother and must have been moving her mouth and tongue during her dream. She grabbed a pillow off the couch and threw it at him, but Dash was gone before it left her fingers. “That little shit!” Violet realized it was later, and she had fallen asleep on the couch. She started to get up, but she immediately recognized something was off. She looked down and lifted her yoga pants and panties. She saw a thick dew of shinny juices on her panties. She pulled them further away from her vulva, and a string of her sugary, dewy juices clung to panties and pussy. Down further, she saw her cum soaked panties utterly drenched. She had never been so wet. She was a mess.

She walked upstairs and took a shower, but as she did, she went over her dream. Was she a lesbian or just some pervert who had the hots from her own mother? While her dream was likely a product of her mind trying to process the prior events of the day coupled with her developing bond with her mother, the exposure left her more confused and curious than ever.
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Chapter 5

Violet struggled with her emotions over the next few weeks. She was exploring her own sexuality in her mind. She was certainly attracted to boys, but she was thinking more and more about girls—specifically her mother. She chalked it up to her obsession with trying to attain her mother’s physique, or to be as amazing as her mother was as Elastigirl, but she was finding it harder and harder to escape her sexual thoughts. Maybe it was her teenage hormones that were ravaging her body and mind, but her thoughts were almost an itch she had to satisfy, but by exploring them, they would fester and consume her.

It was clear to her that she couldn’t dismiss her thoughts or desires, nor could she masturbated them out of her mind, so she began taking risks to see her mother naked. It started one night when her mother said she needed to use the restroom. Violet stripped off her clothes and went invisible. She stayed in the bathroom and waited for her mother to come in.

Helen burst open the door, eager to pee away the wine that was filling her bladder. She tugged her black, yoga pants over her ass and down to her ankles. Violet watched on with swollen eyes, as her mother then dropped her panties to her ankles and then plopped herself on the toilet. Violet was afraid her heart that was beating out of her chest was audible in the room, but it wasn’t. Her adrenaline was causing her nipples to ache, but she was growing wet at the thrill of it all and at seeing her mother naked.

Her mother peed then spread her legs to wipe up. She stood up, but didn’t pull up her pants. She hobbled to the sink and bent over the sink to check on something in her eye. Violet slowly sunk down to the floor to get a good eye of her mother’s ass and pussy. ‘God dam that is nice,’ she thought, as her mother finished whatever she was doing then bent over to pull up her panties and pants.

Violet repeated this whenever she could—in the bathroom—in the shower. Sometimes she would even masturbate. It was growing into a regular habit.


One day the Bob and Helen Parr were invited to the lake for a day in the sun and a picnic with Lucius aka Frozone and his wife and their friends. Of course they accepted, but Bob said he couldn’t make it because he had a work retreat he needed to attend. Frustrated, Helen decided to take Violet and go to the event anyways.

They put on some suits and packed the car. Violet was feeling a little inadequate with her breasts and curves. She didn’t fill out her suit the way her mother did.

“This thing is filthy,” Helen said. “Let’s wash it really fast before we go.”

“Do we have to?” Violet was being a teen.

“Come on,” Helen insisted. “It’ll be fun and quick if we do it together.”

“Okkkaayyy, if I have to.” Violet got the supplies and hose, and the two girls began to clean the car. It was a hot day, and their skin was glistening from perspiration. That and the soapy sudds were getting on their legs and arms, so they were getting all wet. Violet couldn’t help but stare at her mother’s body. It was so perfect and sexy. Violet’s mind was thinking about all the possible things she could do to it.

Staring at her mother while she was bent over was making Violet hotter than the effects from the sun. She decided to get a popsicle while she continued working. Her mother’s daisy dukes were riding up her ass each time she squat to wash the wheels and when she bent over to soak the sponge in the bucket. Violet had the thong bikini on, but her mother was stealing the show from their onlooking neighbors. Their activities seemed to spark a lot of yard activities from the men in the neighborhood.

“Violet! Fill up the bucket with more water please, while I wash the bugs off the windshield.”

Violet did as she was told, while her mother leaned over the car to wash the windshield. Violet’s eyes were like the men’s in the neighborhood—locked on her jiggling ass handing out of her shorts. The material was so buried in her ass, it was like her shorts were a thong, which outlined her vulva through the material.

Violet’s mind began to wander. She imagined her mother and her stripping off their clothes and cleaning the car in the nude, exposed in the hot sun for all to see. Their bodies would be bent over the car, as they moved the soapy sudds over the hot metal. Her mother’s breasts would be pressed to the car, and as she circled her sponge, her breasts would circle over the surface.

She imagined their bodies draped over the car, being used to clean the slick surface. It was getting her so hot. She could almost imagine her mother bent over the hood, while she ate her mother’s hot pussy right there for everyone to see.  

“Hey silly! That is probably good enough,” Helen shouted. Violet was just standing there pouring water into the bucket that was already full. “Snap out of it silly. Go get the towels. We have to get going.”

Violet shook herself from her day dream and ran to get the towels. She could feel her panties were wet as she ran and not from the water. It was like she was living in perpetual horniness. Maybe this is what every teen went through, or maybe, it was genetic.


The girls had an amazing time swimming and lounging at the lake. They enjoyed Lucius and the company of his wife and friends. One guy in particular was really paying Helen a lot of attention, and she was eating it up. He couldn’t keep his eyes off her enormous ass when she was in her bikini, and he was fairly handsy with her throughout the barbecue. They hit it off so much that Helen and Violet were invited to an afterparty at the park with him and some other people that they met. Violet was a little apprehensive about going, but Helen was eager to unwind with some other adults.

Helen found her new guy friend, and he introduced her to his friends. “Vi, go hang out with the other kids ok,” Helen said, as she shooed Violet away. Violet did as she was told, but she kept a close eye on her mother all night.

Helen got some drinks to loosen up then began to talk with her new friend, and eventually, they moved to where everyone was dancing. Violet couldn’t see them perfectly through the crowd of bodies, but she could easily make out his dark hands against her white pants. He was cupping her ass, as they were freaking to the music with her wine glass in one hand, smiling up at him at the same time. “Grrrrrrr,” Violet muttered. She was jealous more than anything. She was possessive of her mother, so she didn’t all too mind that she was with a man other than her dad, only that she was there and not hanging out with her. As the two danced, it was clear their dancing was getting more physical. His fingers were digging into her ass, and his leg was between her legs. While they were freaking, it looked like her mother was grinding her crotch on his thigh. Then, to her surprise, her mother elongated her arm in a way such that she could slyly touch the man’s crotch. From the gesture of her arm and her elongating fingers, she was stroking his cock, which seemed to go halfway down his leg. She must have been drunk, or she wouldn’t have used her powers when people could have seen. She could see him whisper something in her ear, and they abruptly left the dance floor.

Violet didn’t know what to do, but she had to keep an eye on her mother, so she followed them to the bathroom on the other side of the park. She stripped off her clothes and left them behind the bathroom before going invisible. She quietly walked into the bathroom. She followed the sounds of them kissing and found them in the bathroom making out. He had his hand under her shirt and was cupping her breast and teasing her nipple, while he had her pinned against the stall door. Her leg was wrapped around his, as his other hand was squeezing her bare ass under her stretchy pants.

“Dam girl. You have one amazing ass,” he said with a deep voice. “Your husband doesn’t deserve you.”

“I know!” She went back to making out, as her hand found her large cock. She unclasped his pants and eagerly pulled his large cock from his pants. She wrapped her hand around his girth and pulled away from his lips. She smirked into his eyes before dropping to her knees. Magically, she instantly engulfed his cock down her throat like a professional whore, easily taking all thirteen inches of his horse cock. He couldn’t believe it. “Mmmm,” she moaned, as she rocked her head back and forth, sliding his cock back and forth down her throat.

Violet couldn’t believe her mother. She was such a slut, but she was also so sexy and amazing. Violet knew of her mother’s powers, but nevertheless, it was impressive to see her swallow his huge cock. Violet was getting wet just watching them. She couldn’t help but play with her teen twat.

The man grabbed Helen’s head and fucked it hard, but she didn’t even waver from her efforts. In fact, she didn’t even come up for air. She was managing his meat to perfection. She wrapped her tongue around his shaft and sucked him hard.

“Ohhh dam baby,” he moaned over heavy breaths. “Your dick game is on another level.” It was clear he was overwhelmed by her skills and was worried he was going to bust too soon. “Let me get that ass.”

Helen didn’t miss a beat. She extracted his hard cock from the depths of her throat and smiled up at him with satisfaction and anticipation. She turned around and pulled down her pants and stuck her ass high in the air. The man didn’t hesitate and sunk his cock deep into Helen’s pussy, which immediately made her moan. He gripped her hips and began fucking her, and with each crash against her ass, her booty would wobble about.

A few minutes later, and his thrust were getting more violent, with her pussy engulfing all of his cock, but he got careless, and all of a sudden, he pulled back too far and with his next stroke his cock came out of Helen’s pussy and jutted forward at her sphincter. The clenched sphincter rapidly stretched to accommodate the force of his thrust, and in one move, his cock buried itself deep in Helen’s ass.

Helen gasped, yet it wasn’t because it hurt. She was just pleasantly surprised, and she enjoyed the extra stretch from having his huge cock in her ass. “Oh shit!” He paused out of surprise.

“Don’t stop!” Helen begged, as she pressed her ass back against his cock. “Cum in my ass,” she begged, and with that, he began fucking her ass furiously. “Ohhh fuck yeah, fuck yeah, just like that!”

Violet couldn’t believe how raw this was. Here was her mother fucking this stranger in the bathroom who had his cock buried in her mother’s asshole. Violet had two fingers in her pussy and her other fingers furiously rubbing her clit. She repositioned her hand, and her slippery pinky easily penetrated her asshole. She slid it in further. 'Oh yeah! No wonder my mother likes that,' she thought, as she penetrated her anal cavity. She couldn’t hold back any longer, but she bit her lip, so as she unloaded her orgasm right then and there, she ate whatever sounds wanted to come out.

The man was about to blow his load, and Helen matched his thrusts with her hips. Her huge ass was gyrating about from each trust of his pelvis crashing into her bouncing booty. He began to grunt, as he released a huge load in her ass. What he couldn’t see was Helen’s stretched hand that was also buried in her pussy and thumbing her clit to an orgasm.

The three of them was catching their breath and basking in their orgasms, but then they recognized their compromised position and quickly cleaned up and left the bathroom.

Fifteen minutes later Helen finally found Violet over by the benches watching the water on the lake and looking at the stars. “Oh hi hunny. Having fun?”

Violet nodded, but didn’t look her mother completely in the eyes, afraid she could look through her. “How about you?”

“Oh yeah! This was just the thing I needed to unwind.”

‘I bet,’ Violet thought. She wanted to say it out loud, but she knew she shouldn’t, so she left it at that.
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This is very entertaining. I hope there's more to follow.

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Chapter 6

It was another beautiful summer day, and Violet was so excited. They were going to have another girl’s day out with Mel and Coraline and her mom and her. No boys! Well, except for Jack jack. Dash was hanging out with his friends, and who knows where there dad was.

They were going to the beach, and the weather was perfect for a day in the hot sand. Violet was bummed that she left her favorite skimpy suit at her Cory’s house, and she forgot to bring it, so she settled on wearing her one piece. It was probably for the best; Coraline dressed fairly conservative, and she didn’t want to show up her friend in a thong bikini, so she was surprised when they got to the beach, and Coraline started to pull off her shorts and t-shirt. Her friend actually had some breasts coming in, and she had some curves too. She wasn’t just a preteen any longer. Violet almost did a double take when she bent over to step out of her jean shorts, and she saw the heart shape curve of her ass, which was easily visible because of her thong bikini. ‘No fucking way,’ she said to herself. She even had a cute little stomach and sexy naval.

Helen noticed her daughter gawking. She leaned in without Violet knowing. “I think she is catching up to you.”

“Shut up mom!” Violet didn’t like getting caught or having her point out that her naive friend suddenly blossomed and was clearly getting more looks than her. ‘I wonder what got her all woke,’ Violet pondered, completely forgetting what Cory had seen a while back in Cory’s laundry room. Violet didn’t even want to take off her shirt and shorts, but she begrudgingly did, exposing her bland one piece.

“Oh Violet! I love your violet suit!” Cory said sarcastically.

“Shut up fatty!” Violet said, as she chased her into the water, leaving Mel and her mother to set up the blankets and umbrellas.

 Melissa looked over, and Helen was on all fours straightening the blankets. Her ass was hanging out of her jean shorts. “Watch out! Wide load coming through,” Melissa laughed.

“Oh you shut up Mel,” Helen retorted. “You’re no one to talk!”

The girls got back just as they were wrapping up their site. Helen and Mel started pulling off their shirts and then they tried to wiggle out of their tight shorts. They both were struggling in the sand to free their clothes over their large posteriors.

“Helen, your ass keeps getting bigger every time we meet,” Mel said ironically. “You really let yourself go!”

Helen laughed, as they finally got their shorts over their huge asses and down to their ankles. Helen grabbed Mel’s ass, and said, “Look who is talking! You’re packing a lot of junk back there yourself. What kind of example is that for your daughter?” They both laughed before covering their asses in a sheer wrap.

The two girls just looked on, as their curvaceous mother’s teased each other, both knowing how friendly they are with each other, but not knowing the other knows too.

“Cory! Stop playing with Violet. Your prank lasted long enough. Give her back her swim suit,” Mel ordered.

Violet looked abruptly at her friend with a sour look of disdain. Cory grinned sheepishly. “You little cunt!” Cory reached into her bag and pulled out Violet’s two piece. Violet snatched the swim suit from Cory’s hand and ran to the bathroom to change. “Oh yeah. That is much better,” she said, as she slid the garment between her firm, round ass and repositioned the bands on her hips. As she returned, she could see her new bikini was getting her some extra looks, which made her walk with an air of confidence.

“Oh good,” Helen said. “You are back. You can put some sun tanning lotion on me.” Violet was ecstatic; that was her favorite part of going to the beach. Her mother’s body looked so inviting as her dewy perspiration made her glisten in the sun. “But let me get you first.” Helen squirted the lotion in her hand and began to massage the warm oil into her daughter’s skin. She rubbed it into her shoulders and on her back. She unclipped Violet’s bikini top.

“Mooommm! What the hell,” Violet said, as she clasped her bikini top to her chest.

“Oh stop! Don’t be so shy. It was getting in the way, and besides, you don’t want tan lines,” she said with a scolding tone. “Don’t be a prude either. No one cares about your tiny titties, and this is a topless beach, so it is ok.” She continued to rub the lotion into Violet’s bare back.

Violet was mortified, but she did as she was told and removed her bikini top. She was blushing at first, but she quickly got over it when she looked over at Mel and Cory laying topless on their stomachs on their towels. Helen continued to wipe the oil over her daughter’s body. She worked her way down her back to her legs and up her thighs. “Ummm, I can probably do that myself mom.”

“Oh shut up! I’ll be faster then you can do me,” she said. Violet just tried to relax, as her mother continued to massage the oil into her skin. It felt amazing to be touched by her mother, even if it was platonically. Helen worked her way up to Violet’s young ass and worked the oil especially good into the skin. “You have such a cute butt Vi. I remember when my butt was so tight and bubbly and cute like yours.”

“Shut up mommmm! You’re embarrassing me,” she said blushing. “And you know you have an amazing butt so shut up.”

“Well,” she said, thinking. “That is true.” They laughed. “Ok, turn around, so I can get the front.

“I think…”

“Oh shut up Violet Barr. Just turn around. It’ll only take a second.” Violet turned around and her mother rubbed the lotion over her upper chest and shoulders then over her small breasts, teasing her nipples as she rubbed the oil into her flesh. Violet blushed, but Helen was moving too fast to notice. She rubbed Violet’s stomach then thighs and arms. “Ok, now you can do me.”

“I can what?” Violet was still in a daze at having her mother rub her breasts out in public. She was feeling all hot and bothered now and out of it.

“Wake up silly,” her mom said, as she shook Violet a little. “Come on. I want to lay down.” Helen unclasped her top and released her breasts. They were glorious in the sun. They were clearly engorged with milk, as it had been a while since Jack Jack fed, so they were plump and sitting high on her chest.

Violet rubbed the oil into her mother’s back and shoulders then down her body to her ass. She smeared the lotion all over her curvaceous booty and thick thighs. Violet was savoring every caress of her hand gliding over her mother’s skin. She could feel herself getting wet. She massaged the oil into her thighs and lower legs then her mother turned around, and she rubbed the oil into her breasts. Her tiny hands worked the oil into her stomach and down her body to the front of her thighs. She swore she could smell the sweet musk of her mother’s pussy, as she squat down to oil her legs. Violet was so horny now and so suddenly too.

“Ok, ok. That’s probably enough sweetie. Let’s lay down,” her mother said, and they both took a position on their blankets.

Violet quickly fell asleep in the hot sun and drifted into a dream…

She was oiling her mother, as her mother laid on her blanket. She hopped on her mother’s legs and squeezed the lotion on her round ass, working the lotion into her skin. She kneaded and massaged the squishy fat lustfully. She spread her cheeks, and as she worked the oil, she saw her mother’s asshole and balls being barely covered by her bikini thong. Her puckering sphincter called to her.

Violet was getting so turned on oiling her mother that her own cock was getting rock hard. “These are getting in the way,” Violet said to her mother, as she oiled over her thong bottoms.

“Well, pull them off then,” she replied nonchalantly, so that is what Violet did. “Yours too sweetie. I bet your panties are in the way too,” so Violet slipped off her bottoms. Their oiled bodies slipped and slid over each other’s skin; it was hard for Violet to keep her balance sitting on her mother’s oiled thighs. She kept sliding down, so she pushed herself up and with each thrust forward, her cock and balls were rubbing against her mother’s ass. “That feels nice sweetie,” Helen said encouragingly. Violet pressed further forward, and sure enough, she fell forward on top of her mother, and as she did, Violet’s cock slipped between Helen’s large posterior and poked her in her sphincter. “Mmmmm, mommy likes it there.”

“I can put it in if you want,” Violet suggested.

“Only if you want sweetie,” she said lovingly. Violet smiled and repositioned herself on her mother’s thighs. She spread her mother’s ass, so she could line her cock up with her sphincter, and she pressed her tiny cock forward into her mother’s anal canal. “Mmmm that is so nice. You feel so good in me sweetie.” Violet began to fuck her mother’s ass. Her cock just barely jutted into her rectum, but it was enough to make her mother moan. Violet quickened her pace faster and faster. “Mmmm yeah Vi. You’re going to make me cum darling.”

“Me too! Me too!” Violet began to bust her nut into her mother’s ass, and streams of hot cum began to fill her hole, more and more.

Violet pulled her cock out of her mother’s cum filled ass and climbed off of her. The cum began to run from her asshole down her balls and cock. Helen got on her knees and pushed the rest of the cum out of her anus. “Oh my god, that is a lot of cum. You must have been very horny sweetie.”

“Oh yeah!”

Violet awoke from her dream with an aching pussy that was soaking wet. She looked over, and her mother was lying on her back asleep with her large melons glistening with perspiration in the sun. There was a little dew of milk seeping from the tips of her nipples. Violet looked over her other shoulder and Mel and Cory were asleep too, but face down and faced away. Violet looked back at her mother. Her mouth was open, and there was a line of drool running from her mouth, but she couldn’t see her eyes behind her large sun glasses. Violet could see an empty bottle of hard seltzer. She was knocked out. She wasn’t snoring, but Violet could tell she was out from her breathing.

Violet slowly turned over and felt her crotch. Her bikini bottoms were dewy on the outside, which meant she was all wet on the inside. She peaked down her bikini bottoms, past her pubescent landing strip, and sure enough, there was a gooey mess of her sugary juices. She looked back, and her mother’s tits seemed fully engorged. It was probably time to feed Jack Jack. Oh, how she was jealous of Jack Jack. Her engorged breasts were causing her nipples to stand erect, which naturally drew out her milk. Violet stared as the dew seeped from her nipple into a little bead of milk the precariously sat on the tip. With each breath her mother took, it looked like it was about to run off the edge.

Violet got an idea. She looked around. There beach umbrellas were blocking prying eyes. She looked over at Mel and Cory; they were still out. Her heart rate quickened, as she bit her lip with nervousness. She stared at her mother’s face with intense focus, as she slowly propped herself up to her elbow. She twisted her hair into a knot and held it back, as she leaned over her mother. She slowly lowered her mouth to her mother’s tit. With the tip of her tongue and lips, she slurped up the bead of milk. She looked back at her mother; she hadn’t moved. Violet looked back down and a new dew of milk was beginning to form. Violet slowly lowered herself again and gently lifted the dew from her nipple with her tongue. Oh how she relished the taste and texture of her mother’s nipple. It was all too tempting. Violet wanted more. She slowly lowered herself again and gently wrapped her lips around her mother’s entire nipple, and ever so softly, she licked the dew from the tip.

She kept her eyes up and locked to her mother’s face, so she could sense the slightest change in her arousal should she wake up.

Violet glanced at her other breast. Milk was oozing down the side of her breast. It was tempting Violet, but it was too far to reach. Violet pursed her lips, and ever so gentle, sucked on her mother’s tit. Rich milk flowed from the tip, and Violet eagerly swallowed it all. She stopped for a moment when her mother took a deep breath in. ‘Shit,’ she said to herself. ‘That was too hard,’ but Violet realized it was just a moment of sleep apnea catching up to her; she was still out. Violet got braver. She made sure the coast was still clear then she lowered her mouth around her mother’s nipple and gently sucked on her tit. She couldn’t believe it! She was sucking on her mother’s breasts with her friends so close and out at a public beach where anyone could catch her at any moment. It was scary, but it was thrilling too. As it was clearer to Violet that her mother wasn’t waking, she got braver with her efforts. She was sucking a little harder and using her tongue to stimulate the tip of her nipple while she did.

Suddenly her mother changed her breathing and shifted her weight. Violet freaked and flashed back to her towel, pretending to be asleep. After a few seconds, when Violet heard her mother’s breath return to a steady rhythm, she slowly opened her eyes. Helen had rotated to her side. She was facing Violet with her arms crossed in front and tucked between her thighs. This was causing her breasts to squeeze together. That and gravity was causing her breasts to drip milk. Violet barely had to shift her position to catch the drops with her tongue. She moved to her neglected nipple and gentle engulfed the erection in her mouth. She cleaned off the tip with her tongue and gently sucked her mother’s sugary nectar from her tit. Her mother wasn’t budging, but her breathing was less deep than before, and her mouth wasn’t open, but Violet was feeling more confident she was knocked out. She couldn’t help herself and reached forward and cupped her mother’s supple breast. She was delighted with the mass and with the softness and gelatinous nature of her skin. They were supple, rich and swollen gourds. Violet loved them. She gently squeezed and kneaded the milk from her mother’s breast, swallowing all that came out. It was like she was a little toddler again in her mother’s arms.

Violet was getting pretty worked up from all this and in her lust, she carelessly bit her mother’s tit, which made her stir. Violet released her nipple and buried herself in her towel, as if she was asleep. She could hear her mother moving. She pretended to wake up too, yawning for effect. Helen slowly sat up and fixed her glasses and hair. She looked over at Jack Jack asleep in his basket then back at Violet. “Mmmm, it’s hot. You getting hungry or thirsty sweetie?” She stretched her arms over her head.

“Not really,” Violet said coyly. She slightly turned red at the question.

“Well, I have to go feed Jack Jack. Wake up Cory and Mel. See if they are ready to get going,” Helen said to Violet, as she put on her bikini top and covered her ass in her sheer wrap and grabbed Jack Jack. “I’ll be right back.”

‘I hope there is some milk left for Jack Jack,’ Violet snickered to herself with a devilish grin.
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Chapter 7

All throughout the following week, Helen seemed a little different around Violet. She was a little more cuddly with her on the couch and affectionate with her when she was around like she would stroke her hair or say how Violet was turning into such a beautiful young woman. Violet didn’t know what got into her, but she liked the extra attention she was receiving.

For instance, the other day her mother was breast feeding Jack Jack in her room, as she always did around noon, but she was much more cavalier. Violet walked in, and she was completely exposed, which was unlike her. She wasn’t exactly modest, but she didn’t make a habit of completely opening her shirt and exposing both her breasts.

“Oh hey mom,” Violet said awkwardly. “Feeding Jack Jack?”

“Oh yes sweetie,” she said nonchalantly. “Sorry I’m so exposed here. Dash is out with your dad, so I thought there was no point in covering up—just us girls and all.”

“Yeah, well, it’s ok,” Violet replied. Not that she was complaining. She just tried not to stare too much. “Can I invite Cory over for dinner?”

“Sure sweetie.”

The next day it was the same thing. Violet heard her mother calling her name from upstairs. “What do you wa….” Violet said, as she entered the room. Her mother was on the bed using her breast pumps. Seeing her mother attached to the machine, which was aggressively sucking on each nipple was a shocking, but a pleasant surprise. Violet slowly walked in the room.

“Can you help me sweetie? My arms are falling asleep from holding these things,” Helen said. Violet nodded and sat on the side of the bed and held the bottles. Her mother’s flexible tissue was bending to the will of the device, as her nipples were elongating several inches down the tubes of the suckers. “This is good practice for you anyway,” she said, as she relaxed back into the bed, stretching out her arms to return the blood flow and closing her eyes. Violet’s mouth began to salivate, recalling how she fed herself on her mother’s large melons just last week at the beach. A few minutes later her mother spoke, “Ok baby, that’s good. You can go watch your programs.” Violet had a mild sad face, which Helen saw and smirked at, but Violet didn’t want to let on that she was enjoying herself. “Maybe in a little bit we can do a yoga session together. Sounds good?” Violet eagerly nodded.

Throughout the next few days, when Violet would get horny enough, she would strip down and become invisible and sneak a peak at her mother in the shower or while she was changing. She even would catch her mother from time to time masturbating with her vibrator. Sometimes Violet would masturbate too, but sometimes she would just watch with awe.

Early one morning the girls decided to do a yoga session on the TV. The put on their workout clothes and set the mats out in the living room. It was mid summer, so it was already warm out, but the girls warmed up the house anyways to help their muscles relax and stretch. Helen didn’t exactly need the effect, but it was a hot yoga session after all.

“Man my ass is getting ridiculous! My pants barely fit!” Helen refused to buy larger clothes. She figured that if she did then it would be an excuse to stay that size. “I need to lay off those cookies.’’

‘Maybe I need to eat more cookies,’ Violet thought looking at her mother’s ass cleavage, as the girls assumed a position on their mats. Violet was really getting into this workout. The hot yoga was making her perspire a lot, and so was Helen. She enjoyed the hot, deep breaths too between the two of them. It was turning into a real turn on. ‘I’m so easily triggered,’ she said to herself. She looked over and her mother’s breasts were glistening with perspiration, which was collecting and running down between her cleavage. Just as Violet was really enjoying their session, she heard her brother stirring upstairs.

Dash woke up from sleeping in, bolted downstairs and asked to watch his shows, but they rebuked his request to his disdain. He was frustrated, as he was short tempered.

“How much longer? How much longer,” he whined.

“We have just twenty more minutes Dash! So hang tight,” Helen shouted.

“Grrrrr,” Dash groaned. “If I had my way, I would show you,” he mumbled.

“What did you just say?” Helen sincerely didn’t know, but she gave him a sharp look of disapproval.

Dash sat on the couch staring at his mother with contempt. He contemplated how he would show her. He thought of speeding to her ass and slapping it or knocking her over. He imagined shooting himself so fast to his mother’s rear that she wouldn’t have time to stop him. He would mount her fat ass while she had it high in the air, and he would shove his dick in her ass. ‘Yeah, she couldn’t take it,’ he said to himself. He imagined fucking her asshole so furious and fast that she would be unable to stop him. ‘Haha,’ he chuckled to himself. ‘Serves her right.’ Recognizing how provocative she had been over the last several months, dressing all slutty like his stupid sister and all, he figured she probably would like it. ‘She probably would cum. Then she would listen to me,’ he convinced himself.

Dash was growing impatient. He bolted out of the room and headed to his friend’s house to watch cartoons there, but the girls didn’t even realize he left. They were too focused on their heavy breathing and long, deep movements.

“Mmmmm yeah, this feels good,” Helen moaned. “Doesn’t it Vi?”

Violet chuckled. “It isn’t doing anything for you mom. You can put yourself into a pretzel!”

They laughed. “Well, true, but it still feels nice to warm up my body. How is your body doing sweetie?”

“I’m sweating!” Violet was drenched, but she was also hot and horny from all their deep breathing and suggestive positions.

“Dashie, could you get mommy a towel. I’m getting sweaty,” Helen asked, but she was surprised to hear silence. “Dash. Dash! Dam that boy,” she said, as she looked over her shoulder, scanning the room. “I guess he couldn’t wait. Oh well.” The girls laughed.

They both got up and headed to the kitchen for some water. They snacked on some fruit and yogurt to recharge, as they relaxed after their workout. “I’m going to hop in the shower then do you want to go to the mall?”

“Sure!” Violet said, as if the question didn’t need to be asked.

“Ok, head upstairs, shower and get ready, while I finish the dishes,” Helen requested.

Violet went up to her room and began to strip off her clothes. They were all damp and sticky. She recalled how she loved to watch her mother trying to get out of her sticky yoga pants. Her ass and tits would jiggle and gyrate, as she struggled to free herself from the clingy garments. Violet started to pull her thong off her hips when she recognized a familiar feeling. She looked down into her panties and saw her clear nectar that was accumulating on the material. She pulled them away from her vulva and her sticky, sugary juices were clinging to her pussy lips and pubes. She reached down and felt her pussy. Her lips were so swollen, and her pussy was soaked. Her flowering lips were parted with anticipation. She slid a finger inside to assess her vagina. It was on fire. Her pussy wasn’t aching, but apparently it was hornier than she thought. Like a teen boy in fear of worsening blue balls, Violet assessed the situation and realized she needed to take care of her needs now. She had an idea.

She stripped off her panties and socks and went invisible.  She slowly crept into her mother’s bathroom like she would regularly do. She waiting patiently for her mother to come in, so she could masturbate to her in the shower just like she had done so many times before. Her heart rate quicken, as she grew nervous of getting caught.

Soon she heard her mother’s footsteps. She heard her kick her shoes off across the bedroom before walking into her large bathroom. She leaned over the counter and assessed her eyebrows before washing her hands. She looked back in the mirror and smirked at herself. She started to take off her clothes. She pulled her top over her breasts and criss-crosse her arms and yanked and yanked to pull the sticky top over her shoulders. Her breasts jiggled about to Violet’s satisfaction. She finally got it off then she worked on her pants. She struggled but got them over her ass and to her thighs, but the bunched material was clingy, as she wiggled them off her legs. Her sweaty ass was bouncing with each hop she took to free herself from the leggings. Her red, g-strong thong looked soaked with sweat, and it too resisted coming off her hips and ass, but as she kicked them to the floor, she sighed with relief.

Violet looked at her mother’s panties on the floor, and she also had some clear discharge where her mother’s pussy had been. Violet wanted to smell it, but she was afraid to move or make a sound. She could only imagine what her mother’s sweet nectar tasted like. Her mature, musky aroma filled the room, and the scent was intoxicating to Violet. From the floor, she really had a perfect view of her mother’s amazing ass. She could almost make out her mother’s pussy, but it was buried in her curvaceous figure. As if reading her mind, Helen bent over to pic up her clothes off the floor. Typically she just elongated her arms, so she didn’t have to bend over, but sometimes she forgot and would act normal. Lucky for Violet, her mother bend over right in front of her. Her legs were spread, and as she bent over to gather the scattered clothes, her ass parted enough that Violet could see her mother’s pussy.

It was a beautiful pussy, similar to Violet’s. Go figure. It was relatively hairless and bald on her plump, outer labia, and there was just a hint of visible pinkish red of her inner folds that could be seen went she was bent over. Violet could see her thick, mature clit protruding from her hood, and the trimmed triangle of pubic hair above it. What got her fixated was the dew of clear and white nectar at the base of her pussy. Violet could practically taste it.

Helen stood up and dumped her clothes in a laundry bin next to the door and to Violet’s horror, she shut the door. Violet panicked for a moment. Her mother never shut the door like ever. She always said it built up too much steam on the ceiling, which wasn’t good. What was worse, she hadn’t turned on the fan. Violet was panicking. She didn’t now if the steam from the room was going to give away her position. She made herself into a small ball. Helen walked over to the shower and turned on the hot water, waiting for it to warm. Steam began to build in the room, as the water got warm. Helen reached out to sample the temperature before slowly stepping into the shower. “Mmmmm,” she said aloud. “This feels good,” as if she was in some Herbal Essences commercial.

Violet relaxed herself now that her mother was in the shower. She slowly spread her legs and moved her fingers to her young, wet twat. She began to play with herself and her nipples, as she watched her mother shower. She could see her applying soap to her loofa and then lather her skin with soap sudds. The soapy water was running down the curves of her silhouette, which was an eyeful for Violet, as she slid her fingers in her hot pussy. Violet closed her eyes and imagined her fingers were her mother’s caressing her vagina.

Violet was jolted from her daydream abruptly when she heard a click of the shower opening, and to her horror,  looked up to see her mother staring right at her. “Didn’t I tell you to go shower young lady?” Violet just froze. She was convinced that if she didn’t move, her mother would convince herself that she was mistaken. “Violet! I can tell you are there. Stop spying. Just come in the shower if you want to look at your old mother.”

Violet was in shock. Her heart was racing. She slowly pulled her fingers from her twat and collected herself before becoming visible. “I… I… I was ju…”

Helen interrupted her. “Oh shut up Vi and get in here. We have to get ready.” Violet slowly stood up and walked over to the shower door. Her mother opened it wide, and she walked in. “Here. Get under the water. You stink. We need to clean you up,” Helen said. She used the loofa to lather Violet’s body, cleaning the sweat from her skin. She used her free hand to rub the slipper sudds into her daughters crevices. “Just like when you were a girl,” she said, as she cleaned her arm pits then her ass crack, making sure to linger for a moment on the young girl’s clenched sphincter then she passed her hand between her daughter’s legs and over her sensitive and tender vulva. “Mmmm, all hot and wet.” Violet blushed beat red. “Looks like you have been masturbating to me in the shower again.”

Violet turned ghost white. ‘How long had she known,’ she thought. ‘What didn’t she know?’ Violet’s mind was racing so fast, she couldn’t think. “I… I…”

“It’s ok sweetie,” she said, as she affectionately looked into her eyes. “Just shut up,” and she leaned into her daughters face and planted her mouth on her daughter’s tender lips.

Violet was trembled, but as her mother kissed her, she warmed to the moment. She slowly started to return her kisses, and the two locked lips. In their embrace, their bodies slid over each other, slippery from the water and sudds. Helen’s breasts where pressed to Violet’s chest, as Helen slid her tongue in her daughter’s mouth. Violet was in heaven, as she wrapped herself around her mother.

Helen released her lips from Violet and guided her down to her breasts. Like an infant to a nipple, Violet found her target and began to suck on her mother’s tit. “Mmmm, that feels so good Vi,” Helen moaned, as Violet eagerly sucked the milk from her tit. “You can suck a lot harder than before. I can take it.”

Violet’s eyes opened wide at the realization that her mother was awake when she was sucking on her breasts at the beach. ‘Did she know everything?’ Violet acquiesced to her mother’s request, and sucked harder on her thick nipples.

“Oh fuck yeah, that feels amazing! You teens never get tired of sex do you,” Helen moaned. The oxytocin and prolactin coursed through her veins, heightening her senses and linked her nipples to her clitoris. Helen smashed Violets face into her gelatinous gourd. If Violet continued, she would have ultimately orgasmed, but she wanted more. “You got to go lower hunny,” she said, as she guided her daughter down. “Let me show you.” She positioned Violet’s head between her legs, and Violet didn’t hesitate. She leaned in and began to lap at her mother’s nectar. “Oh shit that feels amazing sweetie. Don’t stop!”

Violet couldn’t believe it. It was like a dream had come true. Her tongue was sliding around her mother’s pussy! She lapped at her juices and sucked on her swollen clit, causing Helen to moan louder. “Mmmm, I love sucking the hole I came from,” she said, as she looked up with joy at her mother’s lustful face.

“Oh yes, I can tell! Less talking, more licking sweetheart,” she said, as she pulled Violet’s head back into her pussy. Helen didn’t know what was hotter: having her daughter lick her pussy or getting her pussy licked, but such silly thoughts didn’t matter. She was in heaven. Violet was eagerly slurping up her pussy juices and then she slid her tongue deep into her hot hole. “Mmm yeah, French mommy’s cunt!”

Violet had her little arms wrapped around Helen’s thighs, so she could leach herself onto her pussy. Her hands moved to her mother’s ass, and her tongue would sometimes circle to her taint and sphincter. She wanted what her daughter wanted. “Enough with the front. Do the back sweetie.” Violet released her thighs and stood up. Helen turned around. Violet cupped her mother’s soapy breasts and kneaded them in her small hands, passing her digits over her long nipples. Violet dropped down and was happily positioned with her mother’s fat ass right in her face. She didn’t hesitate and pressed herself into her cheeks, which almost made Helen jolt from the sudden sensation. Violet’s face slid between her mother’s cheeks, which parted around the angle of Violet’s nose and chin. Helen leaned forward to provide her daughter with better access, and Violet found her mark. Her lips smacked into her mother’s waiting sphincter, and instantly, Violet flooded the sensitive muscle with her wet mouth and slippy tongue, which darted about over the rippling folds. “Ohhh right there! Keep licking! Don’t stop!”

Violet slid her tongue out as far as she could and tongue fucked her mother’s hole. Her mom started moaning even louder. Needless to say, Violet’s pussy was soaking wet and felt like if it got any hotter that it would catch on fire. ‘Dam, hearing my mom moaning is driving me crazy!’ It only egged her on more, but her pussy was also dying for some attention. She could feel the aching building in her clit and hips, but that didn’t stop her. She licked her mother’s pussy and asshole from behind, burying her face between her mother’s heavenly ass.

“I’m going to cum,” Helen moaned. “Keep going! Keep going!” Violet spread her mother’s ass wide and pressed her nose into her mother’s vagina, while she tongued her clit. “Mmmmm, yeaaaaahhh,” she moaned, as her body convulsed and shook from the waves of her orgasm washing over her body. Violet pulled her head from her mother’s ass and looked up at her with adoration, affection and happiness for her job well done. “Oh shit. I haven’t cum that hard in a long time.” Violet has a smearing of her mother’s come all over her mouth. “Come here baby,” she said and pulled Violet up to her mouth.

The two ladies locked in an embrace. Helen pulled Violet into her body and squeezed her ass, as she pulled young girl onto her thigh. She could feel the heat from her daughter’s pussy on her thigh. She reached down and cupped her vulva before gently sliding two fingers into her hot vagina. Violet began to moan, as Helen stroked her g-spot. She broke free from the kiss. “I have something to show you.” She leaned back against the wall of the shower, spread her legs and rotated her hips. She parted her lips and to Violet’s surprise, she watched as her mother’s clit slowly began to grow. “Let me show you a fun little trick I’ve learned to do with my elastic ability.” At first it was just a rod, but eventually the rod began to sprout a head. Helen closed her eyes to concentrate, and her clit elongated into the shape of a large cock. “I’ve been meaning to try it on someone. You can be the first.”

“But it is so big mom! Why did you make it so big? You sure that it will fit? I’ve never had one before!” Violet eyes were wide with surprise and nervousness, but she was also excited. Her pussy was aching, and she was dying for something to give her some release, so her anticipation was building.

Helen’s clit felt like it was going to burst. Stretching it like she did created a large phallic cock, but the entire thing was exploding with sensitivity just like every inch of her clit normally was. She could hardly bare the overwhelming stimulation of the shower water striking it. “Shut up Vi! I’m concentrating! Bend over sweetie.

Violet bent over, as she was told. Helen spread her daughter’s ass and lapped at her bald, young pussy, slurping up the teen’s sweet juices. Violet began to moan, as her mother skillfully flicked her sensitive clit. Violet could hardly stand it much longer. Her desire had built up her body to such a fever that she was going to cum easily if her mother continued.

Helen was lustfully eating out her daughter, but she was also wincing from the sensations of her enlarged clit. She needed to bury her phallic clit in her daughter’s pussy. She stood up and spread Violet’s ass and guided her cock to her daughter’s virgin cunt. “Brace yourself my dear,” Helen said, as she pressed the head of her clit into Violet’s vulva. The tip easily parted her wet lips and found her hot hole. She lined herself up and slowly slid her cock deep into Violet’s tight pussy.

“Ohhh shitttt!” Violet moaned and winced at the same time. It felt amazing, but it was so huge. Helen gripped her daughter’s hips and slowly stroked her clit back and forth in Violet’s pussy. Violet’s warm, silky, sugar walls wrapped Helen’s clit in a blanket of blissful sensations, much better than what was overwhelming her before. Violet was slowly relaxing against the size of her mother’s cock, and she began to match her thrusts by pressing her hips back. Violet soon was getting pounded from behind, and it was amazing. She could feel her mother’s cli swelling more and more, but it only hit her g-spot that much better. “More! More,” she moaned, as Helen quickened her pace. Violet was on the verge of cumming and so was Helen. “I’m cumming mom! Don’t stop!” Violet’s teen twat began to spasm on Helen’s clit, gripping the shaft, as her vagina contracted in an orgasm. Violet uncontrollable contorted her back in the largest orgasm of her young life.

Violet’s legs were trembling. She almost couldn’t stand. She stepped forward to brace herself on the shower wall, which caused Helen’s phallic clit to drop from Violet’s pussy. Helen had cum herself, and her thick, white, lubricating cum oozed from the tip of her cock, as it slowly shrank back to its normal size. Violet turned her head to look over her shoulder back at her mother, grinning with childly delight. Helen was backed against the shower wall, catching her own breath. “Holy shit Vi,” Helen said, as her large breasts rhythmically expanded with each breath. “I guess that has been building up for a while.” They both laughed.

They both knew their relationship was forever changed…for the better.