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This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.


      It was a raining, sour day. The vultures had descended and fled to a nice restaurant to go over their spoils. My grandparents deserved better. Much better. The funeral was short and sweet as my grandfather wanted, the only odd thing about it was that they actually had a coffin to fit them both in, side by side into the afterlife. Lightning struck a far off tree as the Reverend said the final words at the grave side and the wind and light drizzle chased us back to our cars. As I was getting in, my grandfathers personal lawyer had tapped his bony knuckles on my window. "Mr. Guyrenski, Please come to my office after the dinner. We have some business to conclude." The man spoke as if he did not tell me this, that he would suddenly fall apart.

    Ten minutes later found me seated in a really expensive restaurants private section. My family had not even eaten yet, but were picking their teeth, while appetizers were served by the cart load. No one here was majorly wealthy, so social graces were long forgotten. No one bothered to even note my existence, except to jab and send barbs my way about what they all got from their parents. My parents were already buried, a home invasion seen to that. Not a single person here attended their funeral. They helped with the funeral costs, but not a single person attended. Nothing to gain, not worth the effort.

    Food was ordered, the topic of the conversations flowed into one major sore point. Who got the hidden fortune. In his waning years my grandfather never lost his shrewd and strict people sense. He knew his family was greedier than the devils brother himself, he also knew they would stab and screw over the person he left it too also. So after dividing it up to his charities and family, he had hidden it very well. And this is what made a group of people chewing down expensive plates of food into rabid jackals. "I wonder how poor little Johnathon is going to pay for this lavish meal, since he only does temp work and goes to college. It is sad really, for his own grandfather not to leave him a single dime." My Aunt said, stabbing the bitchiness right through my chest. It was true, I was told to come eat, but no one said anything about how my meal was being paid for.

    The kindly owner of the restaurant who had came to see if we were okay, heard this and spoke up, "I was your father's friend. He used to let me into the theater with a date for free back in our haydays. And I would comp him a nice dinner as a repayment with his dates. Johnathon's meal is my last favor to the only man I could call a brother." he spoke as the tears in his eyes welled up and he left. "Oh that dump. Did anyone get it? It's not even worth the time to tear it down." The same aunt spoke up as her wine glass was refilled. This talk went back and forth for another hour. However I had eaten my fill, had dessert and left quietly. My cell phone was blowing up from the family, asking where I went. I replied that i left due to not feeling well. No one replied anymore. The story afterwards was everyone laughed at me and my poor luck for another couple of hours before returning to the Inn.

     The dim light of late afternoon mixed with the oncoming storm was not comforting as my car pulled up to the curb. The lawyers office was in a modern building but with a classic facade. I let myself in as the secretary was finishing up boxing up files and things in the office. Moving men were loading the boxes on carts and taking them to the storage truck. "Funerals really show a persons real character." the wiry little lawyer spoke to me as he crept up behind me holding a steaming cup of what looked like tea. "Your grandparents were the gems in the crown of this town. Their deaths hit everyone hard." he spoke as he ushered me into his office and taken his seat behind the desk. Boxes filled the room as the old man had removed a key from around his neck. "You think that all the meat from the bones of the inheritance is gone to those greedy people?" he said, licking his lips. "No. They left you the best of the whole thing." he continued as he unlocked a floor safe.

    Inside the safe was an ornate wooden box, to which the key belonged. "A few years back, when you entered college, your grandfather had an inkling suspicion that he did not have many years left. So knowing how bad your family really is, he also knew out of all of them, you were the best." Opening the box, the lawyer started handing me things, like real jewelry, a bunch of legal papers, and a locket. "That stuff was their greatest treasure. Those papers name you the sole owner of the Sundale Theater!" he said with glee. "There are also some side accounts they had set up to help you run that building." He spoke with a grin. "The whole building?" I asked. Memories of the place said that it was quite the building. A candy shop, bakery, the theater, a small bodega like store and a barber shop. "There was apartments your grandparents rented, and kept up to date. Not even an ant or roach in any of the buildings!" he spoke as if trying to sell me the place. "So wait, after all this time, this place is still running?" I asked cautiously. "No my boy, the theater is closed down. The candy shop grew to include an ice cream shop and coffee house. But other than that everything else is the same." he finished as he handed me the key and box. Standing, I took the items, and the cue to leave. "So your moving to a better office?" I asked as we were walking out to my car. "No, I am retiring, your grandparents were my final client. and the younger partners bought me out. I am heading south to spend my days on a beach somewhere." he said happily. I promptly left after my goodbyes.

     The drive to the theater was not a long one and certainly not a depressing one. The town had maintained these buildings and area well. There were no homeless laying about, no broken windows, or graffiti. It felt like it was not modern anymore, but a slice out of the golden era, where apple pie, and values seeped from every stone. It was nicer than the city I lived in, or will soon be homeless in. I had hoped to find a relative that would help me with a place to stay and a job until I got back on my feet. But nope, no one cared. The car silently pulled into the parking spot in front of the theater. It was a little run down, but not entirely ruined. It needed some work, but nothing a weekend could not fix. Removing the set of keys from the box, I opened the manager side door located out of the way of the main doors. The small hallway wasnt as dusty or musty as I was prepared for. It did need a good cleaning, but again, it wasn't horrible.

   The managers office was comfortable. Posters of famous movies hung about the well lit room. Flipping the breaker for the room, I was happy that the power still worked. The office lit up as an old radio spooked me, as it flared to life. The oldie station with its big band hour made me feel like I was back in the day when this place was jumping. Sitting in the chair at the desk, I was tired. I leaned back and put my feet on the desk. Soon I was out like a light. A loud knock on the office door startled me out of my nap and I fell back into the empty shelf. Although I say its empty, a large, old leather bound book fell to put me back in la la land, by way of smacking me in my forehead....

(To Be Continued. Feedback is always loved.)
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-Chapter One-  Like a Lovely Breeze

   I was floating in the darkness. It was peaceful, except for the throbbing headache I was feeling. Suddenly I was yanked back to reality by some violent shaking. I opened my eyes to look into the most beautiful set of sapphire blue eyes I could ever imagine existed. The room was filled with people as a young girl was weeping and shaking me. "Waaah! Are you alive mister?" she was bawling as the others in the room pulled her off of me. In total there was five people in the room, two adults and three not adult girls. One of the adults in the room was in uniform, and she looked like she could cut me down with her eyes.

   "Amelia, leave the man alone." the lady officer spoke up. "Sir, what exactly are you doing in here?" she asked me as I was righting myself into a sitting position. "Well I now own this building. My grandparents---" I was saying when she cut me off. "I see, can I see the deed please?" She asked as I handed all the papers to her. After verifying my identity, she handed me the stack of papers back. "I think you should be more careful. This place has history. Do you need medical attention?" She spoke with a softer tone. "No, a fist full of aspirin will fix me up." I said groggily. "I think I want to keep this place." I was thinking out loud, and smiles lit the faces of everyone, even the lady with the Officer.

    After meeting everyone and talking to them, I learned that Miss Officer was actually Miranda Deveneux, 25, unmarried, single and one of ten police officers in the town. The second woman became Andrea Nemurin Owner and head pastry chef of the bakery and happily married. The girls became Amelia goodwin, 14, emotionally distraught from finding a near corpse and one of the towns three do good, good girls. Debra Deveneux 13 3/4, second do gooder and local young athletic legend, little sister of the officer in the room. And lastly Gretchen Nemurin, 14, the third and final member of the good girl squad. She was an artist and daughter of the affectionate baker. After a few minutes and a delivery of hot chocolate and coffee, we all sat in the pub of the theater talking about ourselves and plans, when the streetlamps flared to life, filling the lobby and adjoined pub with that eerie orange light.

   "I think its time we all went home, the storm is getting worse and there will be plenty of time to talk again." Miranda spoke up in her on duty tone. The other ladies walked through the lobby and to an odd glass door that was covered with brown paper. The door opened with a creak, and the four ladies disappeared into the next building. My grandparents had connected the whole property together with doors going to the apartments and businesses. "Neat" I said out loud. Officer Deveneux let herself out after a pleasant farewell. I called the Inn to see if I could rent the room again, and was told that there was no more room. I did kind of check out hastily, thinking I would not be here long. Now I am stuck here for a good bit. Luckily, my university was actually closer to here than the city I lived in, so the commute would not be horrible.

  Finding no where else to rent a room, I decided to bed down in the office. I ran out in the storm and brought in my blanket and pillow. I kind of cant sleep without them. I tuned the radio to something more to my tastes and fell asleep. It was not long before I woke up to the sounds of giggles and shoes on marble. I thought it was odd, after checking the doors, the only one unlocked was the one to the west side of the building to the candy shop and other apartments. The same door the four women left through. I followed the sounds of the giggles to the third theaters storage room, where I seen the moving of flashlights. Being completely dark in here, I could peek through the door and what I seen was far from what I expected from burglars. I seen three girls completely naked but their sneakers undressing a fourth girl who appeared to be slightly younger.

   I am not into little girls, but this was hot enough to warrant my attention. The younger girl was nervous standing in front of the other girls trying to hide her body from them. "Look Cassie, to join us you have to take the oath naked. " A voice spoke, which I recognized as Debra spoke out. "We all did it, with the girls who were in the club before us." the other two spoke up. "What do I have to do?" Cassie spoke timidly. "Close your eyes and lie down." Amelia said, helping guide the girl to the carpeted floor. Once the girl was on the floor, the others fell upon her like lionesses on a fresh kill. The girl was being devoured sexually and at first she was scared, but when the feelings began to take over, she was squirming on the floor, having her tits sucked, and her cute slit licked. A loud noise deep from the theater caused all four girls to perk up and stop. Looking at the doorway the flashlights nearly caught me, but I was too hidden for them to catch me. But that left another problem. They could catch me if they left the room. I looked around quickly, and found the small hallway that lead around the theaters that let staff move around without disturbing the movies.

      The girls predictably left the room, naked to find the source of the noise. Fortunately I was already back in the office, feigning sleep. I heard the door open, and the tip toes of four girls entering the room. I slept in just my boxers, since well I owned the building. I liked the coolness of the night air inside so it was just boxers. But these were not my best pair. The flaps did not hide my stiffening cock from these girls sight. Soon I had four naked girls poking and prodding it while giving me the best view of four plump and juicy pussies. It was like a small pussy buffet that I wanted to eat. They could not see my face as they were absorbed into their exploration of my penis.

   I couldn't take much more, as I was at my limit, with their moist pussies and constant holding and stoking of my cock, was pushing me to the edge. It grew in their hands and they all quietly remarked about how it got harder. A few moments later they were treated to a large hot blast of cum on Amelia's body. Ropes of it painted her from her chest right down to her very moist pussy. They all tried to stifle a shriek, but couldn't very well, so I pretended to stir at the noise, which sent them scattering back into the inky black darkness from which they came.

Morning found the town overcast, and me cleaning up the mess the girls made. It was a Saturday, and I began making calls to people on the list the lawyer said I needed to make. Soon I had the water turned on to the theater. I had the power on full, and began to inspect the building. I learned that there were an east and west door, the east door lead to the bodega and barber shop. The apartments on this side were mostly vacant, except for a very kindly, but quiet lady. I also made sure to let everyone know that I was the new landlord, and to assure everyone that nothing was changing except the theater was going to reopen. I figured out that the managers office for the theater was also the managers office for the entire property. Once I had made my rounds, I returned to that small storage room to find it smelled like pussy. I traced the route they would take to quickly get in and out and found that there were no windows or cameras that would catch them in the act so they practically had free reign over this theater. That would have to change. Little did I know that the changes I would make would be the start of a wild ride....

(To be continued....If you liked this or hated this let me know.)
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A very interesting beginning. Can't wait to see how this develops. Thanks for posting.

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Awesome so far. More please.

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-Chapter Two- And Thus She Whimpered.

    It has been two weeks since I inherited the theater. I had decided to make a classic movie night to add to the coffers a bit. Not that I was low on money, but having a steady income versus just a large pile of cash was much better in the long run. The first major upgrade to the theater was security. After I really studied the layout I came to notice though the girls only had free reign over the theater at night because most of the inner doors were unlocked. However the hallway between the east and west doors was a nice lobby like place. I learned that the hallway was made for the residents of the block and buildings to move to the other places during bad weather or evening. Not that much crime happened, still it was a pretty nice and safe place to walk. Of course there was a secondary set of ticket counters inside, so no one gets a free show, and the snack booths just behind.

   The security company putting in the nearly hidden cameras had almost tripped over the kitchen equipment guys. I had splurged on making the theater pub a bit better for guests. Nicer seats, and I even applied for a liquor license for the pub. Clean up was a bit rougher than I thought it would be. The crews had spend five days just removing the dust and spider webs from the place. I had to fork over ten thousand dollars to update the seats in the theater. That was a hard blow, but now no one will get tetanus from the old metal seats. The carpets were replaced and now after the marquee guys had fixed up the old one out front with LED's and screens this place looked more modern, but with the nice feel of an old home town theater.

    But the biggest problem I was facing was not my family, who would call me after every major change I made, wanting to come see the place. But the girls still sneaking in. I had bought a cot from the local outdoors shop and set up home in the managers office. Looking over the building plans, there was a large space above the projector rooms. It looked to be an old storage room. But it was curiously cleaner than anywhere else. It had the feel of a studio apartment, with all of the connections for sinks, and stoves and what not. Using the classic movie night as a test, I concluded that I could not hear the movie below from up there, and after a few more dollars, that became my home.

   But then I hated to admit it out loud. I was having too much fun with the four girls. I left the hall door to my office unlocked, and every night after ten p.m. I would turn off all the lights. The cameras recorded everything for me. The pleasant of recordings was of them closing the hall door, that now was only half glass on each door, and ducking down to strip, in case any late night wanderers decided to walk through. Naked, all four girls would check out all that was improved, making sure to stay away from the lobby as anyone outside could see inside a bit with the streetlights shining inside. Though they sometimes got brave and would sit around a pub table just barely seen from outside and sip the juice or soda I would leave for them, though they thought they were stealing. It was fun to watch them squirm, duck and hide when someone came. Of course no night of catlike wandering for them would be complete without a visit to my office for an hour of their favorite game "Mess with the new owners penis." I have to admit that, that was becoming my favorite game too.

    This night however found Amelia alone in my office. She had tears in her eyes, that I could see in the very low light of the night lights I had placed strategically to see the action better while pretending to be asleep. Amelia sat on the floor and dropped her pile of clothes and stifled her sobs. Of course I could hear them, and it broke my heart. During the day, the girl and her friends helped when they were not in school. I actually valued their help, as some of their ideas did bring in kids their age to the movie nights I held, until I could get the new movies and projectors I wanted. I did notice the large difference in the number of girls her age and younger versus the boys her age and younger. Girls out numbered the boys five to one in this town. I wanted to stroke her head but she just laid her head on the cot and halfheartedly began to play with my cock.

    "I wish..." she softly spoke to my cock. "I wish we were pretty." she said as she sighed as my cock grew in her hands. "Me and the other good girls try really hard to be good, but then you get girls like Melissa Eihrite and her squad of rich girls who make us look bad because we live here." she softly spoke to my dick as a drop of precum seemed to answer her. She had begun tasting it a few days ago, and now started to scoop it with her finger to eat. Not that she had the idea to lick it directly or suck on it. I would never tell her to do something like that, because right now, its just her molesting me while I sleep.

   "I wish I had boobs too." She pondered as she stroked my cock, coaxing out more of what I think she thinks is delicious precum. However, my computer beeped to life as a porn video I had downloaded began to play quietly. The screen was turned so I can see it from my cot. I usually watched movies or porn, as the satellite guys were not due for another three days. Once hooked up, I planned on a nice T.V. in here. But I seen the video play. It started with a woman being made to strip, then dance. Soon after an older man had stepped into the room, as the woman sobbed on the floor. He picked her up and put her on the coffee table. He spoke some words to her and she nodded. He then moved behind her, and in one fell swoop thrust his cock deep into her, and began to roughly fuck her for about four minutes. After he came inside her, the camera showed the creampie, and then moved to him forcing his cock in her mouth, after resisting for a minute, she finally gave in and sucked the man off to another orgasm. Once his pants were put on, he put a collar around her neck and led her "home" by a leash.

   The whole movie was of the complete submission of this woman to the older man who "saved" her. She did everything he told her, and sometimes messed up, was punished and rewarded. At the end of the movie they ended their date night fucking in a private booth in a restaurant where anyone who looked up could see. Amelia's eyes were wide, and her hand was furiously rubbing her poor kitty. It seemed she forgot her woes as she stroked my dick to a big blast over her chest as she watched the movie. I snorted and snored again, but as always she was gone like the wind, leaving only a small puddle of my cum and a large puddle of hers. I woke up, and slipped in her goo and fell on my ass. I had to do something about this. But if this is comforting her in some way, who the hell do I think I am to stop her. I am not actively doing this to her, and my cameras see her and her friends clearly sneaking in. So tomorrow being a fresh Saturday, and a week before summer break, I hatched a naughty idea...

(To be continued, all feedback is loved.) 

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-Chapter Three- Sweat, Swimsuits and Creeps.

    Saturday. A day to remember, and a day to rest. I was close to officially opening so I thought I could have a day off to take care of personal things. But on my desk was the flier that I volunteered to sponsor the Last Day of School middle/high school dance. In this town, every year the students earned their dances through fundraising or hard work. This taught them the value of work. So as my parents and grandparents before me has done, I pledged to match their profits dollar for dollar. So I decided to drive down to the park where this huge gathering of fundraising was happening. Cars were being washed, baked goods sold and various arts and crafts were sold. The more endowed girls from both schools were using what god gave them to wash cars, while the others were using their other talents to fill the bank that Officer Deveneux was guarding. She was off duty, but I had the feeling that no one would try to take it from her at any point even if she was not a cop.

    I noticed the car wash girls working in shifts with the high school girls doing every other car, after their juniors. I noticed the do good squad trying to help, but being shooed back to the bakery table by the older girls. It broke my heart. Sure they had stuff worth talking about filling two piece tops, but there was also a sweet charm about a developing chest too. But I waited my turn in line to get my car washed. A freckle faced girl with long strawberry blond hair came up to me with a sealed bucket with a hole in it.

   "Donation please!" she said trying to use her charms on me. It was cute how these girls were trying to use skills they have no clue about.

   "Can I request that group by the baked goods table wash my car? They seem to be doing nothing, while you all are working hard." I spoke earnestly, hoping to deflect any notion of weirdness. It must have worked when she sighed a sigh of relief.

   "Thank you, we need a break. The middle school girls are running circles around us but are running low on energy." She spoke gratefully as I put a couple of twenties in the bucket. She appeared not to notice but she bowed deep enough for me to get a good look into her cleavage.

   "Hey Smallies, come wash this man's car. Hurry up we are backed up." She yelled at Amelia and her friends. They perked up and ran to my car when I pulled into the spot i was directed too.

    "Hey! Its Mr. Guyrenski!" Amelia said as she pranced to the buckets and hoses. All four girls were blushing and a little skittish as they washed my car in their modest swimsuits. However they were very pretty to me. Soon Ms. Freckles returned.

   "Would you like it dried or waxed?" She asked as she still held the bucket. I pulled out another twenty.

   "No, just dried. Its not worth waxing." I said as I moved the car out of the way so I can get out and go walk around a bit. The girls had towels bending over my car to dry it, as a tent was forming in my shorts. I seen the nice asses of the girls who molested me every night as they dried my car off. Once done they ran up to me en masse.

   "So Mr. Guyrenski, we are not busy anymore, mind if we show you around?" Cassie was the brave one to speak to me. The others were lost in their thoughts and blushes.

   "Please, call me Johnathon, or just John. I wouldn't mind walking with you four, but wouldn't your parents or teachers get mad?" I asked hoping to make it look like i was diffusing the situation so to hide that I really wanted to walk with my molesters.

  "Mom is manning the baking booth, Dad is at the firehouse." Gretchen spoke distantly. Her not so subtle glances at my crotch spoke volumes.

  "My Sister is guarding the till!" Debra said, "Also she told me that if I see you, I needed to bring you to her." She said matter of fact like. She was also proud of her thinly veiled attempts to touch my junk by her "innocent" bumps into me with her hips, ass and hand.

  "Mom is at the salon. She doesn't mind me doing stuff as long as I stay safe." she spoke up a little jealous of her friends bumping. But her blush was the deepest of them all.

   Soon the four of us were walking through the impromptu festival, I was buying sweets and snack foods. I also bought a lot of art to hang in the lobby of the theater. This pleased the young artists to no ends. I made them make name cards for their work to display and they were quite pleased. Soon I needed a break, so there was a lady selling various drinks. I bought a cold sweet tea. Sitting down with my escorts I could see their suits bunching at the crotch enough to get nice glimpses of their young pussies. They did not seem to notice or mind the show they were giving me, as they chatted away in the shade of the tree we were under. Soon I heard my name on the wind. The Mayor and principles of both schools were on their way on the park path to me. I had just closed my eyes when the Mayor announced herself.

   "Mr. Guyrenski, it is an honor to meet you. When your grandparents passed, it was a major blow to the town. We thought we had lost one of the town's treasures." She spoke  openly to me. The principles just nodded.

   "It was sad. But I did decide to keep the theater open, well when I open the doors that is. I am close to reopening it, just need to finalize some things and soon we will have a theater again." I said smiling to her. I had a feeling I know where this is going.

   "We were surprised that you would continue your grandfathers legacy here in town. A young man like you must want for bigger fields." A principle spoke up. I was slightly annoyed by the layer of flattery being applied.

    "I loved the theater even as a kid. I thought it would be a shame for that to vanish." I replied hiding my annoyance. But I must have misunderstood what the principle was saying, as she squished her face a little.

  "No, no, I mean just handing these kids money. Even the wealthy in town wouldn't dream of doing as you are doing." She said clarifying the mistake.

  "My grandfather was very rich. He fought in wars, worked his hands to the bone and finally retired to do what he wanted. He loved kids, and I remember him practically funding all the boy scout events through his donations. That kindness was the biggest and favorite part of him that I admired." I explained. Clearly my words moved them. But still this was heading into troubled waters quickly.

  "I made a deal with the kids when they came the other day. I said I would match their earnings dollar for dollar. That means they actually have to work to get anything. My kindness is the kind that will help them in the future." I said as I sipped my tea.

   "Come to the stage, Mr. Guyrenski, speak a few words to the crowd." The mayor said, almost in an official order tone. I clearly had no choice.

   "Good luck, John!" the girls cheered me on as I left them to their own devices.

   The dance group on stage had finished as people were putting money into the collection box. After they left the stage, the Mayor had taken the mic and to the cheer of the crowd had launched into a small speech, before announcing me to the stage.

   "Today, we have with us Piortr's grandson, who is working hard to reopen the theater, Johnathon Guyrenski!" she said working the crowd into a frenzy of applause and cheers. I fought back the urge to vanish and approached the mic.

   "Hi, I'm Johnathon, and I recently inherited the theater. I want to make it popular again, like it was in its prime. I hope to see you all at the grand opening!" I said trying to hide my nervousness. I had to choose my next words carefully, or everyone would not accept me easily.

   "Today, I wanted to say, that I pledge to match these kids dollar for dollar on their earnings so that their hard work will earn them a wonderful final day dance for their schools." I said as the crowd roared with cheers. People in the crowd nodded acceptance, and the others just clap. I heard something that touched my heart.

   "Like grandfather, like grandson." a person in the crowd spoke, as I left the stage. The mayor and principles gave me thumbs ups as I decided to finish browsing and return to the theater.

   I pulled into the alley parking spot, after learning that this was okay from Officer Deveneux. The dumpsters were emptied behind the buildings. I noticed three of the four do good girls entering through the lobby. I was not going to correct them as the lobby was cool thanks to the new A/C unit I had installed in the theater. The lobby was cool enough to store meat in, no lie. I spoke up from my work putting up the students art in the lobby.

   "Hey, where is the fourth musketeer?" I asked as they passed by me.

  "Dunno, she said she had to take leak, and she would meet us here when she was done." Debra said as I nodded.

   I also decided to have a small arcade put in. Call it nostalgia, but the best part of the movie was playing games to pass the time till the movie. It was not going to be overboard, just a few games, maybe a pool table, which would be connected to the pub.

   "I did see her at the portable potties. But that was half an hour ago." I said, as a bad feeling was building in my stomach. The portapotties were in the large alley behind the theater and town historical museum. But that area was secluded most of the time, as residents in the apartments never walked further into the alley than the dumpsters. So I excused myself and unlocked the big doors that opened into the alley.

   I ran down the alley, to the portable potties. The event was being cleaned up, and most everyone who was there was going home. I looked around, checked the portapotties, and frantically searched the area. A sound that enraged me to no end just barely reached my ears. I followed it to the covered alley where I seen the worst sight i could imagine.

  "No...please don't...." The voice cried out before going silent.

  Let me step back for a second. Its like this, every town in the world has the creepy guy/girl in town. The kind of creepy that makes people grab kids when they approach. Some of them are innocent creeps that just give off that vibe while being the best people you could know. While the others earn their titles with pride. This is where we find our town's local creep celebrity. Tobias Dilleager. Pure creep. At twelve his mother and aunt found him molesting his five year old cousin. At fifteen he was sent to an all boys boarding school for peeping and stealing underwear. At twenty he was arrested for abducting and raping a bunch of kids. Once he was released, he was forty. His mom was rich enough to squash all the charges and kept him locked away in her mansion. Now she was dead and he was penniless, his father cutting him off completely. He had become homeless, and quite crazy. Now skip to now. He was hanging out on the edge of the event, and targeted Young Cassie from the start. He waited for me to leave, and then for her to leave the group. Then he pounced as she came out of the portapotty, fixing her suit.

    The suit was gone. She was naked, and squirming on the crate he had her bound to. This was his lair, he was still clothed, so she was not raped yet. But the place kind of looked cool for a homeless den. He had a chair, and bed, and a naked twelve year old tied to a crate. She couldn't scream cause of a gag over her mouth. I ran as hard as I could and punched him square in his filthy jaw. He tumbled over his chair and knocked over his small fire bucket he kept for light and cooking. The fire and sparks started small fires all over the trash. I left him there as the sound of a fire truck coming. I carried her to the theater's office, with the other girls following. She had passed out in all of the excitement. I laid her down on the cot and covered her up.

   "DEBRA! GO GET YOUR SISTER!" I yelled at her. I had removed the gag. The street outside was a frenzy of people trying to figure out what was going on. A few minutes later, Miranda shows up, and I lead her to Cassie. I almost got punched in the face until I explained what happened.

   "So Tobias tried to rape her?" Miranda spoke officially. She had her arms crossed over her tank top covered chest.

   "I thought it was odd that the girls did not return here as their normal group. They said she went to use the portapotty, but when I left the event, she was just entering, and when the girls came back here twenty minutes had passed with no Cassie. I had a bad feeling and went to check things out at the portapotties, they were empty. I then heard a small cry. I then ran to where I heard it, and punched out Tobias and untied her. But then a fire started and I brought her here." I explained to her. She took notes on her little pad she had in her pocket. After a few minutes, the ambulance came and picked her up. The fire was put out, very little damage to the buildings, major damage to Tobias. He died on the way to the hospital. Not that I cared.

  "Mr. Guyrenski, we tried calling her parents, but we could not reach them. She will need clothes to go home in. However, she does need a relative to sign her out." The discharge nurse spoke to me on the phone.

  "Her parents are at work. I will see if I can find someone to pick her up." I Lied. At this point I already knew Cassie's home situation. Her parents were gone abroad. They would only come home to change out clothes and to give her money to live off of. I suspected this when I seen no cars in their designated spot. I used the master key to look for some clothes for her in the apartment. I found it very tidy. I found her room, and grabbed some underwear, and sweatpants. Then a shirt I think she would like to wear. Her parents room was untouched. The bed was still in plastic, and the dressers were empty. She was being abandoned. I did not want to cry. So I called Miranda.

   "Hey, can you help me get Cassie out of the hospital." I asked. I hoped she would not pry further.

   "Looks like I beat you to the punch, I'm going to drop her off at the lobby." She said over the phone. And as soon as I reached the lobby, Officer Miranda's cop car pulled into the parking lot.

   "She passed out again. I'll dress her, and can you carry her home?" She asked me as she finished putting the clothes I had on Cassie as six eyes who never left watched. Soon I hefted the very light girl into a princess carry. I was making my way to the west door. I was followed by the other three girls as Miranda left with a worried look on her face.

    "Be careful, she is tiny!" the girls would chide me as I carried her to the elevator. The sun was setting low, as I placed the girl on the bed.
   "Don't worry, we will watch her from her, John." They told me as the practically pushed me out of the apartment. I returned to my work as everyone around decided to stop in and check on me. I finally locked the door at eight thirty, and ordered my dinner. I put my feet up on the desk and ate my dinner. Tonight would be quite interesting....

(To Be Continue)

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Great read so far. More please.

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-Chapter Four - Of Teddy Bears and Toys

   The following week was a strange one. Sunday after the event had the girls helping me stock the concession stands and test the self serve soda fountains. After almost a gallon of soda drunk, and many trips to the "nicest" (in their words) restrooms around. I decided to play the hard workers a movie. The new projectors meant no more film reels, but digital downloads and DVD's from the studio providers. The girls all agreed to "Ever After: A Cinderella Story." It was one of those movies that would tickle a girls fancy, but bore the fuck out of me. Not that the movie was bad, but still romance in the real world works a whole lot differently than the movie worlds.

   The day ended with a small meal in the pub, and the ladies returning home. I decided to begin hiring people to man the theater. I kind of wanted the high school, or college age crowd, as they seemed eager to work and could follow directions. So Monday, I found the newspaper office and placed a help wanted ad. That night something strange happened. As I was closing up, and preparing the spot to interview job candidates at I noticed on the security camera a small figure carrying a blanket and a stuffed animal sneak her way to my office. I had security monitors in most of the places I would be, in case I needed to see whats happening elsewhere. I watched my office door open, then she popping her head outside to make sure no one was coming and the door close.

   It was getting late and I had locked the lobby up tight, and turned off the power. Stopping by my new apartment above I changed into my night clothes and brushed my teeth. I then moved to my office to watch some t.v. and go to sleep. What I seen when entering the office was a good blend of cute and sexy. Cassie was deep asleep with her shirt riding up and her pj's riding down, giving me a good view of her ass. I quietly put on the news and set up my bed on the floor as the cot was a single person cot. I fell asleep quickly. It was almost one a.m. when I felt a weight press down on my body. Lying on my back, it felt like people piled blankets on me. I opened my eyes and seen Cassie snuggling into me, cooing in her sleep. I was at a loss as to what should I do.

   Her night clothes were obviously a couple of sizes too big, probably hand me downs from her friends. That meant I could see her body easier than the clothes were trying to hide. She must have discarded the pj pants as her panty covered ass discovered my growing erection. She kept snuggling against it to get comfortably as her snuggling had freed it from its confines. I could not help but keep still as she softly spoke in her sleep.

"Mmm...nice...." she said as she drifted off to sleep. It was time as usual for the other girls to show up, and as a new twist to their game, they too curled up with me and slept. Though there was always a hand on my cock, coaxing load after load from it, night after night.

   The game had taken a sexier turn, when by Wednesday I was asked to the middle school dance by the four girls. Of course I had to turn them down. We had grown to become good friends, and I did hire them for the summer as ushers and custodians of the theater, along side the graduating Senior girls and the girls still in high school trying to save for things. It was strange, not a single boy had applied for the jobs. So I needed new clothes to match.

  You know it should be a giant red flag when four middle school girls ask an older man to their middle school dance. It was not like I was grooming them as sex toys or anything, but it should be setting off someones creep -o- meter. But their parents, minus Cassie's had given their blessings. Im no father as of telling this story. But I would be scratching my chin if my younger than legal daughter said the only boy she wants to take to the end of the year dance was a thirty something guy living in a movie theater. But after the long talk over coffee in the pub they consented with this..

   "Look, John, we understand how you feel. If it had been anyone else we would all raise a big stink." Andrea said soothingly. "My husband keeps pestering me to see if you have any free time to shoot a couple of games of pool." She finished.

  "But, John, you don't feel like you have any ulterior motives or I would not let my little sister even come near this place. Besides I ran a background check on you. Not even a parking ticket." Miranda laughed as she sipped her coffee.

  "John, Dear, its simple. Since you showed up, we thought we would have to send our girls to therapy. They are nice, but the social outcasts, as sad as it is to say. Hanging around you makes them happy. We all know that you would not do anything to hurt them. Its been a few days, and we all still haven't heard the end of John the Hero, saving poor Cassie from the rapist." Irene Goodwin, the head beautician of the salon down the way purred. She had a voice that was a sultry mix of Eartha Kitt and one of those classic night club speak easy singer.

  "Are you sure, because wouldn't it make the rumor mill churn out bad rumors about you?" I asked, concerned. "You all are very nice people, that I am proud to call my friends, but it looks just wrong." I tried to put up resistance, but I knew the deal was done.

  "Honey, we are the rumor mill. They are OUR daughters. If we want them on your arm to some kiddy dance, then you better be dressed and ready for them." Irene said, as she finished her coffee.

   "We do need to hit up Diane's shop, before the rich girls get the good dresses." Miranda said sheepishly.
   "Oh Miranda, what do you know about style?" Andrea poked at her life long friend.

   Getting up, I let the ladies out. But I was given a very stern finger in the chest.

    "Pick them up by six thirty p.m. Friday night. If you are late, there wont be enough of you left to identify." Irene warned me. "Also, we will know if anything happened. They better be the same way coming home, as they were as they left. Their curfew is ten on the dot. The dance lets out at nine forty-five, we want them home at nine fifty five. Ten is the latest, and only if it takes that long to leave." Miranda added.

  "Okay.." I added.

   I am not a super handsome man. I kept up with keeping my body in good shape, even in college. I was average at best and plain at worst. I played sports. From what I can remember from my youth I was popular before my illness. I had an infection that developed inside the sac around my heart. It left me in the hospital for two years. However it spread to around my lungs, which caused fluid to crush both. That mean I could not breathe well. And as result I lost some memories due to my brain not getting all the air it needed. So memories of this town were faint at best. However after spending time with the girls mothers, something in the back of my mind kept bugging me, like I should know these women really well. I shook off the memories as they left. But one stuck out. It was a group of girls, whose faces were hidden, yelling "We love you!" at me, as an ambulance closed its doors on me.

   I snapped back to the reality of the situation as I walked down the street to the men's clothing shop. Walking in, an overly effeminate man came up to me.

   "If it isn't Jackbox Johnny, as I live and breathe." The man spoke to me, clapping my shoulders. Memories of him were clearer than most from my youth.

   "Stanley? Is that you?" I asked hoping to be right. Stanley and I were the towns major talking point. Our pranks, though harmless and funny, was the stuff of local legend.

   "Its Stan now, Its been so long honey, you never wrote or called." He said sadly. After I left the hospital, my parents moved us to the city where dad had a big job line up, and until he died, worked it diligently.

   "Sorry, Dad kind of had a great job and we moved." I apologized as I looked around.

   "We all knew what happened. Its not your fault. But its great you are back. So what drags you into my dads shop?" He asked as he was adjusting his stock.

   "I got roped into escorting some people to the end of the year dance." I admitted to the only person I would trust with a big secret as this.

   "Oh I know all about it. The girls at the salon are all in a tizzy over it. You know it looks like you are a dirty old man, but I and some other said you were a rogue, but not a pervert." He said.

   "Besides, I would trust you with my daughter if I ever adopt one." he said as he started to help me look for a good outfit.

   "So what are we doing, James Bond or something more debonair?" he inquired as he held up things.

  "How about a blend of both?" I suggested which made him frown in thought.

  "I have just the perfect thing for you. Your grandfather had left it here for your prom, but he found out you didn't go." He said as he pulled it out. It was sharp, like the kind you see on main characters in movies.

  "Woah, buddy, thats sharp enough to cut!" I exclaimed. It looked good enough to get married in. But I thought it looked too good, you know? I mean I am taking four little ladies to a dance, not look like a middle school Hugh Hefner.

  "Yeah it dazzles. But those girls need this boost in confidence. I can have it ready by friday morning." he said as he put a tag on it and handed it to a woman behind the counter.

   "How much do I owe you?" I asked pulling out my wallet. It honestly looked very high end, not even like the prom rentals, but something a rich guy would own out right.

   "Not a damned thing, fool. Your grandfather saved this store before he died. This is on me." he held his hand up as he pushed my money away. He seemed genuinely insulted.

   "Im sorry, I try not to ride my grandfathers coat tails." I apologized.

    "Look, compared to the rest of your family, we would not mind you tossing his name around a bit. You grew up right." He said as he handed me a card.

    "Come get it at nine a.m., don't be late. We need time to adjust it." he spoke as he shooed me out of his store.

    I had time to kill, so I returned to the theater. The school bus dropped off a bunch of kids, who left in all directions once the bus turned the corner. The girls came stomping into the theater and tossed their backpacks on the pub table. This did not look good.

   "Those stuck up sluts. Just cause they popped early doesn't make them queens of anything." Amelia said as she plopped down and put her head on the table. The others joined her and they engaged in a small angry party of four.

   "All the boys just loooove them. While we are just trash." Cassie said as she kicked her feet in the chair.

   "Boobs are not everything." Debra spoke, not realizing she was slightly further ahead than the rest of them.

   "C'mon, its just fat and milk glands." Gretchen said as she traced her finger on the table.

   Now I know this is dangerous no mans land territory. Not because it could be perverted, but because its scientifically proven that when women gather it is no place for a man. I had no dog in this fight and all I could do is support them with some drinks and snacks. I delivered the tray of goodies and they all lit up.

   "Hi John, boys suck." They said in unison. That was my cue to escape. I tried when I was caught.
   "That they do, girls." Three mothers had materialized in the lobby. Well more likely quietly arrived. Cassie look sadder, but I had an idea.

   "Hey, do me a favor, could you take Cassie with you, I assume you are gathering your daughters for some shopping trip." I asked Andrea.

   "Yeah, we have to lady them up a bit, as this is their first dance. The dance was canceled the last two years as bad weather kept them from earning the money they needed." Andrea said in a low voice. I nodded and handed her some cash. She nodded and the ladies gathered the girls.

   Friday morning came, and with it, more overcast skies. I was in the shop getting fitted in the suit. It needed a little work, but he had it almost perfect. I would be able to pick it up later. I seen the early day bus let the girls off, and they run into the theater. Why they never use their buildings front door, still eludes me to this day. But a little while later, as I was picking out a new watch, the whole group of women were energetically running towards the salon. with dresses in tow. I shook my head as I asked the jeweler to polish up my class ring. Someone had given it to me when I graduated. I thought it was cheap, but then I had it appraised. It was real everything, the stone, the ring. Everything.

   I left the store, and looked at my watch, it was five o'clock. I had an hour and a half, so I picked up my suit. It was a mix of tuxedo and fine suit. Stan smiled, as he handed me the suit, telling me good luck and not do anything he wouldn't. I laughed out loud, and he seen me off. I had returned home at five thirty. I was in my apartment getting cleaned up. Earlier I sprang for a haircut, I needed to look nice. I shaved, slapped some deodorant and cologne on and got dressed. It was Six o'clock and all was well. Six twenty-five and all was good. I figured now would be the time to meet them at the west door.

   As I waited, I heard the ding of the elevator as seven women entered the lobby. I also had a surprise lined up for tonight. Apparently this favor again was free, which was nice, but annoying. As the door opened, I bowed deeply to the ladies. And ladies they were. From their well styled hair to their gloved hands, to their pretty slipper-ed feet. The oozed grace, style and class with an undertone of sensuality that is being groomed and honed. A true peek of their future if they go down this road. It was hard to not stare, so I took each of their hands individually and they gave a polite curtsy.

   "Ladies, this way, our chariot awaits." I said holding the door open for them. Instead of my beater car, there was a clean white stretch limo with the driver holding the door for us.
   The girls giggled excitedly, their mothers waved them off. The limo pulled away after we were all settled in. It was an exciting ride, with the girls abuzz with excitement. Tonight would be the best night of their life even if I died trying to make it so for them.

How little did I know, that, that would possibly happen....

(See you next chapter, thanks for all the feedback and keep it coming.)  
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-Chapter Five- Of Dresses, Dancing, and Danger.

   Now at this point, I could go on and on about how much effort was put into this dance, and that most of the upper class people of the town decided my little push of help was a direct challenge to their altruism. So believe me when I say that there was no expense spared for this event. You would not be wrong in saying it was over the top. It not only dominated the gym, but the entire middle school and its campus.

  Every classroom hosted a various forms of entertainment, from auctions, to little shops. It was like a night in a rich city during a festival. Cafe's and games, it was for a middle school child moving on to the upper grades, a night to remember. For us adults, it was a chance to put on a show of letting the kids think that they could be part of an adult soiree. Sparkling grape juice gave the air of adult sophistication.

   We had arrived safely, and were mingling around, talking to various friends, well they were talking, I was arm candy. The gyms music was matching more of a dance party, but the girls did not want to dance in there right now. I could see why, from the open doors. It was kind of awkward to watch. Boys and girls fidgeting trying to figure this thing called love out. However, in the courtyard, everyone was talking just fine, dancing to slower music. Here, the boys could cool their heads and realize girls are not some strange new creature. So the couples who had a grasp on their hormones were enjoying the cool night air dancing. I had the graces of dancing with four girls, who could not dance slowly. They tried, as hard as they could. I gained some raised eyes from the other girls when I would dip my dancers, and then pull them too close. I was trying to cover their mishaps with my own. I could slow dance, tango and waltz. So when my arm went around each girls waist and I looked them deep in the eyes, I could clean them up with a mop. I knew I was melting them and the girls around us with my over masculine courtship dancing, toned down as to not get too sexual.

   I was left alone as my dates were led away from me by their friends to the famous girl group bathroom break. A waiter came along with a glass of punch, and I had found a seat away from the dancing. Next to me was a nervous boy, couldn't be older than thirteen.

  "Hey, the ground wont go anywhere, so you don't need to watch it so hard." I tried to tease the boy.

   "Um...uh.." he said as he tried to process the joke.

  "Look, right now its really easy to talk to her." I said as I wanted to pull out a cigarette, but I left them at home. Did not want to get hit up all night by the bad kids.

  "No its not, Shes a goddess, and I am a failure." he let out. Boy he was deep into puberty.

   "First off, stop. Shes your type but no goddess. Shes a girl. A normal girl, who is trying to prove to the world she is a woman. Just next slow song, take her hand and ask to dance. Let her lead, and then get her a drink." I passed down some facts of life to him. He really needed the boost in confidence.
   "But, what if she says no?" He asked trying to figure out things.

  "Then find her friend and ask, and then another girl, and another girl." I said. He was not bad looking, but still had a little bit of the baby face. I would say he was sports handsome. I wanted him to know that if he did not try, he did not win.

  "Uh..." he said when the girl in question returned. I watched him get up and go over to her. She rejected him, because she did not want to dance anymore, however there was a cuter girl who tapped him on his shoulder, and when he turned around, she led him to the dance floor. Soon all I could see was the goofy grin we men get when we finally succeed in love. I wanted to both thumbs up him and puke. I left.

  My dates each returned to tell me that they were going to hang out with their friends, and I just nodded. After wandering around, eating and doing the various activities, I smelled the familiar smell of tobacco in the air. Around the corner from the science wing was a dimly lit area where some of the adults were gathering as their kids were frolicking. I patted my jacket, and a nice lady offered me a smoke from her pack. I lit it and the cool menthol filled me with a sort of peace.

   Most of the adults had left as I was finishing my cigarette. Soon I was stamping out the butt in the provided ash can. A man flanked by two others came slowly walking around the corner. I nodded when they noticed me, and I tried to leave. Before I could even get away, I was slammed against the wall and held there.

  "No need to rush, your dates are having the time of their lives without you. That could change though, depending on how our little talk goes." The man spoke as he lit his own foul smelling cigarette.

  "Hey, man, let me go. I don't even know you." I said trying to see if I could get out of this as it could be a misunderstanding. No luck.

  "This is a much better cigarette than what is in my homeland." he said in a thick eastern European accent. "I know you do not know me. It is little surprise that your grandfather would mention me to you." he said before drawing on the cigarette and blowing the smoke in my face.

  "But see I know you. I know you very well. The talk of the town, the new owner of the theater. The savior of a little girl from a rapist. The funder of this elegant party for children. I know of you. I knew your family. I loathed, and respected your grandfather." He continued.

  "You are not him, and already you made me lose any respect I could have for you."  He said as he took a drag off the cigarette. I felt the men loosen their grip.

  "But let me say this. You killed my son. Who the fuck cares if some psycho bum rapes a little girl?" He said as he looked me square in the eyes, and punched my gut as hard as he could.

  "His whore of a mother just to spite me, left all of her fortunes to him. And now that he died in a weird way, that money is tied up, and not in my hands. I had plans built on that money. While the little creep was alive, I could take money from that pool to keep him alive. Now that he is dead its almost good as gone." He laughed as he punched me again. I coughed and spit on the ground. These punches hurt like fuck.

  "Don't glare at me, its your fault. You know, its strange. You just show up, and try to save the day, like some Superman. Its disgusting. As a final favor to your grandfather, I wont kill you tonight. But you should be careful. I will royally destroy you if we meet again. It wont be me destroying his legacy, no. I will fucking kill you. Consider your days shortened. Because you fucked with the wrong family." He put out his cigarette and landed a hard blow to my solar plexus. I crumpled.

  "Have a good night Johnathon, it will be the last we see each other. Oh, how rude of me, my name is Olgeri Dilleager, remember it so you can tell god who sent you to him." He laughed as he tossed a cigarette at me.

  "Be careful John, those things can kill you." He laughed some more as the men vanished into the crowd heading to listen to the comedy show in the library. I tried to regain some composure as I fixed my outfit and returned to the dance. My dates had wrapped up with their friends and I could not shake the feeling that I was being watched, well more than normal. The night went on, and we danced some more. But an announcement told the large party that it was time to wind it down. We finished our partying and I gathered the things I bought, and having bought more of the goodies that were being sold, we left.

   The limo ride home was our bit of rest. Though having my life threatened, I still managed to have a good time. I told the driver to take the long way home, as the girls piled on me after we were seated. They had taken their slippers off and as they rubbed their feet, I noticed in the streetlights as we passed, that they had no panties on. Oh how I wanted to dive in and start eating like I was starving. But after looking around they gave me knowing looks. I could not bring myself to start molesting them right now, as we were already home before they put their legs down, as I helped them out of the limo into the lobby where someone tried to pop popcorn and the smell said they did okay.

  The girls regained their energy as they were recounting their night to their mothers as they were led through the doors. The only person who did not get picked up, was Cassie.  
But I escorted her to her apartment, where I helped her out of her dress, not before taking pictures of her for memories. Once she was out of her dress, I could see that she just had a bra on.

  "I'm going to go now. Good night Cassie. I really had fun with you tonight." I said blushing as I turned to leave.

  "John. Goodnight. Thank you for the wonderful evening." She said as she slipped an over sized shirt on and followed me to the door. She motioned at me to lean down, and when I did, she gave me the most adult kiss on the lips I ever had. She put her fingers to her lips when the kiss broke, blushed and shut the door. I heard the lock slide into place and left.

  Ditching the monkey suit, I had a pair of jeans and regular shirt on, as I made my way to the nearby bar for a night cap. After some teasing and a couple of drinks I wandered home. I made sure to lock the place down, as I did not know when or if Mr. Dilleager would strike. I wanted to go to sleep, but something was waiting for me that would not allow me to sleep......

(To Be Continued Next chapter, see you there!)

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-Chapter 6- Love, Lust and Trouble.

   I had just walked into the office. I kind of wanted to say fuck it and head up to my apartment, but honestly, it seemed like too much trouble. The computer at my desk told me that the digital film providers had uploaded new films for me to play at the theater. Most of them looked boring so I had put them into the storage drive that fed the projectors. I sat on my cot half tired and half lamenting my fate.

   Looking at my security tablet, the little alarm let me know that the western door had opened. I looked at the camera feed and a figure draped in what looked like a bed sheet was rapidly walking this way. It stopped and reached into the potted plant near my door and taken out a little notebook and pen. After writing something in it, they replaced it where it was and continued to my door. I sat ready, putting the tablet on my desk, waiting for the person to enter.

     The door gently opened, and the figure let out a gasp as the light was still on, and they seen me staring right at them. "The jig is up" I said as I had caught a little mouse in my hastily planned trap.

  "!" the little voice said muffled by the sheet. Before they could react, I had swiftly pushed the door close button, and the door closed and locked behind them.

  "Give it up, you are caught." I said half sternly, as I knew it was one of the girls who molest me regularly.

   "This..this isn't how it was supposed to go!" the hidden girl said as she crumpled to the floor.

   "How was it supposed to go? You sneak in with your friends and do as you please with my body?" I said a little harshly, because the game was fun, but getting stale quickly.

  "But, you were supposed to be asleep..." She said as I had enough and ripped the sheet off of her body.

  Poor little Cassie. She was on her knees in some very adult lingerie that made me question myself who would buy such for a young girl. It was pure white satin, with leggings supported by garters and belt over some almost thong panties, with floral doilies around the waist and leg bands. And to put the cherry on this cupcake, a bustier style corset that exposed her breasts topped it all off. She was dressed to kill in bed, and I had the urge to take her right there.

   "What in the world are you wearing?" I asked, admiring her body. She stood up and gave me a twirl.

  "Do you like it?" she asked meekly. I could tell she tried really hard to muster the courage to come do whatever she planned to, in that outfit.

  "Yeah, but its not the clothes that makes you pretty. You already are very pretty." I said soothingly as I felt her confidence take a hit.

  "So why all this sneaking around and playing these adult games with me?" I finally asked. And that question made her break down. With sobs and sniffs she told me the whole story.

Cassie's Story..

   It was a month before I inherited the theater. My grandfather was getting up in years, and decided to finally close the place down. He had given the girls the door key to the west wing door.

   "Now, please, do not trash the place, or let anyone else in." He said as he handed the four girls the key, and as soon as the place was cleaned up of any left over food or soda machine bags he turned the power off for the final time.

  "Also, my grandson will be taking over this place, please be kind to him." He asked, remembering telling these precocious girls all the stories of his time with his grandson.

   He knew his grandson was an outcast, and was not popular. But the boy did things that made him proud. Those stories are what lit a fire in the hearts of these outcast girls. The quickly fell in love with the boy, not realizing he was already a man.

  Cassie had been alone at home. She watched my car come in, as her bedroom overlooked the street below. She was taken aback by me. She thought I was a movie star. It was puppy love, or so I thought.

  That night, when I had caught them having some innocent pseudo lesbian sex, she in fact had seen me watching. I thought I was sneaky, so that's why she let her friend do that to her, so I could see her sex.

   And a few days ago, she knew I came to rescue her from the creep. That's why she wanted to repay me with her body. And tonight I had pissed her off and wounded her pride by not staying and fooling around with her. She was prepared to lose her virginity to me, and now was not going to back down after coming so far and all the work she put into this.

Back to now....

   "John. Listen. I am almost fourteen. Please love me." She said with tears in her eyes. I could not resist. I did in fact love her, Amelia, Gretchen and Debra. I couldn't pick a favorite as each brings something different to the table.

  "But what about the others?" I asked her as she looked into my eyes. I knew what she was going to say, but I had hoped for a little more maturity. But the way she is growing up, she is more mature than most adults I know. So I had to handle this carefully.

  "We all agreed to share you. Since we are not allowed to date you officially until we are at least eighteen, we decided to stay around you and have fun until we decided what to do when we reach that point." she said with a sparkle in her eye.

I decided that this girl needed the adult treatment. No kiddy games, just honest loving. So when I moved in to kiss her, she did not even resist. I held her deeply as we kissed passionately. The room was starting to heat up as our combined rising heat was turning the room into an oven. Reaching the thermostat, I made the room cooler as we made out. I had to support her as we crumpled to the cart in a mad act of foreplay and passionate kissing. This night was becoming better with each passing moment....

(TBC short chapter, computer ate the rest of it, will continue in next chapter.)

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Can hardly wait for more.


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Reply #11 on: May 20, 2020, 07:37:28 PM
You might clarify that Cassie is at least 13.

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You might clarify that Cassie is at least 13.

"John. Listen. I am almost fourteen. Please love me."

I thought that I made their ages clear since they were advancing to high school next year. I apologize if I didn't. Next chapter and on I will make it painfully clear their ages. Thank you for letting me know!


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You might clarify that Cassie is at least 13.

"John. Listen. I am almost fourteen. Please love me."

I thought that I made their ages clear since they were advancing to high school next year. I apologize if I didn't. Next chapter and on I will make it painfully clear their ages. Thank you for letting me know!

It doesn’t need to be “painfully” obvious.  LOL.

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-Chapter 7 - Sex, love, and Living Dangerously.

  Our making out had reached a fevered pitch as she was almost ripping my night clothes off. However, experience and knowledge had tempered my lust as I slowly stripped her lingerie off. I started with biting her nude neck lightly. This made her gasp and moan, as I worked my way over her chest, deliberately avoiding the areola of her breasts. I wanted her to feel everything, not rush through the pleasure I wanted to give her.

   She squirmed and squeezed her leg shut, but could not hide the fact that she was turned on majorly. Her scent started to inflame my lust further, but I wanted her first time to be legendary. I was very prideful about my lovemaking, striving to be the lover that women measure others against. So when I spread her legs I began my foreplay. Her milky white thighs just losing the baby fat and developing the "womanly curves" were beautiful. Of course I knew this was all wrong. But there is only so much a man could take, and nothing I could say or do at this point could remotely justify this. But something in the back of my mind kept egging me on. And well the small pang of guilt was bashed to death by the love for the girls and pity for Cassie and her situation.

   After working her thighs with my tongue and kisses, I began to slowly work my tongue over her sopping wet pussy. I first began to lick her like an ice cream cone, avoiding the clit, but then driving my tongue into the velvety moist hole to lap up that forbidden sweet honey that even the bees in the flowers are jealous of. Her love button now was at full attention, so I looked into her lust glazed eyes and she groaned and grabbed my head. I put my mouth over her clit, then started to suck it in, pretending it was a straw in a thick milkshake. She came gloriously, though the shower of her juices mixed with a little pee let me know my job was being done very well. She shook and thrashed on the bed screaming "No, No, OMG YES! YES! AHHHH..." she fell limp for a little while.

   I had taken a towel from the shelves, I kept for cleaning, and wiped my face off. She just smiled sheepishly with a blush of the afterglow.

   "Oh...oh my God, I still feel it shocking me through my entire body!" She said as she lounged there with her legs open.

   I stripped my clothes off as my cock sprung free from my briefs. I just stood beside her, drinking a bottle of water. I handed her one and she taken it with shaky hands.

   "Thanks, but is that all?" she looked at me with perverse and doe like eyes. as if this was Christmas and the person handing out presents was intentionally skipping her.

   "No, my dear, it isn't. But you need to calm down a little or you could have a stroke." I fibbed. I just needed a breather so that I can see if she was really willing to go all the way.

   "John, I will hit you if you don't put that cock in me. My body is screaming at me for it. I never craved anything as much as I want that thing in me now!" she growled at me. I now had my answer. She lost all reasoning and fear in her ocean of sex.

   Not one to deny a woman, I crawled between her legs. I teased her a little by smacking her clit with my cock. I will be the first man to admit, I am not hung like an elephant, but I am not tiny either. More like a couple of inches above the average. I really never had any complaints or that little look of disappointment quickly hidden by a fake smile. But this girl wanted it all and all at once. So I obliged.

  I spread her hungry cunt open slowly with the helmet of my dick. I wanted to see her reaction, but her face was a mix of pleasure, and grim determination. Someone must have told her it would hurt bad. So slowly I pushed forward, and then I hit the resistance. Her only physical symbol of her purity. Now gone when I kissed her deeply and thrust deep. She winced, but did not break the kiss. I could feel the warm depths of her womanhood, and a small drip of blood and her fluids race down my thigh.

   I held her deep as we stayed like that for a few moments. I waited for her body to tell me when to move. She broke the kiss and her hips were trying to move. So I began to piston my cock in and out, in a slow but powerful pace. She made the cutest noise, like a small animal wounded but trying to move something bigger than it. "Unf...unf..oh." She kept saying as my thrusts rocked her body. I decided to let gravity do some work, and I picked her up, while sitting on my knees and leaned back. This position made her and gravity control the fucking.

   She learned quickly and began to ride me like a bull. I could thrust, just to match her own thrusts. Another orgasm was building inside her. How can guys tell? Easy, its not hard if your lover is attentive. He will know hes doing the job right if your pussy muscles start to milk him like an angry farmer. That feeling all guys know, where it gets harder to move in and out. Yeah. But my cock was not going to give up the man milk easily.

    It was another five minutes of her greedily and lacking the fine tuning a few years of sex could teach her about fucking, riding me and frantically trying to grab the big orgasm from me, when my balls told my brain that the war was lost, and she was winning. I went back to holding her as my back started to hurt. I could see her lily white skin starting to flush and I held out as long as I could, but lost it when she clamped down on me and her legs wrapped around me. she was having another spasm fit from this big one, and I followed suit, and filled her womb with my hot seed. A terrifying idea fought its way to the surface.

   "Have you had your period yet?" I asked when my mind returned control to reason and logic.

  "No, I have not. Everyone else has them but me." She said a little sad after coming down from space above cloud nine.

  We stayed coupled like that for a little while longer. Then spent we fell asleep at three a.m.

A few hours later...

   Saturday morning was all rain, and gloom. After a covert ops level of sneaking her home, I told her to shower up and get really clean. She nodded and locked the door behind me. I quickly made my way back to my office and had to do some serious cleaning and air freshening. I had taken her lingerie and put it in that old wooden box I received from the lawyer. It wouldn't do to leave it out in the open. I had taken an ad out in the paper for the grand opening today at noon. It was only ten, and all my workers were present. I did take the time over the last week to train then in their jobs so at eleven thirty when even the rain could not stop the large group of people lined up outside waiting to see a movie that did not cost more than a date night. I had the older girls on tickets and concessions, and the younger girls waitress the pub and theater.

  However, alcohol was handled by Patricia and Carlie, two college students who were of legal age to serve liquor. They were not bad looking, but obviously not into an older man with too much time on his hands. The smell of the pub in the lobby, the burgers and pizza cooking brought a smile to my face. This needed to succeed.

   Noon, the doors opened. Debra and Amelia started to help the guests in, lining them up at the ticket counters at the main entrance. Cassie and Gretchen handled the people coming in through the east and west doors. The movies started and people at the tables in the theater placed their orders on the screens at the tables, so the girls only had a few minutes breather. There was a couple of accidents, spilled food or wrong orders, but soon it was working like a well oiled machine.

    A few more orders, and a couple hours later the first group ever left. The crowds were happy, only a few small complaints and then the next wave came, and so on. The take from the first day/night was outstanding. I was cautiously happy. I knew that it was still all uphill from here, because it would be two weeks before I changed the movie. My fears were laid to rest as the whole week, from Sunday to Sunday, the theater stayed busy.

  The next Monday, I had my staff help vote for the movies we were changing out for. I told them to think not only of what they liked but what others would like. So a new kids film, an action movie with heavy romance and some translated Japanese cartoon movie. I was listening to the girls converse, the older girls treated the do good girls like a part of the group, but everyone was crowding around Cassie. That Saturday of the grand opening, I noticed she was walking funny. And if I noticed then the older girls did too. And of course came the questions. The college girls even gave advice to handle that problem.

  "Looks like our Cassie got some." Carlie said as she held Cassie while helping the girl fix her hair.

  "Wha?" the younger girls exclaimed.

  "Yeah, shes walking like she rode a horse for a full day. The only reason we walk like that is we got some dick. That or she is majorly chaffing down there but she isn't fat."
Patricia said as she looked up from some fashion magazine.

  "The question is, who is the lucky guy who got your cherry?" Samantha said, she just graduated high school. She was the more boisterous of the group, a sort of saint of femininity that the younger girls looked up to.

  " one. I ordered a toy offline." Cassie said trying to lie.

  "Busted. No toy unless you got major bucks could put a fucking on you like than." Olivia said, another graduate.

  They kept at her until she broke down and ran away shyly. The other girls, minus the rest of the do gooders laughed. I gathered the trash bags and put on my rain coat. Pulling up the hood, I walked out the back door and put the trash in the dumpster. I had put the last bag in, when I hear footsteps behind me.

    I was turned around and three men in rain ponchos with their faces hidden slammed me into the dumpster. The leader in the most cheesy cliche villain way said "Mr. Dilleager sends his regards. My world exploded as the three men started beating on me. I fought back, but these men knew what they were doing and I only fought punching bags. I was on my knees as the lead man pulled out a gun and pointed it at my head. I then did the cheesy going to die bravado bullshit and spat in the mans face. I shouted and cursed at the man, when headlights lit up the large alley. A voice over the loudspeaker told the men to drop their weapons. In a legit flash, the three men ran into the pouring night. The cop car gave chase. I propped myself up on the dumpster as a voice in the rain offered me a hand up.

   A memory returned to me...

   I was seven. My mom and dad let me come to the park to play. I was playing with some girls, when a bigger boy pushed me down and called me a sissy for playing with girls. I tried to fight back, but he had his size on me, and soon I was eating dirt. All I could see was a tanned girl running after the boy with a rock and stick. I could only laugh at the fact that a seven year old girl was stronger than me. Her voice when she returned to me, sounded like the voice talking to me in the rain, only a little older....

  Miranda helped me up and into the police station. A nurse came and checked me out. I told them everything, the threat from Tobias' father, and what they said to me before beating me and almost killing me. They escorted me back to the theater. Everyone was finishing the clean up, and were shocked to see me beaten. I calmed them down, and let them go home. Of course the do gooders stayed, but the others left, with worried looks.

It has been a week since that, and today finds me at the local gun shop. I had picked out one, that to me looked like a good gun. I had to wait for my background check, but three days later I picked it up. Things would be getting more serious from now on....

(TBC see you next chapter!)