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A Dusty Old Book (Mf, cons, bd, rp, ff, mf, ws, nc)

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-Chapter 8- The Day the Girl stood still.

  If you asked me a year ago if I would be fucking a minor, owning a theater and trying to survive against a maniacal tycoon right now, I would be asking who is selling you the really good drugs. Right now, its after one-thirty in the morning and I am plowing Cassie from behind on the stage in the theater, just under the screen. She had finally confided to her small group of close friends that we had been having sex since the dance. The girls cheered us on as they were seated right up front with a good view. Luckily the seats were faux leather, because they were naked and creaming all over them.

   I was never bored with Cassie, but it was soon time to choose the next girl I would be dating among them, when a truly wicked idea crept its way into my head.

   "Hey Amelia, would you like to have a piece of the action up here?" I spoke out loud.

   "I don't know..." she said bashfully. The others practically carried her up the stage. Cassie was lying on her stomach, cooing wearily as I had been fucking her for almost an hour. I let her rest as Amelia was gathering her courage. Finally her libido won out and she laid down on on the stage and spread her legs. Cassie crawled over to her and began to kiss her. With her free hand she signaled to me to commence my attack. So I lowered myself to the floor between her legs as quiet gasps from out little audience picked up in pitch as I rammed my cock into her. I felt no resistance as I slid balls deep inside her. Her early wisps of hair forming around her pretty little pussy mingled with mine.

   "OH JOHN, JOHN JOHN!" She screamed out as I began to pump my hips. The question in my mind as I began to piston my dick into her so hard that she was being driven into the stage and sliding a little, was answered by Gretchen.

   "Most of us are still virgins in the technical sense. But gymnastics had taken my cherry and Amelia's" Gretchen said as she playfully pinched and pulled Amelia's nipple as Cassie was nursing the other. Not to be left out, Debra was rubbing Cassie and Gretchen's slits. I was rapidly losing control, as I pumped a load into Amelia's hard clutching pussy. She came seconds later and nearly passed out. I let her rest as I decided the sister of the cop who helped me deserved a royal fucking.

  Pulling Debra to her knees, I grabbed her hips as my cock found its home in the tightest of the girls I fucked so far. She hissed in pleasure as I was driving her head into the theater, as she just took my pounding. Cassie being adventurous, began to lap at Amelia's pussy, which was leaking a sweet and tangy mix of my spunk and her juices. Gretchen helped form the daisy chain, as Amelia recovered enough to give Gretchen's slightly larger than normal clit a good sucking.

   The only sounds in the theater were my hips slapping Debra's ass, Debra screaming in her pleasure, and the wet sounds of tongues licking and mouths sucking on some delicious fresh pussy. I put a load deep into the collapsing Debra, and then looked over at the other girls and seen a cute little asshole winking at me, as Gretchen was opening and closing her thighs on her friends head.

   "You think Gretchen can handle this?" I said as my dripping cock twitched to make its point. I knew I had at least one load left in me, before being utterly spent.

   Amelia smiled, her mouth covered in her friend juices, spread her friends legs, then labia open. She used two fingers to fuck her friend open enough for my cock. At this point I blamed internet porn for how far these girls were on the road of lust. Not that I was complaining, but it is a little off putting to watch girls barely old enough to watch themselves, doing things that we used to whack it too in movies as young boys. But now I was letting Amelia lead my cock into her friends awaiting snatch. Debra regained a little composure and began to kiss me as Cassie was licking my cock as it was entering her friend. Gretchen screamed. Not a frightened scream, but the scream if something so wonderful filling her, and stretching her open. Her hymen was gone in a flash as I let my weight lightly crush her as I french kissed her.

  She began to squirm to get the ball rolling, and I rabbit fucked her. I wanted to go to bed, but I also wanted her to enjoy this. She was calling me daddy as she climaxed a little while later. I slid out of her, my cock being followed by some pee and my cum. All four girls were contenting themselves with painting each other with my cum as they laid on the stage, a literal creampie buffet.

Three weeks later....

  We were like horny rabbits trapped in a full carrot storehouse. I mean every chance they could, my pants were down, and either a pussy would be attached to it, or a mouth. And only one time, a very tight brown hole. Sometimes I would man the outside ticket booth to help customers or just talk to people and there would be a do gooder teasing my prick to life and another load stolen. Now, it was mentioned that only Cassie did not get her period yet, so when the others were on their cycle, They would pass her a little camera to film what Cassie was doing as the girls now had phones, and would in private order Cassie to do things they couldn't.

  Reader, at this point, I would love to tell you that it was a daily pussy fuckfest. But right now something really bad was going on under the surface of our barely peaceful lives. Like that picture of a little fish being eaten by a bigger fish and so on, the town was facing a crisis that no one was paying attention to, and it would cost us dearly.

   The very tiny trouble fish, was that it came to light that the local tax collector was embezzling the towns tax money. This snowballed into a federal auditor coming into town with the FBI. Now before you stop reading because you are wondering what the fuck does this have to do with the story of a man getting young tail, let me tell you how.

  I have to pay 3 taxes, One for my business, the property and being a landlord. The auditor lady with two agents showed up with her briefcase and had shut my theater down as we went over the last quarters taxes. However, after three hours of number crunching it seemed I overpaid my taxes by alot. Now this would be awesome, if she called her people and a check was cut. No, it was suspicious the amount I overpaid. So they went back over my finances. I was squeaky clean. Not to be a dick to the town, as it struggles to keep it running, I opted to just have the overage credited and wanted to call it a day.

  The next bigger trouble fish had just landed that afternoon. Cassie's parents just blew into town. In the span of an hour, they came into the theater, looked their daughter over, handed her a big brown envelope, and left. Apparently they were going to attend the Monaco Grand Prix. She fought very hard to try to fill them in on what happened to her. No one alive, dead or born could have look as disinterested as those two were. Her mother barely raised a brow when Cassie tried to cry into her mothers arms about the near rape. Her mom and dad just flatly and coldly said to stay out of trouble and left. I left Cassie to her friends, when David Ballana, Cassie's dad pulled me aside.

"Hey, John, was it?, Look here, me and my wife just bought a house on the French Riviera, and well, we signed away our citizenship. Bringing Cassie with us would be a hassle with citizenship, schools and all that. Your grandfather talked you up something fierce, so would it be a problem if you watched over the brat. My lawyer drew up the forms, and all you have to do is sign them and shes your problem now, or not and she can just go to the orphanage, either way is no skin off of our back." The bastard said this to me like he was trying to sell me a shitty car he did not care enough about to care if it sold or not. I had a hard time holding back my rage.

   Supposition time.

  The towns orphanage was one of the towns dirty secrets. It was a revolving door for employees as sex abuse and neglect was almost a prerequisite to work there. It was the true to life threat that our parents used to scare us straight. Cassie would be destroyed there.

  So holding back the urge to stab this living sack of soggy rotten dicks, I signed the papers. And with a smug promise to file it on their way out of town they left, laughing all the way. I almost swore I heard Ms.Ballana thanking god she could not have any more kids. It was a punch in the gut. Cassie was a good, quiet and shy girl. And now she was alone in the world with no more parents. I read the papers, I became her permanent guardian. But parent, no. I would not go there. A small selfish desire to keep plowing her was being shaped into a strange and wicked desire that could satisfy both our needs without giving up a nice home for my favorite piece of gristle.

   It was horrible enough for her to live in that apartment alone. I could have just left her there, if it was not for her parents having had movers the next day gather all of their left over belongings. The apartment was empty, save some food and Cassie's stuff. And that is where the third problem fish ate the last one.

   Nothing is ever so simple and clean when dealing with DCF. The department of children and families did not play when it came to children. So when the inspector/case worker arrived, we were almost caught in mid fuck in the bath. The lady walked right into the apartment. I heard her enter while Cassie was grinding on my cock. I put my hand over her mouth as she was entering the throes of her climax. The woman had some courtesy to announce herself, as she sat her stuff on the kitchen counter. Thankfully she would have to round the kitchen to come down the hall and catch us. Our luck held as she stayed at the counter. Quietly, but unable to stop my blast of baby batter, I filled her up, then I dislodged her and like a water ninja I redressed. She followed suit but forgot her panties, and shirt as she slipped her almost daisy duke overalls on. It surprisingly covered her just right to not raise suspicions, but carrying a bucket she rounded the corner first as she poured the bucket of water down the sink. I came in a few seconds later running a sweat rag over my head.

   "Who knew scrubbing a bathroom was so hard." I said jokingly trying to draw attention away from Cassie, so she can get around the counter before the caseworker could see the large globs of cum dripping down her legs. I was preparing for being screwed, when the woman smiled at me.

   "Mr. Guyrenski, This is the last, but informal visit, a little inspection of where she will be residing. We do not have an address for you yet, and we were worried about her living conditions and situation." She said as she handed me another form to sign. I signed it and had to think quick.

  "Cassie, go get the cleaners from the bathroom and turn out the light." I said as she nodded and almost ran down the hall.

  "Well I have to be honest. I have an apartment, but its not in a conventional spot." I admitted.

  "Oh?" she tilted her head as Cassie returned with the carrier full of cleaners and tools. She had to have know about the cum as her legs were cum free.

  "Well, There was an apartment my grandfather had built just above the theater. It has two exits, one the fire escape and the second is behind the frosted glass and wood door near the storage closet on the second floor.

  She asked if she could see it. So we led her to my place. It was tidy as Cassie told the others and now four girls had the run of the place. I just prayed there was nothing that would get me sent to jail in the living room, or on the stairs  leading to the front door.

  "Its kind of hidden, are you not worried about random people able to just walk in?" she asked.

  "No, the door remains locked when no one is up there, and gets locked when we are up there. The public has no real reason to come down this hall, its employees only." I explained as she thoughtfully nodded.

  We were at my table, discussing the the finalizing of all of this, after she made me sign more papers. Before she left, she gave the apartment another once over, and my heart sank. There was a dildo just barely peeking out of under my couch cushion. You would miss it if you were just looking around. And the little minx plopped her ass right on it, which brought another problem. Behind the caseworker, I could see Cassie's tits and right up her shorts legs, because she was sitting there grinning devilishly while holding the leg hole open and using her fingers to scoop up some remaining cup from her open and very fucked pussy. Bringing them to her lips she licked them suggestively clean. Reaching under her, she pulled the double dildo up enough to slide the one end inside her. The woman could not see behind her, and I tried to keep my focus on this woman.

 With some silent effort, she got one end in her pussy and the other in her asshole. She stood up and fixed her self enough to let me notice what was going to happen. Before I could secretly stop her, she sat down hard on one of the chairs at the table. She smiled in a way to tell me that I cant stop her now, and was feigning discomfort to grind on the chair. I started to notice a small drip from the chair as she was double fucking herself.

  "Well we are finished here. In a week a letter will be sent confirming your status as her guardian. I hope this is the last time we meet." She said with a smile, and looking back at Cassie who stopped moving and was smiling like an angel, she nodded to the girl and left. I walked her to the lobby, as three girls in bathing suits darted up the stairs to my place.

   The bathing suits were on the stairs as four girls were playing their new favorite game, "Please the Queen/King." The rules were simple, do everything the ruler in my recliner says to do, while naked. It was basically a mild venture into bdsm, that the girls had picked up somewhere. I left as Cassie was tongue fucking Debra's asshole. while Amelia was working that double dildo in and out of Cassie's ass and pussy. The game always devolved into just straight up sex before long, and I was too anxious to play with them.

  I had cleaned up and locked up Cassie's old place. I needed a cold drink and a walk so I headed out into the hot early afternoon air. I noticed a moving van pull up to the apartments, and I checked my phone. I had completely forgotten that there was new tenants moving in. I paid for my soda and jogged back to find a man around my age, and a girl whose name was Naomi Kingser(14). The man turned out to be her older brother named Harold Kingser(31). They talked to me for a bit, and explained their situation. Their parents work overseas, and he was raising his little sister. It would be a year before they could come home. Harold was nice, not overly Ned Flanders, but not a douchebag. The van left after the movers had helped set them up. I gave Harold the keys to his new place and wished him luck. Something was off about Harold. But I chalked it up to my low simmering paranoia.

   The next problem fish who swallowed the others, The police that night managed to catch one of my attackers. I had bought a paper after greeting my new tenants. The police blurb said that the guy who they caught was found dead in his cell. I no longer had an apatite. I also read that there was a rash of girls in town vanishing. People are say runaways, or murder, or worse. I made sure to keep an extra eye on the girls. Because I really did love them. I found the four ladies talking to Naomi, who was trying to keep up with their energy. Naomi was not frail, nor was she overweight. She looked like she was cared for, her clothes looked clean, and was busy chatting at a pub table as the other workers were working. I comped Naomi a soda and snack and warned the girls that they had half and hour before shift.

  The last fish would not rear its ugly head for a month and a half. And when it did, it would possibly wreck my life.

(TBC, feedback is love, Feedback is life.)

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-Chapter 9- Thus She Left Gently..

   Naomi was becoming a regular part of the group. She tended to blend in with other girl groups that came to the theater, but was really alive with the do gooders. So she naturally gravitated towards Amelia and the others. Though they became great friends, I think the others did not want to include her in the midnight riding games. Not that I would have minded, but still I had enough on my plate satisfying four girls, a fifth would be a bit harder.

  Cassie was adapting to our lives together nicely. She would cook meals and clean the apartment. However I gradually noticed that she was not growing at all. I made sure she at a healthy balanced diet, and kept active, but she was not growing, nor was she showing any signs of starting puberty. It was mid June when she collapsed at work.

  I kind of wanted to skip this part of the story, and make up some bullshit about Cassie and I being great and okay into the future, but the final fish of trouble was showing its ugly head and it brought friends. This is one of the worst parts of the story I am telling you.

  I carried Cassie to the hospital and waited two hours before anyone would tell me anything. I was crying, alot. Soon the doctor came out and talked to me.

  "Mr. Guyrenski, its not good." He said looking over the charts. "She had spent so long malnourished that her body had shut off all growth. And now her health had deteriorated to the point of her having little stamina." He explained to me.

  "Her heart is weak. She most likely will never recover. I can give you medicine she will have to take for the rest of her life, but I do not want to give false hope, but I do not think she will make it through the year. Her tests showed that while you were taking care of her, however the damage was done and it was too little too late to help her. I will be releasing her to your care. Please be gentle, and care for her to the very likely end." he consoled me.

  The next three days she remained in the hospital. They helped her get her strength back. That Friday, I picked her up later in the day. She was her usual bubbly self, except I noticed the twinge of weariness behind her eyes. The nurse pulled me aside after we helped her into the car.

  "Mr. John, you might have to be careful with this one. She might not be a woman yet, but she certainly has grown up feelings." she laughed to me.

  "Wha?" I was feigning shock.

  "Well last night we came to check her vitals, and thought she was asleep, but she nearly hit the ceiling when we pulled the covers off of her. She was very busy with her hands, if you understand." she said with a smile.

  I laughed, and tried to keep things upbeat. She told me everything they did, intentionally glossing over her being caught jilling off. I decided to bring her to a nice early dinner at the Deli. She ate voraciously, and finished off two egg creams. We returned to the theater, it was between showings so it was not too busy. After ten minutes of her being coddled by her co workers, I had to take her to her room and give her some medicine. She stoically had taken her pills, and sat on the edge of the bed and the hospital robe slid open, revealing her very damp pussy.

  "Eat me, John. I was soo cooped up, that I needed relief, and my fingers are not doing the job anymore." She commanded me. Caution told me not to, but my love and lust won out.

  I pushed her tiny body back and pulled her cunt to my face. I began lapping like a thirsty dog, as her juices trickled down my face. I sat nibbling her lips and clit, driving my tongue into her holes, bringing her off to two major orgasms.

   "Sto..stop John!" she said pushing my head out of her lap. "I needed that, but I am exhausted. We can play more later." she said as she got under her blankets and fell asleep.

  I left her, to return to work. The last showing was packed, so I returned to my office and turned the news on, as I began to cut paychecks to hand out after the shift was over. I had the news on, and the local newscaster was talking about another girl vanishing. The fishes brother showed up.

  Saturday came. Cassie slept in, only getting up to go potty and eat. I helped, so she didn't push herself. I made her rest today, The air was heavy when I came to open the theater up. One of the weekend girls was missing. Julie Banster. She was one of those girls who was annoyingly positive. Nothing bad ever happened in her world, because right after something "totes awesome" would follow the bad thing. I asked around, but no one knew where she went. The last time anyone seen her was yesterday singing and dancing as she splashed puddles in the rain, on her way to the little store. No one seen her since.

  The shift ran long, being down one girl was not a major blow, but it was a blow. Soon I was closing up. I gave the outside a good sweeping, when the girls waved and said their goodbyes. I waved back as a black van was slowly creeping down the street. The girls were already splitting up, heading home when I heard a couple of screams and tires squealing on the road. I looked and seen the van stop and some large men grab two girls.
Pulling them in, they peeled out. The passenger stuck his head out and smiled while flipping me off.

  I gathered the others back into the lobby, while calling the police. Miranda shown up first, and I described the entire scene. She soon had the police searching the entire town, until a call to dispatch had settled the matter. The van was found burning outside the industrial park, near the small river that bordered the town. Little did the police know that they were onto something quite huge.

  More supposition..

 The Dilleager Holdings Group owned that entire area. In fact it was a veritable no mans land if you had no business out there. Workers gossiped about the goings ons, but not out loud. People died if they talked to loud or too much about the dark dealings out there. The town just wished they would leave, but that was not going to happen if there was money to be made. The incident was quietly swept away, but at the tavern the rumors was compounded by the quiet little man who sat alone. He was a short Slavic man who was a loyal customer. My grandfather paid his mortgage off, so he felt indebted to me. He told me he heard screams coming from an unused warehouse that was on the edge of the industrial complex that was a stones throw from Dilleager manor.

  He said he overheard some men talking about what the boss wanted. The Boss wanted all the girls in town, especially the girls at the damned theater. For what, he did not know. I wanted to run out and help, but I knew very well it would be a trap. So I bid my time. I had a little girl to tend to.

  Cassie was not looking better. I blamed myself, for fucking her into this condition. I blamed her parents for just completely fucking off on her. I blamed everyone and everything. I sat on her bed and just held her for awhile. She smiled at me.  I wish to say that I stopped fucking her. I didn't. I just was more gentle with her. I wish I could say her friends stopped fucking her. I can't. They did more with her than I was willing to do. Even Naomi joined in, once she got over her virgin shyness. I highly doubted she was a virgin. I also had an inkling of suspicion that there was more to the brother and sister than there was. I let that go, as the girls came in after I tucked her in. I closed the door on them, knowing they would be crashing the night. I brought them some blankets as they were spreading Naomi out for me to see. She blushed deeply as I could see inside her pussy. It would be some time before she joined in fucking me, though it would come at a bad time.

  After I left the room....

  "Now that he is gone, we have to be serious right now." Cassie said as she was fingering Naomi.

  "What is it, Cassie?" Gretchen was fucking herself with a dildo as she sat on the floor next to the bed.

Debra and Amelia stopped their sloppy sixty-nine and listened to their little friend.

"I don't have much longer. Everyday feels like I am getting closer to the edge. And I want to settle things with you all before I leave." Cassie explained.
"Where are you going, Cassie?" Naomi said, with no real grasp on the context.

"I am dying. I told the others before, when we met. I knew this day would come. I was abandoned and neglected because of my poor health and now its coming to collect." She said. The other girls started to bawl.

"Don't you fucking cry, my Bitches." she said sternly, pinching Naomi's clit, eliciting a squeal from the poor girl.

 "I am leaving you my greatest treasure. John. Please take care of him into the future. I don't care if you fuck him, or love him, just keep him safe and happy." She said as she pulled on the clit now, and a small spray of pee and juices came out.

 "I want his balls emptied daily as a tribute to me in the afterlife, if not I will haunt and curse you bitches forever." she warned with a smile before biting the neck of Naomi which made her melt.

This talk continued into the night, only stopped for play and sleep. In the morning I woke to find the shower full of naked girls. I whipped out my cock, which was held by a hand or two, and pissed into the toilet. The girls giggled in delight.

  I wanted to run away. All of this was just horrible. And there was the fact that I knew I couldn't. So I paid some people on the down low to get me a job near the warehouse in question. So I took the early shift and worked hard to gather evidence. I would take pictures and recordings for the next two weeks.

  I noticed a fleet of black vans coming and going from there as more girls were vanishing in town. Then the worst things to happen happened a few weeks later in early August.

Cassie died.

The rest of her friends vanished all at once.

Harold Kingser was walking around with money. And his friends would come and go at all hours, despite his precious little sister was missing. I asked him about it and he brushed it off smugly. Suspicious.

I had a funeral to plan. My world was devastated. I was a ghost of a man. I ended the surveillance as contractors were coming in and they were working on that warehouse.

(TBC come back for more!)   

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-Chapter 10- The World I know.

  Let me back up a bit. Cassie passed away. That morning, she went to the restroom. She was doing her business, when her nose started bleeding. Freaked out, she screamed for me. The bleeding wouldn't stop, so I ran her to the hospital. She passed out in the ER, and when she came to, she was in her room. She could not speak, only cry. After scan after scan, test after test, a blood vessel in her brain and burst. She was dying in front of me. There was nothing anyone could do, as the states expert brain surgeon was at a conference in Europe, and there was no one confident enough to operate. As her guardian I was told to stay by her bed until she slipped away. I asked the nurses to leave us be, as her friends rushed in, when they heard.

   There was tears, enough to drown this nasty world out. It was not fair. She was happy and young, with the whole world ahead of her. The girls parents came to collect them. I dont think they were unsympathetic, but offering their sympathies, but their daughters did not need to see this. I held her hand as she opened her eyes to me.

  "John, John, I am sorry. I cant be with you anymore." She spoke weakly.

  "It was truly the greatest time I ever had with anyone." I said while brushing the hair from her eyes.

  "You lie, you pervert. You loved my sweet pussy on your dick." She teased me.

  "That was a benefit, but honestly I love you because you are special." I said soothingly to her.

  "Promise me. Promise you wont leave them, or close the theater. I might be gone, but that place is what brought us together.

  "I wont. I will have that picture of you from that dance hung in the Lobby." I said.

  "Don't, I wasn't wearing panties." she laughed.

 She began to cough, then groan.

  "John, I love you, then, now and forever after." She said as she closed her eyes.

  "I love you too." I spoke as she drew her last breath. The ekg rang out, and nurses came in to try to prolong her life a little longer. It was too late, she was gone.

  That was a week ago. Right now the autopsy was finished, some questions came up. Like the loss of her virginity. It had been two weeks since we had sex, and she regularly cleaned herself out. I said she discovered adult toys, and the coroner just nodded. I paid for the nicest coffin I could afford, and a plot next to my grandfather south of his plot. I figured he would watch her trip and make sure she got to heaven okay.

  I made no attempt to contact her parents. It was my final fuck you to them. I knew deep down they did not care one way or another. She was being laid to rest today. The funeral was attended by our close friends, and her friends. All black dresses and not a dry eye in the little church. It was a beautiful service, and at the grave, her friends placed flowers on the casket as it was lowered. Everyone met up at a small restaurant and we laughed and joked about the fun times with her. It was somber, but jovial enough to not have us soaking our dinner with tears.

  That evening I sat in my room. There was a box on my bed with my name on it. I think one of the girls put it there. Inside it was journals, and dvd's numbered one through five. The first one said play me first. So I popped it in.

Cassie's Movie.

   The t.v. popped to life as the dvd began.

  Feet, was all I could see.

  "Fuck me, Debra, its still pointed at my feet." Cassie said in the huffy way she did when things were not working out as planned.

  "Cassie you whore, this shit isn't going to work unless we put it on something other than carpet." Debra said, as the camera moved to see a naked Cassie and Amelia. Gretchen had hidden herself behind the two girls as the camera came to rest on the desk. The date on the lower corner said two days before I had taken over the theater.

  "We went to Mr. Guyrenski's funeral. The old man was the one who brought us together as friends, and as lovers." Debra said as she spoke into the camera.

  "John, your grandfather never told us your age, so we think you might be our age, so we are making this video to entice you into our arms." Amelia said showing off her body.

  From that point on, it was an awkward game of "see what I can do." The dvd ends with them bowing from behind, showing the camera their asses.

  The next videos were a sort of video diary, to go along with the written journals she had left behind. The bright spots of the movies was the girls acting out what they wanted to do with me, with the last one of them gushing over the fact that I was an older man.

  I read the journals, and found out that me accepting her, made her want to follow me to the ends of the earth. It was pretty depressing in the pages, of her being alone, except when she was with her friends. I spent two hours crying over the diaries.

  I poured two cups of tea, without thinking as she loved a good hot cup of tea before bed. I poured out the extra cup and put it in the sink. I locked her rooms door and went to bed.

  It was a very muggy early morning when there was yelling and screaming outside in the alley. I stepped out onto the fire escape to watch as people were fighting below. It was the parents of the girls trying desperately fight off masked men who was taking their daughters in their night clothes. Miranda was getting her ass kicked as I was making my way down the escape.

  I squared off with the first man who was helping another toss Amelia into the van. I grabbed the man and punched him in his nose. He replied with brass knuckles to my sternum and the world again exploded. Shortly after the vans roared away, as police flooded out of the station, seconds too late to be of real help. The vans were joined by others, which made it confusing as the real vans escaped deep into town.

I knew where they were heading. I wish I didn't. I shared what I learned with Miranda who was getting patched up. We sprung into action....

(TBC see you later!)

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-Chapter 11 - Of Debts and Devils.

  I got my ass handed to me twice. First from the kidnappers, and the second time from Miranda.

  "You are not a cop. Do you realize you could have been murdered? Those fuckers don't play around." She scolded me as we followed the police to the warehouse I mentioned. It had not taken long to get a judge to sign off on a warrant, as his niece was also missing.

  I was given a bulletproof vest and told to stay in the car. The gate guard leapt out of the way as the police left dust and angry curses in their wake. The freshly remodeled warehouse was unimpressive, and very empty save for a fleet of black vans. There was a fat man with a shit eating grin welcoming the police to search the building. Of course we were not going to find anything. His thick Slavic accent made it all the more worth while to search. There were guys propped up on barrels outside smoking cigarettes and laughing in their native language. Of course I spoke Russian, and Ukrainian. Well I understood most of those eastern European/ former USSR countries languages. My family was a well mix of Slavic and Russian.

   "They won't find shit. The tunnel is well hidden. Even god himself couldn't find it." The first guy said, as they were close enough for me to hear their conversation.

   "Yeah, the boss paid out of his ass to have those girls stolen. His anger and revenge runs deep." The other man spoke. I recognized the second man, as on I worked with him nearby.

  "Brother, you can spare a cigarette?" I asked in their tongue. I had left the car and walked over to them.

  "Why you with the police?" He asked handing me a smoke. I lit it and replied.

  "They are deporting me. My papers were not clean enough." I said with some sadness.

  "It sucks." They both agree. However, they were not in the mood, as gunfire rang out in the warehouse. They kicked me to the ground and told me not to move as they grabbed their guns from behind the barrels and entered the gun fight.

  More Supposition

 Mr. Dilleager during the time he confronted me at the dance had been busy. The extent of his plan I had yet to learn, but as it stands he was up to no good. He bought the Orphanage, and then spent millions on building up his manor. People were of course suspicious, as this guy was not good. He also built a school of sorts, for immigrant children from the homeland. However a week after it was opened a girl escaped telling tales of it being a brothel. She vanished along with any notion of justice.

  But he also was not done with me at all. He began hitting me where it hurts. Vendors upped their prices or outright stopped selling to me. He tried slamming my reputation, but when that did not work, he started spreading vile rumors about me raping my employees. It was partially true, I was having regular sex with my four girls. But it was hardly rape, unless they wanted to play that game. However, no matter how much mud was thrown at me, none ever stuck. I was the grandson of the town's hero. Soon, the vendors I lost or was getting ripped off by were dealing with me again, as Mr. Dilleagers grip on stuff in town was weakening. I never stopped my routine nor closed shop. By now everyone knew he was gunning for me and instead of running away, I stood my ground. My love was buried here and I am not leaving for any man or reason.

Back to now.

  Right now I was dodging bullets and trying to find the tunnel. The police were losing. It was the numbers game. Fortunately someone had the bright idea to call in to the city for a swat team and FBI. But it would be precious time before they got there. The police had hunkered down for a standoff, but they would not last longer. A few minutes later, a helicopter overhead was shouting orders to drop weapons. The swat team was five minutes behind the helicopter, and FBI showed up whenever they wanted to. However the fight did not end. And now it had gotten worse.

  I was crawling around behind people shooting, like an idiot, when I noticed some weird straight lines in the concrete. I looked around and noticed a wire almost hidden, but from my position I could see the wire going into the floor in some pvc pipe. I traced the wire to the office, that is now occupied by formerly alive bad guys. I wanted to try out the switch, but I was too late. The floor opened in a completely opposite way I had thought. It just swung down like a trap door and guys were pouring out with guns. It made a ramp that they just ran up. I decided the best spot for me was out of their eye sight. Once there was no more guys coming out, I rolled myself into the tunnel. I jammed the door open with some wood, so it could not close. I followed the tunnel pretty far.

  I ended up right in the basement of Mr. Dilleagers manor. I did not want to be there as all there was was shouts of men getting ready to go, and some whimpering. There was a large pile of clothes in the corner of the room I entered. Adrenaline and love pushed me forward. But I hid myself in that large pile of clothes.

  At this point you should probably know, I suck at shooting. After I bought the gun, Miranda took me to the range and taught me to shoot. Im not a good shot, but what she said, the gun I had, it would not matter. Now I did not buy some action hero epic gun of justice or some ex military hardware, retired because it was too awesome. I bought a handgun, it was a fourty-five. Nothing fancy or special. And it was with me. Why did I not shoot the kidnappers. My aim sucks and it would suck if I shot someone innocent.
But it felt nice after I dislodged it from my waistband. I turned off the safety and hid in the clothes as more guys were heading to the tunnel beside me. The sounds of violence was getting closer and I had to move. I went in the direction I heard the whimper and found a small hallway with the other door being guarded by an alert and worried man clutching a big gun.

  I had to try this or he was going to drop me. I watch entirely too many movies.

 "Hey! Hey! we are being raided! go help, Ill stand watch." I spoke in Russian.

 "I'll go, you stay. No one in." He spoke in broken English as he left.

  I tried not to laugh at the absurdity of it all, when I opened the door.

Dilleager Basement of Depravity and Bullshit.

  This room was huge. It was lined with beds around the wall, and in the center was a makeshift kitchen, clinic, and odd tattoo parlor. On the walls, shackled by their ankles was all the missing girls. There was potty chairs set up by each bed. and bottles of water on their beds. The girls did not notice me, as they kept their heads down and curled up on the floor. The room was musty. The musk of sex and unwashed bodies combined with not emptied potties. There was a door that had a chain going under it. I slowly opened the door to find Delilah Fernor being crushed under the weight of a balding man, who's cock was ravaging her asshole. The girl had the look of one whose mind was broken and she left to her center long ago. She barely made any noise as the man just brutally sodomized her. He looked over at me, shouted, and reached for his assault rifle next to him.

  "Don't do it man." I tried to intimidate him with my gun pointing at his head as best I could.
 "You wont shoot. You Pussy American. You no balls." His broken English annoyed me. I held my gun with my hand under the other.

  He drew down on me, with that villainous smirk. He did not even bother pulling out of the girl. Time slowed down.

It was not unlike the movies and games, where it was just me and him. It was actually studied, with soldiers in the field experiencing the same thing. He raised his rifle to his shoulder and prepared to fire.

  "Sorry!" I shouted as I fired. I want to say I was all epic and blew his head off. No. The first shot missed. He fired but I dropped behind the wall of the doorway. A bullet grazed my hip, and the girls in the room screamed. I heard after the first volley of shots, the man curse as he was getting off the bed. I took advantage and sunk two shots into his fat gut. The third caught his shoulder and he stopped moving. I freed Delilah, and carried her into the room. I checked the other doors, and the rooms contained girls either freshly fucked or about to be fucked. Hiding in a small closet I found the keys to the girls freedom. Amelia was the first to notice who I was. She almost screamed in delight.

 "JOHN! It's John girls!" she shouted as the recently freed girls crowded around me. I knew about eighty percent of them and the ones I knew intimately clung to me.

  "Okay, Okay. listen, I want you all to find a room, and fill it. Close the door, and block it with a bed until I or someone like the police says to open it." I ordered as I hugged the girls a little too long. Amelia took the chance to grope me in mid hug.

The girls all hid in the rooms, and I had only a little time to prepare. The little tv on the wall by the door shown me that the Boss himself, along with heavily armed men were in the little hallway. I had pushed beds and stuff infront of the door. I even dropped the bar to keep the door shut.

  "John, Little Johnny, I know you are in there. I have cameras all over. There will be no rescue. I win, John. I lured you here to kill you. The police are all dead, because of you." He shouted as he hand motioned his men to open fire on the door.

  The door held through the first assault. Then the second. And halfway through the third, the door was done. It took some effort and time for them to attempt to get in and kill me. I fired the last of my magazine into the door. I heard a loud scream of pain. So I got one. but there was Five including Dilleager.

   I had one more magazine. It was a gift from Miranda. They were not normal rounds. Not hollow point, but worse. As she explained they will punch through armor, but not leave the body, instead bounce around inside the body wrecking things. I asked her why?

  "Because of all the round types, these will stop anyone or anything." She said as she handed me the magazine.

  I was pretty fucked. More fucked if I had just stripped and let them use my ass. There was no secret exits, no one was coming to my rescue, and the door was currently being cleared. I had taken up crouching behind an upturned bed. The end of me was near.

On the surface.

  Miranda cursed. Her car was swiss cheesed, and John had fucked off to Narnia. These guys were ready for them. She thought it was all too perfect. It finally dawned on her. This was all to kill John. A bullet screamed off of the stack of cinder blocks near her head. She dropped lower. She was almost out, and her other gun was in the car. She had counted at least three officers were down, and another wounded behind the cars. There was no end to the guys, as the helicopter overhead was relaying info to the teams inbound. Soon, bullets met armor as not only did the swat team arrive with their operations command vehicle, but two armored transport vehicles. Men in black gear hustled out of the vehicles and started to drop guys pinning the local pd down. Fifteen minutes further and the warehouse was silent. The swat team found the blocked open trap door, and Miranda followed them.

 More gunshots, and guys screaming led them through the tunnel. Looking at her phone's map, she knew where this was going. Right into the vipers nest. The door was sealed. Soon it was breached.

  Miranda seen the pile of clothes. All girls, all young. She looked around as another swat team entered with their own warrant to meet the third who is fighting in the manor above. Apparently the DOJ was coming down hard on Mr. Dilleager. Miranda heard the sleezeball shouting behind a heavily barred door. It would take the team a few minutes to breach it. What troubled her, was the fact that John vanished. She doubted he would make it back home through all of this. so she waited by the team for the door to open.

Back in the hall.

  Mr. Dilleagers team was the best his money could buy. All former soldiers, all itchy trigger fingers and loose and questionable morals. They seen the sparks of the door behind them being cut through. The men let Mr. Dilleager and his heavy shotgun deal with his problem as they prepared to kill whoever stepped through that door.
  This was not their lucky day. The swat team knew that there was an ambush waiting, as the one operator put away a small flexing camera. He counted five men in the hall, with one man walking away. The door opened slightly and a flat disk thing was thrown into the hall. Before the men could react, the room exploded in a bright flash and a thousand little rubber balls had beaten the personal guards back as the swat team taken them down easily. However a dangerous situation had arisen.

  In a flash, Mr. Dilleager was putting his shotgun in my face. I had my gun against his chest. We stood like that as the swat team entered. They shouted for us to drop our weapons. I couldn't. In his free hand was a grenade with the pin pulled.

  "No matter what happens, his grandson dies today. I can go to hell with a smile on my face, knowing I finished fucking over this shitty town. Generations my family ran things. Only to be fucked over by his great grandfather and grandfather. And now, my dad being dead, and his dead too, this ends here." He said as he clicked the trigger. I knew in the next second my life was over. So I pulled the trigger, until the weapon was empty. The grenade fell from his hand, as I jumped out of the way. The man was smiling in death as his body fell on the grenade and in a spray of red mist, his body was ripped up. However seconds later my brain registered a hot pain in my shoulder, and wetness.

  His shotgun fell from my head, and he shot me through my shoulder. It hurt like fuck and then I passed out.

Miranda's little quest.

The house was searched. The girls were taken along with me to the hospital. Most of them were just abused, only a few girls were truly raped. A team of doctors and mental health professionals came from the city to help the deeply traumatized girls. I was out of it, my shoulder had to be braced and I lost alot of blood.

 Miranda was ordered to search along with every agency involved. She found his personal office and began looking through papers. What she found scared the shit out of her. The man was going to start selling the girls overseas. They were almost ready for the first sale. The plans were to take all the girls out of the town, then bankrupt it and somehow make John the fall guy. It all came to light that his less than desirable family was involved, selling Mr. Dilleager all the info he needed on John. There was packets of photos of him and the girls hanging out. The person followed John for months. But there was only one photo that could have been bad. It was of Cassie and Debra making out by the window in Miranda's apartment. She stolen the photo. It was hot, but it raised questions.

  Miranda was no stranger to the girl love game. She liked and loved both men and women. However, there was a secret John could just not know. She knew him as a boy and her and the others loved him dearly. He was that kind of boy who would flip your skirt, but also hand you a flower. She, Felicia, Andrea and Irene loved him dearly. Though the four women went their separate ways in life, remaining friends, except for Felicia, fuck her. Felicia was Cassie's mother and grew up to be a self serving mega bitch.

  Miranda had the evidence and way to save the town. It was Mr. Dilleager from behind the scenes pulling his strings to work the town over for all its worth. The mansion was closed off, and all of his holdings were divided up once up for sale to some wealthy townspeople. The immigrants he enslaved were given the choice to stay or go home. Most went home, the few that stayed was taken to the city to be processed.

 As a side note, Harold was arrested. His name was Gregor. Naomi was a street urchin he picked up somewhere. He was paid to spy on John, and he used Naomi to find out his routines. Naomi had no home to return to, and Gregor was no longer talking. So Miranda decided to take her in, until better options were found.

End of danger, but more shadows..

  You know, its funny. Everything is absolutely a big joke. I laughed as the nurse changed my bandages and bathed me. The morphine was beginning to work, as the elephant sat on my chest. I was flying high again, and it was nice. I really did not notice much as four girls entered the room. Actually there were more outside, but these four were in uniforms. Schoolgirl uniforms, bobby socks and all.

  I couldn't help but giggle as my cock grew under the sheet. The girls blushed, mostly an act for the others outside. I could not tell who was who, my eyes were blurry. But after four kisses on the cheek, more followed. I woke up in the dead of night, to my room filled with gifts, flowers and such. I smiled as I fell back to sleep. I would read and open gifts in the morning. But the gifts were such that made me think life was going to be more interesting for now on....

(TBC see you later, and as always feedback of anykind is loved.)

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This would make a great movie!

Sometimes perfection can be... perfect hell.

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-Chapter 12- The Bells of Cologne Ring for Thee.

   I spent the next few weeks in rehab. My shoulder was almost completely ruined and it was a long hard road to getting it to the point I could use it again. However if you thought I would walk away smelling like roses and sunshine, you are sorely mistaken. I was questioned by every agency involved. I was also almost charged with a lot of crimes, but was released when they found out that I was just trying to rescue the girls.

   It was the last week of October, Halloween was just a few days away when I walked out of the hospital into the crisp fall air. I reopened the Theater, as everyone in town understood the closure. I was kind of sad. Cassie wrote in her diary that she truly loved Halloween. It was time for me to let it go. She was already in heaven watching me from above, passing the time until we see each other again. Amelia had spoken to everyone who worked for me, and we all decided to host a Fright Night Halloween party.

   The three theaters gradually became horror themed. I had a children's theater ready, with some kids and young adult themed horror films. The other two, had the really scary stuff. On Halloween night there will be a party after the last film, that will run until just after midnight. Amelia and the others had all decided their last kiddy Halloween was going to find them dressed as the latest girl toy craze. They would not let me see their costumes, opting for the week long uniforms to be the standard fare of nurses, police, cheerleader, etc. The older girls had a hand in helping the young ladies make their last Halloween as kids a night to remember.

  I tried to keep festive, but my shoulder would be in a brace for another few weeks, so my costume was a barbarian, or pirate.

 Under the surface.

  I had not known how far and wide Mr. Dilleager had his filthy hands, nor what he was all into, but a new doctor moved his practice across the street from the theater. It was a low income clinic, with various doctors that covered the wide spectrum of services working there. I was still jumping at shadows, as I waited for the other shoe to drop. It seemed like the other shoe was stuck in the air for the time being.

  Trying to regain the peace I lost, I threw myself into my work. I also had taken to working Amelia, Gretchen and Debra when no one was watching. I felt like an unseen presence was putting me and the girls in situations where it was easy to fuck them with no one watching. I was teaching the girls what to do if a projector goes down, when Gretchen was bent over the window sill where the projector would shine on the screen. Gretchen's breasts had grown a bit over the summer, so her house painter costume which was a messy white shirt under some baggy overalls. Paint was splashed in places on the denim. However the overalls were bunched at her feet as her breasts jumped with each thrust, while below, the darkness spread as the lights dimmed out.

   I had came in seconds when the red light switched to green. I pulled her out of the way as the advertisements started. She came hard as I held her arms behind her keeping her bent over. My balls were emptied as I slid my slick cock from her cunt. She smiled and kissed me as she fixed her clothes and returned to work. Passing her in the hall was Naomi who just nodded at Gretchen, as she came into the projector room to see me.

  I was not fucking Naomi. Not yet at least. Naomi kind of felt like she was not interested in fucking like her friends were, and I did not to push her into anything. Her costume was a gypsy fortuneteller. It looked modest, until the sashes moved just right, and then it became....erotic. No bra, or undies. The belt kept the silky layers in check to be modest. But underneath was as close to an authentic bellydancer uniform as possible.

  Naomi might have been a gypsy. She wore the costume well, even covering her mouth just below her eyes. She had a pouch with a Tarot deck, and a table in the lobby with a crystal ball and incense. I think she knew more about the culture than she let on. I allowed her to fortune tell, or do anything she thought she could. Not that I was a great believer in the spirits. But she did some things that I really don't want to repeat. But she let me know that Cassie made over the great divide safely and that she was fine.

  I cried a little. But now Naomi was talking to me about the snack stand needing more popcorn in the lobby. Going to the storeroom, she followed me. I started to load the cart with bags of popcorn kernels and other things they might need. *Click*, the door was locked.

  "Why did you lock the door?" I asked puzzeled.

   "Let me ask this, Why do you not see me as woman yet?" Naomi asked, as she stripped off her layers.
   "I did not think you wanted me to." I meekly replied.

   "I am woman, and I saved myself for you. Here, a little story before I take you." she licked her lips when the last layer of silk came off and she traced her fingers lightly on my bare chest.

  Naomi's orgins.

  Once there was a little girl, left alone on a dirt road. She did not know where she was, or why the people made her parents just leave her behind. Mother and father played music for the show. Granny had taught her the secret arts. All was happy. But now, money was not so good, and she really did not do much to help. So she was alone on road. She was taken in by one couple after another. Most of them were nice, some were not. But little girl was eating a stolen sandwich on her thirteenth birthday. Some shady men in alley where she slept were talking about some man in America calling in a favor. They needed a man and little girl to spy on someone. She tried to hide, but the man called Harold, he found her and told her he could find her a better life in America. She went with him. He lied. Every place they went, he tried to sell her to men for money.

  She would escape and come back and threaten to tell police. He would then move them around, until they came to a small town. Harold would get high, and drunk and try to use her. But she was not dumb. She would always be out with other girls when he was in that way. So big thing happened and Harold was arrested. Then the little girl was made to live with policewoman. Now girl is fourteen and wants the man that made her friends happy.

End of her story.

  She finished the story as she practically smashed her lips into mine and fiddled with my loincloth. I kind of cheated myself and while the fake fur tried to do wonders to cover my junk up, I chose not to wear the thong like underwear to hide my junk. She was already stroking me while we kissed, the charms on the golden chain rattled as she was moving her hips to match mine while trying to stuff as much as me inside her as she could. She hissed loudly as her first feelings of pain and fullness hit her. And in her lust filled frenzy she pushed through her maidenhood, and was now kissing me, while letting her pussy get used to me.

  She was in complete control as she bounced herself on my cock while using me holding her up and shelves to remain impaled on my dick. I felt my balls start spanking her ass with each thrust. She was getting louder and louder with her approaching climax, I tried to kiss her quiet, but I knew she was going to be a very loud fuck. Her first cock induced orgasm sent her mind over the edge as her very light caramel colored skin was flushing. I came harder than ever, emptying the last load I could muster and filling her womb.

  I was satisfied like the cat that ate the canary as I looked at the security monitor and noticed three girls with their ears to the door giggling. Then one of the college girls came up to shoo them away. She pressed her ear to the door.

  "We need three bags of popcorn at the lobby stand" I said loudly and the puzzled look on the girls face was priceless. She walked away shaking her head.

  Naomi took her time to redress as my spunk was dribbling down her legs. The silk layers hid it well. I loaded the cart as Naomi gave me a wicked kitten smile before going back to her table to do her thing. She was giving out trinkets and doing fortunes. I let her make some money, as I could not hire her because she lacked parents, ID, and citizenship.

   "Was she tight?" A whispered voice came up from behind me, on my way to the office to take my medicine.

   "Yes she was, Amelia." I replied to the cute nurse behind me. Amelia's costume was a normal nurses scrubs, with a name badge and clipboard. I kind of hoped she would be a little slutty with it, but she shocked me when the office door closed and she lifted the scrubs shirt and lowered the pants. She was naked. She smiled at me and stuck her tongue out at me.

  "Get ready for tonight. Big boy." She said as she vanished out the door.

  I sat down as I had taken the meds and was fighting back the pain. Tomorrow night was Halloween night and It would be a big night.......

(TBC see you next time!)

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-Chapter 13- All's Hallows Eve, or The Night of Naughty Bliss, Tricks, Treats and Chills.

  The cold chill in the air as the night was settling down. The town was all dressed up like it was Salem during the witch hunts. Everyone was passing out candy at their mailboxes as over the years children were getting caught up in trouble by going to the door, so it was decided that everyone who was giving out candy had to do it at the mailbox. It was a good night, since tomorrow was a Saturday.

   I was busy that day stocking up on candy, and having free movie tickets made for tonight to pass out to the kids trick or treating. The pub was in full on production mode, baking treats, and making snacks, and what could not be made here was outsourced to the local bakeries. The party was going to be in the pub and lobby area. I had let the tenants in both buildings know that there was a party going to happen, and all who had been living there were neutral about it, as my grandfather did the same thing when he ran the place. No one had a problem with it, save a new mother who lived on the third floor of the east apartments. Though honestly, she said she could manage as long as she and her husband could join the party, while one or the other was watching the baby. I agreed, and things were neatly settled.

   As I worked, I noticed it was time for the girls to be coming home from school.

  The end of summer, and into fall had done some wonders for the girls. They grew a little, filled out some more, and were generally happy. Though their social status did not grow better, it did not fall any worse. I could also say that their steady intake of hot man cock was like fertilizer for them, I felt it was no more than a nudge in the right way. Miranda sauntered into my office like she owned the place. Of course I did not gripe about it, cause I was almost sure she knew I was fucking her sister and now Naomi. If she knew she did a really good job on not saying anything about it. Though she was carrying a large brown envelope. Before she even sat down with it I knew what it was.

  "Really, Miranda?" I said as I nursed my coffee.

  "Hey man, its not my fault you are so damned trustworthy." She said as she plopped the packet on my desk.

  "Want a cup?, Its a bit strong today." I offered as I had taken a mug from the small cupboard where there was a coffee set up in the back of the office. I had removed my bedding and stuff, so most of the office became the impromptu break room.

  "Sure. How are you holding up?" She asked as she propped her feet up on my desk.

  "It hurts like fuck sometimes, but mostly I can do work, just not lift more than ten pounds." I said as I brought her the mug of hot coffee.

  "You are a lucky asshole, you know that? Most people, I mean all people would have been killed for doing that shit." She laughed as I looked over the papers. It seemed the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration services had fallen in line to grant Naomi citizenship, all depending on if someone was to give her a permanent home. I knew it. I fucking knew it. I could not blame Miranda, she was just a single woman raising her sister and being a cop. But I was still reeling from the pain of losing Cassie.

  My good hand started shaking as I signed the paper. It turned out since I was good enough to adopt Cassie, I was good enough to adopt Naomi. So I gave the stack of papers back to Miranda, who giggled into her cup.

  "What's so funny?" I asked slightly annoyed as I felt set up for this.

   "Just a memory came back to me. Want to hear it?" She asked and I nodded and relaxed into my chair.


   Miranda Age: 13 A few hours before John was hospitalized
  The sun was dipping low in the sky as four girls were having a secret meeting of the Girl Squad. Other girls were members, but the core members met up often as they were neighbors. Their debate had ground to a halt. I had enough of the boys pranks on us. You were just sitting there like a doofus reading a book. But my rage blinded me to who you were. It was quite easy to subdue you. I had later learned that you didn't fight back because of your heart condition back then. But soon we had you tied up in the abandoned playground that was in disrepair. No one really came out there, but it was ours. It was really funny how you struggled so hard to get free, not realizing if you were just a good boy, you would get a treat. And a treat you got. we all cut a small patch of our panties that day. You were the first and best I ever had.....

Back to now.

  "Yeah, you fucked us really good back then. You did not even struggle. We actually thought you were gay, until you lightly bit my nipple." Miranda said.

  "I can't remember much of those days. But I do remember loving some girls around my age." I admitted to her.

  "Yeah it was weird. Our other friends thought we should just let you go since we could not have you without hurting each other. But we talked to your grandmother. She told us we were still young enough to share you, without too many strings. And share you we did." She said putting her coffee cup down.

  "Now, I have to get back to work. I am on patrol tonight, and I hope I can stop by the party." She said as she walked out.

  "Yeah, tell the others at the station they are invited also." I said to her back as she left.

  The night had fallen and I have not seen the girls around. Most of my workers were working hard at their jobs and fishing for compliments on their costumes. I was still braced up, so I went with the death costume, and used my bad hand to hold the plastic toy scythe. I could have had a real one, as my grandfathers farm was just outside of town. The thought of dealing with my cousin who owned it now made my stomach turn. She was not a bitch, but she had some proclivities that weirded me out. So this cheap toy had to suffice. Technically I can't drive yet anyways. My grandfather did not really grow anything on the farm, it was mostly his retreat when life was wearing him down.

  The party was just an hour away, and the screams from the adults theaters was chilling. I was glad that my grandfather and the film providers had good taste in movies. Sipping some of the adult punch, the kids party was winding down, as the games were being played and prizes awarded. I stood by the door as the kids were leaving, giving out the treat bags I made this afternoon. Soon the children were home, and the adults who could attend were enjoying the party. Tonight was for fun, as my workers were passing out drinks and snacks.

    The itinerary for tonight was for a costumed talent show, horror trivia and a silent auction to raise money for the schools sports teams. I was looking over the talent shows acts and a name struck out. It was a four person act called Siren's Song. I scratched my chin on this one as it was suspicious. The first act was a couple acting out a scene from a horror movie. The couple turned out to be Gretchen's parents. They did a good job. The other acts on stage ranged from magic tricks to singing and dancing. Miranda recreated the flash dance scene with a chair. Everyone in the crowd was getting into it, as each act was more exciting than the next. I was worried that the Do gooder's girls were ditching work to trick or treat. They did, but the other workers told me that they would be underfoot here so they let them go out for an hour to get candy.

  Just as it was time for the Siren's to perform, the lights went out in the theater. I looked up and noticed my workers controlling the lights and giggling. I wish maturity was taught in schools.

   The music started and once the point the lyrics started I smacked my head. The song was the instrumentals to Tained Love, and the singer to start the song was Amelia the Not too sexy Succubus. The lights flared on the stage as Gretchen the wolf girl (?) sang her part, then the sexy kitten girl Debra sang and then Naomi as a sexy zombie girl sang. The group sang and danced their way through the song but I noticed some things that the poor lighting might have hidden from everyone else. Like the lack of panties, the fact that their costumes afforded me a nice view of their asses and cunts. The adults just thought the girls were cute, flaunting their budding sexuality, but I knew what it was. They were practically screaming and singing at me to fuck them. When the show was over I clapped and nodded. They won first place, and then promptly shooed home as it was not a kids party. They vanished with a wicked smile. There would be more treats tonight that I could taste....

(TBC See you later!)

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-Chapter 14- Love that Needs Tools.

   An hour after everyone went home after the party I was back in my room, my shoulder was aching and I just wanted my meds and bed. However things would turn out quite wickedly. I would come to know a bit more about the town from the events of the dying night. At the witching hour, I started hearing noises in the apartment. I groggily got up and used my penlight that was on my night stand to look around. I opened Naomi's door to find her and the girls in their night clothes passed out on their hoards of candy. I left them to sleep as I made my way to the living room. Something hit me from behind, and the world lit up before going dark again.

  A few minutes later I was in an unfamiliar place tied to a comfortable bed. A cool breeze made me aware of my nudity. I felt a hard cold thing trace a small path down my chest right to my cock. A voice I never heard before, spoke with a sultry voice that would make any porn star jealous to the room.

 "Not by magic nor might, we will save the town tonight!" the voice chanted as more voices spoke up leading to a sensual chant.

  Soon after, a hush fell over the room. Pages were being loudly flipped somewhere above me. The blindfold was removed and I seen many figures in dark robes. The robes did not hide the fact that they all were women and girls, and very naked underneath. The woman who was surrounded by candles on a dais of sorts started speaking again.

   "John Guyrenski, the first born grandson, the savior of the theater, you have been deemed a worthy sacrifice for the good of the town. Tonight you shall give of yourself to us, as to keep our town safe and blessed." She said as a cup was placed to my lips.

   "Drink it." she commanded. I could not fight back, as a hand was rubbing my throat open and a pair of hands had my mouth open. The drink was sweet, but with a harshly sour aftertaste. Soon I was left alone, and my mind became really hazy. My dick grew harder than I ever had it before. The last coherent thought I had was I need to get away fast. I thrashed against my bonds in a primordial rage, to no avail.

   Soon I was being mounted by what looked like a middle school girl. The last thing I remember was I took her virginity. I was just a fuck machine from that point on. I fucked every woman in the room. Soon the leader was getting the last load my overcharged balls had, as women and girls were relaxing post fuck all over the place. My head started to hurt and I gratefully passed out.

---9 am.-----

I woke with a start in my bed. The events of last night seemed like a horribly sexy dream. I dislodged myself from the puppy pile of the girls who stayed over last night and went to the bathroom. I was standing, mid piss stream, when a horrible wave of nausea hit, and I puked everything I had ever eaten up. I cleaned up and decided a shower was needed. I felt sticky and sweaty, so I cleaned up nicely.

  During the shower I felt a small stinging pain just above my dick. I go to the mirror and a bright red tattoo of a small red diamond angrily glaring at me. I was shocked to see it, and all the things I did in the dream came flooding back. I groaned. I start breakfast in the buff as I did not feel like dressing and my dick felt good in the cool morning air. The girls tramp out of my room, and wordlessly hit the bathroom. A few minutes later we are at my table eating a good breakfast. I had found a letter explaining last night to me, and was reading it. Long story short, this town was founded on the principles of women holding power, but men are needed to unlock it. It was all bizarre and surreal. The girls giggled as they watched me freak out.

   Soon the kitchen was cleaned up. There was time before I opened the theater so I had a hunch, and pulled that big old dusty book that knocked me out when I first claimed the place. I flipped through it, and it was all business stuff, until I noticed the pages were thick. I worked on a page until it separated, and I was rewarded with a journal that spanned back to the first day my great great grandfather helped found the town. I spent an hour reading the book, while being sucked off by Gretchen. It became hard to understand, the closer I came to coming. Soon she was rewarded with a mouth full of spunk, with that sexy little dribble down her chin. She smiled and shared the load with her friends who were watching t.v. before work.

  At work, I was majorly distracted. The journal told me the story of the town, how most of the men died in a mining accident, and the women were just fine. They had children from the men, so legacies would continue, but mostly the town was ran and kept safe by the efforts of the women. My ancestor was the one of the few men who actually worked with the ladies to keep the town going, but he did not want any praise. But it was also said he was rewarded by his wife nightly, as when she was either with child or her monthlies visited she would groom young women to bed him. Pretty young women, or childless widows, she used her husband to keep the town strong. So some of the women thought that this was a divine providence, and made it a yearly ritual.

   So I also learned that I'm not going to jail for sex offenses, as a packet of pictures was placed on my desk. The security cameras did not get the woman's face who left it, but I knew who it was. The Mayor. The note with the pictures said that I had the towns eternal respect. The pictures was of women of varying ages riding me with the best of their abilities.


   Monday morning found me going to the city. I needed a new bed. Fucking four sugar hyped girls last night on it proved to be just too much for the frame to handle. It did not help that I was giving them the bulls ride of their lives either. Also I needed my prescription refilled, so that could happen when I returned to town. I bought a new frame, and a wooden support to keep it from breaking again. I also decided to officially withdraw from college. I was not making any progress and my course load was too much for me to run the theater. I was making good money, so I did promise to stay in town.

   While sipping an iced coffee my phone beeps with a message.

       How are you? I made a mistake, and now I have nowhere to live now. Could I crash with you for awhile?


   Aww fuck no. No. No. No. Fiona was my flighty, spacey deep cousin. So far removed from me in the family tree, we could make kids that would not share any common familial traits. But my parents made me play with her growing up. She was 6 when I was 10. It was annoying as hell to have a first grader tag along on my adventures. She tried her best to keep up, but you all know how that is. She liked me, and loved playing with me because no one else would play with her. She was hit with the unlucky stick early in life. Freckles, glasses, bad teeth, and chronic ringworm.

    I had to think about this so I replied:


    wtf did you do? I can let you crash on my couch until you work things out with your folks.


She replied.


    There is no going back. I am sorry. But I can work for room and board. I will tell the story when I meet you. I am on the train now, heading there. Might need a truck. Love Ya!

Again I reiterate, fuck no. The only thing in my mind now is the bratty self assured girl who stopped being nice, and turned into a controlling bitch. But honestly I have not seen her since I left for the hospital. She did not go to the funeral and I knew why. An uncle of ours got handsy with her, and she spoke out, and the whole family rained hell upon her and her family. They tore her family to pieces. It got so bad that her father committed suicide, and her mother became an addict to escape it.

 I had returned to the town, and rented a u-carry. I sat at the station and waited for her. During this time, I left the college girls in charge at the theater. They were becoming quite dependable, and I knew they could run things smoothly. So I did not mind a bit of missing candy here or there, as long as there was money being made and the place did not fall apart.

  Two hours later, and the train arrives. People passed by and the only one left fighting to help unload her stuff with the porters was Fiona. No longer the gawky awkward girl, now a filled out, full figured woman, who is currently falling flat on her ass because her case she was pulling on gave up and the handle broke. I come hand help out, and another ten minutes later we were driving the truck back to the theater. I backed it up to the unloading dock and told her to use the service elevator to get to the second floor and put her stuff in the unused store room. She nodded meekly and set about her task.

  Returning to the theater after returning the truck, I found Fiona sitting in the pub with a distant look on her face as my employees were grilling her about me. Even the girls were in on it. She answered the questions, but clearly was like a rabbit in the middle of a pack of wolves.

   "Hey, Hey. Come on, she just got here." I said as I brought her a drink.

   "Thanks, cuz." she replied.

  The tension in the air was thick enough to drown in. It was obvious that Fiona being here was not a good thing to all parties involved with me sexually. I shrugged and went back to work. I let Fiona hang out, and watch a movie or two until closing. I rounded up everyone who could come, and took them to the local family restaurant. After dinner everyone went home, and I spent some time cleaning out my extra bedroom, I was using for storage, and making it her bed room.

  "Ground rules. One, Naomi lives here, and her friends come and go. I don't think you will have a problem with that, but if they get too rowdy, let me know. Two. You are an adult here, so you can share in some of the chores. Make a mess, clean a mess. Three. No strange men allowed in here. If you find a guy, let me get to know him before you bring him in here. Four. Curfew. I don't care if you stay up late, but no late night comings and goings. It plays hell with my security system. Five. What happens in here stays in here."
I laid out the ground rules for her. She nodded as I finished dragging the couch bed from storage into the room. Her stuff soon followed, and her room was decorated as she liked it. She had a large drafting table, and all her art supplies. Apparently she drew graphic novels domestically and some for the studio's in Japan. We were all kicked out, I mean it was just me and the girls in the room. The girls went home, and Naomi had a bucket of left over popcorn just wandering to her room. She gave a passive "Night" to me, and vanished into her room.

   Tomorrow would be something a bit strange....

(TBC Please keep the love or hate coming!)

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As usual, an excellent story! Ready to read more.

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It's an excellent story! Please continue!
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Unusual and yet captivating. Curious to read more, thanx

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Chapter 15 - The Book, The Bobbin, and The Crotchless Ribbon Bikini

    Fiona had spent the following week holed up in her room. Unfortunately, that meant she would use her phone to order food from me or delivery. Normally I would not give two shits or a flying fuck, as it was her money, but having to go to the lobby every time was slightly annoying to say the least. However, most of my staff and lovers had helped me with it, but no one wanted a second trip into her room. This was worrying as each girl would spend an hour in there, and when they came out, would curl up in a ball on my bed. When I questioned them about what happened in there, they just said "Things." It all came to a head Saturday night, when I found my lovers and a few employees on their breaks all curled up in balls in my room quietly sobbing.

  "What happened, girls?" I asked as the sad ball party was in full swing.

   "Things, John, bad things." The girls sobbed out loud.
  "Where are my models?" A sing song voice came from the partially opened door of Fiona's room.

   You would have thought that every horror movie monster had invaded my apartment as girls, women, and teens had tried to scramble to escape, only to be caught by Fiona who had this calm, but flushed look on her face standing between them and their eventual freedom. They all had begun disrobing, and walked single file back to her room, naked.

  To say I was a mix of angry, aroused and disturbed would be the understatement of the century. I followed this line of nude nubiles right into the room.

  "Get out now! You filthy man!" Fiona actually screamed at me. I knew she had some troubles in the past, it was whispered around the family circles, but to actually call her benefactor filthy was beyond acceptable.

  "Who do you think you are, out of the love of my heart I take you in, and then you just take over and abuse my precious employees and friends?" I said taking the scene in. There was assortments of fabrics, a large sewing machine, cameras, lighting, and a rack of costumes.

   "This is my room and safe space. You have no business in here." She was crying at me now. The girls tried to calm her down, but nothing was working as she collapsed in a heap on the floor.

   "Defiled. my sanctuary is destroyed by a horrible man--SLAP" Her right side of her face quickly blossomed red, and a very angry Naomi, Gretchen, Amelia and Debra was towering over her with an air of heated passion, the kind that is a result of one who has intruded on their territory and called their cherished mate trash.

   "John is our beloved. You may be his family, but you has no right to speak of him as if he was Devil." Naomi said in the thick Eastern European accent she has when she is angry. She hides in normally so its barely noticeable, but when shes pissed, its almost as if she was in her home country scolding a foreign lover who made a major mistake.
   The other girls in the room nodded, as they left any shame behind and began to radiate their righteous fury. If I had to be honest, I know most of them wanted me to see them naked.

   Debra and Gretchen pulled Fiona to her knees as the door was closed behind me and locked.

  "We do not think you appreciate what you have here, in John." Amelia stared in on her. "We know you were hurt, and we spent nights listening to the horror stories of your past. You even told us not to get close to John as he was just like every other filthy man on earth. But the thing is, what you do not know will stab you in the heart." She said as the other girls in the room grabbed me and stripped me naked.

  "That secret is, that most of us have indulged ourselves with John, and love him deeper than you could know." Amelia finished.

  "B--but most of you are way underage, he's a ped---SMACK." One of the girls in the room, Melissa Cheneux slapped her hard.

  "We all want John. Our parents know, and Halloween night we all had him. He will always be the best fuck I will ever have had." She finished as she rubbed her crotch in the delicious memory. Not only was she one of the girls I rescued, I even fucked her? My mind was spinning at this.

  "Pedophile? You think he came on to us? No, no, you stupid chit, WE SEDUCED HIM." Gretchen spoke out. "His dick is mad addictive." She finished using new slang she picked up in high school.

  "He loves us all so much that he would not hurt us even though I want to be spanked." Debra said, less timidly.

  It devolved into a discussion from the girls in the room about what they did to me or what they wanted to do with me. However it ended with Fiona naked being carried to me on my bed. I was moved to my room a few minutes earlier and told with no uncertain feelings that it would be bad if I was not ready for them in a few and not to leave.

   Soon, Fiona was literally carried from her room to mine, shaking with nervousness and anticipation. Of course she was family, but not really close enough to make it too weird. The girls positioned her over my awaiting cock, like they were initiating her into a secret cult.
   "Now Fiona, we know men have hurt you, used and abused you. But once you are full of John's loving cock, all of that will seem silly. Taste the true love that you could have been feeling all this time, and end that deep seeded Misandry!" The girls said as the girls with me held my hard cock up, as she was lowered on it.

  Fiona hissed in a sharp mix of pain and pleasure as she sank down until our hips were mashing together and my cockhead was just kissing her cervix.

  "This is rape, this is really bad!" She shouted to the room of me and eight other people.

   "So was what you were doing and trying to do to us." The girls said in unison.

   "But, sex between women is beautiful and gentle and carin---" she tried to speak as I began to buck and thrust upwards.

    "It is. But we don't swing that way all the time. Just because you are older, does not make us your playthings." the girls said as Fiona began to ride me for all she was worth, as she lacked the strength to get off of me. That and she was also being held there by the girls who thought she needed a good dicking to set her straight.

   I would like to say it was a beautiful love making session, but it wasn't. It was a hateful, revenge fuck, orchestrated by fed up girls who started to hate coming to my place. I fucked her silly. Not to brag. I was truly angry and upset. She was using me and hating me, with no sign of remorse. I actually cared about her, and she was a sort of first crush of mine, but it was a passing fancy. Now this thick bodied, thick headed woman was getting her insides blasted with my boiling hot load was nothing more right now than a mosquito buzzing in my ear. Things did not have to be this way, but for now and onward it will be different around her.

   Fiona's body was completely red from the shared orgasm. She was spent, and pulled off me, and left mewling in blissful agony on the floor as my seed puddled on my hardwood floor. After that we spent another hour or so fucking our brains out, until I got a call from my office below on my intercom.

---That Afternoon---

  I left the girls to their own devices with Fiona. It was for the best as they were going to set her straight. I mean eight angry women is nothing to mess with. So I showered, and returned to the office where the older children of Mr. and Mrs Klineson, the kind elderly couple who ran the bookshop on the right side of the theater, next to the barber shop/beauty salon. The bookstore had been closed for a couple of days, I thought they might have went of the vacation they always stopped me to talk about. Sadly that was not the case. Mr. Klineson and his wife of seventy-five years had passed Thursday night peacefully in their sleep. The children who lived far out of state had come to finish wrapping up any left over business.

  "So, mom and dad died. Here is last of the money for the rental contract. Also, we had already cleaned out their apartment, but we wanted to ask you to handle the bookstore. We would love to stay and clear it out, but we cannot, as we have pressing matters at home to tend to." The son and daughter spoke to me.

  "Well, I can clear the place out, and it saddens me to have lost them as they were a dear and sweet couple." I said as went through some papers I had my lawyer make for these kind of things that pop up. "Sign these please, and as a show of respect and sympathy, I will waive the clear out fee." I said as I slid the paperwork that releases the contents of the store to my ownership.

  Soon they were on their way to the airport, and I was given the apartment and bookstore. I called up to my apartment, and Naomi answered first ring.

  "Yes?" She asked, not saying what I told her to when answering the phone. In the background I heard some sobbing and wet smacking sounds.

  "You guys still busy up there?" I asked.  "One second, John." she said as she covered the phone.."Are we done with the sow?" she shouted, though muffled by her hand over the phone mic. "No, she still has some fight left in her." a voice said and a loud smack followed by a whimper was picked up by the phone.

 "Just come down to the lobby when you guys are finished, I need some help." I asked as I hung up to a "Make her clean it good..." before I was cut off.

  I left some evening instructions to my theater staff, and headed down the freight hallway that connects the businesses and theater. Its lit with cameras facing each rear exit. I unlocked the back door to the bookstore. I knew it was kind of a big place, but with it full of books, boxes of books, supplies for school and study, and everything related, the place was cluttered. But it remained a popular place for students and book lovers alike. I used to get comic books from here, as the old man would stock all kinds of comics, though against the wishes of his wife who was a traditional book purist. There was books piled up to the stairs to the second floor landing. Kids were not allowed up there, as those books were either adult, college level reference or nothing a child would read. It was the grown up safe spot to talk or read. I opened the cash register, found some money, and then the safe combination. I opened the drop safe, and found cash bound and labeled for at least four months of business, right up to three days before they died.

  Though they were old, they were sharp minded and shrewd. So little got by them. And despite their age, they were not hobbled by age, so it was a surprise that they would just die like that. I sat in the big puffy chair that I used to when I was a boy, where the old man and I would talk about the latest exploits of our shared favorite superheros.  The chair was showing its age, but also the care of being cleaned and repaired over time. The main showroom of sorts was dimly lit, as the windows had a blackout tint over them to let the shoppers have a small amount of privacy as they bought books and supplies. The air was a little heavy and musty as they rarely used the A/C citing that the cold is bad for books.

   I started to clean up lightly, when the back door buzzer sounded. Little did I know that this was the start of something fun but weird....

(TBC, Catch you on the flip, thanks for the kind words!)

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Chapter 16 - One for the Ages.

   It was late afternoon in the bookstore. The barber shop was closing up next door, and as usual the freight hallway was empty. But this day there were seven naked people leading a naked woman by a collar and short leash. With them, they brought the extra carts left in the hallway for the businesses to use to move stuff to their stores.

   "John, we bring this new toy Bitch to assist you in what you needed help with." Amelia said matter of fact.

  "Uh..okay." was all I could muster as I brought them in before anyone could see them. Luckily there was little visibility from outside the store, as the blinds on the door was drawn closed. Even the security gate was closed and locked. Not that it needed one, no one really caused any store here downtown any problems. The most trouble was the occasional drunk pissing in an alley. But this afternoon just beyond a metal gate, behind less than a quarter inch glass was a gaggle of naked women sorting, cleaning and frolicking in a closed down new and used book store.

   I have to digress here. They were not a hundred percent nude, the girls wore thigh high leather boots, to match their entire demeanor with Fiona. It was clear that Fiona was now on the bottom of the "John's Potential Sexual Partner" totem pole. What that means, of all the girls that are allowed to touch me, or each other, Fiona was now lesser than the youngest girl in town. Again, I have to remind you, I am not in a creepy van giving away free candy, nor do I want to fuck every little girl between the ages of 13 to 18. No, as you may have guessed, most of the mature women, and older girls and even the mature girls control my sex life. Its not spoken out loud, as the original four hold dominance among the horny vixens around me.

  Its like an Alpha pack situation. And no, it really isn't a dream come true. I did not know this was going on at the time, just trying to overcome the problems and losses I suffered blinded me to the reality of my situation. It would be years until I learned this. But right now Fiona was forced to push a heavy crate bent over as she was being spanked across her ass. A blind curtain turning rod made do as an impromptu riding crop. It was leaving red streaks across her ass. She could only slightly whimper. A dirty part of me wanted to take her again like that as both holes winked their approval at me. But I was told to finish taking inventory of what was done on the first floor.

   It had become a daily thing for the next two weeks. The Harvest Festival was coming around, and with it came the open air street farmers market, that lasted a week, with the almost nightly parties, dances, and other events celebrating the absolute final harvest of crops before winter. The final event was a Masquerade Ball and silent auction. But that was still less than a week away.

  Today was a crisp fall morning, it was a Friday, Naomi was already ready for school, eating her breakfast with Fiona, who now does not hole up in her room much, except to finish her drawing obligations. Fiona has also become more proactive in helping me design cute uniforms for the Theater and pub. The older girls liked them, as it was matching short skirts and cute tops, the younger girls were ecstatic that it was not a school uniform. I sat and was drinking my coffee when the buzzer rang, signalling that the other girls in the building were picking up their friend for school.

  "Uhh, John. We have to talk about this.." Fiona spoke up mustering the courage. Fiona usually avoided me mostly, unless it was to talk about the uniform, and to give me money for food and such.

  "What is there to talk about? You knew this town was pretty fucked up under the surface. I have grown to accept it, because even as twisted as this town gets, its a hell of a lot better than the life I left." I said cutting off any complaint from her.

  "But John, you fucked me. You fucked them, and you let them do things to me. You are a horrible monster!" She bit back at me. She was right, I did not even try to stop them. Why should I? Honestly, the lack of morality in all of this did not concern me. I know the girls feelings. I promised to take care of them, even if I never touched anyone again. The town's women drugged and fucked me silly, so I probably have fucked everyone who works for me, on top of a few others. I am not even attempting to brag about this. I was blasted out of my mind by whatever they gave me, so I cannot count any of that night as a win. But in the least, the mothers accepted me deeply enough, if I do choose one of their daughters to marry, or even date that there would be no problems. I was not going to say that to Fiona right now.

  "I did. But no one said no. I have not forced anyone to do anything they did not want to do in the first place. God Fiona, this shit in this town has gone on for generations. Generations. I cannot in good faith or whats left of my morals justify any of it. But if no one is crying about it, calling me a rapist and the FB FUCKING I isn't making kids show on a doll where I touched them, then who am I to cry foul over the fact I have been having sex with minors and adults alike?" I pleaded my case.

  "John, you are a cretin. Deep down you love all of this. This shit you think is love, is getting you off in a deeply psychotic way. Oh poor Johnny, sickly little fragile John. He was on the verge of death, then loses his parents. Oh life fucks you over, so you decide morals be damned, you will live as you please, fuck how any of it affects the people involved, as long as your prick gets wet, right? You even fucked a poor girl to death, you fucking bastard." she almost screamed at me.

  I got up and left, before I completely lost it.

  "Oh run away some more, that's all you are ever good at, and look what its got you, nothing. You and your dick must be real fucking proud." She shouted at me as I slammed the door behind me.

   I honestly started punching the pad on the loading dock in the alley. It was not as soft as I hoped it would be, and my knuckles started to hurt and bleed. I heard a stifled laughter from behind me.

  "She really let you have it, didn't she?" Miranda said as my shoulder was burning in pain worse than my knuckles.

  "Hey, Hey, big boy, stop that before you reopen your wound or make it worse." she said as she stepped up to grab my shoulder. I barely had sense enough not to snatch away from her, or she could count that as assault.

  "You heard all of it?" I asked, prepared to go to jail for incriminating myself for multiple counts of statutory rape. Reading my mind she got into my face real close.

  "I don't even think the devil in hell missed that bullshit." she started in on me. "John I am going to be brutally honest with you. We all knew you were fucking my sister and her friends. Hell, we were taking bets on when Cassie would start showing. The only reason you are not buried under the jail, is this simple thing. Statutory rape. This town has had a very liberal view on the sexuality of our teenage girls. Basically if its not a problem then nothing happens, until it becomes a problem. And John, we all know you aren't the local pedophile creeper. They initiated it with you. They also carried Fiona, and forced her on you. It was wrong of them to go that far. But when Debra came home literally shaking with anger at how Fiona treated you, and how deep her misandry ran I could not comfort her. I simply told her to do what she felt is right. The boots were my kinky idea." she concluded.

 To say I was floored would be this generations greatest understatement.

  "John, don't be so shocked. Am I mad at you for fucking Debra? No. Jealous, fuck yes. But me and the other mothers have been watching you closely, and if we think things get too rough for them to handle, then the girls stop being around you. Period. Also who do you think taught them the things they do to make you empty your balls? Not the internet, porno mag or video. No. It was us. You ever wonder why after so many loads no one is carrying your baby? Birth control. We had them put on it when your grandfather passed. We all knew you were coming back. Now let me go talk to her. Not just as the guardian, nor cop, but as a woman. It seems my sister did not get it through that shut ins thick skull." She finished her bombing raid of secrets and left me in the alley to walk into my place.

  Suffice it to say, that Officer Miranda drove all of her points home. The last thing she said, I heard from the open window above was the heavy clank of metal on a wooden table.

   "After all of this, if you think he's such a monster, then you go arrest him yourself. He's down stairs ruining his body punching padding. But I can almost assure you that no charges will every stick. Not because of me, but no parent who knows him will press charges. Fuck, I highly doubt any girl hes fucked will want his dick locked away. But if you insist on pressing the issue, heres the cuffs, go do the work yourself." She said loud enough for me to hear below.

  "Why do you all love him so much? Hes just like all men, only thinking with his filthy dick, cant even care about anything else." Fiona shouted.

   "Simple. John is a truly nice man. He fucking walked through a major gunfight to rescue my sister and her friends. Then he took a shotgun slug through his shoulder. If I were a betting woman, I would say that after all of that, there was not a dry panty within the entire town from women and girls, hearing about how he rescued over thirty girls and helped bring down a human trafficking ring. Now tell me is he such a piece of shit that because we let him fuck our underage daughters, who practically wanted to so bad that they forced him against his will to, that you cant see past him having a dick, because some asshole touched you badly and no one believed you, and appreciate the man that is letting you crash with him out of the kindness of his heart? You stupid bitch. You sit on your high horse taking advantage of him, while cursing him behind his back? So get your ass up and go arrest him and file formal charges. Booking shift changes in twenty minutes. GO NOW." she yelled as Fiona started to openly weep.

  "Men are trash. Just because you have his cock on your brain. He owes me room and board. He left me alone. It was because he left that I was molested and subsequently raped. But no one fawned over me. Oh no, he was the family sickly miracle child. Then he just leaves. He just vanished. Then years later I hear that he inherited this place, while I got nothing. Not a fucking thing. I worked hard, I perfected my art and won awards. Do you think anyone gave a fuck. No." Fiona cried out.

At this point I was quietly making my way into the apartment, and as I passed them, Miranda was hugging a deeply crying Fiona.

  I would learn later that it was not the bad shit that happened to a young Fiona, nor jealousy, but pure unrestrained love from a simple little girl who crushed on a distant cousin who showed her love and kindness when no one else would. It became twisted and dark as her life was not becoming any better. Miranda had taken her to a good therapist. Fiona would calm down more in the days to come, except the girls did not let up on her.

--A few days later---

  I was in no big hurry to finish the clean out of the bookstore. It was not like I had people lined up to rent the space, and honestly, I was not really losing any money on keeping it closed, as I had come to use it to quietly read, as the old man had done. However the noise outside from the town wide festival was picking up with the Harvest Parade. It was the signal for the beginning of the festival, and everyone was involved. I bought a float for the girls of the theater to ride in the parade on. I made my way to the sidewalk to watch my girls walk along the float handing out coupons for half off admission and the girls on the float to toss candy and trinkets.

  But in typical fashion, my employees have found a way to add some kink into this mix. And by kink I mean no one was wearing panties under the short skirts, and every cold breeze that would lift their skirts would make them fake blush and innocence. I do honestly wished someone would call them down for this, but I will be fucked if I wanted to be the one to do it. At this point I was quietly resigned to all of their sexy pranks.

   The parade went down without much trouble, except for the little tiff that the Mary Kay ladies had with their rivals, when their floats bumped slightly. Most of all, it was almost turkey time, and I could not be any less happier.

  It was a sour point for me, the holiday. Hospital turkey meals sucked. I only got a handful of turkey days with my folks, then after it just stopped being special for me. So I started declining offers of joining meals with other families. Not because I was shy, or the food might suck, but I just could not sit to a meal with the family of the any of the girls I was railing.
  Fiona was in high spirits, which annoyed me. She was a holiday person. She sang songs, and baked pies for the festival. All of it was completely out of character for her. But then again, most of what I knew about her was outdated information. She did open up to me, and its an ongoing process. Right now, shes accepted me as not a child eating monster, and I respect her boundaries, which include letting her fuck my girls, and me fucking her brains out on a whim.

  The lolita complex runs deep in Fiona. The girls now have her trained to be a good little bitch for me, though there is still a glimmer of resistance that has not been snuffed out yet. Just like this morning.

  I do my usual. I wake up, dislodge myself from whoever or however many girls are in my bed. Not bragging. Go piss. Watch Fiona lick my nights load from Gretchen's snatch. Watch Debra lick my load from Amelia's snatch. Watch Amelia lick my load from Fiona's snatch. All while all four are trying to get clean in a semi crowded bath tub. Go into kitchen, get my small bottle of chocolate. Find a clean pair of boxers in my drawers. You know, the typical morning.

  But this morning was different. The school was letting out early, as the Harvest Athletic Meet was happening today. And after having another load sucked out of my cock by Amelia, who now knows why girls in porn usually unbutton the school girl blouse and bra, I headed down with the girls who were already racing downstairs to catch the bus. Fiona was already in the freight hall organizing the boxes of books to be stored in storage. I could sell them, but why? I had an almost empty basement storage, and besides I was was still in no hurry to completely clear the old bookstore out.

  I started going through the old couples records, finding long standing invoices, and other things that needed attention. I could not stop this months shipments as they were already in route and paid for, but the things I could cancel I did. I pulled out some odd looking folders. In it was invoices, but in what looked like Japanese. Odd, so I called Fiona into my office. She started stripping as soon as she came in.

  "Make it quick, I have to finish inventorying the rest of the first floor books." she said as she bent over so the goods were in full display.

  "Fine. But before you go back to working on books, look at these for me." I said as I had her hold onto my desk as I slowly worked my cock in.

  She protested me going slow, but I wanted her to feel every inch, how else would she come to adore this dick? I finally made her cervix and my cock kiss like long lost lovers, then I pulled it out and rammed it in deep. I began jackhammering her cunt as she was trying to read the papers.

 "Uhh...unf...too...hard...cum....sooon." she could not focus as I showed her bitchy pussy no mercy.

  Finally after a few more strokes, I painted her insides with my man milk. After she calmed down and regained her focus, she finished reading the papers.

  "Well, that was a nice little fuck, at least you made sure I came before you, so your not that bad." she smirked before telling me what was on those damned papers.

  "The papers are ongoing invoices, but most of the stuff was on back order. The latest on said that five cases have been translated and are on its way. Most of these Japanese companies sell light novels, and manga. Its strange. There are two major American importers of anything anime related. And they only mostly only do large orders for distributors or shops." she said as she finished.

  "Wait, none of this is right. The old couple would have had to be either a major bookseller, to get these orders or something." She used my computer, practically kicking me out of my chair.

 "Shoo, shoo. This is Fiona work. Go pop some popcorn or something." she kicked me out of my office.

  I was not mad at her. This was her world. I was not a fan of anime as much as she was. I read it in the hospital, usually whatever was left for kids or boys. I did watch the cartoons on vhs when I was in the hospital, but in no way was I an anime nerd. The clock struck eleven thirty, and the school bus let out. Today was different. The girls, and I mean almost every girl in the building rushed through the halls to get home. Minutes, and I do mean minutes later, my once quite, and closed lobby was filled with chattering girls. Girls in ponytails and sportswear.

  "John, sorry. We kind of volunteered the lobby for the girls team in the Meet. And the first event is a Main street Dash versus the boys. And since the starting line is really close, we are going to warm up here."  Gretchen spoke up as she was stretching.

  Wow, no one was giving a single damn that they were giving me a show. Tight asses, firm tits straining against sports bras, it was what I like to call sportsrotic. That level of eroticism that comes from watching women and girls showing off their bodies in athletic situations. It was not weird at all that I was popping a boner. What was weird was the quiet pointing, no giggles of embarrassment, but more like almost drooling and plenty of forcing themselves to stop staring right in my crotch. Hello ladies. My eyes are way the fuck up here.

I did what any good boss would do. I pulled off all their clothes and made a huge fuck pile single guy many girl orgy in my lobby. I wanted to. They probably wanted it to. Was I trying to put out the fires of Fiona thought inferno of me being a pedophile creep? Yes. Would me fucking even more than the five I am currently juggling help? Doubt it. Does the girls doing the things I am trying to avoid watching just to bag my attention help also? Fuck no. Does Fiona watching them from the doorway, sizing them up help? No.

   So what does my dumbass do in this situation? I offer water bottles and snacks. I fed them, and let them use the lobby. The biggest reason I am not plowing a whole field of fresh young quim is that people are already outside the lobby. Apparently they blocked off main street and the dash course. It also did not help matters that Miranda and another female officer was in the lobby in their workout clothes warming up with them.

  The officers were there to keep the boys out, and to run with the girls. This dash was a town tradition. In eighteen something, the towns winter food storage had caught fire. In this race its a mix of dash, relay and endurance. The first two boys and girls will run two blocks from start. Grab a bag of grain, run it back to wagons, load it as two more do the same. The winners are the first team to load the wagon full and push it up the street to the park where the original storage was.

It looks promising, for the girls.

(TBC see you next chapter. Sorry this was a bit preachy but I wanted Fiona's story out there without too much.) 

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Not preachy at all, good character development!

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Foot tapping, arms cradled, and whistling, as I look up at the clouds, patiently waiting for more!