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on: June 19, 2020, 06:05:04 PM
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  This particular story features characters under the age of 18.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.


Lea woke gasping and sweating from a bad dream in the near dark hearing the little one crying softly.  The little one wasn’t even old enough to crawl yet, but she had learned that crying was not acceptable.  Even those soft sounds stopped as she began feeding the little one from her breast.  Any sound could result in being heard and found.  Inside was a very dangerous place, although the rumors say Outside was dangerous too, just a much nicer place to be and filled with food.  Outside was where she had to go to get food, but she wouldn’t stay.  The price for food was bad enough.  The price to stay was worse, although some chose to pay it.  The lithe dark haired girl with uncharacteristic slightly brown skin for a girl rarely exposed to the sun stretched as best she could while nursing.

She had given birth to the little one in this very spot.  Some people called these places by the strange name ‘air duct’.  Small rectangular stripes at big as her thumb along the inside of the air duct, approximately the length of her body apart from each other, glowed with a faint blue light allowing her to see enough to do things.  The same blue glow could be found in the larger passageways by larger stripes.  These stripes would get brighter as you approached which was a blessing and a curse.  The increase in brightness would allow you to see better, and that was the original purpose.  Seeing the glow increase somewhere near you would tell you someone was coming, but the glow from your movements would also tell them you were there.

After switching the little one from one breast to the other and then essentially draining what little available milk there was from both tits, Lea looked at the last of her food reserves, half a browned and partially dried fruit some called an apple and six small beans.  She ate them not even denting her hunger.  Sighing and knowing there was no other option, she wrapped the little one in the few available rags and prepared herself for the danger of leaving the air duct.  The little one could not go with her.  She needed to be as fleet as possible, and the only burden she could risk is the crude bag she hoped to fill with food and carry back.

Male tribes came in three varieties with some occasional blurring between them.  The ‘Outsiders’ were those that had gained enough strength to hold a section of Outside for their own, working to cultivate food under the wonderful glowing sun.  They planted, tended and guarded the food and passed the knowledge of how to do this to others.  ‘Raiders’ led raiding parties up from Inside attacking Outsiders and stealing food before retreating back down Inside.  Sometimes Raiders would successfully grab Outsider territory and keep it and become Outsiders.  In the deepest darkest depths of the 35 levels of Inside lived the Cannibals, who didn’t go Outside for their food.  Lea shuddered thinking of them as she prepared to leave the air duct.

Males born Inside to girls like Lea usually formed their own child tribes as Raiders with many exceptions.  Sometimes a particularly strong and smart boy could convince an Outsider tribe to take him in adding to their strength, although most Outsiders were born Outside to girls that lived there as slaves.  Lea had the option of being one of these slaves, but like most Insider girls, she chose freedom and paying for what she needed.  Raiders and Cannibals also added to their strength by adopting boys, although no one really applied willingly to the Cannibals given the obvious danger.  With regards to Lea, all three male groups had one thing in common.  They wanted to Rape her as often as they could.  Outsiders would pay for the rape as they had control of the food.  Raiders would rape her until bored usually letting her go if she survived.  Cannibals would rape her until she died, and then eat her.  She had to go to the Outsiders often for food.  She had only been caught twice by Raiders and survived both times.  Her survival thus far meant she had never been caught by Cannibals.

The one thing all people seemed to agree on was the knowledge to cultivate was sacred and must be shared with all to keep the food coming, and that destroying food and food plants in anyway was the ultimate sin.  Inside was kept clean by all waste being deposited in the numerous designated recycle areas including human waste, food waste and dead bodies.  Lea had heard there was a different system Outside called ‘composting’.

Frequent death from childbirth and being weaker and subject to being raped to death meant there was only about one girl for every four to five men, thus making them a sought after commodity.  Lea walked carefully cringing at the stripes getting brighter in front of her possibly alerting human threats.  She had a carefully choreographed route to the opening to Outside that was her destination.  The route was mostly up ladders peeking carefully in each corridor before rapidly climbing the next ladder rising a total of seven levels.  She stopped briefly at one of the numerous clean water stations and drank as much as she could, and then cleaned herself as thoroughly as possible.  Just before reaching the door Outside stopped at a recycling center voiding her bladder and bowels.

The guards at the door noted her presence and sent word.  It didn’t take long for males to start to gather to view the goods.  Lea shucked her rags to the floor to display the commodity she had to offer, pressing her chest out to make her breasts look as big as possible and parting her legs slightly giving them a better look at her pussy.  She had been to this particular door to the Outside and this tribe many times noting males she recognized as they gathered to viewed the goods.  An almost violently shaking blond girl shuffled up near her and dropped her rags to the ground too.  Lea noted the girl’s barely protruding breasts and sparse blond pubic hair estimating her age at about three fourths hers and just entering puberty.  The girl’s fair white skin and blond hair was in stark contrast to her brown skin and dark hair giving the men the variety they sought.  She figured the girl had been waiting hoping for someone else to show before presenting herself too.  It would take some of the burden off both of them.  The Outsiders may pay for using you, but they wouldn’t let you leave until they were satisfied.  There was no, ‘OK got enough food now, I’m leaving and sorry you all couldn’t take me.’  You left when they finished with you.

“First time here?  Virgin?” she asked the shaking tiny blond girl beside her.
“Ya…yes…and yes.  Momma said I needed to earn my own food now.  She has two other little ones,” the nervous girl answered.
“Hold out for a while after telling them you are a virgin.  You should eventually get more for the first one that takes you.  I wish someone told had me that.”
“Thank you,” the young girl replied
Thinking some more, Lea added, “Learn to use your mouth on them really good so they recognize you and ask for that more often.  You’ll get pregnant less often, it’s easier on your body, and you’ll get a little bit more nourishment that way as long as you swallow it.”
“Yeah, momma did tell me that.  She even made me practice on whatever we could find that fit in my mouth until I stopped gagging so much,” she girl replied.
“You had a really good mother,” said Lea thinking of how her own mother never told her these things  before and all the slaps and beatings she took until she learned to take it deep in her mouth and keep her teeth off it.  Her mother disappeared when she was even younger than this girl.  Lea didn’t even know if her mother was still alive somewhere Inside or not, but it was very unlikely.  The blond girl whispered her name was Tia and Lea whispered her name back.

One of the males approached Lea, while the blond girl proclaimed her virginity saying it should get her more than the usual for the one that takes it.  Lea saw most of the males were looking at the blond girl, but she knew that was because they had not fucked her yet.  Lea glanced around recognizing all the men as having fucked her at least once.  She would need to change Outside doors she went to next as the Outsiders liked variety.  They had girls of their own they could fuck whenever they wanted.  They only paid for girls like her for variety.  Lea nodded at the small amount of fruit, vegetables and beans set by the male near her bag it being the usual amount and dropped to her knees hoping to suck him off, but he pushed her on her back.  She quickly spit in her hand and rubbed it on her pussy to make the first one easier as he readied his cock.  His entry was rough and typical of all men making her wince in pain.  She opened her legs wider to help his thrusting.  Turning her head to the side as the man grunted on top her plunging his cock in her pussy, she saw the blond girl shaking badly getting on her back as a grinning male yanked her ankles apart.

Tia the tiny blond spit desperately in her hand as momma had told her trying to apply as much saliva as possible to her pussy crying out as the terrifying male twisted her nipples on breasts that only recently began forming.  Impatient, the man slapped her hand away as she tried to get more saliva on her pussy.  She could feel him work a finger inside her briefly, and then he pushed at her with something bigger.  His hips jerked forward stabbing deep inside her, and she screamed feeling something tear inside her and began crying for her momma she knew wouldn’t come.  She continued crying profusely tears rolling down her temples making a sound of pain each time the male speared his abrasive cock deep into her body.

Lea felt the man on top of slam into her pussy a few hard times knowing he was about to finish, and then he plunged deep and she could feel his fluid filling her knowing as least it would lubricate the entry of the next one.  He pulled out and rough hands forced her on her hands and knees.  The impatient males eager to use her positioned themselves in front and behind her.  Just before talking the cock in her mouth, she glance to the side making sure they paid and seeing the food added near her bag.  She opened wide accepting it in and prepared herself relaxing her throat as he rammed it to the back of her mouth and beyond.  The male behind entered her roughly and began his thrusting.  In her peripheral vision, Lea saw the male on the tiny blond convulse and chuckle as he pulled out of her with blood on his weapon.

Tia felt the huge male thrusting in her more rapidly suddenly driving deep and spraying her insides with a nasty slimy fluid.  He laughed at her, and she felt him remove it from her sore pussy seeing her blood on his cock.  He barely moved away before two more Outsiders came over dropping a meager amount of food next to her bag.  Like the girl Lea, they forced her on her hands and knees head down sobbing.  The one behind her impatiently grabbed her small hips and plunged into her as she cried out in pain at his abrupt entry into her torn pussy followed by hurtful thrusting.   As soon at that male got a rhythm going her head was abruptly lifted by her hair, and Tia got a very close view of a male’s cock as it bumped her nose then pushed at her lips.  Knowing what was expected of her as explained by her mother, she opened her mouth to have it push between her lips and slide rapidly down her tongue.  Despite all the practicing her mother made her do with various objects, she still gagged horribly on the male shoving himself down her throat.  She felt the one behind her ram more rapidly just before filling her womb with his vile seed, and soon after the one in front grabbed her head hard and her mouth filled with his thick gelatinous semen.  It tasted terrible, but she swallowed it down knowing she needed the additional nourishment.  She was only allowed to gasp for a few seconds before groaning in pain as yet another male entered her from behind.  An then another held her head as she obediently opened her mouth for him her body rocking forward from the other one’s thrusting.  She choked again on this cock as he pushed it too far.

Lea had seen him among those waiting and shuddered.  The huge male was patient letting others from his tribe use her and Tia, but she knew what he wanted.   Finally it was his turn, and he motioned for her to get on her belly.  Shaking she complied all the while trying to transfer semen from her other rapists from her pussy to her anus.  She felt him straddle her legs, and then it pressed down on her tightest hole of the three the men used.  She felt him push and the pressure build, and then she let out a scream as his cock forced its way past her anal ring into her bowels.  The large male began the rough abrasive sawing in and out of her rectum making her grunt in pain with each thrust with tears pooling on the corridor floor in front of her face.  The searing pain was incredible as he relentlessly fucked her ass.  She clawed at the floor reflexively knowing she couldn’t get away but still unable to not try due to the horrible pain.  He held her pinned to the floor by his pounding cock driving deep inside her ass, until just when she thought she would die, he filled her bowels with his nasty viscous cum.  When he was done, another male rolled her onto her back kicking her legs apart.  She hoped he was the last one watching to see him add food to her pile.

Tia felt the male ejaculate inside her, and then climb off indifferently as she sobbed.  Her pussy felt like it was on fire it hurt so much.  She tried to sit up, but another male dragged her to her knees his erect cock pointed at her face.  She noted he had added food near her bag and opened her aching jaws to accept him inside.  She worked her sore lips and tongue on the male member thinking is this the seventh or eighth cock she was forced to suck.  After what seemed like an eternity the men finally finished with both girls, and they painfully gathered their hard earned food into their bags.

Tia and Lea descended two levels together using extreme caution.  Leaving an Outside door was even more dangerous than approaching one both girls knew as they walked quietly down a corridor.  Sure enough some lights in side corridor warned them of someone or more likely several people approaching.
“Run,” whispered Lea as she sprinted ahead of the younger girl
Tia tried to keep up, but the rapes had left her so hurting she couldn’t run as fast.  As Lea ran hard down the corridor she heard them catch Tia by her screams.  Seeing a duct opening, she slithered up and into it.  She began slowly and quietly crawling back towards the way she had come through the duct.  It took many minutes before Lea quietly crawled back to where they caught Tia.  She could see them raping Tia through one of the pin holes in the duct.  There were only four of them, and they were all adolescents not much older than Tia and younger than herself.  Lea watched the boys use Tia twice each and then take her food and run laughing away.

Lea found an exit and left the duct making her way to Tia’s almost still body.  Tia was so hurt she could barely move, so Lea help her up into the duct to hide her.
“I have a little one, so I can’t stay with you,” whispered Lea.
Tia just nodded looking helpless.  Lea placed an apple and a peach near her.
Lea whispered again, “I can’t give you more.  Rest here until you can move.  Go back to the same Outsiders and tell them raiders did this to you and stole the food you earned from them.  They hate raiders and will most likely take pity on you.  If you are a strong girl, you will handle earning more food from them.”
Tia nodded her thanks, but the fear in her eyes told Lea the girl might not survive.
“Only as a last resort, give yourself to them as a slave.  Good luck.”
Lea left the girl Tia to her fate.

Eating the best meal she had in a while, Lea decided it was time to move again.  The Outsiders that just used her body were too familiar with her now.  She also didn’t want to see the big one again that always used her ass.  She slowly carefully took her little one ‘forward’ as it was called.  She wanted to be closer to that special place her mother had showed her long ago.  Although she wasn’t sure if anyone else knew of it, so she didn’t make her nest there but nearby in another air duct.  Carefully wrapping the little one, she left and cautiously crept to the special place.  Worming her way under the large humming machine bypassing the locked door, she found it.  Sitting in the place called ‘Observation lounge’ she tapped her fingers on the transparent window, and looked through at the points of light and especially at the one much larger point of light in the center of the view.  Lea was sure this point of light was getting brighter each time she came here.

Lea was correct.  The point of light was a star known as ETA69115, and this mostly automated cylinder shaped colony ship had been traveling to this star and the green planet orbiting it for 412 Earth years.  Rotating to simulate approximately 0.87g’s of gravity using centrifugal force to mimic the gravity found on the green planet, the open inside of the cylinder was a vast greenhouse lighted by the fusion rod power source of the star ship at the axis of the rotation.  ‘Outside’ was the green growing inner surface, and ‘Inside’ was the various levels of the ship’s living, working and storage areas.  The long dead planners of this mission would surely have been surprised that the complete breakdown of ship society occurred at just over 100 years out and chaos has reigned for about 300 years.  8 kilometers long and 6 kilometers wide, the ship was built to house and feed approximately 250,000 people.  Slightly under 10,000 eked out a life on the ship now and dropping over time.  The ship would enter orbit of the green planet in approximately 4 years and wait for the ship’s technicians to begin the colonization process.  There were no such technicians anymore.  The barbaric society that had devolved on the ship would continue for a few more generations until mechanical ship failures eventually extinguished all life on board.