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Marco Takes One For The Team (Inspired by Shadbase)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1267

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These are a few stories inspired by the amazing artwork of Shadbase. These fantasies are about cross-dressing and sex amongst adults and teens with innuendos into incest content and forced rape (can you rape the willing?). If such things aren't for you then you might want to try a different fictional story. Enjoy!



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Reply #1 on: July 15, 2020, 11:07:16 PM
Chapter 1

Marco had always been super close to his twin sister Mia. They shared a bond more like identical twins probably because they both shared their mother’s dominant features. As toddlers and children, they spent every moment of the day together, and because of that, their personalities developed in sync. Marco developed a softer demeanor and was often bending to his sister’s will to play dress-up with her dolls or play house with her kitchen set instead of playing games with his male cousins and friends. Like identical twins, they would also dress similar. In fact, sometimes they would swap clothes, and it would take their mother half the day before she realized which child was which. Maybe she was just a busy, single mother and didn’t notice, or maybe she didn’t care that Marco was in a dress half the day. Either way, it was a fun game for them to trick others and to play dress up.

As they developed into their preteens, they stayed really close. Their bodies didn’t diverge too much either. First Mia got taller for a few years and gained some curves, but Marco quickly caught up and slightly passed his sister in height and weight. Even into their teens, if someone looked fast, the two teens could be mistaken for each other.

What started out as harmless fun for Marco and his sister eventually developed into something more private for Marco. It had been many years since his sister and him dressed up in each other’s clothes when they were children. It had been a few years since his sister would practice her makeup skills on her brother when they were preteens. Even though Mia had stopped their childhood and preteen games and fantasies, Marco had not.

At first, he didn’t know why he did it, but he would put on his sister’s clothes when she wasn’t home and just look at himself in the mirror. Her clothes were much more adult now, which tended to highlight her developing features and curves, and it was somewhat thrilling for Marco to slide on a pair of her thong underwear or favorite bathing suit.

He would assemble one of her edgier outfits and check himself out in the mirror.

Sometimes he imagined what is was like to be his sister or to be a girl, in general. He had a few dates with girls, so it wasn’t like he was gay or anything (at least he figured that wasn’t the case because he wasn’t overtly into guys at all), but he did find it thrilling and sexy to see himself morph into his sister before his very eyes, and he had to admit to himself that his reflection was pretty hot. He enjoyed adopting her look and her feminine demeanor; it felt natural for him. In fact, even though they were teens now, he still could pass for his twin sister.

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Reply #2 on: July 15, 2020, 11:08:50 PM
Chapter 2

Shortly after turning sixteen, Marco started dating a girl more seriously, and for a while, he stopped dressing up in his sister’s clothes, but old habits die hard, and soon, Marco was dressing up in his sister’s clothes again, AND he was dressing up in his girlfriend’s clothes. His girlfriend’s wardrobe opened a whole new world of styles and items he could sample, and for the first time, he looked at himself in the mirror and saw himself and not just his twin sister.

This shifted his thinking slightly. Instead of seeing his reflection as a reproduction of his beautiful sister (something he could model and replicate), he saw a unique reflection of himself that was equally as sexy and beautiful. When he would dress up, he was turned on by the reflection of himself, and he would imagine himself as a woman—not just as his sister. He would imagine that his eyes (that was looking on the curves of his body) was that of other men, who were drooling over his figure. He would fantasize about teasing men in his outfit just like his sister or girlfriend did when they wore such skimpy and revealing clothing. Marco would take pictures of his body and relish how hot and sexy the pictures looked, even though he was boy.

Dressing up was beginning to be a problem. He was doing it more and more, and eventually Marco’s girlfriend caught him.

She had come over to hang out before work. Before she left for work, they had a quickie, and even though Marco busted a nut, he was still feeling horny when she left. He was a teen with raging hormones, so there was seldom a moment when he wasn’t horny. She had left her clothes at his house when she left, and he couldn’t resist himself. He slid on her used panties. As he slid the thong between his cheeks and over his hips, he noticed her moist panties pressing against his taint. ‘Dam, I wish I had a pussy. I wonder what it would be like,’ he said to himself. 'I would be such a slut.' He slid on her pantyhose; he loved the feeling of the sheer leggings. Then he donned her shirt. He looked in the mirror. ‘Look at that fat, sexy ass,’ he thought. He reasoned it was fuller and bubblier and had a better shape than most the girls at his school.

Just then the door to his room opened up, and his girlfriend busted in to get the clothes she forgot. “What the fuck are you doing?” She caught him bending over the bed as he was capturing a picture of himself in the mirror. Little to say, their relationship ended right then and there, but she was cool about it and didn’t say anything to anyone. At least, Marco trusted her not to say anything.

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Reply #3 on: July 15, 2020, 11:11:06 PM
Chapter 3

It had been several weeks since Marco and his girlfriend broke up. He hadn’t had any sex, so he was especially horny. When he heard his sister was staying over at her friend’s house and his mother was working late, Marco got excited at the realization that he had the place to himself for that evening.

Immediately, he went to his sister’s room to find some of her clothes to put on. He opened her panty drawer and dug around for his favorite lace thong when his hand hit something large. Marco’s mouth hung wide with shock. Just below her panties Marco found a giant dildo. It was a complete shock at first because he didn’t really see his sister as someone who was so sexual. Like sure, she dressed like a little slut, but so did half the girls his age, and sure, she looked hot and sexy, but looks and actions are two different things. He knew she was sexually active like him, but he didn’t think she was into something so hard core. It was all so raw and graphic—the large, veiny, black dildo sitting amongst her panties.

Marco just stared at it for a moment. ‘It feels so real,’ he thought, as he pulled it out of the drawer; it was so big and heavy. He sat it on the table in front of him and examined it. It was sticky with a sheen of white residue and a musky smell of cum and lubricant. The sight and smell of it, and the thought that his sister’s juices were still all over the shaft was making Marco hard. Clearly, it had brought pleasure to his sister.

Marco had always wondered what it would be like to get fucked like a girl. He surely had imagined it happening when he dressed up in his sister’s or his ex-girlfriend’s clothes, but until now, it was just a fantasy. The reality of that fantasy was now staring at him in the face, and he could feel his heart rate quicken with excitement at the possibilities.

He didn’t waste any time. He pulled down his pants and positioned his ass towards the large phallus. He pressed his ass against the large shaft. It felt so huge against his cheeks; he was scared it wouldn’t fit or that he would hurt himself, but that didn’t stop him. He leaned forward and spread his ass with his hands, so that the shaft of the dildo was position between his posterior and up against his taint and sphincter. It felt good. It felt natural, he thought. ‘Ok,’ he thought to himself, thinking it is now or never, as he positioned the head of the dildo against the pursed opening of his anal sphincter. ‘Here goes my anal virginity,’ and with that, he pushed down on the rubbery dildo.

As he pushed back, his sphincter instinctively clenched. The more he pressed, the more his sphincter resisted. ‘This is harder than it looks,’ he thought to himself, as he attempted to gain control of his pursed muscle. His cock was rock hard, and the heat from his horniness, along with the sweat building from his efforts, began to moisturize the tip of the cock. Marco could feel the head of the cock getting slick between his hot cheeks. Maybe it was his sister’s juices or some remaining dried lubricant, but the head was slipping over his sphincter now, so he had to focus on his target much better.

Marco positioned the head against his hole and pressed down again intently. He focused, and he could feel the muscles of his sphincter relaxing. He pressed down some more, as his tissue parted over the tip of the cock. The slippery head found the damp heat from within, as it slid slightly forward. Marco pressed down more, feeling the dildo wanting to buckle under his weight, and he made another effort to open himself to this foreign phallus.

Suddenly, he felt his sphincter relax and the buckling dildo uncoiled itself from its spring-loaded position, which sent the thick head plunging into his anal canal and slamming against his inner sphincter. His inner sphincter immediately clenched itself against the intruder, as it spasmed. Marco was suddenly hit by a shooting pain that jolted through his pelvis and whole body. “Ohhhh fuck that hurts,” he blurted out. “What the fuck?!” Marco instantly lost his hard-on, as he winced in pain. ‘I’m never doing that again,’ he thought, thinking how the pain was like an anal Charley horse.

A few minutes later, Marco was feeling back to normal, and his cock was rock hard again. He couldn’t get the thought out of his mind of riding a cock like a real girl. As much as he feared more pain, he was drawn to the cock and a glutton for punishment; he wanted to get it in, so he knew what it was like to have a cock deep in his body.

He decided to lubricate the cock more this time. He figured that if it was more lubricated then it wouldn’t recoil and shove itself in his hole like before. He spit all over the cock to moisten it up. His saliva really did the trick, as it mixed with the juices that had dried on the shaft. He positioned himself once more. His heart was racing with excitement and fear; he loved it. He moved the head of the dildo to the hot opening of his asshole and smeared the juices over his sphincter. He pressed against the swollen head of the black phallus, and he felt his sphincter half-pucker before relaxing over the tip. He worked the tip in further, moving the head back and forth, which allowed his muscles to relax and dilate. The head slid further into his anal canal and pressed against his inner sphincter. He worked the head back and forth over the tight inch of muscles. It felt good, as the slick rubber passed across the tender tissue. With each contact against the sphincter, it began to relax and open. The lubricated head worked itself deeper into the opening cavity until the head finally slipped past the final gate.

Immediately his sphincter clenched against the rubber cock, but it didn’t spasm. Marco paused, as the muscles acclimatized to the shape. Eventually, the ring of muscles fully dilated and Marco pressed down, as the shaft slid into his rectum. ‘Oh shit that’s big,’ he thought, as he gasped at the feeling of his hole filling with the large, black dildo. He pressed down and six inches of the thick cock filled his hole before hitting a barrier inside his abdomen. Marco began to bob up and down on the slippery shaft just like a girl would, slowly at first, but soon faster. ‘Oh dam this is crazy,’ he thought, as he slid the cock back and forth in his body.

His cock was rock hard, and it was oozing his precum with each impact against his prostate. His sphincter was dilating more and more as the moments passed, opening itself to the pleasurable phallus, and it was pleasurable. The rippling veins weaving over the shaft of the dildo was adding layers of complexity to the pleasure Marco was feeling from these new found sensations. He never could have realized he would enjoy this so much. ‘Now I know why girls love big cocks,’ he thought, as his insides stretched and filled with the meat of the phallus. He wanted more.

He repositioned his feel on the table and pressed down. All nine inches of the dildo flooded his insides. ‘Holy shit,’ he thought, as the balls of the dildo pressed against his balls and his sphincter stretched over the thickening base. He held it in for a moment, feeling the shape engorge his rectum before pulling it out of his body.

His sphincter felt hot and gapping, and his insides felt hollow and empty. ‘I need to get it back in,’ he said to himself. He was completely hot and damp with sweat from his efforts, but he quickly moved to the floor with the dildo, and he plunged his body on top of the cock. He began to fuck himself, riding the dildo, sliding it in and out of his body. He loved the sensations, and he loved feeling just like a girl—getting fucked just like a girl. His ass clapped against the rubbery shaft, as he twerked on the cock.

Marco positioned his arms behind his body and leaned back, as he spread his legs. He bobbed on the cock, slamming the head of the black cock against his prostate. He could feel the tingling building in the tip of his cock. He worked the long shaft back and forth, swallowing six to seven inches at a time, and he could feel his orgasm building. His hard prick bounced in the air, as he rode the cock. Eventually, his orgasm reached a crichendo, as he began to contort and shutter against the cock. All at once, his rod started shooting streams of cum in the air, which landed on his abdomen and pelvis, but what was new, and what really brought new heights to his pleasure, was his sphincter pulsating around the dildo gliding across his flesh. It was so much more than what he was prepared for, which caused him to collapse on the floor, as waves of pleasure passed over his exhausted body.

The cock had fallen out of his ass, which was gapping and felt hot and abused, yet amazingly wonderful too. Marco laid there panting on the floor, as his body shuttered with pleasure and his ass and legs jiggled and trembled in exhaustion. He was catching his breath. He had never cummed like that before. Not by himself or with his girlfriend. It was like half of him was never involved in sex, but now all of him was being used and stimulated. This experience opened his eyes to a whole new level of pleasure and enjoyment he didn’t realize was possible. It also made him realize that through this than just cross-dressing he could experience more of what it was like to be a real girl. He really liked being a girl.

Marco eventually pulled himself off the floor once he caught his breath, and he cleaned up his mess. He cleaned the rubbery phallus then placed the dildo exactly where he found it in his sister’s drawer. He stared at it for a moment, thinking about all the fun he would have with it in the future, before closing the drawer. Then he headed off to his shower to clean up. In the shower, he thought more about the events that just had transpired. He got rock hard again and furiously jerked himself to another orgasm, as he imagined himself dressed as a girl and getting fucked for real. 'If only I could feel it for real,' he thought. 'It must be that much better,' he figured, knowing the difference between his hand jobs and his girlfriend's hand jobs, or from that to sex.

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Reply #4 on: July 15, 2020, 11:12:38 PM
Chapter 4

Over the following months, Marco used his sister’s dildo dozens of times to get himself off. Sometimes he would take the dildo in the shower and use it there. Sometimes he would dress up in his sister’s clothes and ride the dildo on her bed like he was his sister riding her boyfriend.

What started off as a challenge, soon became much easier, as the dildo no longer was as much of struggle to get into his ass. He was able to acclimatize himself to it much faster, almost as if his body knew what to expect. He felt the postural tension in his sphincter and his lower abdominal floor relax in the presence of the dildo. His sexual excitement would coincide with an anticipation by his rectum like a mouth beginning to salivate at the smell of something delicious before it ate, but instead, it was his asshole that was swallowing something wonderful. It would get especially hot and moist—almost clammy, which helped the lubricated dildo to easily slide in his body.

He learned the positions he liked best that brought him the most pleasure, and he developed his skills at twerking his ass on the cock and working the dildo like a real pro. His flexibility improved such that he could really rock his pelvis, spread his ass and hips, and he could really flex his lower back to pop an arch during his gyrating twerks. The extra few pounds from the holiday season only helped to add some fat to his curves that he could throw and wiggle about.

Curiosity and his fantasizing got the best of him one day. His sister had just left for work in a rush like she was late and forgot she had a shift. Marco went into her room and opened her drawer to get his black friend. His heart sank for a moment when he didn’t find the dildo in the drawer. He looked around the room and saw her bedding a mess. He felt her pillow, which was still warm. He pulled back the covers and found the dildo there on the bed, laying in a wet spot. It had a fresh coating of his sister’s secretions along the shaft with white collections of her cum in the veins and crevasses.

Marco couldn’t help himself and lowered his mouth to the dildo and stroked his tongue along the shaft, sampling his sister’s nectar. It was musky and salty, but sweat and appealing to his senses. His mouth began to salivate, as he licked more of her cum off the shaft. He was getting worked up at the thought of licking up his sister’s pussy juices. The phallus was still warm, as if she had jumped off the dildo only moments earlier. Marco’s appetite was growing, and he lifted the cock from the bed, so it was an erection staring him in the face. He hadn’t ever sucked the dildo, but his mouth seemed to be craving more of his sister’s flavor. He opened his mouth and wrapped it around the salty head. Saliva from his mouth drooled down the side of the shaft. Marco pressed down and slid the cock into his mouth, lapping at the flavor of the used dildo.

It’s musky scent and salty, sweat taste made him think he was swallowing a real cock. Marco closed his eyes and allowed himself to relax his throat, so he could sample more of the cock. He glided it to the back of his throat, as his lips wrapped around the thick phallus. It was a lot for his mouth. He was struggling to suck and breath at first, but eventually he found a tempo. He pretended it was a real cock. He rolled his tongue around the head and stroked the tip, as he slurped up the drool from the side of the shaft. He even sucked on the balls, as he stroked the long phallus before returning to the tip and sliding it back in his mouth. "Does that feel good baby," he said, as he imagined himself blow a young stud.

He wasn't attracted to boys, but when he imagined himself as a girl, for some reason, he could see himself with a man, sucking a man, fucking a man, even kissing a man. It was like his identity adopted the essence of the female form, and he turned into a sissy.

He didn’t last long sucking the phallus before he was naked and riding the dildo like he was use to, but after that day, he would work on his oral game before his riding game.  

His dreams were getting more intense too. It isn’t uncommon for young boys to have a lot of wet dreams as their hormones are raging, but Marco’s dreams were particularly vivid and raunchy. He would dream about being a little, slut, bitch, wore to a bunch of hung black men that would use him for their pleasure. He would attempt to swallow their huge cocks before eventually getting drowned in their cum. Sometimes, he would wake up from his dreams because he could sense he was actually moving his body, and he would realize he was mouthing or licking the air, or he had his hand down the back of his boxers where he was stroking the entrance of his sphincter just like a young, stud was doing to him in his dreams.

Marco’s fantasies were clearly out of control.

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Reply #5 on: July 21, 2020, 11:47:18 PM
Chapter 5

Marco was eating some leftover birthday cake when he got a text, but he was indulging too much to stop eating. Actually, Marco had been eating A LOT of birthday cake the last week. He was feeling especially plump and jiggly lately.

Eventually he looked at the text, which was from his sister. She was hung over at her boyfriends from celebrating her birthday at a party. The problem was she hadn’t realized until now that she was suppose to 'close’ at the cafe. She was hoping Marco could cover her shift, since he worked there too. Marco was annoyed, but he begrudgingly agreed. She texted back that he was the best, but what Marco didn’t tell her was that he knew if she was late or missed a shift again that she was going to get fired, and he didn’t want that.

Marco thought for a moment, and he realized that if he showed up for her shift that she would probably get in trouble for not getting the shift-change approved, and in all likelihood, she would get fired anyways. He thought about it for a moment; he had some time before her shift started. ‘What if I go as her,’ he thought. ‘I bet no one would notice. I’m only an inch or two taller than her.’ He was scared. What if someone recognized him? He reasoned that the place was pretty dead on the weekends, and it was just going to be him and the owner working in the small cafe, and she often did billing in the back, so maybe it could work. ‘I could risk it and take one for my sister,’ he said to himself.

He normally wore a black shirt and slacks to the cafe, but his sister had to wear some maid’s outfit. He went to her room and found her outfit in one of her drawers. He pulled it out and put it on her bed. He never noticed how skimpy it looked. His sister typically wore a size down, so clothes were tight and small on her, but this looked especially small.

He put on her panties, but the only way they fit was riding up his ass, but honestly, they felt better between his cheeks then cutting into the middle of them, and the tightness of the panties really helped to keep his package tight. He put on the sleeves and his sister’s shoes. He realized he had never put on her heels before, and when he tried to stand, he felt pretty wobbly. There was no way he was going to pull off pumps. He found another pair of shoes in her closet that was an inch shorter and had a thicker heel that he was more sure-footed on. Plus, they were black and looked identical.

Standing on his toes really accentuated the curve of his lower back, causing his shoulders to pull back and made his ass stick out. When he walked, he couldn’t help but step cautiously, which made him feel light and dainty like a girl. His hips naturally swayed with each step, which accentuated the feeling that he had wider hips just like a girl. He felt so hot in heels that he couldn’t believe that he never had tried them before. He still was wobbly in the heels, but better than before.

He put on the sheer, white top that really hugged his body. It felt like nothing was there. He put on her black dress over the shirt and panties. The bottom of the dress was an inch or two shorter than on his sister, which was enough to make the dress barely cover his ass. He tried to stretch it down, but it would easily ride back up his legs when he walked. He was afraid that if he leaned over, his package was going to be visible. ‘I’ll just have to be careful,’ he said to himself. He put on her white apron, which did a little to cover the front of his package. He then donned the neck choker and the thigh garter.

He shifted his focus to his face. He found some of his sister’s hair extensions in her makeup boxes. He added them to his hair, which gave him a long ponytail. He put on the maid headband then he put on his sister’s makeup. He gave himself long lashes, lighter eye shadow, rosy cheeks and bolder lips with her lip-smackers, lip-plumper, gloss lipstick. He looked in the mirror, as the realization set in that he was about to go out in public as a girl for the first time. He looked good. He looked like his sister, but he was still petrified of getting caught, yet, he knew this was the only way.

His heart was pounding out of his chest, as he got out of his car and walked into the cafe. Before he could get a step in the door the owner called him over to the back. His heart rate was palpable. “I gotta run Mia,” she exclaimed, as she frantically grabbed her stuff. “I need you to close on your own. Something came up. Can you handle that?”

She turned her gaze directly in Marco’s eyes. ‘Shit,’ he thought, as he stood there wide eyed. It was as if she was looking straight through him and would see through his ruse. He just nodded.

“Good,” she blurted out, before turning to grab her things. “Don’t forget the put the cash in the safe and lock up. The lights are on a timer. Text me when you leave,” she ordered, as she quickly left.

Marco breathed a sigh of relief. It was just going to be him and the customers, which made him perk up. “This is really going to work,” he said to himself.

Fortunately for him, it was a fairly dead day. In fact, he eventually lost himself in his work, and he was able to naturally take on his sister’s identity, so much so, that a few regulars stopped by and didn’t know he wasn’t Mia.

It was different being out as a girl. People called him Mia and treated him like a girl—especially the men. They would be so much more polite than he was use to, and at times, helpful with something he was carrying. They were flirting with him and saying suggestive things. He never realized what girls went through on a daily basis, but he didn’t understand the complaint either; he liked the attention, and it made him feel more feminine and sexy.

He would catch them looking at his figure, especially when he was tugging at his dress to keep it over his ass. Occasionally he bent over with less care to hide himself and gave them a little peak at the soft tissue where his upper-thigh meets the bottom of his cheeks. A few times more than what he was normally use to, he was asked to fetch something up high, which required him to use the ladder. Marco could swear this was just for their amusement, so they could get a better look of his ass, but he didn’t mind. As he reached up high, often his dress would slide up his body and expose the bottom of his ass for a moment. He would giggle and quickly cover it back up, but the customer was happy to get an eye-full. In fact, the tip jar never looked so full. Marco figured he was doing a pretty good job at pretending to be his sister.

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Reply #6 on: July 22, 2020, 11:16:01 PM
Chapter 6

As the night wound down, it was pretty dead at the cafe. In fact, the store hadn’t had a customer for the last hour, and they were about to close in the next five minutes. Marco was just cleaning the counters, trying to stay busy, so the time went by quickly, when a group of large, black men entered the cafe. They looked very big and intimidating. Marco swallowed hard as they approached. They all had the same shirt on that read, PIT BALLS, with a picture of a Pit Bull and two baseball bats in a ‘X’. When one turned around, Marco was able to read the back of the shirt, which read, Reformed men and reformed pits chasing balls, which Marco figured was a play on the show Pit Bulls and Parolees, except these guys were some type of softball team. Even if these were reformed convicts and probably nice guys, Marco was intimidated. They were much larger than him, and he was all alone.

As he served them, the excited and rowdy men flirted and teased Marco for wearing such a skimpy dress. “What’s your name sweetie? Mia? Nice,” one said. “You have some nice legs Mia,” another commented. “You meant a nice ass,” another whispered and laughed, but Marco heard everything. Their flirting and joking actually loosened him up. They seemed harmless. In fact, he was actually beginning to enjoy their company. Maybe it was the attention. Maybe it was the fact that he was horny from his first day dressed as a woman. Whatever it was, he could feel himself getting heated up. It only got worse each time he came around the men, especially when he leaned over and caught a glimpse of their bulging packages. It was like his body was preparing him like how it prepared him for his sister’s large, black dildo, except they had the real thing; he never had the real thing.

“I’m going to have close soon guys, ok?” Marco didn’t want to be pushy. “You guys can take your time, but I’m going to start shutting things down. Marco locked the door, and he flipped the CLOSED sign on. He finished counting the drawer and locking up the money, as the men continued to laugh and chat.

Marco then cleared some of their table. As he went back and forth, a few of the men made an effort to brush up against Marco’s thigh or ass. As he leaned over the table to grab something, one of the guys leaned back in his chair to look up Marco’s skirt. “Dayyymm Mia,” the man said, which caused the other men to laugh out loud and slightly startled Marco. Marco stood up quickly and smirked at the men, while he fiddled with the bottom of his dress. Then he cleared the items. Marco walked to the front of the counter with his back to the men, so he could get to the tip jar. He dumped the tip jar on the counter, but some of the change got away from him, and he instinctually reached and leaned over the counter to catch the rolling change from falling off the other side. He didn’t realize his dress had hiked up so much from the effort, and as he leaned over the counter to count the loose change and small bills, he was unaware that the men were staring at his partially exposed ass and more.

“Hey Mia,” they called over. They all had smirks on their faces. “We have some tips over here. Why don’t you come over and check it out?”

Marco saw their faces and where their eyes were staring and adjusted the bottom of his dress once more. A few men were waving a few twenties in the air. Marco had all of their eyes on him, so he made an effort to move his hips rhythmically, as he walked over. Marco reached for a few of their empty cups to finish clearing the table when one of the men pinched his ass. “Hey!” Marco was surprised at the pinch from the stranger, but the men only laughed.

“I’ll save you,” one shouted, as he pulled on Marco’s hips causing him to land in the man’s lap. The back of Marco’s bare thighs made contact with his jeans, and Marco ass sat right on the man’s junk. Marco wiggle free. “No Mia! You’ll be safer with me,” another exclaimed, as he pulled on Marco’s arm, launching Marco off the patron and over to the other man’s lap, where Marco fell forward, face first into his crotch. “Dam girl. Don’t be so fast. This is our first date,” one laughed aloud, as Marco pulled himself off the man, looking up into his his as he laughed. Marco smiled back and blushed. Marco went to leave, but the men seemed to get more aggressive. One grabbed Marco by the wrist, as another clasped his smooth thigh to stop him from leaving. “Hold on baby. Don’t leave so fast,” one of them exclaimed. Another laughed, “Yeah, Mia. You forgot your tip.”

Marco turned around towards the man holding his wrist. “Ooookaaaay! What tip,” he said as he rolled his eyes.

The other man still had his warm, large hand on Marco’s thigh, which admittedly felt kinda good. He had been gripping his leg in tension, but he was slightly caressing and squeezing it now. “Relax girl. We got you,” one said. “You take care of us, and we can take care of you,” another chimed in. “We know what kind of tip you types like.”

Marco didn’t know what they meant by that, but he was feeling trapped and uneasy. He didn’t know where this was going. “What type is that,” he asked with a concerned tone.

“This type,” responded one of the other men, as he reached out and grabbed Marco’s package.

“Hey,” Marco said with a startle, as he jumped back and landed in the lap of one of the men. He didn’t intend to fall into the man’s lap, but he was once again sitting square on the man’s crotch, while the man braced Marco’s fall by holding Marco's arms. He could feel the man’s semi-hard cock against his ass cheeks. “What the fuck guys?”

“Chill girl,” one said. “Yeah Mia,” said the man who was holding Marco. “I got you. Hey bra, show Mia her tip.”

The man who grabbed Marco’s junk leaned back in his chair and slowly unclasped his pants then pulled down his zipper. Marco’s eyes got wide, and he swallowed a lump in his throat, as he saw the outline of the man’s large member down the leg of his pants. The man fumbled in his pants then slowly pulled out his huge cock, which was already semi-hard and quickly growing before Marco’s eyes. Marco couldn’t believe it. A real cock was just a few feet in front of his face. He just stared at it. His mouth began to salivate, and his face turned from concern to lust. He wasn’t attracted to the men, but as a girl, his sissy side was taking over. He knew what his place was. The man’s cock was in need of service.

“Dam bro,” one man said. “This bitch is looking thirsty.”

It was true. Marco was just staring at the man’s member. It was large and veiny like the dildo, but real—so real. The man stood up, as the other man pushed Mia forward, off his lap and onto the floor. Marco was on his knees on the floor just inches from the head of the cock. He looked up at the cock and could smell the musky scent of flesh. His heart rate was pounding, as he just stared in disbelief. ‘Is this really happening,’ he thought.

“Come on girl,” one guy taunted. “It isn’t gonna bite.” Another chimed in, “Yeah girl, better get on it, so you can get to mine,” as he laughed.

The man behind Marco pushed on his back, and Marco tipped forward, causing the cock to smear across his face. ‘Oh my god,’ Marco thought. ‘It felt so silky and smooth.’ He was thirsting big time. He leaned back and looked up at the head once more. He was trembling with adrenaline. ‘Just do it Marco,’ he said to himself. ‘Get it over with, and it won’t be that bad. You’ve practiced this before. Just stick out your tongue. You can do it.’ He was psyching himself up. Marco picked himself off his knees and sat back on the edge of the chair between the legs of the man behind him, who spread them to accommodate Marco. Marco pushed his ass back into the man’s crotch, and now Marco's face was level with the standing man’s large member. He leaned forward and the man met his advances. Marco’s lips made contact with the head of the cock. ‘I’m doing it!’ Marco slowly spread his lips and allowed more of the head past his lips. He slowly moved his tongue out from the depths of his mouth and found the salty, smooth head and slid his tongue along the base of the head.

“That’s it girl,” the man receiving said encouragingly. Marco spread his mouth wider and the man slid his cock an inch deeper into Marco’s hot, wet hole. “Oh yeah girl. You got this.” Marco supported the man’s large member in his hand and pulled it deeper into his mouth until it hit the back of his throat. It was huge, but he had been practicing on his sister’s dildo, so his gag reflex was under control. He began to work the man’s member in and out of his mouth, rolling his tongue and sucking as hard as he could. He pulled it out and licked the veins running down the shaft, as he stroked the head. “Oh yeah boys. We got ourselves a thirsty, little hoe right here. What did I tell you?” Marco smiled and blushed. He could feel the other men move closer. Some were squeezing his ass or rubbing his body. Marco could see one man starting to unzip his pants as well.

Marco sucked and pulled on the man’s large, heavy balls; they were so much larger than his. He swallowed as much of the man’s cock as he could, but the man wasn’t satisfied because he grabbed the back of Marco’s head and pushed it down on his member. The man’s cock passed over the lump in the back of Marco’s mouth and slid deep down his throat until Marco’s nose was buried in the man’s musky crotch. Marco tried to push against the man’s thighs, as if he was drowning and needed air, but the man was too strong, and he just kept humping Marco’s wet hole.

Marco tried his best to regain control of his throat and not freak out, as the man continued to fuck his throat, but he began to gag. Marco slid off the chair and moved to a squat, as the man gripped the back of his head and continued pumping. Marco was able to tilt his head up and elongate his throat in this position, which made it easier to swallow his full shaft. “Not so fast,” Marco tried to say, but it was drowned out by cock and just sounded like moaning.

“Just a little more baby,” the man moaned. Marco could feel his cock getting firmer and knew what was about to come. He pushed back against the man’s legs, but it was only enough to grab some air for a second before his cock blocked off his wind pipe once more. “Fuck yeah. You ready for it Mia,” he asked, as if it mattered, but it didn’t. Marco braced himself, as the men pulled Marco’s head all the way onto his cock and began to jut his cock forward in convulsive thrusts. He began to moan, as he unloaded huge, thick streams of cum down Marco’s throat. His cock began to spasm in Marco’s mouth. Marco just tried not to faint, as streams of cum filled his throat and mouth. The salty, sweat and musky nectar flowed out of his mouth and down his face.

The man was grunting, as his orgasm subsided. He slowly released his grip on the back of Marco’s head, and Marco pushed himself free, falling to his knees. He gasped a deep breath of air, as he choked on the man’s cum. Marco looked up for a moment at the large member bouncing in the air in front of him, as he caught his breath. ‘I can’t believe I had that whole thing down my throat—that I swallowed it all. Holy shit that thing is huge,’ Marco said to himself. Marco looked back down, as he took in what just happened. He swallowed the remaining cum in his mouth and off his lips. He rubbed the fluids running down his face into his skin. He was still trembling from the adrenaline and his efforts.

Marco couldn’t believe it. He sucked his first cock. It was so demeaning, yet amazing. He felt so used, yet so fulfilled at the same time. He recalled every sensation, smell, taste and feeling that just had transpired and how natural and enjoyable it felt. His sissy side was telling him that this was his place, to be a little bitch slut to huge black men. It was telling him that he was to serve beautiful, large cocks whenever they needed service. It was telling him that this was his place and that he should want more. It was telling him to continue, as if he had a choice. Marco looked up, as he began to get off his knees and realized he was surrounded by a team of large cocks, and only one had been served. Here he thought he was taking one for his sister, but taking one for the team was turning into a whole knew meaning.

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Chapter 7

Marco looked around at the half dozen or more large cocks hovering over his head. It looked like an intimidating task; he didn’t know if he had the energy, but he didn’t really have the choice. Not because they were going to force him, but because his sissy side knew these men needed someone to serve their cocks, and it was his job to provide quality service.

He pulled himself back into a squat, and he grabbed a cock in each hand and swallowed one while jerking off the other. ‘Holy fuck,’ he thought to himself. ‘My first real time sucking a dick is in a gang bang.’ He couldn’t believe it. He switched his attention to other men who moved their cock into Marco’s face, so he would give them a turn. The attention from the men was giving him energy and encouragement to satisfy their needs, which made him thirsty.

Marco was sucking on their balls and licking their taints, as he jerked them off. He was deep throating the men the best he could—some easier than others, but they were all hung studs. Marco relished how each cock was unique—how each smelled different and tasted different. Some were stiffer than another. They each had a unique texture and shape, but he really liked the veiny, thick ones that were so big they almost couldn’t get rock hard. These ones were still soft enough that they slid down his throat easier, even if they were long and thick.

As the men fucked Marco’s throat, they also had their hands all over his body, pulling at his flesh. They were pulling his head into their member. They were stroking his petite muscles of his shoulders and arms, encouraging him to visit their cock next. They were tugging on his gyno, bitch tits, twisting and tugging on his erect nipples. Marco’s nipples were feeling so raw and tender; he felt like if they continued any longer that they would be willed to ooze milk. They were squeezing and spanking his ass, so much so, that his ass was feeling swollen and plump—much more than its usual bubble butt size—but also red and hot. The smacks were punctuated my periods of soft caresses and gentle squeezes, which was making has asshole hot with desire.

They were tugging at him so much that Marco was practically being lifted from his squat off the ground. Eventually a few of the men found a position on the bench, while Marco moved to his knees with his ass high in the air, so the other men to continue abusing his fat ass. The men pulled lustfully at his hips. They were spreading his ass too and the back of his thighs. Through his panties, fingers past over his anus, teasing the pursed sphincter aching for more. Having so many hands on his body, lusting for his flesh felt amazing. Eventually they pulled his panties to the side, and Marco felt spit striking his asshole before a thick finger penetrated his body. Marco tensed up at the intruding digit, but he didn’t stop servicing the men with his mouth. The men continued to tug on his ass and finger his hole for a few minutes before one of the men chimed in, “Let me break in this ass boys.”

Marco looked back over his shoulder with a cock still in his mouth, as one of the men positioned himself behind his ass. He wasn’t one of the big ones, but he was at least seven inches. Marco’s head was pulled back on the cock he was servicing, but he was aware of another lob of spit that hit his sphincter and then the sensation of a smooth, soft head of the man’s cock sliding over the entrance to his hole. Marco arched his hips to invite the man to take his anal virginity, and he didn’t waste any time. He shoved his cock in Marco’s asshole, bursting past his inner sphincter in one thrusts. Marco immediately tensed up and practically bit the man’s cock.

“Dam bro. Take it easy on the bitch,” the man shouted, as he winced from his cock getting bit, but the man only laughed and began fucking Marco hard. “Ha ha, yeah, she is a tight one boys.”

Marco pulled the cock from his mouth and panted with pain, as the man’s furious thrusts shook his whole body. He still had a hand wrapped around two cocks, but his head hung, as he attempted to brace himself from the man’s violent thrusts. “Ohhh shiittttt!” Marco couldn’t believe it. This was much more intense than fucking himself with the dildo. The man’s thrusts were powerful, as his pelvis crashed against Marco’s ass. His grip on Marco’s hips was tight and intense, as he pulled it into his member. Marco’s saving grace was that the man wasn’t the largest or the hardest, but Marco still was being thrashed about.

“Fuck ya, here it comes Mia,” he called out, as he bucked his hips in an orgasm, pumping Marco’s ass full of his cum. “Oh yeah, that was nice.” Marco was just happy it only lasted thirty seconds. As the man stopped, and Marco felt the final convulsions of his cock in his hot, steaming ass, Marco’s sphincter finally relaxed from its cramping tetanus. “Daym man, let me hit that next,” another man said, as he pushed the man.

Marco was panting from the onslaught. His whole body was dewing with perspiration. Marco looked up at the men who’s cock he held. “Sorry,” he barely mustered, as he slowly returned their cocks to his mouth. The men affectionately, almost proudly, guided his small face back to their cocks, as he slid their cocks in his mouth one at a time, sucking on them once more.

Marco could feel the man’s cock rip from his asshole, as the other man took his position behind Marco’s ass. Cum flowed from Marco’s hole, down his taint and over his balls. Even through the pain of being fucked, he still had a rock hard prick. Marco felt the small head of a new cock smack the burning opening of his asshole. The man was smearing the head of his cock in the other man’s cum, lubricating the head of his cock and the shaft. The man pressed the head of the cock into Marco’s aching canal, and it easily slid right in. This man’s head was small, but the shaft of his cock was a lot thicker than the last man’s, yet still squishy and spongy. It didn’t find the same resistance. The lubricated shaft easy passed over Marco’s tender flesh and felt amazing stretching and gliding in his body. The man’s chode was thicker in the center, and as it penetrated his insides, Marco’s sphincter squeezed around the base, pulling the man’s cock into his hot rectum. Marco was relieved that this man was gentler, so he could saver the sensations. The man was stroking his cock back and forth with smooth, rhythmic glides and gently—a stark contrast to the last man’s furious poundings. Marco could feel his stretched sphincter hugging the man’s thick meat with a ring of tension. Marco was able to ease the tension in his hips and open his pelvis by arching his lower back, as if giving the man more access to his body. “See boys. This is how you fuck a sissy bitch,” he exclaimed, as if proud of himself.

There was a little buckling of the man’s thick chode during each stroke forward, and there was a little bit of pull from Marco’s asshole gripping and tugging on the shaft, as he pulled back, as if his sphincters were trying to keep the man’s cock in Marco’s rectum.

Marco continued to suck on the other men’s cocks. As he was being gentle fucked, he brought two more men to orgasm, unloading their balls, as they shot their cum down Marco’s eager throat. Marco would rub the oozing cum over his face and tongue, savoring their taste and relishing in their smooth, slipper cocks. When one came, another man took his place on the bench.

Marco could feel the tension building in the other man’s thrusts. He buried his chode in Marco’s ass and began making small, short, powerful trusts against his ass, shaking Marco. He pulled on Marco’s hips and busted a huge load in Marco’s ass. Marco had a cock buried in his mouth, but he moaned with the man, as he felt his cock convulsing in rhythmic spasms deep in his ass. Compared to the first man who took his virginity, he was so much more aware of every sensation, and it felt amazing to feel the man dump his seed in Marco’s hole. It was fulfilling to receive the man’s load—to be able to serve him his ass.

The man’s cock began to soften in Marco’s ass, and he slowly pulled it from Marco’s hole. As it broke free, it made a popping sound followed by squishy juices, as more cum came flowing from his ass. The man smacked Marco’s ass with appreciation, and even leaned down to kiss and suck on the flesh for a moment. “That was nice,” he said. “Yeah, well, you are done. Slow ass,” another laughed, as he pushed him aside. Marco looked over his shoulder and saw another man move to his rear. Marco could see a rock hard cock that was curved to the man’s navel. It wasn’t as thick as the last, but it was thick, and it was much longer too—at least eight to nine inches.

The man smacked his cock against Marco’s swollen sphincter, smearing his cock in the cum. “Let me show you boys how to get a sissy off,” he said confidently. He plunged his cock in Marco’s ass and began fucking him, smacking his pelvis against Marco’s bouncing ass. He wasn’t fucking Marco at the pace of the first guy, but he was still pounding him, pulling on his hips. His cock was much harder and slid into Marco’s used as easy. Marco’s sphincter passed over the man’s hard shaft, wiggling over the network of tense veins. This felt much more like his sister’s rubbery dildo, but harder. The hard, curved cock was pushing and pulling on his insides. It didn’t just fill the void, but rather, it pushed and pulled on his insides.

His thrusts caused Marco to tense his hips and tighten his pelvis, but the man seemed to be poking and prodding Marco’s insides with purpose. He repositioned himself into a squat over Marco’s ass. He pushed down on Marco’s lower back, causing Marco to arching his hips and open his ass. He repositioned the trajectory of his hard cock down, and with the first new thrust, he slammed the head of his cock against the wall of Marco’s prostate, pausing to assess the accuracy of his target. Marco pulled his mouth off the cock he was swallowing and gasped. Marco’s sphincter uncontrollably gripped the man’s cock, as it spasmed, and at the same time, Marco’s prick shot two small streams of clear nectar. Marco’s face looked like it was surprised, as if his brain was trying to catch up with reality. ‘What the fuck was that,’ he thought.

“Oh yeah, that’s the spot,” the man chuckled, as he resumed his thrusts. Marco winced from pleasure, almost twisting his back, as the man’s cock continued to thrust into his prostate. With each thrust, Marco could feel a jolt of pleasure emanate from his rectum down his shaft and to the head of his prick. With each thrust, his rock hard prick was bouncing in the air, which only tormented it more, as the flesh of his foreskin pulled over the rim of his small, red, swollen and tender head of his cock.

Marco suddenly became so much more aware of his own cock. He wanted to touch it. He wanted to cum. He could feel the aching building inside, but he couldn’t touch it. For one, he had to brace himself against the man’s thrusts, and for another, he knew his place. He was there to serve, so he kept his grip around the men’s cocks, and he even returned his mouth to work. He guided his mouth to one of the cocks and opened his lips, swallowing the member, but it was hard to stay focused. He wasn’t sucking on the cock, as much as holding it in his mouth. If anything, the jolts from getting fucked was causing the cock to slide back and forth in his mouth.

Marco moans were stifled by a mouth full of black cock, as the man continued to pound his prostate. Marco could feel his cock oozing precum, as it twitched in the air. The man quickened his pace, and instead of tensing, Marco arching his hips, giving himself to the man’s thrusts. The man quickened his pace, and Marco had to pull his mouth off the man’s cock. He squeezed the men’s cocks, as he braced himself. The man was pounding him hard now, slamming his cock against Marco’s swollen prostate. Marco could feel the tingling building in the tip of his cock. His balls felt tight to his body, and he could feel his hips beginning to tense. “Mmmmmmm,” he moaned, as he could feel himself tensing and losing control. Then it happened. His body broke free, releasing his orgasm. “Oooohhhhh sshhhhittt,” Marco said, as his orgasm set the man into a fucking frenzy. Marco was squeezing the men’s cocks so hard, they turned red, as if they were going to burst. His body tensed, as his orgasm reached a zenith, before it broke free, and he began convulsing his hips uncontrollably.

“Ha ha, yeah boys,” the man cheered. “What did I tell you? This is how you fuck a sissy.”

Marco’s cock began shooting streams of milky, clear cum on the ground, as his pulsating cock synced in rhythmic, alternating contractions with his spasming sphincter, which gripped the man’s cock who was still fucking Marco, but much slower.  His cock was still pushing against Marco’s prostate, drawing out his orgasm, as the waves of pleasure passed over Marco’s body.

Marco collapsed his upper body to the ground, releasing the men’s cocks from his tense grip, as his orgasm subsided. The man had stopped fucking him and just held his cock in Marco’s ass. Marco was catching his breath on the floor when the man pulled out his cock from the depths of Marco’s rectum. He stroked his cock, as Marco’s used gapping hole trembled with his ass high in the air. His thighs were trembling too in the wake of his orgasm and utter exhaustion. The man began to cum and shot hot streams of cum on Marco’s ass and in Marco’s asshole. The sphincter involuntarily contracted and pursed out the thick, white cum.

Marco was giggling on the ground, as he basked in the glow of his orgasm. “Oh shit that was hot,” he giggled. The men laughed too at the sight of Marco’s used body bent over in exhaustion. Marco didn’t know how much more he had left to give, but that didn’t stop him from saying, “Mmmm, so who’s next?” The men laughed, as they pulled him back up, and Marco eagerly and just as thirsty as before, grabbed another cock to slide down his gullet. He looked over his shoulder, as another man assumed a position behind his rear. The man positioned himself between Marco’s legs and wrapped his hands around Marco’s hips, spreading his ass. Marco repositioned his knees and arched his hips, inviting the new patron to take his ass. As the man positioned his cock, Marco closed his eyes, clearing his mind of everything except the musky, salty cock in his mouth and then savoring the sensation of the new cock sliding into his hot hole. He still had a few more cocks to serve, and he planned on giving his customers the best service possible.
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The End

I hope you guys enjoyed this series.