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on: August 13, 2020, 06:21:27 PM
This is a work of fiction. Neither the author nor this website condone underage sex among persons under 18 years of age in real life. Plus, in real life, ew. Fantasy is cool and all, but real life has consequences and breaks lives. Try approaching people approximately your own age and life stage for sex, or at the very least over 18, pretty please. Don’t use your seductive or other powers to fuck up young people’s lives; it’s straight up evil.

Author's Note: These are two chapters out of a much larger story that can be found here: I moved these two chapters to the sci-fi area because they have quite a different tone from the rest of the story even though they're all part of the same story. I figure, people can come over here and read the chapters if they're interested. Otherwise, the short synopsis I've written for the main thread will suffice.

Chapter 2: Assessment Part 1

Kirsten awoke suddenly from a dreamless sleep to find herself immobilized and immersed in darkness. All 5 feet of the 90 pound teenager was arranged tummy down with her slender young butt up in the air a bit, pretty much on her knees but not resting much weight on them. A firm something like a cushion held her body down on a gradual slope so that her head was slightly lower than her butt. Her little belly and titties were resting comfortably on a padded wedge below her. A helmet of some sort was on her head covering her eyes and most of her blond bob. So was it dark, or was she blindfolded? Her slender arms were restrained to either side of her head. She noticed all this and then became mortified because she realized she was also completely naked from head to toe. She was naked and helpless. She shivered and thrilled, her nostrils flaring as she helplessly tested her bonds, her senses fully alive.

Such things simply didn’t happen in Kirsten’s quiet community of Shepardstown. She lived with her family in this religious community set off from the world. About 25,000 people lived there on 10,000 acres in the wilds of northwest Minnesota with little outside contact or commerce. It was a carefully planned community. It wasn’t particularly strict or puritanical, just set off from the craziness of the world. They had all the modern amenities: cars, mobile phones, computers, and everything. But there were also some notable differences. Except for community members with a need to know, like doctors or lawyers for example, there was no direct access to the Internet to pollute the community at large or especially their children’s minds. There was a curated Intranet available to adults and children alike that held plenty of information, even past the University level in most subjects. There was just no information that was considered unsuitable or damaging by the community, especially to developing children. This was one of the great benefits of raising children in Shepardstown: no evildoers could reach over the Internet and mess with kids.

Because of the commonly held desire for wholesomeness in the community, many parents avoided raising the subject of sex with their children until they were nearly grown. This was the community standard, so there wouldn’t be a lot of whispering and chattering about such things among the kids. A little experimentation among the children couldn’t be helped, but parents and community leaders tried to minimize it without stigmatizing it. Kirsten was therefore truly an innocent among innocents.

Recovering a bit from her shock at being naked and restrained like she’d definitely kind of always fantasized about with three dollops of thrill and one dollop of guilt, not even understanding either the thrill or the guilt, Kirsten shouted, “Hey what’s the big idea??”

The AI decided to choose a neutral yet mildly soothing response: “you are safe…”

Suddenly Kirsten got an idea that sent an erotic lightning bolt through her body and also a twinge of fear. “Is this… Are you… an alien, mister?”

This question wasn’t out of the blue on Kirsten’s part. Only a few days ago her friend Beth had described a very real-feeling dream she had had as “very romantic, and I wanted to marry him. After, I mean.”

“After what?” Kirsten asked, but Beth struggled to answer.

Finally she said, “It was mostly a feeling. In my body.” The conclusion in her circle of friends was that Beth had been a victim of an alien abduction, a wild surmise that Kirsten didn’t believe for a second. In fact, she had had a good laugh about it.

Now, ass held high and naked in the dark, Kirsten wished she had listened more carefully to Beth’s tale. “Well, are you aliens then?” she pleaded.

“you have guessed… correctly…” replied the AI. “we are… aliens…”

A larger thrill ran through Kirsten’s tummy, and she puffed her chest up a bit. Clearly she was into something important here. Yikes! These travelers from a distant star had chosen her! Or perhaps they were from Mars…

“we must… examine you…”

“How are you going to do that in the dark?”

“would you… like… to see us…” generated the AI as it frantically devised a virtual reality for Kirsten to view in her headset. The system was so good that Kirsten would think she was seeing real aliens. But it took some computation time for the AI to get the simulation ready, so it stalled for a bit.

“Well of course I would! You shouldn’t hide…” but then Kirsten pondered the full implications. “Wait a darn second! I’m not presentable! What happened to my clothes?”

“they were lost…” the AI offered. It was rapidly preparing all the visuals of aliens and plausible alien machinery, explanations, and a realistic soundscape to pipe through her headphones. The AI was now nearly ready to simulate wonderful smells, tastes, and touches of an alien examination as well. If it were alive, it would be very pleased with its work, but instead it just intoned, “time for lights on then…”

“Wait a second! …Okay?” Kirsten offered. Curiosity and excitement had won out. She had remembered her friend Beth’s deep blush while she had finally blurted out the words, “It was mostly a feeling. In my body.”

The alien’s statement “we must… examine you…”, on full consideration, had sounded positively nasty to Kirsten in the most thrilling and scary way. She was only 13, but she had played doctor with a few neighborhood boys just like a lot of girls had. She knew what an “examination” meant except of course with a real doctor. Her times had only been a little bit of I’ll-show-you-mine-if-you-show-me-yours to be honest, although she had heard about more, but still, her experiences were hot stuff for the average 13 year old living in her community. Her assessment of her own worldly nature gave her great confidence. “I can handle this,” she thought to herself. Then she remembered a rumor, a joke really, that aliens did butt stuff to people. That gave her pause.

The lights came up on a scene that looked to Kirsten like a giant alien spacecraft. As she came into view, many aliens on the deck of the spaceship turned and looked at her, making ooh-ing and aah-ing noises that sounded appreciative of seeing this new and naked life form. She blushed at her disadvantage, but then saw that the aliens were all naked too! They all looked like what she thought elves would look like naked: ideal, eternal, and wise. Especially the main alien male who had been addressing her in the dark and who now appeared kneeling before her examining table and looking soulfully into her eyes. If everybody was naked, it must be okay, she figured.

It was bright in the room, and she could tell that all those alien guys were getting a good look at her body and were feeling pretty curious about it, too. She blushed fiercely again and tried to think of something else.

“the visor… protects your eyes… from our light… we must keep… you safe…” The AI had all manner of sensors and recorders trained on Kirsten’s nubile young naked body, automatically scanning her in a thousand ways inside and out. The Environment and its dispassionate AI overseer had been created by the Organization at a cost of hundreds of millions of dollars to optimize its wealth by dispassionately finding the most promising candidates for sexual training and use at its facilities and events around the world. Although many types of women were used in its business affairs, barely pubescent American girls were the most highly prized in many parts of the world and in many circumstances; so, much was invested in the assessment and acquisition of this class of assets. And so it was time for Kirsten’s particular assessment to commence.

The alien stood up, the table displaying Kirsten to the community of curious aliens being at about massage table height, or a bit lower than waist height for him. He was tall, pale, and slender but muscular, with silvery hair, but was not old, but definitely a lot older than her. She could see his dick! It looked like boys dicks she had seen plenty of times. All these naked aliens, she just took it in stride. She felt ready to explore the universe. The aliens looked really good naked. She was not scared that anything bad would happen. She was in a crowded room. Full of… naked aliens.

The alien squirted something from a bottle onto her back and started to rub the oily substance all over her body with expert hands. “to protect… your skin… from the light…” These were not actually hands attached to an alien, but they were so expertly fashioned and used by the AI as to be virtually indistinguishable from hands. This was all a simulation created by the AI inside the Environment, a cube approximately 10 feet by 10 by 10. It provided a flawless immersive experience of computer-generated reality provided the subject was restrained as Kirsten was. A key component was the advanced VR helmet strapped to her head, which also measured her brain waves. The massage algorithm stayed away from any controversial areas on Kirsten’s body. The massage given by the simulated alien man was deep and gentle yet vigorous enough to keep Kirsten alert and wondering where this was all going.

“It feels good,” Kirsten offered, "but is it really okay for you to touch me like this in front of everybody?"

“you are enjoying…”


“I am… happy…” The AI indeed was “happy” in its own way that it was succeeding in building mutual trust and comfort with the girl by successfully providing her sensual pleasure. The AI continued to activate its elaborate tentacles (two of them, simulating the aliens hands, of course) to knead and rub Kirsten’s arms and legs, the pressure points on her head, her whole neck and back area very thoroughly.

By now, the AI had been massaging her expertly for exactly twenty minutes. Kirsten was blissful and relaxed, even as she percieved to be in a big spaceship room full of aliens. The AI had measured her blood stream and brain waves and surmised that Kirsten was sensually and sexually activated by the touching, her helplessness so far in the encounter, the confidant nakedness of her masseuse and the beautiful and graceful “aliens” in the surrounding environment, and by the dominant role the AI had therefore calculated the “alien” to play. The AI was now escalating this dominance to more fully gauge Kirsten’s attraction to submitting. It announced, “I will touch more now…”

“Yes,” she responded without really thinking about it. She was loving her alien encounter! Then she thought about what she had just blurted, and then consciously decided to surrender more deeply in her heart and mind to the blissful touching of her alien captor. “Does he like, like-like me?” she wondered. “Shouldn’t his weenie get hard like the neighborhood boys did if he does?” Tracking her eye movement, the AI surmised Kirsten was interested in her effect on the alien, and as he moved around her in her immersion, the alien brushed a third small tentacle lightly against her leg. For her part, she knew it was his weenie touching her and that it had twitched a little when it did! Yet this was not too much excitement for her. She had this alien right where she wanted him. Yep.

The AI’s simulated alien, from behind her, began gently feeling the shape of Kirsten’s tummy, which was mostly taut with just a hint of baby fat. Then it began lightly touching and then more deeply kneading Kirsten’s naked ass. Kirsten’s level of sexual excitement grew mightily at this and was duly noted by the AI.

Chapter 2: Assessment Part 2

Little Kirsten Swenhard, a 13-year-old blond middle school girl, just 5 feet tall and 90 pounds, just beginning to fill a bra, and with a only wisp of blond hair on her pudendum, now found herself stripped buck naked, strapped to a padded wedge ass up, with said ass being lovingly and excitingly massaged by a happy and handsome alien. She was mindful of her important role as Earth’s goodwill ambassador of sorts to these friendly aliens, but she was starting to feel shy, getting kind of excited as she was, in front of all these full grown alien women and especially men.

In actual fact, Kirsten was alone in a 10 foot by 10 by 10 machine called the Environment. The Environment is controlled by the AI, and this AI supplies all the visuals, sounds, smells, and touches to her to completely fool her into experiencing this alien encounter. The Environment and the AI are so good at their task that the encounter is real to her. At the same time, and this is its purpose, it is measuring Kirsten’s response to many kinds of mental and physical stimulation in order to dispassionately assess her value to the Organization, an international cabal of sex traffickers, who had spent hundreds of millions of dollars to develop the Environment and the AI for this nefarious purpose.

The AI moved its "hands" to cup Kirsten’s perky little titties, and Kirsten’s nipples sprung to life as she gritted her teeth in delight and thought “very naughty!!!!” The AI gave Kirsten top marks in breast sensitivity and receptiveness. The simulated alien’s still semi-erect cock pressed up against the soles of her feet and pulsed excitedly.

This was the most sexual excitement Kirsten had ever felt in her young life. Her nipples seemed to her to be connected to electric thrills deep in her tummy. She could feel the wet gathering in her private place and threatening to leak and drip out. This is something she often struggled with. Sometimes just looking at a boy or girl she fancied would be enough for her panties to have a wet spot in them the next time she visited the bathroom. Now a handsome alien was rubbing his dick on the soles of her feet! She didn't know much about anatomy, but she knew what all the girls at her school giggled to each other "Tab A goes in slot B!" The alien's dick felt to her longer than her foot! She couldn't imagine such a big thing fitting inside her anywhere. Should she be scared? Her thighs started to shake, and then some drips leaked out of her! She blushed in embarassment and excitement, her whole breasts feeling lovely and her nipples feeling like tiny gateways to her soul.

The AI had by this time assessed Kirsten’s hefty exhibitionist streak. It was noting Kirsten’s glances at the crowd, especially its most worked up members, and Kirsten’s slutty spikes of satisfaction at this, and the testing of her bonds, reveling at her helplessness to control the alien’s pleasuring of her before the increasingly interested crowd she was being exhibited to. Kirsten kept getting top marks in mental stimulation. She was very malleable. The AI decided Kirsten was ready for a simple test of her oral responsiveness.

The alien moved in front of her and knelt before her reverently, still massaging her titties, leaned forward, and started kissing her on the mouth in front of this whole crowd of people. At first, the alien kissed her delicately. Then she felt his tongue against her teeth. “Awkward. What now?” Kirsten wondered. “If you’re going to kiss me, I should know your name!” she complained between smooches. Not to mention the other touching stuff they were doing, which she figured had to count as a lot more personal than kissing. Less clear on the etiquette for that though.

“my name is… jev;kebvbcnakebe;qerkbrbqejbvbrvbbq’jvb’bjrb’vbjkrb’kejrbv’, but you… can call me… jev.” said simulated Jev. “now… open… your mouth… stick out… your tongue…” he instructed. Kirsten readily and happily complied with Jev’s wishes. Within a few minutes, the alien taught Kirsten the basics of French kissing. More drips leaked helplessly from Kirsten's excited quim during this process.

The AI noted that Kirsten passed her mild oral stimulation assessment with flying colors. A test of responsiveness to light genital stimulation was next.

Jev stood up, his erect penis coming into her view. Jev’s weenie was a full stiff pole like Tommy’s had been after she had stroked it a few times in his dad’s barn. Except it was a man’s pole, much bigger than a boy’s. It had veins and stuff. Then her thoughts stopped, because Jev had reached back and was stroking his finger along her generously wet pussy crack.

“yEEEaaaHHH!” she exhaled from the center of her being in her first ever orgasm. Jev stopped petting, and her whole body went from stiff to limp. Kirsten was in a complete brain burn. Echoes of her scream, of the overwhelming feelings on her breast and private place, of seeing Jev's excited dick so close to her face, and the other alien's dicks rising as if to salute her. She wanted everything! She was terrified and ready to surrender to her alien captor's every whim. She was helpless to stop their relentless pleasuring of her virginal body, and she felt a thrill through her limp, slutty, and totally exposed and open body at this thought.

When she came out of her trance, she saw that everybody in the room had stopped and was looking at her. She remembered that a crazy scream had been pulled out of her by the incredible pleasure she had just felt. She saw that several of the alien men were becoming fully hard, and she had a kind of slutty post-orgasmic shiver at this. All of them?

Top scores went to Kirsten for her response to light genital stimulation. Factoring out Kirsten’s obvious excitement at the crowd and her helplessness and submission was requiring more and more of the AI’s computation capabilities. Next a test of full intercourse was due.

The special device for penetrating Kirsten without breaking her hymen was an ingenious invention. It seamlessly entered the vagina through whatever available hole, extruded a gentle annular clamp to hold the hymen still and stable on both sides, the inflatable inside portion fully able to simulate a thrusting dick of whatever size on the inside while the outside section maintained the thorough illusion of a thrusting dick for the sensitive lips and opening, all without endangering the hymen.

Kirsten, still trying to catch her breath, noticed Jev walking around behind her. His cock thrust fully into her, seemingly without encountering her hymen, which she knew to be intact. The sensation was electric! Her arms, legs, and torso shot out instantly and strained against their bonds. Jev's dick filled her like literally nothing had ever filled her, her slick vaginal walls forced wide to accomadate the invasion. She felt so stretched and at the same time so full, like she had been incomplete until just now. She felt her whole body stretched with excruciating pleasure around his throbbing cock in her slick hole. "Now I am a woman," she thought.

A few more strong perfect strokes from Jev, and Kirsten yelped and shook as her second ever feelings of infinite pleasure overwhelmed and consumed her. “aaaAAAhhoWWaHHH!” This time, she thought she must be dying of pleasure. She felt her whole insides from head to toes thrum and pulse on Jev's dick, and she felt as though she had been turned into a raging she-werewolf, entirely given to pleasure and raw animal urgency.

As Jev continued pumping into her, Kirsten glanced at the crowd and saw several now fully erect males and a few very interested looking females as well. “rrrrrRRRRR!” she came again, this time like a fully raving she-werewolf, her body and limbs spasming against her bonds. As Jev continued to use her tight little pussy, the crowd of excited male and female aliens walked towards her and Jev to get a closer look at the action.

Jev groaned, and globby jets of hot alien semen filled her pussy to the brim. “UHHHmmmm!” she groaned with total slutty satisfaction as she had her fourth orgasm in the short space of a few minutes. Jev's hot liquid opened her and filled her even further, reaching unknown places inside her and making them urgently hot, and splashing out her opening all over her quivering thighs and legs. "Babies, babies, babies," she urgently thought. "I am full of alien babies! Put more and more babies in me dear Jev! Just don't stop dear Jev!" All she could croak out of this was "Ugh! More!"

All the stimulation, restraint, and the interested crowd’s shared excitement was making her peak again and again with practically no respite. But Jev had stopped moving his great manly member in her at last, enjoying (measuring) the strong contractions of her tight quim and uterus as her orgasm diminished.

Top marks for intercourse and snappiness, the AI noted. Now that Kirsten was fully warmed up, intensive multiple sensation testing could begin.

Jev pulled out of her and walked around in front of her, his cock still semi-hard and glistening. She could not reach it or him, although she tried. Was that someone licking and sucking her lover’s seed out of her private place? She felt embarrassed and very nasty and helpless and came again very quickly, “EEEEaaagh!” At just that, with Jev smiling at her and getting hard again, stroking his cock a little along with the rest of the men, one of the women came up and started expertly kissing her, tweaking her nipples, and kneading her breasts. She was overwhelmed with lust for more of everything that was being forced on her helpless body and mind and soul just to open up and accept. Accept the helplessness. Accept the bombardment of pleasure so intense from her private place, from her mouth, from her breasts, it was a kind of consuming torment.

As she was recovering from that onslaught, another man breached her little pulsing cunny and slowly forced his way yet deeper. He was bigger than Jev, and she was a bit frightened, but her embarrassment was lost to passion as he slowly opened her up further than she could have imagined, and a mixture of pain and pleasure transfixed her as he began to pummel her. She exhaled a whimpering cum for him then, not knowing from surprise, pain, pleasure, or all three, and he reciprocated in a few more shuddering strokes by straining, pumping a few hot memorable globs deep into the middle of her, and slowly sliding out, with much of everyone's fluids splashing out after him all over her thighs, legs, feet, and everywhere. More babies? she thought nastily to herself, and whimpered quietly at the thought.

Jev and his cock stood in front of her and said “open…” and she dutifully opened her mouth like a good slut for her treasured first lover, and he laid the head of his cock onto her tongue. At this point, the cock squirted out a little tasteless drug that suppressed Kirsten’s gag reflex somewhat, so the AI could test her response to taking a cock down her throat and to being choked. Meanwhile, Kirsten was distracted by somebody who was starting to play with a delicate and amply lubricated finger in her butt hole. “push out…” Jev coached her, “like you are trying to poop…”

"Well, if Jev thinks it's okay, I guess..." She complied, and the finger felt easier and nicer.

The butt play continued in a gentle and increasingly fulfilling way as Jev’s cock penetrated farther and farther into her mouth and throat with each stroke. Jev's dick was also getting harder and harder, and Kirsten felt proud that she was getting him more excited. She also tasted her own pussy juices on him, which was a really slutty and exciting feeling given her current mood. Both Kirsten and the AI were amazed at her bourgeoning slutty skills as Jev’s cock forced its way past her tonsils and started to momentarily restrict her air supply. She felt he was pretty excited by now, so she didn’t want to try to stop him even though his thrusts were getting choking and uncomfortable.

The ass play and throat pumping continued as another alien entered her pussy. This one was smaller than Jev, but obviously very excited and therefore felt sexy in a new way to her, because she was fully surrendered to slutiness, and what could she do anyway? And so she was helpless and was surrendering to being bred just like a farm animal for all the aliens to enjoy her again and again. The new cock was quite hard and thrust around in different directions, which felt really good to Kirsten in a new way. After only a few minutes more of thrusting, she came for him, too, and in a few more thrusts after that, she felt him squirt many hot jets of semen hard into her and all over inside her. At the same time, Jev forced his way all the way down her throat and started blasting more jets of semen down her throat. She writhed as she automatically struggled to breathe and felt herself cum again almost immediately, struggling against her bonds and shaking, her vocal chords writhing with an unheard scream of passion even as they were being forced apart by Jev’s pulsing cock. She passed out.

As she regained consciousness, she became aware of another cock pumping in and out of her asshole, not entirely unpleasurably. It felt interesting. A lot of interesting new feelings were coming at her at a rapid pace. As she revived more, an alien with a larger penis forced it pretty ungracefully down her throat, which was kind of a turn-on for Kirsten at this point. In only a few strokes, this new alien excitedly came with only a little bit of hot juice way down her throat and then pulled out, so she didn’t even choke as hard as from Jev. "I'm satisfying so many!" she thought proudly to herself.

After that, the alien with the little one in her ass climbed off her, and then the aliens took her off the wedge and restrained her in a swing like arrangement on her back so that they could gain access to her pussy from the front. The alien with the small one climbed underneath and thrust into her poo hole again excitedly. At almost the same time, an alien of about average size stepped up and penetrated her vaginally as a third started to press his semi-erect cock into her mouth, and another squirted all over Kirsten’s face and chest. She was lost in the sensation of pumping everywhere for a few minutes. Her baby hole and all her other holes were throbbing together in pleasure, and the pleasure she could feel from the alien men filling them, and especially her deep pleasure from her baby hole. Then the men in her baby hole and ass squirted almost simultaneously, and as hot semen leapt out violently and christened Kirsten’s tight little colon and baby hole at the same time, she shrieked in orgasm again, except it was more like a glug because of the alien dick forcing its way down her throat.

Over the next 78 minutes of testing, Kirsten came 43 more times, 17 of them during a long bout of pussy fucking by Jev as others played in her throat and butt and still others squirted onto her chest, legs, and everywhere. She was growing quite fond of Jev especially. Finally, with large new alien cocks pumping into her ass, pussy, and throat simultaneously, she squirted the remainder of her own juice forcefully out, had a gut wrenching cum, and passed out from the choking again.
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“My name is… jev;kebvbcnakebe;qerkbrbqejbvbrvbbq’jvb’bjrb’vbjkrb’kejrbv’, but you… can call me… jev.”

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