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on: August 24, 2020, 03:53:09 PM
WARNING!    You must be 18 or over to read these stories of rape and non-consensual sex.  If you do not like such stories, please stop reading. This story is all fiction and no characters in it are meant to resemble any real person.  If you do not understand the difference between reality and fantasy, read no more. Rape is a heinous crime and the penalty is many years in prison. The people who commit rape are despised everywhere. No one is being hurt, and this is pure fantasy.


This was without a doubt the most unusual antique market in all of Cairo, and it seemed like he’d been to them all looking for unique items for the new luxury hotel.  He stared at a mirror about 10 feet by 10 feet set in ornately carved stone.  You don’t set mirrors in stone.  They would break, but this didn’t.  And the stone looked very old, while the mirror was flawless.

“That’s rather strange, and it can’t be ancient Egyptian.  They didn’t have mirrors.”
“It’s not a mirror kind sir.  The best I could describe it in English would be a portal, although I must admit I don’t know why.  I just know it’s been in my family for more generations then we have records.  All my family knows for sure is it must be stored away from young women.  This is why no women are allowed in this part of my shop.  There are other legends about it too.”
“How much for it?”
“Oh no sir, it’s not for sale.  That’s forbidden.”
“Everything is for sale, $5000.”
“No sir!”
He paused, and then said, “There are Wryts in there.  That is the legend.”
“The Wryts are demons, monsters from hell as described in Ancient Egypt.  This is a portal to hell.”
Laughing the hotel representative replied, “That’s a very weird bargaining tactic, $8000.”

Kamal froze in his speaking, and he could see the smiling man sense he was making headway.  He was.  $8000 was more than he would make in many months normally.  He hadn’t been lying to the man about the portal, but he also was sick of the responsibility.  Why was his family cursed to keep it all these uncountable generations.  He didn’t feel any more devout to the responsibility of keeping it than he did of being a Muslim.  His grandfather and father were gone, so they couldn’t forbid him to sell it.  And the ancient sect they belonged to was dead except for him.  Why not be done with it?  What could happen?  With him being the last of the Keepers, no one would know.  Making a decision, he replied, “$14,000.”
They settled at $11, 500.

He was there when they unpacked it in the suite to personally supervise the installation and ensure it didn’t break.  The shopkeeper did say he would refund the money if it did, but he was sure that would be very troublesome to get back.  Tourism was rebounding in Egypt after a slump, and this 5 star hotel would be the crown jewel of the company.  $11, 500 for a mirror for one hotel room might sound exorbitant, except when you are charging nearly that for one night’s stay in this rooftop suite.  You could throw a party for a 100 people in here.  It had 4 bedrooms each with their own bathroom, 2 bars and over a dozen plush couches and other assorted furniture.  The expansive balcony had a swimming pool, palm trees and a panoramic view of the pyramids.

He looked at himself in the mirror and it seemed to shimmer and move like it was fluid.  He blinked at the illusion and shook his head.  He had a crazy thought about the movie and TV series Stargate and spoke out loud, “Maybe I can walk through it and end up on another planet?”
Thinking about that movie he reached out and touched the mirror.  It seemed to feel solid, but it had this almost feeling of a give to it as if he was pressing inward.  Thinking again about the movie he remembered they had found the stargate in Egypt and wondered if this thing he had bought inspired the movie.  Maybe whoever wrote the screenplay had been in that shop and spoke to that man about it being a portal.  He had tried to get the man to tell him more of the legends around the mirror, but once he had agreed to sell, he went silent on the subject.

He shook his head at his reflection and turned away.  Abruptly in shock he looked back.  It was just him.  For a split second, he could have sworn there was some sort of thing in there staring back at him, a large brown monstrous fanged creature with pointed ears and two protuberances on the top of its head.  It had huge taloned hands, and he faintly saw it was obviously and proudly male.  It seemed to have patterns on its chest like tattoos perhaps.  He blinked again and there was still nothing there.  ‘OK, I’m losing my mind,’ he thought and walked quickly from the room.

The High Wryt was disappointed the human through the portal was male, but the male was different from the Keepers and the surroundings on the other side had changed.  That might be a promising sign.  From his time frame, it had been an extremely long time since a human female had been visible and even longer since it was one of reproductive age and close enough to snatch and drag into the realm.  In the human world time passed much more slowly.  He could stand and look through the portal for a long moment at a human seemingly frozen on the other side, yet he knew they would have a fleeting glimpse at best at him.  The best estimate was time past approximately a 1000 times faster for him, so in human terms an hour for them was 2 to 3 months for the Wryts.  So, him watching them for 2 minutes might give them a fleeting glance lasting 1/10 of a second.  It might also only show them their own reflection regardless of how long he stood there.  It was the nature of the portal.  It made waiting very tedious, but when you are an immortal demon, time is something you always have.  You have an eternity to wait.

From his perspective, the wait from the change in surroundings was not long before he was extremely alert.  It was a female although it seemed to be past the age of reproduction.  Other humans came and went including a few females that seemed to be suitable, but they never came close enough and seemed to be cleaning the surroundings.  And then there almost no humans on the other side for a while.  The High Wryt did not know about hotel suites, and that expensive ones may be empty for long periods, and he did not know the increase in human activity he saw was the new suite being prepared for occupancy.  Checking the portal again he became excited.  Three humans were present and two were female.  One female was older possibly past the age of reproduction, but the other was young and fresh looking with the attributes of sexual maturity.  He lingered in the region of the portal and waited for her to be careless.

The High Wryt did not live in hell in the complete sense of the descriptions found in the religious texts of the humans.  A scientist might call it an alternate dimension existing in parallel.  But in reality, the Wryt’s realm was indeed as bad as any hell a human could imagine.  Calling the Wryt realm hell, would be akin to calling the Sahara Desert a children’s sand box.  He created the portal to invade the domain of the humans, but he was unable to pass entirely through.  He could only reach into their domain with his arm.  He did find early on he could pull a human into his realm.  He had made slaves of the males he pulled in, but the lesser Wryts tended to eat the slaves.  He had no real use for the males anyway and stopped bringing them in.  The human females on the other hand, the young ones, he did have a use for them.

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Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 03:53:46 PM

This story is about my avatar.

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I don’t know why the fuck we couldn’t have gone to Paris again or maybe Nice or Rome.  I’m in fucking Cairo fucking Egypt of all places.  And no, I do not want to go on a private cruise up the Nile followed by tent camping at some place where they dig up mummies or something, no matter how huge and luxurious the tent is.  If the boat had guys on it maybe, but no it’s private.  My parents always want to do weird boring things, and I want to party.  At least at 19 now, I don’t have to go and can stay here in the suite.  Maybe I can scare up me a huge cock to ride tonight.  So far though all I see are these swarthy types.  They’re just so gross, the men in the market.  That one I scored the hash from this morning even tried to grope my tit.  They seem to have a thing for blondes here.  I had the fend off a bunch of them, and the catcalls came from all directions.

They took her pipe at the airport, even made a huge unnecessary fuss about it, so Ashleigh used a trick a boy taught her.  She emptied a coca cola can from the full bar, pushed the end away from the drinking hole down into a bowl shape and poked some holes into it with an ice pick.  She poured herself a glass of expensive Johnny Walker Blue over ice and took a sip.  She took out the lump of hash looking distastefully at it thinking about how the guy didn’t even have a baggie for it like any decent drug dealer.  Who knows what germs are all over it from that guy and whoever.  She pinched off a piece of the clay-like hash and pressed it down in her makeshift pipe, but then decided to wait.

The suite was great, better than many she had stayed in.  The fact that her parents were gone made it a 1000 times better.  She could do whatever she wanted.  She walked by the huge peculiar mirror glancing at herself striding by enjoying how she looked in the Saint Laurent jacket and tight Gucci jeans, and abruptly stopped.  She shook her head as if to clear her vision.  For a moment, she thought she saw something big and brown in the mirror, but now it was gone.

Walking around and sipping the scotch, she decided to run herself a bath in the huge jacuzzi.  She turned the water on getting it nice and hot.  The plan she decided was to take a long bath, get a little tipsy and smoke the hash.  Then she would nap for about 4 hours getting up at 8PM, and be in the hotel bar by 10PM.  If all goes well she would find a guy at the bar or find a club to go to and pick up a guy there.  By 3AM she wanted to be back here riding a big cock, the bigger the better.

Ashleigh started thinking about how some of her friends laugh at her preference for guys with big dicks, saying size didn’t matter.  Yeah it doesn’t matter, because your boyfriend has a tiny wiener.  At 5’10” Ashley was intimidating for many men.  It was why she preferred big men of at least 6’6”, and all things proportional.  She lost her virginity at 13 to a man in his early 20’s whose father was a friend of her dad’s.  She was the one that seduced him and lied about her age saying she was 18.  Always a tall but thin girl, she had developed nice curves very early.  Her mother soon learned she was not going to be controlled, so she got her on birth control and insisted on condom use.  Among high society Ashleigh soon gained a reputation as a rich slut a guy could fuck as long as he had a big dick.

She checked the water noting it was a little hot, so added a touch of cold water.  Topping off her scotch, Ashleigh pulled out the black Valentino sleeveless cocktail dress for this evening.  It was so short a hint of her lacey black thong would show if she bent down just the right way.  That was something she planned to do often and should get the attention she desired.  She began peeling off her designer clothes piece by piece unaware she was being watched.  She slowly slipped her lean long nude body down into the hot tub wincing at the hot water.  She let out a sigh of contentment as she got used to the hot water and could feel the jets massaging her thighs and back.  Briefly wishing there was a man in here with her or even two, she washed her hair first, and then used some scented soaps on her body lifting her long legs out of the tub while scrubbing them.

The task of cleaning herself accomplished, it was time to get high.  Another sip of scotch first, and then she lifted her improvised pipe and lighter, sparking the flame down on the hash.  She sucked hard at the can opening watching the hash glow a brilliant orange.  Ashleigh coughed a little as she exhaled smoke, and lit the hash again.  Within a few minutes, she felt the warmth of her high spreading through her body.  She broke off more hash and toked again on the can feeling her buzz increase.  She smoked intermittently alternating with sips of scotch until she was feeling dreamy and a little sleepy.

Climbing awkwardly out of the hot tub, she giggled at nearly slipping and falling back in.  Ashleigh stumbled naked around the suite and spotted the Egyptian headdress she had purchased in the market.  She thought it would look good topping off her pixie cut short blond hair.  Her hair had been long and a pain to brush, so she had it lopped off in New York before they left.  The haircut cost more than many families in Cairo made in two months or more.  She bought the golden headdress knowing it was cheap and fake, but there was something fun about it.  She thought she might wear it to a party sometime.

Feeling very high and laughing as she danced around with the headdress on, she grabbed her improvised pipe again and went over to the mirror to admire herself.  Ashleigh preened in front of the huge mirror making faces and admiring her body.  Deciding one more toke before hitting the bed, she used the lighter to ignite the hash sucking the smoke in deep.  Holding the smoke in with her eyes closed for a few seconds, she exhaled opening her eyes to watch the smoke billow against the mirror and dissipate to the sides.  As her drug-addled eyes focused, she looked hard seeing that brown thing in the mirror again and angled her eyes upward.  This time it wasn’t fleeting, it was staring back at her with a huge fang filled mouth grin.  Ashleigh stared in the mirror, and then looked down at the still smoldering hash and shouted, “Holy Shit!”

She dropped the coca cola can on the carpet uncaring and stared hard at the image in the mirror, the spilled glowing hash was now creating a burn mark.  Ashleigh could see herself in the mirror, but to the side was an enormous brown creature nearly as tall as the ten foot mirror.  She blinked again wondering about the hash.  It never gave her hallucinations like this before.  Hell, even LSD, mushrooms and PCP didn’t make her see monsters.  She looked down from its hideous face and stared at what must be a two foot long cock hanging between its legs almost at eye level.  That was just too much and she laughed so hard she started to choke.  All those thoughts of riding big cocks tonight, and this is what I get, a hallucination of a monster with a cock that would make dad’s prized stallion feel inadequate.

Ashleigh watched in fascination as her hallucination began to get an erection.  If it wasn’t two feet long before, it certainly was now and she stepped closer to the mirror.  She reached out towards the glass as if to grasp it.  She got closer until her hand was almost touching the mirror, and then the whole mirror seemed to ripple distorting the image of the monster cock swaying in front of her.  Something flashed out of the mirror and immediately constricted around her torso.  Ashleigh looked down at a brown tree trunk sized arm.  A thumb nearly the size of her own arm was pressing her tits upward.  It was a gigantic hand gripping her body, an abrasive hand with long sharp claws that were hurtfully digging into her flesh.  The arm was dragging her towards the mirror.  It was no longer funny, and she began struggling desperately.  As the arm pulled her against the mirror rippling like water now, Ashleigh screamed in terror, “This can’t be happening!!!.”

As the young girl vanished from sight, it was abruptly silent in the luxury suite.  The mirror rippled a few more times and then went solid.  The hash burning the carpet finally went out.  The jacuzzi made a gurgling noise at the last of the water draining out, and it was silent again within the suite.

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When her face approached the shimmering surface, Ashleigh closed her eyes turning her head sideways trying to avoid the contact.  As her head hit the mirror, it fleetingly felt solid with resistance before seeming to dissolve around her head and nude body.  Her flesh seemed to sizzle as she passed through like a strong static charge, and she could tell her short blond hair was standing on end under the Egyptian headdress.  The next sensation she felt was heat, as in an Arizona in the summer desert kind of dry heat.  She was still high and very disoriented trying to understand what just happened.  Besides the extreme heat, there was an omnipresent red glow all around her.  There was not much light, almost like night, except for the eerie dark red glow.  Nothing about the red around her could be called bright or cheery at all like most red colors would be.  There were various shades of dark red, some reddish browns verging on completely dark brown, but it was mostly dark red and black.

Ashleigh’s eyes began focusing, and she stared stunned at the rocky mountainous terrain before her.  Nearly everything seemed to be burning.  There were volcanos all over out into the distance and burning rivers of red flowing everywhere.  Not just the flowing lava was on fire, rocks and whole mountains also seemed to be burning.  There was no orange, yellow or blue to the flames as would be normal, the fires were all dark red.  A colossal blood red sun shone directly overhead in a black sky.  Ashleigh stared up at the impossible shimmering sun filling way too much of the black sky wondering how this could be.  Everything she was seeing was beyond surreal.

Ashleigh became aware of something moving on her body and turned towards the one thing that seemed all brown with only a hint of the dark red glow.  The brown in front of her had patterns of dark brown almost black and the form of musculature.  Abruptly, she looked down where she could feel something moving.  She could see it, that thing she felt sliding up her body.  Her mind was attempting to fathom what was going on, but some part of her knew the brown in front of her face was the torso of the creature she had seen in the mirror.  She knew it was holding her suspended in the hot choking air with her legs dangling.  She knew the thing sliding on her body was its gigantic cock.  It was pressed against her belly, and despite still being very high, she didn’t find it at all funny now.

She had only seen one penis up close that was uncircumcised and informed its owner at the time that it was unacceptable, more for its inadequate size by her standards than for its loose skin.  What she saw now looked like a brown anaconda shedding its skin as it slithered up between her ample breasts and towards her face unsheathing as it moved.  The head even looked like a snake, more pointed and tapering than normal followed by absurd girth.  She felt frozen in place looking down at the emerging head until it made startling mushy yet hard contact with her mouth and face.  The vile taste and putrid odor hit her senses immediately.  The source of the stench was the fetid molds, yeast and other fungi growing within the folds of its foreskin, a rare moist fecund environment in an otherwise largely bone dry world that was the realm of the High Wryt.

Instinctively, Ashleigh jerked her head up away from the unpleasant smell and hard yet spongy texture of the male organ now pressing under her chin.  Above and before her was the face she had seen in the mirror, one of a hideous unearthly monster with snaggle tooth smiling fangs.  She had never felt small before around any man, even those over 6’6”, but now she felt puny and insignificant in a completely unaccustomed and terrifyingly unfamiliar way.  She whispered the exact same words she last shouted in the suite of, “This can’t be happening.”

“Are you fertile?” she heard it inexplicably ask.
After a long pause, she managed a feeble reply, “Why?”
“I am to impregnate you.”
Unable to fully grasp the concept of such a creature completing such an act, Ashleigh had a thought occur to her as an escape from this madness and replied, “I’m on the pill.”
“I can’t get pregnant.”
“If that is true, you will be of some mild amusement to me until my hunger quickly overcomes my lust.”

As an answer to her question, images flooded her mind.  She saw the monster tearing her arm off with blood spurting followed by him feasting upon it.  Her other arm and legs were torn off one by one in her mind, as the hideous creature devoured her flesh with blood coating his fangs.  She could see in her mind this would happen very soon, and it was because she told him she could not get pregnant.  In desperation, she shouted, “The pill doesn’t last!  I have to take it every day for it to work!”
“How long?” asked the monster.
“I don’t know, a week maybe two.”
“You will be of much amusement to me as I fertilize your womb.”

Smaller versions of the huge monster appeared and began skittering and chittering excitedly around her pinching her flesh.  It was all too much and Ashleigh began screeching in terror.  Somehow, she could tell the gruesome creatures were asking the larger one if they could eat her.  To her relief, she could sense the larger one restraining them.  Despite that, she could feel the hunger in their repulsive red eyes.  One of the vile vicious creatures approached with some sort of binding cord and hurtfully began tying her wrists together.  She tried to pull her arms back, but another came over and held them.  Despite seeming shorter than her, they were massive, likely weighing three times what she did, and they were incredibly strong.

The bigger one lowered her to the ground, and the stone was uncomfortably hot on her bare feet.  That feeling didn’t last long, as two of the awful jabbering smaller ones began hauling on the rope.  They had tossed it over a stone beam, and Ashleigh moaned in pain feeling her body once again being suspended.  Blinking and spinning some from the rope, Ashleigh could now see the shimmering mirror and her reflection in it.  She was still wearing that ridiculous Egyptian headdress she bought it the market.

The monster was behind her.  She could feel and see his huge taloned hands force her legs achingly wide apart.  He lifted her hips extremely high until she was nearly horizontal as if flying towards the mirror but held in the grip of the monster.  She stared at her own face reflected in the mirror trying still to fathom what was going on.  Something slimy touched her crotch making her yelp and then shriek.  Ashleigh realized it was the creature’s wet tongue, and then it began to worm its way into her vagina.  Her whole body began jerking involuntarily in response to the insidious probing tongue seeming to penetrate all the way to her cervix.  She could feel its viscous saliva coating her insides and knew he was preparing her for intercourse.  She could feel that in her head.  She tried to twist away from the nasty loathsome snaking tongue invading her body, but he held her like she was stuck to the wall with a sticky glue.  It was simultaneously exceedingly repulsive and oddly sensual.  Feeling her high evaporate and stone cold sober now, Ashleigh screamed, “Oh my God, this isn’t a hallucination or nightmare!  It’s really happening, but how can this be happening?  This is madness!”

She was aware and disgusted with herself that her hips were moving in response to his tongue, at least as much as the beast’s grip on her thighs would allow.  It was as if he was controlling her body’s reactions, and it was revolting.  When the invading tongue finally and mercifully retreated from her body, Ashleigh sighed in relief as he lowered her.  Her relief was short lived.  As soon as she was vertical again, she felt and could see in the mirror the monster’s cock pressing against her crotch.

It was hurtfully hard and jabbing her excruciatingly in the sensitive tissue separating her vaginal opening and her anus.  Crying now as the agonizing pressure built, Ashleigh could feel it begin to slip back towards her anus.  She had played around some with anal in her mid-teens, but discarded such activities once she began choosing men with cocks too big for anal.  Petrified the beast was attempting anal and knowing that would kill her, Ashleigh worked her hips trying to dislodge the monster’s cockhead from her anus until she groaned as it entrenched itself in the entrance to her vagina.

Ashleigh twitched and jerked her body trying to dislodge it from there too, but then groaned in misery as her motions only worked it deeper into her pussy.  Her vaginal lips spread and surrounded the head.  It was just the tapered head, but it still felt enormous, bigger than any man she had taken.  She stared at the reflection of it happening, shaking her head in disbelief at how huge it was.  Only an inch or two of it was inside her, and the vast amount was visible between her legs and threatening to further skewer her.  The pressure began building again, and she could see the creature behind her smiling as he worked his hips.

She was being lifted and all of her weight was centered over that gigantic cock embedded in her pussy.  Ashleigh grunted in agony feeling her walls dilating open trying to accommodate its girth.  She felt a hurtful tear, and then another injuring tear, and finally her vaginal walls gave way to the intrusion.  She could see it in the mirror, her body settling down on the enormous cock impaling her like some insect pinned to a naturalist’s board.  She’d been hurt before the first couple times she took a really big cock, but nothing like the pain she was experiencing now.  Ashleigh was not one ever to pray, but she began praying now that the damage wasn’t so severe as to kill her.  She knew she wanted to live through this somehow.

The monster continued to drive and work his humongous male organ into her body until Ashleigh felt her internal organs being pressed inward towards her diaphragm.  He was lifting her weight up balanced on his cock, and she could see over half of it was inside her.  Staring at it in the mirror, she thought it must be more than a foot she was taking.  The pressure of lifting her eased, and she was lowered to be suspended by the ropes again.  Ashleigh could feel the huge cock retreating from her body, and then she was lifted again.  The monster was fucking her now with slowly increasing speed.  With her mouth open and gasping and her tear streaked eyes staring in fascination, Ashleigh watched herself in the mirror being raped by a monster from hell and could feel the monster’s deep satisfaction at the malevolent deed.  Ashleigh thought of her past, her preference for big cocks and her taunting of men without them, and she knew now she was punished for her evil ways.  Meanwhile, the hideous monster cock relentlessly fucked her pain-racked body.

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All thoughts of this being a drug induced dream now purged from her mind, Ashleigh whimpered and cried out at the insidious massive thrusting organ ruthlessly torturing her crotch.  It would retreat from her body, and then skewer abrasively deep into her womb lifting her entire body up slackening her bounds, just to retreat and rapidly skewer her deeply again over and over.  It hurt so bad and seemed to be tearing her insides with each thrust.  Eventually she closed her eyes and resumed whispering prayers from her childhood begging God to come save her.  Just like her selfish prayers as a little girl, these were also left unanswered.

She was unsure if she had passed out briefly or not, but suddenly there was a violent gushing of slimy fluid inside her, and Ashleigh vaguely realized the monster had cum.  It was a torrent of liquid that made her feel bloated with the gigantic male organ stilled embedded deep inside her destroyed vagina allowing very little to escape.  He held it in there as more of his seminal fluid spurted into her abused womb distending her abdomen.  She then let out a groan feeling the organ pull from her body.  The creature’s semen gushed revoltingly out of her gaping orifice coating both of her legs in his slimy filth.

Ashleigh screeched as the ropes abruptly lost tension dropping her to the hard stone floor directly onto her knee caps.  The silly Egyptian headdress fell from her head and clattered across the stone floor.  Moaning in agony, she rolled to her side her bound hands clutching both her knees wondering if they had been broken.  She could feel her horrifically abused gaping vagina still oozing the monster’s cum and her own blood.  It felt like her crotch had been ripped to shreds.  She lay there, eyes closed trying to will away what just happened, but the burning pain in her pussy was a constant reminder it had been real.  What finally stirred her to open her eyes and move her head was the realization of intense thirst.

Ashleigh tried to croak out the words she was thirsty, but the sound that emerged was unintelligible.  It didn’t matter, as the monster still there watching her projected his thoughts that water was several feet away.  Ashleigh looked in the direction he seemed to be indicating with his mind and saw something dark on the stone floor.  A tremor from a minor volcanic eruption far away slightly shook everything, and she saw a ripple on the dark spot confirming it was liquid.

She began crawling mostly by pulled herself along by using her bound wrists.  She tried to get on her knees, but cried out in pain falling on her side.  Again, she wondered if they both had been broken.  The stone floor was hot, nearly burning her forearms and thigh she was using to inch her way towards the water.  She left a trail like a snail of a mixture of the monster’s cum and her own blood.

As she approached the dark puddle, it like everything else in this horrible place had a tinge of dark red.  Unbeknownst to her, the red was algae growing in the cracks and on the moist rock surface.  The stench from the water hit her as she got closer.  It smelled foul, putrid and decaying as everything did here, but knowing she had to drink made the rank stench of the water worse.

The puddle was maybe a quarter inch deep, so Ashleigh had to assume a parody of kissing the stone floor to drink by sucking at the puddle.  It tasted as nasty as it smelled and made her stomach lurch in revulsion.  She was afraid it was poisonous, but could not stop sipping at the puddle eventually finding a slightly deeper crack to suck the water from.  She sucked and swallowed at the puddle endlessly while her eyes roved.  She saw the puddle was fed by a crack in the stone wall where barely a dribble of liquid emerged.  It didn’t flow very far before reaching a part of the stone floor obviously hotter than the rest from some geothermic source, where the water began boiling and steaming away.

It took a long while before her thirst was quenched, and she stopped sucking at the water seeping from the rock wall.  She tried sitting up but the pain in her crotch was too much.  The profuse bleeding from her vagina seemed to have slowed, but she was still oozing the creature’s cum which had now thickened like some sort of clotted puss.  Her head was woozy with nausea, and she could feel herself swaying balanced on one hip.  Ashleigh got so light-headed she lay down on the hot stone floor breathing hard, and then she lost consciousness.

It was the beast that woke her.  She could feel his lust even before she was fully awake.  Ashleigh could picture the monster in her head raping her again, and she began begging and pleading with him that further rape would kill her.  In her head the creature seemed to be acknowledging her vulnerability and weakness, but she could feel his lust radiating at her in a way that would not be denied.  Blinking her eyes, she could see it.  It was unsheathing from his body like a colossal snake slithering out of hibernation and becoming stiff.

His massive clawed hand grasped her around the waist and lifted her as she moaned in despair.  He sat her on a hot rocky ledge about 6 or so feet off the floor, and Ashleigh immediately cried out in agony at the contact of the hot stone surface with her injured crotch.  She leaned back relieving the pressure until her back was against a slanted wall of hot rock.  The monster’s enormous erection was pointed directly at her, and Ashleigh whimpered in terror.

She could sense in her head she had to do something to gratify and satiate the creature’s lust or he would rape her again regardless of the potential lethality of the act.  A sharp claw was inserted between her bound wrists, and a ripping pull parted the ropes freeing her hands.  He grasped both her ankles lifting her legs putting them towards his shoulders bending her body.  She had been fucked in that position many times, so Ashleigh sobbed and moaned feeling his huge cock sliding between her thighs.  She cried out in pain as it rubbed against her wounded pussy, but mercifully he didn’t try and force it inside her.  Instead, he nestled it between her thighs and pushed it up her pelvis.

His hideous huge protruding organ rapidly slid up her belly towards her face, while his taloned massive hand forced her head down until her chin touched her chest.  She got her first really good look at it and shook her head in disgust.  His cock was not shaped like a human one; it was tapered at the last few inches of the end and grooved in a corkscrew pattern.  It was then she understood the repulsive sickening task she would be required to do.

“It will never fit,” she whimpered knowing speaking was unnecessary given the beast’s ability to read her thoughts.  The tapered and grooved tip of his cock slithered up between her breasts, and Ashleigh recalled that a pig had a corkscrew shaped penis.  Her fascination with big cocks had her look up pictures of animal penises on the internet.  And once when no one was looking, she had touched and stroked her father’s proud stallion’s cock fantasizing about it being inside her.  She was aroused by the horse and donkey cocks more than the dog ones, but those pictures she saw of a pig penis were thin with a little corkscrew at the tip and not appealing at all.  Ashleigh wondered if her deviate lust for huge animal cocks was why this was happening to her.  Was this God’s punishment for her sinful ways, to be raped by this demon from Hell perhaps the Devil himself?

The creature’s cock was horribly thick with the vague corkscrew shape less pronounced on the bulbous head than it was on a pig but still noticeable.  When the head pressed against her sealed tight lips, just like before the rape the rancid putrid stench hit her senses making her try to turn her head away.  The monster’s claws dug into her neck drawing droplets of blood, and Ashleigh could feel the threat in him.  With a moan of anguish, she opened her mouth wide and gurgled as the tip forced its way in.  The vile awful taste was worse than the smell, and doubly worse now that it was also coated with her dried blood and his dried cum from her rape.

The horrible creature began moving, just a little at first.  The grooved ridges on his cock bumped across her lips as he thrust into her mouth, and the vile putrid taste made her heave and gag in disgust.  His cock was sliding between her breasts in what men she had been with called titty fucking.  It was awful, the nauseating taste of it forcing her lips so wide she thought they would crack and split. The hideous thing was roughly scraping against her thighs and breasts as he thrust it at her mouth.

The beast was in her head, and she sensed she needed to do something more.  His sickening cockhead in her mouth hitting the back of her throat was making her gag and drool.  Her saliva was dripping down the monster’s cock making it slide easier.  She knew he would not stop until he was satisfied and could sense him deciding whether or not to rape her again despite the very real possibility it would kill her.  In desperation and with extreme reluctance, she put her hands on it attempting to stimulate him more.

She heard him growl and could feel his approval.  Encouraged, she stroked his gigantic cock more vigorously and pushed her shoulders forward squeezing her breasts around it.  She clenched her thighs around the thick base adding to the friction.  Using her hands and forearms she did her best to give his massive cock a massive handjob, or more accurately a bodyjob since so much of body was wrapped around the huge plunging organ.  Her jaws were beginning to ache from keeping her mouth so widely open to take it.

Now that she was cooperating, the beast radiated pleasure and increased the speed and length of his thrusting.  The tip was now completely leaving her mouth on the backstroke, where she would take a quick breath keeping her mouth achingly wide open to accept the forward thrust so deep in her throat she would heave and almost vomit.  She recalled some of the men she blew, which was a rare event for her, asking a little critically about her ability take more of them.  She loved big cocks, but had no interest in learning to take one into her throat.  Again, she wondered if she was being punished for past selfish behavior.

He pumped his gigantic cock along her body and into her mouth faster and faster, and he was breathing more rapidly.  She could feel it approaching and knowing what was going to happen began to panic.  There was nothing she could do to stop or avoid it, and the monster gave one last deep thrust deep into her mouth.  His balls contracted sending a vast load of seminal fluid through his cock spurting outward.

Her mouth already impossibly full of demon cock, Ashleigh’s eyes bugged out of her skull and her arms waved around helplessly for a couple seconds before futilely pulling on his cock trying to remove it from her mouth.  As soon as her mouth and throat began filling with the monster’s revolting cum, she reflexively began swallowing to avoid choking to death.  She was quite literally drowning in his cum.  It kept gushing and spraying endless amounts of repulsive vile cum, and Ashleigh couldn’t swallow fast enough.  She choked as it clogged her windpipe, and then it began squirting from both her nostrils in two white streams.

With booming bellows of laughter, the monster abruptly stepped back finally pulling his organ from her mouth.  Still choking and now violently coughing up monster cum, Ashleigh lost her balance on the stone ledge and slid off dropping.  Somehow aware of her injured knees, she caught herself on her feet and managed to roll on the hard hot rock floor only mildly scraping her arms and legs.  She lay there coughing and sputtering monster cum.  It gushed and dripped miserably from her mouth and nostrils.  It coated her breasts and belly.  She could sense the cruel amusement in the creature at her distress.  He laughed again, and then moved away from her exuding satisfaction and pleasure.

While he seemed to ignore her for a moment, Ashleigh glanced towards the mirror across the cave and saw a brief glimpse of the hotel room in Cairo.  She struggled to her feet groaning at the pain in her knees and began hobbling towards the mirror.  She was praying she would make it and be transported back to her own reality.  She limped and shuffled getting closer and more hopeful trying to stifle more coughing, the monster’s cum still dripped from her open mouth.  Gaining confidence, she shuffled even faster reaching for the mirror.  It was there right in front of her when the beast seized her around the neck and dragged her screaming away from it.  Crying out in anguish Ashleigh yelled, “I was so close!”

In terror and wailing in misery, she sensed the anger of the monster, and that he was going to punish her.  She was flung roughly to the stone floor further injuring her knees and scraping her elbows too.  He stepped on her back pinning her to the floor piercing her back with the claws on his foot, and then jabbered something to a few of his minions.  Ashleigh watch them depart toward a glowing portion of the cavern.  Only one returned, and it was carrying a length of metal glowing reddish orange on one end.  She knew the glow was because it was very hot.  She struggled in fear watching it approach, but the monster’s foot held her in place.  The thing gave the glowing metal stick to the monster.
Ashleigh felt him seize her calf and bend her foot up.  It was all very surreal with no sound except her labored breathing.  She couldn’t see at all what he was doing, and then there was searing pain and she screamed and screamed.  She smelled something burning and while still screaming realized it was the flesh of the bottom of her foot burning.  He let go of that foot and pulled up the other.  Again, Ashleigh screamed as he burned the bottom of her other foot, the foot pad cooking and smelling of burnt meat.  Ashleigh could hear her screams echoing in the large cavern and then everything went dark.

She woke coughing and feeling so very bad she couldn’t believe she was still alive.  A part of her could tell she had been unconscious for a while.  Never had she known such pain and misery.  Every part of her body hurt.  There were marks and dried blood on every portion of her body from cuts and punctures whether it be from the sharp rocks or the beast’s claws.  The agony of her feet even surpassed that of her crotch.  Becoming more conscious, she realized her wrists were bound again, and now her ankles were tied too.  She could barely move and knew he was not taking any more chances.

She could sense him there watching her, and could sense something else.  Ashleigh moaned in anguish knowing what she was sensing again was his lust.  She tried to move, to crawl away and escape, but she couldn’t even move than a few inches.  He was coming for her and would not be denied.  Ashleigh began whimpering and tried to plead with him, but it just came out as a loud groan.  As he stood over her she felt his taloned hand grip her around the waist, and Ashleigh finally managed to softly beg, “Please, no.”

He lifted and flung her belly down over a hot boulder, and she screamed at both the heat and sharp edges piercing her stomach.  The monster wasted no time, and she could feel his foul gigantic organ pressing against her vagina.  Ashleigh screamed as a series of agonizing thrusts forced his massive cock inside her once again.  She wailed in misery as the creature began to rapidly fuck her tortured body and screamed, “It hurts!!!....It hurts!!……Oh God it hurts so bad!!.
As before the monster’s ruthless ravaging of her pussy went on endlessly, and at some point she began shouting, “Just kill me then!!!  Just get it over with and kill me!!!”

But the gruesome evil monster did not kill her, and as he relentlessly fucked her, Ashleigh began to understand she would not die as she hoped.  This was only the beginning of the pain and misery of being repeatedly raped by a hideous demon from a hellish place, and there would be no escape.

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Bent face down over a scorching hot rock ledge her legs dangling, Ashleigh sobbed and quaked from the creature’s most recent rape of her body.  Her scratched and cut belly and breasts heaved as she tried to move.  By now the creature had raped her dozens of times.  She had lost count of the total rapes, and time had lost all meaning.  How could time have any meaning in a place where an enormous blood red sun hung perpetually overhead for a dark gloomy day that never ended?  Despite the glowing red disk of an impossibly huge sun filling the sky, it was never bright, this omnipresent red radiance that was a constant dim twilight that never morphed into a true night.

Ashleigh was never a particularly good student, but now with limitless time to think and ponder, she had come up with some theories on her location.  She didn’t believe she was below the Earth’s surface in some biblical or Dante version of Hell inhabited by demons and the proverbial Devil himself, but rather she had somehow been transported to another planet or alternative reality by that awful mirror.  She had heard of stars called red giants and believed she was on a planet revolving around such a star.  She also felt too heavy, and falls hurt more than they should.  While not crushing, the gravity she was experiencing was not that of her Earth.  Although she believed her location was not a place spoken of by any Earth religion, it certainly was Hell.  And while she didn’t believe the monster repeatedly raping her was the Devil spoke of in church, he was unquestionably far more demonically evil than anything the Bible or Dante could have come up with.  It was a world inhabited by demons and ruled by a devil.

Using her elbows, she stirred herself from the rock ledge allowing herself to drop to the stone floor.  With a roll born from frequent practice, she managed to largely escape any more scrapes, cuts or bruises.  It wasn’t easy to fall from a rock onto more rocks naked with both wrists and ankles bound and not be injured, especially when you weigh more than you should.  Squirming to find a position on the hot rocks that wasn’t too uncomfortable, Ashleigh breathed and waited.  Feeling the all too familiar sensation of the monster’s cum leaking from her ravaged body, she wondered if it had magical healing powers the way she would recover from each rape only to be ripped apart again the next time.  It was amazing what the human body could get used to over time.  The rapes still hurt, but not as unbearably as those first several times.

She still screamed, cried and pleaded always in vain at each rape, but there was a lessening of the agony, and Ashleigh’s pain, anguish and misery from the act had altered somewhat to merely hopelessness.  The pain was always there, but she had learned to ignore it to some extent.  She was still terrified of the monster, but again not as much as in the beginning.  However, the horror of her situation never waned.  In fact, that aspect of her captivity seemed to grow worse with time.  She had expected to die soon after her first few rapes.  She constantly prayed for death, but the horror continued without end.

In this timeless place with no days or nights, she had no way to measure the passage of time except in the number of times she had been raped, and then she even lost count of those.  She also tried to keep track of time by counting her meals, but they came seemingly randomly.  Sometimes she was ravenous when it finally came and other times she wasn’t hungry at all but ate anyway fearing when the next meal might be offered.  It was always the same thing, some hairless rodent like animal freshly killed.  She had learned to sear its flesh on some of the hotter rocks.  It still tasted appalling, but she was able to tear off pieces and choke them down.  The liver and heart were easier to chew than its stringy flesh, so she ate them first.  The rodents and the rank water seeping from the rocks were her only sustenance.

Just when her hopeless acquiescence had begun to almost be soothing, Ashleigh now had a new fear growing inside her.  She was so much in tune with the beast now and could sense his emotions even better than before.  He extremely enjoyed raping her body, but his gratification from the act had decreased as her resistance and pain also lessened.  She was just too tired, sore and hopeless to care anymore, longing for death and despairing it was so prolonged in coming.  Ashleigh knew the monster craved those first few times when she wailed and screamed in agony calling out to God to save her.  He radiated extreme pleasure then at her wretched misery, and now he found ways to bring back the horrific torment of those times.  He found these means through humiliation and torture.

The creature had begun playing with her before the rape in various insidious ways to give her pain.  Other than those few times when another rape might kill her, the only attention he paid to her breasts was the few titty fuck blowjobs he forced her to perform.  She would have to stimulate him until his putrid semen splashed into her mouth and face.  Now he was pinching her breasts between his enormous fingers often drawing blood with his talons until she screamed and pleaded with him to stop.  He even lifted her briefly off the ground by her breasts until she though they would rip from her body.

To further humiliate and degrade her, he insisted she perform horrid tasks with her mouth and tongue.  He would mentally command her to lick and kiss his organ and then clean his fetid disgusting balls with her tongue.  But all that wasn’t the worst thing he made her do with her mouth; once he had exuded satisfaction with her efforts under his balls, he ordered her to clean lower.  As with all his disgusting commands, she balked the first time.  That’s when the glowing iron would be brought to burn her body, branding her over and over again like an animal.  Her feet never did fully recover, and he had also burned her knees to impede her crawling.  Her arms and legs were burned in numerous places to get her to comply with the next degrading obscene act.  To augment the pain, humiliation and misery, he would often urinate on her body aiming for the most recent seared wounds.  It felt like hot acid when his streams of urine hit her body.

Ashleigh could not stand the thought of her once beautiful face being permanently disfigured even if now bruised, scratched, cut and filthy, so when the glowing iron was hovering inches from her eyes she gave in.  It was worse than the rapes, being forced to lick clean the monster’s revolting shit stained anus.  There was no respite or pity even when she gagged and vomited, which occurred frequently.  He would beat her and call for the iron unless she resumed the ghastly task.  The stench was beyond dreadful and often caused her to pass out.  The iron would be applied to her body to wake her when this happened.

Recently the monster had begun working a huge excruciating finger inside her butt to cause her pain and him amusement.  Ashleigh never cared for anal play, and now a demon from hell was shoving sandpaper rough fingers into her ass as big or bigger than any human cock she previously enjoyed in her pussy.  She would never let any of those men fuck her in the ass, because they were too big.  It was if he was opening and preparing her for anal sex for that enormous cock of his, except whenever she felt lust from him it was entirely focused on her vagina.  Her pain, screams and misery all served to arouse the hideous creature, but once his sexual hunger had built to a peak, it was followed by the usual rape of her vagina and womb.

He took her on her back this time on the usual rock ledge that placed her vagina at a convenient height for the creature.  Ashleigh winced and emitted an agonizing yelp at each of the monster’s thrusts that match the rhythm of his growls.  Together the noises they made were like a depraved duet performing some perverted harmony.  She hated looking as his ugly malevolent smug face while he raped her, yet his eyes were too compelling to allow her close hers to extinguish his horrid visage.  His huge relentless plunging organ pierced her body over and over endlessly while he smirked and leered down at her.  Her legs were spread painfully wide with the monster between them, and her calves were supported on the monster’s hips.  Ashleigh detested it was a parody of her being a willing lover with her legs wrapped about the despicable creature, but it was the least painful position while she endured his immense ravaging cock defiling her insides.  It ended as it always did, with a loud growl and the bloating full feeling of a deluge of his loathsome semen splashing inside her and the hateful wetness spreading.  By now it was a very familiar feeling, and as Ashleigh stared up at her gigantic repugnant rapist his lust quenched however briefly, she had no idea something very new was happening between them.

Demon sperm disseminated throughout a fertile human womb swimming vigorously.  In separate channels, Ashleigh’s eggs lay waiting.  A particularly strong swimming sperm found an egg and quickly wiggled inside.  Moments later in the other channel the other egg was also penetrated by the Devil’s seed.  Fertilization complete, two demonic zygotes formed in each of her ovaries and began dividing at an accelerated rate.

The satiated monster often lingered like this seemingly probing her with his mind his organ still embedded in her body.  After some interval, he would typically lose interest, pull out of her and drift away until the next rape.  He stayed longer this time leaning his hideous snaggle toothed face over hers as if searching for something.  And then like a bolt of lightning in her mind, Ashleigh felt his joy.  This was ecstasy far beyond that he radiated when torturing and lustfully raping her body until his demonic orgasm peaked and filled him with carnal gratification.  This also wasn’t the pleasure and amusement he exuded at her suffering.  This was something else.

Ashleigh could see it in his mind.  The creature believed he had finally impregnated her after endless attempts, but that was impossible.  She knew from the beginning this was his stated goal, to copulate with her until she carried his demon spawn.  Those first rapes she would scream at him, shouting it could never happen between such different species, but after time she gave up trying to convince him.

As always it was simultaneously grotesque and a relief, the squishy sensation of him retracting his organ from her vagina followed by the usual nasty slimy mess that oozed out covering her inner thighs and legs.  This was when he would always lose interest in her, wandering away until the next time his lust returned.  Inexplicably, this time he stayed watching her.  Ashleigh wanted to move her legs, but they were still wrapped around the creature as he pressed close beaming intense pleasure.

Inside Ashleigh’s womb the demon zygotes continued to rapidly divide and grow at an alarming speed like two malignant tumors.  It was not a normal pace of embryo development, and Ashleigh’s body was desperately trying to keep up dumping gonadotropin and progesterone into her system.  The reproductive hormones were surging inside her, and Ashleigh could already feel the changes.  Doubt began forming in her mind as her body began rebelling and responding to the hormones and impregnation.  She looked up at the creature filled with dread, and she felt him mentally confirm her pregnancy.

She was stunned into immobility, and barely noticed that the monster instead of ignoring her lifted her almost gently down to the stone floor.  She collapsed, her mind both numb and racing with wonder.  Moments later food was brought.  It seemed absurd at first that three of the hairless rodents were brought, but Ashleigh ravenously tore into them barely chewing before swallowing.  It was only after three additional rodents were brought that she finally slowed and took the time to cook them on the smoldering hot rocks.  Each time she radiated hunger with disturbing frequency, more flesh for her to eat was brought by his demon minions.

It was different this time when he came for her, she could feel it immediately.  The intense lust was there as it always was, but the focus of it had altered.  In addition to gratification of his lust, she had always known the creature was fixated on impregnating her.  But, her perceived impossibility of that made only the rapes relevant in her mind.  Now it seemed like the lust was nearly all that was remaining, and yet something else was there too.  There was a strange nurturing feeling also there, and then she could sense him feel protective of her womb and what was growing inside.  She could sense he wouldn’t take the chance of damaging her womb, which made her confused about his lust as he was also not focusing on those few ‘body jobs/ blow jobs’ she was force to give early on.  It was then it hit her, and she screamed and tried to flee.  All those times he was forcing his huge fingers in her ass was exactly what it seemed, preparing her for anal.

It was actually comical, her attempt to escape with wrists tied together and ankles the same.  She was like a big inch worm, trying to undulate across the rock floor.  Shrieking in terror she tried to get away from him, but he paced her, taunting her attempt to escape with his mind.  Eventually his sexual hunger took over and he seized her bound legs and flung her over the rock ledge once again.  This time his enormous erect organ did not probe at her vaginal opening.  He nestled it between her butt cheeks aiming for her anus recently loosened a bit by his huge fingers, and then slammed his hips forward piercing her anus and stabbing her rectum.  Ashleigh’s shrieks reverberated and echoed in the stone chamber louder than any of her previous screams of pain.