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on: August 25, 2020, 06:25:38 PM
Kristen’s Board is a forum for adult discussions and writers of erotic fiction.  However, KB  also prohibits any “extreme pedophilic“ content. Extreme pedophilic content is defined as any fictional erotic work involving children under the age of 13, or prepubescent children, regardless of age.

In addition, KB prohibits any “real life“ discussion involving anyone under the age of 18. This includes discussion or descriptions of your real life children, the neighbors, nieces, and nephews. This includes statements like “I started masturbating when I was 15.“ Do not discuss, comment on, or post about, any RL person under the age of 18.

Finally, don’t blame the moderators. We have a thankless job of enforcing the rules. And we have to dredge through a lot of material to do that. The easiest thing is, don’t test the limits, don’t push the envelope. You will get put in a holding cell if you do that.

If your characters are flat chested, hairless, and say things like “why is daddy‘s PP so big?“ Your story will be put in a cell, even if you say the character is 16 years old.

You’re talented, you’re articulate, you can write a story. So don’t violate the rules, and everybody’s going to get along just fine.
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