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The Daughter Swap (Mg13, Mg13, incest)

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The Daughter Swap

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

The Daughter Swap Pt.01 (Mg13, Mg13, incest)

After my divorce, it had become my responsibility to take my thirteen-year-old daughter Alice to the local pool for swimming lessons on a Saturday morning. Some times after she had finished having her swimming lessons, I would join her in the pool and have a swim with her. Just like a few of the other parents and their children did.

I love taking Alice to this particular swimming pool as it gave me the opportunity to look at the other girls her age and some of their mother’s wearing skimpy bikinis in the pool and then there was a good chance that I would see them naked in the change room showers. The swimming pool had a relaxed policy about nudity in the change room showers seeing that most of the pool members were nudists.

Over the last few weeks, I had noticed that I wasn’t the only father checking out the other girls in the pool and in the shower room showers and I had noticed that a few of them were checking out my daughter and taking a special interest in her and a few of them openly displayed their hard cocks as they showered.

Alice didn’t mind being naked in front of others and the men showing her their hard cocks to her. She had grown up with nudity at home and we had often seen each other naked and she had seen me hard plenty of times, it never bothered us and we had often showered together at home.

When one of the fathers approached me with his daughter in the swimming pool and asked, “Can I ask how old your daughter is?”

I thought he was just being friendly and I replied, “Alice’s thirteen.”

“Your daughter is a very good swimmer, how long has she been having lessons?”

“Alice has been having swimming lessons for a few years,” I replied.

“I’m Tom and this is my daughter Jillian, she is also thirteen and has only recently started having swimming lessons,” said the father.

I watched on in surprise as Tom put his arm around his daughter's shoulder and rested his hand on top of her budding breast that was barely covered by her small bikini top and tried not to be too obvious as I stared at his hand massaging his daughter’s breast.

“Hello Jillian, my name’s Craig, how are you enjoying having swimming lessons at the pool?”

Jillian smiled and replied, “Hello Craig, I love coming to this pool for lessons, it’s much better than the other pool... Daddy told me that swimming is good for me.”

When Alice climbed out of the pool and came over to us, after introducing her to Craig and Jillian, she smiled and said, “Hello, it’s nice to meet you both.”

I was surprised when Tom gave his daughter’s breast a squeeze in front of Alice and said, “I told Jillian, that swimming will make her breasts develop faster and she will soon have breasts as good as yours.”

Alice giggled and cupped both her bikini covered breasts with her hands and replied, “Do you really think swimming has helped my breasts grow.”

I was gobsmacked and my mouth fell open when Craig replied, “Oh yes I do, they’re a lovely size.”

“I want to have breasts like my swimming teacher Mrs Robertson,” giggled Jillian.

We all laughed, Mrs. Roberson’s breasts were about a size double D.

“Daddy, are we going home now, I’m getting cold?” asked Alice.

“Yes, we are sweetheart, it’s been nice meeting you both, but we need to have a shower and head home,” I said.

“It’s time for us to leave as well, it’s been wonderful meeting you both,” said Tom.

After giving them a smile, I took Alice into the change room and opened our lockers and pulled out our towels. As Alice removed her bikini, I removed my swimming shorts, we were soon naked standing under the showers hot running water together.

As Alice and I stood under the shower, Tom and Jillian came into the shower, they had already removed their swimming costumes and were naked.

“Do you mind if we join you?” Tom asked.

I didn’t think anything of it as we were used to being nude in the swimming pool showers and replied, “No, your quite welcome to join us.”

As Tom told me about his divorce, and how he was a single father, I noticed how he kept looking at Alice’s naked body as he ran his hands over his daughter’s budding breasts making her nipples stand out even further. I watched in shock as he rubbed his hand down over his daughter’s flat stomach and then his fingers over his daughter’s hairless puffy slit.

“Alice you’re a very beautiful girl, your body looks wonderful, do you shave,” Tom said, staring at her hairless cunt.

I was shocked at what Tom had asked Alice and surprised when my daughter replied, “Thank you, yes I shave.”

Alice suddenly squeezed my hand hard and when I looked at Tom, I saw that his cock was hard and erect and sticking straight out pointing at Alice who was staring at it. Tom looked around the shower room then smiled and gave his cock a couple of strokes in front of her.

“I’m sorry Craig, but I couldn’t stop myself, your daughter is beautiful, I hope you don’t mind,” said Tom.

Alice knew what Tom was doing, she had seen me stroking my cock plenty of times at home before. But this was the first time she had ever seen another man stroking his cock. I didn’t know what to do and stood there holding my daughter in front of me letting her watch Tom stroking his cock.

When Tom removed his hand from around his cock, his daughter Jillian wrapped her hand around her father’s cock and started stroking his cock in front of us.

I panicked and said, “Alice, it’s time for us to go.”

Without saying goodbye to Tom or his daughter Jillian, I quickly took Alice to the lockers and we dried and dressed and quickly left the swimming pool.

On the drive home, Alice asked, “Why was that man stroking his cock in front of me?”

“It was because how beautiful you looked,” I replied.

Alice giggled and said, “I wish I could have played with his cock the same way I play with yours in the shower at home Daddy.”

I, was surprised that my young daughter had wanted to play with another man’s cock and said, “What we do together at home has to be our secret do you understand?”

“Yes Daddy, I know and I promise I won’t tell anyone, not even Mommy.”

For the last few months since the divorce when Alice stayed overnight with me, I would wash her hair and body in the shower and she would stroke my cock. We would then watch a movie on the television and when the movie had finished and it was time for bed, Alice would beg me and plead with me to let her sleep naked in my bed with me.

The first few times we slept together it was just cuddles and goodnight kisses. It wasn’t long before we were playfully touching each other sexually. I started kissing and sucking on her puffy nipples, she started fondling and stroking my cock. The night that she made me cum for the very first time and she tasted my cum everything changed between us.

She would kiss and lick my cock like a lollipop as she held it in her hand, the first time she took my cock into her small mouth she had to stretch her mouth wide open and when my cock exploded inside her mouth and started filling her mouth with my hot cum she was so excited that she lifted her mouth off my cock only to have her face covered with cum.

Instead of frightening her, she wanted to cum over her face again the next time she stayed overnight I suggested that we should play before having a shower together and she could wash her face as we showered together before going to bed. That was working out great until she started kneeling down in the shower and sucking my cock and having me cum over her face in the shower.

I just wanted to please her in return, when I went down on her and started licking her young hairless cunt she would squirm around and moan and tried to raise her hips to make my tongue go deeper into her cunt. The first time I sucked her young bud into my mouth, her screams were that loud that I had to cover her mouth with my hand to stop our neighbours hearing her screams.

He body started shaking as if she was having an elliptic fit and when I stop licking and sucking her, she screamed, “Daddy don’t stop, it feels incredible when you suck on my cunt.”

After having her very first orgasm Alice was hooked. Our Saturday nights were no longer spent watching a television movie. It was an early night in to bed where we made love to each other. I would kiss and suck on her puffy breasts and suck her nipples into my mouth before burying my mouth between her legs to suck in her cunt and love bud.

Alice would lick up and down the shaft of my cock before taking the knob of my cock into her mouth. She was soon sucking my cock and swallowing the cum that I shot into her mouth. I would then lick and suck on her cunt giving her another orgasm and then we would talk and rest before we did it all over again.

It was during one of our talks that Alice said, “Dad, I want you to fuck me and take my virginity.

“Are you sure that’s what you want me to do,” I asked.

“Yes, Dad, I really want to feel your cock inside my cunt… please fuck me.” pleaded Alice.

After pushing my finger inside her cunt and feeling her maidenhood I asked, “Are you really sure that this is what you want?”

“Yes, Dad I want you to do this for me,” Alice replied.

“You know it’s going to hurt?” I said.

“Dad, I know it will hurt… my friends have told me about their first time,” Alice replied.

I was nervous at hearing that she had been talking with her girlfriends about sex and said, “If… I do this for you, you can never tell anyone, not even your girlfriends.”

“I promise, I will tell no one… now please fuck me,” Alice begged.

My daughter’s young cunt was already soaking wet from the orgasms that I had just given her and I moved between her legs and rubbed the knob of my cock up and down her wet slit. I rested my body weight on one elbow above her young slim body, then pushed my cock at its target, I felt resistance at first and then felt her hairless cunt lips parted to allow my cock to penetrate her.

Alice was taking deep breaths and she started moaning softly, I could feel the tip of my cock hitting her barrier and asked, “Are you, ready sweetheart?”

She nodded her head and I pulled my cock partly back out then drove my cock quickly all the way into her cunt. Alice squealed and her face grimaced as she held her eyes tightly closed. I left my cock buried inside her young cunt for a few minutes letting her get used to having her cunt stretched by my cock. I then slowly pulled my cock back out and pushed my cock slowly back into my daughter’s cunt, then began fucking her nice and slow.

When I saw her eyes open and the smile on her face I quickened the pace, I was now fucking my young daughter’s cunt with a steady rhythm, I could feel her cunt gripping onto the shaft of my cock each time I pulled back as if her cunt didn’t want me to remove my cock. Alice was now moaning with pleasure and gasping for breath as I started to fuck her faster and the closer I got to coming.

It only took a few more pumps of my cock before I was squirting my hot daddy seed into her cunt. Alice was now screaming that she was having an orgasm as my cock began filling her cunt with my cum. When my cock was finally empty and had become soft, I slipped my cock out of her young cunt and saw the trickle of blood along with her juices mixed with my hot cum flowing out of her cunt.

“Let’s go have a shower and get you cleaned up,” I said.

“Daddy that was fantastic… I want you to fuck me again when your cock is hard again,” squealed Alice.

As Alice turned on the shower and climbed into the shower, I pulled the dirty sheets from the bed and threw them in the washing machine before joining her in the shower. She threw her arms around me and kissed me and kissed me. As I pushed my finger all the way inside her cunt for the very first time she moaned and held me tighter. I finger fucked my young daughter’s cunt in the shower washing out all of my cum, then we climbed out of the shower and dried each other before returning to the bedroom.

By the time I had put clean sheets in the bed and Alice had noticed my cock was hard again, she said, “Dad, fuck me again.”

I laid down on the bed and said, “I want you to sit on my cock and fuck me.”

Alice squatted over me and as I held her cunt lips open and pointed my cock at her cunt she lowered herself onto my cock taking it all inside her. She sat there impaled on my cock with the biggest grin on her face that I had ever seen and then started to excitedly bounce up and down on my cock. That had been the first night, I had fucked my daughter and we had been fucking each every time she slept over at my house since then.

Now here I was driving Alice back to my house as I thought about Tom and Jillian and how Alice had said she wanted to feel his hard cock, would Tom let his daughter stroke my cock like she was doing to his? I had seen plenty of fathers with their young daughters in the showers that I liked looking at. But had never thought about swapping daughters until tonight.

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soooo HOT  :emot_penis: can't wait for more. the seduction of his daughter soooo hot  :emot_penis:

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Very good story can’t wait to see where it leads

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Another instant classic

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Daughter Swap Pt.02 (Mg13, MFg13, incest)

On the drive back to my house with Alice, I couldn’t stop thinking about her being with another man. The thought of her stroking another man’s cock excited me and when I started thinking about another man fucking her, my cock started throbbing uncontrollably inside my pants.

When Alice noticed the large bulge in my pants, she reached over and placed her hand on top of my pants and gave the bulge a squeeze and giggled, “Daddy, what are you thinking about, what’s made your cock hard?”

“I’m thinking about fucking you as soon as I get you home,” I replied with a grin.

Alice giggled, “No your not, you're thinking of that another girl at the pool aren’t you.”

Alice then opened my pants and pulled my hard throbbing cock out of my pants and started stroking my cock. I gasped and took a deep breath and drove my car straight into a car parking area that was next to a park and turned off the car’s engine.

I turned and faced Alice and said, “No, I wasn’t thinking about Jillian at all.”

“Dad, tell me, what are you really thinking about?” asked Alice stroking my cock.

As she slowly stroked my cock, I replied, “I was actually thinking about how much Tom liked looking at you.”

“He did like looking at me… I made his cock hard didn’t I,” giggled Alice.

“Yes you definitely did get him excited,” I replied.

“I wanted to reach out and stroke his cock for him,” giggled Alice.

“What else did you want to happen?” I chuckled.

“I wanted to suck his cock… I wanted him to fuck me,” Alice replied pumping my cock up and down faster.

When I touched the back of her head, Alice leaned down and took my hard cock into her mouth and with her lips wrapped tight around my cock, she began moving her mouth up and down the shaft of my cock. I couldn’t believe that my teenage daughter was actually sucking my cock in my car that was parked in a car parking area out in the open.

I closed my eyes and laid back in my car seat, enjoying my daughter sucking on my cock. When I felt that someone was watching us, I opened my eyes and saw a man standing there stroking his cock as he looked inside the car’s open passenger window. I was too close to coming to care that he was watching and I just kept staring at him watching my daughter’s head moving up and down on my cock.

As my cock exploded, I let out a groan and held Alice’s head down onto my cock. My body shuddered with each load of cum that I shot into her mouth. Alice swallowed each load down her throat with ease and when I had finished coming, I removed my hand from the back of her head and gave her a nudge to look out the window. Her eyes flew open when she saw the man standing beside her open car window stroking his cock.

I was just about to start the car and make a quick exit when Alice reaches out of the car’s window and wrapped her hand around the man’s cock. The man moved closer when she began stroking his cock and I watched on in shock when she took the man’s hard cock into her mouth and started sucking his cock. The man reached through the car’s window with both hands and held Alice’s head and began thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth.

This stranger was face fucking my daughter and all I could think off was how exciting it was to watch him thrusting his cock in and out of my daughter’s mouth. Alice’s dress was now up around her waist and her hand was inside her panties and her fingers rubbing her cunt. After a few thrusts, the man held Alice’s head onto his cock as he shot his seed into her mouth.

As soon as he had finished shooting his cum into my daughter’s mouth he pulls his cock out of Alice’s mouth and gave her a smile as he shoved his limp spent cock back into his pants. Then turned around and quickly walk away from the car. I was still in shock that my teenage daughter had just sucked a stranger’s cock and let him face fuck her in front of me.

“What made you do that, why did you suck that man’s cock?” I asked.

Alice giggled and replied, “I thought it was what you wanted me to do.”

I sat there trying to think on what to do or say when Alice reached out and squeezed my once again hard throbbing cock. How could I tell her that I liked watching her with another man? What type of father was I turning into?

“Dad, did you like watching me sucking the man’s cock?” asked Alice as she continued stroking my cock.

“Yes, I did... we can’t stay here any longer,” I replied as I took her hand off my cock and tucked my cock back into my pants.

With a cheeky grin, Alice asked, “Would you like to see someone fucking me?”

“You want to fuck other men in front of me?” I asked in shock.

“Yes, only if you want me too,” giggled Alice.

“I don’t know, what I want,” I stammered as I started the car’s engine to drive home.

Did I really want to watch my daughter being fucked by other men? Was she really that eager to fuck other men? I then started to think about Tom and his daughter Jillian. It had been obvious that he had wanted to fuck Alice and now here she was telling me that she had wanted him to fuck her.

“Do you want to watch me fucking some else?” I asked as I continued driving the car.

Alice giggled, “You're talking about fucking Julian aren’t you?”

“Who are you talking about?” I asked.

“Dad, you know who… that young girl, Jillian the one we met at the pool,” Alice replied.

My own daughter was reading my mind and I didn’t know how to tell her that I was thinking about Julian and what it would be like to fuck her.

“Dad, if you let her father fuck me, I'm sure that he would let you fuck his daughter,” giggled Alice.

I was shocked and asked, “Is that what you want?”

“It’s what we both want,” giggled Alice.

My cock was throbbing inside my pants and Alice’s hand was inside her panties furiously rubbing her bald cunt. I couldn’t wait to get home and get inside the house. When I pulled the car to a stop out the front of our house, we both quickly ran inside and by the time that I had closed and locked the front door and had turned around, Alice was already standing naked waiting for me.

“Dad if take me to your bedroom and fuck me, I will pretend that you're Tom and you can pretend that I’m Jillian,” giggled Alice.

We had role-played with each other before, I quickly undressed and picked up my daughter and carried her to the bedroom. After lying her down on the bed, I laid down beside her and gave her a passionate tongue kiss, then kissed each of her pointy nipples before sucking one of her small breasts into my mouth.

When I ran the palm of my hand down her body and between her legs and rubbed my fingers over her bald cunt, I couldn’t believe how wet Alice’s teenage cunt was. I pushed my finger inside her and gave my finger a few pumps, then removed my finger and sucked on my wet juice covered finger before moving between her wide open legs and driving my hard cock deep into my daughter’s wet cunt.

“Oh, Tom, your cock feels so big,” squealed Alice.

As I began thrusting my cock in and out her soaking wet cunt, I moaned, “Oh, Julian, your cunt feels so tight.”

Alice giggled, “Fuck me harder Dad and pretend that I’m the slut, Julian.”

My daughter was jealous of the way that Julian had looked at me, it wasn’t Julian who was a slut, it was my daughter. It was Alice who had just sucked a stranger’s cock at the park and wanted to be fucked by other men.

“Are you going to be your Daddy’s slut?” I moaned as I kept thrusting my cock in and out of my daughter.

“Yes, I want to be my Daddy’s slut,” screamed Alice.

The ideas that ran through my mind as I fucked my daughter, no father should ever think off doing to his daughter, but it was what Alice wanted to do so why should I to stop her.

“I’m going to cum, I’m having an orgasm,” Alice moaned.

With my cock about to explode, I squeezed Alice’s small breasts in the palms of my hands and drove my cock into her wet cunt and kept it buried inside her. My cock exploded shooting a massive load of my hot sticky cum into her cunt and then two smaller loads filling her young cunt with hot cum. When I had finished coming and with my cock going soft inside her, I slipped my cock out of her cum filled cunt and collapsed onto the bed beside her. As I laid there on the bed beside her trying to recover, I couldn’t believe when Alice moved down the bed and took my soft cock into her mouth and started sucking the last drops of hot cum out of my soft limp cock.

“Haven’t you had enough cum for one day?” I chuckled.

Lifting her mouth off my cock Alice replied, “NO!”

Alice then took my cock back into her mouth to suck out any remaining drops of cum that she had missed. When she finally released my cock from her mouth and moved back up the bed, I cuddled her in my arms and looked into her smiling happy face.

“Do you really want to let other men fuck you?” I asked.

“Yes, I do… I love being fucked,” Alice replied.

“If that is what you really want to do… I’m okay with you fucking other men,” I said.

Alice kissed me and screamed, “Thank you, Daddy, I knew you would understand.”

“Understand... understand that my sweet daughter wants to become a slut?” I chuckled.

Alice giggled and said, “Dad... think of all the other girls that you will meet and get to fuck.”

Alice was right, if I was going to let other fathers fuck my daughter, I wanted to fuck their daughters.

“Why don’t we have a shower and I will take you out somewhere for dinner,” I said.

After having a shower and getting dressed we headed out to a family restaurant to have dinner. As soon as we entered the restaurant, I could see that Alice was looking around the restaurant at the men sitting having dinner, comparing them with each other.

I whispered, “Which one of the men do you like?”

Alice giggled, “That man over there in the corner.”

I turned and looked over to see a strongly built man slightly older than me sitting there at a table with a woman and young girl that were gorgeous and looked like models. When he saw me looking at them he smiled at me and said something to the woman who turned and looked at us and gave us a smile.

We were strangers across a room smiling each other and I wondered what they were thinking about. When the man stood up and looked at me and then looked over at the toilets I knew that he wanted me to follow him into the toilets. When I went into the toilet he was standing there at the urinal with his large cock out having a piss and when I pulled my cock out of my pants and stood next to him to have a piss he smiled at me as he looked down at my cock.

We were standing next to each other comparing cocks, this was something new and I wondered where it was heading when he asked, “How are you enjoying your meal?... are you having a good night?”

“Yes we are and so far it’s been a great night,” I replied.

“I saw you checking us out was there anything you liked?” he asked.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to stare… your wife and daughter look like models,” I replied.

“My wife was a model when I first met her… and our daughter has just recently started her modelling career,” he said,

“That’s wonderful,” I replied, this was all new to me standing at a urinal with my cock hanging out talking to another man about his wife and daughter.

“Your daughter also looks beautiful, have you ever thought about having her audition to become a model?” the man asked.

I’ve never thought about having her audition for anything,” I replied.

“Why don’t you bring your daughter up to our motel room and I can audition her,” replied the man.

“I will ask her if she is interested?” I replied.

After we left the toilets, when I returned to my table Alice asked, “Dad, what took you so long in the toilets?”

I nodded my head in the direction of the man and replied, “I was talking to that man over there, he was asking me if you would like to audition to become a model.”

“Fuck yes, Dad, I’ve always dreamed of being a model,” cried Alice.

When I nodded my head, indicating Alice was interested, he stood up and came over to our table and said, “Please come over and join us at our table for a drink.”

He led us back to his table and pulled out a couple of chairs for us and said, “I like to introduce you to my wife Katherine and daughter Alex… I’m Richard.”

“It’s nice to meet you, I’m Craig and this is my daughter, Alice,” I replied.

Richard looked at Alice as if he was undressing her with his eyes and asked, “How old are you, Alice?”

“I’m thirteen, do you really think I can be a model?” asked Alice.

“I'm thirteen,” replied Alex.

“Yes I do Alice, I think you would be a great model... Katherine and Alex are models,” replied Richard.

“You're both very beautiful, I would love to be a model,” Alice replied.

I watched as Katherine put her hand on Alice’s bare knee and said, “I bet you would look great with some makeup.”

Alice smiled and said, “Do you really think so?”

“Yes I definitely do,” Katherine replied as her hand inched the hem of Alice’s dress up her thigh higher.

“What type of modelling do you do?” Alice asked.

“A lot of our modelling is for lingerie catalogues,” Katherine replied as her hand slipped further up Alice’s leg, exposing Alice’s panties to her husband’s gaze.

When Alice moved the other side of her dress up her leg to expose more of her panties to Richard. He smiled at her and said, “Alice would you like to come up to our motel room and try on some lingerie and see what it’s like to be a model?”

Alice looked at me and when I nodded my head Alice replied, “I would love to.”

As Richard stood up and took Alice’s hand in his and helped her to her feet, Katherine stood up and took Alice’s other hand in hers and they both led her towards the elevators. When I stood up to follow them, Alex took my hand in hers and we followed her parents with my daughter towards the elevators.

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sooooo HOT  :emot_penis: :emot_penis: thanks the audition should be MEMORABLE soooo fucking sucking sharing HOT (need a cock cumming EMO)

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My kind of story... Hope this is a long one!

I came... I saw... I came again...

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Daughter Swap Pt.03 (Mg13, MFg13, incest)

Once we were in the hotel room, Richard asked, “Craig, What would you like to drink?”

“A whiskey would be nice,” I replied, watching Katherine taking her daughter and my daughter into the bedroom.

“Don’t worry about Alice… Katherine is going to do some modelling for us with the girls,” Richard grinned as he handed me a whiskey.

“Take a seat and enjoy the show,” said Richard with a large grin.

After sitting down on the couch and talking with Richard, I kept looking towards the bedroom door. After about ten minutes, Katherine walked back into the lounge room wearing a thin thong and lace half cup bra that exposed the top of her nipples. I watched her walk up and down past us like a model on a catwalk several times. She looked amazing and each time she turned I had a wonderful view of her ass-cheeks.

“What do you think?” asked Richard.

“Wow, Katherine’s gorgeous,” I replied staring at her thong.

The thong was that thin that it easily displayed Katherine’s cunt lips and her bald cunt. I looked up at her breasts, they were small with large areola and large hard nipples that looked amazing.

“It’s easy to see why Katherine is in high demand to model lingerie,” chuckled Richard.

“I can certainly see why,” I replied as Katherine walked past me again.

“Girls, you can come out now,” called Katherine.

When Alex and Alice walked into the lounge room my mouth fell open when I saw what they were wearing. They were both wearing only thongs, they were topless with their young budding breasts on full display. After staring at their breasts, I looked at the thongs covering their cunts, the thongs were that transparent that it was easy to see their bald puffy young lips, they might as well have not have been wearing a thong at all.

“What do you think?” Katherine asked as she stood the girls on either side of her.

Alice giggled and said, “Daddy, I’m wearing one of Alex’s thongs.”

“Well, what do you think?” Katherine giggled.

“They both look incredibly sexy,” I replied.

When Richard, reached out to his daughter, she came over and sat her on his lap and I watched him part his daughter’s legs giving me a clear closeup view of his daughter’s bald cunt covered by her thin thong. Alice came over and climbed up on my lap and smiled at Richard as she parted her legs letting him see her nearly bald cunt.

“Katherine is going to teach me how to shave my pussy so I can be bald like her and Alex,” squeal Alice.

I couldn’t stop staring at Alex’s cunt and when I saw her father rub his hand over her thong covered cunt, I looked up at him and gave him a smile. I watched as he pulled his daughter’s thong to the side and ran his fingers over her bald cunt. When her cunt lips parted he pushed a finger deep into her cunt and began to finger fuck his daughter in front of us.

“Alice told me that you’re fucking her… is that correct?” asked Katherine.

I turned and looked at Katherine and saw that she had removed her bra and her lovely small firm breasts were now on display and said, “What, what did she say?”

“Alice told me you’re fucking her,” giggled Katherine.

“Alice what did you tell Katherine?” I asked.

Alice looked at me and said, “I told Katherine, that you have fucked me.”

“Why did you do that?” I asked.

“Alex, told me that her Dad fucks her,” replied Alice.

When I looked at Richard, he shrugged his shoulders and gave me a smile as he removed his finger from his daughter’s cunt and lifted her off his lap and onto her feet.

“Would you like to swap daughters?” Richard chuckled.

Before I had a chance to answer him, Alice climbed off my lap and began to move over to him.

Katherine stopped her halfway and said, “Let’s take these off first.”

I watched as she slipped the thong Alice was wearing down her legs to around her ankles and helped her step out of them. She then held Alice in front of her facing her husband as he began to undress. I watched Katherine run her hands over my daughter’s young breasts and down her body to between her legs. Alice parted her legs letting Katherine push her finger into her young cunt. I sat there frozen as I watched Katherine finger fucking my daughter in front of her husband and me.

“Alex, why don’t you help Craig undress,” giggled Katherine as she began to finger fuck my daughter faster.

Alice leaned back against Katherine’s naked body and reached up behind her to put her arm around Katherine’s neck and began moaning softly. As Katherine continued finger fucking her and began kissing her neck and nibbling on my daughter’s earlobe making April moan even louder.

After slipping off my shirt and standing up and undoing the belt on my pants, Alex began tugging at my pants and pulled my pants and underwear down to around my ankles. When my cock sprang out at slapped her on her face, Alex giggled and wrapped her hand around my cock and began stroking my cock.

I looked over at Alice and saw that she was now on another couch, sucking on Richard’s cock as he pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. Katherine was now between Alice’s parted legs finger fucking her with one hand as her other hand fingered her own bald cunt. As soon as I placed my hand on Alex’s head she knelt down and took my cock into her mouth and started moving her mouth up and down on my throbbing cock. I collapsed backward onto the couch and laid there having my cock sucked by a young girl that I had just met.

My young daughter laid on a couch opposite me being fucked by a husband and wife. Could anything else be this exciting I thought to myself, and then watched as Katherine remove her finger from Alice’s cunt and replace her finger with her mouth, Katherine began tongue fucking my young daughter. Alice was having her cunt eaten by a gorgeous woman and when I heard my daughter let out a muffled moan because of the cock in her mouth I knew she was having an orgasm.

“I’m going to cum,” I yelled.

Richard looked at his daughter and said, “Alex, make sure you swallow all of Craig’s cum.”

I held Alex’s head down onto my cock and shot several loads of my hot cum into her mouth. She swallowed every load I gave her and still kept sucking on my cock until she was sure I had finished coming. When I let go of her head, she lifted her mouth of my limp cock and opened her mouth wide to show me that she had swallowed every last drop of my hot cum. I ran my hand over her head and smiled at her for a job well done.

Katherine was still sucking on Alice’s cunt and was squeezing her young breasts as her husband started to cum. I watched as he thrust his cock into Alice’s mouth and kept it there as his body twitched with each load of cum that he shot down my daughter’s throat. When Richard pulled his spent cock out of Alice’s mouth she began moaning and running her hand over the back of Katherine’s head.

Richard came over and sat down beside me and said, “Alice was fantastic… I hope she fucks as good as she sucks cock.”

“You will be only the second person to have fucked her,” I replied.

“Fuck that’s great she is nearly a virgin then… Alex has enjoyed being fucked by quite a few men,” Richard replied.

“Oh fuck you're making me cum again,” screamed Alice pressing Katherine’s mouth against her wet cunt.

Richard chuckled, “Kath, loves eating cunt, especially young hairless cunt.”

As I looked at Alex sitting there with her legs apart, Richard chuckled, “Go ahead and enjoy Alex, she loves being tongue fucked.

I moved between Alex’s legs and pushed my finger into her wet cunt and gave my finger a few quick pumps. Alex squirmed and raised her hips up of the couch trying to get my finger to go deep inside her. I reached out with my other hand and cupped her budding breasts in the palm of my hand. Her nipples became harder and when I gave them a pull and twist, Alex moaned and whimpered with pleasure.

When I leaned down and sucked her breast into my mouth and began flicking my tongue over her nipple, Alex started to moan louder and her young body started to thrash around. I could feel her young cunt becoming wetter with her juices and I removed my mouth from her breast and moved down between her legs and started fucking her young cunt with my tongue. Her cunt juices tasted so sweet and tasty, that I would have been happy to stay licking her cunt all night. My cock was becoming hard and I reached down and gave my cock a couple of pumps trying to make it harder.

When Alice screamed, “Fuck me… I want you to fuck me.”

I lifted my mouth of Alex’s wet cunt and sat up and looked over at my daughter on her hands and knees being fucked doggy style by Richard. He was holding her hips as he slammed his cock in and out of her cunt. My daughter was being fucked, she had got her wish, to be fucked by another man.

When I had Alex straddle my lap she knew what to do, she held her cunt lips open with one hand as her other hand guided my hard cock into her cunt as she lowered herself down onto my cock. She sat there impaled on my cock for only a few moments before she started bouncing up and down, I was surprised at how tight her cunt was after her father had said she had been fucked quite a few times before.

Looking over at my young daughter, I saw that Richard was still slamming his cock in and out of my daughter’s cunt. As she had her face buried between Katherine’s legs, licking a woman’s cunt for the very first time.

“Push your tongue deep into my cunt and tongue fuck me… now suck on my clit, yes that’s it keep doing what you’re doing,” Katherine moaned.

Katherine was teaching Alice how to eat a woman’s cunt as her husband fucked her from behind. My daughter was having her very first threesome with a married couple, something I had never imagined happening.

With Alex happily bouncing up and down on my cock with a large grin on her face, when I reached out and pinched and pulled on her nipples she started to bounce even faster. When I felt my cock about to explode, I grabbed hold of Alex’s hips and pulled her cunt down onto my cock as my cock exploded and shot load after load of cum into her cunt, filling her cunt with my hot cum.

Alex collapsed on top of me, her hard pointy nipples poking against my chest. With my cock becoming soft inside her cum filled cunt. I could feel her cunt tighten and relax several times as if she was trying to milk my cock of cum. Across from me was Richard filling my daughter’s cunt with his hot cum, when he removed his soft cock from my daughter, I saw his cum flowing out the hole he had left in her running down her inside thighs.

“Fuck Alice, that was fucking great… I hoped you enjoyed me fucking you?” moaned Richard.

When Alice attempted to lift her mouth of Katherine’s cunt to answer him, Katherine stopped her by pressing her head back down onto her cunt. After Alex had recovered and caught her breath she sat up and climbed off me, I watched her move over to her mother and squat over her mother’s face, letting my cum from her cunt drip into her mother’s mouth. Katherine grabbed hold of her daughter’s hips and pulled her cunt down onto her mouth.

Richard stood up and said, “They look good together, don’t you you want another drink?”

“Yeah, they look great and yes I’d love another whiskey,” I replied.

As I looked at a mother eating her young daughter’s cunt as her own cunt was being eaten by my young daughter, I gave my soft cock a squeeze. When Richard handed me my drink and sat down beside me and for the first time I got to have a good look at his cock even with his cock soft it looked much bigger than mine and I was surprised that my daughter had managed to take it.

“Have you ever double-teamed someone before?” Richard asked.

“What do you mean by double-teaming,” I asked.

“It’s where a female has someone’s cock in her cunt and someone else’s cock in her ass,” explained Richard.

“No, I’ve never done that,” I answered and looked at Alice’s ass.

Richard laughingly said, “Not with Alice… with Katherine, she loves being double-teamed.”

“You will have to show me how it’s done,” I said.

“I will after our cocks have recovered... you’re both staying here tonight aren’t you?” asked Richard.

“Yeah we would love too,” I replied knowing it was going to be a late-night for us all and I was too drunk to drive home.

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Nice, more please.   :emot_kiss:
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:emot_thdrool: HOT First 3 parts , can't wait for more ! :emot_hard:

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Daughter Swap Pt.04 (Mg13, MFg13, incest)

It was near midnight by the time we had finished fucking each other’s daughter and they had taken a shower and crawled into bed with each other.
I sat in the hotel lounge room with Richard and Katherine the three of us still naked having another drink of alcohol, talking with them about Alice becoming a lingerie model.

“I would like to take a few photographs of Alice and see how she looks in a photograph, similar to these photographs,” said Richard opening his laptop.

I looked at the photos of Richard’s wife and daughter posing in lingerie on his laptop. The photos looked like the photos that you would see in a fashion magazine, tastefully done and at the same time sexually provocative.

“Do you think Alice would like to be photographed like this?” asked Richard.

“I’m sure she would,” I replied.

“Do you think she would be okay posing for these types of photos?” asked Richard showing me artistic nude photographs of his wife and daughter.

“What about these photographs?” asked Richard showing me photos of Katherine and Alex having sex with each other.

“They’re incredible photographs... I would love for Alice to have similar photographs taken,” I said giving my hard cock a pump.

As Katherine headed to the bathroom, Richard asked, “Have you ever swapped daughters with anyone else before?”

“No, but I have thought about swapping her with another father we recently met at the pool,” I replied.

“I know a few other fathers that would love to swap daughters with you,” Richard chuckled.

“Really... you have swapped Alex with other fathers? I excitedly asked.

Richard grinned and said, “Yes I have… Would you like to see some photos of Alex being fucked by different men?”

I pumped my cock and said, “Yes I would.”

Richard opened his laptop and started showing me photographs of his daughter being fucked by other men, the photos were incredibly clear and showed close-ups of the men’s cocks in his daughter’s cunt and mouth. My cock started throbbing as I looked at the other photos of teenage girls being fucked.

When I saw a few photographs of Alex with a cock in her ass, I asked, “You let them fuck your daughter’s ass?”

“Yes Alex and her mother love being ass fucked,” replied Richard showing me photographs of his wife being fucked in every one of her holes at the same time.

“Fuck man, that’s incredibly hot,” I said.

“I told you that Katherine loved being double-teamed,” chuckled Richard.

As I slowly pumped my cock, Katherine came back into the lounge room and sat down beside me and wrapped her hand around my cock and began pumping my cock as I looked at more photographs of teenage girls.

As his wife stroked my cock, Richard asked, ”Would you consider letting Alice pose for similar photos… and make a video?”

“You want to video Alice being fucked?” I barked.

“She could be in a video with Alex and me,” giggled Katherine.

“I’m not sure about a video… maybe,” I replied.

“It would be great if you did,” Katherine replied as she leaned down and took my throbbing cock into her mouth and began sucking on my cock.

Richard took my empty glass from my hand and said, “Are you ready to double team, my wife, with me?”

Katherine lifted her mouth off my cock and giggled as pushed me onto my back. She stood up and straddled me, guiding my cock into her wet cunt as she lowered her cunt all the way onto my cock. Katherine leaned down on top of me pressing her breasts against my chest and wrapped her arms around my neck and started kissing me passionately as she rocked her hips back and forth.

I watched as Richard climbed to his feet and stood behind his wife and pulled her ass-cheeks apart, I felt him pushing his cock into his wife’s ass.
Katherine broke our kiss and gasped and took a deep breath before letting out a loud moan as her husband started pumping his cock in and out of his wife’s ass.

I could feel Richard’s cock next to mine separated by the thin walls of Katherine’s cunt. It was as if each time he drove his cock into his wife’s ass his cock rubbed against my cock. With Katherine rocking back and forth on my cock in her cunt and her husband fucking her ass, it was a strange and incredibly exciting feeling.

Katherine was now moaning loudly and digging her nails into my back as she had an orgasm. I could feel her cunt milking my cock and my balls getting ready to explode. My cock exploded and started shooting my cum into her cunt at the very same time as Richard’s cock started shooting his cum into her ass.

As soon as Richard had finished coming and had pulled his cock out of his wife’s ass, he laid down on the bed next to me.

Katherine rolled off me and laid down on the bed between us, I purred, “That was incredible, I’ve never done anything like that before.”

“I’m happy to see you enjoyed your first double penetration,” giggled Katherine.

With cum flowing out both her holes, Katherine said, “I think I better go have a shower, do you want to join me.”

“I would love to have a shower with you,” I replied.

“You can sleep in the master bedroom with Katherine and I will sleep in the spare room,” said Richard.

“Are you sure?” I asked.

“Yeah, I’m sure… I need to get a good night's sleep,” Richard replied.

After saying goodnight to her husband, Katherine took my hand in hers and led me to their bathroom and turned on the shower.

bedroom and laid down on the bed and opened her legs and started fondling her breasts as she said, “Do you feel like eating my cunt before going to sleep?”

Grinning like a spoilt child I moved between Katherine’s open legs and buried my face between her legs and shoved my tongue into her freshly cleaned cunt. I pushed my tongue as deep into her cunt as I could and then licked from her ass-hole to the top of her slit several times and when her large clit poked out, I sucked her love bud into my mouth making her moan and press my face hard against her cunt.

A few minutes later with my cock throbbing I drove my cock into her wet cunt and fucked her quickly and hard like a teenager on his first date. After giving her another orgasm my cock erupted inside her shooting my hot cum deep into her cunt. When I had finished coming and had pulled my soft spent cock out of her cunt. Katherine went down on me and started sucking on my limp cock. It didn’t take her long to make my cock hard again and I was soon fucking her cum filled cunt once more. It was only after my cock wouldn’t become hard anymore that we finally fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Early the next morning Katherine and I were woken up by Alex climbing into bed with us, I laid there in bed watching Alex sucking on her mother’s breast. Katherine smiled at me as she ran her fingers through her daughter’s hair keeping her mouth on her nipple. I ran my hand over the back of Alex’s young body and cupped the cheeks of her ass and gave each cheek a squeeze. I was still amazed at how small her ass-cheeks felt in the palm of my hand.

When I ran my hand between Alex’s thighs she parted her legs giving my fingers easy access to her young cunt. When my finger penetrated her young cunt Alex lifted her mouth of her mother’s nipple and let out a soft moan.

“How did you like sleeping with Alice last night, is she still asleep?” I asked.

“Alice slept with Daddy in his bed last night,” Alex replied.

No wonder Richard offered to let me sleep with Katherine last night, it was because he wanted to spend the whole night with Alice and I wondered how much sleep Alice managed to have. Richard would have kept fucking Alice until he couldn’t get his cock hard.

Katherine pushed her daughter’s head under the sheets and down towards my cock, I felt Alex’s tongue licking the knob of my cock before taking my cock deep into her mouth. As her daughter sucked on my cock, I suckled on her mother’s small breasts flicking my tongue over her large nipple.

As I started to cum in Alex’s mouth, I bit down on her mother’s nipple making her mother squeal. After I had finished coming and Alex had swallowed all of my cum, she removed her mouth from around my cock and moved back up the bed between her mother and me.

With my cock becoming hard I rolled Alex over onto her back and moved down the bed. After pushing her legs apart, I buried my face against her young cunt and began licking up and down her young slit. When my tongue penetrated her cunt she began to moan softly and pressed down on the back of my head.

Her cunt was becoming soaking wet with her juices and as I sucked up her sweet-tasting nectar. She started moaning louder and her young body started to shiver as she had an orgasm. I lifted my mouth up off her cunt and moved up over her and after rubbing my cock over her slit several times, I pushed my cock into her young cunt.

When I started to slowly fuck her daughter, Katherine yelled, “Fuck her faster and harder that is what the young slut likes.”

Calling her own daughter a slut made me start fucking Alex faster and harder I was soon slamming my cock into her cunt at a furious pace.

“Yes that’s how she likes to be fucked,” her mother yelled.

I kept up my cocks furious pace and when I felt my cock getting ready to explode I slammed my cock into her cunt and kept it buried inside her as my cock exploded and shot my hot cum into her young cunt. Alex was gasping for breath as her mother leaned down and kissed her. I pulled my cock out of her cunt and laid down on the bed beside her mother.

When I saw Richard standing grinning at the bedroom doorway, I asked, “Where is Alice?”

“She is in bed fast asleep, she had a long night,” chuckled Richard.

I climbed off the bed and went into the other bedroom to see my daughter, she was lying there naked and asleep on the bed caked in Richard’s cum, her cunt and ass-hole had been stretched open and had a gaping hole in them dripping with his cum. My young daughter’s cunt and ass looked like they had been ravished and abused all night.

When I turned and looked at Richard standing at the bedroom door, he smiled and said, “Your daughter will be fine... she just needs to take a shower.

It was then that I saw the camera sitting on the bedside table and I asked, “Were you taking photos of Alice?”

Richard chuckled as he picked up the camera and said, “Yeah just a few… would you like to have a look at the photographs I’ve taken?”

I don’t know why but I replied, “Yes I sure would.”

The idea of seeing photos of my daughter having sex excited me and I followed Richard into the lounge room. After he had plugged his camera into his laptop and started showing me the photos he had taken of my daughter. I said, “I want a copy of everything that you have taken of Alice.”

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soooooo HOT HOT HOT  :emot_penis: :emot_penis: :emot_penis: Craig and Alice are soooo fucking sucking lucky to have met Richard, Katherine, and Alex. loved how Katherine taught Alice about eating cunt. soooo HOT  :emot_mb: :emot_mb:

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Really enjoying this...

I came... I saw... I came again...


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Great addition to this :emot_hard:

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Daughter Swap Pt.05 (MF, Mg13, MFg13, Mg14, incest)

I was surprised to see that Richard had taken over fifty photographs of Alice after telling me he had only taken a few. As he started showing me the photos, I was amazed at how sexy Alice looked lying naked on the bed with her legs slightly apart and one hand on her small breast and her other hand behind her head.

The photos went from nude artistic photographs to hardcore porn, there were photos of Alice on her hands and knees looking over her shoulder at the camera. There were photos of her lying on the bed with her legs spread holding her cunt lips apart to show her pink insides, other photos showed her with her legs behind her head and photographs of her with a large black dildo buried in her cunt.

What really excited me was the photos of my daughter holding Richard’s cock and licking his cock like a lollipop. When I saw the photos of his cock in her mouth my cock started to twitch and become even harder and when I saw the photos of her face covered in cum, I couldn’t stop from stroking my cock. It didn’t seem quite right to be sitting naked with another naked man stroking my cock as I looked at photos of my daughter.

But when I saw photos of Richard with his cock buried deep in my daughter’s cunt and photos of her cunt dripping with his cum and other photos of his cock buried in my daughter’s ass,, I started to furiously stroking my cock and couldn’t stop my cock from erupting and covering my hand in cum.

When Richard saw that I had cum he chuckled, “Alice looks so fucking fantastic and sexy in the photos don’t you think… have you ever considered having your photograph taken with her?”

“I’ve never thought about being photographed naked with her before, let alone being photographed having sex with her,” I replied.

It was easy to tell that Richard desperately wanted to take photos of Alice and me together and he started showing me photos of different men fucking teenage girls he asked, “Do you like these photographs, wouldn’t  you like to have photographs of you and your daughter like these?”

I knew that he was trying to convince me to fuck Alice in front of the camera.
When he showed me photographs of a blonde-haired teen girl with small budding tits sucking on a man’s cock and being fucked by the man, I gave my soft cock a squeeze.

Richard noticed and he chuckled, “Do you like her, would you like to be the one fucking her?”

“Yes, yes she is very beautiful,” I replied squeezing my cock.

“If you and your daughter pose for some photographs, I could introduce you to Vicky and her father Mike,” chuckled Richard as he showed me more photos of the teenage girl and her father.

“You can introduce me to them?” I asked looking at more photos of them fucking.

“Yes, I can and I’m sure that Mike would be interested in swapping daughters with you,” chuckled Richard.

“Are you sure he would be interested... how old is his daughter?” I asked.

“Vicky’s fourteen and Mike would definitely be interested in swapping daughters with you… especially if I had some photos of you fucking Alice to show him,” chuckled Richard.

I knew that Richard was trying to convince me to let him take photos of Alice and me together, and I replied, “If you can arrange for us to meet him and his daughter, you can take all the photos you want.”

“That’s great,” he replied.

As if it was prearranged, Alice walked into the room rubbing the sleep from her eyes, and said, “Good morning.”

“Hello, sleepyhead, did you have a good sleep?” I asked knowing that she had spent most of the night being fucked and photographed by Richard.

Before Alice could reply, Richard chuckled, “Alice let me take a few photos of you sucking your father’s cock.”

When Alice looked down and saw my cock twitch she knelt down in front of me and took hold of my cock and began licking all over and around the knob of my cock. She took my cock deep into her mouth and started to move her mouth up and down, it didn’t take her long to have my cock fully hard once again. Richard was smiled as he picked up his camera and started taking photos of my cock in my daughter’s mouth.

Alice must have still been tired her eyes were closed and it felt like she was just going through the motions of moving her mouth up and down on the shaft of my cock. When I placed my hand on the top of her head and pushed her head further down, her eyes open and she started bobbing her head up and down faster it was like I had just woken her up. Her mouth clamped around my cock shaft and started sucking my cock harder and with a lot more enthusiasm.

As Alice passionately sucked on my cock, Richard moved around us taking photos from every angle, every now and again he would step back to take a photo of us both and then move in to take a close up of my daughter’s face.

“I’m going to cum,” I moaned.

“Pull your cock out of her mouth and cum over her face,” yelled Richard.

I don’t know why but I lifted Alice’s head up by her hair, removing her mouth from around my cock and shot two large ropes of cum over my daughter’s face painting her face with my hot cum.

“Fucking brilliant,” screamed Richard taking photos of my cock shooting more cum over Alice’s face.

The only reason I could think of why I did as Richard had asked was that I was thinking of Vicky and how I wanted to meet her and her father. When I released my grip on Alice’s hair her head fell back down and she took my soft cock into her mouth and began going through the motion of sucking on my soft cock, she was still tired and close to falling asleep again.

I lifted Alice up onto her feet and helped her back to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed and pulled a bedsheet over her naked body to let her sleep. When I walked past the main bedroom and looked inside, I saw Katherine licking and fingering her daughter Alex’s cunt and Richard moving around the bed taking their photographs.

When Katherine saw her husband taking photographs of her she lifted her mouth off her daughter’s cunt and screamed, “Richard fuck off with your camera and leave us alone.”

When Richard came out of the bedroom laughingly he said, “Katherine hates her photo being taken unless she has makeup on.”

We stood at the bedroom door and watched Katherine eating their daughter’s cunt for a minute before Richard asked, “Would you like a cup of coffee?”

“Yes I would love one... and then I want you to tell me all about Vicky and her father.” I chuckled.

A few minutes later we were sitting drinking our coffee as Richard told me how he had first met Mike at the photograph club that he is a member of and after talking with each other and discovering that they were both fathers of teenage girls and that they enjoyed taking nude photographs of their daughters. They arranged to take photographs of each other’s daughter and they fucked each other’s daughter.

“What’s Mike’s wife like?” I asked.

“He is a single father like you,” replied Richard.

“That’s wonderful,” I replied as I thought about how much fun it will be swapping daughters with him.

“Where is my coffee… didn’t you make one for me?” asked Katherine as she came walking into the room with Alex both of them still naked.

I loved the fact that Richard and his wife along with their daughter enjoyed being naked around their hotel room and I asked, “Do you all go naked around your house?”

Katherine grinned and replied, “We love being naked at home… our bathrobes are always hanging at the front door just in case we have unexpected visitors.”

“We’re always skinny dipping in our swimming pool,” giggled Alex

It was right then that I decided that Alice and I were going to be spending a lot more time around our home naked. As Katherine made herself a coffee, Alex sat on her father’s lap facing me. Richard reached around his daughter to grope his daughter’s small breasts with one hand as his other hand slipped down between his daughter’s legs. Alex spread her knees apart letting her father rubbing her bald cunt.

“What do you think of my sexy young slut’s cunt,” chuckled Richard spreading her cunt lips apart.

“I think she is adorable cunt and it’s nice and tight... just like her mother,” I chuckled giving my soft cock a pump wishing it would respond.

Katherine smiled at me and blew me a kiss as she sat down with her coffee next to her husband and asked, “How many photographs of Alice did you take.”

“Only a few,” Richard replied, my first thought was how he had said the exact same thing when I had asked him how many photos of Alice had he taken.

“I should wake Alice up and take her home to her own bed… she has to get up early for school,” I said.

“Why don’t you let Alice sleep here tonight… and pick her up in the morning on the way to school?” asked Richard.

“No thanks, you would keep her awake all night by fucking her, I’m going to take her home so she can have a good night's sleep,” I laughed.

“That’s true, I probably would,” chuckled Richard.

“You know you would,” giggled Katherine.

After I had finished getting dressed, Katherine helped me wake Alice up and pull her dress over her naked cum covered body. I picked up my daughter’s panties and pushed them into my pocket and picked up her sandals to carry them. As I helped walk Alice to the hotel door with Katherine we past Richard driving his cock in and out of his daughter’s cunt.

“Say goodbye from us,” I said.

“I will, thanks for the wonderful night,” replied Katherine giving us both a quick kiss and opening the door.

With my arm around Alice holding her up and carrying her sandals in my hand, I helped her walk in her bare feet to the elevator. When the elevator doors opened there was already an older couple in the elevator, the look of disgust the woman gave me told me she wasn’t impressed. Her husband, on the other hand, smiled at me as he saw Alice’s bare breast when her dress fell open.

In no rush to close my daughter’s dress, I let the man stare at Alice’s breast only pulling the dress closed when the elevator doos opened. The woman grabbed her husband’s hand and dragged him out of the elevator complaining about him staring, I heard her calling the woman I was with a whore and wondered what she would think if she knew that Alice was my daughter.

Hearing the woman calling Alice a whore actually excited me as I helped her out of the hotel and into my car. When we arrived home I had to wake Alice up and help her walk inside our house. In her bedroom, I sat her on the edge of the bed and after lifting her dress up over her head. At first, I thought about taking her into the bathroom and giving her a shower to wash all Richard’s caked cum from her body. But decided to let her get some sleep, I laid her down onto the bed and covered her with a bedsheet and turned off the bedroom light and went into my bedroom to undress

After I was naked I poured myself a strong whiskey and decided to check on my emails. I was surprised to see that I had received several emails from Richard so soon. The emails contained all the photos of Alice he had taken along with photos of Mike and Vicky and he asked how soon could he take photos of Alice and me.

When I saw another email from an email address I didn’t know, I opened it up to see that it was from Mike asking when would I like to meet him and his daughter Vicky. I quickly replied to his email telling him that we could meet them Friday night. I then started looking at the photos Richard had sent of Vicky and her father and began stroking my hard cock as I thought about meeting them for the very first time.

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