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The Daughter Swap (Mg13, Mg13, incest)

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Very nice addition.

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Daughter Swap Pt.09 (MF, M+, g13+, g14, incest)

My boss ushered a woman into the office and gave her a kiss, I recognised the woman as his wife Catherine who I had previously met. My cock instantly jumped when I saw his daughter Lucy coming out from behind her mother.

He brought them over to me and said, “Craig, I thought that it would be the right thing to do, to invite my Catherine and Lucy to join us seeing that were all enjoying your daughter.”

“Hello Craig, it’s nice to see you,” chuckled Catherine.

“It’s nice to see you again Catherine,” I replied watching her removing her dress.

“Hello boys, it’s nice to see you all again,” yelled Catherine removing her bra and panties.

After staring at my boss’s naked wife, I turned to look at him and saw that he had undress Lucy and she was fondling her father’s soft cock.

My boss smiled at me and chuckled, “Craig, I thought that I should repay you by letting you enjoy Lucy.”

As I quickly undressed, I watched Catherine move over to Alice and pull her legs apart and bury her face between my daughter’s legs and start sucking on my daughter’s cunt. My boss brought Lucy over to me and placed her hand in mine just like I had done to Alice with him. I stared at Lucy’s naked body, partly covered by her long brown hair, after brushing her hair back over her shoulders, I looked at her small budding breasts and then down at her hairless cunt.

As I ran my hand over her naked body, I asked, “How old are you, Lucy?”

“I’m fourteen,” she replied.

“You look amazing and certainly have developed since the last time I saw you,” I chuckled giving her breast a squeeze.

After wetting my finger with my saliva, I reached down and rubbed my finger over her hairless cunt and between her cunt lips. Then with a little pressure pushed my finger deep inside her young cunt and started to finger fucking her. Lucy reached out and began stroking my hard cock and leaned closer and gave me a passionate tongue kiss.

On the other side of the room, her mother was bent over sucking the cum out of my daughter’s cunt as one of the managers from work fucked her from behind. Alice’s head was being turned from side to side as two other managers took turns driving their cocks in and out of her mouth.

After moving over and sitting down on the closest chair, I lifted Chelsea up and lowered her wet cunt all the way down onto my cock, she sat impaled on my cock for only a few seconds before starting to bounce up and down. I reached up and squeezed her budding breasts as I looked into her sparkling eyes, Lucy was enjoying having my cock buried inside her and I wondered how many other cocks had she enjoyed.

It was only a few months ago as a single father that I was struggling to keep my job and make friends. Now here I was with plenty of friends and a permanent full-time job. My life was perfect in every way possible and I couldn’t have been any happier. I now had a bigger office and been given a pay rise to go with my new position as an assistant manager.

My boss Mr Thomson who had arranged for my daughter Alice to go to a private school where his daughter Lucy attended. I would bring Lucy into work with me each morning and Mr Thomson’s wife Catherine would come into the office in the morning to pick up Alice and take her and her daughter Lucy to the private school together. In the afternoon, Catherine would then pick up Alice and Lucy after school and bring them into the office.

On her very first day at her new school, it didn’t surprise me when Alice came into my office after school and told me how much she loved her new school and that two of her teachers had fucked her. Most afternoons after school Alice and Lucy would go to my boss’s office and tell him about there school day before Catherine took Lucy home leaving Alice in the office with my boss.

Most afternoons after I had finished work, I would have to go to my boss’s office to pick up my daughter so that I could take her home with me. Most afternoons I would find Alice lying naked on the conference table with my boss’s cum dripping out of her young cunt. My boss would let me take Alice into his personal bathroom to clean her up before she got dressed and came home with me.

Some afternoons my boss would call me and tell me that he was busy and that he would call me when it was time to pick Alice up. Sometimes I would go home alone and wait for him to call me to come and pick her up or she would be dropped off at home by his limo driver. Other times, I would stay in my office and wait for my boss to call me to come and pick her up. She would tell me about the other managers fucking her.

On the school holidays, I would bring Alice to work with me and Catherine would bring Lucy into the office. Both girls would wander around the office building exploring, there wasn’t anywhere off-limits to them and they were very popular sight around the office. Some days, I would never see Alice until the end of the day when it was time to take her home.

There were times that I couldn’t find her when I asked her where she had been, Alice reluctantly told me that Catherine had been taking them from office to office to be fucked by the managers. I wasn’t surprised or angry, I knew how much my daughter and Lucy loved being fucked.

When I told Catherine that I knew what she was doing she started bringing Lucy to my office and leaving her with me. By the time that it took her mother to close the office door and lock it on her way out. I would have Lucy naked and sitting on the edge of my office desk as I started to get undressed, she would giggle knowing what was about to happen to her.

When she saw my hard cock she would lay down on my desk with her legs spread apart I would lift her legs up onto my shoulders and rub my hard throbbing cock up and down her young slit until her slit opened and allowed my cock to penetrate her.

I loved the way that Lucy’s cunt would grip onto my cock as I drove it in and out her cunt. Her beaming smile told me how much she enjoyed being fucked as I slammed my cock in and out of her young cunt. The closer I came to coming the faster I slammed my cock into her cunt.

Some days Catherine would come into my office by herself and start undressing and said, “My husband has instructed me to look after you while our daughters entertain his friends.”

Our weekends were always busy, we were always getting invited to visit our friends and work colleagues at their homes. Alice enjoyed being naked and didn’t need much convincing to remove her clothes in front of anyone. I lost count of the number of times that I had seen my daughter being fucked.

This weekend my boss had invited Alice and me to a party at his mansion in the countryside. When we arrived and I saw several cars parked out the front of the mansion, I wondered what type of party it was. After ringing the front doorbell the front door was opened by Catherine wearing a bathrobe, she smiled at us and invited us into the foyer of the mansion.

She then led us over to the entrance door to a large room, I stood at the door and looked into the room, the room was full of naked men of all ages and naked girls that were the same age as Lucy and Alice a few of the girls looked younger and a few of them looked much older.

As I turned around to ask Catherine what type of party this was, I saw that she was naked she had removed her bathrobe and was now on her knees undressing my giggling daughter. There was only one thing for me to do and that was to also undress. Once I was naked, Catherine led us into the large room, several of the men were standing around a table, when I moved closer, I saw Lucy lying naked on the table sucking one of the men’s cocks as another man fucked her hairless cunt.

There was a girl bent over an armchair having her young ass fucked and there several others were on their knees sucking cocks. Another girl was sitting on a man’s lap bouncing up and down on his cock. I had never been to a party like this before or seen so many naked girls. When I saw my boss he had his arms around two naked young girls as another naked girl sucked his cock.

As I looked around the room, I saw several of my work colleagues fucking a girl. When I turned around to look at Catherine, I saw her leading Alice over to a group of men. I watched as the men groped and fondled my daughter’s body as she fondled and stroked two of their cocks. Several other men turned around and stared at Alice’s naked young body, giving their hard cocks a pump as they smiled and approached her.

Alice was pushed to her knees and then men waved their cocks in front of her face. When one of the men slapped her face with his cock she giggled and took his cock into her mouth, he held her head in his hands and pumped his cock in and out of her mouth. It didn’t take him long before he was shooting his cum into her mouth and down her throat.

As soon as he had finished coming and had removed his cock from my daughter’s mouth another man turned her around to face him and thrust his cock into her mouth. When he had finished another man took his place.
I watched as my daughter sucked that many cocks that I lost count. I couldn’t believe my thirteen-year-old daughter was behaving like she was. It was as if she had been a slut all of her life and loved having a cock in her mouth.

I watched as the man fucking her mouth removed his spent cock from her mouth. Two other men lifted her up off her knees onto her feet and led her over to a couch. When one of the men sat down, Alice straddled his lap and lowered her self down onto his cock. She sat there impaled on the man’s cock for only a few seconds before she began to bounce up and down on his cock as the other man reached around to grope her budding breasts.

What happened next shocked the hell out of me, the man groping her breasts pushed her down against the chest of the man fucking her cunt and pushed his hard cock into Alice’s ass. I watched my daughter being double penetrated and grabbed my hard throbbing cock that was leaking pre-cum.

When I felt a hand on my shoulder, I turned around to see it was my boss, with his arms around two girls, he chuckled, “Alice is a young nymphomaniac, I’ve never met anyone like her before.”

“I didn’t know she was like this, her appetite for sex is incredible, ” I replied.

“I have something I want to show you, come with me,” said my boss.

After taking another quick look at Alice’s being fucked by another man, I followed my boss into another room. It was a movie theatre room, several men were sitting watching a porn video on the large television screen as their cocks were being sucked by a girl. When I looked at the television screen, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was a video of Alice being fucked in the office conference room.

I could take my eyes off the video as it showed several men taking turns fucking Alice’s mouth and cunt. Others were stroking their cocks and covering my daughter’s young naked body in cum. When I saw Catherine on the television licking the men’s cum from Alice’s body and out of her cunt, I gave my cock a pump and looked at my boss as I sat down in an armchair.

My boss sat down beside me and passed the girl to me, she knelt down between my legs and took my hard pre-cum leaking cock into her mouth and started moving her mouth up and down the shaft. When my boss snapped his fingers another girl approached and knelt down and took his cock into her mouth. Here we were two men watch a porn video of my daughter and his wife.

My boss chuckled, “When I showed a few friends this video, they told me that they want to make a movie with Alice... are you interested?”

After about ten seconds of thinking, I replied, “Yes I am.”

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what an exciting way to get to be a movie star. lucky gal  :emot_penis: :emot_penis: :emot_mb: :emot_mb:

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Such a hot story every new one gets me rock hard

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Awesome story

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i have to admit it sure wasd a very interesting story well done thanks

Pussy oh how sweet it is

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I am fully erect.


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I love this story, very hot

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So fucking hot, I have cum so many times to this story, so want it to continue

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So good. Hot story

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soooo HOT  :emot_penis: can't wait for more. the seduction of his daughter soooo hot  :emot_penis:

really hot
I like stories where several adults get involved with their sons or daughters

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This is one of the best stories ever..

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I love your story she just great thx for posting :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

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When will we see PT10. Please Please Please Please.   :emot_kiss:  :emot_kiss:

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OMG this is so fucking hot. My day started so ohh and thank you.

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