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LOT'S DAUGHTERS (Mffg, inc, drugs, voy, preg?)

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on: October 21, 2020, 12:18:54 AM

Lot's Daughters
by Johndough (no address provided)


The saga of young girls ALL OVER 13 coming of age. (Mffg,
inc, drugs, voy, preg?)



Joan Strom paddled for all she was worth as her father
did the same at the rear of the canoe. Through the
driving rain and strong winds she could make out the
five other canoes that were part of her church's father-
daughter group outing on the Boundary Waters Canoe Area
in northern Minnesota. Joan and her friend Karen
Peterson were the oldest at 15. Lynn Wells and Drew
Adams were 14. On her right 13 year old Julie Watson and
13 year old Trisha McBride were struggling toward the
nearest island with their fathers as they battled the
elements for their very survival.

The closest landfall was an island two football fields
in front of them but with only a small place to land one
canoe at a time.

"Bill!" Joan heard her father, Rev. Jonas Strom, call to
Karen's dad, "You land first and get those tents up the
trail and start set up!"

"All right," his friend responded and began to pull out
in front of the others.

"Tom, Joe, you go next and get that food stored as soon
as possible," he called to Mr. Watson and Mr. McBride
and was greeted with, "Okay!" and "Right!"

They fought to hold their positions as the first three
canoes unloaded and tied off away from the landing area.

"Ed," Jonas called to Lynn's dad, "you go next and then
you, Phil. Joan and I will land last!"

As Joan watched her friends and their dads make their
way up the trail she was amazed at how quickly the day
had changed. Just that morning she and Karen and made
bacon and eggs on the camp stove while Lynn and Drew had
boiled water for coffee and Julie and Trisha had taken
turns with making toast with the campfire toaster that
held two pieces of bread in its hinged cage.

It was a hot morning and they had all worn their
skimpiest bikinis and felt deliciously naughty as their
well built fathers went about dismantling the tents in
their speedos. Jonas shared his red hair with that which
his daughter wore half way down her back. He could
hardly keep his eyes off her beautifully developing
body. Her now orange sized breasts were barely contained
in her year old bikini and a few times he noticed some
errant red pubic hairs peeking out on either side of her
thong style panties. He realized he was having hardly
appropriate thoughts for a well respected minister.

Little did he know that similar thoughts were rolling
around in the heads of his best friends, Bill Peterson
and Phil Adams. Bill was proud of his own 15 year old,
Karen whose thick sandy, curly blond hair was pulled
back in a pony tail and glistened in the sun with golden
highlights bleached by the long exposure to the summer
sun. Her own grapefruit size breasts struggled in the
confines of her bikini bra and her bikini bottoms left
little to the imagination as her well shaped ass jiggled
as she stirred the pancake batter.

Phil surreptitiously stole glances of Drew's shapely
legs and ass as she carried the coffeepot over to the
picnic table and clenched her ass with each step as she
held it out away from herself. She had perky breasts the
size of tennis balls with nipples that were clearly
outlined in the tight thin material of her pink bikini
bra while her matching bottom was constantly defining
her camel toe where her legs came together. She wore her
brunette hair in pigtails just like Lynn did with her
long black hair.

Ed Wells sucked his slight paunch in unconsciously as he
watched Lynn gingerly walk with the large pan of boiling
water over to the plastic dish washing basin that sat on
second picnic table to clean up after breakfast. Of all
the girls' swimsuits, Lynn's left the least to the
imagination. It was a shear white material that seemed
to turn transparent when it got wet.

At 14 she had nice firm breasts that were almost as big
as the 15-year-olds and were topped with nice inch and a
half wide brown aerolae and nipples that seemed to be
easily stimulated. She also was blessed with a nice
pubic patch. Ed knew this the same way everyone on the
outing knew it, every time she walked out of the water
after swimming you could easily see those features right
through the material.

Tom Watson watched Julie tie her long blond hair into a
ponytail and adjusted the sports bra style bikini over
her budding 13 year old breasts and then tweaked her
bottoms out of the folds at the bottom of her ass which
was filling out nicely.

Trisha McBride was Joe McBride's pride and joy. She had
started to blossom around age ten and he had watched her
over the last two and a half years as she filled out with
some very feminine curves. She had lost most of that
baby fat and started to develop muscles in its place.
Her brown hair was shoulder length and she flicked her
head as she flipped the toaster to inspect the bread's

Her breasts were already as large as Julie's and Joe had
been surprised when he had walked in on his daughter in
the shower and could make out a nice growth of pubic
hair through the steam on the glass door. She had
wonderful puffies that seemed to become aroused at the
slightest influence and while her bikini material
remained non-transparent even when wet, it was very
sheer and clinging and her nipples were well outlined
when aroused.

As they ate there was a cheerful camaraderie among them
all but that changed as they cleaned up after breakfast
and loaded up the canoes. The Reverend Jonas had brought
along a portable radio that they turned on as they
prepared to move on. The music had suddenly been
interrupted when an announcer talked about tensions
escalating rapidly over and incident in Pakistan where
several nuclear weapons had disappeared. Homeland
security was warning everyone that an attack on American
soil seemed imminent.

Jonas turned off the radio and they pushed away from the
island and out into the lake. They were about as deep
into the BWCA as one could get and it was a two-day trip
back to where they were to be picked up. Around noon,
they noticed what appeared to be a squadron of military
planes high in the sky heading north. They all knew that
the shortest route to Moscow was over the top of the

Then the storm had blown up in record time, thick black
clouds with a very high anvil filled with moisture and
strength. Joan and Jonas had been coming up to the BWCA
since she was 5 and in all that ten years they had seen
nothing as ominous or threatening as this storm.

Jonas grabbed the last of their gear out of the tied up
canoe and followed Joan up the hill. This was an
unfamiliar island and he had no idea what to expect at
the campsite—if there was a campsite.

The trail cut through the woods about a quarter of a
mile until it came to an opening in the woods about half
the size of a football field where the others were
already hunkered down near the trees that provided the
most shelter from the strong wind and driving rains. The
conditions were too fierce to put up the tents without
everything blowing away so the group improvised with a
couple of tarps drawn over themselves and held by hand.

Just as Jonas and Joan arrived there was a brilliant
flash followed a second later by a loud thunderclap.

"We'd better move a little farther away from these
trees!" Jonas cried above the wind and reluctantly the
group moved like a giant turtle about fifty feet from
the tree line.

Like many summer storms in Minnesota this one was
quickly over and was followed by the steaming heat of a
midday sun that seemed intent on baking them as they

"Spread everything out so it can dry," Jonas instructed.

While they worked there was a strange booming sound that
definitely wasn't thunder.

"Boy," said Ed, "there's a sound that brings back

"What is it, dad?" Lynn asked.

"It's the sound made when something breaks the speed of
sound. It's called a sonic boom."

"A sonic boom? How come we haven't heard it before?"

"Oh, it is still heard these days but only around
military bases or near where the Concorde used to fly
before the fleet was grounded. Flights over general
population areas was banned back in the late 60s or
early 70s because people were tired of having their
nerves rattled by loud noises out of the blue."

Everyone was looking up at the sky and the contrails of
high flying planes heading south.

After an hour the tents were dry enough to erect their
makeshift village around the two picnic tables provided
by the park service long ago. These appeared to be cast
concrete and date back to the days of the WPA in the

As Karen and Joan worked on getting a midday meal
together, Trisha and Julie came running back up the
trail from the lake extremely agitated.

"The canoes are gone," they cried out in unison.

Everyone dropped what they were doing and ran back with
them down the trail. There they were met with the sight
of two broken ropes and no canoes.

Jonas dove into the water and swam out about 60 feet
before turning and scanning the shoreline in both
directions. They watched the dismay on his face as he
returned to shore.

"All right," he said as he shook of the water from his
impromptu swim, "it looks like we are stuck here for
awhile so let's get back to camp and figure out how to
ration our supplies for a week—"

"A WEEK!?" Joan cried in alarm.

"We aren't due back for two days to our launching point.
So no one will miss us until then and they will probably
wait an extra day before starting to search. That means
four days before they start actively looking and then it
may take a few days to reach here."

"But what about signaling other people?" Joan persisted.

"We will find the driest wood we can find and be ready
to set up a bonfire in the fire pit. We will take turns
watching for signs of others during the day and create
as much smoke as possible if anyone passes by. It's the
best we can do right now."

It was a forlorn group that made its way back to their

They rationed their food stocks for 7 days and
supplemented they had with fish they caught during the
day. It was something they got good at as there was
little else to do and they could watch for other
travelers but it proved to be a futile activity.

On day 5 the girls were getting very restless and Karen
and Joan hatched a plan to make life at camp more
interesting. While they were fishing they stripped off
their bikinis and strolled back to camp totally naked.
The others were taken aback at their brazenness.

"Look," explained Joan, "Our bikinis are starting to
fray and our other clothes are all we have. We need to
save them for when others come to rescue us. Until then
we should save them."

The other girls immediately nodded in agreement and
stripped leaving their fathers straining against the
confines of their speedos.

"This could be embarrassing, Joan," Jonas said as he saw
the plight of his fellow male members of the party.

"You mean your erections?" Joan asked nonchalantly.

"Well... yes, now that you mention it..."

"Don't worry about it," Joan said, "we learned all about
sex when we were in Trisha's grade. They taught you
about sex didn't they, Trish?"

Trisha nodded and reluctantly the men stripped off their
speedos leaving their pride sticking straight out from
their waists.

"I think this would be a good time for a swim," Jonas
said and led everyone down to the landing where the
fathers could relieve themselves discretely and regain
some self-control.

Whether the girls noticed that their fathers' right
hands stayed underwater for the first few minutes or the
white strands of male seed that drifted around them as
they slowly broke apart, Jonas didn't know but he was
grateful that they were able to pretend that being naked
was natural.

That night as the five groups prepared to go to bed and
the air cooled down with the setting sun, Joan decided
to take it up a notch.

"Since we are saving our clothes it is going to be
colder when we sleep so I think we should open up both
our sleeping bags, dad, and zip them together so that we
can share body heat."

"I don't know, Joan..." Jonas hesitated.

Ed Wells, whose eyes hadn't left Lynn's body for more
than a minute all afternoon, broke in, "I think that is
an excellent solution, don't you, Lynn?"

With a coy smile Lynn replied, "Whatever you say, dad."

When the beds were ready Joan called the girls aside for
a private discussion.

"You know we haven't got anything on the radio for days
and that the world was on the brink of war from the last
broadcasts we heard." The girls all nodded. "So it seems
that we may be the last people left alive and it is our
duty to see that our race survives. Now have you all
read the story of Sodom and Gomorra?"

"Yes," Karen said while the others nodded.

"And you read what happened to Lot's wife as they fled?"

"She looked back and was turned into a pillar of salt,"
Trisha said.

"That's right. Now all of you read about Lot and his
daughters and what happened when they realized they were
all that was left."

"It sounds like they had sex with their father to have
kids," Julie said.

"Absolutely," confirmed Joan. "Tonight we find ourselves
in the same situation as Lots daughters and it is up to
us to save the human race from extinction. So do your
best to get your father to have sex with you and make
sure he puts his seed in you. Don't let him pull out or
talk you into taking it in your mouth or up your butt.
That isn't what God intended sex to be."

The five other naked girls nodded their agreement. Joan
put her right arm out with her hand open and palm down.
One by one the others placed their right hand on top of
hers. Then Joan put her left hand on top of them all and
the other girls brought in their left hands as well.

"Let's get pregnant!" she cried and then dipped her
hands down and back up, continuing to raise them until
they stuck out at a 45 degree angle.

Then she dropped them and they broke up their little
conclave and headed back to their respective tents.


"What was that all about?" Jonas asked as he crawled
into the now one sleeping bag.

"Just girl talk," Joan said as she joined him in their
combined beds. "Do you really think anyone is coming,

"Of course, it just takes some time that's all."

"But it has been 5 days now and we haven't seen anyone.
This is the busiest time in the Boundary Waters and not
one other group? And no airplanes either. There was a
war, daddy, and we have to face that."

"Now don't let your imagination run away with you, Joan.
We aren't even sure where we are exactly since the maps
blew out of Bill's canoe during the storm so it may be
we are more off the beaten path than we originally

"The storm was strong but it wasn't long enough to blow
a few canoes that far off the beaten path, dad."

"Joan, stop worrying. It has only been five days like
you said. The world is still there and someone will find

"If the world is still there, dad, then how come we
haven't been able to get any station on the radio since
before the storm?"

Jonas was taken aback by the question and its
implication. It was hard for him to believe that mankind
would have been stupid enough to wipe itself out. Even
worse was the idea that his beautiful Anna could be dead
or dying and neither of them was there for her.

"Who would be dumb enough to start a war in the nuclear
age that would burn down everything mankind has built?"



"Every Sunday you preach about how sinful mankind is
becoming. Well, maybe this is God's way of starting over
like he did with the flood and Noah or Sodom and Gomorra
and Lot."

"Don't be silly."

"I'm not. We might be all that is left, dad, and this is
no time to be selfish."

"What do you mean by selfish?"

"After God had wiped out Sodom and Gomorra and Lot's
wife had looked back and become a pillar of salt, his
daughters realized that they future of their people
rested on their shoulders."

Jonas thought for a moment before responding.

"Surely you aren't suggesting—"

"Of course I am."

"Joan, we can't."

"Why not? It was God who put the idea in the heads of
Lot's daughters and he blessed their offspring. We are
in the same situation here, dad. Why would he have us
remember this particular story if he didn't need us to
give people a second chance?"

"Joan, things just aren't that simple—"

Joan was tired of talk and rolled on her side to face
her father as she boldly reached down and grabbed
Jonas's semi-erect cock and gently squeezed it. It went
from semi to erect in record time.


"Shut up and kiss me."

A week of pent-up libido got the better of him and Jonas
decided to go along with Joan's theories.

With abandon he rolled toward his daughter and kissed
her as fathers are not supposed to kiss their daughters.
All thoughts that this was his daughter were cast aside.
She was a female in heat and he was a male at the ready.
But he retained enough of himself that this would not be
rape. He wanted to honor her gift to him and make this
the best night of her life.

He rolled her onto her back as they continued kissing.
When the kiss broke he started to kiss her eyes and nose
and forehead and work his way to her ear where he gently
blew into it and then nibbled on her ear lobe before
kissing his way down her neck onto her chest and then to
her left nipple that he sucked on while rolling the
right one between his thumb and fingers.

Joan was overcome with desire. No one made her feel this
intense. Not even when she and Karen had found Karen's
mom's dildo and taken turns devirginizing one another
and pretending it was a real cock of someone they had
crush on. Now she was holding her own father's warm
pulsing cock as he played her body like a first chair
violinist plays his violin. Her body was ready to
explode every time he tweaked her nipples it was like a
bolt of electricity straight to her pussy and her juices
flowed freely. Now he was kissing her navel on his way
down to her red bush and the treasure hidden there.

Jonas was a hungry man and what he was hungry for lay
between his daughter's thighs. Joan obliged him by
raising her knees and spreading them to lay open the
gateway to bliss. And then he was there gently teasing
her pubic hair with his fingertips and blowing lightly
on it without actually touching her mons but driving her
wild none the less. His wife had tried shaving once but
it had been a disaster and distracting as it grew back
out. Why so many women thought it was a fashion
statement seemed more to do with their perception that
men wanted younger women. But bald pussies were a
feature of preteens. Did they think that all men wanted
to screw 10 year olds? Here he was with a 15 year old. A
hundred years ago she would have been three years past
the age of consent in many places but today she was
considered jailbait. But she had the most beautiful
pubic patch he had ever seen and it announced to the
world. "I am woman—FUCK ME!"

And he most definitely would!

One lick told him that she was plenty wet so he nibbled
on her clit and she erupted in her first adult orgasm.

While she bucked beneath him he moved back up her body
and kissed her as he found her entrance with the head of
his cock. Once there he slipped inside and slowly pushed
forward expecting to run into her hymen as he had with
Anna on their wedding night and was surprised when he
was all the way inside mashing her clit between their
pubic bones and mingling their pubic hair while the very
balls that she had come from 15 years before bounced on
her ass.

Joan had her arms around her father and kissed him like
she wanted to take his tongue down to meet his cock in
her core. When Jonas bottomed out with his cockhead
kissing her cervix they froze for a moment as though to
savor the sensations of the forbidden union to replay in
the years to come.

Then Jonas drew back until only the head of his cock was
inside and thrust back in. This is it, Joan thought to
herself, this is fucking! I'm really fucking! And I am
fucking my daddy!

She thrust up to meet him after his third or fourth
stroke and they got into a rhythm as Jonas drove her to
her first cock-induced orgasm and then two more before
her rippling pussy muscles proved too much for him and
with a final push he was up against the entrance to her
womb. Joan felt her father's cock grow and twitch within
her as she was filled with the liquid heat she knew
could make her a mother and exploded with her strongest
orgasm of the night.

They remained locked together in the afterglow as Jonas
slowly deflated, keeping his weight off of her in a push
up position. His cock slid out of her and he rolled off
onto his back as Joan instinctively squeezed her legs
together to keep his seed from oozing out.

"Thank you, daddy," she said.

"No, baby. Thank you!"

He cuddled up next to her giving each of her breasts a
playful squeeze as he moved his arm across her chest and
she turned with her back to him as they spooned
together. She smiled as she drifted off to sleep feeling
her father's now flaccid cock moist with their love
juices rest against her ass.


As Joan was convincing her father that incest was best,
Karen was having a similar conversation with her father.

Bill Peterson was a high school football coach and that
meant it also fell to him to handle sex education
classes. Years ago they were segregated. He taught the
boys and the female coach taught the girls. But 5 years
ago there had been budget cuts and the women coaches had
been cut back in their hours. They still handled phys-ed
classes and coached the girls athletics teams but there
weren't enough of them to handle sex ed as well.

Bill had found it sometimes embarrassing as he taught
girls barely older than his daughter the facts of life.
In the fall she would be a sophomore and could well be
in his class and here she was pressing her lovely body
up against him and hinting that she should get a private

They were lying on top of the sleeping bags instead of
in them and that gave them greater freedom of movement
than Joan and Jonas. It also meant that as he was lying
on his back he could not hide the effect her proposal
was having on him.

"Karen, all this talk about being the only people left
is just a flight of fancy by a very horny Joan."

"Then why are all the radio stations off the air? Why no
planes? Why no other people in 5 days?"

"5 days isn't that long up here and you know that. As
far as the radio goes.....well, you've got me there."

"You heard the news like I did before the storm about
possible terrorist attacks and war and you saw those war
planes flying over right around the storm and then

Bill was at a loss. There was no denying the appeal in
what Karen was saying. The fact was that he was an
individual with a strong sex drive who had been very
happy with his wife Louise whose drive matched his.
Until last spring when a drunk driver had swerved out of
control and slammed head on into her at 80 mph.

Karen had taken two months to get back to some sense of
normalcy and Bill felt the loss every night alone in his
bed. Part of the reason for this trip was to get away
from the daily reminders—wedding pictures on the living
room shelves, the piano Karen was just getting good on
but Louise made sing, her paintings of landscapes she
loved to do in her spare time—and reconnect as father
and daughter.

But not like this.

"Karen, this is just plain wrong. I'm your father and we

"Shut up, Swede!" she said grabbing his cock and
swinging herself over him in the 69 position.

"What did you say?" he asked aghast.

"I said, 'Shut up, Swede.' Now eat me."

She lowered her beautiful pussy down to his mouth and he
went to work like a hungry man who finds himself in a
bakery and told to eat anything he wanted.

What shocked him was her calling him "Swede". Back in
his college days he was a big blond from Minnesota named
Peterson and it was assumed that he would one day play
for the Vikings and so "Swede" as a nickname was nearly
a given. But after he wacked up his knee senior year and
the pros were out of the question he had changed his
major to education and met Louise. The only one who had
still called him Swede was Louise in the privacy of
their bedroom. And the only way Karen could know about
it was if she had seen the video.

On their anniversary the year before they had treated
themselves to a weekend alone. Karen had gone to his
parents and they went to dinner and a show on Friday
night, bought themselves a video camera as a mutual
present on Saturday and after an afternoon movie and
pizza at their favorite place to eat when dating went
home to play with the new toy.

Louise was the one who wanted to pretend they were porn
stars so he had set the camera on a tripod off the
corner of the bed where they thought they would get the
best footage.

Bill had been reluctant, wondering what would happen to
his job if the tape ever became public. He was
protesting as Louise lay beside him stroking his cock
when she tossed back her own blond hair, laughed and
said, "Shut up, Swede!" and then climbed on top of him
in the 69 position.

Since her death he had played that video countless times
but he always made sure he hid it in the bottom of his
underwear drawer along with Louise's dildo—

Oh, my God, he thought to himself as he brought his
daughter to the brink of her first orgasm at the hands
of a member of the masculine gender. He didn't remember
seeing the dildo the weekend before the trip when he
watched the movie! Had Karen been experimenting with
that, too? Had she taken her own virginity?

The questions were shoved out of his mind as Karen
suddenly lifted off his mouth and cock at the same time
and turned to face him. Without ceremony she lowered
herself onto his cock until he was all the way in.

"Karen! Who have you done it with?"

"No, one, dad. Not in the way you mean. I found mom's
dildo in your drawer and Joan and I have been playing
with it on weekends. It felt good but you feel so much

And to prove it to him she started to ride him like a
cowboy in a rodeo. Bill reached up and cupped her
breasts, gently squeezing them and rolling her nipples
between his thumb and forefinger.

"You, too, baby! You, too! You're so tight and warm and

He met her thrust for thrust and did every trick he knew
to hold back the floodgates of his orgasm as he took
Karen over the brink twice.

"You're going to have to get off, baby, I'm going to cum
and I don't want to get you pregnant."

"That's the whole point, silly! Weren't you listening?"

And she lowered down to pin him to the bed and gyrated
her hips. Unable to pull out or hold back he surrendered
to the inevitable and thrust up into her as he unleashed
the biggest load he could ever remember pumping out.
Karen and Joan had experimented with a douche bag that
Joan had found in her grandma's attic but the sensation
was nothing like the sudden warm heat that filled her
when she got her first dose of sperm from her own

She made no move to get off but lay down crushing her
breasts into his chest hair and he held her to him. Both
too satisfied and too tired to move they drifted off to
sleep. He was in so deep that as his cock went flaccid
it stayed inside her trapping his cum. About an hour
later, as he dreamed of the encounter that had just
occurred, he grew hard and rolled her over to her side
of the bed with himself on top still in her and began to
thrust into her again in the missionary position.

Karen responded groggily but pulled his face down and
kissed him as he hadn't been kissed since Louise died.
It no longer mattered whether this was his daughter or
one of his students. She was his woman and he marked her
as his own with another load of cum before he rolled off
and fell asleep holding her in his arms.


The proud owner of Wells Automotive was one of the
hairiest men in town if not THE hairiest. When he hit
puberty his body hair did the equivalent to his body
that a deep bass voice did to its owner. Where the bass
voice just kept getting deeper until it reached the
depths of a Paul Robson, Ed's chest hair became back
hair and neck hair and thigh hair and ass hair and
crotch hair as thick as a bird's nest.

Lynn had spied on her father as he watched porn in his den.

Her curiosity had started at 13 when she passed his bedroom door one night when it was open an inch.  He was laying naked on his bed watching something on the TV mounted on the wall. By the moans on pleasure Lynn guessed he was watching porn. This was reinforced by her father rubbing his rather large cock as he watched. He couldn’t see her in the hall and she had gone to bed that night playing with the nest between her own legs and awakening pleasure centers she didn’t know she had.

She had not said anything to her father but she was
determined that somehow she would seduce him. That
was why her clothing had become even more provocative
since her birthday. The sheer swimsuit with the fabric
that seemed to turn transparent had been bought for this
trip exclusively for her father's benefit.

Now here they were in the privacy of their own tent as
naked as that day last year.

They just lay side by side for a while with Joan and
Jonas's tent on one side and Bill and Karen's on the
other. The tent walls did nothing to muffle the
unmistakable sounds of sex surrounding them. It was Lynn
who broke the silence.

She knew she didn't need the excuse of Sodom and Gomorra
and Lot's daughters to get what she wanted.

She had the truth.

"Daddy, I'm sorry."

"Sorry about what, baby."

"Sorry for turning you on."

"What are you talking about?"

"On my birthday your den door was partly open and I saw
the masturbating to a porn video."

"OH, MY GOD! I should never have let that happen in the
first place. It was all my fault—"

"Don't be silly. I could have let you know I was there but I got so much fun from jacking off myself I didn’t want to stop."


He never got to finish as she threw herself on top of
him and kissed him. She loved the feel of all his body
hair against her nipples and breasts and tummy. And the
way it tickled her legs, especially the insides of her
upper thighs. But what felt best was when his pubic hair
tickled her clit when she lowered herself onto him.

Ed was in heaven. Lynn was as tight as Maria had been
the first time he had fucked her but there was a special
thrill in knowing that the pussy he was in now had been
created by him. Half of her had rocketed out of the same
cock she was riding into her mother to join with her
egg. The thought that Lynn was at the peak of her cycle
and probably had an egg at the ready only spurred him on
harder than ever.

He took her hard little nipples and the one inch areola
into his mouth and gently sucked and nibbled each of
them in turn. It drove Lynn over the edge into the
strongest orgasm she had ever experienced. She was
having the same thoughts about the specialness of the
cock within her and its role in giving her life. Those
thoughts gave her a second orgasm directly on the heels
of the first.

She had spent nights with various things in her pussy
other than her fingers. Things like candles and pop
bottles and Barbie dolls. One of the things she like to
do was what she called pussy calisthenics to strengthen
her pussy muscles. She thought that one day she could go
to work at one of those strip clubs where the girls
dance with metal poles and made tips displaying various
parts of their anatomy to best advantage. She thought
she would be different if she could use just her pussy
to do things like lift weights.

Now she used those skills to squeeze her father's cock
and try to lift him off the bed.

It was too much for Ed. All his tricks for extending his
orgasm were defeated by the rippling, grasping pulsating
pussy that seemed to want to pull his manhood out by the
roots. A week's worth of pent-up and unreleased passion
surged through him into his daughter's waiting womb.

"Drink deep of your daddy's milk!" he cried as Lynn
nearly passed out from the pleasure of feeling herself
bathed in her father's potent spunk.

"I love you, Daddy!"

"I love you, too, Baby!"

She continued to do her pussy exercises and milk her
father's cock like a milking machine on a cow's teat. Ed
gratefully gave her every last drop he had in him. Truth
be told he was a very conflicted man at the moment. He
wanted to rejoice a for the church that brought this
father daughter outing into being and it was the same
church's Bible that had given its blessing to this
evenings unions with the story of Lot and his daughters.
But it was the same church that would condemn this as
wrong. But how could love ever be wrong?

He decided it was a question for another day as Lynn
rose up off him and lay down at his side with her head
on his shoulder. They both knew this was just the


14 year old Drew was one of the true innocents. Her
family were true believers and she seemed destined to go
through life blessed with doing all those things
reserved for the golden girls. She was a cheerleader and
soccer player and sang in the church choir and danced at
the local studio twice a week and was going to be on the
9th grade swimming team. On top of that she was
definitely model material. In the twilight of their tent
Phil admired her lovely breasts and their pink nipples.
Although they had all gone naked that day there were
still definite tan lines where her bikini top and bottom
had been. This made her lovely little blond pubic patch
more visible in the fading light.

"Daddy, Joan said it was time for us to follow the lead
of Lot's daughters and she made us read this story about
how God destroyed Sodom and Gomorra but Lot and his
family escaped only his wife looked back and was turned
into a pillar of salt. Then it talks about how the older
daughter got Lot drunk while they were staying in some
caves and she went in and slept with him. Then the next
night they got him drunk again and the younger sister
went in and slept with him. What was so unusual about

"Well, it refers to a special way of being with

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you had sex ed in school last year, didn't you?"

"Yeah. They talked about how husbands and wives have

"What did they say about it?"

"Well, the man has a penis—like you—and it gets hard and
goes into the woman's vagina. Then he ejaculates—is that
the right word?"


"He ejaculates sperm into her that meet up with her egg.
When one of the sperm penetrates the egg a baby is

"Well, that is all technically true. Did they talk about

"They said the woman can have many but that the man only
has one which is when he ejaculates."

"Have you ever had one?"

"I don't know."

"Have you ever touched yourself around your vagina?"

"DADDY!" Dawn said, aghast that her father would ask her
such a personal question.

"Have you?" Phil persisted. "It is a perfectly natural
thing to do. Everyone does it at one time or another."

"They do?"

"Sure. I do it. Your mother does it. Even your big
brother does it."

"I know—" she stopped herself, embarrassed by this

"What do you mean by that, young lady?"

"About a month ago I was coming back from the bathroom
one night and I noticed Jimmy's door was slightly open
and it sounded like he was groaning. I thought he was
getting sick so I went over and peeked in but he wasn't
getting sick. He had his underwear down and his penis in
his hand and was rubbing it up and down. After about a
minute this white stuff came shooting out. I guess he

"How did watching that make you feel?"

"I got these weird butterflies in my tummy and my vagina
got all wet."

"Is your vagina wet now?"

Drew reached down between her legs and felt around.

"Yes. What does that mean?"

"It means that you are horny and ready to have sex."

"It does?"

"It sure does?"

"But sex with who?"

"The nearest male."

"But the nearest male is you, daddy."

"Which is why I am going to do what every loving father
does when his daughter gets to be your age."

"What is that?"

"Teach you what the sex ed class in school never does.
Things like kissing and what it really feels like to
have good sex with someone experienced."

"You mean you want to have sex with me, daddy?"

"Reach down and take hold of my penis and tell me what
you think the answer is."

Drew slid her hand down his tummy and into his brown
pubic patch to find a very erect, very hard penis
sprouting from his loins.

"You're hard, daddy, so that means you want to have

"And who would it be that I want to have sex with?"

"The nearest female."

"Which would be who?"


"Let's start with kissing."

He bent down and kissed her full on the mouth including
the use of his tongue to pry her lips open and stick it
in. As he kept her mouth occupied he gently squeezed on
her tits and tweaked her nipples on his way to her mound
of Venus. Here he took time to gently brush his fingers
through her pubic hair without touching her skin. Then
he gently probed her opening until he struck her hymen
and realized she was still a virgin.

He pulled away from her mouth and moved down her body
until he was at her pussy.

"That is how you kiss one set of lips and here is how
you kiss the other."

With that he kissed his way down to her pussy and began
to give it a proper working over with his tongue.

Drew went into sensory overload as her father touched
places she herself had never dared to explore. Within
minutes she was experiencing a strong orgasm and
unleashing a flood of her own lubricant. Phil's tongue
took her to a second orgasm before he rose up over her
while she rode that crest and with one powerful thrust
rammed through her virginity and made her a woman.

Drew was taken aback by the sudden pain of her hymen
being torn but her father had done his preliminary work
well and the endorphins unleashed by her orgasms kept
her deflowering pain levels low. Soon she was riding the
crest of another orgasm and the head of her father's
cock stroked back and forth over her G-spot.

For Phil it took him back to his high school days when
he was quarterback of the football team and had cornered
the head cheerleader after a win and convinced her that
it was traditional for the winning quarterback to fuck
the girl of his choice after each game and he chose her.
She had been as tight as Drew and a virgin as well. The
fact that she was also his sister had been the biggest
turn on. She had consented that once but he had never
gotten back inside her panties again.

With Drew he planned to make it a regular part of his
daily routine and he hoped and prayed that she would
become pregnant so that they could home school her and
he would then declare the house a clothes free area.

Drew could feel the tip of her daddy's 7 inch cock
kissing her cervix on every thrust. She remembered how
they learned about periods and knew that two weeks after
her period was when she was most vulnerable to getting
pregnant. She knew but she didn't care.

And neither did Phil as he let himself blast off right
at the entrance to her womb at the same time as her
third cock induced orgasm washed over her.

As he pulled out and lay down next to her he said, "And
that is what the Bible means when it talks about Lot's
daughters going in to lay with their father."

"Funny. Shouldn't it be that Lot came into his

She smiled at him, kissed his cheek and went to sleep as
Phil joined her.


What no one in the 6 tents around the camp fire knew,
least of all Julie, was that she and three of her 8th
grade classmates were already pregnant.. It wouldn't
become evident until 8 months after the night of Lot's
daughters when she delivered a full term girl one month
before the other five did.

Three weeks before the outing to BWCA, Julie had gone to
her friend Barb's sleepover. Barb Jones was a cute 13
year old brunette whose parents seemed to live separate
lives. The fact was that their marriage was really one
of convenience as her mother, June was an avowed lesbian
who left her husband George alone and never questioned
his apparent lack of sex drive. They shared a bed but
that was all. They were friends but after a brief fling
that resulted in Barb would have gone their separate
ways. Barb gave them the excuse to present to the world
a normal façade.

George had made love to June in spite of the fact that
she was about 5 years too old for his tastes. She was 18
and they had just graduated high school. George had
managed to hide his taste for 13 and 14 year olds
from June by blackmailing his young victims with
videotapes of their trysts. He used his master bedroom
and usually managed to drug them although a few came
willingly. They were varied and included the girl who
came collecting for his paper, the one selling candy for
YWCA camp and some of the Girl Scouts he volunteered to
work with in the local troop.

He considered the weekend of the sleepover his
masterpiece. In addition to his own daughter, who knew
nothing of her father's fetish as he had studiously
stayed clear of her, and Julie, 13 year old Susan Miller
and her 14 year old sister Amanda rounded out the guest
list for this supposed pizza and pop outing.

Like Barb, Susan was a brunette whose body was just
budding out. Her hips were just starting to take on
their adult curves while her breasts were mainly about
twice the height of her perky brown nipple. She had the
first growth of pubic hair on her mons but it was sparse
compared to her sister Amanda's auburn bush that matched
her auburn locks. Amanda was filling out nicely. Her
breasts filled one's hand nicely when cupped and she
shared her puffy areola with her sister. They aroused
easily and looked great in tight shirts. Her ass was
well rounded and inviting and she didn't mind teasing
the men around her as adolescent girls are wont to do as
they get their first taste of their sexual power.

On this particular Friday George had made sure that
there was a video "accidentally" left in the VCR
starring a 13 year old nympho who sucked, fucked and
took it anally. She not only let the men fill her mouth
and ass with sperm but allowed them to cum bareback in
her pussy as well.

Before they had a chance to discover this "mistake"
George laced their cokes with a little Everclear—the
most potent alcoholic drink available and made them eat
at the kitchen table. When the girls said the pop tasted
funny he showed them a large bottle of generic coke that
they didn't normally drink.

"Sorry, girls, it was on sale."

Starting to feel flush and giddy, Barb responded for
them, "that's okay, daddy. It just different not bad."

After they finished he sent them off to Barb's room to
change while he popped them some popcorn—and dumped the
rest of the Everclear into the pop bottle. Then he
popped a tiny pill into each of their glasses before
refilling them. With all the ice and the dark color of
the soda, the rohipnol was virtually invisible and free
to dissolve at its own pace.

As luck would have it they arrived back in the kitchen
in their sexy nightgowns and panties at the time that
Hannah Montana started and George had it playing on the
kitchen TV so they sat down at the table to start their
popcorn and pop.

"Will you girls be okay if I go upstairs and do some

"Sure, dad," Barb said without taking her eyes off the

Upstairs George had a second den in the third bedroom
for Barb's sibling who had never arrived. He sat down at
the desk and fired up the computer and brought up one of
the many cameras he had outfitted the house with over
the years. On Kitchen cam he watched the girls chat and
giggle and eat popcorn. But what made his cock jump was
every time one of them picked up their glass and drank
without looking away from the TV.

25 minutes later Hannah Montana came to an end and the
girls got up to move to the downstairs den. Barb carried
the popcorn and her glass, Julie carried her glass and
the pop bottle and all of them moved out.

"Don't start it yet," Amanda said, "Wait for me."

As she headed for the downstairs bathroom George
switched to Bathcam1 which was hidden in the fancy
toilet paper holder directly across from the toilet at
eye level with the seat.

He watched Amanda move in front of the camera and slide
her panties down revealing her thighs below her crotch.
She seemed a little unsteady on her feet but then she
sat down on the toilet revealing her lovely pussy as she
slightly spread her legs.

"Soon, Mandy, soon," he said to himself as she wiped
herself and left to join the others.

Dencam1 gave George a view of the room from the wall by
the door and showed the TV and area right in front of
it. Dencam2 was on the opposite wall and showed the
couch and the coffee table in front of it. Dencam3 was
on the corner to the left of Dencam2 and showed the room
from the perspective of the couch, far easy chair and
the side of the TV. Dencam4 was in the opposite corner
of Dencam3 and showed some of the TV screen from the
side as well as the couch and the far easy chair on the
other side of the room.

At the moment all four girls were seated next to each
other on the couch. Barb picked up the remote and
flicked on the TV and VCR and sat back. George switched
to cam1 to make sure the VCR was set up properly. He
could see the tops of the girl's heads below the camera
as the TV screen went from blue to picture of a cute
girl with blond curly hair who was surrounded by three
grown males. They were on the beach and all in their
swimsuits. The title came up JENNY DOES IT ALL and went
right into a scene of the girl and the three guys going
down to the beach.

"What's this?" Susie asked.

"I don't know," Barb answered, "it must be dad's. I'll
put in our movie."

George's heart dropped as Barb went to get up but leapt
again when Julie grabbed her friend's arm and pulled
back to the couch.

"Wait," she said, "Look at the beach!"

The girls watched as the little blond and her three
companions made their way through the other beach-goers
to an unused spot an tossed down their blankets.

"They're all naked!" gasped Amanda.

"It must be a nude beach," Julie said trying to sound
nonchalant and taking another drink.

"Cool," said Amanda.

The four girls watched enraptured as the three men
stripped their swimsuits off exposing their 7 to 9 inch
cocks in front of the girl who must be Jenny. Then Jenny
took off her bikini top and showed the world her nice
little pink tipped nipples that already appeared
aroused, followed by her bikini bottoms that showed the
world she really was a blond.

As the girls absorbed this, the foursome on the screen
ran into the water where they frolicked with the other
sun lovers for about 3 minutes before coming back out of
the water at a different spot. Two of the men led the
little girl away from the crowded section of the beach
and over a dune where they were out of sight of everyone

They spoke a language that none of the girls recognized
but what was said became clear when an impromptu game of
tag started with the girl alternately chasing and being
chased by the men. This went on for another couple of
minutes until the third man came over the top of the
dune with their stuff from the beach.

As he spread the blankets out again Julie let out a

"Look at her!"

All the girls stared at the screen.

"What?" Barb asked speaking for all of them.

"No tan lines! She must go naked all the time!"

From cam2 George watched them nod their heads and sip
more pop.

Now he concentrated on their reactions from this angle
as he already knew what was taking place on the screen
in front of them. At this point one of the men scooped
her up in his arms and kissed her right on the mouth
like their fathers kissed their mothers. Not the normal
pecks on the cheeks that adults gave kids. This was
fully engaged with tongue and all. He was carrying her
to the blanket and laid her down in the middle of it on
her back.

The girls' eyes were glued to the set as he knew they
were watching the man who carried her now break off the
kiss and start to kiss her body starting with her neck
and then moving down to her breasts and nipples and then
her bellybutton. He watched his daughter and her friends
imbibe more alcohol and date rape drug. Their hands
unconsciously told him what was happening on the screen
as they put themselves in Jenny's place. They squeezed
their breasts and stroked their bellies and finally
cupped their pussies. He knew that was the moment the
man on screen had started to lick and suck that sweet

"Oh, my god," Susan said faintly. That told George that
one of the men was kneeling down at Jenny's head and she
had turned to start sucking his erect cock. Man number
three was about to kneel on Jenny's other side and place
her hand on his cock.

There were more gasps to tell him she was willingly
stroking this other man with her hand.

Now all four girls lifted their nighties above their
panties and stuck their hands inside and George knew
that the man licking Jenny's pussy was moving on top of
her as the camera caught a close-up of her raising her
pussy up to meet his hard cock. After a couple of
tentative strokes the man drove deep into her and all
four girls on the couch moaned and rubbed more

He knew the camera moved up to Jenny's face as the man
getting the blow job rolled back on his hips and Jenny
lay there with her mouth open wide as he shot three big
ropes of sperm straight between her lips and two more
over her cheek and nose. She turned her face up to the
camera with her mouth still open and showed the world it
was full of the man's cum, then she closed it, swallowed
and opened again to show that his sperm was now in her

George knew this was what was happening because all four
of the beauties on his den couch now reached down and
gulped the rest of their sodas and pumped fingers in
their pussies.

The movie went on for 40 minutes as she took a load from
each man in her pussy, mouth and ass and then lay back
on the blanket with a satisfied look on her face.

By that time the alcohol and roofies had done their job
and all four of the sleepover party members were passed

With June out of town on a business conference all
weekend, George had all night to enjoy the delights of
his labors.

He started with little Susan who never stirred once as
he carried her to his bedroom, stripped her and laid her
in the middle of his bed with a towel under her hips. He
then went to work kissing her face, nibbling her ears
and sucking her entire breast and nipple into his mouth.
Although she was unconscious her body still responded to
stimuli and they were erect in no time. Then it was on
to her tummy where he kissed her right above where her
ovaries were located before sucking on her clit and
sticking his tongue in her pussy.

He knew all four of his Bedroom cams were working as he
got on top of his daughter's friend's little sister and
made her a woman before the rest of them. Not that Susie
noticed or would notice until she found her tummy
getting bigger and her 6th ever period never arriving.
She seemed to have an orgasm and he filled her new teen
passage with a full load of sperm. He never did have any
intention of pulling out or using a condom because he
also had another fetish almost as strong as that urge
for young teen girls and that was breeding. Tonight he
would do his best to fulfill this desire.

He would replay the videos he edited of that night time
and time again. He watched himself stay inside Susie as
he lifted her off the bed and lay her on the floor.
There he tied her ankles to a rope he had wrapped around
the dresser just for this purpose. As he pulled out
Susie's little pussy was held up by her ankles so that
none of his load dribbled out.

Then it was auburn haired Amanda's turn and soon she was
tied to the dresser with her legs in the air as George
moved the center of operations down to the den where he
moved his daughter to one of the easy chairs, stripped
Julie on the couch and gave his balls an hour to
recuperate before he did more than just feel her up.
When he felt his load was potent again he started his
ministrations and found that she was a natural. Her
nipples responded immediately and her pussy was juicy
even before he got there.

It turned him on so much he forgot about being gentle
and took her in one forceful thrust that elicited a
grunt from the drugged girl. He stayed in her to the
hilt as their pubic hairs meshed and her clit throbbed
between them. He watched for signs that she was waking
up but there were none. And he went back to pounding
away in her until he flooded her with a big dose. Big
enough he was sure he had accomplished what he set out
to do.

He didn't have a dresser to tie her legs to so he stayed
in her as he went to the unoccupied easy chair and lay
her back over the armrest. As he withdrew he held her
legs up and pivoted her until her head hung off the edge
and her legs went up the back rest keeping his sperm
safely inside her as they went for her ripe little egg.

Lastly he turned to his daughter. He moved her over to
the couch and unwrapped her like a Christmas present. He
studied her closely, amazed that half of this beauty had
come from his own balls, the same balls he was going to
use to create someone who would be 75% of him instead of
just 50. He did not wait as long as he had for Julie to
build up his potency but he made up for it by staying
inside his daughter and riding her until he filled her a
second and then a third time before moving her to the
other easy chair and leaving her upside down like Julie.

Sated he went back upstairs where he untied Susie and
fucked her again. This time he didn't bother trying to
keep it in her. Instead he washed her off with a warm
wash cloth and redressed her. Then he did Amanda again,
washed her and dressed her. One at a time he brought
them back to the den and put them on the couch.

Still not finished he gave Julie another dose, washed
her and redressed her. Lastly he did the same for Barb.

Then he collected their glasses and the bottle of pop
and took them to the kitchen. All of the ice had melted
so one by one he washed out their glasses, refilled it
with a fresh bottle of pop and added water for the
melted ice. Then he emptied the new bottle of pop to the
level of the spiked bottle and dumped the spiked bottle
down the drain. He brought the new bottle and the
refilled glasses out to where the girls had originally
left them.

Before he left he smiled over at the VCR with the rental
movie he wouldn't have to pay for as someone had taped
porn over the movie and exposed his daughter and her
friends to obscenity instead of the movie they planned
to watch. He would have the proper amount of outrage
when he returned it.

Satisfied that things looked back to what they had bee

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Very interesting story, but it seems to cut off in the middle of Chapter Six :)

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Sorry about that. Here's the rest:

Satisfied that things looked back to what they had been,
George went back up to his computer to start editing. He
looked down at his watch and realized it wasn't even
midnight yet. With any luck he had started four new lives
in only three and a half hours. It had always amazed him
how the act of sex took less time than the participants
imagined. It had seemed like all night but only three
and a half hours.

When the girls woke up in the morning the movie had
played to the end, rewound and ejected. Barb went over
and pulled it out. It said the correct name for the
scary movie they planned to watch. She bent over and
pushed it back in and pressed play. Sure enough, Jenny
went through her sexual escapades again.

She wondered whether she should tell her dad and admit
they had watched porn or say nothing and just let him
take it back to the video store.

"What in hell are you doing?"

Startled, Barb looked up and saw her dad in the doorway.
She had her hand once again in her pussy as the porno
played out on the television. She whipped her hand out
of her panties and sat on it.

"Nothing, dad. Someone labeled the tape wrong. I'm
sorry. We shouldn't have watched it."

She started to cry and George went to her and pulled her
off the couch where her friends were still asleep. He
picked the remote up from the armrest and turned off the
TV and VCR. Then motioning for her to be quiet he led
her up to his bedroom. There they sat side by side on
his bed.

"You don't have anything to apologize for, Sweetie. That
video store messed up big time. I brought you up here
because I know you are getting to that age when you are
curious about the opposite sex and I think you had a lot
of that curiosity answered by what I saw on that screen.
I just wanted you to know that if you ever have any
questions about sex you can come and talk to me. Okay?"

"Okay... Is that movie right that a girl my age can have

"Yes, it is and a lot of boys and men are going to want
to get inside those panties of yours as time goes by."

"But they are always saying that sex hurts for girls and
we aren't supposed to want it."

"Don't you believe it. God gave the world sex because it
is the one thing we can do that brings us closest to
him—create life. Men and women are meant to have and
enjoy sex. I saw you had your hand in your panties and
were rubbing yourself—"

"I'm so sorry..."

"Like I said you have nothing to be sorry about. I just
wanted to ask you, did it hurt? What you were doing, did
it give you pain?"

"N, No..."

"Of course not. Everyone does that. It is called
masturbation. I do it. Your mom does it."

"You do?"

"I sure do. If you want to know more I will teach you
but it is up to you what you want to learn and when you
want to learn and who you want to learn from."

"Barb?" came Julie's voice from the bottom of the

"Up here, Julie," Barb said and thanked her dad. She
left him on his bed and went over to her room where
their clothes were.

The reason that George had been so unconcerned about
knocking up the four girls at his daughter's overnight
was that he knew his wife was signing a contract with a
new company across country and they would be moving in
two weeks.

By the time that Julie and her Tom lay naked in their
tent, George and Barb had joined June in California
where June came out to her daughter about her lesbianism
and George used Barb's sympathy for his lack of a sex
life to get her into bed at every opportunity.

But in the tent, Julie was still a virgin in her mind
because she remembered nothing about George raping her.
She knew that she had woken up with a headache and that
her pussy itched but she chalked that up to the fact
that she had masturbated harder than ever before under
the inspiration of Jenny on the TV. She never suspected
that George's sperm had entered her or found their
target. But her body remembered the encounter and now
with her father beside her she wanted him to make her a
woman but was afraid of how to make her move.

They started to hear the moans of pleasure around them.
Tom was a cable installer who was happy in his marriage
to Cathy but resented that she put her real estate
business before family. He wanted a son but she was
always putting off a pregnancy for one reason or
another. First they needed a bigger house so they found
one with a perfect nursery. But the house was too
expensive to allow for another child so the nursery and
been turned into a home office for her business, a
business she couldn't afford to lose time to have a
baby. He was sick of rubbers and coldly calculated sex.
He missed the passion and spontaneity of the sex from
their first year of marriage and through the pregnancy
with Julie.

He had never considered his daughter as a sexual being
until this trip. Especially this afternoon when everyone
had gone naked. He loved her cute little ass and perfect
breasts and the way her hair flowed and moved as she

All around them they heard the moans of passion as her
friends became women and he decided it would be unfair
to leave her out. Reaching down he took her hand and
squeezed it. When she squeezed back he took it as a sign
and lifted it up and placed it on his throbbing cock.

Julie took the hint and wrapped her hand around it as
she had watched Jenny do in the movie. Instinctively she
moved her hand up and down. Her father returned the
favor moving his hand over her pussy and playing with
her golden curls before finally cupping the whole area
in his handed and gently squeezing it. After a minute he
began to rub his middle finger up and down in her slit
as he felt her juices start to work. Julie responded by
spreading her legs offering him more access.

Tom turned to face her and give her her first French
kiss. She responded by reaching up and putting her hands
around his neck and pulling him to get on top of her.
She opened her legs wide and drew her knees up to give
him better access and without further word from either
of them Tom did his best to do what George Jones had
already done. And when all the tents around them had
gone quiet he and Julie did it again. In the morning
they did it twice more before even thinking of going
down to the lake to swim and wash up.


They say that the longer people are married the more
they begin to look alike. Joe and Sarah McBride seemed
to fit that bill. The triage nurse at the local hospital
and the head baker in the kitchen had the same color
hair and eyes and build. And they loved their daughter
Trisha with equal passion.

Now that she was blossoming into womanhood they knew
they would have to have the sex talk with her soon. But
Joe had never expected it to be this soon or under such
intimate circumstances. When Trisha had come in babbling
about how the world outside had been destroyed and that
Karen said that the loss of stations on the radio and
lack of airplanes proved it and Joan had them read about
Lot's daughters, Joe had put his finger to her lips and
shushed her.

"There is no need to rush into anything, Trish, no
matter what your friends say."

"But we have to make babies and start the world over
just like Noah and Lot—"

"When you are ready you will meet someone, fall in love
and have a family of your own."

"But, daddy, there isn't anyone left to meet and I love

"And I love you but this isn't right."

"How can it be wrong if two people love each other?'

"It just is, honey."

They had been lying on top of the makeshift bed facing
each other. Now Trisha put on a pouty face and turned
away from him.

"I know. You think I am just a kid and I'm ugly."

Joe put his arm around her and nudged her back to facing

"You are wrong on both counts and I should know because
I started having sex when I was eleven. I know what you
are going through and you are beautiful. But before we
do this, there are a few things you should know."

"What things, dad?" she sniffled as her tears dried up.

"Well, your mother and I for one."

"You and mom? What about you and mom?"

"We have always told you that you have no grandparents
because they died."

"You mean they're not?"

"They are alive but to them we are dead."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you know that all your friends have to sets of
grandparents—one on their dad's side and one on their


"Well, dear, you have only one set of grandparents."

"Are they yours or mom's and are the other ones dead?"

"That's just it, your mom's parents are still alive and
my parents are still alive but you only have one set of

Trisha tried to decipher what her father was saying to

"Look, honey, you know how people talk about how much
your mom and I look like each other."


"And that we have the same birthday."


"Well, what we never told you is that we were born in
the same hospital and the same parents signed both birth

"You mean like twins?"

"Exactly like twins?"

"You and mom are twins?!"


"But that means you are brother and sister."

"And that is why you only have one set of grandparents."

"But then how could you get married."

"We can't and we didn't. Since we have the same name
people just think we are married and living here in
Minnesota we a far away from Florida where we grew up"

"So you got your sister pregnant and I'm the result? I'm
an incest baby?"

"You are OUR baby and it doesn't matter that we are
brother and sister because we love each other as deeply
as any husband and wife out there. You have spent your
whole life with us. Did you ever suspect we were
anything other than a normal family?


"Because we are a normal family."

Trisha lay there looking at her father's body in the
growing gloom. She fastened on his eight inch cock with
his sperm making balls in their sack underneath. It
suddenly occurred to her that this was the cock that had
fucked her mom and that these were the balls half of her
had once been inside. It was such a naughty thought that
she felt butterflies in her tummy and a tingling in her
crotch. It felt like her new pussy hairs were standing
on end.


"You said you started having sex when you were eleven."


"Who with?"

"Trisha, until tonight there has only been one woman in
my life."

"You mean you started fucking your sister when you were

"That's a little crude but then we were a little crude
at your age. All we knew is that sex was fun and we
wanted to know what it was all about. It started out
with us masturbating in front of one another. Then we
heard about oral sex—"


"Yes, blowjobs. And that satisfied us for awhile—"

"Satisfied YOU maybe since girls give guys blowjobs!"

"Guys give girls blowjobs, too."

"They do? How? A girl doesn't have a cock to suck on."

"Spread your legs."

At that moment, Joe knew there would be another woman in
his life as he showed he daughter how a man could use
his tongue for more than talking. Trisha at thirteen was
as juicy as her mother had been and she had a bigger
clit. As he administered to her orally he shifted her to
the middle of the mattress.

Trisha was experiencing things she hadn't felt before.
The thought that this was her dad and her uncle at the
same time made her even hornier. She welcomed it when
Joe left her pussy and started to kiss his way up her
belly to her newly forming tits, sucking each one into
his mouth and twirling his tongue on her nipples. Then
he was kissing her as the cock she had come from plowed
into the pussy it had created. She winced as it
conquered her virginity but the pain passed in an
instant and she was left with the pleasure of fullness.
Her dad's cock was all the way in and the tip kissed her
cervix while their pubic hair meshed and her clit was
deliciously mashed between them.

Joe wanted his daughter to enjoy herself and held off
coming until he had counted at least two orgasms from
her. Then, at the limit of his endurance he let loose
with a personal record of eight strong pulses of potent
babymakers. He was unaware that Trisha had started
having periods five months before and that her last one
had ended two weeks before making this her time of
greatest fertility. Trisha knew about her periods but
like many girls her age believed that somehow a girl was
magically prevented from getting pregnant during her
first sexual act. And like many girls before her she was
equally wrong.

They were too tired to hear the climaxes exploding
around them. In the morning they repeated the
performance before heading to the lake where the others
were already cleaning up after the nights exertions.


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