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A Dusty Old Book: Snowbunnies and Lace (Mf+, Ff, cons, oral, WS)

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This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.

  This happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Though I wanted to add it to the main story, there is something else going on that takes precedence over this event. But this also runs along side what is going on in town.

                                A Dusty Old Book: Snowbunnies and Lace

   The town had finally recovered from its food coma. Black Friday came and went. It was the second week of December and the town was literally an ant hive of activity. Decorations were not spared, as the town was looking like one of those old Christmas card pictures. But there was another reason the town was alive, despite it being colder than a witches tit. The Snowathon. It was teams of women and girls competing to earn money for the town's New Years party and various charities. Teams of women were roaming the town for their teams costumes. My workers were no exception. We were Team Movie Star, as I was sponsoring my workers.

  Let me explain as to what this big thing was. Basically, its a three day winter sports event where each team competes to win, but also raise money. The winning teams were judged by the events, how they looked and how much money was raised. Losers were disqualified each day. The final day was a sort of battle royale with the remaining teams fighting in an epic snow war. I was never allowed to watch most of the events. Let's just say things get a tad extremely risque. Also it was women only. Not because of any bs. But because sex sells. That was the only reason. Really. This thing has been going on since the mid 50's and its only gotten wilder. 

  So my workers on shift, were practically lost to the clouds as the youngest of my employees were finally old enough to compete. But from their talk at break, it seems that they all are planning on going overboard, right off the bat. I became concerned as I just shelled out over three thousand dollars to enter the entire staff as a team, including the new four helpers that are helping me and Fiona clean out the bookstore. And it was those four sets of eyes that were staring at me from the other side of the counter in the store full of boxes. I promised the girls I would gather all the movie star magazines and books on clothes for them, and that's why I was being watched.

  "Can I help you ladies, or are you finished with what Fiona asked you to do?" I spoke in my boss tone, because if I didn't the girls would run me over.

  "No, boss, just watching you." The sisters replied in that creepy in sync harmony thing they do.
  It was sad. I knew what had happened to them, and it was not until the Sunday after thanksgiving that Naomi and Amelia had found them trying to jump off the bridge. A long talk, with food and lots of tears, the entire group of do gooders did a mass initiation that night. I could not help but feel like a total piece of shit after fucking all four of them. But they were happy to be a part of something, and to them I was a lot better than the monsters.

  But right now, I noticed them filching a book from the adult box. It was not porn, but a book on the history of Lingerie. It has designs in it too, my grandmother ordered it before she passed away, as she wanted to help design ladies underwear. But I relented and gave it to them. It was not like it had anything to object to in it, just a lot of pictures of ladies in various undergarments, and the histories of each. Besides, it made the box lighter so there is that.

  The next few days had my entire staff pushing out the cleaning of the bookstore, as after the movies started there was not much to do, but take care of the random customer at the stands and fill orders. Once the place was cleaned out, Fiona came to speak to me.

  "John, I officially want to rent this space." She said handing me an envelope of cash.

  "Why?" I asked, I mean I would have let her use the space for awhile for free anyway.

  "I want to open a book and gaming store on the first floor, and a cosplay studio on the second." She said matter of factly.

  "I see. I assume you have all your ducks in a row." I asked impressed. Other than the fucking, I really did not keep tabs on her much, letting her do her own thing.

  "Thank you, John you wont be disappointed." She giggled and kissed my cheek.

Now over the next couple of days, the old book store started to shape up into a nerd heaven. Though it would not be until after the new year that it would officially open. She shared the information that she dug up and discovered that the old couple was being ripped off from the anime distributors or the delivery people kept forgetting to deliver. Fiona and I made the trip to the warehouse where the orders were being shipped from.

  After five minutes of walking through the maze of floor to ceiling crates, we found the flustered and overworked manager.

  "What do you want?" He curtly asked us.

  "I want to pick up a long overdue set of deliveries." I said handing him the thick stack of delivery receipts promising products going back years.

  "No, fuck you. Nothing moves until Mr. Dilleager says to move it." He said with a dose of snark.

  "Hey asshat, I guess you really are the epitome of low man on the totem pole. He's dead and gone." Fiona spoke up.

  "The fuck?, then who is paying me, and they are very late." he said shocked.

  "Most of his holdings were seized by the government. Sorry, but you might be out of a job." I spoke with a slight smile.

  "Then fuck this shit. Tired of it all. Drivers showing up when they feel like it. All the angry calls. Here fucker, everything going to that place is in warehouse two and three. The whole damned thing. You can pick through this crap too if you feel like it." He said tossing aside his clipboard and rushing off back through the maze to his office. He returned with the key ring and then proceeded to do donuts in the very empty parking lot before storming off into the early afternoon.

  After a few calls, and of course some deep investigation, the two really big warehouses did infact hold everything that the old couple paid for, right up to a week ago, since apparently no one got the "Hey this business is closed due to the owners dying" paperwork. And on top of that, they paid for shit long in advance. I called the FBI agent who grilled me about the shootout, and asked for help. He said that I could legally claim the property in the warehouse, but he had to supervise so nothing that did not belong to me was stolen, as it all was going to be seized and auctioned off.

  Twenty minutes of intense searching later, we found a grate with two commercial grade sewing machines in it. Of course I had to move it from the first warehouse to the other. I also looted two pallets of adult goods, and Fiona just cleaned out the warehouse of all shipments of fabrics. The FBI agent showed up right as we finished picking the first warehouse clean of anything we thought we wanted. Did we need it really? No. Want it badly? Yes. But what we took only managed to make a small clear path from the door to the office. And I doubt anyone would miss it.

   The FBI went over the paperwork as I called in every favor possible. Around nine o'clock the final truck was leaving, heading to the theater. I had all hands who was not serving customers start to fill the storerooms up with this stuff. And the final load lived up to its name as it would max out storage capacity. We were told to leave the property, and as we left we could see the agent look through some boxes as the warehouses were secured.

   The next morning was just balls to the wall activity. All the girls showed up, as it was a snow day, and getting to the theater was easier by the bus than having parents dropping them off. I was in my office making calls when Naomi and Elizabeth walked in, with long coats on.

  "John, what does this do to you?" Naomi said as she opened the coat and her and Elizabeth dropped the coats and was wearing leather straps that covered their nipples and a strap barely covering their cunts with a heart cut out just above the slit. They had devil tails and then put on some horns.

  "It tells me that my soul is in danger in the best way possible." I said as I moved to embrace them, but they dodged.

  "No no, these are prototypes. Fiona worked all night on them. We have her stuff moved to the second floor of the store." Elizabeth said.

  This was a side effect of the Snowathon. The girls were occupied with their jobs and getting ready to compete. It was like that all day. Various girls coming to my office in outfits that I would be thrown in jail for letting them wear. Of course they had the common sense to were a long coat, but I think people were getting ideas as girls came into my office in long coats. But the town knew I was all business at work, except for the sometimes sex. But I finally straightened out the delivery's and they all now will be coming here, and now the orders are under Fiona's stores name. Not to lose out on money already spent, she will stock what the old people ordered.


Thursday, the week before Christmas...

   The theater was a flurry of action. The team decided on Long coats as their uniform. It was a sight to behold, as they practiced moving and working in them. But something was off. Fiona had worked overtime leading up to tonight, and one by one the staff would disappear to the bookstore and return. It was all confirmed with their parents that the girls would crash either here or at their friends in the apartment building. So when the last movie ended, I started the girls on the clean up, while I went out back to check on the small bus I rented. It had their gear in it, and I also stocked some first aid kits, and my portable grill with fuel and bottles of water.

  I also had packed some good hot chocolate powder in case the girls needed a warm up. The snow tires were on, the chains the right tightness, and it was full of fuel. I returned to count the till when I heard them finalizing their plans for the snow talent event. I could not catch much, but from the way it sounded it would be pretty awesome. I locked up, and left the heater on, as the girls found the sleeping bags I keep for emergencies in case the theater was snowed in and people were trapped. I left them to their giggling planning and made my way to an empty apartment for the first time since I moved in and taken over.

  It was three a.m. and the smell of strong roasted coffee made its way to my nose. But another sensation made its way to my brain as my penis was encased in a warm wet vice. I looked down as Laurie was giving me a very sloppy blowjob under the guidance of Gretchen.

   "He likes it when you suck on it like a milkshake." Gretchen said as she was fingering her friend.

   Up and down went her head, as she was working the load out of my balls. Her efforts paid out as I came.

  "Don't let any of it spill out, swallow it down." Gretchen warned as Laurie struggled to swallow the entire load. Only a little leaked out, not even leaving her lips, and Gretchen licked her friends lips.

  "Nothing beats a fresh hot John load early in the morning." She said as she pushed her friend over and began to make out with her. She gave the usual signal that she wanted my dick, as she began to work her way down her friends body to her treasure chest below. The signal was the wiggling of her ass. Not one to pass up a nice ass to fuck, I worked my dick enough to get it hard enough to fuck her.

   She moaned into Laurie's pussy, as I began my slow pounding of her cunt. Laurie came all over her friends face, as Gretchen started to nibble on her clit. I felt another load well inside my balls. I decided to bury it deep inside her. I knew most of the group was on the pill, but the feeling of planting my seed was exciting. So I grabbed her hips and held her close to me as my balls tightened and seconds later, I blasted her insides. She moaned loudly and collapsed into her friends pussy. Laurie came from her clit being squished. Laurie decided she wanted a quickie, and she worked my cock back to life. Soon she was riding me like she was taught by the others. She must have been a good student because she was using her pussy muscles to squeeze me as she posted herself. I came a bit later, after she soaked me with her own orgasm.

  We showered and they vanished into the theater. I looked outside and the girls were loading a whole bed into the bus. It fit, but it also meant squishing the others in the seats. The bus was packed with my entire staff, plus Fiona, and the only officer who had the day off, Miranda. She too practiced and was wearing a matching long coat. We stopped at a diner for breakfast just as the sun was opening its eyes. The place was packed with women who had the same idea.

  Now understand, this was not a "Boys not allowed" event. But the ladies set up various sports events for the men, as this was a battle of feminine pride. But I was probably the only man here, and the only man who did not want to freeze his dick off fishing or getting pummeled in various contact sports. Its not that I do not like sports. I used to play them to an extent. But my shoulder is starting to stop smarting everytime I do more than shrug.

  I paid for my teams meal, and with content bellies, wet pussies and high energy, we left the diner. The sun was in the trees when we arrived and unpacked. I set up a warm tent on the boundary of where the events are taking place, and set up my little generator and heater. The team was given their number and place to set up for what they were preparing for. A lanky teen girl walked up to me with a number on her chest.

  "Mr. John, please watch me too." She said, obviously cold in her Cabaret Bunny girl costume. She held out a pouch and clipboard.

   "Whats this? I paid up already." I said taking the clipboard.

 "This is for the requested item rental. Your team wanted an open stage space with lights and speakers." she said fighting between being horny, cold and dislike for being made to walk out like this.

 "Okay, here." I signed the invoice and paid the three grand. I wrote a check because I dont walk around with that much. I made a note to myself that the entire team will repay me, and not with money, as it was basically my money returning to me. No, this will be sexy.

 She looked it over, and while everyone was not looking she slid the crotch over on her bunny suit, and ran her finger over her slit.

  "Hopefully I can catch you later, Mr. John." she smiled and winked at me. She ran off when her name was called. A little ways away, I heard her say "I did it, I did it. Now he's mine!" to a group of jealous girls. I doubt I would see her again. Girls like to do that, rarely understand that direct invitations like that do get acted upon. I knew who she was, as she was a regular from the high school who with her friends ate up all the romance movies I could play. But I know shes not ready for my dick either. She probably was urged by her friends to do that, as their limited understanding of how men work told them that flashing your cunt at them will make them fall in love with you. No, Dear, It just means you want to fuck. And there is a huge chasm between Fucking and Falling in love. One you are ill equipped to bridge. Not that her pussy was ugly, it was my favorite type, slightly puffy, but mostly just a slit, no hanging lips, and clean shaven. The only noticeable protrusion was her clit.

  My team returned an hour later to the warm tent. We all shared coffee and cocoa, as they warmed up. The event list was divided, ranging from kiddie shit like snow bunny hopping, to snow ball fight, then the next level of activity went from snow jousting and sleigh pulling, then to the extreme of downhill racing, trick boarding and Ice bump. The final event is the team talent show. This was the most important one, as it could make or break a team that had come so far. Cause the winner of the talent show had a big prize. A full week team spa trip to the very exclusive spa, the one that was sponsoring this competition. I finished unloading the sleeping bags, and all the food and snacks for the three days. Fires were already going as the teams set up their living areas, and I pulled out my trench shovel to dig a latrine, but was stopped as Miranda pointed up the hill a few yards a concrete building, that was a bathroom and had showers.

  I nodded, as I could tell why men were not really welcome here, as women and girls were running around half naked getting ready. Large outdoor heater lamps were set up along the path to the events and bathrooms, so it was a little warm, but still all headlights were on full. But I was not the only man out here. Stanley was out here with his seamstresses team. We waved, but soon pulled back into our work.

  "John, Zip me!" Amelia said as she hid all but the zipper on her costume. I still did not know what they were going to wear as a costume, but it required zipping. But the nape of her neck looked too tempting as I was already horny from all the half dressed or no dressed women acting natural in an almost all girl environment. Hell, a team of naked women waved at me and blew kisses. This town was fucking weird.

  But I stopped just short of the top of the zipper and a bent over and nibbled her neck.

 "John! Save it for later! Jeeze, what am I going to do with you?" She jumped and chided me. She also seen the women around openly flirting with me and said out loud, "Does that big cock of yours ever get any rest?" she said loud enough for everyone with a few yards to hear clearly. A sly grin appeared on her face as the ladies around started the gossip train. Most of them should know how big I am, since that ritual, most of the town rode it. But there were quite a few women who did not know. And now they had fantasy fuel.

  I finished zipping up her dress, and she vanished back into the tent. I heard giggles from all over as the news of my cock size, and how Amelia knew about it spread like wildfire. After that, I was asked to help out quite a bit, and was fondled enough to know that reinforced my belief that this town was fucking weird. My dick was squeezed more than a mustard bottle at a ball park. Now understand, I believe that if I was anywhere else and the tables were flipped, I would be in jail forever. In this town, this was not only accepted, but even I heard a group of mothers and their daughters urging their little girls to give it a good squeeze. I could not stop it, as I was just wearing baggy sweatpants, and was stretched out, holding up some railing for the stage lights. It was like a minor event of "Who's daughter was horny and brave enough to grab Mr. Johns cock while he cant protect himself." Lets just say there was alot of competition, but no clear winners.

   Debra, Charlie, and Hailey seen what was going on, and quickly put a stop to it, once my cock was set free by the bravest girl of the group. However it was too little too late, as all the stimulation was too much for my friend and he blasted the stage and ground, to the excitement of all witnessing. I could swear to god that I felt a tongue lick the tip clean of any dribble. I could not tell who, as my focus was on keeping the rail aligned as the woman above lined up the bolts. Soon the stage was set, and I flopped into my camp chair. In the cupholder was a steaming fresh hot cup of coffee, and in front of me was a steaming hot fresh cunny opening and closing as Aubrey and a couple of girls from the theater were doing nude yoga.

  They only smiled when they seen me watching them and I raised my cup to their honor. After a couple of more poses, that seemed to keep placing their asses and pussies in my view, they grabbed a towel and headed for the showers. I started to nod off as Miranda plopped down next to me.

  "You would think that decency laws would apply out here too." I said half serious, half joking.

  "It doesn't matter. You are the only straight male here. Women peacock worse than men sometimes. Only you would bitch about being in a sea of women who if you whipped it out right now, would probably die from over exertion." she laughed.

  "I know, its the garden of fucking eden. But still, I mean though, I am not seeing who I want to see naked."

  "Who do you, in this buffet of hot pussy, want to see naked?" she asked genuinely puzzled, and a little miffed.
  "You." I dropped the nuke.

  "Fat chance. I like you John, but that doesn't mean I have grown wool headed over you enough to show you my body again. Besides you seen me naked plenty of times. Nude swimming, Bathing, Peeing in the woods, many games of Doctor. Shit, I think you seen us naked more than our doctors and parents combined." She retorted.

  "I seen a little girl naked. I want to see a woman naked." I retorted her retort.

  "John, look to your left, there are naked ladies, to the right, and all over." She said.

  "Naw, its nice to look at, but I want to see how you developed." I spoke.

  "Fuck you John. Fuck you." She giggled.

  "Maybe if we win, I might give you a show. But no promises." She thought about it for a second.

  "What if I whip it out for you right now?" I asked a little assholish.

  "Not even if its as big as everyone says it is." she replied before leaving to get ready.

  "Your loss, cocktease." I joked.

   She held up her middle finger as she walked away laughing. But once she was out of his sight she stopped and blushed.


  The sun was now fully up, when the loud speakers set up all over rang to life. The first event was going to start, and I wished the team luck.

  The first event was a parade of sorts. Each team would walk the course, stop on an X and turn, wave, turn wave again and move on. But my team set itself apart from the rest. There was camera crews, most of the town and the other towns near by competing. My team was number eight on the roster and when they entered the start area, they did a cheerleading angled arms pose, and then right hand to left side and they ripped off their long coats.

   To say they were dazzling would not do it justice. They were in heels, and Movie star dresses, like they were accepting awards. I mean in the sun, their jewels glittered and glistened like the sequins on their dresses. They managed to walk half of the course, and did it again. This time the dresses vanished, and it was a collection of classic style and modern style lingerie. They completed the course triumphantly to the shock and awe of everyone, including me.

  The money earned from that event was tallied up. We hands down took first place. A far away second, was dressed like Alice in wonderland, but sexier. Those library girls tho.

  Only one team did not make it. The Farmers Daughters team was booted for fighting. So only thirty four teams remained. This only meant that we had a long hard fight for number one, not because of wanting to fuck Miranda again, which is what I wanted to do, but because these girls deserve the prizes for taking first in all events. The Parade prize was of course...The month passes for the Theater. I donated it to be helpful. I ended up giving it to the library girls, who thanked me with a handy and titfuck. Because Alice had a big plump rack, and she practically begged me to put my cock between those beautiful full pillows. I blasted her face a little while later, and left her to her friends attacks of licking her face clean.

   The next event was the fucking snow bunny hop. I hated it in school P.E. and hated it now. Ever tried to leap forward while up to your knees in snow? No, then you were one lucky bastard. Its hard, because you can only jump up. If you tried to jump forward your reward was a bloody nose. But this was different. It was a two girl team event, and apparently Amelia and Tanya was going to do this. The objective was to leap or hop as best as you can, getting to the finish line, if you fall on your face, you were stopped for three seconds. The finish line was fifty yards away, and where I was sitting I could see the backs of all the teams. But my focus was on my team as Amelia and Tanya squatted to prepare to jump, the crotches of their underwear would open and I got a nice show. They knew I was watching and looked back and smiled and winked. God damn it. I watched them reach down to undo something and when the gun fired they were off like a flash. The girls were already a couple leaps ahead, as the other teams struggled to keep up.

    Amelia put her hand on Tanya's left shoulder and then they leapt over their first hurdle. A small ditch was dug to trip up the teams, and my team missed it like it was not even there. To add salt to the other teams wounds, Amelia and Tanya started a game of leap frog. Of course the camera I was told to use to film the events was getting a full show as the crotches opened and closed in each leap. I think I might have to delete the camera itself from existing.

   They were close to the finish line, when a team decided to fox leap through the snow, caught up to them and bowled them over. A foul was called, but not before the four girls were mid untangling, as the other team, the Amazons team lost their leather tops. Everyone got a good show. But my team was just too quick on the draw, and leapt forward to cross the line first, a second ahead of the other teams who found their speed. It was close, but we won. The prize was gift cards to the toy store. As most of the girls in this event were still old enough for toys. But no one under thirteen, as the town actually had rules about that. The little girls were playing games in the snow nearby, as the day care team watched them.

  The day was half done, and we were up from fourth place to 2nd. We were on a hot winning streak as my team had shown no mercy, though a tough loss in the hot cocoa run had set us back, it did not stop their spirit. We decided to eat the meals the event supplied. The cool air, warmed by the sun felt kind of weird. The girls and women who were half dressed were sunning themselves, while eating, and there was a few naked women who wanted nothing to do with tan lines. Nudity in the games was strictly prohibited, but body paint, and occasional crotch flashes were okay. I however was not getting to eat my noodle lunch, as I was balls deep in Charlie. She made it clear she wanted to fuck, while she was in the snow ball fight event. She hid close to where I was watching and started to pull a piece of ribbon through her pussy lips while pegging people with snow balls. 

   I had her pressed against the shower wall, and up off the floor as I was pounding her until she lost control and sobbed with pleasure. I flipped her around and she has a face of a girl who was way too well fucked, and I kissed her as the hot water sprayed down on us. Of course we had an audience, as there was no stall door and everyone who walked in was treated to a show. Some women pinched her nipple, while one woman got under us and sucked on my balls and licked my shaft and Charlies clit while she was facing the wall.

  That woman stuck around, until I came, and caught my load with her mouth before it started to drip. The lady who pinched the nipple sucked my cock into her mouth and cleaned it off for me, getting another load for her efforts.

   The last event of the day was a scavenger hunt. This would take the most time, as the teams had to scramble around the area to find everything. However My team split up, and worked together to make a dent in the list. I was watching the big screen as the teams struggled to find their list. The camera's lingered a little too long on some members of opposite teams, fucking in the bushes. Well it was mostly the Black Widows team who worked in the hospital, ambushing the girls and women of the weaker teams. Once the traps were sprung, most of the lowest ranking teams were decimated, in the bushes with panties around their ankles and being eaten out. The strongest teams were already avoiding the lesbian traps. Our team was smarter. When one would spring a trap on a member, four of ours would take her out quickly and with precision. So the Black Widows were dropped down in the rankings.

    We only won by a hairs breath. The team that was first brought in the wrong colored item. So we had taken the lead on the first day.


   That night, everyone was concerned that I was cold in my single person tent, so they dragged me into the large tent with them. No one slept until much later. Not us, nor the other women who were clearly and loudly enjoying themselves with each other, nor the girls being introduced to woman/girl love. And occasionally a girl would find herself impaled on my cock, at the behest of a mother or my team. It was three a.m. when the entirety of the camp was finally asleep. I left the tent, and went to sit at a picnic table, with some of the event workers who were taking turns through the night sleeping and keeping us safe. I lit a smoke and we talked for an hour about nothing at all.

   "So, how does it feel to be drowning in pussy?" She asked she blew smoke.

   "Depends, am I blessed or cursed?" I replied.

   "Good answer. I would have hit you if you gave a typical man answer." She smiled.

   "I don't need to be hit." I said as I drew on my own cigarette.

   "Naw, I couldn't the hero now, could I?" she said with a big shit eating grin.

   "I am definitely not a hero." I said looking into the early morning sky.
   "I disagree with you entirely. You did save my little sister, and daughter." She said as she leaned in with a quickness of a thief stealing and kissed me.

   She grabbed her rifle that was propped beside her and joined the patrol, leaving me alone in a light snow fall. I sat for a little while but in the grey of the early morning, I went back to my tent and slept until the breakfast call.


  The lines were long to the showers, and more sexy playtimes were had, as women and girls doubled up in the stalls to get clean. I went looking for Fiona, but had to pee bad. So when I found the men's side quieter than the ladies, I let out my stream of great justice. I heard a noise and looked over the little stall wall between the toilets, as the urinals were out of order. What I seen was Fiona sitting on the toilet, and a couple of girls tonguing her holes. I slowly stroked myself as she looked at me and gave me a wicked grin. I walked around the stall wall, and seen the naked girls fingering themselves as they licked her asshole and pussy. Fiona was already in the throws of another orgasm and not to disturb the scene I stepped over the girls and fed Fiona my cock. She obediently sucked on it. Soon, we all came hard and she gulped my load down, leaving some in her mouth as she pulled them up to share. They both welcomed the treat and they cuddled as I left.


   New Lingerie, and now it was time for the remaining eighteen teams to shine on the second day. The Movie Star team went leathers and whips in their team costume today, and it did have an effect on the other teams.

  The end result of today was we were holding hard on to number one, despite a loss in the snow tubing event. That event was really poorly planned, and no one really won it, it was more of a mass draw. The objective was to get your team into the goal area on snow inner tubes. But the objectives were muddied and it became a game of knocking each other off the course. No one won, but everyone lost because of unsportswoman like conduct.

  That night a wonderful dinner was held, for the losers, to reward them for trying. Though the minor prizes for them were nothing to write home about, they still deserved a shout out. The camping area was alot quieter tonight as the losing teams left already. Still, it was another night of sex, and then a cigarette, then bed before dawn.


   The last day. The events now were restricted to team members 18+ due to the danger. Our team shone brightly, in the downhill, the trick snow boarding and snow war.
Snow war was an adult version of a snow ball fight, but touch is allowed. It too devolved into a fuckfest that could not be televised.

  The final event was set to start soon. The team was nervously practicing their routine, which meant that I was chased away. So I grabbed my chair, and moved it to the sponsor viewing spot, and poured a cup of hot coffee. The temperature dropped some more, and the heaters could only do so much. I started to doze off, as it was almost an hour before the show began.


  Familiar music woke me up. The song had been played all over the theater, in my apartment for the past couple of weeks. The team was on stage dancing and taking turns singing. The song was called "Do me." And some of the team came down to the audience and pulled me on stage, to the chair, as they sang and ground their hips on my lap. They did all but outright fuck me on the stage to the music.

  The sun started to set, as the winners were announced. We took first place, but it was a very slight lead, over the second place team, who was doing gymnastics. I think the raw sexuality of the song, and their dancing was what won the crowd and judges over. After we had packed up our things, a woman delivered the prizes and thanked me for my contributions. To be honest I was on auto pilot on the way home. Everyone was asleep as we pulled into the back of the theater. I called parents, and soon everyone was home to rest.

 I think this was a good weekend, and I learned a whole lot about women.


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