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The Dare (mmmm,bi,oral,1st)

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on: November 06, 2020, 01:36:30 AM
This is a work of fiction. The author does not condone any sexual activity among persons under 18 in real life.
This story is fiction but written in first person with hopes of bringing the reader along on the journey.
The Dare

  School was out and summer was here, Frank and I were teenagers. We  became neighbors 3 years ago and best friends. Like all guys our age, we looked forward to spending days at the park playing sports, swimming at the local beach and hopefully meeting girls, neither one of us had a girlfriend yet.
   Like most guys our age, jerking off or finding reasons too was a big part of our lives. We would talk about the hot girls in school, which would then lead us into a game of dares and eventually jerking off. It was agreed that once you call for a sex dare you had t complete it. Most of the time we would dare the other to jerk off till he came. It had gone as far as jerk each other off recently.
   It was the second day of summer vacation, and we headed over to the beach. Nearing the end of last summer we learned the first booth in the change room had a hole in the dividing wall between the girls and guys change room. Occasionally we got lucky and someone would use the stall when we were in there, mostly we caught mothers changing. Even then it was tits, pussy and ass that we were grateful to view. On the rare occasion we would catch a girl from school, that would become wanking material for days. We got to the beach as they opened the change rooms and headed straight for the first stall. Once the stall door was closed I headed straight to the hole hoping to catch a glimpse, but no one was using that stall. We both stripped down naked and sat down, hoping a female would enter the other side. We sat there excited with anticipation, both of us sprouting hard cocks as a testament to how horny we were. Frank's 5" uncircumcised cock stood proudly out from his patch of dark pubic hair, my 5.5 " circumcised cock stood as hard and proud as his did. After waiting a few minutes and no one entering the other side we figured it was best to dress and swim, not wanting to arose suspicion.
 We spent the morning in and out of the water, lying on the sand staring at asses thinly cover by bathing suits. We were treated to a couple of nipple slips and wisps of pubic hair sticking out the side of suits. It was now noon, and we figured we would head back home, most likely a quick jerk and then off to the park for a game of pickup baseball. We got to the change room and stall one was empty, once in it we began to strip out of our bathing suits and heard a noise through the wall. I got to the hole first and was treated to the sight of 2 girls taking off their bathing suits. Both looked to be 16 or 17 with nice tits and full bushes. I waved Frank over so he could have a look. We both now were fully erect even though the show was quite quick. We got dressed and left, on the way home we discussed their tits and bushes. One had a brown curly bush while the other had a dark bush with straight pubes. We both walked the whole way home never losing our hardons.
   We walked in the door of my empty house and head straight to the basement which was a make shift hang out room with a tv and an old couch set. Once in the room, I drop my pants and underwear sitting down naked and hard. Within seconds I exclaimed sex dare, Frank smiled and said ok. He also stripped naked from the waist down. Our hard cocks bobbed in the air, knowing relief was soon coming. I half expected him to dare me to jerk him off, which in my horny state I didn't mind. Subconsciously I had enjoyed doing it before. The was something sensual about having the soft skin of his cock in my hand, it almost felt silky. Seeing his cum spurt in the air when he orgasmed was also a huge turn on. He walked over and stood in front of me, his cock pointing directly at me. " I dare you to make me cum with your mouth" he said, standing there with a large smile. It caught me completely off guard, I actually had to repeat it in my head a few times to process what I had heard. I looked up at him, he had a huge smile on his face, and said well I' m ready.
Half stunned I moved forward and knelt on the floor, he wasted no time in moving forward, his hand directing his hard cock to my lips. Instinctively, I parted my lips, and he pushed his cock forward into my mouth. His hand lightly grasping the back of my head he pushed his cock slowly into my mouth, still half stunned I closed my lips tightly around it, he groaned and started to very slowly push his cock deeper into my mouth, Once he had 3/4 of it in he slowly pulled back leaving an inch or so in and pushed forward again, strangely the soft skin of his hard cock rubbing across my tongue was sensual and exciting. With every pump he made, he groaned. This excited me, I reached down and began to jerk my  cock as his cock slowly went in and out of my mouth. My other hand reached up and grabbed his ass, pulling him deeper into my mouth as my head moved forward till my lips came into contact with his pubic hair, I held it there for a few seconds then withdrew till only the tip remained. As I started my descent i only had about half his cock in my mouth when his knees began to shake, and he groaned. His cock exploded in my mouth quickly filling it with his hot cum, I instinctively swallowed only to be filled again with 2 more spurts. I swallowed again while his cock continued to spurt  filling my mouth once more. Swallowing the third mouth full his cock continued to slowly leak more cum into my mouth. I swallowed the last 1/2 mouth full and held him in my mouth making sure he deposited every last drop of his cum in there. While gently sucking on his cock my own cock exploded spurting cum across the floor till a puddle of cum laid on the floor in front of me. Sure, he had nothing left I slid my mouth once more down to the base before removing him completely from my mouth. He immediately sat down panting, looking at me he said in a weak tone "that was the fucking greatest feeling ever." I remained on the floor sitting back on my feet trying to understand what had just happened. After a few minutes I rose and sat back on the couch coming to terms with the fact that I liked sucking his cock. He sat slumped into the couch repeating that was the greatest, I saw a blissful look on his face, and then looked down at his cock which appeared to have just stayed hard.
 We sat there for around 10 minutes, his panting slowly subsiding to a normal breathing pattern while he still wore a smile on his face. I announced "your turn, dare or sex dare?" He smiled, thinking I would be disappointed when he announced "dare", I looked at him as he grinned from ear to ear. Smiling, I replied," I dare you to cum in my mouth." He said fuck ya, lift his leg to the back of the couch and pushed his hips forward sliding on the couch seat. Once again on my knees, I leaned forward, bringing my face in line with his cock, I studied it with my eyes, noticing the outline of his cock head hidden beneath his foreskin. Even though I had seen his cock many times before I hadn't noticed the features I was now seeing. I took the first inch of cock in my mouth and moved my tongue around it, noticing the silkiness of his foreskin as my tongue dragged around it. I played with that first inch for a moment or two, then I proceeded to descend down the shaft till I held him full in my mouth. Holding him in my mouth with my upper lip against his pubes I increased by suction as I pressed my tongue on the underside of his shaft. I savored the feeling of his cock in my mouth for a brief moment and how much pleasure it was bringing me. I started my head bob slowly tightening my lips around his shaft as I began to increase the speed my mouth traveled up and down his cock. One hand went down to my cock and began stroking my hard shaft while my other hand gently cupped his balls, my fingers probing his sack. After what felt like around 5 minutes of bobbing up and down on his cock I felt his thighs begin to tremble and my own cock began to spurt another load of cum on the floor. Knowing he was near I worked on the first 2 inches  of his cock, and with a moan his cock once again exploded. Three spurts and my mouth were bursting at the seems, I swallowed accepting another three spurts that didn't quite fill my mouth like the first three did. I swallowed again and accepted the next couple of spurts that leaked a small amount of cum into my mouth, once sure I had it all i swallowed again. I released him from my mouth and noticed that the foreskin had been pulled back from his cock head, taking his cock in my hand i lowered my tongue and began to lick the head picking up any remnants of cum left behind. Raising my head up and looking at him he smiled and said "this is going to be the best fucking summer ever." It was then I released that I had become what I was hoping to someday date, a cum slut. We dressed and headed to the park had our pick up game returning home in time for dinner. The rest of the night went normal with other friends or folks around.

   The next morning started earlier than usual, Frank was over as my parents were backing out of the drive way.  He walked into my room and said " morning bud". I replied "morning". Seeing that I was awake he wasted no time, pulling off his sweat pants. I noticed he hadn't even bothered with underwear today, crawling up my bed he straddles my chest. I looked up at his smiling face and then down at his hard cock just inches from my face. I lifted my head and propped another pillow under it, his cock was now an inch from my lips. Opening my mouth, he pushed forward, his cock entering my mouth. Ever so slowly he slid it along my tongue till I held it full in my mouth, he paused for a moment while my tongue played with the underside of his shaft. He withdrew till just barely the tip was left in,then slowly pushing it back in. He continued to  slowly mouth fuck me, stopping occasionally with his cock in my mouth enjoying the warmth of it. At some point I had moved my hands onto his ass and was know guiding his rhythm as his cock moved in and out of my mouth. I could feel the telltale tremble in his body, any moment now he cock would start spurting. A few strokes later he stopped with half of his cock in my mouth, then it happened. His cock began to spew forth a spurt of cum, I swallowed as each rope of cum landed on the back of my tongue. Five or six spurts and the fluid subsided but I could feel his cock still jumped in my mouth. Holding his cock in my mouth for another 30 seconds he withdrew it, pushing back his foreskin till the head was fully exposed he pushed the first quarter if his cock back in. My tongue licked clean any cum that might have been left behind. He Withdrew and climbed off of me, He looked at me and said " I hope fucking pussy will feel this great." I smiled, looked at him and replied "if I knew having a cock in my mouth was going to feel so great, I would have started sucking you off a long time ago." We both laughed. I pulled back the blanket and announced I was going to take a shower, he said " hold on a minute." With that he reached over and grabbed my hard cock, began to stroke up and down on it, it took only a moment or two before I started to spew rope after rope of cum on my belly. His hand held my cock till no more cum shot forth, he looked at me and said "it was the least I could do after how great you've made me feel."

We ended up taking a shower together, rubbing each others body down with soap, after we rinsed I shut the water. Seeing his hard cock standing out in front of him, I dropped to my knees and took it in my mouth. After a few strokes up and down with my lips on his shaft, he tapped my shoulder and said "let's save it for later". I sucked on it for a few seconds, like it was an ice lolly and then let it out of my mouth. With that, we dressed and headed to the beach, It was a busy day at the beach and we quickly changed as our stall was occupied and headed into the water. After a short swim and some goofing in the water, we laid out on our towels and enjoyed the sight of girls walking across the beach. After an hour or so we headed back into the water, we swam a while. We were in water up to our shoulder when he jumped on my back, and we wrestled a little. It was then that I noticed he had pulled his cock out of his suit and was poking me with it, I laughed as I grabbed it and said " I guess it's time to head home." We gave ourselves a few minutes for our hardons to calm down and headed for the change room. Once arriving there we found the first stall open and quickly entered it. Hearing a noise coming from the other side, I quickly peeped into the hole catching a mother taking off her suit. While looking I dropped my bathing suit and stroked my cock. I pulled my head away and sat down on the bench motioning Frank to have a look. As he bent over me his cock was within an inch if my face, I leaned forward and took him in my mouth and sucked him while I continues to stroke my cock. As he peeped through the hole, I sucked his cock till he could no longer hold back and released another load of cum in my mouth. Once sure I had it all I let him fall from my mouth and focused on getting myself off. I didn't take a minute and I could feel myself about to cum, I covered the tip of my cock with my other hand and caught my cum as it spurted out of my cock. Once all my cum had exited I reached for my towel when Frank said " just eat it." I bent my head down and brought my hand to my mouth, I scooped the globs of cum out of my hand with my tongue then sucked my fingers clean. Looking up at Frank he smiled and dressed. We left and walked home, as we walked he told me Tracy a neighbor of ours had entered the stall and undressed. She was 18 and he described her shaved pussy and how he could see her vag lips when she used the towel to wipe herself. I watched his cock get hard as he spoke. Once back home, we entered his house and after closing the door he dropped his pants to his ankles and leaned back against the door and started to stroke his hard cock. I walked back to him dropped to my knees and took him in my mouth, as I sucked his cock he went back over the details of Tracy's tits and shaved pussy. It didn't take too long before Frank's legs started to quiver and his cum spurted in my mouth. After about 3 small spurts his cock continued to jerk but very little cum dripped out, After making sure I had cleaned all the cum off of his cock I told him his cock needed a rest as he was running out of cum, we both laughed. The rest if the day we watched TV and hung with friends.
   The next morning started off as the day before with Frank coming over seconds after the house was empty. Coming upto my room, removing his sweats and mouth fucking me til he came. It wasn't beach weather so we headed to the rec center  and played some basketball. After a couple of hours we headed into the showers, it was a large communal shower. I found myself checking out cocks for the first time ever. We all had showered there many times and I had never taken notice before. This time was different, making sure I didn't stare i took a mental inventory of who had what. There was 8 of us in  the shower, all around the same age. Size was easy to tell, all of would get a semi if not harder when soaping our groin area. Paul was the largest of us, I could only guess, but with a semi he was larger than me. I'm guessing he would be around seven plus inches hard. Ralph was the smallest of us, although 6 months older than most of us.  We called him stump as he always had an erection, but it was  only three inches or slightly more. The rest of us were basically average size. After dressing we headed back to my house, Joe tagged along. Joe was our third wheel, a good friend, but not as close as Frank and I were. We spent the rest of the day playing video games in my basement till Joe left. After dinner Frank and I headed over to the mall. All the guys met up but nobody had an idea had any ideas of anything to do, so we ended up in the local theater at the end of the mall. The movie playing was old, and not very popular, walking into the theater there couldn't have been more than another 10 people in there. We all split up and picked seats all over the theater, I followed Frank. We ended sitting in the far back corner of the theater, once the movie started everything went quiet. It was about half way through the movie when Frank fidgeted a little, looking down in his lap he had freed his cock. Frank hadn't worn underwear since the first blow job, with his zipper down, he sat there slowly stroking his cock.  This went on for about 10 minutes, when he said to me I'm going to cum soon. I looked around and seeing all heads forward I dove in taking all of him in my mouth. I pulled about half of his cock out of my mouth when he started to spurt, I swallowed each rope of cum that ejected out of his cock. Sitting back up, I looked again and saw we hadn't been noticed. Meanwhile, Frank tucked his cock back into his pants and gently zipped up. After the movie we headed home, it was Frank, Joe and myself. Joe only lived a block from us, along the way he turned to me and asked if we had found any change in blow job corner. I looked at him and he laughed, saying that was the corner where most guys would get hand jobs or blowjobs from their girlfriends, he said the guys would usually change or bills from their pants being shimmied down. I replied I guess the cleaner had already got it all.
   The next morning was Saturday, Frank eventually came over but not to my room as he had the last couple of days. People being home afforded no privacy. Joe came over and we headed next door to Frank's to clean out the spare garage which was now to be our new hang out place. Sunday was spent setting up our new clubhouse with the help of Joe who donated his playstation. Everything now set up, we headed home for dinner. After dinner, I headed back to the clubhouse, once I arrived, I saw Frank coming out his back door. Now dressed in sweat pants his cock pointed the way, seems he was happy to see me. I laughed staring at his cock pointing straight ahead of him as he walked over, obviously he wore nothing under them. Once in the room I headed for the old sofa as Frank closed the door, I turned back to look at Frank and he already had his pants around his ankles. His cock stood hard pointing in front of him. Knowing what was about to happen i chose to kneel rather than sit, I waited for Frank to approach. He shuffled towards me stroking his cock, once in front of me he put his hands on the back of my head with a sense of urgency. His foreskin was already pulled back, i could feel the soft skin on his cock head as it pushed past my lips. Once the entire head was in my mouth, I stopped to let my tongue explore the head and crown. I moved my mouth down his shaft till he was fully in my mouth, knowing his urgency I began to bob my head back and forth on his shaft quickly. Back and forth my lips dragged along the shaft of his cock, my tongue pressing along the underside increasing the friction. I had been at it for 3 or 4 minutes when his body began to quiver, I began  bobbing even faster on his cock, tightening my lips around it. It took another minute and his cock erupted, rope after rope of cum filled my mouth. As quick as his cock spurted I swallowed, his eruption finally subside as i held him in my mouth allowing the final juices to leak out, Once I was sure he had no more i pulled back, leaving just the head in my mouth, using my tongue I clean his cock head before letting him fall from my mouth. Pants still around his ankles Frank sat on the couch satisfied.
   A voice came from the door, "2 more cocks need to be sucked." Looking in the direction of the door, Joe and Stumpy stood there smiling. Stumpy walked up in front of me and pushed down his pants and underwear, presenting me with his hard 3" cock. I moved my tongue to it, licking the precum that was dripping from it. Opening my mouth i took him in, his cock being thicker then Frank's it filled my mouth. I attempted to start bobbing my head back and forth, but found it difficult to keep my mouth on it. Instead, I settled to hold it in my mouth using my tongue to press it up against the roof of my mouth and twist my head right and left. After roughly 2 minutes of this my mouth started to fill with his cum. I began swallowing his juice as it continued to fill my mouth, it was much thinner than Frank's cum. It was reminiscent reminiscent of a salty light syrup. I held his cock in my mouth until I was sure he had finished shooting his load of cum, as I released his cock from my mouth I noticed a drop still on the tip. I took the head of his cock back in my mouth, using my tongue I licked the remaining semen into my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and stepped back, Joe wasted no time in stepping forward. Joe was presenting me his 6" cock, his cock head was large with a slim shaft that had a large upward bend to it. Opening my mouth I pushed my lips over his large lips letting them seal around his slim shaft, the bend forced the head of his cock to rub against the roof of my mouth as I slid my mouth down his shaft. I had about 3/4 of his cock in my mouth when I felt going any deeper would cause me to gag, I slowly began to drag my lips back to the head of his cock. Once my lips came into contact with the large ridge of his crown I pushed forward again taking as much of him as I was comfortable with. My lips dragging up and down the shaft of his cock, I felt his hand on the back of my head urging more speed in my movement. I sucked his cock up and down for another 3 minutes when he announced he was coming to cum, he pulled back just leaving the head of his cock in my mouth. Then he exploded, jetting ropes of cum into my mouth. They would hit the roof of my mouth landing on my tongue before I swallowed, his cum was much thicker than Stumpy's. Once he was done shooting I pulled his cock from my mouth and spent a minute licking around the head of his cock, making sure I had got every drop that. It was decided that this needed to stay just between us, and over the next 2 years I was fed a steady diet of cock. As time passed, we each got girlfriends, time and privacy became scarce.

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Nice story of boys taking care of each other.   Enjoyed it!

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Good story. Dang...I wasted so much of my time in the 1960 chasing girls.  :facepalm:

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