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A Dusty Old Book: The Sexorcism Before Christmas (Mf, Con, NC, Vio,)

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Author does not condone any sexual activity between adults and minors. There is no debate or evidence to prove otherwise that having sex with minors causes pain and suffering. Dont do it.

Author's Note:

  I have taken some liberties with this one, but the most important notes right now will just summarize what is happening in the main story:

A.) The Casino project was permanently halted. Instead there are other projects that this group has in the works.

B.) As stated before, I will not touch too deep into religion. I have my own, and do not want to appear to "push" my views on anyone, though there will be representations of the Judea-Christian faith. Please do not flame me if this offends anyone.

C.) I know that this is no longer the Halloween season, but It did not feel right to post this along with the other side story.




                      A Dusty Old Book: The Sexorcism Before Christmas


     Terri Folgire was pissed off. First off her mother made her wear that shit ugly full bunny pj set to the Snowathon. Second, her sisters and aunts had blockied her chances with Mr. John. Since he rescued her, every movie theater visit was torture for the budding fifteen year old. She just wanted to rip his clothes off and fuck him silly in the lobby. But nooo..., her mother only let her get fucked once by him at the Halloween ritual. Fucking slut. She at most got like three minutes of that delicious cock buried in her aching cunt.

   Now, under punishment for being caught masturbating in the girls bathroom during P.E., her and a small group of girls were cleaning up an empty lot near the school. Trash almost hip deep was piled up and hidden from view by a pretty white fence. It was not by accident that this place became a dumping ground. No, the school and town encouraged it so that there would be a decent level of punishment for any broken rules.

  The five girls cleaning up this place were not bad girls in the rebel sense, no, just like this twisted fun town, they were a little misguided. So when the noon day sun had been hidden by the dark clouds, the monitoring teacher unlocked the dumpster. She returned to her tablet and blanket and resumed her soaps. Cursing under her breath that she had to spend her day watching the girls, and not being on the road with the majority of the town to the last away game before the championships in football.

   The girls worked hard, bagging up the garbage and tossing it in the pile of bags when a low glow came from under the pile of discarded crap from an old antique store that miraculously remains open. They have everything or anything, anyone could want. But under the piles of broken crap was an ornately carved chest, wrapped with paper with weird symbols on it. There was a rusty chain and lock over it to keep it closed. The girls, being friends decided to take it for themselves. At two p.m. all hell would break loose.

----------In a hot place.-----

   "What is it now, Sheila?" The well dressed man behind the desk was filing papers and overseeing the torture of some old souls. The women's souls in his office were writhing in pain and pleasure after a couple of centuries of taking this abuse.

  "Still think you all are my brides? Do you think you can grasp the scope of my power, and handle it for yourselves?" He shouted as yet again the women were on wood horses that were splitting their ephemeral forms sadistically. He knew they would not "die" from it, just lose the energy to maintain a shape. Once they were broken though, they would cease to be in any form but dust and ash. This was the ultimate end for all who dwell here. That is, until the end, when all would be judged again.

  "Sir, we have word from the S.A.D.A.S.U. (Spiritual Angelic Demonic Artifact Storage Unit) that the box we long thought hidden from the realms was just discovered on Earth." The receptionist spoke while filing her sharp talons.

  "What does upstairs have to say about it?" He asked impatiently.

  "They have dispatched a notice to the Spirit Realm, and are sending Her to meet you at the border to help stop this event. I have a driver downstairs waiting for you now." She said as shrunk down, as her boss stepped into the lobby, his pressure forcing her into her cushioned seat. She could not even move her body under the intensity of his presence.

  "Good. Finish those girls appointments for me, and see to it that the demon laborer strike is settled tonight. They cannot be allowed to demand more than their fair share." He spoke putting his hat on.

 The Man left the dark stone skyscraper. The fiery red sky promised a snow of ashes. Fucking winter. He watched from his sedan as the devils in suits bustled about their lives, and how all of them are now kissing rock as he passed by. Why the fuck does this stupid shit have to involve humans? Always seeking, never returning, begging for power in their powerless lives. It was utterly disgusting that he had to play nice with The Powers That Be. Not that he cared much, as there was a bit of sadistic satisfaction in his work, and that at least was what put a smile on his face.

----At The Border, in the Office of Spiritual Immigration and Judgement.----

  "Who the fuck was it that decided it would be a good idea to leave that box on Earth in the material realm?" The fallen angel Azazeal spoke with all the authority of a paper pushing bureaucratic asshole.

  "You know damned well that He did not want the box destroyed." A golden shining woman in a business suit spoke with some actual authority.

  The bickering continued as The Man walked in and slammed his hands down on the table covered in maps and papers.

  "Shut the fuck up." He spoke out loud, but no yelling. His Demonic driver taking his coat.

 "Listen, there was no where else in the realms to store it safely. Eden would have destroyed it. Heaven cant contain it, and Hell damned sure doesn't want it. That means Earth was the safest option. But the main issue is, what will we do if it is opened. It could very well mean the complete obliteration of all human life in the universe." The Man spoke as he started to read the reports from everyone in all of Earth's various Pantheons.

  "Well...." She spoke out, before another man walked into the room and interrupted her, his brilliance was brighter than hers, she was a match flame to full on florescence lighting.

 "The true issue, brother, is that how can we stop this before it gets to the point of an unscheduled Apocalypse?" Gabriel spoke as his sword hung nicely at his waist.

 A spirit who was quietly watching decided to finally chime in.

 "There is maybe one on earth who can contain it all, but could very well cease to exist in the process." The woman spoke, as if she had just woken up from a long nap.

 The group flipped through papers quickly reading everything going on, on Earth as they were looking for this person, the spirit grabbed the smartboard remote.

"I will save you the trouble." she spoke as she pulled up the image of a man.

  All of the people assembled in the room could already tell who he was.

 "Now who let that bit of forbidden knowledge go?" all but The Man spoke, as they all stared at him.

 "I did not even offer that level of knowledge to anyone in over a millennia. In fact it was not anyone I am affiliated with who leaked it. I do know for a fact that His people had it around for the longest time." The Man, being bluntly honest, for one of the first times in his existence. This had taken everyone aback for a second.

  "Wasn't he the only one to actually survive the forbidden act? And was he not Damned for it?" She asked, looking over the List, but not finding his name.

  "No. He is damned, but not by his own hand. So the most he would get is a few decades in Purgatory, and then shuffled to the Fluffy lands." The Man said with a laugh.

 "But he is still damned, though, right?" She asked again to confirm it.

 "I doubt it. He was a child when it happened, and he did not consent, so technically the most I can do to him is torment him for a little while, prod him into damning himself if we want to get him on a technicality. But unfortunately, I don't want him at all. This actually creeps me, Me, out. Moving souls around without divine providence sets a dangerous precedent. If humans pursued this further, then they can make pale imitations of immortality, and that people is a far worse crime than selling me their soul or even the great Blasphemies. The ultimate truth of life is that it will end, and there should be nothing to stop that." He said as he sat back in his chair, and looked up at his driver.

 "Coffee, black, three sugars." he ordered as the demon in an ill fitting suit walked out of the room to the break room.

 "Brother, you are starting to scare me. Why are you being so cautious and rational right now." Gabriel asked his estranged brother.

 "Because if they get loose, we all lose." He spoke simply.

----later on the Highway.-----

  They finally agreed to a plan of action of sorts. In the car, the Spirit and Angel, was in front of him chatting about the plans. He knew his part, though he hated it, he knew it was what was the mostly likely thing to do to stop this. Normally he could not care what happened on Earth as his business was always booming and there was never a shortage of souls. But right now it was no time to quibble about the details.

  The betweenlands faded as the pure light of the sun was breaking through the border barrier. On an empty highway late at night a car came into reality, and as the tires made contact with the pavement, they started a fire trail into the cold night. The first stop was to the church closest to the incident. Of course he could walk right in, because well, he liked to listen to stories of times that were much better than now. He sat closest to the door in a pew for disabled people while the late service was letting out. No one acknowledged him, mostly because they could not see him right now, and the other was that anyone who could sense him would be frightened out of their minds. So he just hid himself to let the people pass. The pastor, once everyone was gone, acknowledged the three beings in the room.

  "I have gotten word that this will be your base until the matter is handled. I expect you not to do anything more or unneeded to anyone in town, Lucifer." The pastor spoke up.

  "First off, its been so long since I have done anything worth warning me not to do, that its actually insulting that you even said it. I let you people do as you please, knowing its you who come to me. Second, you have no more authority over me than any other human, the only protections you have right now, is that you are under Divine Sanctum, and I cannot harm you in any way. But mind how you speak to me, because your shield is paper thin, and relies on you not sinning. One sin and poof, its gone. Trust me, there is no end to the number of "preachers, priests and pastors" in hell. Remember that." He said chiding the pastor, before leaving. Church talk bored the hell out of him, and he already knew what he had to do.

----That afternoon before they came over.----

The box was not heavy, but hard to hide. The girls had finished their punishment to the letter. They walked home, trying to hide the box as they ran into Lisa Granging's garage. Her father was not home, as usual, neither was her mother. They either worked, or were at the hotel they worked at fucking. They only came home to make sure she was alive and had food. So it was not unnatural for her to basically run the house. Her siblings were gone. They were either in college or their career. So she slipped out of her cold weather clothes and put on a tee shirt and pj bottoms.

  They spent an hour trying to get the chain off. It was loosely hanging on the box, but oddly tight enough to keep it from slipping right off and the lock was resisting all their lock picking techniques.

 "Ouch!" Wendy shouted as a piece of metal on the box pricked her finger. She dropped the box on the table, and watched her blood drop fall on the chain. The chain fell apart. The paper unwrapped itself and for the five girls in the garage, the world went dark.

---At the Pub---

  The wave of pressure over the town changed. Not many people around, most of the town is at the away game. But one person around who felt it, now knows what true terror is. It felt off. Like expecting something to happen, but nothing is around.

  John was talking to a couple regulars in the pub. The football game was being broadcasted on the local station and these guys were just coming off of shift. It was a slow night, and the Snowathon trophy was shiny in the light on the shelf. It was amazing he even survived this past weekend. But since his workforce was down by sixty percent, he was only running two movies. It was nice in a sense. He did not have a group of goofy girls bleeding his balls dry right now, and it was a slow pace so not incredibly busy.

   It was not as if he hated the girls attentions, but he felt he was losing control over his dreams and it scared him. It was eight p.m. and the pub cleared out. The game was  starting half time so he helped the girls wipe tables and stock food. He grabbed a beer and tossed a dollar in the Boss Bucket. He made a promise that even if he owns the place he would pay, as the money goes into the girls pockets after everything else. He snagged a bowl of pretzels and sat in the booth closest to the T.V. and watched the local team score.

   The pub's doors opened and three people stepped in, a beautiful woman, who had an odd but gentle air about her, an older woman, who felt like a cheetah ready to pounce, and a little behind them a man. This man was giving off vibes that made his skin crawl. Like a dangerous beast, or someone with age and power behind him. Why did he attract the weird people.

  They found a table as a waitress came to take their order. The older woman wanted wine, and some chicken wings, the younger woman only wanted sparkling water and a salad, and the man bought a bottle of the most expensive whiskey he stocked and in his words "The biggest, and beefiest burger you make" the waitress scurried off, and returned with their drinks. The food followed soon after.

  The man patted his belly after devouring the burger and fries, and followed it up with draining half the bottle in one go. He sheepishly raised his hand and when the waitress returned, he snapped his fingers. Everyone in the pub fell down. Asleep. The man got up, fixed his suit and stepped over his deeply sleeping waitress. The two ladies with him, also were knocked out.

  Walking up to John, he fished out a cigarette.

  "Mind if I join you, John Guyrenski?" the man asked with a grin. A grin that chilled his soul.

  "Uh..sure?" he blathered, unable to comprehend what happened.

  "They are all fine, I really don't like to kill people for no good reason." The Man spoke with a very civil tongue.

 "Who are you?" John asked.

  "Oh, don't you people listen to music?" The man said as he again snapped his fingers.

 The internet jukebox flared to life, and of course the song to start playing was Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones.

  "Right. You are the devil. Got it." John quipped sarcastically.

  "No, you do not have it. I traded talent to Jagger for his soul, and to weasel out of it he thinks writing a love ballad for me would stop the deal. I like the song, but his soul is mine." The Man spoke.

  "So I am going to die, right? I mean, the only reason the devil appears is for deals or to collect. But I never made a deal though." John remarked.

  "You are a funny thing, aren't you? Not even a human, but walking and talking like one." The Man said as he put out his smoke.

  "Let me get to the point. One, your world will end tonight if you do not step in and do something. I do not mean you lose everything and become a bum, but the entire world and its people will go poof. It is a last ditch hail Mary plan that He set up in case this very thing that has happened, does happen. Two, you could also die if you do save the world, that is a very real possibility. Three, I am only helping you with this, as if the world goes poof so do I. Now what has happened, is not my or anyone on earths fault. Heaven did not cause this, nor did hell. Now let me fill you in." The Man started the story.

---The Daughters of the Earth---

   This was actually the best part of my story. I tempted His creations and got them kicked out of paradise. I followed of my own accord because, well, paradise is fucking boring. Now the world had a problem. He intended for the first people to be fruitful and all that, but the problem is, They had one man and one woman. Those two had two sons. Get the point? Good. Now He had it already planned out to the very end, so this was not going to even be a snafu. He created the Daughters of the earth. And from then on, the rest is erotic history. But the problem was, their children did not outlive the Daughters. Nope. Humans had looong lives. I mean if you compared then to now, you would all be dying as teenagers compared to then. Eighty years was nothing. So the stuff happened, and human lives were shortened. But there was one problem.

  The Daughters were still around. They were only meant to be a stop gap measure to increase the human population without it resorting to incest. It did in rare cases, but these women, never aged and were left in the wilds to basically fuck off. Now why is this a problem? Because no divinity applies to them. They are literally manifestations of the earth bent to His will. Only ordered to bear children. Now these immortal and downright immoral creatures were left to do as they pleased. Cant be cut down, and the kicker, is they require energy from men, but being starved and driven into the wilds so deep left them with a deeper hunger. Souls.

  So the five that remained had to be stopped. They were the bad wrenches thrown into the worlds plans. Even I tried to stop them, and trust me, it hurt alot. They are on survival autopilot and to fill their need, they could devastate entire countries in the matter of hours. Now why do I care? Don't worry that look on your face tells me all. I care about the souls. Its my Job. I corrupt, I punish and I have fun while doing it. Tell me where would I get souls from, if there are none to be found. I need souls to keep the system running. The higher ups need souls, even the planet needs souls. Its all energy and if you let something take it all, then there is nothing left. Hell dries up, and with it everyone kills themselves off in wars, or starves. Heaven has to turn over the souls, going against the no reincarnation laws, and even then, its a drip to an ocean. Making souls is time consuming, and requires actual bodies for them to occupy.

  I mean He isn't going to just throw souls down without bodies, cause the outcome will be the same. Now there is a small deviation to all of this, they also want to make babies. But the problem is, what ever is made from them will have no souls. He stopped giving them soul filled children when they were no longer needed. Will life go on, sure. But disgustingly overused, the term Hell on Earth would apply. No soul equals no morals, no morals equals chaos, and chaos ends in destruction. A bad end, even to me.

  So here is how you fall into this. You can confront them, they cant kill you. You are not immortal, but what made you is also your shield. Your granny, she was a shrewd and wise one. She seen the flaws in the magic used to make you. She knew that souls are tailored to fit the body. But she made your body baggy around the soul, like a kid wearing his fathers suit. You have a lots of room inside. Here is the plan, you will seduce the daughters out of the girls bodies. Before they can take a form, you will put on this glove and eat the spirits. They wont die. Once you have all five of them inside you, I will set up a signal only you can see, go to it and take this dagger and stab yourself in the stomach where I tell you. This is the suck part. Once you start bleeding out, I will handle the rest. Now the worst part is, the distance from where this needs to happen and to the hospital will be too great. This is the "you might die" part.

  Now, how were they sealed and why are they back? It took a host and a half of angels fighting at full strength and five women willing to be burned to contain them in a box everyone thought was lost. So lost, that even the Ark of the covenant would be easier to find. How it wound up here, is a series of events that even if I could lay them out, the world would end before I get it out. Just know five girls found the chest, virgin blood is like a skeleton key for most lock and binding curses. Now they are free and looking for their first meals.


  John, I am leaving back to Hell. I would rather be in better company for the end of it all. But I leave you with this box and a reward. Understand I have little to no faith in this, but given your life and luck, to completely count you out would be a fools wager.
Inside the box, is all you need to help do this, and your reward is this. Your grandmother.

  The man pulls out a smartphone like device. It reeked of brimstone. He punched in a series of symbols and a grizzly voice answered: "Purgatory Penitentiary, What do you need Lucifer?"

 "Put on the old woman Guyrenski. Fuck the numbers, you know damned well who I am asking for." The Man spoke into the phone, and then pressed a symbol and set the phone down.

  "Lucifer, why do you want to speak to me, I have nothing to say to you." The voice on the other end brought tears to John's eyes.

  "Look, shits getting bad up here, and since I cant get a direct line to heave from earth, I can call you in Purgatory to talk to John before he rushes off to possibly die. I want it never to be said that I did not at least give a fuck about a guy about to die. You got three minutes." The Man spoke as he slid the phone to me. "Dont touch it, it will hurt you." he warned.

 "Grandma, Im sorry. I dont even know where my life is going and now I gotta save the world." he spoke, crying.

 "John, we can see you. Me and your grandfather. He gets to visit me every weekend. I keep kicking myself for putting you in this, but would I do it again? Yes. Forgive me for robbing you of a normal life, but to let you die so young was painful. You have not done anything to bring shame to our family, and we both are very proud of you. A word of warning now, be careful with women, my grandson. They will kill you quicker than a bullet and laugh while doing it. Just be happy with what you have and live on." She said.

 "I am going to go back to my knitting, but you take care, and dont be in a rush to join us. I am through, Guard, thank you." She said politely as the phone was disconnected.

  John, you have until the sunrise to do this, cause once they feel the warmth of the sun, there is no stopping them, no matter what, and that is when He nukes the world and starts over." The man said, getting up, dropping the exact amount for his meal and drink and walks out into the night. A black sedan was waiting for him outside, and after it was long gone, everyone in the pub had awaken like nothing happened. Even the two ladies shook their heads, paid and with a nod to me, left.

----How easy it was to find them...----

 I opened the box and found a book on sex, some kinky shit and a black candle that smelled like ass and sweat. A note in the box said that they will come when the candle is lit, so I left for the place indicated where I was supposed to take them.

  I got there in under an hour and as promised there was a circle of rocks, a pentagram and a knife. Another note said I just have to be in the pentagram when they are in me and stab just a little left of my belly button, there I would avoid killing myself quickly, and might have time to get help. From where I was, the hospital is due south about an hour on foot, fifteen minutes by car. I stepped a bit away from the spot and set up my love nest. The note said I just had to fuck them out of the bodies they inhabit, and once they are free and too spent to fight, I can just pluck them and eat them.

  I lit the candle and waited. And waited. And waited. Nothing for about three hours. It was already two a.m. when I heard the crashing of the underbrush and seen five teens leering at me. Of course they are naked in the cold, but it did not matter, I had a small campfire going and they were coming at me hard.

  At first they started to fight me, lashing out at me, hitting me while trying to strip me. I let it happen, just to keep them on me. They were trying to bite me, but when I was not dying, they forced me down and started to ride me. All the while screaming in a language I could not understand.

  The first girl came first, hard. I did not relent on her, even after seeing that I was not an easy target. I came first, then began to creampie her, eating her pussy until she came harder and collapsed. With the gloved hand I could see the growing ball of energy above the girls sleeping form. I with much disgust grabbed it and swallowed it. It tasted like ass or a sweaty post sex pussy.

  The other four girls started taking a more cautious approach, trying to wolf pack me, by moving my attention from one to another while the others would try to drag me back down. But the first attacker this time only got a pussy full of my cock, and a small egg vibe in her ass for her troubles. She did not go down easy, even after two loads. Finally spent, it was another spirit down the gullet. I started to feel oddly full.

  Now there was three. And now they were wise to my game, so they would try and trip me, or cut me off from any other toy I might use. But the third girl stood before me, like a challenge. I wrestled with her, hitting all the erogenous zones I knew of. But still no passing out. I looked over in the box, and found something very odd. A fake slimy snake thing. it was rubber, but also covered in fake slime. So I started slapping and rubbing her with the thing. She started shivering as I started to plow her while whipping her with the thing. And that was the trick. She came like a volcano and convulsed. And another in my belly. I was starting to not feel good.

  I decided to tag team the last two as the sky started to faintly lighten. This fight was going on well into the five am hour and to drop both, I had to fist them, hitting both the clits and g-spots. It was a bit of work, but I blasted their faces as they collapsed. I had to run a little to catch both, but once they both were inside me, I redressed.

  Climbing the hill, there were the two ladies standing on the platform.

"Hurry John, not much time left." the ladies cried out.

  It was taking effort after all of that fucking to just get my ass up there, but once I was there, I had the knife in my hand. The circle of stones and pentagram started to glow. The ladies were on the outside looking in. So I decided to go out samurai style, and sit on my knees and just stab myself where I was told to. The spirits escaped my body, but it was too late. The pentagram was already forming a direct portal to hell. The heat and toxic air blasted me in my dying face. But the spirits were already being hardened as they passed to the Hell world. The Man looked up through the hole and gave me a thumbs up, as he put them on some strange stone spikes. They stopped moving, and now no longer glowed. Honestly, before I passed out they looked like strange stone balls. I fainted, but before I could fall in, the portal closed. What happened next was a mystery.

  I woke up in the hospital with people watching me. The ladies had the room cleared.

   "They were returned home safely. There will be no lasting damage to the hosts." the younger of the women spoke.

   "Hi John. It is finally good to see you as you are, and not some disembodied voice." The other woman spoke and I instantly recognized her.

  "Stone?" I weakly asked.

  "Shh John, you are weak. But you can call me Stone for now, because its impossible for you to say my name properly. You did good. Really good. But we have to leave now, and you will not remember any of this. His orders." She spoke as she placed her hand on my head and I passed out again.

  The official story to me was I was walking in the woods, and fell down a hill and my stomach was pierced. It was lucky some hikers found me or I was a goner. I can't believe I was careless. I should bring a stick for my treks into the woods.


   "Its odd, you carry such a deep hatred for the man who just saved the world. Not one to owe anyone anything, I think I will personally oversee your punishment." The man spoke as he picked up a white hot spear. Mr. Dilleager's soul that day learned an entirely new level of pain.

  His screams were legendary. The Man spent hours crafting a symphony of pain and torture that was even written in texts that no mortal eyes will see. The Man collected his due.


Hi, its me Writers Bloque, your friendly neighborhood perverted author. Now in this story I threw together some things that might offend anyone with any kind of faith. Now for one, I do have a faith, and I am not even trying to write sacrilegious smut. It is not my intent to make anyone who is or might be Christian pissed off. I do apologize if this story does piss you off. It was not my intention at all.

Now this story should have fallen in line with Halloween, but that would take a massive retcon of the whole nights events. And since there are still things that happen before Christmas, this story does not spoil much, but this all takes place Monday, and into Tuesday.

As always I appreciate feedback. I also want to know which girl is favored among my readers. I personally like Cassie, but sadly... Let me know who should be number one girl, and also, as I expand my works to include a variety of sex styles, also let me know which kink trips your trigger. I will try to work it into a story in the future. No scat, or snuff please though. That stuff is not my cup nor brand of tea.

Thank you for reading, this will probably be the last side story for awhile, I have work and life things to deal with and I want to at least get the main story right up to Easter.

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I also want to know which girl is favored among my readers.

I don't know if I have a favorite, but Amelia from the main Dusty Old Book story is memorable, just because..

"I Aubrey Ann Lemas consent to John Guyrenski fucking my young brains out until my girl cunt is broken beyond repair."

..might be one of the funniest things I've read. Not funny in the sense of being silly and out of place, but in the sense of being very amusing while still fitting in perfectly with the story.

Anyway, as for suggestions, your creativity is far beyond mine, so I would rather just wait and see what interesting things you write next.