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The Song (Fm, fm, ffm, mc, fmm, FFFFm, mast, best)

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My mind was already thinking of the possibilities that lay before me.  I couldn't believe my luck.  First I find this miracle song and for some strange reason my chemical makeup allowed me to actually grow my cock to a hefty man sized pole.  It stripped away some of my inhibitions to allow me see my sister and my mom as the hot women that they are.  I accidentally stumbled on the fact that I now know how to get anyone to be my slave even if for only a short time.  The possibilities are endless!

It was about 6:30.  It had been about an hour since we played the song.  Based on what I was told we had about an hour before they would wake up and not remember anything.

"Jackie come stand in front of me"  Jackie sat up on the bed and then stood and walked over to stand in front of me while I was sitting in my desk chair. She was so beautiful.  Her pert barely B cups were right at eye level.  Her pubic hair was damp and matted to her skin.  She had goosebumps all over and her nipples hardened.  "play with your tits"  Jackie moved her hands up her body and began to massage her little titties.  She was pinching her nipples and rubbing them into her breasts.  The thing that was missing was emotion.  I didn't like the robot that was standing in front of me.  "Jackie are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes master"

"Then why don't you show it?  I want you to show me how you feel when you touch yourself.  When you are in trance you are to act just like you do when you are not in trance unless I tell you otherwise.  Do you understand?"

"Yes master" said with a small smile and contented look on her face.

"and Jackie, you are my sister and I love you.  I want you to continue to call me Josh not master"

"Yes Mas...Josh" with a genuine smile this time

"Good.  You didn't get a turn earlier when you serviced Peggy and me. Would you like a turn now?"

"Yes please Josh.  I'm so horny.  Can I rub my pussy on your leg?"

"Yes"  Jackie leaned over and put her hands on the back of the chair as she leaned forward and began to squat onto my leg.  This brought her boob right into my face.  I stuck my tongue out and flicked her nipple as it passed my mouth.  Jackie hitched a breath, shuttered and stopped her movement to sit.  She kept her tit right in my face begging for me to take it into my mouth.  I reached out and softly kissed her nipple.

"Oh Josh.  That feels so good.  No one has ever done that to me before.  So hot!"

I rolled her nipple with my tongue and lightly bit her nipple between my teeth.  Jackie grabbed the back of my head and smashed her tit into  my mouth.  I struggled to breathe but managed to take her whole tit into my mouth and suckle it.  "mmmmm good" I heard Jackie moan.  Jackie was gyrating her hips looking for anything to rub her pussy on.  She finally sat down on my leg and her tit left my mouth with a loud Pop.

She was wet, dripping wet.  She began to slowly grind up and down my leg "mmmm I like that"  I liked it too.  My cock was straining in my shorts begging to be released.  I could feel her heat as her natural juices lubricated my leg for her pleasure.  She slowly increased the speed "shit this feels good"  Jackie continued to grind my leg.  I shifted to allow some breathing room for my cock.  Jackie looked down and saw the bulge in my pants and reached down with her hand to rub me on the outside of my shorts.  "It's so big and hard Josh.  aannhhhhhh  oohhhhh yessssss"  Jackie continued to grind my leg and rub my cock through my shorts for a couple of minutes.  She stood up and straddled both of my legs sitting back down right on top of my straining cock on top of my shorts.  She picked up grinding me with her pussy.  I could feel her heat through my shorts.  This was the best thing I had ever done sexually.  Jackie pushed her breast into my face again.  I took her nipple between my teeth and bit down harder the before "Ouch!"  she said but didn't pull back.  I took that as a sign to continue so I did.  The sensation of having Jackie's pussy soaking my crotch with her juice while grinding me and her nipple in my mouth was sending me over the edge "I'm gonna cum sis"

"Not yet.  I'm almost there"  with that Jackie reached behind her and pushed her finger into her tight little hole.  Her speed picked up. She was moving back and forth and then into a circle and then back and forth again in a wild rhythm that was my undoing.  "I'm Cumminnnnggg" I bellowed as i started to blow shot after shot into my shorts.

"I can feel it.  It's so hot.  Yes yes mmmmmmmmannnghghghhhhg cumminnnngggggg. Shit shit aahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  Jackie began convulsing and squirting her juices onto my cock though my shorts.  It was hot.  I was expecting her to stiffen and pass out but, she didn't do that this time.  She just lay down on me as we each caught our breath.

"Josh? Is there anything that you need me to do?"

"Give me a minute sis.  I'm still catching my breath.  That was the hottest thing I have ever seen or done.  You are so sexy!  I love your little body!"

"Thanks Josh" knowing it was her version of thanks master, I didn't care.  This was the best thing ever!

"Jackie we need to get you and Peggy dressed and back into your room. Once we get her there we need to strip my sheets and wash them.  They have more spunk on them than I care to sleep in"

"Yes Josh"  and with that Jackie got off my lap and put her clothes on before gathering Peggy's clothes and getting her dressed.  That was a bit of a chore since Peggy was in a deep sleep.  Peggy needed to be in trance and not just sleeping.  I was hoping to fix that tomorrow. We worked together to get her dressed and I carried her into Jackie's room and laid her on the bed.  Jackie and I went back into my room and stripped the sheets and put them in the wash.  It was about 7:20 and I was wondering how the 2 hour thing worked.  Did she just snap out of it?  Fall asleep? Faint?  I had no idea how it would work.  I was just about to say something when Jackie took a huge yawn. "Whew man I'm so tired all of a sudden"

"Why don't you go up and lay down with Peggy for a minute.  Her parents will be here soon anyway"

"Yes Josh...good idea"

I waited a minute before heading up to my sisters room to see what happened.  When I peeked into the room I could see them both asleep on Jackie's bed.  I wondered how exact the 2 hour thing was.  I wasn't paying attention to the time when we started.  I only guessed that it was around 5:30 but, I wasn't exactly sure.  I checked my phone for the time and it read 7:26.  I waited another minute when I saw Peggy begin to stir.  She stretched and yawned and looked around a little disoriented.  She absently rubbed her tit that Jackie had been pinching and twisting as if to soothe it.  Not a minute later Jackie woke up stretching as if she had been asleep for hours and not less than 10 minutes.

"Did we fall asleep?" Peggy asked

"I guess we did.  What were we doing?"

"I can't remember.  We must have drifted off to sleep after we looked at that porn site. Damn it!  I wanted to find more of that"  Peggy sounded disappointed about not finding more porn.

"I had he strangest dreams" Jackie mumbled


"I had weird dreams"

"Me too, what was your about?"

This wasn't going to work.  If they each had the same dream they might figure out that something was going on.  I had to jump in.

"Knock knock" I said as I walked into the room "you guys finally awake?  It's getting close to 8 and your parents will be coming for you Peggy"

"What time is it?" she asked


"7:30?  Have we been asleep this whole time?"

"I don't know.  You guys have been in here the whole time.  I checked in around 7 and you were both asleep."

"Hey Josh, do you have any new music?  I haven't heard anything new forever and I feel like dancing" Jackie said for the third time today.

"Ha!  Nothing new tonight.  Lets go down stairs and get some food before your parents get here.  I don't want them thinking I didn't feed you while you were here."

The next 30 minutes went by in a flash.  We sat and talked and ate some snack food.  Both Peggy and Jackie were in great moods and were a bit more flirtatious with me then they had been in the past.  Jackie asked Peggy what she was doing tomorrow after church and made plans to go hang out at Peggy's house.

"Peggy's house?  You aren't going to come hang out here?  We can find some new music if you want.  I know how much you guys like to dance"

"You just secretly want to watch us while we dance in front of you" Peggy said  "Just like you staring at our asses while we climbed the stairs today"

"I'm not gonna lie...I did that but, can you blame me?  Jackie turn around"

"What? No. I'm not your slave to boss around and I don't want you looking at my ass...perv" she said with a smile.

Peggy and Jackie laughed at that and I just rolled my eyes.

"All I'm saying is that you both have very fine asses and I like to look at them"

They both just looked at me with stunned expressions.  Peggy's turned into an interested smile and Jackie just laughed it off nervously.

"I guess we could come over here and listen to some music.  What do you think Jackie?  Wanna hang with your brother tomorrow?"

"Sure...he's not so bad...most of the time"

Just then the doorbell rang.  I opened the door to find Peggy's mom standing there.  Peggy's mom typified small town housewife.  She was medium build in all respects.  She dressed very plane in baggier clothes and had her black hair cut medium length.  She was cute but, not hot by any means.  She did have beautiful light Green eyes, her one sexy redeeming feature.

"Hi Josh"

"Hi Mrs. Beach"

"How was Peggy? Not too much trouble was she?"

"Nah.  She and Jackie hung out in Jackie's room most of the time.  I wasn't bothered at all."

"Good.  Do you need anything until your parents get home?  They're out late right?

"Nah we're good.  They will be home later tonight.  We'll be fine until they get here."

"Okay.  Peggy!  Lets go hun.  Cars runnin"  Mrs Beach turned to walk back down our front porch and I was struck by how big her tits were.  I hadn't noticed them before but, they were huge.  Not saggy huge but a solid DD for sure if not bigger and they looked firm.  Her hips were a little wider after having 4 children.  Hmmmmm?  Huge firm tits and light green mind was swimming with possibilities.

Peggy came running up and I began to step out of her way but she shimmied past me in the doorway rubbing her tits on my upper arm.  She looked back at me with a Cheshire cat grin and ran to her moms waiting car.  She was gonna pay for that little move tomorrow.

"What was that?"  Jackie asked


"Peggy just rubbed her tits on your arm!  I think Peggy has the hots for you but don't get any ideas."

"No! I have no idea why she did that.  She is way too young for me anyway.  Could you imagine what my friends would say??"

"Oh would never hear the end of it"


Jackie turned and headed off to her bedroom.  I could hear her going through the motions of getting ready for bed above me while I sat on the living room couch and surfed for something to watch.  I found a movie about a contract killer that looked good with lots of action and blood.  I settled in to relax and watch.

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Wow. This story is way hot. Very imaginative.

I can't taste my lips. Could you do it for me?

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Reallllllllly hot story. I'm about halfway to what is posted so far and came 3 times. I want to take it slow cause i just llllloooovveee that story.

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I must have drifted to sleep.  I woke up to my parents coming in the door.  Dad saw me on the couch and gave me a sheepish apologetic smile.  I was wondering why he did that until I saw Mom come swaying into the room obviously drunk as could be.  She was wearing a clubbing dress that showed way more skin than Mom usually shows.  She had an awesome build.  Solidly muscular in the most feminine way.  Beautiful shoulders and arms, muscular tight legs.  Her dress was one of those that was cut out on the side to show her ribs and upper hip.  I could see that she had a six-pack going on as well.  I knew she hit the gym hard but, I didn't know it was like this.  This is something I needed to see and I knew just how to make that happen.

"Thherrre he issis.  Our little Joshie boy(hiccup).  You look so cute laying there on the couch.  Doesn't he look cute honey? Wait, why are you up so late?"  She asked

"I fell asleep watching a movie until you came in the door mom"

"So cute right hun?"

"Cute...yup.  Come on Sue...Lets get you to bed babe."

"Bed?  No bed...unless you're in it"

"uhhh...haha...come on babe" Dad said clearly embarrassed by moms behavior.

"Night Joshie boy"  She called as she stumbled up the stairs.

"Night sport"

Dad looked like he had a little extra spring to his step as he followed Mom up stairs.  I could hear the bedroom door shut and the master bathroom shower startup.  I could only imagine what was going on in there.  I went upstairs to go to bed but, took a quick detour to see if I could hear anything coming from my parents room.  I could hear muffled voices from the other side of the door but, nothing else.  I decided to let it go.  I was exhausted.  The growth spurt and activities of the day finally caching up to me.  I drifted off to sleep thinking of all of the possibilities for tomorrow when Peggy came back over to our house.

Something woke me up in the middle of the night.  I could tell someone had just come into my room but, I didn't move.  I kept my breathing as even as I could so whoever it was would think I was still sleep.  Nothing happened at first but, then I could hear someone walking across my floor.  They sat in my chair and I could hear my computer being turned on.  Oh Shit!  Who's in my room?  Did 'they' find me?  Are they going to take my song?  I faked restlessness and rolled over on my side facing my computer.  Imagine my surprise when I saw my Mom sitting there looking at me with a horrified look on her face.  My face was in the shadows and I only had my eyes slit open.  She sat frozen looking at me to see if I was awake.  When she heard my breathing being even I could see her relax and her focus shifted back to the computer.

What was she doing?  I could see she was looking for something.  She was accessing my folders where I kept my porn.  How did she know where to look?  She found the file she was looking for and opened it up.  My eyes just about bugged out of my head when the video of the solo MILF with the huge dildo that i accidentally left open last night began to play.  My mom must have been the one to find it and then figured out where I hid it on my computer. 

She looked over her shoulder at me to make sure I was still asleep for a second then back at the screen.  The MILF was placing the massive suction dildo on the chair and lubing it up.  She straddled the chair facing the camera and started rubbing the head of the dildo on her pussy.  Mom looked over her shoulder again and then back at the computer.  Her right hand slid under her night shirt and started messaging her perfect C cup tit.  She was leaning forward getting a closer look at the computer.

"So fucking hot"  I heard her whisper.  She must still be very drunk.

She continued to rub her tits under her shirt as the MILF started to take the monster into her bald pussy.  Mom looked my way again and bit her bottom lip.  She was deciding if she should continue.  I rolled a little more on my back and gave a slight snore.  That was all it took to get her to continue. She lifted her shirt above her luscious orbs and began tweaking her nipples with both hands.  Holy Fuck!  Moms tits were Perfect!  Yes they had some work done but, they were glorious to behold.  Dad was one lucky fucker.

She started to rotate her hips on the chair.  Grinding her pussy against the seat.  She looked around my desk for something.  Soon I could see her grab a pen and start to manipulate her clit with it through her shorts.  I was so hard that it hurt.  I pulled my leg closest to mom up to try to hide the tent I had going on.  Mom looked my way again and then back to the screen.  I slid my hand down and started to squeeze and slowly rub my aching cock.

By this time the MILF was taking the huge toy slowly and deeply into her cunt as she adjusted to the size.

"So Fucking big" mom moaned

She slid her shorts down a little to get better access.  I could tell from here that she was completely shaved bald.  Her juice was shining in the light from the computer screen.  Mom picked up the pace with the pen and then shifted in her seat so she could insert it into her own wet pussy.  I could hear the light slurping and squishing as she began to work it in and out of her twat.  Her other hand had dropped to play with her clit. "mmmmmmm hhhmmmmmm" I heard her moan quietly in the chair.  Her sole focus was now on the MILF on the screen that was bouncing on the massive dong with wild abandon. 

"Morrreee" Mom breathed out.  She looked around my desk again and found a highlighting marker.  Bigger than the pen she had.  She quickly picked it up and added it to the pen ramming them both into her sopping wet pussy.  "Yessss!"  I could tell that the MILF was close to her climax by the speed she was working the dildo.  Mom matched her pace as she leaned back into the chair.  She lifted her hips up to give her better access to her pussy and her clit.  Both hands were working as fast as she could make them "mmmmnnnnn....annnnhhhhhh...cummmiingggggg" she quietly moaned and whispered as her orgasm started to take over.  She arched her back higher as her convulsions took over.  Her body would jerk with each contraction of her pussy on the marker and pen dildo she was impaled on.

That was my breaking point.  Seeing my Mom in complete ecstasy with her back arched, naked perfect tits pointing at the sky, hands manipulating and gripping her pussy while she convulsed was just too much for me to bear.  I rolled onto my stomach away from the computer and shot my load into my sheets.  I was able to not grunt out but, my breathing was labored.  I hoped she didn't notice.
She finally slowed her convulsions after a full minute and began to calm down.  She pulled the makeshift toy from her soaking wet pussy and placed them on my desk.  She pulled up her shorts and dropped her shirt.  She looked over her shoulder at me again and then went about shutting down my computer before getting up and leaving my room.

Holy shit!  My Mom just masturbated in my room while she thought I was asleep!  Did she want me to catch her?  Does she want a huge dildo?  So many questions.  One thing was for sure...I knew now that my Mom was a closet freak! 

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Posting 2 tonight since 8 is short and I have been absent for a bit.  As always comments and critique welcome.


I woke up late.  Dad came in and got on my case about getting ready for church.  "You've got 5 minutes to be in the car and you better not be late"  then he hurried down the hall to check on Jackie.  It always seemed to be like this before church.  I jumped out of bed and threw on my Sunday best and raced to the car.  Jackie and I were in the back seat.  She had on a cute Maxi dress that hugged her in just the right way.  Sexy but modest.  Perfect for church.

We were walking into church and I was finally able to notice what Mom was wearing.  Damn she looked Good!  She had on a tight Pencil skirt with 4 inch stilettos and a silk blouse.  Man she could work the walk in those things.  Her hard athletic little ass swayed perfectly as she walked into the building.  I must have been staring opening cause Jackie gave me a little shove that snapped me out of it.  When I looked at her she just whispered "stop it"

"What was that Jackie?" Mom asked

Jackie looked surprised Mom heard her and fumbled her response "uh uh...nothing"

I looked at Jackie and we just started giggling.

"What is going on with you kids?"

"Nothing Mom...just caught up in the Holy Spirit I guess and happy" I said

As we entered the building Mom and Dad went to talk to some of their friends, the Jones, and Jackie and I made our way into our seats.

"What is wrong with you? Staring at Moms ass like were practically drooling!  She's your Mom!  Gross!" Jackie admonished

"I know!  I couldn't help it.  It was right there in front of me and you have to admit Mom is stacked!"

"I haven't noticed" Jackie said nervously and turned her head and changed the subject "Oh Look, there's Peggy.  I wonder if she remembers about coming over after church?"

"Liar Liar.  You have noticed but, you're too embarrassed to say it.  Well I'm not embarrassed to admit that I find it very attractive"

"What do you find attractive honey?" Mom asked as she slid into the seat next to me "are we talking about a new girlfriend.  You haven't had one for a while.  Who do you find attractive?" she asked as I turned 6 shades of red.  At least she didn't know I was talking about her ass.

"No mom.  No new girls for me at the moment.  I was talking abooouuutttt....." I staled as I looked around the room "the Stained glass.  I think the stained glass is attractive in this room" I bluffed miserably

"Stained glass huh?  Okay, you can keep your little secrets for now" Mom replied to my obvious lie.

"Nice" Jackie laughed at me as I gave her the side eye.

I spent the next hour looking around the room.  Every woman in here was attractive to me on some level now.  Girls and women I have never paid any attention to now stood out. Mrs. Jones for instance, my Moms friend.  Never noticed her other than in passing but today she looked sexy.  I hadn't noticed her figure before but she was very pretty.  She had a nice hour glass figure with nicely shaped tits narrow waist and womanly hips.  She had jet black hair and an exotic face with dark eyes. 

The Preachers daughter, Sara, was in my class.  She had red hair and green eyes.  Very Irish. She was tall at 5'10", my same height.  She had a teen-aged girls lithe athletic build and legs that went on for days.  It was very distracting as I swiveled my head around the room looking at all of the possibilities.

"Wasn't that a great sermon" my Mom asked as we stood up to leave?  "I just love hearing the Good Word to help me reset for the week"  I was thinking that her sneaking into my room while drunk as a skunk and using writing instruments to masturbate was better way to reset but whatever. 

"You seemed distracted this week Josh.  You okay?  Were you looking for someone special or something.  You kept looking all around the room"
"I just never noticed all of the people before.  I usually sit and listen but, today I noticed all of the nice people that live in our little town and wondered what it would be like to get to know them a bit better"

"Really?  That's a mature view for a teenager"

"I don't know.  Just seems like I know these people but, don't really know know"

"I guess.  If you are really that interested you can come to my book club on Wednesday.  There are a bunch of girls that get together for a couple of hours to discuss our current book.  I'm sure they would love to have you sit in so you can start to get to know them a little better.  Do you want to do that?"

I had stopped listening when she said a 'bunch of girls' and 'a couple of hours'  My Mom turned and faced me waiting for me to respond.

"Book club?  Uhmm I guess I could do that"  My mind went into hyper drive and my cock jumped in my dress pants.  "I'll meet you in the car" I said.  I had to get away before I continued to think about the upcoming possibilities and sprung a woody right in the church.

I was standing by the car trying to think of anything but girls to keep the monster in my pants at bay when my family came out of the church with Peggy in tow.  I couldn't get the image of my Mom suspended in arched ecstasy last night out of my mind.  Her tits were perfect and her smoothly shaved pussy...Damn!  My dick was getting hard and I didn't think I would be able to stop it.

Thankfully Dad unlocked the car as they were coming up and I jumped into the back seat and shut the door leaning into it away from the girls as they climbed into the back seat.  Peggy came in first...great.  She scooted right up to my side.  I could feel her heat against my body.  This was not helping my situation at all.  I was trying to think of anything to get my mind off of it.  Football scores, scary movies, funny movies.  I remembered hearing one actor in a comedy saying "Margaret Thatcher Naked" over and over trying to calm himself down.  I laughed a little at that.

That had the opposite affect as Peggy turned and leaned into me pressing her sweet tits against the side of my arm "what's so funny over there" She whispered into my ear.  This girl was gonna get it today!  I shrugged her off. " need to get testy" she quipped as she turned to talked to Jackie. 

The drive home was short so I still had my issue when we got there.  I pulled out my phone and started surfing random music sites and Social Media as we were pulling into the driveway.  Everyone was getting out of the car when Mom asked "you coming" soon was all I could think.

"I'll be in as soon as this video finishes" I answered.

"Okay.  Lunch will be ready in an hour"

"Uh huh"

I waited a minute for everyone to get into the house.  I figured my parents would head to their room to change and the girls would be in Jackie's room by the time I left the car to go inside.  I was holding my phone down in front of my pants as I walked into the house through the kitchen door.  Peggy spun around from the fridge door to look at me.  She looked down at my hand covering my junk and just stared.

"What?" I said

"Just staring at you since you stared at me" she said sticking her tongue out at me and laughing a little.  I just rolled my eyes at her and started toward the stairs.

"Wait" Peggy said

"What Peggy? I need to go change"

I looked over my shoulder keeping my bulging pants away from her prying eyes. She walked toward me and rubbed her tits on my arm as she passed again.

"You like doing that don't you"

"Maybe" she said smiling as she started up the stairs.  She was up 2 steps before looking over her shoulder asking "are you coming"  It was an obvious invitation for me to follow her and get my fill of her sweet little ass right in front of me as we walked up the stairs.  She was definitely putting some extra sway in her tight little skirt and modest heels.  This did not help my problem.  My cock was hurting now and needed release soon.  She topped the stairs and turned to catch me looking directly where her ass had been.  She had a smile on her face as she simply said "you're welcome" and walked off to Jackie's room giggling the whole way.  Little tease!

I finally made it to my room and shut the door.  I ripped out my phone and quickly found my folder with the pictures and videos I took of Jackie and Peggy yesterday.  It was just what I needed.  I grabbed some lotion and started in on my cock.  I had so many possibilities swimming through my head that it was hard to concentrate on just one but, I finally found the video of my sister and Peggy and hit play.  It didn't take long after that before I was shooting my jiz all over the dirty towel I grabbed.  How is it possible that my orgasms seem to be feeling better each one I have.  This is crazy!

I took a few minutes to calm down and clean up when a knock sounded on my door.

"Josh?" my Dad asked as he walked in my room "Mom is going to finish making you guys lunch and then we are going to go over to the Jones. They invited us for a late lunch with them today.  We shouldn't be gone more than 2-3 hours.  We already called Peggy's mom and told her so she knows its just you kids here.  She will come get Peggy around 5. We should be home by then I think."

"Okay.  I guess I can handle the girls again"  I said with fained disinterest.  This day just keeps getting better and better!

"Be nice to them" he said

"I will"  Little did he know just how nice I was going to be to them.

A few minutes later I heard Mom yell up the stairs that they were leaving.  I waited until I heard the car drive away and then headed to Jackie's room.  "Hey, you guys want to eat.  Mom made lunch"

"Sure" they said in unison

We headed down stairs and sat around the kitchen island eating lunch and talking about nothing too important.  We had just finished cleaning up when Jackie started to head for the stairs.  My eye naturally followed her ass as she began to climb when suddenly she turned around and looked right at me.

"Stop staring at my ass Josh!  Eww.  Peggy you were right.  He is a total perv!" She said while smiling and laughing.  I just smiled and nodded as Peggy took her turn swaying up the stairs.  The girls were so going to get it soon.

I followed up the stairs and headed to my room.  I didn't want to seem creepy by asking them to come to my room so I started playing my best dance music as loud as I could.  It was about half way through the second song when I heard Jackie yelling over the music

"Josh...Josh.  You think you got that loud enough.  We can't hear each other talk in my room!"

"What?" I said over the music

"Turn it down!" Jackie Yelled.

I turned it down and looked at her.  Peggy had followed her into the room and was looking around.  She was swaying to the music a little.  I knew they both liked to dance.  I saw them do it yesterday.

"Sorry.  I was just jamming out to some new music.  Do you like it?"

"I do" Peggy said  "Its got a great beat...makes me want to dance. Come on Jackie, Dance with me.  Lets give Josh a show"

"You are so gross Peggy" Jackie said laughing "He's my brother.  I'm not gonna dance sexy for my brother like you want to do"

"Fine have it your way.  You can watch me dance sexy for your brother then" and with that Peggy started moving to the beat. 

She had some great sexy dance moves.  She would drop it low all while looking at me and run her hands around her body while moving to the beat.  I queued up The Song to play next.  As it started Peggy stopped moving with a curious look on her face as if to ask 'is this a dance song?' and then the base drop happened.  I could see it.  That was the trance trigger.  She kept moving but, her face became robotic her eyes glazed over.  I looked at Jackie and she looked normal.  Like nothing had happened to her.  I was beginning to wonder if it didn't work on her.


"Yes Josh" she asked with a smile

"Why aren't you dancing?"

"Do you want me to dance?"

"Yes" and she started dancing.  Moving with the beat in a slow sexy rhythm.  She was in trance!

I looked back at Peggy. She had started rubbing her tits and moaning softly as sighs of pleasure left her lips.  But still no emotion on her face.  It was the strangest thing.

"Peggy? Come stand in front of me" I instructed

Peggy came and stood directly in front of me with her hands to her sides and was looking at my forehead.  Walking corpse was all I could think.  This would not be that much fun if it didn't change.  I was hoping that if I gave Peggy the same instructions that I gave Jackie yesterday it would work.  I didn't see why it wouldn't.

"Peggy.  You are in trance right now.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Master"

"While you are in trance I want you to show your feelings and not act like a robot.  Can you do that"

"Yes Master" she said but, no change

"Peggy.  How do you feel right now?"

"I'm horny master"

"Does that feel good?"

"Yes master"

"Can you show me on your face how it feels?"

"Yes master" she said with the hint of a smile.

"That's better Peggy.  I want you to show me how you feel on your face every time you are in trance.  Do you understand?"

"Yes master" a little life coming into her speech and face.

"Good.  Jackie come over here by Peggy"

Jackie walked over and stood next to Peggy.  both of them had there hands to their sides waiting for me to instruct them.  I wasn't sure what I wanted them to do first.  I decided to have the perform a sexy strip tease for me.

"Girls.  I want you to lose yourself to the music.  I want you to slowly and sensually strip for me while dancing."

Both girls began to sway from side to side.  Peggy leaned forward and squeezed her tits together giving me an awesome shot of her cleavage while Jackie turned and bent over straight legged with her sweet little ass inches from my face.  My cock was straining to get out of my gym shorts.  I was slowly rubbing myself through my shorts as the girls continued to gyrate and declothe right in front of me.  Peggy slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her white lace bra.  She left it open and grabbed the lower corners to play peek-a-boo with her tits.  Jackie lifted her dress up over her head revealing her black lace bra and panty set.  Peggy hooked her thumbs into her skirt and turn to face away from me.  She slowly slid the skirt down her legs bending at the waist showing me her tight little ass and barely there panties covering her swelling labia.  She stepped a bit wider and began to rub her pussy through her panties while bent over in front of my face. 

"Jackie.  Turned around and do what Peggy is doing" I instructed

Jackie did as instructed and now I had 2 of the sexiest asses right in front of me.  The girls continued to play with there wet slits.  They pulled there panties to the side and gave me a full view of their pink pussies.  Jackie slid her finger deep into her hole while Peggy continued to circle her clit. 

I couldn't help myself, I reached out and began to feel the smooth flesh of their asses as they continued to play.

"Yesssss Jossshhhh!" I heard Jackie moan

"More Master" came from Peggy

The girls were moving there hips back and forth as they began to get more excited.  their juices now covering their hands and starting to run down there legs.  I had 2 willing slaves before me in perfect position.  I moved my hands closer to their snatches and both of them began seeking out my fingers with their pussies.  They would move to get my hands closer.  I ran my hands down their ass cracks and grazed their sweet little puckers.  I moved back to the top and grabbed their panties and slid them off.  I began to run my fingers between their swollen lips.  I couldn't believe the heat and slickness I was feeling.  So smooth and hot.

"MMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...aanhhhhhhhggghhhh...ooonnnnnnnoooooohhhhhh" was all I could hear from both of the girls and I continued my exploration of their pussies.  I moved further up and found Jackies clit.  It was like and electric shot hit her.  she jolted and then grabbed my fingers with her own pushing harder into her clit as she rocked back and forth as fast as she could

"Fuck!  that feels so good Josh.  Annnggghhhhhh."  I sat in amazement while she was grinding her clit on my fingers.  I was so caught up in it that I stopped playing with Peggy.

"Master?  play with my clit too master.  I have to have it.  I need it now...please?" she begged.

I snapped out of my stupor and began to message Peggy's clit.

" good...mmmmmmmmm" She panted as she moved her clit over my fingers. 

"Josh...put your finger in me.  Finger fuck me Josh"  I slid my middle finger into Jackie's hole and began to slowly dip my finger in her pussy deeper and deeper.  She pushed back trying to get more of my finger into her tight little pussy.  I could feel her pussy walls contracting around my finger.

I didn't want to leave Peggy out so I started to push my other finger into her pussy as well.  She was so tight that i couldn't get more than the first knuckle in.  Peggy reached back and began rubbing her clit again while i pushed on her entrance getting slightly deeper with every move.  She began to push harder against me like Jackie was, trying to get my finger as deep as possible.

"MMMMM...I have never had anything in my pussy before.  that feels so good!"

"Josh...put another one in me." Jackie asked

I pulled my middle finger out and started rubbing her clit and using 2 fingers on her hole.  She was so tight I had to slowly work my way back in.

"Oh God!  so good. mmmmm...anghh, anghhh, ohhhnnnn"  Jackie was moaning loudly now.  "So good!  I'm gonna cum...I'm gonna cum...aannnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...cummmmminggggggg"  Jackie began to spasm as shot after shot of her juice began to spurt from her pussy around my fingers.  She was convulsing uncontrollably and her orgasm gripped her.

Peggy, having witnessed Jackie's passion began thrusting harder and harder on my finger and rubbing her clit faster and faster. 

"Fuck me master!  fuck me hard with your finger.  Yessss, yess, yes!  OH fuck I'm close.  so close fuck. it cums  onnhhhh, annhhh, yes!  FUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!' Peggy screamed out as her orgasm shook her.  I could feel her pussy contracting and gripping my finger and wave after wave took control of her body.

Both girls stood up and turned to face me with satisfied smiles on their faces in just their lace bras. 

"Take off your bras" I instructed

They did as I bid and stood there fully naked in front of me.  Their barely B and barely C cup tits stood proud.  Their soaking wet pussies glistening before me.  I slid my shorts down and began to rub my cock up and down.  As soon as they noticed my cock before them they both automatically reached for it and knelt down on the floor to get a better look.

"So hard" Jackie said

"Hot and smooth?" Peggy said almost in a question. as if she was questioning what she thought it would feel like.

I shuttered at their touch.  Jackie gripped the base of my cock and started to stroke up and down while Peggy used her finger tips to lightly trace the ridge of my cockhead.

"aahhhh...that feels so good" i mumbled as I leaned back in my chair to let them have better access to my raging cock. 

Peggy wrapped her little hand around the top of my cock and Jackie kept her pace at the base.  the 2 different sensations just about did me in.  I wanted it to last a little longer so I pulled their hands away from my cock and got my senses under control. 

Peggy was staring at my cock and licked her lips then bit her lower lip.  Her hands involuntarily moved up her sides and she began to message her tits and pinch her nipples.

"do you want to taste it Peggy?" I asked.  I had never had a blowjob before.  I figured we were in this deep now.  Might as well get something out of it.

"Yes Master" was her simple reply.  She leaned forward and hesitated right in front of my cock.  There was some pre-cum that had leaked at the tip and she tentatively stuck the tip of her tongue out to taste it.  She pulled back a little and analyzed the taste.  "mmmmm"  was the only noise to come from her. 

Jackie leaned over and licked the tip of my prick as well trying to get a taste.  "mmmmm...I like that" she said.

"Peggy, suck my cock"  I instructed

Peggy leaned forward and began to take my cock into her mouth.  she had to open her mouth wide to take it all in.  I could feel the heat and the wetness of her mouth as she tried to take my cock into her mouth.  I could also feel her teeth scarping down the length. 

"Peggy, no teeth"

"mmmmyyesssmmm  mmmmaasster" she mumbled around my prick

I was in ecstasy.  Jackie leaned in close to watch the action.  she bit her bottom lip and looked on lustfully. 

"Peggy, let Jackie have a turn"

Peggy pulled my cock out of her mouth with a loud pop and directed it toward Jackie so she could take a turn.  Jackie opened her mouth wide and began to suck the tip of my cock hard.  she gripped the base of my dick and began bobbing up and down.  she swirled her tongue around the head of my cock each time she came up. 

"Oh shit Jackie!  Oh Fuck...I'm gonna cum...Arrrghhhhhhhh"  I wasn't sure what to do so I just shot my load directly into Jackies mouth.  She coughed but, kept sucking and sucking.  She was draining me dry.  I came in buckets and she took it all.  My little sister was a cock sucking goddess! 

"Holy Shit Jackie.  where did you learn to do that?"

"Peggy showed me a video once and it looked like fun.  I wanted to try it. Did you like it Josh?" she asked with trepidation like she was in trouble.

"Did I like it?  are you kidding?  I fucking loved it!  I want to do that everyday!"

"What did it taste like?" asked Peggy

"It was soooo good.  a little salty but, in a good way.  You should try some"

"Is there any left?" she asked and then looked at me

"Give me a minute and i think we can give you some.  Do you know the video Jackie is talking about? that technique was amazing"

"I think so.  Jackie can you show me what you did so I can please Master?"

"Sure.  give me your fingers"  Jackie took Peggy's fingers into her mouth and began to demonstrate the technique.  Peggy was getting excited and was using her other hand to pinch her nipples and rub her tit.  Jackie smiled and asked "Do you like that?"  Peggy just shook her head up and down.  Jackie smiled and continued to suck on Peggys fingers.  She also reached out and started rubbing and pinching Peggys other tit.  Peggy sucked in a shocked breath but leaned into Jackies hand for more pressure.  Witnessing this I was starting to get hard again.  too Hot young teens naked in front of me rubbing and sucking on each other. 

"Peggy,  are you ready for your cum"

"Yes master" she said as she leaned in a took my cock into her mouth again.  this time she started using the technique Jackie had taught her.  She was sucking my cock with gusto and began to pick up her pace.  She tried to take it deeper and was trying to open her throat to take more of me.  Jackie reached out with one hand and gripped the base of my cock and stroked in time with Peggy's blowjob.  She took her other hand and started pulling and pinching Peggy's nipple again.  Peggy began to moan around my cock.  Her hands were now between her legs fingering her tight pussy as hard as she could.  the visual in front of me and the moaning vibrations on my cock were too much for me to hold back.

"Here it cums Peggy...uuuunnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh" I grunted out as I began to shoot wad after wad of jiz into Peggys waiting mouth.  She was ready for it and tried to swallow it all.  She couldn't keep up with the volume and some was leaking out the side of her mouth. 

"mmmmmmm" she moaned again around my cock before pulling it free.  "that is good"

"you have some running down your face Peggy" Jackie said and then she leaned over and began to lick Peggys face clean.  when she was done cleaning up my cum she kissed Peggy deep and they both moaned in pleasure.  They each reached for the other and began rubbing their tits.  they went nipple to nipple and began gyrating on the floor.  Before I knew what was happening they had their hands on each others pussies rubbing their clits while kissing and smashing their tits together.

"ah good.  I love your fingers in my pussy Peggy"

"Jackie you are killing me...put it in me already.  I need your fingers in my pussy.  I need to cum!"

"Yessss...fuck...aannggghhhhhh...oh shit....uuunnngggghhhh.  thats it right deep...fuck yesssss.  thats it yes yes oh fuck here it cums...i'm gonna cum...nooooooooowwwwww!" Jackie began convulsing on Peggys hand.  She stopped her attention to Peggy while she trembled in bliss.

"My turn" Peggy said as she grabbed Jackies wrist and started grinding on her hand.  "stick another finger in me"  Jackie adjusted and stuck a second finger in Peggys super tight pussy.  "AAAHHHHHH fuck so big!  anhhh, unnghh  shit.  so good so good...deeper deeper Jackie.  fuck yessss....cummminnnnggggg!"  Peggy jerked back and forth on Jackies fingers as she shook with each coming wave of her orgasm.  she came for what seemed like a full minute before she collapsed forward into the waiting arms of Jackie.

"That was insane!  Best orgasm of my life!" Peggy panted into Jackies neck

Jackie placed a finger under Peggy's chin to lift her head up for a soft sensual, long kiss.  "Mmmmmmmm, I like kissing you Peggy" Jackie whispered to her new lover.  "Me too" Peggy replied.

I sat in my chair watching it all happen right in front of me.  Who would have ever thought that my life could change so dramatically in less than 72 hours.  I have gone from a typical teenage music nerd to the master of my world.  A Virgin of all things sexual with girls to having been given 2 mind numbing BlowJobs by my Sister and her best friend of all people.  2 Smokin hot young teens with nearly flawless bodies.  And all because I have some genetic anomaly that allows me to be immune to The Song.  The Song...Damn I'm glad I like music.

It had been about an hour and a half by this time and I instructed the girls to clean up my room, get themselves dressed again and go to Jackies room.  I peeked in on them with 10 minutes to spare to find them hugging and kissing.  "Don't get carried away.  times almost up" I said.

"We know.  we can feel that its almost time" Jackie said and then they both laid down and drifted off to sleep.

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The rest of my day was pretty uneventful.  Frankly I was tired.  I stayed in my room and surfed for some new music but, wasn't really digging into the deep stuff.  My mind was alive with the possibilities that laid out in front of me.  I started thinking of how I could make The Song portable.  I tried to simply download it to my phone but, it was in a format that wasn't supported and I couldn't find an app that would work.  I was also a bit concerned that the creators could track it if it was on my mobile.  I knew the basics of the file as far as size and format went but, I wasn't good enough at coding to really dig into it to see if I could make it work.  I started thinking about who I knew that might be able to help.  Mike!  Mike was a computer wiz kid.  He had already produced a couple of apps for phones and was making some good money from them.  If anyone could help me it would be Mike.

How do I approach him with something like this?  I don't want people to know about The Song.  If word got out no one would come near me for fear of being put in Trance.  Trance!  That's it.  I need to get Mike into Trance so I can tell him what I need done and when he wakes he won't remember it.

I sent Mike a text asking him to hang out after school tomorrow.  We made plans to work on some projects and he wanted some new music anyway.  Perfect!

I woke up the next day refreshed and ready for the day.  I headed down stairs for something to eat and found my Mom in the kitchen in her shorty short workout shorts and sports bra.  I instantly started to get hard.  She had the best figure.  Hard in all the right places and soft everywhere it mattered.  I had a nearly uncontrollable urge to walk over and grab her tight little ass just to see if it was as hard as it looked. I actually took a step toward her and then thought better of it and headed to the island to sit down. 

"Morning Hun.  Are you hungry?  I don't have much time before I head to the gym but, can put some toast in for you if you want"

"Sure, thanks mom."

She went through the motions of getting the bread and dropping into the toaster for me.  She dropped the bread on the floor and bent over to pick it up just as I was taking a drink of juice.  I must have gasped at her fine ass bent over like that because I started coughing like mad.  My eyes were watering and I couldn't catch a breath.  Mom came running over and started patting my back.

"You okay?" she asked

I just nodded my head since I couldn't quite talk yet.  She was now rubbing my back and standing so close I could feel her tits against my upper arm.  Damn it Cock!  Settle down!  She gave me a quick hug which just smashed her tits harder against my arm and then stepped away.

"You sure you're okay?  I can stay home if you need me to"

"I'm Fine" I croaked out "just went down the wrong pipe"

"Okay.  I'm headed to the gym.  See you this afternoon after school"

I waved her goodbye and then got up to finish preparing my toast.  I headed to school after that. 

High School typically sucks for most teenagers.  Well the social part is good but, the school sucks.  I had a very different view as I walked onto campus today.  Today High School was a 'Target Rich Environment' for me.  Assuming I could get The Song portable. Might not be as rich if I have to talk all of these girls into coming to my house.  Hmmmm...I wonder if Jackie can help with that.  Something to think about for the next time she is in Trance.  Maybe Suggestions made in Trance will manifest while not in Trance.  Oh this could be soooo good!

"Mike"  I yelled to get his attention.  We met on the way in to school. "We still on for today?" I asked

"Yep.  I will follow you over.  We can work on the project and listen to some new music I will rip from you" he said laughing.

"Sounds good.  See you after school"

"Cool" he said as he split off to his class.

I spent the rest of the day making a list of the girls in our school that I wanted to at least see naked doing whatever came to their minds after listening to The Song.  Some I gave consideration to making slaves.  Those were the Fittest/Sexiest girls in our school.  Our school wasn't that big.  We lived in a relatively small town and there weren't even 400 students in the whole high school.  My list wasn't all that long but, it was a good list.  Most of the Cheerleaders were on the list and a couple of the athletes.  Some were in relationships and others weren't.  I didn't care.  I didn't want a relationship, I just wanted to see them naked masturbating or sucking my Cock.

"Josh!" My English teacher hollered at me as I was in my own mind daydreaming about my list of hot snatch.

Ms. Stine was a ball buster.  She had extreme features that made her look angry all of the time.  Brown hair pulled into a tight bun on top of her head with blue eyes under too much makeup.  She seemed to have a decent body under her frumpy clothes but, she was just mean.  No one liked her.

I startled to awareness "Huh?  Sorry Ms. Stine.  What was the question?"

"No Question.  I just expect your full attention while you are in my class.  Get out of your daydreams and pay attention" she admonished.  She turned her attention back to her lesson.  What the Fuck is her deal anyway?  She is always riding us.  I have to find a way to fix this.

School ended with no more fuss and I met up with Mike and we headed to my house.

"I'm starving, you got anything to eat in here?" Mike asked as we walked in the door.

"yep help yourself"

"hey guys" Jackie said as she came in the door

"Hey" we both answered

"What are you guys doing?"

"Making some food and then working on our project and listening to some new music"

"New music.  I haven't heard anything new forever.  Can I come listen too" Jackie asked

I couldn't help myself.  I just started laughing out loud.

"Whats so funny" She asked

"You.  You literally have listened to new music everyday for the last 2 days"

"I have?  I don't' remember" she said with a far off dreamy look.  "can I listen today?"

"Sure" I said

It didn't dawn on me until we were in my room booting up my computer that this might not be a good idea.  I knew what would happen with Jackie but, Mike was another story.  What if he attacked Jackie in his Sexual haze?  Can I put Jackie in that danger?  Maybe I should see how Mike acts first.

"Jackie.  Mike and I are going to work on our project for a bit.  We'll listen to music after that.  I will yell at you when we're done"

"Okay, I have some homework I need to do.  Don't forget about me."

She walked out of the room and I noticed Mike checking her out as she left.

"Dude...that's my sister"

"I don't care who she is she has a fine ass man"

"Careful" I warned

"No worries man.  I know my boundaries" he said laughing

We started working on our project and finished it pretty quick.  I wanted to see how Mike acted to The Song.  I fired it up.

"Is this new?" he asked

"yeah...little different but, it gets going in a sec"

The Bass drop.  Mike bobbed his head to the beat and started moving a little.

"I Like this.  It gets right into your head you know?"

"OH I know" I replied

"Damn dude.  This song is awesome.  I feel so good" He said as he shifted in his seat

I sat and watched Mike for any signs of trouble but, all he did was bounce around on his seat to the beat.  The song shifted again to the slower mood and Mike relaxed a little.  He openly started rubbing his little shaft through his pants.  I could see he was getting hard.  This was getting weird for me.  I'm not Homophobic but, seeing another guy jack-off wasn't my thing.  I pulled up some porn for Mike to watch. 

Mikes eyes bugged out of his skull.  I'm not sure if he had ever seen porn before based on his reaction.  10 seconds later he was grunting and moaning as he shot his load into his pants.  After the 5-6 spurts he stiffened in his chair for a few seconds then collapsed into unconsciousness.  Well, that worked so far.  The only issue is now I have to wait nearly the full 2 hours to have a normal Mike back.

A few minutes later Jackie knocked on my door.

"Are you guys done with your project yet" Jackie asked.  The sound must have got to Mike as he sat up in his chair just as Jackie came in the door.

"Just about finished" I said

"We are?...huh...yeah we are"  Mike said in a bit of a daze.

"Whats up with you Mike?"

"Nothin" as he shifted in his seat and stared at my sister with lust filled eyes.

"You want to listen to some music" I asked

"What you got bro?"

I fired up The Song again and let it play.

"I like this one.  Sounds familiar to me but, I haven't heard it before"

The Bass Drop.  Jackie turned her head to me and just smiled from ear to ear.

"I really do like this song Josh" she cooed

"I know you do sis" I winked.

"Why did you bring Mike over?  Do you swing that way Josh?" She asked innocently

"No ah no.  He is the best computer programmer I know and I need help to see if I can get The Song on my phone.  I can't figure it out"

"That makes sense.  Besides he is kind of cute"

"Uhhh...I guess?  Anyway, I had a thought while I was at school today.  Do you think if I give you instructions while you are in Trance they will be followed when you aren't in Trance?" I asked.  I figured if she could feel when she was shutting down maybe she would know if this would work.

"I think so.  It's hard to put a finger on for sure but, I had strong sexual urges toward you and Peggy all day today that I couldn't explain.  There is obviously something there. Why?"

"I was just thinking of a few of your classmates that we might enjoy seeing here"

"OH...dirty brother!  Are you hoping I will ask them to come over here? I can just do that now.  Let me get my phone"

"Wait.  Not right now.  We need to make sure we have the time to do this...shit!  What time is it?  When is Mom due home?" I said in a panic

"Soon but, don't worry about me.  I will act however you instruct me to act.  Mike on the other hand is a sex zombie over there.  Look at him checking me out.  He is so cute.  Can I dance for him Josh?  I want to see him jack off for me"

Who was this sex creature next to me.  I couldn't believe those words just came out of her mouth.

"uhhh...sure" I said.  and with that Jackie began to move her hips in a suggestive manner right in front of Mike.  That put her tight little ass right in my face.  I was getting hard too. She could just move.  Mike was rubbing his little pecker in his pants again openly staring at my little sister.  I didn't care.  her ass was right there in my face and I was staring too.

"Pull it out Mike.  I want to see it" Jackie instructed.  Mike lifted up and pulled his pants down to his ankles.  "Oh look, it's so cute.  Rub it slowly Mike.  I want to watch you for a minute."  Jackie lifted her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra to reveal her perfect titties.  Mike sucked in a breath at the sight in front of him and started rubbing faster.

"Slow down Mike!" Jackie ordered.  She slipped her pants down to her ankles while bending at the waste.  This put her Fragrant hairless pussy right at nose level and only a foot away.  She still had her panties on but, I could see the wetness starting to soak through the fabric.

"Take your panties off Jackie" I instructed.  Jackie looked back at me from her position down by her ankles and smiled biting her bottom lip.  She reached back and slowly dropped her panties revealing the pink swollen flesh of her tight little pussy.  It was glistening with her wetness and perfect.

Jackie was now between Mike and me dancing while we were each jacking off to the naked teen in front of us.

"I want a closer look" she said as she bent at the waste and put her hand on Mikes knees.  She was only inches from his cock as he pumped slowly up and down.  She had to move a bit further away from me to do that and I wanted to be closer.  I rolled my office chair close enough to have Jackie between my legs with her ass only inches from my cock.  She heard me and looked over her shoulder as she stood up a little. This had the effect of pushing her ass back sitting in my lap right on top of my cock.  I sucked in a big breath "fuck" I whispered out. The heat of being skin to skin on my cock was incredible.  She trapped my cock between her ass and my stomach.

Jackie initially pulled away but, then slowly pushed her way back down on my lap.  She was grinding her pussy on my shaft.  She leaned forward to see Mike and it lifted her ass higher in the air.  I grabbed her hips and began to rub my cock between her sexy tight little ass cheeks.  Her pussies lubrication giving me all I needed to continue to slide up and down her ass crack.

I could hear Mike doing everything he could to hold onto his orgasm as he watched Jackie's naked body grind up and down my cock.  Jackie sat up again as I leaned back in my chair as far as I could go.  She was grinding her clit on the base of my cock near my balls as she slid up and down.

" wet.  Fuck!" I heard Jackie moan as she reached her hands up and started manipulating her tits for Mike to see.

"Are you ready Mike?"  Jackie asked as she leaned down and took him in her mouth and began sucking his cock all the way to the base.

"Holy Fucking Shiiiittt" Was all that Mike got out before starting his orgasm "ARrrrghhhhh...Fuck!"  He shot wad after wad into Jackie's waiting mouth and she swallowed it all.  Mike went stiff as a board again and then fell back out like a light.

"MMMM...that was fun!" Jackie said as she sat back up and started moving on my cock.  She was soaking wet.  I could feel her juices running over my cock and down my legs.

"Damn sis.  This is fucking hot!"

"I know...I want to do this everyday"

"We can make that happen"

Jackie continued her grinding and started moaning loudly "mmmmm...uuunnnnghhhhhghh...ooooonnnnnnhhhhhh...Josh, I'm gonna cum...gonna cum...Cuummmmiiinnnnngggggg....arrrrrnnnnhhhh...fuck fuck....yesssssss....aaahhhhh"  She was screaming out as her orgasm gripped her from head to toe.

"Fuck yes Jackie!  So hot...keep it up...I'm gonna cum soon too"  Jackie kept her orgasm going for a bit longer and then started grinding on my cock with gusto.  She started tickling my balls and that pushed me over. "Here it comes" I said and Jackie got off and knelt between my legs taking my cock into her mouth and sucking hard and fast.  "Ah Fuck Jackieeeeeeee...Yess....Arrrrghhhhhh" I grunted out as she took shot after shot of my cum into her mouth trying to swallow it all but, couldn't.  Cum was dripping down the side of her face as I came down from my orgasmic high.

Just then we heard the garage door open.

"Shit, Mom" I said in a panic. "Help me get Mike dressed then get your clothes and into your room.  Act as if you are not in Trance while you are around our parents.  Tell them Mike and I are working on a school project and will be done soon."

We both grabbed a side of Mikes pants and pulled them up. Jackie did up his button and zipper then grabbed her clothes and sprinted toward her room just as the door to outside was opened.  She made it past the stairs just before Mom headed up.

"Kids, I'm home" Mom yelled before heading into her room.  I could hear her in her bathroom doing something.  A moment later I heard Jackie's door open and footsteps headed to Mom's room.

"Hey mom.  How was your day" I heard Jackie asked muffled through the walls.

"Good.  Where's your brother?"

"In his room.  He and Mike are working on a project for school"

"What do you have in your hair?" I heard mom ask.

"Uhhh...oh...I must have missed some of my hair gel." Jackie covered

"Looks a little sticky.  You may want to wash it out"

Mike slept for over an hour while I surfed online.  By my best guess the 2 hr time limit had just passed.

"Dude.  Did I fall asleep?" Mike asked.

"Yep.  You were listening to some music and just crashed out"

"Sorry man.  Didn't mean to do that.  Did we finish that project?"

"Almost.  It shouldn't take us too long.  When do you need to be home?"

"Not until 9.  I just need to call my parents and tell them where I am"

"Do you want to do this now or tomorrow?  We have a couple of days"

"Lets just knock it out so we don't have to worry about it.  Let me text my parents.  Do you have some music we can listen to while we work?  I promise I won't fall asleep again"

"Sure.  We can listen to something "

I queued up The Song while he sent a text to his parents and waited for their reply. They said that was fine and I hit play.

"Is this a new song?" Mike Asked


The Bass Drop

"Mike?...Mike? with me Mike?"

"Yes Master....."

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My only complaint is that I think you said there would be 16 chapters, and we're already up to 10.. ;)

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Ha!  I have 17 done but, have hit a block.  I will post out what I have.  Hopefully I can get back in a groove.


Yes!!  Mike was my new slave.  Sweet!

"Mike.  I need you to look at this file.  I want to be able to put it on my phone with the same properties as the file has now but, the format doesn't work directly.  I also need to know if there is any tracking or feedback going somewhere when the file is accessed.  Can you do that?"

"Let me see master" he replied

"Mike, don't call me master.  Call me Josh.  If anyone comes in you are to act just like we do when we are studying.  No one can know you are in Trance unless I tell you it's okay"

"Yes Josh" he complied like a robot.  "This is a complicated file.  There are several different elements all working together.  I'm not sure I can get it in a format that will work on your phone.  See this line of code here?  This is sending information somewhere every time the song is played."

Oh Shit! "Can they track location?"

"Yes but, it looks like your proxy is in place and you have some nice misdirects.  I don't see that they have gotten very close yet.  They know you are in this country but, nothing other than that at this time but you need to be careful.  See how it ties into this line of code here?  If I change or remove that it might not work anymore.  I need to look at it in more detail to see if I can turn it off.  Maybe I can just redirect where it reports.  This will take some time to see if I can get it mobile for you"  and with that Mike started diggin deeper into The Song file.

Great.  Now what?  Just wait?  I was going to have to be very careful playing the song until Mike could figure it out...if he could figure it out.  This was going to seriously put a crimp in my plans for more sex.  I had to be careful even playing the song with Jackie & Peggy now.  How was I going to give that up?  It was far too good to give up.

"Bingo!" Mike said.


"I figured out part of the code to switch the format.  I think you could put it on your phone now.  Just keep in mind I still haven't figured out the tracing part.  If you put it on your phone and play it you will likely be in the open.  There aren't' as many proxy and misdirect options for your phone.  We can put them in place on your phone but it will be risky" Mike explained.

"So I can play it on my phone with the same properties and results as on my computer but, if I do I could be giving away my location?  Do I have that right?" I asked.

"Yep.  We would need to test the new format and I suggest you do that here on your computer to be sure but, I think it will work." to test it?  I wonder if Jackie could get a friend over.  It was getting a little late and Mike only had another hour or so under my control.  What about Jackie.  She has timed out from earlier.

"Josh?" My mom asked as she pushed in the door.  "Oh, hi Mike.  Josh I'm about to start dinner.  Dad said he would be home late tonight so it will be just us.  Are you hungry Mike?"

"Always" Mike said with a smile.

"Great, I'm making pasta so it will be ready in just a bit"

"Thanks mom" I said as she left the room

"Damn!  Your mom is so fucking Hot!  Can we test it on her?  I would love to see her naked Josh"  Mike said

Huh...what time was it?  It was now 7:30.  When dad worked late he usually didn't get home until after 11 when he worked in the city.  It would probably be about an hour until we were done with dinner.  That should give me enough time to test it.

"Good idea Mike but, you may be timed out by the time we finish dinner and you will need to head home"  I tried to let him down easy

I could tell he was upset by that.  He was starting to show some emotion.  It must have been when I told him to act normal when others were around.  I wasn't sure I liked that with Mike.  My sister and Peggy...fine but, Mike, I just wanted him for his coding skills and so far it has paid off.  I now know it is dangerous to play the song too often because of the tracking program and I also have a potential for a mobile version of The Song.  Mike was also working on the tracing part.  If he could figure that out I was going to reward him with any girl he wanted.  I wonder if incentives worked like that while in Trance.

"Mike.  If you can figure out how to disable the tracing part of the program and we get a working mobile version on my phone I will reward you with any girl you want.  You will have her for 2 hours to do anything, within reason, that you want with her.  Strip her naked, take pictures, have her masturbate for you, give you a blowjob, fuck her pussy and ass...anything you want.  Does that sound good?"

As I was speaking Mikes eyes just kept getting wider and wider "Are you serious? Anyone?"

"I have to draw the line at my Mom or Sister.  Jackie already gave you a blowjob but, I have to stop that there.  Anyone else is fair game though"

"Damn! Well, I can think of a couple of others that I have wet dreams about" Mike said as he started rubbing his cock through his pants. 

"Settle down there Mike.  Finish this first and we will talk about who you want."

"Yes Josh" he replied as he turned and started working even faster.  He was crashing through the code double checking his work that he already did and then started working on the tracing program.  "This will take some time.  I won't finish this tonight."

"No worries.  Come back tomorrow.  In the meantime I want you thinking of this even out of trance.  I want your mind to work the problem and for you to research it.  We have to get this right"

"Yes Josh"

“Lets test it out on Jackie” I said  “Jackie? Can you come here?' I yelled down the hall.

“What's up?” She asked as she walk in my room

“I've got a new song for you” I said as Mike hit play.

It didn't take long for Jackie to smile and laugh at me.  “Haven't had enough of me boys?” She said with a saucy smile.

“Ha...never sis!  We just wanted to see if Mikes new format worked or not.  I'm happy to say it does” I said all smiles.

"Kids! Dinner!" Mom yelled

"Lets eat” I said.  “remember to act normal" I instructed them.

"Yes Josh" they replied

"Hey boys...I want to suck you both off?" Jackie said.

Mike just about lost it right there.  He sucked in a huge breath and flared his nostrils.  He grabbed his cock through his pants and started squeezing.

"Mike...settle down man!" I commanded

"Yes Josh" he did as I asked

"Geez bro.  Don't hold him back for too long.  He might crack" Jackie quipped as she headed down stairs.

That got me thinking.  What would happen if someone went an entire session without having an orgasm?  I needed to know but, I wasn't going to risk it with Mike.

We sat at the table and ate dinner in relative silence.  Small talk all around and nothing unusual.  If I didn't know any better I wouldn't think anything was going on much less having two slaves under my control at the table.  We finished dinner and cleaned up our plates.

"That was great mom."

"Thanks Josh.  Are you guys almost done?"

"Almost.  We may have to work on some more tomorrow.  wWe got a little distracted with some new music.  We have time though." 

"Great.  I'm glad to see you working so hard on your school work"

"Yeah, better to get it done early right Mike?"

I turned to see him openly staring at my Moms ass with his mouth open.  Jackie saw it to and started to laugh out loud.  I smacked his arm to snap him out of it.  He started and replied "yep"  Luckily my Mom never turned around to catch him.

"Lets head up stairs and work a bit more before you have to go.  You wanna come Jackie?" I asked

"Sure.  Thanks for dinner Mom"

"You're welcome"

Jackie headed up the stairs right in front of Mike and put a bit more sway in her hips.  Mike missed the next step and tripped on his face "oof"  Jackie turned around and laughed again.  I gave her the stop it stare and looked over my shoulder to see my Mom watching us with a smirk.  We all scrambled up the stairs and into my room.

"My cock hurts Josh" Mike complained.

"Pull up some porn Mike.  You need to get release in the next 10 minutes before you time out.  I'm not sure what will happen if you don't" I instructed.

Mike jumped on the computer and started searching for his favorite porn.  I was expecting him to pull up some teens or something but, he pulled up porn with teachers as the theme.  It was a teacher in her classroom reprimanding a student for doing poor work.  She began berating the student until he snapped.  The student then took control and made the teacher do whatever he wanted. 

"What is he watching?" asked Jackie in a whisper

"Looks like he may want to flip the tables on a teacher" I guessed

"That looks hot.  Can I help him?  His cum tasted good.  Not as good as yours but, I liked it."

"How much time do we have?" I asked


"Okay.  I want to make sure he blows before he times out.  Do your best sis" I said with a wink

"Hi Mike" Jackie whispered into his ear "I'm gonna reach around and jack you off" she said as she licked the outside of his earlobe

"Yesss" was all Mike could get out.

Jackie reached around Mikes waist and grabbed hold of his cock and started to pump up and down. She started slowly but, picked up the speed quickly

"I like your cock Mike.  Do you like when I jack you off?"


"I want you to feel me Mike"  Jackie got up and stood in front of him.  She took her pants down and grabbed Mikes hand.  She shoved it right in her crotch.  "Do you feel that wetness Mike?  That's for you.  Rub my clit Mike." Jackie commanded.

Mike complied and began rubbing her clit with one hand and continued to stroke his cock with the other.

"Do you like that Mike?  Put your finger in me...yessss...that feels good Mike.  Put another one in me.  Ooohhhhhh yesss.  Do you feel that hot wet pussy on your fingres Mike?  You like that don't you?  You like sticking your fingers in my hot little pussy.  Fuck me Mike!  Fuck me with your fingers. That's it...keep going.  Put another one in my Mike.  Shit shit shit!  Yesss.  So much.  So much...fuck me harder Mike!  Make me cum big boy" 

Jackie was in rare form tonight.  I had never heard her talk like that.  I was so turned on that I pulled my own cock out and started to squeeze and pump while I listened and watched Jackie work on Mikes hand.

"Yes Miiiike.  Fuck!  Unnhh...oonnnhhhh...that's right.  Fuck that little pussy Mike.  Ram your fingers deep into my pussy...God yesss.  Pound that pussy Mike!" Jackie was trying to keep her voice down but, it was getting louder.

"Quiet Jackie.  Mom will hear" I admonished as I continued to watch and listen in awe.

"Keep going Mike.  Make me cum.  It's close.  Can you feel my pussy gripping your fingers?  Yesss...annhh...unnhhhh...yesssssss" Jackie hissed out as she started bucking on Mikes hand.  Her orgasm hit hard and she shuttered and squirted around Mikes hand.  Mike must have never seen a girl squirt.  He started jacking off harder as Jackie slowed her bucking

"God Mike.  That was intense.  Now its your turn"

Jackie knelt down in front of Mike and took his cock in her mouth. She began sucking in her style that I liked and Mike was getting close.  Then Jackie took Mike all the way into her mouth.  It caused her to gag a little but, she just kept it there and started shaking her head from side to side.  Mike lost it.  He sucked in a huge breath and began shooting his load straight down Jackie's throat.  Jackie didn't move at all and just drank it all down.  Mike looked at me and smiled then fell asleep right in his chair.

"Must be close.  How much time do you have sis? I asked

"Soon but, I have a few minutes if you want me to take care of that for you" she said with a smile.

"Yes please"

Jackie got on her knees right in front of me and began to suck my straining cock for all she was worth.

"Can you take all of me like you did Mike?"

"I can try"

Jackie started taking my huge cock deeper and deeper into her mouth but, she kept gagging.  She was gagging so bad that her eyes were now watering.  She was becoming a mess.  If Mom saw her looking like this I would be in so much trouble.

"That's not working sis.  Maybe we can look at how to do that to figure it out.  Lets try something different.  Lets do what we did earlier" I said as I laid down on my bed.

Jackie climbed right up on top of me on my bed and squatted down directly on my cock trapping it between her hot pussy and my stomach.  She was so hot and wet.  It felt so good.  She was using her natural juices to lubricate my cock as she started to slide up and down my shaft.

"Holy shit sis! This is fucking amazing"

"It feels so good sliding on your cock like this Josh.  Grab my ass" she commanded

Who was I to deny my own little sister.  I reached around and grabbed her ass with both hands.  Her ass was so small and tight that it fit nicely in my palms.  Her skin was so smooth.  I loved the feel of her ass in my hands.  I started to push and pull her up and down the length of my shaft while squeezing her ass.  I was grabbing and squeezing her ass when I inadvertently grazed her ass hole.  Jackie lurched forward when I did that.

"Whoa.  That felt weird" she said


"No! Just surprised" She said as she started to pick up her pace. "We need to hurry.  My time is coming soon." Jackie warned

I gripped her ass again and started grinding her pussy up and down my gorging cock.  My finger again grazed her pucker but this time she pushed back into my hand.  I took that as a sign to keep doing that.  I placed my middle finger directly on her sweet little sphincter and started to apply a little pressure

"Mmmmmmm...I like that" Jackie said as she slid further up my cock to allow my fingers better access to her glory hole.

I lowered my fingers to her pussy to get some lubrication and then back to her ass hole.  I circled her pucker with the new lube and began to push.  My middle finger pushed its way past her outer muscles into her channel

"yesssss...that feels so good Josh."  Jackie was grinding my cock right at the head.  She had so much wetness that I could feel her entrance right at the tip of my cock.  She kept rocking on my cock and my finger.  I pushed my finger deeper and Jackie sat up a little causing her pussy entrance to be right in front of my cock head.  "Mmmmm deeper" She said as she slowly lowered her torso while raising her ass.  I flexed my cock at the same time and my head was now in her entrance.  Just the tip at the entrance.  "Yessssss" was all she could get out as she slowly pushed back toward my cock and finger.  My middle finger was now buried up to the middle knuckle and the tip of my cock was now in my little sister. She kept pushing back "So big...fuck Josh, you are so big"  Jackie pushed back a bit more but, couldn't go any further.  She pulled forward and then rocked back again.  "Oh god Josh.  So fucking big!  I want your cock in my tight little pussy but, it won't fit"

"In time sis. We have years to work on this.  Your pussy is so tight.  I love it.  Just keep rocking back and forth like you are taking as much as you can.  I'm about to cum." I instructed

Jackie did as she was told and started fucking the tip of my cock as hard and as fast as she could.  She was so tight that she could only get about an inch in but it was the best thing I had ever felt.  I could only imagine what it will feel like when we finally get it all in there. I kept working my middle finger in and out of her ass.

"I love your finger in my ass.  It feels so good.  Your cock in stretching my pussy and your finger in my ass...God I'm gonna cum again!  Josh, fuck my ass harder.  Fuck it good" she said as I picked up the pounding of her ass.  I pulled my finger out of her ass and started to put 2 fingers in her slowly stretching her ass out to accommodate the intrusion. "yessss...stretch my ass Josh...put them in tight...fuck.  that's it...deeperrrrrr....unnnnhhhh...cummmmmmiinnnngg!!!" She hissed out as she convulsed against my cock in her pussy.  I could feel her juices getting blocked by my huge cock. 

That gave us some extra lube and my cock slipped deeper into her pussy as each contraction of her orgasm hit.

"Deeper Josh.  Shove your cock deeper.  I can feel another orgasm coming.  Shove it in me Josh.  Pop my cherry Josh. Fuck my tight little pusssssssyyyyyyyy" She squealed as I forced my way passed her barrier and all the way into her tight convulsing little pussy.  "Ah...stop.  Stop moving for a minute" she pleaded.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked

"Your freaking huge Josh.  Yes it hurts.  Give me a minute" 

I just lay there with my cock buried in my little sisters little pussy.  I was in heaven.  I could feel her pussy contracting around my intrusion.  She was so hot and tight.  I flexed my cock in her pussy and she smiled. 

"I can feel that now without the pain" Jackie said

"Good.  How much time do you have?"

"Basically none." She said as she started to rock on my cock as fast as she could.  "I'm' gonna cummmmmmm again.  So big, so tight...fuck yesssss!" She was doing her best to stay quiet as her little pussy started to squeeze and squirt around my cock.  the feeling of her pussy walls gripping my cock was my undoing.

"Fuck Jackie...I'm gonna cum to" I whispered

Jackie jumped off of me and started sucking my cock and cupping my balls and I shot stream after stream of hot jiz directly into her mouth.  She swallowed every drop.

"I still like yours best" She said with a wink.  "I got to go to my room now" she said with a yawn.

I helped her get her pants on and she stumbled to the door.

"Can you make it?" I asked

"I think so"

I watched as Jackie stumbled down the hall to her room.  It sounded like she actually collapsed to the floor after she shut her door.  About that time I heard Mike stir behind me.

"Dude.  Did I fall asleep again?"  Mike asked

"Yep" was all I said

"Damn man I'm sorry.  I had the strangest dream about your sister"

"My sister?" I prompted

"Yeah. She did a strip tease for me" was all he said

"Ugh...that's my little sister man!" I said with out much vigor

"I don't care whose sister she is she's hot!"

" need to go now.  Are you coming back tomorrow so we can finish?"

"Oh yeah.  I'll be here if only to see your sister again" Mike said to rib me

"Nope...not gonna happen man"

"I gotta go.  I'll see you at school tomorrow"

"See ya"

Mike let himself out.

"Was that Mike that just left?"

I turned to see my Mom standing in my doorway in her PJ's.  They were nothing too sexy.  Shorts and a tank top but, she didn't have a bra on and I could see her nipples poking out a bit.

"Yeah.  He had to get home.  When is Dad getting home?"

"He said he would be late.  He was having dinner with some clients and then drinks.  I'll be asleep before he gets home.  Why, do you need him for something?"

"No, Just wondering. Hey Mom, do you want to hear a new song I found?..."

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Mom stood in my doorway contemplating my question.

"I'm kind of tired Josh.  I just planned to check on you kids and go read my book until I fall asleep.  I'm going to the gym for the early class tomorrow" She said

"Okay" I said in my most dejected voice.

"Well...I guess I can listen to one song for a minute" She never could resist that voice.

"Are you sure?  We can listen to it some other time.  I just thought you would like it" I put some hope in the request.

"Play it already" she said with a smile and eye roll

"Yes!  Feel free to dance around if you want" 

I was so nervous.  My fingers were shaking as I manipulated the mouse to the new file that Mike created.  I hit play and the Guitar started up.

"Hardly sounds like a dance song but, I like it" Mom said

"Give it a sec"

The Bass Drop

"Ohh, that's more like it" Mom started to move around a little to the new beat.  "I like that beat.  I gets right into your bones and makes you want to move doesn't it?"

"Yep" was all I could get out as I watched my Mom move around my room with the beat.  She was doing her little dance with a smile and her eyes closed.  I had noticed her nipples in her tank top before but now they were hard as diamonds pushing against the fabric.  They stood straight out hard and proud.  It was the sexiest thing to see my Moms perfect tits straining against her shirt while she danced slowly around my room.  She still had her eyes closed so I quietly reached for my phone. I had to get a recording of this.  I pulled up the camera and hit record and followed my Mom around the room taking in her performance.  Mom just kept moving to the beat but, wasn't looking like she was doing anything other than dancing.  If her nipples weren't so hard I would think she was acting pretty normal to the song.

The song transitioned to the slow sexy beat and Mom opened her eyes and looked right at me. "Are you recording me dancing Josh?" she asked

I wasn't prepared for her to open her eyes "I..uh...uhmmm..."

"So embarrassing" Mom said laughing "I'm a horrible dancer.  Why would you want to record that?" She asked

"You are not a horrible dancer.  You looked like you were enjoying yourself and I wanted to show Jackie what you could do" I played it off

"Uh Huh.  You're just a little perv.  I saw the way you were looking at Peggy the other day and the way Mike tripped going up the stairs following Jackie?  I'm not stupid.  I was young once too you know"

This was not going at all the way I thought it would.  I guess the alterations Mike made to the song messed up the algorithm.  Well at least I'm getting a sexy dance from my Mom with some serious RT going on.  Could be worse.

"Ha...well Peggy is too young for me and Mike is just a horny nerd" I answered

"All Teenagers are horny" Mom said

I just stared at her.  She has never had conversations about this with me before.  She always made Dad do the talking when it came to sex.

"Are adults always horny too?" I asked.  I figured we were talking so lets talk.

"Some are but, most only get horny a few times per month.  I guess once the hormones settle down sex isn't as important any longer.  It doesn't occupy all your thoughts like it does when someone is your age.  I'm sure you're thinking dirty thoughts right now about me dancing for you with my nipples so hard.  I really like this song.  It makes me feel young again"

Mom starting moving to the beat again and closed her eyes.  She began to run her hands over her body and sway her hips in a very sexual way.  I guess the song was actually working.  Maybe it's because she is older that the response is different.  I kept right on recording as she moved her hands up her sides to her neck and the into her hair.  She brought her hands back down the sides of her face and continued down the sides of her tits all while swaying and dipping her hips to the beat.  Her hands continued down her body and thighs before making the return trip up.  This time she moved her hands up her stomach and directly over her rock hard nipples.  She shivered when she passed them.

"I definitely feel young again and horny" Mom said quietly, almost absentmindedly.  Like she forgot I was in the room with her.  She brought her hands to cup her beautiful breasts and started to lightly pinch her nipples through the material of her shirt "Mmmmmm" she moaned as she continued to massage her tits and pinch her nipples.  My cock hurt in my jeans.  I had to shift my position to allow it to grow more.  It had got so big that there was no way I could hide it if I wanted to.  Mom kept her eyes closed and continued to move around the room as the song ended. 

"That is a good one Josh. Do you have any others?  I want to keep dancing for a minute.  I feel good"

"Sure" Who was I to deny my Mom.  I pulled up a play list that people said was good to make love to.  I figured that would be a good place to keep the mood going. 

The first song came up and Mom kept moving and playing with her tits.  I kept filming.  She moved her hands down her stomach and the top of her thighs to her knees as she bent down in a drop it low dance move.  As she stood up she brought her hands to her inner thighs and ran them directly over her crotch "Mmmmmm" she moaned as her hands continued up her torso.  This time she was moving her hands under her shirt lifting it as she was seeking her nipples with her fingers.  She was revealing her rock hard abs.  Holy Shit!  Mom had a serious six pack.  She was ripped.  I could see her pinching her nipples under her shirt but still couldn't see anything but her stomach. 

She left her right hand under her shirt as her left hand began its decent.  She slid it under her shorts and directly to her clit.  "Oh horny" she whispered out.  "Josh is watching...can't help myself...God...need to Cum!" She was having an inner monolog that wasn't so inner.  I was stunned that The Song had this effect on my Mom.  It had stripped away enough of her inhibitions that she was not able to control her sexual urges.  She was standing in front of me Masturbating and she couldn't stop herself.  "No one can find out"  I wasn't sure if she was speaking to me or to herself so I stayed quiet.  "Onetime thing...can't help myself...Fuck...feel so horny...I need it...need to cum!" 

Mom was working her clit like no other.  I could see her hand moving at light speed in her shorts as her other hand continued to massage and pinch her nipples.  "Yesss...annnnnhhhhh...Fuck...yess...oonnnhhhhhhhhh...mmmmm...yesssss....cummmmiiiinnnnggggggg...anhh...onnhhhh...fuch yesssss" Mom shuttered as the Orgasm took hold.  Her whole body shook with each convulsion.  After about the 6th or 7th convulsion Mom stood stiff as a board for a couple of seconds and then collapsed to the floor.  Holy Fuck!  Mom just came in front of me and I got it all on video!  Yes!  BEST. DAY. EVER!

I was hurting.  My cock was straining to get out.  I pulled my pants down and stood over my Moms motionless form and jacked off right over her.  I could still see her sexy ass abs and her tits were heaving up and down with her labored breathing.  I couldn't help it.  I was going to blow.  I ripped off my shirt and caught the first spurt just before it launched onto Moms sleeping body.  I came so hard my eyes hurt.  It was so intense.

I threw my dirty shirt in the hamper and grabbed another one to put on.  I pulled up the new version of The Song to see if I could tell anything different.  Who was I was all Greek to me.  I decided to download Mom's performance to my hard drive for safe keeping and then surfed for some music for about 45 minutes.  When I turned around Mom started to wake.

"W...what happened?  Why am I on the floor"  She asked confused

"You tripped while dancing.  Did you hit your head or something?"  I tried to play concerned

"I must have...I'm not really sure.  It doesn't feel like I hit my head.  I feel like I just had a mind blowing Orgasm"  She sucked in a breath and looked at me as her face turned red with embarrassment.  "I shouldn't be saying that around you" She said

"It's okay Mom because you just did have a mind blowing Orgasm.  It was so intense that you fainted" I said straight faced

"Yeah right.  and I suppose you watched me do it to."

"I did.  It was the hottest thing I have ever seen." I replied

"Josh...stop it.  This isn't funny"  She said in her stern voice.  "you are embarrassing your Mother"

"Don't be embarrassed Mom.  You are so fucking hot!  You should show off your body more and do things that make you feel good"

"Josh...this isn't a conversation I'm having with you.  I must have fell and hit my head.  That explains it" she said as she stood up.  She was shifting her legs a little.  I could see that she had a wet spot between her legs from her Orgasm. She adjusted her shirt to cover her abs.

"You don't believe me do you?  Here look" I said as I handed her my phone with the video.  "See how hot you are and what you just did"

Mom took the phone from me with shaky hands.  She knew the truth but, wasn't ready to admit it.  She hit play and I watched as her face went from shock to mortification to interest to pure lust.  She was biting her lower lip as she watched herself dance and finally masturbate to a mind numbing Orgasm.  She looked up at me once she saw herself crumple to the floor. She kept her lower lip trapped by her teeth but, had a smile as well.

"I guess I do look pretty hot huh?" she asked

"Mom, you are one of the Hottest women I know.  All my friends call you the town MILF.  Every time they come over they ask if you will be here.  Hell, half the time when I say no they come up with an excuse to not come over"

"Ahhh...My poor little Joshy." She said laughing "What's a MILF?” She asked

"You know...Mother I'd Like to Fuck" I answered

"They really think that?" She asked insecurely.

"You just watched that video.  That is how Hot you are all the time!" I was building her up.  "I have always tried to get a sneak peak of you naked around the house.  I love watching you in the kitchen when you're in your workout clothes.  They fit you so good in all the right places.  Drives me crazy" I explained.

"Really? I had no idea you saw your own Mother that way.  You're a little perv" she said smiling  "You want to get a sneak peak of me naked do you?  Little sicko...we might have to arrange that for you though...just no pictures!"

"Seriously?  You're going to let me see you naked?" I asked with hope and disbelief.

"Maybe" she said coyly "Go sit over there and turn on some music.  I still feel like dancing"

I sat in my chair and turned up the music as Mom began to slowly dance around the room.  This time she was looking right at me with a shy smile on her beautiful face.  She turned and bent over at the waist giving me a perfect view of her rock hard ass and muscular legs.  I could see the wet spot in her shorts and smell her in the air.  She slowly stood up and turned around.  She stepped closer and ran her hand through my hair.  She backed up a little and began to run her hands over her body in a very sexual manner.  She cupped her perfect tits right in front of me before running her hands down between her legs.

"Do you like what you see big boy?" Mom asked

"Y y yes" I stuttered out

Mom smiled at my answer and kept running her hands over her body

"Do you want to see more?"

"Oh hell yes" I said quietly

"Such a naughty little perv wanting to see your Mom naked" she teased

She ran her hands up under her tank top and cupped her tits.  She lifted her arms a little so I could see the underside of her breasts.  My eyes were glued to that spot.  My cock was stirring again in my pants and I had to shift to make room.  Mom noticed the movement and smiled bigger.

"You really do like seeing your Mom getting naked don't you.  Is your little fella getting hard?" she asked

"'s getting hard but, I wouldn't call it little" I replied

Mom just smiled like she knew all guys thought they had huge dicks.  She lifted her arms and her tank top rose up above her tits.  She was still cupping them but, there was nothing covering them now.  She looked down at me as I shifted again and pulled the front of my jeans to give my monster more room to grow.  She moved one hand to cover the nipple on her opposite tit and dropped the free hand to my shoulder as she leaned in

"Do you like them? Wanna see them free?" She teased

"More than anything I have ever wanted before!"

She smiled again and stood up a little slowly moving the hand covering her tits to the side revealing the most perfect pair of symmetrical tits I had ever seen.  They were the perfect shape and color.  Her areola were the exact same size with a rock hard nipple poking out of the center.  I licked my lips and my breath came in ragged gasps.  I was speechless.  My Mom's perfect tits were inches from my face.  I instinctively reached for my cock in my pants and began squeezing through the material.

"What do you think?" she asked

"Perfection" was all I could say

Mom just laughed a coy little laugh and lifted her tank top completely off.  She began her little dance again moving to the song and running her hands all over her body.  She did this while I was squeezing my cock through my pants.  She looked down and then did a double take staring directly at my hand and cock.  She moved closer never taking her eyes off of my crotch.  She tentatively looked me in the eyes and then back down biting her bottom lip.  She put her hands on my shoulders and leaned in pushing her tits in my face and began moving them back and forth.  Holy Hell!  I'm getting lap dance from my Mom!  She had my face directly in her cleavage turning back and forth smashing her tits into the sides of my face for a minute.  She backed up just a bit and then began to run her tits across my face, her nipples running across my lips.  I stuck my tongue out and liked her nipple as it passed.  She pulled back as she sucked in her breath.

"Josh.  What did you do?" she asked in shock

"Only what you wanted Mom" I said looking her directly in the eyes.  "Just go with it.  You know you want to"

She looked concerned and like she was about to bolt.  I could see the struggle in her eyes.  The conditioning from The Song must have won out.  She tentatively leaned back into my face directing her nipple right at my mouth.  I lightly kissed her tit and then took her nipple into my mouth and began to suckle my Mom.  " wrong but so good I don't care!" I reached up and began to massage and pinch her other nipple with my hand.  She grabbed my head and smashed her perfect C cup into my face.  I could hardly breathe. 

"Feels so good.  No one can know.  My own son.  No one can know" she was saying as she continued to mash her tits into my face.  I had one tit in my mouth and the other in my hand.  I was squeezing my cock with my other hand.  Mom was simply enjoying having her tits worked over.  I moved my hand from my cock to cup the tit I was sucking on and then ran it down her side to her hip.  I rounded it to grab her tight muscled ass over her shorts.  She stood a little taller and I matched her movement by sitting a little taller in my chair.  This gave me better access to her ass and left my mouth teasing her nipple.  I reached my other hand around and grabbed hold of her ass with both hands.  She had the nicest ass.  Firm and more than my hands could grab. 

Mom stepped a little closer and to the side so she could grind her pussy on the arm of my chair. She was moving back and forth as I was pulling her closer, helping her move up and down the hard surface. "Ohhh yesss" she hissed out as we picked up the pace.  I was grabbing her hard ass as she moved.  I could feel the tight muscles under the palms of my hands.  She had the best ass.  Soft to the touch but, pure power underneath.

Mom began running her hands through my hair while pulling me closer to her tits.  I was swirling my tongue and biting her nipple between my teeth.  She move her hands down my shoulders on my arms and back up.  Then down my chest to my stomach and back up.  Finally she got brave enough to reach down and grab my cock. 

"Oh My God" she said in disbelief "is that really you?  You're HUGE!" she exclaimed.  She stepped back off of the chair arm and looked down at my bulging pants.  "How is your cock so huge and how have I never noticed?" she said more to herself than to me. "I can't believe it's so big!  It looks like it hurts trapped in your jeans.  Lets get that thing out of there" and with that Mom began undoing the top button of my jeans and taking down the zipper.  I lifted up on the seat so she could slide my pants off.  That left me in my boxers with a major tent still going.  She looked me in the eye with a mixture of wonder and horror as she licked her lips and swallowed in anticipation.  She slipped her fingers in my boxer shorts and pulled them down.  As the elastic pulled over my cock it sprang to full attention right in her face.

"Holy Shit Josh!  That is the biggest cock I have ever seen in person.  How do you keep that thing hidden?" She asked in wonder

"It isn't easy" was all I could think of to say.  "You've seen all of me.  Now show me all of you"  I wasn't letting her get away with not showing me everything tonight.

"Sounds fair"  Mom stood up and hooked her thumbs into her shorts and started to pull them down

"Turn around when you do it" I suggested

She smiled and slowly turned around looking at me over her shoulder biting her lower lip.  She kept looking at me and then at my cock.  Back and forth, back and forth.  She finally turned around and ever so slowly lowered her shorts down her legs.  Moms perfect little pucker of an ass and the smoothest pussy was now right in front of me.  I could see her wetness shining in the light.

"Incredible" I whispered out

Mom took that as a hint to keep her dancing going.  She reached back with her hands and massaged her ass as she swayed to the music.  She put one hand between her legs and started circling her clit while bent over in front of me giving me a show.  She brought the other hand back over her ass and began circling her pucker.  My Mom was playing with her clit and her ass not a foot in front of my face

" you like that Josh?"  She moaned  "Do you want to see Mommy stick her finger in her ass Josh?"

"Hell Yes!" I just about yelled I was so excited.."yes please" I said in a more calming voice.

"Just for you this one night only Josh."  She began circling her finger over her pucker and then dipped it lower into her pussy collecting some of her juices for lube.  She brought it back to her ass and slowly put her finger into her bung hole. "Mmmmm.  I like to play with my ass.  It feels so good.  So tight" she informed.  Her other hand began moving over her clit in a fast pattern as she penetrated her ass deeper with her finger.  "anhhh...onnhhhhaaannnnnnhhh" she was moaning.  "Feels so good.  Grab your cock Josh.  Show me how big it is"

I grabbed hold of my cock and began stroking it right below my Moms wet pussy and smokin hot ass.  She was into her ministrations at this point and started moving her body a little as her play sent pleasure signals through her body.  She stood up a little taller which brought her body a bit closer to mine.  She was really getting into it with her finger in her ass.  She pushed a second finger deep in her hole "yesss....mmmmm...feels so good"  She was rocking back and forth on both of her hands.  Two fingers buried in her ass and her other hand working over her clit.  I was stroking fast as well.

"Damn are so fucking Hot.  I love watching you like this.  We're gonna have to do this all the time" I said

"One time only Josh.  That's the deal" She said over her shoulder slowing her attack

"Sure Mom...whatever you say.  Just keep going" I replied knowing she would be my sex slave from now on.

She smiled and leaned forward a little with her head down.  She leaned forward just enough so she could look between her legs to see me jerking off right below her swollen clit. 

"I love seeing you jerk that monster cock of yours.  So big!  So hot!" she said

She watched me jerk off for a minute and then lifted her head to work her own clit and ass.  I slid a little further forward in my chair closing the distance to her hot entrance.  Her cunt was dripping with juices that began running down her legs.  I was only one or two inches from her hot pussy.  I could feel the heat on the tip of my cock.  Mom was getting very busy with her clit and ass.  She was getting close to her Orgasm.  I could tell by her motions and moans.

" tight...annhhh....mmmm" she was in the zone.  As she was getting closer to her Orgasm she began working her hips harder in a grinding motion on her hand.  Each time she would dip she came closer to contact with my cock.  If I could just angle it a bit different....Contact!

Mom stopped all motion as she realized what the contact meant.  I sat frozen in my chair.  She didn't move for what felt like 5 minutes but it was more like 30 seconds.  She must have had the war in her head again and lost...again because she ever so slowly started rubbing her clit again and fingering her ass as the tip of my cock rested at the entrance of her pussy.  I kept perfectly still as she began to slowly work up the courage to move.  She began by moving up and down from the knees.  This had the affect of sliding her pussy up and down the shaft of my cock.  "Mmmmm...just one one can know...only once and no more...fuck that feels so big!" she was saying to herself again.  She was sliding up and down my cock for a bit when she then changed her motions.  When she hit the top of my cock on the next slide she began rocking her hips back and forth.  This placed the tip of my cock directly in the entrance to her soaking wet pussy. "Fuck...yesss...need one will know...Onetime own Son has a monster cock" Again to herself.

I was absolutely motionless.  My Mom was working the tip of my pole like a rock star and I was doing everything I could to hold in my own orgasm to see how far she would take this.  She took her fingers out of her ass and reached around to tweak her nipples.  She was rubbing her clit and rocking her hips.  She rocked her hips forward and as she began to rock them back I lifted up slightly forcing more of my cock into her hot pussy.  "Oh big" Mom said.  She rocked forward again and back harder this time taking more of me into her wet hole.  "Yesss...fuck" she stuttered out as she stopped moving "So fucking big.  So fucking tight"  She rocked forward again taking me all the way to the very tip of my cock.  Then she slammed back down on my cock taking it all in in one motion "AAAAANNNGGNHHHHHH...Fuckkkkkkk...OOnnnhhhhh...So big so big" she was panting out as her Orgasm started to grip her. "Filling me up so much...fucking love it...morrreee" she screamed as she rocked forward again and slammed back down on my cock " close.  One more time" she said as she rocked forward again and slammed down hard onto my huge cock "cummmmiiinnggggg" she screamed as her Orgasm finally hit her.  Her pussy walls were contracting around my cock and I began to feel my own Orgasm start.

"I'm coming too Mom" I said

"Yessssss" was all she said

I felt wave after wave of hot jiz shoot deep into my mothers waiting pussy

"MMmmmMMMmmmmMMMm" was all she could say as each convulsion took her to a higher level of pleasure.  Suddenly, she went board stiff again squeezing my cock so tight I thought it would get cut off in her body.  She held that for a few seconds and then fell directly on top of me out cold.  My cock was still buried deep into my Moms hot wet pussy.  I sat there catching my breath with my Moms naked body on top of mine in utter disbelief.

Holy Shit!  I just Fuck Mom!  I'm a total Mother Fucker!  I was so caught up in the act that I didn't even consider if Mom was on the pill or anything.  I just filled my Mom's pussy full of cum.  I could feel it leaking out around my cock that was still in her pussy.  I was torn.  This was either the very best night of my life or would be the very worst.  It was all going to depend on whether or not Mike's new file truly worked.  It seems like it does but, there have been different reactions so far.  Not as compliant off the bat as the other 3 were.

We were just about out of time as near as I could tell.  She slept earlier for about 45 minutes.  This last little lap dance and fuck lasted about 30-40 minutes.  Damn!  I wanted more!  I would have to wait.  I stood up letting my cock slip from it's warm new home with a popping sound.  "mmmm" Mom moaned.  Shit!  Running out of time.  I carried her over to my bed and ran to the bathroom to get a wash cloth.  I couldn't have her waking up with spunk draining out of her wet pussy.  I came back and cleaned up her pussy and legs as best I could and put her shorts back on her.  I grabbed her tank Top and was just lifting her up when she started to wake.

"Josh? What are you doing" She mumbled

"Just helping you with something Mom" I said softly

"MmmK" she said and drifted again giving me just enough time to get her tank top on before her eyes fluttered to awareness.  "Did I fall asleep in your room?" she asked

"Yeah.  You were dancing to the new song I showed you and then sat down while I was looking for more music. When I turned back around you were out cold so I just left you there.  I figured you needed the rest since you said you were tired and your going to the gym early tomorrow" I played it as cool as I could.

"Hmmmm...weird.  I must have been super tired.  I don't even remember hearing the song I danced to" she said  "Okay buddy.  I'm gonna go to bed then.  Tell your Dad to be quiet when he comes home" and she got up and left my room.

"Hey Mom" I called

She stuck her head back into my room "Yeah?"

"What are your plans tomorrow after you work out?  Will you be home before I go to school?" I asked

"I should be.  I usually get back to the house before you go to school when I go to the early class, why"

"Just wondering.  I found a new song I want to play for you"

"Not tonight buddy.  I'm beat.  I will listen to it in the morning if I get back before you go to school okay?" she answered

"Sure...that'd be cool.  I think your gonna like it..."

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Well, that was definitely worth the wait  ;D

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I woke up a little earlier than normal today.  I couldn't stop thinking about last night and what happened with Mom.  It kept replaying in my mind all night long.  I was in a perpetual state of horniness thinking about it.  I got ready for school like any other day.  I didn't want Mom to think anything was off.  I was in a good mood but, very nervous.  I hope this works.  Having her as my sex slave would be a dream come true.

Jackie must have noticed my good mood.

"You're up early.  Why are you in such a good mood?"

"I had a good night is all. Life is good Sis don't you think?"

"Yeah I guess.  I feel a little off today though.  I think I'm gonna start my cycle soon or something"

"TMI Sis" I said with a disgusted face.  I really didn't want to hear about it. Although I doubt that was what she was really dealing with.  I'm sure she was a little sore from our encounter yesterday.

"I don't know.  The timing would be off.  Maybe I'm just tired"


I made myself some breakfast and sat down to eat while Jackie headed back upstairs to get ready for school.  I was half way through my meal when Mom came in from the garage. She was in her tight short shorts and sports bra.  She looked so good with her hard abs ripped from her workout.

"You're up early" she said as she noticed me at the table

"Yeah, I have some plans this morning and I wanted to get up and be ready for them.  I'm gonna need my strength today" I said cryptically

"Oh yeah.  What you got planned?" she asked

"Just a day full of hard stuff and Mike is coming over after school to work on our project"

"Sounds good.  I'm gonna go jump in the shower" she said as she headed up the stairs.  I couldn't help but watch her fine ass the whole way up.  Damn she was fine!

Jackie was coming down the stairs as Mom was going up.  She spied me checking Moms ass out and gave me a disgusted look.

"Perv" she said when she got tot he bottom.  "You were totally checking Moms ass out.  She's your Mom! Gross!"

"Have you seen Mom? She is about the hottest woman in the state.  I can't help it.  I have to look." I shrugged.

"Still, what if she turned around and caught you?"

"I would just look away quickly and act embarrassed"

"Smooth.  I'm going to meet Peggy before school.  See ya" Jackie said as she headed out the door.

Perfect.  It was just me and Mom in the house now.  I could hear her in the shower.  I headed up to my room to wait.  When I heard the water turn off I went to her room.

"Mom? Do you still want to listen to that new song?  I have a minute and can play it for you before I head to school" I said through the bathroom door.

"Give me a sec.  I need to put some clothes on"

"Are you going to get ready for the day?  I don't have THAT much time" I emphasized.

She opened the door in just a towel.  It was all I could do to not check her out and keep my eyes up.

"Lead the way" she said with a flourish of her hand and a smile "We can't have you late for school now can we?"

We walked down the hall to my room.  I had already queued up Mikes altered version and hit play.  This was the big test.  Would it trigger the Trance phase or just help her lose her inhibitions?

"I like the guitar" she said

The Base Drop.  Mom stood straight up and pulled her shoulders back.  It was like someone flipped a switch and a robot came to life.  She stood there doing nothing.  Stock still staring straight ahead.  What the Fuck??

"Mom?" I asked and she looked down at me

"Yes Master" she said in a monotone voice

Whew...she wasn't broken.  She was in Trance faster than anyone else.  I had no idea why but, I didn't care.  This was awesome.  Now to see if she will show some emotion.

"Mom, do you like this song?" I asked

"Yes Master"

"Do you want to dance to the song?"

"Do you want me to dance to the song master?" she asked

"If you want to"

"I will do whatever you tell me to Master"  still the Robot

"Mom.  Call me Josh not Master"

"Yes Josh"

"Mom I want you to act out your feelings.  I don't like seeing you as a robot.  You need to smile and do the things you like while you're in Trance.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Josh" still no emotion

"Mom can you show emotion?"

"Yes Josh"

"Show me"

Mom turned to look at me and gave me a freaky smile.  It didn't reach her eyes and just made her face scary looking.

"No Mom.  Don't fake it. What is your current emotion?  What do you feel the strongest"

"Desire Josh"

"Can you show me desire on your face?"

Mom stood for a moment and I could see the moment her brain unlocked her emotional state.  Her face softened and she gave a slow sexy smile.

"That's it Mom.  From now on I want you to show me the emotion you are feeling.  I do not want a robot"

"Yes Josh" she said with a genuine smile

"Do you remember anything from last night?" I asked

"Yes Josh" she said with a twinkle in her eye "I remember that Monster you keep hidden in your pants"

"Good.  You are in Trance.  You will stay this way for about 2 hours.  During this time you will do anything I ask.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Josh.  I will be your slave and do anything you ask while in Trance" she complied

"Take of your towel" I commanded

Mom reached up and untucked the towel that was wrapped around her body letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

"You are so beautiful Mom"

"Thanks Josh" she said with a bigger smile

"Play with your tits Mom"

Mom moved her hands up her sides and began playing with her tits.  Massaging them and tweaking her nipples.  She began twisting and pulling on them and letting them snap back out of her fingers.

"Do you like that Mom?"


"Step closer"

She moved right up to me still playing with her luscious titties. I reached out and placed my hands on her hips staring at her tits directly in front of me.  I pulled her into me taking her nipple into my mouth

"yessss" she hissed out  "suck my nipples Josh"

I worked her nipples over by twirling my tongue around them and biting them lightly

"Mmmmm.  I like when you bite my nipples Master"

I reached around and grabbed her ass pulling her closer.  I was getting out of control.  My cock was bulging in my shorts.  I was trying to shift in my seat when Mom reached down and grabbed hold of my monster. 

"Lets get this thing out.  He needs to breathe"

I stood up and Mom undressed me.  She pulled my shirt over my head and then bent down to pull my shorts down.  My cock got hung up on the waist band.  Mom got on her knees directly in front of me. She pulled my cock out of my shorts and just stared at it.

"So big" she said in a trance like voice. She leaned forward and licked the pre-cum that had started to ooze from the tip "Mmmmm, tasty"  That was the last thing I heard as she took my cock into her mouth and started giving me a blow job.  Her mouth was hot and wet and felt amazing.  Somewhere in the back of my mind it registered that my little sister was a better cocksucker than Mom but, I wasn't going to complain about that.  Maybe I could get Jackie to teach Mom her technique...Hmmm.

She kept trying to take more and more of my monster cock into her mouth but, it would only go so far

"Too big" she mumbled.  She went back to work.  This time she looked up at me with her big blue eyes as she slowly moved up and down my shaft.  That was all I could take.

"I'm gonna cum Mom"

She looked me square in the eye and winked.  I took that as a green light.  I could feel it building in my balls.  Mom kept looking me in the eyes.  It was the hottest thing to experience.

"Here it cums Mom...fuck...mmmmmm" I moaned and the first blast of semen hit the back of Moms throat. She was ready for it and just kept sucking while looking me in the eye.  "Shit..argghhhh" Mom just kept looking at me and swallowing every drop of cum I shot.  It was so erotic to have her stare me down while swallowing every last load.

"Damn Mom!  That was intense" I said a little breathless as I sat back down.

"Did you like, Master?"

"Yes but I told you to call me Josh not Master"

"You are my Master though and I like calling you Master"

"As long as you only call me Master while showing true emotions.  None of that Master crap while you are a robot"

She actually laughed out loud at that "Yes Master"

Mom got up off of the floor and started dancing a little looking around my room.

"Do you want a turn Mom?"

"Yes please Master"

"What do you want?  My cock is out for a minute"

"Do to me what I did to you Master"

I sat in shock.  Mom was asking me to eat her pussy.  I had no idea how to do that.

"I haven't ever done that before Mom" I said honestly

"It's easy.  I will guide you how I like it"

Mom moved over and sat down on the edge of bed.  She looked at me and gave me the come here finger.  I got up and walked toward her.  As I got closer she opened her legs revealing her completely shaved pussy.  It looked so smooth and soft.  Her labia were swollen and I could see a little shine from the juice at the entrance to her cunt.  Mom pointed to the floor between her legs indicating that she want me to kneel.  I got on my knees in front of Mom and could smell her sex.  I was nervous.

Mom reached out and grabbed the back of my head pulling me closer. She reached down and pulled her lips back to expose her swelling clit.

"Do you see that little nub right there?  That's my clit.  I want you to suckle my clit just like you do my nipples." she instructed.

Seemed easy enough.  I leaned in and had my first taste of Pussy.  It was a little tangy but, I liked it.  I was tentative and used light licks on Moms clit.  "Mmmmm...that's good Master"  I must be doing something right. I got a bit bolder and took her entire clit into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it while gently sucking it further in.  "Yessss...that's perfect Master...keep doing that"  Mom leaned back a little onto her elbows and dropped her head back. She began rocking her hips into my face in a slow rhythm.  "mmmmmm" she moaned.  I was sucking on her clit and decided to try biting it lightly like I did to her Nipples.  Mom sucked in a ragged breath when I did that and picked up her grinding pace.  "I love that Master...bite my little clitty"  I was literally chewing on her clit at this point.  Nibbling it and sucking on it as she continued to grind her pussy into my face.  She fell back onto the bed.  That put her entrance right into my face.  Mom kept rocking her hips up and down on my face.  I kept my tongue working the folds below her clit.  As I was doing that Mom reached down and started rubbing her clits hard and fast as I was lapping her pussy juices.  "Yessss...that's it close"  I was busy circling my tongue all over her pussy when I stuck it into her entrance "OH fuck...keep doing that"  I stuck my tongue out further and began fucking her pussy with my tongue.  "OH God yesssss...annnnhhhh....onnnnhhhh....mmmmm....cummming.....cummming" she panted out and her hips convulsed into my face driving my tongue deeper and deeper into her pussy.  Her juices were running down my chin.  "Yes yes...fuck yes" Mom was still cumming on my mouth.  "Holy good" she gasped out as her orgasm ended.

I pulled my face away and got on the bed next to Mom.  My Hard on was back and I was ready for more.  I was on my side facing her as she was caching her breath on her back.  She looked at me and smiled.

"That was amazing Master.  You were awesome" she said and then rolled facing away from me. She scooted back so we were spooning "Someone is ready to play" she said as she noticed my ragging hard on pressing into the crack of her ass.

Mom started shifting her ass getting my cock to settle directly between her rock hard ass cheeks.  I could feel her wetness that had run down her ass cheeks while I was eating her out.  It was providing lube for me to start thrusting my cock between her cheeks.

"That feel so good Mom.  Your ass is amazing"

"I'm glad you like it Master.  It is yours anytime you want it"

Could this day get any better.  Mom started moving her hips back and forth sliding my cock between her glutes. She scooted up the bed a little changing the angle.  Now the tip of my cock was directly between her ass cheeks.  She began rocking her hips a little different and scooted a bit away. She reached back and grabbed my cock pointing the tip directly at her little pucker.

"I want to try something but, you need to stay still.  Can I try Master?" Mom asked

"Y y yes" I stuttered out. 

I was pretty sure I knew what she was going to try.  She was going to try to take my monster cock into her ass! Mom began swirling the tip of my cock around her ass entrance and pressing back with more and more pressure. She kept gripping my cock and pressing her hips back.  I could tell she was trying to loosen up her sphincter.  I was motionless.  The pressure at the tip of my cock was hurting.  It was like jamming my cock into a brick wall.  I didn't want to fuck this up though so I just kept still and let Mom continue trying to get my cock in her ass.  Mom reached through her legs with her other hand and began using her fingers to loosen her ass up.  She put one then 2 fingers into her tight little hole.  She then put a third finger in and began to work them around getting used to the size.  After a minute she pulled them out and immediately put the tip of my cock in their place.  I could feel the difference right away as she pushed back onto my cock.  The tip slipped in.  My Cock was in my Moms Ass!! 

"So big...I love it" Mom moaned  "Give me a sec to get used to it.  I can get it all in there.  I can't wait" she said with excitement

After a few seconds she started working her hips again.  This was a lot like last night. She would rock forward until just the tip was at the entrance and then push back further and further getting a little deeper with each push.  I now had about half of my monster cock in Moms ass. She was so tight and hot.  I was in ecstasy.

"OH God...Your cock is so big!  I can feel it filling me up.  My ass is so tight and sensitive.  I could cum any time but, I 'm fighting it to keep this up.  I want your cock buried deep in my ass before I cum."  Mom was a FREAK!

She kept up the rocking and pushing and shifting all getting my cock deeper and deeper into her ass.  It was almost fully buried now and I couldn't stand it any longer. She slowly rocked forward pulling my cock out and then started to push back. When she was almost to where she stopped last time I pushed hard forward burying the rest of my cock balls deep into Moms ass

"Fuck me that's so deep" Mom exclaimed "I can feel you in my stomach" 

We stayed locked this way for a minute while Mom adjusted to the depth and girth of my Monster cock.  She began to slowly circle her hips and then rock them back and forth.  This was driving me crazy.  I could feel the pressure building in my balls.  I gripped Mom's hips and rolled us over on our backs.  Mom was on me Reverse Cowgirl style with my cock buried to my balls in her ass.  She sat up to get a better angle and started moving up and down on my shaft.  " good...annhhhh...fuck" she moaned as she started to pick up the pace.  "Do you like Mommies ass Master?"

"Fuck yes Mom.  Fuck my cock with your ass" I instructed.  Mom picked up her pace and started slamming down on my cock with her ass

"Yes...fuck yes...annnhhhhh...uunnnnnhhhhh...fuck my ass Master"

I grabbed both of her hips and started slamming into her ass as hard as I could.  "Annnnhhh...fuck...I'm gonna cum"

"yes Master...cum in my goooooddd...fuuuuckkk...aannh...oonnnhh..fuck my ass"

Mom started rubbing her clit hard as she rode my cock.  I then heard a smacking sound and realized Mom was smacking her own clit.  She was spanking her swollen clit hard and fast "Oh fuck..Oh fuckkk...Yeesss..cummiinnnngggg" She squealed out in a high pitch fit of ecstasy.  I could feel her first contraction as she began to convulse right before my first shot of Jiz entered deep into Moms ass.

"Aaaannnnnhhhhh fuck! I'm cummming in your ass Mom"

"Y y yessssssss" she hissed out as we convulsed together in orgasmic bliss.  Her ass was so tight and was milking me dry with each contraction.  Mom shuttered and shivered as her climax subsided.  She lay back on top of me and we each started to catch our breath.  We rolled onto our sides and my cock popped out of Moms ass as we lay there together.

"I knew I could take it all" Mom said proudly as she rolled over to face me.  She took my face in her hands and kissed me passionately.  "That was the best sex I've ever had"

"Me too.  That was insane!"  I gushed.

After a few minutes of laying with each other I noticed that Mom had drifted to sleep.  She looked so peaceful in my arms.  I checked the time to be sure we were not pushing up against the 2 hour limit.  We still had about 30 minutes or so.  I got up without disturbing Mom and got my phone out.  I began taking pictures of my naked Mom as she lay in my bed.  I rolled her a little and she woke.

"Sorry Master.  Did I fall asleep?"

"Just a short nap" I answered

"It was a rough workout this morning with lots of heavy lifting and then that mind blowing Ass Fuck on top of it.  I guess I needed a little rest.  What are you doing?"

"Just taking some pictures.  You are the hottest woman I have ever seen and your body is incredible.  You're all smooth and hard but soft in all the right places.  Dad and I are the luckiest guys alive"

"Thanks Master.  I like when you say things like that"

"Well they're true!"

"Do you want me to pose for some pictures for you Master?"

"Oh Yeah" and she began to pose in different positions revealing all of her secrets.  She was so fucking hot.  I moved around the bed as she posed cupping her tits and making pouty faces, spreading her legs and her lips with her fingers, on all fours with her ass high in the air as she looked over her shoulder.  Her pucker was swollen and red.  After about 20 minutes of this Mom yawned.  Time was getting short.

"Mom.  I need you to write me a note for school.  I missed the first couple of classes but, I need to go"

"Do you have to?  I want to play some more Master" she whined  "I'm still horny"

"Don't worry Mom. We will play lots.  When you're out of Trance you will still be super horny.  I want you to use your phone to record yourself masturbating and then send the video to this email address."  I gave her my dummy email.  "You will then delete the video file and forget about sending it" I instructed Mom.  I had no idea if it would work but,  figured I would give it a shot.  If it did it opened a whole new avenue for me.  If it didn't then no big deal. She wouldn't remember anyway.

"Mmmmm...I like your dirty mind Master.  I will do as you instruct"

Mom got up and wrote me a quick note excusing my absence from school.  She yawned again.

"You better head to your room Mom" I said as I handed her towel to her.  She came over to me and hugged me while still naked.

"Thank you Master.  I can't wait until we get to play again.  I want your cock in all my holes"

She took her towel and reluctantly walked out of my room down the hall to hers.  She was walking a little sore and I wasn't sure if it was from her work out or the ass work out we just put in.  I heard her door shut and I headed to school. 

School was going by slow.  I couldn't concentrate.  I kept checking my email to see if the suggestion I placed on Mom would work.  So far nothing.  I was just heading into my last class when Mike caught up to me.

"Hey man.  We still doing the project after school?  I didn't see you this morning"

"Yeah I had to help my Mom with something this morning.  No big.  We're still on.  I'll see you after class" I said

"Cool...see you then" and Mike walked to his class a couple of doors down.

It was about half way through class when I got a notification that my dummy email had a new message.  I quickly pulled it out to see who it was from.  Oh Hell yeah...I was from Mom!  I could see there was a video attachment.  This might have worked after all. I was stuck in class and would have to wait until later to see what Mom did in the video.  This was going to be a long class...

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This is amazing. Keep it up!

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Awesome story keep it up

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Thanks for the encouragement!


Class finally got out and I hurried out of school to my car.  I pulled up the email while I was walking to my car ignoring everyone around me.  I hit play as soon as I shut the door.  I beat most of the students out so I would have a minute or so before they started getting in their cars around me.

The video started with Mom trying to find the best place to stand the phone so it wouldn't fall over.  I could see her look at the phone and then stand back and then move it and then do it again.  She was having trouble getting it to stand up reliably.  She finally propped it up with a book and some clothes and stood back.  She looked directly into the camera and started masturbating while standing up.  She played with her tits a little through her t-shirt and started running her hands over her pantie covered crotch.  That was when I had to hit stop and hide the file.  Mike had just banged on the hood of my car as he was walking to the drivers side window.

"What you"  Mike quipped

"Ha!  Yep watching porn right in the middle of the parking lot for the whole world to see." I answered trying to play it off.

"You ready to go?" he asked

"Follow me" I said

The whole way home I was thinking of what Mom was going to do in her video.  She looked so good I was starting to get a stiffy just imagining what could be on there.  Mike and I got home and went into the kitchen to grab a snack.  Mom was there in the same t-shirt from the video but, she had on some shorts.  She turned as we came in with a smile on her face.

"Hi Josh...Mike" she greeted us "how was school?"


"fine" we responded

"How was your day Mom?  Do anything interesting" I tested

"My day has been great!  I had a hard workout this morning and it must have kicked off my endorphins cause I feel really good today." she answered

"Wow Mrs. Smith.  I don't think I have ever seen you smile so much.  You have a great smile" Mike flirted

"Dude..." I quietly warned

Mom looked at Mike and then at me with a knowing smile. 

"Thanks Mike.  That's very nice of you to say.  What are you guys working on today?"

"Project for school.  We're almost done I think.  Hopefully it won't take us too long"

"Let me know if you boys get" she stammered out

I just looked at her in shock.  Did she just ask us to tell her if we got horny?  What the Hell?  Mom was acting weird.  I was going to need to get to the bottom of this soon but, first Mike needed to work on the file and figure it out so I could make it mobile.

"Come on Mike"  and we headed up stairs.

"Did your Mom just about ask us to tell her if we get horny?  I hope so...she is so fine" Mike commented

"Man...I'm gonna never invite you over again if you keep that up" I joked.

"Seriously, if she was my Mom I would have hidden cameras all over the house trying to catch her naked or better yet having sex with your dad."

"Gross.  The last thing I want to see is my parents fucking...sick!" I really had no desire to see that...weird.  My Mom naked and fucking but, not my Dad.  That just creeped me out for some reason. "Let me kick on some music and we will get to work"


I pulled up the new version of the song and hit play.  The guitar started and Mike went straight into Trance.

"Whoa..." was all he said

Normally it took til the bass drop for someone to slip into Trance but, with this new version it seems to start after the first couple of notes.

"That was fast" I muttered

"Yeah it was Master.  The altered file I made is stronger than the original.  I have no idea why but, I could feel it after the third or fourth note.  Like a switch was flipped.  I will see if I can manipulate it so it isn't so strong"

"Why would you do that?  I like it this way.  Once you hear the song twice you fall into Trance so much faster.  This could be good"

"It could also have different effects like timing.  If it is stronger like this the affect may last longer than the planned 2 hours.  We will see on me today but, I suggest you don't put anyone else under Trance until you figure it out.  Could be risky." Mike warned. 

"Hmmmm..." was all I could get out as I was thinking of Mom earlier.  She yawned when she left around the 2 hour mark but, I'm not sure if she actually fell asleep then.  I might have to wait before I put her under again.

"Let me see if I can get rid of the tracing component.  We don't want whomever tracking you down."  Mike sat at my computer and got to work.  He had his head buried into the program for a while now. 

"I'm gonna go get us something to drink.  Keep working"


I opened my door and heard something coming from my Moms room.  I walked down the hall to see if I could hear better.  My Mom was on the other side and I could barely make out what she was saying

"so fucking horny today...I need it again.  This is the 5th time since I woke up from my nap.  What's happening to me?" she was saying. 

Did I hear right?  5th time since she woke up from her nap?  Well, we now know she at least went to sleep.  I stuck my ear to the door again to see if I could hear more

"mmmmmm....annnhhh....nnnnnnn...ooonnnhhh...mmmmmmfuck.  Yessss...mmmm...that's it...nnnnnnnn...fuck yes...mmmm...annnhhhh...ANHHH...Fuck...Cummmiingg....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnggghhhh" She grunted out in orgasm.  I squoze my cock in my hand as I heard her cum in her room.  Holy shit!  I crept back down the hall and went down stairs to get some drinks for Mike and I.  I made sure to be extra loud pounding back up stairs.  I walked down and knocked on Mom's door.  She answered a bit breathless.

"Hey Josh, you need something?" she said trying to catch her breath

"You doing a double workout today or something? You're out of breath"

"Something like that.  I took a long nap today and I feel extra energized.  I woke up at 2:30 and I feel like I could take on the world.  I'm trying to burn off some of this extra energy by working it out of my system" She explained.

"I guess you were really tired from your morning workout huh?  You don't usually take naps do you?" I asked

"Not really but, sometimes the body just wears out.  I honestly haven't felt this good in a very long time.  I'm high on life" she said laughing.

"Nice Mom...high on life.  Well I'm gonna get back to work with Mike."

"Okay sweets,  let me know if you boys need anything.  I'll make dinner in a bit.  I have another workout I'm gonna do first." she said


I walked toward my room as she shut the door.  I turned around and put my ear to listen again

"It's so wrong...I want him so fucking bad! My own horny.  Got to have it again...fuck!  More fingers....faster...deeper" I could hear her starting her ministrations again. "OH God!  Need to Cum now...yessssss...cummmming already....fuck yessss...oonnnnnnhh...nnnnnnnnngh....nnnnngh....yesssss" she moaned as she climaxed again.

What have I done?  Mom is a fucking sex crazed woman right now.  She can't be this way when Dad gets home.  He'll know something is up.  I have to fix it.

I walked back to my room to find Mike, cock in hand, watching porn just as he came all over a wad of tissue in his hand.

"Ah man...I really didn't need to see that" I said

"Sorry Master.  I couldn't help it.  I finished the file!  You are good to go.  I was able to remove the tracing program and it doesn't look like it altered the main properties of the file.  You will need to test it out of course but, we should be able to do that easy enough.  Lets have Jackie call one of her friends over.  Peggy!  She is hot" Mike suggested

"Peggy won't work.  She's already on the team" I said with a sly smile

"Damn dude...lets call her for sure then" Mike begged

"We need to see if this file works on the uninitiated first.  Is Peggy who you want for your reward for finishing the file? I told you we would get you anyone you wanted for a fun time" I reminded him

"Nah...she's hot but, not your Mom hot"

"I told you Mom's off limits Mike.  Choose someone else" I warned

"I know, I know.  I remember Master.  No I want Ms Stine!  I want to fuck that bitch into submission and Cum in all her holes and then make her drink it!  Nothing less than she deserves!" Mike said with passion and hostility

"Whoa there Mike.  I have to draw the line at being hurtful.  We can try to get her and you can do everything short of pain or marks.  Do you understand?"

"Yes Master.  That's fine.  I just want her to be my fucking slut for the night"

"Okay.  Lets see if this new file works.  Who can we go see?  It needs to be mobile on my phone so we should visit someone.  Who should we choose?" I mused

"How about Jessica Taylor?" Mike suggested

"The senior Head Cheerleader?  Do you really think she would give you and I the time of day let alone let us play a song for her?  I highly doubt it.  Who's in our class that we can go see that wouldn't suspect anything by us showing up?"

"Hmmm...what about Becky Sandler?  She's a friend of mine and is in our class.  We could say we need help with the project we already have done" 

"That could work.  I know Becky.  She isn't exactly the hottest but, I guess we don't need that for our test do we?"

"She may not have the cutest face but, her body ain't that bad.  She has a nice set of hooters I would like to see"

"Okay.  Call her up and see if she is free to meet up with us.  Where can we meet that wouldn't draw too much attention but, takes her out of her house for a couple of hours?  Damn man!  We need to set up some place where we can take everyone for the initial listen.  Hmmm...I will work on this.  Can you think of anyplace that could work for tonight?" I asked Mike

"Actually yes.  Becky and I live next door.  We have a tree house in the back that we used to play in.  I could ask her to meet us there"

"Perfect for tonight.  Call her"

"Yes Master" Mike picked up his phone and called her. 

I only heard Mike's side of the conversation but, he talked her into meeting us in the tree house.  I got up to leave.  I walked down to Mom's door to tell her we were going to Mike's.  Before I could say anything I heard her grunting in what I had now recognized as the climax of her orgasm "nnnnnnnnnnnnnghhh....nnnghh...nghhh...yessss...7 fucking 7 orgasms in less than 2 hours.  So fucking horny today." I heard through the door.  I had to fix this.

"Mom? Can you help me with something please? In my room?"

"Sure Honey.  Give me a minute.  Just finishing my workout.  I'll be right there" she said through the door

"Mike, go wait in your car.  I'll be right down."

"Yes Master" he replied and walked down the stairs  "Hi Jackie" I heard him say

"Hey Mike" she answered as I walked passed her toward my room. "did he just call you master?" Jackie asked

"Well yeah...I'm everyone's master don't you know?" I joked

"You'll never be my master Bro.  I would be your master for sure"

"uh huh...yeah right!"

She walked to her room and me to mine.  I sat down and uploaded The Song so I could hit play as soon as Mom walked in.  I heard the door open behind me and Mom walked into my room.

"What's up Josh" she asked

I hit play and turned to look at her.  3 notes in she relaxed and looked me in the eye.

"Hi Master.  I'm so glad to see you again today.  I have been so horny like you told me to be.  I sent you the video as well but, I'm still so horny.  I have had 7 orgasms in the last 2 hours since I woke up.  I have been rubbing my pussy so much that it's starting to get sore but I love it.  I feel so alive.  Thank you for telling me to be horny today"

"About that Mom.  I only meant for you to feel horny to shoot me the video.  Not for you to be horny all day and masturbate until your pussy is sore.  You won't be any hornier than you usually are when you wake up next time.  Did you go to sleep when I left for school this morning?"

"I was very tired but, no.  I took a shower to clean up and then cleaned the house for a bit.  I was in such a good mood but, I did get tired around Noon.  I fell asleep and woke a 2:30.  When I got up I shot your video.  It felt so good that I just kept playing with my pussy.  I love to cum Josh!" she explained

My mind was whirling with the new information.  2 hours is now 4 with Mom on the new file.  She slept for much longer.  I wonder if that's because of the workout she did or a side effect of the new file.  I turned off The Song and shut down my computer. So many questions. 

"What time is Dad do home tonight?" I asked

"He said he might have to work late but, I'm not sure."

"Okay.  I want you to act as if you are not in Trance until I get back from Mikes.  We are trying The Song mobile for the first time so I'm not sure how long I will be.  If you feel yourself going to sleep text me.  I need to know how long your Trance will last." I instructed

"Yes Master" she replied

"Mom.  Why are you calling Josh Master?  Mike did the same thing."

"OH don't be silly.  I'm just playing with Josh.  He was telling me he was going over to Mikes and wouldn't be back for dinner.  I teased him about it by calling him master" Mom played it off brilliantly.

"Don't' get any ideas Josh.  I'm not calling you master" Jackie said with a teasing smile. 

"uh huh..sure sis...I bet you will be calling me master sooner than you think" I winked

"Dream on Bro"

I got up to leave as Jackie walked out of the room.  Mom grabbed my hand and placed it on her left tit.  "I want you Master" she whispered into my ear.

"I will try to be home before you go to sleep.  I want you to film another video masturbating for me while I'm gone.  I want to see you play with your Ass until you orgasm."

"Ooooo..that sounds fun!" Mom said excitedly  "don't be too late.  I want your Monster in my ass again before I go to sleep" she begged

"I want that too.  I'll try" I said

I left home and jumped into my car.  Mike was sitting in his waiting for me.  I pulled out and he lead the short distance to his home.  We parked out front and walked through his front door.

"Mom!" Mike yelled.

From upstairs I could hear Mrs. Mirano (Beth) answer "What?" in disgruntled voice

"I'm going out to the tree house for a while"

"Fine" she hollered back

"Is she pissed or something?" I asked

"No. why?" Mike asked as if nothing seemed off about their exchange

"She just sounded upset to me"

"She always sounds like that"

"Hmmm...maybe we can change that if you want" I suggested

"Dude...that's my Mom!  We are not doing anything sexual with my Mom...Master" Mike said with some passion

"Mike, I will do whatever I want. If I want your Mother there isn't anything you can do about it.  If I command you to fuck your Mother you will do it" I commanded

"I know Master.  I haven't ever thought about her that way is all.  She is so angry all of the time and I don't know why"

"Maybe we can fix that.  Lets see if this works on Becky first."

"Yes Master"

We climbed the ladder to the tree house to find Becky waiting for us. She was wearing an oversized hoodie and baggy sweat pants.  She had her hair up in a messy bun and didn't have any makeup on.  She had a bit of a splotchy complexion but, a cute enough face.  I had never really paid much attention to her.

"Hey guys.  What do you need help with and why are we meeting in the tree house?" she asked

"We just wanted to get your advice on this project.  We just about have it done but, we're stuck on the final part.  Tree house just seemed like more fun, like when we were kids." Mike explained

"Fine.  Whats the issue?" Becky asked

"We recorded a sound file that goes with our project but, we want your opinion to see if it fits what we are doing" I explained as I handed her my phone.  "Just hit play."

Becky hit play and the first notes started.  She leaned back a little as the song continued.  "How does this tie...."  The Base Drop  "I like this song.  Where did you find it?  It makes you want to dance around" she said as she started to move to the beat

"It's a good song.  It strips away your inhibitions so you feel good and will do anything that your mind can conjure up...sexually" I said rather boldly

"PPFFFTTT...yeah right...good one Josh" she said with a smile

"Serious...give it a minute." I replied dead panned

"MMhhhmm" Becky mumbled

"I'm not sure it's working Master" Mike said

"It's working.  She didn't kick us out of the tree house when I said that about The Song did she?  Look at her now.  The way she is beginning to gyrate her hips to the music.  She is slipping deeper now.  Soon she'll start to feel very hot in her clothes and will strip them off" I said loud enough for her to hear.

"You're funny Josh!  Like I would strip my clothes off in front of you 2" she said as she was lifting her hoode over her head to reveal only her white padded bra she used to keep her big tits held in place.  "I would never let you guys see me that way" she continued to tell us as she turned around and slowly bent over removing her sweat pants.  She had on a pair of gray cotton panties.  "In your wildest dreams guys" she finished telling us

Mike just looked at me and smiled.  "Smooth Master"

"See.  She is going to be showing us everything very soon.  Then she will act out whatever sexual fantasy her mind tells her to right in front of us" again loud enough for her to hear me.

"Josh you flatter yourself.  I would never strip naked in front of're crazy" her bra came off and hit the floor at her feet.  She had huge tits with big areola.  Her nipples looked inverted but were starting to poke out.  She reached up to cup them and push them up toward her face.  She bent her head down and licked her own nipple.  "Mmmmm...nope not gonna happen.  Not going to strip for you guys"  she again turned around and bent over.  We could see the wet spot on her panties as she began to slide them down her legs.  She had some light hair on her lower pussy and a nice big ass.  It was squishy compared to my Mom's and Jackie's but, it was still very nice.  I wanted to touch it but, didn't want to move along too fast.  Becky stood up and turned around.  She had a semi trimmed bush.  The hair wasn't too long and the sides were trimmed back making a nice landing strip of dark hair.  She held her right tit up to her mouth as she was sucking on her nipple and ran her left hand down between her legs.  "mmmmm.  You're never gonna see me naked and masturbating you sickos"

Becky was fully into it now.  She was moving her body to the music and sucking her tit with passion.  She began rocking back and forth on her other hand.  She slowly spun around giving us a full view of her nice body. She had her big tits and a thin waste.  Larger hips and ass.  She had a great figure for a high school junior.  She definitely developed early.  I wondered if that is why she always wore baggy clothes.  To hide her figure.  She took a step away from us and bent over to pick something up.  I couldn't tell what it was at first.  It looked like she pulled it from a toy box.  When she turned around I could see it was a small toy baseball bat.

"Mmmm....this should work" she said

This was getting good!  Becky took hold of the bat in one hand like she was going to swing it and while sucking her tit in her mouth she started to lightly beat her other tit with the bat.  Tap tap tap. She was concentrating on her nipple with the bat.  tap tap tap.  A little harder.  Smack smack smack...harder still.  Her tit was starting to get red and we could hear her moan with each smack.  Smack smack smack.  She kept hitting her nipple and sucking on the other one.  She switched hands and smashed her beaten tit into her mouth while she began the same treatment of her other tit.  "Mmmmmm fuck that feels good"  we heard around her suckling tit.  "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of this bat.  It's gonna feel so good buried deep in my pussy.  Too bad the guys won't be able to see this.  It would be fun to give them a show" she said with her eyes closed.  Her mind obviously leading her body now.  "mmmmmm" she moaned as she took the bat into her mouth to lubricate it.

She flipped the bat around and did the same thing to the handle end.  She used one hand to spread her lips and used the butt end of the bat handle to rub her clit "Oohhhh..mmmm....nice" she let out as she began to circle her clit with the bat.  She continued to rub her clit and rock her hips back and forth over the butt end of the bat.  "so good" she moaned.  She flipped the bat around and continued to rub it up and down her slick slit. "fuck"  She tipped the bat so the end was right at her entrance.  She began to press harder and harder trying to take the bat into her wet hole.

I turned to find Mike with his cock in hand stroking as fast as he could.  The show was hot.  I decided it was not a good idea to waste the opportunity.

"mmmmmm...oohhh yessss" Becky hissed out as she was finally able to get the small bat into her pussy.  She began to slowly pump it in and out of her wet hole while playing with her clit.  "Fuck yes! good!  The boys would cum all over themselves if they could see me now.  So turned on.  gonna cum soon" she said as she picked up the pace. Soon she was ramming the bat into her pussy hard and as fast as she could "Aahhh....uuunnnhhh...fuck fuck...nnnnnnnnnnghgh....yessss...nnnnnnnnnnghh...ngghh...cummmiiinnnnggggg!" she screamed out as her climax took hold.  She convulsed for 30 seconds before standing stiff and falling over.

"Damn...that was hot" I said to Mike

"Yeah it was!" he said as he started to look for something to clean up the mess he had made.

"I had no idea she had such a fine body man. She is smoking hot and a little dirty too.  She is a closet freak man.  We might have to make  her part of the team.  Let's see what she does when she wakes up" I said

Mike and I sat in the tree house listening to music and surfing social media while we waited for Becky to wake up. It took a while.  We had been up there for about an hour and a half by the time she finally woke up.

"What the hell?" Becky mumbled as she came to.  "Where am I?"

"You're in the tree house with us Becky.  You fell asleep. Do you want to play a game?" I asked

"Sure" she said as she sat up buck naked

"Lets play truth or dare" I suggested

"Okay" they both said at the same time.

"You first Becky.  Truth or dare?"

"Truth" she said playing it safe

"Okay.  What are you thinking about us, right now?"

Becky put her finger to her chin thinking.  She looked at Mike and then at me with a little grin on her face.  "I'm thinking of what it would feel like to have your cocks in my mouth"

"Damn!" Mike said  "Holy shit"

"Okay Mike, your turn"

"Dare" he said boldly

"You get to issue the dare Becky"

"Play the rest of the game naked Mike" she instructed

Mike got up in a shot and stripped out of his clothes as fast as he could sitting back down covering his junk.

"Your turn Josh"


"What would you do to me right now if you could do anything?" Becky asked

"I would turn you around and fuck your ass hard" I said

Becky's eyes glazed over at my suggestion.  Her mouth hung open a little as she looked me up and down "mmmm" she moaned as she licked her lips.

"Your turn again Becky"

"Dare" she said immediately.

"It's your turn to issue the dare Mike" I said

Mike looked at me and then back at Becky "I dare you to let me do to you what Josh said he would do to you" He said tentatively

Becky looked at Mike and then back at me.  She bit her bottom lip in a sexy gesture and nodded her head up and down.  She then turned around on all fours and looked at Mike over her shoulder.  She really did have a fine ass.  I was to her side and her huge D cup tits were hanging down to the floor.  Mike got up and into position directly behind her.  His 5 incher sticking straight out.

"I've never fucked before" Mike said as he inched closer.

"Start in my Pussy Mike.  It's wet and will help you fuck my ass better" Becky surprised us by the suggestion

"Okay" was all Mike could say.  He was about to lose his Cherry and wouldn't remember it.  Oh well, not my problem. 

Mike inched closer and jerked a little when his cock made contact with her slick slit.  He rubbed it up and down searching for the entrance for a second.  When he finally found it he slowly sank his dick as far as it would go into Becky's pussy.  "Mmmmm" "nnnnn" they both moaned in unison

"Holy shit that feels so goooood...fuck...can't hold it" Mike said as he began his orgasm.

Becky lurched forward to pull Mikes' cock out of her pussy.  Mike shot his load all over Becky's back "Damn dude.  I can't get pregnant" She said

"Sorry Becky.  You are so fucking hot and I've never done that before.  It was too much.  I will do better next time." Mike whined

"Josh, do you want to try?" Becky asked "Can you last longer?

"Yes and yes" I said as I began to undress.  Becky watched me as I took off my shirt and began to undo my pants.  "I'm a bit bigger than Mike though" I said as I dropped my pants.  Becky's eye just about bugged out of her head.

"Holy fucking shit Josh!  That thing is huge!  I'm not sure I can take that big thing in my ass!" Becky warned.

"It'll fit" I winked

I positioned myself behind Becky and started rubbing the tip of my cock up and down her soaking wet slit.  I would occasionally rub it higher to coat her ass pucker and then back down.  I stopped at the entrance to her pussy for just a second in warning that I was going to push forward.  Becky responded by pushing back to take the tip of my cock into her wet cunt.  "mmmmm" she moaned then pushed further back taking more of my monster in. "fuck.  Its bigger than the bat Josh" she exclaimed.  "God that feels good"  She pulled forward and then slammed back taking my whole cock balls deep into her pussy in one stroke.  "NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN....fucking huge!" she screamed.  "Fucking shit...aaannnnnhhhh...nnnnn....aaannnnhhhhh...fuck my pussy Josh" Becky exclaimed

"Shhhh Becky.  Someone will hear and then we'll have to stop" I warned

"Nnnnnn...okay okay....just keep fucking me Josh" she said in a loud whisper.

I began to work up the pace slowly pulling way out of her pussy and then slamming my cock deep.  "Nnnghh...fuck that's fucking big...nnnnghhhh...filling my pussy...nnnghhh!" she kept up the commentary as I worked her pussy over.

"Are you ready for the dare?" I asked

Becky just nodded her head up and down.  I began by putting one finger into her waiting asshole.  I worked it around until I felt her loosen up a bit and then added another.  I kept this pattern up until I had four fingers buried in her ass.

"God that feels so good Josh.  The pressure on my ass and your cock in my pussy.  I love it!"

"If you love that you are going to love this" I said as I pulled my cock from her glistening hole and pressed the tip to her puckered ass entrance.  "Are you ready?"

"Yes fuck yes...I want it in my ass Josh" she begged

I started pushing the tip on her hole. She responded by pushing back.  I could feel her loosen to accept me but, it still wasn't working.

"You are still too tight Becks.  I have an idea"  I said as I rolled over onto my back.  "Get on my cock Becky" I instructed and she straddled me taking my cock into her pussy.  "Mike, get behind Becky and fuck her ass.  Don't cum until I tell you"

"Yes Master" Mike said with a huge smile on his face

Becky was so far gone into the sex acts being played out on her that she didn't even notice Mike referring to me as Master.  Mike got around behind Becky and began to press his cock on her ass pucker.  Becky was pushing back onto Mikes cock hard.

I whispered "relax" to her and she slowed her movements.  I could tell she settled down and within seconds Mike slipped past her entrance and into her ass

"Aaahhhh...fuck much cock in me" Becky said as she began to slam back onto our cocks buried in her ass and pussy "so my ass fucked with your huge cock in my pussy Josh.  Aahhh fuck...I'm gonna cummmmmm...annnhhh" she said as her climax approached.

"You can cum now Mike" I said.  No sooner had the words left my mouth than Mike stiffened and began panting as he released his load into Becky's willing ass.

"OOHhhhh...I can feel Mikes hot cum in my ass!  Feels so good and dirty.  I'm such a dirty slut...fuck...nnnnnghhhh....nnnnn...aaannnhhh cuuuuuummmmmmiiiiinnnnnngggg" Becky squealed out as her second orgasm of the night gripped her young voluptuous body.  Her huge tits began shaking and bouncing in my face.  The soft flesh triggered my own orgasm.  I pulled out and began to shoot my load all over between our bodies when Becky went rigid and fell on top of me smothering me with her huge tits.  I could hardly breath as I shot load after load between us.

Once I was finished I rolled Becky onto her side as she slept.  I looked around for something to clean up with and could only find Becky's gray panties.  I cleaned us up as best as I could and then got dressed.  Mike did the same.  He looked at me with wonder and awe like I was a God or something.

"You are the best Master anyone could ever have.  Thank you Master!"

"Ah Mike.  We're friends.  You earned this and you will get Ms. Stine someday too.  We will work on that this week."

"Thank you Master!"

"We better get her dressed.  2 hours is just about up"

"I can feel it master"

Mike and I got Becky dressed.  Her panties were soaked in our cum but, we didn't have any other choice.  Mike and I sat waiting for Becky to wake up.  Mike yawned and leaned over to fall asleep.  I was alone with my thoughts for a few minutes until both Mike and Becky began to stir.  They moaned a little and then sat up looking around a little confused.

"Well I think we got what we needed right Mike?" I asked

"Uhmmm...yes?" Mike said clearly confused

"We should be good now.  Thanks for your help Becky.  It was extremely good advice"

"Sure I guess.  I have no idea what I did to help.  I can't remember anything since coming up here. did I fall asleep?" She asked shifting back and forth obviously feeling the wetness of her panties but, too afraid to say anything about it. 

"You both did.  We were listening to some mellow music when we finished and you both fell asleep" I commented

"Hmm...well glad I could help then.  I'm' gonna get home.  Night guys.  Lets hang out again sometime" Becky said as she climbed out of the tree house.

"Nice girl.  Never really noticed her.  How come you don't try to date her man?"

"nah...she's not my type." Mike said

"Dude...any girl is your type" I joked.

"True" he said with a far off look

"I'm gonna get home.  Mom wanted some help before she goes to bed.  I'll see you tomorrow"


We climbed down from the tree house and went back through Mikes.

"Mike!  Is that you?" Mikes Mom yelled

"Yeah" Mike yelled back

"Where the hell have you been?  I have been looking for you.  You need to get up here right now mister and clean your room.  I don't care if you have friends over.  Get up here now you little turd!' She said

"I gotta go" Mike said as he headed to the stairs

"See ya" I said as I let myself out.  I was going to have to do something about Mikes Mom.

I drove the short distance back to my house and went into the kitchen to find my Mom, Dad and Sister sitting down at the table eating dinner.

"Josh!" Mom said "You're not too late" she said.  I picked up on the double meaning.  She was still in Trance.  Going on 3 hours now.  "How did the project go" she asked as she dished me up some dinner.

"A Success" I said with a huge smile

"Great!" Mom exclaimed

"What did I miss.  What project" Dad asked

"Just something Mike and I were working on. We were trying something out and needed Becky Sandlers help to get it just right.  She helped us work it out and then we hung out for a bit just chillin" I answered

"Good.  Glad to see you're working ahead and not afraid to get help when you need it" Dad answered. 


We finished dinner with some small talk and then I headed off to my room while Jackie went to hers.  I heard Mom and Dad come up the stairs and go to their room.  I snuck down the hall and sure enough Mom was giving dad some lovin.

"What's got into you?" Dad asked "It isn't Sunday Morning"

"Just feeling frisky tonight. Are you complaining?"

"I'm really tired babe.  I just want to get into the shower and go to bed" Dad said

What the fuck?  Mom is throwing herself at Dad and he is turning it down.  That guys is fucking crazy.

"Fine...go take your shower" Mom sounded a little dejected to me

I could hear Dad walk across the floor so I headed to my room.  I just sat down when I heard a light tap on my door.

"Come in"

Mom stepped into my room and shut the door behind her.  "Master?...We don't' have much time...You promised to Fuck my ass tonight" She said as she walked over to my bed and bent over

"I did, didn't I?.."

My life was Fucking AWESOME!....

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The story keeps getting more interesting, because there are so many possibilities of what to do with the song, and I'm looking forward to seeing where you take us next. I hope it's not ending any time soon, I have the feeling there are plenty of interesting scenarios left to visit and people to fuck  ;D

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