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The Song (Fm, fm, ffm, mc, fmm, FFFFm, mast, best)

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I woke feeling like the luckiest kid alive.  Lets face it...I probably was. 

Last night ran through my mind.  Mom my was insane.  She bent over my bed and looked over her shoulder at me and wiggled her ass right in my face as I walked over.  She spit into her hand and ran it over her ass crack inserting 2 fingers.  That had me hard instantly.  I rubbed the tip and slowly pushed my way in

"Fuck I needed this!" She hissed.  "Your Dad wouldn't give me any tonight"  She complained.  " good and deep Josh.  Fill Mommies Ass with your Huge Cock.  Fuck me harder baby" she commanded.  "That's good...fuck yes...make it quick.  Dad will be out of the shower soon." I pounded her ass harder than I ever had.  She was pushing back meeting me at every stroke.  "Fuck fuck deep.  Fuck me son...fuck my ass close." 

I reached around and grabbed Mom's perfect tits and began squeezing them pretty hard.  I pinched her nipples and rolled them between my fingers pinching and pulling them out to have them slip out and back.  "Yes...pinch them harder!  So fucking good! Ooonnnnhh...Yessss...fuck....yes...cumming....nnnnngh..nnngh...nnngh" she grunted out as her ass milked my cock.  I Came hard deep in her ass.

"Fuck Mom...cummmingg!" I moaned out as I filled her ass full of my hot cum.

"Yes baby...fill Mommies ass with your cum!...So nice!"  she swooned

I could get used to thinking about this everyday after fucking Mom every night...hmmmm...something to think about.

I still hadn't watched Moms video from yesterday.  I pulled up the video and hit play. I skipped the first part I saw yesterday.  Mom was standing in front of her bed grinding on her hand.  It didn't take long before she was looking at the ceiling moaning as her orgasm hit her.  It was pretty hot but, not great.  She basically did exactly as I asked.  No embellishment or creativity.  She was horny and rubbed one out in front of the camera.  End of story.  Although she then stayed horny all day and kept rubbing one out every 15 minutes or so until I put her into Trance again to pull her out of her horny state. 

I began to wonder if I could put a trigger phrase or something in play.  Like I saw a hypnotist do once.  I figured it was fake for sure but, it gave me a great idea to try.  It would be cool if I could say a certain set of words and it would cause them to get horny on queue.  How cool would that be?  I was eager to give it a try but, it would have to wait.  I had to get to school today.

I walked down to the kitchen to get some breakfast and found Jackie sitting at the counter eating some cereal. 

"Morning" she greeted

"Morning" I responded

"Where were you last night?"

"I was at Mike's working on a project"

"Oh yeah. Mom was all excited about that at dinner.  What was the project?"

"Just getting Becky Sandler to open up and help us.  We were successful" I responded

"The project was getting Becky to open up?  I always thought she was pretty nice to you guys.  Why would she need to open up?"

Shit...I have to remember that Jackie isn't always in Trance.  "Uhmmm...the project wasn't Becky." I lied. "We needed her to open up and help us.  She is nice to us but, doesn't help very often.  She's pretty shy around us most of the time" I covered

"Oh.  Well I'm off.  Peggy's Mom is picking me up to take me to school.  See ya" Jackie said as she headed out the door.

Mom came down the stairs dressed for her workout in tight fitting sports bra and short shorts.  She seemed to be getting more comfortable wearing less around the house than she has been.  Usually she would be a bit more covered up with a t-shirt over her sports bra.  She looked great! 

"Hey Mom...Looking good" I said

"Thanks Josh" she said with a smile.  "I work hard for this body.  I appreciate someone noticing it" She said a little perturbed

"Well you are noticed.  All my friends would die to see you looking like that" I complimented

"No they wouldn't. I'm an old lady.  I doubt they would want to see what I look like" She said insecurely

"Do you want to find out?  I can send a group text to my friends asking them if they want to see a picture of you in your workout clothes.  I'm betting there isn't one that won't respond within 2 minutes if not 30 seconds.  Just say the word and we can find out"

"Josh, you flatter your old Mom" she said blushing "Do you really think they would want to see this" she motioned to her body

"Yes. I don't think, I know.  I'm gonna prove it.  I'll send a text asking Mike, Jake, Billy, and Tom if they want to see a picture of you in your workout clothes.  If they say yes you have to let me take a picture of you and send it to them. Deal?" I said

"I don't know Josh.  What if they say no?" she worried

"We'll find out in a few seconds" I said as I hit send.

Ding, ding, ding, ding. They all responded within seconds

"See Mom" I showed her my phone

Mike: Uhmmm DUH...send it

Jake: FO dude.  No way you could get one so why ask

Tom: Yes please!

Billy: Fuckin A dude!

"Oh my.  What does FO mean from Jake?" she asked

"Fudge Off. Only not Fudge"

"He doesn't seem to want one of me"

"Yeah he does...lets have some fun.  Do you have any chores you want done.  Nasty chores?"

"Let me think...Oh yeah.  I need the garbage can scrubbed out.  It's super stinky"


Me:  What would you be willing to do Jake if I can get one?

Jake: anything

Me: I have to clean my garbage can out.  It's super stinky.  If you agree to do that job I will get a pic of my Mom in her workout clothes.

Jake: way she will let you take a picture of her in only her workout clothes.  No sneaky hidden shots though.  Has to be posed or no deal

"See Mom.  He's willing to clean your garbage can out for one picture of you in your workout clothes.  All my friends think you're super Hot"

Mom looked stunned.  She was thinking about it.  I could see the struggle going on in her mind. Should she do it or not?  Who would find out?  Would it matter?  It was only her workout clothes.  Everyone at the gym sees her in them everyday.

"Okay" she said "you can send them a pic of me in this"

"Really?  Are you sure?" I asked

"Yes" she said with a huge smile "I haven't felt this wanted in a while.  It feels good.  Is this a good pic?" She asked as she stood by the stairs and pivoted a little to show her body off.

"Uhmmm,.*gulp*...yes" I said.  I didn't get it.  I took her body yesterday but, she still got me hard with just a look and she wasn't even in Trance right now.  Just being playful.  Maybe that was it.  She was playful and flirtatious and fun.  I snapped the picture. "You look great Mom.  See?"  I showed her the picture.

"Hmmm...I don't' like that one...don't send it.  Try this" she went a couple of steps away and turned her back to me.  She arched her back sticking her butt out a bit and looked over her shoulder biting her lower lip.  Snap.  She turned a little and gave me a pouty lip.  Snap.  She faced me and blew me a kiss. Snap.  "How do those look?"

"If I send these they will get the wrong idea and think they can come over here to ogle you all day.  They will never leave you alone and try to get you to give them more.  Just stand over there and look normally at me"

"That's no fun.  Send those.  I like them and I can handle the boys" She said

"You're sure?  I don't want to have to kill them if they try something with you"

"They're just boys.  I can handle them" she said laughing.

"Okay...if you're sure" I said as one last warning



Jake: Fuck Me!   Your Mom is so fucking hot!  I want that so bad right now.  I'm gonna be late to school you shit!

Me:  Don't forget you need to come over and clean the trash can

Jake: Fuck...worth fucking worth it

Billy: Damn Dude!  Her ass is so tight!  How do you ever look away?

Me: Dude...Mom?!?!

Billy: Who the fuck cares with an ass like that

Tom: fap fap fap

Mike: Morning wood is back

Jake:  LOL

Me:  You're welcome.  Don't make this fucking weird though.  She's still my Mom.

"What does fap fap fap mean?" she asked

"It means he's masturbating to your pictures" I explained

"Josh! Really?"

"Yes Mom...told you all my friends think you're hot.  I bet you could get them to do anything you wanted if you just sent them some pictures or told them you would walk around in your workout clothes or bikini while they worked.  You would have to see their boners but, they would still do it"

"Josh!  Don t' say things like that to your Mother" she said laughing and smiling

"Okay Mom.  I have to head to school.  I will tell them to keep those to themselves and not tell anyone"

"Thanks Honey.  I needed that this morning.  Did you still want to come to book club today?  It starts at 3."

"Oh yeah, I forgot all about that.  Who's coming?" Could this day get any better?

"Just the regulars. Judy Jones, Cindy Brown, Lucy Waters.  I invited Mikes Mom but, I don't know if she will come.  There are a couple of others that come sometimes.  Not sure on them today though"

"Okay.  I'll try to be here right after school.  Whats the book you're reading?"

"We just started Fifty Shades" she said

"Isn't that a sex book?"

"Is it?" she said with a knowing smile  "I can't wait to see the preachers wife's reaction when she gets into the book" My Mom laughed.

"You're terrible Mom!  I'll see you later" I said as I walked out the door

I was bombarded by the boys as soon as I got to school.

Mike: How did you get her to do that?

Jake: You lucky SOB

Billy: Fucking A man!

They were all speaking at once

"Hey...guys...keep it down.  You can't show anyone those pictures.  This is a small town and word would spread fast making my Mom uncomfortable." I warned

Tom:  No worries man.  We won't spill it

"I told her you guys would probably do anything she asked if she sent you more pictures or if she was walking around in her workout clothes or bikini while you worked" I said laughing

All 4 of them just stared at me not laughing.

"What?" I asked

Mike: Are you serious?

Tom: Fucking A!

Jake: Will she do that when I come over to clean the trash can?

Billy: What does she want done and when...I'm there

I was like drinking from a fire hose with all of them talking over each other with excitement.

"Fellas.  I was joking.  I'm pretty sure this is a one time thing.  I think Mom is not getting appreciated by Dad right now or something.  She seems a little down sometimes.  Keep that to yourselves"

They all agreed as we walked into school.  I started to review my list for teammates and play things.

There was Jackie's friend Peggy that was already on the team.  They were both friends with Jenny Simons.  She was the third part of the little group that all hung out together.  Jenny was a cute little black girl with dark skin and dark eyes.  She had a dancers build and was one of the only Freshman to make the cheerleading team.  She had potential to be on the team.

Most of the cheerleaders were snobs.  They were fine to look at but, they didn't give guys like me the time of day.  I lumped them all in the playthings category.  Something to use for my enjoyment but, nothing more.  You know play things...fuck the shit out of them and let them go.  Do it over and over whenever I wanted.

I was deep into my little fantasy when a hand slapped down hard on my desk

"Josh!" I started and looked up into the eyes of Ms. Stine "I have asked you 3 times to answer the question.  Are you purposely ignoring me mister? I think that you are.  That will earn you detention young man" she said sternly

I stared back with hate in my eyes "Fine" I said defiantly

"Be here tomorrow after school for 2 hours detention.  Now pay attention" and she turned around to address the class

What a bitch!  She was definitely going to be a plaything.  I could now see why Mike wanted his reward to be her.  I will show her tomorrow what I think of her.

"Dude.  Where were you in there? Ms. Stine hates your ass man...2 hours detention for spacing out?  harsh" Mike said

"Yeah...I hate that fucking bitch"

"We hanging out today after school?" Mike asked hopefully

"No.  Mom has some ladies over for book club so today wouldn't be a good day to be around my house anyway.  Jackie is going over to Jenny's.  I will be stuck in the house with a bunch of bookworms"

"Yuk...that sucks!  You can come over to my house if you want.  We could ask Becky to hang out in the tree house again"

"Nah man.  I told Mom I would be home today"

"Okay...well see ya" and he walked off

I had nearly the exact same conversation with Jake, Billy, and Tom. They were all fishing for an invite to come check out my Mom in person again.  It was funny and annoying.  Mom was going to love this.

"Hey Mom" I said as I walked in the door

"In here Josh" Mom answered from the living room

I walked into the room to find Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Brown, and Ms. Waters sitting around the coffee table with my Mom.

"Hi" I said to the group

"Hi Josh" they all said in one way or another

"Are you joining us today" Mrs Brown asked

"If it's okay.  I'm trying to get to know more people in town and Mom thought this would be a good start."

"Awesome" Lucy Waters said "I've heard so much about you from your Mom at the gym.  It will be nice to finally meet you and get to know you for myself" she said with a twinkle in her eye.  She was a looker.  She obviously hit the gym as hard as mom if her shoulders were any indicator.  I guessed her to be about 5'5" and 130lbs.  She had on a baggy blouse so I wasn't sure on the size of her tits but, they couldn't be all that big.  Blonde hair and light blue eyes like cool diamonds.  She had an easy and genuine smile.  I liked her immediately.

"I hope it wasn't all bad" I joked

"Hardly.  Based on what she says you could light the world on fire"

I blushed a little "Mooom" I whined

"Oh Josh don't get embarrassed.  I get to brag on my kids.  It's what Mothers do.  Right Cindy?" Mom included Cindy into the conversation

"The best thing in my life is my children.  Just the other day Sara was voted player of the game! She was soo good" Sara gushed about her daughter.  "You know Sara don't you Josh? She's a Sophomore at the school."

"Sure I know Sara.  I say hi to her in the halls all the time.  I haven't ever really talked to her much though." I answered honestly

"You will have to. She is something special." she continued

"Quit trying to set Josh up with Sara, Cindy" Judy Jones quipped "I'm sure Josh has a girlfriend already"

" I don't" I said blushing again. 

"Oh, well then by all means, set them up" Judy joked.

"I'm not trying to set them up!"

"Alright you 2 settle down" My Mom called them to order

"What are you interested in Josh?  Do you like to read?"  Lucy asked

"I read a little but, I'm really into music.  I don't play all that well but, I love good music. I have a huge music collection. All kinds of music.  If it has a good beat I like it" I said

"Really?  I like music too.  Who's your favorite?"

"I like all the big ones, Maroon 5, Metallica, Lady Gaga...but, I really like unknown independent artists.  There are some great songs out there if you are willing to look for them."

"That sounds interesting.  What are you listening to right now?" asked Judy

"I've been listening to The Song. That's the name, The Song by an unknown artist.  I really like the beat.  It is a mix of different styles that blend together in a cool way.  Do you want to hear it?"  Here was my chance to see if it worked in a group setting.

"Sure.  We have time for that don't we Sue?" Cindy asked

"I don't see why not.  Let 'er rip Josh" she instructed.

I pulled out my phone and placed it on the table in the middle of the group.  I pulled up the song and made sure the volume was up.  "It starts a little slow but, gets better in a minute."

I hit play as they all sat around listening.  3 notes in Mom turned and smiled at me.  "this should be fun" was all she said and turned to look at the women around the table.  They were all listening intently.  I could see their breathing coming in shallower gasps.  The Base Drop.  Lucy was the first one up out of her chair.  She started swaying to the dance beat and began running her hands up and down her sides

"I don't think you should dance like that in front of Josh" Cindy said but sounded unsure of herself as she watched Lucy move to the music.

"Come on Cind...Loosen up will ya?  This song is making me feel like dancing so I am" Lucy said. 

"Do you have to look so sexy doing it though?" Cindy said nervously

"She does look sexy doesn't she Cindy" this came from Judy.  "I'm going to dance with her too" and she got out of her seat and starting dancing to the beat. 

"Wait for me" Mom chimed in as she got up and started dancing with the girls.  "Come on Cindy.  Come dance with us"

"Dancing like that is a sin.  It has to be.  It looks so sexy and Josh is right here" she hesitated for a moment and then stood up and started an awkward bobbing motion.  "I don't know how to dance like that" she told the girls. 

"We can fix that.  Come on girls lets get Cindy dancing for Josh" she laughed.

I just sat back and watched as the girls surrounded Cindy Brown and started to instruct her how to dance.  They were holding her hips and moving them around.  Lucy stepped behind her and placed her hand over Cindy's.  She started guiding her hands up and down her sides.  Starting from her hips up  her sides brushing the side of her boobs as they past and up the sides of her face and then back down.  This time a little closer to the middle brushing more of her tits as they passed.  I could see Cindy take in a shocked breath as her own hands brushed a good portion of her breasts.  Lucy whispered "now you try" as she stepped away leaving Cindy to her own devices.

Cindy began to run her hands up and down her sides as Judy grabbed her hips and was teaching her how to move them in a circular motion,  My Mom was dancing in front of her acting like a guide.  "just follow me Cindy" Mom said.  Mom could move sexy. She was using her hands to roam her body and dropping it low.  Cindy was doing her best to follow and was getting bolder as the song wore on.

"Am I doing it right?" she asked the group

"Sexy as can be Cind" My Mom purred

"Very nice" Lucy said

"I like the way you move Cindy" Judy chimed in

Cindy smiled and began to really get into it.  She closed her eyes and began moving her hands into better positions.  She was now cupping and pushing her tits as she moved her hands up her body and then running her hands down between her legs "Dancing is so much fun.  I really like this song" Cindy cooed.

"Me too" came from both Judy & Lucy

"Girls...I think we need to give my Josh a show.  He's been such a good boy lately.   What do you say?  Should we show him what we've got?"  She was the ring leader of the little group and my slave.  I didn't even have to ask and she knew what I wanted

"What are you thinking girl?" Lucy asked

"I'm thinking we should each perform a strip tease for Josh and he will judge us.  The winner will get a special surprise"

"Are you serious?  You want us to strip for your son?" Cindy complained

"Oh common Cindy.  Live a little.  Isn't that why you joined the book club?  A little escape and excitement from your day to day?" Judy pressed

"Yes but, stripping for your son wasn't what I had in mind.  Are you going to strip too?  He's your own son.  That isn't right" she insisted.

"Cindy, how do you feel right now?  Don't you feel good?  Don't you feel alive?  Don't you want to keep feeling this way?" My Mom asked

"I feel good Sue.  I really do.  I just don't think I can strip for your son"

"I will" Lucy said...I knew I liked her

"Just watch Lucy, Cindy.  You'll see how fun it can be.  So freeing" Mom encouraged

Lucy cut right to the chase.  She could move and a new song came on my playlist.  She began by lifting her shirt over her head and throwing it at me with a smile. She had on a small black lace bra covering her smallish B cup titties.  She turned around and twerked her ass right in my face for a second before hooking her thumbs into her waste band and bending over to pull her pants down revealing a matching black thong.  The string climbing right up her firm hard athletes ass.  My cock was stirring in my pants. The bulge was getting pretty obvious at this point.  "What you got in there big guy" she asked.  She turned around to face me and stared directly into my eyes as she reached behind her back and undid her bra.  It slid from her shoulders to the floor she pushed her hands up and cupped her tits squeezing them softly as she tweaked her nipples.  She reached down and dropped her panties.  She was completely bald like Mom and smelled amazing.  Lucy continued to dance for the rest of the song before bowing, ending her strip tease.

"I can do better than that" Judy said as the next song began to play.  Judy stood up and walked sexily toward me eyeing me the whole way.  She stood a foot in front of me with her legs a little wider than shoulder width apart.  She was looking down at me as she unbuttoned her blouse.  She pulled it open while rocking her hips from side to side with the beat.  She had on a red bra covering her C cup tits. she dropped her blouse behind her and reached between her breasts to undo the clasp.  It popped open revealing her lovely natural orbs.  They were swaying back and forth with the movement of her hips hypnotizing me.  She leaned forward and they hung directly in my face. I could feel the heat on my cheeks as she began to rub her tits all over my face.  She cupped her tit in her hand and presented it to me so I could take it into my mouth.  I gently began suckling on her tit and taking her nipple in my teeth "ooooooohhhhh...mmmmmm...thats niccceeee" she moaned softly.  She shifted to allow me access to her other tit and I began again "yesssss" she whispered. 

The song was ending and I wanted to see what lay under her skirt.  I pushed back slightly releasing her tit from my mouth and looked up into her eyes.  She looked back and knew what I wanted. She stepped back a little and lifted her skirt to show me she didn't have on any panties. She was going commando.  She was a sneaky one.  I was thinking she might need to be on the team.   She turned around and dropped her skirt before turning back around to show me the small patch of hair that sat atop her smooth vaginal lips.  "Do you like?"

"I Like very much" I said in wonder

"Fine. I'll do it" I heard to my left as Cindy stood up.  The next song began to play.  Cindy reluctantly stood in front of me.  She was looking anywhere but, at me.  She began to step side to side like kids in 5th grade do learning to dance. She was nervous.

"Cindy" I said "You don't have to do this if you don't want to.  You are a very beautiful woman though.  I have always thought you looked great.  I love your green eyes.  Will you look at me please?" I asked

Cindy reluctantly looked me directly in the eyes.  She shyly smiled at me and began to dance a bit more seductively.  "I like the way you move" I complimented.  She smiled bigger and moved her hands more "how do you feel?" I asked

"Scared but, good.  I have never done this even for my husband"  She lifted her t-shirt over her head.  She had on a very plain supportive bra.  It looked bad on her slim figure.  She moved her shaking hands down her body and undid her pants before slipping them down her long thin legs.  She was wearing panties that matched her bra.  Her lithe thin body looked very sexy but, the underthings looked like a burlap bag was wrapped around her body. 

I didn't want to make her feel bad though so I said "You are very sexy Cindy.  I can't wait to see all of you" hinting to get on with it.

Cindy reached behind her and unclasped her bra letting it fall to the floor. She had cute little A cup boobs.  They hung a little due to having children but,still looked good on her thin frame. She bent over and pulled down her panties.  She didn't shave.  There was a massive bush between her long thin legs.  She was self conscious about it and put her hand in front blocking my view

"Why are you hiding Cindy?"

"I have so much hair.  Not like the others"

"It's okay.  You still look very hot to me.  You have a great slim figure that makes me very horny" I answered honestly

She gasped at my admission and looked away again.  She walked over and sat down covering herself with her hands.  I began to wonder if her life so far had been so sheltered and structured by the Preacher that she was having a harder time letting go.

"That was awesome ladies, thank you" I said

"What about me?" Mom complained.  "I haven't had a turn yet"

"You're going to strip for your own son?" they all asked in shock

"Yep" Mom answered loud and proud 

Mom stood up and began to move in an extremely sexual manner.  She looked like she was going to shock these women to the core. She moved her hands all over her body squeezing and smashing her tits while pinching her nipples.  She would turn as she was doing this so the other ladies could see the show she was giving me.  She pulled her shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra to bear her glorious titties for our little group.  She kept massaging and manipulating her nipples for all to see.  She leaned forward and placed them directly in my face as she took off her pants and panties.  She slowly stood while running her hands down her stomach to her beautiful bald pussy.  She gave her clit a couple of circles and then turned around and proceeded to bend over with her perfect ass right in my face.  She looked at the other girls with a triumphant smile as the song ended.

"Okay Josh...who gave you the best strip tease" Mom asked as she sat next to her naked friends

"It was a 4 way tie" I said

"OH come on...someone had to win" Lucy complained "Don't you like my tight little body?" she asked

"You are stunning Lucy.  One of the prettiest women I know" I answered honestly to her delight

"Hey, what about me?  I let you suck my boobs mister" Judy said

"And they are some of the best boobs I have ever seen let alone touched and suckled.  You are every bit as pretty as Lucy just different.  You all are different and I like everything about each of you.  Cindy is so sweet and pure and her thin body makes me hard.  Mom has the best body in town and knows how to work it.  There is no way I could decide on a winner.  You are all so beautiful to me"  I was laying it on pretty thick.

"All right girls.  Josh is right.  We all win this round.  Now, who wants to see whats causing that huge bulge in Joshy's pants?" she asked the group to my shock and embarrassment.  I was starting to feel a bit like Magic Mike.  On display for all to see.

"I do" Lucy piped up

"Me too" Judy purred

"I don't know" Cindy hedged "It's not right to look at a mans thing" she said

"Don't you look at preachers thing" Mom asked

"Not really.  He usually just sticks in me for a second until he's satisfied and then rolls over to fall asleep" she explained

Crickets...the room went silent

"What?" Cindy said self conscious.  "What did I say?"

"Cindy, have you ever had an orgasm?" I asked

She blushed and hid a small smile nodding her head up and down "One time before I was married I put my pillow between my legs and humped it.  It felt so good and something happened to my body.  It got all tingly and I was shaking.  I liked that feeling but, my Mom caught me and told me I was never to do that again.  That I would surely go to hell if that happened"

"Fuck me.  I think Hell would be fine if that was the price for an orgasm" Judy said

"Cindy.  Do you think preacher is going to hell? He orgasms every time he is satisfied in you" I reminded her

"I know.  I just can't get  my Mom's words out of my head for some reason and Preacher doesn't care.  He thinks women are there to satisfy him and he doesn't need to satisfy us"

Shocked gasps left my Mom and Judy.  Lucy just shrugged her shoulders as she wasn't much of a church goer.

"How did you feel watching these beautiful women strip in front of you and me?"  I asked

"Tingly and warm.  I wanted to see them naked.  I like looking at them naked.  It makes me feel good all over.  I feel free without my clothes on to.  Now that I know you like us all equally I'm not as shy thinking you like their bodies better than mine" she admitted

"Cindy you are beautiful in your own way"

"Do I really make your thingy hard?"

"Would you like to see?" I asked

Cindy nodded her head in the affirmative.  I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans.  My cock was pressing against them pointed to the floor.  I lowered them and as the waste band of my boxers and jeans cleared my cock it sprung up pointing directly at the women on the couch.

"Holy shit! That's HUGE" Judy said

"Damn Son" Lucy said in gangster mode

"Oh My" was all that came from Cindy

Mom just sat there and smiled a knowing smile.  Proud to show off her son with the huge cock. "Nice huh?" Mom asked the group

"That is some serious man meat on that boy" Lucy was the crude one of the group.

"Lucy!" Cindy admonished "His thing is not meat, it's beautiful!" she said dreamily

That caused the group to laugh out loud.  Cindy looked around with a hurt expression at the other women.  I think this may have happened to her a lot.

"Thank you Cindy.  That is a very nice thing to say about" I said.  She turned her attention to me and smiled shyly.  "Come over by me Cindy. Since you think it is beautiful you get the first chance to see it up close"  That shut the other girls up as they watched Cindy war within herself before finally giving in and coming closer.  "Don't worry, it won't hurt you.  If you treat it right it will give you the most pleasure you have ever known." I bragged

"Oh no...I just want to look at it" as she licked her lips and bit lightly on her bottom one.  She walked right in front of me never taking her eyes off my cock.  It was lightly bouncing with my pulse as blood was rushing into my cock.  It was getting harder and standing a bit taller.  "Is that for me?" She asked with wonder.

"Yes.  I told you your slim body gets me hard.  The closer you get the harder I become"

"Should I stand back then?"

"  Come closer.  Get as close as you want.  You can even touch it if you want"

"NO!...No I can't do that.  I will just look" she was scared.  Her breath was coming in ragged gasps and her hands were shaky at her sides.

"Cindy, look at me" she looked me in the eyes "Relax, breathe.  You are safe here.  No one will ever know what happens in here today. Today is about letting go of all your inhibitions.  Letting your mind blocks go and following where your feelings lead you.  You are in control but you can do whatever you want and no one will judge you.  Do you understand?"

"I...I think so" she said on shaky breathe "No one will know?" she asked and turned around to look at the ladies who were watching closely.

"No one" the all said in unison

Cindy gave a slight nod of her head and turned back to look at me "Can I touch it Josh?"

"Whatever you want Cindy.  Follow your instincts and let go of your inhibitions.  Anything goes in this place"

She tentatively reached out and placed her finger tips on the head of my cock "It's so warm" she said and she lightly ran her fingers up and down the top of my shaft.  It felt awesome to have my cock tickled this way.  "So smooth.  It's soft and hard at the same time"  She turned her hand and gripped my shaft in her palm.  I sucked in a sharp breath and she released my cock immediately "What did I do?" she asked worried

"Nothing.  That felt so good.  I was just surprised when you grabbed it like that.  Don't stop.  Do whatever you want.  Can I touch you while you touch me?" I asked.

She nodded her head again as she gripped my cock and started to slowly stroke it up and down.  I reached out and placed my hands lightly on her shoulders rubbing up and down her arms for a second "that feels nice" she was starting to enjoy this.  I moved my hands flat along her arms and closer to her small boobs.  I brushed the sides of my hands on the sides of her boobs and she moaned "mmmmm"  Her eyes were glazed over and she was enjoying the soft sensations of my hands on her body while she gripped my cock.  I moved my hands past her arms to her sides and back.  I was still moving them up and down and around her soft skin.  I could feel her ribs as I ran my hands down her sides. She was so thin, a waif. "mmmmm I like that" she said as I continued to tickle her back lightly.  I ran my hands lower and lower and was soon tickling the small of her back making trips to her upper ass and back. "Mmmmm" she moaned.  I took that as my queue to keep going.  I slowly traced my fingers down her ass to the base and back.  I did this a couple of times and then I grabbed her ass cheeks firmly in both of my hands "Yesssss...mmmmm" she moaned.  I massaged her ass as I pulled her closer to me to get a better grip. 

There wasn't much space between us now and she rotated my cock to point up so we could get closer.  I leaned in and started kissing her neck "Oh God...mmmm" She tilted her head to give me better access and I licked her neck up to her ear taking the lob into my mouth and sucking "MMMMMM" she sucked in a sharp breath when my tongue entered her ear "so dirty but I love it" she cooed.  I looked past her at the women on the couch to find that all of them had their legs spread wide and were rubbing there clits and playing with their tits while they watched Cindy and I grope each other.

"Do you want to see how hot the other ladies think you are?" I asked as I turned her slowly around so she could see what the other ladies were doing

"Oh!" she exclaimed.  She turned her head back to me and whispered "they're playing with their whoohas. that's a sin" she said scandalized.

"Nothing is a sin today Cindy.  Watch them play with their pussies.  You are doing that to them.  They find you so sexy that they can't help but play with themselves while watching you.  Watch them watch you."

Cindy turned back to watch the ladies and she continued to stroke my cock behind her back.  I reached around and began to run my hands all over her body but, careful not to touch her tits or pussy yet.  I could see her nipples stick straight out.  She had longer nipples than I had seen before and they stuck out proud on her tiny little Mom tits.  I caressed her sides, her stomach, her hips, her thighs all while she watched the masturbation show going on before her.

"How do you feel Cindy?"

"Mmmmm so good.  I want to touch my Whooha too" she said

"You can do whatever you want remember?" I reminder her "you are safe here"

Cindy reached her other hand down between her legs and started to play with her clit.  She couldn't quite get the feeling she was looking for so she let go of my cock and reached her other hand down there.  I pulled her closer trapping my cock in her ass crack and began slowly grinding my monster up and down between her barely there ass cheeks.

"Mmmm...feels so good.  I didn't know playing with my Whooha would feel like this.  I feel all tingly and have butterfly's in my stomach...mmmmmm."

I slowly moved my hands up her stomach and cupped her tits into my hands "mmmmmm...yesss.  I like that Josh" She said sweetly.  I massaged them up and down and back and forth careful still not touching her nipples.  She began moving her torso around and move up and down with my grinding rhythm. I finally placed my hand directly over her tits smashing her rock hard nipple into her tits. " good." she moaned out.  "My Whooha is so wet.  I've never felt it this wet before.  It's so slippery"

"Put your finger in it like this Cindy" Judy instructed.  "Once it is in wiggle it back and forth like this.  That feels so good"  The Judy slowly pushed her finger into her wet pussy and began to wiggle her finger massaging her G-spot "Mmmmmm God yes!  I love doing that to myself when no one is home" she admitted

Cindy looked on in fascination.  She had never considered sticking a finger in her own pussy.  She slowly reached down and stuck her middle finger in "Ooooohhhhh" she said as it slip in easily on her wet juices.  She began to move her finger like Judy showed her and immediately started moving her hips to match her finger "Oooohh Judy.  You're right.  That feels so good!" she smiled at Judy as she continued to finger her G-Spot

"I like 2 fingers like this" Mom said as she showed us how she used 2 fingers to pound her pussy fast and hard making a smacking sound every time she hit home.  "Try it Cindy.  I bet you will like it" Mom said hopefully

"Okay.  This is so much fun!" she said elated.  Cindy put another finger into her pussy and then slowly pushed them in surprised at how easily they went in.  "So slick.  It's never like this when preacher does it.  Sometimes it hurts cause its a little dry.  This is so much better!" she said innocently.  She increased her speed "mmmmm...annnnhhh" faster and faster until she was pounding her pussy like Mom had.  " good" she said breathlessly

"Cindy, Try this" Lucy put 2 fingers into her pussy and used her other hand to circle her clit fast.  Then she would massage it hard from side to side and then spank her clit hard and fast "MMMGod...that feels so good" Lucy cooed "Try it Cindy.  I want to see your face as you play with your pussy like that"

Cindy didn't hesitate.  She already had 2 fingers in her twat so she reached down with her other hand and started circling her clit.  Her body jerked and spasomed involuntarily as she hit the nerve center in her clit.  Then she rubbed hard and fast from side to side for a second before spanking her clit hard and fast "Holy Mosessss...that feels good too.  Thank you all so much for showing me that my pussy can feel so good"

"You ain't seen nothing yet Cindy.  Wait til Josh gets you" Mom said with a smile

"What are you going to do to me Josh?  Will it hurt?" Cindy asked with trepidation

"No Cindy it won't hurt"

I pulled back slightly and stuck my cock between her legs.  We were about the same height so my cock slid perfectly beneath her soaking wet cunt.  I could feel her heat and her wetness cover the top of my shaft. "Can you feel that Cindy?  I want you to move back and forth on top of my cock"  She started moving slowly over my cock.  I could feel her pussy hair scrape up and down the length of my tool.  I reached around and pulled her pussy lips apart and placed them on either side of my gorged shaft.  She sucked in a ragged breath as the bare insides of her pussy met the smooth heat of my cock "mmmmm.  so hot"  She had big pussy lips and they flopped over the sides of my cock lubricating as she moved.  I grabbed her hips and helped her get into a rhythm

"Play with your tits Cindy.  Pinch your nipples so you feel good.  See the other women playing with themselves?  That is for you Cindy.  You are so sexy and hot.  You need to feel good and let go.  Be in the moment.  Let your body loose from your mind.  Cum with me Cindy"

Cindy reached up and pinched her elongated nipple hard pulling them out and stretching them away from her body.  Then grabbing her whole tit into her hand and squeezing hard.  "mmmmmmm" she moaned "ooohhh Jossshhh"  Her hips were picking up speed as she let go of her inhibitions.  "Yesss...feels so and slick...mmmmmm"  She took one hand and placed it over the head of my cock pressing it against her clit as she kept rocking her hips " dirty...I want it...I have to have it...fuck fuck fuck...I'm getting all tingly and whooha is aching...something is happening...whats happening..aannnhhh....oooohhhh nooo...annnhhh.  can't stopppp...annngghhhh...nnnnnnnnnn...OH GODD!!!!!!!" She screamed as her body was gripped in a powerful sexually repressed orgasm.  "NNNNNNNN...ANNNNNHHH...Oh God!" She screamed again.  Her screaming was pushing me over the edge.  I came in her hand as she kept convulsing on my cock.  I blew load after load into her waiting hand as she struggled against the Orgasm gripping her body.  As we both started to come closer to finishing Cindy stiffened up but I was ready and just sat back with her in my arms shielding her fall.  I sat in the chair holding Cindy in my arms when I heard other screams of Orgasm around me

"Holy fucking shit...nnnnn...annnh...annnh....unnnhh...onnnhh...nnnnnnnnnnnn" Lucy moaned out until she too went stiff and then lifeless on the couch

"fuck fuck fuck...yes...nnnnnnnn...god so deep...cock is so huge...annnh....nnnn....fuck....cummiinggg!" Judy screamed out as she convulsed on the couch as well.  She too stiffened and fell slack on the couch leaning on Lucy's shoulder.

"Well Master...that was fun" Mom said  "I always wanted to see these ladies naked.  They are beautiful aren't they?  Do you want to make them slaves too?  We could be your secret Harem." Mom suggested

Harem eh?  I liked the sound of that!

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"If you lick it, they will come." - Field of Creams

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“Hey Mom?  Does Lucy live alone?" I asked an idea forming

"I think so.  I can ask her for you so it doesn't seem weird.  Why do you want to know"

"I need a safe place to play.  We nearly got caught last night in Mike's tree house with Becky.  We can ask her when she wakes up"

"I hope they wake up soon.  We only have about an hour more to play before they would normally go home"

"Did you go Mom?" I asked

"No.  I'm saving it for later.  I wanted to watch you work the ladies first."

"Okay. What should we do when they wake up?"

"Whatever you want my boy"

"I want to know what the dirtiest thing they have ever done sexually is.  Pretty sure we already know that what we just did is it for Cindy but, something tells me Lucy is a closet freak and Judy could be hiding something too"

"Oh you dirty little boy" Mom teased "You want the dirt on us do you?"

I hadn't thought about asking Mom but, now that she mentioned it..."What about you Mom.  Whats the dirtiest thing you have done?"

"Besides let my own Son fuck my ass?" she laughed "In college I had a lesbian orgy in my Sorority house. 15 college girls buck naked in a room for 24 hours with only food and toys to entertain us.  There were so many tits and ass in my face.  It was heaven" she said dreamily.

"Do you want to do that again some day?" I asked seriously

She scoffed "Like I could ever do that again.  It was the best night of my life but, se la vi" she said forlornly

"Mom.  We could totally recreate it.  You just need to plan it and get every woman you want in one room together.  I will make it happen for you if you want."

"It's okay Master" she said sadly

I was going to make this happen for Mom if it killed me.  I would need some help though.  Mom's birthday was coming up in about a month.  That was going to be my birthday present to her.  I will need to get Jackie in Trance to help me plan and I will need to add Lucy and Judy to the team to help recruit women for the party. 

Cindy and Lucy were the first to wake followed closely by Judy.  They all looked around the room with confused faces until they saw me sitting with Mom.  They all smiled at us as if we were not sitting naked in the living room

"Welcome back ladies.  Mom and I were thinking and we want to know what the kinkiest sexual thing you have done is.  I think we all know that Cindy just did the kinkiest thing she has ever done right Cindy?"

"Y yes" she admitted shyly

"It was awesome Cindy.  You are so beautiful.  I loved watching you grind on Josh's monster cock.  It was so hot!" Judy said

"Th thank you.  It felt so good to be dirty like that and show you all my body" she admitted

"You can show me your body anytime" Lucy said  "So you want to know our kinkiest secret?" Lucy asked squirming.  She had a good one I was sure.

"Yes" I responded

"You go first Judy" Lucy said

"No way...You go first" she bantered

"I'll go first." Mom said.  "Josh heard this while you were all asleep.  W had a 15 girl orgy at my sorority house one night.  All 15 in a room with only food and toys for 24 hours.  Everyone had to spend at least one hour with each other learning how she got off.  It was the best sexual night of my life...until recently" she amended with a wink at me.

"What was that?" Lucy asked clearly catching Mom's wink.

"What?" Mom hedged

"That wink.  Is something going on here" she asked motioning between us "I mean I see that monster there.  I wouldn't blame you" Lucy said

Mom blushed andl ooked away.  I cleared my throat to pull the conversation back to me.

"Judy, you go first.  What is the kinkiest thing you have done sexually?"

"Oh Man...let me think for a second" she looked up contemplating what to say. "I guess the kinkiest thing I have done was shortly before I was married I wanted to experience a gang bang.  I asked a friend to arrange it for me.  We all had masks on so no one knew who the other was.  I had 5 guys use me every which way they could.  I had cocks in my ass, pussy and mouth at the same time while I jerked the other 2 with my hands.  No one was safe.  I wanted all of their cocks deep inside me.  I even let 2 of them stick there cocks in my pussy at the same time while another had his cock buried deep in my ass.  I came so many times I lost count.  I only remember never wanting it to end.  Once the guys each came 3 times they were done and couldn't go on.  I wanted more but, couldn't find any other guys where we were.  God thinking about that is getting me so wet" she said as she reached down to rub her clit, lost in her memories.

"Holy shit you slut.  Does your husband know" Mom asked.

"He was one of the guys.  He doesn't know I know but, he has mark on his cock that I recognized.  I have tried to bring it up but, he is such a square now.  Sex once a week.  Same time, same place, same position.  I just masturbate a lot now.  It's depressing" she said sadly

"Oh, I'm sorry Judy" Mom lamented "Dan is the same.  Sex on Sundays only these days.  He is too tired the rest of the week and plays golf on Saturdays with the boys"

"Sex on Sunday is a sin" Cindy said. She looked around the group and then burst out laughing.  Everyone joined her as the mood was lifted.

"Your turn Lucy" I said

"Uhmm...I did the gang bang thing once too.  There that's it" she said quickly

"Uh Huh...right.  You're hiding something Lucy.  Your secret is safe with this group.  Nothing leaves this room right girls" Mom said

Everyone nodded their heads and looked expectantly at Lucy who was squirming in her seat with nerves.

"Fine.  No one can know.  I'm not sure it's even legal.  God I can't believe I'm telling you this...Ahh!" she was nervous.  "You all know I live alone right?" Everyone looked around and shook their heads negative. "Well I do.  It can be scary as a single woman living on her own so I got a trained guard dog named Duke.  Duke is a good boy and makes me feel safe.  One night I came home roaring drunk and horny as hell.  I sat on my couch and stripped out of my clothes.  I was rubbing my clit with my eyes closed when I felt Dukes cold nose on my pussy sniffing.  I tried to push him away but, he kept sniffing my pussy.  Then he licked it"

Lucy was definitely making the team!

"He did not" Cindy exclaimed "That's not natural"

"I know but, I was so drunk and horny I didn't care any more.  His warm rough tongue was giving me the pleasure I was seeking so I let him keep licking my snatch.  It felt so rough and warm.  I pulled my pussy lips back to expose my clit and he hit the spot perfectly.  I came so hard that I passed out.  The next morning I woke with a massive headache to find Duke laying on the floor next to me.  I moaned and he sat up looking at me.  I was still naked as I began to try to remember what had happened the night before.  Duke whined at me telling me he needed to go out.  I got up and let him out to do his business.  He came back in and stuck his head directly into my crotch sniffing and that's when it hit me.  I remembered everything that I let him do the night before.  I pushed him away in disgust and made myself a recovery drink.  I thought about what happened in revulsion as I let the drink work it's magic.  I was feeling mostly normal as I got into the shower.   The warm water felt so good running over my body and I couldn't get rid of thinking about how good Dukes rough tongue felt on my pussy.  I was getting turned on thinking about it.  I was so conflicted.  How could I get turned on thinking of my dog licking my pussy?  What was wrong with me?"

"What did you do next" Cindy asked completely caught up in the story.  She had her hand between her legs slowly flicking her clit while she listened.  Her nipples were hard and sticking out.  Mom noticed to and moved to sit close to Cindy.  She leaned into Cindy's shoulder and Cindy didn't move away.  Mom reached up and started stroking Cindy's arm while Judy continued her story.

"I wanted to find out if something was wrong with me so I search sex between dogs and humans on the internet.  I found so much information about the subject.  I realized nothing was wrong with me. I was just different.  There are tons of people that have sex with their animals.  Mine happens to be a dog.  I saw pictures and read articles on how to best train a dog to be a sex partner.  I watched other video's of women being eaten out by their dogs.  I got so turned on that I pulled my towel off and began to rub my pussy while watching women get eaten out by their dogs.  Duke must have heard my moans because he came into my room then.  He whined a little looking at me.  I looked over my shoulder at him and turned my chair slightly opening up to him.  He didn't hesitate and came straight over sniffing and huffing at my wet pussy.  I leaned back in my chair and pulled my lips apart again.  Duke licked my pussy so long and deep.  I came 3 times while Duke sopped up my pussy juices.  I was soaked with sweat and pussy juice that I had to get in the shower again.  As I got up Duke jumped up and started humping my leg.  I told him to get down and he did but, he was whining like he was hurt.  That's when I noticed his huge dog cock sticking out under his belly.  I didn't want him to be in pain so I got down on my knees and reached for his cock.  Upon contact Duke began thrusting his hot smooth cock in my hand.  It didn't take long and he came on the tile floor.  I was in shock that I just did all that with my dog!"

"What happened next" Cindy asked breathlessly while Mom continued to stroke her upper arms and Cindy massaged her pussy harder.

Both Judy and my Mom were sitting with there legs open wide rubbing their clits as they listened to the story unfold.  Judy placed her leg over Mom's and began running her hand up and down my Mom's side.  Mom leaned toward her a little to get closer.  As she did Cindy followed keeping her contact with my Mom.  I had my cock in my hand stroking it slowly taking in the story and the show unfolding in front of me.

"I took another shower.  Still in shock that I just let me dog give me 3 mind blowing orgasms and I jacked him off.   Thinking about it in the shower was getting me turned on again.  I couldn't believe it.  I decided to take it all the way.  I had read about the basics of what to do so I decided to try it.  I got out of the shower and found Duke cleaning himself in my room.  I walked to my bed dropped my towel and sat on the edge.  Duke sat up looking at me. I spread my legs and called him to me.  He came trotting over and started licking my pussy again.  His rough tongue working me into a lather.  I slid back onto the bed and rolled over on all fours.  I reached back playing with my pussy right in Dukes face.  He jumped up on the bed and began licking my pussy again.  I could feel his tongue dive deep into my pussy seeking my juices.  I felt his rough tongue lick my asshole.  I rocked back and forth into his waiting face.  He took the hint and mounted me searching for my pussy.  He was humping and I could feel his hot slick cock rubbing against the side of my ass, then in my ass crack, then below my entrance rubbing my clit.  He couldn't find the entrance.  I reached between my legs and guided his tool to my entrance.  He thrust an inch in and started to hump faster but, in his excitement he pulled back out.  It took us a couple of tries but on the third try I was ready and as he thrust forward I pushed back and he buried his doggie cock deep into my pussy.

" nasty...fucking hot" Judy said as she reached out an tweaked Moms nipple

"Yessss...fucking dog hot...pinch them harder Judy" Mom said

Cindy turned her head to look at Judy pinching Mom's nipples.  "so hot" she whispered as her fingers began rubbing her clit faster.

Mom reached out and brushed across Cindy's nipple.  Cindy's sharp intake of breath was heard in the room as she rotated to allow Mom better access " one has ever touched me this way.  Keep telling us your story Lucy...what happened when Duke slammed his doggie thing into you?"

"I wasn't prepared.  Duke slammed into me and his instincts kicked in. He slammed his big doggie cock into my pussy so fast and hard that I came instantly.  I could feel his Knot pushing against my pussy trying to find entrance.  He pushed harder and faster until his Knot found its way passed my entrance and he began to empty his seed into my waiting womb.  I could feel the heat and that sent me into an endless orgasm that kept gripping my body"

"mmmmm...annnghhh...fucking hot...I'm close" Judy panted out.

Mom leaned over and flicked Judy's nipple with her tongue "Oooohhh fuck yes... suck it Sue" Judy demanded.  Mom took Judy's nipple into her mouth and sucked hard biting down on her nipple.  Judy's natural tits looked so good in Mom's mouth.  I could feel my own organs building slowly.  "Yess....that's it...bite it...nnnnnn....fuck...nnnn....nnnn...mmmmm...nnnnggghhh...cummmingg!" Judy bucked wildly on her hand while holding Mom's head in a vice grip against her tits until she stiffened again and lay back limp.

"Holy shit.  She came so hard that she fainted" Lucy said

"Do you want to cum that hard Lucy?" I asked


"Come over here" I commanded.

Cindy watched with wide eyes as Mom sucked on Judy's tits and now as Lucy walked seductively toward me.  Mom sat back up and began to massage Cindy's tits.

Lucy came and stood directly in front of me.  "Are you gonna make me cum until I faint Josh?"

"Yes" I said as I reached out grabbing her hips and pulling her closer.  I put my legs between hers so she straddled me.  I lowered her to sit in my lap.  Her smooth pussy made contact with my cock and she started slowly grinding against my shaft. " big" she moaned.  I pulled her to me and took her nipples into my mouth.  Gently suckling her hardening bud.  "yesssss...feels so good"  I circled her nipple and took it between my teeth lightly flicking the tip of her nipple with my tongue. "Ahhhhh"  She began sliding further and further along my cock grinding her clit into my hard member.

"Stand up" I instructed.  Lucy looked me in the eye as she slowly stood knowing what was coming.  I reached down and pointed my Monster cock directly at her soaking lower lips.  "Lower yourself on me Lucy" I instructed.  She began the slow decent onto my gorged cock.  She made contact with the tip and adjusted her angel just a little to take me in.  "are you ready?" I asked

"yessss" she said as she slowly took the tip into her waiting hole.  She took me a third of the way down before stopping "so big...your filing me up.  I don't think I can take it all."

"How does that feel Lucy?" asked Mom

"It's so big.  It feels so good.  I want more" Lucy raised up and then back down taking me inch by inch deeper and deeper until she was more the half way down my cock. "So fucking biiiiigggg...nnnnnn....fuck you're Huge goood"  She began to raise and lower trying to force me deeper into her wet cunt.  "You're hitting my womb.  So deep!"  she stood up nearly taking my cock out of her pussy and then slammed down hard on my cock.  I could feel it hit something when it stopped 3/4 of the way in. "Annnhhh...fuck.  I want it all.  I can feel it inside me filling me up."

"Just stay like this for a minute and let your body get used to it" I suggested

"How can she take so much?" Cindy asked my Mom

"You can to if you want" Mom said

"Oh no...I could never get something that big in my Whooha" Cindy warned

"Yes you can Cindy.  Can I show you something?" Mom asked her

Cindy nodded her head up and down and Mom changed her position so she could use her hand on Cindy better.  Mom reached down and began to rub Cindy's clit "ooooooo...that feels so good Sue...I like you doing that"  Mom moved her fingers down Cindy's slit to her entrance.  She pushed her finger into Cindy's wet hole.  "OH My God Sue...I love that"

Lucy was still impaled on my cock trying to get used to it.  She looked over her shoulder to see what the girl were doing.

"Do you want to watch them?  Turn around" I instructed

Lucy stood up and my cock fell from her wet pussy with a sloppy popping sound.  She quickly turned and then bent slightly at the waist to reach between her legs and grab hold of my cock.  She guided it to her pussy and sank back down "Oh My Goddddd" she nearly screamed "I can feel it rubbing my GSpot like this...nnnnnnnn.....fuck me Josh" she begged.  She began to raise up and slam back down " fucking deep" she was picking up her pace while we watched Mom finger Cindy.

"That is so hot Lucy.  I like seeing Josh's Huge cock in your Whooha.  Does it feel as good as it looks?"

"Better.  This is the best cock I have ever had in my pussy.  It's filling me up and I can't stop fucking it"

"Your looking good Lucy.  I like seeing you riding my sons Cock" Mom said

"I like riding it"

Mom stuck another finger deep in Cindy's twat "OH OH MY" Cindy exclaimed.  Mom got bold and stuck a third finger in Cindy's wet pussy.  "'re stretching my pppussy.  It feels good.  Keep doing that.  I want more.  I feel all stretched out...I love it" Cindy was getting worked up. "is that how it feels to have Josh in you Lucy"

Lucy didn't hear Cindy.  She was lost in her wild ride on my cock.  "I need it...more...deeper" she was panting out as she was grinding her hips back and forth trying to get me deeper.  She was almost there when she leaned slightly forward and my cock slipped the full length in "AAAAAhhhhhhhh...oh deeep....fuck yes" She exclaimed.  She started grinding my cock back and forth faster and faster "uunnnnnhhhh....unnnnhhh...annnnh...nnnnnnnnnn....yes...fuck yes....nnnnnn....cummming....nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!" She cried out as wave after wave gripped her body.  Her pussy was milking my shaft as she jerked with every wave of ecstasy that hit her.  She stiffened and fell back on me with my cock still buried in her tight hot pussy.

"Did she cum?" Cindy asked  "You made her cum so hard she fainted didn't you?  Can you do that to me too?"

"Sure Cindy.  Let me come over there"  I said as I slid my cock from Lucy and placed her in the chair.  I walked over to Cindy and got on my knees between her legs.  Mom had 4 fingers buried deep in Cindy's pussy trying to stretch her out for me.  "Let me in Mom.  Lets see if she is stretched enough"  I guided my cock to her entrance and pushed the tip in.  Her long pussy hair was getting in the way a little.

"Ouch...that's pulling my whooha hair" Cindy said

"It's okay.  We can pull it out of the way.  Let me help" Mom said as she reached down and spread Cindy's large pussy lips to the side along with her pubic hair.  This was so hot for me to watch Mom playing with another woman while I fucked her.

"Rub her clit Mom"

"Yes Josh"

Mom began circling her clit and flicking it back and forth.

"Mmmm...yes...that feels so good Sue.  I like when you do that and Josh is so big.  I can feel him filling me up"

"I only have the tip in Cindy.  Are you ready for more?"  I pushed further into her wet cunt

"AAAHHHH...nnnnn...fucking huge...filling me up....fuck me Josh....nnnnnn...aannnnhhhh" she was screaming as I slowly pushed in and out of her pussy.  "I feel it again...nnnnn...tingling in my whooha...butterflys....nnnnn....annnh....uuunnhhh....nnnn" she was now thrashing out of control on the couch as I tried to hold her in place so she wouldn't pull out.  I pushed again harder this time getting half of my cock into her pussy "FUCKKKKKING HUGE" she screamed.  I was worried that the neighbors would hear "Your splitting my pussy in two...nnnnn...yess...hurts so good....AANNNNHHHHHHHHHHH" she screamed "Fuck me you Mother fucker.  Jam that Monster cock in My Cunt.  Fuck me hard Josh...I need it bad....fuck me hard boy...just fuck me now!" she was out of her mind.  I started pumping harder and harder as deep as I could go " close...fuck me bad boy...fuck me harder"  I really gave it to her then.  I pulled back and slammed my cock in her pussy as hard as I could going balls deep in one thrust "FUUUUUUCCCKKK" she screamed as her body started to jerk uncontrollably.  Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she spasmed on my cock.  I could feel her pussy contracting around my shaft trying to milk my cum.  Suddlenly she just fell limp.  She didn't stiffen up but,j ust fell lifeless on the couch pulling my cock from her as she sank down.

"Is she okay?"

"She's still breathing...shes fine Son...It's my turn" Mom said with a glint in her eyes.

"Yes Maim" I said laying down on the floor

Mom straddled me and took my cock balls deep in one thrust as she sat fully down on my shaft.  "OH god!  I've been waiting for this.  Watching you fuck my friends has me so turned on I can hardly stand it"  She raised up and slowly lowered herself time and again working up to a nice pace.  I expected her to do that again but she circled her hips with my cock inside her "Yessss" she moaned as she kept up the mix of up and down and around.  The swirl had me getting close

"If you keep that up I'm gonna cum Mom"

"Me too...lets Cum together"

She picked up her pace and started rubbing her clit at the same time.  "nnnnnn...annnh" she moaned out.  "yes yes...fuck yes...nnnnnnn" she was getting closer.  I was in awe watching my Mom's perfect body ride me this way.  Her tits glistening with sweat and her bald pussy working my cock like a fucking porn star.  That was it...I was done.

I sucked in a huge breath trying to hold out "I'm gonna cum Mom....arrrghhh...nnnn...cummmingg" I said and started to pull out.

"Cum in Mommies pussy Josh" she said keeping me buried deep.  I felt the first jet of cum shoot deep into Mom's wet pussy.  "NNnnnnnn...I can feel your hot cum in my pussy hot...annnh...unnnh....fuck....yessssssssssssss" Mom hissed out as her own Orgasm hit.  I was driving my cock as deep into her cunt as I could as I shot load after load into her waiting hot box.  "You're filling me up baby.  fill Mommies pussy with your cummmm" she moaned as her orgasm continue to shake her body. 

Mom collapsed on top of me exhausted. We lay there for a minute catching our breath and then began laughing.

"That was fucking insane Mom" I said "I can't believe I just got to fuck Lucy and the Preachers wife while you watched.  And Judy is hot as hell!"

"That was incredible wasn't it Master?  Can we put them all on the team?" she begged

"Lucy for sure.  I need her place to take others and I want to see her with Duke.  I'm not sure about Cindy and Judy though.  I think it will be too risky since they're both married.  I think we should just play with them from time to time."

"Okay" she was a little dejected 

"Lets get them dressed and back into their seats before they wake up.  Ask Lucy to stay after the others leave so we can add her to the team"

Mom and I worked together to clean them up and get them dressed and back into their seats around the table.  We waited about 5 minutes before Judy woke up looking confused.  "Did I fall asleep?  Sorry what were we reading?"  She looked around to see Cindy and Lucy still sleeping as well.

Cindy was the next to wake "Mmmmm...such dirty dreams" she moaned as she was waking up

"What was that Cindy?" Judy asked "Did you say you had dirty tell" she teased

Cindy turned 4 shades of red in embarrassment "Sorry.  I shouldn't have thoughts like that.  It's sinful"

"Ah a little" Judy teased again

Lucy moaned and then snapped awake looking around the room stunned "W..wwhat happened?  Did I fall asleep?"

"You all drifted off as I was reading.  Josh and I finished together" she said with a knowing smile.

"What time is it?" Cindy asked

"5:30" Mom answered

"Oh goodness...I'm late to get dinner on.  Preacher won't be happy about that. I need to go home now.  I have so much fun at these things I don't want him taking them away from me" she said all of that as she was grabbing everything and walking out the door.

"I better get going too" Judy said.  "Next time keep me awake" She admonished Mom

"Yeah you later" Mom said as Judy walked out the door

"What are you up to now Lucy?"

"Just headed home to feed my dog" she answered with a little smile

I hit play on The Song and turned it up.  After the 3rd note Lucy turned to me "Master?..."

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When are we going to start reading about a few belly's swelling

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Sadly this may be the last Chapter...for a while.  If life slows down and I have time again I will continue the story.  I have some ideas but, don't currently have the time  :-*  Enjoy


My Harem was growing nicely.  I now had Jackie, Peggy, Mom, and Lucy initiated.  Mike was a handy addition as well.  Life was good!

After Lucy was in Trance we took a trip to her place.  We lived in a small town so imagine my luck when Lucy's house is literally half a block down the street from the school!  This was perfect for a playhouse.  She had 2 bedrooms and a nice living room. 

When we entered the house Duke began growling at me.

“Duke!  This is Josh.  He's our friend” Lucy comforted Duke.

“He's pretty protective huh?” I asked

“Only to people he doesn't know”

“Will that be a problem when I bring people over?  I mean if your not here is Duke going to rip me apart?” I asked with some trepidation.

“Well, he is a guard dog and we have a pretty special connection” Lucy said with a smile.

“Hmm.  This could be a problem.  I can't have girls leaving here after being attacked by Duke.”

“I can teach you his commands so he will listen to you” Lucy suggested “I use something a bit different so only me or someone that knows my commands can control Duke.  It was something I read somewhere as an added layer of safety.  You know?  So some stranger can't just come in and start commanding my dog around” She explained.

“Cool.  Lets get started” I commanded

Lucy instructed me on all the basics with Duke.  After about an hour he was starting to listen to me.

“Duke...Suck it” I commanded.  Duke sat.  I still couldn't believe some of the commands Lucy came up with. 

Lucy let out a huge yawn.  I noticed the time and we were a little over the 2 hour mark.  I wasn't ready to go yet though so I pulled out my phone and hit play on The Song to reset the clock. 

As the first strings began to play Duke howled out and began pawing at his ears.  That lasted until the Bass Drop.  At that point Duke sat up perfectly still solely focused on me.  I looked at Lucy “what just happened?  Have you seen Duke do that before?”

“No.  That was strange.  Duke, Bite me!” Lucy gave the command to come.  Duke looked at Lucy then me then Lucy then me.  It was like he was asking for my permission to go to Lucy.  I nodded my head once and Duke ran to Lucy and sat at her feet.

Did I just control Duke?  Did The Song work on animals?

“Lucy, I think The Song may have put Duke in Trance like it did you.  Let me try something.” I said as I went through all of Duke's commands.  He performed them flawlessly and without any hesitation.  When I was finished I walked to the couch and Duke was right by my side.  As I sat he sat on the floor next to me.  He was acting as my sentinel.  “I think he likes me Lucy”

Lucy just laughed “I guess you don't have to worry about bringing people over.  Hell, he listens to you better than me now.  Just don't ever give him the command 'fliberjibit'” she warned

When Lucy said fliberjibit Dukes head perked up and he stared directly at Lucy and gave a little whine.  He started shaking a little and his dog cock began to grow.  My guess was that was the command for him to mount Lucy.

“Lucy, you said it.  You can't leave him wanting like that.  Take off your clothes” I instructed.

Lucy smiled big and stripped as fast as she could.  She really did have an incredible body.  Petite but, firm and strong.

“Damn Lucy.  You are so hot!” I complimented

“Thanks Master” she said as she was looking at Duke.

Duke began panting and whining more as Lucy got on all fours in front of us.

“Fliberjibit Duke, fliberjibit” Lucy commanded.

Duke whined and looked at me and then back at Lucy with longing.  I reached out and tapped Duke on the head once and he was off.  He circled Lucy sniffing and bouncing with excitement.  He made his way to Lucy's pussy and began licking “mmmm...good boy Duke...lick Mommies pussy boy” Lucy was getting lost in the pleasure coming from Dukes attentions.  “I love your tongue Duke!”  She moaned. 

I pulled my pants down and began stroking my cock while watching the show play out in front of me.  Lucy turned and saw what I was doing and she turned so she was facing me.  She reached up and started stroking my cock for me while Duke continued to lap at her pussy. “Do you like what you see Master?” Lucy asked

“Fuck yessss” was all I could get out.

Lucy scooted a little closer to me and took the tip of my cock in her mouth and began swirling her tongue around the tip.  “mmm” I moaned as she started to suck with abandon.  She took as much in her mouth as she could while using her hand to jack me on the lower part of my shaft.  It felt amazing!  I lifted my head to see Duke looking at me.  I gave him a quick nod and he swiftly mounted Lucy.  They must have been doing this for longer than I thought because Duke found Lucy's entrance quickly and began to jack hammer her pussy hard!

“mmmmffff” Lucy mumbled around my cock. “Oh fuck yessssss.  I love being used like this.  I'm a little doggie slut with my dog in me and your cock in my mouth.  So fucking dirty.  I love it.” She exclaimed and then went back to sucking my cock.  The combination of seeing Duke hammering Lucy and the way it impacted how she was sucking my cock put me over the edge.

“I'm gonna cum Lucy”

“Do it!” was all she said as she sucked faster and harder

I sucked in a big breath as my orgasm built to the breaking point.  “AARRRGGHHH...CUMMMING” I bellowed out as my cum exploded in Lucy's waiting mouth.  She was ready and began swallowing as much as she could all while getting absolutely pounded by Duke.  As the last shot of jiz left my cock I could see Duke push harder and then begin small convulsions as he shot his load deep into Lucy's pussy.

“Yes Duke...fill Mommies pussy.  Stretch it wide with your knot. fucking big...I love how it stretches my pussy.  Mmmmmm....annnnhhh...nnnnnnn.  CUMMMINNGG!!!” she screamed out as she started bucking against Dukes knot.  “Gooooooddddddddd boyyy Duukkkee!” she squealed out as her orgasm subsided and finally ran its course.  “Holy Fuck that was a good one.  I really like it when you watch me fuck Duke Master”

“I like watching you fuck Duke Lucy.  We may have to do that again soon” I said as I sat up a bit more.  Duke had come off his mount but was still connected to Lucy.  “how long do you stay connected?”

“Sometimes a few minutes, sometimes a little longer.  This is my favorite part.  I love feeling his huge knot stretching my pussy.  I can feel it pulsing.” she said as she reached between her legs and started circling her clit.  “'s so hot...I can feel it throbing....mmmm...nnnnnnn...God I think I'm gonna cum again...mmmm..nnnnnhhh....yep...feel so dirty with you it cums Master...yes yes fuck....mmmmmm...cummmmiinnggg!”

Lucy began to buck on Dukes knot again.  I could hear the pop as Duke slipped free of Lucy's tight pussy.  Lucy rolled on her side in nearly the fetal position as her orgasm continued.  Watching her squirm on the floor in front of me completely naked was hot as hell. 

I was thinking I would take another turn when my phone rang.  Mom...shit.  What time was it?


“Josh.  Where are you?  You missed dinner” She admonished

“Sorry.  I'm at a friends.  I'll head home now.  I'm just down by the school”

“Hurry home.  It's getting late and it's a school night”

“K.  See you soon” I said as I hung up  “I've got to get home”

“UGH! I was hoping to get the Monster cock in me tonight Master” Lucy whined

“Sorry Lucy.  Mom isn't in Trance any longer so she won't do anything I ask.  I promise to come back though.  I want to try something with you.  I'm going to give you a trigger word to use when you're not in Trance.  When I say the trigger word I want you to feel uncontrollably horny and find a place to masturbate in private.  I want you to film it on your phone and send it here.  Then erase it and go back to your day as if nothing happened.  Do you understand?” I asked

“Yes Master.  Whats the trigger word?” She asked

“Lovely Lucy.  Any time you hear me say Lovely Lucy you are to do as I instructed while not in Trance.  If this works we will amend the instructions from time to time.”

“Yes Master.  I really wish you didn't have to go” she said depressed

I looked at my phone for the time.  It was 8:45. Lucy had some time left and I figured Mom wouldn't get on my case too much if I was home by 9.  We lived 5 minutes away.  That gave me 10 minutes.

“Tell you what.  I have exactly 10 minutes for you to do anything you want to me but, I warn you, I will be out the door in exactly 10 minutes so you better hurry”

Lucy's face lit up as she got on her knees directly in front of me and began sucking my cock with abandon.  She had a great technique and had me hard in under a minute.  She pulled me onto the floor and had me on my back.  She stood and squatted down taking the tip of my cock inside her.  She looked me dead in the eye with a sexy smile as she slowly sat down on my Monster until she hit bottom.  She did that 2 more times “So fucking huge!” she whispered out “stretching me out...feel you in my fucking huge!”  Lucy picked up her pace bouncing up and down on my cock.  She leaned forward and began a rocking motion that was insane.  “mmmm...yes...nnnnnn”

We were at the 5 minute mark and Lucy was riding me hard.  She was moaning “mmmm...yesss.  I don't want this to end.  I want your cock in my pussy everyday...annnnhhhh”

I heard something and looked past Lucy to see Duke sitting watching use fuck in front of him.  I could see his dog cock sticking out and he was panting.

“Duke, fliberjibit” I commanded to Lucy's surprise

“What are you doing?” She asked

“You'll like it” I said as I felt Dukes fur on my legs as he tried to mount Lucy.

Duke was searching but I was in his normal place.  I pushed Lucy up by the shoulders to give Duke a better angle.  Duke was sliding his cock between Lucy's ass cheeks.  I reached around and guided Duke to Lucy's sweet little ass pucker.  Lucy lurched forward at the contact but, then slowly slid further back.  Placed the tip of Dukes cock at her ass entrance and his thrusting did the rest.  As soon as the tip of his cock entered Lucy he slammed the rest home and began his jack hammer of her ass.

“AAAAHHHHH... FUCK...UUUNNNGHHH...FUCK FUCK FUCK...GOD THAT HURTS SO GOOOODDDDDD!” she screamed out as her orgasm took hold and wouldn't let go.

The combination of Lucy screaming while cumming and feeling Dukes cock on the other side of Lucy's pussy walls sent me into orgasmic bliss instantly “Holy shitttttt....cumminnnngg!” I said as I shot load after load deep into Lucy's pussy. 

Lucy looked me in the eye and said “You are the best Master.  Thank you for making me cum harder than I ever have before.  Your wish is my command.  Anything you want you can have.  I Love you Master”

“Err...thanks Lucy.  You are so fucking hot and nasty I'm sure we can come up with all sorts of things to do together and with friends.”  I said while finding my phone to get the time “Shit...I have to go.  We took longer than 10 minutes.  Mom's gonna be pissed.  Good night Luce” and I ran out the door.

Love?  Oh man.  I hope that doesn't become a problem.  Sure I wanted to use these women but, they needed to have normal lives as well.  Maybe she will only love me while in Trance.  I sure hope so at least.

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When are we going to start reading about a few belly's swelling

Not really my thing but, you bring up a good point that has spurred some ideas ;D