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Stowaway (UA, Mf )

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on: December 11, 2020, 06:10:47 AM
Let's start with the Disclaimers.

The Disclaimers:

1: This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often cause deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

2: The author gets diarrhea of the keyboard.  Meaning this started off as a quick thought. And well it left that behind on page twenty.  More is to come but I thought I'd see if there was interest in what comes after page 20.   

3: I am not a professional writer. In fact, most of my colleagues at work would be surprised I can put two words together into a sentence. So I will give you a version of my standard warning.
For people that think the grammar is bad or I have misspellings, Donate to my cause and I'll use the paid-for version of Grammarly. Otherwise, do you have any idea how hard it is to get a friend to edit your erotic stories? Hell, they are usually too busy beating off to edit. Plus this is some raunchy stuff, and some of my friends are good Southern Baptist, it would blow their minds to know I can think up this twisted of a tale.
OK, you have been scrupulously advised so if you are still reading it is not me it is you. Please do comment though. The only way I get better is to know the good and the bad. If you are only going to be ugly, fuck off and keep it to yourself. Constructive critiques are what I’m after.
And, if you truly think any of this reflects the author’s views on other people, fine.  Just know you never know what is in other peoples’ minds and hearts, only your own. 

Now the story
The Stowaway (UA, Mf)
By HppyHrryHrdn
Copyright by the author. Permission is granted to archive, repost, or publish in no-cost or low-cost archives, periodicals, anthologies of this type of material if unaltered and attributed to the author.

Chapter 1: Meeting

It has been some years since this occurred, so now I can tell my story. My name is John Wick, yes like the guy in the movie. The really crazy thing is we have the same type of job. Anyhow this started when I was moving to upper Montana for the solitude it afforded. I figured I needed it for the job, and the lack of nosy neighbors would be a plus. In 1979, there weren't cell phones or powerful computers making it easy for the government to track you or issue Amber type alerts.

I had my nondescript Chevy station wagon (think crossover for you millennial's and younger) and behind it was an enclosed trailer. The trailer contained all the items that if need could be left behind if stop by the police was likely. The trip from Tampa and the Army's special operations unit at Fort MacDill all the way to Montana was a long drive requiring multiple stops for the night in cheap hotels and comped casinos. The temperatures had gone from a balmy seventy to twenty-eight degrees when I reached Montana. The dramatic temperature change was expected when I got there. The fact there were two people in the car when I arrived at my new home was not.

Evidently, sometime during my last day of driving I unknowingly got a stowaway. I found the uninvited hitchhiker after I had dropped the trailer over by the shelter where most of the items in the old box on wheels would reside permanently. I opened the back gate of the station wagon and started removing my luggage and the few personal possessions I owned. As I lifted on the cover over many of the suitcases, I saw a pair of feet and some very shapely calves. Seeing the feet I quickly pulled the cover away from the legs. They and the girl they were attached to, scrambled backward until she was tight against the back seat in a tight ball. What I saw before she hid her face behind her drawn up bare legs was a blonde-haired blue-eyed girl who looked terrified and unsure of where she was. I'd no idea when I picked her up or how she ended up in the car but there she was with me in the backwoods of Montana far from anybody. Just to make things even stranger the girl was in a skimpy bikini. I could see almost all of her in the small coverings. There were strings around her waist and around her rib cage that I could only guess went to small patches of fabric since I couldn't see anything but strings from the way she was balled up in the fetal position. I was standing in snow that crunched under my boots and this unknown female was fairly close to nude in the back of my car.

Her attire or lack there or made me think she'd been in the car hidden since I left the casino in the morning. I wondered when she had gone to the bathroom or if she had sneaked out when I'd stopped at different diners or if she was like many a truck driver and just peed in a bottle. The last one was unlikely since I'd have smelled it. The blasting out of Rush and Floyd had made it easy for her not to be heard.

After the initial shock wore off I said, " What are you doing in there?" She said nothing but balled up tighter as a response. "Ok, how about we try would you like to get out now? I'm going no further and I really don't want a frozen dead girl in my car in the morning." I think it was the calm way I said it that had her raise her head and look at me. She was very young and that was coming from me, and I was barely twenty-seven. Her cute round face was a bit drawn with fear but otherwise was absolutely adorable. She had high cheek-bones and a button nose that drew my attention away from the hint of natural dimples she had even at that moment. Her baby blue eyes had a sparkle to them also despite the fright that likely came from looking around and seeing nothing but me and the forest. Her blonde locks were not matted from drying with pool water and not being able to brush it out. It was a tangled mess from hiding under a heavy cover, however. I held out a hand to the girl, as a way of assisting her out of the car. When I did she again put her head down and curled up tight again. This time it came with a squeak. Looking back on it now she was like Alley Sheedy in 'The Breakfast Club' if Alley had had strawberry blonde hair and brilliant blue eyes

I took a couple of steps back from the tailgate putting suitcases on the ground making it easier for her to extricate herself from my vehicle. When she didn't move towards the exit after a couple of seconds I picked up the suitcases and took them to my new home. The previous owner had sold me the small cabin site unseen and somewhat furnished, but I digress. Stepping back out of the house I saw the girl climbing out of the car's tailgate. As she climbed out I noticed her nicely curved ass and the white bikini bottoms that barely covered each of her buns and were only a few shades paler than the skin covered. The girl's creamy thighs were slender yet were toned from exercise or great genetics. She hesitantly slid on that absolutely gorgeous tiny ass putting her bare feet into the snow. As she stood she got up on her toes and spread her feet like in her mind it would reduce the cold on them. What it did do was make the front of her bikini bottoms more prevalent. The front covering covered most all of her pussy. The thick labia were obvious as she stood shivering in the snow. Under the thin fabric, her blonde wisps of pubic hair were sticking out in all directions. Above her bikini's bottoms, and the expanse of flat stomach with its small oval indention, her bikini top covered two small nicely formed tennis ball-sized breasts whose nipples were obvious in as equally thin material. The parts of the 5 foot 8-inch lithe teen that wasn't covered by material too small for its intended purpose were covered with goosebumps.

And while despite her young age she looked sexy as shit though her being in a bikini in the snow's of Montana was odd. But if this finding strange bikini-clad women and girls in my car were going to be an everyday occurrence I was going to love Montana. More than likely it wouldn't, and she had gotten into my car that morning outside of the casino, after all, it had an indoor pool. Finally out of the car with snow on her bare feet did she ask, "Where are we?"

I had better questions for her, "Who are you? And, what are you doing in my car?"

She refused to answer either question but instead stood her body covered in goosebumps, shivering from the cold. It was then I was able to truly evaluate her body without staring, like some letch. I saw the pale skin that had it not been covered with goosebumps would have been smooth and flawless as only a young teenager can be. It covered a body that was sleek and slender with a slight hourglass shape. Her hips had begun widening and her chest broadened in proportion with their small tits that protruded barely out over a tiny waist. I would like to think that her figure was a function of long strenuous fucking but age and appearance said differently. On a closer look, her appearance was that of somebody who had not been eating nutritiously for months. I again asked her, "Who are you?"

Behind the blue eyes looking at me, I could tell the girl was debating if she would give me her real name. Her blonde hair and blue eyes I guess made it an easy thing to say, Cheryl Ladd. At the time, Cheryl Ladd was one of the most popular actresses around. So it made sense she'd pick blonde-haired blue-eyed actresses as her namesake. If she didn't want to give me her real name, I'd let her get away with it, figuring at some point she'd give me her real name. I looked at her and her well-formed body getting colder and colder as she didn't try to run or get away from me and asked, "Where were you headed? And why did you get in a car, when you had no idea where it was going?"

She looked around again her arms now across her chest, I think more to keep her warm than hide her tits, and had composure enough to say, "I need clothes. Could you please get me some? And then I'll be happy to answer any question you might have. But can you really get me something to wear I'm freezing?"

I hated the idea of getting her clothing, considering her nubile teenage body and long legs were absolutely sexy. I told her, "I'm new to the area. Like today is my first day here. So it may take a minute to find something since you were sleeping on everything I own." I walked into the small house and she followed at a safe distance. In one of the suitcases, I dug out a spare set of sweats and socks. She quickly covered her goose-bump covered body and cold white feet once I handed them to her. I found firewood left by the previous owner and started a fire. She moved deeper into the room to get warm by the fireplace. Letting the girl warm up a bit I finally said, "OK, you said you would answer my questions once you had clothes. You have them, and I hope you are getting warm. But now you get to answer my questions. What were you doing in my car? And do you even know where you are? Do you care? And where did you think you were going?"

"I thought I was going to Florida. That is where your car tag is from. But it is obvious that is not where we are." She said rubbing her hands together in front of the fire.

"No, you are just outside of Chester, Montana. Now, don't you think I should know your real name so I can contact your parents and let them know where you are? And set up a way to get you back to them." I said trying to be a responsible adult.

"My name is Cheryl Ladd." She insisted. The rest of her answer surprised me as it was nothing I was expecting. "And I think I like Montana or any other place you want to take me as long as it is far away from my stepmom and brother."

"So you live with your stepmom and brother?" I asked, wondering about her mom and dad but not wanting to pry too much and have her stop talking.

"I did. I don't anymore." She said more confidently than anything else
 she had said.

"I see. You look a little young to be on your own. Can I ask how old you are?" I questioned.

"Sure, I'm 16," she promptly said. I looked at her long and hard not accepting her answer and she finally broke down meekly changing her answer, "Ok I'm 13."

 "So, why is the 13-year-old running away from her stepmom and brother?" I inquired.

Her answer was short, "Because I had to get away from them."

The good thing for her was in the late '70s and early '80s, the internet wasn't around at that point. And, as long as Cheryl kept giving me a fake name and wouldn't answer where she was from there was no way for me to return her to her stepmom and brother. I threw her an MRE and told her, "I'll be back after I finish unpacking the trailer. I'll have more questions for you when I get back."

She frowned at the possibility of more questions but ripped open the packet of food smiling as she did so as a thank you. And her smile was enough of a thank you for that moment. She was thoroughly adorable her blue eyes twinkling and dimples denting her cheeks. I could've forgotten I was trying to be a respectable human in my private life and thrown her on the floor ripping off all my clothes from her body so I could fuck her long and hard and no red-blooded male would've faulted me for it.

Instead, I left her alone with her packet of grub and went to unpack the trailer. Every time I looked over at her through the window, I saw her watching me unpack with a special interest. Most of the trailer's contents went into the small shed behind the house that the previous owner had built as a bomb shelter with a heavily padlocked door. I came back in after emptying the guns and other equipment into the shed. Cheryl surprised me yet again when I came back, "Are you making an S&M dungeon of the shed?"

I was surprised a 13-year-old girl would even know what an S&M dungeon was, "What in the world makes you think that?" and why she thought I'd answer the question truthfully was another matter.

She answered, "I saw you carry in lots of chains and handcuffs and something that looked like a whip and multiple head coverings as you took in also your guns. What is it with having so many guns?"

I wasn't happy the girl had seen so much of my work equipment being put away. I wasn't sure what would have to be done to keep that information private. Or, if it was a good idea for the knowledge to be walking around free in a 13-year-old girl I didn't know. Her sweet looking face and bright smile had returned in the warmth of the house's fireplace. It made me give her a few days. I'd see what she did with the information and how she handled my answer, which was pretty straightforward. "It's none of your concern."

She looked at me with my buzz cut and the stern way in which I responded and promptly she dropped the subject. In the silence, I again ask her, "Where is your home? Maybe whatever you thought you had to leave was blown out of proportion while in the middle of it. Now that you've had some time away it doesn't seem so bad."

"No, it is still bad. But if you have to know, the wind blew me into your car and out of Kansas. I like that I'm not in Kansas anymore." I assumed she was lying about Kansas but liked the "The Wizard of Oz" reference.

Yet no matter how I liked the reference, it really was a non-answer. I politely laid it out for her, "I have to trust you. And I don't trust people in general. Doing so can get me dead. So if you want to stay on the green side of the grass, please start answering my questions fully. I don't mind you staying if that is what you want to do, as long as it doesn't make trouble for me, and you answer honestly when I ask you something. Because I'm not asking out of curiosity. Me not knowing where you want to avoid is likely to bring trouble."

My laying it out for Cheryl might have been a little blunt. She'd already gotten a view of my many lethal items and likely knew I could pose a threat to her security. That and my explanation of her lack of forthrightness made her back away slightly closer to the fire. I said, "You really have nothing to be concerned about if you answer my questions truthfully. And I let slide the Cheryl. I think it fits you. But you need to decide how and where you end up." I think the how and where she would end up concerned her, as it should have.

It was that concern I believe is what got me the answer I was looking for the next time I asked, "So one last time...where are you from and where were you hoping to go?"

After a long awkward silence with Cheryl looking at the fire, she answered crying slightly, "I'm from outside Denver. And don't know where I'm going. But I won't go back there. I would rather you shoot me with your guns out there than go back." She started crying harder. It was obvious she had no plan for where she wanted to end up, or what she'd do when she got there.

She retracted from me initially, I put my arm around her trying to console her and comfort her fears. Her whole body stayed tightly wound ready to spring free if she felt she was in danger. Sensing she felt somewhat uneasy with my arm around her shoulder I said, "It is OK you're not in any danger from me." I was speaking only about that moment and I believe she knew that also. Hoping to help in releasing some of her tension I said. "You know you haven't once asked my name."

From the crook of my arm, she asked, "So what is your name?"

"Cheryl Ladd. So you can imagine how surprised I was when a strange girl ended up in my car with my name." I joked hoping to have the tears go away.

She half giggled as only a thirteen-year-old girl can. "Seriously...I understand the guy that owns this place requires truth-telling."

I made a surprised face looking down at her beautiful face still streaked with the last of her tears, "In that case, my name is John Wick. You can call me John, or God or Lord over everything. I don't care which."

My joke fell very flat. And she again had the look of someone ready to bolt from my consoling touch. The change was so severe I had to ask her, "Why is a pretty thirteen-year-old girl was running away from her stepmother and brother. You obviously didn't have a plan on where you'd go. And where are your real parents?"

The tears in her eyes weld up again and she left my arm for the hearth and her knees being pulled up like when I first saw her. This time she didn't give me a false answer. The crying and despair on her face were very real. I left her to her crying and sat in a chair across from her waiting. The waiting paid off. She began, " My real parents died. Mom died giving birth to me and dad," she began crying harder. " He died about six months ago. He was rushing home for my birthday when his car was hit by a truck."

"I'm sorry to hear about your parents, " I said even though it sounded lame. "But your brother and stepmom can't be all bad."

She wiped her eyes, "Ryan, that's my brother. He is 2 years older than me. He used to be nice and sweet but not anymore. My step-monster, Sheila, has never really liked me. She only put on a show for dad."

Not understanding I asked, "What do you mean your brother used to be nice and sweet?"

"Before dad died he'd look out for me at school. He made sure anyone not being nice to me was beat up. He would walk with me into school and protect me when Sheila was on the warpath. But not anymore." Cheryl was forlorn at the change.

"So what changed?" I asked not knowing the flood gates I was opening.

She studied me for a second her eyes still gathering new tears, "Sheila got him a fake ID and he started going to bars and clubs and even having sex with her within two weeks of burying Daddy. I mean I guess any boy would like having sex with her. She is pretty and only twenty-eight." I was astonished her stepmom was only a year older than me. "As soon as they started Ryan wasn't as nice pretty much immediately. And Sheila who had always tolerated me no longer even tried acting nice towards me. And Ryan didn't say anything to her and instead always sided with her."

I said, "Yeah most 15-year-old boys will do whatever a woman asks to continue fucking her." Realizing my language I apologized, "Sorry about using bad language. I should have said making love."

Cheryl was getting less sad and was getting a bit angry, "It is OK I've heard that before. And no, fucking is the right word. You see daddy didn't have much insurance so when Sheila started spending most of it on drugs and booze she involved Ryan as well so he didn't object to her going through the money Daddy left us so quickly. I think that is why she started fucking him. At first, they only did it when I wasn't around. She'd make comments like 'your brother is a good lay I wonder if men would think you were one also.'

After a week of sort of hiding having sex from me, they started doing it when I was home with the door open and Ryan moved into her room. She'd scream and holler while having sex with Ryan unlike when she had it with Daddy. It wasn't long before they would get nude in the family room and start fucking. I always went to my room before they got fully naked. Sheila said I was being a prude. And that Ryan had a nice dick, and as the man of the family I shouldn't think of it as nasty.

Shortly after that, I heard Sheila talking to Ryan that I'd said disrespectful things to her about their making love. That I thought it was a slap in the face to our father. He got mad at me and wouldn't listen when I said I hadn't said that. Sheila said he should punish me for being disrespectful to her. She said he should spank me. So he did.

The first time he forced me over his lap and spanked me through my jeans though Sheila said he should do it on my bare bottom. She started throwing out my clothes around then. She always replaced them with stuff that was too small or short. When I complained she'd again have Ryan spank me for being ungrateful. I always fought him but he is bigger than me. After the fifth or sixth one, he started pulling my pants down and spanking me on my bare butt.

A couple of times I felt him get hard underneath me while doing it. And Sheila kept working on separating us. She'd begun saying it was rude for me to leave if they were having sex. That I needed to learn what it was. A couple of times while still naked Ryan spanked me for leaving while they had sex. Those times his stiff dick would poke my hip while he beat on my butt.

One day when I came in Sheila was on all fours on the floor her tits hanging down swinging as Ryan shoved his dick up her butthole. They were grunting and groaning and their bodies slapped together so loud I thought I could get to my room unnoticed. But Sheila happened to look back when telling Ryan to twist her nipples harder and rub her clit when she saw me. Once seen, I couldn't leave unless I wanted to get spanked. So I was stuck there watching Ryan's dick go in and out of her asshole. I don't know if Ryan has a big dick or not but I can't imagine having all five or so inches of his penis in my ass over and over.

When they were done and Ryan and Sheila had both grunted loudly and hollered about cumming, Sheila said to him it was a shame he couldn't do that to me. But lots of guys would pay good money to be the first ones to put their dicks in my ass. Probably more than they would for taking my virginity.

I don't know how long she'd been talking to him about selling me to guys, but Ryan didn't seem to reject the idea out of hand. Later I heard her talk about selling me permanently to some guy. Ryan objected to that. She said he was probably right they could make a lot more money by selling me over and over, but I first needed to be trained and she needed to find the right clients. I didn't understand what she meant by that.

But again she suggested to Ryan that I would like the new choker necklace she had gotten for me. It was what my friend, Anna, called her dog's come to Jesus collar. It was silver and had sharp prongs. If you pull on it, it stabs the prongs into your neck. See." She turned her head and lifted her hair showing me small scars along her neck.

"At first I refused to wear it. Ryan spanked me a lot for that. Man, did my butt sting at first. I hate to say it but after a while, it kind of felt OK. Like when a tooth is coming in and you bite on the sore gums making it hurt but feel good at the same time. When he got tired and I still refused, Sheila said I should go naked at home until I would wear it all the time. And while at school I was allowed to wear only short skirts with no underwear and fairly see-through shirts without a bra, not that I have much in the way of tits.

The outfits got me an instant reputation at school as a slut. Guys that used to think I was a prude were now asking me out or flat out saying they wanted to fuck me. Ryan only prevented them from actually fucking me. When guys put their hands up my skirt and touched my pussy he said nothing because Sheila said I was a slut and sluts like being touched no matter what they claim. And he believed her. So for the last four weeks at school last year, I've had guy's hands on my pussy and ass all the time. Even one of the female teachers grabbed my pussy and put her hand in my shirt and played with my nipples.

At home, Ryan had gone to doing the same thing, though he didn't have clothes to contend with. I had given up and put on the collar but even so, Sheila said sluts and bitches don't need clothes. So I didn't get them back. I hated not wearing clothes at home at first, but I got used to it. And it wasn't so bad, in fact, I kinda liked it, all except for Ryan then began constantly rubbing and grabbing my tits. He liked pinching and pulling on my nipples when they were puffy, making them harden. It felt good sometimes but he never asked me he just grabbed them. He did the same to my....”

I helped her out saying, “vagina.”

“Yeah that. Sheila and Ryan always called it a cunt or pussy though. Anyway, he also ran his fingers through my vagina's flaps. That felt good most of the time when he hit my bump or rub on it in circles as I do sometimes. He never did it long enough to make my legs wobbly or make my...vagina you called it...drip out pee that isn't pee. Sometimes he put his finger in my hole a little way until it hurt. Sheila always scolded him when he made it hurt. She said he was gonna ruin my value.

Ryan also started getting naked almost every day. But he spanked me pretty much daily for something. He mainly did it because he'd come up behind me and give me a bear hug. While hugging me I could feel his penis rub up and down between my …oh hell you don't mind if I call it a pussy do you?” I shook my head no shocked at what I'd heard so far. “So his penis would be big and standing up and he rubbed it through my pussy flaps. Sometimes he did it from the front too. When I fought to get away which was pretty much every time his hand slapped my butt or he'd put me over his knee and spread my legs so he could spank my butt and my flaps. He was rubbing along what Sheila called my coin slot since it was going to be her money maker the first time he spurted on me. He'd pulled me down onto his lap while sitting on the Lazy-boy and was sliding penis through my pussy's split when his penis shot his gooey stuff on me. Soon he was doing that lots, squirting his gooey stuff on my belly and titties. Other times he'd do it just walking up to me after Sheila had got him to where he'd yank up and down on his penis a couple of times shooting his stuff on me. That always made Sheila extra happy.

Sheila was really mad about that. She said he had to be more careful with his toys or they will get ruined and not be worth anything. Later that week Sheila said all bitches have their own bowls. And she put all my food in a silver dog bowl she'd bought for me. She also put a leash on the collar saying I needed a lead. And she also wanted me crawling on the floor on all fours when she or Ryan was around. I fought doing that until I don't think my butt could hurt any worse. Sheila had also started slapping my tits instead of my face since no one outside the house would see my tits.

Ryan's birthday was just after school ended. And Sheila said since I had no money to get him anything I would be his present. She pulled out a small silver mushroom looking thing with a tail attached. She said the little metal thing was so skinny no one would ever know I'd had it up my butt. She told me to bend over so she could put it in. I didn't and she wanked hard on the leash attached to my collar forcing me over the back of the couch. She said it was summer and no one would see the makes since my friends were no longer allowed over and I couldn't leave the house. She finally forced the silver thing into my butthole. It made me feel like I had to poop. And when she let me up the tail hung out of my butt and between my legs. But then she made me go back to crawling around. She said I was the perfect bitch now ready for breeding.

When Ryan got home he laughed hard at me saying I made a good dog. He then pulled on my tail. Sheila told him not too hard or it would come off. She told me if it came out I had to put it back in. It never failed when I had it in Ryan would always pull too hard and pull it out of my butt, so I had to put it back in. When I didn't he spanked me with the end of the leash. Anyway it was his birthday, and Sheila had been sucking Ryan off anytime he wanted her to but being his birthday she said, I should suck him, as the other part of his present, and not just then but from there on out I would take over that duty. That I needed to earn my keep. And that blowjobs wouldn't ruin my value, if anything knowing how to give one would increase it. She yanked me over to Ryan's dick and told me to suck it. He just sat there grinning, still high on the coke she'd given him. When I defied her demands she pulled on the leash until I couldn't breathe and blood trickled out of the prongs.

I guess my passing out made her stop pulling and she wrapped her lips around Ryan's dick instead. I had come around before she finished sucking on his penis. After he'd shot his stuff into her mouth she told me I was slut and toy for her and Ryan. And the sooner I learned that the better. That food and electricity cost money and I was going to earn my keep. And if that meant sucking my brother fine, but more likely it would mean she would rent her toy out to the highest bidder for him or her to play with it however they wanted. And until I proved I was contributing the only food I'd have was dog food.

When I started crying Ryan said, 'Oh quit being a baby. It's just a dick.' I think that is when Sheila came up with me wearing a diaper. She said all summer I was to wear a diaper like a baby. And I couldn't use the toilet only the diaper. And that she or Ryan were the only ones that could take it off. And Ryan would wash me when I pooped or when my diaper needed changing. When Ryan can down from his high he seemed Ok with Sheila's plan. The next day she bought big clothe diapers and baby bottles. And later he played with my pussy and asshole every time he changed my diaper or switched the diaper for the tail. They decided which I was to wear when. He didn't say anything when at dinner she put the bowl on the floor, while they sat at the table. I was pretty much guaranteed to have the tail in then.

But the diaper was his favorite since that is when I got the bottle. Sheila had cut the bottom out of the short bottle and cut a big slit in the nipple for Ryan to put his penis through. The first time he put his penis through the rubber nipple Sheila told me to go drink my bottle. I think that was the worst beating I got up to that point but I didn't have to put Ryan's penis in my mouth. The next morning he was in the kitchen again with the bottle on his penis. Sheila again said babies need their morning bottle.

I didn't want to hurt more so I put the rubber nipple and his penis between my lips. I thought that would be enough to make Sheila happy and then I could have some of my dog food, I was hungry. But she said I had to suck on the bottle and get the milk out of it. So I sucked on the nipple and Ryan's penis. It filled only a little of my mouth as about only an inch past his mushroom stuck out of the end of the rubber nipple. He grabbed my hair and while I sucked he made me go up and down as Sheila did. He told me to use my tongue on his head, which was what he called his mushroom. I did and that is when it jerked in my mouth. I got scared and quit sucking on his penis and the nipple. That's when he sprayed his goo all over my face. He had hit my chin a couple of times when he'd walked up and shot his stuff on me. But this time he hit me on the nose and got some in my eyes. Getting boy stuff in your eyes burns. It also got all over in my hair.

Sheila was really mad at me for not swallowing Ryan's stuff. She wouldn't let me wipe it off my face or out of my hair with a towel. If I did wipe it off my face I had to use my fingers and then lick the gooey stuff off. Plus she took the bowl off the floor so I couldn't even have the dog food. So the next time she said it was time for a bottle I sucked on the nipple and Ryan's penis sticking out of it. He again told me to rub my tongue around his head and lick over his pee hole. At first, only a little stuff came out of his pee hole. It was kinda gross. It felt a little slippery on my tongue and salty.

But when he pushed my lips against the rim of the bottle and his penis jerked a flood of the gooey boy stuff came flooding out into my mouth. It tasted funny and just a little more gross than the other stuff but was a lot thicker and came out fast in a burst that I tried swallowing, but some dribbled out the sides of my mouth. Sheila wasn't happy about that but she was happy enough that she put my bowl back. Which was good because I was getting really hungry.

I had to take the bottle three times a day. And after the first two times, Ryan began playing with my titties while I nursed on the bottle. And like all the other times when he rubbed or played with my titties, sometimes it felt good and I didn't mind the bottle since my pussy would get wet and feel good. The other times he'd just twist my nipples and make them hurt. After a while, Ryan did away with the plastic bottle and rubber nipple and his penis alone was considered the bottle for feeding time. The first time without the nipple he stuck it so far in I choked a little when he hit the back of my mouth. He really pulled my hair then forcing me up and down. And when he shot his stuff he had forced his slit far in the back of my mouth so I didn't taste much of it. But by then I was used to it and even kind of liked it.

That went on all summer and when school started back up my clothes were way too short since I'd grown some over the summer. Even my titties had gotten bigger so the clothes that were too small the previous term were way small. And all my former friends that I wasn't allowed to see thought I had become a complete slut. Ryan one day had made it a point to run his finger through my flaps so Anna could see. He told her she could do it if she wanted, that I liked it. She just called me a slut and never talked to me again. All the girls whispered behind my back but always loud enough I could hear. They said I was a nympho. I had to look that one up. I'm not a nympho, I've never fucked.

So skipped school a lot not wanting to be made fun of. When I did and Sheila found out she made me stay perfectly still on all fours while she put her feet up on me, or rested her plate on me like I was her table. But the worst was when about a month ago she caught me skipping and she had a guy with her. She didn't have the money on her for the drugs she wanted. So she told the guy he could play with my tits and I'd suck on his penis if he gave her the drugs. He said he wanted to fuck me for them but she insisted on only me sucking him. That and I'd wear the tail while doing it. She made it clear to me if I didn't suck the guy's penis and swallow his stuff choking would be the least of my worries. He agreed to what she said and that was the first guy other than Ryan I sucked.

Sheila said I was now earning more of my keep and put some chicken in with my food. And every time from there on out that she needed drugs I'd suck off some guy and swallow his stuff or they'd shot it in my face, or hair, or on my titties. Some she let play with my tits and a couple got to rub on my flaps but none got to touch my holes. One tried but she stabbed him in the arm. When I told Ryan about Sheila having me suck on other guys' penises he said that is what sluts do.  So, what was the big deal?” Cheryl teared up a little when she relayed what her brother had said, but she soldiered on.

“I guess the only good thing about it was I got extra meat in with my food on those days. And after a while, most guys' stuff tasted the same. It wasn't something I'd want on my ice cream if I ever got any but I wouldn't turn down ice cream with it on top.

It was three days ago I heard Sheila and Ryan talking after he'd fucked her butt and pussy. She told him she had two rich guys lined up to bid on taking my virginity. I don't know why guys really want to take a girl's virginity. Is putting a penis in a pussy really that much better the first time than all the others. And what is the big deal with putting their penis in a pussy in the first place? I mean it can't suck like a mouth or lick around the head which the guys really liked.” Cheryl's saying that made me sure she was truly a virgin since there wasn't a non-virgin around that would make that comment.

Cheryl seemed determined to finish her story despite the tears she had built up in her eyes. “So Sheila told me, we'd go to the casino and I'd model for them. And then we'd have plenty of money for a real kick-ass party. She really meant she and Ryan. And then early this morning she and Ryan forced me into the horrible second-hand see-through bikini that is way too small.

She said she was letting the two men she had lined up get a look at all of me before they started bidding. Whoever paid the most would get to fuck me as many times as they could over twenty-four hours. But only my pussy and mouth. That my asshole was off-limits. And if they broke that rule ten thousand dollars would be charged to their credit card. She told me I'd do whatever the men said to do since after the twenty-four hours I'd be coming back to her. And if she heard I hadn't done as told she'd make not just me but Ryan regret it too.

You know, by that point I didn't care what she did to him. He'd spanked my bare butt lots and during my spankings, his slaps hit my pussy. For months I'd been eating kibble on the floor. I'd been forced to pee and poop in a diaper and when not doing that had a dog's tail. He'd run his finger and penis between my flaps even when I told him not to and to stop. He'd made me suck on his penis in my mouth and shot his stuff. Worse he let strangers do it and didn't say anything but they weren't allowed to fuck me. But, he even put his finger in me until it hit my hymen a couple of times. So if he wasn't going to stand up for me I saw no reason to stand up for him. I found an opening and ran for it. That was how I ended up in your car."

When she finished her tale she again broke down and sobbed. The crying wracked her slender body as tears poured from her eyes. I went and wrapped my arms around the tall but sleek teen, making sure my hands went nowhere near any erogenous zones. We stayed that way until she was done. After which I said, "I won't make you go back. And just say the word and there won't be a back to go to."

Cheryl seemed to put two and two together and come out with four, "No I don't want them dead. I just won't go back."

"Ok, but my offer doesn't expire or give you cart-blanch to do whatever you want. You can stay as long as you like and it doesn't put me or you in jeopardy." I said again making sure she understood the rules she was living under. The good thing looking back on it is it was the late 70's and it was easy for her to just drop off the face of the earth. And, the area of Montana we were in being so sparsely populated it would be easy for her to hide in plain sight. Plus I couldn't imagine Sheila and Ryan telling the police that the thirteen-year-old girl had run off in a bikini of her own will without having a really good explanation. I can't imagine any explanation that'd be good enough to be believed.

The next couple of weeks Cheryl just hung around the house while it snowed outside. During that time, I found out she had known the words dick, cock, pussy, cunt, and the rest of the usual sexual terms but on the day of her explaining her past she didn't want me to think she was a slut or whore. What I didn't think but knew was I needed to get her back into school after Christmas which was fast approaching. But was unsure how I would pull that one off without some kind of records for her. So I went to work on getting those. But I was sure that she couldn't go to school every day in my sweats not wearing underwear. She hadn't asked me to buy any and I saw her toss the bikini she met me in, into the fire. She'd wore my sweatpants and sweatshirts for clothes while helping me around the house making it somewhat livable. Being a guy I really didn't care much about drapes, pictures, and those kinds of things. She, on the other hand, would make suggestions of different decorations that could be put up around the house. I told her after Christmas when everything was on sale we'd do some of her suggested upgrades. Unfortunately, the house had only one bedroom. So, Cheryl slept on the couch out near the fire while I slept in the single bed in the only bedroom.
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I guess I should have said at the start of this story, the sex in it will be sporadic and peppered through the tale.  And like many of my stories, it won't be a quicky.  Anyway, I thought I should let you know. The world, you, as I am assuming someone is reading this.

So enjoy the next chapter and let me know what you think.
Chapter 2: Christmas

The first hint of Cheryl's attraction to me and wanting me to be attracted to her was when we went finally into town. The whole place was done up for Christmas with wreaths on every other telephone pole and lighted snowmen and Santa's on the others. Brightly colored lights hung high over Main street, and businesses had sprayed white snow on their windows.

She needed clothes to replace her signature outfit of my baggy sweatpants and a sweatshirt. Plus she had been going without underwear the whole time. Once in town, we found the selection wasn't great as she tried on different clothes. She came out and modeled each outfit for me and asked me each time if I thought she looked sexy in the outfit. She did but it wasn't the outfits. Over the time she'd been with me, She'd come more and more out of her shell. Without that hiding her, her personality, as well as her body, became extremely sexy. I made the mistake of telling her as much by saying, "You know you look beautiful in anything you wear even my sweats."

She beamed, "No I'm not. But I'm glad you think so." After which I noticed one other thing of interest. Each of the outfits she modeled after that got progressively more revealing, accentuating more of her honed legs and nice round butt and the small tits on her chest.

The most revealing outfit was when she came out in a short sweater dress. Its length was such had she bent over she'd have shown me all of her pussy, I said, " I love the outfit but you know it snows a lot in Montana. And even though looks damn good on you, I don't believe you would get much wear out of it since you can't really wear it outside the house." She turned and hurried back into the dressing room and pulled the curtain shut before I finished. "I think something a little heavier that covers your legs and arms is pretty much needed anytime you leave the house this time of year."

Two seconds later she threw the curtain back coming into a small area where I was. My eyes just about came out of my head as she jokingly said, "So, no going outside in just this." On her lush lean body was only a lace bra and panties. Her blonde hair hung down wavy across her shoulders and down her chest covering most of the bra's straps. The end curls touched the curve on the tops of her tits. And despite her tit's diminutive size, they looked large in the bra. The tops of the pinkish soft cones on the tennis balls shown out the top making little half circles. The tapper of her flat stomach directed my eyes further downward to the French cut panties. They came up and hugged her full outer pussy lips making a camel toe. I felt like my reaction was like one of the horn dogs on cartoons with my eyes popping way out of my head, whistling, and having my tongue dripping saliva as it hung lewdly from my lips. She was fucking hotter than any woman I'd ever seen, and over the years I'd dated only women and girls that had been beauty queens, not intentionally it just happened that way. And seeing the joy she had in making my eyes bug out looking at her young sexy body, I really hated to bust the girl's bubble. She was intentionally trying to be more sexy and provocative than any time since we had met, yet there was one little flaw in her appearance. It wasn't so much a flaw as an oversight. Or she was subconsciously wanting me to see her as more than a little girl. In a level voice trying not to show too much excitement over the goddess-like view she was, I quietly said, "Not all the grass is in the shade." She looked at me like she didn't understand my peculiar statement. I tried a second time, "the rug extended outside the room." Initially, she didn't know what I meant. She followed my eyes to her covered pussy where she saw the mini blonde hairs hanging out everywhere from the cream-colored lace underwear. All of her skin at once was blush red, she was so embarrassed.

She turned around quickly and said, "Oh my God, I can't believe you can see my pussy hairs." She reached back and re-drew the dressing room curtain. When she came back out she was in my sweats and had her arm tightly across her chest.

I told her, "It's okay you looked very sexy in the bra and panties. Actually, you're more gorgeous than any girl I've seen. And any guy that had seen you like that would think so. And that a few stray hairs won't change that ever. But if you really want the underwear set I'll buy them for you. But, I don't expect to see them anywhere but the wash. And we'll get you a razor so when you are eighty-four years old and want to model them again for me that won't happen a second time.

 She said, "Thank you. Your so sweet." At the same time, Cheryl jumped into my arms and wrapped her arms around my neck hugging me for the first time since I'd met her when she got out of my vehicle. Her warm body hugged tightly against mine had encouraged my cock to stand up straighter and bump against her as she hugged me. Cheryl didn't back away from my hardness but jumped up climbed up even higher on my body. As she did, her pussy rubbed against my hardness.

We left the store with me buying her clothes for school and the bra and pantie set she'd modeled just because. She had slipped in a couple others I imagined were designed to be just as enticing as the modeled set, if not more so. The stowaway undergarments she had thought I didn't see were between the respectable white panties and plain bras.

Outside the store I gave her the bad news, "Cheryl, you know the clothes are so after Christmas break you can start a new school."

"But I don't want to go, I like hanging out with you and walking around in the woods." She argued.

"Cheryl, these aren't the pioneer days. You can't think you can get by with so little education." I told her. And, while I'm sure she'd have made a great fuck toy which required little more than a mouth, pussy, and asshole and the ability to follow directions, I was beginning to like this girl. I thought that she deserved more out of life than being someone's plaything.

"But women back then did. why can't I," She continued to argue.

"Well let's see. If it was back then you'd be married and likely pregnant with your first child. A child you'd have with no drugs to ease the pain. You'd be expected to do what your husband or parents said no matter what you thought about it. You'd have to wash, cook, and clean without any discussion." I told her setting her up for what I figured would come next.

 "Hey, I do some of those." Cheryl objected strongly and loudly. Then meekly she suggested, "And we could get married and have a baby."

"Well if I was your husband I'd say you had to go to school. And, as your legal guardian, I say you have to go to school. So you'd have to go to school even if we lived one hundred years ago." I grinned broadly, knowing I'd won before the discussion had even started.

"Oh, you set me up. Fine, I won't marry you." She huffed. "But you can't make me go to school." I looked over at her and raised an eyebrow at her statement. She immediately when on to clarify, "No, not like I won't go. I'll go if you say I have to. But kids will make fun of my name. I'm not Cheryl Ladd and she is so much prettier than me. The other kids will make fun of me."

"I see, so all these weeks you have been giving me a fake name?" I said seriously. all the while laughing on the inside. "So Cheryl what is your surname. By the way, a surname is the last name. Have you also been faking being pretty?"

"No! And I kinda figured out what a surname is. But I still rather not say. Can I go by Wick?" She asked.

"But then people will think we're married since you don't look like me," I teased. "And you just said you won't marry me. And now you ask me to marry you so you can take my name. Boy, that was a fast change of heart."

She got red and flustered, " No...No nothing like that I guess I could be called Smith or West, or anything else than Ladd. I just thought Wick would be nice. Kinda like a family."

"I see like I'm your third cousin twice removed," I said. Then I joked, "You know in Alabama they wouldn't call you that."

"Oh, why not?" She asked confused.

"They'd just call you my wife." I chuckled. Getting back to being serious, "So it is good the legal papers that say you're my ward have your name as Cheryl Wick."

Not asking about how I managed the legal paperwork, she sounded disappointed, "So ward not wife."

"Yeah, again we don't live in Alabama where it isn't strange to be a married pregnant middle schooler. By the way what grade do I need to sign you up for?"

I knew I had slipped up with the pregnant comment when she grinned widely making her dimples tight points in her cheeks. "I was in seventh but it wasn't all that hard. Could you make me a Freshman?"

"I guess I can have your school records show you're in ninth grade. You didn't go to Merrill Middle School or East High did you?"

"No, I went to Kepner Middle School why?" she asked.

"Because I want it to be a school from the Denver area, but not the school you went to. It makes for fewer things you'll have to remember when people ask you about your background." I answered.

She seemed impressed, "You must do this a lot, make-up names and backgrounds." The look she got from me told her, she was walking a little too close to the line of acceptable. So she hugged on my arm, putting her head up against it, "Thanks, you're wonderful." With that, we headed home knowing we weren't done shopping.

The next day we went back into town. More clothes were on the agenda along with winter boots, a coat, shoes, and other items to go traipsing around in the snow. The first store had a sprig of mistletoe hanging over the entrance to the dressing room. Cheryl waited until no one was around and without my being aware of it put me under the greenery.

She quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and raised
 herself up the last little bit putting her lips to mine. The suddenness of her action was one thing but her tongue poking at my lips in a clumsy attempt at a french kiss was something else. Clumsy or not, sudden or not her lips on mine filled my dick with blood. I'm fairly sure she felt the rise as she held her lips to mine much longer than most kisses under the mistletoe.

When she pulled back I inquired, "And what was that?"

"What, you're under the mistletoe." She pointed up. "You get a kiss when you're under it."

"Ok?" I said drawing it out into a question.

"Haven't you heard of that?" she asked in return.

"Yes. It's just..." I didn't finish before she broke in.

"What didn't you like it?.. I'm a bad kisser...Am I a bad kisser?" She looked defeated in her question.

I couldn't say yes and crush the girl, but I wouldn't lie to her either. I instead answered with a different reason for my hesitation. "I'm just used to those kisses being quick and on the cheek."

"Oh. I thought they were supposed to be on the lips." She said.

I leaned in and kissed her soft dimpled cheek. "I'll tell you what. You do it your way and I'll do it mine. Because either is fine." She smiled broadly the dimples coming back into view.

I saw her start looking for more mistletoe, as we continued shopping. It was fun acting oblivious to her working so hard to get me under the holiday tradition. Each time she succeeded, she'd did as she had the first time. Her soft lips and her probing tongue ended up on my lips but there was a minimal improvement with each kiss. She continued to make the kisses last and make my dick harden. I kissed her cheek in return having her smile. But I wasn't sure if it was the kiss that had her smiling or that she got to surreptitiously grind on my hard dick longer. Either way by the end of our shopping I was ready to hammer nails with my cock.

Cheryl looked very pleased when she got into the station wagon. I don't know if it was the shoes and clothes or the fact she'd rubbed her sweat pants covered clit against my dick a dozen times while she kissed me. I didn't ask when she skipped happily back into the house when we got home.

The last week before Christmas Cheryl was being extra good. She cooked a couple of good dinners and cleaned the dishes by herself, even when I said I'd do them with her. She also didn't ask to go to town with me every time I went. The only thing she had done, while I was away was mount a small bit of mistletoe above the chair I sat and read in at night. She used it as an excuse to give me a good night kiss with attempted Frenching every night.

Early Christmas eve I gave her an early Christmas present. She looked at the wrapped present and smiled. She asked, "Are you a let the wrapping paper fly kind of guy or cut the tape carefully with a knife neatly guy?"

"What do you think?" I asked seeing if she read me right.

"I can see you going either way. So I'm gonna say I need to get a knife. " She said starting to stand.

She'd read me right, but today I wanted to see her exuberantly tearing into her presents. "Sit down and tear into it." She did as instructed

Cheryl's eyes got big after she took the lid off the box. She stood up and held the full-length dress up swinging form side, "It's beautiful, thank you." She hugged my neck tightly and again kissed me. Kind of sad after the initial joy she stated, "But I didn't get you anything for Christmas."

Her pout after showing so much joy had me choose my words very poorly, "You're more than enough of a Christmas present for me." I went on to say, "Now you have to wear that tonight. We are going to midnight church. And sorry to say, that church is going to be one of our new activities on Sundays. It'll be a way to start fitting into the community."

Cheryl obediently said, "Ok Sunday church. It won't be one of those long-winded types of churches will it?" She didn't seem to be paying any attention to my answer but was still mulling over my last answer.

"No Catholic Church. It's the denomination I went to as a kid." I said before saying, "Well go put it on. I want to see if I got the right size."

She came out from my room where she dressed when I was in the Main room. She looked gorgeous in the red dress that though, it hugged her body in all the right places, wasn't too sexual for her to wear to church. She finished the outfit off with a pair of black leggings that made her sculpted legs look unreal as if by some miracle Cheryl had gotten the legs of Cheryl Tiegs and made them better. Unfortunately, her dainty feet had to be in fur-lined boots instead of two-inch heels making her ass more shapely.

After looking at herself in the mirror she got giddy and bounced all the way over into my arms where she hugged me tightly to her molding my body into hers. "I love it. It is so beautiful."

"And you make it more so," I said hugging her back. I could tell she wanted to kiss me but I held her tight where she couldn't ruin the moment with a clumsy and imperfectly done kiss. And when escape was possible without our lips meeting I quickly did so. I went to the one closet and pulled out a full-length fur-lined coat that went with the dress and said, "So you don't get cold."

Her smile illuminated the room even more. I went to dress after she tried on the coat. I came back in my suit. It was the only one I owned since for the past couple of years I had only worn my dress uniform when formal attire was needed. Blending in wouldn't have been possible had I worn it with a chest full of medals and ribbons. Cheryl whistled when I came out, "You're really cute, like that."

"I'm glad you like it," I said and shuffled her into the car. Cheryl got fidgety during church but saw there were a few other teens her age in the general area. I saw the older teen boys checking her out when she took her coat off. They and some of the older men that ogled her quickly stopped when I stared at them. I've been told I have a sweet face most of the time but can have the look of a cold-blooded assassin at others. I guess that makes sense.

Cheryl had one girl come up and introduce herself after church. The eighteen-year-old brunette had big round charcoal eyes. Her name was Jane Fields. After talking with Cheryl and realizing she was only thirteen she said she had a sister Cheryl's age, Helen. Jane drug the overly shy Helen over to meet Cheryl. Helen was going to be the spitting image of her older sister one day but still had some developing to do. Turned out Helen had skipped a grade early on and being so young compared to her classmates, it had made her beyond bashful. Yet somehow in the five minutes, the two girls talked, they hit it off. I knew, then, Helen would be Cheryl's best friend and confidant in the future.

Back at home, I let Cheryl have a little spiked egg nog which she adored. I cut her off at one glass not wanting her to get sick on her new dress, which she refused to change out of, which was good since the pictures I took of her opening her other presents had her end up looking stunning. After her dress, her favorite presents were her two guns.

I got her a small twenty-two that was designed to be carried in a purse and an AR-10. The AR was for personal protection when I was gone. The twenty-two was for protection for when she was old enough to date. I think she liked the idea of spending time out in the woods with me learning to shoot them. When all of her presents were opened she again looked sad and embarrassed she hadn't gotten me anything.

I again assured her, "Cheryl having you is more than enough of a present for me." Again I had phased my thought badly after having one glass too many of the egg nog.

Christmas morning the house was a bit colder than usual as I hadn't put extra logs on the fire before going to bed. But I had gone to bed in my usual night attire of nothing. It was something Cheryl didn't know I did. So when a cold blast of air hit my bare skin it immediately woke me, though not fully. It was just enough to see a heavenly vision in a black lace thong and nothing else climb under the covers and basically on me.

A long smooth leg draped over mine while a hand stroked across my chest pressing firm rounded breast with coned nipples into my side. The leg draped over mine had the silken lace of the thong follow closely behind it pressing on my hip bone. The body pressed to mine trembled all over waking me even more. The heat of the lithe body felt exquisite as it vibrated and quaked against me.

With the body came hot quivering lips on my neck. They fumbled and incompetently tried drawing in my skin as their owner continued climbing on me. The thong that had initially pressed on my hip stayed there while what it had covered continued moving across my pelvis. The garment evidently was made for easy removal that a simple brush of Cheryl's hand had released it from her body.

I was becoming fully aware of what was going on when the puffy cones of my new bed mate's perfect breasts rubbed across my chest ending on mine. But even more so the sparse willowy curled hair and lamb's ear plush skin brushed over my morning wood. And my wood parting it, experiencing the moisture and heat of being nestled down between the long slit and the tremors of her quaking. A hard nub at the top of the parted full folds of the nubile thirteen-year-old's pussy scraped against the underside of my glans.

Her every muscle shaking in fright or excitement or possibly both, Cheryl had moved up and down once coating my dick with what lubrication she'd had seep into her slit before I grabbed her hips. I was speechless stunned the girl who had sneaked into my car, had now sneaked into my bed and was preparing to fuck me. She kissed me long with her same untrained way of kissing before she said her voice shaking, "You're going to have to help me. I've never done this before. And I want it to be perfect for you."

She put her hand down between us and had the swollen head of my cock in her hand. And was trying to move her hips and body so she could put it at the entrance of her virgin hole. And while my dick was more than willing and able to sink itself in the plush tight cavern that Cheryl's pussy was offering, I wasn't. "Cheryl, what are you doing?"

She was still shaking all over and her voice reflected that trepidation, "I'm trying to have sex with you."

"I know that but why?" I asked looking at her angelic face. "I already think you're perfect and sex won't change that."

She looked confused and a bit hurt at my questioning, "I'm giving you your Christmas present. You said last night I was more than enough of a present for you. That just having me was all you need for Christmas. So I am letting you have me." She had tears forming in her eyes and running down her cheeks onto my chest.

"Sweet and wonderful girl. Or should I say, young lady? In this past month, you have become precious to me. I love your company and who you are, but I never meant to say you should give your body to me for a Christmas present. If you thought that is what I meant, I'm sorry I did such a bad job of saying what I meant." I wiped some of the tears from her face, still enjoying the electric sensations her naked body on mine was giving me.

"So you don't want me? I mean I can't give you anything else to make you happy." she sounded more heartbroken at my not embedding my cock deep within her.

"Sweety..." I paused a second making sure I got it right this time. "I won't lie to you. Gawd do I want you in the worst way. I would love to experience all the pleasure you and your body would give while making love with you. But not like this and not right now. If I were to do so now, I think later you'd never forgive me. So as much as my body wants all of you, now is not the time. And never should your body be given for the pleasure of another because you have nothing else to give."

"But I want to make you as happy as you've made me." She kissed me on the lips like it would change my mind.

"Cheryl, maybe one day in the future you will do that by making love with me. But that day isn't today." I could have shot myself for saying that. Cheryl, though, seemed a bit happier at the possibility someday she and I would make love. Figuring my rejection of having sex with her, might be taken as a rejection of her and not wanting that to be what she remembered about our first Christmas, I said, "It being Christmas and all, how about we stay here as we are and just enjoy each other's company. Or you can go get your new PJ's and come back and spend the morning doing nothing with me."

She didn't move from where she was and turned her head, letting her long blonde hair cover my shoulder while she snuggled in, "No this way is perfect." She fell fast asleep quickly with my hard rod still embedded in her slit sharing the warmth of my body. Evidently, the night before had kept her on edge and unable to sleep well. The tension of having sex for the first time released, though unfulfilled she still got the sensation of my dick firmly in her pussy's lips and her clit balanced on my cockhead.

We stayed attached napping and chatting. Only having to pee made either of us get up. And for some reason being naked in front of each other wasn't a big deal. While she was clearly looking at my hardened dick and hanging balls when I got up the first time, having seen them she didn't stare the next time I got up. I wish I could say the same. But the next best thing to having her naked body on mine was admiring it while she walked to the bathroom.

I noticed she had trimmed the hair so had I seen her in the thong none of her blonde hair would've been sticking out. Her full lips had whisps of hair that I'd have loved getting caught in my teeth. And the delicate-looking pink slit between the folds made my mouth water. longing for its taste. God, I was such a fool.

Christmas morning turned into Christmas day as we stayed in bed together like a couple of virginal newlyweds in an arranged marriage just without the sex. Neither of us would admit that over the course of the day our hands were learning the body of the other. At times I would stroke her back and down past the swale of her back to the curve of a butt cheek. I never did them at the same time but one at a time I reveled in the firmness of the muscles in her ass. The transition to the back of her thigh was seamless and on one occasion the brushing over it elicited a controlled moan that vibrated her body as she held it in. They kept returning to the sides of her hips and breast and the bend of her thin waist between. On a couple of explorations of her thighs and the back of her knees' workings, I glided my hands back up on the velvet skin of her inner thighs. I made sure my fingers were always two inches from her hot box. The heat which the distance away wasn't enough to not feel the changes in temperature throughout the day.

Cheryl too was letting her hands roam my body. She moved back and forth giving her hands access to my chest's pecs while her thin frame was balanced on my other one. Her hands though found my pubic hair many times as she let her fingers get within an inch of my dick and even less with my balls. Her long blonde hair also was used to brush across my skin and over my face, neck, and shoulders. It was all done in the name of moving to make me more comfortable as she remained on me. In reality, she was using my cock, stroking the insides of her pussy lips and brush against her clit. Each time the hair was the distraction, so I wouldn't notice or say anything as she had multiple tiny waves pass through her, making all of her tremble for a second. All exploring, memorizing and climaxing, in Cheryl's case, happen all the while we talked about her family in Denver and how twisted Shiela was. Not once did we mention the pleasures we were getting from the other person's body. I had figured it was her first Christmas without any family, and her spending the day naked with me in the bed was a one-time thing. So no harm would come of it.

I also explained if she wanted to get me something for Christmas in the future or my birthday that was coming up, make little coupons I could call in at any time. Coupons for doing the dishes, cutting or stacking extra firewood, or massages full body or foot.

We also decided she would get a bit of an allowance based on what she did around the house. That some work was expected to earn her keep but going above that she'd get paid for. She looked at me for a long time when I said earn her keep. But when she realized nowhere was sex or anything like it in what she'd be doing to earn her keep, she again snuggle back into me pressing her tits on either side of my rib cage. Only when we got up for dinner did we finally dress, and later that night, did we go to our usual sleeping areas.

The next day it was like Christmas never happened. There was no strangeness about spending the day together naked in bed. Nothing out of what was normal for the previous month was said or done. It turned out to be a wonderful day away from our real lives and one that while it made us closer it didn't feel weird. It turned out Cheryl is as good at compartmentalizing things as I am.

The next day we went out into the forest and between cutting down a tree and chopping it up for more firewood, I taught Cheryl about how to handle and care for her new guns. She was a natural at them. Her concentration on a target and ability to go limp as she pulled the trigger not fighting the recoil was uncanny. It took many a sniper months to learn that skill. Only when it came to when and how she could use her twenty-two for personal protection did it get even a little tense.

She asked, "So when somebody is bugging me and touching me can I show them the gun to make them quit."

She looked surprised at my answer, "No if that gun comes out of your purse or thigh holster at least one bullet is to be expended. But it's better if you only quit shooting when the person is dead." She has a bit of shock on her face. "If you can't do that you shouldn't carry it and only use it for target practice. Because if not it's just as likely to make you dead."

Her blue eyes got big, "Oh. I didn't know that."

"Now you do." the sternness permeating the statement and the next. "So it is up to you to decide how you are going to use it. And it isn't a toy, to be shown to friends."

"That's not a problem." There was a flatness in her voice. "You're my only friend."

"School starts soon, I'm sure you'll make new friends." I hoped the optimism shown in my comment.

"Yeah, I guess. I did like Helen," She said less flat.

I figure her getting used to lying about who she was and where she came from would be hard the first couple of days. It wouldn't be an issue once she had friends and the cover story was firmly in place. With that in mind, I said, "How about I drive you to and from school the first week. Maybe that way we can find a turn-off and I can start teaching you how to drive."

"I'd love it. But I'm thirteen and can't get a learner's permit for two years." Cheryl said excitedly at the possibility.

"Don't worry about that," I had a plan on how I'd get the necessary documentation and or people in line allowing her to drive. I had a perfect replica of a driver's license being made with Cheryl's picture on it and her age bumped up three years, to sixteen. And for local law enforcement, I'd have the sheriff in my palm in the next week or so. I'd been tracking him on and off when possible. And it had become evident he liked to dittle little boys. I'd likely have photographic proof shortly.

Cheryl had only said, "Ok." She was used to not asking too many questions when it came to things I did outside of the normal way. "Can I then drive myself to school?"

"No, I just know you have to be able to get around when I'm away for work. Like three weeks to the day after my birthday I am going to be gone for a couple of days." I answered

"When's your birthday?" She asked. It made me realize we hadn't really discussed much of my background, which was fine by me.

"New Year's Day. But I've never been a big birthday person since it is on a holiday and so close after Christmas." I informed her.

"Oh, that had to stink. All my old friends that had birthdays close to Christmas always got a combined Christmas and Birthday present in one. But it was never twice as good as the individual presents." Cheryl said, putting the last cut firewood into the trailer.

"That is not it." I said and then, "Yeah maybe that was it when I was a kid. And it has just stuck with me."

"That's no fun," She stated "We'll have to fix that. I'm going to make you a cake. How ancient are you anyway? Pre-dinosaur but post earth cooling?" she teased.

"Yeah, something like that. I think twenty-seven years ago was the dark ages. Now if you can crawl your baby butt back into the car we'll head home and stack this before nightfall." I told her, forgetting about her experience with Ryan and Sheila.

"What?" Cheryl asked loudly. Staring blankly at me going ghostly white.

Realizing my mistake I did my best at backtracking the comment. "Sorry I meant to say put that cute little butt of yours in that seat. We need to get home and stack some wood.

 No longer pale but starting to blush at having her butt called cute, she whined. "I'm tired and my muscles hurt."

"Excercise is good for you. It will keep you in shape and your backside cute," I said thinking her shape was already pretty spectacular.

"Great I be an in-shape dead person with a cute heinie," she said climbing into the passenger seat.

Starting the car I said cheekily, "I'll say something nice at your funeral." She rolled her
 eyes at me. At our small house, she helped stack wood until done.

She stumbled in the door stripping off her coat, shirt, and jeans leaving her only in her new tight thermal underwear. She crumpled onto the floor and lay spread-eagle, "How can it be freezing outside and I'm sweaty."

"Ok, sweaty girl go get a shower and we'll do something about your sore muscles when you get out," I said,

She looked up at me, "I don't think I can get up." She raised an arm letting drop as an example.

"Fine," I reached down and picked her up. "I'll just put you in." I carried her to the shower and stood her up in it.

Cheryl raised her arms. "it is stuck to me. Will you take my thermals off, cause I don't think I can."

"Sure," I figured she had on her bra and panties and she could get those off. I lifted the bottom of the waffle cotton fabric and started exposing her stomach's smooth damp skin. The more I pulled the more of her ethereal body was exposed. When I expected her bra to come into view there was only more skin. I slowed my taking off of the garment surprised as much as enjoying stripping the sublime young woman.

I knew her tits were little more than tennis ball-sized orbs with succulent looking puffy marshmallow cones for nipples, but they still made my mouth water, wanting to attach my lips to the flesh when I saw them. And they were so close to my lips.  I tried not staring at her chest when she said, "Now the pants."

I had given my word I'd remove her thermals. It was my fault I hadn't asked if she had on anything underneath. And since I hadn't asked, I still had to remove her pants. But now, I was fairly sure there wasn't anything under them. She turned the little bit to face me her tits not sagging at all pointing her nipples at me.

I looped my fingers in her pants and pulled them down. Bending as I did I got the sweet smell of her pussy as my nose was less than half a foot from her cunt. She'd done more shaping of her cunt hair and had removed the blonde whisps earlier that morning as it appeared slightly different than the day before. The urge to run my tongue through the coin slot of a slit was intense. Yet I only touched her firm thighs raising her feet off the ground letting the heavy underwear pass under them.

Having made Cheryl fully nude I said, "Not too long I'd like to get one too."

I wasn't surprised when leaving an opening that big she walked through it, "You can always get in also, I won't mind. You can wash my back."

"Just get your shower," I said quickly exiting before my cock hardened any more and I took her up on her offer.

After both of us had showered separately she climbed into my lap in her PJ's. While she snuggled in I massaged her shoulders arms and back, relishing the feeling of her on me and in my hands. She fell asleep rather rapidly and deeply.

I did something different that night. I slept in sweats. I figured it was best as I had put the sleeping girl in my small bed and gotten in with her, despite it really only being big enough for one of us, and pulled the covers up over us. And even with my diligence of having clothes on my dick still ended up wedged in her ass in the morning as we were spooned together.

She didn't say anything about my cock having pushed her PJ's deep into her ass crack. She just turned to me and said, "Good morning John." I got the feeling she debated giving me a morning kiss but had decided against it. She instead got up and left the fabric wedged in her crack for me to see as she went to the kitchen and made us coffee.

Life was normal and the sheriff had seen things my way when I hinted about his fondness for small boys. And I started teaching Cheryl to drive on various empty roads. She was far from a natural at driving and frayed my nerves each time I let her try.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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THE best story (so far) I have ever read. Please continue with the story moving at the same pace.
Goes to show that a story doesn't have to be full of sex to be great.


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Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you weren't turned off by the pace. This and one other story I am currently working on I'm not sure are right for this forum or website. They progress slowly and are as much about romance as they are sex. But I also never saw myself writing Harlequin Romances and would have no idea of where a site like that is in the first place. Hopefully, other readers will be as patient as you seem to be. For those not so patient, one of my other stories may be more to your liking, hopefully. (I think of all my stories, “Red Dick” has the least words before some kind of sex commences.)

Thanks again,
Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I like it... Someone does need to get laid soon though....

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Thanks for the comments. I'm glad you weren't turned off by the pace. This and one other story I am currently working on I'm not sure are right for this forum or website. They progress slowly and are as much about romance as they are sex.

These stories add needed variety. Part of the reason this and Doors might be considered slower reading is because of the amount of detail you add, but that in turn makes also gives the stories much greater depth. The same goes for Alex's Odyssey. Also, the sporadic sex is not an issue when the rest of the story can hold my interest. In fact, there are times when I look forward to the next installment of a story more because of the plot development than because of sex.

Another similar story that comes to mind is Shota Impregnator by DiscipleN in the Incest forum. Ultimately, these kinds of stories are also more memorable because they help make the reader become emotionally invested in the main characters. I certainly don't mind stories that are only a post or two long. ..but it's happened to me countless times now that I began to read one, only to realize a few paragraphs in that I already read the story before, and it just wasn't memorable enough to make it stand out from the rest of the quickies.

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next chapter please

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Here is the next chapter. I know it is going slower than some readers would like, but it will get there.  So I hope the story itself keeps all of you interested in the meantime.
And for all you that commented thanks. It is good to know what you like and don't like. Please keep them coming.

Chapter 3: Birthday

On New Year's Eve Cheryl cleaned up the house and made me a cake. She said, “Cakes taste better the next day.”

I couldn't help but ask, “Why?”

“You look at it all day. And then dream about it all night. So it tastes good because you had to wait. Or that is what Daddy said.” She answered. I could have said the same thing about her as the cake.

Later that night, we did something we rarely did, we turned on the T.V. Also unlike most nights she climbed into my lap snuggling up. Turning it to the channel for Dick Clark and the ball drop at Time's Square. Cheryl said, “Daddy and I watched this every New Year's Eve. He let me say up and then in the morning we watched the parades.”

“Sounds like fun, How about we do that tomorrow also?” I said seeing she missed her dad.

“Ok and then we can have your birthday cake. It's the first one I've ever made. But I don't think you have candles to blow out.”

I teased her at my own expense. “That many candles would burn the house down.”

“Uh Huh,” She grinned her whole face brightening.

She was half asleep when the countdown and the ball started dropping. She woke up enough to see it but put her head down on my shoulder where it had been most of the evening. When she was fast asleep I put her on the couch and covered her up. She looked adorable when I looked back at her before stripping off my clothes and climbing into my bed. Closing my eyes I couldn't help thinking how good she would taste after months or years of seeing her and dreaming about her gorgeous body being united with mine.

In the morning the covers over me were raised up and a warm lithe body with nothing on pressed against my skin. It took a second for my wits to kick in. When they did I immediately knew Cheryl was again in my bed naked. And if morning wood is usually hard, naked gorgeous teenager situating your cock between her labia makes the wood petrified. Her smashed tits rubbed their nipples over my chest as she scooted up and down evidently trying to get my cock in the right place in her wet slit. The sensation was so intense I couldn't get my question out quickly. Only when she seemed happy with how my cock was situated in her slit and its head on her clit did she stop moving. The movement having ceased my ability to speak returned I asked, “Cheryl what are you doing? I thought we talked about this.”

She looked at me innocently with her big blue eyes, “But I'm not trying to have sex with you or be your present. I just thought for your birthday you'd like to spend it with me.”

“Sweety, I'd love to spend the day with you. Which is what we do most days, “ I stated, as she again moved down a bit sandwiching my cock head between her soft downy blonde pubes and my more course brown ones.

“Yeah but we're always doing something. I thought you'd like just laying around doing nothing on your birthday.” A small smile brightened her face for a second and the softer skin on the underside of my cock brushed her clitoris's hood.

“Ok I'd like that and I think we can manage that since there is nothing much going on today. We can watch the parades and some bowl games. But why are you naked? I know why I am, I sleep this way all the time.” I informed her.

“I'm not naked.” She stated

“You're not?” I raised the covers and saw down the back of her lithe body with its small waist and gently rounded ass. “You look naked to me.”

She grinned a devilish grin which was still absolutely adorable on her, “I see your mistake. Naked looks a lot like a birthday suit. When I was younger Daddy always call it mine or Ryan's birthday suit. It being your birthday, I can't think of a better time to wear it”

I loved her logic, “Oh I see birthday suits on birthdays. I guess that makes sense.”

“I can get out of it if you want and put on my PJ's or regular clothes if you want.” She said though it sounded like the last thing she wanted to do.

I was new to being any type of parent or legal guardian, and I made one of my biggest early mistakes saying, “No birthday suits on birthdays sounds like a wonderful idea.” Those ten words would come back and haunt me from that day forward. But at the time I was enthralled with the feeling of her heat and silken skin molded to me. And her pussy lips turning my cock into a hot-dog held in place by her pussy's plumped-up bun was all I'd need all day.

“Good, cause I made a bed on the floor in front of the fireplace where we can watch the parades.” She sounded proud of herself for thinking of it before coming into bed with me.

I thought I'd have some fun with her and her birthday suit idea, “So are you going to be in only your birthday suit while you get the firewood for the fireplace?” The fireplace wouldn't be needed, since having her body's heat radiated through her skin to me would be plenty. Plus having such a gorgeous young lady naked next to me was going to keep my engine revving all day.

An exaggerated theatrical frown was the first expression she gave me the next was a big pouty lip with the tone to go with it, “No, I thought you would.”

“But it's my birthday. You're going to make me work on my birthday?”

“No, I guess not.”

“Ok you get the wood and I'll get the fire going good,” like you have it going in me passed through my mind but not my lips.

Cheryl scurried off me her pussy lips rubbing along my shaft as she let. The absence of her plush slit was missed as soon as the contact ended. The cold air hitting what was cooking in her slit sent shock waves to my brain. Her tits jiggled and her puffy nipples regained their form as she got up. The luscious way her petite butt cheeks went up and down as she ran out of the room on her toes kept me memorized.

Out of the room, I heard the outside door open and an outburst, “Oh shit it is cold out here,” come from that direction. But, I don't think she intended on me hearing it.

I assumed she would be a while getting in enough firewood for the day. I had on many occasions told her to get a day's worth while doing it, so she didn't have to dread doing it again at an inopportune time. I too was going to take advantage of the opportunity her getting the wood afforded me.

I hadn't jacked off since the day after Christmas. I don't think I'd ever cum so much in my life. But a full day in bed with Cheryl's lavish body on me and her pussy lips wrapped up against my shaft had made extra. And so far that morning I was feeling my nuts fill. I needed to empty them quickly. They would inevitably be making a lot more spunk if we were spending the day naked together in a makeshift bed in front of a fire.

I am not one to cum quickly but re-living the feeling of her cunt's slit on my shaft and still having much of her slick lube coating it a couple of yanks was all it took. I had glob after glob shoot out into my hand that was preventing the semen from painting the walls and mirror. I'd hoped the release would soften my cock. On Christmas, we'd pretty much stayed in bed under the covers. Only a few times did Cheryl get to see my cock standing out from me. Today would likely be different and I didn't want her thinking I was a pervert, getting turned on by her naked body. Which was exactly what would be happening.

Cheryl was coming in for the last time carrying one log. Her normally flush body was ashen. The cold had hardened her marshmallow nipples into hardpoints. Seeing me she put the log down with the others and quickly scampered over to me. She pressed her whole cold body into mine. The chill was felt everywhere her skin touched mine. She seized my arms, making them wrap her. She put my palms on her smooth ass cheeks. They were cold as ice in my palms.

I wasn't sure if I should rub my hands over her ass warming them. Those concerns were gone when she said, “Rub my butt it's so cold.”

I gave the flesh filling my hands a gentle squeeze before I started rubbing on her cheeks. “Yes, they are. You still thinking birthday suits are the way to go in January?”

“Definitely,” She said with a slight moan. “I like the warming back up.”

“Me too,” I said despite myself. When I did she hugged me tighter. As she did either intentionally or accidentally her lips ended up on my chest. The furtive kiss that came after was truly intentional. I could feel her lips tremble a little as she enclosed a bit of my flesh between them sucking it in lightly. I said nothing about her action's sexual overtones. The trembling of her lips and that of her body that followed told me she knew. It also meant I wasn't the only one fighting the urge to engage in a sexual interlude while we were nude.

When her lips disengaged, I led her to the makeshift bed putting her under the covers. I stoked the embers in the fireplace back to life and added more wood. The fire was soon roaring in the fireplace. I turned back and saw Cheryl had pulled back the covers letting her opulent body feel the heat. She also was showing me her trimmed blonde bush and succulent breast as the fire's light danced across them. A more desirable sight I've not seen. And when she said, “Well come on and join me,” I thought I had died and gone to heaven, as she was heavenly.

“Ok, but let me turn on the T.V. to the station with the parade,” I told her. (Again for the younger audience there were only four channels and remote controls were pretty much unheard of.) I needed the T.V. on so I'd be distracted. For if the only things I had to think about were Cheryl's beautiful and naked body which was pressed up against mine and the fire that made it look all the more alluring, I wouldn't have been able to resist my urges or hers.

Cheryl had decided we could sit up against the couch where she could lean against me while we watched the floats and bands marching down the street. She had gotten between my legs and leaned back forcing her coccyx into my upturned cock. I was thrilled it had started in that position.
 My cock growing while her back was against it was less embarrassing than it would've been had she had it wedged headfirst in between her ass cheeks.

She had been giddy enough watching the floats that she every now and then wasn't attached to me letting my cock spring free for a second before she again trapped it between us. Some twenty minutes into watching the parade she put my hands slightly under her rounded breast. Shortly after she crossed her arms under my hands and forearms, The move did likely what she had planned. They nudged my hands up further until I had a palm-full of tit. And try as I may not to squeeze the small solid mass in my hand the temptation was overwhelming.

I tried to squeeze Cheryl's tits gentle enough that it may not have been noticed. I failed at that and they hummed in my hands as she too failed at not reacting and let out a quiet, “Mmmm.” Her reaction and the hardening of her nipple that began poking into my hand reminded me I was groping a thirteen-year-old. That any pleasured moan or rapid rising and falling of the breast in my hands from panting was from a youngster half my age. Yet the feeling was so exquisite and the owner of the breasts seemed to be encouraging me. She held my hands in place as I started removing them ashamed of the pleasure I was deriving from the young likely recently developed tits.

Her moving my fingers in such a way I compressed her firm flesh harder and ran the nipples between my finger and thumb, had me ask, “Cheryl what are you doing?” The question sounded familiar.

Her answer had a similar theme, “I don't know. Your hands just felt so good I didn't want them to go. The guys Sheila made me suck gabbed my tits but they rarely felt good. And none ever felt as good as yours do. So while I am not supposed to give my body to you as a present, how about you don't think of it as a present but as something else. Something like a new type of hand exercise equipment you've always wanted.”

I snickered at her suggestion. Only a horny teen could come up with something like that. It was the silliness of her suggestion that alleviated much of my shame and had me consider it. In the end, I'd let her have her wish on my birthday, “I didn't know where else there was such a lovely piece of equipment that could give my fingers a workout.” I pressed my palm into her cone stretching my fingers out wide before having them make contact again with her breast. I gently brought them up her breasts and over her nipples and let them go back down over the orbs the same way.

She again moaned though this time she did little to hide it. Her eyes stayed on the parade as I exercised my fingers along her silken breast. Her nipple stayed hard as an eraser while I massaged her tits and ran my hands further up her chest. In the end, while we enjoyed the parade Cheryl moaned and panted her satisfaction in having her breast titillated and lovingly massaged, and I savored the sensuality and feeling of her tits.

On and off for the rest of the parade, Cheryl would encourage me to restart the squeezing and rolling of her nipples after I had stopped. When she folded back the covers getting up to get us coffee or to pee the strong smell of girl lube and climax honey filled the air. I did love the feel of her and it kept me hard throughout the morning, But the smell of her excitement and the experienced pleasure at my hands annealed my steel rod. The smell was the proof I could have the girl anytime I wanted. So what was holding me back? Any time she would leave me with the beautiful fragrance of her desire, that question would resonate in my head.

Later when the parades were over and the first football game started Cheryl initially watch with little interest but stayed in the make-shift bed. She did so so she could try and change what I was massaging. She rubbed my hands over her stomach saying, “John, please rub my tummy. It feels nice.” The whole time she was having my hands pass over her skin she was directing them lower.

I said while the first bit of downy hairs ran beneath my hand, “Cheryl I think it's time for brunch.” It was my way to stop the progression toward fingering her and what came after. Getting up I headed back to the room, to dress. I would've closed the door but it seemed pointless, she'd seen all of me and had my dick parting her pussy for part of the morning.

Cheryl saw I wasn't going to the kitchen and asked, “What are you doing?

“Getting dressed. Cooking bacon sans clothes is never a good idea. Plus it is time for you to do it too,” I answered.

“But I thought you said we'd stay this way all day watching the games,” she said hoping I'd stop dressing and stay naked with her all day.

Coming out dressed I said, “Cheryl, I shouldn't have implied that and we shouldn't have been naked this long.” I had a burst of consciousness and continued, “Actually you know we shouldn't be in the bed like we were.” I assumed she knew that included my massaging her bare tits as well. I'd learn I need to do a better job of being specific and not assuming things. “We can't make a habit of it. And I'm sorry I let it get so far.”

“It's OK. And I won't make a habit of it. But I like our time spent together like this morning. And your skin touching me all over make me feel safe and good all over. Doesn't it make you feel the same? I mean feel good. I can't do anything to protect you like you can me.” Her statement was heartfelt and crestfallen.

“Cheryl, someday you'll find someone else that will also do that for you, too,” I said thinking it'd make her feel better. Again, I should've just shut my mouth and nodded my head.

“So, I don't make you feel good? God, I'm a bad kisser and even naked you don't like my body like I like yours. I'm going to be the worst girlfriend in the world.” she said feeling sorry for herself, and explaining her actions.

Despite her teenage girl antics and self-pity, I said, “ Cheryl, you know better than that. I love the way you make me feel. If it ever came that you were my girlfriend I think I'd be the luckiest man in the world, just as any man would.” She beamed at the comments. But again I needed to stress, “And I never again want to hear of you doing something like getting naked so some guy, even me, likes you. Clothed or not you're beautiful and special and should be treated as such.”

Sniffling she ran into my arms, her tits bouncing with each bound to me. “Thank you. I keep forgetting how lucky I am to have you. I got in the right car that is for sure.” Her still naked lithe body felt immaculate in my arms. My hands stroked up her back from the narrow small of her back to the lean shoulders that toting firewood were honing. Her face was plastered into my chest as my dick responded to the absolute pleasure holding her brought.

Before I felt the need to strip back down and press my skin to hers both outside and in I let her go, instructing her, “Get some clothes on and we can still spend the day on the floor watching the games.”

She did as I asked came back to the kitchen, “Daddy let me have a mimosa on today. Can I have one?” Cheryl asked quickly.

“Sure you can have one,” I answered her. “But I'm going to let you make them. I think we have some champagne over there.” I pointed to a shelf with liquor bottles.

The next thing I know I hear a pop and my ass is being hit by a cork. Cheryl laughed hard as I turned looking at her. Trying to return to a straight face she giggled as she tried. “I couldn't have done that if I'd wanted to.”

Loving her giggle, I acted upset with her, glaring at her. Cheryl stopped her giggling and was suddenly somber. I couldn't hold in my grin at her sudden change. She understood she'd been had and started giggling again. After a second and the implication of being had sunk in she made a dramatic and faux scene and stomped her feet making her ass jiggle as she turned to leave. “Oh, you are so mean,” she said over her shoulder.

“And,” was my only reply, going back to cooking.

She stopped leaving. When she got to me she lightly punched my arm. This time it was her tit that jiggled under my loose fairly see-through T-shirt she was wearing. “You're no fun. You were supposed to feel bad when I called you mean.”

“Oh, I do. Can't you tell?” I grinned big at her, happy her pity party was over and we could act normal with each other. Then back to the mundane, I instructed, “Set the table.” She again did as instructed as well as finished making the mimosas. I let her have more than the one she asked for during brunch.

I cut her off when she started getting too silly. The silliness was a good indicator of how tipsy she was. The dishes were washed and put away we went to her bed on the floor and finished watching the foot ballgames. Halfway through the second game she put her head in my lap and took a nap while I pet her head and brushed my fingers through her golden hair.

Had I not said her name a couple of times verifying Cheryl was truly asleep I would have thought she was again trying to influence me with sex. Her head turned from the TV in my lap. Her lips were pressed against my forever hardened cock (She had that general effect on me when she was around) Her hot breath penetrated my pants and boxers as she slept with her mouth parted. Somehow she had the double clothing layers and my dick between her parted lips.

Pulling down my pants and opening the fly of my boxers passed through my mind each time she exhaled and heated my stiff cock. After a quarter of the game, I gently turned her head away from my dick. The moisture of her breath was still on my rod when she finally woke up. Her not being any the wiser, she'd had my covered rod between her lips for over half an hour, allowed our day to continue on with more normal activities for the rest of the day.

Cheryl put up with football so she could stay with me. When she got antsy during the third game, at half we went out and practiced more with her Christmas presents. I wasn't sure who needed the practice more me or her. She hit the cans with more accuracy and distance than I did. She danced around me shaking her fine little round ass as she did her victory dances. By the end, we had the same number of cans off the rail a hundred yards away. The only difference was she had taken one less shot. For the rest of the day and night, she wouldn't let me forget that.

After dinner, I said, “Do we now get to have that delicious looking cake?”

“Do I have to sing happy birthday?” she asked.

“Of course. It isn't a birthday cake without the birthday song. Then it is just a cake.” I told her.

“Fine,” she huffed going to get the double chocolate cake. She came back with the cake with a lit house candle in the center of the cake and a grin on her face. She finally started singing and was horrible at it. It was nice to see she wasn't perfect at everything.

I looked at the cake close and there was a single shell next to the candle, “It is for the next time. And I won't count it, call it your birthday present.” So a bullet was the first present Cheryl ever gave me that didn't have her being nude.

She was right the anticipation of the cake made it that much better. Taking the second bite I could only think of how scrumptious Cheryl was going to taste. I was sure when or if the tasting would occur but she was going to be well worth the wait. I wanted to tell her that but instead, I said, ”This is really good. You going to make one for me every year?”

“Even when you're old and grey. But isn't that next year?” She said cheekily.

“Yes, it is thank you very much for reminding me.” I grinned back. It was that kind of night the rest of the evening.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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You are a more captivating and engaging writer than nearly all of the best selling fiction authors out there, including Harlan Coben. Please, never stop writing. I look forward to your every post.

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Damn! I feel  crushed! I guess I will just have to wait until you finish another chapter. I love to read a good book and this is one of the best in a long time. The characters are endearing to say the least. The will power of the guy is incredible. I can't wait to see what trick Cheryl pulls to finally get him inside her! This is definitely an addition to my favorite folder. Just keep doing what you have been doing.......

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:emot_thdrool:  Very Hot story even without any sex.
I do hope sex will be CUM'ing soon... :emot_penis:

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Two chapters this time with a bit more sex. I don't think this tale will take as long as 'Red Dick' to get where it is going, but it isn't in a hurry either. So enjoy the next two while I work on the next two.

Chapter 4: School Night

For the next few days, we did little but cut firewood and shoot targets, and get Cheryl ready for school. I grilled her on her background while practiced shooting. The nervousness made her edgy and constantly at my side. The night before school, she spent the evening in my lap while I read 'Dune.' She didn't say anything much of the evening instead, she was content only with my company.

When I finally said, “Cheryl, it's time for bed. You start school in the morning,” did she look up with a sultry yet innocent look that Betty Davis would envy.

Not breaking eye contact, she asked, “Can I sleep with you tonight? I promise I'll keep my PJ's on and be good.”  It was a bit of an admission her climbing on me naked and rubbing her pussy's slit up and down my cock wasn't her being good.

“You know my bed is too small for two people unless you are basically on top of me. And you won't get the good night's sleep you need.” I said in the way of an answer.

“I can make a bed here on the floor. There will be lots of room then.” She countered.

“Cheryl, I understand you're nervous. It is going to be fine, I am sure you'll have friends in no time. After all, you're smart, fun, and funny. ” I said again not directly answering her question. I wouldn't cut off the possibility, but I wouldn't encourage it either.

“No, I'm not. I had friends once in Denver but they all turned on me. They called me a slut and a whore.” She began sniffling. Tears filled her eyes but didn't run down her face, “I don't think I can stand that, again.”

“My beautiful and delightful young lady,” I started.  “I'm sorry for what your brother and stepmom did to you. And what your former friends did wasn't right either. You know you don't have to worry about that here?"

“Yeah. But that is here, not at school,” She replied. “And the new kid is always picked on.”

“I'm sure they won't do that,” I reassured her.

“I know they won't, cause I cap their ass if they do.” She said fairly flat.

“Not funny,” I said “and no way to show me you're mature enough to keep your presents. And definitely not a way to not make trouble for me.”

“You know I won't do that. I appreciate all you have done for me too much to do something that would cause you or me trouble.” She tried walking back the imprudent comment.

“Good, I wouldn't like to think I'm that bad a judge of character,” I stated. “Now go get ready and come back here and go to sleep.”

She did as asked and came back in wearing sweats that hid all of her fine figure behind the loose heavy material. She looked at me with an apologetic smile and in a quivering voice said, “I know I don't say it enough, but thanks for saving me.” She leaned down and kissed my lips. For the first time in a while, she didn't try to French kiss me. It was a soft sensual kiss, unlike anything she had done to date. It didn't last long, but long enough for me to not want it to end.

I got up and turned off the lights and went to get ready for bed. While I stripped off my clothes to climb into my small bed, all I could think of was Cheryl's kiss. I felt like such a degenerate wanting to experience more kisses like the latest one at the same time having her graceful, slender, and vulnerable body merged with mine. The yearning was just too strong to resist.

I gave in only a little, but it was proof my will power alone would someday totally fail me. That night had me put on my sweats without anything beneath them. Cheryl had her back turned facing the back of the couch when I came back into the room. Quietly I put down covers and blankets making a bed for two on the floor. Before I finished she turned and looked up at me, “What are you doing?”

Finished, I got under the covers on the floor, “I was making a bed big enough for two. That is if you still want to share a sleeping place with me.” I couldn't bring myself to say bed. Asking her to share a bed when and if I finally decided we were to that point would mean something totally different. It'd be the opposite of now when sleep was the objective. Then sleep wouldn't be had

“Really, you want me to come down there?” She seemed surprised at my offer. Though, I don't know why else I would've made a place to sleep on the floor when a bed was available.

“If you want,” I said hoping she did.

In a flash, she was beside me under the covers. She wasn't exactly disappointed I had on sweatpants and a sweatshirt but she wasn't ecstatic about it either. “Thanks for doing this for me,” she said not knowing I was doing it just as much for myself. “But can I ask one other thing? Will you sleep up tight next to me?”

“Dear, I don't mind doing that. But this again isn't to be a common occurrence.” I replied moving in close to her spooning her muted but ethereal body. “And thanks for understanding your earlier comments weren't funny.”

“I'm sorry about that, it won't happen again.” She turned her head back to me and for a second time gave me a kiss that wasn't hurried or demanding more than the touch of my lips on hers. Backed away from the refined kiss she said, “Good night, John.”

Stunned at the reeling from the flawless kiss she'd delivered I blankly said, “Good night Cheryl.”

When she thought I couldn't hear her she said, “I know it won't be tonight. But one night I am going to have you love me as much as I do you.” Had she been able to read my mind she would've known that night was already there. Only I was denying it so I didn't think of myself as a deviant.

By morning the location of my hand was where it shouldn't have been. I had a tender young breast cupped in my hand. Somehow my hand had ended up under her sweatshirt onto the firm mound of flesh with its marshmallow-topped nipple. The soft cone was smashed in my palm when I awoke. Cheryl roused when I did. She said nothing of where my hand was or the instinctual squeezing I stopped once I realized I was doing it. My more intrusive cock poking her ass was also ignored.

Cheryl simply got up and got in the shower while I made us coffee. She came to the kitchen dressed cutely with her wavy blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail and no makeup on her naturally beautiful face. She grimaced, “So how do I look? Will I fit in?”

I wanted to tell her she looked so radiant she'd outshine everyone and stand out in the crowd. She got instead, “Cheryl, you look perfectly beautiful.“

“Thanks, I guess I gotta go don't I?” she asked after downing her coffee.

“Yes, but if you want I can go to all your classes with you,” I said going into my room to change.

“Oh yeah, like that wouldn't make me stand out,” she said rejecting my whimsical idea.

“Well, there is that. So go get in the car and I'll drop you off.” I said following her out to the car.

Chapter 5 Sleep-Over

I was like a nervous parent sending the child off to school for the first day of school. With a straight face bordering on a nervous scowl she got out of the car. She went through the front doors without looking back. She came out of the same door with Helen and a great big smile. The drive home mostly what Cheryl talked about was Helen and how nice most of her classmates were. She assured me not once did she get anything wrong on her background either.

Things changed immediately at the house, in only one way. Cheryl no longer seemed determined to have sex with me. She returned to the inept type of goodnight kiss she'd done prior, but the goodnight kisses stopped altogether the last week of March. And, not once did I wake up with her naked or otherwise on top of me. She continued her working about the house and doing a little extra for extra money. And she kept moving the targets further out so she could stay one shot better than me.

When I had to travel for jobs, to the community I was a sales rep for Winchester, Cheryl many times stayed at Helen's. The others she stayed alone for the few days I was gone. Helen's sister had developed a bit of a crush on me and was always sure to be there when I picked up Cheryl. She wore as revealing of clothes as the weather would allow, or invite me in for coffee when her parents were out. While I could've easily taken advantage of the overtures and likely bedded the attractive high school senior. But, I didn't.

The reason for not taking her up on her many sexual openings was pretty simple. First, I didn't need the complication of another person finding out what I did for a living. Second, she was still in high school, and while only nine years older that was a lot at that age. But, mostly because Cheryl wouldn't like it and she'd likely go back to trying to get me to have sex with her too.

The second week of April, I had to travel. Cheryl had somehow convinced Helen's parents to let her stay at our house with her alone. I had reassured Helen's parents that they'd be perfectly safe. Cheryl and Helen agreed that Helen's parents could drop in anytime without calling first. I was getting ready to walk out the door and the two teens thought I was out of earshot, when I heard Cheryl, “This is gonna be great. I only have a little work to do around the house. And, the homework lately has been easy. So we'll have lots of time to practice. I want to get good at kissing by my birthday.”

“Ooo, you want to suck face with Will,” Helen said. “Is John going to let you start going on dates after your birthday?”

“No, and No,” Cheryl replied. “I'm gonna tell you a secret that is bigger than our rubbing each other's pussies.”

“Oh, you have your eye on one of the high school guys. I bet it is James.” Helen said, thinking Cheryl would go after the varsity quarterback.

“No it's John,” Cheryl admitted.

“John who? There are like two John's in every high school class.” Helen pointed out.

“Not any of those Johns. My John,” Cheryl said.

“Your dad?” Helen sounded shocked.

“He's not my dad,” Cheryl insisted. I wasn't sure if I was happy or sad she didn't think of me as a parent. “He is only my guardian. And you can kiss and do more with guardians.” I guess the not kissing me good-night was going to be short-lived.

“Oh, he is so cute. Hell, I'd jump his bones if he weren't gay.” Helen claimed.


“John, he's gay. Or that is what Jane said.” Helen revealed what her sister thought about me.

“Why would Jane say that? He's not gay.” Cheryl was adamant.

“I think Jane said that cause she's basically thrown herself at him. She did everything short of getting naked, spreading her legs, and telling him to have sex with her. Hell, I think any other guy would have had her by now.” Helen explained.

Not comprehending all she was saying Cheryl said, “Yeah, naked and willing, won't always get him to have sex with you.”

Helen put her hand to her mouth saying, ”Oh my Gawd, you had sex with him.”

“Hush, he'll hear you,” Cheryl said. “No, but I tried.”

“You mean he's seen you naked?” Helen was astonished. “Have you seen know naked?”

“Sssh," Cheryl held her finger to her lips. “Of course I have. It is a small house.”

“Oh, you're not telling me everything are you?” Helen said wiggling her brown eyebrows up and down. She followed that by lifting her pinkie up and down, “Is he big?”

“Oh yeah,” Cheryl said complimenting me. “Now we got get him gone so we can practice. Heck one day you might need to be able to kiss good too.”

The whole conversation piqued my curiosity about what the girls were planning. Finding out would be fairly easy since the windows didn't have much in the way of curtains. There was no need for them out in the middle of the woods. The animals in the woods weren't interested in what went on in the house, but I was. Putting off my job for a day wouldn't be the end of the world. Plus my surveillance and outdoor survival skills needed the cobwebs brushed off.

The two girls met me at the car after I'd packed a few new items to be used in the next twelve hours. I said, “Now you two be good. And Helen's parents or sister will be by in the morning to make sure you two get to school. So I expect you two to get to bed early.” Their going to bed early would make getting going in the morning easier on me, also.

“We promise,” the girls said in tandem, elbowing each other. “See you in a couple of days.”

I pulled away seeing them in the rearview mirror waving good-bye. I drove around town making sure I was seen. I made just as surely no one saw me make my way back. I used back roads and logging trails where possible. The trip made it twilight before I stopped and started lugging all the equipment I'd need, the mile to my base camp.

No fire or other form of heat could be used. The one-man tent was sufficiently decoyed that unless the girls knew it was there they'd not see it. The bugs on the windows were a bit harder to get attached without being noticed. (What I wouldn't have done back then for today's technology) I avoided leaving any prints around the house putting on all the tiny transmitting microphones. For sight into the house, I had my scope, which made it like I was right inside with the girls. It reminded me I should get curtains and close-able shutters for every window. I crawled into my sleeping bag and pointed my scope at the window in which I could see the whole living room. The headphones listening to the bugs doubled as earmuffs keeping my ears warm in the twenty-nine-degree weather.

I caught the two girls as they had just finished dinner and were getting ice-cream for dessert. Helen started the conversation going down the sex path, “So are you John's dessert most nights?”

“No!” Cheryl emphasized. “Actually I think he thinks I am a bad kisser. That's why I need the practice.”

“You've kissed him? You do that when trying to have sex with him?” Helen asked while scooping out the ice cream.

“Well, a couple of times. But mainly when under the mistletoe at Christmas and our goodnight kisses.” Cheryl answered.

“You mean you kiss him every night?” Helen sounded jealous.

“Not anymore. Like I said he doesn't seem to like them,” Cheryl said wrongly.

“What about you? You ever like his kisses?” Helen asked. It turned out to be the right question.

“Well...He never starts them. And the ones he doesn't like I don't like much either. There were two before I started school on the floor in front of the fire I really liked. They were really hot. I swear I creamed my panties. Well, not panties since I wasn't wearing any that night.” Cheryl relayed the synopsis of our kisses that evening.

“You've kissed him with no panties on?"

"Yeah, But we had on sweats that night," I noticed she was being very specific making it not a lie.

"Well, you should've turned my cream into ice cream. Jane says once a boy gets a taste of her cream they always want more.” Helen stated. “She said some girls are the same way.” Then in a taunting manner, she held out her spoon full of the vanilla ice cream. “What to taste my ice cream?” I could barely hear the ice as she'd basically mouthed it.

“Maybe,” Cheryl wasn't about to back down from the challenge. “But first I have to know how to kiss. After all, they are called pussy lips. And you kiss lips.” I was glad to see she was at least using the right terms.

“Well finish your ice cream and then you can show me how the kisses you liked and didn't like were different,” Helen said. Cheryl quickly finished her dessert giving herself a bit of brain freeze. She re-stoked the fire and put the blankets on the floor like New Year's and the night before school.

The two girls got on the make-shift bed. Helen said, “Ok now how did you do your good night kisses.”

“I don't know the usual way. I don't know how to explain it. I put my...” Cheryl started explaining when Helen butted in.

“Don't tell me. Show me. We are supposed to be practicing.” Helen said.

“Ok,” Cheryl slowly leaned over to her friend. Helen had pursed her lips for a grandma kiss. It was obvious both girls had no idea what they were doing. Cheryl's lips were pressed to Helen's about the same length of time she had pressed against mine. I could see she again tried getting her tongue in her partner's mouth. Helen backed up once that happened. “So what do you think?”

“I don't know. I didn't get that cream feeling anywhere. But I don't know if a girl can give another girl that feeling.” Helen said.

“And you've got the cream feeling from a boy? A boy you haven't told me about?” Cheryl looked a little hurt at the critique.

“No. I haven't kissed a boy. I would've told you about that.” Helen answered and asked. “So what was the kiss that made you cream like?”

“Well, I can't exactly...” Cheryl again started as an answer, not understanding describing wasn't what Helen wanted.

“You're dense. Show me.” Helen again cut off Cheryl's explanation.

I could tell Cheryl didn't like being called dense. She closed her eyes and bobbed her head as if she was shaking the information loose. She then leaned in and again put her lips on Helen's. I could tell this kiss was different. She went slower and her lips gathered in Helen's lower one. There was obviously a tenderness in the way she moved her lips along the caught one. Helen's reaction also informed me Cheryl got it right this time. Helen's hand went to Cheryl's blonde hair grabbing a handful while her other wrapped Cheryl's chest, squeezing her tight.

Together they moaned. Their lips stayed attached as their hands started stroking each other's backs. The movements took on a fractiousness of what could only be desire. They mutually laid each other down on the make-shift bed. Laying side by side their legs fought to intertwine, neither appearing to know-how. “That was like the kiss John liked,” Cheryl said between heavy breathes.

“God, I can see why. I swear you have me creaming.” Helen admitted through her heavy breathing. “Why don't you kiss him that way all the time.”

“I don't know. The girls at my old school said you have to use your tongue when you kiss.” Cheryl said not giving away too much of her past.

“I don't know why if you cream this way,” Helen said. Then she asked, “Can we do that again?” Then she added, “to practice.”

“Sure to practice,” Cheryl dove back into Helen's lips while Helen did the same. I think they hit their lips together harder than they planned but soon had lightened their pressure and moved seductively alone their full lips. Their hands again roamed over each other and down over each of their butts. They grabbed and squeezed each globes massaging and pulled their pelvises tighter together.

They continued kissing and squirming their bodies against each other. Their faces were getting more and more flush as they got more and more into each other. The moaning and groaning got louder in my headphone covered ears. I too was enjoying the girls' kisses as my dick got hard under me. The longer they went on the longer and harder I got.

The two broke apart staring at each other in amazement, panting. Helen's hand was the first to move from hair to the skin. She slowly brushed her fingers over Cheryl's rounded cheekbones and down along her jawline. Helen's fingers under Cheryl's chin drew their lips back together slowly. There was a passion I could see and hear in their kiss as if they realized the practice was over.

Cheryl was the first one to tentatively put her tongue on Helen's lip. She lightly pressed it on the full upper lip. Helen didn't pull back but squeezed Cheryl to her tighter. This egged on Cheryl and she got more adventurous with her tongue. She quickly flicked it over Helen's when Helen's lips followed Cheryl's into an open-mouthed kiss. She apparently liked the sensations it gave her and let her tongue slide over the brunettes longer and deeper.

Helen basically growled her longing and tried doing the same to Cheryl. But her wanton desire drove her tongue in fast and hard, unlike Cheryl's sensual slow intentional movements. Cheryl pulled back at the suddenness of Helen's invasion. Helen panted and looked shocked at Cheryl's backing away. She panted looking shocked with herself. “Sorry, I'll do better this time.”

She again put her lips to Cheryl's. Shortly after she'd learned her lesson and the girls' tongues rolled over each other. As they did, their bodies did and they started rolling over one another in the firelight. I watched the two make out like lovers for over twenty minutes as bodies rolling over each other first one way then the other. Their pelvises together the whole time yet moving up and down as well as their contact tightening and loosing.

During a stop, Cheryl said, “Oh god you have me creaming so hard.”

“Me too,” Helen agreed. “And my nipples itch.” She put her hands to her covered tits and rubbed and pinched them rolling the cloth and nipples between her thumb and forefinger.

“Shit so do mine,” Cheryl admitted, “But I thought I was just being a freak. They itch worse than they ever have.”

Helen let her right nipple from her fingers and put her hand on Cheryl's shirt where her nipple was poking out the fabric. Pulling and twisting the nipple like she'd done her own Helen advised, “This made mine feel better.” The second her covered nipple was tugged on, Cheryl plastered her lips to Helen's. Again her lips moved on Helen's like a girl that had been doing that exact thing for months.

Cheryl was the first to suggest the next step. “I'm hot and think that would feel better not on my shirt.” She reached to her shirt's hem and pulled it up and over her head. Her chest was bared to Helen and Helen's hands again went to Cheryl's nipples. Cheryl moaned loudly and kissed Helen as her chest was massaged and her nipples were squeezed. “Oh hell, Helen I swear I can't cream anymore, Gawd my pussy is tingling so bad.” She froze a second in what looked like a mini orgasm.

When she could move again Cheryl began tearing at Helen's shirt's hem. She cajoled her partner, “It feels so good on your skin.” Helen wasn't about to stop her shirt from being removed. I could see the utter joy in Cheryl's face as her bare breast touched Cheryl's. Their nipples ran across each other a second before their lips again press together and their mouths opened sharing moans, spittle and air, and lastly tongues.

It was then I noticed Helen had thinned down some since Christmas. She was starting to develop her breast and her torso was starting to thin down around her waist. Soon she'd have the full hourglass figure of a woman. But now, her tits and nipples coned sticking out looking for Cheryl's. Helen's nipples were smaller than Cheryl's but a darker shade of pink on top of her equally sized breast. I knew in the long run Helen's tits would be bigger than Cheryl's as they had been developing a shorter time and already were the half grapefruits like Cheryl's.

While their hands and tits were busy rubbing on each other's tits and nipples, Cheryl moved to Helen's neck. Helen leaned her head to the side exposing her slender neck to my ward. As I watched Cheryl attach her lips to Helen's neck over and over sucking on her nubile flesh, I worried. She was new at making out and likely didn't know the limits of young tender skin to suction. And if she left marks on Helen or Helen did to her, their lives would be turned upside down at school. I just had no way of warning them, not that they would've cared at that moment.

Slowly Cheryl moved further down Helen's neck to her clavicle. Helen evidently knew and wanted Cheryl to get to her destination. The destination was obviously Helen's nipples. Helen was now the one doing the coaxing as her chest heaved, “Please Cheryl my nipples still itch and are so hot. Kiss them, please. Maybe it will stop the itch.”

Cheryl panting equally hard answered, “Gawd I hope so mine are burning too.” She continued a trail of kisses down over the rounded tit. Only at the edge of her friend's delicious-looking areola, she stayed a long time sucking. When she moved it was evident there would be a hickey the next day. Again she wouldn't complain having enjoyed what had put it there. Cheryl finally put her lips to the hard eraser she'd been unwittingly teasing. Helen bowed her back and stuck her small chest out the second Cheryl's lips touched her sensitive flesh.

Helen groaned and her mouth opened letting out an, “Ah.” She froze mouth open bowed up obviously orgasming from having her tit sucked. When Cheryl's mouth left the cone with its hard eraser point it was left with a sheen of spit. Helen's hands had seized Cheryl's blonde hair yanking her face toward her other tit. She mumbled in a sexual frenzy, “My other one...Kiss my other tit...Please now...God, it feels so good.”

I was witnessing a young teen's sexual awakening at the hands of her friend. She pulled Cheryl to her tit where Cheryl too was experiencing consensual pleasure for likely the first time. Cheryl did as her friend asked and sucked on the girl's other tit. With her freed hand Cheryl stroked and intuitively rolled and pulled on the nipple she'd left. What I hadn't expected was Helen's, “Oh hell do that again. Bite me...Bite my nipple again it feels so good.”

Cheryl did just that and pulled it out from the small orb it was anchored to. Over and over she did this to the moans of Helen and ultimately a second arching of her body and the nipple sucking orgasm that came with it. Cheryl having her friend lay still went back up to her lips and again began making out with the frazzled teen. Between kisses, she huffed, “I like your tits. They tasted so good.” Cheryl rubbed the two orbs and squeezed each of them as if to emphasize her point.

“God you kissing them has made my pussy so hot,” Helen said. “It's never felt that way even with you rubbing it. God, it's deep inside it feels so... weird but good. You've gotta feel that feeling in your pussy.”

“Mmm, you'd do that?”Cheryl asked, before putting her lips back on Helen's.

“Oh, yeah I so want to,” Helen said once their tongue bacchanalian was put on pause. Her lips were then pressed to Cheryl's neck. She like Cheryl appeared like she didn't know where the line was between hickey and sensual hot non-marking kisses. If in the morning Cheryl's neck and clavicles weren't purple it was because Helen's sucking on the nubile flesh moved away each time with only seconds before it truly would be. Helen's lips and tongue traveled over every inch of her friend's neck and face.

Unlike Cheryl, Helen attacked the dainty ear lobes which had been half covered in blonde hair before she started. Cheryl's reaction was immediate and positive when the full lips captured the lobes before going up over the ridge. From what I saw Helen was learning fast basing her next moves on her companion's reactions. I think she'd have spent hours with her lips lovingly going over Cheryl's face, ears and neck had she not been guided down.

Helen kissed a trail to Cheryl's firm hemispheres with their coned tops. She went around the developing flesh sucking on the underside of the tits that hadn't even the first crease of a tear dropped shape. They were pure mounds of flesh being sucked in between the lips of the youngster. She did a figure eights passing under and over each tit, sucking and licking the baby's smooth skin. With each figure, she went higher on the mound until only the cone was left to kiss. Cheryl's breath was labored as she gasped, and panted before Helen's lips ever touched her nipples.

The reddened yet full-looking lips captured all of Cheryl's coned areola and nipple, right after she said, “Gawd I love your tits.” Cheryl did as Helen had and puffed out her small mounds of tit meat for Helen to enjoy. But in a fit of lust, she clutched the brown hair on Helen's head forcing her mouth down further on the tit in it. She didn't resist but moan all the louder into the oral pacifier.

Cheryl let out a, “Oh God...Ah,” and froze and with her mouth held open obscenely. Her movement thawed a few seconds later she huffed, “Mmmm I felt it in my pussy. Gawd it so hot... so...itchy,” Her hips rocked and moved under the bared midriff of her partner. I could see, she was trying to scrape her covered pussy against something, in the attempt to quell the itch she claimed having.

Looking into Cheryl's eyes, with a pinkish-red nipple firmly between her lightly clenched teeth, I could see a thought form in the brunette's mind. Her hands left the sides of the tits they'd been caressing to the snap of the jeans covering the pelvis grinding against her. In no time she had she had the snap open and the zipper down. Through the scope, I saw her suck hard one more time before she let the nipple and skin around it pass through teeth leaving scrapes in their wake. Cheryl only groaned louder at the scuffs being left on her sensitive skin.

Helen's hands were wrapped around the jean's waistband and into the plain white panties beneath them. “Lift up,” Helen not so much asked but demanded.

“What?” Cheryl questioned.

“Lift up, I want to take your jeans off,” She explained, breathing on Cheryl's cleavage.

“What? Why?” Cheryl inquired, despite knowing when she had blown guys their pants were usually down.

“I'll show you,” Helen stated with a tight tenor to her voice. “Please lift,” Cheryl did as Helen asked. Getting on her knees between Cheryl's legs, Helen pulled the last of Cheryl's clothing off except her ankle socks. Able to spread Cheryl's legs out wider without the jeans, Helen did so. Helen was on her knees looking down at Cheryl's neatly trimmed blonde bush. Cheryl evidently had trimmed it so if she wore the sexy thong she'd modeled for me none of the stray hairs she'd had before would happen.

Helen timidly put her trembling hands stroked the inside Cheryl's smooth thighs as they wormed their way under her muscular butt. A couple of times she squeezed and lifted on the globes in her hands raising Cheryl's pelvis up while starting to bend down. After the third time vacillating Cheryl must've known what her friend was contemplating, yet innocently asked of her friend, “What are you doing?”

Helen looked up at Cheryl as pale as a cold ghost in the arctic, “We're practicing kissing right?”

Cheryl's look was one of confusion at why Helen would be asking such a question. “Yes, And if you come back up here, your lips will be welcome to kiss mine.”

Helen rocked slightly on her knees, the apprehension of her spur of the moment plan so thick it could've been cut with a knife. She closed her eyes for a second fortifying her courage then said, “No, I thought I'd try these lips.” Her head dove quickly to Cheryl's bloated clam shells while she lifted up on her butt again. Cheryl's pussy was in the perfect position for Helen's lips.

The contact of Helen's lips on Cheryl's pussy lips, with their barely visible blonde hairs lightly covering the protective flesh, caused Cheryl's hips to jerk up for more. A loud groaned, “Augh” followed as more humping upward occurred. Helen's head bounced along with the humping maintaining her lips contact to the thigh outer ones. After the first few wanton thrusts at Helen's face, Cheryl's pelvis rocked while Helen moved her lips up and down the length of the new lips. Cheryl's toned body was on full display as her abs tightened highlighting the flat stomach they formed each time she rocked. She hollered uncontrollably, “Fuck” when her clit's hood felt the teen's lips on it.

Helen didn't move far from that spot after hearing Cheryl's response to the first touch. Helen moved her lips apparently only to suck on the hood and what was under it. Cheryl's hands went to the back of the young teen's head holding her in place bellowing, “Lick me...Shit, lick me there.” I switched scopes to a higher-powered one, so I could witness Helen's tongue dive between the plump lips and swipe across the hard elevated pink nub. The first lick over hard nub finished, Cheryl's wailing got even louder, “Do it again...Oh fuck lick it again...don't fucking stop.”

I'd never heard Cheryl talk that way before but it made no impression on Helen. She seemed intrigued at the response to the licking of the hard nub. She pulled the fat protective clamp shell lips back leaving the thin hidden ones beneath them visible and leading up to the nub. Helen didn't just lick the nub as Cheryl demanded. She ran her tongue's tip along the inside to the fine flesh and up and over the hardened clitoris. She licked back down the other side until she reached the entrance of Cheryl's pussy hole. Somehow she knew to ring the doorway.

Cheryl was moaning and panting and her hips rolled, humped and rocked while her face contorted with each new sensation. She had kept one hand tied up with Helen's long brown hair as the other slapped and punched the floor next to her as she experienced more and more intense sensations. Helen's licking had for the fourth time reached up to Cheryl's clit, when she decided in keeping her lips covering the bundle of nerves. I could see she was flicking the flesh with her tongue's tip between hollowing her cheeks sucking.

All of Cheryl's muscles constricted and her guttural screaming, “Fuck... exploding,...I'm fucking exploding.” Helen seemed to know Cheryl's thighs would be collapsing on her head shortly after the screeching started. She moved her lips to the pussy entrance below the clit she'd been sucking. She got there and started sucking the juices flowing freely from the hole a second before the strong thighs closed on her head. From Cheryl's “God yes suck me...suck my juice.” I knew Helen was swallowing down Cheryl's pussy honey.

The next thing I heard from Cheryl in the headphones was what I expected Helen to do. Cheryl's saying, “Oh god your tongue is in me...God, it's filling me...Ugh, it feels too good too much...too much.” Cheryl's legs alternated between flying open and closing down tight as she squirmed under Helen's oral assault. Helen wasn't giving up, holding on tightly to Cheryl's thin hips. In the struggle, I saw she had her tongue buried to its fullest extent into Cheryl's canal. The whole time Cheryl was hollering, ”too much...It's too much...Tongue in my pussy it's too much. Please stop...Stop fucking me with your tongue.”

When the fight died down Helen slid up Cheryl's body, rubbing her nipples along Cheryl's now sweaty torso. She kissed my ward square on the mouth and did so as sensually as I had seen that evening. Cheryl finally opening her mouth sharing in the remnants of her orgasmic juices and the air likely infused with her scent's essence. I was thrilled Cheryl had experienced such a powerful orgasm likely for the first time but was unpleasantly surprised that while doing so she'd lost all strength to get her lover from her sex.

They lay together kissing for a while before Helen asked, “Did you like that?”

“Oh, God it was incredible. I've never felt anything like it. It was so much better than when we do it with our fingers. Everything exploded all at once it was so unreal.” Cheryl explained her chest still heaving up and down. “But good God the next time you gotta stop when I say stop. It was so intense, then I almost hurt, like being tickled past the point of feeling.”

Helen smiled and her brown eyes lit up, “You said next time. So you want to try that again? Cause I do.”

“Yeah we are definitely doing that again,” Cheryl's eyes twinkled brighter than Helen's. “But first I want to try doing that with you. You know practice kissing your other lips. I want to be good at kissing them too. You want me to try now?”

“Yeah that sounds fun,” Helen said rolling onto her back. She quickly arched up and stripped her jeans and plain white panties off her hips. Then Cheryl got in on the action. She started pulling the clothes the rest of the way off the girl's legs. Helen's legs weren't as honed as Cheryl's and her bush was not neatly trimmed, though there wasn't much to trim in the first place. Her stomach was still more of a tummy. She had some of her baby fat still left but not nearly what had likely been there at Christmas.

Cheryl got between her friend's legs and pushed on the girl's inner thighs spreading them further apart. While she was not near as hesitant as Helen, she did start going towards the girl's pussy that looked much like hers and stop once. She had stopped within an inch of the plumped up and wet slit. She breathed in deeply and exhaled on the now trembling girl's vulva. A nervous sounding Helen asked, “What are you doing? Are you going to kiss them?”

“Smelling you,” Cheryl said answering the question. “And you smell yummy, not like...” Despite the earlier excitement her breathing still hadn't recovered fully from, she maintained her senses and stopped herself before giving away information about sucking
dicks at her brother's and stepmom's command. “...not like fish. I heard pussies sometimes can.”

It was the last thing she said before her lips were put to the haired flesh. She had the advantage of having had her pussy kissed and knowing what she liked. She used that knowledge on Helen. There weren't the unsure movements along the thick protective folds Helen had done with her. She intentionally took one between her lips and used her tongue on the inside of it while she sucked on the folds transition of pale and pink. Helen was immediately huffing and petting the blonde hair on Cheryl's head.

Helen's moans were just as loud if not louder than Cheryl's. Her demands came sooner and more insistent, “Ahh...Kiss me...Kiss my clitty.” Cheryl appeared to ignore the demands going down further along the oozing wet slit. She pulled apart the protective folds exposing the thin pink ones and the hole between them. She kissed around the opening, licking the juice accumulating on her lips off as she went. Having completed her encircling it with kisses and sucking on the passageway's edges, she covered it fully with her open lips. Helen's bloviating, ”God your tongue it's stretching me. Mmm you're filling me..Oh Gawd faster put it in faster...deeper,” told me Cheryl was fucking her tongue in and out of the virgin's hole.

Cheryl started swallowing as Helen froze pushing her pelvis up into Cheryl's mouth. The teen's cry from her first oral was long and wailed loudly though not in words. And unlike Helen, Cheryl didn't persist in tongue fucking her girlfriend when her thighs collapsed onto her blonde head. She seemed to wait, stroking the round ass elevated off the floor while the gasps and heaving were going on.

Then Helen lowered her round quivering orbs back to the ground Cheryl pushed the attached legs up and wider, getting her hands on the small mounds on Helen's heaving chest. She rolled the hard points on the soft cones, pulling on them in between the rolling. Cheryl was kissing and sucking on the full clam shells pulling them out exposing the pink beneath not with her teeth but only with the suction of her lips. While unsure of hickeys forming on the girls' necks I was positive Helen's pussy lips would be blotched and purple in the morning.

Cheryl shifted up and down both bloated folds while sucking and licking up any juices produced between them. Helen groaned a type of appreciation for the feelings Cheryl's lips were bringing her, “Ah, is this heaven ever going to end.”

Cheryl looked up from the cunt she was whipping into a frenzy. Her face from one cheek to the other and down over her chin to up over the point of her nose was covered in girl juices. Her smile and dimples surrounded by such ostentatious signs of their lascivious action made her all the more sexy saying, “No I want to kiss and eat you forever.”

The forever lasted until Cheryl wrapped her lips around the hard button at the top of the pink fine folds. She sucked and flicked her tongue over it between the loving sensual kisses that gently captured the nub between her reddened lips. Helen began squirming and pounding the floor at her side while her clit was attended to. As the loving torment continued the squirming became humping and the pounding was replaced by seizing handfuls of blonde hair and jamming Cheryl's face into the humping. Helen was face fucking Cheryl as Cheryl continued her flicking and sucking when possible. Cheryl's face was finally ground hard into Helen's box as she let out a primal and guttural scream, “God I'm cumming.”

Cheryl's face was held smashed into the brown hairs and pink slit as Helen climaxed. When the brunette had experienced enough, she yanked on Cheryl's hair pulling her away, only to have Cheryl press forward to the spewing pussy hole. Cheryl sucked and swallowed and tongue fucked the girl below her. Helen too wailed about the ongoing cunnilingus being too much but Cheryl ignored her lover's pleas for her to stop. For five minutes Helen pleaded for Cheryl to quit fucking her tongue into her hot hole only to have the pleas dismissed. When Helen quit fighting and lay lifeless on the floor did Cheryl stop, leaving the box she'd been eating.

Cheryl like Helen rubbed her hardened nipples up the sweat-soaked body of her lover going up to kiss her. She lightly put her lips to Helen's slack lifeless lips. Helen only opened her eyes at the touch. Cheryl looked into those eyes saying, “I think we need to practice kissing more often.” Helen only nodded.

I quit watching the girls as they lay on each other for what I thought was the end of the night. Leaving the headphones on, I lay down expecting to sleep the rest of the night. Sleep was short-lived as two hours later I was awakened by moaning. The two were back at their practicing. Again they started just kissing and making out, running their hands over each other's nubile bodies. And predictably this led to kissing each other's tits. What I hadn't expected was for them to discover so soon was by scissoring their legs together, they could rub their clits together while kissing. The girls humped and fucked each other for over an hour climaxing multiple times as they did. One would climax leading the other to follow suit. When their bodies and muscles finally tired out and they were a mound of sweaty flesh, they went to sleep arms and legs mingled.

I again mistakenly thought it'd be the end of the night. At four in the morning, I was again awakened to the two going at each other's pussies. I looked through my scope and in the dying embers of the fireplace, I could see the two had quickly figured out getting into a sixty-nine position. The girls' heads were buried between thighs and the moans and panting were ongoing. Again as one of the two got close to orgasm, she'd roll the other onto her back and grind her cunt into her lover's face, until she couldn't take any more. I saw them switch who was on top six times over the next two hours. At which time, the sun was beginning to break on the horizon. I couldn't imagine either girl would be worth anything at school that day. But, they got up groggily and stumbled into the shower together to get ready.

Over the sound of the water, I heard Helen say, “Oh shit my pussy. It is purple... And so is yours.”

Cheryl seemed calmer than Helen about the color change of their flesh, “Shit, we gave each other hickeys on our pussies. It's OK no one will see them. But the ones around your nipples are gonna be hard to explain if seen. Shit, I have them too.”

“Damn, I didn't mean to,” Helen apologized.

“Me either,” Cheryl said. “The next time we practice kissing we'll need to be more careful. And we'll have to skip the shower after gym keeping our bras on. Hopefully, the hickeys don't go above them. Now turn around I need to wash your back.”

Helen evidently was ready for more, “Yeah, we will but it was so fun getting them. And you can skip my back. My pussy is what really needs washing.” I heard her and Cheryl moan shortly after as I assume they started washing their lover's hickey-ed little slit. A few minutes later she moaned, “Gawd I love your finger, but your tongue is so much better.”

Cheryl groaned in reply, “Yeah, I do so want your tongue in me instead of a finger. But we'd run out of hot water and the bus comes soon.” Boy, do I love how practical my girl can be at times.

I watched them get ready for school. I again noticed in the full morning light what a svelte body Cheryl had. Her breasts were getting only slightly bigger as the months had gone on but her hourglass shape was getting more defined. At the same time, Helen looked at herself nude in the full-length mirror and then over at Cheryl. She pulled on a bit of the baby fat still on her stomach and rubbed her hands over her hips and thighs. She said to Cheryl, “It's not fair. You have a beautiful face, gorgeous body, perfect tits, a flat tummy, and a cute tight butt and thighs. And I'm a blob.”

Cheryl came up behind the attractive brunette being overly critical. She stroked her hands around the girl's chest to her tits. With Helen's tits in her hands, she pulled her nude body into Helen's back. She let her hands run down over the not toned and not fat stomach below them. She let them run further down into the top of the brown curls of Helen's mons before going over the girl's hip bones and down her legs. “You Helen are perfect not a blob. But even if you were a blob which you definitely aren't, you'd be my blob.” She then moved the wet brown hair from the girl's neck so she could put her lips there.

“God you're perfect, gorgeous, and sweet,” Helen said leaning into the kiss. She turned in Cheryl's arms and looked her in the eye, “And, you know I hate you?” Before Cheryl could answer Helen's lips were on Cheryl's. The kiss made me sure they didn't need anymore practicing and made me long for Cheryl to return to kissing me goodnight.

Cheryl only beamed with her dimples formed deep in her cheeks, "Yeah, I know." She quickly gave Helen a peck on the lips leaving the encompassing arms.

As they dressed, I saw their bra's barely covered all of the purples on their tits, whereas their white girl panties hid their night's activities without a problem. When Cheryl saw Helen staring in the mirror again she explained again that she was perfect. But she also told her that the last of her baby fat was burned off once she started living with me. This was a half-truth. She didn't have fat, but her figure was much more toned since being a stowaway. She said it was the cutting wood and hauling it and stacking it along with her other chores around the house that firmed her up and got rid of the fat. She also said, she'd ask me if I'd pay Helen a little to work around the house, doing those same chores since her parents didn't do things like that.

As I packed up my gear, staying out of sight, I thought about what Cheryl said she would ask me. I thought it might work out if the jobs kept coming in. And to watch a second beautiful teen turn into an even more beautiful woman would be a joy. As I thought about it, I was fairly sure the jobs would keep coming in as Carter was sure to lose. And a Reagan administration was likely to need my expertise regularly. So if she asked, I decided I would say yes if the price was right.
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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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OK, dude, its been two days (almost) and that's about the longest i can stand to wait!

JK - you're an outstanding writer. Please, never stop.

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Great addition very sexy girls :emot_hard:
Please keep this going...

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I hope you like the next chapter. The next ones will be on there way.

Chapter 6; Hired Help

I got back home at the time I said I would. The two teens were inside watching M.A.S.H. laughing as I came through the door. Cheryl jumped up, running to me and giving me a hug. And though Helen was there she gave me a kiss like the ones she had done before I left. The kiss with her friend there was unusual, the fact it was inept after all the practicing she had likely done while I was gone was strange. It made more sense when she let loose of my neck and secretly gave Helen a thumbs up.

She also motioned to Helen, who came over. She also hugged me rubbing her lissome body and firm tits against me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. It was all very well choreographed, to what end I didn't know. I assumed it was about Helen working around the house for a workout and cash. Yet Cheryl didn't bring up her idea of having Helen work with her.

She didn't bring that idea up for some number of days after Helen had gone home, leaving the reason for the hug and kiss undetermined. When she did finally bring up Helen working with us for side cash, I agreed. The next day I had the two out in the woods cutting and hauling wood. In an hour, there were two hot sweaty teenage girls carrying logs around. While they again thought I could hear Helen said, “God this is hard. I am so tired and sore. How about you?”

“Yeah but just wait until later. You won't be able to move and your pussy will be all mine,” Cheryl said quietly.

“You mean this gets worse?” Helen asked.

“Yep, until I make it better, later tonight,” Cheryl said, dimples on display. An hour later we were back at home the girls adding the new logs to the stacks. Back in the house despite the relatively cool temperatures, both girls had sweat matted wet strands hanging in and around their faces. They both flopped on the floor in front of the fireplace. “My whole body is one big ouch,” Cheryl said looking up at me.

“I'm assuming you talked to Helen's parents, and she is staying tonight?” I asked both of them.

“Yeah, I hope you don't mind,” Cheryl said

“No, that's fine you don't have school tomorrow. Get cleaned up while I cook,” I said. I headed to the kitchen leaving the cute teens laying on the floor to get their showers before dinner. I expected them to go get a shower one at a time. Cheryl had lived up to so many expectations but that one. Looking through the kitchen door I saw the two kissing.

The kiss was short-lived. Cheryl said, “You heard John, we need to get our showers. So let's go get one.”

“Won't he know we're doing it together,” Helen asked?

“He won't care. After all, we do that at school after gym class.” Cheryl stated. “So lift up. We need to get this sweatshirt off you.”

“I'm not getting undressed out here. John will see me.” Helen objected.

“He's in the kitchen and we're not getting naked,” Cheryl informed her. “Just the sweats. Now raise your arms.”

“I'm not sure I can. They hurt so bad.” Helen said. When I peered out the doorway I saw Cheryl help raise Helen's arms by her elbows. With her arms raised, Cheryl took the bottom of Helen's sweatshirt and started it over the brunette's head. The t-shirt below it was plastered to Helen's torso. The white T-shirt with the school's mascot on it did nothing to hide her tits.

The cotton fabric clung to the cones atop the half grapefruits. They were a darker color than the flesh they were part of. The hard nub in the center of the puffed-up cone was evident on either side of ram head in the valley of her orbs. The covered rounded flesh looked almost as delectable as Cheryl's. And despite her evaluation of her figure, the one below was looking good.

Cheryl helping remove the jeans from her girlfriend's hips and guide them over the silken legs to be stepped out of. It only improved the view. The teen must have been planning on her lover seeing her in her underwear and had put on some lacy white french cut panties that didn't hide all of her brown downy curls. I guess Helen hadn't been told that the hair should stay within the confines of the covering for the maximum effect. But even with the hair visible, the satin lace panties gathered up in her slit. And like her t-shirt, it was glued to the plumped flesh they covered and it looked incredible.

Cheryl must have thought so too as she put her finger in the side of the covering and pulled them aside. In doing so I was privileged a view of Helen's uncovered cunt before Cheryl's head blocked my view. Helen's strength returned long enough to first pull Cheryl's face tighter into her box before pulling it away. She said quietly and firmly, “Damn it what do you think you're doing? John could see you. Do you want him seeing you eating me?”

Cheryl looked up at her friend speaking in the same hushed tones, “Hell if he does he might want a bite, you look so delectable. And taste and smell are even better.” She then stood up before her girlfriend and kissed her quickly with lips likely still covered in the girl's own juices. “No, I guess not. But he won't see us in the shower. Now help me get out of my clothes too.

Helen raised Cheryl's sweatshirt at which point I saw she had the same covering below as Helen. It was in the same condition, plastered to Cheryl's torso. The valley for the ram's head was wider and maybe the dame depth if not slightly shallower. The pinkish nipples weren't as dark in color as Helen's but were evident under the wet T-shirt. Below her firm rounded flesh the tapper of her torso ended with her small waist. The indention in the center of her stomach left a hollow oval under the wet fabric above her jeans' snap.

The snap came undone in Helen's hands. She opened Cheryl's jeans and started sliding them over the slightly flared hips. It was her turn to kneel down in front of my blonde ward and slowly lower the jeans the rest of the way down. Having the pants at her ankles, Cheryl stepped out, standing before her girlfriend in her black lace panties that were the mirror of Helen's. Helen slid the panties over the trimmed blonde hairs exposing the slit behind them, Again I lost my view. This time a brunette's head blocked the view of what she was doing.

Cheryl did as Helen had, grabbing fists fulls of brunette hair cramming the face and lips into her exposed slit. She quietly moaned, “Oh God yes.”

Helen pushed off using Cheryl's hip bones, standing up. She used the back of her hand to wipe the juices that coated her lips off. “I think it is shower time”

Cheryl took a hand from her hip into hers, “Come on. And you won't be teasing me there.” The whispered statement implying Helen would finish bringing Cheryl to orgasm. She didn't pull the panties back over her slit before turning and taking Helen to get clean.

As I cooked, every now and then I would hear an “Oh god” or “Yes there. Lick there.” over the sounds of water. The bellowed, “Oh fuck not again.” was cut off quickly. One of the two realized it was sufficiently loud for me to hear clearly. The rest of the time after I only heard random whines and loud grunts coming from the bathroom.

The shower's length had likely ended when the water had turned too cold to continue. They both had gone into my drawers and put on a pair of my sweat pants. Cheryl had on my Fort MacDill sweatshirt while Helen had an Army one. Both ended up looking so small in the clothes designed for someone my size. Sitting at the table in over-sized clothes they both looked so young.

They sat on the floor in front of the couch on their make-shift bed. The two were engrossed in “Happy Days” and The Fonz followed by “WKRP in Cincinnatti" and how good Loni Anderson and Andy Travis look. I stoked the fire one last time before I headed out and asked, “Do you two need anything before I turn in?”

Helen was the first to answer, “No sir Mr. Wick. And thanks for letting me stay.”

“You're always welcome here Helen. Now you two keep it down and get to sleep at a reasonable time. I'm going to get you up early to get some more firewood,” I said going to my bedroom cracking the door such I could see the girls in the full-length mirror.

“We will and not too, too early. We are already sore,” Cheryl said before going back to the program on TV. The two giggled and laugh late into the night. Only after faked a bit of snoring did the giggles come with the girls stripping each other. Neither had put on underwear or bras beneath the borrowed sweats.

Only after she was completely naked and had Cheryl's lips attached to her puffy nipple did she moan, “Oh that feels so good.” Cheryl's hand went over Helen's mons and her fingers ran through the brown curls to the nub at the top of the slit. Helen's moans got louder as her clit was strummed faster and harder. Only then did she say, “Oh you gotta stop I'm gonna scream. John can't find us naked.”

In the firelight, Cheryl's lips around Helen's nipple looked positively hedonistic. Her smile with it still between her lips was ten times so. “John's seen me naked. The tit between my lips would be new. But it tastes so good.” She joked with her lover. She rolled her tongue around on the nipple like a dog rolling in stinky dead shit, making sure her tongue touched on every part. She then further teased, “maybe you rather he sees only your tits. I'll block his view of your pussy with my lips. I need the practice after all.”

“Oh shit not fair, I'm too sore to move,” Helen said. She let out a groan as she trying to move and block Cheryl's head from her slit. It was quite a sight watching the nude girls wrestling in the firelight. Their hands grabbing each other's tits and asses as they twisted and folded over each other. Slowly they got turned around as they wrestled bumping into the couch and chair making all kinds of noise.

In the end, there was long blonde hair resting on Helen's hips and thighs. Cheryl had long brown hair on hers. Both had heads moving up and down along their
 slits with tongue licking down the pink furrows and kisses being placed on the sensitive clitoris. There was a cacophony of moaning and slurping. I watched in amazement how two could orgasm crying out into their partners cunts and ten minutes later be ready for more. The fun and games the two were engaged in ended two hours later with them back to arms wrapped around each other exchanging loving kisses and caresses.

The covers were off the two as their skin pressed against each other warming them in the last of the fire's heat. Their legs were wrapped around each other in such a way I think I missed them fucking their clits together. The shine on their inner thighs said I was likely right in my evaluation. I walked past the naked mass of flesh going to make coffee. When I came back in with a cup in each hand for each of the teens, they were once again dressed.

Helen was wearing my Army sweatshirt while Cheryl was Fort MacDill one. I didn't have the heart to tell them they got them reversed. Helen was three shaded of red when I handed her a cup of coffee, and asked, “You sleep well?” She bowed her head and wouldn't look up.

I ask the same of Cheryl and she though blushed red looked me in the eye, straight-faced saying, “Yes, but multiple orgasms will do that for you. It just wasn't long enough.” She then burst into laughter when Helen slapped her arm.

“I can't believe you said that.” she turned four shades darker red.

I had to laugh with her. It was truth-telling at its finest. I. though, had to poke at her and asked, “What wasn't long enough the sleep or the orgasms. Cause if you say the orgasms they sounded plenty long to me.”

Helen threw the covers over her head saying, “Oh my God he heard us.”

Cheryl pulled the cover off Helen's head and put her finger under the embarrassed girl's chin raising her up to look at her. “When you are as wonderful and perfect as you are, of course, he's gonna hear us.”

I let the poor shy and mortified girl and Cheryl off the hook, “hey whatever kind of wrestling and goofing off went on, I don't care.  Please just put the room back in order. I just know I'm making eggs for breakfast and we need to get out and get to work burning off some of that energy. Maybe we can get in some target practice too.”

Cheryl winked at me and mouthed the word, “Thanks.” I went and started breakfast as the two got out of my sweats and got into work clothes. I worked the two pretty teens pretty hard letting them know if they play hard at night they get to work hard during the day. It didn't matter Helen wasn't my ward she would learn the same as Cheryl.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts