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Reply #60 on: April 15, 2021, 05:37:32 AM

I so want him to fuck Glory .

The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones. - William Shakespeare

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Someone's working overtime  ;D

Enjoying the latest addition to Stowaway, and I'll need to read the newest Alex next :)

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Wow! I have barely touched the surface of this story, but I am truly enjoying it. Your excellent writing puts me in the scene with them; anticipation building. :)

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Another fantastic story as always

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To all that have commented, I appreciate the encouragement and the compliments. I hope this tale continues to entertain. I know the last chapter was a little afield from the main part of the story and this chapter and a couple more will continue to meandor looking at the flowers. I will let you decide if it was worth the walk.

Chapter 14: Learning to Fuck and Love-making

Dorothy was still plastered to the window panting lost in the echoes of the sensation from my lips and tongue. I slipped out from between her legs while I held her hips. Out from between her legs, I got behind her. I thought I could pull her out of her haze, by sliding my dick through her hot oozing cunt lips. After which I would put her back in a haze of delirium by dividing her pussy over and over. I lubed up the top of my dick preparing to put it in her. Dorothy, with her face still contorted on the window, said, %u201CShit, there is more?%u201D

%u201COh yes, that was just the beginning,%u201D I answered continuing sawing my dick between her wet plumped flesh.

%u201CI don't know if I can take any more,%u201D She whined her face still press on the glass.

%u201COh, you definitely can,%u201D I informed her stroking her ass, and kneading it as I enjoyed the valley between her fuzzy clamshells.

%u201CPlease not my butt.%u201D was whimpered, all the while she did nothing that would've stopped me from slicing my dick through her puckered hole that did get used for sex.

%u201CI have no intention of butt fucking you at the moment. That is what your husband is doing when he does what you or he call a semen pressure release.%u201D She didn't say anything when I affirm that I was not going to be using her asshole as a location to gratify myself with her so-called sperm pressure release. I think she knew I'd be releasing sperm into her, but her butt-hole not being the recipient, there seemed to be a little change in her. It was very slight except it appeared her but cheeks un-clenched after finding out it wouldn't be used. But the rest of her remained tense, my dick moving along her pussy lips and battering her clit with my helmet, were likely the reason.

She got super tense when my cock quit sliding along her pussy petals. She said, %u201COh God,%u201D knowing what was coming when I lined my dick with her oozing pussy hole. In one fluid motion, I pressed my dick into the hole unused for decades. She seemed as tight as the last time I had sex with a virgin, her nervousness keeping her vagina from quickly stretching. I slid my dick into her as far as the resistant cunt walls allowed me. The slow steady push into her mostly unyielding sheath raised her onto her toes. Her cheek and tits drug along the window as I endeavored to embed my dick further in her. While I made slow progress getting her slick plush passage to accept my dick and the widening it required. Her face was distorted by the window it was dragged along getting half of my cock down the inelastic cavern. She whined and sounding much like a virgin.%u201DOh my God, you're splitting me. I am so full...Augh, I haven't had this in so long...Oh yeah please, Mmmm...Yeah all the way, all the way in me.%u201D

Dorothy's initial apprehension appreciably melted away. The reduced tension didn't remove all the impedance more than a decade of not having a dick going through her vagina had built up. The feeling of Dorothy's box finally stretching a hair easier as more of me disappeared into her was incredible. Fully in her, she was hyperventilating huffing, sucking air through pursed lips. She let out a long %u201COh,%u201D when I jammed her further on my rod mushing her butt cheeks and pussy lips. She groaned like she was being conquered, not like she was being fucked. %u201CGod I can do this. I can have can withstand anything more. My vagina and head are gonna explode.%u201D

Wiggling my hips back and forth teasing her, I said, %u201CYeah I understand, but the weekend is just now getting the good parts. And, you feel so incredibly smooth, hot, and plush. I can't imagine not doing this all day and night. Having your fabulous body surrounding me, while you find out all the pleasures it holds all weekend long,%u201D

The skin of her face and upper torso was still glued to the window, as she bemoaned, %u201COh God, what have I gotten myself into?%u201D

I squeezed her hip bones one more time, then let them go, She wobbled still on shaky legs from her earlier orgasm. She used my dick as her third point of contact with the ground holding her up. As I slid my dick back out of her, her body fell slightly her face and tits running rubbing down along the window's glass. From the glass window, I heard her moan, %u201COh God that feels so good,%u201D right before I thrust back up through her clamped down tunnel of love. Its walls were resistant to any change of position of my dick, not having had to adjust to anything moving in them in years. With her contractions and the waves of compression going up and down my rod, I couldn't help but wonder what was wrong with her husband. Even being gay, surely these were sensations that once had, I would've expected him to want them every day. She whined with every move that I made, sliding through her velveteen walls. I could feel her moaning as I stroke my hands over the bulged sides of her squished tits. I couldn't imagine the sight she was to the guy watching on the road below. I wonder if he figured out she was being fucked at that moment.

I, also, wondered as I began in earnest pumping in and out of the gorgeous woman, how it was she hadn't taken a lover in all these years. Dorothy was so very sexy. Sexy and her body responded immediately to the slightest sexual touch. Her responses would've driven any man to want the ability to repeat that moment with her over and over again. Despite the salacious feelings bombarding my brain, I noticed just similar she was to her daughters. Her body had much the same shape though fully matured as her daughters. Moreover, her moans had the same quality as Helen's did when Cheryl was between her thighs.

Being so similar, I was betting they too would respond in the same manner to sexual stimulation as Dorothy. Though, their vaginas wouldn't have the benefit of having had children, that they would stretch and be welcoming of a cock. And, the same glorious wave of constrictions milking my dick would be present. If that were the case, her daughters might also possess the ability she did. The ability to collapse her cunt walls in the space my dick head was about to pass through at the same time I was running it down her canal and bumping over her cervix. The initial thrust going through the tight passage was slow and forceful enjoying the buffeting the feeling of her walls molding and caressing every part of my dick and the cuff of my dick head. I knew that Helen while likely still a virgin was highly was easily arousable by Cheryl. I thought she wouldn't be a frigid type of fuck if I ever got my cock in her pussy. I had to shake my head and try to get the thoughts of screwing Helen out of my mind while I was enjoying the heavenly sensations of her mother's pussy. After all, the girl had passed through the exact same passageway my dick was running through.

Dorothy just moaned as my hands caressed every bit of skin I could reach. I began pumping long and hard into her. The thrusts' speed and breathing increasing exponentially. Soon, my pelvis was slamming into the pillow-like soft layer of her ass before running into the firm structure beneath. The concussions having the upper layer of her butt rippling out, as the speed at which it was being concussed increased. It felt like balls were flying in both directions continuously. My balls pummeled her clit with every concussion into her ass and swung freely as my dick head left her glorious hole. I felt her fat pussy lips collapse back to their somewhat clam-shell shape with the last bit of my wet dick vacated her body. The snap-backed shape would last for a moment. Right before I'd feel them parting on the tip of my cock. It leading my head through, stretching them back apart. The flesh giving away their protection of the entrance beneath.

At the speed I was fucking her pussy, the folds were unable to know whether they should be expanding or contracting. My dick ran through her hot velvet walls the buffeting and grazing over the high spots and hugging down into the low spots. Dorothy constrictions about me must have also sent waves of pleasure to her brain and her lube pump was working in overdrive. Her groans and pants and gasps for air were also in overdrive. The only thing louder than her moans and gasps were the sounds of the sloshing and splat of our sexes together. She'd began pushing her ass back thrusting at me, while I hammered inward on her canal. I thought of strumming her clit giving her a second source of sensations lighting up her brain. But, I decided not having had a dick in her twat for 15 years, her upcoming climax would be driven purely from deep inside her pussy, using nothing other than my dick as the instrument of her destructive orgasm. The wines and moans and open mouth gasping with her guttural, %u201COh God's,%u201D thrown in every now and again came to an end.

I felt her whole body again tensing up underneath my dick's assault. I couldn't imagine how the woman who had just climaxed a short while before and had been gushing lube ever since had anything left. She finally burst and bellowed out, %u201COh God, I'm cuming.%u201D The wave of orgasmic honey was plugged in by my dick and only increased the pressure of my pumping cockhead. With quivering walls compressed down sealing piston in her cylinder, the honey sprayed past my pumping piston like an engine with a faulty set of rings.

I turned to my trusty little bloody dead kittens so the constriction around my cock and sexy erotic sounds Dorothy was making as her climax progressed didn't make me cum as well. The kittens and I continued the good fight of not succumbing to electric explosions of pleasure her plush walls caused. The luxurious feel of the hot pussy crushing me, we had no chance, me and the kittens. The fight was lost and I gave in to my balls crawling up into my sweaty body delivering their seed to my dick. Dorothy's pussy extended the length of my orgasm. Its compression clamped down on my dick as each jet started and splashed my seed on its cavern walls The squeezing waves stopped and started the flow out of my dick a hundred and eighty degrees off phase, and made emptying my balls into her cunt take twice as gloriously long.

When I fell against Dorothy, I realized at some point in time her body under the stress and strain of the physical exertion during our fucking, she had become covered in sweat. Like our juices in her love canal, the perspiration running out of our pores merged together as a lubricant for our bodies. They slid across one another with my laying across her back putting my palms up above hers on the window. After the twenty-five-minute unresting marathon of thrusting, we'd just completed, Dorothy needed extra support when I added my body onto of hers.

I rested on her my brain marinading in endorphins. Our twenty-five-minute marathon sprint ended with our brains being flooded with serotonin and dopamine. Nature's way of attracting me to Dorothy. Not that it was needed. Since the sensations at the finish made all the others getting there seemed so trivial in comparison. Nature's afterglow drugging was superfluous.

Rested but barely able to stand, I left my dick in Dorothy as we moved away from the window. I wrap my arms around her and under her breast and lifted her off the window. I carried her, with my dick still losing cum into the depths of her canal during the short walk. I took her to the bed, where joined together, we fell onto the bedspread. Both of us were still panting and gasping as we began the recovery from our sprinted marathon-type screwing.

When she first could actually talk, her sentences were choppy and barely got their meaning across,

I kind of snickered at her saying, %u201CWhat do you say we wait until you can produce full sentences? Then try that again.%u201D Dorothy didn't try to answer verbally, she just nodded. Her face grinned and seemed lost in the sensations her brain hadn't yet given up. My arm laid over her chest and instinctively started rubbing and massaging her nicely formed breast, I rolled the nipple at its tip with the idea of keeping the sensations of sex fresh and Dorothy's mind. Despite it still being fresh in mine, slowly my cock shrank and left her filled passage letting the remaining contents stream out of her onto the end of the bed.

We did finally talk when Dorothy did finally have the ability to complete her sentences. She went back and tried her earlier questions, %u201CIs that what sex is supposed to be like? Is it always supposed to feel like your whole body is going to explode from unimaginable and uncontainable pleasure flowing out from your pussy. I can't imagine that it would be that way every time. How I can I survive doing that with you all weekend long? Making my body endure pleasures it's never known or even knew existed?%u201D

Fearing she would again want to leave, I said, %u201CIt'll be fine. We'll take it slow. But, it's a shame that it's taken this long for you to be given the opportunity to truly enjoy the pleasure that sex can bring. You feel it, it's a singular kind of joy that completes your whole person...mind and body.%u201D

She rolled onto her stomach and the next thing I heard was the small sobs. I had no idea what had brought on her crying and stroked my hand over down her spine. All the sweat on her back rolled down her ass crack as I swept it away rubbing her back and soothingly asked, %u201CWhat is it? What is wrong?%u201D

She took a second but finally lifted her head enough and turned it toward me and said, %u201CI'm sorry. I'm just being foolish You've given me such a gift and I'm here crying about it again.%u201D

I asked her, %u201C So what's wrong?%u201D

She answered, %u201CI can't believe, I could feel so much and this has been denied me for so many years. Years, I can't get back. I wish I'd known that I could feel this way years ago. It just makes me sad realizing what I've missed out on.%u201D

I continued my gentle stroking of her shoulders and lower back shoulders and going down to her lower back and said, %u201CI'll say it again, you're not old. You are beautiful and given the opportunity any man worth his salt would give anything to have the opportunity to be with you. You and all the magnificent sensations that you've given me. And he'd give them back to you because any man who doesn't make you feel this way truly is not worth your time.%u201D

It was then she said, %u201CBut my husband has never made me feel this good. He does make me happy in other parts of my life.%u201D

I reply, %u201CI've never been married and don't understand all the give and take that a marriage takes.%u201D I rolled her over and kissed her lovely pert breast. %u201CMaybe one day. But today I know how to give you more of what you've been missing.%u201D

She had the incongruity of the remnants of the earlier tears and a new look of serenity having her nipple rolled over by my tongue. I nipped and twirled my tongue on the areola, having the nipple in the center grow harder and more defined. She sighed stroked her fingers through my hair. It subtly kept my mouth on her tit not letting me leave it.

The subtly left when I started a trail of kisses to her other breast. She wasn't interested in the slow way I was getting to her nipple. Fingers already in my hair grabbed my head and moved it rapidly to her other breast. I only somewhat understood her urgency. Her panting had continued while I'd kissed my way down into her cleavage. "Dorothy, you need to learn to enjoy the journey, not just the destination."

Her serenity gone and blatant want in its place she whined. "I can't take the foreplay. My is used up. Just get me there."

I sucked in her previously unmolested. nipple. It tasted just as good as the last one and reacted the same way to my tongue's titillation. She groaned. Her ribcage rose and fell rapidly in small bursts. I took her hands from my head wrapping my fingers with hers, holding them above her head. "This time I want you to experience the full slow pleasure of lovemaking. And your body can take more. Your mind just has to be willing." I again started kissing a path down into her cleavage from the other side.

"Oh God, I'm not strong enough. Mmmm...please just screw me. Make me feel that overwhelm. Don't make me endure it all, I can't." She huffed between pants.

Looking up from between her tits, still, with her hands over her head, I said, "Well I wasn't planning it until later in the weekend, but I guess we could do it now if you really don't think you're strong enough." I kissed the underside of her breast and on around to the top and back to the nipple it contained.

"Ok...Ah, yes...Whatever you think. I just can't handle more of that." She had begun trying to get her hands free.

"And you're sure? Cause there's no going back, " I asked after I'd dragged my teeth lightly up her tit and over her pebble hard nipple.

"Yes...Just do it," Dorothy demanded.

I let go of her hands. From under her arms, I lifted and scooted her up the bed. The creampie left the end of the bed soaked during our twenty minutes of play. Remnants were still leaking from her as I got off the bed, but were slowed. "Relax there for a minute I'll be right back."

Dorothy remained where I put her eyes closed. She zoned out while I got the needed items from my bag and a couple of towels from the bathroom. When I got back to her the early morning drive and the exertion of our initial sexual encounter had her out cold. Not even her moved arms woke her.

While she napped I completed my work. The scarves I'd brought had her arms secured above her head to either side of the bed's headboard. Her ankles were secured to the bed's legs. She was naked and spread eagle when I forced the towel under her ass. She roused as the tube was put up her vagina and warm saline water passed into her.

She said, "What? What's that? What's going on?" There was terror in her voice. It was then she came to realize she was naked and tied to the bed.

Pulling the wet towel for under her I explained, "Just a little cleaning before we continue. Not that I haven't tasted my own cum before, but I really want to taste you again and only you. And as for the ties. You needed help handling slow foreplay building up to making love. So I've taken the need for mental strength out of your hands. I said I was planning bondage for later but now works, too."

"God, what are you going to do to me? I don't think I like this," she struggled against the silk bonds.

"You asked me to do this. You said just do it after I warned you there was no going back. You're not going back on your word. I'd be very disappointed in you if that was the case." I answered going back to the suitcase with the items I'd brought just for this occasion.

"No...I'm fine. This could be fun," She said still looking about wild-eyed. The earlier tiredness was replaced by the frenetic energy of a huge shot of adrenaline from her flight response. I, also, think she was afraid of what would come next but more afraid if she changed her mind I'd let her go and go nothing else with her body.

"Good," I was happy she hadn't backed out. Turning back to her I held up the big red ball and the strap attached. "Have you ever seen one of these?"

"No! What is that?" the terror re-entering her voice.

"Easier to show than explain. Open your mouth real wide for me," I answered.

"Oh no, " She stated, shaking her head understanding where it would go but I don't think appreciating the reason for its use.

I stood unmoving, letting the gag-ball hang down from my hand, as I held the strap. I stood still for over a minute that seemed like an hour waiting for Dorothy's response to my unspoken demand. She got paler by the minute. Her face was ghost white with pupils dilated to where her brown eyes looked like they were black. Slowly her mouth opened. I waited until she had it as wide as she could get it.

I stood next to her and gently forced the red ball past her lips and widened her teeth sightly more. She whined for a second as her jaw opened wider than it had likely since going to the dentist. I raised her head from the bed and she gave no hint of resistance. She only quaked in fear. I told her, "I understand you're afraid. But in the end, you'll have an orgasm like nothing you've ever experienced." I knew that wasn't a high bar as she'd likely had her first non-masturbatory orgasm only an hour earlier.

I climbed up between her legs saying into her nipple, "I think I was here before our temporary detour." I sucked her nipple in lavishing it with spit lubricant while my tongue rolled over and around it. I nibbled and it on the puffed areola as well as the hard eraser in the middle. Dorothy's panting caused her nose to whistle. A deep groan came to the surface from the combination of pulling her nipple out from her tit with my teeth and pinching down hard on the other hard nub across her chest. After the pinch and the red color, the nipple took on, I took it between my lips. I let my tongue love and soothe the mauled flesh.

Dorothy moaned at the change of pain to titillation. The longer I sucked and gently flicked over the nub the deeper the moans. Her panted breath blew loudly from her nose as her mouth was blocked. There was a grousing when I pinched the original nipple as I had the one in my mouth. I continued the maltreatment and pacification of her nipples afterward until she was thrashing on the bed.

I lapped over the nipples before going to her pussy. It was blazing hot and flowing with her lube. I said to Dorothy, "Maybe your clit would like what your tits just experienced. Look at them they're all erect and your pussy is gushing." She tried speaking but only a garbled sound was made.

"But maybe a little of this first." My dick that had been hard since the first suck on her pert tit lined with her hole without touching her. She couldn't see that I'd lined the head with her hole. It finished parting her folds that had started opening with the engorging and being spread eagle on the way down her passage. I thrust hard forward and ripped through the heavily lubed opening. The small opening being forced wide by a rapid intrusion was unexpected. Dorothy's whole being froze at my dickhead plowing up through her, bouncing off her cervix, and extending the length of the unsuspecting cavern.

She released a sound of pure gratification the whole time I was embedded within her. It continued during the small windows of time my dicked head left the body, before jamming back through the voluptuous hollow between her legs. I slapped my balls on her ass only ten times. She began lunging at me after the first two smacks of my scrotum on her ass.

I'd given her enough pure sublime pleasure, to hold her over for the next part of her lesson in different kinds of pleasures of the flesh. Her pelvis continued punching at the air even after our short-lived intercourse ended. She whined at the sudden end of the pleasurable union.

Sliding further down her body, my bared chest being marked with pussy lube as it glided over her lube-covered labia. "I think I said something about your pussy a second ago," I stated while I finished getting into position over her pussy. She danced her hips about feverishly when my breath hit her wet bush. I ignored both the whine and pelvis dance as well as her head violently shanking no.

My lips surrounded her clit and I quickly closed my teeth down on the sensitive flesh. Much of her butt's bouncing this way and that quit at the application. She did however screech into the big red ball. I kept the flesh tightly in my teeth lightly grinding it. My rough taste buds scoured the part of her clit on the wrong side of my pearly whites. Dorothy didn't stop wailing into the ball and her upper body continued the mad dancing every which direction bouncing on the bed.

Despite the ball, the moaning couldn't be mistaken within the screams. Her nose whistled ever louder with her elevated state. Dorothy's slit was hotter than ever. Her juices were doing a hell of a job flushing out anything my hastily done douche didn't get. I was ready to shove my tongue down her flowing hole, but her obvious pleasure-filled pain kept my tongue buffeting her clit.

Dorothy had a quick but extremely intense orgasm. She wailed and groaned and even with the ball, the "Argh" was understood. Intense orgasms like what Dorothy was having always have just a sharp and intense overstimulation sensitivity. I ignored her deep gasps that only could pass through her nostrils. Her chest expanding and deflating through a torrent of air passing in her small button nose.

My teeth weren't enough of a deterrent when the overwrought sensitivity kicked in. She bucked and thrust trying to dislodge me even as doing so ripped at her clit. My hands left the breasts I'd been gently massaging as a counterweight to the extreme sensations on her clitoris. The counterweight was abandoned so I could press on her hip bones, driving her into the bed. Her bucking and thrashing were still attempted, but my downward force was too much for her to overcome.

The early "Argh," was minor compared to the drawn-out one and whining that followed my tongue and teeth giving up their prize to press my thick muscle into the soggy flesh that was her vagina. She roared at the tongue fucking I started. I savored the flavor with every mouthful dumped into it from the pumping. Her legs quivered and her cunt walls tried dragging the fucked in object even further in.

Dorothy was quickly falling apart at the seams. Her pussy pumped out its juices at what had to be a record pace. Her pelvis strained to hump anything nearby and was failing due to my hands. And there were streams of tears flowing out of the corners of her eyes. She was whining and laughing hysterically all while she moaned.

A muted scream happened when I added two fingers to her passage my mouth returning to her clit, doubling the sensations racking her brain. I wiggled them about in the tight spasming sheath. The thumb on her asshole turned the volume up on the drown out scream. Her vagina walls again clamped down on my digits and pouted out large quantities of tasty honey for me to suck up at their removal. The animalistic groans and bellowing into the ball continued after I'd fucked my fingers in and out, stretching the crumpled pathway. She was helpless to do anything but absorb the sensations flooding her brain. They continued when I pulled my fingers from her overflowing pussy and covered her whole hole with my mouth letting her stream over my taste buds.

I finished vacuuming up her honey that still had the essence of my sperm to it. Most of my cheeks, chin, and nose were covered in a thin layer of her juice. I wiped them off with the back of my hand. I made sure I didn't touch any of Dorothy so she'd again be surprised at the cock running through her.

Her mind was already gone where her pussy was concerned. I wanted to see if I could get her head to literally explode from the overload. While it didn't explode, she also didn't wait for the two-strokes deep into her this time. She thrashed a fought against her restraints like a wild animal when my cock once again experienced her quivering cunt walls. Quivering turned to waves of unbridled squeezing of my rod. I loved watching her face contort while my balls slapped her ass and her mouth was held permanently wide.

I sawed through the drenched cunt. The splat of my balls on her ass where juices had run down freely echoed in the room. Our grunts did as well as I pulverized her twat with my groin. I did the same ten hard thrusts driving what little control of her body she had into oblivion. Only this time preparing her for the next premier event of her sexual life I ground her clit with my pelvic bone.

Having prepared her, I again stood up and watched the attractive woman writhing secured to the bed. She looked like a teen experiencing an orgasm for the first time. I left her long enough to go back to the case of sexual implements, I'm sure Dorothy had never seen in person. I wasn't really sure how she'd react to the next part of her lesson. She'd not rejected anything so far and her current state implied she'd rather enjoyed it.

I came back with the leather whip flogger and a multi-strand flogger. Dorothy was too lost in her own world where her cunt was no longer inundating her brain with sensations, to notice my absence or return. What she did notice was the splat of the black leather triangle of the whip on her bloated oversensitized labia. Her ass popped off the bed and her formerly closed eyes were wide. Again a screech was contained by the ball in her mouth. "I think I'll let that marinate for a second. You know normally you'd have had multiple strikes like that letting the tingle after the sting fill your conscious."

She looked at me with the whip still in hand. I could see she was wondering if and when it would be kissing her flesh again. I let her know with a quick pop on the tip of her nipple, forcing it down into her puffed areola that also flattened. She howled into the gag. "Now you're new to this. And as I said I really was planning on this being later in the weekend. I thought you would prefer straight sex over the bit more kinky stuff early on. But you seem to be taking to this ok."

Dorothy hesitantly nodded her agreement in my assessment. Again it was likely because she was looking forward to the straight stuff at some point. And she'd endured close twenty years of nothing but anal sex, so I guess she figured a little more out of the ordinary sex couldn't hurt. I put the whip flogger down after it again splatted on her sodden twat. Her ass again jumping off the bed
as the stinging blow was administered.

I picked up the stranded flogger and showed it to her, "This is what is usually used for tits. The other is for asses and pussies. This can be used in those places too but I find it does best on tits." She squirmed against her bonds planning on the sting it would cause. "You tell me one nod if you prefer it on your tits?" I slapped the flogger with less than the usual gusto a true submissive would expect across her tits. There were slight red streaks where the individual strands landed. I immediately bent down and started sucking and lapping on the first nipple then the other. The sigh of relief came as a cat-like purr that emanated from her core. I let the sting turn to what should have been a vibrating tingle before I left them, so she could enjoy the new sensation unadulterated.

Letting her enjoy the after sting pleasure for a while I refocused her attention to her pussy. "Or shake if you prefer it on your pussy." The snap of the strands landing on her overworked pussy caused less of a jump than before. The groan of pain turned to a moan of pleasure when I again put my mouth and sucked on her stinging flesh. In little time she was rolling her head from side to side with pleasure and letting me know she preferred her pussy getting flogged to her tits.

Dorothy's eyes watched in dread as I swung the flogger at her tender petals. I masked the actual speed and ferocity of the punishing blow, starting the arc rapidly but slowing it right before contact. The flogger landed on her pussy lips four more times in quick succession. Dorothy wretched her pelvis with each swat. The crack of leather on her naked flesh was muted with the wet splat of cords landing in her sopping slit.

She squirmed on the bed long after I'd stopped inflicting the stinging strikes. She produced a tumult of sounds while she wormed and resisted the scarves holding her. Her excitement was evident when I again let my breath wash over her vulva. And a short-lived whimper occurred when the lips that had eaten her earlier didn't return to the angry red flesh of her pussy.

The whimper ended when I again had her vagina polishing my rod with its satin wet satin walls. I'd crammed my dick in at record speed. My dick head blasted away anything that got in its way. Her womb's entrance was jammed out of the path of my barrelling dick. I loved the sensation of her walls sputtering against my taut flesh when I ground my root into her clit. As fast as I'd fully joined with Dorothy, I backed out at the polar opposite speed. Glaciers moved down mountains faster than I exited her. I was enraptured by the waves undulating down my cock milking me before the first new sperm wiggled its tail in her.

Dorothy was beside herself from my sensation tormenting. I wasn't allowing her any time in which at least one nerve ending wasn't electrifying some part of her brain. She panted through her nose and unlike before when my thrusts were limited, signaling a sea change in the things done to her, this time I'd continue until there were millions of sperm wiggling their tails in her.

Dorothy noticed the difference in what she was in for when I massaged her tit. Her constant grappling with the scarves ended and her body lost much of its apprehensive tension. She was still wound tight ready to spring again at any moment, but it'd be pleasure not fear of the unknown that would set the spring off. Her breast and fat nipple rested easily in my palm, as my dickhead finally felt nothing but the air around it.

I again jabbed my cock back through Dorothy's velvet palace, knocking down any obstructions in the way. My cock was the wrecking ball to her cunt walls, breaking through in a violent manner. After knocking the breath from her lungs to a gag ball muted, "Argh," the glacier pace returned. But first, I ground her clit into dust, her hips gyrating with mine. She howled into the ball as I withdrew. Dorothy's gyrating endured while my dick let her cunt close down from back to front. Until my cock head again felt the air, at which point Dorothy once more grunted, "Argh." around her gag ball.

For twenty minutes I fucked her this way. Dorothy strained against the scarves draining the last of her energy. She was an energy succubus feeding off the hard thrust into her cunt. She lay still at the end of the slow withdraws, ready again to be filled up with both my dick and the energy it brought. My sucking on her lavish neck and down onto the previously struck flesh did little in way of eliciting much over a moan and purr. The hard-driven cock imparted some energy powering her gyrations for much of my withdraw.

The relentless scraping along her lush walls brought on a new round of contractions. She was on the way to one more immense orgasm while amidst hundreds of minute ones. She bellowed into the ball while I was rapidly jabbing my dick in her. The orgasm hit without much warning closing down her pussy. The crushed velvet of her walls crushed my dick from head to root. The slow extricating I'd been doing would've made the most sense.

Instead, I thrust backward rapidly. Dorothy hardened at the movement. Every fiber of her being constricted and her back arch off the bed. Dorothy's head and heels supporting all of her. The ball between her teeth making even the loudest primal scream more like bellyaching. The rabbiting of my dick in scarcely past her normally rubbery ripples in and out had her writhe uncontrollably. Tears streamed and the strength of her arms was on display yanking on the scarves as she rolled fighting and enjoying the fucking all at the same moment.

She gushed filling her cavern and dousing my dick and balls that kissed her labia as they swung like a pendulum. The rabbitting in her climax made small and tight passage set my brain on fire as well. I got closer to climax as Dorothy was full-on insane. She wormed and twisted, her face contorted in ways I don't think it was intended. She sounded inhuman, growling and moaning, shrieking and hysterically laughing, hissing and begging for more through the gag, most of the time doing all of them at once.

The natural impulse to deposit my spunk as deep within her likely fertile depository was too strong to resist. A single exacting thrust with hands on her shoulders yanking me in further than the thrust alone would've was welcomed by Dorothy as the beginning of the end of her current sexual experiment well past overload. She howled when my dick jumped inside her, ropes of semen splashing her walls.

I ripped the strap holding the ball over her head and the ball out of her mouth. I needed to kiss her mouth and taste her while she was purely a sexual being. Before getting my lips to hers she wailed out, "Ah!" The ropes continued coating her insides with virulent seeds. Dorothy sighed and purred into my mouth even though her womb's door wasn't getting covered. My spurting cock had passed it on the way to its location. Once all the back of the cavern was filled to overflowing did her cervix get the coating it had wanted. The dregs installed I stopped pressing into Dorothy with everything I had let my cock slide back over her cervix keeping her plugged but reducing the pressure

Dorothy gasped a second time in as many minutes. I felt the pressure in her stretched canal lesson on my dick's cuff. She was engaging her mouth in oral gymnastics as the pressurized cum was forced onto her internal donut hole. She filled my mouth with her long satisfied moan was the pressurized goo coated her closed opening. Spraying through it like a crack in a boat's bow.

My dick didn't move except to lose some girth and rigidity as I started kisses down and around her neck. Dorothy just moaned and wallowed in the sensations in her nether region. The spunk in her starting to easily flow around my imperfect plug. The hard constrictions and waves of milking the last of the semen from cock slowly diminishing to random squeezes of my cock.

The most intense part of her orgasm over and recovery of her verbal abilities intact. Dorothy heaved saying, "Oh fuck...Oh fuck that was incredible. Hell when... can you do it again? Leave me like this, but ravage my body again." Coming to understand what she'd said and what it meant she added, "Ah...What have you done to me? You've turned me into a slut. A rutting kinky slut."

Looking up from the tit I had begun sucking I asked ignoring her self-incrimination, "You're ready again? Now?" I used what stiffness I had and tried stuffing my dick back further in her pulsating post-orgasm pussy hole. The constrictions making pushing my semi-flaccid cock back into her impossible at the moment, but her clit was smashed between us and was ground on.

Her nipple was in my mouth before her answer came sounding pathetic, "Shit no. Oh, how I want it. I want to feel you using my pussy again and again. Punish it, make it hurt. My pussy has never felt so alive." Again the recrimination came after the honesty, "God I can't believe I said that out loud. What is wrong with me?"

Pulling up on her nipple with my teeth before letting it spring back into place. "Nothing that I can see. You're absolutely gorgeous and getting to experience things for the first time. And you liked it, many other women do, too, and not all are sluts. Some are moms that just like sex of all types." I pulled what was left of my softening cock fully from her hole. Dorothy groused at the full removal.

"But I've just experienced something magical and all I want is more of it. And I want it now. I can't move and I'm sure I'll explode killing me if you enter me again at this moment, but still, I want it." Dorothy said once again pulling on her silk restraints.

I raised up off her body, with my dick no longer joining us as one. I crawled over her naked torso resting my knees at her stretched-out armpits. I leaned my groin over her face, letting my wet balls drag over her chin and lips. Looking down my torso to her face that had my glistening dick resting next to her nose with the cap on a closed eyelid and swampy balls on her pursed lips I undid first one hand then the other. My dick and scrotum skimmed all over her face while I freed her hands. I also said, "You may be ready, but I could use a moment or two. As you can see my dick isn't in the right condition, and this despite your beauty."

I slid back further with her hands now free. I was in the process of climbing completely from her. Her ankles were still tied and her legs still spread wide apart her slit oozing cum. Dorothy rubbed her wrist where they'd been secured. Shortly after she seized my dick and balls before I threw my leg over her torso and went to her secured ankles. She lifted her head and said, "I can get your dick in the right condition."

Before I could say, "How?" she pulled on my hips. She'd already estimated where my dick would end up and put her mouth there. Her mouth opened as my dick got to her lips. She took it into her cavity and closed her lips. I felt her tongue swirl around my cock and I groaned as she rimmed the cock head. She had an inquisitive look on her face.

I guessed it was her own juices she was unfamiliar with, and my cock was covered in them. It was also growing within her mouth as my brain was being bombarded with the pleasure of her taste buds scraping along my dick. Initially, she used her hold of my ass to pull her head down my cock as she savored the juices at my base. She continued using my ass as a handhold bobbing my cock. I helped her along my rod wrapping my fingers in her locks pulling her head along it. But her lips would no longer get to the base as my cock grew and hardened in her mouth.

Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked and snaked her tongue around my shaft while I helped her bob. A few times I pulled too hard on her hair or Dorothy had on my ass making her sputter and gag. She diligently sucked harder after each gag and poked at my head's slit. She seemed to be enjoying giving me the blowjob. She hummed happily as she polished my head and rod. The whole time I was lost in the haze of immense pleasure from the unexpected dick sucking.

I would've debated telling her when I was about to cum had I enough composure to think about it. I was too enraptured in the sensations of her tongue on my taut skin. The rasping around my ridge and up the V of my glans excited all the neurons in my brain. The only thing still working, after twenty minutes, in my brain was the part telling my balls it was time to deliver cum to my ejaculation pump. The pump quickly shot rope after rope of cum down her throat.

She gurgled her disapproval of my cum filling her mouth, "No not my mouth, my pussy." She was too late in her objection, and I continued pumping my seed into her mouth. My cock jumped between her lips with each new jet blasting down her throat. After the third jet, she stopped objecting between strained swallows, there was a thick sounding, "More, give me more." She stopped swallowing and swirled my dick while cum collected in her mouth.

She held the remaining semen swishing it around and over my cock while once again it had finished delivering my balls' product into Dorothy. It took a couple of minutes but it began losing its heft. Her lips dragged along the no-longer taut skin cleaning off her spit and the swished spunk. She jabbed at the end slit as I finished exiting her now slurping mouth. The cum did one last coating of her taste buds and was swallowed with the extra spit.

No longer connect in some way to Dorothy I said, "That also wasn't part of the planned activities for today. But you do it so well."

Dorothy smiled, "I'm glad you like it. But it was supposed to only make it so you could have sex with me again."

"All guys like blowjobs," I stated as a fact. Moving down further my still pussy lube and spit-covered balls rested on her mons. I turned and untied first one ankle then the other. "And if you didn't want me to orgasm you shouldn't be so good at them."

She snickered, "I'll try to not do so good the next time."

"Yeah, you do that, " I replied leaning back down to her and kissing her lightly on the lips. The hint of cum filled her mouth and the breath she breathed into me.

"I think next time will have to wait for a nap. I thought I could do it again but suddenly I'm feeling exhausted." She said somewhat out of the blue. But considering the time she had likely gotten up to meet me.

I stopped straddling her hips and lay next to her, "I could go for a nap. Then maybe some dinner. I guess I could eat you again. But that is more of a desert than dinner."

She beamed, "I like the sound of that." She pressed her naked body up against mine. Her firm tit resting on my chest and her lace and nylon covered smooth inner thigh atop my thigh as she draped herself on me. She kissed me again drawing it out seductively. Our gentle seductive type kiss turned into a slow hot french kiss with our tongues lazily rolling over each other. I pulled a bedspread over us keeping her body heat contained. Before closing her eyes she said, " I don't know what I liked more. Being your goddess or being tied down and having you whip my pussy. Can we try both again?"

"Dorothy, we have plenty of time to try both again. If not this weekend maybe the next," I answered her, understanding I was opening the door to more tryst with her.

"You'd really do that? Spend another weekend with me?" She asked sounding excited at the prospect. Then she said to herself, "Shut up Dorothy before you blow it."

"My suggestion is after you close your eyes for a while," I swiped two fingers over her eyelids closing them, "Change the it to him and you'll be fine." She left her eyes closed and started to say something until I put my finger to her lips shushing her. With my arm around her shoulders, she kept her mouth closed except to kiss my chest while using me as her pillow. Her body went limp and she molded into me as the events of the day so far washed over her and put her to sleep.

I did the same enjoying the feel of the sexy older woman dissolved into me. She had taken so many steps forward in learning to like sex in such a short time. There was still so much more she was going to learn in our time remaining. And as I said what I didn't have a chance to teach her this trip I would schedule a second weekend. Before my eyes closed as well I couldn't help but think it was strange enjoying the weekend so far so much, that I'd already agreed to a second. It truly wasn't like me.

Opening my eyes I saw Dorothy was still sleeping. I watched her pretty face for w long while. I wondered how she had gone all those years not enjoying sex. I'd already seen how much she enjoyed the sex we'd had. I decided her boundaries would be pushed to the breaking point, letting her experience it all and let her decide what was too much.

She opened her eyes and smiled at me. "I thought it was a dream. A dream like none I'd ever had before. But it was so real." She pinched my chest, "You're real, and here aren't you. It isn't just some kinky dream I'm having."

"You have many kinky dreams about me?" I teased. "And if you have what were they like? I want to know." I stroked her shoulders and kissed her lightly, and waited on her response.

She hid her face in my chest like a love-struck teen, embarrassed. "Yes, I've had more than one," She said into my chest. "And I'd say they were like what we did before, but I didn't know it could be like before."

"So what did we do. Or better yet what did I do to you?" I asked sure it'd torment and embarrass her even more.

She looked up from my chest. Her face was beet red. "I'm so embarrassed. I can't say."

"Well, how about I start?" I suggested. " I kissed you like this." I leaned down to her and put my lips to hers. It was a long-drawn-out kiss with her lips being rushed delicately with my tongue. I breathed in her breath and tasted her sweet tongue's tip. I could feel her heart start to race in her chest as I slipped my fingers through her thick hair. Backed away her eyes locked on mine, "so what else did I do in your dream?"

"I like your telling better than mine," Dorothy said her eyes not moving from mine. Her embarrassment fading with her heart beating faster.

I gripped her earlobe with my lips. The flesh was lovingly caressed with my tongues' tip. The inside of her ear's helix was followed around to her tragus. Going over the outside of the notch up and over back to the outside the embodiment of her dream's underside ran. She purred at the demonstration. "Did I do that, too?" I wondered aloud.

"Oh, yes but that felt so much better," She whispered to me, like saying it aloud would make it unreal. Getting a bit bolder she said, "after doing that you kissed down my neck."

I put the first kiss under her jaw, taking a morsel of her refined skin and absorbing its texture and flavor. My lips inches from her ear once again I asked quietly, "and my hands were they exploring your body?"

She closed her eyes like she was remembering her dream's sensations. "Mmm...yes. They were on my back and caressed my butt."

"Like this?" I asked while I again engaged her neck with my lips. The smooth skin of her lower back and the gradual swale going to her curvaceous ass passed under my caressing palm. I tenderly squeezed the flesh under my hand the lustrous skin projected up between my spread fingers. Her low continuous moan vibrated my lips on the satin skin gathered up in my lips.

"Oh God I wish my dream was this good," she said faintly tilting her head away. I ran my lips up and down the newly exposed flesh presented to me, while the tips of my fingers wrapped the tight curve of her ass crack. My fingers pressed along her ass crack going up and down gripping and squeezing in conjunction with my lips going up and down her neck. Her tits were pressed tighter to me, as her wrapped arms squeezed me tightly.

Her low, "Mmmm," kept me going for a while, as did the salty taste of her oils and sweat generated during our previous encounters. Having cleaned her neck of her oiled essence I asked, "Did your dreams was your chest kissed? Did you dream of lactating while being suckled?"

The flush of embarrassment that had begun to fade away was back in all its former glory, "Oh god, how did you know." She continued talking but in a more conciliatory manner, "I'm such a slut. When the girls suckled me I'd get wet between my legs. I'd hold them with one hand while I rubbed myself and masturbate with the other while they suckled. The last time Helen fed on me was the last time I masturbated. But in my dreams, you were feeding on me."

"Oh, I was? Did it feel like this?" I covered her nipple and like a baby suckled her dry breast. I didn't flick my tongue over it as I'd have liked to. But babies weren't attached to their mother's tit for the sexual gratification of the tit's owner. So I wrapped my teeth with my lips and gnawed and nipple. Dorothy gasped at the blunted gnawing and suckling I was doing.

"Ahh...Rub me...please rub me like my dreams. I'm getting so wet," She pleaded. My hand that had been stroking her above her other breast and up along her neck headed to her wet slit. Her skin felt silky under my palm as I caressed the side of her tit and over the inward curve of ribs to her stomach. The bend back out at her hips had the silken feeling disturbed by the forgotten garter belt still attached to her nylons. I smiled inwardly thinking how hot it was going to be her legs wrapped around me with her intentionally sexy garment still on.

When my hand got to her wet cunt, I ran my finger down through the bloated fissure. "Oh yes rub me there," was her reply to my finger's location.

I rubbed the nub at the top side to side for a moment listening to her moans and heavy breaths change. How her babies fed on tit heaving so heavily, I couldn't imagine. As she got closer to climaxing in a ragged voice she said, "In me, in my dream, you put them in me."

I got the feeling she was now saying not what she dreamed but what she wanted. The nipple I teased and hardened let from my lips, I let her know it wouldn't be happening. "Only my dick will be in you for the next hour or so."

She started to roll over saying, "Oh yes breed me...I mean fuck me. I want you in me."

I stopped her rotation, forcing her shoulder back down on the bed. "I won't be breeding or fucking you. I'm going to look at your beautiful face and we're going to make love. Slow and perfect love-making."

A small tear rolled from her eye as they teared up. "I've never had someone look at me while they put their seed in me, until today." I notice she didn't say bred her, which is all her brother did.

"Yes, well earlier that was fucking. Making love, now that is completely different and in some ways so much better. But we haven't finished with your dreams about me have we?" I asked

She lied and we both knew it, "Yes that is all I've dreamed. Well besides you taking me while I'm on my knees in front of you." I believed the on her knees in front of me, just not that was all she dreamed.

"So nothing else? Cause I'd love to eat you," I said gauging her desire to have me join with her.

"No, please make love to me," She begged still panting

"Not to you, with you," I corrected her, getting between her nylons-covered legs. I kissed her softly feeling the nervous tremor in her lips as well as her body. The slight tremors grew when I slid my dick through her valley greasing up most all of my cock. Her lube was hot on my rod and seeped down the center of my nut sack at its contact with the base of her cunt's folds.

While still kissing me she mumbled out, "Yes, with me. Make love with me." There was a tactile tension in her body beyond the quaking, that seconds earlier had been mere tremors when I slid my cock back through her plump folds, putting my cockhead at her entrance.

Kissing her I pushed my fat mushroom into her. She whined out a bit with an "uhh" as she was stretched. Her arms around my neck and hands on the back of my head, she again attacked my lips in her initial uncontrolled way. With my arms under her shoulders and my hands on the sides of her face, I tenderly pulled her head away from mine. "Relax, let me show you,"

I lightly applied my lips to hers again, as she again let out a string of "Ahh." as I entered her further. Slowly my dome parted the hot plushness of her sheath. I hugged and tightly to my cuff and the taut skin of my rod. The sensual feeling of her rubbed along my shaft and its every crease and protruding vein smashed flat in her annealing furnace hardened me even more. The fire in her cunt had set my brain ablaze. It was all I could do not pound away at her hot tunnel.

The entrance to her womb was once again pushed up along my mushroom as I continued into her another two inches. Dorothy let out an "Mmm" as my balls once again were press to her. I remained fully penetrating her while our light sensual kisses continued. I teased her captured lip with the tip of my tongue all the while enjoying the rippling of her fully stretched walls on my cock.

As I took a different piece of her lip between mine I said in a whisper, "Oh you have such a marvelous body. I love the feeling of being one with you." I caressed the new part of her lip with mine and my tongue for a few long seconds before again releasing it for a new piece of her pouty lip. Again I whispered to Dorothy, "So beautiful, God you are so utterly beautiful. I'm so lucky having you here. Being in you is heaven."

Slowly I began moving my dick back out of her. My cock head's cuff lightly scraping her protruding womb's gate before it slid along the top of my cock head as her cunt collapsed back close to its small size. The sensations of her canal's walls polishing my rod exploding the nerves in my brain. The slow extraction prolonged the erotic sensation of her walls undulating at the flesh passing by against them. It truly was heavenly the feeling of her passage closing down around me as if to hold me in place.

I stopped kissing her and raised my chest up keeping my nipples pressed into her chest when I felt a drop of water hit my lip. It was slightly salty and I looked at her angelic face and saw she was crying. "What is it? I'm not hurting you am I? Because we can stop if I am." I said tenderly.

Her black nylon-covered ankles were on my ass in an instant. "No don't ever leave me. I've never felt so loved, both mind and body. I couldn't imagine I could feel this way, from a man loving my body. Touching me so deeply with nothing but care and my pleasure as his motivation." Her words were labored and full of emotion, and made the tears run freer.

I wiped the tears from her cheeks, "As I've said, this is how you should be loved. Slowly and fully." I kissed each of her eyes in turn tasting the tears filling them. I continued gazing at her face watching her appearance change as one pleasure after another passed through her body. It was the most beguiling thing seeing her experience pleasures that from her expressions up until that time were unknown to her. I stroked her cheeks and pet her hair, as a way of calming her so she could acquaint her mind with the sensations fully, while together in time we rocked our pelvises into each other. I could feel her stomach tighten against mine as she rocked in time with me and ground her clit against my pubic hair.

I kept my hands
stroking Dorothy's cheeks and hair. I didn't want to distract her from the sensuous feeling of our copulation. I wanted and hoped she'd savor every twitch and scrape of my cock against her tightly stretched passage walls. Her reactions to the pumping in and out of her told me she was fully engaged. I know I was engrossed in the sensations of every millimeter of her passage as I passed through.

When my cockhead was at the entrance of her opening her feet tightened on my ass making sure I didn't fully leave her. I had no intention of pulling out of her body. She panted and huffed and tightened her feet on my ass each time I was grinding my root into her or with only my helmet left in her love canal. Her tightened legs slackened when I just as slowly re-inserted my dick into her velvet sheath.

She kissed my neck and sucked on my collar bone at times when her head wasn't pressed back hard into the pillow, her eyes closed and mouth open lightly panting and moaning out. I too was moaning as her velvet passage gripped and released my rod as it widened her on each joining. I'm sure she could feel my heart pounding in my chest when I put my lips to her stopping her wide mouth "Uh...Oh" closing her lips on mine.

We continued this gentle and tender lovemaking to her purrs, moans, and outcries of joy. After twenty minutes she'd reached the point of climax. Her outcries were whines of intense pleasure she seemed not to know how to handle. She cried out, "Oh god I'm gonna die. All I feel is you. You're taking me over. me, Augh!" Every muscle in her body tightened and her pussy more than others.

I loved watching her face as she climaxed. Her eye closed for a second and flew back open in a look of surprised wonder of a little girl on Christmas morning seeing presents under the tree. The fleeting look of pure joy was something you hope you get to see at least once in your lifetime. Over the next twenty minutes, I saw that look four more times as her orgasms climbed higher and higher in intensity. Each time there was a new gush of orgasmic juice that was pumped by my cock increasing the pressure in her vagina. The slow pressure buildup sprayed the juices out as they passed between my cock and her velvet walls.

She arched and twisted with each new orgasm. Her feet on my ass pressed harder and longer while we ground our sexes into one another. But the speed of the thrusts remained constant. She was a complete trembling mess with her hips rocking at the wrong times after her third orgasm. It seemed like she was constantly orgasming from that point on only with two more major step changes in the level of her reactions. With each of the changes, her look of wonder returned.

As she writhed and gyrated her pelvis into mine as I slowly stretched her contracting walls. The wild constrictions and humping up at me while I maintained my thrusts finally set the last neuron in my brain on fire. I felt my balls raise up as I bottomed out once again in Dorothy. Not only did I feel my cock grow and twitch as the wad of semen traveled up my rod. Dorothy arched her back up further than before and drove her fingernails into my shoulders.

The look of wonder was not there as she climaxed with me. It was animal lust as she hollered. "Oh, God! Fuck me!!! Ahh yes." Her eye rolled back in her head every muscle was constricted barely short of its breaking point. Her breathing stopped as the first wad painted all of her insides. The second even larger wad filled any space her cavern had. She panted and huffed when she could again breathe after the initial two wads. The jets though kept coming. I can't remember a time I deposited more of my semen in someone. The twitching and jets seemed to continue for what felt like hours.

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I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Story stopped mid-sentence again...

The only thing colder than space is the human heart.

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Thanks Bragnost.  there is a glich in the system evidently.  You can preview and it will all show but evidently it will still cut off when I do the actual post.  below is the rest of what should have been posted

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Dorothy finally collapsed beneath me. She was wiped, only her vagina walls still contracted in waves milking the last of my seed from me. I had backed my dick up as her passage was filled keeping all of the opaque fluid I'd delivered into her. It was then, I noticed how sweaty and disheveled Dorothy was. Her freshly fucked look was naturally beautiful as I looked down at her. She had a serene peaceful look like she knew what heaven was and had experienced the wonders it beheld.

I stayed in her even as I lost some of my hardness. Her pussy acting like a cock ring keeping me semi-hard. I lay there on top of her while we both recovered. Dorothy panted and breathed deeply like she had finished a marathon she hadn't realized she'd run. While I was winded, I was back to breathing normally and kissing her face, neck, and lips tenderly while she needed more time. She tried putting a hand that had fallen to her side back up to stroke the back of my head but had it fall back after one slight petting. I couldn't help but smile at her in her completely fucked silly exhaustion.

She smiled beamed back as she asked, "So that is making love? Is it always so intense? I feel like I'm missing a part of me that has been filled by you."

"That is the feeling you get from making love," I said. "The euphoric highs are part of that sharing of ourselves with each other. The multiple orgasms are more likely from getting a blow job earlier so I could concentrate all my energy into making you feel what it is like to be thoroughly loved."

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts