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Naughty on Christmas Eve (M/F, Incest, Step Siblings, Oral, Size, Creampie)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

            My Parents decided to have my Step Sister, Danielle and I to join them in the Living Room to sit and listen to Christmas music with all of the lights off. They lit up the Christmas tree, serving Egg Nog and Christmas cookies. Danielle was wearing a red pajama onesie for a Woman, my Step Mom was wearing a Christmas themed nightie and Dad had on his blue striped pajamas and navy robe. I was wearing myself a black t-shirt and matching sweatpants as we all were getting ready to go to bed on Christmas Eve. Danielle and I sat together on the couch listening to the music and admiring the tree as Mom and Dad sat on their favorite chairs next to each other. As we all were gathered around the Christmas tree we all shared with each other our favorite past Christmas memories. Each one of us talking about that one year in our past Christmas experiences that were extra special to us. As the music continued, we finally finished our drinks and cookies, but eventually Mom and Dad started off to bed, Danielle and I decided to stay up a little longer to watch a movie on TV. They agreed, but both of them asked us to keep the sound down and if we got to tired to go straight to bed.

                 "We'll make sure to go to bed when we get tired.", I said as our Parents went upstairs to sleep. Danielle turned off the stereo as I put on the TV to watch our movie, she got back down onto the couch and decided to lay her head down in my lap. "I hope you don't mind, Richie.", she said as she looked up at me. "No, not at all.", I replied as she focused back on to the TV. Fifteen minutes in, I started to pet her dark brown hair, Danielle didn't protest as I could hear her breathing softly as to let me know that she was enjoying my petting. The warmth of her head against my dick was starting to make me stir as my cock was aching for release. I didn't want to get her mad so I just tried to get it to go limp to no avail.

               Forty minutes into the movie I could hear Danielle snoring as she had fallen asleep in my lap. This was a perfect opportunity for me to free my cock and hope to get myself off while she slept. I moved her head slightly to get my sweats down some to free my raging hard on. Right now if she woke up it would be in her face, I jerked off on it a little bit, but not too fast. Danielle remained asleep on my lap still. I got bold and on buttoned her onesie and freed her big knockers. Two double Ds came spilling out, I grabbed one to massage with my right hand while my left hand stroke my cock up and down. I got even bolder as I took my cock and started rubbing it all over Danielle's face, then without warning I shoved my cock into her mouth to make her suck my cock.

                     I found out later that as my cock went into Danielle's mouth it woke her up, she saw what was going on but was helpless. She just gave in and sucked on my big thick dick. She was going to push away but my dick was so good to taste she let me continue as I stated to mouth fuck my Step Sister. My right hand went down inside of her onesie until I reached past her curvey belly and to her hairy pussy. I ran my fingers through her pubic hairs as I could hear Danielle give a muffled moan, then I started to mouth fuck her as my finger probed her hairy wet cunt. I fingered my Step Sister as my dick continued to invade her mouth. I saw now Danielle's head bob up and down my prick, she was awake and sucking my cock then she looked up at me and said,

                   "Let's fuck like we're Married and on our honeymoon.", Danielle said as I obliged her. We started taking off of our clothes to the soft glowing lights on the Christmas tree and the TV, Danielle laid back on the couch naked with her curvey legs spread open to show me her sweet hairy pussy as I slid my 20 old prick inside of her 23 year old bush. Danielle moaned softly as I fucked her on the couch so as to not wake up our Parents. My thick prick went to town on her tight twat, I never felt a pussy this tight in awhile since I fucked my last Girlfriend from when I had graduated from High School. I didn't care, I was just happy to be fucking a little older Woman than some teenage slut. Danielle wrapped her thick legs around me to push me inside of her deeper, as I did her eyes bugged out as she grabbed my t-shirt to muffle her screams. I think that this was the first big cock she ever had and it was driving her mad, I'm glad that she didn't choke on it earlier.

                     I decided to switch positions, so I had her get on her knees on the couch still as I pounded her pussy from behind as my balls smacked her fat fanny. Danielle still gagged her mouth with my shirt so as to not wake up Mom and Dad. Wouldn't that have been great trying to explain to them why we were fucking on the couch on Christmas Eve and in the middle of the night. As I continued to fuck my Step Sister in her bush, I could feel her pussy getting wetter by the minute that I looked at her pussy to see that it was creaming out her pussy goo all over the shaft of my dick. It looked so creamy and white it was like she was shooting soap from her pussy. It was pretty wild to say the least that Danielle was enjoying herself being fucked by her Step Brother. Time had passed by, that eventually the clock struck Midnight and I could hear in the distance the bell of clock tower in the Town Square alerting that indeed it was Midnight. Just then, without any warning I blew my load inside of Danielle's pussy. She didn't object to it and I didn't care about it either I was just pleased with myself for getting off with my Step Sister,  Danielle.

                       "Merry Christmas, Richie.", Danielle said in a low whisper. "Merry Christmas to you too, Danielle.", I replied just the same way as we French kissed each other. Danielle used my t-shirt to clean up herself and I did the same. We gathered up our clothes, turned everything off and went upstairs to bed. Laying down in my bed my mind kept racing about what I did with Danielle on Christmas Eve. This was one Christmas I'll never forget.

The End