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Labyrinth (fM, FMM, nonhuman, Mdom)

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on: December 15, 2020, 03:14:25 AM
Every wonder what happened after the movie?  Yes Sarah resisted Jareth (David Bowie as sexy dominant elf lord, resistance is futile!) to save her brother.  What about later, when she grew up a little more?  What about a lot later when she begins to wonder what if?

Sarah: Give me the child.
Jareth: Sarah, beware. I have been generous, up until now. But I can be cruel.
Sarah: Generous? What have you done that's generous?
Jareth: Everything! Everything that you wanted, I have done! You asked that the child be taken - I took him. You cowered before me - I was frightening. I have reordered time, I have turned the world upside down, and I have done it all for you! I am exhausted from living up to your expectations of me. Isn't that generous?
Sarah: Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered... I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city... For my will is as strong as yours... and my kin-
Jareth: Stop! Wait. Look, Sarah, look what I'm offering. Your dreams...
Sarah: And my kingdom as great...
Jareth: I ask for so little. Just let me rule you, and you can have everything that you want.
Sarah: Kingdom as great... damn... I can never remember that line.
Jareth: Just fear me, love me, do as I say, and I will be your slave!
Sarah: My kingdom as great... my kingdom as great... You have no power over me!
...You have no power over me.

I have remembered that moment all my life.  I took Toby back, now he is grown and off researching things I am happier not knowing about with the CDC.  I married, had children, divorced, yet somehow still have to care for both children and ex husband because I grew up and it seems I am the only one who managed it.

And yet.

In my dreams I see him.  That proud elfin face, more beautiful than a woman, yet the maleness that stood forth against his tights was so impressive it would be years before I could know how rare what I was refusing truly was.

The magic crystals he spun in his hands, each one a dream, a fantasy, my fantasies.  He was drawn to them, to me, captivated by them as he sought to captivate me.  I was foolish enough to endanger Toby, and for that I almost lost both of us to him, my Goblin King.  I have no regrets about winning Toby back.

And yet.

Dancing with him, so elegant, so graceful.  He was not human, he did not see the limits of morality any more than he saw the limits of reality.  Desire was all, to desire a thing was to bring it forth.  To wonder what it would be like to see pale skin crossed with whip marks was to wield his whip, and savour each cry and whimper as fine wine, and when drunk upon it, fall upon that yielding flesh and tear from it screams of pleasure to make the cries of pain seem but the faintest shadow.  Such was his hunger, such was his purpose.  There was no forbidden thing he did not master, and no forbidden place he would not take you.
He was captivated by me, by the desires, the hungers of an unknowing girl.  Now that girl is dead, a dream half forgotten.  I am three times the years of the maid he almost won; no longer virginal and fair.

And yet.

In my dreams, in my dreams I fall again, and the helping hands catch me.  This time I am no unknowing babe, but a woman grown.  I wonder, should those hands have just bound me?  Before his eyes could they not strip from me the long white blouse with which I hid the curves of womanhood come unasked upon my girlish form?

I see him, in my minds eye.

“Just give me your dreams Sarah, and I will bring them forth.  Gift me your nightmares and you will scream so prettily the trees will flower in winter, so do you move them.”

This time I don’t resist.  I am not fighting to save Toby from my mistake.  This time I am not defended from the question, do I wish this?


I feel the hands running over me, hands on my legs, caressing, on my ankles, both restraining and caressing.  On my thighs, over my hips, across to my belly.  Hands on my back, my neck, my shoulders.  Hands pull my hair back, baring my helpless throat, and strong hands just hold hard enough to make my heart beat flutter like a bird against a hold I cannot fight, and cannot help but feel.

Hands caress below my breasts, but not on them.

“I have no power over you.  You are not mine.  You are free.”

He stands before me, spinning the globe in his fingers.  It dances before me, back and forth across his hands.
I remember when he showed me that before, when I was the young girl, not the old woman.  I caught but a glance and shuddered, unable to look.

I am not that girl any longer.  I looked.

Oh my dear Jareth, my cruel Goblin King, how could you have known who I would become so much to promise me all that I would ever dream, before I knew I would one day hunger for it?  How could you be so cruel to show me before I could accept it, and not after.

Dancing in his court, a bridal gown in virgin white upon me, my elegant romantic Jareth leading me to my bower.

Exploring his body, the hard perfection of it, the beauty so fierce I could not look upon it and not grow drunk.  I kissed and suckled at him like a babe, and he grew under my stroking hands.  A pillar of cold white marble, yet hot to the touch.  A May Pole for maidens to dance around to pray for fertility, a stake to impale sacrifices upon, a spear to pierce the heart of you and break you.
My dreams would not let me claim it, would not let him claim me.  I am free.  I walked away from the heart of his power.

And Yet.

I see the crystal dancing before my eyes, in it I am collared and bound, naked at his feet.  Goblins have me on all fours, and I am being battered between two cocks, my eyes pleading as drool drips down my chin from the cock in my mouth, and I feel another hot load of cum explode in my womb.

I see Hoggle squeezing my breasts together as he thrusts his cock between them, into my mouth.  He sprays my face and breasts when he cums.  As he stands back, finished with me, he shakes his cock and pisses upon me as I sit in a pile of my own and a dozen goblins cum.

Broken and humiliated, I sit at Jareth’s feet.  He reaches down with his riding crop, and turns my face up to look upon him.

“Sarah, you have never been more beautiful.”

He presses my face to his thigh and caresses my hair.

“Every dream I fulfill fathers a dozen more, I will take you screaming beyond you darkest nightmare and love you gently in the sunlight of your gentlest dream, if only you will give yourself to me.”

I gripped his thighs, so elegant, yet strong and whipcord lean like a dancer or swordsman.  Kissed his leather, kissed my way up to his thighs until I tore at the laces of his pants.  Tore with nails that caught and scored his skin, drawing blood from him and a hiss of pleasure.

“Yes Sarah, TAKE what is yours.”  He said so softly, a voice so low and gentle, yet its power could not stay contained in dream and passed beyond and into me.

I took him into my mouth then, covered in cum and piss.  My perfect skin coated in marks of claw and whip, hand and scrape of floor, I was unclean and tarnished, a broken doll, ugly and brutish, yet I took him in my mouth and his fingers stroked my hair, and drew up my head.  His eyes held all the hunger in the world, and regret.

“You have never been more beautiful.  But I have no power over you.”  He said.

I was crying when I woke from the dream.  I reached for my magic wand, and all I could think about was that dancing crystal sphere, and his cold blue eyes.  I came so hard I think I pulled a muscle in my jaw trying not to scream.

I had to stop by the local thrift store to drop off a donation.  I acquire stuff, not that I want to, just people give me things, and unless I want to look like that packrat woman I have to make an effort to find it a good home elsewhere or it accumulates.

I was looking at the knick nacks as my donations were being sorted when I saw it.

A crystal sphere.

I took it in my hands.  Old woman’s hands.  I felt it.  Cold, heavy, yet as I looked inside, there was something.  Some light flickering.  I moved it across my hand, trying to catch the flicker, and without thinking I let my hands move as his did.  The sphere danced across one hand, then the next, images, dreams, visions flitting across the sphere in endless succession.  Sunlight groves where I rode side saddle before him on a unicorn, and loved in the summer sun while fairies flit above us.  Dank prisons where my flesh was bound in chains and I whimpered as he looked upon his tools for what could bring forth the next dark wonder from me.

“That is really cool!”  The girl from the thrift store said, looking at me.  I stopped the globe spinning, and realized she had been caught breathless in the visions too.  Her nipples were as prominent as mine, her blush, the near panting of her breath, and the furtive way her tongue wet her lips argued Jareth’s magic caught her as it did me. 

“I will take this.”  I told the girl.  “I think it was mine a long time ago, and I let it go.”

She looked at me as she rang it through.  “I don’t think I could have let THAT go ever.”  The clerk said.
That night I ran it over me.  I kissed it, pressed it to my cheek and remembered.  I ran it over my breasts, and down my belly, I rubbed it against my wet and dripping sex.  I called his name, I called it again and again as I rubbed it over the sex I denied him so long ago.

“Goblin king, goblin king; take this freedom away from me!”  I cried.

Suddenly, he stood before me.  Clad in grey leathers like owl feathers.  His eyes hungry and cruel, his smile soft and loving, his body a timeless perfection that gave my extra decades and extra pounds all the more shame.

“You have won your Freedom Sarah, and I have no power over you.”  He said.

I looked him in the eyes, the globe still pressed against my nether lips.  Raising it to my own lips, I kissed it.  Tasting my pussy as I looked upon the figure that had owned my fantasies since I won free of him as a child.

“Unless I give it to you.”  I said and extended to him the sphere.

It danced across his hands, back and forth, back and forth.  Each flash a new vision a new wonder or horror.  Each one pulled from my fantasies, and some, oh some that I saw flash past I had not even dared to bring to life in dream.

“If you give yourself to me, there is no return.”  He said, the sphere dancing in his hands as he moved beside my bed, somehow uncaring the years had robbed the girl he once sought to claim.

“Please.”  I begged, sliding to my knees before him.

This time I undid his laces carefully, and when his cock sprang free, it was my tears, not my lips that wet it first.  So beautiful.  As a girl there was no way I could have handled this, but as a woman grown, this was the cock towards which we all aspire.  I took him in my mouth, and closed my eyes.

I gave myself to the experience.  I held nothing back, I did not care how I looked, I did not care what he thought of me.  I had no false pride, I had a lifetime of regrets, temptations lost, purity held long past its best before date.  Now my dreams were in my mouth, and I would swallow them down, gagging if I must.

I ran my hands over his ass, his balls, I wondered in some girlish part of me, were they crystal too?  I kissed down his shaft to hold them in my mouth.  Crystal or not, they were heavy, hot and potent.  Looking up into his shadowed eyes, I saw he held a collar made of black thorns in his hand.

I nodded as I kissed my way up his shaft again.  As he closed the collar around my throat, I took him in, until I felt the press of his member push against the collar at my throat.  I felt him burst, and took his hot seed in my throat, before pulling back to take it in my mouth.

Hot and potent like some liqueur, I let myself taste it, and swallowed it down to feel the burn in me.  This was an addictive thing, a thing that once experienced could not be lived without.  I lapped the last of it off his tip.

He held out his hand, and pulled me to my feet.

I was.

I was.

Not the woman who said yes.  Nor was I the girl who said no.  I was perhaps the woman I could have been had I said yes?

We danced away from my life, from my life that was.  We danced into my might have beens.  My Goblin King, my darkest nightmare, my brightest deam.
If you are strong and determined, you can win your way through the Labyrinth.  If you are lucky as well, you can win your way back.

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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