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Thinking Back (M/F, Incest, cousins, 1st time, oral)

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on: December 18, 2020, 05:56:09 AM

This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

                 Back in 2006, I was spending my time a lot with my Cousin, Maria since her family had moved away overseas she didn't really have anyone close to her that she could spend time with. The rest of my family had lives of their own and couldn't make the time to visit with Maria, but I always did. At the time I was working at the local Walmart in town. I had started back in March of that year making better money than my previous job. More money gave me the opportunity to go and do more things on my days off, plus I was able to purchase things for myself and others without borrowing it from my family. Maria worked part-time working at a bookstore in town whose owners have passed the business down through three generations, still found some time to herself to spend it with me on my days off from work.

                 Maria, and I had a fondness for movies, so we would go to the cinema quite a lot if something we would enjoy would come a long. Some of my co-workers would joke about seeing me out with Maria thinking that she was my girlfriend.

                “Sorry to disappoint you, but she is my cousin”, I would tell them.

                  One weekend we took it upon ourselves to see the new Kate Winslet movie that was out that year. I was a fan of hers ever since I saw Kate in Titanic. Maria, and I sat in the back row in the theater that was screening the movie. In the movie, Winslet's character has an affair with another Man who's also married. It was really turning me on watching Kate having sex that I really wasn't thinking about what I was doing. I had set my hand on Maria's knee, slowly I started to rub my cousin's knee. Eventually I worked my way up her thigh to massage that. I was interrupted when Maria whispered in my ear.

              “That feels good. Don't stop,” when she said that I continued to do it as she tossed her jacket over her lap to hide what was going on. We didn't need to be kicked out. It was a good thing that Maria was wearing pants and not a skirt or my hand would have been up it for certain. I continued the sensual massage of her left leg. I could hear Maria's heavy panting. Even though, I know that I shouldn't have been doing that, but I was lost in the passion of the film and seeing that I was with someone I love I couldn't help myself.

                  Eventually I had to stop, I didn't want to attract attention towards us, so I pulled my hand back, so I could focus on the rest of the movie. Once the movie was done there were no words between us both as we headed back to my car. We drove away from the cinema and as we did Maria broke the silence.

               “Would it be alright if I came over to your apartment for a visit?” I wasn't going to argue with her, I definitely wouldn't mind seeing her, especially after what just happened. At least I know that she wasn't the least upset with me. We drove back to my place together as she wanted to. My heart pounded in reckless nervousness wondering if she wanted to go further with me or not.

                 The anticipation of what was going to happen next was overwhelming to me. Knowing that we are cousins and that Maria was still a virgin, anything could happen. If she wanted to go all the way with me, I had no problems obliging her, though I still wondered how serious her attentions were.

                      We made it back to my place, my anxiety was still running high. I didn't know if Maria was seriously considering allowing me to make love to her, or was she going to just tell me that was a one time thing, never to be brought up again. Taking her jacket from her to hang up with mine, we went over to my couch to sit down. I sat down on her left, still waiting to hear what she had to say, I didn't want to ruin the moment, so I just waited for her to speak.

               “I really liked the movie. I feel that you did too, Richie,” Maria said with a smile on her face.

                   “Yes, it was quite good. I thought that Kate Winslet looked sexy, especially in her red swimsuit,” I replied still with a bit of uneasiness coming over me. I felt like a virgin myself, trying hard to find the right words to say in the heat of the moment. We both looked and acted awkward at each other, not sure who should make the first move. I'm no virgin, but since Maria was, I certainly did not want to pressure her into doing anything she didn't want to do.  Suddenly, it just happened, Maria laid her hand on my crotch, she proceeded to rub my cock through my jeans to get me hard.

                   “Do you like that?”, Maria asked as she continued to rub me. What could I say or do, I just enjoyed watching her do it to me, why should I stop her now. She was letting me know that she wanted my dick, if she wanted it she could have it.

                   “Yes, Maria, I do love it,” I said then pulled her in to kiss me, a deep passionate kiss. Our tongues touched along with our lips. The passion in the room was heating up between us both, there was nothing to stop us now. Maria, broke the kiss, then she undid my belt, opened up my jeans to free my raging hard cock.

                   Once she freed it from my jeans, she gasped at the sight of it before her. I don't think that Maria was expecting my cock to be so big and thick. Holding it in her hand, she gently pumped my cock, before long her hand was caressing it faster. Bringing her back to my lips, we started to kiss again, I couldn't take much more of her pumping my cock.

                        I slipped my hand down her pants, got it under the panties, past her pubic hairs, finally reaching her clit, then I started to finger her tight pussy. My big, long fingers were just enough to break her hymen which made Maria react to it with her gasping. This was the right moment for me to fuck her, so I got her pants off, yanked down her panties, spread open her legs, and then after removing my jeans, I slid my cock into her pussy. Maria let out a moan as she felt my cock deflowering her pussy more. She didn't stop me from doing it, Maria just laid on the couch to let her cousin fuck her.

                    Honestly, I've been having these feelings for her for the longest time. I didn't care about the fact that she was my cousin, I just wanted to have her, be inside her, to be her lover, regardless of our relationship with each other. Also, I felt that Maria felt the same way about me.

                   Time and time again, she has admitted to me that she has always desired to have a man in her life, a man who would desire her sexually, even though she has thought of herself as a “plain Jane”, she just wanted someone to love her no matter what. Maria deserves to be loved, if I'm the man to do it then so be it.

                   I continued fucking Maria upon my couch. During which time, Maria took off her top, rolled up her bra to expose her big breasts. Seeing them before me, I buried my face into them, as I was still on top of Maria fucking her. Her moans echoed in the living room of my apartment, I knew that she was enjoying herself, never wanting it to end.

                  Eventually, it did end for the two of us. My cock had cummed inside her pussy. It wasn't my intention to do it, but it happened, I pulled out of Maria's freshly fucked pussy, my semen leaking from her cunt, dripping down on to my couch.

                  “I can't believe that you came inside my pussy”, Maria said rather surprised that I did. Feeling ashamed at that moment, I said to her.

                     “I am sorry, Maria. I hope you are not angry with me,” after I said that, Maria just sighed, then looking back at me, she continued.

                      “No, I'm not mad. Just wasn't expecting it, that's all. It felt wonderful to have you fuck me, to be honest. Just next time, don't cum inside me, ok?”, she finished, and I finally felt better, hearing that she wasn't mad with me. Maria and I got up to go get cleaned up, then once we got dressed again, I took her out to dinner, hopefully this will help us get our minds off of what just happened.

                    All during dinner, Maria acted like her normal self, me on the other hand, still felt like I betrayed her. Seeing the look of horror in her eyes said it all, but she was doing a good job of trying to hide it. To me, that look of shock was telling me that she was filled with guilt, plus I was sensing that she wished she had never done anything sexual with me. Once we had finished, and paid for our meal, I started to take her back home.

                  “Why are you taking me home?”, Maria asked as we drove down the street. I was taken by surprise that she had no intention of going back home. So, I said back to her.

                    “You want to spend the night with me?” Maria laughed back at me. Then, taking her hand, she placed it on my knee, slowly rubbing it. She didn't have to say anything, for I knew what her answer was. Maria did enjoy having me make love to her, she wasn't feeling guilty about it, she wanted more. I wasted no time, and I took us back to my apartment. Only this time, we took it to my bedroom, which has more space, plus it is more comfortable, in my honest opinion.

                        We started off slow, first we kissed, deep, passionately, and with tongues. Our kissing continued, with both of us touching each other. Me, feeling Maria's breasts, while she squeezed my cock. Now, our clothes were removed, slowly, romantically. Shirts, bra, jeans, pants, underwear, panties, until we were both naked. I laid down as Maria sucked on my cock. Running my fingers through her long hair. Maria's tongue licked every inch of my cock, she even licked, then kissed my balls.

                     Now, it was Maria's turn to be pleasured. Laying down on her back, legs spread wide, I got on top of her. First, I started at her breasts, massaging one, and sucking on the other. After I finished both breasts, I kissed her down her body, until I came to the pubic hair of her pussy, licking every dark brown hair upon her pussy, then I went to her wet cunt. Sticking my tongue up inside, I licked Maria's pussy, she went into overdrive with my tongue buried in deep. Fifteen minutes later, I came back up from her pussy, taking my cock, I stuck it inside of Maria to make love to her again. Only this time I wasn't about to let myself cum inside her pussy again.

                       All during that time, as Maria and I made love to each other, the fact that we were cousins, was definitely thrown out of the proverbial window, so to speak. We just saw each other as a man and woman who were in love, making love to one another, not a care in the world, one of top of the other, and vice versa. Our passion was greater than anyone else's that night, to us, the night belonged to us and us alone. Time had passed by, eventually it all came to an end, I did as I promised, I didn't cum inside Maria's pussy, but shot my load all over her beasts. This was pleasing to Maria, to which she thanked me, then gave me a kiss.

                   Maria and I went to get cleaned up, which eventually lead us back in to my bed. She decided to spend the night with me, so I gave her one of my t-shirts to wear as a nightshirt. We kissed each other goodnight, falling asleep in each other's arms. I don't think things will ever be the same again.

The End

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more of them please :emot-heartbeat: