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Looking for an old story

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on: January 17, 2021, 04:39:50 AM
I've been looking for a story that I saw a long time ago.  Early 2000's I suspect.  It's an incest story. If anyone knows where it is or who has it and is willing to share I'd be grateful.

I've searched all over asstr, but I can't find it.  And the wayback machine only goes back to 2009 or 2008 for Kristen's collection.

What I remember about the story is this:

The story is one that has several parts to it.  It starts out slowly but builds up to the guy masturbating/getting oral sex/giving oral sex etc. to his sister and I believe her friend.  Eventually, the guy has sex with his mother who knows/is told about the relationship he has with his sister. 

Soon sis wants to fuck her brother, but mom (and brother to some degree) is worried about her getting pregnant.  (Mom has her tubes tied, IIRC.)  Sis comes to brother with the idea of using a condom but brother's problem is that he's too big to fit in a normal condom.  To which sis informs him that they make a larger size of condom for guys like him.  Brother tells mom about the idea, and she isn't sure.  So mom decides to test out the larger condom.

They set up a day to do the test.  Mom gets ready in her bathroom, and when she comes out she's dressed up to tease.  She's wearing a black miniskirt (possibly microskirt) high heels and stockings that blow her son away.  Mom tells her son to sit down on a chair (I believe it was a dining room chair in the kitchen).

 Mom makes certain that her son is hard then rolls the condom on his penis.  She checks the fit, and once satisfied inserts it into her pussy and fucks her son as he is sitting in the chair.  (son thinks that the condom dulls the experience compaired to fucking his mom raw)

Once the teen cums, mom gets off and proceeds to check the condom for leaks.  Satisfied that the condom held up, mom agrees to let her son fuck his sister as long as he wears a condom.

That's basically what I remember.  Does anyone know anything about the story I'm talking about?  Anyone know the name of the story?

Anything would be helpful.  Thanks.

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Reply #1 on: April 27, 2021, 08:00:49 AM
Just replying that gonna look for this story as well, sounds hot. Do you know if this is a multi-chapter story? With so much detail it should be easier to find but if those details are spread across a ton of chapters that makes it a bit harder.