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Me and my Dad (Mf* inc)

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on: January 31, 2021, 05:08:23 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

 My name is Lucy { not really of course I'm not stupid } and yes I’m my daddy’s lover. The only thing I hate about it is the forced secrecy. We love each other get over it you self righteous do-gooders. Sorry I digress, but it does piss me off when I see other couples in love at the park or mall and all their PDA, and I cant even hold daddy hand in public for fear of someone we know reading to much into it etc..

Now don't get me wrong I know rape and abuse happen and its wrong wrong wrong. I know two girls that have been molested against their will, and its really fucked them up bad yaknow. So let me be clear my dad didn't groom, seduce, trick, or rape me. That's why me and daddy like sites like this. From other things I've read here there are peps on here who actually understand.

Now I'm not trying to be conceited but well I'm hot I mean real hot LOL. 4′10 91 lbs dark hair and blue/green eyes and very nice pair of Acup perky’s . So when daddy says I'm beautiful I know he means it LOL. I’d love to add a face pic so yall could see, but thanks to you know who {self righteous do-gooder's} I cant dammit.

Now understand I was not groomed, but I was well probably still am lol spoiled rotten lol. I've been daddy girl as long as I can remember, as such he couldn't deny me anything I really wanted. Even now i can usually ‘Pout’ him into shit ROFL. Ok I need to do this part quick and i still will most like need a cry break sorry. When I was 10 mom got sick {fucking cancer}and it was bad real bad she died. Fuck I'm bawling now afk. We had home hospice and I would crawl into her hospital bed {it was in the living room dad said later it would have been cruel to put it in the guest room}. idk why but she did love to watch her humming birds. fuck afk. OK well I learned, much later it caused her a great deal of pain when I did this, but not once did she complain or discourage me. ok this is harder then I thought it would be. My mom was holding me when she died.

ok enough of that shit on with the show LOL. Well to say the least that mind fucked me but good. Hell I was only 10 wtf. Dad did his best which in hindsight was dam good. He brought in the pastors wife {phd in psyc shit} for grief counseling the whole nine yards. The big thing for me then and always really if I got scared or sad or hell just bored id go jump in bed with my mom n dad. Well they always slept nude hell body modesty wasn't a thing at our house LOL the only time when they would shut n lock the door was for sex {had no clue it was a big mystery to a kid LOL} so they'd come out the shower get dressed my mom would sit and put on her face as she called it all with their door wide open. They weren't nudist mind you {we didn't sit around naked at xmas and watch elf or shit} but it wasn't a big thing either. So I have no memory of when I stopped wearing pj’s but I did. So after mom died I slept with daddy. He would hold me as I cried myself to sleep {every night I was a fucking bawl fest back then} just holding me soothing me. He was so strong my rock hell I was daddies' girl he was my hero my everything.

This went on without complaint till I turned 11. at which point he tried gently to steer me back into my own room and bed. Well spoiled little Lucy wasn't having any of that hell no. Well that lead to more counseling which led to a Psychiatrist who wanted to put me on anxiety pills. Now my daddy is a kind gentle man to a point, but don't fuck with someone he loves or,,,, well he blew, and I loved it LOL. called her a D minus quack. {wants to put a 11 year old on psychotropic drugs YOU FUCKING D MINUS QUACK end quote} I had seen him mad before but dammm. We got home and I went to play or watch cartoons or I don't remember, but I had not seen daddy in a while. oops I'm getting ahead of myself. Forgot to mention daddy was sad too he just didn't show it a lot I’d seen him shed more then a few tears but not just flat out bawl like me LOL. So I set of in search of daddy and found the bedroom door shut wtf? right.

So of course spoiled little Lucy charges right in and holy shit. There he sat my moms picture in his lap bawling quietly to himself. This big strong man my hero my rock was as fucking wrecked as I was. For some this might have burst their bubble to see that but not me. I didn't know it then, but I do now that was the moment I fell IN LOVE with him. That was of course the first time I’d seen him {in my mind} as a man not just dad. Sad like me needed comfort like me. my whole outlook changed. but I still slept in his bed every night I was still me and I think id lost the ability to sleep alone , but I tried to be better in other ways doing my chores on time and shit yaknow. It went like this for some time till my 13th Bday. When dad got me this cool ass laptop pink n teal. {my favs} Is my dad the goat or what Jen my bff was so jelly lol. She's the one who showed me how to turn the safeserch off LOL . Yea Yea we looked at some porn but it was gross as shit huge cocks an giant titties LOL well in my eyes.

Now I love cartoons especially the Japanese ones. Gunslinger girl and scientific rail gun are my two favs. well one thing lead to another and I wound upon a hentai porn site. Now I don't know if yall have been to one before but japs are fucking pervs to the tenth yaknow ROFL. werewolves and octopuses rapeing big tittied women LOL. I mean gag me right. Around this time I started to change my first exp with this in the shower I'm scrubbing my ass with a loofa and run it across my chest as normal, but ouch WTF. Six weeks later I had nipples not tatas just nipples and boy was I proud of them LOL. {first in my class finally LOL } Shortly after I hit 13 me and Jen made out an masturbated together Jen was more advanced then I was though at the time I had no clue why {remember the molested girls I mentioned yep she's one of them it was a much older cousin not her dad}.

Now I was much more interested in werewolf porn then I was before LOL and would indulge my secret pastime more n more. I explored the site more too and that's when I found a new word or maybe I’d herd it before but didn't know what it was or meant idk, but the word was of course incest. and the cartoons WOW. girls like me with their own daddy’s WOW. Well guess what boys n girls that seed was planted deep LOL. From then on I couldn't wait for bed time to get there id look with out LOOKING lol and I’d try and cop a feel without being obvious. one night we were in bed an I was pushing my butt up against him and his hard-on and it felt amazing. I wanted to flip over right then and look, touch, something, but I was scared to wake him. I finally worked up the courage to reach behind me and touch it OMG. I had his cock in my hand. I was thrilled beyond words I didn't jerk him off or any stupid shit just held it till it went limp then fell asleep at some point. By then I would masturbate on the reg yaknow. well after that it was on. I’d do it 2 or 3 or more times a day.

God dam I was horny. Well on my next sleepover at Jens she showed me her toothbrush trick. Thank you Mr. spin brush. The handle not the brush end LOL. well when she touched my sailor with it I exploded I'd never had an orgasm before that then she showed me how she put it in herself. OMG I wanted to try. but was scared. Jen said it wouldn't hurt as bad as I thought she lied. after applying some lube {that should have been a hint huh? what 13 girl has lube in her room} lol. Well it hurt like hell but my vail was gone. A while went by And I was holding daddy cock more and more often while he slept. I got more and more brazen with. It till one night he was on his back more or less the covers had been kicked off in the heat. I could see it just laying there on his ball sack beckoning me to touch it again. OMG my pubescent desire was so strong I wanted it so bad. I was not the least bit naïve I knew I wanted daddy to make love to me just like in my fav comic.

So carefully scooched down to get closer to the object of my desire. To get a closer look. Now dads not hung like a horse or anything about 6 not too thick but the fattest head you ever saw. I was enthralled total tunnel vision as took in my hand looked like a mushroom in a pile of hay LOL it wasn't hard. Yet. It started almost as soon as I touched it WOW. I had never thought to touch it before it got hard. the Feel of my daddy’s cock stiffening in my hand well I was gone. When the drop of clear fluid appeared I thought he had started to pee because of what I was doing. I froze afraid he wake up. but his eyes were still closed his breathing regular, so back to the fun. I stuck my thumb in it and saw it was thick like syrup. I began rubbing it around his fat spongey  cockhead. Fascinated focused my face about a foot away I was getting a great look wow. I don't think I realized I was rubbing my self too but I was gone like I said. “Baby if you keep doing that I’m gonna cum”.

OMG I nearly jumped outta my skin. There he lay wide awake and trying his best to look stern and fatherly I think lol. Well the combo of my squeak and the look on my face was more then he could take and started to laugh. My dad loves to laugh and to make me laugh so it was infectious so soon we both were laughing thank god. When it finally died down I had to ask, though I feared the answer. “Daddy are you mad at me?” He said he wasn't and it was normal at my age to be curious. To hell with curious I wanted sex. He then said it was wrong for me to do that to him cause he’s my dad an all yada yada yada. I finally  just asked why is it wrong. Well its illegal for one he said. Why I ask again. well genetics I guess he said. If fathers and daughters have babies they have real high rate of birth defects. that's dumb I said I don't want a baby I just want to make love. would you rather I did it in a car with some boy? Wow I was surprised to see him at a loss for words. Finally he stammered out your only 13 baby. How old were you the first time daddy and shouldn't my first be with someone I love and who loves me? He was silent for a long while.

He finally stammered out .Your too young baby ill hurt you. No you wont daddy Jen popped my cherry with her toothbrush. I said that? I shocked myself to be honest but not near as much as I did him. LOL Well it worked I felt him stiffen under me. OMG daddy wanted me too. I knew it then as if Id could see his thoughts he wanted me. I moved up even closer rubbing my thigh on his hardon as I did so. We were face to face by now please daddy said. what happened next is burned in forever. The hand on my back slid to my ass and he kissed me. When his rough calloused hand grabbed my bare butt and his lips met mine hell, I almost popped right then LOL omg it was heaven. Daddy is a much better kisser then Jen. We the kiss finally broke. I got real brazen and said please fuck me now daddy. Well that flip his switch and before I Knew it I was on my back with daddy inside me. OMG his real warm flesh and blood cock was in me YAH. Then daddy fucked me. I mean really really, I have no clue how long it went, But leave it to say we fucked, a lot, I was sore a fuck the next day but never told him LOL . In his defense it had been 3+ years since mom and he never even dated anyone. God I love him just so fucking much yaknow.

Well its been 5 years and we are both happy healthy. I'm an honor student taking college credit courses in the afternoon. Daddy retired early thanks to moms insistence they have lots of insurance. Do I think this is for everyone well yes an no. Sorry to say some peps are just bad and some just plain evil yaknow, but if the dad is like mine and the girl loves and wants him too why the hell not? babies? they figured out what causes that an you can take precautions. daddy got snipped about 3 months before my cycle started.{I never wore a rubber with your mom I'm not about to ware one with you end quote lol} like I said loves to make me laugh god I love him.

 Now I gotta let him read this for I post it OMG

This is Lucy’s Dad and I reluctantly approve this. Its border line I think but I love her and she wants this so…..

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soooo LOVING more please

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thanks for the kind comment


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Your original was better   
but keep them happy ,
very hot short story
hope you do more
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Great story! Love it being from her perspective!