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Drunk Dads Babysit In The Bar (MMMb, inc, nc)

TylerX · 1777

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Offline TylerX

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on: April 18, 2021, 11:35:57 AM
The following story contains graphic scenes of of male/male sexual encounters between characters both above and below the age of 18, including scenes of incest. If these subjects do not interest you, or if it is not legal for you to read this story, I ask that you leave now.

The author does not condone abuse in any of its forms. This is a story of pure fantasy, meant for the enjoyment of adults, and not a reflection of the author's views on real-world issues.

Apologies if I incorrectly coded the story, this is my first.

Thanks guys!

Drunk Dads Babysit in the Bar
by Tyler X

“It’s over. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.”
“Chrissake’s Tony, don’t cry - least not in front of the kid!”  Smokey said with a nod. I turned to my son, who was sneaking a sip from Frank’s beer as the man took his shot in their pool match.
“Oi! Frankie! No sharing with the kid, you trying to get this joint shut down? Jee-zus,” Smokey shook his head and stacked more glasses on top of each other. I watched as my best pal, and colleague, hastily snatched his drink back from my son, who grinned a foamy grin at Smokes, then at Frank, then at me. My heart melted - then broke a little. Poor kid. His mother left me last night, well, left us - literally. Jonas came home from school to find a note written for me, telling me that between the cheating, drinking, the long shifts and the longer nights spent here at Smokey’s Bar, she was past her limits. She couldn’t take it anymore. Admittedly, I had been leaning a little heavy on the alcohol consumption lately, but I told her just last week that I was going to sober up! Although, that’s near-impossible to do around here, since these fellas practically poured the beers down each other’s throats, and there’s no way I was going to give up my bi-weekly after-work celebration with the boys at Smokey’s. Being a firefighter was an unforgiving, thankless job - can you blame me for needing a beer to take the edge off every now and then? As for the cheating, well, it was only one time! Excluding the blowjob I received from a very grateful housewife on one occasion, the only time I’ve actually stuck my dick where it didn’t belong was about 20 metres from where I was currently sat, when one wild evening, Jenny, the perky young bartender who works for Smokey, was thanking a couple of the boys for our service - thanking us very enthusiastically. That was the last time she let us peer-pressure her into doing shots with us. Anyway, as devastating as the news of my wife’s desertion was, I could count on Smokey and the boys from the station to be here for me and Jonas during this trying time. And as any good bartender does, Smokey helped me slosh down my sorrows in a constant tide of piss and poison.

“Top up!” I said with a tap tap of my glass on the bar. Smokey came to my aid.

I looked around the room and took in the incredible group of supportive brothers I had by my side - Frankie, my closest friend and Jonas’ godfather, was a couple years younger than me and in much better shape. I was pretty fit, but Frank was pure muscle - standing at 6’4, with wavy black hair and an impressively thick moustache. He had his own two boys - twins, turning 4 in a couple months.

Don was the shortest, but quickest of the boys.  His warm brown skin, curly hair and thick lips made him a sight for sore eyes. I swear my wife befriended his wife just for the sake of getting to cast longing glances his way more often - well, that and to bitch about me probably. I’m just thankful she didn’t get to see the weapon he was packing in his slacks, the bastard just about split poor Jenny in half.

Ralph was a nut - a shady old dog covered in tattoos and piercings. He was a biker once, apparently. I didn’t find that hard to believe.

Chief was, as his name suggests, our boss - an experienced and stern man, with stark silver hair, which he always kept in a perfect crew cut. He came from military background, making him not only a natural leader of our station, but the head of his four-daughtered, god-loving family. His wife, Barb, occasionally brought the boys potato bake on particularly rough days.

Smokey always says if he wasn’t a bartender he would’ve been a firefighter, and he would’ve been the best. I think he could’ve at least been decent. He was completely bald with a thick scraggly beard and always donned a tight wife-beater, which showed off his impressive biceps and swollen pecs, but also his round gut. He also always stunk of cigarette smoke - go figure.

As Smokey poured me another beer I let my heavy head rock into my hands.
“What the fuck am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?” I felt like I was on the verge of falling apart.
“Stop feeling sorry for yourself, first of all,” Chief ordered with a clapped hand on my shoulder. He took a long gulp of beer and licked his top lip.
“You’re a fine man, you have a fine kid. If Vanessa has decided she needs a break, give her space. I’m sure she will return when she’s ready.” I inhaled deeply and nodded, my eyes squeezed shut. Of course he was right, but I didn’t want to be consoled, I wanted to be drunk and miserable. I heard the soft clack of a pool ball being knocked into a pocket, and my son cheered, along with Frank. They had just won in a doubles match against Don and Ralph. A smile tugged at my lips. I needed to loosen up a bit, tonight was a good night. No nagging bitch of a wife to go home to, just me and the boys. And Jenny.

She had just returned from cleaning tables, so I struck up a conversation about my situation, to which she offered some shitty advice. She chatted away while I listened mindlessly. Something about her degree. Something about what time she knocked off (if that was an invitation to fuck, I was to drunk to pick up on it).
“At least she gave you a cute kid,” she said. That made my ears prick up.

Shit! Where was Jonas, come to think of it?

I whipped around and scanned the room. Frank was playing a 1-on-1 match with my son.

Oh, right. Of course, he’s still with Frankie.

I turned back to the bar and noticed three shot glasses in front of me, two of which had already been drained.

Did I drink those?

I downed the third.

Jenny wobbled in front of me like a flame. My vision was swimming by now. I slurred something about Vanessa and Jenny threw her head back in a cackle. She joked about bedroom troubles with a wink but, again, I was too drunk to pick up on the innuendo.

Two large hands clapped me on the shoulders and Frank’s head popped over my shoulder.
“Tony, I’m just taking Jonas for a piss.” I could smell the beer on his breath, then looked up and saw a beer in front of me. I gripped it and brought it to my lips, but before I sipped I reach around and curled my hand around the back of Frank’s neck and pulling him in as he drew away.
“Is he okay? Is he alright? How’s Jonas?” I took a long gulp. Frank assured me my son was fine and repeated that he was taking him for a piss. I nodded, then sipped, then rested my head again.

Some shitty rock music drummed loudly into my ear. Jenny tugged on my earlobe.
“Hey bozo, where’s Jonas?” I shot up quickly. Too quickly. My head buzzed.

Where is Jonas? How long had I had my eyes closed for?

He’s taking a piss. He’s with Frankie. He’s taking a piss.

I realised I had muttered my thoughts aloud. Jenny just raised her tattooed eyebrows at me. I rolled off my stool and found my way to the toilet stall. I pushed open the door and was greeted with the dim yellow light of the men’s restroom.

Busted bulb. Smokey’s getting it fixed.

The roaring laughter and chanting almost knocked me off my feet.

Party in the men’s room. Are they cheering for me? Where’s Jenny?

My cock twitched.

Jonas. Where’s Jonas?

I rounded the corner and took in the busy scene in front of me. My son was sat up on the bathroom basin, with my colleagues gathered around him. Don held the boy’s head steady as Ralph poured a beer down the boy’s throat. He was swallowing most of it, but some of it escaped his lips and dribbled down his chin.

Jonas! Beer! Vanessa’s going to fucking kill me.

I tried to step forward to stop my son, but tripped and lurched forward instead, as if in slow motion, knocking Ralph in the process and causing him to tip the remainder of the glass onto my son’s head and down his chest. The little boy gasped, then belched. The fellas laughed.
“Shit, buddy I’m so sorry. Let me get you cleaned up. Let me clean you up,” I slurred, while trying pointlessly to brush the beer off of him. I swivelled around.

Wet towel. Toilet paper.

I barged through the nearest stall, and found Frank knelt over the toilet lid, snorting lines. He brushed his nose with the back of his finger.
“Paul! Jonas is here, he’s with me, I’m taking care of him! I’m taking care of him,” he uttered nervously.
“Iss okay, I just spilt a little beer, it’s okay,” I said, ripping a clump of thin toilet paper from its roll.

I warbled back out of the stall and found my son, still on the sink, as Ralph pulled his shirt over his head. I walked up to him and began dabbing at him aimlessly. The boy’s head rocked back and rested against the filthy mirror. He grinned contently.

“Daddy?” He murmured
“Yeah, buddy?”
“I chugged my first beer!” The boys snickered behind me. I tussled his hair and congratulated him.

I can’t get him drunk. Vanessa will kill me.

“Let me get you some water buddy.” I cranked the handle of the tap beside us and the old pipe banged and clanked for a while before pissing out a weak stream of brown water.

Clean water. Clean water.

I hurried out of the bathroom, hearing a faint squeal from somewhere, and zig-zagged my way to the empty bar. Smokey was out back, closing up for the night. Jenny was no where to be found. I eyed the sink behind the bar.

I could get the water myself. I thought about all the times Smokey had booted out fellas who’d tried that shit before. Better not.

Jenny. Find Jenny.

I heard another distant squeal.

Sounds familiar.

I bumbled toward the women’s restroom and barged in through the door. The moans and squeals bounced around the small, tiled room. I rounded the corned and found Jenny, one leg propped up on the toilet roll holder, the other draped over the shoulder of the man knelt between her glorious, milky white thighs. His silver head rocked back and forth, and Jenny’s leg, which was snaked down his tanned, brown back, flailed wildly. She squealed again. His naked back rippled with muscles, and I noticed for the first time, a small cross tattoo between his shoulder blades. The rippled muscles trailed all the way down to the crack of his pale ass, which was peeking over his drooping slacks as he knelt in front of the barmaid.
“Fuuuck, Chief,” I exhaled. The other boys from the station didn’t mind where their cocks wandered, but watching my devout catholic boss cheat on his wife with this young whore felt almost like... well, almost like a sin.

He turned to me, juices running down his chin. “Fuck off, McAlister, go find your kid!” Jenny looked at me lustily through half-lidded eyes. My cock ached. I hadn’t had sex in months - since... well, since Jenny. I glanced down at my bulging pant-fronts, which I was groping at unknowingly. I stumbled backwards a little, before pivoting around and charging back out of the women’s restroom. My cock tingled. I thought of Vanessa. I thought of Jenny. I thought of beer. I found a half-glass of warm piss and sunk it. I found another. My limbs were cake batter. My head was a bowling ball. I waltzed through the empty bar, forgetting why or what I was doing. My bladder ached. Beer in hand, I groped at the toilet door, and it swung open compliantly. I fell in. The dregs of beer sloshed dangerously in my glass. Pushing myself back up I moved forward toward the urinal, where Frank and Ralph stood on either side of Jonas, their slacks sagged halfway down their thighs, muscly asses on either side of my boy’s tiny head. The urinal was designed for two-person use, so Jonas was squeezed tightly between the two fellas. Apart from his scuffed up sneakers, and his underwear strung loosely around his ankles, my son was butt naked. I didn’t mind, it was just us boys here, nothing to be ashamed of. He seemed to not mind either, as he giggled and squirmed while Ralph rubbed the boy’s chest. Frank had an arm wrapped around the boy, bracing him and keeping him still.

Cleaning him. That’s right. Ralphie’s cleaning the beer I spilled.

Frank turned his head slightly and eyed me, clearing his throat. Ralph turned too.
“Sorry Dad, no room,” he chuckled. Jonas, with his head tilted down, didn’t budge. I eyed my boy’s small, pale ass and felt a stirring. I thought of Jenny and took a swig. The two toilet stalls were both closed and locked. Women’s room it is. I thought of Jenny once more. I thought of Chief buried between her legs. I lurched forward.

When I rounded the corner this time, I once more was shocked at the sight of Chief, who was now butt-ass naked (except for his work boots) fucking Jenny’s brains out. His ass cheeks were completely smooth, and as he thrusted I could make out the sharp lines of his glutes. As he lifted his hips and drove his cock deeper, his cheeks parted slightly, revealing his hairless, pink hole. My cock leaped. Fuck, I must have been really in a state if my bosses ass was getting me horny. What could I say, the sight of a tight pink hole is enough to drive any man nuts. His fat, shaved balls slapped at her ass. I put my hand down my slacks and felt my cock ooze precum over my fist. I needed to stick it in something - anything. I was desperate. I absentmindedly staggered forward and tripped once again, spilling the rest of my beer over my boss and his fuckpiece. He cussed me out, turning around and pushing me into the wall of the toilet stall. His cock was pink and angry. He stormed out. Jenny called me an asshole and ran out after him. I sat in the stall and let my hard dick drain itself of piss. My head fell back and I closed my eyes. Then I closed my eyes some more.

What time is it?

My vision wavered like a mirage. The bathroom was silent. My cock was out. I crawled forward aimlessly until I found my way out. I heard sounds and instinctively crawled toward them. I stood, then tried to push open a bathroom door. It fell away from my hand. Suddenly an older man was standing in front of me holding the door open. He was grinning and shaking his head as he did up his belt buckle. He looked away sheepishly, muttering “you don’t want to get yourself into that, man” as he barged past me. Unable to make sense of what he had said, I moved forward. A series of short-bursting pants and moans reverberated throughout the bathroom. I thought of Jenny. Hushed chuckles and whispers followed. I rounded the corner. A crowd had gathered. At the centre, my brothers stood in a line outside of an open toilet stall, their slacks dropped, hard dicks in hands.

Party in the men’s room.

Their eyes were frozen on the sight inside of the stall, they didn’t even notice me standing there. I said nothing, just shuffled forward. Don noticed me first, and whispered “oh shit,” under his breathe, putting his hand on Ralphie’s chest. Ralphie had a crazed look on his face, his tongue hanging from his parted lips as he violently jerked his hairy prick. His expression vanished as Don turned his attention to me, though. The two darted toward the urinal. Smokey was standing at the door of the stall, massaging his fat, slobbering knob, then he too saw me and turned away immediately, moving toward the sink. A couple of other strangers lingered against the wall, subtly massaging their bulges. Intrigued, and extremely confused, I rounded the corner of the stall. I was met with the magnificent sight of Chief’s muscly brown back, and his smooth ass as he pummelled into Jenny, completely obscuring her with his sheer size. He was still completely naked, still only his boots left on. We all watched on in awe as he threw his head back and growled mightily, shooting his seed deep inside of her. His cock plopped out and he turned to face me. He stared me deep in the eye, but I couldn’t read his expression. And with a sympathetic pat on my shoulder, and not one word more, he left. I could now see the rest of the scenery in the stall, and it was just as magnificent. Frank, my closest friend, my brother, was sat, butt naked on top of the toilet lid, his massive hairy thighs lifted up, booted foot each balanced on a wall of the cramped toilet stall. His hair was slick with sweat, his face was red, his moustache damp. His furry pecs rose and fell with each huffing breath. I was vaguely aware of Jenny’s naked back squirming and writhing between Frank’s hairy legs, but with this hunk of a man on show, in all of his glory, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. He rubbed the girls face into his balls with one hand, while the other was lifted up behind his head, exposing his hairy, sweaty pits. His fat, uncut cock nestled against his sweaty abs. He looked up at me and his mouth dropped open. I grinned at him and nodded. He furrowed his eyebrows.
“Who’s next?” I growled with an unhinged hunger, eager to have my turn but trying not to cut in line. Smokey waddled up beside me at the stall door, wife beater still on but naked from the waist down, and shook his head, before sidling up behind Jenny and assuming the position just as Chief had. I watched as his enormous ass tensed up, signalling that he had just rammed his entire greasy length inside of her used pussy. A muffled cry escaped the stall. I grinned wickedly at my brothers. They smiled back. Ralph began jerking his cock again. In a few strokes, Smokey unloaded inside of the whore’s pussy, and he waddled out of the stall. She moaned like a bitch in heat. Something twinged in the back of my mind but I couldn’t bring myself to process it.

Ralph was next, and he practically pounced on her when he got the chance. I watched, transfixed, as he jackhammered her, giving her the hardest fuck yet. Her shaky groans must’ve felt incredible against Frankie’s cock. I caught glimpses of him over Ralph’s shoulder, his eyes rolled back into his head. Ralph reached forward, presumably to grab Jenny’s hair, pushing her down further on Frank’s meat. The sound of her guttural spluttering as Frank’s cock lodged down the back of her throat made all the fellas in the room turn to each other, nodding and grinning in perverse mutual appreciation. Don sidled up beside me, just as eager for his turn. Soon, Ralph, too, came with a deep groan. He exited the stall and Don and I assessed his work on Jenny’s perky little butt. Her cheeks were bright pink, red lines streaking up and down her soft skin from where the burly men had dug in their fingernails. Her hole was twitching and gaping, drenched from the cum, sweat, spit and probably beer, too. A thick, creamy river of the combined loads of cum from my work pals (and whoever else had a go) leaked down her thighs, her trembling, skinny legs, and pooled into a sticky puddle on the floor beneath her. Her bent knees threatened to buckle at any moment. Don gripped her tiny waist, steadying her, and lifted his heavy cock, aiming it at her sloppy asshole. He turned to me and muttered something indistinguishable and I felt a wave of panic arc inside me momentarily. I distracted myself by peering around his torso at the sight of his long, girthy rod, which was dripping with precum by now, as it breached her tight entrance.

So tight. So small.

Don struggled to fit inside, as he had last time we ran a train on her. The soft, desperate sounds coming from her which had, up until now, sounded somewhat subdued, slowly progressed into more strained and shrill cries.

“So... fucking... tight...” Don grunted as he pushed in further.

“Fuck her dude,” I cheered him on, stroking my meat. And he did. At first, in long, slow strokes, before picking up the pace and hammering his enormous pipe in and out of her trembling body. I could hear Frankie shushing her as he muffled her cries with his own cock. Don pumped load after load into her, shouting out as each one spurted from the tip of his dick. He pulled out with a wet plop and left without looking me in the eye.

I looked at Frankie, he looked at me. I felt a stirring in my gut - something instinctive warning me that something was wrong. Frankie lifted a hand to his face and pressed his thumb into his squeezed-shut eyes. I stepped up behind Jenny. She was so small. The other guys made this look so much easier. I had to hoist her hips up higher to meet mine. I looked Frankie in the eyes as I levelled my rod with her slippery ass. With drunken carelessness, my cock slipped out of position. I tried again. As the tip of my swollen cockhead became enveloped by her warm entrance, I felt her push back against me and nearly the entirety of the length of my cock slipped deep inside of her.
“Holy shit...” I exhaled. I could feel the loads of hot cum from my closest friends flooding her guts. As I rammed the final inch of my meat inside her sloppy hole, warm nut plunged from the stretched rim gripping my manhood. I began thrusting. Cum splattered against my abs. Whispers came from behind me, but I could only make out bits and pieces.

“...fucked up...”


“...his kid...”

I shook my head violently and started drilling the small ass harder. Frankie looked lost somewhere between disgust and consumed with desire. He bounced the tiny head in his lap faster. I didn’t wonder why Jenny’s hair was so short, why her frame was so little. I didn’t wonder why I could almost fit her tiny waist between both of my hands. I chose not to notice the tiny, limp dick and balls swinging wildly between shaky legs. The feeling of wrongness reared in the back of my mind. I kept going. I let out an almost angry groan. The tiny head lifted, before getting mashed back down by Frank’s hairy fist. The broken-in, used hole squeezed my shaft. A soft moan of submission floated up through the stall.

Where’s Jonas? I head Jenny’s voice whisper in my mind. I squeezed my eyes shut, forcing her from my thoughts.

I haven’t had pussy in months. I need this. I need this.

I fucked the small body so hard the stall shook. Strangers began jeering and egging me on hungrily. Frank’s cock was regurgitated momentarily and a young cry belted throughout the bathroom. I yelled louder. Without breaking his fixed eye contact with me, Frank pushed the tiny head lower, spreading his own cheeks and mashing the face against his hairy hole. He stroked him self violently, his nostrils flaring, blood rushing to his face and chest. A croaky growl hummed from his clenched mouth as the small tongue lapped at his manly hole. Frank soon matched my deep grunts, and we locked eyes once more as he unleashed volleys of cum up his chest and across his own face. It sprayed into the air like a broken fire hydrant. Some landed across the slender back I was hunched over. A slash of cum dripped from Frank’s moustache.

My friend stood up, placed a hand on my shoulder as he stepped around me, and left.

I kept going. The pubescent cries of carnal agony tugged at something deep inside of me.

Where is Jonas?

I clasped my hand over the slippery little mouth and laid into him harder. I could feel myself sobering up.

Where is Jonas?

The tiny body beneath me went limp, perhaps out of submission. His tiny little breaths and moans begged me to go harder. The weight of force I was using to hammer down inside of him forced us to collapse down onto the sticky, wet ground beneath us. The strangers gathered around us swore under their deep, heavy breaths. The cum puddle squelched beneath us with each thrust as I continued my relentless invasion.

Where is Jonas?

My body folded on top of his and I stuck two fingers in his mouth. He sucked greedily as I inhaled the boyish smell of him and kissed the back of his wet hair.
“Daddy... daddy... daddy...”  he whimpered over and over, his cries strangled by my fingers down his throat. I felt his small frame convulse and shiver as an orgasm gripped him. It was too much. I couldn’t hold back. I could have almost cried tears of relief as my seed flooded his sweet little ass. The thought that had been nagging at me finally formed in my mind:

Jenny went home a couple hours ago.

I closed my eyes.

How long ago had I realised this? I couldn’t remember.

I crawled backwards, watching my nut seep from his aching, quivering hole, dripping down onto his soft cock and balls. He lay motionless, his back gently rising and falling as he absorbed the aftershock of my transgression. It reminded me of how he slept as an infant. So small. So gentle.

What have I done? What did I do?

Everything around me stood still for a moment. Jonas’ limbs splayed out at awkward angles as the boy lay on the floor. The few random, unknown men that stood around me didn’t know what to do. I brought a hand to my mouth and inhaled deeply.

After a moment of silence, one of the strangers, a hulking older man whom I vaguely recognised as a semi-regular at Smokey’s, stepped forward from the corner of the room. He looked at me for a moment, then looked at my half-conscious son lying still inside the stall. He turned to me again and locked eyes with me in a silent, but meaningful stare. I nodded once. He unzipped his fly and stepped inside.