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Trading places with sister (m-teen, f-teen minor, crossdressing)

CDAshleyFoxx · 2183

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I hope you guys enjoy this story. It was fun to write. Again, all this stuff is fantasy and doesn't reflect anything that truly took place or my actual fantasies. Bla bla bla.

Enjoy  :emot_kiss: Ash

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Reply #1 on: February 01, 2021, 11:10:49 PM
Chapter 1

Tristan was walking across the campus to the gym when he heard his name through his headphones and abruptly turned around. He saw no one, so he shrugged it off and turned back towards the direction of his next class.

“Tristan!” He heard it again. “Over here you dork!” This time it was more than just a loud whisper. He looked over and saw his sister concealed in the bushes behind the building. He stopped and waved. “No, you idiot! Get over here,” she said, in a stern, but restrained voice. He walked over and followed her behind the building.

“What the hell were you doing in the bushes Trisha?” He said, as he pushed his glasses up his nose.

“I need you to do me a huge favor,” she said with a very desperate sound to her voice.

“Yeah, what do you want?”

“I need you to take my math final for me. Please!”

“Oh hell no! I said I would help you with math, not do your tests for you!” He exclaimed. “Besides, how the hell am I suppose to do that? Just pray that no one recognizes that it’s me and not you?”

“I know. I know. I got this figured out. We’ll swap clothes. No one will even know,” she said nonchalantly, as if her casual tone would ease his decision.

“No fucking way! Are you crazy? Your friends could talk to me. The teacher could talk to me. If we get caught, we are screwed, and you are already on mom’s and dad’s shit list.” Tristan stepped back, as if he was going to walk away.

“Listen you little shit!” She said more sternly. “You know you owe me, and you owe me big.” She was waving her finger at him. “Listen, Jacob and I was up all night, and I didn’t study at all.”

“You were suppose to be studying with Kelly and Annie during your sleepover!”

“Shit Tristan! Just listen! I left their house to see Jacob, and we were busy all night…”

“I bet you were!”

“Shut up! Look, I know you have been helping me with algebra, but I’m totally not ready to take this final, and if I fail another test, you know what is going to happen!”

“You won’t get to go to prom with Jacob!” He said with a snarky tone.

“Exactly, you little shit. Fuck Tristan. You fucking owe me big! Do this, and we are even. Please! Please! Please!”

Tristan paused for a moment as he thought. She sounded so desperate, and she was right; he did owe her—big.

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Reply #2 on: February 01, 2021, 11:11:21 PM
Chapter 2

A few months back, Tristan was doing what most thirteen year old boys do; he was jerking off in the bathroom, but this time his sister walked in on him. She chucked a towel at him and yelled at him to lock the door and that was that, but then on a separate occasion, she pushed the door to his room open with the basket of his dried laundry, planning to dump the basket of clothes on his bed, when she caught him jerking off to some porn on his computer. She threw the laundry at him abruptly and slammed the door, as she called him a freak. Then she walked on him in the bathroom again, except this time he was in there shaving his legs and armpits and had trimmed his pubs. She threw a towel at him again, calling him a freak. She yelled at him to lock the door next time. The week after that, she found her panties on the other side of his bed with his dried up cum all over them, but she only brought that to his attention a week later when it all went bad.

She came home early one day from hanging out with her friends, and she walked in her room and found Tristan on her bed. He froze like a deer in the headlights when she entered. He didn’t know what to do. She just stared at him in the doorway in shock and anger. Tristan was kneeling on the bed, dressed in his sister’s lace bralette and matching thong, which was pulled to the side of his crack. He was straddling her mirror with her suction-cup dong buried in his ass. He had just busted a nut all over the mirror just as she had entered.

Part of her was just pissed and violated he was in her room, in her clothes and using her dildo. It didn’t really dawn on her that he was crossdressing with a dildo in his ass. She bolted to his position and grabbed him by the ear like her mother use to do. She practically yanked him off her bed by the pain of her grip. He screamed out, as she ripped him off the dildo and pulled him to the center of the room. As she berated him for violating her space, he cupped his still hard cock from her view and tried to shield his nakedness with his arm, as he hung his head in shame.

By the time the screaming stopped, she had confessed to him that she found her panties in his room, and she had seen the porn he had been looking at, which covered all the genres from straight to gay to trans, so she pressed him, asking him to declare his sexuality to her then and there, but he really didn’t know. He was more bicurious than anything, and he liked to fantasize about different things. He was definitely attracted to girls, and he liked the idea of being a filthy, little, whore girl. Maybe it was the porn already working into his psyche, but he enjoyed the idea of big cocks and being a sissy to a hot stud, yet he wasn’t overtly attracted to men. He did like Trisha’s boyfriend Jacob, but he didn’t confess that to her. He had an awe for him. He was tall and handsome with a cut six pack and a lean, muscular body. He had perfect dark hair and blue eyes like something out of an Abercrombie ad. He was charming, funny, friendly to everyone, and he even did well in school. He was one of the most popular seniors at the school, and he was someone everyone liked and admired—a real Ferris Bueller. How Trisha landed him, Tristan didn’t know, but he didn’t mind having him over all the time. Maybe it was jealousy, but he would check out his chiseled body and his large package bulging through his swim shorts when he came over for a dip in their pool.

Eventually, Trisha excused him, telling him to grab his dildo, that it was his now; she didn’t want it back. She told him to wash her clothes and return them, and she told him to not go in her room again. As he quickly scampered out of the room with his clothes in his hand and the dong in the other, she stopped him and promised him that she wouldn’t tell their mom and day, but that he owed her. She said that she owned him now. Tristan just hung his head in compliance and headed for the shower.

After that day, Trisha made him her bitch. He did her chores. When she turned sixteen a month later and got a car, she made him wash that once a week. She made him lie to their parents for her when she snuck out of the house with Jacob. She got to choose what they watched on TV all the time, and she even made him help her with her math homework and studying.

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Reply #3 on: February 01, 2021, 11:12:09 PM
Chapter 3

“Alright,” he said, reluctantly. “But this thing between us is over.”

“What do you mean?” She exclaimed, trying to sound naive.

“You know what thing! This is it. I’m not doing your chores anymore. I’m not washing your car. Nothing! Agreed?” He raised his eyes, waiting for an answer. She looked at him, as if she really questioned whether she was willing to lose her slave. She obviously didn’t want to miss going to her first prom with Jacob, so she begrudgingly nodded. “Ok good.”

“Ok you little shit, but you better get a good score!”

“Not too good! We don’t want the teacher to get suspicious!” Tristan chuckled.

“Shut the fuck up nerd!” She said, as she grabbed him by his backpack. “Follow me,” she said, as she led him towards the common field between the boys and girls campuses.

Tristan and Trisha went to a parochial school that was a combined middle and high school (6-12) with the girls and boys each having their own campus that was separated by a track and field and common eating area. At the far end of the field at either corner was a boys and girls bathroom. The boys bathroom was often used as a make-out spot because it was further away, but Trisha was leading her brother to the girls restrooms. These remote bathrooms were never used between classes, so it was going to be a perfect place for them to change.

Trisha made sure the bathroom was empty then dragged Tristan in the bathroom and pushed him into one of the stalls and closed the door. Tristan heard the stall next to his open and close. “I don’t know if this is going to work,” Tristan said, as he was beginning to have second thoughts.

“Shut up,” she replied. “Just take off your clothes and pass them over. It’ll be perfect. We practically could be twins.”

She was right. Even though she was almost three years older, they looked identical. Both of them were about 5’5’’ and about the same 125 pounds. They both had toned, lean upper bodies and strong legs from years of playing soccer and riding bikes to school of the steep country hills. This is, up until recently, when Trisha got her license. Trisha’s hair was a little longer, extending to her shoulders, where as Tristan’s hair went down to the middle of his neck, yet they both had the same blonde, thick, wavy hair. Like the elves from Lord of the Rings, their skin was pale and fair, barely tan from their sport. Tristan’s face still had the smooth look of a boy, so their structure wasn’t far off. Fortunately, Trisha wasn’t very busty, and Tristan hadn’t developed the broad shoulders that come later with teenage puberty. There was a real possibility that no one would be able to tell them apart.

Tristan could hear his sister quickly changing out of her school uniform, and he reluctantly began to remove his clothes as well, but moved quickly; they only had fifteen minutes between periods, so they didn’t have much time. He pulled off his blue sweater and white shirt and then undid his belt and worked his dark, navy pants over his hips and down to his ankles. He reached down to untie his white shoes, and as he did, he could see his sister already slipping out of her navy, knee-high socks. “Here,” she said, as she pushed her clothes under the wall of the stall. “Hurry up! I’m getting cold.” The clothes were in a wade. Tristan stepped out of his identical shoes and pulled off his short, blue socks. He dropped his tops on his pants and pushed the items with his foot under the stall to her. “Now hurry up and get dressed. I need time to fix you up.”

Tristan pickup up her plaid skirt off the floor and held it up to his hips. Clearly, his boxers were going to be sticking past the edge of the skirt. “Hey Trish. This isn’t going to work. Your skirt is too short. My boxers will stick out.”

“Just don’t wear your boxers genius,” she exclaimed.

“Hell no,” Tristan retorted. “I’m not going without underwear—dangling everywhere! We trade, or I’m not doing this!”

“Ewwwww. Grrrr. Fucking-A Tristan.,” she begrudgingly said. “You are so annoying.” She slipped off her panties and passed them under the door, shaking them in Tristan’s direction, “Hurry!” He looked down and was expecting to see some white, cotton panties, but in her hand was a red, stringy thong. She violently shook her hand again. “Take them! We need to hurry! You shouldn’t have a problem with these,” she said with haste and a hint of sarcasm. Tristan grabbed the panties. There was a white and clear damp area in the center from his sister’s discharge. Tristan brought the garment to his nose and took in the sweet, musky aroma. “Are you dressed yet?”

“Uh yeah. Almost dressed,” he replied. He quickly pulled the panties up his smooth legs and over his hips. He yanked up on the straps, and the thong slid between his ass. He spread his cheeks, so the material found a position against his sphincter and taint. He adjusted his boyish package in the small material the best he could. If it wasn’t for his haste then he probably would have had a boner right then and there. He pulled his sister’s high socks up to the top of his calves. He donned her skirt, twisting it into position, as he zipped up the back. The bottom of the skirt was suppose to go almost to his knees, but his sister had hemmed it shorter by two inches, so it was barely to the middle of his thighs. ‘Such a slut,’ he thought. He picked her bra off the ground and put it over his shoulders, clasping the hooks in the back. The small, C-cup, pushup bra had sticky silicone inserts and extra padding in the front. ‘Geez, she’s even smaller than I am,’ he figured. The sticky silicone pads sucked the bra to his bare pecs. He quickly put on her tight, white shirt, buttoning up the front, which clenched his waist like a corset, and then he put on the the form-fighting sweater that hugged his silhouette. “Ok, done,” he said, as he put on his shoes.

“Ok, open up,” she demanded, pushing at his door. He reluctantly opened the door and saw his sister standing there in his baggy clothes—boxers and all. “Let me in,” she said, as she pushed past the door. “We need to put the finishing touches on you.”

She shut the door to the stall and pushed Tristan back on the toilet seat. She pulled off his hat and tousled his hair. She removed the headband and clips from her hair, and then she pulled her hair back, hiding it inside the cap, as she put it on. She took off her choker and put it around his neck, as she grabbed his headphones and put them around her neck. She pulled off her bracelets and swapped them with his watch. She positioned her plastic headband on his ears and slid the band over his forehead, through his hair to the top of his head. She pulled his hair back into a small pony tail, leaving the rest of the hair hanging down to his neck. She pulled off his thick, boxy glasses and frantically found her mascara in her backpack. She quickly stroked his lashes to give them thickness and length, and then she pulled out her lipstick, applying a layer of color and strawberry to his lips. She pulled her sugary vanilla perfume from her bag and puffed it all over Tristan’s neck and sweater. She added a few taps of blush to his cheeks and then she handed him her smaller-framed, designer glasses, as she put his nerdy glasses on herself.

“Ok,” she said. “Let’s go!” Trisha slammed open the door and marched out to the center of the bathroom. “Hurry up idiot! We don’t have much time!” Tristan bashfully stood up and walked out of the stall. He looked at his sister in the atypically baggy clothes she had on, and then he looked at himself in the mirror. He was shockingly astonished to see what looked like his sister staring back at him in the mirror. He had small bumps on his chest and a tight, hourglass shape from the corset-like tightness of the shirt squeezing his waist and from the thickness of the skirt giving him artificial hips. He was stunned and speechless. “You look great,” she said, as she pushed her backpack against his chest. “Let’s go! The room is on the south side of campus—220. Don’t forget to put my name at the top,” she said, as she adjusted the bill of the hat and marched quickly out of the bathroom.

“Wait,” he called to her, as he followed after her. “What are you going to do about gym?” With the mascara, he could feel the weight of his eyelashes as he blinked, and his lips were starting to tingle warm and feel plump. ‘What kind of lipstick is this?,’ he thought. Between his batting eyelashes and pouting lips, Tristan was feeling girlish.

She walked quickly away from the bathroom across the field. “I’m just going to tell Coach Johnson that I can’t participate today because of your plantar fasciitis flareup like you had last year after that tournament. He’ll buy that. He’ll just make me organize the shed or something.” Tristan quickly jogged after Trisha, throwing her backpack on his back into position and cinching the straps down, which only emphasized the peaks on his chest. He could feel the bra molded to his pecs, gripping them together, and slightly getting tossed up and down as a unit. As he quickly caught up to his sister, he was acutely aware of his bare ass exposed to the cool air and the currents of air wafting between his crack, as the thick skirt bounced on his butt. “Don’t speak too loud either. You sound more like a guy. In fact, try not to speak at all. Just take the test and meet me back in the girl’s restroom in the far stall. I’ll be waiting.” She abruptly stopped and turned to him. He practically ran into her. “Don’t fuck this up!” She spun him around and pushed him off towards her campus.

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Reply #4 on: February 01, 2021, 11:12:46 PM
Chapter 4

Tristan could hardly believe what was happening. His heart rate was pounding beyond the intensity necessary for his pace. He was insanely nervous, but as he began to see other female classmates, he attempted to calm and collect himself. He kept his head down, trying to not make eye contact with anyone. Most of the students had already made it to class, as the stragglers were racing to get to the room, as the bell for class rang. Tristan quickly walked, feeling completely exposed in his sister’s skirt and panties. The small cloth was smashing his small cock and balls against his pelvis, occasionally causing a ball to slip out from the cotton. He twisted his hips, as he walked, trying to will his package back into the security of the underwear. He found his rhythm by maintaining his shoulders back and fixed and moving his hips more in a figure eight. This helped to keep his chest from bouncing and his thigh from sweeping against his balls. It almost felt sexy and natural, but he shook away the thought, as he felt his cock twitch. He was approaching the room, so he needed to keep his mind clear. Last thing he needed was to get a rock hard boner in the middle of class, exposing him as a fraud. He paused for a moment, as he grabbed the handle before slowly opening the door.

The teacher was already giving instructions for the test, as she slowly walked between the rows of desks. The room was so quiet you could hear a mouse. The door closed with a loud bang and everyone looked over. Tristan blushed, as he looked down. He felt like he was naked and exposed for all to see. There was an awkward moment of silence that seemed like it would never end, but the teacher thankfully interrupted the room before the snickers started. “Trisha. Thank you for finally joining us,” she said sternly.  “Would you like to take your seat, so we can all get started with the exam?” she said, as she gestured to the empty chair. Tristan quickly nodded and took his seat.

He sat down so fast, he didn’t consider his attire and sat with his bare ass on the seat. He looked around at the other girls sitting on their skirts. The cool plastic stuck to his skin, as he lifted up to slide his skirt under his rear. The teacher told the students they had the whole hour and a half to complete the exam, but if they finished early, they were free to go. She began to pass out the exams, counting the students down each row before setting a stack of exams at the lead desk. Each student took a test and passed the remaining exams back.

This gave Tristan a moment to notice his classmates. Some of the girls had their legs crossed, exposing the bottom of their stretched thigh, transitioning to the curve of their ass, which was just hidden under the edge of their skirt. The girl in front of him had her g-string sticking out of the top of her skirt, as she leaned forward in anticipation of grabbing an exam. Several girls had their sweaters off too. They were three years older than him, so most of the sixteen year old girls were developed. He could see the curve of their breasts, as they leaned forward. The room wasn’t cool, but the anticipation and nerves were clearly getting to them too, as his eyes could catch several erect nipples. ‘Shit’, he thought, as his cock quickly rose to attention. He pushed his ass back, arching his back to hide his hard prick between his legs, but this caused his thong to show, and suddenly he felt the girl behind him yank on his sister’s thong, giving him even more of a wedgie. The material pulled down his shaft to his balls, which popped free over the panties. The top of the string thong was cupped under his balls.

“Better tuck that in Anderson,” the girl said. Tristan froze, as he recognized the sound of the girl’s voice to be one of his sister’s friends. “You’re going to get that ass whipped,” she whispered with a giggle.

Tristan tried his best to giggle back, as he smiled over his shoulder. He instinctively shoved his hand down his crack to adjust the thong back into position before cautiously adjusting himself in the front, trying to not be too obvious that he was hiding his boner.

He was handed the last two exams, handing one over his shoulder. He attuned himself to the task, and his boner eventually subsided. He quickly marched through the test, finishing all the algebra problems before anyone in class. He wanted to get out of there, but he waited for one of the girls to finish first. He followed behind her, moving swiftly to the front of the class and to the door. As he left the classroom, a great relief washed over his body. His heart rate began to slow, as he realized it was all going to work out. Just then he heard a girl’s voice. “Hey Trish! You finished fast!” Tristan tried to ignore her and walk off, but she followed him. “What did you get on that last problem?”

Tristan walked with haste in the direction of the field. “Two-X times the square root of three. Gotta go,” he mumbled barely loud enough, as he walked away. He wondered if she bought the sound of his voice. Regardless, she stopped following him.

He headed towards the field, and once again, he found himself naturally swaying his hips and fixing his shoulders back as he walked. The heat from the mid day sun hitting its zenith along with the rising humidity and his fast pace was building some perspiration on his body. The sweater and knee high socks was making it worse. He could feel the sweat between his ass causing the skin of his cheeks to slide over each other. Even with the open breeze of the skirt kissing the perspiration off his skin, he was feeling hot and stifled down there, but part of it was because he was feeling a little hot and bothered too. He couldn’t help but have a raging erection. Now that the worst of this ordeal was over, he was feeling much more comfortable in his outfit—even sexy. The tight thong and bouncing skirt just barely hiding his bare ass was just so naughty. He figured all girls must be super horny all the time because he felt like a total whore in his sister’s uniform. Then again, he thought, maybe he just watched too much born with too many Britney Spears, Baby One More Time, storylines. Regardless, his small, 5’’ cock was rock hard and protruding out the top of his sister’s panties. The combination of his erection, the tight cotton material against his package, the occasional breeze that cooled his perspiring skin and the fast walking was causing his balls to suck up into his body. Normally this was annoying, but it was kind of hot, given the unusual situation. With his cock pointing to his navel and his balls pulled into the cavity of his lower pelvis, his taint felt free of obstructions, almost like he had a real girl’s shapeless mound hiding a young vulva under his panties.

As he got to the field, he decided to go to the far side where the boys bathrooms were, just in case the girl’s bathroom was occupied. He approached the bathroom cautiously in case anyone was there, but with finals going on, it was a needless concern. He immediately went to the back side to the drinking fountain and quenched the hot dryness of his mouth with the cool water. ‘Oh yeah. That was nice,’ he thought, as the cool, calming fluid caused his body to relax and his boner to subside. He put his sister’s backpack against the wall and wiggled out of her tight sweater. The moment it was off, the trapped heat released from his shirt, and his bare arms could breathe once more. ‘That’s better. What a relief,’ he said to himself. He bent over and unzipped her backpack to put her sweater away. While he was in there, he searched around for more of the strawberry, lip-plumping lipstick; he needed a touchup. He found it and applied some to his lips, which felt more full and pouty within seconds. As he bent forward, putting it back in her bag, he felt a buzz coming from the bottom of the backpack. He rummaged through the bag and pulled out his sister’s cellphone, and then it dawned on him that she had his cell phone. ‘Shit,’ he thought, seeing the time. ‘I still have a half hour.’ Then he saw a text message from Jacob in her notifications. He didn’t know her password, but when he clicked on the text, it opened a preview: “Meet me by the bathrooms after you are done with your…”

Suddenly the hairs on the back of Tristan’s neck stood on end, and his skin electrified itself in goosebumps, as he heard footsteps approaching. ‘Fuck!’ he said to himself. ‘What am I going to do?’

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Reply #5 on: February 01, 2021, 11:13:23 PM
Chapter 5

Tristan was still bent in half with his sister’s phone in his hand, peering into his sister’s backpack at the concerning text message from Jacob, when Jacob came rounding the corner of the building. “There you are!” he said, sounding happy to see her. “I thought I saw you walking this way.”

Tristan jolted himself up, looking startled, as if his bare ass was exposed in his compromised position, but he was more in shock and horror—frozen with fear at the thought of how this could play out. In that instant, he considered revealing himself to his sister’s boyfriend. It wasn’t like they hadn’t met before, so it would be just a little awkward, but then again, ‘What would Jacob say?’ Tristan thought. ‘Would this get around campus? Would Jacob tell everyone and turn him into the school joke—the school freak?’ Tristan didn’t know what to do. He bent forward and tossed the phone in her bag, but then suddenly he was lifted in the air.

“Come here,” Jacob said, as he wrapped his muscular arms around Tristan’s waist, pressing his pelvis into Jacob’s rear and easily lifting him the air like a rag doll. Tristan braced himself on Jacob’s arms, as he straightened himself out. “How was the final? Easy?” he asked, as he held Tristan in the air. Jacob squeezed a nod and a high pitched ‘Yes!’ out of Tristan before loosening his grip. As Tristan returned to earth, dragging down Jacob’s body, his sister’s skirt rode up and caused his bare ass to pass over the crotch of Jacob’s jeans, while Jacobs arms worked their way up to Tristan’s chest. Jacob was supporting Tristan’s body by cupping his sister’s bra. Tristan gently pushed Jacob’s hands back down to the clench of his waist before fixing the skirt back over his butt. Jacob wrapped his arms around what he believed to be his girlfriend’s chest and buried his nose in Tristan’s neck. “Mmmm, you always smell so good,” he said, as he took in the sweet, vanilla scent of Tristan’s neck.

Suddenly, Tristan became acutely aware of the warm breath of Jacob’s mouth just an inch away from the tender skin of his neck where it met the edge of his jaw. It sent a chill up his spine, awakening his senses. He was still petrified, so he didn’t move, even when Jacob brushed back Tristan’s hair, founding his mark and began to gently kiss his neck. At first, Tristan felt horror at the idea of a boy kissing him. What was worse, this was her sister’s boyfriend. Then he felt Jacob’s tongue begin to caress his neck, while he nibbled and sucked on Tristan’s flesh. ‘Mmm, that actually feels kinda good,’ he said to himself. He could feel some of the tension leaving his body, even if his heart was still pounding. His mind recalled the imagery of passionate kissing from movies and from the porn he watched. His mind placed him in the female roll, and he opened himself more to the moment. Tristan could feel his cock beginning to quickly grow. Within seconds, Tristan released himself of the awkwardness and engulfed himself in the sensation of Jacob’s hot, eager mouth on his neck. He turned his neck, opening it so Jacob’s mouth had better access. Tristan’s mouth parted, releasing his hot breath. He surprised himself when he instinctively uttered in the perfect tone of his sister’s voice a tender sounding moan followed by encouragement, “Mmm, that feels good.”

Jacob was really sucking on Tristan’s neck now. He was certainly going to leave a hickey, but Tristan was in virgin territory, so his mind was lost in the moment. Jacob’s hands moved back up to his girlfriend’s breasts, cupping them firmly. Tristan could feel the pinch of his nipples in the palm of Jacob’s hands. With each squeeze, he felt a jolt of painful pleasure shoot through his body, but Tristan feared Jacob would be able to tell the difference between his chest and what he was expecting to grab; his sister’s chest, so he guided Jacob’s hands back down to his waist, but Jacob continued down to Tristan’s hips and pulled Tristan’s hips back into his crotch. Even through the thick wool skirt, Tristan could feel Jacob’s hard bulge in his pants, as Tristan’s rear was firmly pressed against Jacob’s crotch. Jacob began rhythmically thrusting his hard-on into Tristan’s plump bubble butt, smashing it between their bodies. With each thrust, Tristan could better feel the outline of Jacob’s growing member. Tristan’s clammy, hot hands were resting on top of Jacob’s firm grip still locked to Tristan’s hips.

Tristan could hardly help himself now. The lust was quickly building in the young teens loins. He twisted his shoulder and strained his neck around to will Jacob to him. Jacob took the bait, following the scent of strawberry lipstick where he found Tristan’s hot mouth waiting. The two locked lips and slid each other’s tongues across one another. It was Tristan’s first kiss, but it felt right in that moment, dressed as his sister’s clothes and receiving it from a hot stud who was seemingly kissing a girl. Jacob started to twist Tristan around, but Tristan feared being face to face, so he instinctively pressed his ass back into Jacob’s crotch, grinding his ass against the boy’s hard cock. That did the trick. Jacob pressed back, and then he started to move his hands towards his girlfriend’s pussy, but Tristan instantly sensed their motion and gripped his hands. He diverted them back, encouraging them to go the other direction. Jacob worked his hands down Tristan’s hips to his thighs, finding the bare skin with his warm hands. Jacob slid his hands back, digging his fingers into Tristan’s flesh before working them up to Tristan’s ass. Jacob worked the skirt up over Tristan’s ass, so his bare flesh was now grinding against Jacob’s jeans. He found the meat of Tristan's booty and squeezed it firmly, causing his cheeks to separate in the process, which only allowed Jacob’s bulge to sink between Tristan’s ass that much more.

Jacob released his lips from Tristan’s. “You’re so fucking hot,” he whispered in Tristan’s ear, as he nibbled on Tristan’s neck. “You were amazing last night.” Tristan assumed that meant Trisha and him fucked. He had seen their condoms when he stole her dildo, and he even had seen a few used wrappers in her trash before, so he knew they were having sex, but knowing their conservative parents, there was no way she was going to be on birth control, so what he said next was initially surprising. “I can’t wait for tonight…” he continued through his kisses, “…and maybe I can finally cum in you this time.”

Jacob’s hands were still busy squeezing and kneading Tristan’s ass. He almost didn’t notice that Jacob had worked his hands lower until suddenly he felt a finger brush against the thin cotton that covered his sphincter, followed quickly by a second finger that stroked the cotton covering his hot taint, or what Jacob thought, was his girlfriend’s pussy. Tristan instinctively tensed up, afraid Jacob discovered the truth and pulled Jacob’s hands back to the side of his hips. “No!’” Tristan had blurted out, but that just got Jacob confused. Nevertheless, Tristan was thinking things might have gone too far.

“You said maybe?” he asked, with a tone of disappointment to his voice. He was no longer kissing Tristan’s neck. “Babe, I thought we agreed it was the only way.” Then the sound of his voice got cute and playful. He whispered back in Tristan’s ear, “I’ll be gentle and go slow. Just until you ask me not to go slow.” He slightly chuckled, humoring himself. “Hey, it was your idea,” he said, as he returned to kissing Tristan’s neck. “As I recall, you said you wished there was a way you could feel me cum in you…” Jacob went back to gently trusting and grinding his swollen cock against Tristan’s bare ass. He continued, “…since we couldn’t do it the other way.”

Tristan realized what Jacob was going on about now. ‘My sister is such a slut,’ he thought to himself. She was no different than him. She acted like he was the sexual freak in the house, but here she was planning to get fucked in the ass tonight, or rather, she was considering it. Tristan felt a little bitter at that moment and preoccupied with deciding how he was going to get out of this situation before it went any further, that he didn’t notice that Jacob was fumbling with his jeans. Then Tristan’s mind was suddenly pulled form his thoughts back to reality when he felt Jacob’s hot, thick member smack between his bare cheeks. Jacob had wrestled his jeans button open and unzipped his pants, fumbled with his boxers and produced his gorgeous, young cock. A jolt of energy shot through Tristan’s body, as the feeling of Jacob’s flesh touching his flesh.

Tristan savored the moment. Jacob’s cock felt amazing pressed against his cheeks like nothing he had ever felt before, so much better than the dildo he routinely sat on. It was so soft and hard at the same time. It was tender and silky, yet it stood tall with purpose. Tristan could feel his own hard cock aching for attention, so he understood the pain probably building in Jacob’s balls. He thought about how bad he always wanted to fuck a girl and cum in her, so he knew Jacob’s torment. This line of reasoning was weighing on him, breaking down his will. Tristan began to press his ass back again into Jacob’s crotch, grinding his ass this time with more precision along the length of Jacob’s shaft. He was clearly much longer and thicker than Tristan. Jacob’s kisses were getting hotter on Tristan’s neck, which was building the lust in Tristan too. He couldn’t help himself; it just came out of him. “Okay,” he muttered.

Jacob stopped. “Really?” he questioned, with a rise in his voice that sounded like joy.

Tristan nodded and pulled Jacob’s face back to his neck. ‘What did he sign his sister up for?’ he thought to himself. ‘What if she said no later? That would be torture.’

The hot, humid day, and their steamy embrace was causing Tristan to perspire more. He could feel the heat from his core causing the sweat from his ass to coat Jacob’s member, which allowed his cheeks to spread over Jacob’s shaft and sliding all the way against his sphincter. The clenched tissue felt like it was on fire, as he rubbed the cotton thong soaked in his sweat against his sister’s boyfriend’s hard cock. Tristan couldn’t help himself. He arched his hips, working his ass up, so the head of Jacob’s cock was rubbing right against the door of his anus. The thin material of the thong just barely covered the entrance. Tristan could feel the smooth, warm head against his tender, young flesh. He was aching to be penetrated. Jacob adjusted the tilt of his hips back, so his rod was directed more towards Tristan’s entrance. Jacob pressed forward, willing the material to move out of the way. Tristan could tell his jabs were intentionally missing the mark, so his cock would sweep past the material. Their sweat and lust was building. The dewey precum from the horny teen was making the crevasse deep between Tristan’s cheeks to become slippery, and Tristan could feel the torment and lust in his kisses. He was feeling it too.

With each jab of Jacob’s cock, it was finding its mark more and more. Tristan could feel his sphincter releasing its tension, opening itself, as it familiarized itself with the welcome intruder. With a press forward, Tristen felt Jacob’s cock push some of the cotton thong into his anus. He pressed again, and the head pressed more material in.  Jacob’s cock was finding the hot center—seeking it out—and with another push, more material worked its way in, making the thong cinch down on his hips. Jacob squeezed Tristan’s ass, as Tristan arched his hips up and down and the material pulled free. It was loose now, and with another thrust, Jacob’s cock pressed against the inner wall of Tristan’s crack, sliding along the length of his slippery flesh until it slid past the loose, thin, cotton material and found its mark. The head smashed itself against Tristan’s sphincter, which gently parted against the pressure. Jacob adjusted his position just slightly and pressed forward against, causing the slippery head to slide into Tristan’s rectal canal. Jacob moaned against Tristan’s neck, as he felt the burning hot flesh from within. Tristan could feel the lust in his loins. Jacob slowly glided the head back a fraction of an inch and then pressed forward again, sliding just slightly further forward. He firmly squeezed Tristan’s ass again, spreading his flesh, willing Tristan’s sphincter to accommodate more of his hard cock. He pressed forward again, and the head slid as deep as it could go, smashing against Tristan’s inner sphincter, which was clenched tight. It was a tease. Tristan’s asshole was hot, willing and open, but his insides were still unwilling to comply to their lust.

Jacob’s mouth was sucking hard on his neck. Surely there would be lots of hickies. The two boys were still grinding against each other, but it was clear that progress had halted. His inner walls were hot and tender, but they were too dry and his inner sphincter was not ready for the eager intruder. ‘What were they to do?’ Tristan thought.

“Oh my god. You are so hot,” Jacob said. Tristan could feel the lust in his words; it was palpable. “I can’t wait for tonight,” he said, thinking about how much cum he was going to dump in his girlfriend’s ass, but Tristan had other ideas.

Tristan was on the verge of cumming himself, and he wanted to feel Jacob in his body. Plus, if Jacob was like him then there was no way he was going to survive to the evening without cumming, so he set aside his better judgement, as the words just found their way out of his lips, “Why wait?” he whispered.

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Chapter 6

Jacob heard that and paused his thrusts. He questioned what he just heard. “Here? Now?” he eagerly asked. Tristan nodded, turning slightly to look out of the corner of his eye at Jacob with approval. Jacob twisted Tristan to kiss him aggressively. He passionately filled Tristan’s mouth with his tongue, rolling it and darting it back and forth over Tristan’s tongue. Tristan felt Jacob pick his skirt all the way up to the top of his hips and grip his thong, pulling it to the side. This caused Tristan to tense a bit, as the material pulled away from his groin, freeing his balls from the tight material. Jacob pulled back, releasing the head of his cock from Tristan’s rectal canal. “I’m going to lube it up with your pussy a little,” Jacob said with haste, but Tristan completely pulled away, squeezing his cheeks in the process before Jacob thrusted further and found his taint where he expected to find a young, wet, teen pussy.

“No!” Tristan blurted out, distancing himself from Jacob’s body and pulling his skirt back down. There was just enough silence in that brief transition that it became awkward, so much so, that Tristan could almost feel the confused gaze from Jacob on his back. Adjusting the tone of his voice, Tristan came up with an excuse, “Uhh, you could cum.” He fixed his hair over his ears nervously. His mind was racing, as fast as his heart was beating. “Here,” he said, as he quickly spun around and dropped to a squat. He was now face to face with Jacob’s raging cock.

From this perspective, it was even larger than he realized, or rather, that he could sense from rubbing it against his ass. It was bigger than his six inch dildo by far. It was easily two inches longer and much thicker. If the small dong was a skinning inch or more in diameter then this was close to two inches or more. It also had thick veins bringing hot blood to help keep the young cock rock hard, as it bobbed and throbbed in front of his face. At the base were two large testicles just full of raging hormones and loads of cum. For a half second, Tristan was transfixed in a gaze at the sight of the impressive member. ‘No wonder Trisha was always going over to Jacob’s,’ Tristan thought. He could practically smell the musky aroma of his meat, which instantly caused Tristan’s mouth to salivate. Watching porn impressed upon him the idea that sucking cock was like the ultimate oral fulfillment.

Time stood still, as Tristan took in the sight of Jacob’s member, but it was only a momentary pause after Tristan had turned and dropped to a squat; barely enough time for Jacob to realize what was about to happen; barely enough time for him to look down in time to see his girlfriend grab his cock and slide it into her mouth for the first time. “Ohhh shit babe,” he said surprisingly, as he braced himself against the wall. “What has gotten into you?” He wiped their saliva from his mouth and looked down, as Tristan eagerly sucked on his cock. Tristan had studied all the techniques from the videos he watched. He even practiced on his dildo. He made sure to keep his teeth away from the sensitive skin, so he opened his mouth wide and let his pouty lips do the work. “Oh my god. Your mouth is so warm,” Jacob moaned. “It feels amazing. Oh babe, I hope this isn’t just a one time thing.”

Tristan paused mid suck for a half second before continuing to bob back and forth on his member. Tristan couldn’t believe his ears. ‘Had she really never sucked his cock,’ he asked himself. ‘What kind of girlfriend was she?’ He was feeling that much more sorry for Jacob, so he went to work, wanting to please him like he knew a guy wanted to be pleased. He didn’t rush the motions. He went purposeful, but he was still young and eager and full of adrenaline and lust. He held his cock down inline with his mouth and stroked it, as he moved his mouth rhythmically back and forth. He stopped once in a while at the tip to catch his breath. He rolled his tongue over the head, so the slick underside of his tongue teased the aching tip of Jacob’s cock. Tristan’s eyes were mostly closed, but occasionally he looked up at his first lover. Jacob had his eyes closed and his head back, as he clearly was enjoying this attention. He put his hand on the back of Tristan’s head, gently cupping it and pulling it into his cock in rhythm with Tristan’s tempo.

Tristan cupped Jacob’s balls in his hand. He was gentle, but it was clear the teen’s gourds were full and tender. He gently kneaded them in his palm, pulling at them in their sac, as he steadied himself in his squat. Saliva was running down Jacob’s shaft and balls into Tristan’s hands. He collected some and then reached behind his ass and applied it to his anus. He slowly inserted a finger in his still loose anal canal. He repeated the process, lubing up his entrance and probing himself. He slid his finger back and forth until he could feel the inner folds of his sphincter relax, allowing his digit to slide into his burning, hot rectum. What started out as one finger then became two fingers sliding back and forth.

Then it happened. Tristan looked up right as Jacob was looking down with lust and affection at his girlfriend. Their eyes met, and for a moment, Tristan thought Jacob was looking straight through him, seeing the fraud he was, but that wasn’t the case. Tristan bashfully looked down, but Jacob lifted Tristan’s chin, as his member slid back and forth in Tristan’s mouth. “God dam, that is hot,” he said, causing Tristan to look up at him, batting his eyes, as he blushed and smiled around the cock. He playfully shook his head and pressed himself down on Jacob’s cock, swallowing as much of it as he could. Tristan looked back up, as Jacob arched his head back with pleasure. His cock wasn’t completely buried in Tristan’s mouth, but Tristan was determined to deep throat as much of it as he could. “Just like that Trish,” Jacob moaned, as Tristan worked the cock deeper and deeper down his throat. “Your mouth is so warm.” It dawned on Tristan that his pouty lip gloss might be causing a warming sensation on Jacob’s cock beyond the warmness of his mouth.

Tristan pulled back for a moment to catch his breath, gasping for air, leaving Jacob’s throbbing and soaked cock bouncing in the air, but Jacob pressed Tristan back down on his cock. Tristan did his best to take in some deep breaths from his nose before Jacob’s second hand moved to the back of Tristan’s head. He moved Tristan’s head back and forth, thrusting his cock to the front and back of Tristan’s throat, fucking his face. Tristan withdrew the fingers from his ass and braced himself against Jacob’s legs, as Jacob pressed harder. “Trish,” he moaned. “Please don’t stop.” Tristan was eager and willing. He did his best to relax his throat, and Jacob’s cock worked its way down his gullet. Jacob fucked his throat and without warning he unloaded in Tristan’s mouth. “Ohh shhit,” he grunted, as he unloaded his balls in a huge orgasm.

Jacob’s hot cum hit the back of Tristan’s throat and caused him to gag, but he didn’t want to ruin Jacob’s orgasm; he knew how much that sucked, so he resisted his urge to gag and collected himself, as more spurts of cum shot from Jacob’s cock. Tristan released himself and allowed Jacob’s hands to push his head into Jacob’s crotch, burying Jacob’s cock down his throat. Tristan could feel Jacob’s member spasming in his mouth, as warm cum coated is esophagus. Tristan was only there for several seconds, but he couldn’t take it any longer and pushed himself off of Jacob’s cock and gasped for air. Jacob’s cock was still spasming, and with each spasm, his large balls lifted towards his body. Small amounts of remaining cum oozed down his shaft. Jacob was still panting from his orgasm with his head back. Tristan’s legs were shaking, so he dropped down to his knees. He was still incredibly horny, so when he saw the cum running down Jacob’s shaft, he eagerly licked it up, but not all of it. He collected some of the slippery lubricant and coated his sphincter and anal canal with the slick cum. He returned to Jacob’s red, mushroom head. He wanted to swallow it again, to savor it one more time, but he didn’t want to spoil all the slippery fluids by sucking them all up.

“Oh my god, Trish,” Jacob chuckled. “You are too amazing.” He was still catching his breath and basking in the glow of his orgasm. His cock was still erect, which wasn’t a surprise for a young stud, but it lost some of its rock, hard consistency and was pointing lower. It was now or never.

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Chapter 7

‘Perfect,’ Tristan thought. ‘If you thought that was amazing then just you wait,’ he said to himself, as he tucked his hard cock and balls back in his sister’s panties and popped up from the ground. Before Jacob could adjust his relaxed position against the wall, Tristan had popped up and spun around, turning his ass inline with Jacob’s cock. Tristan clutched the base of Jacob’s cock, which caused him to open his eyes and take notice. He instinctively repositioned his body against the wall and watched, as Tristan stepped back into position. Tristan shook Jacob’s cock under his skirt, smacking it against his ass. Jacob got with the program and worked his girlfriend’s skirt up over her booty. Tristan slightly leaned forward and easily guided the slippery cock between his cheeks. When Tristan could feel the head against his sphincter, he reached back with his other hand and pulled the thong slightly to the side and pressed down. There was lots of lubrication now, and it only took a gentle press for the head of Jacob’s cock to slide past his sphincter. Tristan was so hot and horny, he didn’t really waste any time. He firmly pressed back, and Jacob’s cock pushed an inch further in until it hit Tristan’s inner sphincter, which was already warm and worked loose from his fingers earlier. Tristan adjusted his feet back a few more inches, and then he pressed back again. Jacob could already feel the hot core of Tristan’s body against the tip of his cock, as his cock held its position at the entrance of his rectum. As Tristan moved his feet, Tristan could feel the saliva and cum making his stretched anal muscles slippery against Jacob’s smooth cock. ‘It wouldn’t take much,’ he figured. Tristan pressed back, and he felt Jacob’s girth buckle against the resistance of his virgin sphincter. He let the cock slide back a little before pressing back again, and this time, the spongy mushroom tip slipped into his rectum, but the stretched muscles resisted any advancement.

“Oh shit. It is so hot in there,” Jacob said astonishingly. “It feels like you are on fire.” This wasn’t far from the truth. He eagerly wanted more, but Tristan gripped Jacob’s cock tighter in his hand and gave himself a moment to adjust. He slowly worked the head back and forth over his inner sphincter, willing it to ease its concern and welcome the large intruder. He could feel Jacob’s cock getting firmer in his hand, and he realized it may be now or never, so he pressed back firmly against the sphincter until he felt his sphincter relax, allowing Jacob’s cock to flow into his rectum. “Holy shit Trish! You’re fucking amazing.” His encouragement felt good. Tristan could feel his hole stretched wider than ever before. He paused for a moment. It was ok; his body was relaxing. He released his grip on Jacob’s cock, as he bit his lip and pushed more of the cock into his rectum. There was at least four or five inches in there now, which felt full because of the girth, but then Jacob pulled back on Tristan’s hips, and when he pulled Tristan’s ass all the way into his pelvis, all of Jacob’s cock flowed into his rectum, filling it like never before. “Oh shit babe,” Jacob said, as Tristan steadied his legs after getting pulled back onto his huge member, which caused Tristan to whimper a loud, girly moan. “You took the whole thing!”

Tristan’s body was stiff at first, having been empaled on such a large cock. He fixed his footing, straddling Jacob’s feet, who was propped against the wall and couldn’t really move. He wanted to thrust. He was trying to thrust, but Tristan just pressed back against his pelvis, so he wouldn’t move for a moment. It took him a few seconds, but he could feel his insides adjusting and relaxing to the huge meat buried in his body. Jacob moved his hands to Tristan’s booty and spread Tristan’s cheeks, which allowed another half inch of hard cock to work its way deeper in his body. Tristan realized there was probably more hidden size, which had him both excited and afraid; he didn’t know what his breaking point was, and frankly, he was shocked he was able to accommodate all of Jacob’s cock.

Tristan braced himself with his hands against Jacob’s pelvis and slowly worked Jacob’s cock back and forth. His anus felt stretched to the max, squeezing tightly around Jacob’s cock like a ring moving up and down his shaft. Tristan could feel his body relaxing more, and the last of the tension in his sphincters eased to accommodate Jacob’s girth. Tristan was able to enjoy himself more now. He pressed his butt into Jacob’s pelvis, grinding on his meat, before picking himself up and bobbing up and down on his cock. Tristan could feel Jacob’s cock getting rock hard again, and as he did, Tristan was finding his stride, providing Jacob with long strokes of his body. Jacob’s cock felt amazing sliding back and forth along Tristan’s tender, virgin anus. His lust was building with each stroke of Jacob’s cock. Tristan’s rock hard cock felt like it was going to burst. The tip felt like it was on fire like the lightest breeze would send it over the edge, but that didn’t happen. Eventually, Jacob matched Tristan’s movements with firm thrusts, smacking his pelvis against Tristan’s booty. Tristan was burning with desire and soaking in perspiration from his efforts. His legs were starting to burn and shake, so he sat back down on Jacob’s pelvis, burying his cock once more to the maximum depth, which once more, caused Tristan to let out a little whimper of pleasure.

Jacob wanted more, and he gripped Tristan’s hips. He pushed himself off the wall, but kept his girlfriend’s ass locked to his body. “Turn around,” he said, as he guided Tristan 180 degrees. Tristan instinctively braced himself against the wall, knowing what was coming. He felt his skirt being lifted over his ass again, and he felt Jacob’s hands pressing his back down, causing his pelvis to arch up, willing his ass to pop out. Tristan spread his legs a little more to open himself up to Jacob, who locked onto Tristan’s hips with his firm grip and began to fuck him. At first they were slow, long strokes, and from the moment of the first stroke, Tristan could tell this position was right. Not just right because it put him in his place—a sissy bent over and willing like a dog in heat. It was right because with each trust Jacob’s cock was slamming into his prostate. Each trust was sending a jolt of pleasure straight to the tip of his cock. But this tempo didn’t last long before Jacob began to fuck Tristan harder, smashing his pelvis against his booty.

Tristan began to uncontrollably moan like one of the whores in his porn videos. He raised the pitch of his voice, but had little control about stopping anything from coming out. As Jacob’s thrusts became harder and shorter, pounding on his backside, causing his ass to gyrate about, with each stroke, Jacob was trusting his huge cock right into Tristan’s prostate, slamming into it again and again. “Ohhh shit,” he whimpered and moaned, as Jacob’s tempo moved to a furious pace, jolting Tristan’s whole body. “I’m going to cum,” Tristan whimpered, as he could feel the tip of his cock on the threshold of exploding.

“Me too!” Jacob declared, as he was hitting his stride. “Oh shit babe, I’m cumming! I’m cumming in your ass.”

Tristan could feel it, as his pace began to slow. He could feel Jacob’s cock spasming in his ass, jerking streams of hot cum deep inside. It felt amazing. It felt better than he ever could have imagined, and it gave him a sense of satisfaction bringing Jacob to orgasm not once, but twice, yet he wanted to cum too. His hands were still bracing himself on the wall, so there was no way he was going to touch himself, but it didn’t matter. He just needed a little longer. Tristan thrusted himself back against the young, stud’s, huge cock. He pounded his own ass against Jacob’s pelvis, matching Jacob’s thrusts, so each stroke of Jacob’s cock inflicted maximal penalty against his prostate. “That’s it,” he moaned. “Don’t stop,” and just then Tristan’s body released its grip and he unloaded his orgasm in a wave of spasms. He began bucking his hips on Jacob’s cock uncontrollably, as his cock began to shoot his load on the inside of his sister’s skirt. His cock and sphincter alternated their throbbing contractions, gripping and squeezing Jacob’s cock in the process.

“Ohh fuck yeah Trish,” Jacob chuckled. “I can feel you coming!” He had stopped moving all together, but Tristan was still slowly moving back and forth, as waves of pleasure passed over his body. Eventually he stopped. He was exhausted—perspiring. His legs were shaking with fatigue and endorphins. He could hardly stand, but Jacob pulled him up by Tristan’s torso. He kept his cock buried, but turned Tristan around to kiss him passionately. “Fuck babe. It is going to be hard to go back to normal fucking after today.” He smacked Tristan’s bare ass with gratitude at a job well done.

Tristan reached back behind his body and gripped Jacob’s cock. He slowly moved forward until Jacob’s cock fell from his ass. Streams of cum came rushing out, hitting the pavement and running down Tristan’s legs. Tristan looked behind him at Jacob’s cock and realized he had some cleaning up to do. He turned around and dropped back down to a squat and began to clean off Jacob’s cock, sucking all the remaining cum and juices from his shaft and balls. Cum bubbled out of Tristan’s empty hole, audible for the both of them to hear. “Dam Trish. You really are on one,” he said in astonishment, as he saw his girlfriend sucking him dry, but then a bell rang signaling the end of the period, so they both cleaned themselves up.

Tristan adjusted his sister’s thong back into position and worked the cum into his skin really quickly, while Jacob shoved his cock back in his pants and straighten himself out. “I gotta go babe,” Jacob said. “See you tonight. Maybe we can do this again.” Tristan realized he might have set the bar a little high for his sister, as he grabbed her backpack. Jacob came over and cupped Tristan’s bare ass once more, but this time face to face, as he wrapped himself around Tristan and kissed his girlfriend before releasing his grip and walked off to his campus. He left Tristan somewhat stunned and still in shock. He just stood there for a moment before heading into the boys restroom to wash off his face, then he went over to the girl’s restroom where his sister was waiting. When he got in the bathroom, he could see some feet in the fall stall. “Trisha,” he called out.

“Yeah, it’s me! How did the final go?”

“It was a piece of cake.”

“Good,” she said. “Now hurry up and give me back my clothes, so I can get to next period.” Tristan got in the next stall and took everything off. He grabbed his clothes from under the door and began to put them on quickly. “Hey jerk. Where’s my stuff?”

Tristan quickly passed her backpack and stuff under the stall wall and bolted out of the restroom. “Now, we are even,” he said, as he made his way away from the restroom.

He heard his sister in the background yelling out, “What the fuck happened to my stuff?”

Tristan figured she found the mess, but that wasn’t as bad as what she was going to find that night when she saw Jacob. That was going to be the real mess.

The End

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Danm.. Got me all hot and bothered.. So much that im making my 1st comment.. As a sissy this is something that i want to do..