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The Adventures of Peter Pan (M, m-teen, F, BDSM)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1038

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on: February 28, 2021, 06:40:25 PM
This is a take on Peter Pan. Obviously this is a fantasy, but if you are not into adult on young teen, some bondage, spanking and minor, dark, sexual content then this may not be for you.


Ash  :emot_kiss:

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Reply #1 on: February 28, 2021, 06:51:52 PM
Chapter 1

“Mr. Smee. Join the rest of the crew on deck for the celebration. No one is to bother us,” Captain Hook said with a seriousness in his voice. “Is that understood Mr. Smee?!”

“Aye aye Captain,” Said Mr. Smee, as he hurried to the door. “But Captain, will you be alright alone with…?”

Captain Hook interrupted, “LEAVE MR. SMEE!” And with that, Smee promptly exited the cabin and latched the door locked. “Ohhhh, I have waited a long time for this Peter,” Hook said, as he paced around the room, circling Peter Pan. “You know Pan, the truth of the matter is that this has all become somewhat of an obsession of mine—I do admit.” Peter looked up with anger and defiance at Captain Hook, frustrated by his incapacitation. “You don’t know how long I have dreamed of this night—obsessing, plotting, planning…”

Peter was tied up and restrained in the center of the Captain’s cabin. His hands were shackled together at the wrist and locked to rings bolted to the wood floor. His ankles were shackled and locked to the floor as well, separated and fixed in position by a steel bar some two feet in length. He had a collar around his neck, which was tied to the shackles on his wrists. He had a rag shoved in his mouth and a rope wrapped around his head, holding it in place like the bit of a horse. He tried to bite down on the rope, hoping he could gnaw through the fibers, but it was no use. He just knelt there in the center of the room on the Captain’s Persian rug, sour at his disposition. Even in his precarious position, he still was cocky that he would be able to escape like Houdini.

Hook continued, as he circled the boy, “You know, I have waited a long time to get you in this position, boy.” His footsteps were rattling, as he paced about. “At first, this war was about revenge for cutting off my hand and feeding it to that crocodile, but I must admit, my obsession with you has changed.” Peter looked up with dreadful curiosity. He could see Hook’s eyes, which looked wild with excitement and anticipation—not furious with rage and frustration like he had seen so much in the past. “At first, I wanted to kill you,” he said, as he waved his hook in Peter’s direction. “It was all I thought about, but then I realized that wasn’t enough.” He moved to the front of Peter Pan and hooked the rope in front of him, pulling him closer by the neck and arms, so he was almost lifted off his knees. He stared at Peter in the eyes. “I wanted to break you,” he said coldly, staring straight through Peter before releasing him. Peter fell forward on his stomach, almost smacking his face on the floor. He pushed himself back onto his knees and sat back on his heels. “That’s right boy,” Hook continued. “I wanted to break your defiant, cocky spirit, so you would learn your place.” Peter's scowl was beginning to lose its composure.

Hook went over to his bed removed his glove and his dress coat. He removed his fluffy collar and then his cufflinks, setting them in his nightstand. He rolled up his sleeves, as if he was preparing for something. “You may think that death is your last great adventure, my boy, but you are sorely mistaken. I will be your last adventure,” Hook said cryptically. He finished unbuttoning his collar and the top of his shirt, exposing his curly, black, chest hair. Captain Hook kicked his foot chair across the room to Peter’s position. He lifted Peter by his collar and pushed the stool under the boy’s torso, before releasing him on top of the cushion. He then dragged his chair over to the boy’s side. “I must confess, Pan, that my obsession to break you is only trumped by my obsession for you. My only regret is that I should only have one hand to enjoy this,” he said, as he ran his fingers along the boy’s back. He circled around behind Peter and pushed Peter’s back into the cushion of the stool, forcing his back to arch. “You know, you have been such a brat and a tease—flying above my head in these tights—teasing me with what is under that shirt, dress, thing. I have waiting a long time for this.”

Peter looked over his shoulder as Captain Hook shook his hook in the air and then Peter turned away and closed his eyes, as he braced himself for a strike, but it didn’t come. Peter felt the cold hook through his clothes, passing over his back and then to his hips. The hook continued across his ass, where the captain pressed the face into his cheeks, almost as if he was sampling their consistency. The hook moved along the edge of his hips, up his body, under the bottom of his shirt, working its way up to his waist. Peter felt the cold steel reach his bare skin at the top of his hips before pressing into his waist and hooking on his tights. The captain pulled on the thin material, pulling it down, but Peter resisted and began to squirm, yet that only enraged Captain Hook, who aggressively ripped the tights right off the boy’s ass and down to his thighs, exposing his bare, bubble butt to the room. “Yeesssss my boy. Ha ha,” he snickered with delight. “You can not get away from this. No one will come to help you. Your ass is mine!”

Captain Hook unclasped his belt buckle and pulled the belt through the loops of his pants. He folded it upon itself and walked around Peter, who was helplessly restrained and exposed. He let the belt trace Peter’s body, as he circled to the boy’s rear. Suddenly Peter felt the thick leather strike his ass in one powerful smack, which caused him to cry out in shock, but he only pursed his face with defiance, sharpening the scowl on his face. “How did that feel Peter?” Captain Hook said with an evil chuckle. Peter could feel a red welt on his ass. It was as if the flesh was glowing with warmth. “How about another?” Peter braced himself as another slap of the belt struck his backside. Then Peter felt the warm, large hand of the captain smack his ass and aggressively squeeze his check. “Mmmmm, I have to admit Peter,” the captain said. “I’m really going to enjoy this.” Hook stepped back and wound up for another strike, pelting the boy’s tender butt again and again, leaving the signs of each strike in red welts.

Peter tried to tense his body. He puckered his ass and stiffened every muscle he could to absorb the blows. The effort was exhausting, as he was soon dripping with perspiration and beginning to lose his composure. By the tenth strike, Peter was draped over the ottoman, but Hook wasn’t finished. The captain pulled his chair closer to the boy’s side and sat down. He produced some peanut oil and rubbed it into the boy’s butt, quenching the welts on Peter’s ass, which was torturously soothing to Peter; the last thing he wanted was to be groped by Captain Hook, but he especially didn’t want to enjoy any bit of his touch. Unfortunately, the calming oil felt soothing to his skin from the jolting strikes that burnt his flesh red, and the massage from the captain, while vile, was relaxing compared to the spikes of adrenaline that shot through his body just moments before. “Mmmm, this ass is nicer than I imaged,” said Hook, as he continued to work the oil into the boy’s tender skin.

Peter had a jolt of electricity shoot through his body when he felt Hooks fingers pass between his crack and over the virgin flesh of his sphincter. He squirmed in defiance, tossing his hips from side to side and puckering his pelvis in a posterior tint to avoid the invading fingers. The scowl sharpened over his brow, as he looked over his shoulder with anger at Captain Hook. “Just relax my boy, or I’ll make it worse,” Hook said, as he continued to work the oil into the boys crevasse and over his taint, but when Peter felt a digit slowly circle his sphincter and press into the virgin opening, he began tossing himself about, thrashing side to side. Hook postured up, “You give me no choice Pan! This will continue until I break you, and break you, I will!”

Suddenly Peter felt the captain’s hand smack his bare ass—hard—and then again, and then again. Hook continued the assault until he was breathing hard and Peter was too exhausted to fight back, once again, draping himself over the foot stool in exhaustion. Peter felt Hook’s hand on his ass, moving between his cheeks just like before, but he was too exhausted to move. He felt the captain’s fingers find its mark, circling his sphincter as if he was marking a bullseye, and then he felt him press his thick digit into the folds of his anus. Hook worked his finger back and forth along the rippling flesh, working the oil into the tight canal. “That’s it my boy,” he gleefully said. “There is no sense in fighting me.”

Peter’s body was drenched in sweat, and his ass was glowing red from his beating. He wanted to resist, but he was too week. Like the oil before, the tension in his body was waning at the gentle caresses to his anus, which were turning into a welcome relief from the pain, but then suddenly, he jolted himself in decerebrate posturing and opened his eyes in shock, as he felt the captain’s digit press forward, penetrating his insides, sliding into his rectum. Once again, Peter found the energy to resist, and he thrashed about, but it was no use; the captain had his finger buried in the young boy’s ass. “Haha, resist all you want my boy, but by the nights end, your ass will be mine!”

Hook abruptly yanked his finger from Peter’s asshole and left the exposed boy in the center of the room, as he searched his cupboards. Peter could feel his sphincter spasming and clenching uncontrollably from the encounter. He was too tired to turn his head to see what the captain was getting. He could feel his will beginning to slip, but as he heard Hook approach him, he turned his head just too late to see the captain pass behind his view. Peter waited in attention for what to expect next. Then he felt the captain’s hand on his ass, squeezing and kneading his cheek, followed by his hook and hand smashing and spreading Peter’s ass. “You have a fine ass my boy,” said Hook lustfully. “Athletic, muscular, round, yet youthful, so full and plump—probably the sweetest ass on this entire, dreadful island, and by the end of the night, it is going to be the sorest my boy.” Peter squirmed a little, but he was feeling defeated. He could do nothing to thwart that captain’s groping.

His body tensed when he felt the cool sensation of a metal ball between his cheeks, being stroked along his taint and sphincter. He quickly looked over his shoulder and saw a hook just like the captain’s, except this one had a blunt, round end in the shape of a ball an inch or so in diameter. As the captain circled the boy’s sphincter, smearing the peanut oil over the metal sphere, Peter began to panic. He found a reserve of energy and defiance, and he began squirming and thrashing his hips and torso, but Hook wasn’t having it. “Hold still!” Hook grabbed Peter by the collar and dug his knee into Peter’s back, causing his body to wince and his hips to arch. With his ass spread out, Hook sharply sunk his finger in the boy’s rectum. “I said to HOLD STILL!” Peter was forced to comply. The captain quickly withdrew his finger and pressed the cold sphere to the boy’s sphincter, which rapidly engulfed the orb. Peter could feel his sphincter being stretched over the shape, as the captain pressed it deeper. It found resistance against Peter’s inner sphincter, but Hook pushed harder until Peter’s sphincter stretched itself to accommodate the diameter of the sphere, and as it past the zenith of the stretch, Peter’s sphincter rapidly clenched around the ball, pulling it and the rest of the hook deeper into his rectum. “That’s it,” Hook chuckled with delight. “This should put you in your place.” With that, Peter felt a tug on his rectum and a pull at his neck, as the captain linked his collar to the loop of the hook in his ass with a rope and pulled it tight.

Peter tried to alter his position, but it was no use. Hook abruptly smacked Peter’s ass, and the boy instinctively flinched, trying to tuck his ass, but then he felt a tug on his ass and a yank from the collar around his neck. He was fucked. If he didn’t arch his back and stick out his ass, or if he tried to lower his head, then the hook just yanked at his ass, plunging deeper than tolerable, so Peter was frozen in that position. The captain yanked at the rope with his hook, almost lifting Peter off the ottoman, and the hook buried itself in Peter’s ass. “Haha, you’re mine Peter,” he chuckled. “Don’t you see you cocky, little boy. You can not resist me.”

Peter could hear the captain take a seat in his chair, and then he felt his large hand groping his ass once more. Hook circled Peter’s sphincter, which was still twitching and spasming around the foreign, metal rod in his anus. Then he moved lower to Peter’s taint, caressing the tender, virgin flesh before making his way to Peter’s balls. He pulled and rolled the boy’s young balls in his fingers, sampling their small size. Peter was no more than twelve or thirteen in his development, even if his true age was over a hundred. He was forever stuck in his youth living on the magical island, so his hairless balls were small and smooth, with tiny, little, immature, testicles. Peter tried to squirm at the captain’s touch, to tilt his pelvis to hide his sex, but it was no use. While the captain’s touch was creepy and unwanted, the actual sensations were relaxing and felt good, but Peter couldn’t have the captain believe that was the case. Then he felt the captain’s fingers find the base of Peter’s shaft, as he continued to gentle tug on the boy’s sack. Peter tried to push his knees together, but his ankles were fixed several feet apart, so it was no use. If anything, his thighs only acted to push his sex out the rear of his body more. The captain’s fingers were tugging at the base of the boy’s cock with each tug on his sack, which was causing the foreskin to pull across the head of Peter’s penis. The boy couldn’t help his involuntary reaction, and he quickly formed an erection. The captain continued to play with the boy and whispered, “You know boy. You are mine now. Any pleasure you should feel is through me and because of my generosity. Remember that.” The captain pinched the base of the boy’s cock between his two fingers and stroked his shaft, causing the foreskin to pass over the tip of the boy’s cock, quickly bringing Peter’s cock to a youthfully, rock-hard position. His five inch cock was just barely long enough to protrude its red head from the tip of his foreskin. The captain cupped the boy’s cock, finding a small patch of hair on the mound of tissue above his cock. “What do we have here?” He gently stroked the boy’s cock and Peter winced in painful pleasure. With his thumb, the captain stroked the length of Peter’s cock, working a small, sugary dew of moisture to the tip, which he smeared over sensitive head of Peter’s cock. Peter uncontrollably twisted his hips at the overwhelming sensation. Then he felt a ribbon being wrapped around the base of his cock and balls several times, squeezing them and pulling them back, as the captain then tied them to the hook in his ass. His cock and balls were now squeezed and protruding from the rear of his thighs, plainly visible.

Peter heard the captain stand from his chair and walk over to his desk. Peter looked over his shoulder and saw the captain reach for something, but the captain’s body blocked his view. The captain returned to Peter’s rear, and Peter saw the whip that was in his hand. It was a leather-wrapped rod, several feet in length, with a tail of a dozen or more half-inch leather straps several feet in length. The captain waved the whip over Peter’s ass, allowing his skin to sample the cool leather, as it passed over his ass, thighs and exposed genitals. Then, in one quick motion, the captain pulled back the whip and let Peter have a lashing. The impact was jolting, and Peter instinctively tried to tuck his genitals and ass, but then he felt the yank of the hook plunge into his ass and hook his tailbone, causing his collar to choke him. Peter straightened his gaze forward, but then he felt another smack, and Peter winced from the impact. This time is hit the back of his thighs and not his butt. Then again, smack, he felt a large jolt of pain shoot through his body, as the bulk of the whip made contact with his genitals. The strike spanked his balls and whipped the tip of his cock, causing it to clench from the painful pleasure. Again, a strike. Then again and again and again. Peter couldn’t move. He tried to flex his body in tension, to brace his body for each impact, but it was exhausting. His skin was drenched in sweat, as the cabin was feeling hot and stifling. After a dozen lashings, he could no longer tense himself or shout a muffled wale behind his gag. He laid there, draped over the foot stool, spent and defeated, just how the captain wanted him. “I think that is enough for now,” the captain said, as he returned the whip to his desk.

Peter could feel his flesh glowing red, tenderized and sore from the whipping, but then he felt cool drops of oil falling against his flesh. It was running down his ass and thighs and between his crack to the rod in his anus and over his balls to the tip of his erection, dripping from the tip. Then he felt the captain’s hands rub the oil into the boy’s tender skin. It was bitter pleasure, but it was welcome over the whip. Peter could practically feel the glow and heat emanating from his rear, but the oil helped to quench the pain.

“I don’t think you need these anymore,” the captain said, as he pulled at Peter’s belt and cut it loose. Peter felt the back of a blade under his clothes, work its way up his back, across his shoulders and eventually down to his ankles, cutting his shirt and his tights off his body. The captain pulled the garments from beneath Peter’s body, leaving him naked, tied and defeated.

Then he dragged his chair to the front of Peter, right in front of his face and took a lounging position back in the chair. Peter’s head was still cocked up in the air, so the captain’s knees were straddling his ears, and he was staring straight between the captain’s thighs at the bulge in his pants just barely visible under his loose pants. Peter took a hard swallow. The captain slowly unclasped the top button on his pants and then the next and then the next button. Peter closed his eyes and slightly lowered his chin, as low as he could, but the captain quickly leaned forward. Peter felt the captain’s hook under his chin, as he ordered Peter, “Open your eyes!” Peter sighed, but begrudgingly did as he was told. He saw the captain open his fly and reach into his pants, then slowly produced his large cock. There was at least six or seven inches of semi-hard cock in his hand, as he continued to work out his large balls too. He adjusted his position in the chair, working his loose pants down, as he worked his huge member out of his pants, allowing it to rest just a foot in front of the young, boy’s gaze.

It was huge compared to Peter’s, and in that moment, Peter went from shielding his eyes to being transfixed. It wasn’t hard, but it was engorged enough that Peter could sense its girth. It hung down the captain’s thigh, resting on the velvet fabric. The shaft was almost as thick as Peter’s wrist, with large veins snaking down the length of his shaft. The mushroom tip was thick and large, protruding beyond the girth of his shaft. Unlike the round, petite, red tip of Peter’s young cock, the captain’s cock was a purplish-red hew, with a thick brim and curves that cusped to the opening at the tip. The slit looked big enough to accommodate Peter’s pinky, so it felt imposing staring him in the face. The shaft terminated in a thick mound of course, black hair that hid its full length. The captain’s balls hung heavy from the thick testicles from within. They looked like the size of walnuts. Peter could see them rolling around in his hair sack, as the sweat skin was exposed to the open room.

The captain pulled his cock to length, stroking it in his hand. As he did, it was engorging more with blood, growing firmer and longer. The captain spoke with a firm, but calm tone, “Now listen Peter. I’m going to remove your gag, but you will not speak, or we will go back to the whippings, and I won’t go so easy this time. Understand?” Peter begrudgingly nodded. “Then you are going to open your mouth and swallow whatever I give you to swallow. Understand?” Peter’s eyes widened, and he shook his head in defiance. “PETER! Think about your friends boy! Think about Tinkerbell’s well-being! You wouldn’t want them punished for your disobedience, would you?” Peter paused, but then subtly nodded. “Excellent my boy,” the captain said, as he pushed the chair closer and worked his hips to the end. He grabbed his cock and pressed it against Peter’s face, smearing his cock over the boy’s smooth skin, smacking it against his forehead and cheeks. Peter closed his eyes and winced away from the member.

“Maybe you need some more incentive,” the captain declared. He pushed back his chair and promptly stood up. Peter saw him walk to the foot of his bed and open a large chest. He produced a tall object that was covered in a heavy cloak and walked it over to his desk. He removed the heavy cloth, uncovering the lantern, and Peter saw Tinkerbell laying on her side. When the two saw each other, Peter’s eyes opened wide with concern, and Tinkerbell jumped up and began to bang against the glass. “It is no use my dear,” Hook commented on her attempts to free herself. “He is mine now—not yours. There is nothing you or anyone can do to save him.” She stopped banging on the glass. She looked at Peter tied to the floor, a collar around his neck, attached to a hook buried in his ass, with his backside red from his lashings, chained to the floor. She knew there was no way out. She yelled at the captain. “Release him my dear? I think not,” the captain said, as he walked back to his chair. “Besides, Peter is right where he wants to be. Isn’t that right Peter?” Peter looked over at Tinkerbell and at the knife and matches just inches from the lantern, and he had no choice in the matter. Feeling broken, he nodded. “See my dear. Your precious Peter is mine,” he chuckled, as he sat back in his chair and worked it close to Peter’s face. He leaned forward into Peter’s ear and whispered, “When these come off, if I hear a single word from your lips then she dies. Understand?” Peter hung his head in agreement, and with that, the captain untied the rope around Peter’s head and pulled the gag from Peter’s mouth.

Peter spit the drool from his mouth and adjusted his jaw, not realizing the captain was producing his cock once more and working his hips into position. Peter felt the captain’s hook raise his chin, and once again, the boy was staring at the captain cock. Hook grabbed his member and smacked it against the boy’s bare cheeks. “Now open your mouth,” the captain said. Peter did as he was told. “Stick out your tongue.” Peter complied. He could hear Tinkerbell banging on the glass, telling him to fight, but Peter knew he had no choice. The captain smeared the head of his cock on the boy’s tongue, and Peter sampled the salty head. The captain pressed forward, and the head of his cock popped through the boy’s stretched cheeks. He pulled it back and forth, sliding the end of his shaft along the boy’s smooth tongue and popping the mushroom ridge of the head of his cock against the taut lips of the boy’s mouth. “That’s good Peter,” the captain said encouragingly. Then he pressed forward, “Now a little more.” Peter felt the opening of his mouth stretch around the girth of Hook’s cock, as another inch slid into his mouth. He could feel it growing in his mouth, getting thicker and firmer. Peter stared down the captain’s shaft, which looked endlessly long. He was at least nine inches now. The captain held his cock in position for a moment in Peter’s mouth. “Now roll your tongue over the head.” Peter complied and rolled his tongue over the captain’s cock several times. “Oh yes,” the captain moaned. “I have waited a long time for this.” He began slowly thrusting his cock back and forth in Peter’s mouth again. “Your mouth is so warm and tight.”

Tinkerbell’s mouth hung open with shock. There was nothing she could do. She was furious, but she reasoned that at least Peter was not being killed. She felt some hope they would get out of this, yet it was still hard to see Peter’s spirit broken into obedience. Admittedly, she was always fixated on the boy herself, so part of her was pissed that Hook was having his way with her man, but the other part of her was jealous too, for she longed to be intimate with Peter. There was nothing she could do but watch as Peter swallowed the captain’s cock.

“Don’t just hold it in your mouth Peter,” the captain ordered. “Suck on it.” Peter reluctantly applied some pressure and vacuum to his mouth, wrapping his mouth firmly around the captain cock and drawing it further down his throat. “Mmmm, that’s my boy,” the captain moaned. “Just like that. You might turn into a good pupil after all.” The captain pushed more of his cock forward, stroking it slowly back and forth in the boy’s mouth. Then he pulled it out for a moment and smacked it on the boy’s cheeks. He stroked his cock, tilting the long member up in the air, as he worked his hips forward. “Now, suck on my balls Peter,” the captain ordered. Peter could smell the musky scent of the captain’s sex more clearly now, burning in his nose. He reluctantly stuck out his tongue and made contact with the salty sack. “More Peter!” Peter widened his tongue and lapped at the captains balls. “Suck I said!” Peter opened his mouth and applied some suction, and one of the captain’s hairy testicles slowly drew into the boys mouth. “Now with your tongue…” the captain continued, but Peter was already stroking the ball with his tongue, caressing the shape and gently drawing it deeper into his mouth with subtle traction like he had done it before. “Yes my boy. Just like that.” The captain continued to stroke his cock. “Now the other,” he ordered, and Peter released the captain’s testicle and repeated the process with the other. Then the captain released his cock and pressed his ball against Peter’s opening, spreading Peter’s lips, as he forced both balls into the boy’s mouth. He gasped the back of Peter’s head and pulled it into his sex. The captain’s cock hung over Peter’s head, as Peter’s nose was buried in the captain’s shaft. In a moment of affection, the captain stroked the boy’s hair, as he savored the feeling of his balls in the boy’s full mouth. “That’s my boy,” he moaned.

Peter began to gag, and the captain withdrew his sack from the boy’s mouth. Peter coughed for a moment, as drool drained from his mouth. Peter tried to catch his breath, but the captain quickly returned his cock to the boy’s gaping mouth. “That’s it Peter,” the captain continued. “Take it all my boy.” The captain began to stroke his cock back and forth in Peter’s mouth, pressing his member to the back of the boy’s gullet. Peter was gagging on Hook’s cock, but the captain eagerly fucked the boy’s mouth. “Don’t forget to suck Peter,” the captain warned, as he increased his tempo. Peter tensed his cheeks around the cock in his mouth and provided as much traction as he could muster, sucking the captain’s cock the best he could, as if his life depended on it. Peter suddenly felt a tug on his asshole, as the captain hooked the rope behind him, pulling it onto his cock. Peter was forced down deeper and deeper. Peter tried not to gag, doing his best to control his reflexes to gag or squirm away, but any effort was utterly futile. “That’s my boy. A little more. A little more,” the captain moaned. Peter could feel the tension building in the captain’s cock, as it grew firm and stiff, no longer able to bend down his throat. The captain’s trusts became more powerful, clashing the thick, plump head of his cock against the back of Peter’s mouth. “More tongue! More tongue!” he commanded, and Peter darted his tongue back and forth along the back of his shaft.

Without warning, the captain yanked on the rope, causing the hook to sink deep in his rectum and yank his back in extension. Peter gasped at the sensation, but that only widened his mouth in time for the captain to unload his balls. “Oh, oh, yes!” he grunted, as he unloaded streams of cum down the boy’s gullet. Peter immediately gagged, but Hook pulled at the rope, forcing his cock down the boy’s mouth, as his pelvis jolted and spasmed. For an instant, Peter’s nose was buried in the musky aroma of the captain’s pubes, as the captain’s cock forced its way down the boy’s throat, but the sensation was overwhelming for the captain in short time, and he released his hook on the rope and withdrew his cock from the boy’s throat and mouth.

Peter began to cough and gasp, as the cum ran from his mouth. He had swallowed a good amount of the thick, sweet cum, but it was still spilling from his mouth. His eyes were watering, and his jaw felt sore from being stretched for so long that he couldn’t really close his mouth. It just hung there, as he attempted to catch his breath. He looked up and saw the captain’s throbbing cock, pulsating and hovering in the air in front of him. The semi-hard cock was curved down, but still to length, drenched in cum and saliva, dripping some cum from the tip. As if he could read the captain’s mind, or maybe it was of his own will, he protruded his tongue at the falling cum and moved his head to its origins, sucking the last cum from the captain’s sensitive head. “That’s a good boy,” the captain said under his breath. “You’re learning your place.

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Reply #2 on: February 28, 2021, 06:56:00 PM
Chapter 2

Peter suddenly tuned his mind into his environment, remembering that Tinkerbell was watching him. His still had the captain’s cock in his mouth when he turned to look over, but to his shock, Tinkerbell was clasping her breast, twisting and teasing her nipple in her fingers, while she had other hand down the front of her panties playing with her twat. She instantly turned red, blushing, when she saw Peter look over. She was ashamed, but she couldn’t help herself; what she witnessed was so hot.

“Sorry?” the captain repeated, as he looked over at Tinkerbell. “Haha, my dear. You are full of surprises.” He chuckled, “No need to be sorry. I’m pleased to see Peter’s torment is entertaining you. I should have known you would enjoy seeing Peter’s spirt being broken like this.” The captain stood from his chair, ripping his cock from Peter’s mouth. He approached Tinkerbell, who had removed her wet fingers from her twat and covered back up her once exposed breast. The captain whispered, “I know how jealous you are my dear…” He continued, “…possessive of the boy, and now I know why. There is no sense in hiding yourself any longer. We both can see through your facade. You lust for the boy. Maybe, more than me even.” Tinkerbell hung her head, as if ashamed of the truth. “But his ass is mine now, yet we won’t stop you my dear. In fact, I order you to remove your clothes,” Captain Hook said, as he gestured his hook in her direction. She jolted her head up in surprise and defiantly tweeted at him. “No?” The captain leaned in and whispered that much more softly, so quiet in fact that Peter was unable to hear him, but then Tinkerbell did as she was told, and she began to undress.

She pulled her dress off her breasts, exposing the small mounds and erect nipples cresting the tips. She pushed the dress down to her waist, where it bunched up on her hips. She inched it over her hip bones, then side by side down and over her ass, stretching it over the width of her hips at her thighs, before releasing it to fall at her ankles. “Everything my dear,” the captain said sternly. She complied and pushed her bottoms off her butt and over the width of her hips, again, dropping them to her ankles. She stepped free from the garments. She had a tuff of blonde hair on the mound above her tiny twat. “Isn’t that better my dear?” the captain said. “No need to hide your true intentions.” Tinkerbell tweeted back at him. “You just watch and enjoy the show,” he replied.

He walked back over to the boy and leaned down into his ear and whispered, “If you say one defiant word then she gets it. Understand?” Peter nodded. “Any time you want, I can make this much, much worse for you.” Peter absorbed the message fully. He will was too broken at this point. He lost all ability to be defiant. He realized he had no hope unless he did as the captain instructed. Only then, could he possibly survive this torment and humiliation with his life.

The captain took off his shirt and threw it on the bed. He pulled the chair across the room to the rear of Peter and gave the boy’s sore ass a smack, as he sat down. “I see we have relaxed ourselves,” the captain said cryptically. He caressed and squeezed the boy’s ass before working his thumb between his crack, circling his sphincter like before. It instantly tensed from his touch, no longer relaxed. “I don’t think we need this anymore,” Hook said, as he gently tugged on the hook in Peter’s ass. Peter could feel the rod slide out of his anus, and then he felt his inner sphincter stretching, as the ball was pulled from his rectum. As it exited his anus, the muscles pursed and spasmed, opening and contracting uncontrollably. Peter instinctively clenched the puckering sphincter, but it would not stay completely closed; it was conditioned to be dilated.

The captain unclasped the rope from Peter’s collar and tossed the hook aside. He unlocked Peter’s shackles from the floor and released one of his wrists. For a moment, Peter felt a ray of hope, but it was short lived. The captain pulled the boy’s hands behind his back and shackled them together. Peter immediately raised his torso, but the captain pushed him back on the ottoman. “Don’t move!” Peter felt the captain’s hand on his sex, rubbing his balls and caressing his erection, which caused his foreskin to pass over the tip of his penis. Peter’s instincts were to posture up, but he remembered his place and didn’t resist the captain’s advances. “That’s better. Stick out your ass!” Peter did as he was told, and he arched his back and pushed his hips back. The ribbon around the base of his cock and balls, pulled his sex away from his body for everyone to see. The captain’s fingers worked down to the tip of Peter’s cock, where he stroked the boy’s sensitive head. Peter winced from the captain’s touch. He wanted to whimper and wiggle away from the disgusting pleasure, but he maintained his composure the best he could.

Peter looked out of the corner of his eye, and he saw Tinkerbell in the lantern. Her eyes were wide with awe, as she watched the captain tease Peter. Her mouth was hanging open, and she was puckering her knees together, as if she had to pee or something. She looked to be in a daze or under a spell. As if by instinct, her hand began to drift towards her chest, and she clasped her breast, gently kneading the tissue in her fingers.

Peter’s attention was jolted behind him, as he felt a hot, warm tongue make contact with his sphincter. He quickly looked over his shoulder and was stunned to see the captain eating out his ass. The captain began lapping the the boy’s pursed sphincter. Peter instinctively raised his torso, closing his cheeks around the captain’s nose and face, but the captain pushed against Peter’s back, forcing him back down to the ottoman and reminding him of his place. Peter got the message and stayed in position. He even returned to arching his back and pressing back his hips, opening himself like before, and with that, the caption stopped pressing down on him. The captain stroked his tongue over the tender flesh, lapping at the boy’s ring of muscles. Peter laid his head on the ottoman, taking in the sensations and relaxing into the captain touch. The captain’s tongue was soothing and arousing, sending pleasure through the boy’s body. The captain twisted his tongue at Peter’s hole as he moaned with delight, willing Peter’s sphincter to dilate, and as it eased its tension, the captain’s tongue tongue fucked his ass, squirming in and out of the boy’s anus. Peter looked up at Tink, and he saw her pressed to the glass, pulling at her breast, yanking at her nipple and twisting it with her fingers, while her hand was between her crossed legs. She was biting her lip with a look of torment on her face.

The captain withdrew his face from Peter’s ass, and it was apparent Peter’s hole was soaking wet with saliva. Peter looked over his shoulder, and he saw the captain moving forward behind his rear. He could see the captain’s glistening cock still wet with cum and Peter’s saliva. It was hanging in the air, throbbing and bobbing in place. It wasn’t rock hard yet, but it was to full length. Hook inched forward until his thighs were against the back of Peter’s legs. He picked up his cock and smacked it on the boy’s crack. He grabbed at the boy’s hips, pulling on his bone and tugging with the side of his hook. He pressed forward and stroked his cock back and forth. Peter could feel the captain’s cock snaking between his cheeks and up unto his back; there was a lot of cock. Peter could feel the captain’s balls press against his. Peter knew what was coming.

“I have waited a long time for this Pan,” the captain said, as he lustfully pressed his pelvis against the boy’s ass, deforming the boy’s plump butt, spreading it apart. Hook clasped Peter’s collar with his hook for good measure, and he grabbed his cock, smacking it against Peter’s ass and passed it over Peter’s slippery sphincter. “Don’t move boy!” Peter felt the soft, doughy head of Hook’s cock press against his gaping sphincter and slide into his anal canal. Peter could feel the head sliding back and forth in his anus, working and stretching the muscles loose. As Hook pressed forward, Peter could feel his sphincter wrap over the mushroom lip, popping tight, engulfing the head completely, drawing the head forward against his inner sphincter. The involuntary muscle within was conditioned at this point, so it took little force for the captain to push past the ring, and as he slowly slipped forward, the ring tensed and pulled the head of his cock in Peter’s rectum. Peter could feel his anus clenched around the taper end of Hook’s cock, pinching the head. It was enough to make him wince, but then Hook pulled on Peter’s neck, causing him to arch up. “Brace yourself boy,” the captain said, as he pressed his hips forward. Hook’s cock buckled for a moment, but then it flowed into Peter’s rectum, filling his cavity with thick cock. Peter cried out uncontrollably at the girth. Peter’s anus rippled over the silky, veiny cock until his stretched sphincter was positioned at the base of the captain’s huge member. Peter could feel his entire insides filled to the max. “That’s a good lad,” the captain chuckled. He pressed Peter back into the ottoman, and he began to fuck the boy.

Peter couldn’t help buy whimper and moan at the huge member sliding back and forth in his ass. The captain was making long, slow strokes, working his cock deep in Peter’s body then pulling it out until the head of his cock felt the tight ring of Peter’s anus before plunging it back in. Peter could feel his anus stretching around the girth of the captain’s cock, which was growing harder and harder with each thrust, but it was also adapting to accommodate the foreign member. He could feel the tension releasing from his body, as the captain was finding a rhythm. Occasionally, the captain’s cock made contact with the boy’s prostate. Peter could sense the pressure was linked to his cock, as each impact sent a jolt of electricity to the tip of his prick. Shamefully, Peter adjusted his hips back, and that seemed to angle the captain’s cock down into his prostate. Pain and discomfort was slowly being replaced by pain and longing. Peter’s eyes rolled back into his head with each thrust, as he began to pant with satisfaction.

Peter looked over at Tinkerbell, and she too was smitten with lust and pleasure. She was on her knees, sitting on her heels with her fingers sliding in and out of her soaked twat. She was gleefully twisting and tugging on her nipples, as she lustfully watched Peter get fucked. It was hard to tell if Tinkerbell was imagining Hook fucking her from behind, just like Peter, or if she was imagining herself in Peter’s place and Peter taking her just the same. Regardless, she was eagerly tickling her clit and finger fucking her hole.

The captain was increasing his thrusts. He pulled at Peter’s collar and tugged on his hip, crashing his pelvis into Peter’s ass. As he did, Peter’s ass and thighs transmitted a shock wave of pleasure through his body, causing his ass to tremble and his toes to curl. Each pounding thrust from the captain was accompanied by a smack of the captain’s balls against Peter’s restrained balls, causing Peter’s balls to ache that much more. Each pounding thrust shook the boy's sex in the air, teasing the tip, as his foreskin slipped over the head of his pre-pubescent prick. Peter could feel something new building up inside him, and it was filling him with lust and tension that needed to be released. Peter instinctively began to push further back against the captain’s thrusts. “That’s it Peter. Give yourself to me,” the captain said, as he was able to penetrate new depths in the boy’s cavity. But Peter wanted more. He could feel his cock tingling, on the edge of something new, begging to be released of its torment. Peter began to push back against the captain’s thrusts, matching them, so each impact against his backside was more powerful, and that sent him over the edge. “Yes, my lad. You’re fucking ass is mine!” Hook said with satisfaction at the boy’s efforts, who was quickly working himself into a frenzy, frantically forcing himself back and forth on Hook’s cock, as he could feel himself reaching the zenith of his tension.

Then suddenly, Peter lost his control, and he released his first orgasm right then and there. He cried out in painful pleasure, moaning and panting for air, as his cock spasmed small streams of cum on the floor. As waves of pleasure passed through his body, and as his sphincter rhythmically spasmed in orgasmic contractions around Hook’s cock, Peter’s hips uncontrollably bucked and jerked.

Hook could feel the boy’s orgasm gripping his cock. “That’s it my boy. Give yourself to me. Give into your lust,” he gleefully said. “Now you know your place. Don’t you?” Peter nodded in compliance, as he was still dizzy in the wake of his orgasm. Without notice, Peter’s torso began to rise from the floor. Hook pushed Peter’s torso back down to the ottoman, but then his ass began to rise, as the boy basked in ecstasy. Hook’s cock was sliding from the boy’s ass, so he quickly stood up. Peter had a glowing grin on his face like he was in an opiate euphoria on another planet. “Haha, I see boy,” Hook chuckled. “Did you find a new, happy thought?” Peter raised in the air until his legs were straight and his feet came off the ground, but he was still shackled to the floor, so he was just suspended in place. Hook pushed his torso down until Peter’s head and chest were pressed into the ottoman, but his ass was still high in the air. “Maybe I can fuck this happy thought out of you boy,” the captain snickered.

Peter looked over at Tinkerbell, as the captain began fucking him as hard as he could. Peter was too numb from pleasure to feel anything painful. His body was relaxed and willfully accepting all of Hook’s huge cock at this point. He was Hook’s bitch, and he didn’t care. He just grinned gleefully at Tinkerbell who was equally enjoying herself. She was her back now with her legs spread, furiously rubbing her clit. It was clear to Peter now that Tink was a sensual, sexual being with lustful needs that he ignored for years. She must have been tortured to have her needs brushed off by his boyish cluelessness, but she was definitely getting them out now. She was arching her back and squeezing her nipples hard, willing her orgasm free. She was fucking her fingers, pumping her petite pussy with them, and then returning to furiously rubbing her clit. Peter could see the tension building in her face, and then she released her orgasm, as she contorted her body and spasmed on the floor of the lantern. Her body cramped forward, as the orgasmed caused her body to contract in rhythmic convulsions. It looked as if she had held in her lust for eternity only to now release it, as she came really hard. She collapsed back on the floor in exhaustion, spread eagle with her creamy pussy oozing her cum down her crack. Her body trembled in the wake of her orgasm, causing her breasts to toss about.

“Focus on me boy!” Hook ordered, as he quickened his pace. He released Peter’s torso, which began rising up, and he instead gripped the boy’s hips and fucked him with everything he could. Peter could feel the captain’s cock getting rock hard, and it aided to lift him into the air. The captain’s thrusts were short and powerful, slamming into the boy’s bubble butt, causing it to gyrate about, as he furiously fucked Peter’s gaping hole. “Yes boy!” the captain moaned. “I’m almost there!” Then the captain yanked at Peter’s hips, thrusting in rapid jerks, as he began grunting. Peter could feel the captain’s cock unloading in his body, shooting streams of hot cum deep inside his rectum. Peter’s tight anus, wrapped around the captain’s cock, could clearly feel Hook’s spasming appendage jerking in rhythmic convulsions, as the captain released his load in the boy. “Yes, yes boy,” he moaned. “Fucking take it all.” He continued to jerk his cock into Peter’s ass until his cock stopped spasming.

When Hook was done, he just stood there for a moment, swaying in the wake of his orgasm, trying to hold up his body with weak legs. Peter was still floating in the air, drenched in sweat from their efforts, basking in his new, happy thoughts. He could feel the captain’s raging hard-on losing its shape and softening. His sphincter wasn’t feeling as stretched, and as the pressure subsided, his muscles spasmed in uncontrollable, random clenches. Peter could feel the captain’s cock begin to slide from his ass, and to his surprise, he didn’t want it to leave his rectum. His body instinctively clenched down on the shaft, but his sphincters only pushed the waning cock out of his rectum faster, and thus that’s what happened, it slide quickly and completely out of his ass. Immediately, a stream of cum flowed from his gaping hole hitting the floor, and then more flowed down his legs. His gaping hole spasmed in the absence of the captain’s cock, and his insides felt hollow where the captain’s large member once occupied.

Peter looked over his shoulder at the captain. “That was a great game! Can we play it again?”

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Chapter 3

The captain just chuckled in surprise at the words that brought levity to the situation. “Oh the appetites of the youth,” he laughed to himself, as he leaned down to pull up his pants. He dragged the chair to the front of Peter, between Peter and his bed. As he turned to Peter still hovering in the air, he saw the boy’s restrained sex still tied up in the ribbon, still rock hard with the vigor of his youth. He just smirk and chuckled once more in another moment of levity. “No my boy. I need a rest,” he said, as he took a sip of rum. The captain reflected on the events and on his state of mind. Clearly, the boy had changed, and perhaps, he had changed too. Intimacy, regardless of the nature, can have that effect. “Oh my boy,” he thought out loud. “What am I going to do with you?” Hook stared out the port window for a moment before finding peace with his thoughts.

Meanwhile Tinkerbell was realizing Peter may have ignored her advances for more reasons than because he was just a young boy. Maybe his persuasions were less for girls than boys. It kind of made sense the more she thought about it.

Hook stood promptly and walked over to Peter. He took off the ribbon around his sex, and then he walked behind him and unlocked his collar and his shackles, saying, “You are no longer my enemy boy. I bare you no ill will any longer.” As he unclasped the last ankle, he said, “You are free to go—you and your pixie.” Hook returned to his chair and rum. As he turned to sit, he expected Peter to have quickly flown away, but the boy settled to the floor and hung his head, as if he was saddened by being dismissed.

“But I don’t want to be a boy anymore,” Peter stated. “I want to grow up, so I can do more grown up stuff like what we did. Those games are much more fun!”

Hook chuckled again. Was he still talking to the same cocky, spoiled, bratty, pompous Peter Pan? The levity continued, as he realized the evening’s torture was just a game to Peter. He reasoned that even if Peter lost something childish that evening, it was him that truly gained from the evening’s events. It was himself that had been tortured prior, and Peter provided the release from his bitterness and spite this night, and what’s more, Peter quenched his lust. Peter’s pliability and eagerness to so quickly change their association in the middle of their coitus set an example he too could follow.

As the captain poured his soul out to himself, Peter was still swooning from the events and eager to keep the evening continuing. He walked over and kneeled between the captains legs, rubbing the captain’s thighs. Hook looked down at the smiling boy who had a devilish look in his eye. ‘Have I created a sexual deviant?’ he pondered. “Yes my boy?”

“Can I see it again?” Peter asked. He began rubbing the length of the captain’s member through his velvet pants. “Please! Just one more time before I go.” The captain sheepishly smiled at the request. He lifted his hips slightly, allowing Peter to better open his fly and scoot down his pants. Peter carefully pulled the captain’s cock from the depths of his pants, as if he was carefully extracting a pet snake from its tank. It was pungent with a strong musky oder from their recent coitus, but Peter loved the primal scent; it was making his mouth water. The captain was still limp, as he was still in a refractory period, but he was still impressive with a healthy six inches to his flaccid cock. Peter studied it in detail—the veins; the thick, velvet, mushroom head; the weight and curvature. He was utterly transfixed—in awe and fascination—fixated on its size. “Will mine be like that someday?”

“I don’t know boy,” the captain smirked. “You will probably stay the way you are on this island.”

Peter looked down and somber when he heard that, but then he shook the captain’s cock, willing it to wake up from its slumber. “Make it big again,” Peter requested shyly. “Will this help?” Before he could get an answer, Peter angled the captain’s cock towards his mouth and eagerly slid it in. He quickly began to bob his head and suck as hard as he could on the captain’s cock, as if he needed the medicine.

“Slow, slow my boy,” the captain winced from the sudden jolt of sensation. “It takes time.”

Peter withdrew the captain’s cock from his mouth in boyish frustration. He had no patience. Then he got an idea. “I know!” he declared, as he jumped up from his crouching position between the captain’s legs. He bolted to the lantern and grabbed Tinkerbell who had just sat up. He ran her over to the captain’s cock and began to spank her butt, causing fairy dust to sprinkle all over the captain’s cock.

Then he released Tinkerbell and returned to his position between the captain legs. He grabbed the captain’s cock and spanked it against his cheek, saying, “Now just think of a happy, little thought,” before he once again, slid the captain’s cock in his mouth. Immediately, the captain’s cock began to rapidly grow in Peter’s hot mouth. Within a few seconds, the captain’s cock was rock hard and stretching Peter's mouth wide. “Mmmmm that’s it,” Peter said, behind a muffled mouth. Peter drenched the captain’s cock in the saliva that was pouring from his hungry mouth. He stopped to giggle, as it ran down his face. “I’m making a mess,” he chuckled before returning to the captain’s member, licking the length of his cock and the streams of saliva running down his shaft. He slid the captain’s balls in his mouth, remembering how Hook had enjoyed that earlier. He stroked his long shaft, as he rolled the balls one-by-one in his mouth. The captain’s member was rock solid and protruding high above his legs, slightly curving to his abdomen.

Without warning, Peter jumped up on the captain’s lap. He quickly grabbed the captain’s cock, reaching behind his body to steady it, as he sat back. He wasted no time in settling his sphincter on the head and aligning his hips in the direction of the captain’s member. He smeared the cum still oozing from his hole all over the saliva suds coating the head of Hook’s cock. He pressed down, and his anus swallowed the head. There was a moment of resistance, but Peter sunk his weight over the thick rod and the captain’s member flowed into his rectum. “Mmmmmm yeahhhh,” Peter sighed with delight, arching his head and rolling his eyes in the back of his head, as his cavity filled with the familiar flesh, comfortably stretching around the veiny, thick shaft.

“You are too much my boy,” the captain said, as Peter began to ride Hook’s cock, stroking the length of his long member with rocking motions of his pelvis. Peter braced himself on the captain’s hairy chest and strong shoulders, working himself up and down. The captain grasped the boy and lifted him with ease, walking to his bed and moving the both of them to the center. Peter crouched over Hook’s pelvis, bracing himself on his chest, bobbing up and down as he moaned. In no time, Peter’s feet left the ground, as he was lost in his blissful euphoria, but he was still making small motions, hovering in the air, so the captain began to thrust. The boy postured up and began hovering over Hook’s body, suspended in air, in a blissful trance, moaning and whimpering at each thrust. Uncontrollably, Peter's body began to spin in circles on Hook’s cock. While it felt amazing and different, Hook wanted Peter’s ass. “Come here lad,” he ordered, as he gasped at Peter’s hips, pulling him down deep on his cock. Hook wrapped his arms around Peter’s torso, pinning Peter against his chest. His thrusts quickened, as he pounded his pelvis against Peter’s bubble butt.

Suddenly Peter looked down at his cock to see Tinkerbell grinding her tiny pussy on his erection. Her legs were wrapped around his small teen shaft with her hands propping her up on his foreskin. She was rubbing her wet twat and round booty all along his pecker. It felt wonderful to have Tink doing that while a cock was buried in his ass, thrusting up into his prostate. It was driving him faster to orgasm. She was really coating his cock in her juices, as she had dreamed of this day. She lifted Peter’s erection and hugged his cock in her arms and legs, stroking the entire shaft with delight.

Hook wanted to pound the boy’s booty more. He ripped his cock from the boy, flipped Peter over and pushed him onto the bed, spreading Peter’s knees. Peter assumed the position by arching his ass and opening himself for Hook’s member. Captain Hook plunged his cock in Peter’s asshole, and immediately began pounding his ass.

Meanwhile, Tinkerbell was still wrapped around Peter’s prick, jerking on it and licking the tip. With each thrust from the captain, Peter’s cock jutted forward, trembling in the air from the force, rubbing his shaft over her swollen clit. She wasn’t being fucked by Peter. That was impossible, but it was as close as she could have him with her legs spread, wrapped around his cock. As the captain pounded at the boy’s prostate, precum oozed from the tip of his cock—something Tinkerbell eagerly lapped up, as she stroked her tongue along the orifice of his prick.

“Oh fuck,” the captain suddenly moaned, as he released his orgasm once more in Peter’s ass, forcefully jerking in strong thrusts against Peter’s ass, shaking his whole body and almost knocking Tink off of Peter’s cock. Peter relished the feeling, as he felt the captain’s huge member buck and throb in his ass. He could feel the warm streams of cum shooting against his rectum, causing the captain’s cock to become super slippery, which only enhanced the detail in how the veins on the captain’s shaft felt passing over the rippling, stretched folds of his anus. “God dam boy! You have an amazing ass,” the captain said, as he slowed his thrusts to a halt. The captain clutched the boy by his waist and rolled with him on the bed, settling on his back with Peter laying on his body, as he basked in his euphoria.

Peter could feel the oozing cum weeping from his ass, but he wasn’t ready to be finished. Before the captain’s cock could get softer, Peter pushed his body down, dragging his ass to the base of the captain’s cock where it met the black mound of pubic hair on his pelvis. Peter rocked his pelvis and pressed down, burying Hook’s cock in him. He wiggled down Hook’s body more, until Hook’s cock was forced to point straight up into Peter’s prostate. Peter positioned his feet on Hook’s thighs, slowly rocking his hips in circles and small strokes. “More,” Peter whispered, begging Hook to not stop, begging Hook to release him of his torturous horniness. The captain complied with the boy’s wishes and began to gently thrust up against the boy’s sandwiched ass, smashing between their bodies. The position was perfect, as Peter could feel each thrust pressing against his prostate, sending streams of electricity straight to the tip of his cock. “Mmmmmm,” he quietly moaned. “Just like that.”

Tinkerbell was still locked to Peter’s cock. She was utterly enamored with Peter’s prick, rubbing her face all over the head, smearing his oozing precum over her lips and cheeks, while she clung to his shaft, grinding her breasts and clit over the tender, supple foreskin. The stimulation was bringing Peter quickly to his orgasm.

“More,” Peter begged, as his ass trembled with anticipation, willing each thrust of the captain’s cock to release him. The captain gripped the boy’s arms, holding him tight against his torso, pinning him, so he could make quick, accurate thrusts. The captain’s cum soaked shaft, as slick as ever, easy worked itself back and forth against Peter’s prostate. The juicy sounds of their coitus peaked, as the captain pounded in harmonic resonance, such that his pelvis clapped, ‘smack, smack, smack,’ against the boy’s booty. “I’m going to cum!” Peter moaned. Peter clutched his prick in his hand, pointing it in the air. Tinkerbell immediately hopped on the head of his cock and furiously ground her wet twat on the tip of his cock, twerking her pussy and ass over the tip. Peter’s cock suddenly released his orgasm, sending streams of cum up into Tinkerbell’s waiting pussy. It was like heaven to the pixie. Peter began uncontrollably bucking and convulsing, as waves of pleasure passed through him with each contraction. Peter’s anal sphincters clenched in rhythmic contractions around Hook’s cock, squeezing the thick shaft with delight.

“Ohh shittt,” Peter moaned overwhelmingly, giggling, as if surprised by the huge release and pleasure he just felt. “Fucking A! That was amazing!” He looked down, and Tinkerbell was eagerly lapping up the cum still oozing from the tip of his cock, as if it was the antidote to her torturous lust. “Looks like Tink agrees. What a great game!”

They laid there in the wake of their euphoria, panting for air and basking in relaxation, still joined at the hip with the captain’s cock in the boy’s bum and with Tinkerbell passed out on the boy’s shaft. Peter could feel the captain’s cock soften and begin to slide from his hole, but then suddenly, they were startled by the urgent rapping against the door. “Captain!” It was Smee. “Are you alright captain?” The auditory intrusion caused Peter’s sphincter to instantly clench, forcing the captain’s cock to be squeezed from his asshole. Streams of cum ran out of his anus, as the boy postured up into a squat over Hook’s pelvis.

“Quick,” the captain motioned to the window, as he smacked Peter on the ass to get him moving. “Go!” he said with a restrained volume, as Peter leapt to the ground. Peter and Tinkerbell grabbed their clothes and darted across the cabin in haste, flying to the window. Peter paused at the window for a moment, as if questioning whether he wanted to leave. “Go!” the captain said, as he eagerly gestured for Peter to leave, and the boy flew off. The captain quickly pulled up his pants and shouted over his shoulder, “I’m fine Mr. Smee!” It wasn’t enough to stop the faithful servant. Mr Smee opened the doors, and the captain quickly looked at the window to make sure Peter was truly gone.

“Captain!” Smee said, as he ran into the room. “What happened captain? Peter Pan got away?”

“Yes Mr Smee,” the captain tried to sound defeated. “The boy thwarted me once again.” Mr Smee began using his handkerchief to dry the perspiration from the captain’s body. “Enough Mr Smee! I’ll be fine! Just bring me my wine!” As Mr Smee turned to fetch the wine, the captain caught a flash out of the corner of his eye. He looked at the window, and it was Peter’s grinning face hovering at the window. Hook smiled and gestured Peter off. He knew it wasn’t the last time he was going to see Peter at his window, and he was corrected. Peter and Tinkerbell visited the captain’s window many nights thereafter, and they had many more adventures.

The End

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 :D Like this new style fairy tail. Enjoyed pic. also.

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 ^-^ Enjoyed.