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(Looking for someone to write story) 1st Porn Movie Story Idea.

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I have an idea for a story for a detailed story writer to hopefully write.
(Looking for someone to write story based on my idea)

A 19yo college girl named Kelly. She has been at college for a year now and have found being a student is a big struggle. She has done a few jobs over the last year but all took up far too much time for money they were paying. With tuition fees due at the end of the month and rent going up her grant is not going to cover half of it and to be honest she was getting a bit desperate, she was going to ask her parents for the cash but as they had given her an allowance since she had been away from home, it was her fault that this months had gone. Anyways they had no more to give because money was tight.

She had just finished a class and was walking down the main corridor past the bulletin board on the board. On the board was mainly old local jobs and personals ads for study buddies and it was the place that if there was a party on with an open invitation the details were there. As she was looking a guy approached her and said "Hey beautiful, need money check this out," and the person handed her a flyer and walked off.

The flyer said -
"Having money problems"
"Need cash desperately"
"Then maybe this is what your looking for"
“Girls wanted to star in adult movies”
“Pays very well to the right girls”
“Even get paid for just an interview, no obligations to be in a movie if it is nothing you are interested in after the initial interview”
“Phone **********”

She was just like any other normal young girl she has liked the sex she has had up until now in her life. But she did think it could get better with the right partner.

She has only had sex in a relationship with the other person. So no one night stands or drunken hookups.

She has only had 4 bfs in her whole life and so far not one of them was that great at sex so she figured it must be like that for most women and to get someone good it must take luck.

Her 1st boyfriend she only got as far has handjobs and blowjobs until she dumped him for bragging that she had had sex with him but she hadn't, and he always came really quick.

2nd boyfriend he was the first she had sex with and only lasted a few minutes. Then he dumped her because that's all he wanted and wanted to move onto another girl. He did like her blowjobs but she eventually stopped them because he didn't like cunnlingless.

3rd boyfriend
He liked her blowjobs but she threatened to stop them because he didn't like cunnlingless, so he sometimes reluctantly did it but he never did it for long and she didn't find it that great. He also only did missionary and didn't last to long.
Eventually he cheated on her.

Her last boyfriend (4th)
He loved her blowjobs and he didn't mind cunnlingless, but she didn't find it that great because he just didn't know how to do it properly. They also only did missionary but he did last longer. Also sometimes could cum once from blowjob and another from the sex.

For her she just had never had an orgasm through sex, so she found she had to finish masturbating herself to reach an orgasm.

Although she doesn't have a boyfriend at the moment she has had her share of normal sexual experiences. But having sex with a stranger and on camera for money was something way different, and something she had never considered or would ever do.

But for some reason she looked around and saw no one was looking and she took the flyer and put it inside one of her books and started walking home to her one bedroom apartment, and she didn't give it much thought on the way home.

A couple weeks went by and she used up most of her money now paying some of her fees and she had nothing left for the rent and she was already late with it.

She was getting way behind the more she got into the semester. She was still having no luck with finding extra cash, for mounting bills. She was feeling so low about her situation all the jobs that had been on the notice board had been filled. She hadn't been out either in months.

She didn't know what she was going to do she desperately needed money. She had cut back on alot of things, she was nearly buying all generic food stuff and just scraping by.

She was looking through her assignments and the flyer fell out. She realized it was the flyer she was given weeks earlier and in desperation and despair more than anything else she decided she would ring and get some information.

She decided to be discreet and she set her number up so it would show up as a blocked number.

The person who answers the phone is the owner of the company and will be the Director/Cameraman for this story Scenario. (He usually does the initial interviewing process with new clients but he does not have sex with them he would call another guy)

She tells him why she is calling and he notices the nervousness in her voice. As he talks to her he would speak to her nicely and put her at ease and tell her things like she wouldn’t have to do anything that she didn’t want to.
He would tell her she can come in for an initial interview were he would ask her questions on camera and he will get paid for this, then it is up to her if she continues any further than the interview or to leave and to think about my options.

Then if things progress and she decides to perform in an actual scene on camera then, she will be paid more.

On the phone he would maybe ask a few general questions for example describe to him a rough physical description of her appearance, maybe breast size.

She would describe herself for example b-cup breasts and blonde her that reaches down to the middle of her back.
She would ask about how much the interview pays.
He tells her $500 for just the interview.
When she decides she will come in for the interview they arrange to meet.

When she comes to the studio the Owner/Director/Camera guy greets her at the front of the studio and shows her around abit and talks to her for just a little bit to make her feel at ease and comfortable.

I was thinking the layout of the studio -

It just looks like a one story office building. The front doors are kept locked so there is no disturbances. But it has a intercom at the front door if people come to the studio.

It has a kind of a reception area and waiting area at front then down the hall it has a few offices on either side. Then down further it has several rooms each room is a different set up. We have an office setup, a doctor’s office setup, a school classroom setup. We also have 3 living room setups, 3-bedroom setups, bathroom set ups, a garage setup, two kitchen setups, and other setups. We’re also constructing a porch setup with a hot tub, that one should be done by this weekend.

He shows her the costume department make up area and even a bathroom were actors wash up before and after scenes for example a dressing rooms.
In one of the rooms he has set it up a little like a living room and it has a big couch then across from it is a camera set up and a seat behind it for the camera person. It also has lighting equipment and other equipment for filming a scene.

Another room has it set up like a bedroom with lighting equipment and other equipment for filming a scene.

Then eventually the Owner/Director/Camera guy takes her into his office and they take a seat at his desk.

He would get and show he has the $500 for the interview. Then gives it to her.

She is satisfied that it seems legit. So he asks her to come into one of the rooms were it is set up like a lounge room which has a big couch set up in it.

Then he would get her to take a seat on the couch opposite him, then he would turn the camera on.

I was thinking the Owner/Director/Camera guy starts off asking her some general questions like to introduce herself and ask her questions like how old are you.

Eventually the questions slowly progress as she begins to feel more comfortable and relaxed, and the Owner/Director/Camera guy will then begin to ask her sexual things like do you like to have sex with or without a condom.

He explains about how it's $1000 for sex on camera with a condom but how it's much better if it's without one because people like that and more movies are made and bought.
He explains to her if she is willing to go without a condom then she would get $2000 for the role.

She wants the extra money but she has only ever had protected sex.

Then he asks a few more questions like.
The Owner/Director/Camera guy asks if she does anal and she responds with a no. The Owner/Director/Camera guy asks why not.

Maybe she explains she is kind of scared to try it. He explains to her that it is fine if she didn't like that. No pressure to do that.

Then more questions for example were does she like a guy to cum. Mostly the tits she says. He asks what about inside her pussy.

She goes on to tell him no not there because she is not on the pill at the moment because she can't afford it. She tells him if she was to do a scene, then the person will have to pull out because she doesn't want the risk of getting pregnant.

The Owner/Director/Camera guy agrees that this is not a problem but he has a big surprise for her he will tell the male actor he calls he is to surprise her because the plan is for him not to pull out the Owner/Director/Camera guy wants the male actor to cum inside her because its better for the scene, and he really likes to set this up for first timers and to get the females responses to the risks of maybe getting pregnant.

After the initial interview the Owner/Director/Camera guy says he knows a guy who lives not far away and he could call him up to come in to do a scene with her if she is willing to do one.

She thinks on it for a few minutes and decides to do it.
Once he comes back from making the call he asks her. While she is waiting is she comfortable showing her body on camera.

She say yes even though she is abit nervous.

Owner/Director/Camera guy begins to ask her to strip, one piece of clothing at a time, until she is naked.

But after each piece he stops and admires her body and compliments her on her body. Making her feel relaxed and comfortable about continuing.
Maybe once her breasts are free and he compliments her on them he asks to feel them.

Then once she is fully naked he asks her to sit on the couch and spread her legs so he can see her beautiful shaved pussy.
He may ask to touch it too.

He then gets her to play with herself a bit while there waiting for the guy to arrive.

After some mastubation and he can see she is really turned on he may ask her if she has ever had a sex toy. She responds by saying no. Maybe he brings her a suction cup dildo to play with, and says she can keep this after today finishes.

The guy who comes is about 30yo. (6 inches is normal cock size) and she has had no bigger than that. But he is 6 an a half inches so just over average. But he knows how to use his cock.

He would come in when she has just started to masturbate, and also use the dildo. Once he starts he gives her first cunnlingless/oral sex orgasm.

Then she would show her blowjobs skills.
Which would lead to sex and her experiencing more than missionary position and experiencing orgasms through sex an having several orgasms.

Maybe they try missionary first with him on top, then maybe her on top. Then doggie style, and finishing with reverse cowgirl.


My idea for the end of this story scenario is that he catches her response on camera when she is maybe in a reverse cowgirl position and the she has another orgasm in this position and the guy cums inside her and she is not happy and she is upset and worried about getting pregnant.
Maybe tells her to try and push as much out as possible.

The filming ends when she ends up leaving the room to go to the bathroom to shower and to try to wash the cum out of herself.

The Owner/Director/Camera guy would come to her and say Please don't be so upset or worried because he needed this real response for the scene.

Then The Owner/Director/Camera guy would go on to explain there is no risk of getting pregnant because the male actor has had a vasectomy and there is no risk.

The Owner/Director/Camera guy goes on to put her at ease and to explain how good she was and he would definitely would love to film her again if she was interested in doing another scene sometime.

Anyways that is my detailed idea for the story. I have other ideas to continue the story if this is written.

Let me know what you think if you are interested in writing the story.

(If you are a detailed story writer, pls send me a private message.)

So please only genuine people who are committed to writing this story, contact me thank you.

(Also I would not be posting this if I felt I was any good at writing the whole story)

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I'll reply in the other thread.
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I'm currently writing a version of this story. I'm posting it into her identical request thread in the "Sex Stories by members" board.