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How it Happens (FF, oral, toy, 1st time)

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on: March 18, 2021, 04:50:58 AM
Dear ready please take note that this is my first full attempt at this type of story. I have written, deleted, and rewritten in too many times to mention.  I'm not that happy with it, but I spent too much time on it to not post it.  I hope you're still able to enjoy it, I gave it the ol' college try.

Thank you

Special thank you to MissBarbara for giving me key advice.


I imagine that this is how itll all go down.

“Oh my god it’s her!” I can’t Believe my eyes that I am not only on the same street as her, but in the same freaking store.

“Shut up,” Shannon says to me with the same amount of astonishment, “Holy shit! That is her.”

We both stand there lost in our own fan girl stupidity, not caring that we are making scene while we stare.  We are actually in the same place as Kate Beckinsale, at the same time, and we lost control.  As always she's dressed to impress without even trying.  Stylish white heels, black slacks, and a white sleeveless button up that was just sheer enough to make you think you could see her bra underneath.  Her hair is pulled back and held by simple clips, yet it looks professionally done.  The woman just knows what she was doing with clothes.  She could roll out of bed, get dressed wearing a blindfold, and still look ready for a runway.

“Don’t stare like that, you look like an idiot,” Shannon says to me.

“I don’t care, it’s Kate freaking Beckinsale,” I say back without thinking about the volume of my voice.

“Don’t be stupid,“ shannon growls, “you’re going to freak her out.”

“freak her… she’s a person, a celebrity,” I say over my shoulder at my friend, “not a baby deer I’m going to spook.”

With that I hear a genuine laugh coming from Kate’s direction.  I turn my head back to her to see her looking at me with her head tilted slightly and a smile on her face.  I suddenly get nervous and my heart starts racing.  I want to talk to her, but now that I have her attention, I don’t know what to say.  Do I ask her about her clothes?  Where does she take her dogs for grooming?  Those shoes are adorable, who makes them? Do I tell her I loved her in Underworld?  What do I say to my fashion idol to get the conversation started?

Suddenly she walks to me and with that wonderful English accent says, “clearly you know me, might I have the pleasure of your name?”

“Huh? Uh… yeah,” for the life of me, I couldn’t remember my own name, “my name is uh… oh wow, you’re Kate flippin Beckinsale.”

Another laugh and she says, “nice to meet you, but I’d really like that name.”

My friend shannon standing behind me blurts out, “Shiela, her names Shiela, mine Shannon, and she is Shiela…. I'm…Shannon.”

At this point, we are clearly acting like idiots and she’s going to leave, but instead she leans in and says, “Hello Shiela, it’s a pleasure, what brings you to the valley today?”

“Shopping, my friend and I like shopping, and we are on vacation, and we wanted to go shopping so… we… are... shopping,” I babble to her but able to keep from stuttering.

“Well, I like the outfit you’ve got on, you put it together very well,” she says looking me up and down. “I think I have those exact slacks at my place. They fit like a dream.”

“Uh, yeah, they’re really comfy,” I said to her.

Looking me in the eye she says, “that’s not what I mean.”

I look at her in a slight show of confusion, and when I start to realize she meant they fit me like a dream, she says, “I have an enormous closet full of things I don’t wear anymore, perhaps you’d like to come over and see if there is anything you might like. Were close to the same sizes, I’m sure we could find something you’d love.”

Utterly shocked she just invited me over I barely get out an, “I'd love to.”

Her smile broadened and with a chipper sound on her voice says, “excellent, I’ll have them bring the car around and we can get going.”

“Oh my gosh, this is so exciting,” Shannon says loudly.

Kate gives her a sympathetic look and says, “I’m sorry dear, but I only have room in the car for one more person.”

Feeling bad for my friend, my shoulder slump and I say, “well that sucks, maybe we could get a cab and follow you?”

She laughs and replies, “I can see you’ve never tried to get a taxi around her before. I thought I’d just bring you, and then I can have the car drop you off at wherever you’re staying.”

Before I can say no, and that I wouldn’t leave my friend, Shannon blurts out, “Yes, that sounds wonderful, she would love to do just that.  I mean she is an enormous fan.  She would be a complete IDIOT to not go.”

Taking my friends advice and not wanting to be rude, I agree with her and before I know it, I’m walking with her to her car. Getting photos snapped by the paparazzi, we quickly climb into her car and get moving.  It is a quiet ride with very little idle chit chat or awkward conversation, and it would be more comfortable, but I am still nervous about being with her.  Soon we pull into a parking garage and before long we are up and elevator and into her home.

It is a huge condo looking out over the city skyline.  Her place is beautiful without being posh. I leave what belongings I have near the door along with our shoes next to an entry way closet. Her dogs are friendly, properly trained, and well behaved, unfortunately I’m allowed no time to spend with them, because we head back to her bedroom.  It is an enormous, spacious place with a large comfy bed near the wall between two big windows.  Her closet sits off to the right and when she opens the door the amount of clothes is astonishing.  I want to start rummaging through what I see, but she stops me before I get there.  She guides me away from the closet and stands me next to a standing mirror.

She stands behind me and we bother face the mirror, her pretty face over my shoulder, and says, “I want to see what I’m working with.”

I notice something in her reflection, a look to her face that makes me simply answer with an, “ok.”

She grabs the bottom of my shirt and begins to lift.  My natural reaction is to resist and hold the front down.  I feel it isn’t appropriate, but she keeps pulling, laughing while she does it.  It isn’t like I’ve never been nude around other women, but that is usually in a public locker room at the gym, or pool, not in a private bedroom.  I want to keep resisting but she continues to pull on my shirt, and I worry it’s going to rip so I let go but step away from her.  I’m quick, but she is quicker, wrapping her arms around my belly and holding me fast.

She is just slightly taller than me, but have roughly the same build, yet she is able to quite easily hold me in place for a bit.  I try harder to move and gain some ground but she plants her feet and fights back.  I here her laughing with such humor, that I cant help but giggle in return.  This is so bizarre, in the gravy I’d never in my life expect somebody like her to be this odd, and about how things are playing out, I have to laugh.  Because of my fit of giggling I'm having, I lose the effort I originally put into my struggle, and she gains the upper hand.  With a grunt of effort she forces me sideways and we both stumble awkwardly into the side of her bed.  We both fall to our sides with her arms still around my waist.  I gave out a small scream at the sudden movement which cut off my laughter. We’re both breathing hard from the strange spontaneous wrestling match, and I can still hear her laughing slightly between heavy breaths.

I lay there panting wondering what in the hell is going on.  Kate is a celebrity, and a fashion icon, why is she acting like a total weirdo, and grabbing onto me like this.  I’ve always seen her as a presentable, respectable woman of class, and not someone who does this kind of weird stuff.  Then again, she does essentially work in the land of make believe.  She is an actor and maybe what everybody sees is just a character she plays.  Maybe who she really is, is a massive dork like me.  Either way, this tussling around is not something I’m comfortable with, and I need to get out of here

I try to get up, but when she senses my movements unwraps her arms from me, and using my shoulders, pushes herself up, and swings a leg over me.  I’m not trying to fight against her at this point so she holds me down easily, wiggle slightly she settles herself comfortably on top of me, holding her upper body up with her hands on my arms.  Still smiling and a hint of laughter she just stares at me as I myself try to catch my breath. I am no longer laughing, but wondering what in the hell is going on.  It is at that very moment that I see what I glimpsed earlier in the mirror.

I had always admired this woman’s talent and her fashion.  She has been an idol of mine for as long as I can remember, and now here she is holding me down on her extremely comfy bed.  Her hair hanging down around her face, with light from the windows being cast through it.  Her body moving slowly with each deep breath she takes.  Her pelvis pressing hard against my own as she lays all of her weight down on me to keep me still. I can lie to myself all day long saying that this isn’t something that I’ve thought of, but the truth is, this is the only woman I can honestly say that I have a sexual attraction to. I had always dreamed of meeting her, and it’s turning out to be a far better experience than I could have ever imagined.

She can tell when I finally resign, and my body relaxes. She takes her hands from my arms and lowers the rest of her torso on top of me.  I make no effort to move and feel our breasts press together.  She slides her arms under my shoulders, and hooks her hands around them.  Her face in so close to mine I feel the heat of her breath on my lips, and even smell the lip gloss she has on.

That beautiful voice hugged by that sexy accent flows out of her mouth like music as she whispers to me, “that is better.”

My lips part to respond but no sooner does my mouth open that hers is on me.  Her lips are so soft and feel so small against mine.  Her lips close softly against my bottom lip and I naturally close mine over her top.  She let’s out the sexiest little moan in response to my wanting to kiss her back. The gentle sound of our kiss ending was followed by yet another meeting of our lips. We breathed together and enjoyed the feeling of our mouths and bodies together.  Half way through the second kiss I found myself wrapping my arms around her.  With our lips together I could feel the smile spread across her face. Her hair tickled my face in some spots as it draped down over both our heads. For what seemed like forever, yet not long enough we embraced each other with arms and lips, until our gentle union began to pick up more passion and heat. With each kiss I want more and more, I want to feel her skin against mine, her lips and tongue all over my body and I want to taste every bit of her.

She slides off of me and grabs my wrist helping me to my feet.  This time when she goes to lift my shirt, I not only let her, but help in getting it off quicker. She tosses it to the floor and together we work the buttons of her blouse, kissing again while we work ignoring the mess of her we have between us.  With it undone I help her slide it off her arms and toss it on top of mine on the floor. Taking a second to deal with pur hair, we work the buttons of our own pants, and wrestle them down our legs and finally step out of them. She is quicker and waits patiently until the second I’m out of my pants, and pushes me back to the bed with no resistance at all from me.

Climbing backwards onto the bed, I stop and stare at her as soon as I am fully on her bed.  I feel a sense of embarrassment laying on her bed with mismatched underwear from a big box store when she is standing there in a designer black laced bra with matching panties.  I want to cover up before she gets put off by my poor sense of style, until I see her smile at me with those hungry eyes.  With a deep breath she moves to the bed and sensually crawls onto it straddling me. Again, she lowers her body onto mine and kisses me with a hot passion that matches the heat of her flesh pressed to mine.

I wrap my arms around her again but resist the urge to wrap my legs around her.  She is not a man so that wouldn’t do much good would it? It suddenly becomes awkward to me as I have no idea what to do beyond kissing.  I want to tell her but I don’t want this embrace to end, but I know it is going to eventually.  I start to get a little apprehensive but before I can try and figure things out she moves.

“Lie still love,” her angelic voice reaches my ears and I am instantly calmed down and respond as if it is not a request, and I have no choice.

She moves down my neck and kisses my shoulder, then my collar bone before kissing just above my bra.  I breath deep forcing my chest to rise to her mouth, and she closes her teeth around my cloth covered nipple. I try to gasp but my lungs are already full as the pleasure spikes in my head.  It is a quick bite before she moves on past my bra and kisses along my belly and sides. I should be laughing because I’m ticklish there, but the sensual pleasure her lips are giving me only make me breath heavy and let out soft moans. Her fingers trailing behind her kisses down over my breasts and into my sides as she kisses around my navel.  Without word of warning her fingers slip under the band of my bra and pushes it up off my breasts exposing me to the open air.  No sooner are they out than her mouth closes over my right nipple.

My head jerks back at the sudden heat of her mouth and the feeling of her tongue licking my erect nipple.  Taking quick little breaths because I feel I cannot take a full one as she sucks on my breast.  A sharp tooth and a firm tongue pinch me while her soft lips completely encompass my areola. Her left hand softly and rhythmically grips and gropes at my other breast, and I feel her shift her knees up to each side of hips.  The stimulation nearly distracted me from her other hand sliding down past my belly and teased it’s way into my panties.  Her slender fingers are not shy about sliding down over my mound and pressing hard against my swelling clit.  I moan and breath out as her hand feel hot against me sending goosebumps across my skin. One of her fingers makes its home between my labia and the fingertip presses firm against my entrance.  My moans, and whispers of pleasure begin to fill the large room, and mingles well with the sound of her sucking, and kissing on me.

Rising up she climbs down off the bed, and reaches for my panties. I lift my butt just enough for them to slide down to my thighs.  She removes them quickly and tosses them to the floor next to our tops.  As I watch her remove her own bra and panties I begin to get nervous all over again.  The reality of being completely exposed other than a bra that had been pushed up, made my nerve begin to slip.  I squeeze my knees together and watch as she approaches me again.  She slowly climbs back on the bed but stops near the edge and runs her hands along my legs.

She can tell I’m getting nervous again using that wonderful gentle english voice, tells me to, “calm down, and trust me.  You’re going to love this.”

I’m completely disarmed again by this woman’s demeanor and confidence, and even though I don’t really know her personally, I find myself trusting her completely. My muscles relax and she uses her hands to put some space between my knees. I allow my legs to open up with her physical guidance, and as they get further apart, her hands move farther up them. Her thumbs run along my inner thigh and her head is coming down closer to me.  As she continues to bend down I make eye contact with her again and her eyes seem to sparkle.  She breaks eye contact, and looks at my expose sex as she opens her mouth. I do nothing but watch as she closes her lips around me.

The breath I didn’t know I was holding escapes me with a long drawn out moan, and a curse of pure pleasure.  Heat races from her mouth through me and I get chills all over again with more goosebumps popping up everywhere.  My nipples feel as if they get even harder, as I feel her tongue press firm against my and begins licking at my clit.  She moves her mouth around on me not just focusing on my most sensitive bit.  She spreads the pleasure around she kisses and sucks on one side, then the other, before sliding her tongue inside me as far as she could go. She explores around on me but always coming back to my button to keep the pleasure as high as it can go.

Her hands move around my body as much as her mouth moves around my sex.  She gropes at one breast and then slides over to give the other the same treatment.  Her other hand moves up and down my leg and ever so often when she takes her mouth off of me she rubs me with her fingers. the constant motion and stimulation on numerous erogenous areas of my body keep my nerves on their toes.  The way she sucks and kisses on me tells me she is enjoying herself and not just checking the box before penetration. It is like there is a buildup before the act, that just keeps building.  I want something inside me, penetrating me deep, but these sensations are for too good to move on from.

She pulls her mouth away from me and moves up my body to suck and nibble on my breast again.  I am pleasantly surprised when her mouth is immediately replaced by her hand and she continues to pleasure me.  My body is on fire with this pleasure and I take her by the sides of her face and bring her up to me to kiss her.  My tongue invades her mouth and I can taste myself on her.  I breath and moan against her lips as she continues to use her fingers on me.  I reach down between our bodies and I want to return the favor.  For the first time in my life I touch another woman for the sole purpose of pleausre.

I don’t give myself time to think about it, I just try and mimic her own motion on me. I slid my finger down between her lips and find she is extremely wet.  My finger slides easily around her and my finger tip finds her clit without trouble.  I press firmly on it and move my fingers in a circular motion and she immediately response my moaning heavy into my mouth.  Our lips part and we breath against each other while we focus on what are finger are doing.  I hear her whispering how good it feels and when I’m in the right spot.  I want to give her more to hear those words come from her beautiful voice.  It is so sensual, and so sexy, that I can’t help but want to please her with all I’ve got.

I take my fingers off of her and push, rolling us to the side.  I don’t move quickly, but I move with purpose and climb on top of her.  I give her one long kiss before beginning my decent down her body.  She laughs softly as I begin to return her unselfish performance. I get to her breasts and begin to lick and suck on her nipples almost the same way she had done it.  I don’t forget her other breast and use my hand and finger to tease and stimulate it groping and gentle pinching nipples with fingers and teeth.  She breaths long deep breaths moving my head with the long labored movements of her chest.  I stay just a few moments long before making my way down.

I kiss along her ribs and lick around her navel kissing on her sides and then just above her pubic bone.  My hand never stops caressing her chest as I make my way further down.  I can smell her natural  scent mixed pleasantly with soap and whatever perfume she had been wearing.  She bends one leg at the knee and moves it outward spreading herself open.  I have never been this close to another woman’s vagina before, and I’m too turned on to consider this fact.  I just want her to feel the same way she made me feel.  To think that I am about to give oral pleasure to Kate Beckinsale, sends chills through me. One hand still on her breast, I wrap the other under her thigh and pull myself forward closing my mouth around her.

I hear the loud gasp and long moan as my lips close on her and my tongue comes into contact with her.  I taste her and determine it is no different than how I must taste.  I slide my tongue up and down taking long slow licks of her.  With her leg the way it is, I have no problem getting my tongue between her labia and working my tongue around her entrance.  I don’t push it inside before moving back up to her clit, and begin sucking and licking on it.  Her hips rock back and forth and she pushes herself into my mouth. My mind tells me she is craving something else, and I think about what I want when I do something like that.  I move my mouth back down and slide my tongue inside her.  I thought I would go deeper than it did, but she still responded by moaning loudly whispering words of pleasure in that sexy accent of her.  I take the hand I had wrapped around her bent leg and start to use my fingers to tease her entrance.  I continue to grope gently at her breast with the other hand and I flick her clit several times with my tongue before sliding a finger inside her.

I  begin to suck on her clit again as my finger pushes deeper and is engulfed by warmth and extreme softness.  I look up and see her ribs pressing hard against her skin as her back arches and a long moan escaped her lips.  She grabs one of her breasts and the back of my hand pressed to her other breasts. Her head is rocked back showing me only the bottom of her chin.  I keep the motion up of sucking and lapping at her clit while my finger slides in and out of her in long rhythmic motions.  I know what I enjoy when receiving and I use that as a guide to my giving, and thankfully it is working for us both.  I just wish that I could get that feeling of being filled up, that hot piece of man buried deep within me. No sooner did that thought cross my mind than she sat up and pulled away panting heavily and smiling.

Confused slightly and worried that I was doing something wrong she beckons me further onto her bed.  I crawl up on all fours and then sit back on my feet.  She climbs off and goes to the closet for a few seconds before turning back to me on the bed.  She has the cutest bounce to her step as she makes her way to the edge of the bed, in her hand is a long double ended dildo. She climbs on the bed and with one hand pushing me back.  I willing lay back and spread my legs open. She makes me drop one leg so I have one bent at the knee and the other straight.  I wait with eager anticipation for that toy to be put into play, and when she finally does, my patient craving finally gets what it wanted.

The toy slides in slowly opening me up and filling in the space.  It goes into me slow and steady as it is properly lubricated by my own juices. My head drops back and I breath with wordless moans and groans.  I let out a little grunt as It hits the bottom and she stops pushing it, but I still feel it stirring around and look down.  I see her on one knee, rubbing the other end against herself.  When she is satisfied, she works in inside her and slides down the length of it until her sex comes into contact with mine.  With one of my legs over the top of one of hers and the other beneath the opposing leg, she is easily able to press and grind her clit against me while grinding at mine. We both have on leg straight and one bent while our hips move together but at different angles.  My clit grinding against hers combined with the feeling of the toy inside me wiggling and digging in deep puts me right at the egde.

I want to grab her and kiss her, massage her breasts or even bit her on the neck, but all I can do is lean back on my hands and work my hips.  We stare into each other’s eyes as we grind firmly against each other.  I near the end and can’t go much longer and by her furrowed eyebrows, and the way her mouth hangs open, I easily assume the same for her.  I pick up the speed and intensity of my movements as best I could, but it only brings my orgasm charging forward, because she does the same thing. I am just able to see her drop her head back before my body gives into the pleasure and I cum. I let my arms give out and I fall back onto her bed as my nerves are consumed by ice cold fire and my toes curl so hard the knuckles ache.  I’m just able to sense that her legs are quivering and that we had a flood going where our pussys met.  I take long deep breaths as the internal earthquake subsides and the quiet after the storm begins settling in.  Our heavy breathing bouncing off all the surfaces in the large room.

She begins to move sliding her leg out from under mine and I shudder as her movements pull the toy out of my oversensitive body.  My legs curl up on their own and I’m almost in the fetal position as the haze lingers around me.  The bed feeling more like a cloud than a comfortable mattress with blankets.  There is a soft thud next to me, and I open my eyes to see her laying next to me on her back.  Her heard turned towards me with flushed cheeks and a pleasant smile on her face.  I smile back to her, and would like nothing more than to just lay here say nothing and do nothing, just breath in and enjoy this moment as I know that this or anything close to this will ever happen again.

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Reply #1 on: March 18, 2021, 01:28:22 PM
I'd say you nailed it (and her) pretty good. Well done for a straight girl.  ;)

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Reply #2 on: March 18, 2021, 07:35:21 PM

"Oh my!"   And I say that in a good way.  A very good way. 

Hot, sexy, fun, believable, breath taking, enchanting, exciting, gripping, intense, romantic. 

It gave me tingles.  Lots and lots of tingles.

And it earns you a Woo.

So, you've got a thing for Kate, huh.  I kinda do too now.

          You might not know this, but I have a thing for Tom Brady.  #TB12