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A surprise morning with Stacy (father/daughter /ua/inc)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

  It’s 5 am on a Saturday, I tell myself It’s  way to early for a weekend to be up. I fix a cup of coffee and hop on the couch to watch some tv, Ive been trying to catch up on some shows all week. No one else will be up for a few more hours so I settle in to relax with some me time. Since I’m   only wearing my pj pants and t shirt and dick is peaking out I decide to rub one out and start stroking softly. My cock is fully erect when I hear the footsteps coming from the back bedroom, I quickly attempt to get my cock back into the loose pj bottoms and cover up with the blanket.
      To no small surprise Stacy comes fumbling out of her bedroom having heard the tv on. She is barely awake when she pulls up the blanket and snuggles up with me. She has been my step daughter, one of five kids between us, for several years now and enjoys solo time whenever she can get it since her dad doesn’t   really pay any attention to her. For a 13 yo she’s  got some smarts to her but lately has been a bit of a pain because she feels she is  behind the other girls in growth, she is desperately wanting to be further into puberty. She asks to watch one of her teeny bopper shows to which I agree reluctantly, she usually falls right back asleep so I can watch my shows soon.
       I get up to refill my coffee and sit back on the couch, as usual she hops on my lap and lays back on my chest. Then out of nowhere it hits, my dick is tingling and starting to get hard, I am confused as to why I am not into younger girls especially my stepdaughter. I start to kind of panic, I can feel her warm dim  butt right on my cock. Why am I feeling this, I hope she doesn’t   notice, this is just wrong. She wiggles ever so slightly to get comfortable and now my stiffening cock is popping out of my bottoms and in between her thighs I can feel her pussy through her flannel pj bottoms. If she notices I am so screwed, she’s   going to freak out and wake up the house and I’ll  be in big trouble.
     She suddenly hops up and goes to the kitchen, I’m  panicking now and this hard on won’t  go away and I’m  feeling more aroused. She comes back with oj, she was just thirsty. I sat up hoping she would just sit next to me a snuggle that way, but instead sits square in my lap with her knees between mine and lays back against me. She is siting on my hard dick , the head nestled right into her pussy almost penetrating her. I’m  hoping she doesn’t  realize or understand the pressure between her legs, the only thing between us is her pj bottoms. Her ass is barely touching my lap as her full weight is on my dick almost pushing into her, I’m suddenly more aroused than I could imagine, carnal hunger has overridden my morals and  conscience.
      She doesn’t  seem to notice, I really don’t  know how, so I put my around her waist under her shirt and feel her soft bare skin. It’s amazing. I hold her waist firmly, she doesn’t object or push my hand away my god what am I doing. She’s  laying back against me still so I move her slightly causing a grind motion, my head is rubbing deeper into her pussy it’s so warm and soft even through the bottoms. Still no reaction, she just giggles at her show. I move her a little more and she starts to slowly grind on me on her own, still just watching not reacting to what’s  happening.
  I start to rub her tummy slightly and glide my hand just inside the elastic of her bottoms, no panties and I’m  tempted but go no deeper or towards her pussy. I’m still not sure what to think about all this or why she hasn’t  reacted or freaked out. I grip her waist again and push her upwards in a motion to stand up, she slides up slightly still watching her show but relieving the weight on my dick. Instead of standing up she just stays there almost pushing my knees fully apart. I’m  not sure why but I slide her bottoms down just a bit to the top of her thighs exposing her soft ass, no reaction of panic or dislike from her,. I’m  shocked and aroused even more.
      Her head is resting on my shoulder and I can hear her breath get heavy, no other reaction. I can feel my cock slide between her butt cheeks as she slides back down, she wiggles and seems to enjoy being a hot dog bun so to speak. She quickly slides back up almost frantically, oh shit I’m  screwed now,  full panic. She then presses her butt up against me in order to reposition my cock up against her warm wet pussy. She’s  sitting with her full weight on me again, still focused on the tv. I can feel my head wrapped in her pussy pressing  on her wet Hyman, she slowly starts her own penetration.
        She barely wiggles for several minutes, I’m in complete Ecstasy. Slowly a little at a time I start to penetrate her tight little pussy, the head of my throbbing cock is completely in past her Hyman, I feel it start to give. Slowly I’m almost a couple inches in, I’m  dying this is the longest 10 minutes ever. Oh no I’m  going to cum I can’t  stop it and omg full amazing orgasm. Cum squirts out around her tight grip on my cock. I’m  still hard, so I grab her hips and let her keep going, she has a little smirk now.
        I’m  finally as deep in her as I can go, she’s  starting to shake and quiver. She replies” wow, you are completely inside of me now”. I can feel her starting to orgasm, her pussy is so tight on me that I just grab her hips a move her in a grinding motion, she cums hard and whimpers softly.. I cum again, I can’t  believe it is better than the last and I’m still hard and so aroused. She starts to grind on her own, whimpering in orgasmic ecstasy, she cums two more times her head laid back on my shoulder whimpering in my ear, it’s  beautiful!
        We continue this same dance for what seems like hours, I cum over and over five times now.I slide my hands up in her shirt to feel her little buds while she rides me with more intensity.  She organisms to the point of nearly passing out, my lap soaked with a mix of cum and her young pussy juices. I look down at her beautiful little bubble butt and see she is still off of my lap as her pussy is fully filled but still shallow, it’s  a beautiful sight, all of our cum dripping everywhere. She lays back in full convulsion, she’s spent. She stands up and her pussy is so tight she pulls me out of her, her beautiful ass still hugs the top of her pj bottoms, cum all over both.
       She turns and drunkenly smiles at me, pulling down the front of her bottoms just a bit showing me her hairless soft pussy for the first time. Her thighs are covered in fluids and a slight amount of blood from her first penetration. I should hate myself but I don’t  , her face tells me so. She is happy and content, she whispers in my ear a soft thank you and it’s  ok. She jumps in the shower and goes back to bed giving me a moment to precession what happened as well as clean up.
        I walked her down the isle today and thought of this tender moment, proud of the woman she had become. Most of just happy her life was amazing, realizing that  that little incestuous moment was ours forever!
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Please add story codes to your title.


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Great lil short story   :emot_hard:
keep them Cumming !

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wow such detail soooo hot. thank you me and my  cumming cock  :emot_penis:   :emot_hard:  :emot_mb:
thank you

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Great story well done

Pussy oh how sweet it is

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