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The Companion (MF, 1st, oral, alcohol, rom)

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I don't think of it as mental torture, it is consequences.  I debated titling this story just that. "Consequences"

Happy Harry

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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I looked at it as him trying to teach Jackie a little lesson, to remind her that losing control of herself like that could lead to something bad.

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Pretty good guess. Keep  reading and soon you'll see just how bad things can get.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Hope you all enjoy this new chapter, while I continue on editing other chapters.  Let me know what you think. Ie. comments and reviews are appreciated.

Chapter 9: Sex Explained with Exhibits

“Yeah, that'd be nice. But first I want to say I'm sorry I screwed up your day. And I thought you might like to have your massage now. And while I owe you a massage I thought I might do it now as a way to make up for today. And I'll do it the way you said it should be done.” She pulled a towel from beside her and started working the covers off me.

I understood the robe at that second. She was likely nude underneath, which brought my dick to life. “You really don't have to do that. You can do it any way you feel comfortable. Seriously.”

“No, I want to do it your way, since I haven't been living up to my part of the deal today.” She said with her eyes down looking remorseful and embarrassed. “You won't look will you?”

On this, I wouldn't lie to her, “Yeah, I probably will look if I'm being perfectly honest. But I won't gawk or stare. And with a beautiful body like yours, there is no reason to be embarrassed.”

My answer stopped her working the covers down me and she climbed off the bed. I thought the answer had been the death nail, as the warmer than expected air hit all my back but stopped at the top of my butt. From beside the bed, she had a bid of a dejected look, “Ok. But you promise not to stare?” she asked. She bashfully turned around hiding much of her body from me, while her robe was untied and slid off her shoulders.

She stood perfectly still next to me only the exquisiteness of her curved ass and slender hips of her hourglass shape were left for my gawking. Slowly with her arm covering her breasts and a hand down trying to hide her pussy from my view she turned back to me. I did my best not to stare at her immaculate body. But, it was hard to resist.

Halfway turned around to me, she said, “Please don't stare. I don't think I can do this with you looking at me with no clothes.” The speed of her turning slowed but even with her hand in front of her pussy I couldn't help but notice, it was at mouth level.

There was also a blush that was redder than it should have been had her skin not been so pale, still not fully recovered from a night of drinking. The arm over her breast did little but hide her nipples. The rounded cones were slightly smashed under her arm and it looked so sexy. Yet for some reason, I heard myself saying to the goddess before me, “No, it really is OK if you're dressed. If you'd be more comfortable that way.”

Bashfully she started, “I screwed up earlier, so I want to do this right.” A little stronger she added, “We're both adults and we've agreed on no sex.” To herself, barely audible she said, “I can do this.” With that, she gradually lowered her arm from her breasts while just as slowly she moved the hand from in front of her pussy to her hip. I could have sworn I saw a bit of extra moisture between lips that looked plumper than they'd been before. With her pussy now in full view she said, “And, I'm not sure why but some time last night I guess I decided no sex only meant no intercourse. And evidently, I did some things to you and encourages some things to be done to me that could've been even with clothes. So being naked shouldn't be any bigger deal than if I were dressed.” I couldn't help but feel she was talking herself into thinking giving a massage with no clothes on was OK. “Plus, you've probably seen a hundred women naked in your life. And I know I've seen a man that way.”

I noticed she said man, not men. I couldn't help but wonder if that man was Karen's husband, or if she was talking about seeing me. She continued pulling down the covers until I was completely uncovered and started putting the towel over my butt. While she did I said, “You're right I have. But none were as gorgeous as you.”

She stopped what she was doing frozen for a moment. “Thank you. But can I have you close your eyes? I want to do this right but I'm not sure I can with you looking at me. Despite what we did last night, which I don't remember.” When she went back to tucking the towel under my hips her hands had a nervous shake to them. Finished covering my ass she bent over showing me her fine puckered tan hole and the fat lips of her pussy as well as the fine pink ones they protected. Having finished digging out the two bottles she had put in the robe pocket she turned back to me, where the slightest move and extended tongue would've given me a taste of heaven.

“Ok, I'll try to keep them closed. But you're just so incredible to look at. And like I said earlier I am likely to look every now and again” I said closing my eyes putting my face into the bed.

“Thank you, I know you'll not stare.” She again moved her arms and hands nervously over her private areas. She did this for a while before with my undiscovered peeking I saw her stop covering her privates and flip the lid of a lotion bottle.

My concerns of cold lotion being poured on my back were unfounded, Jackie put the lotion and warmed it up rubbing her hands together. Her hands awkwardly grabbed my shoulders and went to work. It seemed she was spending as much time and effort keeping her body from the possibility of my spurious glances as she was rubbing and massaging my back. Over my shoulder-blades and wrapping my rib cage as she moved my arms around giving herself better access. After a couple of minutes, she asked, “I've never had one of these done professionally. Am I doing it right?”

I was pleased she was taking the job she was doing seriously though much of the time was spent keeping her glorious nubile body from any view. So I answered honestly. “You are doing a great job considering I'm not on a massage table and your not a professional masseuse and used to their usual attire. Plus normally the masseuses can stand at my head rubbing parallel to the spine.”

“Can I sit on your butt and legs while doing this?”

I wondered if she had any recollection of sitting on my butt the night before. “I don't think you weight enough for me to notice.”

Evidently feeling more confident in her skills she asked, “Do professionals skip over your butt and go to your legs directly, or do they also massage it.”

“Some do, some don't. Really depends on the level of service you are paying for.” I answered not telling her some services included a tug also.

“Well, this one is supposed to be a full-service massage.” She started pulling the towel's tucked-in ends free from beneath me, uncovering my ass. With my ass uncovered making me more like her, she was a bit less inhibited. Her hands went straight to my ass. Her fingers kneading and first one ass cheek then the other. While she did the kneading over and over she dipped her fingers into my ass crack. Each time she did she became bolder going further down into the fissure and closer to my asshole and balls.

She spread my legs out wider than any massage table would've normally allowed. Still standing next to me she rubbed her palms over the curve of my ass and down the back of my thigh. Soon her hands were dipped down between my inner thighs. As she did this the back of her hand bumped against the soft slack skin of my ball sack. Her fingertips dragged along my lightly-haired thigh going up and down. The bumping into my balls no longer seemed random but deliberate.

After multiple bumps from first doing my right thigh, they continued and were more frequent as she stroked the left. When she finished the deep massage of the muscles of my thighs she started on my calves. She manipulated the calf muscles for a short time before she started back up my thighs.

For a second time, she seemed to intentionally contact my balls multiple times. I couldn't believe a woman so bashful about her own body being visible would disregard trying to hide her groping my testicles. She gently cupped and lifted them while she caressed her thumb through my sparse pubic hairs. A finger had even crossed over my perineum to the edge of my anus.

Jackie's hands' movements parted my crack further while arching over my butt. The sensations were incredible and hardened my dick more than it already was from seeing Jackie's immaculate naked form. When her hands reached my coccyx. She patted the bed at the foot and said, "Will you move down here and spin around sideways. I think I can do a better job that way." Her hand made a spinning motion before my eyes but tried keeping her naked body out of the line of view.

I debated her request. While on my stomach she'd no idea how hard she'd made me. Moving where she wanted me would likely give her a clear understanding of what she was doing to me. I wasn't sure I wanted her to know. Additionally, it would give her a better way to keep her perfect cones and luscious honed legs and all the areas between, mostly from my stealthy stares. She patted the bed again, "Come on...down here."

I wondered if my reason for not wanting to move was the same reason she wanted me to. So I asked, "What is special about down there?"

" will be easier to get to both your shoulders."

"That it will," I agreed.

"So move, I want this to be perfect." She'd become a bit anxious about me moving. I moved where she wanted to placate her. While doing so, Jackie stood still near me watching my hard cock sway under me with my balls hanging down. I saw her lick her lips as she investigated my cock. I saw that the view had her done to her as well.

Most of her skin's pasty color was gone replaced by a flush. Her labia were plump between her smooth thighs and what earlier I thought was a hint of moisture was definitely pussy lube. Her blushed breasts raised and lowered in shallow breathes and her nipples were already hardpoints. Her hands seemed caught unsure if they should go to her breast or cunt, or return to me.

I thought I could learn how she liked her clit and pussy stimulated if she started masturbating. Likewise, her hands on her firm cones pinching and pulling
 on the erasures topping the small mammary organs, besides being erotic, it could be instructive. I figured the more I knew about what she enjoyed the higher the likelihood I could reproduce the sensations. Thus I might have the pleasure of seeing a repeat of the previous night's display at a later time.

She finally moved. The curve of her ass bounded up and down on the two quick steps before I felt the bed move below me. Similar to what she'd done intoxicated she climbed on the bed. Unlike the previous night, she didn't sit on me. She kept her pussy lips off me though I could feel its heat on the back of my thighs.

Jackie's hands were once again on my skin. Her fingers pressed hard digging into my Trapezius. And while most of the time her squeezing and compressions of my scapulas felt delightful other times I think a Vulcan death grip would've been preferable. It was while her hands were busy with my deltoids that her labia first contacted low on my ass.

The gathered lube trapped in the overly thick clam shells oozed out onto my skin everywhere they pressed against me, making a lube stamp of their contact. The backs of my thighs were mostly coated in a fine lube layer when I felt the first tentative rock of Jackie's hips. Her hands were sliding around my sides firmly stroking my lats down around to my chest's pectorals when her movement was more deliberate. Her hip's swing drove her fat labia apart as well as the fine folds below. The tiny firm mount of nerves scraped up my ass.

She let out a small gasp at her hip's stroke's endpoint along with a quiet, "Mmm." Again, unlike the night before she didn't immediately rub her clit again back down my skin. Instead, it was a couple of minutes before I felt the downward stroke, as she tried disguising her pleasuring herself. Gradually the time between her clit grinding was reduced until it a little under thirty seconds.

Once she had begun pleasing herself, the quality and attention to the massage were also reduced. The sighs and low volume moans continued even when she wasn't humping against me. A heavier thick ooze on my flesh was the instigator for Jackie's firmly voiced, "Time for the front. Will you please continue to keep your eyes closed."

I didn't directly answer her, "As I said earlier, I won't stare." Then I complimented her, "by the way, you've done an incredible job on me so far. I hope the front is just as good." While turning over my hard dick was released from under me and sprung out. Jackie's eyes looked at it as she tried not to show her excitement. She failed as her chest flushed and breathing shortened.

Hopes for the same actions as when she was drunk were squashed when I heard her talking to herself in little more than a whisper, " Oh God I shouldn't. Too close...It'd be way too close...too easy. Can be that close."

I attempted to alleviate her fears saying, "I think I need my towel back." Holding out my hand she put the towel into it. I immediately covered my groin with the white cloth tucking it under my ass. "Much better," I stated with the hope she'd reconsider where she'd place herself while finishing her task.

She did reconsider her location. She didn't sit back on my thighs but knelt on the bed above my head. The aroma coming from her pussy was strong being so close to my nose. She began massaging my face as her pussy was inches from the top of my head. Jackie's touches went from my face down my neck and back as well as along my clavicles. Slowly she scooted up until her knees ran into my shoulders.

Jackie's ass sat on her calves she leaned over my head, her hands on my chest. She gripped and squeezed as well as stroked my chest muscles. While her hands glided over my flesh, she would on occasion pull and roll the nipple on my chest playfully. She leaned even further over me, as her light touch traveled along my stomach. She could no longer keep her ass on her calves, as her fingers started under the towel.

Her small cones showed no signs of deforming and continued to hug her chest despite gravity. Her coned areola and nipple showed the excitement she obviously was feeling while she groped me. I noticed her hands moved much slower towards my midsection than when they went out to the hipbones. They also had a slight tremble to them.

Looking up at the two inverted mounds, I could no longer resist the urge to feel the silken skin just above me on my lips. I raised my head ever so slightly and pressed my pursed lips to her tit's underside She jumped and sat up straight, angry, "Hey, what do you think are you doing?"

"What?" I said innocently, noticing she hadn't moved further away, but she'd quickly wrapped herself in the bedsheet.

"You kissed my tit," she said down at me accusingly.

"Yes, I did what is the big deal? You've kissed me." I wondered knowing she'd already ground her cunt into me twice.

"You don't think kissing my breast is a big deal?" she asked.

"No, not in particular," I replied.

Her hand stopped gliding across my torso while the other kept the sheet tight around her body. "Really! Care to elaborate on why that is?"

"Sure as long as afterward we'll get back to this incredible massage?" I half asked half told Jackie. Much of her inner thigh wasn't covered by the sheet, which meant I had a big target for my lips. For a second time, I pressed my lips to her skin closing them gently on the flesh below. Her thigh's soft skin gave in a small bit until the firm muscle below halted the indention that came with the attachment.

“Damn it, Joe, what are you doing?” she moved her leg only after I had disengaged my lips.

“Kissing you again. I guess I could've given you a zerbert instead,” I said as I sat up. “Didn't you like the kiss more than a zerbert?”

“Oh Gawd, yes didn't you?” she asked immediately evidently without thinking. Shortly after she looked perplexed at the asking.

To make my point, I lied, “No, They're the same to me.” I put my hand on her bare shoulder and ran it down it along her arm.

“The same? But it was so much more....exciting and enticing than a zerbert.”

I was glad she'd used words that could be construed as dealing with sex. Or could be twisted to get there, “I was trying to have some fun make you feel good not enticed you in some sexual way, that you did.”

“What?” she didn't seem to understand my statement or much of what was going on.

“Ok, I'll explain but you'll have to bear with me. You think you can do that?” I asked, with a plan in mind.

“I guess,” She seemed to want the explanation.

“Ok, purse your lips like for a kiss. But think of it coming from your Ex,” I said moving toward Jackie's lips.

“What do you think you're doing?” she asked while she pressed on my shoulders.

Blocked from getting any closer I said, “I thought you were going to bear with me? Is that not the case?” I could've brought up her lack of following through on her going with me today before I did she answered.

“Yes,” She appeared still unsure of her agreement. Her resistance to my advance reduced I continued towards her lips.

“Keep them pursed and don't respond. You think you can do that?” I asked inches from her lips.

“Yes,” she stated pursing her lips. I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips to hers. She did as I asked. Even though, I tried enticing her.

I broke the kiss releasing her from my arms saying, “Did you feel any sexual excitement in that?”

“No, Was I supposed to?” Jackie asked, sounding unsure of her answer.

“Before I answer, this time....” I was interrupted before I could finish my thought.

“You're going to kiss me again?” She didn't sound concerned and did a bad job hiding her excitement.

“Yes, and this time, do what you'd normally do. Like you are with someone you actually want to kiss,” I said before again wrapping my arms around her. This time I pulled her in tighter when I put my lips to hers. After a long time and a great deal of hesitation, she responded opening her mouth to mine. Once that was done her desire was unmistakable. She coaxed my tongue to dance and play with hers. There was a slight moan I could feel through the covers. And her hands that had stayed at her side the last time were soon in my hair pressing my face harder to hers. I didn't encourage or discourage her. I planned on making it as close to the same kiss as the last one. Jackie though was making that difficult.

I pushed back on her and broke the lip lock we were engaged in. Jackie had done much keeping me engaged with her but couldn't keep me on her lips. For a second time, I asked her, “Was that hot for you? Did you feel any sexual excitement while doing it?

She didn't need to answer for my benefit, I already knew the answer. She answered anyway, “Umm... yes you're a good kisser. I hate to say it but that was kind of hot.”

“OK, and when I tell you the only difference was you?” Jackie again looked puzzled. “You were the one that made it hot. I kissed you basically the same way both times. It was you that made it hot and sexual not me. I was only trying to stimulate a pleasant feeling in your lips.”

“What? I don't get it. You're saying it was me that made the kiss into something sexual and you had nothing to do with it,” She parroted back my statement's intent.

“Ok, let's try this again,” I said and Jackie's face lit up like a Christmas tree. It changed to shock when I pushed her back and pulled open the bedsheet she'd wrapped herself in. Before me were two perfect tits. Their nipples all hard and erect, with a blush across the silken skin covering the half grapefruits adorning her chest.

All around her right breast I kissed. Up the underside and around into the wide cleavage my lips went. Her tit's firm, satin-smoothness was now prickled with a thousand little bumps that tantalized my lips. And, one larger one my lips wouldn't know as I made sure I avoided her nipple and the pinkish-brown skin
 it was encircled by. Her hands went to my hair and she pulled at my head. I was on kiss four when I felt Jackie's hands in my hair quit pulling me away and started pulling me toward her breast future faucet. I resisted her guidance and with three more kisses, her breathing had quickened to a kind of panting.

When the sensation of the nubile breast clinging and tugging on my lips as they passed over it became too much for even my usual bloody kittens thoughts keeping my cock from hardening more. Before I could quickly pull away Jackie's eyes that had closed while concentrating on the sensations flew open and she rolled moving her breast from under my lips. She quickly shot back upright and scrambled a bit on the bed yanking the sheet back around her breast like she longed for them to be protected from my lips. I'd expected a reaction just not that long after starting. A bit of anger and a lot more confusion with a touch of hunger went across her face. She scolded, “My god you can't do that. It's not right, you fondling and kissing my tits. We agreed to nothing sexual. I know I broke that rule last night but it doesn't mean you get to break it today.”

I could've corrected her statement that I'd fondled and kissed her tits. I did no fondling and only kissed the single tit, not both. But I didn't think it was the time to be literal. “One second, please,” I said putting her back in the position she'd just been in. She didn't struggle against my keeping her on the bed, folded back on her calves in a position I could only imagine a gymnast could get into.

Seeing Jackie wasn't hell-bent on leaving I took it as an opportunity to continue, “OK, now compare that to this,” This time she didn't look excited, she had trepidation on her face. Going up toward her face instead of down toward her tits, for the second I could see her face it looked somewhat relieved. I began putting my lips on her cheekbones and on her cheeks. Her nose was not spared but I again avoided what she wanted, which was my lips on hers. Which was clear by how she continued moving her head to get me on them.

After the same number and duration of kisses I quizzed her, “And the kissing your cheeks, was that breaking the rules?”

“Yes but not as badly.”

“Why is that?” I asked the woman that didn't realize she was going right where I wanted her to go.

“It's just different.”

“Different how? I did the same type of kissing to both your face and breast. My hands stayed in the same place both times. So why were they different?” I asked inching her along.

“Because,” she put her face in her hands shaking it.

“Because why?” she wasn't going to get away with a non-answer.

For a while, we sat in silence while Jackie remained with her face in her hands. She finally answered, “I hate to say it... But because kissing my breast made me hot and want more.” Hiding her blushing face from me she continued, “Kissing my face while it felt good it didn't do that as badly.”

“And if I said that kissing your cheeks and nose and the rest of your face I found extremely erotic and kissing your breast was just a little more exciting than shaking your hand and giving you a hug then what?” I asked though I knew it was far from the truth.

“Seriously?' her face peered out from her hands.

“Seriously. It's your frame of mind, not mine. You're the one finding the kissing of your breast to be sexual not me... Well, let's be specific not for me this time. There are times when doing that is extremely erotic for me and my partner, but I have no way of controlling how my partner perceives it. So in this case my kissing a calf might be more sensual than kissing around the base of a neck.” I explained. She was still looking confused.

Confusion was my friend. I quickly took her head between my hands and kissed Jackie full on the mouth. I moved my lips on hers which she quickly reciprocated. I parted my lips and she did the same. Her breath washed into my mouth, while my tongue visited hers. Our tongues wrestled and prodded each other, discovering the creases and movements as they tangled together. I was enraptured by the taste of her breath and the little gasps of delight she gave. Her hands no longer concerned with the sheet, let it fall, as they went to my head keeping me tight to her.

Taking her wrist in my hands I pulled free of her grasp. Hoping not to break her desire and the relative look of befuddlement at my mouth leaving hers, I quickly said, “And that is much more intimate and sexual than...” I quickly pushed her onto her back again, attaching my mouth to her hard nipple. It was as exquisite as I'd imagined it would be. I sucked and rolled the hard nub with my tongue. I brushed over it and lightly teased it with my teeth. Up and down I nibbled and licked her nipple and the crown on which it sat. Again after the initial frozen shock wore off, her hands were on the back of my head and her back arched driving her breast into my mouth. Her arousal heightened beyond what I'd hoped for I again with reluctance moved away from her perfect tit.

For a second time, Jackie's blushed face was in her hands, though this time her hands went to her face as she remained on her back not giving even a hint of leaving. “Oh God, what are you doing to me? This was just supposed to be a massage... Your massage. Not a course in what is sexual and what isn't while seeing how much Jackie will put up with sexually.”

“That's not what this is,” I said with no ulterior motive. Well, not much of one. I continued, “I am just trying to explain with examples of how to me some things are more intimate and sexual than others. And that intimacy is way more powerful in developing erotic feelings than something purely sexual. So while you said my kiss of your breast was sexual I say the kiss you gave me our last trip down in the lobby did a lot more to develop erotic feelings.”

She seemed somewhat amenable to my kissing her breast as part of our conversation. And while she seemed resigned to having the conversation, she still seemed embarrassed and unsure about staying and finishing the massage. Especially,  if it meant more of what had already happened. “Fine, we can agree to disagree on what is sexual and what isn't. Since I think the kiss in the lobby doesn't compare to what you just did.” She paused a second before continuing, “Now can we drop this conversation and forget that any of this happened and get back to your message. And you stop putting your mouth on my tits,” She said from behind her hands, I think to add a bit of nervous levity.

“Not just yet but soon. And I don't think I'll ever forget that your breast is exquisite, and sucking on its nipple was definitely hot but not overly intimate.” Jackie turned a dark crimson red while shooting me a look of disapproval. I continued my soliloquy, “I took nothing of it or you with me, except its delicious taste. But with the kiss, I had your saliva and breath passing into me. It's something I took with me in a far more intimate way. So kissing a nipple is pretty much always sexual but not necessarily intimate though in the right context it can be. And kissing someone's mouth if you desire it, is very intimate in its own way. But as we've seen not always sexual.” I was letting her ponder what I'd said from behind her hands while I covertly moved anything from the path to her pussy.

With her thighs just far enough apart for the final part of our discussion, I said, “Now this...” My head was between her thighs before she even realized what was happening. My tongue had started parting her bloated pussy lips from the top as my mouth covered the full pedals. The first taste of her juices was beyond belief. There was a savory tang to the viscous juice. And her silky pink slit held a lot of it. My taste buds were covered in little time as I passed them through the fissure. The slick plush feeling of the flesh and some with the tickle of close-cropped coarse hair set my brain on fire. There was nothing I was able to do about my cock turning rock hard wanting to be surrounded again by the folds making up her slit. I flicked over her clit first with the top of my tongue, then with the smooth underside before I drove it into her waiting hole. I say waiting, as it was filled with copious amounts of juice lubricating my tongue's way. Twice I pounded my tongue into the tight hole both times getting very little into the resistant small tube.

I like the idea that a voice can just go somewhere, uninvited, and just kinda hang out like a dirty thought in a nice clean mind. Maybe a though is like a virus,  it can kill all the healthy thoughts

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Another fantastic story from the author that keeps me coming back to this once great site.  Love it