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Paladin Pussy Powered by Goblin Cock (FM, Mdom, NC, BDSM, humiliation, nonhuman)

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The roots of the failure in the plans of gods, demons and great men is arrogance.  The salvation of life, in defiance of all legend, lore and church dogma is found lust.  In particular, in the rampant ever thrusting green cock of the lowly goblin, and three hungry holes of the glorious Paladin, known to legend as the Sword of Purity.

The Earth Goddess tells us it begins with a dick.  Not a lusty life giving penis, but her oldest child, Arkon the Unyielding.  Arkon was the god of war, the god of chastity, the god of purity, the god of light, god of, as the Earth Goddess would note, being holier than thou and right snooty about it.  The champions of Arkon were his Paladins.  Granted strength, healing, resistance to magical charm, fear, and poisons, they were unstoppable killing machines.  Unquestioning virginal knights who channeled their life giving lusts into physical pain seeking purity to increase their closeness to Arkon's purity and power.  They carried the forces of light to the brink of victory time and again.  Then fell in failure.

Six were seduced by Succubi, one by an Incubis because it turns out he turned to the vow of chastity not to deny his lust of women but to deny his lust wasn't for women in the first place.  So by their penis they fell, where no magic could have touched them.  Four fell to The Goblin Queen because the Earth goddess granted to her immunity to the violence of males in restitution for the murder of the Goddess of Goblins by her brother Arkon the Unyielding at the beginning of time, and the war between men and goblins.  The last and most bitter was the fall of the Merciless, the champion closest to Arkon's heart whom he had cut all maleness from.  Cut off from all male or female nature, the Merciless knew only slaughter and was seduced by Ravor, god of slaughter to be the first Death Knight.

So, Arkon the Unyielding turned to his mother, the Earth Goddess and asked, in his own stiff necked fashion for aid.

"I need a champion without the weaknesses of mortal men."  Snarled Arkon.

"Choose a woman."  His mother, Earth Goddess, mother of all earthly passions and generator of life itself offered unsympathetically.

"Women are weak!"  Snarled Arkon.

"You would die if you tried giving birth, most disappointing son of mine.  They are strong in different ways, life requires more than just murder and self righteousness.  Besides, you give gifts to your champions that make them a whole lot more powerful than normal people anyway, so just make her strong as well."  The Earth goddess offered, kneeling to touch the earth burned by one of his armies in its quest to remove the temptations of Dryads to forest hunters, they had burned the forest, and the livelihood of the village whose "souls"  were somehow endangered by the occasional friendly encounter with bored and frisky dryads.

"I cannot, for my gifts to them come from the denial of their unclean lusts and channeling into my purity."  Arkon admitted.  "Mother, I ask you to bless the champion I choose with five times a normal woman's gifts, where I bless my male champions with three times the gifts, and offer my protection from the extra impurity.  I will gift her armour that hides her detestable feminine nature while she wields my holy sword."

The Earth Goddess poked her son in the chest with a soot covered finger, angry at the loss of her forest, the suffering of the village, the stupidity of her son, and the long ago murder of her daughter the Goblin Goddess.  Her answer was sharp.

"I will gift her five times a mortal woman's gifts in EVERYTHING.  She will know a true lust for life, glory in every blade of grass, every song of bird, every taste, every scent every touch and truly see the wonders of this world.  I will not grant to you a blind and unthinking engine of destruction.  You may give her your Paladin's gifts, but she will know both the value of the lives she protects, and the cost of the lives that she takes."

Arkon stopped and looked at his mother for a moment.  "You are still pissed about me killing the Goblin Goddess."  He muttered.

The Earth Goddess slapped him hard enough a nearby mountain suffered a major landslide.  "You saw her bathing and got an erection, she offered to show you how to use it and you invented swords just to stick THAT in her instead.  Yes I am still angry.  If you wonder why her children are such murderous little shits and rapey little monsters, understand you MURDERED my daughter who was to teach them how to live in harmony.  Yes I am still pissed.  Now, go away.  I will see your champion conceived this night, and will send your church the way to identify her."

Thus came to be born Ingred of Yaz, known to history as the Sword of Purity.

Some time later, the Earth Goddess who believed in balance, created a far less likely champion.  So came to be born Knotty Wolfcock, 280th son of the Goblin Queen.

Knotty liked three things in life.  Eating, fucking and fighting.  Thus far he was as Goblin as Goblin could be, and far better at any of them than the other Goblins, as he seemed to be born with a knack for seeking new ways to do everything.  He was the trickiest goblin of them all, and those who targeted him because of his seeming lack of casual cruelty found it wasn't that he couldn't be cruel, it's just he didn't enjoy being cruel to those who were no threat to him.  The problem started when Knotty Wolfcock captured a farm girl gathering herbs in the forest.  Having subdued her, he began to indulge his every appetite on her.

Devouring her breasts, her lips, her neck, Knotty learned he could make her body respond with the same lusts as his own.  Feeling a power, a dominance far different from simply raping her.  Knotty began to see how much pleasure he could wring from the farm wife's body.  The woman had been a peasants wife for almost a year, and had never known an orgasm, as her husband was an Arkonite and held that sex was for procreation only.  Knotty swiftly taught her how much pleasure her body could experience.  Six orgasms in he finally taught her the difference between a foot of Knotty goblin cock and five inches of semi flacid farmer.   His long tongue teaching her the need to obey each and every request, lest the pleasure stop, she learned to clean him with her mouth, to revive the pleasure giving implement again and again.

Six days he kept her, until all three holes had been Knotty sized, and a great green baby was firmly planted in her belly.  Then he sent her back to the farm. 

Upon hearing this, his father Ulk the Ugly flew into a rage, looking at the raped out breeding sluts of the Goblin village, reduced to mindless and almost lifeless husks by endless brutality.  "It is the goblin way to take what you want, and make it hurt!"  He roared.  "I will track down your slut, and cut your weak seed from her womb.  Next time you will bring your prey back and share with the village!"

Everyone in the great hall was cheering as all seven feet of Ulk the Ugly roared his dominance.  Everyone except Knotty Goblin Cock who hopped up onto the table strode to stand eye to eye with his looming father the Goblin Chief and ram the antler handle of his eating spoon through his father's eye and what passed for his brain.

So it was that Knotty Wolfcock hung crucified in the center of the Goblin Village, with the brush and firewood piled around for his slow roasting, when the Sword of Purity rode in to cleanse the Goblin Village, and begin the strangest, most perversely successful relationship in Paladin history.

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Ingred of Yaz knelt in her tent.  A Paladin should be accompanied by squires and men at arms, but her curse meant she could not be trusted around men.  Blessed by the Goddess of the Earth, and cursed by the God of Purity to whom she was pledged, she was the shameful secret of the church.  A woman who was the Sword of Purity, the symbol of the dominance of man, who secretly was a woman.

The voices in her head, the warring spirits of her angels, the spirit of earth that sang of harmony, beauty, love, lust, pleasure, and life.  The feminine spirit that sang to her body, that made her skin so sensitive that the breeze or fall of rain was enough to make her sex flood and her mind burn with the desire five times that of the voluptuous maiden whose body she had, to match the physical power magnified as strongly.  The voice of her flesh told her to find strong hands, hard muscles, eyes that burned with matching passion, lips that hungered to feast on hers, and a hard thrusting cock to fill the aching void within.  So filled with love, her body healed almost as fast as it could be wounded, so deep was her connection to the Earth Goddess, to the primal female life giving force. The command burned in her, "Know joy, bring joy, spread joy." So potent, so hungry, so hated by the second voice.

The voice of Arkon burned in her, the commands burned into her soul with his ordination, with his Paladin's blessings.
"Man is supreme" (But I am woman!)
"Pleasure is punishable by pain"
"Punishment will bring purity"
"Lust must be conquered, the will of man must rule." (But I am woman!)
"Evil must be destroyed"
"Fear must be conquered"
Thus far, she had the commands burned into all Paladins, but as a woman, she was given more to hide her secret
"Obedience to your sworn master is your only law"
"You will never pleasure yourself"
"No man will ever pleasure you"
"No woman will ever pleasure you"

Bound by her two warring commands, she knelt in her tent upon her saddle, her wet sex pressed against the leather.  With a whip in her hand she lashed it left and right across her back.

"I am an unworthy lustful wench who begs to be purged of my weakness." [Crack!] "I will serve the Lord of Purity as his sword, bringing his vengeance upon all the unclean!" [Crack]

The lashes each drew blood, but healed almost as fast as they were made, as she rubbed her pussy urgently on the saddle, the only relief she could know, until one whip strike struck slightly off and the whip reached around to strike her left nipple, the shock of pain/pleasure caused her to convulse in screaming orgasm.  Flooding her saddle with shameful cum, the punishment finally was enough, and she felt the ice cold rage of Arkon fill her.  There was a goblin village ahead, source of evil murdering and raping monsters who required purging.

The calls by the lone farmer woman to spare her "Beloved sweet gentle Knotty" could only be the result of some sort of spell by a goblin shaman, for all knew goblins knew only cruelty and death, and deserved only the same.  She would bring that.  That was her gift, that was her curse.

Rising up, the naked voluptuous redhead looked the image of a nymph sporting in some bordello painting, or priestess of a rural Earth Goddess Temple beyond the reach of the Arkon's purity laws.  Holding forth her hand, she called one word.

"Purity!"  The call rang beyond this world, and she was bathed in cold white light brighter than the heart of a thunderbolt.  When the flash cleared, the ripe body of a naked maiden had been replaced with the tall sturdy figure in bright silver plate, a face covering helm showing only blue flaming pits where they eyes should be.  A long red plume the colour of Ingred of Yaz fell from the back of the helmet, the only clue this huge figure had any connection to the shapely sexually frustrated virgin recently writhing on the knightly saddle.

The sword that shone in her fist was the simple unadorned purity of a Holy Sword.  No markings on it proclaimed it, but the golden light that bled from the blade and aura of power that surrounded the burnished armour like flames around the sun proclaimed the Sword of Purity's identity as the wrath of the God of Purity, the embodiment of the supremacy of Man.

Saddling her destrier, she mounted with a lithe grace that should have been impossible for the bulk of woman, armour and weapons, but bespoke a power and training more than mortal.  Riding into the Goblin village the Sword of Purity shattered the gates with a lance of Holy Light Magic.  Where a temple priest would be lucky to kill a goblin or orc, the power of the Sword of Purity was legendary for a reason.  Her lance of Holy Light Magic blew aside not the gate, but the wall and tower above it.  Screaming goblin archers fell in bleeding wreckage as she rode her destrier into the village, the roar of her spell drowning the horns and bells of the alarm.

Carving her way through the goblins like a farmer reaping wheat, she carved her way to the crucified figure in the center of the fire.  Calling upon her Holy Vision she called out "Oh lord of purity, let the unclean be revealed to me!".  With that spell all who were evil blazed in her sight, and she could see the crucified figure was not.  Assuming it was some poor human villager or adventurer, she cut him free and tossed him behind her on the saddle as she fought to clear the villagers around the fire.

Her sword flashed faster than lightning to sweep spears and arrows from the air as the goblins who could retreated to shower her with missiles.  Time and again the shamen cast spells at her, but the burning halo of her blessings turned the weak spells like so much rainwater.  In the arrogance of Paladins, she mistook the inability of goblins to face her power as a guarantee of victory.  In fact, goblins have never had an even break, the only race without a god or goddess to protect them, goblins survive by cheating, and they do it well.

The mud beneath her steeds hooves was not protected, so the shamen made it liquid.  As her horse foundered, the warriors plied her with whips, striking from all sides.  Her armour turned each blow, and her sword cut whip after whip, but they struck at her horse too, and it went mad with pain and panic, stumbling and trapping her.

The goblins descended on the trapped Sword of Purity, and it looked like yet another champion would go down to defeat and worse, but they had forgotten one thing.  A small thing.  A small ANGRY thing.

As the goblins dragged the trapped Paladin from beneath her thrashing mount, Knotty Wolfcock, whipped, burned and royally pissed off, clung to the saddle underneath the destrier.  As the war horse reared up, fighting free of the goblins who fought to subdue the Paladin, they didn't notice a bleeding green naked form swing into the saddle.

Knotty pulled himself onto the saddle and felt his cock grow to a full foot of green glory as his nose picked up the rich scent of pussy.  Fresh hot pussy.  Never too busy to drink in the scent of fresh hot pussy, the lust only added to his fire to get revenge on the goblins who nailed him to a cross and tried to fry him like a lizard kabob.  Yanking cruelly at the bit, he turned the panicking mount around.  Having fought human cavalry before, he knew if well trained they would not step upon their own riders, but they loved to stomp everyone and everything else into screaming twitching goo.  Like nail me to a cross and light me on fire goblins, for instance.

Knotty screamed "Grab on sir knight, I'm coming for you!"  and charged the destrier into the crowd of goblins like a warhammer into a porcelain doll collection.  The destrier worked out its fear and shame for mud and whips with teeth and hooves on anything green and stompable, even as the Paladin grabbed onto the stirrup and was pulled free.  Reaching down, Knotty pulled the figure up behind him, succeeding largely because the Paladin was half climbing at the same time.

Moving the destrier to face the goblin horde again, the disarmed Paladin simply raised its armoured hand and shouted "Purity!"  at which point, a hand and a half holy sword appeared in its hands, and Knotty realized this wasn't just a knight, this was a holy Paladin.  Crawling behind the armoured engine of destruction on the saddle, Knotty yanked a whip that had been caught in the stirrup from an earlier attack and armed himself.  As the Paladin rode through again and again cutting goblins down, Knotty used his whip to disarm archers, disrupt shamen, and move aside spear points set to block the charger.  As effective as the Sword of Purity on her own was, the addition of Knotty cheating like only a goblin could saved the day.

Unsuspected by Knotty, the combination of the whip cracks, the rocking of the saddle, and the pressure of his hard foot long goblin cock on her leather clad ass was having serious effects on the Sword of Purity.  Always whipping herself to banish lustful thoughts to empower herself for battle, now she was riding in battle, with the sound of the whip, the lust filled so dominant and foul mouthed voice of an absolutely obscene goblin swearing his way through every pornographic punishment known to goblin and certain specialized demons, all the while pushing a cock the size of a short sword into her shapely bottom.

Rather than confusing or weakening her, the heightened lust gave her a clarity, a purity and a power never before.  She struck faster, harder, and dodged attacks so naturally now that she did not even need to block.  That growing sexual arousal was turning her from a killing machine, to a living tempest, a storm of holy steel and death.   From his place in the heavens, Arkon the Unyielding looked upon the spray of blood and cries of goblin despair and smiled.  From her place in the rich living earth, the Earth goddess felt the hammer of blood in Knotty's great cock, and the growing heat, hunger and wetness in the unsuspected core of the Sword of Purity, and laughed.

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The armoured killing machine known as the Sword of Purity, foremost Paladin of Arkon the Unyielding, god of purity, god of mankind, god of light rode with blood spattered armour, a shining holy sword, a naked, whip wielding, obscenely hung goblin, and a growing problem.

Inside the magical armour of the Sword of Purity, masked by the holy magic that forever concealed the shameful truth that the Champion of Man was in fact, a woman, was Ingred of Yaz,  Ingred was blessed with the gift of vitality, specifically the power of five women.  The strength, the healing, the desire.  She was then given the power of a man, and the lust, by Arkon the unyielding, along with a curse that she was never to touch herself, nor allow a man or woman to please her.  She was cursed to transform her lust into power through punishment.  Further adding to the conflict, Arkon's dislike of women caused him to curse her with his rule that female must submit to male, yet bind her specifically with the command that the Sword of Purity may never yield to anyone.

Normally this produced an eternally sexually frustrated killing machine that was so desperate for release that she would unthinkingly carry out the orders of the holy church, because the only release she could know was sliding her sword into the screaming flesh of the unbeliever, but she had learned she could also find release through the Earth Goddess feminine gift through "accidental" over stimulus during punishment. As long as it wasn't her will, the Earth Goddess rewarded her for subverting Arkon's will by pleasure and orgasms again five times the strength of any mortal woman.

The major complication to Igred/Sword's existence was rubbing his foot long oddly knobbed cock into her leather clad ass, even as he unconsciously tempted her by waving his whip at the edges of her sight as Knotty Wolfcock alternated between singing the praises of the Sword of Purity, and cursing the goblin tribes, and the gods of darkness, for his almost fate.

"Fuck the gods of darkness, fuck dark wizards, fuck demons, devils, dragons, ogers and giants alike.  Actually, with the cock I have, I have fucked a ogress; fucked her so happy she passed out from cumming before she could eat me.  Didn't have the heart to kill her, so I just tied her up and escaped.  I don't hold with hurting women you fuck.  Sure goblins got no women of our own since Arkon murdered our goddess and left only the Queen.  She's so pissed she only bears sons and we have no choice but to take women from other races, but given the choice between making a woman scream with my tongue and my whip, I will use my tongue."

Knotty leered and flashed a long tongue that seemed to extend as long as his hand from his snaggle toothed goblin mouth.   Unaware of how his words were affecting what he assumed to be a human male Paladin, Knotty rambled on.

"I can tell you are my sort of man, killer beyond compare, and a lover as well.  I can smell the fresh hot pussy coming off this saddle, there is so much hot slut juice on this saddle I can't get my cock to come down.  You must have fucked so many maidens thanking you for rescue that they are lining up to get captured by someone just for the chance to sheath that whole "Holy sword" of yours hey?"  Knotty laughed, unaware the fresh hot pussy was leaking right now.

"Yes, I even understood how my people used to love to ride to war.  Your crusade made us stop that.  I mean, we used to take women of other tribes, like your humans, and ride them to battle.  Yes, no spurs required.  Just control them through the nipple rings as reins and keep their hands properly bound so they don't get uppity.  I mean sure you use the whip to make them obey, but its the cock that tames them.  Make them so hot for your cock in all three holes that they will run naked through the fire to keep you safe and there is no better mount than a maiden.  I guess your warhorse is as loyal as our goblin-steeds used to be, but I can't imagine being brave enough to fuck this tuskless elephant, let alone try to bit train it with my cock!"

Knotty sighed.  "That was before the whole gods of evil thing, when suddenly you had to be cruel to be tough.  Nothing wrong with loving your mount, nothing wrong with training your wench to run towards you for ravishing, rather than running away.  I mean my last wench I had to tie up every night just to get some sleep.  Made me take the whip to her to; pouted for a week when I refused, but came so hard when I got all twelve inches up her freshly whipped ass I feared I might lose my cock!  I always thought you Paladins were just the same.  All murder no sex, but the smell of this saddle is nothing but sweet hot needy pussy!  I could serve a man like you, yes I could!"

Having arrived at her camp, Ingred, the Sword of Purity dismounted.  Looking at the little goblin, and his not little cock, she felt an urge welling up inside, an urge from one set of her voices calling out in a voice that was the roar of her blood, singing in her flesh, burning in her nerves and she spoke, drawing her great sword and holding it before her with the symbol of Arkon's bright disk before Knotty's eyes.

"Will you serve me?  Will you be bound by holy oath, by magical Geas to hold my secrets even unto death, to do whatever it takes to further my quests, no matter the cost to you or to me?"

The voice of the Sword of Purity was the idealized male, it sounded to each man who heard it as the ideal of power, and while its effects were not strictly magical, the charisma of that voice compelled obedience and honestly.

"Like the old slave seal Goblin's gave to their female mounts, binding our souls and our fates together?  Yes!  Fuck the gods of darkness and their senseless cruelty.  You are everything I believe in, fight to the last drop of blood, and make every pussy you find a fountain of fucking joy.  I will serve you, though all I have is whip, will, and a foot of hard Goblin cock, I am yours!"

The brand burned the Sun Sign into his forehead where the sword pressed, but from his feet and up his legs came golden vines that wrapped around his cock and balls, forming a crown above his cock, even as dark thorns ran down his muscled arms to his hands like tendrils of an invisible whip.

A voice rang from the earth itself "DONE" and lightning smote the ground between the two of them.

The armour of the Sword of Purity was gone, as was her sword.  Standing mother naked, blushing and visibly aroused was Ingred of Yaz.

"Sweet goddess of fuck!"  Exclaimed Knotty

I am the conservative good girl I was raised to be.  I am the submissive slut I was born to be. 
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