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Julia’s After School Encounter (UA, Mf, noncon, reluc, bondage,romance)

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This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life in certain jurisdictions, relations with an under-aged person are not allowed. Certainly, non-consensual sex is disallowed. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life, nor initiating a non-consensual sexual assault.

Julia’s After School Encounter
By Stephen Smith
Copyright 2021
(UA, Mf, noncon, reluc, bondage,romance)

Julia walked slowly home from school. Another day of hell, picked on by the popular girls, ignored by all the guys. And why not? Her looks were mediocre at best. Mom never let her pick out the frames she wanted for her coke-bottle prescription. Plagued by acne, braces that felt a mile wide, hair that just couldn’t be tamed... She wasn’t the best, or the brightest. Most days she just hoped to slouch by and be unnoticed. Days of peace, when Brenda and her gang forgot their favorite punching bag. Those days were rare.  Today was not one of those days. Today was yet another humiliation in the lunchroom.  A foot stuck out to trip her as she went by. Tray flying one way, her outstretched body another.  Echoes of laughter followed her along the sidewalk like the fall leaves that skittered along in the cooling breeze.

Nearly sweater weather. No matter...  Julia preferred sweaters, a teenager’s camouflage, all the better to disappear into. A particularly cool breeze ruffled her wild hair, sending leaves flying, making crunching sounds. Rhythmic crunching sounds. Coming from around the van she’d just walked past. She felt like she’d just tripped on the uneven concrete slabs of the ancient sidewalk. She tripped but didn’t fall.  Strong arms caught her, a cloth held to her mouth and nose. She smelled a sickly-sweet smell like hospital hallways as she reflexively inhaled in surprise, then she remembered no more for a time.

Julia sensed movement, swaying, the sound of wheels in motion. Air rushing by a window.  Blackness returned.

A hand was gently tapping her leg. Her eyes fluttered open. She found herself laying in the back of a van.  Dim blue led light strips ran around the perimeter of the ceiling of the van. Curtains drawn all around the windows. Her arms were straight out above her head, where leather straps secured her wrists together and to... something.  But most notably in the van was the man who sat across from her. She said nothing, which might be expected, because she found her mouth filled with something large and rubbery. She tried the bondage of her wrists and found they were very strong. Some kind of padded leather cuff. Not painful, but not yielding in the slightest. Her movement caused a metallic clink sound, and once again she noticed the man looking towards her.

“Hi” he said, shyly, looking at her as he sat with his back to the driver’s seat. She found herself with her head towards the back of the van, and realized she was laying on a mattress covered with a sheet. Strangely, she felt unnaturally calm.

“Mmmph” she replied. In the darkness it took a moment before she realized that he was wearing a stocking over his face.  It was so strange and old school, like oldie-time bank robbers from 70’s films, that she had to stifle a laugh. Only then did it occur to her that she was in a very serious situation. Recognizing that she might still be affected by whatever it was that knocked her out, she tried to take a deep breath to clear her head, which was difficult to do with the gag.

She tried to move her feet but found they were bound as well. As she craned her head to look down her body, she saw her ankles were bound to a spot right next to him, shoes and socks off, ensconced in dark leather cuffs as well.

“I hope you didn’t have anything special planned for tonight,” he said apologetically.  It took her a moment to realize that he genuinely seemed to mean that.

“Mmmph mph” she said back, looking him in the eye with a level gaze. 

“Huh...” he said, scratching his head. “You’re not what I expected.”

“MMmhhhh?” she asked, tilting her head to one side.

“Well, you don’t seem to be afraid,” he replied. She looked at him for a moment, then started looking around at the interior of the van. Aside from the mattress, the floor was carpeted. The seats at the front were really nice, some kind of captain chairs. There were blackout curtains across the windshield and a partially closed curtain between the cargo area and the cab. It seemed like some kind of camper van arrangement. With the blue lights, colors of things couldn’t be determined.  She detected a pattern in the darkness above her.  She met his gaze again, then looked back up questioningly. 

“Oh... hey, yeah... check this out.” He reached to one side and flipped a switch.  The lights changed from deep blue to UV, and above her what could not be seen before sprang to life.  The ceiling of the van became a field of stars.  A galactic core, clouds of stars of varying size, and towards the front of the van, a mountain reached toward that sky with blue snow and rivers meandering down. The sudden extra-dimensional effect was stunning and for a moment she forgot where she was.

She wanted to ask him if he’d painted it, but she realized the gag was in the way. She mewled to him, and turned her head miming wiping the gag off on her shoulder.

“You won’t scream?”

“Unn uhhh” she managed in reply.

“Ok... well, we’re far out here, so it really wouldn’t do you any good anyway.” He thought for a minute.  “Promise?” he asked.

Julia nodded seriously.  He made his way up the mattress and began unbuckling the gag. When he pulled it out, she worked her jaw, licked her lips before replying “Thanks”

“You’re welcome” he said awkwardly. She suddenly realized he was much younger than she’d though he might be, sitting in the darkness up front.  The way he moved, the pitch of his voice... She readjusted her assessment from 30-ish, to early 20-ish.  She started an inventory, knowing it might be very important later.  She prayed there would be a later, and resolved to get through this.

“So... what’s on your mind?” she asked, trying to keep her voice calm, but in her stomach butterflies raged.

“Well... I hope you don’t mind too much, but you really looked like you could use some company. And, I’m really pretty lonely myself. When I saw you, I just got this feeling that you would be the one.” He said, and he reached out and touched her cheek gently.  She tried not to flinch back, letting him pet her cheek.

“You took me out here... wherever here is, to talk with me?”

“Well... I guess, what I’d like to do is more than talk.”

“More than talk?”

“Well, yeah.  Have you had sex before?” he asked

“Nope” she replied, and she could feel a cold sweat break out across her body.

“What I knew was that today was going to be the day, and when I saw you, I knew that you would be the one. I promise you won’t be hurt, and I’ll let you go when we’re done.”

“You promise?” she asked incredulously.

“I do.  I’m not a bad guy, really.  I just...” he turned his head away.

Julia found herself speechless, as he shifted and moved to straddle her midsection.

“What are you going to do?” she asked unnecessarily. He said nothing, but began to tug her sweater up her front, working it up under her back, till her bra was exposed.  He stopped, looking thoughtfully, then reached out towards her face.

She closed her eyes hard and braced, expecting him to hit her.  Instead, she felt him remove her glasses.  When she opened her eyes again, she could make out the blurry view of him folding them up and putting them safely to the side.

“I’ll give you those back later” he said apologetically, then worked the sweater up past her shoulders, over her head, and gathered them into a ball around her hands.

“How does your bra come off?” he asked.

“There’s a set of clips in the back” she replied.

“Ok,” he said, and rolled her onto her side.  It took a couple of minutes of fumbling in the near darkness before she felt the first hook pop, then the second, then all the rest popped off, her bra going slack.

He carefully threaded her bra up her arms to rest below the sweater.

“Oh...” he exclaimed, looking her over with an expression of wonder. She couldn’t reconcile what was happening.  A boy was gazing at her in wonder. Her. 

Here she was, bound, who knows what was going to happen, and yet, here was this boy risking a life in jail just to look at her.  Her! Ugly Julia! It didn’t make sense.

He slowly reached out and touched her right nipple, the darker areola looking obscenely dark in the uv lights, and both of her nipples crinkled into hard sensitive nubs.  She gasped when he stroked around and over her nipple in spite of herself.

“I’m not hurting you, am I?” he asked as he explored, and she could barely reply.

“No... it’s fine” she said, part of her horrified, yet another part of her wanted to scream out for another touch. He stroked her, kneaded her sensitive nipples.

“Is that ok?” he asked. 

“Yeah. It’s ok” she replied, and couldn’t keep the tremor out of her voice.

He smiled, then bend forward, his mouth getting closer, closer to her nipples.  He wrapped his mouth, the silky nylon of the stockings making the touch excruciatingly wonderful to her.

“Oh,” he said disappointed.  “Forgot this darn mask”

“Well, without my glasses, I can’t really see very well.  I’d never see your face.” She offered, surprising herself.

“Oh, umm... ok.  I guess that makes sense.” He said, and he pulled the stocking off his face.  “Man, I hated that.  Makes me itch!” he said.  Then he returned his attention to her breasts.

She could feel his lips making their way around her areola, clumsy at first, over her nipples, then sucking, tugging, nibbling.  First one breast, then the other.  It was like he couldn’t get enough. It was really turning her on. She felt warm and tense all over. Finally, he pulled away long enough to catch his breath.

“You have beautiful breasts.” He said.

“I do?” she said, waiting for some cruel remark.

“Oh yeah.  I need to kiss them again.” He said, lowering again to renew his attack.  She sighed in response. While he made a thorough examination of her tits and started kissing down her tummy, she checked her bonds at her wrists again. Solid.  Ankles as well.  He didn’t notice the metallic clink as he kissed lower. She came back to herself when she felt tugging at the belt of her jeans.

“What’s your rush?” she asked apprehensively.

He grinned “Well, I’ll be sure to take my time, but I’ve been waiting so patiently for this, I just had to see it now.” He said as he unthreaded her belt from the buckle.

“It?” she asked, knowing full well.

He said no more as he undid the buttons of her fly, then started working her jeans down towards her calves. She sighed, resigned in her strong bonds, that there was nothing to be done but endure. When the jeans were down as far as they could go, the underwear was next.  Down it went.

She had never really paid much attention to her down-below, and now astounded herself by feeling regret that she’d not kept things a bit trimmer downstairs.

He, however, was enraptured. Laying before him was the holy of holies. He reached out and with a slight tremor in his hand, traced from her belly button, down across her meager thatch, and accidentally dug his thumb right across her aroused and engorged clit. When had she become so aroused?  She could not say. She could not even acknowledge that it had happened at all, and yet she felt the sharp stab of electric from her sex to her core. She inadvertently moaned.

“Man, do you know how hot you are?” he asked as he traced her inner thighs with one hand, and cupped her bare buttocks with the other.

She could not speak, and he needed no reply, as he traced his fingers down her legs till they encountered the jeans.

“I’m gonna release your legs one at a time. Don’t try to run, cause your hands will still be tied up and you won’t get far.  I want you to be comfortable for the next part.” He said as he pulled a set of keys out of his pocket and fumbling around by her feet, she could feel something give. 

She looked at him with apprehension but said nothing as he took her left ankle and disconnected it from a chain it had been locked to. He slipped her leg out of her jeans and panties, and lifted it up towards the ceiling.  He took a chain that was attached to the side of the van near the ceiling, and reusing the small padlock that he’d just unlocked, he locked her ankle to it. This brought her leg back and way off to the side and holding it in place.  She watched as he repeated this with her other leg, realizing that she was now totally naked before him, her legs in a stretched back V. Her ankles were chained back even with her shoulders, forcing her to be spread open to his view.

He carefully folded up her jeans and put her panties on top, setting them to the side next to her glasses.

“You’re being pretty cool about this” he said as he double-checked her bonds.

“I’m actually pretty scared” she said, biting her lower lip as she tried to move her legs, but they were pretty well stretched back. All she managed was to sway side to side a little.

“Well, I did promise to send you back home after. I won’t hurt you.” He said as he examined her closest foot, tracing the sensitive underside of her arch.  She winced, scrunched her toes, but said nothing.

“You have cute feet. And lovely ankles.” He said.

“Thanks?” she replied, feeling really weird and floaty, like she was disconnecting from her body. He positioned himself between her legs. She felt him caressing her calves and her knees. Then he started kissing the insides of her legs, moving from the knee to her inner thigh, closer down. The closer he got to her pussy, the more tense she felt. She let her head sink back down to rest between her outstretched arms, staring up at the neon stars above her as he began slowly licking and kissing her pussy lips. Her breath caught as his tongue ran up and down her slit. Then he moved to her left leg and did the same thing there, caressing and kissing his way down towards her exposed crotch.

She could feel herself responding to his touch and his tongue, despite herself, and she allowed her curiosity to wonder what it would feel like.

Julia had never even considered that a boy would take an interest in her. She’d taken it for granted even since her grade school years that the bullies were right about her. That she was ugly. Skinny. Flat. Useless. Unlovable. Yet here she was, someone’s stolen treasure, feeling things she never thought she’d feel, as his tongue found her clit and started circling it. She moaned loudly.

“You like that?” his voice came from down between her legs.

“Ummm... yeah.  Actually.” As she shifted her backside, lifted her crotch closer to him. He lowered his head again, and the tongue returned.  Circling, rubbing, and flicking over her nub.  She felt her body break out into a sheen of sweat, the temperature in the closed van rising, her body burning with heat as he inserted a finger into her hole, probing while he licked her clit. She started writhing, and a wet feeling from inside started, moving outward.

“Wow, you’re really wet. You’re so beautiful!”

She turned her head away, hiding it behind her arms, and a sob escaped her.

He continued stroking her mound while he moved back to her tits, started again with sucking and nibbling her nipples. It brought a new wave of heat to her, and she silently cried while her mind and body raged with conflicting emotions.

Then he stopped what he was doing, and she peeked out to see he was removing his clothes. She could tell he was getting nervous, almost as nervous as she was. He was a little bit overweight, beyond that she couldn’t see much, but she could feel him shifting on the mattress as he shed his clothes.

“Are you going to do it now?” she asked, wiping her eyes as best she could on one arm.

“Yeah.”  He said, and it sounded almost like an apology.

“Promise me you’ll wear protection.”

“Oh yeah, right,” he said as he turned and fumbled in the front of the van.  He returned with two boxes of condoms.  He held them really close, and she could just make out the letters. A box of 24, and another box of 10.

“Jesus, how long are you gonna keep me in your van?” she asked.

He laughed “I’m not going to use them all... which one do you want me to use?”

“Seriously? As long as you use one of them, you choose.” She said.

“Oh.  Ok.” He ripped the top off one of the boxes and tore one off the string of condoms.

She could feel him moving around, struggling with them.  She heard a snapping sound, then he sighed in exasperation, tossing the condom to the side.

She was afraid he’d just move on to the next step without. “What’s going on?”

“This is harder than it looks!” he said, exasperated.

“Well... just relax.  Take your time.” She tried to remember what she’d learned in sex ed.  “Try stretching them out a little before you try and put it on” she offered.

“Ok” he said, stripping off and opening up another one.  She couldn’t see what was happening, but could feel him shifting again.  “Ok, I got it on”

She sighed as he approached her.  He leaned over her, positioning his body on top of hers.  She could feel his hips between her legs as he worked himself into position.

Soon she could feel the tip of his cock pressing at her opening.  He parted her lips and snuggled and thrust his penis so that it was nestled between them.

“A little lower” she said, because the tip was pushing against her pubis, missing her hole that was just below.  He shifted, and found the spot as his dick sank an inch into her. 

“You ready?”

“Kiss me first” she said, looking into the shadow of his face.  His lips met hers, touching, sliding a little, inquisitive. She opened her lips to him, and he matched hers, and she experienced her first kiss as his dick made little thrusting movements, sliding slightly deeper each time. Her tongue explored, and he met hers, touching, dueling. She moaned and sucked the kiss as he slid a little bit deeper inside. She parted her knees and pulled them back as much as she could, bringing him a little bit deeper.

He met her virgin resistance, and pulled back slightly.  She kissed him harder.  He thrust, failing to penetrate. It hurt.  She winced, paused, then kissed him again.  He pulled back, paused, then pushed hard.  She felt it give, felt him enter her.  It hurt! Her yelp broke the kiss and he held himself there.

“You ok?” he asked.

“Just... wait... wait a second” she said, as the feeling faded a little. She kissed him quickly. He found her again and returned the kiss, pressing gently. She felt him sink into her deeper, the pain fading. Sliding, deeper. She felt so full. Stuffed fully. 

“Oh god, you feel so good...” he whispered into her ear. He pulled back, too far, and was expelled with a pop from her tight canal.

He fumbled, lining up on her again, spreading her lips with one hand, and he parted her lips and entered her again in one smooth motion. The suddenly full feeling was incredible to her, and she moaned as he bottomed out.

“Ung! Oh!” he cried, and she could feel him tense, followed by a spreading feeling of warmth in her pussy, his cock pulsing in the center of her. She waited a few seconds. He gasped and held himself rigidly in place.

“Did you...?” she asked.

“Yeah.  Sorry”. He said, ashamed.

“Your first time too?”

“Yeah.  I couldn’t stop it. You felt so good.” He said. 

His face inches from her own. She reached up with her mouth and found his, kissed him again. After a moment he kissed her back. As they kissed she could feel his member deflating inside her vagina.

“Hey... don’t worry about it.” She said, feeling strangely sympathetic towards him.

“I’m sorry” he said.

“You really think I’m pretty?” she asked.

“Yeah.  I do. You’re beautiful to me.” He answered.

“Well... let’s talk a little while. Ok?”

“Yeah, ok.”  He sat up, and ducking under her right leg, he lay down next to her.

“So, you go to school?”

“Graduated. I’m kind of just figuring my stuff out. I want to do art but there’s no money in that.  You?”

“I graduate next year. I like art too. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do or be. I... I feel like I don’t belong anywhere. You know?”

“Yeah. I know.  I was bullied all the time. I guess I don’t think much of myself. I don’t know what the future is or anything. I mean... I try to imagine how life is but I don’t see anything. Sometimes I wonder why I’m alive at all.”

“Yeah,” she signed. “I know what you mean.”

“That’s why...” he took a deep breath. “That’s why I did this. See, I don’t see myself being around, long term. I just don’t see a point to it. Life. No-one wants me. No-one ever did. I figure, I might as well try it one time before...”

“Before what?” she said

“Nevermind...” he said, staring up at the ceiling.

“Are you thinking about killing yourself?” she asked, feeling a pang of sympathy.  She’d had such thoughts.

He didn’t respond.

“Tell me how pretty I am?” she asked

He seemed startled out of a daydream.  “You?  You’re... the most pretty girl I’ve ever seen.” He said, reaching out and caressing her cheek. He felt tears there.

“How am I pretty?” she asked

“The way you walk.  The way you look so sad, like you don’t know you’re pretty.”  He said.  He moved a hand to her breasts and started playing with them. “You look better without your glasses.”

“Oh really!?” she said, mock offended.  He played with her nipples some more, making her gasp. “Yeah, keep doing that please” she said.  “tell me more...”

“Your legs, they’re so strong.  Your toes are really cute.”

She laughed. “Kiss me again” she said. And he did, as his hand drifted lower to her crotch. He started stroking as they kissed. He broke the kiss.

“You know what?  I think like I might be able to go again.” He said.

“Ok” she said, and wiggled her behind to get into a more comfortable position.

With very little finesse, he removed another condom from the box.  He removed the old one, tossing it into a plastic bag. Again, he struggled, but he got it on this time on the first try. He paused...

“You want some lube?” he asked. 

“Um... sure?” she said.

“You didn’t need any before, but maybe I’ll last longer if things slide more.” He said as he pumped a cold slime onto her pussy lips, spreading it around, pushing some inside her.  Then he slicked his condom. From this angle, for the first time she caught a dim sight of his cock.  It was a good size. The thought made her ache a little.  He shuffled between her legs again and in short order he was over her, lining up on her tunnel, pressing against the entrance.  They met in a kiss, she surprised herself with the intensity she put into that kiss. She urged him towards her, mouth full open, tongue pressing forward, meeting him. In one swift moment he was inside her again. The lube did its job fantastically as his cock pressed  aside her guts and filled her achingly full.  She moaned into her kiss as she was filled up. He pulled back, thrust in, and her head pulled back as she was overcome with the sensation, moaning and arching her pelvis up to meet him.  He started thrusting in a rhythm, rocking into her slowly, building up a little speed. 

She was filled, emptied, filled, and sliding so well.  It was like some piston was impaling her. His chest hair rubbed across her nipples, adding to the tension, as he sawed into her. She could feel the beginnings of an orgasm forming, like the ones she got when she’d masturbated, but slower. Stronger. The van began to rock. She could feel the suspension beneath them moving with them in time with his thrusting.

She looked up over his shoulder, his head next to hers. Their breath came together in gasps as he ploughed into her.  She watched the neon stars shine above her as the muscles in her womb began to spasm and clench.  He drove into her even harder, his own orgasm building and delayed by his first release. 

She closed her eyes, her world filled with his grunting and thrusting, a head full of stars.

He felt powerful, for once, knowing where he belonged.

She welcomed him into her in ways she never would have though of before, never with a stranger, never chained in the back of a van. Her wrists held so strongly.  Her ankles tinkling on chains as he fucked her and fucked her and fucked her. With a yell, her guts twisted and clamped down. A few thrusts later, he lay into her and locked there, the pumping in his balls matched the pounding of her hot pulse in her pussy muscles.  They held tight, each one’s pulse pounding in a syncope they could both feel. 

He lay next to her, absent mindedly toying with her nipples again, occasionally kissing them. He’d unbound her ankles so she could rest more comfortably. She’d asked but he’d declined to release her wrists yet.

She lay on her side facing him, occasionally requesting a kiss, which he would deliver while embracing her close. It was starting to get cold out.

“Blanket?” she asked, and he found one in the back to one side. He spread it out over them and she felt his heat helping to drive the cold away.

“You’re not thinking of killing yourself anytime soon, right?” she asked.

“Nope” he said. “You?”

“Not especially. My nose itches.” She said, wiggling her nose. He reached up and scratched it. “Other side...” so he scratched the other side, her giving him directions till he found the spot.  “Ok, you got it.” she said. 

“You know, I wish we’d have met some other way.” He said wistfully.


“Cause then we could go out to the movies or something”

“Oh.  Yeah.”

“I could just keep you...” he said, eyebrow raised.

“You promised!” she said, wondering if he meant it.

“Yeah.  I did... Kiss me again?” he asked, and she did.  She had to admit that the more they kissed the better it got. Their legs were entangled with each other, and she felt his cock begin to harden again.

She broke the kiss, looking at him quizzically. “Again?” she asked, then cracked a smile.

“Hmmm... yeah, maybe.  I think I could.” He said, returning to kissing her.  His cock continued to gain size and soon was pressing into her leg. 

“Yeah, again.” She commanded, and rolled onto her back, drawing her knees back and spreading open for him.

“I got an idea.” He said, fumbling for his keys.  He unlocked her wrist cuffs from the tie-down hitch they’d been locked to and helped her to sit up, rubbing the cramps out of her shoulders. 

She was free.  For a moment, she thought “If I could grab my clothes and run out the door before he can get me...”   But she just couldn’t make herself move towards her clothes. Couldn’t make a move towards the door handle to turn it, slide the door, and bolt for freedom.

Instead, she watched as he took her wrists and locked them to the chains where her ankles had been before. Now she was sitting upright, her arms spread out to the sides of the van like her legs had been.

He pulled out another condom and started working it on. This time she could see as he rolled it from the tip down over his straining cock. He sidled up to her, and lifted her up.  He moved underneath her as she held onto the chains for balance, until she was straddling his waist. 

“Lift up” he said, and as she did, he positioned himself until he cock was at her entrance once more.

She knew what to do next.  As he held his cock upright, she maneuvered herself down until she had impaled herself onto him. Gripping the chains tight in her hands, she started moving up and down, getting the lube moving again, as her natural juices began to add to them. The now familiar feel of being filled up by him augmented by a new feeling.  It was more intense, coming from the front of her vagina. With each plunge she took onto his horn the feeling rose, and rose even higher.

He grunted under her, letting her take control. She rode him for minutes, getting closer and closer, her orgasm building. She began to moan out loud, huffing and crying out in her efforts. He reached up and began to massage her clit with each downward thrust she made.  Soon she was whinnying like a young colt, sweat beading off her body from the effort.  He did double-time on her clit and she threw her head back and whined rapidly.  Her eyes rolled back as he frigged her. He could feel her thighs lock down on him, so he kept up his attention on her clit as he thrust up into her. Just when he felt he was going to lose it, he ground down onto her clit till her orgasm exploded.  He followed close behind, coming into her as her vagina clamped down on him.

They froze, locked in place till she began to come down again. When she could move again, he gently extracted himself from underneath her.  She swayed on the ends of the chains, nearly passed out as he unlocked her wrists. He relocked them behind her after he laid her down.  He switched off the blacklights, and she drifted off into a light sleep while he held her close to him and drew the blankets up over them.

He awoke with a start, disoriented in the pitch darkness. Then he heard her soft, even breathing.  He held her close for a time, listening to her sleep. He could still feel the sensation of being inside her, warm and soft and trembling. 

With reluctance he gently moved out from under the covers, the cold air of fall making itself felt through the walls of the van. Fumbling around in the dark he peered past the curtain he’d drawn along the front of the van to see the clock on the dash.  It was 8 pm.  They’d been at it or asleep for nearly 5 hours. He turned on the LEDs and set the color for a dim red. He was about to wake her up when he heard her begin to stir.

“Hey” he said.

“Hey,” she said back, sounding sleepy still. “Man am I sore.  And... sticky.” She said, turning over to face him.

He pulled out a container of wipes and handed it to her. “You thought of everything didn’t you?” she asked, staring at the container.  Then she looked behind her back at her arms, then back at him again with a questioning expression.

“Oh! Yeah, sorry, I forgot” he said, retrieving his keys and reaching behind her, he undid the lock that held her wrists behind her. She brought her hands in front of her, looking at the cuffs, then kneading her sore wrists.

“Tell me again how pretty I am?” she said, and he drew her close and kissed her. To her surprise she threw her arms around him and kissed him back. 

He pulled away.  Her hair was a total mess, flying in every direction. She had sleep lines on her face from lying face down on the mattress. She looked very self-conscious and shy. “So beautiful” he said.

She smirked, grabbing the wipes container. She pulled several sheets out the dispenser top, and disappeared under the blanket with them. Gingerly she started cleaning herself off. He could hear her occasional gasps of pain.

“I’m not going to walk straight for days” her muffled voice came from under the blanket. When she was done, she poked her head out from under the blanket to see him gathering her clothes, which he then handed to her. She accepted them gratefully. Back under the covers, she got dressed.

When she was done shucking on her jeans and sweater, she emerged again.  He’d put the ridiculous head stocking back on, along with the rest of his clothes. As he handed her glassed over to him, she accepted them and seated them in place. 

“A deal’s a deal, I’ll take you back home now.” He said with regret.  He handed her a pillow case. “If you don’t mind... Please put this on and after I drop you off, you can take it off again.”

“Ok, if you want me to” she said.  She pulled it over her head, the world once again descended into a deep red darkness.

He climbed over the transmission hump to the driver’s seat, and taking her hand, he helped her into the passenger seat and then helped her with her seat belt.

They drove in silence for a while, through stops and turns, until she didn’t know what direction was which. Finally, he said, “Ok, we’re here.  Wait one second I’ll help you out.”


She heard his door open and close, and resisting the urge to peek out from under her hood.

Then her door opened, and he led her out. He hugged her one more time, awkwardly. “Bye.” Was all she said.  He stroked her cheek one more time, through the pillow case hood. Then she heard his footsteps going back around the van, the door open and close again. But she kept her word too, and didn’t take the hood off until after she heard the van make the corner, the sound receding into the night.

She took the hood off, looking around, finding herself in the side alley where he’d grabbed her so many hours ago. It felt like a lifetime ago. 

As she trudged towards her home, the whole experience started to take on an unreal quality to it. In one night, her whole life was changed on her, without her asking for it. How would she explain this to her mom? She practiced walking as normally as her tender crotch would allow as she racked her brain for possible excuses. 

Her mother had just assumed she’d stayed late at school for some reason and never even pried into why her daughter had been out so long. Instead of the grilling she expected, her mom directed Julia to warm up her held-over dinner.  Julia ate dinner mechanically, then excused herself and made her way to bed.

She lay in her bed all that night, staring at the ceiling. In her hand she held the pillow case. Occasionally she would smell it.  It smelled like his aftershave. Sometimes it felt like he was back inside her again. She cried a little, and smiled a little. Eventually her alarm went off and she got up and got ready for school.

In the shower she saw the fading marks from the wrist cuffs. Faint enough, she decided, that they wouldn’t be noticeable to anyone else.

Someone out there wanted me, she said to herself.

She stood with her arms out, holding them out to the sides like they were chained to the metal walls of the van, and let the hot shower spray turn her into a prune.

She dressed, skipping breakfast, said a quick goodbye to her mom and out the door to school she went.   As she walked back up the alley where he had grabbed her. She looked around, but there were no other vehicles in sight.

She made it to her high school with no further interruptions.  Darn, she said to herself.  She had to admit that she felt... different.  Good? She couldn’t really remember what good felt like. 

Someone wants me, she said to herself again, and believed it.  She decided that made her feel better.

As she stood at her locker, retrieving her things for her first two periods of class, a voice came from behind her.

“Well, well... it’s Julia the Ghoul.” Brenda said from behind her.

Julia turned slowly, rage building up inside.  “What are you staring at, bitch?” Brenda asked haughtily, sticking her chin out at Julia in challenge.

Julia wasn’t aware that her fists were clenched tight until with a scream of rage, one of them buried itself into Brenda’s nose.  Julia felt two distinct pops... one was Brenda’s nose breaking, and the other was somewhere in her hand.  They both let out a wounded yelp, Brenda’s nose fountaining blood even before she hit the ground.

“I’m gonna make you pay for that!” Brenda yelled shrilly in shock and pain, so Julia hit her again with her other hand.  This time, Brenda’s head bounced back off of the locker behind her, and she slumped to the ground nearly unconscious.

“I don’t think so.” Said Julia.  “Find someone else to pick on.”

Then Julia turned her gaze on Brenda’s toady friend Lisa, and Lisa threw her hands up, “Dammm girl...” she said in awed surprise, backing away in surrender.  Everyone in the hallway had stopped.  A couple of people whispered to each other.  She could hear her name buried in those whispered conversations.

Half a smile formed on Julia’s face as she turned again to her locker, gathered her things, and left briskly towards her first class.

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Great story. Loved the ending.

Welcome to KB. I hope you have more stories to share with us.


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Welcome. And a woo. Story codes. Disclaimer. Great first post.

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Not my first rodeo, kind sir.
I used to have a site on ASSTR, but quit it last year after the site had been plain flat broken for so long it was ridiculous.

This story was burning a hole in my pocket, so I wrote Tuesday and found where I wanted to post it yestereday.
Glad you liked it.