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Carol, my new stepmother (F/m mast, preg, incest)

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on: April 23, 2021, 02:04:45 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Kevins father remarried when he was just 7 years old. Carol came into his life, and although he was young he felt a strange love for her. She was of slight build with shoulder length blonde hair, b cup breasts and an ass to die for( of course Kevin discovered at a later age ) For the next few years  Kevin just did normal boy things, going to the park with his friends, playing video games and doing his chores. By the time he had reached his teenage years he had had many glimpses of Carols pussy and breasts, which he was now banking into memory for a bedtime wank.
Also at that time his Father, Paul had announced the pregnancy of Carol, which was not such a big surprise to Kevin, having heard them fucking most nights. As the months went by Carol got bigger and Kevin was getting more glimpses of her now swelling body, and was no longer waiting for bedtime but sliding off for a quick tug. This particular time he had gone to his room and was pumping his young cock, not realising the door was not fully closed. He noticed through the gap that his stepmother was watching from the landing. He froze and immediately stopped and covered himself, looked again to the landing but she had gone. Kevins heart was pounding, what would he do?, or say?. He was worried about facing her for the embarrassing feelings he had. He stayed in his room for hours just playing video games, when his Dad shouted him for dinner. Kevin felt uncomfortable sat at the table and was  eating as quickly as he could not daring to look at Carol. As soon as he had finished eating and washed all the pots he went out to meet some friends. It was quite late when he had arrived home and went straight upstairs to bed. The next morning he awoke feeling hungry and went down for breakfast to find an empty house. He ate breakfast washed his dishes and went off upstairs to shower and stuff. After showering Kevin was walking across the landing when he was startled with a call from Carol “Kevin, can you come here please” she said. It had come from her bedroom. He very sheepishly opened the door to find his stepmother laid on her bed with a book in hand. The book was about becoming a new mother and Kevin had noticed she was reading a section on breastfeeding. “I want to speak about yesterday, what I saw and what we need to do about it” said Carol. He started to panic and just blurted out “I’m sorry, you was not meant to see that” Carol gestured for him to sit on the bed and replied with “Kevin it’s fine, perfectly normal, but you need to ensure you keep it private, that is your personal time and not to be shared with me or anyone else” Again Kevin said he was sorry and went to leave, but Carol asked him to stay. “I want you to be more involved with my pregnancy, to understand what is happening and why it happens. I want you to be ready for when your little sister comes along” “what do you mean more involved” He stammered. “you have been left out lately, because all the attention is on me and your unborn sister” said Carol. She followed with “I  want you to not be embarrassed by what you see or do when it comes to me and my body. Here feel my breast, feel how hard they have become” “what” Kevin said “well they’re full with milk and have become real hard and sensitive, come place your hand just here” and with that she took Kevins hand and placed it on her right breast, above the nipple and squeezed his hand into it. It was warm and hard, and soft at the same time. He could feel his cock swelling. She then placed his hand on her left breast and let him squeeze it freely. “feel the nipple, how stiff it is, look at how red it is” his cock was bursting now. He squeezed her nipple as she had requested and a little milk appeared out of the end. Carol was looking flushed and collected the milk on her fingertip. She tried to offer it him but he refused as he didn’t like the thought of breast milk. “Taste it, it’s just milk” she insisted, but again he refused. She took it into her own mouth and sucked seductively on her finger. Kevin made an excuse to leave and went off to his bedroom. Once in his room he was fisting his cock so frantically, harder and with more passion than he ever had before. He could feel his cum erupting, his legs went weak, his eyes formed tunnel vision and cum blasted so hard it splattered 4 feet away on the bedroom wall and the headboard of the bed. He tried to catch the second blast to reduce the mess but again it came out with force and he missed it as it flew onto his pillow. The third and fourth blast, he managed to catch in his left hand as the final dribbles trickled over the knuckles of his clenched hand. KNOCK! KNOCK! Kevin jumped, startled. “Just a second” he said as he quickly shoved his cock into his boxers. He had just managed to pull up his bottoms when the door opened. His stepmum walked in, wearing her dressing gown. “Are you ok? You rushed out, have I embarrassed you?” She said. “No I’m fine I was just...” then she interrupted “I didn’t mean to scare you, it’s a natural thing, being pregnant. You should understand it more. Come sit here and we can discover more together” as she climbed onto the bed and leant on the headboard where Kevin had just blasted his record cum. Her back was resting on the pillow and her hair had found his cum on the headboard. “It’s wet here” she said as she turned to see what was causing the wetness on her back. As she turned, her hair was sticking to the headboard. Kevin nearly died on the spot, but to his surprise, his stepmum just turned her attention back to him and continued as if nothing was wrong. “Come sit here Kevin, I’ll show you my tummy” she said as she got fully onto the bed. Kevin sat level with her knees, and his hand brushed her shin as he did so. Her leg was spikey and she laughed saying she could not reach her legs to shave. Kevin laughed too and commented on the fact that her tummy must get in the way. “You could shave them for me” “I could but I never done it before” said Kevin. To which she replied “I must teach you one day, now let’s look at this great lump I have under here” Kevin was a little nervous and could feel himself trembling slightly. Carol did no more and just open her robe, revealing her stretched tummy and also in plain sight was her blue laced panties. Kevin tried not to look at her panties, but he couldn’t help it. Carol knew  he was looking but ignored it. “Put your hand here” she pointed to the right side of her tummy to which he placed his hand. “Ooh your hands are warm, you should feel a kick in a minute” she said. Kevin had his hand flat to her tummy and he kept looking at her panties. He could make out her slit and a bit of labia. Again his cock started to grow. She moved his hand and placed it lower on her tummy, to which his fingers brushed her panties in doing so. He could feel his cock throbbing now. “Can you feel that?” “What?” he said, then there it was . A kick. His stepmum got all excited and grabbed his other hand and pressed them tightly to her tummy, Carol not realising, he thought, that his fingers were pressing her pussy slit through her panties. She seemed to not care and was moving his hands around to feel for more movement, all the time brushing her panties. Then she thought it would be a good idea to get on all fours and have him stroke her tummy. Her robe fell from her waist, revealing her ass. She was wearing a thong and Kevin got a glimpse of her puckered ass hole before she covered herself. She went on to tell him that this will be her chosen position for the birth. “I really have to use the bathroom” He said and ran with his cock dribbling precum into his boxers. Once in the bathroom he wanked hard and fast, taking just a few pumps to reach climax. His nuts tightened and he shot strings of cum into the toilet, holding on to the cistern to keep balance. He cleaned up and went back to his room. To his surprise, his stepmum had left. That evening they all ate dinner together, his stepmum was acting normally and the 3 of them discussed names for his unborn sister. To be continued
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