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Moms Get Hung Up On Teens Hanging Ten [age regres, alt mind, inc, mom-son, slow]

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I don't post much but I would like to tell you that I love your work and that you are my favorite writer on this site. Thanks so much for your wonderful contributions.

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Hey Traveler!  Thanks for posting. It's great to hear from people who are enjoying my stories. There's more in the cue. I'll be posting them as I edit them.

Be a lurker no more, and let me know what you think.

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[AUTHOR'S NOTE: in the next and final chapter, this story dives into the subject of homosexual domination. If that's not your cup of tea, then please consider this chapter to be the end of the story.]

Chapter 10

Dr. Vassarkik sauntered naked up to the boys. She had undressed while watching them breed their mothers. "Sweeties, you've gone and made Auntie Selim all hot and horny. Is there anything I can do that will convince you to use me like you used your moms?"

"Golly!" Oscar ogled the heavy woman's exaggerated curves.

Race and Arnold wondered independently if the sexy doctor had lost some weight. That didn't stop Race from remembering his pledge to spank her big ass with his dick. Arnold was mesmerized by her huge tits which were bigger than his Auntie Carol's.

Three half hard dicks reversed their direction of curvature. Swollen balls had shrunk slightly but were still able to handle additional demands.

That wasn't quick enough for Selim. She swung a smirk at the huge man trying to become invisible. "Carl!" She snapped.

"Huh?" He looked up with bloodshot eyes.

"Don't just sit there like a useless lump. These boys need fresh energy."

"Wha- how...?" Carl mumbled.

"Auntie?" Oscar looked at the stranger and then at the doctor. "He scares me."

"It's okay, Oscar. If you go first, you'll show how brave you are to Race and Arnold."

At her mention of their names, the other two swapped unconvinced expressions.

"Go do what?" Oscar wanted to be brave. Maybe Auntie wanted him to hit the man - for saying bad things to his mother and pawing her tit.

"You don't have to do anything, just go and point your beautiful penis at his face. Tap his lips with it."

It was a pretty scary suggestion, but if that would impress his friends... "Okay." He muttered.

Arnold and Race were stunned when the youngest boy walked up to the cringing stranger and tapped the man's lips with the head of his penis.

Selim glared. "You know what to do, Carl. Don't make the poor child wait."

Carl Habersmidt had never sucked a cock in his life. Many men had begged to suck his, but he'd only let those who weren't gay draw his spunk into their stomachs. His stomach flip-flopped when his mouth opened and took in the young boy's reviving penis. He began to suck the immature peter as best as he could from his few experiences.

"Wow!" Oscar turned a delighted face to his friends. "He sucking me."

Race nodded in support but asked Arnold quietly, "Isn't that gay?"

"It's not gay if you don't feel like it's gay." Selim whispered, coaching from her knowledge of human sexuality. She added unprofessionally, "There are all kinds of sex waiting for you boys, out in the world. Don't be afraid to try any of them. Just always do it safely."

"Is it safe for Oscar to do that?" Arnold wanted to know.

"Safe enough." Selim didn't want to explain that some diseases could be transmitted orally. She raised her voice to ask Oscar, "Are you hard yet?"

It hadn't taken long for the miserable man's sucking mouth to bring the boy's penis back to full strength. More than the sucking, Oscar felt powerful over the obediant, huge figure. It was a turn-on he had never experienced before. He nodded energetically at his Auntie of color. His face lit up as if struck by a spotlight.

"Who's next?" Selim smiled encouragement at the boys beside her.

"I'll go." Arnold gulped.

Carl was just getting over the idea of taking a boy's soft cock in his mouth, when it pulled out, causing his lips to plop.

When another, semi-hard pecker tapped his drool coated lips, he automatically drew it into his oral cavity and began sucking it back to life. As it grew in his mouth, Carl felt oddly comforted by giving himself to the scary boys. It was like their inflating pricks were thanking him for doing such a good suck job.

Arnold was embarrassed to be in a room surrounded by his mother and her friends and his friends. A grown man was sucking him off while three women let sperm soak into their wombs. Auntie Selim was exchanging whispers with Race. Oscar had returned to her. She slowly wanked his full erection while he gaped around the room.

Despite Arnold's timidness, his penis roused quickly. He stepped away and his teen prick plopped out. Race strode forward.

Carl sniffed back an abrupt sense of loneliness and rejection. A third penis arrived which heartened him. Instead of tapping on the cowering man's lips, Race thrust his dick through them. "Suck me, Mister." He puffed up his chest, to show his friends that he was still the most daring. The man's nod was a tremble of submission. His mouth worked harder than it had with the other boys, spurred by a unrealistic hope that this penis would stay with him. Carl licked the intruding dick as he sucked. He found himself hoping this boy would let him suck for a long time. His hope had a side-effect. His soft three inches started to inflate.

As if Race had guessed the obedient man's hope, he didn't pull out when his dick was as hard as it could get. Actually, Race had made a deal with Auntie Selim, to let the man blow him, if she would let him pound her ass with his cock. She had blushed but nodded more eagerly than Carl's bobbing head.

Jean giggled upon watching her son stride up to Carl and force his half hard dick into the idiot's mouth. She and the other women had given Selim wary looks when she tried to seduce the boys for her own pleasure. Quietly, they agreed that the good doctor had earned a hearty cock sandwich. Carol and Holly and Jean fingered their clits, legs doubled back above their prone bodies as the third act of the short play unfolded.

Race wasn't surprised to enjoy Carl's mouth working steadily on his hard prick. He was surprised that he didn't feel at all embarrassed.

Meanwhile, Auntie Selim told Oscar to lay on the dirty carpet. She dropped to her hands and knees, stradling the fourteen year-old and hovering her hot pussy over Oscar's four inches. "He was brave enough to use Carl first." The doctor explained to Arnold. "That's why Oscar deserves to fuck me first."

Arnold coudn't conceive of using her wide ass, but he redily accepted her open mouth. "Suck me good Auntie."

Selim didn't mind the taste of Carl's spit. She had great plans for that broken man in the future. Hornier by the second, Dr. Vassarkik sucked and fucked as hard as she could, eyes occasionally drifting to Race who continued to enjoy the nasty man's mouth action.

Race couldn't bear the sight of Dr. Vassarkik's wobbling ass any longer. He broke away without a care for the man who had reforged Race's dick with devoted sucking. Race raced behind the bouncing bubble butt! But at his approach, she switched Arnold's cock from mouth to hand, to warn Race.

"Auntie Selim fetched a bottle of olive oil for you, from the bad man's cupboards." As the randy doctor wanked and fucked, she explained how Race had to grease her ass by soaking his prick in oil and slowly fucking it into her, repeating the procedure until his cock slid smoothly in and out of her stretched pucker. "I want you, Race. Auntie needs a good ass fucking to balance out what your friends are doing to me." She wanted to feel punished by the boys. Without another word, she re-gobbled Arnold's prick and sucked it in and out at the same pace that her cunt sucked up and let out Oscar's humping cock.

It was Race's challenge to hit a moving target multiple times between oil drenchings, but he persisted until his cock slipped through and slid easily in and out of Dr. Vassarkik's amazing ass.

"Can I make a baby in you, Auntie?" Oscar puffed out his request as best he could while four bodies surged and shivered noisily. His orgasm was rapidly approaching. He'd never fucked a woman while other pricks were eagerly penetrating her other holes. It was almost as exciting as when he fucked his mother for the first time!

Selim frowned at the young boy's earnest request. "Oh, Oscar, I would like that very much, but Auntie needs your cum for something almost as special."

"Really?" The idea of another thing that cum was good for, intrigued Carol's son. "What?"

"Auntie doesn't get to play with you boys very often. So I have to play by myself, and I get very lonely, but when I have your cum, Auntie can make herself cum many times in a day. I still miss you, but your cum is really good at keeping me happy." That said, Selim reached for a whiskey tumbler she had got from the kitchen when getting the olive oil. She presented it, confident of his ability to shoot cum into a collection bottle. "But don't stop fucking Auntie until the very last, okay?" She smiled down at young Oscar. She then asked all the boys to spend their seed into the same glass. There would be enough for not only her own enjoyment but also for vengence against Carl.

Oscar cried out not long after gripping and aiming the clean glass at a targetable tilt. He twisted his body, slipping his bursting cock from Auntie's wet cunt and aiming the tip into the receptical. Sperm boiled out of his prick and spattered thick globs against the curved bottom.

It took Arnold another minute of Selim's sucking mouth before he pulled out and blasted cum into the glass. One second after receiving the glass from Arnold, Race cried out, ogasmically victorious after cock-spanking the doctor's ass! Her anus snapped shut with a delightful clap, and his stream of spunk rapid fired for several seconds into the partially filled tumbler.

Despite having cum multiple times on the boy's rutting cocks, Selim crawled over to the silent, immobile form of Carl Habersmidt. Was he asleep?

Carl had closed his eyes to the orgy happening around him. Although he felt some pride to have been of service to the amazing boys, he wished they would all just go away and let him cry in peace. But the urgent sounds of flesh slapping, mouths slurping, voices crying with joy, had slowly made his dick quite hard.

He couldn't bring himself to do what he wanted. Carl was too afraid that the boys, or worse their mothers, would make fun of him.

Selim laughed one burst from a sense of justice served, until she sighted Carl's erect penis. It was an impressive member for a man who was no longer a threat to anyone. He tried to hide his hardon by turning away, but she immediately scolded him. "Let me see it, Carl. Open your legs."

"Yes, um..." He didn't know what to call her. Carl didn't dare call her Auntie. That was a name for the boys who were his betters.

"I'm going to be your mistress, Carl." She spoke softly, sternly. "You will call me Mistress Goldcunt."

Carl nodded.

"Say it, Carl. Tell me, 'Yes, Mistress Goldcunt.'"

"Yes, Mistress Goldcunt."

"My job is to make sure you're always available for the boys, to suck their dicks into hardness, when they need it." Selim grinned and added. "And maybe one day they'll reward you another way with their hard, strong cocks."

"Yes, Mistress Goldcunt." Carl sputtered. "What about my job? I have to work."

"The only thing you have to do is obey your Mistress. I'll take care of everything. We'll put you on a rigorous schedule, hopefully one that your bosses will understand. If not, then maybe you don't deserve to be blessed by my patients' giant balls."

"I want them to bless me, Mistress Goldcunt."

"Good. I just know you'll try your best to please them - and me." Selim sat on her fat butt facing the cowering man. She spread her legs to reveal a well fucked pussy. "I wish young Oscar had made more of a mess in me, but maybe next time. Now you have to clean me up all the same."

"Yes, Mistress Goldcunt. I-I'll get a roll of paper towels."

"No, Carl. That just won't do. This pussy was given Oscar's holy blessing, and it's your privilege to lick his precum and my juices away. We can't have such precious things going to waste, and make sure my clitoris is particularly well cleaned."

"I will, Mistress Goldcunt. I'll try my best."

Selim smirked but felt slightly sorry for the toppled hulk. "Your mistress is feeling generous, because its your first day of finding your proper place in the world."

"Thank you, Mistress Goldcunt." Carl bent over and crawled on his hand and knees, until his head was squarely between her bulging thighs.

"Suck me good, Carl, and I'll let you grab your big old dick and jerk it."

"Oh, thank you! Mistress Goldcunt." Carl immediately ducked his head into her loins and proceeded to lick and suck every kind of juice that was leaking out of her horny cunt. He hand waited for her permision to pleasure himself.

The boys went to their mommies and showed them how much cum they had produced.

"That looks wonderful, Arnold." Holly delighted from her prone, ass high posture.

The women decided then that their sons' seed had soaked their wombs long enough. They giggled at the sight of Carl bringing Selim Vassarkik to another loud orgasm with his mouth in training. He wanked steadily on his man sized cock, but just as he began shuddering from the onset of his climax, the good doctor very wickedly told him to stop jerking and to pinch the head of his prick as hard as he could. Carl cried out from the pain of his self-pinch, and his pending orgasm was fully denied. They heard her tell him. "You're never allowed to cum when the boys are present, Carl. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mistress Goldcunt."

Looking at her phone, Holly sighed. She needed to be heading home -- mission accomplished beyond the mothers' wildest imagining. She frowned and showed the time to her friends.

"You're not going anywhere, Bitch." Carol grinned. "Our boys still need us." She pointed at three swollen sacks dangling, stretched to the limit they had come to accomodate with only minor suffering.

Each mom was well aware of their pheromone induced mindsets. Individually, they could overcome their desires if motivated, but if one of them succumbed, their passions were twice as difficult to master. At Carol's movement towards Oscar, Holly turned to her Arnold. The three mommies prepared their sons for another round of insest breeding.

Selim had to tell Carl to pinch his dickhead twice more that night, when the mothers' proceeded to open their legs and cunts to their sons for two extra helpings of Arnold's, Race's, and Oscar's incredible supply of thick cum.

While the women held their legs and hips aloft for the third time, they asked the doctor if she wanted another round - or three. Selim accepted enthusiastically! After making Carl suck the boys to full hardness, Selim howled gloriously each time one depoisted a load of fresh semen into her womb.

Exhausted and pricks sore, the boys balls returned to their normal, goose egg sizes.


A full week of similar activities, occuring in separate homes, passed before the women met again. "I thought we were going to save the world." Jean recounted their evening with Dr. Vassarkik, at the mothers' next meeting. They had invited Selim to join them, and she had invited them to meet in her apartment.

The boy's had been sent to play in Carl's apartment. In the week between, Selim had taken full control of the humiliated man. He'd signed papers giving her full medical authority over his 'condition.' Not only was Carl her pet on a pheromone leash, he was her special lab rat, testing him with mixtures of cum from not only the three boys but hundreds of other samples, which had been provided to the project's larger research effort.

The mistress doctor had encouraging news. "The world won't submit to 1473:819:84115 anytime soon. The research project estimates, world wide, that there exists fewer than a hundred thousand cases. Although two cases are sufficient to cause the effect. It's much stronger with three. Oddly, the effect decreases when more than three cum samples are mixed."

"Spare us the math, please." Carol grimaced.

"I like math." Jean countered.

"I like math, but I hate statistics." Selim grinned. "Talk about a grind, but even dream jobs have their grinds.

"In summary, it will take the current population of special boys to breed for ten generations before the majority of males world-wide could carry the 1473:819:84115 trait. Getting three boys together, in the current population, has only a 1 percent probability. I am incredibly lucky that you three mothers had the minds and wherewithall to explore your sons' phenomenon.

"Okay. Now I feel like we've saved the world." Holly slapped the table.

"Well, I'm not satisfied." Jean groused. "There's still my original question. Why did our son's phenomena start affecting us two months after we'd been meeting with the boy present?"

Selim had an answer, "I've researched what might have triggered their pheromones. It's not conclusive, but I believe that one of you is ultimately responsible." She was quick to cut off their questions. "I'll tell you the trigger which I think is valid, but please let's not aim raised eyebrows, friends. Whoever is responsible, that's that person's private matter. "

Three accomplished mothers waited to hear the last discovery.

"It appears that when a female in a special boy's family has sex with a male outside of the family, their mating produces a special pheromone that later triggers 1473:819:84115 into its counter-pheromone production. More simply, infidelity triggers the sperm competition effects of their pheromones." The doctor raised her eyesbrow at nobody. "It seems that 1473:819:84115 is even greedier than we imagined."

Two minds made quick conclusions, and Holly's and Jean's eyes swung at Carol.

"I'll just go check on the boys." Ms. Hughes stood up from the table. She thanked the doctor. Carol didn't feel any guilt. Half of women in relationships cheat on their partners, but Carol was no loose cunt. She picked her rare outlet of sexual need with the utmost care -- not that she needed to ever again. Carol made her way to apartment 319 and opened the unlocked door.

Race scrambled away from Carl's glistening bung hole. The boy's dick plopped out with a smart SNAP!

Oscar blushed and waved timidly at his mommy but allowed the big man to continue sucking him. A cloth mask dangled from Carl's bobbing chin, dosed by the doctor with a mix of cum.

Arnold was studying Carl's very large, erect penis as the man slowly masturbated. Every few minutes, the man would pinch the head of his dick and wince. Then he would wait several minutes before resuming wanking.

"What are you playing, boys?"

"King of the mountain." Race had been the first to mount Carl's ass. They had already cycled through one round of cumming into the man's bowels.

"Don't let me stop you." Carol was surprised by the apartment's sparkling cleanliness. Selim had really taken charge of the once slovenly Mr. Habersmidt. Carol walked to her son, kissed him, and began to undress.

One by one, the other women entered the apartment - and over the next six hours concluded their meeting.


"Are you ready to cum, Daddy?" Jeffery asked Oscar. They only had an hour for lunch at school, and he didn't want to be late getting into the cafeteria line.

After that first time, when Oscar and his friends had discovered how fun it was to sink their dicks into a submissive man's ass, Oscar had slowly connected similarities to the behavior of his father and brother.

The day following his first male, anal conquest, Oscar's mother had brought two new, fake flowers to Oscar. "The one you gave me was so special, I thought that Father and Jeffery ought to have their own." Neither male had wanted the stinky flower by their bed, but after sufficient exposure, they stopped complaining. The moms shared regular supplies of their special sons' cum. So the flowers were washed and freshly annointed every two days. 

Arnold had told Oscar that his mom had given her flower to his dad. "He stopped arguing with Mom, and he lets me get away with crazy stuff." Arnold hadn't elaborated what he meant by "crazy stuff."

Race his special adventures to himself, but Oscar deduced from evesdropping on his mother's chats with the doctor that Race was showing up at Selim's and Carl's apartments every few days. The Peralta boy loved drilling those asses - but not as much as he loved his mother's vagina.

Jean was the first of the moms found to be pregnant. It was a bittersweet time for Jean. She would have to tighten the family budget even further. Selim promised that her hospital would foot the bill for all prenatal care, the delivery, and post-natal care. She even said that Carl would babysit at a moment's notice. Race went to baby care classes with his mother, preparing to assume some of her burden.

Once each of the mothers was certain that their sons had knocked them up, they began inviting the other boys to their homes for special times together. The boys loved that, but once separated, they didn't talk much about it. They had begun to discover that their individual paths in life were more compelling.

Race was skipping school, to enjoy his bisexual passions and to help his mother. He got Carl to lie about his age for a part-time job at Carl's workplace.

Arnold focused on school, having been impressed by Auntie Selim's flexibility of work and play. Science and technology were the best shots at a high paying career.

Oscar just went with the flow. He started dating girls but never used a mix of cum to seduce them. That wouldn't be fair. His occasional bullies would, within a week, be sporting a fake flower from behind their ear and telling older boys how great a guy little Oscar was.

Weeks into the women's pregnancies, Selim confirmed that 1473:819:84115 was present in all of the fetuses all male. She would often talk about her work to Carl while the man's mouth plied dutifuly between her thighs, but he had trouble understanding her. At his day job, Carl had languished, until Selim discovered a mild antidote which temporarily suppressed his submissive behavior but left him docile. The antidote let him work successfuly in his job as a heavy machinery operator.

Selim broke news of her lastest advancement gently. "Sorry, ladies, but this antidote pretty much cancels the 1473:819:84115 apocalypse." She occasionally enjoyed Carl's more lucid moments by taking double condom protected fucks from the giant man. Only the boys could spill their seed inside of her recently impregnated womb. She didn't know who the father was, and she vowed not to test the male fetus growing inside of her.

Not that Selim Vassarkik listed the antidote in her public research papers. Years later she would get royalties from a mild aphrodesiac that was moderately successful, advertised in the back of women's magazines. It was based on the two boy mix of cum. She kept most of her discoveries in private volumes, to be published a hundred years after her death.


"Please cum, Daddy." Jeffery whined again. He was so hungry!

"Do I have to spank you?" Oscar sighed. "I always give you a treat, when you behave, Jeffy. Maybe I'll waste it up your shit hole today."

"No, Daddy. I want to eat it." Jeffery Hughes suffered great anxiety when his younger but more manly brother wasted cum. Oscar's huge balls smacked rapidly against 'Jeffy's' naked bottom. They humped, crouched under the sports field bleachers, Jeffery bent over a metal strut, his pants around his knees. His mother had thrown out all of his underwear. "You don't want to be a bother to Oscar." She'd told him. "No, Momma." Jeffy had agreed.

Just before Oscar did cum, the boy pulled out of his older brother's well lubed ass. Jeffery quickly wiped the greasy dick with his t-shirt before engulfing it and sucking down Oscar's prodigeous spend. This was Jeffy's favorite moment. He had been trained to love nursing on his daddy's 'teat.' More than once, his mother had caught Jeffy sneaking into Oscar's bed and sucking out a comforting load from his 'daddy.'

After thanking Daddy for the treat, Jeffery raced to the cafeteria. Oscar wandered to his next class to chat up some of the girls before school resumed.

Carol had demanded that the two, Hughes family wimps call Oscar, Daddy. She'd made her husband move in with and share Jeffery's room. To save space, their flowers were put in a single vase beside their bed. Oscar had begun to bring girls home from school to his room, but most nights he slept with his mother.

"Who was the little slut you nailed this afternoon? Sandy? Serenity?" Carol hugged Oscar in the dark. She kissed his forehead.

"Serena, Mom." Oscar was feeling his balls, to see if they could go another round that night. If he didn't cum at least six times in twenty four hours, his genitals felt backed-up. It didn't hurt, but the clogged sensation distracted him.

"You know I approve of protected sex with girls, but you've been neglecting Ricky."

"Da-, I mean, how so?"

"Jeffy taunts poor Ricky about getting more cum during lunch than you give Ricky on the weekends."

"I'll take care of it, Mom." Oscar asserted. His balls had a couple loads left, according to his hand. He crawled out of bed and shuffled into Jeffy's and Ricky's room. Their door had been removed, to remind the two that they were to be available to Oscar, 24/7. Sometimes, he or his mother would catch the wimps in an active 69 on their bed. He and his mother disagreed if their mutual sucking was appropriate or inappropriate, but the submissive males in the house didn't dare to violate the prime directive. Their asses were fully the property of the man of the house.

Oscar climbed into the bed, sending Jeffy crashing into the carpet. Jeffy knew better than to cry out. He curled up into a defensive ball on the floor. Oscar positioned himself behind Ricky who had woken and immediately pulled apart his bottom cheeks. Ricky's ass was much bigger than Jeffy's. It didn't stimulate Oscar as much. He preferred taking his brother's, but Oscar liked to be fair.

Ricky whimpered when the young, hard dick slid up his rectum. He and Jeffy kept their bungs well greased at all times. "Thank you, Daddy."

"Shh, Ricky." Oscar fucked his father's ass slowly. His dick had grown by nearly half inch since getting his mother pregnant. "Daddy hasn't forgotten you. Just ignore whatever dumb old Jeffy tells you. You're both very special to me."

The End

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Thanks, Clitical. Your comments give me a lot of encouragement to keep writing.

Glad to be of help ;D

Like I said, I liked the story, and though I'm always a bit sad when one comes to an end, it nevertheless also felt like a natural ending (as opposed to one where the story feels cut short or drawn out) :)

Looking forward to future ones.. and more Billy, of course! ;)

"If you lick it, they will come." - Field of Creams

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A fantastic story, I especially enjoyed how the characters talked to each other at the very start.
It's a detail so many authors miss, but you got it spot on.

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