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Jamie's First (MF, rape, cross/trans FTM themed)

CDAshleyFoxx · 1347

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on: May 06, 2021, 12:12:52 AM
This is a story that came to me when I realized I wanted to expand my topics, and it is a little different than most of my transgender/crossdressing, MTF content because it deals with a a cis man and cis female, and the girl is crossdressing FTM, but she isn't fulfilling a need to be masculine in that roll. She has congenital adrenal hyperplasia, and she was crossdressing just to fit in when circumstances got her a little too close to a boy she liked. I hope you enjoy.


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Reply #1 on: May 06, 2021, 12:13:29 AM
Chapter 1

Jamie strained her eyes through the dark, moonlit dorm-room. She could barely make out her roommate’s silhouette sleeping deeply in the bed across from hers. He was a hot, drunken mess again, which means he had thrown his stifling shirt across the room and was down to his boxers. He had kicked off his blankets too and pushed them down to the foot of the bed. He was sprawled out in a obtunded position trying to cool his body, as he recovered from a night out with his frat buddies drinking and dancing.

The room was just too dark for Jamie to see any details, so she leaned over the head of her bed and twisted the dowel of the blinds, allowing more moonlight to enter the room. It wasn’t a huge improvement, but it did the job. She gazed on her roommates chiseled body and rippling muscles. The curve of his pecs and the peaks of his abs were outlined by the light, as well as, the details in his defined arms flung over his head. Jamie’s gaze traced down his body to his boxers. The thin material slightly revealed the outline of his member, but to her disappointment, his fly was positioned closed.

She was feeling so horny that night. In the months prior, she began developing feelings for Tyler, but besides that fact, her teenage hormones were raging. She was still a virgin who was on the verge of desperation, only held back by fear and doubt. She wanted him bad.

She reached under her baggy t-shirt and found the silicone covers in place over her constrained and stifled nipples. She peeled them off of her pecks, pulling at the small amount of breast tissue hidden beneath, freeing her large, erect nipples. It felt so good feeling the cool, night air on her bare skin, kissing the perspiration that had built underneath. The evaporating moisture only tightened the clench of her nipples, which protruded a few centimeters from her chest. Jamie rubbed the tension from them and squeezed them firmly with her thumb and index finger, tugging them to length.

She loved playing with her nipples. Her breasts were practically non-existent, but her nipples were thick, dark, large and very feminine. She had tuned her nipples over the years to be linked directly with her clit, so each tug on the tips coincided with a stroke of her clit. The two parts of her body were so well intertwined that each squeeze and pull of her nipples sent a coursing tension to the tip of her clit and a subsequent shock wave of pleasure throughout her pelvis. Her pelvis was aching.

She looked over, as Tyler shifted his leg out, which caused the fly of his boxers to spread open, but it was just a tease; the opening was dark and revealed nothing.

Jamie’s hand released its grip on one of her nipples and traced down her abs and under the elastic waist of her boxers. Her palm settled on the mound of thick, dark, curly hair at the bottom of her pelvis, as her fingers slid between her legs. She gently stroked the length of her vulva from the base to the top, and it was immediately clear her pussy was lit up.

The single caress from her finger returned a smearing of oozing nectar collecting on the tips of her libia. The thick inner folds of her freshly shaved and bare pussy was so swollen that they spread her outer libia like a flower peeling back its husk, exposing the tender, silky, pink tissue from within. Jamie could feel the dewy secretions clinging to her pussy, as she smeared the slippery juices between her fingers. She returned to the base of her pussy and swiped up through the tender folds of her libia. The tissue was so swollen that there was resisting-pressure tightening the opening of her pussy. She pulled a collection of silky secretions up to the tip of her pussy and found her aching, erect clit that was swollen and extremely sensitive. She smeared the lubricant over her large clit, which was protruding from the hood of her pussy like a small cock would from its foreskin. This sent a shiver of overwhelming, painful pleasure through her spine from the initial contact.

In fact, her clit was particularly large. It wasn’t just some small nub like most girls, buried and hidden deep in the folds of the hood of their vulva. No, her clit was larger and obvious. It was typically flaccid and mostly covered by the hood of her vulva with just a small, pink head visible, and it was positioned tight to her body and just tucked between the folds of her outer libia. It was a centimeter thick and two centimeters long most of the time, but it wasn’t like that now. Her little cock was fully erect around four to five centimeter in length, and it stood away from her vulva, tenting the tissue, protruding through her hood completely, exposing the penis-shaped head and the distinct, erect shaft terminating in the mound of pubic hair on the crest of her pubic bone—her mons pubis.

She stroked her small cock in her fingers, using her foreskin to rub its length. She slid her fingers down to her wet pussy, collecting some of her juices and returned it to her aching clit. She moaned uncontrollably, as she squeezed her erect nipple and rubbed the swollen head of her clit.

Tyler repositioned his leg and shifted his pelvis, tossing his arm across his face at the same time. This caused Jamie to freeze for a moment, as she pulled her rolling eyes back into focus. She strained to tune her eyes and sharpen her focus back in his direction, and as they found their clarity, she could see that the opening of his boxers was still spread, but his hips were more flat this time. Now, she could make out the flesh color of his shaft through the opening, and she could see the outline of his cock running down the leg of his boxers, as the moonlight hit the crest of his member.

Jamie stayed transfixed on the sight before her. His flaccid cock was at least five to six inches, she figured, so she reasoned it must be much bigger erect, which only got her mind imagining the possibilities. She strained her eyes to make out more. She could swear she could see the outline of the head of his cock against his twisted, tight boxers, stuck under his leg, and perhaps she could see what looked like a thick vein running down his exposed shaft peaking through the opening of his boxers, but she wasn’t certain. What was certain was the moisture and aching building between her legs and the saliva building in her mouth.

For a moment, she just stared, as if in a hypnotic daze, transfixed on Tyler’s member, imagining the possibilities. Her fantasies were quickly playing out in her mind, and it was driving her crazy. She was so horny, and she wanted him so bad that she was being driven to desperation, so with fear and doubt, but her torment aching her on, she decided to go closer to get a better peak. She just wanted to see one up close for once—to see his up close.

She couldn’t believe this was happening. She told herself she was crazy and a fool, as she carefully pulled back the covers and crawled out of her bed, attempting to not make a sound, so as not to wake her slumbering, passed-out roommate. But she was compelled by curiosity and a painful desire, so much so, that she felt like she was a victim of her own impulses, unable to control her body that was driving her across the room. As she tip-toed over the floor, inching her way closer to his bed, she recalled the months preceding this night that led her to her position in the middle of the room.

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Reply #2 on: May 06, 2021, 12:14:10 AM
Chapter 2

Jamie had always been different from her sisters. Early on it was obvious that she was much more of a tomboy. She was a little more aggressive. She was a little more rowdy. She liked to play sports with the boys over playing dolls with her sisters.

She was younger than her two older sisters, but as she aged, she quickly caught up to their height, such that, by the time she was eight, she was as tall as her ten and eleven year old sisters. She also started going through puberty during the same time as her older sister and before her younger sister, developing underarm hair, pubic hair and breast buds, but unlike them, she didn’t develop the same.

Her sisters carried after the women on both sides of the family. They tended to be short with curvy figures, having large breasts and wide hips in a pear-shaped, exaggerated figure, but Jamie did not. Her hips grew, but she didn’t add as much fat to her thighs and butt like her sisters or like the saddle bags on her mother and aunts who were mature and heavier. Her sisters had such narrow and petite upper bodies, but not Jamie. Instead, her shoulders broadened, and she developed more muscle and definition throughout her body, which also grew much taller.

The family figured she must have taken after her dad more or maybe her body was a product of the sports she played, which it was, but there was always this joke that she was adopted. By the time she was sixteen, she looked much different than her sisters. On their sixteenth birthday, they were between 5’2 and 5’4 with 32D breasts and curvy, soft bodies, but she was 5’10 with 34A breasts—perhaps a B, if her pec muscles were added. The joke was that all her breast growth went into her nipples because her sister’s nipples were small and surrounded by large, pale-pink, diffuse areolas, but Jamie’s nipples were large like she had nursed a hoard of babies, and her areolas were dark and defined. She was much leaner too than they were and with a more athletic build, even having some decent abdominal definition. Her arms were toned, and her shoulders were broader than theirs, but not as broad as a typical man. She still had a female figure, but an androgynous one that carried into her chiseled face. She didn’t have the thick thighs and wide butt of her sisters, but she did have muscle, so her thighs and butt were still thick and sculpted, round in more of a full, bubble-butt shape. She wore her hair long to the middle of her back to try to offset her masculine features with feminine, long locks, but by the time she entered her seventeenth birthday, she had grown tired of her hair, so she cut it shorter into a bob.

She wasn’t dissatisfied with her figure. She owned her figure, and it fit her sports-centric personality, but it wasn’t all good. Early during puberty, her voice became scratchy and deeper than her sisters. It was subtle at first; something she could compensate for by stretching to raise her voice, but each year it got worse and worse. Also, she developed thicker and darker body hair than her sisters. Her pubic hair seemed to be darker, denser and was more broad on her mons too. In fact, it was so thick, and she was so dismissive of exploring her body like most young girls that she never noticed her clit had grown in size until later in her mid teens, when her raging hormones and sexual curiosity overwhelmed her to explore her body. When those hormones and desires finally did hit her, it hit her like a freight train. She was constantly thinking about boys and was so horny all the time. She became a real kissing slut in those years, and it was actually when a boy tried to feel her up and was freaked out by her clit that she realized something was different with her anatomy. After that day, she retreated from sexual promiscuity, but her libido didn’t.

Jamie also had courser hair on her legs, especially on her thighs than her sisters, and she had arm hair that was long, dark, yet still fine, where her sisters had barely visible peach fuzz. She had darker eyebrows, peach fuzz on her lip that she had to wax, and she had thicker, courser and darker hair on her head. She also had a happy trail too that she would wax with her lip and occasionally she would find darker hairs on her chest that she plucked, but it wasn’t until her seventeenth year that she started to notice more dark, peach fuzz growing on her jawline. She waxed it also, but by the end of her junior year in high school, it was apparent there was something wrong.

She was developing courser hair on her lip and chin, and the random hairs were coming in more frequent. The hair on her jawline was beginning to extend down into her chin and along her neckline, and she also started to develop a patch of hairs between her chest.

At first she hid the growing hair by painfully plucking it or waxing it, so she could save her embarrassment, but each time it grew back it was courser and darker, so eventually she told her mother. Her mother took her to her physician who ran some tests. When they came back, it was clear what the problem was.

She had a condition called late-stage or normal congenital adrenal hyperplasia. This was a milder form of a genetic condition that caused her adrenal glands to over-produce testosterone, among other things, which was the chief reason for her androgynous features, her enlarged clit, her sexual libido and her tomboyish ways. It was finally all was making sense, but knowing didn’t make it better. Jamie retreated that much further away from boys or the thought of having a normal relationship. Unfortunately, her parents didn’t have insurance, so they couldn’t afford the corrective hormone treatments and medications.

Jamie shut down, as her body betrayed her over the course of her senior year. She didn’t go to dances or the prom or date boys. She didn’t hang out with her friends as much, and in some ways, she knew they wouldn’t be supportive hanging out with a girl who had a five-o’clock-shadow on her face. This was the 90’s, so there wasn’t the internet for education or to find people with a similar condition, so she felt alone. There wasn’t cheap, laser, hair removal. She dropped out of sports. She ran, cycled, lifted weights at her house, but it wasn’t the same. She just went home after school, having spent most of the day with her head down, even though she covered her face in heavy makeup to mask the stubble, and she would just do her homework.

One day she was filling out her applications for colleges, contemplating if she even wanted to go to school. The idea of getting away from everyone who knew her condition, and who had judged her, sounded great, but she didn’t know if she could deal with a new set of rejection, so when it was time to enter the gender on her application, she thought long and hard, just staring at the paper. She decided to mark male.

She wasn’t male. She was transgender. She didn’t even know what transgender meant, but if anyone asked her, she was a girl, but she thought maybe she could better pass for a boy and just avoid the embarrassment. She sat up tall in her chair and opened up her neck. Her first test was seeing if she could deepen her voice. She let out a few high pitched words. Her vocal chords were always so tensed and tight that she was finding it hard to overcome their instinct, but eventually she was able to deepen the tone of her voice. In fact, as she practiced over the next several hours, she found her true range, and it was much deeper than she realized; she must have been really straining all those years to keep from sounding masculine. She had to work to make it as deep as your average guy, but it was definitely naturally deep enough that it was passible.

After she got her acceptance letter, she committed to making herself as male looking as possible over the summer before she went away to school. She stopped shaving or waxing her body. She practiced her voice and mannerisms privately in her room. She would visit the thrift store as often as she could to buy clothes with her limited funds, trying to build her wardrobe. She bought baggy pants and shirts, boxers and baseball caps. She bought boys sneakers and team jackets.

When the day came, she packed all her things into her car, girl clothes and boys clothes, so she wouldn’t make her parents suspicious. She wore makeup and her typical outfit, but as they pulled up to the dorms in their cars after driving for several hours away from home, she was adamant that they just drop her off and let her go inside on her own. They insisted on helping her, but she put her foot down, so they chalked it up to teenage, parent embarrassment, and they wished her well and left in their car.

Jamie didn’t go into the dorm. She drove to a local hotel and rented a room for a few hours. In there, she took out her scissors and buzzer and cut her hair short into a typical taper that many boys had. She showered herself clean, removing all of the feminine scent from her flesh and remaining makeup from her face, exposing the stubble beneath. Once out, she removed her earings, gelled her hair up in spikes and then applied some men’s deodorant and cologne. She put some adhesive, silicone covers over her areolas and then donned a baggy shirt and loose fitting pants. As she looked in the mirror, the effect was convincing enough. She gathered her belongings and made her way to the dorms.

When she made her way into the dorm, she was initially uncomfortable and scared, as if she was naked and all the guys were going to see her for who she was, but that didn’t happen. She got nods and hellos from many friendly faces. When she unlocked the door to her room, Tyler was already settled and just doing some last minute organizing of his side. When Jamie saw her new roommate, her jaw practically fell open. He was tall at 6’2, and he was very handsome and athletically built, but more importantly, he was just her type. She was smitten right away, but that only grew stronger as she got to know him over the next few months.

They got along well enough, but Jamie was a recluse, and he was very popular and outgoing. He had a sweetness and a charm that everyone admired. He spent a lot of time away from the room, busy with his athletics, school work, his fraternity, with partying or with any number of lady callers. Even though they didn’t see each other much, there were opportunities to talk when the lights went out, especially when she helped him to bed after he stumbled in from a night of partying and dancing. Sometimes they would get onto personal subjects and unload their emotions on each other. That is where Jamie formed a real bond with him, but her friendship with him was just a facade because in truth she lusted over him, and her desires were driving her crazy. She wasn’t one of his bros. She was a girl, but she knew he only saw a boy. A tomboy who looked and sounded like a boy, so she knew she had no chance with him. The girls he dated were gorgeous, and besides, what would happen if he discovered her true identity?

She seemed resigned to hide her emotions and bury her desires, but not everything is so easily done.

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Reply #3 on: May 06, 2021, 12:14:44 AM
Chapter 3

Earlier that evening, Tyler declared that some of his buddies and he were going to go to the club. The plan was to go to a house party and binge drink before hitting up the local club that was having an eighteen and over night. Tyler asked if Jamie wanted to go, insisting that there would be some hot chicks for him to dance with. He laughed that Jamie just might get laid before turning twenty, but the sad truth was that was one of Jamie’s fears, that she would be a virgin forever, and the fact that her twentieth birthday was just a year away made it even worse. Nevertheless, she quickly brushed off his offer, and he left for the night.

Frustrated and bored, Jamie decided to snoop around Tyler’s stuff. It didn’t take long before she found some dirty magazines: Hustler and Penthouse. She also found a bottle of Malibu that was leftovers from a Tiki Torch party at his sorority. Jamie threw caution to the wind and grabbed the bottle and magazines and hopped on her bed. She thumbed threw the pages, as she sipped on the bottle. She was a lightweight, so it didn’t take long for her to feel the effects of the liquor. It also didn’t take long before she began to feel the effects of the magazines. As she thumbed through the pages and read the dirty captions, she was getting turned on. The magazines were very graphic, and she really hadn’t seen so many up close and detailed pictures of cocks, nude bodies and people screwing. She could feel her nipples tighten and her furnace warming in her pelvis.

The liquor was making her feel flush and relaxed. Her inhibitions were leaving her, and she was forgetting herself. She was feeling aroused and sexy, but she didn’t look the part. She wanted to feel like a woman for once; she wanted to feel sexy like the women in the magazines. She decided that she needed a night to be like a girl once again.

There was a common bathroom shared between her room and the next door neighbor. She peaked out her bedroom door and sure enough, the other room was empty, which meant she had the place to herself. She grabbed some clothes and her makeup bag that she hid in her closet, and she dashed into the bathroom. She quickly showered, shaving her face and her legs, and then she shaved her chest and arms. She trimmed back the mound of pubic hair that was out of control, but not completely. After shaping her bush, she shaved her bikini line and her pussy lips, before soaping up and drying off.

It felt so nice being bare again like how she felt a woman should be. Jamie applied some subtle makeup to her face, and then she put on a pair of earrings, before donning a headband. She put on some feminine deodorant and perfume, before sliding on a lace thong over her thighs and between her bubble butt. She settled the straps over her hips before putting on a cute, string crop-top that showed off her waist. She looked in the mirror, and for the first time in many months, she saw the reflection of a young woman. She turned around and looked over her shoulder, so she could admire her butt and toned legs. She squeezed the muscle and fat, sampling the size and bounciness with a twerk of her hip, which made her cheeks clap, clap, clap. She smiled with satisfaction, and then she slid on her boxers and rolled them up like girls always do, where they ride up their butt and crotch, making a camel toe in the front and barely covering the bottom of their cheeks in the back.

She slowly opened the bathroom door to make sure the coast was clear. Seeing that everyone was still out partying, she scampered back into her room and locked the door. She returned to her bed, grabbing the magazines and Malibu and continued where she left off.

The change in attire really did the trick, as it was much easier for her to imagine herself in the arms of the hard-bodied men from the magazines, being pounded from behind by a big cock. She could feel the ache building once more in her pelvis, but just as she was about to slide her hand down her pants, she heard loud voices coming down the hall of the dorm.

Shit, she said to herself, as she spun around to the clock and realized how late it was. She jumped off the bed and shoved the magazines and booze back in his drawer. She ripped the headband off her head and shoved it under her sheets. She grabbed her silicon, nipple covers instinctively, but after putting them on, she said what the hell am I doing because she was still in her string, crop top. She grabbed an oversized shirt and threw it on just as she heard the outer door open. She quickly unrolled her boxers and jumped into bed. She realized she still had some makeup on, so she just covered herself up, as if she was asleep.

When they entered, they were loud, but Jamie pretended to be sound asleep. It was clear they were drunk and stumbling around. Tyler’s friend threw him in his bed, which took some effort because they were raised with drawers under them. After some loud jostling and laughing, Tyler’s friend closed the door and left.

Jamie could hear Tyler wiggling around in his bed, and then there was the sound of his shirt getting tossed across the room. Then she heard his zipper and him struggle to get out of his jeans, which fell to the floor with a thud. She heard him flop back in bed, and it didn’t take more than two minutes, and she could tell from his deep breathing that he was passed out.

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Reply #4 on: May 06, 2021, 12:15:26 AM
Chapter 4
Fast forward, and Jamie was where we left her previously, tip-toeing across the room to get a better look at Tyler’s shaft peeking through the opening of his boxers. As she approached his bed, she scanned his face to see if he was truly knocked out. She softly, femininely, called his name a few times and even pushed on his shoulder, but he didn’t budge.

She returned her attention to his member. She inched closer to the opening. In the moonlight of the dark room, with her close proximity, she could see his appendage much more clearly. It looked so soft and tender. She could tell that he trimmed his pubic hair short and tidy. The was a large vein running over the top of his rod, and from her close proximity, she could now make out the outline of his flaccid cock running down his boxers. It was at least five or six inches, and it was being squeezed in his boxers because they were twisted around his leg. They were so tight that she could tell he was circumcised by the clear outline of his mushroom tip. Jamie thought it looked stifled in his underwear.

Jamie’s adrenaline was flowing, causing her heart to beat out of her chest. If it was any louder, she figured, he would hear. She tried to contain her excitement and nervousness, but it was no use. She had to breath out of her mouth, so she wasn’t so loud. She kept checking on his expression, jolting her gaze back in his direction when he budged the slightest.

She reached back down into her lace panties and found her aching pussy still dripping was anticipation. Her curiosity and desires were pushing her further. She reached out her hand, wanting just to touch it a little. She couldn’t believe what she was doing, but she wasn’t about to stop. She made contact with the velvet, tender skin. It was so soft she thought. She kept her eyes on Tyler. He seemed oblivious. She got more bold and gently squeezed it, sampling its consistency. There seemed to be an inner spongy, rubbery rod running down the middle, surrounded by silky soft and looser skin. She gently used her palm to run across his shaft to the base and then to the head, assessing the length. She repeated this a few times.

To her surprise, even though Tyler was passed out, she could tell her touch was having a mild effect on his cock. The shaft seemed a little larger and a little firmer. His cock seemed to have grown a little straighter down his leg and fuller, even more trapped and constrained. His response only egged Jamie further. She gently wrapped her hand around his entire cock through the opening of his boxers, and she slowly stroked the base. She could feel his cock expanding and getting firmer in her hand. She wanted to see it all. She maintained her eyes on Tyler, as she slowly and carefully retracted his cock from the sleeve of his boxers, pulling it inch-by-inch out of his fly. It had a hard time getting out, as she was bending it in half, and his head was catching on the edge of his fly. She pinched his boxers, so they wouldn’t move, and she gently applied more force, pulling a little harder and then slightly harder, until all of a sudden, the rest of his cock was pulled free.

Jamie was gracefully gripping the base stil, but even then, there was another three to four inches of cock extending from her grip, curving down under its own weight. She couldn’t believe it. She slowly stroked his cock. She couldn’t believe the first cock she ever touched was so huge and beautiful. There was a thick vein running all the way to the head, supplying blood to the large appendage. It was almost as big as her wrist and nearly as long as her forearm. The head of his cock was slightly thicker than the soft shaft, with a velvet, mushroom shaped tip. Jamie worked her way all the way to the head. It was much squishier than the shaft that was growing hard in her hand. It no longer hung, but maintained a straight, but slightly curved shape, pointing to Tyler’s navel. It appeared to be at least eight to nine inches.

As she just barely cupped his cock, gently squeezing and stroking it, the moonlight glistened off the tip, catching Jamie’s eyes. She tilted the tip up, and she saw a dewy collection of precum accumulating into a bead that was getting close to running. She swept her thumb over the cum and circled it over the head. This caused Tyler to barely buck his hips, which made Jamie freeze, but he didn’t wake or budge further.

Shortly, another bead of precum began to form on the tip of his cock. Jamie’s mouth was salivating at the sight. Because of the raised bed, her face was already inches away from his cock, so much so, that she could smell the sweet, musk scent of his sex. As the dewy drop fully formed, Jamie instinctively jolted out her tongue to catch it before it flowed down his cock. She couldn’t believe what she just did. She pulled back and took a moment to sample the salty, sweet lubricant on her tongue. She wanted more, so she slowly reached her head forward and kissed his shaft, testing his reaction and her nerve. She looked up at his face as she pressed her lips more firmly into his shaft again. He didn’t move. She slightly spread her lips and returned for another kiss, allowing her mouth to part further, as she made contact with the tip of her tongue. Her mouth was salivating for more. She worked her way along his shaft to the tip, where she softly kissed the tip, as if she was making out with Tyler’s mouth, slightly licking the head.

Jamie looked back for a moment, and Tyler looked even deeper in his slumber. She figured it was now or never, so she lifted his cock and angled it directly towards her mouth. She parted her mouth and slowly took his cock in her hungry hole. Jamie wrapped her lips around the salty shaft and gently created some suction, drawing his rod to the back of her mouth. She couldn’t believe she had a cock in her body—in her mouth! It was surreal, especially Tyler’s cock! She slowly moved back and forth over the lip of his mushroom tip and down a few inches of his cock, gently stroking the cock back and forth in her mouth. She flattened her tongue and slid the velvety head over her eager tastebuds that were dancing to the flavors of his flesh.

In the moment, she recalled how much of a kissing slut she was in her youth. Would she have been a slut too, she asked herself? She didn’t know, but she would have definitely been a cock sucking fiend, she figured. She was enjoying his cock, and as amazing as his cock was, she was already wondering what other cocks were like. In the meantime, she got busy with Tyler’s cock.

Her mouth was salivating so bad that her drool was running down his shaft and in a puddle on his boxers. She tried to pause from sucking to clean up her mess, running her tongue in long, wide strokes along his shaft. That gave her an idea, and she began to use her tongue more, as she sucked. She rolled her tongue over the head of his cock, twisting and contorting it, but then he bucked his hips slightly, so Jamie froze with his cock still in her mouth. She soon started sucking him off again, but as she rolled her tongue, he once again he clenched his glutes, slightly thrusting his hips. She realized he really like that, so she continued to suck and roll, suck and roll, getting herself into a rhythm. He shifted his arm and turned his head, but he was still breathing deeply like he was out, and Jamie had an eager mouth that loved her lips wrapped around his thick member. She could tell he was oozing precum by the salty, sweet mixture occasionally hitting her tastebuds.

Then, all of a sudden mid-suck, Tyler’s arm that was over his head came crashing down and smacked Jamie in the head, neck and shoulders, landing on her back. It didn’t hurt, even though the full weight of his arm came down on her. What did happen was that her head was forced in a brief moment down on his cock, and Jamie felt his rod slide down her throat, as she fell face first into his pelvis. She immediately gagged and flailed her arms on the edge of the bed frame to support her trunk, but because his arm was still weighing on her, for a brief second, she was pinned with a cock buried down her throat. She had enough sense not to buck up and to control her gag, so she didn’t wake him. She tried to focus and just take it for a moment, while she figured out how to prop up without having his arm fall down her back and off the side of the bed—that probably would wake him—but she gagged again and then again. Nevertheless, she held her position with almost his entire cock buried down her throat. She closed her eyes and found her focus for a moment, controlling her reflex, but just as her throat stopped spasming, she could feel her drive for air hit her, so she slowly pushed back against his arm and lifted her head, sliding the cock out from the depths of her throat like a snake slithering slowly through an opening. She stuck out her ass and arched her back, even coming up on her tippy toes, so her back stayed as flat as possible. As she reached the tip, she moved her hand to catch his cock, so it didn’t fall, before taking in some deep breaths to catch her breath.

She looked over at Tyler. He was still out. She slowly turned her head, looking at the arm hanging over her shoulders, and she carefully guided his arm off of her back and to his side. While she was there, she took off her second shirt, and threw the hot, baggy t-shirt on her bed, as she was feeling hot and was perspiring. She then leaned back into Tyler and eagerly swallowed his cock again, rolling her tongue once more. This time, she made a point to swallow more of his meat, working to get his head deeper down her throat each time, testing her control, now that she knew that was all part of swallowing cock. It was a fun little game, and it made fellatio that much more enjoyable feeling more of Tyler’s cock in her body.

As she continued, she realized his hand was underneath her torso. Specfiically, he hand was against her breast. Well, it wasn’t much of a breast, but she could feel his thick finger against her rock hard nipple. She wiggled around, rubbing her nipple on his digit. She paused for a moment and pulled the string top over her shoulders and inched it down her torso, exposing her thick, long nipples to the open room. She returned to Tyler’s cock, but as she lowered her torso and stuck out her ass in her cock sucking position, she pressed her nipple into his fingers. Her subtle movements teased the tips of her nipples, as if he was intentionally stimulating her sensitive nubs.

Tyler’s cock was rock hard now, so much so, that Jamie wasn’t able to put it very far down her throat. It was swollen to the max width, which was making her really open her jaw, and she could feel the bulge of the thick veins with her tongue returning the high pressure blood feeding his cock. Suddenly, Tyler began to cum, giving Jamie no warning. He didn’t buck his hips or twitch at all. All she could hear was a slight change in his breathing, which changed from deep long breathes to little grunts. Jamie tried not to gag, as an initial blast of cum shot against the back of her throat, but she couldn’t help it. The jet of creamy cum flowed down her throat regardless of her gag, and she felt the warm cum flow down her esophagus, as she withdrew his cock, only holding the tip just inside her lips. Streams of salty, sweet ejaculate coated her tongue, as his cock continued to buck in her mouth. In that second, Jamie enjoyed the sensation of his throbbing cock unloading in her mouth that was tuned to feel every sensation and movement, but then she realized she wasn’t sucking, stroking or rolling her tongue over his cock; it was just sitting there, so she was likely ruining his orgasm, even if his mind might barely be aware of it, so like a good dick sucking whore, she eagerly returned to sucking on him, as he continued to unload his seed in her mouth. His cock easily slid in the pool of cum on her tongue, coating the flavor all over the silky muscle.

Jamie found the taste of his cum delicious. There was something in the musky, sweet taste that fed her primal side, and she swallowed all she could. Some cum ran down her chin and collected on her lips, but she licked that back up, savoring all she could of her first blowjob.

She could feel his cock softening in her mouth from being so rock hard from before. She was deeply nose breathing to catch her breath from the effort and from the excitement and adrenaline still racing through her veins. She withdrew his cock from her mouth and used the broad, flat face of her tongue to lick the cum from the base of his shaft.

Jamie became tuned into her body in that moment and could feel wetness between her legs. She reached her hand down her loose boxers and felt two runs of pussy juices traveling down her inner thighs. She moved her fingers to her lace panties, and to her surprise, they were soaked through the lace. She realized her pussy was so very swollen and utterly aching for release. What was she going to do?

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Chapter 5

As she contemplated what to do, she could just make out something in the moonlight. At the base of his cock where her saliva had collected, she could see movement hidden in his boxers. Her curiosity pulled her to explore, so she slid her fingers into the opening, and she immediately found his thick balls. The felt large, full of cum and testosterone, she figured. She knew they were very sensitive because boys always talked about the pain of getting hit or kicked in the balls. She gently retracted them from the depths of his boxers, setting them on the cotton. The top of his sack was glistening with her saliva and his juices. She realized the evaporation was probably causing them to feel cold, which is why they were dancing about. She leaned into his pelvis and began licking up the remaining juices with her tongue.

His balls were even saltier and muskier than his cock, but she loved it. She gently kissed his balls with open lips, and it was clear they were sensitive because Tyler twisted his hip. Not away, but just from the sensation. Jamie was feeling confident that he wasn’t waking up for anything now, so she continued to lick his balls, and as she did, she could see his flaccid cock was growing from a healthy four inches to thickness and length once more. Jamie opened her lips to size, and she applied some gentle suction to one of his balls, and it slowly slid into her mouth. He bucked a little, as she applied some more pressure to draw it in further, outlining the oblong shape with her warm tongue.

She couldn’t take it any longer. As much as she was enjoying the taste of Tyler, her pussy was dying to be touched. She carefully slid off her boxers, which fell to her feet. She worked her panties down her hips and over her ass, and they too fell to her feet. She gracefully stepped out from the holes of her garments, as she held Tyler’s ball in her mouth. She opened her legs and found her soaked, hot vulva, burning and aching with desire. She slid her fingers along the base to the tip, collecting a large amount of her slippery juices and rolled her fingers over her cock, hard, huge clit that was utterly dying for attention. She had to release Tyler’s ball when she touched herself, as she became overwhelmed at the sensation. She winced from the painful pleasure, teasing the head of her clit some more. With her other hand, she twisted and pulled hard on her nipple, feeling the released from the aggressive tug. She could feel her swollen libia parted, exposing the silky, tender flesh near the opening of her vagina. The swollen flesh was tight against her finger, as she pushed it into her vagina, sliding it as far as she could into her burning, hot hole. Her sugar walls were gushing with juices. They wanted more.

Jamie had a naughty idea. She grabbed some of her science books and stacked them up at Tyler’s side, and she stood on them. She slowly guided Tyler’s arm off of the edge of the bed, letting it hang over the side, and then she guided Tyler’s large, warm hand between her legs. She practically melt off the books, her knees almost buckling, as she pressed his fingers into her soaked vulva. It was amazing how another person’s body completely changed the experience of having fingers on her sex, but it was amazing. Jamie held his palm and wrist in position, and she aligned her fingers over his fingers. She pushed his fingers into the folds of her vulva, stroking his thick digits into the recesses of her flesh. She could feel his hot, sweaty hands quickly lubricating themselves against her pussy. She rubbed her giant clit and vulva over his fingers, shuttering from the painful pleasure. She pressed on his third and forth digits and angled her pelvis, pushing the thick, sausage appendages into her pussy. She adjusted herself again and pressed firmer, pushing their full length as far into her vagina as she could. It felt so good, as she pushed his knuckles back and forth into her hot hole, but she wanted more. His fingers might have been longer and thicker than hers, but she was aching for release, bad.

She looked down at his pulsating cock that was still firm. She wanted it in her body. It didn’t take much deliberating. Eager and smitten with lust, she kept his hand in her pussy, while she reached forward with her other hand and grabbed his cock, angling once again towards her mouth. She quickly sucked on his cock like he had the antidote to her life and time depended on it. In less than a minute, Tyler’s cock had swollen in her mouth to full mast, and Jamie knew he was ready.

She backed off his hand, allowing it to slide out of her pussy, and she returned his arm back up to the side of the bed. She ripped off her string top, fully nude now and exposed. She carefully climbed up on the bed, so she didn’t rock the cheap frame and wake him up from a change in his equilibrium. She came up over his body with her legs and arms on the edge of the frame and not the mattress. She slowly positioned herself over his pelvis and carefully lowered her left knee into the mattress next to the top of his hip, fully prepared to jump off the bed if necessary. With her other foot still on the railing, she lowered her pelvis some more. She picked up his cock, and she angled it up towards her vulva. She slowly lowered a few more inches and felt the velvet head make contact with her drenched, steaming pussy.

She practically lost it when their flesh met. Her leg trembled from the sweet sensation and almost buckled beneath her weight. She slowly slid his cock back and forth across her vulva, smearing her juices all over the head of his cock. She rubbed the head of her clit over the silky, squishy head of his cock, which caused her hips to spasm. She couldn’t wait any longer. She needed his cock in her pussy. She moved the tip to the base of her vulva and found the opening of her vagina. She was sure if Tyler was awake, he could have easily located the opening to her vagina with the tip of his cock by following the burning, radiant heat from the depths of his pussy. She lowered herself on his cock and felt her libia spread around his shaft and her pussy eagerly open itself to accommodate his girth.

Inch by inch she lowered herself. He was thick, as she could feel her walls stretching wide, beyond her fingers ever had. He was long, as she could feel her walls being pulled to length, but she wanted more, and she could tell her position was robbing her of all that he had to offer. She moved her right leg to the side of his hip, and positioned her weight over that leg, as she came off her kneed to her foot into a squat. She was only hovering on him for a moment when she lost her balance on the unsteady mattress, which caused her to lean back, almost falling. All eight to nine inches of Tyler’s cock plunged into Jamie’s pussy, as her ass came down on his pelvis. She couldn’t believe how huge he was; she had never felt so stretched and full before, but it felt amazing. Nevertheless, she jolted her hands forward, so she didn’t fall completely backwards. She leaned forward and lifted her weight off of his pelvis and onto her feet. She had nowhere to put her hands, so she gracefully balanced herself on his hips. With her body steadied over his pelvis in a squat and with his cock still in her pussy, she began to bob up and down on his cock. She mostly stayed on the end six to seven inches, but occasionally she would uncontrollably smack her ass and thighs onto his pelvis.

Within seconds she understood that this was going to be her new obsession. She was loving every detailed second of his cock sliding in and out of her pussy, stretching her tender sugar walls with each thrust. Her pussy juices were rapidly soaking his cock, making the ride more and more slippery. She got into a rhythm, as her ass was starting to clap with each bob and twerk, smacking her cheeks together against the backside of Tyler’s long rod.

A few minutes in, and Jamie’s legs were burning, and she needed to switch positions. She carefully lowered herself to her knees, one at a time. She spread her ass, as she fully lowered her body on his hips and buried her pussy on his cock. She could feel his cock deep inside her abdomen, stretching her pussy up to her navel. She could feel her juices collecting at the base of his cock, now smearing into her butt cheeks. She sat tall on his pelvis and collected her breath. Tyler was still deep in a slumber, as Jamie was joyfully raping him, little to his knowledge. She figured he was a horny boy who would fuck anything that moved, so she couldn’t rape the willing. Plus, she had swallowed his load for free, so he owed her. Yeah.

Her skin was perspiring from her horny adrenaline and efforts. She twisted and yanked on her aching nipples standing tall and far from her chest proudly. As she teased herself, she began grinding her pelvis on Tyler’s cock. She could feel her clit rubbing on the base of his shaft, driving her closer to her orgasm. She bit her lip and rolled her eyes in the back of her head, losing all sense of control. She pushed her pelvis down further on Tyler’s cock, burying his meat as deep as possible, smashing her booty into his balls, as she began to rock her pelvis with more vigor. She could feel her orgasm nearing, as she found a rhythm rubbing her clit on his pubis. Jamie pulled harder on her nipples, willing her body to bring her some release. Her heart was pounding out of her chest and her breathing was getting louder and deeper, as she suddenly released her orgasm, convulsing on Tyler’s cock. She spasmed and jolted uncontrollably, but she bit her lip and whimpered through the painful pleasure, so she didn’t shout out a deep moan that wanted to burst from her. She could feel her sugar walls contracting in opposing contractions with her anal sphincter, them both spasming with delight, her pussy squeezing around Tyler’s rock, hard shaft.

As her orgasm subsided, and as Jamie caught her breath, she felt a wave of release pass over her body like one feels when they cry their eyes out. She was glowing in the wake of her orgasm, tingling and fuzzy all over. Her body felt weak for a moment, so she steadied herself on Tyler’s hips. He was amazingly still passed out. Maybe he needed to lay off the booze, she figured sheepishly. She gathered some strength, releasing she was in a precarious position, and he could wake any moment. She slowly lifted herself from his hips, and as she did, his hard cock slowly withdrew from her pussy. Admittedly, she wanted it back in. It gave her a fullness she never had, and now that it was leaving her, it left an empty void she immediately missed. Nevertheless, she picked herself off one knee and then the other, back into a squat. She looked between her legs, as his cock fell from her twat. Her legs were trembling as she extended them up over the bed. She gracefully crawled off the railings and back down on the floor.

She could see her white cream all over his cock, but mostly collecting at the base of his shaft. She realized she couldn’t leave him like that, or he could suspect, so she began licking the concentrated, tangy and salty juices from his cock. Her musky scent was all over his cock, so she really did a good job to lick up all her juices, and for good measure, she sucked on his cock for a while until she could no longer discern the difference between the taste in her mouth and the taste of his flesh. But having done that, he was rock hard, and by the look of his red, swollen head, she needed to give him release again, so she continued to suck on his cock until he once again unloaded in her mouth. It was much more manageable the second time, yet she was still proud to have swallowed it all without a drop spilled. She made sure to lick up all her saliva from the base of his cock and balls.

As his cock subsided, she gently tuck his balls back into the opening of his boxers and then pushed his flaccid cock back in as well. She found her string top and wiped the remainder of the mess with her shirt. She covered his lower body with just the sheet. Tyler was still out. Jamie crept up to his forehead and gave him a tender kiss, as if thanking him for being her first, even if she did just rape him. Then she discreetly grabbed her clothes and scurried off to the bathroom to take a cool shower.

Jamie slept more soundly than she had in a long time, but when she awoke, she immediately recalled everything that happened, as if she had forgotten it entirely, which hit her recall with a shock. She looked over at Tyler, and he was still in the same position she had left him, yet he wasn’t breathing so deeply this time. She began to remember the details of their coitus, and it didn’t take long before she was feeling horny again. She pulled her baggy t-shirt up and put her hand down her loose boxers, and sure enough, she was swollen and wet, and her clit was engorged. She wasn’t drenched or on fire like the night before, and it was too soon for her pelvis to be aching with desire, but nevertheless, her thoughts had quickly worked.

Tyler began to move, and almost instantly, he began to contort his hips and scratch at his crotch. Jamie played coy, pretending to still be asleep, but she peeked through the sheets. Tyler stretched himself out, releasing the tension in his tight muscles. He looked a little confused like he didn’t know where he was or what had happened. Jamie slowly pretended to wake up, and shortly later, they began chatting about his wild night of drinking and dancing. Tyler said that Jamie should have come out, that Jamie would have had a good time, but Jamie only blushed and smiled, sheepishly saying that she had a good time staying in. Tyler noticed Jamie shaved her face, and he said Jamie looked a little feminine like that, but that it suited his face better. If he only knew, Jamie thought. Then Tyler laughed that he didn’t know how he was going to be able to go out again, but that there was a huge frat party that night. Jamie’s pussy almost trembled with excitement, and her mouth began to water at the thought that Tyler might come back to the dorms a little too inebriated again. Jamie would take care of him. In fact, she always wanted to try anal!

The End

I hope you enjoyed the story.


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Great story with perfect detail!