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Getting Warmed Up. Mf, incest, preg

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on: May 23, 2021, 04:04:20 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Getting Warmed Up by Ruscilious

Now, our daughter, Beth, was not a stranger to our bed, however, it had been about 13 years since she last slept with us. Before her 4th birthday, she started sleeping in her own room, with only nightmare induced visits to us in the middle of the night. Even that had stopped around her 9th year of age.

Then I got transferred to Fairbanks, Alaska. It was a really good deal, what with the bump in pay and the state stipend all residents got for living there. Beth wasn’t happy, but being 17, she couldn’t yet live by herself. We mollified her by agreeing she could return to our hometown when she started college.

Now we had enough money to afford a nice house in town, but my wife was already looking for the house she wanted to spend our golden years in. So, we ended up a dozen or so miles outside the last suburb on a 10 acre lot with a cozy house. It was built for the weather, with a steeply slanted roof and the master bedroom having a water radiator that could be heated by gas or by the wood stove in the kitchen. A nice setup for my wife and I. However, as we found out that first winter, the other two rooms on the second floor became unlivable once temperatures dipped below freezing. In August! And being from warmer climes, we were used to sleeping in few clothes: I in my shorts and Carla and Beth in sleep shirts and panties.

Beth came shivering into our room and begged to crawl in with us. My wife moved over and let her in. The bed was large, so there was still plenty of room.

The next morning was embarrassing, though. I woke to a welcome tingling in my arm from the head resting on it. My first breath was a whiff of scented shampoo from her hair. My other arm was lying over her, my hand resting lightly on a firm breast, and my morning wood was pressed against feminine bottom cheeks. Then I opened my eyes and got two shocks.

First, it wasn’t my wife’s dark head on my arm, but my daughter’s brown. The second was seeing my wife lying on her side looking at me with a smile from her side of the bed.

“You two look cute,” she whispered.

I know I turned red, but my wife couldn’t know it was from feeling Beth’s breast under my hand and her bottom cheeks against my piss hard on, turning it into a real hard on.

“Help me get loose,” I whispered back, hoping desperately Beth wouldn’t wake.

“You’re fine. Just let her sleep and doze some more while I get breakfast started.” My wife carefully climbed out from under the covers, put on her housecoat and came around the bed to kiss my cheek. “Think of this as a chance to be more emotionally involved with our daughter. You’re too distant from her, and she won’t be with us much longer.” Then she left.

She thinks I’m too distant, I thought. She doesn’t understand. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to interact with Beth, it was because I was ashamed of my reactions. My daughter was extraordinarily lovely, and her mature body made me hard each time I saw it. I couldn’t see her in a swimsuit or some of her light summer wear without feeling an almost uncontrollable urge to pull her against me, to run my hands over her soft skin, to push myself between her round thighs. I often had to leave the room to masturbate and get myself under control. And now she was pressed against me wearing just her sleep shirt and underwear, and I was in my boxers.

I couldn’t have dozed if I wanted to. I lay there, listening to Beth breath and fought the urge to squeeze the breast under my hand. However, I couldn’t keep my hips from pressing forward, to feel my shaft slightly enclosed between her bottom cheeks, only two thin layers of cloth separating us. What was I going to do?

Beth moaned and her head moved. I snapped my eyes closed and tried to breath deeply, pretending to be asleep. Her hand covered mine on her breast. Her bottom cheeks clenched, my hard on lightly trapped between them. I felt her head come off my arm and her hair swept it. I could guess she was trying to look behind herself, not quite certain what she was pressed against. I heard her gasp, then her hand pulled mine away and tucked it behind her. She wiggled away from me. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes, trying to appear to be just woken up.

“Good morning,” I said and smiled innocently. She stared at me with a startled expression. When she didn’t reply, I let a frown settle on my face. “Is something wrong?”

She jerked. “No! Nothing’s wrong. Why?”

“You were staring at me.”

“Nothing’s wrong,” she repeated softly, then jumped from the bed and hurried out. I watched her round ass disappear, then rolled out of bed and went to jerk off in the shower.

That day I busied myself with as much as I could, yet, still caught myself stopping to savor the memory of her firm breasts and round ass and how they’d felt. Thankfully, Beth stuck close to Carla, the two of them working on re-decorating one of the rooms.

That night, Beth joined us again, lying on the far side of her mother. I was slightly disappointed, but soon fell asleep.

I was woken by Carla climbing over Beth to go use the toilet. When she came back, I felt movement and heard murmured words I couldn’t make out. A body shifted against my side and the bed settled into stillness again. I was wide awake, my heartbeat accelerating as I hoped it was Beth now next to me. However, I practiced discretion and breathed deeply and evenly to pretend I was asleep. The only preparation I made was to roll to my side, facing whoever was next to me.

My heart was slowing, and I was actually drifting off again, when a warm body snuggled up against me again. I took a deep whiff of the head of hair that settled under my nose and recognized Beth’s shampoo. Her body wiggled until she’d settled into the small spoon position, her back to my chest and her butt against my crotch. My half hard cock ballooned to full erection. I kept myself still, waiting to see if she was asleep or doing this on purpose. Her breathing continued to be deep and even, so I assumed she had moved unconsciously. I still gave it about 10 minutes before I moved.

My right hand and arm had been resting on my side and hip. I let it drift over her waist and tucked it against her stomach, just under her rib cage. Braced now, I rolled my hips slowly, dragging my erection back and forth against her round ass. Yes, there was still my underwear and her panties between us, but it still excited me.

I brought my hand slowly up over her arm and chest until I was cupping her right breast through her shirt.  I gave it a light squeeze, then froze when I heard Beth make a soft sound.


She shifted and her bottom cheeks tightened, slightly gripping my erection between them. She made another soft sound. To my amazed excitement, I felt her nipple harden and poke into my palm. I begin to lose control and my hand massaged her breast. My hips worked my cloth covered erection against her buttocks, which occasionally tightened.

Her breathing suddenly stuttered, and she gasped. I was so enraptured I couldn’t have stopped if I wanted. I kept pushing against her, my hand rubbing her breast, and feeling a mixture of ecstasy and resignation. I knew I had to finish and I knew it was going to ruin my life.

“Dad,” Beth said in a whisper, her head turning toward me. “Dad. I’m not mom. It’s Beth. Dad, I’m Beth.”

I felt a sudden relief. Beth assumed I was mistaking her for her mother. I instantly decided to continue the charade. I groaned slightly, but did not reply to Beth’s attempts to “waken” me.

Beth’s head turned away, as she was apparently resigned to what was occurring. Her nipple was still hard, and I trapped it between my fingers, gently pinching. Beth gasped and her hand came to rest lightly on mine. My heart nearly burst when she let out a moan. Her hips pressed backward, her bottom firmly against my erection.

Then she pushed her hips away from me, but her hand snaked behind her. I was swinging my hips forward to try and get contact with her buttocks, when I felt her fingers partially encircle and squeeze my penis.

I nearly froze, then forced my hips to move, to keep up the farce that my body was on autopilot. Even though the position was awkward, I felt her fingers travel up and down the shaft from the head to my balls.

“Damn, Dad,” Beth muttered. I didn’t know how much sexual experience Beth had, but I egotistically guessed she was impressed with what she found. Her hand fluttered over my shorts, then it was my turn to grunt when she found the opening. Her hand slid in and took a firmer grip on me, skin to skin. I lost it then, a wheeze escaping me as my balls tightened and forced sperm up my shaft. It quickly soaked my shorts and leaked onto the fitted sheet.

Feeling wonderfully satisfied, I sighed and rolled into my back. It seemed like the logical thing to do. Beth’s hand was pulled loose from my shorts.

I lay there breathing deeply and truly starting to fall into sleep. I heard and felt Beth move, then heard her whisper, “Ick.” Some of my sperm must have been on her hand. Then I drifted away.

The next morning, I woke to find we were spooning again, though I was not cupping a breast this time. I could feel my wet shorts sticking to me. Carla was already gone from the bed, and as I shifted, Beth turned her head to look at me.

“Morning, Dad,” she said, her expression inscrutable.

“Ummm, good morning,” I replied, acting befuddled. My heart was hurting a little as I wondered what she’d say or do next. She surprised me by pushing the covers away and scooting off the bed. Without a word, she left the room. I could see her nightshirt was wet on the back.

I got myself cleaned up and turned the covers down to let the sheets air, as my wife liked to call it. This would also speed drying.

Thankfully, Carla was in a talkative mood, as Beth was mostly silent during breakfast. I did my best to keep up my side of the conversation. When we broke, Beth said she was going to break out the snowshoes that we had found in the garage when we first moved in.

My wife and spent the day on some home maintenance, trying to find any leaks and places where the wind might get in. Beth joined us after she got back from her walk, and seemed just like her old self.

That night started with Beth being on the far side of her mother. However, when Carla crawled out of bed in the middle of the night to use the toilet, Beth immediately rolled to the middle. When Carla came back and found Beth had already moved, she let out a “Humph,” and climbed under the covers. I had been woken by Carla leaving, but quickly resumed my deep breathing. I rolled to my side facing Beth and waited, heart hammering.

When Carla’s breathing was deep and even, Beth scooted up against me, her round butt against my crotch. My cock immediately inflated. She wiggled her butt against my penis a few times. She then searched for and found my hand, pulling it to her breast. Her nipple was already hard. She held my hand in place, then seemed to be waiting.

I counted to 30, then rolled my hips to slide my erection against her. After a couple pokes, I let my fingers squeeze and massage her breast.

Beth pressed her ass more firmly against me and let out a soft moan. I eagerly continued my motions, and soon noticed her right arm, which mine was lying on top of, was twitching rhythmically. A few seconds later, I realized Beth was rubbing her pussy.

I forced myself to continue as though I was asleep and unaware. But when I heard Beth’s muffled groan, and felt her body tense and then shudder against me, I nearly lost it, the urge to thrust vigorously against her bottom was overwhelming.

Beth spun in my embrace, turning to face me. I almost groaned with disappointment. Then her hand was on my erection, pulling it through the opening of my shorts. It took some tugging on the cloth, but soon my bare cock was pointing at my daughter under the covers. Her hand wrapped my shaft.

“Dad, are you awake?” she whispered. She repeated herself twice, pausing between each question. I continued to rock my hips and felt her fingers slide up and down the shaft. A groan escaped me.

Seemingly satisfied I was still unconscious, Beth stroked my cock a few times. I felt her move, and then the tip of my cock was pressed to fabric. I could feel the shift of hair under the smooth cloth and realized she was pressing it against her panties, possibly right on her pussy.

My penis exploded, drenching the cloth it was pressed against.

Beth’s hand tightened around my shaft and she muttered, “Damn it.”  However, she didn’t pull away until my shaft relaxed. She let go and I rolled on my back. I drifted off to sleep, hearing her continue to curse softly.

The next morning found us spooning again. I immediately noticed Beth was not wearing the same sleep shirt.

My wife opened her eyes and smiled at me. Then she sniffed and her face crinkled.

She got up and came around the bed, leaning down to whisper in my ear, “Strip the bed when you two get up.”

“Okay,” I replied as calmly as I could. Did Carla recognize the scent of sex in the sheets?

My wife kissed my cheek and left to start breakfast.

Beth woke several minutes later. She scooted onto her back and sat up, pushing the covers down. She stretched her arms over her head and yawned. My eyes were irresistibly drawn to her full breasts as they pressed against her sleep shirt. I saw her nipples tighten in the cool air and poke against her shirt.

“Morning, Dad,” she said and smiled when she finally looked at me.

“That’s better.”

“What is?”

“Your greeting. I’ve been thinking you have been unhappy with me the last couple mornings.”

“I guess I slept well this time,” she replied after a few moments’ thought. She crawled out of bed and left to get showered and changed. I did the same.

Beth really did seem friendlier that day. She talked and joked with her mother and I as we worked on the outside of the house.

When we went to bed that night, she surprised us by offering to go right to the middle.

“Then you won’t have to climb over me, Mom,” she said reasonably.

I was woken by Carla when she went to the toilet. To my surprise, Beth was already spooned against me, her hand holding my limp one against her stomach.

I fought to keep my cock soft and my hand limp until Carla came back to the bed.

When her mother’s breathing was even again, Beth wiggled her ass against my crotch. I let my control relax and my cock immediately stretched between us.

When I began slowly humping against her ass, Beth pushed my hand down and brought it back up under her shirt. I almost squeezed her breast as soon as I felt our skin come together. Her hard nipple was a pebble against my palm. I fought with myself to keep my motions slow, but let myself slowly massage her bare breast.

It was soon obvious Beth was rubbing her pussy again. I kept myself in control and got to hear and feel her orgasm against me again.

She pulled my hand from her shirt and spun to face me. She again worked my cock free of my shorts, all the while whispering “Are you awake?” I of course did not respond.

I felt her press my cock head to her panties again. I kept control this time and poked her with it.  She gasped and moaned, and I guessed I was poking her clitoris.

She let me do this a few times, then she was moving. I was uncertain what she was doing until I felt her warm mouth close around my helmet. My hips jerked, driving forward and my balls clenched. I groaned with each spurt. Beth didn’t pull back and swallowed all of it.

I rolled to my back, like always, and Beth squirmed up to the air from under the covers.

“Dad,” she whispered against my cheek. I kept my breathing even. She sighed and snuggled against me.

I admit to being horribly distracted the next day. When Carla or Beth asked what was wrong with me, I just said I was working over a work-related problem.

I had to use all my acting skills not to seem too eager to get into bed that night. I knew I was loosing my control, the control that had kept me from molesting Beth. It was shredded by this time. Beth again asked to be in the middle. It took a long time before I finally fell asleep.

I almost jerked awake when Carla made her regular night trip to the toilet. Thankfully, Beth didn’t appear to notice anything different. As soon as Carla’s breathing was even she was against me.

Something felt different, but I couldn’t immediately tell what it was.

As I began to slowly hump Beth’s ass, she reached behind and fished my cock from my shorts. I nearly had a heart attack when she scooted back against me and I felt my cock press between her bare ass cheeks.

Our skin stuck together a bit with my motions. A bit painful for me, but I was too excited to care. Beth pulled her shirt up under her arms and I was in ecstasy at feeling her soft back against my front. My hand was on her bare breast, rolling her nipple between my fingers, while Beth shook and moaned, her fingers busy between her legs.

When she spun toward me and gripped my cock, I felt her slick labia on either side of the head as she dragged it up down her slit.

I lost it!

I pressed eagerly forward, feeling her inner heat close around my cock head. Beth gasped and scooted away, rolling on her back. This was a tactical error, as it helped me land on top of her, my hips between her thighs.

“Daddy! No! Don’t!” Beth whispered fiercely, but I had completely lost control. My hard shaft followed my cock head into her heated, slick depths. I hit bottom, feeling my balls pressed to her soft ass. Beth let out a deep groan. Her tight vagina fluttered around my shaft and this triggered my orgasm. Long shots of semen left my cock to bathe her womb.

I collapsed on her, groaning. Already I felt remorse. There was nothing I could do to take this back.

There was no explosion, though. Instead, Beth calmly said, “Dad, you’re getting heavy.”

Feeling my heart shrinking in my chest, I pulled my cock from my daughter’s vagina. She hissed softly. I let myself down next to her and waited for my doom.

Instead, she rolled against me.

“You’ve always been awake, haven’t you?”

“Yes,” I whispered.

She sighed and was silent. I held my breath. Then I realized from her even breathing that Beth had fallen asleep. I lay there confused for a while, before I too fell asleep.

Morning broke and I opened my eyes to a regular scene: Beth spooned against me and my wife smiling at us. The major difference was my morning wood had worked out of the opening in my shorts and I could feel it against Beth’s bare ass.

Carla got up and came around the bed. She kissed me on the cheek and said, “I’m glad you two are re-connecting. I’m going for a walk and will make breakfast when I get back.”

Feeling confused, I lay there until I felt Beth’s butt cheeks tighten and rub against my erection. She scooted and rolled until she was facing me, a sleepy smile on her face.

“Good morning,” she said huskily and kissed me warmly. Her hand wrapped around my cock shaft and began stroking.

On a sort of autopilot, I kissed her back and my hand went to her breasts, molding and rolling her nipples. Beth moaned into my mouth. She took my hand from her breasts and put it firmly on her hairy twat. I found and massaged her clit until she was squirming and pulling at my cock. I moved toward her and she rolled on her back, legs spread wide. When I settled between her thighs, she plugged me into the mouth of her vagina. We both groaned as I sank into her.

She was so wonderfully tight, yet also slick and hot. She wiggled eagerly under me, gasping with each thrust. I had to use every mental trick I had to keep from ejaculating too soon. As she climbed into her orgasm, Beth hooked her heels behind my thighs, pulling with my thrusts. She buried her face in my neck and whined and jerked against me. Feeling her vagina flutter, I relaxed my control and jammed myself deep inside her. Sperm splashed against her cervix.

We both were panting when she pulled her face from my neck. I stared down at her and she gazed back, our lips close enough to feel each other’s breath. Then she was pressing her lips to mine in tender kisses until my softening penis slithered from her vagina.

She broke our kiss and said, “You’re getting heavy.”

I rolled to the side, asking, “Are you okay?”

She stretched languidly. “I’m great.”

“But, I’ve raped you,” I said softly, my heart aching.

“No. You didn’t.”

“But you said no last night.”

“You startled me, is all. I didn’t think you’d go for it so soon.”

“You wanted to have sex?”

She nodded and rolled against me, tucking her head to my shoulder.

“I don’t understand,” I finally said after a few minutes.

“Mom wants another baby.”

“She can’t,” I sputtered. Beth had broken something in Carla when she was born. Then it hit me. “Are you saying you....” I couldn’t get the rest out, I was so flabbergasted.

Beth looked up at me and nodded. She then rolled on her back and explained everything.

The problem had multiple levels. Beth had been depressed at how I had been pulling further and further away from her as she got older. She’d finally broke down at 16 and sobbed out to Carla her fears that I didn’t love her anymore. Beth had been surprised that I was pulling away because I was TOO interested in her. At first she couldn’t believe it, but she had tested me with skimpy outfits and had seen how I practically ran away from her presence. About that time, Carla had began confessing to Beth how sad she was that soon Beth would be gone, and there were no younger siblings to wean Carla into her empty nest syndrome. Beth had bravely told her that she would be happy to carry a baby for her mother. They had researched how Carla’s eggs and my spermatozoa could be put together in a lab and then inserted into Beth. They were disheartened by how expensive it would be.

After we had moved up to the new house and Beth had joined us in bed the first time, Beth had suddenly realized there was a solution to both problems. She and Carla had discussed it that day, and my wife had given her consent.  So, Beth had gone about seducing me.

I stared at her, processing this.

“How could you know I would go along with this?”

Beth smiled impishly. “Because of how you “abused” me that first morning.” Her face became serious. “I’m sorry I had to lead you on, letting you believe I thought you were sleep fucking me. I was afraid if I approached you directly, you’d refuse, to “protect me”. I love you and mom so much. I know how you’ll miss me. So this is the best way to give you both what you want.”

I pulled the covers down, exposing my daughter’s lovely body. I rested my hand on her flat stomach and imagined it swelling with a baby. My cock began to rise again. I leaned over and kissed Beth hotly and she responded with eagerness. I kissed my way down her neck and chest until I was working her breasts, her hard nipples between my lips. Her hips began to bounce as she moaned. I eagerly levered myself on top of her and sank my cock to the hilt.

We were wrapped up in each other. I held out until Beth shuddered and whined, her vagina tightening and releasing my cock. I suddenly noticed Carla sitting on the edge of our bed, smiling. I admit I tested her. I looked her right in the eye, as I gave two more thrusts and buried my spurting cock deep, breeding our daughter. Still keeping eye contact, I pulled out, setting back on my heels, my half hard cock slimy with white streaks. Out of the corner of my eye, i could see a bubble of white well up from Beth’s quivering cunt.

My wife climbed onto the bed and gave me a kiss. She then leaned down and pecked Beth on the forehead.

“Breakfast is ready. Come on down when your cleaned up,” she said while climbing off the large bed. “I love you both so much,” she said as she went out the door, looking back at us over her shoulder.

Beth was a wonderful lover. She could get me hard at the drop of a hat. I made sure her womb was filled at least twice a day. Carla absented herself from the room when we fucked, but didn’t go far. And she only complained twice when we woke her in the middle of the night.

It was a good thing I had moved more quickly than Beth had expected. She gave birth to her first child, a boy, in May that next year. I say first because Beth stuck around until she’d given Carla a girl, which was the gender of her third child. All three were raised to believe Carla was their mother.

Beth met her husband in college. The two of them moved nearby when they graduated. Beth had 3 more children, and she was mostly certain they were all her husband’s.

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Reply #1 on: May 24, 2021, 12:12:55 PM
This is a very well-written story. Thank you for posting.

Welcome to KB Ruscilious. I hope you'll share more stories with us.

A thumbs up for your effort.


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Very hot story , well done,  :emot_penis:
Please keep them coming.

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This was good.

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Thank you all.  :D

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Wonderful story, thank you.

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This is a very well-written story. Thank you for posting.

Welcome to KB Ruscilious. I hope you'll share more stories with us.

A thumbs up for your effort.

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when women plot men are helpless. mom and daughter + unknowing dad = 3 children. thank you for a detailed wonderful read

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what a wonderful story.. i liked the last comment as well