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Teenage experimentation (Mm, Mf, MMm, MM)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Teenage experimentation

Back in 2003, I was nineteen. I was straight and had a girlfriend with regular sex got from her. Since I was fourteen I’d had girlfriends almost all of the time and also I would have hook-ups with anyone else too. In my head, I had gay fantasies. Those were of being fucked by older men, forcefully too. They were just there in my mind but I never intended to see them through. That year I had a friend named Steph. She was an Alpha type girl who I met through my brother. A year older than me, she had lots of guy friends but few girl friends. There was a bloke she had too, some dopey guy who she controlled. It was Steph’s birthday and there was a party. My girlfriend hated Steph so wouldn’t go. I did. The party was at the flat Steph had with Dopey with maybe a dozen people there that night. I had a bit to drink but it wasn’t anything really fun. One guy at the party was called Gary. Steph told me he was gay yet that wasn’t clear. He didn’t act like he was, what I thought gay was like. We had a chat, shared a smoke etc. He was okay to hang out with a bit. Gary wasn’t effeminate though not macho either. People left the party when it got late but I had always intended to stay the night because I lived far off. Gary was staying too. I had one sofa in the living room and he had another while Steph and Dopey went to bed.

It seemed like only a minute after they departed when Gary whispered over to me. He wanted to do something to me. I didn’t understand because I’d had a bit to drink. I said no to whatever it was but he was off that sofa and on his knees before me. He then said he wanted to suck my dick. That time I understood. I could have said no but I just said yes. Everything happened damn fast. My jeans were undone and he had my dick out and then in his mouth. I was hard and trying to pay attention but everything was all crazy in the darkness. Then, before I could start enjoying it, getting a blow job from a guy just because it seemed like a good idea, there was a noise and a light on in the hallway. Gary jumped away and back onto his sofa. I barely managed to sort my jeans out before in came Steph, going to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She said goodnight to us again and disappeared. I closed my eyes. Gary whispered if I was still awake but I pretended I wasn’t. I just needed to sleep and forgot about the aborted blow job I’d been getting.

On the Saturday morning, we all went to a pub. It opened early to serve breakfast – it was one of those chain pubs – yet when I got there I couldn’t stomach the idea of food. Gary had said he wasn’t coming but he did in the end. Steph when to the toilet at one point and Dopey went to use his phone. Gary and I were alone at the table. I was a bit embarrassed, even though I didn’t have to be, but made the effort to pretend nothing had happened. Gary didn’t. He asked me if I wanted him to finish that blow job on me. Could we go somewhere afterwards and he could suck my dick again? The idea was crazy but I went along with it again. I told him he could come to my house and do it. The suggestion from Gary was that whenever we all left where we were, he and I would meet half an hour later at the Clock Tower. That was where everyone met in those days, even when we all first had phones and such clever things as text messages. You met someone there at a time and if they were late you waited. Back came Steph then Dopey too. We were all there for a while before we all went our own ways. I went to the supermarket, got some smokes and had a walk around. I wanted that blow job so had every intention of going to meet Gary and taking him to my house. I didn’t know if he would show up. He did.

We took a bus ride to my house. It was less than an hour. We talked about the party and stuff like that. Gary sat next to me but it was all seemingly innocent, like what had been said and what was going to happen hadn’t and wouldn’t. But I knew I was taking him to my house and getting a blow job. I told myself it was gay yet that was all okay because it was a one-off. When we got off the bus, alone out of ear shot of other people, Gary had questions. Who was home? I told him no one but me until the next evening. He asked me if before the night before I had ever done anything with another guy before? I told him no I hadn’t. He wanted to know if I had had sex with a girl up the bum? Yes, I had. Did I have any lube in the house, condoms too? I told him that I had both. Gary said that he wanted to not just suck my dick again but have me fuck him in the bum too. He asked if he could stay over and whether we could fuck several times? I agreed to that. I told myself that things had got bigger than I had planned, but I was in control. His forwardness didn’t frighten me: I’d had girls talk like that to me and while it was a guy saying it, it didn’t freak me out in any real way. He was seventeen, smaller than me and wanted me to fuck him. Not my fantasy yet what I certainly wanted to make a reality at that time. To turn down a blow job and fucking would have been nuts.

We got inside my house and once I closed the door, he turned to me and kissed me. In my head I hadn’t imagined that even though I should have. For a moment I went to push him away because I wasn’t gay. But I didn’t. I kissed him back and we had hands all over the place: he slid his hand down the top of my jeans onto my dick. Everything with that was fast and I wanted to slow it down. I told him that I needed a bath first because I stunk and hadn’t changed my clothes. Come upstairs, I told him. He said he too wanted a wash and I was glad of that. In my mind, if I was going to fuck another guy I wanted it all ‘clean’. It was just a thing of mine. I liked to fuck when clean and when I fucked girls I wanted them the same. Gary was very agreeable. I showed him to my bedroom and went to start running the bath. I was gone thirty seconds at the most. I came back to my bedroom and he was naked while sitting on the end of my bed. The curtains were shut but there he was with everything on show still. Blonde, he had real thin pubes. His cock wasn’t that big and he had little nuts too. I starred at him. He found that funny and asked if I was going to get naked to have that bath. I got the message and I undressed. It wasn’t a strip or anything done to excite but he had his eyes all over me. When I had no more clothes on, he told me I had a nice-looking dick. He put his hands on it again, at once making it hard. I looked down at him and wanted to start fucking his mouth but I wanted that bath first: I also wanted him washed too. I couldn’t get past that need. So I told him I was going to bathe and went. Soon I was in the bath. He came into the bathroom and sat in the small chair in there. It felt odd to be watched. Yet when he came in, I watched him. I had my eyes on his cock and nuts as they swung between his legs and where they rested when he sat down. I’d seen naked guys before, at school and stuff, but that was an entirely different situation. I wasn’t in the bath for long. When I got out, Gary said he would get in yet not be long. I went to the bedroom in just a towel and waited for him once I dried off. I got the lube and condoms, and reminded myself all about doing bum sex. Fucking girls up the bum was different from in their pussy. Going slow had to be done. I wondered what his hole would feel like, what his face would look like with my dick up his bum and whether his cock would get hard during that. Very soon I found out.

Gary came back into the bedroom without a towel and got straight on the bed where I was. We were kissing and there were hands all over the place again. First we were beside each other before I was then on my back with him atop me. His cock was hard but not as big as mine. I found that comforting. Gary was slim and his body a bit girl-like really. He had little body hair and his skin was pretty smooth. I didn’t find him at all threatening in a masculine way even with a hard cock. His kisses moved to my mouth to my nipples, which was an odd feeling not known to me before, and then he went lower. My dick was as hard as it would get and then in his hands before back in his mouth again. He really could suck dick. He massaged my balls with his hands and took my hole dick in his mouth. I’d only ever had a deep throat once before but that second time was much better. Soon I felt like I was going to explode, shooting cum down this throat. But he had offered my his bum hole and I wanted that. I told him I was going to cum if he carried on. He stopped and came up to kiss me again. Above me, I saw his hard cock again. I touched it. I had only ever touched my own before. That other one was just like mine though a bit smaller. We kissed, something I hadn’t thought I would ever do with another guy, even in those fantasies of getting hard fucked, and I kept hold of that cock of his, even rubbing his nuts too. He looked at me straight in the face and told me he wanted me to fuck him.

When I had fucked girls up the bum, I had had them on their front with legs spread far apart. Gary wanted to be on his back though. He said he wanted to look at me as I fucked him. He got a pillow and put it under the small of his back. When I had the lube, he took it off me and started rubbing it on his hole before I watched him slid a finger inside his bum hole. That hole was tiny and almost free of hairs. He lifted up his nuts when he did it and I could have sworn the little hole winked at me. I got a condom on with Gary then putting more lube on that. Fuck me, he said, and get it all the way in. His legs wrapped around mine when I started. I had to push a bit but soon enough my dick slid right in. It was tight, very tight. His cock was soft and in that position it and his nuts were up against his belly. I looked at them as I fucked him. Slow, deep strokes I made to get a nice rhythm going. Gary wanted me to kiss him but in that position it wasn’t easy. I did a bit but I just really wanted to keep fucking him. After a while, he told me to stop. My dick was huge he said, and he wanted some more lube. I pulled my dick out and he asked me to lube up his hole some more. I’d done that to girl’s holes so that didn’t worry me. I put more lube in there and some more on my dick too. Gary turned on his side and lifted a leg. He wanted me to fuck him like that. I had an ankle on my shoulder as my dick slid back in him. That felt even better than before: I could get all the way in and get going with the fucking easier. I went for it, fucking him pretty fast too and watching his face as he took my dick deep inside him. He kept telling me I had a massive dick and I was a great fuck. That was what I wanted to hear! I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came. I wanted to last longer yet wanted to cum too. I chose the latter. I came inside a guy.

His hole was bright red when I took my dick out. I’d fucked it hard and left it a ruin. I was proud of that. I took the condom off and laid down on the bed. Gary rolled over on top of me, kissing me again. I was empty and done but he wasn’t. He was wanking his cock and told me to help him. Gary said he wanted to cum all over me. He also reminded me that he still wanted to give me that blow job, saying he wanted me to cum in his mouth. I said he could do that later: not at that time when I was all fucked out. His hands came off his cock and I wanked it. I cupped his nuts a bit too, feeling ones not my own and liking the difference. Soon, he came. There was a lot of cum. It shot all over my belly and up my chest with warm splashes. I watched it squirt out, the first time I’d ever seen that apart from out of my own dick. His purple head bulged as it shot cum. Gary soon started liking it off. He had his tongue over me and licking his own cum. It was very odd to see. He then scooped some cum off the end of his cock and pushed it towards my mouth. He asked me to taste it. I shook my head first but then changed my mind before he took his finger back. I’d tasted my own before and went for it. I did it quick so I couldn’t change my mind. A little lick of his cum did me no harm. It was all teenage experimentation for me. I didn’t want any more, just to try it because I’d just done something else I didn’t think I’d do before too. It was bitter, salty and I couldn’t remember if mine had tasted like that.

We washed up, put some clothes on and went downstairs. I did us some food. We chatted for a while and started watching a film. Gary sat next to me on the sofa when we were watching that and soon had his hand inside my boxers. My dick was hard but I told him to wait a while. I needed to recharge and refill my tank. I touched his cock a bit too, despite telling him to hold off. He took my hand to guide it onto it. I liked the hardness of it. It was smaller than mine and I enjoyed touching it. We were both in just t-shirts and boxers though Gary had his socks back on too. When the film finished, I asked him about what it felt like to have my dick inside of him. I’d asked girls before about it but I was hoping he’d give me a better answer. I was very interested in what it felt like. Gary said it was different for boys than girls to be fucked up the bum. His insides were different because of his prostate and the pressure on it from a dick pressing against it. Getting fucked up the bum was better than that sensation of cumming, he said, and went on for longer too. He added again that my dick was huge – it wasn’t – and how he loved it. He wanted it in his mouth too. I still wanted more time to recover yet told him okay. The thought of that promised blow job made me go with it.

He gave me it there in my living room. Like the night before, he sucked me when I was on the sofa. Gary was on the floor, on his knees, and got my boxers off. He sucked my dick. First it went into his mouth then into his throat, all the way down. It was the best blow job I’d ever got! In and out of his mouth he had my dick while squeezing my balls. He licked my dick up and down then sucked on each ball too. My legs were spread apart then up on his shoulders as he feasted my my dick and balls. Surprising me, his tongue went for my bum hole. I’d had a girl stick her little finger in once when she sucked me off – her idea, not mine – but Gary licked and sucked on my hole. He swirled his tongue round it, getting the tip in too. That was amazing. So too was more of the sucking of my dick. He had it in his mouth while looking up at me with his big eyes. The sight of my dick filling his mouth like that did it for me so much. I shot my load quicker than I wanted to but couldn’t help it. The blow job he gave forced my cum out and into his mouth. I dumped a full load into him and watched as he swallowed all of it. Then Gary cleaned my dick with his tongue before going back against and licking my hole again. After that, I was fucked out. I thought I had no more cum left in me ever after such a blow job. Never had any girl given me one like that. This guy had worshipped my dick and been rewarded for that with a mouthful of cum. It was what he’d started the night before and finished that evening.

I went to have another bath and left Gary downstairs for a while. I lay in the warm water shattered at all of the exertion from the fucking I gave him that morning and then later getting such a fantastic blow job. I needed a rest and almost fell asleep at one point. After I got out, while remaining upstairs, I called my girlfriend. She was sixteen, just legal, and one hell of a fuck. I had someone to fuck at my house though, without having all of the other dramas that came with that. I told her the party had gone on far longer than it had and I was shattered so I wouldn’t see her until the next day. She was disappointed but had to deal with that. Off the phone, while on my bed, I started to think about fucking Gary again. I’d done it twice, each time afterwards telling myself I was all fucked out, but the thought of getting back inside him again entered my mind and wouldn’t go. He’d said he still wanted to stay over so I knew he’d be up for it. His cock was also on my mind for a bit too. I thought about wanking it again. And there was his cum as well. The tiny taste I had of that made me think about having his little cock in my mouth. That idea didn’t leave me when I went back downstairs. What would it be like to have that in my mouth? We got a takeaway delivered – I put my jeans on for that – and I put on another film. Before it started, Gary asked me if we could fuck again. Later, he assured me, because he knew I needed time to refill. I told him yes, but much later. We watched the film without messing about with each other. Talking afterwards, he asked me about my girlfriend. There were many questions. I had ones of my own. I wanted to know why he had done what he had the night before. He told me that the moment he met me, he had wanted to suck my dick and he was determined to do it. Steph had nearly caught him though and he knew I wouldn’t like that so that was why he had stopped so quick. I was appreciative. I asked about him and other guys. Gary didn’t have a boyfriend. He said he liked to fuck but only with straight guys. He’d had a lot of guys, I was shocked at the number plus the age he started sucking dick and getting fucked up the bum. It got late. Gary told me he wanted to wash his bits and then we’d go to bed. It was midnight by then and I was refilled with cum ready to put inside him.

When we were back on my bed, naked again, I slowed things down. Earlier that day, for me everything had been about getting my dick in him and cumming. I wanted to do other stuff, to experiment more. I still wasn’t as keen on kissing as Gary was but I went with that. We had hands everywhere too. Mine went back to his cock. He laid on his back underneath me and I raised myself up while wanking him. His legs were spread and I slid my other hand longer then pushed a finger in his bum hole. Without lube, it was so very tight. I soon had two, then three fingers inside him while wanking his cock: it made it better that it was such a tight, dry hole. Gary loved that. He pushed himself up against the headboard and invited me to stick my dick in his mouth. I moved up the bed and did so while up on my knees. Gary used his hands and his mouth, giving me another fantastic blow job. I wanted to cum but knew I couldn’t and also didn’t want to too. I took my dick out of his mouth, his tongue unsuccessfully chasing it. When I reached behind to grab his cock, he asked me if I wanted to suck it. I went to say no but said maybe. He moved so he lay sideways and had me do the same. He said he’d keep sucking mine and I should try his: lick it first, he suggested. We were soon in a sideways sixty-nine. He had my dick in his mouth and I had my hands on his cock. I moved my mouth towards it and gave it a lick. Like when I’d tasted a tiny bit of his cum, I was apprehensive yet did it to get it done rather than think too much about it. I went up its length, bottom to top, with all of my tongue slowly. I licked the head a lot first before, slowly, I opened my mouth to let the head go just inside. It was different than I expected but I wasn’t sure what I’d expect. I sucked on the head of his cock, using my tongue too. Nothing bad happened, I didn’t freak out as I could have. It was only his cock and I was still doing my experimentation. I got most of his cock in my mouth a few times though preferred to just have the head. I wanked it and played with his nuts too. My own dick was being sucked as well. It was a pretty good experience, something very new for me to do. We both sat up again after a while. Gary wanked me and I fingered his bum hole again. He kissed me and told me too that I had a massive dick which he wanted back up inside his bum.

The tube of lube was still where I had left it earlier on the bed-side table. Gary took hold of that then was on his knees while turning away from me. He handed it to me while then leaning forward. That raised his bum up in the air while his cock and nuts hung down low. The sight of that was something I stared at. He laughed a little when he realised what I was doing and told me to lube up his hole. He said to me that I could have a play. I was already starting to do that. I wanked his cock and played with his nuts when they hung down like that with me being behind. I then got some lube in his hole. Gary stayed in that position while I put on another condom and added more lube to that. I got on my own knees behind him and guided my dick towards his little hole. I had my hands on his hips, holding him steady, when I got my dick back in there. I slid right in, balls deep. He barely moved while taking all of my dick straight in like that. I started fucking him, going for it pretty much rather than slow at first like I had earlier that day. I kept him held tight in my grip while my dick ploughed into him. His legs were shut while his head was down on the bed. I struggled to maintain my position without falling the faster I fucked him due to how high up I was riding him. He kept on telling me to go faster and saying how much he loved having my dick inside him but I had to stop. I took my dick out and asked him to lay down flat on his belly. Gary didn’t want to do that though. Instead, he wanted me to lay down on my back. I asked him why. He said he was going to ride my dick.

I’d had girls atop of me when fucking them in the pussy but never up the bum. I couldn’t see how it would work with someone needing to be quite a bit far forward and how I could thrust into the hole from that angle. Gary made it work. When I was laid down, he positioned himself over me and then held my dick while he sat on it. He added a bit more lube first and then eased himself down. His knees were bent and he had one hand on the bed at first to steady himself. He sat on my dick all the way down. Then, he started riding me. He told me to lay still while he fucked my dick. That he did. His little, soft cock as well as his nuts bounced around all over the place while I fucked him. I had hold of his cock while he rode me. His hands went back behind him to support himself while he laid back a bit. I didn’t thrust upwards but let him do all the work. He bounced up and down on my dick. He got the cum out of my dick after a while. I came due to his movements, the tightness of his hole which my dick was in. Watching his cock bounce around, leaking pre-cum, surely helped too because the whole situation was pretty damn erotic and really did it for me. He climbed off my dick once I had done and lay atop me. He wanted to kiss more than we did but then had a question for me. Did I want to suck his cock again? I had just cum and wanted to relax yet I’d been looking at his cock and getting off at the sight. I’d done it earlier and it was okay so I did it again. He had me moved up the bed so I was against the headboard and then he fed me his cock like I had earlier done the same with his mouth and my dick. Back in my mouth went his cock. He wanked it and I sucked it too. He didn’t fuck my face but let me suck on it at my own pace. After a while, I wasn’t so hot for that so I had him lay down and then lay myself between his legs and sucked his cock more. I enjoyed it better that way. Gary told me he was soon going to cum. I told him not to cum in my mouth. When he came, he pulled his cock out but still splashed my chin with some cum while the rest went over his belly. He licked the cum off my chin and when he kissed me, I could taste that.

We washed up and he slept in my bed. I woke up early on the Sunday with him wanking me. No way could I fuck again but we messed about a bit and sucked each other. I had my fingers up his bum. On my belly, Gary pulled apart my cheeks and licked my hole. He ran his finger over it and asked if he could stick it in. I let him. It went in just a little but that was all I’d let him do. Neither of us came despite lots of fingering and sucking. He had to go home. As he was leaving, Gary asked if he could see me again. I told him I had a girlfriend. He knew that, the reply came, but he still wanted to meet up and have me fuck him again. Whenever I wanted him, I could have him so he said. I agreed to that. I didn’t know if we’d see other once, several times or not at all when he left. I fucked my girlfriend that night, in all three holes, cumming up her bum. I sucked on her tits and licked her pussy as I told myself that what I’d done the night before with Gary was just teenage experimentation. However, I saw Gary the next weekend at my house after he’d messaged me for a hook-up. It was a Friday evening and I got my dick back inside him. I came in his mouth and, later on, after a break, fucked him up the bum. I sucked his cock too. He wanted to cum in my mouth. I relented but had him wank it into my open mouth. Cum went everywhere, in my mouth and on my face. That time I willingly swallowed it like he had mine. We hooked up a good many times after that. He was fucking other guys, I had my girlfriend, but we kept on seeing each other either every weekend or every other for several months. We fucked a lot. Fucking him came natural, so did sucking him off and also finally letting him cum properly in my mouth. I got to like sucking his cock and swallowing his load. Having him ride me, bending him over and also missionary fucking him went on a lot. We did it at my house mostly though once went to his while his mum was out and I also had him suck me off in a park too. I kept cancelling meets with my girlfriend to fuck him instead. I had become gay because I enjoyed fucking him and was doing things that could no longer be explained away as just experimentation. Having my tongue in his hole was far further than I’d ever thought I’d go. Still, I didn’t admit what I was.

There was one guy who Gary saw as much as me, who he fucked a lot. Gary told me all about Vernon. He was twenty-two, a big guy who had a flat where Gary went. One evening after fucking him, Gary told me how he and Vernon had talked about a threesome with someone else. Gary wanted to know if I was interested in that. It threw me. I was very unsure about it. Gary had licked and fingered my hole. I more and more wanted a man to maybe fuck me, to fulfil my long-held fantasy of having a dick up my bum but with Gary that was never going to happen. The idea of Vernon became a more serious. I’d never met him and only heard about him from Gary. He assured me that Vernon was willing and showed me a picture of him. The picture didn’t quite match the fantasy – I wanted a much older man – but everything else Gary said about him did. I gave it some more thought while sticking my dick in Gary, when he was riding me and having my cum in him, and then when sucking on his cock afterwards. Gary said that Vernon had a big dick and I imagined sucking that. So… we made an arrangement for a meet. We could go to Vernon’s for a night. I mentally prepared myself and decided that at any time I could walk off. I was nervous when I went to that flat. Gary was already there and introduced me to Vernon. He was a very good looking guy who made me comfortable quickly. We started out all in the flat’s living room. We talked a bit about everything, apart from the fucking we were there to do. Then Gary stood up off the chair he was in, took his clothes off – fast like he always did – and sat down on the sofa between Vernon and me. He started undoing Vernon’s flies first, then mine. He had a dick in both hands and wanted to know when we were both going to fuck him. That broke all of the tension.

We went to the bedroom. With Gary naked and Vernon undressing, getting my clothes off came more easily. The two of us older guys sat on the edge of the bed while Gary was on his knees on the floor taking turns sucking our dicks. I took the step of making a move for Vernon. I’d been looking at his hard dick and took a hold of it to wank it a bit while Gary was sucking mine. Vernon leaned over and kissed me. He was on top of me soon enough, kissing me more, while Gary had his mouth behind Vernon first and then on me. He licked my hole while Vernon kneeled over me and put his dick in my mouth. It was so much bigger than Gary’s. I quickly learnt to deal with its size though. All sorts of sucking and fucking went on. At one point, Gary ended up on all fours between Vernon and me getting fucked from both ends. He fucking loved it. I thought it was pretty ace too. I sucked his cock after a bit and then, with his big dick swinging there, took hold of Vernon’s and put back it in my mouth. Vernon face-fucked me while Gary got behind me and had his tongue on my hole. Vernon ended up in the middle at one point too with my dick in his mouth while Gary sucked his. Gary rode Vernon’s dick and I wanked his cock while it bounced around on Vernon’s chest. When Gary rode me, Vernon first had his dick in my mouth before he then went around behind Gary and tongued his hole while also playing with my balls. I flipped Gary onto his belly and fucked him up the bum until I came while Vernon had his dick in his mouth. After that I thought Vernon was going to fuck Gary the same way but then it happened, the ‘it’ I’d been thinking about. Vernon wanted to fuck me up the bum. Gary urged me to do it too. I remembered all that he’d said about how it felt and I’d been dreaming on it for some time. I agreed. Gary lubed me up when I lay face down. Vernon got behind me and guided his dick to my hole. Gary asked if I wanted him to hold my hand but I was okay without that. I tensed up when the tip touched my hole and it took a while for me to relax enough. Then in his dick went, slowly. It hurt, no doubt, but wasn’t the end of the world. Vernon held me tight when he pushed it deeper. I felt it slid up my hole and deep inside. What a feeling that was! I buried my face in the pillow and did make a lot of noise because of the pain no matter how much I liked it. The fucking didn’t last long. It hurt all the way through yet there was that other feeling too, the one deep inside. Vernon came in the end, nibbling on my earlobe as he did, and then took his dick out. When he took the condom off, I say the mess on it and I went to the bathroom afterwards to wash up. I walked a bit funny but got over that. Gary had cum over Vernon’s face and was licking it off when I got back. We were all fucked out at that point. Everyone had cum and a break was needed. To me the night wasn’t over.

But it got late and Gary had to go home. I didn’t and I stayed with Vernon. I saw what I was sure was jealousy from Gary but he went home regardless. Vernon and I chatted, watched a film. I had a shower and Vernon had a wash. He told me he wanted to fuck again and I agreed. We waited a while until tanks were refilled. It got to the early hours of the morning and Vernon said I could fuck him up the bum like he had done me. First we sucked each other off and messed around quite a bit. I liked his muscles and his strong body. I sucked on his nipples even, just because I was right in the moment of being with another man. I licked his hole and sucked his balls too. Then I got my dick in his hole with him on all fours first before he dropped his elbows and raised him bum up. I was up on my knees, fucking downwards into him. I came. Then it was his turn. He had me like he had earlier and fucked me again. It hurt once more but I urged him on. Being fucked like that was what I’d wanted for so long. Never with Gary but with Vernon it was. He came in me for a second time. We went to sleep afterwards and I woke up the next morning in another man’s bed after the night before he had fucked me. I gave him a blow job and swallowed his cum. I knew from that moment that from then on I was properly gay. I could admit it to myself. No more teenage experimentation, no more girlfriend. She got ditched. Gary did too soon enough when he moved on to another guy. Neither Vernon nor I saw him any more. We fucked each other again and again. He was who I was with and whose hole I wanted to lick, whose dick I wanted to suck and who I wanted to fuck & have fuck me. He was my man and I was his.

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