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Home Again - Prep for Soph Year

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on: July 05, 2021, 05:54:47 PM
This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Home Again- Prep for Soph Year - Part 1

I'm Richard, at home after a freshman year full of academic success and sexual adventure. My adventures continued unexpectedly when I arrived home in late May. 

My previous story (College Preparation - Freshman Year) concluded with my noticing changes in my parent's behavior and an erotic episode with Monica, a friend of my mother at their tennis and swim club.  Monica I learned was one of a group of mature women along with my mother who were a strong clique that socialized at the club and at their various homes.

I left my earlier story lying in bed thinking it would be a long hot summer. The best way to describe what happened is to say the summer was hot, interesting and revealing.

A few days after Monica and I mutually exhibited ourselves and had orgasms in the club pool I decided I needed to talk to my mother and father about their behavior.  I was very curious. They had joined the club, switched from wine to martinis, my father was hanging out with his friend Charles who had introduced me to bisexual activities and mom, who would soon turn 50, was dressing like a 30 year old hottie.

That Saturday I got up early and dressed in shorts and a T-shirt. My father had left to play tennis with Charles. I found my mother in the kitchen wearing white silk fitted men's style pajamas with buttons on top and mid-thigh length bottoms with a button fly. This was a major change from her usual ankle length terry cloth robe.

Candidly I was amazed at how mom looked. She is 5.6" usually 140 and typically carries extra pounds she constantly complained about. This morning she looked to weigh about 120 pounds and the pajamas fit like a glove. Her breasts were clearly outlined, her nipples poked against the silk top, the bottoms were tight against her mound, a camel toe clearly showed and the legs of the bottoms were widely flared. When I looked up she said, well Richard do you like my new look, your father and our new friends certainly do.

I looked directly at her and said mom you always look good but your new look is incredibly nice and if I may be honest very sexy. I got a smile in return and mom stepped forward and hugged me close. She said in a soft voice I'm glad you think your mom is a sexy old broad.

My unconscious response was to pull her closer until I realized I had sprung a full erection that was poking into her stomach. I was freaking, pulled back and put my hands on her shoulders to keep some distance. Mom, I said we have to talk. I need to understand what the hell is going on with you and dad. I also have a few questions about your club friends, especially Monica.

Mom again stepped forward and hugged me. I knew she felt my erection because her hips kept moving and pressing against me. Richard, we have a lot to talk about. After you went back to school following Christmas break your father and I had some serious conversations including a possible divorce. That statement killed my erection. Taking me by the hand she moved us to seats on the corner of the kitchen island.

Mom said, before talking about me I want to talk about you. You will turn 21 soon and I want to talk to you as a grown up person not my son. I nodded and said, mom I'm more grown up than you know. Mom gave me a knowing grin and said I don't know what happened to you at school but I do know about you and your girlfriend Susan last summer and what happened between you and Charles. When mom said that I almost bolted out of the kitchen.

Relax mom said, putting her hand on my thigh.  You see Richard, Susan your ex-girlfriend's mother Anita is a member of our club and she and I have become friendly. When she first saw you with me at the club she was surprised and thrilled.

The first chance she had she pulled me aside and spilled the beans including the fact that you have had sex Susan and with her. We are both amazed that you and her daughter experienced such a wide range of sexual activity. In fact when we talked about you and Susan and what happened with you and Anita it excited us both. You'll hear more about that when we talk with her at the club. Anita and I have become close friends and share many things of a sexual nature.

I'm also sure you have had bisexual experience. How do I know this? Well your college mentor and sex teacher Charles is a member of our club and he and your father talk a lot. Your father knows Charles is bisexual and asked him if he had seduced you. The answer was of course yes. Your dad told me what he had learned. I wasn't surprised and also assumed Charles had seduced your dad. I now know I was right.

But first let's talk about how your dad and I have changed. After you went to college your father and I had gotten bored with each other. Particularly when it came to sex. Your father seemed uninterested and I suspected he might be bisexual. I also wanted more sex and varied kinds of sex. It seems to be a common issue with women my age. Anyway I forced the issue of our drifting apart and the possibility of a divorce.

Mom then said OK here's what's going on as we faced each other on the corner of the island, our knees touching. Mom was taking deep breaths and I noticed her breasts heaving against her silk top making her nipples more noticeable. The flared legs of her pajamas had pulled back to the top of her thighs and I realized she wasn't wearing panties and that she was smooth. My erection returned as quickly as it had disappeared.

Not knowing what to do I said mom, what happened. She said the problem is easy to describe and I'm going to be blunt telling you about it. I wanted more sex from your father but it was more than that. I was constantly horny and wanted different kinds sex every day and not only with your father. Your father didn't or couldn't respond.

As mom continued to talk I was confused and sexually aroused. Leaning forward I placed my hands on mom's knees and said stop. Listen to me mom, I'm not sure you should be talking to me about this. Mom said it's important since you're going to be here for the summer and if I'm right you're going to see and be involved in some new experiences with me and dad and some of the club members.

Richard, your fathers and my situation is simple. We joined the club to meet new friends and found ourselves involved with couples who had similar problems with sex at mid life. Now we count ourselves as open minded members of a swingers group.

Amazed at this revelation I stood up and said mom you're amazing. Mom said if you think I'm so amazing I'm going to tell you something even more amazing.  I am thrilled at how you have matured.  As a new very active swinger I want to enjoy sexual activities with you. Here at home and with some of my girlfriends at their homes. The look on your face tells me you're shocked but the erection I felt pressing against me and the bulge you're trying to cover with your hand tells me you're interested. So my handsome young son, are you up for some fun with your mom? I was shocked. But I was hooked. I knew I enjoyed sex with mature men and women and the way mom looked right this minute was making my cock pulse in anticipation.

Mom made the first move. She shifted on her kitchen stool and spread her legs allowing me another flashing view of her smooth pussy. At the same time she reached out and brushed her hand against my erection before pulling me up. I found myself between her legs, my cock pressing against her silk covered body. 

Mom said, Richard I know you've matured in more ways than one and you feel fantastic pressing against me. I love the way your erection is pressing against me. As she said that her hand again grasped my erection and squeezed until I pulled away.

Mom also said, I know you fucked Susan's mom Anita and she wants to fuck you again while I watch. So, Richard, forget I'm your mom. Think of me as a hot cougar who gets off on having sex with young men.

Mom again slid her hand between our bodies and softly massaged my erection saying; let's move to your room. We have at least an hour before your father gets home. I want to tell you a little more about my girlfriends, particularly Monica and Anita.

We got up and walked hand-in-hand to my bedroom. Upon entering I pulled mom to me and for the first time kissed her like a sex partner. She responded with open lips and a deep probing tongue that stabbed and licked my face and lips. She felt incredible, the silk pajamas allowed her body to rub and slide against me and I moved my hips against her, my erection bumping against her stomach. My hands moved to her tight ass pulling her against me.

Whoa Richard mom said don't get ahead of yourself. You're going to have your hands all over me soon but first I need to tell you more about my circle of girl friends.

Moving to my bed I eased mom down on her back again kissing her and now letting my hands move to the swell of her breasts. She arched her back and whispered go ahead, feel my nipples and body for a minute then just sit next to me. I took advantage of that minute quickly opening the top of pajamas and leaned forward to pull her very engorged, erect nipples into my mouth. Before I could go further mom said cool it bad boy I need to tell you something.

Reluctantly I sat up cross legged and then had to straighten my legs, my erection was crushed in my shorts. Mom giggled and said you poor boy, let me help you with that problem. Leaning forward mom grabbed the edge of my shorts with one hand and my erection with the other. Carefully she helped arrange my cock allowing it to spring up freely against my stomach. Now mom said while she ran her fingers over my erection relax for a minute. I think I'm going to make you even more interested in me and my girlfriends. 

Richard, there are currently 10 women at the club who are involved in our swingers group. All of us are sex addicts and enjoy teasing and flashing the younger members, men and women. Only a few of their husband's are bisexual but I'm sure you'll discover that as the summer goes on. Just a heads up for you; the bi husbands are big fans of the sauna and steam room. The girls wish they were coed.

Monica and Anita are very active and they are my close friends. Close means we love playing together sexually as a pair or in a threesome. Monica is wild.  As you know she loves to flash her pussy. And she really freaked out when you jerked off in the pool. Monica also loves your mom's shaved pussy and has given me multiple orgasms. Anita is different. She enjoys being used and Monica and I are more than willing to use and even abuse her.

Monica is also a big mouth. As soon as she left you at the pool she told the group exactly how she flashed her pussy at you.  She was amazed at how you reacted and when you exposed your cock she couldn't resist masturbating her clit for you. So, all of the girls are anxious to see you again at the club and I have a suspicion you will get to see and play with more pussie than you can handle. Do you think you're up for it? I do.

Mom's revelations floored me. I was amazed and oh yes very aroused. What my mother didn't know was that I began to have  fantasies about her after I had sex with Susan's mother Anita. It seemed that sex with an older woman was taboo but incredibly erotic.

My thoughts about mature women exploded late last summer. I accidently saw my mom changing clothes in her bedroom. Watching through the partially open bedroom door I immediately found myself erect and as she stripped to panties and bra I opened my shorts and stroked until she was again dressed and I had caught my own cum in my hand. That event led to more fantasies, more sneak peeks and jerking off. I was sure mom never knew I was watching. Little did I know.

All the while mom had been talking I had been stroking her inner silky thigh. My fingers and hands kept slipping to the edge of her pussy and it felt warm and very wet.  Mom had also continued to lightly stroke my cock which pulsed at each stroke.

Mom again made the next move saying Richard , if you don't do something sexy and dirty to my body I'm going to have to play with myself like Monica. I was also close to losing control and in moments I had stripped naked.

I was standing in front of mom. My erection pointed up when she sat up on the bed, grabbed my hips, jerked me forward to her mouth and then her lips were pressed against my stomach. With one hand cupping my balls and one squeezing my ass she pulled me forward and showed me her amazing cock sucking skill. In seconds I said mom stop, I'm ready to cum. She pulled back for a second, smiled and mumbled fuck my mouth until you cum. I couldn't resist, I just let go. It was more than mom could swallow and my cum oozed out covering her lips. I couldn't resist, I leaned forward and kissed her face and lips tasting my own cum again.

We were both now laying on my bed, I was on my back still partially erect. Mom on her side facing me was kissing me and again softly stroking me. I said that was fantastic.   Now I have something to tell you. I peeped at you last summer. Since then it has been my fantasy to have sex with you. Putting her fingers against my lips to shut me up she said I know you peeped and I tried to provide as many opportunities as possible. You should also know that I have watched you jerking off more than a few times.  Now I smiled saying we have wasted a lot of time. Mom nodded in agreement. 

Raising herself slightly, mom said we don't have much time left. Dad will be home soon and you need to have a conversation with him very soon but not today.

But here's what is going to happen. Your not going to fuck to fuck me today. That will happen soon but it will be in my own bed and we will have plenty of time to be creative. Right now I want you to get these pajamas bottoms off because right now I'm as ready to cum as you were a few minutes ago. So Richard, get ready for a new experience with your sexy mom. 

Keep laying on your back while I straddle your body. Now raise your arms over your head while I move up on your chest. Now put your hands on my ass and pull me forward so my very wet and ready clit is ready for your lips and tongue.

In a second my mouth was buried in mom's open cunt, my tongue flicking a surprisingly large clit. Even though I was squeezing the cheeks of her ass and pulling her down on my mouth, mom was grinding against me. Mom
then Richard said please reach up and play with my nipples while your sucking my clit. Reaching up both hands I found erect nipples that I worked hard feeling mom arch her back demanding more rough play.

In a few minutes she said I'm ready and don't be surprised if I squirt a little when I cum. Suddenly I felt her whole body tense and shudder as she came. At the same time I felt and tasted several squirts that I swallowed.

Mom stayed still for a moment then quickly got up and said, the garage door just went up. I'll head to my shower, you clean up and air out this room.

End Part 1