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The Beach of Posts (f/m, bd, fdom, magic, inc, mother-son)

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This is a work of fiction.  You must be 18 or over to read this story.  In real life, incestuous relationships, particularly when an under-aged person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage.  This story is provided for entertainment purposes only.  The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Okay, after the obligatory statement that this is fantasy and not reality - obviously, there is no deity such as Semai in real life, one that would allow taboo couples to enjoy each other without suffering unwanted consequences, there is no island of Azira, and lust is just some hormones and not a manifestation of otherworldly force called "Mai" in my cycle - let's proceed with the story. It'll be shorter than the previous one (I know, I still owe you this epilogue).


Part one

"I wouldn't recommend going to the Beach of Posts", said Alay.

"Why not?", asked Rob.

"This is the place where people... settle their scores. It's mostly women against women - the kind of you can only see in places where Semai is being worshiped. Basically, when two women covet one man they try to teach their rival a lesson by having tying her naked in the least comfortable circumstance - and difficult to reach place that is the Beach of Posts provides just that. Several old wooden posts have been nailed into sand centuries ago. Their purpose now is the same as it was when they were first nailed there - they're what the naked captives are being secured to. So there's always a prospect of finding a naked woman tied to one of those posts, sometimes a naked male. But whomever you find, remember, that any attempt to exploit the situation or save the victim is meddling in someone else's affairs - at your own risk. These women and girls have their own spouses, sons, fathers, who usually know where to look if their significant other goes missing."

"I'd like to see it", said a stunning, forty two year-old, short-haired blonde who didn't look her age and who was, up to now, listening quietly to the conversation. Her name was Angel Adams and she was the mother of the twenty one year-old Rob. They came to Azira shortly after discovering the Semai faith and converting to it. Since the two desired each other for a few years now, a religion that not only allowed, but outright blessed mother-son affairs was right up their alley. And even though it was a month since their conversion, and a week since their arrival to the island of Azira, religions' secret outpost on the Indian Ocean, they still haven't had sex or seen each other naked. They were, however, kissing, flirting and mentally preparing to consume their relationship.

Alay, their beautiful host, a long-haired, dark-skinned native of Azira in her early thities, let out a sigh.

"This is Azira, and if you get in trouble you can lose more than just your clothing. But all right, I'll give you a ride."


An hour later Alay dropped them off on top of a cliff. Beyond it, the blue of the sky met the blue of the ocean, and a narrow path led downwards.

"This is it", she said, "I'll be back to pick you up in an hour. Be careful, okay?"

"Sure thing", said Angel.

Invardly, the American was turned on by some of the more exotic aspects of Azira. Erotic channels, broadcasting stuff that would be outright banned in the US, yet served so tastefully that it resembled the stuff of erotic dreams rather than the cheap, nauseating porn that she browsed back at home. The BDSM undercurrent to many erotic customs and activities. She and Rob have already managed to visit a bar that catered to mother-son couples. Apkamai, the Semai worshippers called these kinds of relationships. So, just as the West had gay and lesbian bars, so did Azira have, in addition to these, also Apkamai bars. A perverse game was being played during their visit. One of the incestuous couples was picked at random (Angel would swear that at least some of the male visitors were underage) by the host, dragged onto stage by a group of hostesses, stripped naked and tied back-to-back. The game was that the couple had to cooperate to free themselves from bonds. This time a Frenchwoman, speaking with sexy accent, and her teenage son got it. The Frenchwoman had a pixie cut, similar to Angel's, but she was a redhead. She also had great-looking body. Angel and Rob knew it could have been them. This turned Angel even more.

She dressed up for the trip to the Beach of Posts. A white t-shirt that bared her midriff and could barely contain her rather sizeable breasts. A pair of shorts that bared her legs. A pair of sandals. She saw Rob casting glances at her and she could only imagine what could be going on in his head. She was teasing him. And he knew it. But this night, as they are back from the perilous beach, she was going to bare all before him.

As Alay drove away, Rob looked at Angel. He appeared slightly troubled.

"Do you think it's the best idea?", he asked.

"Chickening already? I thought you like to ogle naked women."


"All those websites in your browser history speak for themselves. Not to mention the ones with bondage."


She grabbed him by his hand.

"Come on!"


It took them a few minutes to go down, hand in hand, the rocky path that led downwards.

"We're almost there", said Angel, "Already turned on?"


She silenced his doubts with a kiss. And, as was almost usual among them, the kiss turned passionate and long. When they were done, Rob was panting with excitement. Angel knew he wanted her.

They made the last several steps down to where the rocky ground have place to the sand. To their left was a rocky wall. Another one to the right partially obscured the rest of the beach.

Once they passed by, they saw that the beach was indeed very narrow - only about twenty meters before it gave way to the ocean. It's length was perhaps thirty meters. It was, as Alay said, dotted with numerous, old, decaying wooden posts that, in spite of their old state, seemed almost preternaturally solid.

As they scanned the beach they saw a nude, female figure tied to one of the posts with hands behind her back. She was facing the ocean and appeared to be struggling.

"Oh shit", said Rob.

"Come on!", said Angel as she dragged her son towards the nude captive...

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Reply #1 on: July 11, 2021, 10:01:21 PM
Interesting setting and start to the story :)

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Thanks! Continuing...

Part two

As Angel and Rob approached the bound woman they saw she was about Angel's age. She was a native, dark-skinned, with beautiful figure and long, wavy hair.

"Americans?", she asked.

"Yes", said Angel. She was more and more turned on.

"You better run", the woman appeared to be scared, "They might be back any moment now."

"Who can be?", asked Rob.

"Menay and her henchwomen", said the captive, "Her clique. Menay is evil and some people think she's with the Radicals... You Americans heard about them?"

Angel nodded. During her introduction to the religion she was told that these were the people who followed their erotic desires way too far.

"Anyway, she's a skilled Worder... Do any of you know any Words?"

Words were a bit like spells from the folklore, with one exception - they were actually effective, but only when spoken by the initiated followers of Semai. Although both Angel and Rob received formal initiation they still yet had to learn any Words.

She shook her head.

"That's a pity. The bonds are Worded and only my son knows the Word to break them. Anyway, Menay wanted to bed my son. So she summoned her clique to kidnap me and tie me up here. She's probably making my son make love to her - on our own bed, where we are making love every night - so that she can return me safely into his arms. It's..."

The captive fell silent in apparent anger and frustration.

"Every night, you say?", Angel felt she was turned on.

"Yes. Are you two lovers?"

"We're... just starting out", said Rob.

"Ah. Not yet had courage to really enjoy each other. Americans."

Angel could not help but admire the naked captive's body. She wondered how it compared to hers. Hopefully, when she strips naked before her own son, he won't think of the woman from the beach. But she herself was good-looking and toned, a result of daily yoga practice, something that turned her on to oriental religions and eventually - made her learn about the Semai faith.

"Your boy is also attractive", said the captive, "If I was you, I'd run before Menay is here."

"Oh, thanks for the warning", said Angel, now seriously turned-on. She wrapped her arms about Rob and began kissing him. He returned his kiss with passion, as he always did.

"Tonight?", she asked him.

"Tonight", he said.

They tongue-kissed again, Angel turned-on by the fact they're doing it in front of the bound captive.

"Too late", said the captive.

"What?", Angel and Rob asked almost unisono.

They turned towards the beach exit. A group of local women, led by one who seemed especially imposing, was approaching them. They were accompanied by another nude captive, a boy of eighteen or seventeen, who had his wrists bound behind his back.

The apparent leader lay her eyes on Rob and grinned.

She barked few orders towards her henchwomen, who ran towards the naked and bound native and untied her. At the same time, the boy was set free. The two ran towards each other, then fell to their knees in the sand and started kissing passionately.

"And who are you?", said the leader as her henchwomen circled Angel and Rob.

"We're... we're just leaving", said Angel.

"That's right, leaving", said Rob.

"And what makes you think you're leaving?"

"You're... you're Menay, right?", asked Angel.

"That's right. So, what brings you to the Beach of Posts?"

"I... we...", started Angel.

"It was her... my mom's idea", moaned Rob, "Please, let us go!"

"Your mom's idea", said Menay, "And why's that? You wanted some excitement, American?"

"Please let us go", pleaded Angel, "We just want to leave."

"And I want you to stay", said Menay.

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"You better run", the woman appeared to be scared, "They might be back any moment now."

"Who can be?", asked Rob.

"Menay and her henchwomen", said the captive, "Her clique.

A nice change of pace to see women running things ;D It seems like whenever a story has a 'dominant/domination' element to it, then it's almost always the men calling the shots, so it's fun - at least from my perspective as a reader - that it's the other way around for once

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Reply #4 on: July 12, 2021, 07:07:25 PM
Maledom is not my thing, I'm afraid it's obvious from my writing... Anyway, next part is coming soon.  ;D

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Onwards to part three.

Part three

Menay barked some orders to her henchwomen. In a matter of moments Angel was seized, then the women deprived her of her sexy t-shirt and shorts. These were joined by her black pair of bra and panties that she wanted to tease Rob with in the evening. Her sandals were pulled from her feet.

Once she was naked the women dragged her to one of the posts and tied her hands behind her back. But, unlike her predecessor, she wasn't facing the sea. Instead, she was made to face another post - one to which her son Rob was tied, also naked,  facing her.

Menay produced something that resembled a short twig, or even a string, but extremely firm.

"This is a very interesting instrument of torture", she said, "It causes severe pain without damaging the body. This means, among other things, that the nerves are kept intact. And the other is that it can be applied to any part of the body."

She approached the panting Angel. The American woman saw that Rob was devouring the sight of his nude and bound mother, which, humiliatingly so, turned her on, in spite of the situation.

Her captor must have noticed that, as she flashed a wicked and knowing smile.

"Your mom's good looking, isn't she?", said Menay, "I also imagine she must be good in bed. But by the way you're ogling her I gather you two never consummated your lust, did you?"

"No...", it was hard to say what Rob was actually trying to deny.

"Let's play a game", Menay turned to Angel, "I'll apply this thing to your beautiful body, American, while one of my girls masturbates your boy. If he manages not to cum watching his beautiful mother being whipped naked, I'll let you go. If not - the boy comes with me, and you stay here until someone comes to your help. Okay?"

"But...", said Angel.

"I take that as confirmation. Let's begin!"

The "twig" landed on Angel's exposed breasts and she cried out in pain. She'd never expect the damn thing would sting her that hard. "It was a stupid idea to come here", she thought, "Stupid, stupid stupid."

A series of blows against her breasts and belly broke her train of thought. She cried out as she writhed in pain.

"No!", pleaded Rob, "No, no, no... Noooo!..."

Angel opened her eyes, at first relieved that the pain was over. Then she saw cum dripping from her son's cock. The girl standing next to him smiled in cruel satisfaction.

The previous captives were nowhere to be seen. They must have fled already.

"I'm sorry, mom...", Rob was almost crying, "I'm sorry..."

"You're sorry you were turned on by the sight? Oh, that's too bad", said Menay, "Anyway, glad you enjoyed the show. The downside is that you'll never find out how good your mom is in bed. I'll be glad to show off some of my skill instead."

"Stop it!"

Rob couldn't really turn around to see, but Angel was facing the exit. It was from there that Alay appeared.

"These two are under my protection. Let them go."

Angel was impressed. Alay was obviously outmatched, but unfazed by it.

"Oh, a little priestess of the Order", she said, "I can let them go, but not before you beat me in a duel of Words."

"So be it", said Alay.

Angel closed her eyes while the two women exchanged Words like blows.

When she opened them, Menay's henchwomen were leaving the beach, while Menay herself was naked and being bound to the post by Alay.

As Alay left the evil Worder struggling and spewing insults in both English and her own tongue she approached the bound duo.

"Thank you, I...", said Angel.

"Get dressed.", she said coldly, "We're going back."

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Ok, this is the conclusion. Let me know if you'd like more stories from this setting - they usually have lots of bondage, whipping, forced stripping and taboo sex...


Part four


Once back in their host's rather lavish house, Rob and Angel were led to the living room.

"Okay, now strip", Alay's voice was cold.

"What?", asked Angel.

"Your irresponsible behavior put us all in danger. This is my house and my rules. You can give yourselves to lovemaking, which is what you came here for, but I won't tolerate irresponbilily. You earned punishment. Now strip."

Angel looked at her son and, reluctantly, they began to strip.

"In case of doubt, take off everything. I want both of you naked."

Angel shrugged. She knew they were on their hosts mercy, so, in spite of having had enough of public exposure for the day, she stripped to the skin. She squinted at her son - he did the same.

"Come here", Alay pulled Angel and placed her over her lap as she sat on the sofa. Soon enough poor American felt her hosts firm hand against her buttocks.


"One... ouch! Two... ouch! Three!..."

Thankfully, Alay stopped at the count of ten.

"Stand with your hands on your head", said Alay, then she turned to Rob, "Now you!"

The poor boy got the same treatment. Angel hated to say it, but the sight of her son stretched naked across the lap of their exotic host and getting spanked turned her on.

"... ouch!!! Ten!!!", poor Rob was almost crying when Alay was done with him.

"Is that all?", pleaded Angel, "Please, we're really sorry! We'll never ever misbehave again! Please!"

"Your punishment is not over", said Alay coldly.

She grabbed the two by their ears and dragged them along.


"Back during the conflict this place was considered a luxury prison", said Alay, "At the time I got this property I thought I'd never use it. It even has a bathroom, with a door that can be locked, so you'll have privacy should you need it. I brought toilet paper even before I came to rescue you. However, the water's a bit dirty, so you'll have to scrub yourselves really hard, or scrub each other... Not that it matters."

Angel always wondered what this old shack behind Alay's lavish house was for. Now she knew.

"I also brought TV that's permanently tuned to Apkamai channel. I might be strict, but I'm not a sadist. If you behave well, I'll even get you laptop with Internet access."

"Can we dress?", Angel crossed her arms on her bare chest.

"I'm afraid not. You're under house arrest for as long as I consider it necessary. Let's hope it teaches you some manners. Through this time you'll remain naked and locked up here. You'll only be allowed to leave to perform household duties, but even then you remain naked. Is that clear?"

Angel and Rob nodded.

"Very well then. I'm leaving now and locking the door."

Angel looked at the dirty mattress. She imagined making love to Rob on their comfortable bed in the guest quarters. Oh well, she could only blame herself.

Rob looked at their dirty surroundings with visible disgust.

"Yuck", he said.

But Angel felt once again turned on by the situation.

"So", she said, looking flirtatiously at her son, "Did you like the sight of your mom being tied up and whipped?"


"Don't be shy."

"Did it hurt?"

"Terribly. But I think I'm beginning to like this place."


"Because it's almost like anything can happen here."

She knelt on the dirty mattress.

"Come over", she motioned to Rob.

He knelt facing her. Angel noticed that his cock is erect.

"We've been stripped naked and humiliated twice this day. Now, that's something."

"So, we're going to spend indefinite amount of time here, without being able to leave, without clothes..."

"But we have each other."

Angel threw her arms around Rob and they started kissing. Somehow, doing it in their present state of nudity felt even more intimate than when they did it while fully clothed.

"Still hurts?", asked Rob, touching Angel's breast.

"A bit", she said.

"Where?", he asked.

"Here", she pointed.

He kissed the spot.

"And here. And here."

Each spot, a tender kiss.

She placed one of his hands against her breast, and laid another one on his member and began stroking it, at the same time encouraging Rob to fondle her breast and kissing him.

She felt the boy's breath becoming more and more labored and his member harder and harder. She gently laid him on the mattress and mounted him, while still keeping his hand pressed to her breast.

The climax was so sweet it made up for all the pain and humiliation they endured.

"Now, that's a vacation", she said, "Do you have energy for more?"

"Yes", said Rob.

A long night was ahead of them.

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Reply #7 on: July 13, 2021, 08:53:52 PM
I'd always welcome more stories, seems like it's the type of setting where there's always a fun tale to be told

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