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ADAMS AUNT. (Incest. Ua. MFM. Fmm. Voy)

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on: August 21, 2021, 07:07:13 AM
This is a work of fiction. You must be 18 or over to read this story. In real life, incestuous relationship's, particularly when an under age person is involved with a parent or adult, often causes deep psychological damage. This story is provided for entertainment purposes only. The author does not condone any sexual activity with persons under 18 in real life.

Set in a small yorkshire town in the 1980's this story follows the lives of 2 close friends both in their early teens. A surprising discovery by one of the friends leads to something new and exciting which will see them leave their innocence behind forever.

Chapter 1.

"so what happened then? Did they do it again?"
I asked.
Adam, looking furtive, checking once again there was nobody but us here paused for a second then began relating what had happened to him the previous night.
Adam my best and only real friend since primary school (we had recently moved up to high school both of us being 13) changed gear from furtive upto excited, he spoke in a hushed voice and talked slowly in short sentences.

"Well..they sent me off to bed after uncle ray got last couple of times...about 10pm"
He had spent last night, saturday, at his aunt becca and uncle sids house. He always visited them on a weekend and stopped over while his dad came to fetch him in the car on sunday evening, they lived about 8 miles away in the next town. Uncle ray was not really his uncle but a close friend of the family.

He continued the story in dramatic tones, the excitement contagious, as I listened I felt stirrings below in anticipation.
"I was laid awake in bed listening....then aunty becca came up to check I was asleep...I pretended like before...she went back downstairs but this time I didn't hear the lounge door close....she'd left it open a little...must have done a good job fooling her I was fast asleep"

Adams aunty becca is in her 40's and is pretty average looking. She has collar length brown hair, she's medium build and has amazing big tits. I like going round to their house when adams visiting because she usually wears low cut tops revealing a lot of cleavage.
"'s quiet for a bit longer...I'd already been in bed at least half hour when becca came up...then the noises started about 10 minutes after checking I was asle...."

Adam abruptly stopped at the noise coming from behind us, something pushing through long grass heading our way fast.
A panting noise getting louder until, a huge shaggy haired german shepherd burst through the thick undergrowth. He stopped dead for a moment panting momentarily paused, quizzically cocked his head to one side while regarding us with a cautious look. Then barked once, the sound making both me and adam jump out our skin. At that, a voice from behind the brush covered ridge shouted in frustration
"Alan!.....come on...come on boy...get outa there"

The dog turned his head back towards the ridge then back at us, barked once more, resumed panting and then was gone in one big leap back over the ridge.
Adam turned to me grinning and we both said it at the same time before slipping into fits of the giggles

After a moment to recover I say
"Who the fuck would call their dog alan? Especially a dog like that"

"I know"
Adam replied
"Unless it was adam but I'm sure she said alan"

We both agreed it was probably alan although either one is a daft name for a dog.
The dog episode took our minds off the subject in hand but only momentarily. As adam resumed his story in that hushed secret way. I gazed across the pale limestone quarry floor squinting a little. Bright sunshine shown down on this warm lazy sunday afternoon. There was nothing but dried and cracked mud where the pond should have been, its surface resembling an old oil painting when viewed up close, baked by this dry spell we were having.
The quarry was our place. Our hang out place. We'd been coming here as friends for years now. It was a 5 minute walk across fields from my house and adams aunt and uncle who lived on the estate.
The quarry was unusually quiet this afternoon especially as it was the summer holidays too. Normally a playground for the other estate kids of all ages.

Popular activities here were motorcross, usually on some dilapidated honda scooter. Paddling in the pond, reserved for the younger kids. A spot of field target shooting which both myself and adam indulged in. I had a bsa meteor .177 rifle. Adam, who's mum and dad had more money to spend on him than mine had a hw80 in .22. It was a beauty.
As I listened to adams words with growing interest, a skylark flew up high and began twittering in the cloudless blue sky.

"I'm laid there listening to them"
Adam continues
"Uncle sid laughs.... then I hear becca say something quiet....I can't make it out...uncle ray says something too but it's just too quiet...then I hear becca again... giggling"
He explains that this goes on for a little while then things sort of go quiet for a bit. Then he hears it. It's what he's heard before several times when staying over pretending to be asleep in the back bedroom.
He describes the nice moaning noise that aunt becca is making, wafting up stairs from the lounge below. It's so quiet at first to be barely audible but starts getting louder although it never is loud as such. Laid there in the dark straining to hear adam says

"oh god mike should hear's just like in those films you know...the late night ones....when there doing it on the's just like that"

Listening to his description I'm now fully hard my dick poking uncomfortably into my jeans. Adjusting position and raising my knee a little to hide the bulge from adam who I note has adopted a similar sitting posture.
The last 3 times this has happened the lounge door had been shut but this time it had been left ajar.
The temptation was just too great and adam, against any common sense he might have had at 13, felt the need to investigate further.
He gets out of bed as carefully and quietly as possible, creeps out the bedroom onto the landing and waits there for a moment. He can see light at the bottom of the stairs from the slightly open lounge door but now can also hear the noises better.
His aunt is still making that wonderful noise but now he can hear a low slapping sound along with it, it's rapid rythmic and is like skin on skin slapping. He can also hear uncle ray saying something inaudible and uncle sid  making a gasping noise.
Adam carefully, painstakingly, begins to descend the stairs. All the time very conscious of every tiny little squeak or creak he is making, sure that they have heard him.
But his movements down the stairs go unnoticed.

"I'm making so much noise going down those stairs...I'm sure they've heard...but they don't seem to notice"
He confides.

Somewhere off in the distance a moped can be heard tearing through streets on the estate.
Adam continues describing his nocturnal adventure in detail, I know he is building up to something big.

"So...I get to the bottom of the stairs...I can hear them properly now....aunty becca is moaning like crazy....I can hear uncle ray saying....fuck yes!... you got a good mouth on you girl...oh shit that feels good sweetheart...keep going darling....keep going"

Adam creeps over to the doorway. The door is ajar to about 8" and he's just able to see through the small crack this creates on the hinged side.
What adam saw he describes now, in detail that leaves my stiff cock throbbing in my jeans.
He takes another cautious look behind us then leans in to me to say

"Aunty becca is on her knees facing the sofa...she's got no clothes on....uncle sid is behind her and their doing it...uncle ray is sat on the sofa and becca has his dick in her mouth.... she's sucking it like a lollypop"

The image quickly enters my mind and I say the first thing that it conjures
"Oh shit yes!"

Adam tells me that his aunt's neck shoulders and back are flushed red and she keeps taking uncle rays dick out her mouth and cursing quietly, closing her eyes and breathing fast, making that moaning noise.
Her tits jiggle with each thrust from sid and the nipples look big and hard.
He can see both uncle sid and rays dicks. Both are quite big and look wet. Sid is holding beccas hair tight and sometimes pulls it back hard when he does that she seems to like it and while he does it he says

"That's a good girl suck on that like that.... don't you sweetheart"

She nods with uncle rays dick still in her mouth.
Adam watches them through the crack in that doorway for around 5 minutes only leaving when aunt becca suddenly turns and appears to look right at him. He's sure she can't see him watching but its unnerving and puts him off staying there.
Carefully creeping back upstairs, half way up he hears ray gasp out loud then cursing, he sounds desperate and out of breath.
Uncle sid laughs and can just about be heard saying
"Oooh that's gotta feel good"
He laughs again then there is a slapping noise and he says
"Good girl"

Adam doesn't tell me what he does on returning to the bedroom although I can guess, it's the same thing I would do after witnessing that.
We continue to chat for a while, waiting for our hard ons  to subside. I ask him if he thinks becca knew that he was watching?
"I don't was just weird how she turned suddenly like look at the crack in the doorway where I though she knew I was there but....well....if she did know I was watching it didn't seem to bother her"

We both laughed at that.
There was much more discussion to come and it was some long time before my dick had shrunk down to its normal size. During the conversation with adam he mentioned that next weekend he would ask becca if I could sleepover.
The prospect of experiencing this for myself brought the dull ache in my groin back as I stiffened up once more

"Oh yes please....go on...ask her"
Adam grinned at me and said that he would ask her later that afternoon when he went back for his tea.
I had slept over at his aunt beccas before so it shouldn't be a problem.
But with the pair of us there, would they still do it?
I would have to wait a whole week to find out.
It was going to be a very long week......

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An auspicious start.

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Chapter 2.

Adam rung me from his mum's house that sunday evening. Becca had said yes. The ball was set in motion.
All we could do now was wait and hope. I'd seen people having sex before but that was on the telly. This would be real, I was actually going to see it happening for real.
I must admit the prospect did not just excite me I was also a bit nervous, mainly about getting caught.
But also this was pretty big stuff. Adams uncle and aunty at it with a friend joining in.....
I had been sworn to secrecy but truth is I only knew adam. Didn't have any other friends. We had been good friends for a long time. Trusted each other.
During the long week I keep thinking about becca and sid. I've had my dinner and tea there before I know them quite well, they are both really nice and always treat me well but they are so ordinary, it's odd to imagine them actually doing it.
Especially with this ray joining them. I haven't seen much of ray but from what I can remember he is old and fat, older than becca and sid anyway.

Saturday does eventually come and I find myself walking around to adams with my school p.e bag full of goodies for the night. Lots of sweets and crisps, chocolate of course, a torch and a wank mag I'm returning for adam. He has a large stash of them that I borrow from time to time.

Walking down their front garden path uncle sid is coming out the door saying something over his shoulder to becca. He doesn't see me at first
"Alright...I know... he'll be here about 9...see ya later love"
He turns then to face forward almost walking into me

"Oh....ey up mikey....he's out back with the gun just go through its alright"
Sid has always called me mikey rather than mike, it's a little annoying but ive never brought it up with adam.
I just smile and say ok and thanks then step into the front hallway closing the door behind me. I can hear pots being washed up in the kitchen just ahead. Radio is on, queen is playing radio ga ga, a soft female voice is humming along to it occasionally singing the odd lyric quietly.
Swallowing, as I realise seeing her for the first time after finding out what she gets upto on an evening is going to be harder than what I thought.
I try to push the images back in my mind but it's nigh on impossible, to my right is the staircase that adam snook down and to my immediate left is the doorway to the lounge where he spied on them. The door is now fully open and I can see the sofa where ray sat having his dick sucked by the very woman I'm going to have to talk to in a minute.

"Oh hi mike"
Beccas words make me jump a little. Turning to see her standing in the kitchen doorway holding a tea towel
"I thought I heard you....come on through love he's just out can leave your bag there if you want"

I must look so nervous, I certainly feel it. I can also feel my face burning... I'm going bright red...not good...not good. Must say something... anything.

"Oh erm thanks.... I'll just bob it down here"
Not too bad at least I didn't stutter.
Becca smiles warmly

"Your all set for tonight a bagful of goodies?"
I can't help think of the innuendo with what she says and it makes matters worse, my face really does start to burn she must know, surely she must.
Letting out a nervous laugh I try and brush off the embarrassment
"Yeah I'm all prepared thanks looking forward to it"
Trying desperately not to have any awkward silences between us I put the bag down and walk toward her while keeping talking
"Adam was telling me that we can watch the film on the big telly tonight"

The film was james bond a view to a kill which I hadn't seen yet. Adam had arranged it that we could watch it in the lounge with sid and becca. They were bond fans too and were watching it anyway so didn't mind us 2 sitting downstairs with them. It was on at 7.30 just an hour away.
"Oooh yes...I'm looking forward to it"
Said becca
"That roger moore floats my boat alright"
She giggles at her own comment and moves back to let me past, going back up to the kitchen sink and picking a plate up to dry.
Continuing on through to my right, out the back kitchen door and through a short hallway to the outer door which is open. Adam can be seen breaking the barrel of the 80, cocking it again after firing. Beccas garden is a well kept lawn with flower borders, a path in the middle leading to the end where a 4' wall separates garden from farmers field.

"Ey up"
I say to adam grinning.
"Ey up" he repeats while loading a pellet into the barrel and closing it up
"Wana go?"
He hands me the gun and I take aim resting it carefully on the wall, peering through the 4×40 scope. An empty baked beans tin clearly showing a few holes already, is in my sights.

Crack of report and clang of impact are almost simultaneous despite the range of around 40 yards. A big hole appears in the can split second before it is sent flying across the bare field.
Adam has had the 80 'souped' up. And he reckons its over the legal limit. I'm inclined to agree.
We stand there side by side taking turns with the gun and talking in low secretive tones.
"I think it's on for tonight"
He confides
"Ray is coming over again.... whenever he's here they do it"
I remember sid saying something about he's coming at 9 and tell adam what I heard

"Yeah...that's what time he usually gets here...then I'm sent off to bed about 10"
He's talking while peering through the scope. Fires, then turns to grin slyly at me
"It's guna be good ole buddy.... you'll see"
Then adds while handing me the 80
"Just hope she leaves that door open again"

We go inside at 7.25. plenty of time to put the gun away take my bag upstairs and take a seat just as the film is coming on.
Sitting together on one sofa with aunt becca, sid comes into the room while duran duran are singing the title theme, he has some home made chips wrapped in a newspaper cone just like from the chip shop all smothered in salt and vinegar
"There you go mikey"
I thank him and he goes to sit on the same seat his friend sat in just last week. The image flashes across my mind, becca nude on her knees with rays dick in her mouth...sid busy round back...
Glancing across at becca as adam reaches forward to get a glass of coke from the coffee table, she's just putting a chip in her mouth but notices me watching and aims a cheeky wink.

It's now that I notice more about her, she's wearing a short sleeve button up blouse. I can see some cleavage but not as much as usual. Becca has a dark blue skirt on, its mid length and she is sat crossed legged. Her legs are not bare but covered in black patterned nylon. She wears nothing on her feet. I also notice she's wearing make up, quite a bit. She looks quite pretty and also smells strongly of perfume.

Returning my attention to the TV becoming engrossed in the film I almost forget what this night could have in store. That is, until we hear a knock at the door followed by the sound of it opening and a gruff male voice shouting hello.
Uncle ray has arrived. It's just turned 9 and the film is in full swing.
Ray comes into the room and is immediately scolded by becca
"Oy...what have I told you"
She says in a stern voice pointing at rays shoes
"Get em off"
Ray looks down at his shoes then grinning back up at becca begins to retreat back out the room he glances at uncle sid and says

"Well there's an offer a fella can't refuse"
Sid grins back, they exchange knowing glances.

When ray comes back in without shoes I notice he's carrying a plastic shopping bag. I can see bottles of wine and cans of beer inside.
He puts them down on the coffee table and leans down to give becca a quick peck on the cheek.
"Am I forgiven love?"
She gives him a quick smile
"Only cause you've brought this"
Becca rummages through the bag, bringing out a bottle of white wine.
"Now sit down your blocking my view you big oaf"

Ray makes a sarcastic comment about the film something about not a patch on sean connery then hands sid a beer from the bag and gets one for himself.
He notices me and winks.
"Ey up there mikey...... You alright lad?"
He must have heard sid call me that and just assumed.
Wincing inwardly at the added y on my name I just say hi back and 'not bad thanks' 
Ray ambles over to sid and plonks down next to him cracking a beer open himself.

With rays arrival I notice a change in atmosphere among the adults. The addition of alcohol is also having an effect. I observe that becca in particular is giggling a lot, mostly at little things ray is saying, daft things about the film mainly. It kind of spoils the film because we can't hear it properly but at the same time I find it very interesting to watch and listen to their interactions. Becca is blushing and she is playing with her hair a lot. She keeps exchanging meaningful looks with the 2 men and it's not until the closing credits are playing that I realise she has been sat facing them sort of turned at an angle away from the TV. Her legs are open and she's slumped back in the seat, both uncles keep looking up her skirt.

As the film finishes becca gets up off the sofa, wobbles a bit then steadies herself
" two....I hope your not trying to get me drunk"
The two uncles grin at each other then sid says in an innocent tone
"We wouldn't do that would we raymond"
Ray looks back at becca with a sly grin
"Nah can trust couldn't be in safer hands"
At this the pair burst out laughing.
Becca now turns to us and tells us it's time for bed. It's 10pm.

We help take some plates into the kitchen then I thank them for the chips and watching the film. Becca ruffles my hair
"Awww that's alright love....pleasure having such a polite boy around"

She goes back in the living room and I hear them begining to chat as the TV goes off.
Following adam upstairs he glances around to give me a knowing look as a shrill little scream comes from the lounge below, followed by lots of giggling from becca. It appears she's been goosed by one of the uncles.
Continuing up we get to the back bedroom where a camp bed has been set up for me.

Adam pushes the door to and talks quietly
"It's looking good isn't it?....did you see how she was sitting?....Giving them an eyeful?"
Replying that I did we can both hear beccas giggles from below, faint but still audible.
Adam says
"Now she'll be up to check were asleep in about an hour maybe less so we have to be ready for that....are you good at pretending?"
I nod then I'm offered the bedroom to get changed into my pjs although it's quite warm so I have just brought the pj bottoms. Adam wonders off to the bathroom, getting changed in there.

The hardest part of the next bit is the waiting. We lay close together. Adam in his single bed me on the camp bed pulled up next to him so we can talk. The conversation only has one topic and that is what's going on downstairs in the lounge. We can hear them talking but can't make out the words. There's laughing and giggling too. Mainly from becca.
Then, at 10.42 we hear things go quiet. Shortly after that the lounge door creaks open and footfalls are heard coming up stairs.
This is it.

Adam immediately closes his eyes opens his mouth and begins heavy slow breathing. I copy him.
Footfalls reach the top of the landing and then I hear them approach our door. It creaks open. Landing light hits my closed eyes, resisting the urge to flinch as I feel her presence loom over me she hovers for a second then is gone, door pulled to behind her.
Carefully opening our eyes, I see adams twinkling in the dark. Footfalls back downstairs then silence.
Adam whispers
"I didn't hear it....did you?"
Assuming he means the lounge door I reply that I didn't. She has'nt closed it again.
We lay there for a few moments listening expectantly, trying to breath as quietly as I can while concentrating on every tiny sound.

5 minutes pass. There's no sound at all from downstairs. Adam begins to whisper
"Maybe they're in the..."
But is stopped by the low down rumble of muffled voices, they're talking. Then a giggle from becca, a gasp and a sound like slapping.
Even in the dark I can see that smug excited grin on my friends face
"I told you didn't I? It's started"

A few seconds later a moan and another gasp is heard followed by the slapping noise. The moan is a woman's voice. It does it again, and again. Slow and rythmic.
Oh god it does sound wonderful, just like in those late night movies but so much better because this is real and it's happening just down stairs.
Adam slowly gets out of bed, I copy him. We creep toward the bedroom door being very careful not to make any noise. Adam gets there first, gingerly opening it while looking back at me whispering
"From here on you can't make any noise....step where I do on the stairs....there's a few creaky ones....come on"

I can see the excitement in adams eyes as he says 'come on'. Feeling it myself too, this is the best sleepover ever.
As we sneak carefully down stairs that wonderful noise becca makes is getting louder and it's also having an effect on me but I'm too focused on what's happening to care about tenting pj bottoms.
Now downstairs I watch adam creep upto the door and take a peak through the crack. Standing there watching him I can hear beccas moaning but now also grunting from one of the uncles and a low slapping noise, squeak squeak of sofa. The moaning sounds muffled for the most part but occasionally gets louder, when this happens I hear becca say the odd word like 'oh yeah' or 'fuck that's good'
It's very strange to hear becca swear, she's normally so polite and well spoken around me.

Adam seems to watch for ages until it's my turn although in fact it's probably just a minute. He beckons me over without looking away then when I'm next to him he moves so I can have a look. Glancing at each other adam gives me a look that says WOW!
Raised eyebrows and the words
"Fuck me"
Mouthed in silence.
My curiosity is burning and i almost thrust my face at the opening between door and frame, narrowly missing banging my head. The crack is tiny being about 1/4 inch but I can see them straight away. My eye straining trying to take everything in at once and as it does my mouth inadvertently opens in surprise and fascination. I've never seen anybody doing it before not for real, and to see people you know who behave normally and respectfully doing.....this....well it's quite a shock I can tell you.

They are doing it on the sofa that sid and ray were sat on earlier. There's a large towel been placed over the seat bit. Aunty becca is laid on her back uncle ray is nude and on top of her becca has her legs around him and he's fucking her there on the sofa. Becca is nude except for the patterned nylons I saw earlier which are stockings.
Uncle sid is knelt on the floor right up to the sofa next to beccas face. He has no clothes on except socks. His cock is big and hard and its wet from being in beccas mouth, which it is right now. Her cheek bulging as it moves in and out.

Even though these are ordinary people not porn movie stars it looks fucking awesome, the best thing I've ever seen, I want to watch them all night. I'm aware that adam will be wanting his turn very soon and I should let him but I simply can't look away it's too mesmerising.
Just then becca pulls sids cock out her mouth and gives out a loud moan she's breathing fast although I can't see much of her but I can hear she's very excited and enjoying herself a lot. She whispers something to ray that sounds like 'love your cock'
Then is quickly back sucking on sids dick. A gentle tap on my shoulder signifies the end of peep show, for now.
I move out adams way and as I do notice the low stool he's placing near the doorway, we grin at each other, now we can both look at the same time. It's a stool from  under the stairs, a small thing about a foot high just for reaching a short height.

Trying to look through the crack lower down your view would be blocked by the first sofa so if 2 wanted to look the other would have to be higher, problem solved.
Adam opted for the better loftier view, stepping gingerly onto the flimsy looking stool. It did creak a bit but none of the adults noticed. Too busy with each other.

The show went on, now with 2 eyes staring through the crack.
We watch in silence, two friends witnessing this secret moment between people we both know so well.
Uncle sid keeps closing his eyes as becca sucks his dick, pursing his lips and sucking in air making a dramatic noise.
I can't help thinking how good that must feel and wonder what he's going through....what does that feel like?

Ray is puffing and blowing as he thrusts into becca, his face is bright red. He's a big guy, easily over 6' and fat he must weigh quite a lot. I wonder absently how come he doesn't squash becca or hurt her, he's so much bigger than she is and really fucking her hard.
God my dick is hard watching this!
Suddenly rays thrusts get harder and he speeds up. He's panting fast and then he groans quite loud and goes still. Becca pulls sids glistening dick out her mouth and hushes him.

Ray has stopped moving completely, sort of stiffening up his face is all red and screwed up tight. Becca holds his head in her hands watching him closely
"That's it.....oh yeah.... that's it"
She says griping him tightly with her legs, then kissing him.

Uncle sid gives out a little laugh then says to ray
"You didn't last long tonight"

Ray finishes kissing becca then, not taking his eyes off her says
"Plenty more where that came from"

Becca giggles at that then ray begins to get off her. We both see his dick as he gets up on his knees between her legs. It's huge and wet with a big purple end.
Becca puts a hand down between her legs, curses then asks sid for some tissues.
Sid looks around but can't see any. What happens next is truly terrifying and happens so quickly we have hardly time to react.
Realising there's no tissues becca asks sid to get some toilet roll from the bathroom. He goes to get up, still nude.

"You can't go like that with those 2 up there....put something on....and be quick I'm leaking"
It's this detail that saves us. Sid having to put trousers on buys us precious seconds.
In a flash adam is down from the stool and already a few steps up the stairs with me following. We do make noise going back up its impossible not to in the short time available. But we can hear becca calling ray for getting her so wet and more laughing/giggling. So figure that noise will cover our retreat.

We are barely back into bed before uncle sid can be heard coming up stairs. Resuming our fake sleeping postures. I hear him go into the bathroom fumbling about in the undersink cupboard then leaving. Footfalls going back down stairs.
Silence for a second. We don't hear the lounge door close but do hear something that sets my heart beating even faster. Uncle sid has not gone back in the lounge he's stopped near lounge door. Something has caught his attention.
"Becca?....did you get this stool out near the door?"
The words sound cold and icy, suspicious.
Adam whispers in the dark.
We hear a muffled female reply that we can't make out. Soon becca is at the doorway with sid looking at the stool.

" I didn't...and I would have noticed it before"
There's another silence then becca again, quietly to sid
"Are they definitely asleep up there"

Sid answers defensively
"I didn't check....just went up for this"
There's a heavy sigh from becca and something muffled sounds like 'oh god'.
Then silence again.
Long seconds pass.
Abruptly, footfalls on the stairs coming up.

Aunt becca is coming up.
The steps get louder.
Soon at our door. Seconds earlier we have both gone into 'sleep mode' pretending to be asleep like before.
She comes in.
The next minute is excruciating. Becca looks at both of us closely. I can feel and hear her, so close. Bending right down with her face close to mine. Checking.

Apparently satisfied, she moves away. Closing our bedroom door and going back downstairs.
It's over, for now.
We both breathe a sigh of relief then begin whispering to each other about what we've seen.
There's some more noise down stairs but we can't make it out and we dare not open the bedroom door.

The night is a long one. Neither of us can sleep we are too excited and I suspect that adam is nursing a hard on just like me.
I do eventually drift off to sleep. Waking up at 1.55. all is quiet throughout the house. Adam asleep next to me.
I can hear uncle sid snoring in his and beccas bedroom next to ours as I tip toe across the landing to bathroom.

There. In the dark I have a wank over the toilet. Finally able to relieve the pressure on my stiff dick.
It feels so intense. So naughty.
Thinking about aunt becca.....

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Chapter 3.

Morning broke and with it the smell of cooking bacon wafted up from the kitchen below.
We got up got dressed and went downstairs. It was an interesting morning having breakfast with the couple we watched having sex with each other the night before.
Ray must have gone straight home afterwards he was nowhere to be seen.
Everyone now behaving normally. Aunty and uncle sitting at the breakfast table with nephew and his long time friend.
My god it felt odd.
I did notice a slight difference in beccas demeanour. She seemed quieter, preoccupied.
And she kept staring at adam. Not a menacing look of anger but more a look of contemplation.
Or was it just me being paranoid?
Anyway, it was a very nice bacon and egg breakfast complete with fried bread. Becca sure does know how to cook.

I went home shortly afterwards after thanking becca and sid and making arrangements to meet adam down at the quarry after dinner.
On returning home I had a bath and wanked myself off again thinking about what I'd seen the night before.

The afternoon was a hot one. I got into our favourite spot behind the ridge 5 minutes early. Set up some tin cans down on the quarry floor about 40 yards out.
I'd cracked off a few shots before a noise disturbed me, footsteps through the tall grass approaching.
Adam came into view, the 80 under one arm. From the look on his face I could tell something had happened.

"Ey ok?"
Adam sat down next to me and was quiet for a moment, fumbling with a tin of pellets.
When he spoke it was in that quiet confidential tone that I had grown accustomed, and excited to hearing.
"Aunty becca had a private word with me....I think she knows....but I denied everything".

He tells me that she asked him repeatedly about the other night. Did we come back down stairs for anything after the film had finished? How did that stool get near the door like that? Had we moved it?
Kept asking all sorts of questions. It was clear she suspected.
But adam just kept denying. In the end she resignedly had to believe him or at least appear to.
He ended by saying we had better not have a sleepover for a bit.
"It was worth it though eh?....I told you didn't I...there's nobody does sleepovers like me"

We both burst into fits of laughter then spent the rest of another hot lazy afternoon in each others company down at the quarry. Talking about aunt becca, uncle sid and uncle ray.

The following sunday.

I did see adam again during the week while out shopping with mum and dad. He was with his parents being subjected to the same torture I was. School uniform shopping. I hated to see those posters up at all the shops, the ones that said BACK TO SCHOOL with pictures of happy parents and bizarrely, even happier children sporting new uniforms/sports kit and bags etc. They even had the cheek to put the bastard things up first week of the holidays.
But this was way past the first week. In fact there was only 2 weekends left. It was already past mid August.
We cheered up a bit upon meeting, exchanged the odd bit of info about what we'd been doing etc.
Then were dragged off by impatient parents determined to get us all kitted out for the upcoming school term.
We parted with a smile and a 'see ya'.
It was all quite regular and normal. Little did I know that there would be nothing normal about the next time I saw my friend.

On Saturday morning I had a phone call from adam. It was bad news. He was calling from aunt beccas to tell me he couldn't come out that day, his aunt and uncle were taking him on a day trip to the seaside.
But we made arrangements to meet at our usual spot down at the quarry on sunday morning.
I was pissed off but what could I do? Saturday was spent just bumming around the house and garden, it was no fun going to the quarry on your own.

Sunday morning came around and I set off for the quarry. No gun this time just my catty. The previous week we noticed a police car parking up at the entrance to the quarry. 2 coppers got out and began walking towards us. They hadn't seen us and were quite a way off so we made a hasty retreat.
Later that day I got to know from mum that someone had called them out because some kids had been seen with air rifles. I got a scolding and was made to promise to give the gun a rest for a while.
There was no mention of a black widow catapult within my mums stern words therefore it was exempt from my promise.

I arrived at our spot to a surprise. Adam was there waiting for me, he was always late so I was taken aback.
Not just surprised at his early presence either. The look on his face was like nothing I've seen before, he looked almost in shock, pale even.
But not in a bad way, if that makes any sense. It was a kind of happy excited bewildered look.
The first thing I said to him was
"You alright?....look like you've seen a ghost"

Adam beckons me over gesticulating manically. His outstretched arm with hand curling backwards. I waded through long grass and go right up to him. It's now I can see he's agitated, his hands are shaking a little.
"Fuck me....what's happened?"
I ask genuinely concerned.

"You won't believe won't fucking believe it"
He blurts out the words.
"I can hardly believe it myself"
It's clear something very very big has happened. I can feel his excitement, his eagerness to tell me this amazing thing. It's contagious and I feel the excitement building within me.
I must know what it is.

"what?....what is it?....what's happened?"
My words are blurted out too. The excitement getting the better of me.
We sit down together in the short dried brown grass that covers the ledge.
Adam begins telling me what has happened, in that hushed secretive way.
I'm soon rock hard and throbbing in my jeans as I listen.
What he tells me is the biggest piece of news I've ever heard.

Adam begins by saying that they had gone to scarborough on saturday. All of them including uncle ray. It had been a very nice day with a pub meal and a day on the beach followed by boating on peasholme park lake.
They got back home about 7. He had a bath then watched some TV. Went to bed at usual time. Because uncle ray was there he suspected something would happen again so as usual he laid awake listening. Sure enough about an hour later aunt becca came upstairs to check on him. Adam pretended to be asleep as usual.
She went back down and 10 minutes later the nice noises his aunty made began.
It was quieter this time so he thought she might have shut the lounge door but couldn't remember hearing it close.

So he gets out bed and creeps downstairs. The door is not closed but only just ajar. The crack very small so it's hard to see. He can make out aunt becca on her knees, see her tits wobbling as one of the uncles fucks her, but not much else.
Anyway during his efforts to see more he accidentally clips the door with his bare foot. It doesn't make much noise but the noise aunt beccas making suddenly stops.
Uncle sid can be heard asking 'what?'.
It's enough to spook adam and he creeps off back upstairs and into bed. Just in time.
Becca is up the stairs almost as soon as he's pulled the cover over.
The bedroom door opens as he's closing his eyes.
She comes into the room and up to his bed, just stands there watching for a moment in silence.

"I think she's guna go back out"
Adam tells me, his voice shaking a little.
But aunty becca doesn't go back out. She gets down on her knees so her face is close to his. He can feel her warm breath on his face.
"Adam?...she says real quiet....Adam?...I know your awake"
He continues.

He tells me he's crapping himself. His hearts going like mad and it's hard to keep breathing at a slow pace.
She says his name a couple more times then she touches him. Her hand moving across his bare chest.
"Well that's it....I pretend to flinch and wake up.... she's looking right at me....adam?....she says....why is your heart beating so fast if you just woke up?"
She asks.

He lies and says that she made him jump when she touched him but becca just says that it was beating fast as she touched him.
"You were watching us weren't you? She says....I denied it at first but it was no use she knew I had"

Adam goes on to tell me he thinks he's in for it so it's best to own up. Becca tells him she knew he had been watching and asks if I'd seen them last week too, when the stool was noticed. He nods.
She just sighs, then surprisingly, smiles.
Becca tells him that it's alright to be curious but not polite to spy on people.
Her hand is still on his chest but it slowly starts moving downwards across his belly towards his pj waistband.

"So I just freeze....I can't believe what's happening....she just stares at me while her hand slides down....she's saying real you know our secret but that's ok I know your a good boy who can keep secrets....and now I'm going to show you what happens to good boys who don't tell"

I'm looking at adam in bewilderment. I know when he's lying and this is no lie.
"Holy fucking shit....did she touch you?....down there?"
Adam nods.
Then goes on to tell me what happens next. Becca slides her hand all the way down to adams stiffy.

"Oh god mike it felt so fucking good....I just let her do it"
He says.
She wanks him till he cums. Then she wipes it all off his belly with some tissues. She kisses his forehead and tells him what a good boy he is.
It's now that adam notices uncle sid and uncle ray watching from the bedroom doorway. They are both grinning. Ray winks at him. Adam feels a little embarrassed but they soon leave as becca stands up and moves to go out the room.
Before doing so however she smiles warmly down at him and tells adam to stay awake as she will be back up later for something special.

It appears that this was only part of what he had to tell me.
"What did she mean by something special?"
I asked an excited adam. He was clearly enjoying telling me, watching my wide eyed reactions.
He grins then begins his story again.

"I'm laid there in shock thinking about what has just happened....becca pulled my door to but not closed so there's a bit of light from the landing but I think they must have left the lounge door fully open because the noises they make are much louder"

Adam tells me that he lays there for an hour listening to them downstairs.
It's hard to imagine what that would have been like, especially knowing that aunt becca was coming back up to see him. He doesn't admit it but I think I'd know what I would do laid there listening to her make those noises for an hour.
Eventually it goes quiet, then multiple footfalls coming back up the stairs.

"She comes back in the room followed by uncle sid and ray....aunt becca is smiling at me...she looks red and do my uncles.....they are both naked....becca is wearing a dressing gown that's open....she's naked underneath...."

He tells me he's feeling excited but also uncomfortable at all of them just watching him like that.
Becca walks over to his bed and stands there for a second just looking at him with that warm smile on her face. Then she starts getting in with him, pulls back the cover and gets down on top legs straddling.
He describes her weight pressing him down and how warm she feels.
He's enjoying the feeling of her naked body on top of him but there is that uncomfortable sensation of both his uncles stood feet away watching. Becca looks down at adam and in a soft reassuring tone tells him that it's alright, not to be scared and don't mind his uncles as they just like to watch.
Adam nods understanding, he is at that moment lost for words.

Next, becca leans forward so her boobs are lowered down to his face.
She tells him it's alright to have a suck on them if he likes. He does.
"What was it like?.... sucking em?"
I ask, in a hushed voice with eyes as big as saucers.
Adam describes how soft and warm they are and when he touches them they feel so heavy. The nipples taste a bit salty and when he sucks them they get bigger.

"bigger? What do you mean?"

Adam giggles at my enquiry.
"I know it's I'm sucking her teets I can feel em growing and sort of swelling up....kinda like they're getting mini hard ons.... anyway...."

He continues telling me what happened.
His aunt is making a soft noise while he sucks, like the noise she makes downstairs but quieter. She's pushing her crotch down onto his, rubbing herself against his stiffy. At this point uncle sid asks becca if adam is hard?

"So she pulls back and sits up....glances at uncle sid grinning then looks back down at a rock..she says...then says....aren't you sweety?....I think it's time to put it somewhere warm don't you?"

I'm watching adam closely while he speaks. The environment, the quarry, is gone. We might as well be on the moon. My focus is purely on adam and what he's telling me.

His uncle ray lets out a quiet laugh and says 'oh yeah'.
Aunt becca suddenly reaches back behind and underneath her. She grasps hold of adams pj bottoms waistband and pulls them down just enough to let his hard dick out.
She lifts up a little, grabs hold his dick and guides it to her pussy.

"It happens quick"
Adam tells me
"She sits down on goes straight up inside her cunt"

I'm in awe. My dick is rock hard, I would normally be covering up the bulge with a well placed hand but I don't care I'm too engrossed in adams story.

"What's it like?....what does it feel like?"
I'm all ears.

"It's the best thing I've ever feels so hot inside her....and wet.... so soft and slippery"

His aunt gasps and turns to the watching uncles making a comment about how stiff adam is. Then she starts to move her lower half back and forth. The slippery sensation on his dick intensifies. He tells me it feels amazing the best feeling in the world. She asks if he's alright and he nods. Then she asks if he wants her to stop. This time he manages to get out a breathless 'no'.
Adam pauses for a moment. For the first time that afternoon looking a little embarrassed. He looks around to make sure nobody is about. Leans a bit closer and says

"I did know....did it in her.... couldn't help it...just felt too good"

He thinks he's going to get in trouble for doing 'it' in her. But the opposite is true. Apparently she really likes it and praises him calling adam a good boy.
Even the uncles like it. Both of them making excited noises and comments.
Uncle ray tells him that he's now a man. Uncle sid is asking him what it's like not being a virgin anymore?

Adam is still breathless but managed to say 'good'.
Becca stays on top of adam for a few moments talking softly to him about secrets and making him promise not to tell anyone. Making it clear that as long as he doesn't tell then she can continue to do nice things for him.
She asks if he likes the nice things that she does and he nods a yes.
Becca kisses adam, this time on the lips. Then she gets off him, cleans up with some tissues then bids him a good night.
And it's over....just like that.
He tells me that this morning was normal, like nothing had happened. She made him breakfast and was talking about normal everyday things. Becca did mention me several times, asking if he was seeing mike today, where we were going etc.
After telling me all I was so excited, we both were. This was awesome. The biggest thing to ever happen and although it had only happened to adam, I felt privileged to be in some way part of it.
Part of adams big secret.
We talked about it all that afternoon only stopping when adam had to go back at tea time.

Later at home, I felt a twinge of jealousy about what had happened to my friend. I thought about my own aunties, there is 2 of them. One I like better than the other both in personality and physically. But I would love it if either of them were to do that to me.
That night in bed I lay awake thinking about what it would be like, my thoughts turned to becca.
I wanked myself off imagining her on top of me.

Little did I know it at the time, my life was about to change in a way that would I could never have foreseen....

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Chapter 4.

For the next several weeks after adam revealed his secret to me we continued to meet up every weekend as usual.
I would go to his aunt beccas house on a saturday morning to call for him and we would either stay there, usually having shots with the 80 in the back garden or go out together to the quarry or down to the canal where there was a new attraction.
Here was an old coal barge that had been left tied up to the bankside. People had been using it as a skip. There were all kinds of things in there including a big pile of wank mags so it kept us busy most saturday mornings and sometimes afternoons too.
But when it came time for adam to go in usually about 8 I was always very envious as I knew what he would be doing that night.
He told me all about it the next morning, leaving me practically drooling.

By mid september we had been back at school 2 weeks. There was a noticeable change in adam. He seemed more 'grown up' if that makes any sense. He was more confident. But also quieter, more secretive.
The sunday morning story time had got more spicy too.
Things having moved out of his room and now taking place in the lounge downstairs. He was part of the group now. A very secret special group.

Every saturday night at aunt beccas, adam got to watch close up and take part in his aunt and uncles nocturnal activities.
He got to fuck her many times during the night, she'd even sucked his dick. Usually while being fucked doggy by either sid or ray.
I was a vivid green with envy at what was happening to my friend. But also happy for him and always eager to hear of his exploits.
Our friendship deepened. Adam confided that I was the only person he would ever trust with something this big and he trusted me implicitly.
I assured him his secret was safe with me. I had nobody to tell anyway being a loner with no friends except adam.
And I certainly wasn't about to tell any of my family.
So things went on like this for a while. Our special sunday morning story time down at the quarry was always eagerly anticipated. Adam clearly got pleasure from telling me about what had happened and I loved hearing about it.
Then, one sunday, everything changed.
Adam had something new to tell me.

The last sunday of september saw not only a change in our circumstances but also a change in weather.
A cold chill could be felt in the air as I made my way to the quarry.
It was not autumn yet but I could feel it coming. September has a certain special quality about it. After the busy summer months when everything is in bloom and getting on with the business of life, september feels like things are gearing down. As though nature itself is breathing a sigh of relief and relaxing before the bitterness of winter approaches.
A week earlier we'd had another close call with the police. This time they had gotten much closer to us on our ledge above the quarry floor. Deep in conversation about aunt becca and adams busy saturday night, our attention had been elsewhere. We had not noticed the small fiesta police car as it parked up near the quarry entrance, the two cops getting out. Nor did we notice them walking down into the quarry toward us.
It was an abrupt loud 'fuck!' from adam who was mid sentence, trying to describe the taste of his aunt's cunt, that first alerted me to their presence.

Adam is bigger, stronger and faster than me. He was up and sprinting over the ridge with the 80 in hand before I could even stand up.
A loud deep voice bellowed across the quarry 'Oy!....stay there....stay where you are!'
The 2 cops who we'd seen stalking us before and nicknamed little and large after the comedy duo were within 100 yards. The big one, a giant of a man well over 6 feet was running towards me.
Suffice to say I didn't hang around. Although my legs felt like jelly I was able to evade capture that particular afternoon.
So this sunday I was armed only with the catty. I'd got about a dozen shots off and had even managed to hit a long range tin of hoffmeister beer sending it rattling across the loose limestone ground.
I heard the familiar noise of my friend approaching and grinned madly as he came into view.
This was the highlight of our week, and made all the more special because we were knee deep in the blood and guts of school term, monday morning loomed ominously over us.

We needed something to take our minds off it. Adam grinned back and came to sit down next to me looking pleasantly tired. He yawned and then was quiet for a moment
"Another late night?"
I asked, still grinning from ear to ear.
He just nods and then I say
"You.... lucky bastard"

We both burst out laughing at this. But when the laughter dies down I can tell that adams demeanor is different. He seems more serious this time.
"Well?.....come on then?....tell me everything"
I say impatiently.

Adam begins recounting the events of last night. He fucked aunt becca a total of 5 times and he was getting better at it. He made her come again, a curious phenomena that his uncles seemed to able to do with ease, they made her come a lot.
So when he managed to do it, it was a big thing. Both uncles got very excited and heaped praise on him.They tried something new this time too. He put it in her bum, fucked her bum hole. She didn't normally do this with the uncles as they were too big but with adam being smaller and still some growing to do she decided to let him try it....with the uncles eager encouragement.
He described to me how much tighter it was in there and how good it felt. Aunt becca seemed to like it too.
She made those nice noises and rubbed her cunt while he did it.

I sat listening, a painful hard on bulging my jeans as I tried to imagine what it would feel like.... pushing my thing up beccas arse.
It took adam half an hour to tell me everything. At the end we just sat in silence for a moment. I had some questions to ask but before I could adam spoke up again.

"Mike?....I was wondering what you might think....erm....well....what I mean to say is...."
He fumbled the words out looking a little nervous. I gave him a moment to settle down.
"Becca....she's been asking a lot of questions about you...after I asked"

Now I was puzzled. Asked what?
"What do you mean?"
I enquired.

Adam seemed to relax a little then a broad grin spread across his face.
"Well....I know how much you like hearing know....and I know you would want last week I asked if you could....well......if she wouldn't mind doing something for you?....or maybe you could join us one night?....I just felt sorry for you....your always hearing about this cool stuff I get to do with her....but you never get to do anything yourself"

At hearing this, my heart leapt up into my throat and I had to swallow mouth felt very dry.
Adam had asked his aunty if I could join in?
I was suddenly very nervous. Adam could see the worried look on my face.
"I don't have to if you don't want to....but....well.....mike she said yes"

His words hung in the air for a moment. Funny how words can have such a powerful effect on you. Adams last sentence had left me in shock.
Not only had my friend asked his aunty if she could 'do something' for me but she had said yes.

"Hey....I know it's a big thing"
Adam put his hand on my shoulder and gave it a squeeze. He could see I was nervous about this.
"You shoulda seen me that first time"
He laughs.
"I was like a frightened rabbit"

He squeezed my shoulder again then let go.
"You don't have to decide now....ok?....but if you do want to do something you won't regret it....only thing is you have not got to tell anybody.....that's the most important thing"

He leans a little closer into me and looks me in the eye
"Nobody mike.....if you tell everything's over....the good stuff will stop....aunt becca and my uncles will get into really serious shit.... they'll got to jail....ok?"

I nod my understanding.
Excitement catches up with the nerves as I realise what an opportunity I'm being given. A nervous laugh escapes me.
"Oh shit"
Standing up and begining to pace back and forth, feeling that I must move around. Mind swimming with thoughts and possibilities.
Looking back at adam, he's sat on the ledge watching me closely.
We make eye contact and in that moment he knows, we both know what my answer will be.
Adams grin is back and I copy him, we both burst out laughing.
Adam getting up and coming over to me patting my shoulder
"Mike ole buddy.....your not going to regret it....but just remember what I said ok? It's our secret"

I repeat his last words.
"Our secret"
Then offer my hand to shake. Adam takes it and firmly grasping, we shake on our not so little secret.

"Oh shit"
I blurt out
"What have I just agreed to"
My mind really is swimming now, indeed, what have I gotten myself into?
Images of aunt becca come flooding inwards. The last time I'd seen her was yesterday morning when I called for adam, she had answered the door with a warm smile and cheery hello. It's hard to believe such a normal friendly lady like that could the things she had been doing.
"'s ok....don't look so worried"
Adam reasures me as he lets my hand go
"Aunty will take good care of you"

Aunty will take good care of you.....his words set off the images again and I try to block them out for a moment, concentrating hard.
" what happens now?.....what did she say about me? You know....when you asked?"

We sit down once again, side by side, our feet dangling over the ledge.
In the distance a dog is barking, an ice cream van plays the popeye theme as it comes to a stop down some street on the estate. Overhead a high altitude jet can be heard cutting its way through crisp white clouds.
Adam tells me about last saturday when he sheepishly revealed that he'd told me all about what they got up to.
At first becca had been beside herself with worry, then came the anger. She had taken adam up to the back bedroom and given him a very stern talking to. Reminding him of the fact that it was supposed to be a secret.
He apologised and actually broke down in tears.

"I don't mind telling you....I wouldn't tell anyone else though....aunt becca can be pretty fierce when she wants"
He confided.

Anyway, after all the upset and anger had died down and the fact that I knew had set in, becca was all questions.
She asked if I was trustworthy? how many friends did I have? what my parents and family members were like? lots more besides.

Becca starts to calm down as she realises I've got nobody to tell. She knows me quite well and knows I'm a loner, shy and quiet.
They talk for hours about me. Adam doesn't actually have to ask her if I can join them, she ends up offering.
Having accepted the fact that I know she warms to the idea and, seeing where adam is going by revealing I know, asks the question for him

"And what your wondering young man....she can your good friend mike join us?"
Adam grins as he's telling me. He describes the look she gives him, a sly grin spreads across her face.
"Why not....she says.... I like mike" 
Becca goes on to say that she's always thought I was very handsome and is looking forward to getting to know me better then adds that I have a very nice peachy bum, adam pulls a face as he passes this bit of information on.
At this I can feel my face burning with embarrassment. I must be bright red but adam doesn't seem to notice.
He finishes telling me then we are quiet for a moment.
Presently I find myself saying
"So what now? What do we do now?"

Adam turns and grins. It's a sly... secretive ....little look.
He says glancing down at his watch
"Dad won't be coming for me until after 5.....that gives us plenty of time......wanna come back with me now?.....there's just becca in....uncle sid is down the pub with ray"

His words bring this new situation and all that it means into sharp focus.
Suddenly I'm very worried indeed, fear, panic even, spreads through me. I know in that instant that I can't. I can't go with him just now like that.
Part of me wants to. That bit of me that's bulging out the front of my jeans thinking about becca. But the rest is just too scared.
He sees the frightened look on my face and immediately backs off
"It's ok to be worried mike.....and I'll understand if you don't want to right away ....if you want we can leave it while next week.... that'll give you time to think about it....get yourself ready"

I nod and agree to leave it while next week. Telling adam I appreciate the offer but it's just too soon. We talk all the rest of that afternoon about it. Hardly using our cattys at all.
I ask him lots of questions. One of which is what did he mean by she will do 'something' for me? What might she do? My curiosity is burning.
Adam just giggles and tells me that will be up to her and what she thinks I can cope with.
"Look what happened to me"
He says
"She wanked me probably that"
He sees the excited look on my face as I cotemplate what that might feel like. Oh I'd done it to myself of course hundreds of times but.....aunt becca doing it for me?.....

"Or....she might suck it for you....she's really good at that"
He over emphasises the word really, saying that word slow and loud.
I know he's teasing me now, getting me going for saying no to this afternoon.
"Or maybe she'll go all the way with you....oh mike....once you put it in there"
He laughs
"You'll never want it to come back out.....oh and the noises she makes while your doing it..."

I punch him playfully on the shoulder
"Fuck off"
My words come out amidst laughter.
"You got me thinking about it now"
I really am reconsidering his offer of some afternoon delight.

Seeing the look on my face he asks again
"Offers still there.....if you want?'s just a 5 minute walk across that field to the house"
He nods back towards the ridge.
"Just an hour from now you could say your not a virgin anymore"

That thought is extremely tempting.....but my fear gets the better of me.
It's just too soon.
And so regrettably I decline again. Adam is understanding as always and we continue our hushed conversation about aunt becca right up until he has to go for tea.
As I wonder off on my own back home my mind is in turmoil. One emotion at the forefront of all the others....regret. Regret at not going with adam to see becca.
It's this regret that torments me during the coming week but ultimately provides me with the frustration that I need to build up my courage.

By the time next weekend comes I'm ready.....a bag of nerves....but ready and willing.

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Chapter 5.

It is indeed a very long week during which I go on a roller coaster ride of emotions.
Excitement and fear jostling for pole position. Frustration and anger at myself for not going with adam that sunday afternoon. During the week I beat myself up so much about not doing it..... chickening out.
As the week wore on I grew more and more determined to not make that mistake again.
I saw adam at school everyday. At break time we would find a quiet corner of the playground and discuss what was coming up.
Adam told me that aunt becca would see me on saturday morning when I came round to call for him. Uncle sid would be there but wouldn't interfere or watch what happened, he understood I was very nervous.

Curiosity was eating me alive so I asked adam several times that long week at school, what she might do with me?
Everytime it was the same answer, it was up to her and what she thought I could deal with.
By fridays final bell announcing the begining of another weekend my nerves were frayed and it was showing.
My anxious state was not just noticed by adam but also mum and dad and even one of my teachers.

Adam, who knew of course why I was nervy, kept reassuring me that it would all be fine. But as saturday loomed I could not stop thinking about what was coming.
It filled my every waking thought and I even had a wet dream about becca on the thursday night.
As I walked to the gates at the end of school on friday and bid my friend goodbye all I could think of was that the next time I see him it will be time..... I'll be there with his aunt becca.


For the first few blissful seconds upon waking on saturday morning I was peacefully between 2 world's. One of care free slumber and the other....the waking 'real' world full of all it's problems.
As realisation hit me like a lightning bolt my eyes shot open....wide open. Today is saturday and the time has come.
I lay there for a moment, feeling the anxiety fill my veins.
Was I really going to do this? I had to. I must.

Getting out of bed and dressed felt weird, like I was still dreaming. Or maybe this was not me but some other boy that I was watching go about my business.
I went out the bedroom and downstairs to the kitchen. Mum was there making a cup of tea, she turns to glance around at me, does a double take then asks

"You alright love?....look like you've had a bad dream"
Oh man! Is it that fucking obvious. I got to get a grip.
Forcing a smile, my reply is accompanied by a yawn.
"Yeah ok....just slept in"

I had too, it was already 9.15 I was going to be a bit late for adams house....and my appointment with becca.
Mum did not question my worried look anymore, she must have grown accustomed to it during this last week and put it down to teenage problems....growing up.
After breakfast I checked myself in the mirror, wanting to look my best for becca. Her comment to adam that I was handsome had gone to my head somewhat, causing me to develop a vain streak.
In fact I'd been caught tidying my hair up in the mirror so many times by mum that she thought my anxiety was girl related.
She was partly correct.

Becca wasn't exactly what my mum was thinking of by girl.
I'd since learned from adam that she was 42 almost 30 years older than me. Uncle sid was 44 and uncle ray was 58.
Finishing brushing my hair I checked for spots. None on my face for once! Things were looking up.
Then, it was time.
I shouted 'ta-ra' to mum from the kitchen and began opening porch door but I could hear her getting up off the sofa accompanied by a loud
"Wait a minute"

Shit! I was hoping to avoid this. Mum is very affectionate and likes to hug but I was too old for that sort of thing.
She came toward me putting the tea down on kitchen table, then with outstretched arms said
"Come here young don't get out that easily"

I resigned myself and hugged back. There was the usual don't be late for dinner at 12. Where are you going? Etc.
Then all of a sudden she was gone. The house was gone , and I was walking down our street towards adams, the dreamlike feeling was back.
Was I really going to do this? The voice in my head asked for the 200th time that morning.
The answer.... apparently....was yes.

I got to adams house at 10.10 only 10 minutes late but during the journey there paranoia had set in.
What if they didn't think I was coming? Had chickened out again....and decide to go out?
The fear of losing this opportunity again helped me focus and manage that other fear, first time nerves.
Walking down adams front garden path I quickly scanned all the windows for movement...none.
Knocking on their front door.... nothing. Knocking again. There's a small fancy bubbled glass window in this door near the top and through this I saw a shadow, someone approaching.
The door opened. Uncle sid gazed down at me with a grin. I could smell bacon cooking and sure enough in his right hand was a half eaten bacon sarnie drenched in tomato sauce
"Ey up mikey.....come on in son"

I followed him in and closed the door behind us. Everything normal so far.
Walking through to the kitchen there's no sign of becca but I do see adam in the usual spot at bottom of garden with the rifle.
Sid informs me of what I already know. His words of adams just out back with the gun coming out barely intelligible between mouthfuls of breakfast.
Sid swallows and just watches me for a moment.

Before I can leave the kitchen sid says
"She's in the shower"
He must have noticed me looking for becca. Then in a quieter confidential tone that reminds me of how adam sometimes spoke
"Getting ready for tonight"
He winks, then pats me on the shoulder, hard.
"Glad you decided to be with us mikey....just remember.... nobody....ok?"
The word nobody is over pronounced.
It's a bit more serious coming from an adult and he must have seen my anxious look
"Hey mikey.....your guna be fine....she doesn't bite"
Sid winks again.
His disarming smile is infectious and I smile back feeling a little better.

Going out to adam who's pleased to see me, he didn't think I was coming.
"You shit head! Didn't think you were guna do had me going there"

We stand there taking turns on the 80 while chatting in the same hushed tone that uncle sid had recently used. And what with sids words and now adams about our special little group. I began to feel a real sense of camaraderie building within me. I had been welcomed into their exclusive group and hadn't even done anything yet. But it seemed that just wanting to be here with them was enough.

For the next half hour we chatted. I asked about becca, adam confirmed she was in the shower. She liked to be clean and fresh for the nights upcoming entertainment.
Then, just like that, as I waited for adam to shoot, a voice called us from the back hallway door. It's was aunt becca.
I almost jumped before looking around.
She stood there a moment. Becca's wearing a white bathrobe that comes to just above the knee. It's tied tightly around the waist.
She did'nt call us again just beckoned to follow her with outstretched curling finger, then was gone into the house.
Adam looked at me with raised eyebrows then giggled at my nervous expression.
"Come on'll do fine"
He sets off after her with me following. Words can't accurately describe what I'm thinking at this moment.

Soon back in the kitchen. The first thing I see is becca leant with her back against the kitchen counter. She watches adam come in then her eyes fall on me. Becca doesn't say anything for a moment, she just looks us up and down then from one to another.
A smell of cigarettes is present and I can hear sid in the lounge turning a newspaper page.
Presently, becca begins to speak.
"Well....what am I going to do with you two?"
She grins but it's a sly grin I've never seen on becca before, I'm suddenly feeling a little vulnerable.

As she continues talking I notice little things about her, the bathrobe is open a bit at the top and I can see some of beccas smooth pink cleavage, her skin looks red as though the shower was too hot.
I notice too that she is playing with her hair again like before when the two uncles were here.
During her 'speech' she mainly tells us about the importance of keeping 'our little secret' just that, a secret. She tells me that adam should never have mentioned it to me but quickly added that now he had she was glad I was here.
After the speech she focused attention on me, telling me how happy and excited she was to see me here this morning and that she had missed me last week but understood I was nervous.

"Never mind"
She smiled that warm infectious smile of hers
"Your here now aren't you"
I can feel my face burning. I'm blushing like crazy while she eyes me up.
Breaking her gaze she glances at adam, then seems to remember something, she goes through to the lounge and we hear her talking quietly to sid. It's difficult to make out but something to do with 'going up' my name is mentioned too, then something about 'if anyone comes to the door'
There's a few grunts of agreement from sid then she's back with us in the kitchen she comes right up to me and asks
"Right then mike love....are you alright to come with me upstairs?"
The moment has arrived.
I nod then make a small noise which sounds like 'yeah'
The smile broadens
She takes me by the hand and begins leading me towards the front hallway, but we are stopped by a surprised sounding adam
"Hey wait....I thought I was coming up too?"

Becca turns to adam and makes it very clear that this is my first time and I don't want my friend watching, not just yet anyway.
He is to wait there and I'll be down soon.
He looks a bit hurt but she reassures him
"Don't worry sweety you will have plenty of fun cheer up"
And with that, I'm led to the stairs. I follow her up. My heart thumping rapidly and my legs feeling weak.

Becca leads me into her and sids bedroom rather than adams, it's at the front of the house and close to the road, I can hear cars going past occasionally.
She instructs me to sit on the bed then closes the bedroom door behind us. It shuts with a firm hollow click.
This is it. I'm alone with becca in her bedroom, and she's naked under that myself.
She begins talking while sitting down next to me, she's very close and her weight causes me to lean a bit into her, we're brushing shoulders.
I can feel her warmth, she smells of shampoo.
Becca talks slowly and softly. At first telling me that she was all ready for me last week but understands the reasons I didn't turn up that time.

"it can be very daunting....the first time....with someone....doing something special"
As becca is talking she has her arm over my shoulder, hand resting near my neck, she's gently stroking my ear with one finger. It feels fucking amazing and I'm hardening up downstairs.
I can feel her staring at me and go to look, turning my head to the side.
The frightened look on my face brings a giggle out of becca
"Oh are nervous aren't you? Do you want me to stop?"
Yes I'm scared but there is no fucking way I'm backing out now. My head shakes no. I doubt if I could speak anyway so don't bother trying.

" up for me will you.... and take off your jeans....don't be shy.... there's only little old me here"
I do as I'm told. Becca remains seated watching me closely.
I'm soon stood there in front of her in my underwear, t shirt and socks....feeling silly aswell as embarrassed and nervous.
"Mmmm....I love that"
She's looking at the stiff bulge in my underwear. Reaching forward with one hand becca gently runs a finger up and down my clothed bulge, just once.
She giggles again at the shudder and gasp this produces in me. I'm shaking with excitement.

Becca looks up from my bulge to make eye contact, both hands are now either side of my groin area, fingers poised near my underpants waistband
"May I?"
Becca asks.
I nod, a little too quickly. Causing another cute giggle from becca.
"Oh mike darling.... you're making my day ......your so innocent"
She hooks fingers into the waistband and pulls the garment down to my knees. My stiff cock springs out. I'm stood close so as she leans forward I feel the tickle of her warm breath on my exposed stiffy.
Becca sits back again to admire the effect she has had upon me.
I'm as hard as I've ever been, so hard it hurts. It's stuck right up pointing at the ceiling and visibly throbbing.

"Oh my goodness"
Becca says grinning
"Mike you are pleased to see me aren't you sweetheart....oh my.....that looks hard"
She stares at it for a moment, watching it throb. Her eyes fixed upon it with a kind of smug satisfaction.
"You young get so hard"

She looks up then making eye contact, I don't look away at first but movement nearby causes me to glance at what she's doing. Her right hand moves to my cock.
Seeing the excitement building in me, the nervous anticipation in my eyes darting from hers to hand and back, becca reassures with soft words

"It's alright mike....I'm just going to touch you"

Seconds later her fingers wrap around the shaft as she grasps it in hand.....she's holding it.... holding my cock.
Letting out a gasp and somehow resisting the full urge to hump, I do push my hips forward a little. It feels too good having her touch it.
I'm breathing harder now, my heart's going crazy.

"Oh my that's stiff.....your even harder than adam"
She says with genuine surprise.

Looking down I can see the end of my dick. Beccas clenched fingers cover the rest. The end looks so red and swollen. I feel her squeeze it twice, the sensation forcing a groan from me.
Becca looks back up, grins then breaks out into a giggle at the look on my face which must be a picture.

"Mmm this feels nice holding you.....but I know what you young ones like best"
As she's saying this becca is letting go of me and going for the tassle on her bathrobe.

While undoing it she's still talking
"I've seen you looking at them....oh yes....I know...."

The robe comes open, she pulls it apart....
From my position I can see her big bare tits, I'm looking down on them. They are light pink but the nipples and area around them are a more reddy pink, still hot fresh out the shower I can feel the warmth coming off her. The nipples are stood out erect.

"....adam too....he's always catching a look even before....don't you think I notice?"
She giggles.
"Of course I do....and that's the point....I want you to look.....I like it"

The emphasis on 'i like it' is obvious. It's said slowly and with purpose.
As becca has been talking she has reached for a bottle of skin cream on the bedside table.
Now holding the bottle between us looking at it thoughtfully as though making a decision, she is still talking, kind of matter of fact to herself and me

" will make a mess but..."
Becca giggles
"It's the kind of mess I like...."
She takes the top off
"Here.....let me put some of this in your hands"
She squeezes the tube....the stuff goes on both hands it feels cold but smells nice. Becca puts the cream back on the table then gets a hair bobble.

"I can see your really nervous I don't want to go too far this first time ok?.....I can't have you going home all red faced and flustered now can I?....your mum might get suspicious"

As she's talking becca has her hands up behind her head fastening hair up with a bobble, It's an image that causes a surge of excitement, her boobs pushed forward as she does hands...covered in close.
Bringing her hands now forward placing them gently over my wrists and pulling them towards her.
Smiling up at me she talks in that soft quiet tone

"Here....put it on....that's it...rub it in"
I gasp as my hands make contact with her boobs. Cream sliding over smooth warm skin. I'm doing it...I'm touching beccas tits!

The sensation is just how adam described. So soft and warm...and heavy. That's the most surprising thing, how heavy they are. I'm mesmerized, looking down at what my hands are doing. There's a slick sticky noise as I work the cream in.
Her nipples are getting bigger just like adam described.

"Mmm that feels nice.....your good with your hands mike....mmmm that's good....make sure you get plenty in the middle... between them....that's it"
She watches me closely while I do it.

Becca gently grasps my wrists again, pushing away this time.
"Here's some tissues...wipe your hands"
While I'm wiping the cream off becca is getting further onto the bed, shuffling backwards, then lying down on her back.
Once flat she turns to look at me
"Come here mike....come and get on top of me"
I hesitate. She's laid there practically naked, the robe wide open, I can just about see her pussy it's all bald and pink down there, her boobs are all wet and glistening with the cream.
Is this it?....does she want me to do it right now?....fuck her?....right here on the bed?

She can see I've got more nervous
"It's's not what you think... we'll do that another time....just come here...right up here on my chest"
A little confused now, I force myself to get up on the bed.
"That's it get your leg over my chest so your sat on me"
I do as I'm told. Oh god her body is so warm! My bum and balls are resting on her chest, it feels amazing.
Now I see what's going to happen, what she wants me to do. Becca is pressing her boobs together tightly and my dick is right underneath them poking into the cream covered cleavage.
"Push it in....go on....that's it"

I do. The sensation causing me to groan out loud. My dick disappears between her boobs, sliding between slippery mounds of hot quivering flesh. I don't hold back, I don't know how to.
"That's it baby.....that's it.....keep going"
Beccas voice just audible above squeeky bedsprings and the rapid sticky sound of my strokes....schlick....schlick... schlick.... schlick.
Instinct takes over and I hump her tits wildly, I can feel myself about to come.

"that's it mike keep going honey.....oh yeah....that's it baby...."
Beccas words of encouragement are lost in a powerful climax as I explode between her tits, thrusting wildly before locking up in spasm.
".....goooood boy....oh yeah....that's it honey....good boy"
Her words come back to me, I'm panting, looking down at becca.
She's looking back up at me grinning, biting her lower lip. A big gush of cum has flooded out from between her squashed cleavage and is running down each side of her neck, beads of pearly white.
I rest there on top of her chest for a moment catching my breath.
Becca relaxes too, letting go her tits, her hands finding by bum, fondling.

"Mmmm it feels as good as it looks"
She says exploring, squeezing my bum cheeks.
Looking down at the mess on her chest, then pulling a hand off my bum feeling her neck. Fingers coming away covered in sticky goo. Becca puts one finger in her mouth, tasting.
She watches me carefully while she does it.
Taking the finger out she says
"See....that's why it's called a pearl necklace"

I see instantly what she means, my cum forms a type of sticky necklace. Looking further down at her tits, they are covered in it, big hot sticky tittiies.
She follows my gaze
"Mmmm.....think I'll need to jump back in the shower..... somebody made a big mess"
Becca looks up at me with mocking accusation.
Grinning back down at her shyly
"Sorry becca"
She breaks out into a giggle
"Ooh you are so cute"
Placing her hand back on my bum and squeezing both cheeks hard
"Don't apologise.....I loved to feel it on me...all over me..."

Her words are said slowly, with purpose. And the way she looks at me while saying it.....I can feel myself getting hard again.
"Feeling better?"
Becca asks
I am. I don't really feel nervous anymore. Like a weight has been lifted from me.
I tell her I'm feeling much better.
"Good....oooh.... someone's happy again"
She notices my stiffening cock, then in a hushed confidential way says
"That's the good thing about you young ones.... always ready.....our nickname for adam is eveready...after the battery"

She giggles at her own words then squeezes my bum again slaps it twice and says
" it for tonight eh...."
I'm then directed to let her up and wipe myself down with tissue.
But those words hang in the air. I sort of know what she means but dare not ask for clarification in case I'm wrong. Becca sees the hesitant look on my face.

"You did fine can join us tonight and I'll show you more....lots more.....that's if you want to?"
I don't hesitate.
A nod and a
"Yes please"
Becca giggles again
"So polite....I love it"

With that she winks and wonders off across the landing to the bathroom, still talking as she goes.
"Thank you honey I loved that.....I'm just popping in shower again but I'll see you before you go"

I'm left on my own in the big front bedroom, looking down at the bed where two small patches mark the spot where my cum dribbled off beccas neck. My first time....well....not doing it properly but...holy shit that felt fucking awesome.
And that's just one thing. Becca called it a pearl necklace. I've never heard of that before except for what it actually is of course. As I pull my trousers up I'm wondering what else I have to learn?

And what will happen tonight?...

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Chapter 6.

"You alright love?"
Mum's words jolt me from my thoughts.
Looking up from the plate of beans and sausages, that I notice have hardly been touched.
"You normally wolf that down.... something on your mind?"

Mum's always know don't they? They have that sixth sense. She knew earlier that day when I'd come home for dinner. Knew something was different about me. Asked if I was alright then too.
Wonder what the look on her face would have been like if I told her the truth? What I had just been doing with my best friends aunty?
We were sat at the dining table in the kitchen. It was tea time. Dad had finished his tea already and was watching football in the lounge..
I smiled thinly
"Just not that hungry"
It was a lame excuse but the only one I could think of at the time what with my mind being kept busy full time on the becca subject.

She had not enquired too deeply earlier when I came back from adams, still looking a bit red in the face and furtive.
But now she went further. Leaning forward and lowering her voice.
"You know you can tell me.....if anything is bothering you?"
Mum's probing was getting me angry. She always seemed to know, I couldn't get away with anything alately, well I am going to get away with this. I have no choice anyway.
I tell her again abruptly, that nothing is wrong and I'm just not hungry. Feeling bad about it immediately afterwards as a hurt look appears on mum's face.

"I'm's just....what with school and everything"
I manage a disarming smile.
Mums hurt look evaporates and a smile replaces it.

"Alright love....just remember....I'm here if you need to talk about anything"
With that she got up and took her plate to the sink.
Drama over....for now.

After tea I went up to my bedroom and packed for tonight's sleepover at adams.
My thoughts wondered back to earlier in the day.
After being with becca I went back downstairs to tell adam what had happened.
But uncle sid got there first. He appeared in the lounge doorway as I was walking past, a huge grin on his face
"Ey up mikey....I see it went well....what did she do to you son?"
I told him what had happened, it was a bit uncomfortable as I didn't expect this level of interest from sid. All the time I spoke he was grinning madly.
When I finished he said 'well done' and commented about the look on my face being priceless.
Then he reminded me it was our special secret and not to tell anyone.

I promised I wouldn't tell, then went to find adam. He was out back with the rifle. I told him all that had happened while he listened, copying his uncle with a big grin.
He called it a titty fuck which although crude was more accurate than what becca called it, but I preferred beccas version.

I tell adam about what becca said. The bit about joining them tonight.
Adam grins.
"Yeah....I guessed when you didn't come back down straight away....I knew if you went through with it then you would be with us tonight"
Adam grins broadly and pats me heavily on the shoulder
"Oh yes....this is guna be fucking awesome"

We stood there resting on the wall talking quietly about what would happen that evening. Adam was very enthusiastic about me being with them and it being my first time.....doing it with becca properly.
I was also very excited. But the nerves had returned.
Not only was I going to be doing it properly for the first time but also the fact that I would be with them, the group. They would be watching.
In a way, adams first time was easier. Yes his was a surprise albeit a very nice one. But I knew what was coming.
And I had time to stew.
Hour after hour to think about it.
I mentioned this to adam but he just laughed and said something about 'in at the deep end' then apologised and told me he would be there and becca would not do anything I didn't want her to.
I could say no at any time.

Before I wondered off in a daze that morning, my groin still smelling of skin cream, becca had a quick talk with us.
She called us into the kitchen just before I had to go. Becca had got dressed. Dried and brushed her hair. She was wearing a knee length denim skirt and a short sleeved button up white blouse. Underneath I could see a white lacy bra. Some cleavage was on show. My eyes flicked skilfully down to explore it everytime she looked away.
I'd been doing this for a few minutes before realising, it didn't matter anymore if she saw me looking. I could look all I wanted, but old habits died hard.

Becca stood like before resting against the kitchen counter. Watching her closely, It's now I realise who she reminds me of. The mum in the oxo adverts. Looks like her.
She tells us again the importance of keeping our secret.
I'm told I did well upstairs earlier and that she knows I'm ready for tonight.
Her words and how she's looking at me are giving me a hard on which is embarrassing because sid has also put in an appearance, leaning against the kitchen door frame cup of tea in hand.
He's listening to what becca is saying while watching me. I am acutely aware that becca is his wife. It seems odd to me that a man would be ok about his wife doing it with another guy, or guys.

Or now in this case his own nephew and nephews friend.
But I have a lot to learn.
Becca goes on to the subject of tonight. Reassuring me.
Sid joins in saying
"I know your nervous mikey....but honestly son....once you get going you'll just forget about being nervous....I promise you....and don't mind me and ray we just like to watch.... everybody's friends here.....your one of us now and we look after each other.... alright?"
I nod grinning, feeling genuinely wanted.
At that moment I do feel much better. Less nervous anyway.

Now, having packed and said my goodbyes to mum and dad, the nerves returned as I began my short journey to adams house.
Sometimes there's nothing you can do about it. Just get on with it.
Arriving at adams for 7 i knocked on the door and was welcomed in by a smiling becca. She's wearing make up,  looking really pretty and smells of nice perfume, wearing the same denim skirt and white blouse as earlier.
"Hello love nice to see you again....come on in....he's in there go on through"
She nods to the half open lounge door, the one we spied on them through, about a thousand years ago.
I say hello in as confident a voice I can muster.

"Here I'll get that"
She takes my bag
"Don't forget to take your shoes off....that's a good lad"
I almost did forget, smiling up at her while I remove them, thanking her for taking the bag then going through to the lounge.
The TV is on.
Knight rider can be heard as I push the door open, it's just coming on......'a shadowy flight into the dangerous world of a man....who does not exist'...
Adam is sat on the sofa watching, he looks round and smiles
"Ey up"
Repeating his words I look round to see if becca is following, she isn't.
I'm struck by how normal everything is. Just like our usual saturday night sleepovers of old before any of this happened.

Sitting down next to my friend we chat a little while watching the show. I tell adam about mums probing questions, he asks me if I think she suspects. I say no. I mean, how could she possibly suspect this? I could hardly believe it myself.
When the ads come on becca makes an appearance, asking if we want anything to drink?
We both have a can of tizer from the fridge.
"Thank you"
I say when she hands me it, she gives me a quick smile
"Your very welcome young man"

I had honestly never noticed before, what a sexy voice becca has.
She straightens back up and glares down at adam, hands on hips.
"You see....that's called being polite....manners? Remember them?"
Adam just grins foolishly up at her. Becca turns to me, pointing down at her nephew.
"Never get a thanks off that you think you could teach him some manners love?" 
Grinning back up at her
"I'll try"
With that she goes back in the kitchen. We can hear her preparing some dish, perhaps for tomorrow's dinner.

Ironically, on TV the oxo ad is playing. It's the 'remember preston' one. I turn to look at adam who is already grinning madly at me, he slowly begins to nod while pointing at the telly
"I know"
He whispers
"Just like her isn't she?"
We burst into muffled giggles for a moment then, regaining some composure

"Uncle sid and ray think so too.... ray ribs her about it...he likes to tease.....keeps asking her to say remember preston?"
Adam tells me that becca doesn't think she looks like her but puts up with the teasing.
Apparently it's not a good idea to let ray see he's got to you he will do it all the more.
Just then a shrill noise from the hallway interupts us. The phone is ringing.
Becca can be heard going for it, ringing abruptly stops
Silence for a few seconds then
"Yes....oh I know.....adams just same....head in the clouds most of the time.....hang on june I'll ask him....mike?.....your mum wants to know if you brought your inhaler?"

Mum fretting as usual. I can remember packing it so shout out that I have got it.
Becca tells mum then they have a chat for a few minutes just about trivial things. A new Kwik save store has opened in town so mainly about this. Sitting there listening to her talk with mum, I'm amazed at how normal becca can be. She keeps that other side hidden so well. If only mum knew what she had been doing with me and was planning to do to me this very night.

Presently she bids mum a goodnight, I shout ta-ra from my seat and the call is ended.
The night wears on. Knight rider is almost over it's nearly 8pm.
During the add breaks adam chats with me. He tells me that uncle ray is coming earlier tonight, as it's a special occasion....
Rays cortina wouldn't start so sid went to collect him. They should have been back ages ago but probably got talking at rays place. Either that or sids allegro has broken down again.
As the show is going off becca comes in to the lounge and peers impatiently through the front widow.

"If they've gone to that pub again...... they're supposed to be bringing fish and chips"
She talks with her back to us. My eyes wander down from her head to feet, exploring every inch.
The denim skirt she wears is quite tight, it clings to beccas curves and I find myself staring at her bum, feeling stirrings down below, my curiosity running riot.
Suddenly she turns to look at us and instantly a smile spreads across her face accompanied by a knowing look. Adam has been staring too, she catches both of us in the act.
"You two.....your worse than them.....all in good time boys....all in good time"

Becca gives me a look as she walks past back to the kitchen, it's a look that leaves me adjusting myself in the seat, relieving some pressure on my stiffy.
I see with some satisfaction that adam is also having to take similar action.

Just then a car pulls up outside, it's headlights falling across the lounge window. Adam stands up somewhat awkwardly and goes to look.
"They're back"
He shouts to becca.
His words cut through any semblance of calm that I had and my heart once again leaps into my throat.
They're was just an innocent statement of fact.

But to me it meant everything. I knew that once we were all here things would start to happen. I had been desensitised somewhat to uncle sid as he had spoken to me about the subject of becca several times. And I knew him better than uncle ray.
But what would uncle ray be like? Would he tease me like adam had mentioned? He knew it was my first time so, perhaps.
I was ok with sid but ray I always found a bit too.....loud....cheeky.
The opposite of me really, so he was a little intimidating.

"You'll be alright"
Adam sees the look on my face as I'm deep in thought. Seemingly reading my mind
"He's ok really once you get to know him....he makes me laugh"
I nod and smile thinly.
Just then the front door is suddenly wrenched open making me jump a little, it swings back and bangs against the lounge wall.

They.....are here.

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I came for the great storytelling, and I came. And that was only chapter 3.

I generally don't care for incest fantasies. They don't repel me, they just don't do anything for me. But this story is so well written, and the sex is so hot, I could care less about the incest part.

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Chapter 7.

I swallow hard and try to block out the nerves.
Sid can be heard cursing about the long queue at the chippy.
Becca scolds him for banging the door open but sid just ignores her
"And....the bloody thing wouldn't start again....can you believe that?....ray had to give me a push bloody wonder they're called all-agros"

Ray can be heard now panting at the doorway, he's trying to get his breath.
Both sid and ray smoke but ray smokes a lot, he's also quite a bit older than sid and becca.
He follows sid into the house and closes the front door, rustle of carrier bag is heard as they go through to the kitchen with the fish and chips.
Ray is swearing, still trying to get his breath
"Fuck me.....that car..... weighs.... a fucking ton"

Becca scolds him
"Hey!.... language!....we got company tonight remember?.....and take your shoes off....both of you!"

Always with the shoes!
It's clear who's in charge here.
Adam breaks out into giggles and I follow suit.
Ray protests..
"Let me get in first woman.....and they've probably heard worse in that playground"
Becca informs ray that she doesn't care what we've heard at school while he's under her roof he's to watch his language.
The voices go quiet for a minute, the only noise is rustling of newspaper as the meal is divided out into portions, then suddenly a shriek from becca
"Gerr off you big lumax.....ooh to have eyes in the back of my head around you"
It appears ray has goosed or grabbed her or both.
"Come here.....I love it when your angry"
Laughter from sid then more protests from becca.

Ray again
"Just give us a kiss and I'll let you go"
Silence for a moment then a 'mmmmm' noise followed by slapping of lips on lips.
Becca now, muffled at first but then audible as she escapes rays attentions
"That's enough......plenty of time for that later....let's get something to eat first....I'm starving"

Becca comes back into the lounge carrying two bundles of newspaper, a strong smell of vinegar and the delicious smell of fish and chips wafts in with her.
"Here you go you you want some gravy? Or curry sauce?"
I opt for gravy, making sure I use my p's and q's as I know this impresses her. It does and I get a nice smile that makes me feel warm inside. Soon uncle sid is wondering into the room, he looks at me
"Ey up there mikey.....nice to see you here with us son"
I say hi and tell him it's nice to be here.
Next in comes ray. I forgot how big he really is. Not just weight wise. My dad is 6' and ray would tower above him. As I'm taking in his size I wonder once again how becca managed having him on top of her.

"There he is"
He grins cheekily at me and I immediately look away back down at my meal, feeling more nervous than ever.
"Ey lad.....ey?.....mikey?"
I look up again, seeing him still staring at me while walking slowly past
"No need to be shy around us.....your the star of the show....your big night tonight lad"
I just smile and manage a nervous laugh.

Becca scolds ray again, I'm beginning to think he likes it.
She tells him off for putting me on the spot. Reminding him how nervous he must have been his first time, and that he probably didn't have an audience.
Ray juts snorts a laugh and sits down with sid on the sofa by the window. Becca is sat with me and adam.
A silence descends on the little group as the meal is consumed. The fish and chips are delicious, they are from a chippy at the top of the estate, the best around here.
Half way through sid gets up and asks who wants a drink? He takes everyone's order, becca wants wine, ray wants a beer and when it comes to myself and adam sid doesn't wait for a reply he looks at us and says something about 'know what you two would like' while walking through to the kitchen.

Coming back in with the drinks, he pours becca a large white wine first then hands a carlsberg to ray. Goes back and fetches 3 more cans of carlsberg. Keeping one for himself and handing the other 2 to me and adam. The can is a gold colour and it says special brew on the front.
"Here you go boys that'll put some hair on your chest"

I've had beer before but usually small amounts and just at christmas or some other special occasion, never a whole can to myself. 
Glancing at adam, he's grinning while pulling the ring pull back. There's a loud crack and fizz noise as the tin is opened he quickly puts it to his mouth, just in time to catch the suds overflowing.

Copying him I take a bigger swig than I meant to, the fizzy beer causing me to develop hiccups much to everyone's amusement.
I feel so embarrassed. The spotlight is already on me, this is not fair I just want it to stop
Eventually it does. Just as everyone is finishing up their fish supper.

Sid, forever the gentleman takes everyone's paper etc away while I exchange nervous glances with adam. I have no idea what is going to happen but I know something will happen soon.
Becca is sat just to my left, I can feel her right hip nudging my left, smell her perfume, feel her warmth.
She takes up her glass and looks at me smiling
"Cheers young man"
We clinck tin against glass.
"Cheers" I say. My voice sounding different, somehow far away.
I can feel it, the beer.
It feels good. I feel more relaxed like that weight being lifted.
Sid comes back in the room and sits down next to ray who, I notice, is watching me again closely.
He begins smiling and I can't help but copy, my head feels funny, not quite right but nice right.

As I watch he nudges sid who glances first at ray then follows his gaze to me. The smile that ray has breaks out on sids face too. It feels as though I should be feeling uncomfortable, but I'm not I just grin back at them then take another swig from my can.
Looking to my right I see adam is doing the same, he draws a big gulp from his can then smiles
"Good....isn't it"
Looking down at the can for a second then around the room, sid and ray are still watching me closely, ray breaks out laughing.
Again, normally I would feel self conscious and nervous with their attention, but I'm not.
"You alright mike love?"
Beccas words bring my attention to her, she giggles then takes the can of carlsberg from me, feeling its weight

"Ooh.... steady on young've nearly downed that already"
Handing it back and adding
"Don't you be getting drunk"
She giggles again then holds my gaze for a second before taking a big swig of her wine, finishing the glass off.
Turning back to me becca takes the can off me again, I can see intent in her eyes, she is focused just on me.

The atmosphere in the room has changed.
Putting my can down on the coffee table without looking away, beccas eyes penetrate deep into mine, she's so close. I had not noticed till now what a beautiful dark shade of brown her eyes are.
"Here.....come here"
She moves in and kisses me so softly, slowly, on the lips.
At her tender touch light as a feather, I can immediately feel myself hardening up. My first proper kiss. Not with some girl at school behind the bike sheds. Or perhaps on a park bench with a girl I fancied in class that I'd been plucking up the courage to ask out for a week. No, this is unique, this is my best friends aunty. In her lounge with her nephew, husband and his friend looking on.

In the background I can hear sid and ray sniggering. Becca moves back, breaking our kiss, she gazes at me for a second, licks her lips then says
"Mmm...your a good kisser mike"
I thank her somewhat shyly, telling becca she is a good kisser too. The adults find this particularly funny. Even becca breaks out in giggles
"Oh honestly.....your so sweet.....come here"

She moves in for another kiss, this time longer and this time I feel her tongue slip into my mouth the exquisite sensation causing me to inhale sharply through my nose. My heart's beating so fast. It feels so good, her tongue exploring mine. She pushes forward and I push back, the sensual embrace causing my hard dick to ache and throb in my jeans. I'm sure that at this point if she were to touch it, even briefly, I would cum in my pants.
She slowly withdraws her tongue and breaks off again, I feel hot, my face feels like it's burning.
More sniggering from sid and rays direction, then rays voice
"That your first frenchy lad?"
Looking over beccas shoulder I nod
I'm breathing quicker through my mouth as though I've been running.

He laughs then adds
"Tastes good doesn't she? Wait till you see what else she can do with that sid?"
He nudges sid who grins while nodding, with raised eyebrows at me.
"You know....don't you adam?" Ray continues
Looking back to my right, I'd almost forgotten adam was here, he's been so quiet.
Adam nods while glancing at me, for the first time I see he too is a little nervous.

Becca looks around at sid
"'d better shut that curtain love.....and did you lock front door?"
Sid gets up off the sofa to close the curtain
"Yeah but I'll check it again"
Beccas voice near my left ear, she's so close I feel her warm breath tickling.
"Mike swap seats with adam....I'll sit between you"

Going to stand up I realise just how tipsy I am, my legs wobble a little but fortunately it doesn't get noticed. I drank the beer far too quickly and it's gone straight to my head.
As we swap positions on the sofa sid comes back in and closes the lounge door just as ray is getting up, I see him go close the dining room curtains as I plonk back down on the sofa now on beccas right, adam hardly visible hidden away behind her on the left.
Ray ambles back in and sits down once more next to sid.

With everyone back in seats there follows a short conversation in which I'm questioned by ray what was it like this afternoon with becca, up in her bedroom?
He's immediately jumped on by becca and told to stop teasing me he knows already anyway. Apparently sid told him. Its too late, despite the beer I go bright red much to rays delight.

However the focus of attention soon leaves me and centres on adam. With sid and ray recalling his first time as they initially peered around the bedroom door to watch becca talk softly to him while wanking him off, then later stood in full view while becca climbed on top and rode her young nephew.
"You looked like a frightened rabbit"
Ray laughs
"You shoulda heard him.....oh you made him squeel didn't you love"
He glances at becca.
I can't see adam but I can imagine he is just as red as me.

Ray continues
"Thing with becca is....she likes to pretend to be a lady....which she is for most part but there's that other side to her....isn't there sweetheart?"
Becca doesn't scold him or protest, she just returns his gaze with that look I've seen only once or twice before, the look that makes me tingle deep inside.

She breaks rays gaze and turns to her left to look at adam.
"Aawww.....come here"
Her words are immediately followed up with movement as she leans in and down to kiss him. I can hear the smacking of lips and my friends breath coming quick through his nose just like mine did earlier.
It goes on for several seconds then they break off, she leans back away from him momentarily as if to admire him
"Your my special little guy"
Her voice is so soft it's almost a whisper. Leaning forward she kisses him again this time for longer. I can hear adam moaning gently and it's now I realise that beccas arm is moving back and forth, her elbow pistoning slowly up and. She's hunched over on her left side so I can't see much of adam but it appears she's touching him, rubbing his crotch.

Glancing toward the uncles they are watching what's going on closely, both grinning. Sid notices me looking and makes a gesture, raising his hand and making a pointing motion at beccas rear. As I watch he nods and mouths 'go on'. He means for me to touch her bum. Hesitating a second, sid urges me further with a stroking motion in the air.

Looking away from him and at her bum, placing my hand on it and stroking through the denim, feeling, exploring.
From the swell of her hip my hand moves down following the curve of her bum cheek. My heart's beating faster with every inch of travel. As I get further down it gets softer, the urge to squeeze impossible to resist. My attentions don't go unnoticed and becca breaks the kiss with adam looking around at me. Her face is red, lipstick smeared, she looks intensely at me it's the same look she gave ray earlier. But it's a fleeting moment, becca soon returns her attention to adam however this time moves her hand back and into my crotch....

Shuddering at her touch, gasping as she fondles and gropes my stiffy through my jeans.
Continuing to stroke her bum but very conscious of how aroused I'm becoming, and how quickly.
Despite the thick material I can feel her fingers squeezing my balls, teasing with sharp nails. I'm also conscious of the soft groans adam is making as becca kisses him, presumably a frenchy, the uncles whispering to each other and sniggering in the background. I'm suddenly feeling hot and desperate a sense of urgency fills my mind.
If I don't stop her.... I'm going to come in my pants.

Quickly grasping her hand she stops immediately, looking around at me.
"Erm.....sorry....I had to....I was guna..."
Blurting out some half arsed explanation and immediately feeling embarrassed but becca sees what I mean and smiles reassuringly
"Sorry honey....I was getting carried away"

She sits up then and leans forward to get her glass of wine, taking another big swig. I can see her blouse is pulled down and to one side and her bra looks interfered with.
My first glimpse of adam in several minutes is strangely a comical one. His lips are smeared red with lipstick, his face is flushed and he's breathing regular deep breaths as though he's been recently running. He grins at me, looking very pleased with himself.

I'm just so glad I didn't come in my pants, my attention is mainly on this and adam and I don't notice at first becca getting up off the sofa. Her voice does get my attention though.
"You....I want you"
Looking to see her pointing at ray, who's grinning and staring at becca as he stands up. He goes to her where she stands by the coffee table and they immediately embrace. Him angled downwards and her upwards arms wrapped around each other, kissing passionately.

Looking around, adam and sid they don't seem to notice me they are intently watching ray and becca. Returning my gaze to the couple, becca breaks off the kiss and without taking her eyes off him slowly gets down on her knees.
Not saying a word, just continuing to stare intently at him, she goes for his trouser belt, undoing that then the button and zip pulling them down.
Ray is momentarily in his underwear a big bulge within.
He is just looking down at her arms by side, the grin has gone.
Becca pulls his underwear down and we see rays cock but not for long. He's not hard yet but it's big and has a blunt end I can't see the bell shape. His balls are also big and very hairy, hanging low.
Becca doesn't hesitate, as we all watch in silence she grasps it and puts it in her mouth, gently moving her head back and forth then side by side alternately. I can see her cheek bulging as her tongue is moving around.

"Oh shit"
I can't help it, the words just fall out at the sight before me.
But the others don't seem to notice, both sid and adam are just staring at the couple.
Then sid says
"Oh yeah....go on baby....suck it"

Looking at sid I can see he's got a big bulge in his trousers and he's gently rubbing it while watching them. Adam too is bulging out his jeans just like me.
Ray now draws my attention back to them
"Oh shit.....oh yeah that's good"
Gasping as he says it, head tilted back eyes closed. His hands are on beccas head, fingers in her hair grasping.
She moans through a mouthful of cock
Suddenly taking it out and going for his balls, squashing them together and upwards with both hands, licking them at first then appearing to bite them, mouth open wide.
Ray moves a little and now I can see better, she's actually sucking them. Then I see her gently nibbling his bulging sack.
At this there's another gasp from ray. His eyes are now open and he's looking down at what she's doing.

We can see rays cock again, it's much bigger now and stiffening up almost sticking straight out. It's bright pink and glistening with beccas saliva. As I watch she leaves his balls and returns attention to his hardening shaft. Pulling the skin back, I can see the bell shape now it's huge compared to mine and a deep purple colour.
Becca sticks out her tongue and quickly flicks it across the underside of the bell causing rays legs to tremble a little.

"Oh shit.....aahhh"
She stops then and grins up at him. Ray grins back, a little out of breath and going red
"Your wicked"
He says, looking down at her. She repeats her earlier action, flicking her tongue causing the same leg trembling movement from ray.
Withdrawing once more she grins back up at him
"I know"
Her sexy voice sends a shiver through me.
Still holding his cock and gently wanking it becca looks around at us. I hardly recognise the old becca. The one who used to sit across from me and ask if I wanted more gravy on the sunday dinner that I'd been invited to. The one that chatted to mum at the shops while I grew impatient. The becca that gave me 50p for an ice cream at the same time she gave her nephew the same, then smiled warmly as I thanked her and ran out the house after adam and the ice cream van.
This was a very different becca indeed.

She begins standing up then, goes up on tip toes and kisses ray softly on the lips.
Something strange happens now, unexpected.
She looks to her side at sid, who's still watching them and touching his bulge.
"I feel like a dance tonight.....put some music on honey"

I'm so surprised by this that I look around at everyone. They don't seem to think its odd. Ray, sid and adam exchange excited glances. Then adam looks at me and sees my puzzled look.
His grin just broadens and he nods then mouths what I think is 'you'll see'
Suddenly the nerves are back, my attention was so soaked up with what becca was doing to ray that I had actually forgotten to be nervous.
But now.....was I expected to dance too? Dance with becca? This was getting weird.
Uncle sid smiles knowingly at his wife as he gets up off the sofa and goes to the hifi system in the dining room. They have speakers in there and in the living room.
There's a crackle and low hum as it's switched on and a tape put into the deck.
Becca still has her arms around rays neck, from my angle I can't see his cock becca is stood in front of him.

The music comes on, it's addicted to love.
Becca immediately starts swaying to and thro to the beat, ray moves with her. They kiss once more then she lets him go and moves to the middle of the room still dancing now on her own. Her eyes close and I see her concentrating on the rythum, rocking her head from side to side. Her movements become more pronounced, she sways her hips from side to side then slowly begins undoing the buttons of her blouse.

Now I see what she meant. Not a dance as such.... but a striptease.
Becca moves slowly and with purpose, eyes still closed soaking up the rythum getting lost in it. The blouse comes off, tossed carelessly to the floor. Then the skirt comes off. She's now down to her underwear but keeps going, all the time moving her body to the beat, my eyes are all over her, it's so sensual. She has a pear shape to her body, flaring out quite broad at the hips.
Next the bra comes off, tossed to the floor like the other garments. Her big boobs are out and wobble seductively at her sexy movements.
Becca grasps her own boobs and pinches the nipples, still with eyes closed. Her mouth opens and I hear a gasp of air as she touches herself.
Looking quickly around at the others, all are watching becca intently.....while removing their clothing.

Only I am still fully clothed. Ray is naked. Both sid and adam just in their underwear. I was so engrossed in the show I hadn't noticed.
Adam catches my look, mouths 'take em off' while pulling his underwear down. He shows no embarrassment as his dick springs out, it's rock hard and pointing at the ceiling. It looks about the same as mine but is narrower at the end.

Now sid is nude. His is long and thin about same length as rays but not having rays girth. Ray by far, has the biggest among us. Not wanting to be the only one clothed when becca opens her eyes I quickly undress, putting my clothes on a nearby stool.
Now we are all naked together, watching becca gyrate to the music, all of us are erect and ready.
When it comes to the removal of her panties she slowly stops dancing and opens her eyes. Looking around herself at all the stiff cocks pointing in her direction.
She fixes me with that special look that makes me tingle inside, slowly takes her panties off and twangs them at me.
They hit my bare chest and I catch them before they fall to my feet. The gusset feels wet and when I glance down I see they are damp in that part.
I want badly to bring the garment up to my nose and sniff but I'm being watched by the whole group so just toss them on my clothes pile.

Looking back up becca is getting down on all fours in the middle of the lounge. The 2 uncles and adam gather around her, all getting down on their knees facing her. Adam glances around, gesturing for me to join them. Room is made for me in the closely packed group next to my friend.

Getting into position on my knees squashed up next to sid and adam I see becca is already sucking rays cock, her head buried in his groin she has the whole thing in her mouth somehow and is shaking her head from side to side.
Ray strokes her neck and back, he's puffing and blowing
"Mmmmm oh yeah.....good girl"

We form a small semi circle. Ray and sid being on my right adam rubbing shoulders on my left. We're packed together so closely our cocks are almost touching each other, beccas head in their midst.
Presently becca let's go of ray and moves onto sid, taking his long thin dick into her mouth. I realise with the most intense excitement that I am next.....
Swallowing hard and watching as uncle ray gets down on his side behind becca and pushes his face into her bum.
Becca pushes her rear higher into the air and makes a 'mmmm' noise through a mouthful of her husband's cock.
Watching the spectacle and knowing I'm next takes its toll, I can feel myself shaking. I've heard about blowjobs before from adam of course but a couple of other boys at school who claim they've had it done. Although I always took what they said with a pinch of salt most of their stories were made up bollocks especially mark haighs claim that mrs Rhodes the history teacher did it to him during detention one evening.

At least I know that adams descriptions of it were true and with those vivid details in my mind the excitement grows intolerable.
But I didn't have long to wait.
Becca let's sid go, his hard cock all glistening with her saliva is withdrawn. But he doesn't move away like ray he stays put and begins playing with her tits, pinching the nipples.
Becca moves to me and looks up as she draws her tongue up the length of my shaft pausing at the tip to flick her tongue across it like she did to ray earlier. I react as he did, my legs involuntarily trembling. Letting out a gasp
"Oh god"
The intense tickling sensation causes me to shake and feel weak. Our eyes meet, her stare penetrating deep into me. Then, those eyes are gone as she turns her head downwards and my stiff aching cock is gone into her mouth.

A tidal wave of pleasure washes up from my groin. Beccas tongue swirls rapidly around, her head bobs slowly up and down. Sharp fingernails tease my balls. I hear myself groaning, I seem to be saying 'oh god' over and over.
And then, I'm coming.
I'm holding beccas hair tightly in both hands, my body shaking all over in an eye watering climax. I never realised it could be this good.

Sid is talking but I don't hear the first part of what he says, I feel dizzy.
".....yeah.... swallow it.... everything....that's my girl"
Glancing to my right sids eyes have narrowed, such an intense concentrated look. He's staring at his wife and what she's doing to me while playing with his cock.
Looking back down at becca I let go her hair feeling guilty for having pulled it.
She slowly lets me go. Looking up and grinning then flicking her tongue across lips. She asks sid for the wine and takes a drink, straightening up.
Adam is nudging me
"You alright?"
He asks grinning. I just nod. My face feels hot.
"Told you.... didn't I?"

Becca puts the glass down.
Ray sits up for a moment taking interest in us
His mouth and nose are wet.
"Did she?....with mikey?"
He's looking from me to sid.
Sid nods.
"Yep....just took a load from mikey.... his first bj"

Ray looks mildly annoyed
"You could of told me.... wouldn't mind seeing that"
Sid just laughs
"You were busy.... didn't want to disturb you"
Becca puts her glass down and moves in for a kiss. Her lips meet mine soft and gentle.
She withdraws and moves onto adam, getting low down once more, face next to his stiffy.
Ray resumes his bottom feast but before she can gobble adam he interupts
Glancing at his uncle sid
"Set the watch.....I'm guna try it again"
Sid chuckles and resignedly fiddles with his digital watch....beep.....beep
Becca looks up with a mischievous grin then opens her mouth, pausing before adams pulsing bell end.

In one swift movement she goes down and adams cock disappears inside.
Adam immediately closes his eyes screwing up his face in exaggerated concentration.
Looking to my right I'm about to say 'what's' as in what's going on?
But sid beats me to it.

"it's this thing they got going....adams trying to make it to 2 minutes.....he hasn't done it so far"
Looking back i see becca's head is moving quickly up and down I can see her hand massaging his balls. A wet sloppy noise fills the air.
"He's lasting longer at the normal stuff her mouth?"
Sid makes a down smile and shakes head from side to side.
Looking down at my cock it's gone down some but not all the way, a drop of cum is leaking out the end, beccas saliva still wet upon it.
I can feel it growing again while I watch my friend going through what I just have.
It's good to watch. And I'm beginning to understand why uncle sid likes to share his wife.
The thrill of seeing all this happen right in front of me is overwhelming.

As becca is enjoying adams cock ray is slurping away at her backside and working his finger in her. I can hear a faint squelching noise, rays hand working back and forth vigorously.

"1 minute"
Sid announces.
Adams face is contorted, hands in beccas hair. He's breathing fast and I'm amazed he's lasted this long.
Glancing at sid we briefly make eye contact. He smiles, glances at adams red face and when he looks back at me he's slowly shaking his head
As if a silent signal has been given uncle ray comes up for air to take interest in adams progress.
His face is red, lips and chin glistening.
Ray motions to sids long?
Looking at the watch sid pauses for a few seconds then says
Rays face lights up
"Oooh it's guna be close....hang in there adam you can do it"

Becca however, has other ideas.
It appears she's been saving the best for last. Adam suddenly opens his mouth wide, gasping. Her head has stopped moving so she must be doing something special with that tongue.
Her fingernails are dug into adams sack....teasing.... squeezing.

A second later he makes a high pitched noise
Screws his face up even tighter, then I see him tense up.
Sid reaches forward past me and strokes his wife's head and neck, he has an intense look and I hear a faint tremble in his voice as he speaks softly to her
"Good girl...good girl...that's it baby....take all of it"
Ray just sniggers and asks sid how long?
"1...48... definitely getting better"
He pauses then, glancing at adam, a broad grin forming
"You alright sunshine?"

Adam opens his eyes, glancing at me and sid before looking down at becca he's panting and holding her head in his hands which, I note, are trembling slightly.
Becca slowly withdraws his glistening cock and licks the end clean while looking up into adams eyes.
He doesn't answer his uncles question but it seems quite obvious that he is more than alright.

Just then, as becca is licking him clean I hear ray call my name.
"Mikey?......mikey come here a minute lad"
He directs me to get down next to him, at beccas rear.

Ray moves a little to make way for me. I get right down like him on my side. It feels so strange laid nude next to this big old man but my focus of attention soon changes when I get right up close to beccas rear end.
She's broad and has a big fleshy bum, I can see between the cheeks where ray has been licking it's all wet.
I can see her cunt too and her bum hole. There's hardly any hair she's all smooth and pink.
I had heard the term fur burger many times at school and I'd also seen pictures of nude women bent over or on all fours like becca was now. But I was now seeing it for real.
Glancing up her length I see sid replacing adam, getting his sucked again. Adam has recovered somewhat and is shuffling round back on his knees to join myself and ray, his soggy tackle now drooping wobbles and quivers as he moves.

Beccas 'fur burger' is just like that, two baps of bread squashed together forming a neat vertical slit. It's a pale shade of pink. As I watch in fascination uncle ray gently parts this slit with a finger and thumb.
"There you go.....can you see that?"
With beccas lips parted I can see inside a little way, it's all wet and glistening inside and a deeper shade of pink. I can see the hole of her pussy it looks so small....and inviting.

A groan from uncle sid wakes me from the trance I've been in for this short time peering into beccas pussy. Looking up, sids eyes are closed his mouth open. Beccas head is moving slowly up and down on his long shaft, looking to my left I see ray grinning at me.
"Go on.....put yer finger in....go on.... she likes it"

Swallowing hard I slowly move my hand up to her pussy entrance, index finger extended. And with my curiosity burning, gently push it in.
"There you's that feel?"
My finger disappears inside becca. I'm surprised that she doesn't seem to notice, just keeps sucking on sids cock.
I'm in awe at the sensation coming from my finger. It's so warm and slippery inside, her pussy sort of sucks onto my finger.
By now adam is at my side watching me explore along with uncle ray.

"It feels..... really warm.....and wet"
Ray chuckles at my description.

"Here look.....take yer finger out a minute.... I'll show yer"
Ray holds his hand next to mine palm up.
"Like this......see?"
He shows me his hand, the little finger and one next to it are folded towards the palm leaving the middle finger and thumb prominently sticking out like prongs.

I copy.
"Now.....put your thumb in.....thaaaats push your finger into the slit.... right in....feel it?"
With my thumb neatly inside becca my middle finger is squashed between the lips of her slit right down underneath. She feels so hot and slippery but I'm unsure what ray means.
He sees the curious look on my face
"Have a feel around....move your finger back and forth....feels like a button?.... Got it?"
Now I do, just as he's saying 'button'. And that's exactly what it feels like, a little fleshly button.
I nod yes enthusiastically.

"That's her special button.....she loves that played this....but don't put too much pressure on"
Ray waggles his middle finger to show me
"Do that across the button"

Copying, I can feel the hard knot of skin as my finger flicks rapidly back and forth across its slick surface.
Becca stops what she's doing to sid for a moment, taking his cock out her mouth and gasping, I feel her move position a little then she looks around at us before resuming her affections for hubby.
I can feel her reacting to what I'm doing, sort of moving her hips up and down gently.

Glancing around first at adam on my right then ray on my left both grinning at the pleased look on my face.
"Your a natural"
Adam says.
Ray laughs
"See...told you she likes that"
It does fill me with a great sense of pleasure and satisfaction knowing I'm causing becca to feel good. It also is a huge confidence boost and helps me feel less nervous.
Putting a little more pressure on my finger I derive great satisfaction in watching and feeling beccas positive response, arching her back and pushing her rear back into me while moaning through a mouthful of sids cock.
I want to do this all night, watch and feel her enjoying my touch like this, but ray has other ideas.

"Now....mikey....take yer thumb out....that's give her a lick.....go on....have a won't hurt yer"

Hesitating, looking to adam who's nodding yes
"It tastes nice....go on mike"

Gently reaching in towards her pussy, my face inches away. Then I'm making contact, my tongue tracing up the neat wet slit, pushing inside. There's an odour, a faint smell of pee mixed with a musky smell. Pushing my tongue further inside it's a little salty and oh so warm and wet.

I'm deeply drawn to it, my tongue delving inwards as far as it will go.
Breathing heavy through my nose while slurping on beccas juices, I can't get enough, it's like a drug to me.
Giggles from the two behind, while becca makes that wonderful moaning noise.
"Here mikey"
Ray taps my back. Withdrawing, my mouth and nose are soaked.
He laughs at my appearance
"Ahhh you like that?....I think we got a new fanny licker here sid"
Sid doesn't reply, he's currently got beccas tongue firmly wrapped around his bell end.
"Tell you what.....on her back would be a better position for this"

Ray suddenly starts getting up.
"Sid.....sid?.....oy......change positions will ya....becca love....get on the sofa....mikey wants to have a better lick"
With rays words becca slowly withdraws from sid, letting his wet dick out her mouth, the end of it looks big and swollen. Sid takes a deep breath and blows it out through pursed lips shaking his head at becca
"Your the best honey"

She gives him a shy smile then does as ray says, getting onto the sofa and lying down on her back legs spread, hand down between her legs feeling her own wet cunt.
While the others get into their various positions I watch as she brings a glistening finger up to her mouth and puts it in.
While it's in she notices me looking, our eyes meet and with her actions and the way she looks at's hard to put into words.
A warmth passes through me, a surge of excitement. For a brief second there could be just me and her here.
Then just like that the spell is broken by rays nude hip blocking my view, he's utching up to becca on his knees going down on her boobs.

She moans quietly as ray sucks each tit in turn, while he sucks one he's pinching and twisting the other nipple.
Sid gets up at the edge of the sofa arm, leaning on it and looming over becca, kissing her on the lips.
Adam nudges me
"Go on.....have another lick....she loves that"
He gestures to his aunts thick open thighs and the pink glistening slit between.
Feeling much bolder, I don't hesitate.
Crawling up to the sofa and going for it, getting straight in. It is better in this position I can lick her much easier.

Becca moans softly and I can hear uncle sid whispering something to her, glancing up her length while I lick, ray is busy still sucking her boobs sid and becca have stopped kissing and sid is nibbling her ear. Occasionally he stops and whispers something.
It's hard to make out I can just hear snippets.
"....... young boys you a lick.... don't you?...."

Something that sounds like 'sucking cock' and 'taste' but I'm not sure, then more clearly

"......young schoolboys...... because your a slut.... aren't you...."
She whispers back with her eyes closed
Briefly I withdraw from beccas addictive pussy to see what adam is doing.
He's knelt nearby on my left watching and wanking himself, he's hard again. We briefly make eye contact, grinning at each other.
The look says 'is this fucking awesome or what?!!!!'
There's no need for words and no more embarrassment. Not that long ago it would be considered near impossible to even admit we played with ourselves. But here and now it didn't matter. This was our special little group and here you could do what you want. Be yourself. Nobody judged.

Resuming my licking I note how wet beccas pussy is getting she's so juicy.
More whispering from sid. Can't make out the first bit but I hear her whispered reply
Sid again
".....let him fuck you aren't you?.....guna let a school boy put his cock in you....coz your a slut aren't you?.....your our slut..."
She doesn't reply but instead lets out a whimper and I feel her legs close a little on my head, soft warm thighs pressing gently then letting go.
Next I feel her hand on my head and look up to see that she's openend her eyes and is looking down past ray at me.
Sid too is watching me closely with a smirk on his face.
There's something in the way they are both looking at me, I just know what's going to happen next.

Presently ray looks up from her tits and notices sid and becca looking at me.
They all exchange glances
"Oh....let me get out the way....this I gotta see"
Ray says in a low voice, while standing up and moving back a pace.

Sid gets up too and glances at my groin. I'm rock hard, have been for a while.
"You look ready to have a go mikey......what do you think?"
Becca smiles down at me then beckons with a curling finger
"Come on mike sweetheart.....come and get on top of me"
Glancing around at the others, hesitating just a second.
They are all gathered around the sofa watching us, stroking their cocks.
"Go on mike.....go for it"
Adam says just after nodding at me.

Getting up on top of becca my legs feel like jelly. Laying down on her, so warm, so soft.
Her hands on my back stroking gently. Tender lips upon mine, one slow kiss ever so gentle. We cuddle for a little while enjoying the sensation of each others warm naked bodies pressed together.
Then I feel her legs widen and her hand on my cock grasping it firmly, moving it down a little.
There's a warm moist sensation at the tip, she breaks off our kiss and in a voice so quiet and tender it makes me shudder.....
"Your there mike....just push.....that's it go on....push it in"

I do.
And the sensation that greets me causes my mouth to fall open and a gasp to escape
All enveloping soft slippery heat overwhelms me as I slide straight into her. Instinctively humping wildly out of control....I can't help it.
I'm doing it. I'm fucking becca. Losing my virginity.
"Oh yeah"
Becca pants, her voice shaking with my rapid thrusts
"Oh yeah come on baby that's it......oh god your hard ...keep going baby keep going.....come on that's it"
I can feel my balls boiling, I'm going to come. In the background I can hear the others cheering me on

"Oh shit yeah look at that kid.....he goes like a rabbit.....fuck that pussy mikey"
Ray chuckles
Sid takes a more serious tone, he's down on knees now at our side and I can see him wanking his cock fast and hard
"Go on sunshine give her it.....spunk her up.....go on that's it"

A second later a climax spasm takes over and I push hard into her, going still, tensing up as my balls empty out. The feeling is so intense I go dizzy. Beccas hands on my clenched bum squeezing the cheeks, fingernails dug in.

"mmmm....thaats it.....oh baby.....I can feel you.....good boy"
She holds me tight wrapping legs around me and squeezing.
"Mmmmm....goood boy"
I'm breathing hard and fast but coming back to my senses now. Uncle sid is watching his wife closely stroking fingers through her hair talking softly to her, becca is looking meaningfully up at him
Sid asks
"Can you feel it honey?.....can you feel him spunking you?"
She whispers up at him as I begin to relax although I'm still pumping it into her it's slowed down
"Oh yes....I can feel it.....he's nearly done though haven't you baby...... just twitching a little"
She relaxes her legs and pats my bum twice.

At beccas words there's a rapid movement from sid as he pushes his dick forward towards her mouth
"Oh god.... I can't stand this anymore"
He blurts out. I have to move quickly out their way, lifting myself up a little, watching sids cock disappear inside her mouth. There's no resistance or hesitation she takes it in and I see her cheeks bulging. Beccas tongue working it's magic.

Sids face wrinkles up, a look of concentration amid barred teeth, drawn back lips and a rush of air inwards
His eyes close for a brief moment.
Opening them again sid stares down at becca with a desperate look then quickly pulls his dick out her mouth while rapidly wanking it
His high pitched groan gets everyone's attention and I watch with fascination as a big gush of come squirts all over beccas face....
Her eyes are closed mouth wide open.
I'm conscious of ray and adam getting closer for a better view
There's a whisper from adam
"Oh yeah"
He's at the end of sofa near the front window looking down excitedly at his aunties cum soaked face.
Adam watches what's happening while playing with his hard cock.

Ray is right up next to his friend grinning down at becca
"Oh ends....oh yes go on becca lick it off....oh shit yeah... look at that"

While ray was commenting becca has begun licking her lips all the way around sticking her tongue right out. Now she scoops the cum off her cheeks, chin etc with fingers and eats it.
She soon has sids drooling cock back in her mouth getting the last drops out of him.
Sid relaxes a little breathing slower now and raising his arms locking fingers behind his head while becca cleans him.
She takes it out, licks the end slowly.... lovingly.... kisses it and gives him a shy smile before looking down at me
"You ok honey?"

I guess I got carried away watching what just happened.
For a moment all eyes were not on me. But now, once again, focus is on the new boy.
Looking from one member of our special group to another all with the same excited look in their eyes.
"Yeah....yeah I am"
The words are accompanied by a laugh but this time it's not a nervous one but more of relief.
The weight really has been lifted and I
That's the word.
It feels so good not to be nervous about this anymore.

Going to get up off becca I can feel my wet cock coming out of her. I'm on my knees now between her legs looking down. My cock has gone down a bit but not fully, it's glistening with her juices and streaked with my cum.
Looking closely at beccas wet slit I see a bead of cum slowly emerge and begin oozing downwards.
Ray, who's closest to me, leans in for a look at the mess I've made in his friends wife
"Oooo very nice.....well done lad.....not a virgin any more"

Not a virgin anymore.....
His words seem to echo in my mind. I've done it. The thing that brought me so much apprehension.
I was a fool to ever feel that way.
This is the best thing that has ever happened to me. The only thing I can think about now is more, I want more, I want much more, I want to do everything becca can show me.

And the night is still young....

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Chapter 8.

With my 30 seconds of fame done and over with the spotlight moves to someone else.
After wet wiping her face and dabbing herself down below its rays turn.
He's very eager.
The guys bulk is worrying me never mind her, so again I wonder with some amazement how on earth becca can take it. And not just his stature.
We all see his cock before it disappears between beccas silky thighs, it's huge. As big as my forearm. However i do notice that despite its size rays cock does not get as hard as mine or adams, we have the advantage there.

He lays atop his best friend's wife, kissing her passionately for a moment, watched intently by sid right up close next to their heads. He has since recovered from giving her a facial and now gently wanks himself back to erection.
Adam is still right at the top of the sofa near his uncle looking down at becca and ray, hand on cock stroking slowly.
From my position near middle of the sofa I'm closest to the 'business' end of things. Beccas legs are splayed wide open, rays huge bulk covering most of the rest of her.
Presently the kissing stops and I see rays hand going down between them. He raises his lower half a little, fumbling around finding her entrance, then slowly starts pushing forward withdrawing his hand at the same time.

Rays big fat bum tenses up as he's pushing forward. It's all hairy, so is his back.
I hear a sharp intake of breath from becca but I can't see her face from my viewpoint so move up closer to sid.
Now I see.
She's holding rays head in her hands, staring up at him intently, ray stares back with a determined look.
Becca purrs
"Can you feel it?"
She's asking ray, her breathing becoming quicker as he starts to slowly hump her.
Ray replies yes he can and makes a comment about not beating 'sloppy seconds'

"Nothing like a well oiled machine ey ray?"
Sid chuckles

Beccas hands move from rays head to around his thick bull neck.
He builds up a faster rythum and we can all hear a wet sloppy noise coming from down between them. Becca closes her eyes and lets out a loud moan
"Oh.....oh yeah.....oh god"

Ray increases the rythum building up a steady pace. He's going redder and breathing harder, his body fat ripples with each thrust.
Those wonderful noises from becca, the noises who's curiosity of, had started all this in the first place, now begin to fill the air.
She wraps her legs around ray and holds on as the big man pounds into her, the sofa squeeks and creaks under their weight and movements.
We are all watching, mesmerized by the scene.
Becca suddenly let's go of around rays neck and lays her hands above her on the sofa arm in a surender pose.
At this, uncle sid motions to adam indicating for him to move close and hold her hands down.
This he does, standing and leaning against the sofa arm with his hands on beccas wrists using all of his weight to pin her.

She struggles a little, trying to get loose but doesn't protest. The nice noises get louder as she struggles to get loose, I can see adam having difficulty keeping hold but somehow he manages it.
Sid is bent low down near his wife's ear and is whispering again while wanking himself. I can just make out what's being said

" slut....your not going... anywhere..."
Rays body quivers and shakes, he's really pounding into her. There's the slapping noise we used to hear while spying on them and now I'm much closer that slick sticky noise coming from between them
"....your guna take it.....your ours.....our slut...."
Becca makes a final attempt to get her arms free but adam in this position is just too strong. A second later the moaning from becca reaches a crescendo, then stops.
The most curious thing happens next.
Beccas eyes are closed, her mouth opens wide and her face screws up. Her legs clamp shut hard on ray who stops humping. He's sweating and breathing hard but grinning down at her. Beccas whole body tenses up, going perfectly still, even her panting breaths stop
"Oh yeah.....I can feel that"

Ray blurts out in breathless voice.
Sid looks around at me, noticing my puzzled if not excited look
He grabs my hand and places it on beccas thigh then watches me closely soaking up my expression with mild amusement.
"Feel that?"

I can.
Becca is trembling.
Nodding that I can feel it sid tells me in a low voice that his wife is currently coming on rays cock and it's a big one, a toe curler as he calls it.
Indeed, as I glance down I can see her toes clenched tight.
It's fascinating.
I run my hand along her thigh and feel the trembling come to a stop as she relaxes her grip on ray. Becca resumes heavy breathing with a sharp intake the noise immediately getting my attention, looking up at her face she's all red and sweaty like ray.
Ray grins down at her
"Ooh becca....I felt that one sweetheart"
Adam, having let go his grip she can now move her hands, putting them back around rays neck pulling him down for a kiss.
Ray begins humping again, soon building up a healthy rythum. The noise from between them sounds different.... wetter.

They stop kissing and just sort of stare at each other. Becca has calmed down now, she looks so tiny laid here on the sofa underneath the quivering bulk of ray.
I note that she is looking at him with a grin forming on her red face, she doesn't not take her eyes off him.
Ray is getting faster and faster, he's really panting and  sweaty, his big butt cheeks clench rapidly together.
He starts to groan and increases speed, pounding into her making the sofa shake.
"Go on ray"
Sids voice to my left
I see him staring down at his wife and best friend, wanking his hardening cock.
Becca whispers to ray, goading him. I can't make out most of it but do hear
".....want it honey.....give me....."
All the time she stares right at him, arms around his neck.

Ray gives out a loud groan and pushes down hard causing becca to actually wince a little. But the discomfort is soon gone, the sly grin returns to her face.
Ray has gone still, his big hairy butt is clenched up tight.
Beccas mouth opens and she takes a sharp breath inwards as though in surprise
"Oh shit yeah..."

I don't hear the rest of what she says, sid with his excited comment drowns it out
"That's it give her it.....spunk that pussy.....nice one mate"
Becca is still staring up into the slowly relaxing face of her hubby's friend, he's breathing fast and bathed in sweat especially his back, its glistening wet
"Oooh are pleased to see been saving that up?"
He nods at beccas question then blurts out a breathless reply which I can't make out properly what with more excited words from sid and adam. We all watch as ray regains some composure, he looks up at sid and chuckles
"Sorry mate.......I think I got your girl wet"
Sid chuckles back patting ray on the shoulder hard. I feel something wet hit my cheek and realise it's sweat that's flown off ray
"'s what friends are for"

Everybody giggles at this, then becca kisses ray tenderly on the lips. She breaks off and takes a deep breath
"Well.....I'm guna need lots of tissues"
There's more chuckles as ray begins getting up off her, like before when we were spying, he gets up with a little difficulty onto his knees.

Rays dick has gone flacid but it's still twice as big as mine, it's covered in juices and streaked with cum just like mine before.
From my position I can see beccas pussy, she's gone a deep shade of pink and I can clearly see the lips they look a little swollen. A steady stream of pearly white cum is flowing out
"Here.....let's have a look"
Sid pushes up next to me his face inches from mine
He exclaims upon seeing the mess his friend has made in his wife
"You weren't joking were you......shit been saving that up for a month!?"
Ray just chuckles as he's wiping his dick dry with some tissue.

Becca dabs herself dry with a big handful of tissues and gets off the sofa, standing up for a moment wiping it off her thighs.
I see sid exchange glances with ray, he seems to be motioning to me and adam.
Ray nods understanding.
"Alright.....adams turn next.....and mikey"
Sid directs becca to get down on all fours. She gets down on the hearth rug and is quickly joined by an excited looking adam.

He goes behind her and gets down on all fours too. I'm nudged by sid
"Go on son.......get down in front of her"
I do as I'm told, getting on my knees in front of becca. My hard cock pointing at her face
"This is called a spit roast.... you'll like it"
Sid and ray chuckle together behind me just as my cock disappears in beccas mouth.
The now familiar sensation of her over active tongue washes upon me once more causing a loud gasp.
A second after my gasp, adams can be heard as he grabs his aunt's hips and pushes forward into her.
The uncles can be heard commenting, whispering behind me. Glancing up at adam, I see a determined look of concentration on his red face as he looks back at me. He's thrusting hard but steady, not too fast.
His thrusts causing becca to bump into me rythmiccaly, my cock jumping to the back of her throat with each forward movement....the feeling coming up from my groin is making me pant and sweat.
The uncles can be heard commenting, whispering behind me. Their vulgar conversation is interrupted by the odd chuckle.
They appear to be discussing which one of us will come first....I already know who that's guna be.
Adam has had more practice than I have.

Letting out another groan, I can't help it. My legs are trembling and I feel weak. There's a murmur from behind. Ray says something about 'i told you' then something else about my 'peachy bum' what is it about my arse that everyone has to comment on!
I can feel myself going I'm about to come. Holding onto beccas hair, my lower half humping madly as I lose it in her mouth
"Aaahhh...oh god....shit"
Locking up in a climax spasm I'm vaguely aware of uncle sid approaching for a closer look
"Oooh mikey"
Rays voice from behind me. He's chuckling and saying something about golf balls and hose pipes.
Coming to my senses with my balls still pulsing, parting with the last drops, I see sid down on his knees face close to his wife's. He's watching her intently, stroking her hair and calling her a good girl.

Becca let's me go after giving my balls a healthy squeeze. She tells me I taste good then promptly starts on uncle sids, sucking it with vigour her head moving up and down rapidly.

Backing away now letting them get on with it I join ray who is glancing from me to the unusual threesome and back again
"You alright lad?"
Replying that I am now, ray laughs and comments about becca being the best he's had
"I've had loads of BJ's from loads of different girls all ages all sizes....but she's the best by far"
He nods at becca. Adam is still humping her like a dog on her back, he's looking desperate I don't think he will last much longer.
We stand there watching. I'm so different from ray both physically and in character, but here we are sharing this together.
The sight is one to behold. Becca with her voluptuous figure looks amazing in this pose on all fours.

Sid is looking down at his wife, fingers clutching her hair. She's busy working her magic on his bell end, gently nibbling the underside.
Her body ripples with every forward thrust that adam gives. We can all hear how wet she is back there.

Suddenly adams pace increases. Opening his mouth wide and panting fast. Becca stops what she's doing and looks around at her young nephew. We can see the way she looks at him, an excited mischievous look and a wicked grin. She's biting her lower lip.
Sid has noticed too and he's watching adam intently, wanking himself
"Go on adam.....give her it sunshine"
Ray too comments excitedly
"Look at him go.....wahey.....go on lad"
The slapping noise of hot skin on hot skin intensifies.....and then is suddenly replaced by a loud desperate cry of pleasure. Adam locks up, grasping beccas hips tightly. He pushes so far into her it's as though he's trying to get his whole lower half in.
I can see his toes curling. Becca continues to watch him closely while he unloads in her and then slowly looks around at her hubby. Sid looks away from adam and goes to kiss her, it's a passionate one.

When they break off sid is asking her if she can feel it?
"Oh god yeah.....he's still going..... there's loads" 
She giggles and they kiss again before sid straightens back up and she resumes sucking on his bell end.
It's evident to me now that they share a special interest in the act of coming itself. Sid always wanting to know that she can feel it inside her, becca clearly enjoying describing it.

Adam comes to his senses puffing and blowing. He looks around at us with a happy contented smile.
Ray gives him a little clap.
"Best adam?"
He just grins and nods slowly withdrawing from his aunts rear while looking down.
Mouthing 'oh shit' he then looks back at us and beckons for the box of tissues. Ray obliges saying something about.... 'dirty boy'
After cleaning himself and his aunt he comes over to us.
We all watch as uncle sid moves position around to beccas rear
"Aahhhh.....oh yeah"
He gasps as he sinks into her. Becca is looking around at him
"Wet enough for you darling?"

Sid grins at his wife nodding then glances at us 3 watching the couple
"You dirty boys.....all 3 of you"
Ray chuckles and begins to move over to them, glancing back at us
"Well....there's an opening for me"
He winks at us and gets down on his knees in front of becca, feeding his big long cock into her willing mouth.
He's not fully hard but getting there.

Becca takes him in slowly going down the whole length. It's amazing how she can fit it all in.
Adam motions for us to sit down on the sofa. I notice absently that his tackle is beginning to revive already and remember beccas nickname for him..... Eveready.

There now follows a period of time where myself and adam take a back seat and become more spectators than taking part.
It's in one way frustrating but also awesome to watch. I realise that i love watching almost as much as doing it.
And we do watch.
For the next hour we look and listen to the spectacle before us.
I count 3 times that becca is brought to a moaning breathless climax. I just love the noises she makes and how she trembles when they make her do it.

I do note as well that the language descends into the gutter. Becca not now bothered about cursing, even cursing herself. There's a lot of smacking her bottom too and I see how she likes being restrained, like when adam pinned her wrists.
During this time becca takes a mouthful from each uncle and a pussy full from both men. Again I note with fascination the excitement leading up to and during the uncles climaxes.

Becca clearly enjoys the thrill of goading them and the actual feel of it inside her.
Eventually the two uncles tire and flop down on the sofa still naked, wiping themselves with tissues.
Becca gets up and gives herself a wipe before motioning to me and adam.
"Come on then you two.....up the apple and pears"
She's all flushed red and sweaty, smelling of cum. 
We follow her to the lounge door that leads into the front hallway, looking back at her hubby and his friend sat nude on the sofa, she points at them mocking concern

"While I'm up there with these two....don't you boys be starting on each other"
A grin then breaks out on her face and she goes to duck as a well aimed sofa cushion wings past just missing my head
"Fuck off"
Rays foul mouthed comment comes right after it.
We go through to the hallway and begin climbing stairs after her, each of us giggling. Becca glances round at us
"I like to have a dig now and's not just ray that can wind up"

As I follow her I'm admiring the beautiful shape her hips form as they flair out creating gorgeous curves and how her bum wobbles as she climbs the stairs.
We ascend and go into the back bedroom while becca goes to the bathroom to get a towel.
Adam turns to me smiling
"Now it's our turn just you and me"
He says in a lowered voice.
Becca returns flashing me a warm smile and a cheeky look, pulling the little single beds duvet back and placing the towel down over the bottom sheet. We both watch as she gets in, lays down on her back and pats her crotch gently twice while watching us
"Who's first?"

Adam glances at me as her words hang in the air.
Who's first?......oh my god I still can't believe this is happening to us....
"Your our guest"
Adam tells me as he gestures toward his waiting aunty
"You can go first"
I say thanks then wonder over to becca, who has a mischievous smile for me. She doesn't say anything, just lets me get in the bed and on top of her, opening her legs wide.

Like before, we kiss for a little while. Then I feel her hand go down between us grasping my stiffy, guiding it to her slick opening.
She gasps as I push it in her, commenting again on how stiff it is.
I try and control my thrusts this time, but don't do a good job of it. Adam watches me as I fuck his aunty in his bed. I catch the odd glimpse of him while we covort. He's stood close by wanking himself. The bed springs creak, becca gasps and pants and goads me. Her voice shaking a little with my violent determined thrusts. Her hands on my ass, fingers clenching taught flexing cheeks.
My climax is the most intense yet and I find myself cursing. Becca doesn't seem to mind she just holds me tight with arms and legs whispering private things in my ear as I unload.

I'm past any nerves now, it seems like a long time ago when I was so anxious about this very thing I'm doing.

There now follows an hour or so where we take turns on aunt becca.
As soon as one of us finishes the other is ready to go. Like this, we keep her in a constant state of arousal which ultimately tires her out.
But oh what an hour.....
We do the spit roast thing too but mainly it's one on one while the other friend watches, waiting for his turn.
And I begin to last longer, each time I do it.
Becca comes another 3 times with us. Twice to adam and once to me.
The experience is extraordinary and leaves me feeling very proud of myself, a huge confidence boost.
Although at the time it kind of freaks me out she gets quite loud and then squeezes me so tightly with her legs it almost hurts.....and I never realised I would be able to feel her pussy..... squeezing me like gets so wet afterwards too.

Inevitably our night of passion comes to an end.

It's becca that decides she's had enough and feeling tired, myself and adam could keep going while Christmas.
She tells us it's been a very nice night but it's time to go to sleep now. Cleaning herself up and pulling the soaked towel up off the bed, she gives us both a kiss then wonders off back downstairs.

We just stand there in the back bedroom grinning at each other for a moment. 2 young friends, nude, with our still wet tackle semi hard despite the onslaught it's just had.
"I told you"
Adam eventually speaks up while raising a finger to point at me
"Nobody.....does sleepovers like me"
We both burst into fits of giggles.
After regaining some composure I'm asked how I feel? To which my response is
"Fucking awesome!"
This earns some more chuckles from adam.

We get ready for bed. Put pjs on brush teeth etc. I notice while peeing that my dick does ache. I wasn't aware of this before and also the pee comes out sideways at first, some squirts on the floor before I can stop it. Afterwards I clean it up with tissue.
Getting into the camp bed pulled up next to adams we talk long into the night about what's happened, in hushed voices.

There's no sound from downstairs. The adults already having come to bed. Ray had crashed out on the sofa and sid came up about half way through our time with becca. He just popped his head around the door, watching for a moment. It was during adams turn. He made a comment about 'eveready boy's' and then bid his wife a good night!
She just turned to him and smiled while adam was humping away like crazy on top of her
"I will"
She says, then takes her hand off adams bum for a moment to blow sid a kiss!
It's astonishing how matter of fact everything is, like this is 'normal'.

And I have no idea how sid got to sleep in the bedroom next to ours, listening to us doing....that.
But he was snoring before we were through.
Becca came to bed after us and just said quietly at the crack in our door to keep our voices down as she was going to bed now.
Just like something she would say on a normal sleepover of old. The normal and unusual mingling again.
She wished us night night and a see you in the morning.

I can't remember actually falling asleep, who does?
But I do remember being woken up by adam in the early hours asking "why?.....what would you say?"
I was confused and sleepy and asked him what he meant? But soon realised he was talking in his sleep.
Laying there for a moment listening to the noises a house late at night makes, noises that not so long ago may prompt a visit to mum and dads bedroom with the shaky voiced announcement
'Mum.....mum?....I heard a noise'.

But those days seemed like a lifetime ago.
With what had happened tonight I felt like a completely different person.
And as I drifted back off to sleep I wondered what new discoveries tomorrow would bring....

The end.
For now.....

Authors note.

This is an ongoing story. More chapters will be added at a later date.
For now we will leave mike and the others to a well needed nights sleep.
Night night.

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Well done!

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That was fantastic . Every boys dream , and really well written. Thank you ,more please whenever your'e ready.