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Goblin Slaver: Aftermath (MMMF, nc, reluc, ScFi, magic)

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This is a Goblin Slayer Fanfic, not offered for profit.  All characters remain the intellectual properties of their creators and publishers.  This is a work of fantasy, in reality all sexual acts without informed prior consent are rape and deserve the fullest punishment of the law.  All human characters are over 18, and the goblins don't care about your laws anyway.

The famous Goblin Slayer had rallied the whole of the Adventurer’s Guild to defend his friends farm and village against the rising Goblin King and his horde.  The battle had been closer to a war than the skirmishes the Guild specialized in.  It was only the Goblin Slayer’s knowledge and discipline that prepared the Guild for the power of the despised, and underestimated Goblins.

To shield their approach, goblins had hid behind mantlets upon which were strapped the naked and well fucked women they had captured recently.  Each of them, from peasant girl, adventurer, merchant, noblewoman, was nothing more now than a quivering piece of goblin fuck meat.  Naked and helpless, they provided a living shield for the goblins against the storm of arrows they had expected.  The storm never materialized.  Adventurers rose from concealment in the field and wiped out the goblins, taking the mantlets, and freeing the captive women.

Across the field, the work of the Goblin Slayer was felt, his knowledge of the goblin’s combat power and strategy was matchless, for every deception, a counter was waiting.  For every evasion, fire was already falling on the new position.  The Goblin horde melted as loose snow tossed on a blazing bonfire.  The Goblin King fled, but the Goblin Slayer was waiting.  The king was just another victim of that day.

No one noticed, among the adventurers checking the goblins for signs of life was a former goblin slave, once freed by the Goblin Slayer himself.  She was an Amazon, a black haired bronze skinned woman whose massive size and barbarian vigor made her a terror upon the battlefield.  Hacking off heads of the dead goblins, to hide what she was really doing.  She found one that still lived.  She picked it up carefully, holding it to her breast, and looking to see if anyone was paying attention, waited until the Goblin Slayer’s return drew every eye, and slunk from the field with her prize.

Inflammarae the voluptuous blue haired golden eyed mage and Skye the blue eyed golden tressed Paladin, were placed in charge of the women freed from the grizzly human shield mantlets the goblins had used.  Several of the women began to emerge from their ordeal and were able to be passed along to the temple for the slow healing and return to human civilization.

Four of the women had to be kept under guard.  They begged to be returned to the goblins.  Inflamarae used her magic to compel the brutalized women to tell the truth, believing that they must be lying, so conditioned to telling the goblins what they wanted to hear that they would say anything.  She would force them to admit the truth, that they hated and feared the goblins.

“Now now,” Inflammarae said sucking on her long elegant pipe, her huge breasts straining against her bustier.  “There are no goblin’s here.  Feel my magic filling you.  Know that you cannot lie to me, cannot lie to yourself.  You must tell me the truth.  Do you really want to return to the goblins, do you remember what they did to you?”

Inflammarae knew it was cruel to make them confess what had been done to them, but they had to admit to themselves that they didn’t want to return to the goblins, that they hated and feared what was done to them.  Only then could the gentle temple healing methods begin to work.  What followed shocked her to her core.

“Please, please let us return to our goblins.  You can’t understand.  You don’t know.  They aren’t like our husbands, aren’t like any human lover.  They hunger, oh they hunger.  Tongues ravaging our pussies, tongues ravaging our asses, mouths.  Hands on our breasts, lips and teeth on our breasts.  Hard cocks bigger than you would believe, thrusting into our pussies, our asses, our mouths.  Goblin cum, hot wicked goblin cum healing our wounds, burning inside us, changing us.  Making us stronger for use, making us feel every touch more and more, cumming harder and harder, until there is no mind left at all, just aching holes and need!”

Skye the blonde Paladin in her gold chased white armour stepped forward, blushing and feeling aroused despite herself at the words the women were saying.  She called upon her own magic, the holy magic against which the dark twisted workings of the Goblins could not hold.

“Back off Inflammarae, they must be under a curse that compels them to think so, that is why your magic will not work.  I will use my Holy Magic to break their curse, and my empathy to feel what is hiding beneath the trauma response!”  Skey said, stripping off her gauntlets and placing her hands upon two of the women.  A golden light blazed from her hands, covering all the captive women in the warm light of the sun and a celestial chorus sung, blasting the shards and remnants of the dark bindings the goblins used to prevent escape from the women.

Skye felt the last of the bindings break, wondering how such flimsy remnants, already half faded, could have held the women so strongly, when she switched to her empathic sense, opening herself to the women and asking.

“Now, remember how it felt to be taken by the goblins.  You don’t ever want to feel that again do you?”  Skye asked gently, opening her mind to them, prepared to guide them through their trauma back to a place of happiness.  She was unprepared for what happened next.

One of the women reached over and kissed Skye hard, tongue lancing in to rape her mouth.  A second one leaned down to kiss her neck, sucking, biting.  Visions filled Skye and Inflammarae from the captive women.  Not simply visions, but sensations as well.

Helplessness, fear, the mockery of the goblins stripping them.  Whipping them, making them run, making them pose.  Finger groping, probing.  Goblins slamming them face first into the wall as tongues forced their way between the naïve girls’ rear cheeks to probe their asses.  Being dragged down on all fours where one goblin waited to claim her tits in their long tongued mouth.  Sucking, kissing, biting, the saliva of the goblin’s making the girls nerves catch fire and the sensations from their breasts ride the edge between agony and ecstasy.  Hard thrusting cock rubbed against her pussy, sliding back and forth along her entrance until another goblin’s hard claws picked her ass up, and drove her down onto a goblin cock that made her husbands remembered organ seem a child’s toy.

Pain of stretching, helplessness, and need. Oh the building need.  The rush, breath coming fast, beginning to drive herself onto the hard goblin cock, finally the hard harsh cry as she knew her first orgasm of the night.  The goblin laughed and left a hickey on her breast, marking this bitch as his own conquest.  He began thrusting harder, riding her through two more orgasms before he emptied himself into her.

Whimpering as the goblin cum worked in her womb to bind her forever to their sexual servitude, making changes in her body to take use, hard frequent use, by her goblin masters, new goblin’s took their places.  Another goblin dragged her on all fours over a new goblin lying on his back, cock up.  She settled on his cock, offering her breasts to a second set of fangs.  The goblin holding her hair turned her face up and began smacking her face with his hard green cock.  Smearing her with his precum, marking her with the scent that would replace her thoughts, replace her hopes, replace her dreams.  As the hard cock working her pussy made her cry out in joy, her mouth opened and the first hard goblin cock thrust home.

Fucked from the front and the bottom, she took another load in her pussy, and her first down her throat.  Slumping forward, unable to support herself, she felt the goblin’s bind her to a frame, ass up, knees spread beneath her.  Now a hard cock lined up with her virgin asshole, replacing the finger that had been driving goblin cum from her pussy into her tight back passage.  Opening her mouth to scream a protest, she felt another goblin cock shoved in her mouth.  Whimpering, she began to slurp and lick the goblin cock in her mouth, desperate to please the hard thrusting goblin who was teaching her the only thing she was good for.

A slow thrust breached her aft ring, and a goblin cock began to thrust its way deeper into her tight poop chute.  Soon each thrust was driving her throat deep on the cock in her mouth, and she felt a helpless swelling tide within her.  Surely not this, surely they can’t make her cum like this?  Were they leaving her nothing to cling to?  No pride? No shame?  She came, squirting her cum all over the goblin’s legs as he emptied his balls into her asshole.  The goblin in her mouth withdrew to hear her scream her surrender as he stroked his cock and blasted her face and tits with goblin cum.  That was all she was, a set of holes and breasts for goblins to use.  A breeding animal for new goblins, and an amusement for the rest.

Inflammarae and Skey cried out their own orgasm as the furiously masturbating former captive women’s minds shattered in their own orgasm, releasing the Paladin and mage from the memory of the captives first debasement by the Goblins.

Shaky, the two adventurers retreated from the room.  Going to the bar, they ordered strong whiskey not the usual wine as they shook so badly from the memory of rape and submission that neither one could bear to meet the eyes of the rest of the Guild adventurers.

The Guild Girl slid across from them on the bench.   She reached out and took the two adventurers hands.  She leaned close and whispered to them.

“I saw you came from those poor women the goblins kept.  I know how some of the women liked what was done to them, loved it.  The temple will finally have to resort to beatings and magical bindings to make them stop seeking out other goblins to serve.  What the goblins do isn’t magic, it is just that they are little more than lust.  Pure lust.  Lust without shame or limits.  Deep down, doesn’t every woman want to surrender to that, even once?”  The Guild Girl asked, looking them deep in the eyes with her bright burning golden ones.

Inflammarae asked “How would you know, how would anyone who hasn’t been captive really know?  I mean we are high ranked adventurers, its not like goblins are ever going to have a chance to capture us?”

Skye blushed, unwilling to admit she was almost sad to say that. But she caught the whisper of the Guild Girl.

“Do you know Arat the Amazon, the big dark skinned spear fighter used to be a goblin captive.  She was rescued by the Goblin Slayer years ago.  It seems she took one of the goblins from the battlefield and kept it alive.  She put the slave binding on it, and now she is running a bit of a bordello.  A Goblin Slave House.  You can pay to be prey for the goblin for a night, to see what it feels like and no one will ever know.”  Guild Girl confessed.

Skye the Paladin slammed her glass down and demanded “You are joking!  It sounds like you actually went.  Prove it!” Skey demanded.

The Guild Girl fumbled open her corset bindings, loosening the enough she could draw it down and show her tender young breasts.  The clear signs of goblin fang and claw were on her breasts, and the adventurers noted she was blushing furiously but obviously aroused.

“The stronger the woman is, the more of a thrill it is to submit to the goblin’s dominance, the goblin’s use.  I can’t even think of taking a human lover again, but I am no where near as strong as a mage and paladin like yourself.  I can’t imagine how much more powerful it would be for you.”

There were tears of envy in the Guild Girls eyes as she fixed her dress.  She pushed two tokens over to the adventurers.  Round wooden disks with a goblin silhouette bearing a hard cock.  The Guild Girl spoke quietly as she rose to leave.

“Show those to Arat the Amazon, and she will let you experience a night at the Goblin Slave House.”  The Guild Girl whispered, before greeting incoming adventurers with her usual voice; slipping behind the counter as the hard working professional she was.

Inflammarae and and Skye both looked at the tokens, then quietly tucked them into their coin purses.

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Reply #1 on: August 24, 2021, 09:16:59 PM
Well-written Vixen!  I know goblins and orcs have some differences but, I hope Sarah finds her way here.

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Reply #2 on: August 24, 2021, 09:33:10 PM
Well-written Vixen!  I know goblins and orcs have some differences but, I hope Sarah finds her way here.

I did, and I enjoyed it  :emot_laughing:

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I had the same thought: "Sarah will love this."

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Reply #4 on: August 25, 2021, 01:08:48 AM
I'll admit, I first read the title as Goblin Shaver  :emot_laughing: :emot_laughing:

Sorry  :facepalm:

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Arat the Amazon had retired from active adventuring, unofficially.  She undertook a few missions to keep her status, but her availability had a new, and hard to explain restriction.  On her knees, with her hands bound and connected to the pulley in the ceiling by strong rope, she looked up in awe as her former slave, her first goblin, hammered his hard cock into her mouth.

Half her height, a third her weight and less than a tenth her physical power, he leered at her as he dug the claws of one hand into her auburn hair, and wrapped the other one around her lush breast, squeezing until milk shot over his fingers.

Thrusting away, he looked down into the eyes of the once proud Amazon spearwoman as his cock spewed the goblin cum she was so addicted to.  She struggled to swallow, but some dripped down her pendulous milk heavy breasts and onto her pregnant belly.  The slave compact sign blazed on his shoulder, the mark of his binding to her will, the guarantee of her safety.

Pulling his cock out of her mouth, he reached for the whip on the wall, and began to laugh as he went to begin her daily instruction in obedience, knowing her Amazon vitality, the power of a high bronze level adventurer would keep his whipping from endangering this latest of his children that grew in her belly.  The one goblin she saved from the battlefield had fathered scores now inside the Goblin Slave House, where shame faced women paid good coin to pretend to be slaves for a night to the sexual power of the Goblin.

He could take his time, the Goblin Slave House was not open for business until sundown, but his children had work to do tonight.  There were new Adventurers to train.

Inflammarae and the Guild Girl were a study in contrast as they walked towards the Goblin Slave House.  Inflammarae was exotic, long almost purple hair set over a face whose natural expression was bored amusement and world weary sophistication.  Her witches hat and robes were cut daringly to expose a chest whose ridiculous richness had doomed more than one opponent who focused on what he would do to her when he should have been focusing on surviving facing one of the most powerful combat mages the Adventurer’s Guild had seen in a hundred years.  She did not look bored right now.  Few enough had ever seen her nervous, trapped between excitement and fear, so the look was not one they would recognize upon her aristocratic features.

The Guild Girl shared the golden eyes of Inflammarae, but there the similarities ended.  A hard working girl and fixture of the Adventurers guild, she had the hard compact body of a girl who lugged materials from the collection benches every day, and who ran back and forth to the posting boards non stop adding guild tickets for jobs.  Normally she was polite, professional and deferential.  Her mousy brown hair and chaste professional dress designed to keep her non threatening while at the same time not drawing any unwanted male attention from the bawdy adventurers.  Tonight she did not look mousy, tonight she strutted with a hip rolling lasciviousness that matched the naked hunger on her face.  She talked and talked about the wonders, the horrors, the terrors, and the mind shattering bliss of the Goblin Slave House.  The cheerful girl next door radiated a wanton sexual need and profound sexual power that had enthralled the world weary Inflammarae almost against her will.

“It is perfectly safe.  Arat the Amazon but a slave pact on the goblin she rescued.  They can’t actually damage you, and they have to let you go at the end of a session or if you use your safe word.  They aren’t free, this is the house of slaves after all.  Human’s rule, goblins are property.  It is the only reason we let them live.”  The Guild Girl said, her eyes wide and earnest, but then a wash of pure submissive lust rolled over her, and she rubbed her hands over her tight boddice, cupping her breasts, and she continued her description of House activities.

“You are a powerful witch, you can shatter castle walls with a word, burn ogers to ash with a spell, brush aside a storm of arrows and send a tornado to destroy the archers.  You can’t ever let the adventurers think you are never not in control or those creeps will never let you alone right?  The goblin’s don’t count.  They can’t respect you.  They can’t think of you as anything but a woman.  A big titted piece of fuck meat they want to get their claws on.  They don’t fear your power, they took the Sword Maiden, the woman who slew the demon king and fucked her into submission, trained her to take three goblin cocks at a time and lick their cum off the ground.  They whipped her daily, and made her heal herself so she could be gang fucked by dozens of them until she couldn’t dream of resisting them.  If the Goblin Slayer hadn’t pulled her out, the most powerful woman in the world would be popping out goblin babies and sucking goblin cock until she came herself to death!”

The Guild Girl was cupping one breast, her hand running over the front of her leather pants, rubbing with a hungry urgency as she was lost in the vision of humanities savior reduced to a series of fuck holes and cum receptacles for the lowest, least dangerous monster on the guild’s kill list.

The Guild Girl turned and grabbed Inflammarae’s hands and looked into her eyes, the blazing golden eyes of the meek Guild Girl burned into the vulnerable golden eyes of the normally proud and urbane Inflammarae.

“Wouldn’t you give anything to know what that felt like?  To know what kind of pleasure it took to break the will of the Sword Maiden, to make the Chosen of the Gods of Light crawl on her knees to lick the cum that dripped out of her holes?  To surrender all of your power to creatures you could crush with a word, with the lowest of your spells.  To hang helpless while their fang, claw and whip taught you that you were nothing, and the best you could hope for was to beg to be used again and again for goblin pleasure?  They don’t see you as a person, they can’t.  What is better, they are slaves, they will stop at the safe word, they cannot talk to anyone so no one will ever know!”

The Guild Girl stopped at the door to the Goblin Slave House and knocked.  When Arat the Amazon, visibly and heavily pregnant opened the door, she smiled as first Guild Girl, and then Inflammarae, the most powerful witch in the local Adventurer’s Guild held up their tokens.

“Welcome to Goblin Slave House ladies.  Know that I bound the first goblin to this house with a slave compact, and bred the rest of them myself.  There are no free people in this house.  No one to ever whisper about what goes on here.  The rooms save my own are bound so that no disease is possible.  No pregnancy is possible at all in this house unless you chant the counter spell that is written on the walls of the room.  Healing and restorative potions are available in the lounge where our guests will have a meal and restore their sensibilities from the nights festivities before leaving.  We can’t have the most respected members of our community stumbling out of here like well fucked debutantes after some nobles debauchery.

With a giggle, Guild Girl entered, dragging the trembling Inflammarae behind her.  Goblin Slave House was about to initiate a new member.

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Inflammarae prided herself on looking like the world weary sophisticate, a young woman with the knowledge and power most mages three times her age lacked, she really was usually the smartest person in the room, and often the only one understanding what was going on. 

Something about this house made her feel like the nervous flat chested apprentice she hadn’t thought herself since before she joined the Adventurer’s Guild.  Something made her feel naive, vulnerable, and almost shaking with excitement.  Her mask of boredom failed, and her cheeks coloured, her massive chest visibly rose and fell as her breaths came faster, her nipples rising to press against the enchanted silk of her boldly cut robes as Arat the Amazon showed her the enchantments of the Goblin Slave House.

“You can see the wards on the rooms.  You cannot conceive in these rooms at all unless you say the words of power written on the far wall three times.  There is no risk of accidental pregnancy.  The goblin I captured, and the children he fathered are all sealed with the slave contract, restricting them from causing any actual harm to our guests, and requiring them to stop and release any guest should that guest feel any nervousness or simply be overwhelmed by the pleasure of their usage.  Simply say the word Tarantula and all the goblins under that slave contract will immediately stop doing anything but releasing you from any restraints you may be in. “

Inflammarae raised her Sight and whispered the words of power required to read the magics in the walls, and to test the slave compacts binding the goblins.  She did not notice Arat the Amazon fading back behind her when Inflammarae raised her Mage Sight, so did not get a chance to analyze the enchantments on Arat herself.

Arat watched the young female mage examine all the safety magics and test them against what Arat had said, and found them to be accurate.  Now it was time for the purple haired heavy breasted witch to admit what she wanted from the Goblin Slave House.

“So, Inflammarae,”  Arat began, “You aren’t some naive child like the Guild Girl when she first came here, or like that uptight Paladin who still won’t admit what she truly wants.  You are an intelligent sophisticated woman, with sophisticated tastes lesser women would never dare to admit.  How can Goblin Slave House bring those dreams to life?  What forbidden pleasures would a mistress of all the arcane powers of the world choose to experiment with tonight?”  Arat asked, knowing that Adventuring women were easiest lead by their ego, never willing to admit they had fears or reservations.  If the male adventurers ever knew how much their dick waving mansplaining bullshit set their female adventurer companions up to be prey to the first predator who dared her to be fearless, they would probably fall on their swords.

Inflammarae lit her long stemmed pipe and took a quick hit of the herbs to banish her fear, and lower her inhibitions.  Pretending to boredom to cover the trembling anticipation, she eyed Arat sidelong and asked her casually for a recommendation.

“Arat dear, you were an Amazon spear fighter.  One of the fiercest in the Guild, nearly a silver ranked adventurer already when the goblins captured you.  When the Goblin Slayer rescued you, it took months before you took up adventuring again.  Amazons are all about being proud and powerful, even now you don’t bother with armour when you fight, what is it that made you want to save a goblin, let alone let one father children on you again?  Why make a house dedicated to letting women experience what the goblin’s did to you?”  Inflammarea asked.

Arat touched her arm, and looked into her eyes. 

“I had power enough to kill any goblin I got my hands on, spear or no spear.  One strike and they were dead.  I could overcome any five, any ten of them, and they didn’t care.  Do you have any idea what it is like to kill dozens of them and know that no matter how many you kill, there will be more.  That eventually they will drag you down because they can’t think of anything except getting their hands, lips, tongue, fangs, claws, and long hard cocks onto you, into you.  They looked at me and didn’t see my power, they saw tits they would squeeze, lick, suck and spank.  They looked at my boot crushing a goblin skull and only saw two legs they would pull apart to lick, suck and fuck my tight little pussy until I flowed with so much cum that I left a trail behind me when they dragged me to the whipping frames.  I spun and drove knives into the ones sneaking up behind and all they saw was a tight little ass they would spank red, muscular cheeks they would pry apart, and a tight little asshole they would rim soft, so they could fuck me so hard and so long my ass would take hours to close as they left me on the whipping frame to rest.”

Arat was rubbing her belly, the goblin beside her laughing as he reached out and yanked Arat’s top down and began sucking loudly on her breasts, his other hand spanking the Goblin Slave House madame’s ass so hard he had to be leaving marks.

Inflammarae watched in horror as the Amazon melted under the Goblins tongue and punishing hand.  Arat was not done speaking.

“I was a woman of power; no man could stand against me.  I was an adventurer, whatever I wanted I took by force and skill.  Nothing was denied me.  Nothing but this.  The only thing I was denied was admitting that I wanted all my power stripped away, all my choice.  I could never let a man reduce me like that, never let another adventurer boast to the Guild and the Town that he had done that to me.  The goblin’s don’t care who you are.  They don’t care about anything but reducing you to a fucked out piece of meat, twitching mindlessly in pleasure that will leave you unable even to scream.”

Arat spoke, “Tarantula” and the goblin stepped back and froze.  Turning to Inflammarae she asked her.

“Do you see that?  I offer the chance to experience what I did.  Being helpless, being stripped of your power, stripped of your pride, stripped of your shame, stripped of your humanity until you are nothing but a piece of fuck meat that screams from orgasm to orgasm until she can’t even remember her name.  The second it gets too much, you get scared, or you are just done, you say one word and it stops.  Is that what you want?”  Arat asked the young mage.

Inflammarae stuttered twice, then gathered herself and spoke clearly a third time.  “Yes, I want to experience that. Please.”

Arat pointed to two rooms, one on the right, one on the left.

“The goblins in each room are different.  In the right room, two goblins will make love to you.  They will be lusty but respectful, follow orders and be gentle.  They will fuck you all night long, in every way you can imagine, but gently.”  Arat said, opening one door.

“In the left room are six goblins.  They are not here to be gentle.  They will capture and bind you, strip and ravage you.  They will use you in every way a woman can be used, they will make you beg to be used by them in ways you would not admit to another soul you even knew, let alone desired.  They will punish you, push you, test you, break you.  They will not stop when you say no.  They will not stop when you are screaming in orgasm so intense it almost hurts.  They will stop only for the command word Tarantula.”  Arat said, opening a second door.

Arat turned and smiled, knowing the trap was set, and the prey was almost in it.  She must enter of her own free will, or she could not in fact be bound at all.   “There is no judgement here. Not all are brave enough, not all have the strength and will enough to dare the left-hand path.  Choose if you would experience the quiet pond of pleasure of the right-hand room, or the raging sea of sexual torment and delight, of madness and submission found only in the left-hand room.”

Inflammarae walked through the left hand door, and didn’t look back.  Arat slid the lock and spoke the words of binding that sealed the door shut from the outside.  The young mage was so distracted she did not notice the room was now locked from the outside.

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Moving into the room of the Goblin Slaver House, the mage Inflammarae saw things that she had only heard of.  A frame that had room for her hands to be bound, her knees and ankles, so that she would be presented on her knees, with her torso up, legs spread, with platforms allowing goblins to access each of her holes and her breasts.  There were runes graven on the frame, healing magic fueled by pain and pleasure, draining the magic of whoever was in the frame to power the constant flow of healing and energy restoration, it was linked to the magic of the house itself.  Whoever was bound in that frame could be pushed far beyond the limits of flesh alone.

There was a ring in the ceiling from which hung manacles.  Her spell sight was up, and she scanned the magic of the room.  As promised, there was a ward that protected against impregnation unless she chanted the counter-spell which was graven in pulsing letters beneath it.  Why anyone would need the spell she didn’t know, but it was there.  There were brands on four of the goblins she could see, slave brands that bound the goblins to obey the commands of whoever spoke the safe word.  She tried to spot all the goblins, to check the brands were real and empowered but they were always shifting, moving around each other, shoving each other.  Fisting great cocks that measured somewhere between three quarters and a full foot long.  Doubly obscene on figures that might at best reach three feet tall if they stretched.  Five of them she confirmed had the brands, but they kept shifting.

Inflammarae’s spell sight caught the hanging manacles, they too were graven with runes.  These were runes of healing as well, but a powerful compulsion.  Truth telling.  These must have been Arat’s own Amazon interrogation manacles, a rumour never confirmed.  It was whispered she would be able to interrogate bandits and they could hold nothing back; more, those she broke with the manacles would meekly repeat the truth to any who questioned them afterwards.  Those the manacles broke, stayed broke.  Shuddering, she wondered why Arat allowed them to hang here.  Didn’t she know the dangers of such a magical device here?  It is a good thing the goblin’s could not speak, or those manacles would be a danger, even to her.

Distracted by the manacles, Inflammarae had lost track of the goblin slave brands, having been distracted by leering mouths, lolling tongues, and clawed hands fisting hard green cocks.  The goblins seemed to be spreading out.  Four of them spread out in front of her, fisting their cocks, and she began to back up in fear.

The crack of a whip caught her by surprise, and the hand holding her staff spasmed open as the whip locked around her wrist and yanked her half around.  She had a moment to see a goblin yanking hard on the whip as he disarmed her, before a second whip crack sounded and her left hand was yanked back the other direction, spreading her arms wide.

The remaining goblins closed in a rush, fear rose up and Inflammarae forgot that this was fake, the fear of being overwhelmed by goblins down in the dark of the caves from which so many adventurers never returned welled up in her and she unthinkingly pulled her magic power to her and prepared a killing spell.

The spell never left her lips, as cruel goblin claws from a goblin that had moved under her skirt reached up and tore off her panties.  Cruel claws parted her ass cheeks and a long snaking rude tongue probed wetly at her virgin asshole.

The killing spell was stillborn on her lips as a squeak of outrage replaced it.  Squealing like a schoolgirl goosed for the first time, she never had a chance to recover as other claws tore open her corset and freed her magnificent breasts for sucking mouths and slathering tongues.

Oh it was true, every whisper of the victims.  The saliva of the goblins caused her skin to tingle and her nerves to burn.  The probing tongues shot bolts of lightning through her veins as she felt her asshole getting penetrated by a goblin tongue as thick as three fingers, and slippery as a tentacle.  Her nipples ached as she was manhandled helplessly, mauled like a piece of meat.
She opened her mouth to scream and a leering goblin standing on what she thought was a bookshelf at shoulder height grabbed her by the hair and rammed his cock in her mouth.  She had only performed oral sex in mage school with her first and only long term lover.  When she had lavished his much smaller cock with her attention, she had never felt so powerful, so in control, but now as she was being manhandled by the goblins, she felt the exact opposite.  The woman of power and intelligence, control and sophistication felt the hard cock of the goblin thrust into her mouth like she was just another hole.  The burning eyes of the goblin didn’t look down on her with lust, but contempt.  He spat in her face as he grabbed her long purple tresses and began to pump her face like a fuck hole.

She had to speak the safe word and end this, but how could she with a cock in her mouth.  She tried to resist but the goblins, while individually weak, were stronger than her.  The goblin in her mouth felt when his comrades finally secured their ultimate prize, a second tongue working into her tight wet pussy to match the ravages of her ass and breasts.

Goblin saliva made every nerve three times more sensitive, driving her to what should have been screaming orgasms, but the teeth of the goblins were always ready to bite her breasts or ass cheeks to bring her back from the edge.  To the edge and back, to the edge and back.

The goblin in her mouth pulled out and began to whip her face with his hard cock.  She could shout the word now, could shout “Tarantula” and freeze every branded goblin, but all she could make her mind understand at that point was that the heavy goblin balls were in front of her mouth.  Straining, she stretched forward to take one, then the other green ball into her mouth to suck.

Laughing the goblin pulled her off his balls and rammed his cock back into her mouth, forcing himself down her throat until his cock bulged the outline of her throat visibly, and the drool and precum from her mouth dripped like glaze over the breasts being mauled below.  With a roar the goblin came down her throat, pulling out to let her taste the first of many loads of cum in her mouth.  The goblin cum was potent as any magical drug, and she could feel the addictive bliss it brought.  She shuddered in her first orgasm, not knowing she would never be able to orgasm again without goblin cum inside or on her body.

Dragging her to the frame, the goblins bound the unresisting beauty to the device, and she felt a hard cock replace the tongue in her cunt.  The leering goblin was only tall enough to reach her wobbling tits as he fucked her, so he latched onto one with his grinning lips and teeth, and took the other in his claws.

A hard cock twice the size of anything she had ever felt pushed into her roughly.  She felt the healing magic of the frame was over her and realized the goblins had no reason to be gentle, for however hard they used her, the frame would leach her own magic power to heal her, and to power them.

A second cock pushed into her asshole, rimmed to submission by a tongue of more than human strength, her virgin asshole was still no where near ready for the assault of a cock the size of her wrist forcing its way into her.

Pain shot through her, warring with, then merging with the pleasure from her stretching cunt and aching breasts.  Two hard goblin cocks slid against each other, separated only by a quivering helpless female sheath of nerve endings and muscle that moulded itself in unholy worship of the invading goblin cocks, to milk them of their potent, mind enslaving seed.

The goblin in her ass came first, and she felt the blast of hot burning cum fill her bowels. Her own orgasm caused her to howl like a wolf as her needy cunt clamped around her second assailant, drawing his own brutal blasts of womb filling wonder.

Two more goblins replaced the two finishing, and she felt the magical energy of the frame revitalizing her, healing her, not allowing fatigue or ache to protect her from the ever increasing levels of dangerous pleasure the hard use, her helplessness, and the goblins practiced techniques were invoking in her.

Twice more she shrieked through shattering orgasms as the goblins traded off again and again.  She felt the cum dripping out of her and her body shook and shuddered with every touch, the pleasure now so intense it was indistinguishable from pain.  Only years of arcane training allowed her to keep her mind together at all. 

The goblins took her from the frame and dragged her to the manacles.  Hauling her upright, they bound her to the truth manacles and began to ply her with the whips.  Breast and buttock, thigh and back, they whipped her, fingered her, tongued her.  They alternated pleasure and pain, driving her to the edge and back, to the edge again, and again, never letting her cum.  Finally she felt herself being grabbed by the hair by a goblin that had pushed a platform level with her waist, placing his hard cock near her mouth.

She unthinkingly reached to take the cock in her mouth, but the goblin dragged her head back, and pulled her mouth open.  He spat in her mouth, then dragged her face to kiss his chest.  She kissed across his chest, sucking his nipples as the whip cracked across her ass, driving her into the goblin who held her hips from the front, driving his tongue deeper in her dripping pussy.

A rasping voice in the common tongue, the goblin who was making her suck his nipples spoke!

“Do you see a slave brand on my chest, worthless little cunt?”  The goblin rasped, his fingers gripping her hair and letting her fevered mouth kiss along his totally unmarked chest.

“No brand.  NO BRAND.  You tricked me.  You aren’t branded.  You aren’t a slave at all!”  Inflammarae screamed as the whip lashed her back, each strike driving her cunt onto the tongue of the goblin snaking his tongue deep in her pussy, sapping her will.

The goblin held up a ring gag, a gag that would forever prevent her from speaking once he slid it in.  If he put it in her mouth, she would not be able to use the power word to freeze the five branded goblins, she would not be able to speak a single spell to stop the one free goblin.  If he put it in her mouth, she would no longer be playing helpless, she would be helpless.

“Tell the truth, when you chose this room, did you want to be safe, to only pretend to be fucked into submission, turned into a brainless, begging, breeding human cow for us, or did you secretly want it to be real?”

Inflammarae tried to hold it in, but the magic of the manacles was strong, Amazon magic, woman’s magic.  No woman could hide from it, even less so than men.  She screamed the truth.

“I wanted it to be real.  I wanted to be made a slave!”  She screamed, and she came. 

The goblin turned her head to face the fertility charm.  He slapped her face again and again, his strength no where near her own, but her will already in tatters simply accepted the abuse as no more than she deserved.

“Speak the spell witch, make yourself our breeding cow, and I will make you our slave.”

Looking at the spell to break the lock on pregnancy, she felt her magic, the force with which she bent the world to her will fill her.  She could speak words that would shatter every goblin in this room, speak words that would tear her from this room and this city, speak words that would bind every soul in this place but her beyond time itself, frozen in eternal silence at her will.  Instead, she chanted the spell, reversing the block on goblin breeding in this room.

Laughing, the goblin fit her with the ring gag.  Tears in her eyes, she let him forever lock away her ability to cast spells to free herself.

Dragging her to the frame, they bound her this time with her own hair, binding her face down, neck bare.  She saw the branding iron, the slave brand being held up in front of her eyes, the unbranded goblin was showing her the truth.  She was the one who would be branded now.  She would be made a slave in the Goblin Slave House, and she paid for it to happen.

The brand seared her flesh at the base of her neck.  Her own long tresses would cover it.  She had seen the brand on Arat’s neck but assumed it had been broken.  Now she knew the truth.  Arat had never been freed of the Goblins magic.  The Goblin Slayer freed her body from captivity, but the goblins had already owned her soul.  Like they were owning hers now.

The brand burned into her, binding her.  She opened her eyes and tried to scream, but a goblin cock thrust into her mouth, continuing her instruction on her new existence as a goblin cum dump.  The first of many goblin cocks pushed into her pussy, the magic of renewal built into the frame made sure each one found her tight and firm as the first, forever ready to be broken again to goblin slavery.  Each cock tore from her another orgasm, each cock pounded her deeper into submission.  She could not know which cock it was that filled her womb with life, but the magic in her was sure she was now bred.

By dawn they were done.  Every goblin in the house had used her.  Mouth, pussy and ass.  Her breasts had been mauled and bitten so many times.  Shoulders and ass, thighs and neck hand been marked again and again, only to have her own stolen magic heal her, and revitalize her rapists for another round.

The unbranded goblin carefully undid her hair, and released her from the frame, removing the ring gag from her mouth.

“You will return in three days to birth our children.  You will give tokens to other female adventurers to come here.  You will encourage them, tell them how we made you feel.  Let them know how safe it is, how protected you are because it is the goblins who are slaves here.”  The goblin said, and around him dozens of goblins laughed as the powerful mage kissed and licked the feet of her master.

Swearing she would obey, she felt her own staff being forced into her gaping cunt, and on all fours, let him walk her to the front door on hands and knees, driven by her staff of power wedged in her goblin claimed cunt.

Crawling through the open door, she saw the proud Paladin Sky being ridden by another goblin to the front.  Her arms were bound behind her, and she was being controlled by heavy rings driven through her breasts.  A ring gag bridle was in her mouth, and cum covered her almost obscuring her own whip marks.

How many, Inflammarae wondered.  How many of the female adventurers who helped break the goblin horde had already been lured into this house and made slaves to the goblins.  How many would she lead here to become slaves to the goblins? Pushing back on the staff in her cunt, she came a final time, face down in the dirt, fucked by her own staff of power by her goblin master. Goblin Slave House, where she would lead her sisters into goblin slavery.

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