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Virtual sex world (MF, ScFi, Anal, FreeUse, Celeb)

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on: August 27, 2021, 05:50:29 AM
Author's notes:

This is a story of a person visiting a virtual sex world with virtual versions of celebrities and other known people. There are no romances or character development. Things can seem strange or a little surreal due to the nature of the world. Generally, there is no logic or sense in why some things are happening. It's basically just sex in various scenarios. Initially, I like to explore freeuse/free use sexual activities and then mix in some other sexual activities later on (maybe).

I'm aware that a lot of the descriptions, especially things pertaining to anatomy and biology are incorrect. I didn't want to get too bogged down with too much details and I apologised to those that find this irritating.

Thank you for reading.


Please be advised that these stories are for entertainment purposes only. These are work of fiction and should not be treated as reality. You must be 18 or over to read this story.

If you have any issues with the following, please do not proceed:

- This series contains characters that have the same names and appearances as the real world celebrities, porn stars and various known people. However, most do not have the same age (18 and above), physique and other physical attributes as the real world counterparts. They also do not act as their real world counterparts would.

- If you have body dysphoria. In addition to the age and certain unrealistic physique changes, the characters do not have reproductive organs. They are heavily modified virtual facsimile of how they (sexual organs) visually appear and feel. These changes also apply to the anus, mouth and parts of the eyes. The intention of the changes is visual or aesthetic appeal for the user character in the story.

- Fantastical and unnatural elements, due to the setting (virtual world).

- Cum eating and ass to mouth.



The effect of being transported into the virtual world can be a little frightening at first. The moment I dive into it, the real world around me turns into a void. The sensation of a sudden drop hits me. It’s similar to being on plane hitting turbulence or a plummeting roller coaster ride. I panic for a short moment as my vision, hearing and other sensations instantly becoming null. I feel like I’m in free fall. It is quite a shock. It’s like knowing you are asleep, but not dreaming and being in nowhere. Just as I am trying to adjust to the void, I can make out what is in front of me, as my vision returning and shifting into focus as if from waking up. My sensations return to me at the same time, like the volume gently turning back on.

I can hear the sounds of a mechanical grandfather clock in the corner. I’m sitting on a comfortable couch situated in a sizable office. The walls are made of dark wood panelling. A somewhat out of place transparent minimalist table is in front of me. No one is seated on the tall back office chair. Gentle light shafts shine through the window blinds.

I’m wearing the same clothes that I wore before I entered this world. I touch the fabric of the couch and move my arms around. It all feels real. Then I heard a click behind me and I turn to see doors opening.

In comes a woman I recognise instantly: Charlize Theron. The resemblance is remarkable, but also not entirely like her real counterpart, such as her face being much smoother. She looks to be in her late 20s, but more athletic. Her blond hair is shaped in a bowl cut. She’s wearing a light button up shirt and a very short pencil skirt.

‘Welcome.’ Charlize Theron struts into the room.

Her presence is so much more imposing up close and in person compared to the videos I’d watched. Immediately she leans back on her table in front me showing off her long slender legs. I can almost peak under her skirt. She didn’t care, as she opens a leather folder.

‘Hello.’ I stammer.

‘I’m your AI guide or host to this world. Lets see – you have filled out your specifications and desired settings. Excellent. Quite detailed and extensive – oh I’m sorry, I hope you’re ok with me in this body. You didn’t say who you want to be your guide or host. I can change now if you like.’

‘Oh, no you’re fine. I’m just – sort of in a shock at seeing you – here.’ I reply.

‘Ah yes. That’s perfectly understandable. And thank you.’ Charlize leans forward, touches my shoulder and winks.

‘Do you wish to have a look at your preferences?’ Charlize offers me the folder.

‘Sure.’ I take the folder from her and skimmed through the pages and quickly checked my settings. [*1]

‘Looks good to me.’ I hand back the folder to her.

Charlize nods and smiles, as she stands back up and paces around her desk looking at the file, giving me a good view of her fabric covered tight ass.

‘The girls will be a mixture of celebrities, actresses, sporting people, porn stars, supermodels, performers and various media personalities - all with the desired modifications.’

‘Yes, that’s right.’

‘Excellent choices.’ She flicks through the notes. ‘And your world is the – free use and porn fantasy scenarios.’


‘Great. Ok. Everything seems to be in order. If you want to make any changes at all during your stay, please let me know or you can do it via in-built app. If you want to summon me again, would you like me to appear as is or someone else?’

‘Could you pick whomever? Perhaps at random?’

‘Of course I can do that. Will there be anything else?’

‘How do I –‘

‘Contact me? With this.’ Charlize places a slim phone on the table. ‘Or you can pick up any public phone and just ask straight away. No need to even address me. I’ll know. You look tense. It’s ok. You’ll be fucking in this place like it’s your own domain. I know you have a lot of questions and wondering how things might work. If really want to, you can get in touch with me, but I suggest you go out there, explore and enjoy yourself.’

‘So… when do I start?’

‘Now.’ She leans in and gives me a deep and wonderful kiss. I feel her moist tongue enter my lips and just like that I lose any sense of my surrounding once again.


I wake up on my couch. Although, waking up is a strange word to describe this experience. I look around and see my lounge room, but nicer and much less dusty. I notice that I’m wearing a very smooth and fine silk-like long robe, sweat pants and sandals. I don’t have a shirt. I get up from the couch and feel the phone in my pocket. It is very light. When I look at it, the phone unlocks automatically and it just shows me 1 entry on the phone directory: Guide / Host.

A melody sounded from it with a message: I’ve given you some clothes, but feel free to remove them, including your shoes. It’s so much more liberating. No need to worry about the environment. You’re safe here : )

Just I got up and approach the front door, it rings. I hesitate for the moment, as I’m used to being careful in the real world. Then I open the door and see a woman in her late 20s smiling in front of me.

She’s wearing a 50s style dress, but it’s quite different at the same time. The hem of the dress is above the knees. The top part clings to her very slim body and small waist. She’s also wearing flats.

‘Welcome new neighbour. I’m Carla Gugino.’ Carla wraps her arms around and presses against me.

She feels and smells fantastic. She looks at me for a short while before giving me a deep kiss with her tongue slipping into my mouth.

As soon she steps away, she hooks her arm around mine and leads the way.

‘That’s quite a welcome.’ I lick my lips a bit.

‘Oh, that’s how we all welcome each other. It is nice to meet someone new around these parts.’ Carla waves her hand casually around.

The neighbourhood is a stereotypical suburban area with white picket fences, neat green hedges, colourful flowers and modern houses. It is like stepping into an old TV show, but with a lot of updates.

Carla notices that I feel somewhat under dressed and re-assures me by smiling and rubbing my hand. She looks around briefly.

‘The others are busy at the moment for the gathering. I’m sure you’ll meet them later on. Here’s my home.’

We enter her home and I could smell the hint of cinnamon in the air. We walk pass her lounge and dinning area.

‘Why don’t you help me in the kitchen for a bit?’ Carla wears a thin and small apron.

I follow her as she stands close to the kitchen bench top preparing a few things.

‘What are you making Ms G?’

‘A bit of everything. At the moment, mostly some cakes and cookies. Come on now, don’t be shy and stand behind me.’

The backside of her dress is exposed, showing off her beautiful back. It dips down to just above her ass, which is covered by the lower part of her dress.

I stand close to her and smell her sweet aroma.

‘You’ll have to be much closer than that.’

This time, I press myself against her and wrap my arms around her waist.

‘That’s it.’ Carla starts to pour some liquid in kitchen flasks.

I feel my cock stiffening. I grind lewdly on Carla’s dress cover ass. She isn’t bothered one bit by it as she works away with flour and measuring cups. She spreads her legs wider. I run my hand under her dress and feel her pussy through her panties. I move my fingers back and forth from her pussy to her asshole several times.

I step back and run my hands over her smooth back. I lift up her dress, which stays afloat in position, as I admire her thong panties and compact, but athletic ass. They are still perky despite her not even wearing heels. I gently run my fingers over her ass, before grabbing them.

‘You might as well get more comfortable.’ Carla turns her head and eyeing my hard on in my sweat pants.

I step back from Carla, pull down my sweat pants and my cock springs out fully erect. I step out of my pants and take off my robe, placing them on a chair, before moving into position behind Carla.

Again, I run my hand between Carla’s thong covered crotch. I pull aside the thong and feel her hairless and smooth pussy mounds and lips, which starts to moistened. I run my hands and fingers around the outside of Carla’s dress on her breasts, as she busily works away. She whisks some cake mix in a mixing bowl.

I then slip my hands into the side of her dress and feel her warm breasts. I play with her stiffened nipples, as she measures the flour and food ingredients.

When she stops doing anything that requires some finesse, I stick my fingers into her wet pussy rub it with increasing speed.

I stick my cock in between Carla’s legs and move them back and forth against her thong panties. I feel the smooth fabric, her upper inner thighs and warm crotch. I pull aside her panties and slide my cock into her pussy. It feels amazing, as I slide in and out of her pussy making it wetter. My hands are holding onto her small hips as I plough her pussy. There’s a mix of sex, cinnamon, flour and baking ingredients in the air.

‘It’s so nice of you to help me. Not easy when my girls always have something to do.’

‘You have daughters?’ I continue thrusting into her with my balls slapping against her bare ass loudly.

‘Oh yes. They’re at school right now. I think you’ll love them. In fact, I’m sure they’ll love you when they see you,’ she said nonchalantly.

‘You have daughters?’ I continue thrusting into her with my balls slapping against her bare ass loudly.

‘Oh yes. They're 18 and at school right now. I think you’ll love them. In fact, I’m sure they’ll love you when they see you,’ she said nonchalantly.

Whenever she does something that might spill easily or make a big mess, like filling cups or measuring things, I would slow down my pace or stop fucking her completely. It is a nice experience and I made a sort of a game out of it.

'Were they adopted?' I ask with curiosity.

'Adopted? Oh yes. I supposed you can call it that. We can select the girls we want, then go through a process and pick them up from the Procurement centre. Sometimes the girls are assigned to us.'

'Interesting.' I thrust some more into Carla.

'I'm fortunate enough to choose my girls.' Carla says happily.

I lean around toward her face and she responds by turning her head to the side facing me. We kiss deeply with our tongues slipping in and out of our mouths. I let her return to her work. Trails of spit run from our lips when we unlock lips and drop into the food mix. She is not bothered by this.

‘I need to grab that rolling pin over there.’ Carla points to one corner of the kitchen.

It feels so good fucking Carla’s pussy that I’m almost reluctant to pull out, but I want to play along and make the experience interesting. I take my cock out and it glistens. Her dress is still staying in the exact lifted position.

I pass the rolling pin to her and before I can insert my cock back into her pussy, she stops me.

‘I need something different.’

‘You mean a different rolling pin?’

‘No silly. I want you to stick your dick in my ass. You know how to do that right?’ She sticks her well tone ass further out and spreads her leg some more.

‘Oh, of course.’

My cock still wet from fucking Carla’s pussy, I rub it up and down her ass. I pull aside her panties covering her asshole and rub it with my fingers. I stick two fingers in. The inside feels smooth. She isn’t bothered by it, as she takes some trays from the side and work on them.

I then put the same fingers from her asshole into her mouth and she sucks on them enthusiastically. With her spit covering my finger I continue to finger fuck her asshole.

Once I remove my fingers from Carla’s asshole, I slowly slide my cock into it. Her asshole feels tighter than her pussy, but it feels smooth. I pump slowly at first and then build up speed.

Carla meanwhile is humming a cheery tune while she rolls the dough and adds water. I grip on to her small hips, as I fuck her fantastic asshole in a rhythmic pace, again slowing or stopping when she’s doing something that’ll require some accuracy.

I feel wetness around my thighs. I reach down with one hand and feel her wetness coming from her pussy. Her thighs are wet as well. I rub her pussy vigorously then place it in her mouth to suck on.

Then she goes back to work and put the neatly shaped dough on the trays. She turns her attention to a mixer machine and watches it work away.

‘Oh, here’s something to taste while you’re working on my ass.’ Carla takes a small scoop of cake slice and turns to me. Her one hand under the spoon she’s holding.

I stop railing Carla’s ass and eat a spoonful of the cake.

‘What do you think?’ Carla asks with a sincere look.

‘It’s soft and moist in the centre. Not too sweet either with a hint of cherry? That’s amazing,’ I replied in earnest.

‘Aww.. thank you. And it’s loquats.’ She smiles cheerfully at me before returning to her work.

I continue ramming my cock in and out Carla’s lovely asshole. It isn’t long before I shoot loads of hot cum into her asshole. I’m not so surprised by the amount. I’m surprised by the feeling of lengthy climaxing and releasing the big load. It feels incredible. Once I’m done, I settle in her asshole and run my hands around her tight abs and stiff nipples. Despite me slowing down at some point, there are still a bit of mess on the bench top, but Carla doesn’t mind.

‘Before you pull out, let me grab something.’ Carla takes a mug from the table. ‘Ok, pull out slowly.’

I do so as instructed and slip my cock out of her asshole carefully. Some creamy cum leaks out, but with one hand Carla covers her asshole, blocking further cum from spilling out.

‘Do you have a video camera?’ Carla asks as she places the mug on the floor and squats over it, her feet plant far apart.

I take the phone from my pants, switch to camera mode and angle it under her. I activate the video recorder.

‘Ok, here I come.’ She removes her fingers from her wet slimy asshole and let lose a torrent of gooey cum into the mug.

Carla spreads her ass cheek wide. The mug is eventually filled to quarter way point with my hot cum. She pushes the remaining cum out from her messy asshole and some splatter the ground. Her asshole making wet fart sounds.

‘Not very lady like is it?’ She sticks her fingers into her asshole to scoop out any last bit of cum.

She licks her cum covered fingers before sucking my cock clean of coated cum. She looks at me and the camera as she sucks my whole cock and then the tip. Then she licks the floor and around the mug. She places the mug on the table. I’m still recording the scene in front of me.

‘That’s for later.’ Carla smiles at me. ‘Please send me the video. I want to show the girls.’

I see Carla Gugino’s name on my phone list and send her the video.

‘Thank you. Now, I must get back to my baking. I really had a lot of fun.’ Carla turns around to face the bench top. Her dress still lifted in the air. Her panties still pull aside exposing her winking slimy asshole and pussy.

‘You’re welcome and thank you. I had a lot of fun too.’ I give a playful smack on her tight ass cheeks and she jumps a bit with delight.

Her hand is over her mouth with her eyes looking up slightly in a cheeky manner, she bends back one of her leg by the knee. Her heel is nearly touching her ass cheek.

I take a photo of her in the pose. Then I put my clothes back on.

‘Please stop by any time. If you want to meet my daughters, you can call or message me if you like to know when they’ll be around. Or you can come over check whenever. Just be prepared, they do like to play.’ She winks at me.

‘Thanks. You mention something about a gathering before?’

‘Oh, don’t worry about that. You won’t miss it. Just go out, explore and you’ll be able to join in.’

I am not quite sure what she means, but I assume this world doesn’t work like the real one in terms of time and events.

‘Before you go. Here’s something I baked earlier. Feel free to share it around and make new friends.’ Carla passes a paper bag to me. ‘I really appreciate your help.’

‘Thank you,’ I said.

The aroma of freshly baked cookies rises from the open bag. It smells fantastic. I take one bite from a cookie.

‘This taste… out of this world.’ It’s true, I’ve never had anything quite like this before.

‘Oh, you’re so sweet.’ Carla places her hands on her cheeks.

‘No Ms Gugino. You’re sweet.’ I give her a wry smile.

‘Oh please, call me Carla and you’re making me blush.’ She fans herself. ‘Go on, before I ask for more of your yummy goodness.’ She eyes my crotch and licks her lips. ‘Enjoy yourself ok.’ She smiles happily at me.

I wave good bye and she closes the door to her house anticipating what to experience next. I can already feel myself ready for another encounter.




The women:

They are hairless except for their head, eyebrows and eye lashes (there are certain women that are completely bald).

They have no tattoos or piercings, including ear rings.

Regardless of their real world counterparts, the virtual world system has adjusted the physique of the girls to the specifications of the user. Some of their faces have also been adjusted slightly to suit their physical changes.

Their body have no saggy parts regardless how they bend and stretch. Their skin is tight. Their abdominal area is always flat and tight or muscular. The only parts can move are their breasts (if they have any).

Their buttocks are always tight and perky without the need for them to wear heals. Gravity doesn’t affect them the same way as the real world.

The eyes do not have lacrimal caruncle (the fleshy corner nearest to the nose) and that area is not flesh-like. Instead, they are plain, round, smooth, slightly moist and lighter skin tone colour. Underneath and the edge of the eyelids are also lighter colour of the skin. Though, they are finer texture of the skin.

The genital from the outside is plain and almost just a slit or flat line when viewed from the front and untouched. It consists of the outer lips (simplified labia majora), neat labia minora (same length as the outer lips) and vagina entrance. The labia minora can have a suction-like grip.

The passages of the orifices (anus and vagina) are also simplified in design and made more aesthetically pleasing. The area around the anus is the same colour as the skin.

The colour around the areas outside of the vagina (including inner labia) and anus is the same colour tone as the model's skin. The inside of the vagina and anus is slightly lighter in colour to the model's skin. The inside of the orifices can also be opaque or semi transparent with sparkles/glitter within.

The texture of the orifices is smooth and is lubricated. The sensation is almost silicon-like, but much more refined and comfortable. The passages of the orifices can changed accordingly to be more effective in providing pleasure or maximising pleasure. Examples: smooth, bumps, wave, ribbed, vortex, swirl and other mix of configurations. The passages can also expand and contract for comfort and pleasure. The tightness, suction, grip and moisture of the passages can adapt as needed.

The anus cannot be prolapsed regardless on how much it is used. It can gape to some degree.

The inside of the mouth (including the roof, bottom and gum) is slightly opaque and lightly pink. The texture overall is not flesh-like, but they are smooth. It is also simplified, but it is designed for increased comfort.

In appearance, the virtual tongue is similar to the real tongue. The bottom of the tongue is smooth without the fleshy bits. It is equally if not more as flexible the actual tongue, but the movements can be quite natural.

The teeth are blunt, but can look like real teeth. The sensation of the texture, temperature and moisture of the mouth is pleasant. The amount of virtual saliva can also change as required.

The taste and aroma of the model's mouth, vagina and anus can be adjusted to the user’s preference on the spot, as with the entire body.

The girls do not choke or pass out from lack of air. They can sound like they are choking when performing deep throating, but it is the gagging sound effect.

The orifices can collect limitless amount of fluid. It would be advisable for the user to limit themselves to few bottles or less (about 1 Litre or 33.8 oz each) of fluid. This is to maintain some sense of reality and immersion and prevent possible dissonance, disconnection and disengagement. The orifices can also divert and redirect the fluid back out in various speeds and spray patterns.


Temperature and humidity is always comfortable even when nude and automatically adjusts to the user’s body temperature (which can also be automatically adjusted to a specified level at any time). The temperature and humidity can increase a bit to increase the arousal state of the user.

It may look hot, cold or humid, but it is always set to a comfortable climate. Occasional light breeze can be felt, but it isn’t too cold or too hot.

The lighting is neither too bright nor too dark. The user doesn’t have to wear sunglasses or squint when it is a sunny day. There are no strong glares from reflective surface. Night time isn’t completely pitch black. It is always possible too see properly depending to the distance and brightness, but lighting can be adjusted.

The environment is safe, non harmful and non dangerous. The user (and all characters within) cannot slip or trip, regardless on how the place looks (example: wet floor, lubricated floor or uneven ground). Things may look harmful from a distance, but there is no risk of injury or even discomfort.

For example, user can walk barefoot on rocky areas without injury. User can sit or lie on hard or rough surfaces without harm or discomfort.

Areas may look unsanitary or risky from a distance, but upon closer inspection, they are safe and only appear in obvious ways as artificially unsanitary or unpleasant.

No other virtual organisms exist in the virtual world instance besides the girls and plants.

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Part 2: At the jogging path

I walk down the neighbourhood, admiring the peaceful and idyllic environment, but I notice how quiet it seems and no one else is about. I turn down a bicycle and walking path.

I stop and try to figure out how I can carry my bag of cookies. Maybe I should have order a shoulder bag or back pack or is there some other way of storing it? I see an arrow running down the paper bag in a zigzag fashion. I fold down the top and surprisingly the content flattens until there’s nothing inside, but a compact and flat paper bag. Opening it up again, I see the cookies are still there as perfect I as I first received them. Even the freshly baked smell is still present. I fold it back down again and then slip it into my robe pocket. It doesn’t even feel like there’s anything in there. Then I realised I don’t feel my phone in my pocket. I check the pocket in my sweat pants and there it is - my phone. I realise that if I’m not looking or thinking about the phone, it would feel like it’s not there. This makes things a lot easier to carry. I have my own pockets of holding.

Up ahead I see a couple of athletic looking women in tight leggings jogging. Then someone jogs pass me. I run ahead in my robe, sweat pants and sandals. Oddly, I feel comfortable running in these clothes and shoes. I do not feel like I’m going to trip.

I keep pace with the woman and I notice her name and age appearing on her top: Jennifer Garner, 23. The text then fades away. Her brunette hair is tied back in a pony tail swigging back and forth. She’s wearing a thin and small sports top revealing her abs, shoulders and well tone arms. She’s also wearing tight leggings and running shoes. She’s got head phones on and is focus on her jog.

‘Excuse me.’ I wave at Jennifer Garner as I jog along.

She seems to ignore me.

I wave at her again and she is perturbed that I’m disturbing her.

She takes down her earphone while jogging, still looking ahead. ‘Yes?’

‘Do you mind we stop for a bit and talk?’ I try not to bump into her, while looking ahead and looking at her at the same time.

‘What’s the matter? You can’t keep up?’

‘Yeah. It’s not really easy to talk.’

‘That’s your problem.’

‘How’s about we do it for a bit?’


‘You know… have sex?’

Jennifer Garner suddenly stops and I nearly run pass her.

‘You should have lead with that.’

‘I didn’t want to be so forward.’

‘Then you’re wasting my time. Look, do you want to do this? I don’t have all day.’ She looks at her watch and presses a button.

We both move to the side near a conveniently placed bench. I remove my clothes and place it there. Several more woman jog by without caring about naked person.

I look at Jennifer and lean in wondering if she’ll move away. I give her a kiss on the lips.

‘Is that it?’ Jennifer crosses her arms.

I give her another kiss. This time with my mouth open and she opens her. Our tongues meet and play in each others mouths. I pull away and she looks at me still seemingly unimpressed and arms still cross.

I run my hands around her waist and well toned abs. I grab hold of her legging waist band and pull them up high creating a wedgie on her pussy lips. I run my fingers around her spandex covered pussy lips. Then I stick my hand into her leggings and notice she’s not wearing any panties. I look at her.

‘What? It’s easier for me.’ Jennifer shrugs.

I rub my fingers on her hairless pussy that starts to get wet. I pull out my hand and slip my pussy-juice covered fingers into Jennifer’s mouth, which she sucks on while watching me with a stern look.

I grab on either sides of the legging waist band ready to pull them down.

‘What are you doing?’ Jennifer asks.

‘What do you mean? I’m going to pull down your tights.’

‘Don’t you know there’s another way?’

‘Oh, how do you mean?’

Jennifer traces a line with her finger on the leggings material at her upper thigh. Then she gently splits the material where she traced the line, exposing her skin underneath. ‘You just have to think about it.’

‘Huh. Ok.’ I trace a rough shape on her leggings and easily tear a piece out exposing her inner thighs.

‘Simple. Now hurry up.’ Jennifer rolls her eyes.

Instead of taking pieces out, I make cuts on the material. It now looks like she’s wearing a high cut spandex bottom. The leg parts look like stockings or long leg warmers.

‘I’ve just given you panties.’ I give a silly grin.

Jennifer just rolls her eyes.

I pull the bottom up and the material pushes her pussy lips. I run my fingers up and down the material covered pussy lips. Then I split apart the front part of the spandex covering her pussy. With her pussy exposed, I kneel down on the ground. I’m surprised that the ground is not hurting my knees instead it feels comfortable like supportive cushion. I dove into Jennifer Garner’s smooth pussy with my lips and tongue. There’s only a slight musk and something sweet about it.

Jennifer watches me with her arms cross as I stand up. I slowly push her down on her shoulders. She’s facing my rock solid cock, looking into my eyes. Without saying anything else, she opens her mouth and slips my cock into her warm and wet mouth. She expertly sucks on it. At some point she deep throats me. Her lips wrap firmly around the base of my cock. She doesn’t even choke with it in her throat for long periods of time. As she sucks on it, she makes loud noises. At this point I like to cum into her mouth, but I want to have more fun with her.

‘Hold on a sec.’ I slowly pull out of her mouth. My cock is dripping with her spit.

‘Are we done? That’s quick. I didn’t feel a thing.’ Spit falling out of her mouth, but she doesn’t bother wiping it away.

‘Not yet. I like to sample some more of you.’

‘Listen, you’re dragging things out needlessly.’

I gesture over at the bench and go over sitting down. She follows and sits down on me with my solid cock slipping into her pussy. She rides my cock rhythmically, but almost without any attention.

Some more attractive women jog by and I wave at them, but they don’t even seem to respond.

‘Are we done?’ Jennifer checks her watch.

‘Not yet.’

I got up with her following and my cock still in her pussy. I turn her around facing the bench and fuck her with her bend forward.

I notice her playing with her phone.

‘Can I fuck your ass too?’

‘Huh? Oh yeah sure, whatever.’ Jennifer scrolls through some things to buy from her phone.

I pull my cock out of her pussy and then easily rip apart the ass part of her leggings revealing her perky and firm ass. I rub my cock on her asshole and it is slightly tight at first. My cock is wet enough, so I push my cock against her asshole a bit at a time and when the cock head got in, the rest of the shaft follows. Jennifer barely responds to her anal insertion. I slide out partly and I can see her asshole wrapping my cock tightly.

I run my fingers under her top and play with her tits and stiff nipples. She doesn’t seem faze by any of this and continues to look through her phone.

‘What are you looking at if you don’t mind me asking?’ I look over, try to see her phone, as I’m ramming her.

‘Just browsing. Maybe buying a work out stuff.’

I pump my cock in and out of Jennifer Garner’s asshole with increasing speed.

‘Oh, like what?’

‘Maybe weights and gym outfits.’

Jennifer’s phone rings and she answers it with her earphone.

‘Hi, yeah?’ She starts talking to the person on the other end about her daily routines.

I pull my cock out and look at her partially gapping asshole. From what I can see, it’s lighter in colour than her skin. I circle her asshole with the tip of my dick. Then I flip the cock tip up and down her asshole before sliding it back into it again. This time, it’s a lot easier to enter, but still tight within.

‘I’m just getting my asshole reamed by some guy at the moment.’

I pull back my cock partially and wait a bit before thrusting quickly back into Jennifer’s asshole. I do this several times while slapping her ass cheeks a few times. Her ass is satisfyingly firm.

‘He’s ok I guess. I could get a better work out from one of the machines.’

It’s not long before I squirt several thick loads into her asshole. With each squirt of cum, I push my cock as far into her wet asshole as I can.

‘Are you done back there?’ She turns around to look at me.

‘Oh yeah, sure.’ I can feel myself sweating a bit and breathing heavily.

‘Ok, I better get going. Bye.’ Jennifer tells the person on the other line before hanging up by tapping her head phone.

I quickly pull my cock out of Jennifer’s asshole and spread then spread it wide. I watch streams of creamy and sticky cum squirt out. Then they dribble out of asshole and roll down her inner thighs and onto what remains of her leggings.

‘You’re going to have to do better next time. There’s barely much there.’

Jennifer stands up straight and lets the cum drip on her the remaining pieces of the leggings. The tights around her legs do not fall down despite the lack of integrity. The rest on her looks like shredded loin clothes.

‘Tell you what. Stop by the gym sometime and we can work something out.’

‘That sounds good.’ I hear my phone beep from my sweat pants on the bench.

Jennifer in one swift move, press a button on her watch and goes back to her jogging routine with cum still dripping from her asshole and onto her shredded leggings. I watch her pony tail swing back and forth, as she runs into the distance.

I sit back down on the bench and check my phone. Her name: Jennifer Garner appears on the contact list.

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