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Aurora and the fertility ritual (F,mast,(MF mentioned),cons,bond,fantasy,magic)

Vela Nanashi · 370

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Title: Aurora and the fertility ritual (F,mast,(MF mentioned),cons,bond,fantasy,magic)

Story Codes: F (elf), masturbation, mention of MF, consensual, bondage, fantasy, magic


This takes place on a lush fey magical world, that connects to many other worlds, one can reach it from a dream, or from just walking down a path somewhere, thinking the right things, or being in the right mood for it. Time passes differently in this world, and people do not age while on this world, or even age slowly backwards until they reach their prime age, while keeping all their accumulated wisdom, if they have any.

Even mundane non magical people who come here may be able to do magic as a result of being here, magic in this world tends to read the desires and will of the casters and try to make the things desired happen, but may also take on a will of its own if the mind fails to maintain the connection to it, but will then tend to be related to what the original desire/will and magic was.

0. If you have questions, ask them below.

1. Create a character, it does not really have to be very complex if you do not want to, you may also choose to be human if you want. You may also create a group of characters, you do not have to be or bring a male, even if Aurora desires one.

2. Create your own thread, with the story codes you want to explore, and make a post in this thread with a link to it, I will try to reply to it as fast as I can and while it remains interesting or fun for me, and as time permits. If you have any particular desires, let me know in a Rules section of your own, in the thread you make, for example if you don't want more characters to show up to the party while yours play with Aurora.

3. A few hard limits for me: no extreme violence (that would leave lasting marks or internal injuries, I prefer pleasure over pain for Aurora, but you may still torment her a little if you want), no under age, no scat (a2m is okay, but Aurora is clean, there will be no scat).

Other people's threads (I will collect links to them here if/when they happen):

--- start of story below ---


I awaken as the morning sunlight shine through my open door, onto my face, I look up at myself in the mirror above my bed, my deep violet eyes sparkling in the sunlight, my golden skin shimmering and framed by my violet hair, my pointy ears peek out of my hair and I reach up to caress my ears, in just that way that feels so good, and I stare deep into my own eyes, watching my own pupils widen, I feel my heart speed up, and between my legs I feel myself getting wet as I squeeze my legs together, my nipples harden as I pleasure myself, my back arches as I push my toes down against the bed and I moan and my pussy feels empty, I feel a strong need and I cry out and tremble as I make myself cum, I feel my own wetness having coated my long inner pussy lips and run down between my butt cheeks and made the white silk sheets below my butt become wet.

I caress down my body gently cupping my breasts, I can feel them being tender, not painfully so, just more sensitive, I gently play with my nipples and moan feeling my orgasmic after shock intensify, making me shake a bit.

Slowly I caress down my body, and slide one hand along my silky trimmed thick triangular pubic hair, and past my pulsating clit, who is just peeking out of her hood, I slide my middle and ring finger down spreading my long pussy lips, and slide them into me and it feels so good to have my fingers inside me, so I can squeeze against them with my pussy muscles, I rub my clit with the palm of my hand while I rub my sweet spot and I grab my breast with my other hand, playing with my nipple, it does not take me long to build to a more intense orgasm, and squirt on my own hand. I force myself to hold my hand pressing on my clit and sweet spot, and ride the waves of the orgasm, gazing into my own eyes. I can see I have blushed all over and I feel so good, loving myself.

As I slowly come down from my wonderful bliss I pull my fingers out of my pussy and bring them up to my face, inhaling my own scent and I spread my fingers and smile as I see the thicker stringy vaginal secretions that I know means I am fertile, especially taken with my tender breasts. I gently caress the wetness over my lips and then suck on my fingers, enjoying my own taste.

I push myself out of my bed and walk out onto my balcony, letting the sun fully embrace me and I watch down from my tree house, listening to the sound of the birds calling out looking for their mates or to find mates, I feel the tingle of magic happening behind me, as my magical silk sheets clean themselves and my bed makes itself ready for when I return to it.

I look around to see if I can spot any elven men, but I live too far from the village, so I do not spot any. I know there is the fey stone circle, not far from here, I know if I go there and offer myself to be the centre of the fertility ritual, it is very likely someone will come and sate my needs.

I walk along the steps around my home tree, and I enjoy the warm polished stones that were laid by some dwarves that visited some years ago, in return for us elves and fey giving them our hospitality and as one of them said "making me feel like a god of love, lust and fertility." They laid these enchanted stone paths, that allow faster travel without wearing ones feet, or legs out, connecting most of the important places in the forest, all the way up to their mountain homes. I feel an aching need in my pussy as I recall the dwarven hammer shaped cocks, and how they hammered me in just the right places.

I skip along the path, feeling its magic taking me faster towards the stone circle, and soon enough I reach the beautiful place, there is a small rocky hill, not quite large enough to be called a mountain, the fey have shaped and polished the stone of the mountain, to have more spots for plants to grow, and to make the stone circle itself, a spring exists at the top of the mountain, in the form of a pair of statues, a nixie and a nymph, the nixie's erect cock spraying water on the nymph's breasts, and down her body and her pussy also spraying water, down to a pool, as the pool fills a curtain waterfall that only slightly reduces vision through it, covering a set of cave rooms inside the mountain, fills another pool that is also connected to a hot spring below it, there are carved stone seats around the edge and a bottomless pool there the cool water of the statues above and the hot spring mingle to be just right. During the day the mist formed from the waterfall at the edges create beautiful sparkles with dancing rainbow motes, that make the colours of the wild yet beautiful garden that surrounds the stone circle look even more vividly vibrant.

The perfect mixture of flower scents fill the air, and butterflies and bumble bees fly and buzz from flower to flower. The bumble bees have several polished stone urns where their hives safely live. The water flows down some steps from the pool and around the outside and inside of the stone circle, there are thirty seven stones, each with depictions of nature, plants and animals, elves, fey and other humanoids, making love in many different ways and pairings. A few flowering vines cling to the standing stones, and also have small berries, if a woman eats one she will get aroused, a man will get erect, both will have their stamina restored, and the berry will provide enough nutrients to survive on for a day, also they are very tasty, I pick one and toss it into my mouth and I look at the stone platform in the centre of the stone circle, seeing the seams between the stones, feeling excited to activate the mechanism when I am ready.

I step into the pool and through the curtain waterfall and grab a beautiful crystal bottle and from it I pour into my hair and all over my body an oily gel, it is the fey version of moon oil, I know it will rejuvenate my skin, and magically protect my body from injuries, letting me stretch rather than break, it makes my skin more sensitive, but all injuries it protects me from will have their pain turned into intense pleasure instead, I can already feel the other effect it has, my own scent is enhanced by it, and mingles perfectly with its own scents, flowers, spices, herbs, and it adapts to my own scent, my own pheromones, making me smell more alluring to anyone who might be interested in me, a female star elf.

I make sure to massage the moon oil into my pussy and into my ass too, and I feel its cleaning magic flow up into me, finally I step into the curtain waterfall and let the cool water flow around me, the moon oil tingles and warms me as it soaks into my skin, finally leaving a lustre of the oil on my skin as I step out into the pool and down the steps to enter the stone circle, and as my toes touch the central stone platform the seams light up.

I walk around and touch the symbol for wanting to offer myself up as the focus of the fertility ritual, I feel a deep vibration in the stone below my feet and the sound of the stones sliding against each other.

Next to me a stone chest slides out of the stone circle while a larger opening forms across the diagonal of the circle in front of me and out of it three concentric clear crystal circles rise from the ground, the outer circle connects to the middle circle, the middle circle to the inner circle.

I open the chest and out of it I take the seamless gold collar and slap it against my neck and I feel it turn ghost like as it slips through my neck and then attaches to my neck, adjusting itself to fit snugly around my neck, I feel my magic get contained, I feel butterflies in my stomach, I put on gold anklets and bracelets in the same fashion and a pair of gold arm bands that go just above my elbows, and a pair that go around my legs above my knees, I know they can attach to each other as if they were a single piece of metal.

I pick up the gold ring that sits on the blindfold and as I do a stone pillar rises, I say three words and picture them in my head too, ruby, meaning faster, more, sapphire, slow down, mercy, onyx, stop, I need to talk, and I place the ring in the slot for it. I know if I think onyx twice the collar and cuffs on my body will be removed.

I pick up the two crystal ear plugs and slide them into my ears and the sounds around me go away and I only hear my fast excited heart beating in my ears and my own breathing. I slip the ring gag into my mouth and around my head attaching it below my hair, and I feel my long hair caress all the way down just to my butt as I let it go. Finally I pick up the blindfold and one side of it is so clear it is invisible, letting one see what is behind it, the other is completely black, darker than midnight, I can only feel not see two eye cups in the blindfold and I put them over my eyes and I can't see anything, I tie the blindfold just above the ring gag below my hair.

I can really feel the gentle breeze around me, some misty particles of water landing on my skin, my hot breath on my upper lip as I breathe through my nose, the scent of the flowers and taste of the berry lingering in my mouth, and the scent of my own arousal.

I start slowly feeling my way with my bare feet, feeling the polished stone below me, the seams, a few symbols, I bump into the pillar with the ring, and move around it, and finally I feel the two carved, no, shaped indentations in the ground that perfectly fit my feet as I position myself fully.

I feel the anklets snap as they attach to something and I feel my bracelets do the same and then I cry out as the ground vanishes and my legs and arms are spread out quickly, my breasts bounce as I end up floating spread eagle.

I feel the sunlight caressing my skin with its warm embrace.

There is a gentle caress and then a sharp pinch in both my nipples, and I feel metal slip through my nipples and then my breasts are pulled by the metal together until my breasts press against each other, and I feel myself drool a bit, and it drips down between my breasts. There is another sensation of a sharp pinch in my clitoris hood and soon I feel a smooth metal ring through my clitoris hood, and coming to a rest against my clit. The pinch is nothing like what a real piercing would feel like, I know these are every bit as magical as the collar, and are just temporarily attached to me.

At that moment I feel the three rings have a heat pulse that almost feels like a flame kissing my skin, followed by an intense pulse of cold, the cold stays a little longer making me shiver even in the sunlight, I struggle a little against the cuffs, but I notice it has very little give, I manage to feel some smooth chain links with my fingers and I grab onto them, the cold gives way to what feels like a spark of electricity, like when I learned to do lightning magic, and it makes me spasm and cry out, a deep intense vibration starts and I squirm, gasp, moan and soon cry out, the vibration does not stop.


The magic of the fertility ritual:

I caress Aurora the star elf all over, including her ears, and tug a bit on the golden chain that connects her bejewelled nipple rings, I listen to her moan and watch her beautiful violet iris be a thin ring around her agape pupils.

I manifest in the chest next to the pillar seven large clear crystal balls with an inner glow, and a hooked butt plug in the same material, I gently collect her long hair into a pony tail, placing seven tight gold rings around it tightly along its length.



I feel my hair being gathered up, then a cool smooth thing push against my anus and I force myself to exhale and relax as best I can despite the orgasms being forced into me by the piercings vibrating, shocking, cooling and heating me. I feel my anus stretch around the cool smooth thing and my ass getting filled with what feels like a thick smooth dildo, then I feel it between my butt cheeks too, my head is tugged back and I feel my hair getting attached to the thing in my ass, I arch my back to relieve tension.

I feel my pussy lips kiss another cool smooth thing, and the cool smooth thing pushes up into me, my pussy muscles grab onto it, I think it is a sphere, it refuses to be pushed out when my orgasm makes my pussy try so, instead selectively riding the muscle contractions that pull it deeper, soon I feel its coolness against my cervix, and more balls are being pushed into me, six fit entirely inside me and then the seventh are pushed up firmly until it just passes my pussy opening slightly, my pussy opening must look a little like eye lids lazily half closing around it, it feels like something is attached to that last one.


The magic of the fertility ritual:

I watch the wetness flowing from Aurora's filled pussy, down the seven beads, and to the crystal bell hanging from the last ball in her pussy, her wetness does not muffle the beautiful song of the bell ringing out into the forest, and across the other worlds.

I open the slowly changing gates between the standing stones, to let the ringing out of her bell reach other planes, along with her moans, her cries and her scent, to hopefully find a willing partner, or partners to finish the other part of me. Until then I will keep her nourished, and in a constant state of bliss, and keep her egg fertile and ready.

I make the gravity control activate inside the inner ring, and spin it clockwise inside itself, I then spin it clockwise around the centre of the stone platform, and I spin the middle ring counter clockwise inside itself, and spin the middle ring end over end in the outer ring. I spin the outer ring inside itself clockwise. I watch Aurora handle this well, the bead chain hanging from her and the bell keep hanging down between her legs as she spins, thanks to the gravity control.



The world spins around me, it must be those rings, I am glad my eyes are not able to see anything, as that might have made me throw up, but as it is I am able to relax and surrender to the sensation instead, I wonder if someone is there, I try to talk, I have no clue if I make any sense though, but I try to say "please make love to me" however I don't detect any change, the touches on my skin do not feel like real hands, more like the make hand spell, it feels good though, I feel the balls and butt plug inside me start to vibrate too, only taking breaks to pulse with heat, cold, and shock, their smooth surface ripples with waves and what feels like fingertips pressing, caressing, massaging me. I also feel the balls dance in me and thrust in a very short stroke, I soon have an even more intense orgasm from them, yet my need only grows stronger, I cry out again, begging for someone to fuck me. I notice the spinning slow down and the touches on my skin goes away entirely and makes me really feel their absence I whimper, trying to say "come back, fuck mmm me please." but I only feel these things in me, and my piercings continue making me orgasm, not letting me come down from orgasm, making my need build more and more. I lose my words as I drown in pleasure and need, crying out, hoping someone will come.