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Aurora and the fertility ritual (F,M*12F/F,cons,bond,fantasy,magic,caution)

Vela Nanashi · 687

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This is a fantasy story, all characters involved are older than age of consent for their various races, the youngest character is a human in his 30ies. All characters want to participate in what happens in the story. It is a work of fiction, to do these things in reality may be hazardous to ones health. It uses original characters of my own.

This is a story version of this: rp thread, where you can have your own characters arrive and play with Aurora.

Title: Aurora and the fertility ritual (F,M*12F/F,cons,bond,fantasy,magic,caution)

Story Codes: F (elf), masturbation, mention of MF, consensual, bondage, fantasy, magic,, F (nymph, with creature that symbiotically binds to her making her have a cock while she wants to, and be able to breed with other women), M(troll), M(nixie), M(red orc), M(satyr), M(human), M(alien), M(Jann), M(Djinn), M(Efreet), M(Dao), M(Marid), masturbation, M*12F/F, caution (in case I forgot something)


This takes place on a lush fey magical world, that connects to many other worlds, one can reach it from a dream, or from just walking down a path somewhere, thinking the right things, or being in the right mood for it. Time passes differently in this world, and people do not age while on this world, or even age slowly backwards until they reach their prime age, while keeping all their accumulated wisdom, if they have any.

Even mundane non magical people who come here may be able to do magic as a result of being here, magic in this world tends to read the desires and will of the casters and try to make the things desired happen, but may also take on a will of its own if the mind fails to maintain the connection to it, but will then tend to be related to what the original desire/will and magic was.

--- start of story below ---


I awaken as the morning sunlight shine through my open door, onto my face, I look up at myself in the mirror above my bed, my deep violet eyes sparkling in the sunlight, my golden skin shimmering and framed by my violet hair, my pointy ears peek out of my hair and I reach up to caress my ears, in just that way that feels so good, and I stare deep into my own eyes, watching my own pupils widen, I feel my heart speed up, and between my legs I feel myself getting wet as I squeeze my legs together, my nipples harden as I pleasure myself, my back arches as I push my toes down against the bed and I moan and my pussy feels empty, I feel a strong need and I cry out and tremble as I make myself cum, I feel my own wetness having coated my long inner pussy lips and run down between my butt cheeks and made the white silk sheets below my butt become wet.

I caress down my body gently cupping my breasts, I can feel them being tender, not painfully so, just more sensitive, I gently play with my nipples and moan feeling my orgasmic after shock intensify, making me shake a bit.

Slowly I caress down my body, and slide one hand along my silky trimmed thick triangular pubic hair, and past my pulsating clit, who is just peeking out of her hood, I slide my middle and ring finger down spreading my long pussy lips, and slide them into me and it feels so good to have my fingers inside me, so I can squeeze against them with my pussy muscles, I rub my clit with the palm of my hand while I rub my sweet spot and I grab my breast with my other hand, playing with my nipple, it does not take me long to build to a more intense orgasm, and squirt on my own hand. I force myself to hold my hand pressing on my clit and sweet spot, and ride the waves of the orgasm, gazing into my own eyes. I can see I have blushed all over and I feel so good, loving myself.

As I slowly come down from my wonderful bliss I pull my fingers out of my pussy and bring them up to my face, inhaling my own scent and I spread my fingers and smile as I see the thicker stringy vaginal secretions that I know means I am fertile, especially taken with my tender breasts. I gently caress the wetness over my lips and then suck on my fingers, enjoying my own taste.

I push myself out of my bed and walk out onto my balcony, letting the sun fully embrace me and I watch down from my tree house, listening to the sound of the birds calling out looking for their mates or to find mates, I feel the tingle of magic happening behind me, as my magical silk sheets clean themselves and my bed makes itself ready for when I return to it.

I look around to see if I can spot any elven men, but I live too far from the village, so I do not spot any. I know there is the fey stone circle, not far from here, I know if I go there and offer myself to be the centre of the fertility ritual, it is very likely someone will come and sate my needs.

I walk along the steps around my home tree, and I enjoy the warm polished stones that were laid by some dwarves that visited some years ago, in return for us elves and fey giving them our hospitality and as one of them said "making me feel like a god of love, lust and fertility." They laid these enchanted stone paths, that allow faster travel without wearing ones feet, or legs out, connecting most of the important places in the forest, all the way up to their mountain homes. I feel an aching need in my pussy as I recall the dwarven hammer shaped cocks, and how they hammered me in just the right places.

I skip along the path, feeling its magic taking me faster towards the stone circle, and soon enough I reach the beautiful place, there is a small rocky hill, not quite large enough to be called a mountain, the fey have shaped and polished the stone of the mountain, to have more spots for plants to grow, and to make the stone circle itself, a spring exists at the top of the mountain, in the form of a pair of statues, a nixie and a nymph, the nixie's erect cock spraying water on the nymph's breasts, and down her body and her pussy also spraying water, down to a pool, as the pool fills a curtain waterfall that only slightly reduces vision through it, covering a set of cave rooms inside the mountain, fills another pool that is also connected to a hot spring below it, there are carved stone seats around the edge and a bottomless pool there the cool water of the statues above and the hot spring mingle to be just right. During the day the mist formed from the waterfall at the edges create beautiful sparkles with dancing rainbow motes, that make the colours of the wild yet beautiful garden that surrounds the stone circle look even more vividly vibrant.

The perfect mixture of flower scents fill the air, and butterflies and bumble bees fly and buzz from flower to flower. The bumble bees have several polished stone urns where their hives safely live. The water flows down some steps from the pool and around the outside and inside of the stone circle, there are thirty seven stones, each with depictions of nature, plants and animals, elves, fey and other humanoids, making love in many different ways and pairings. A few flowering vines cling to the standing stones, and also have small berries, if a woman eats one she will get aroused, a man will get erect, both will have their stamina restored, and the berry will provide enough nutrients to survive on for a day, also they are very tasty, I pick one and toss it into my mouth and I look at the stone platform in the centre of the stone circle, seeing the seams between the stones, feeling excited to activate the mechanism when I am ready.

I step into the pool and through the curtain waterfall and grab a beautiful crystal bottle and from it I pour into my hair and all over my body an oily gel, it is the fey version of moon oil, I know it will rejuvenate my skin, and magically protect my body from injuries, letting me stretch rather than break, it makes my skin more sensitive, but all injuries it protects me from will have their pain turned into intense pleasure instead, I can already feel the other effect it has, my own scent is enhanced by it, and mingles perfectly with its own scents, flowers, spices, herbs, and it adapts to my own scent, my own pheromones, making me smell more alluring to anyone who might be interested in me, a female star elf.

I make sure to massage the moon oil into my pussy and into my ass too, and I feel its cleaning magic flow up into me, finally I step into the curtain waterfall and let the cool water flow around me, the moon oil tingles and warms me as it soaks into my skin, finally leaving a lustre of the oil on my skin as I step out into the pool and down the steps to enter the stone circle, and as my toes touch the central stone platform the seams light up.

I walk around and touch the symbol for wanting to offer myself up as the focus of the fertility ritual, I feel a deep vibration in the stone below my feet and the sound of the stones sliding against each other.

Next to me a stone chest slides out of the stone circle while a larger opening forms across the diagonal of the circle in front of me and out of it three concentric clear crystal circles rise from the ground, the outer circle connects to the middle circle, the middle circle to the inner circle.

I open the chest and out of it I take the seamless gold collar and slap it against my neck and I feel it turn ghost like as it slips through my neck and then attaches to my neck, adjusting itself to fit snugly around my neck, I feel my magic get contained, I feel butterflies in my stomach, I put on gold anklets and bracelets in the same fashion and a pair of gold arm bands that go just above my elbows, and a pair that go around my legs above my knees, I know they can attach to each other as if they were a single piece of metal.

I pick up the gold ring that sits on the blindfold and as I do a stone pillar rises, I say three words and picture them in my head too, ruby, meaning faster, more, sapphire, slow down, mercy, onyx, stop, I need to talk, and I place the ring in the slot for it. I know if I think onyx twice the collar and cuffs on my body will be removed.

I pick up the two crystal ear plugs and slide them into my ears and the sounds around me go away and I only hear my fast excited heart beating in my ears and my own breathing. I slip the ring gag into my mouth and around my head attaching it below my hair, and I feel my long hair caress all the way down just to my butt as I let it go. Finally I pick up the blindfold and one side of it is so clear it is invisible, letting one see what is behind it, the other is completely black, darker than midnight, I can only feel not see two eye cups in the blindfold and I put them over my eyes and I can't see anything, I tie the blindfold just above the ring gag below my hair.

I can really feel the gentle breeze around me, some misty particles of water landing on my skin, my hot breath on my upper lip as I breathe through my nose, the scent of the flowers and taste of the berry lingering in my mouth, and the scent of my own arousal.

I start slowly feeling my way with my bare feet, feeling the polished stone below me, the seams, a few symbols, I bump into the pillar with the ring, and move around it, and finally I feel the two carved, no, shaped indentations in the ground that perfectly fit my feet as I position myself fully.

I feel the anklets snap as they attach to something and I feel my bracelets do the same and then I cry out as the ground vanishes and my legs and arms are spread out quickly, my breasts bounce as I end up floating spread eagle.

I feel the sunlight caressing my skin with its warm embrace.

There is a gentle caress and then a sharp pinch in both my nipples, and I feel metal slip through my nipples and then my breasts are pulled by the metal together until my breasts press against each other, and I feel myself drool a bit, and it drips down between my breasts. There is another sensation of a sharp pinch in my clitoris hood and soon I feel a smooth metal ring through my clitoris hood, and coming to a rest against my clit. The pinch is nothing like what a real piercing would feel like, I know these are every bit as magical as the collar, and are just temporarily attached to me.

At that moment I feel the three rings have a heat pulse that almost feels like a flame kissing my skin, followed by an intense pulse of cold, the cold stays a little longer making me shiver even in the sunlight, I struggle a little against the cuffs, but I notice it has very little give, I manage to feel some smooth chain links with my fingers and I grab onto them, the cold gives way to what feels like a spark of electricity, like when I learned to do lightning magic, and it makes me spasm and cry out, a deep intense vibration starts and I squirm, gasp, moan and soon cry out, the vibration does not stop.


The magic of the fertility ritual:

I caress Aurora the star elf all over, including her ears, and tug a bit on the golden chain that connects her bejewelled nipple rings, I listen to her moan and watch her beautiful violet iris be a thin ring around her agape pupils.

I manifest in the chest next to the pillar seven large clear crystal balls with an inner glow, and a hooked butt plug in the same material, I gently collect her long hair into a pony tail, placing seven tight gold rings around it tightly along its length.



I feel my hair being gathered up, then a cool smooth thing push against my anus and I force myself to exhale and relax as best I can despite the orgasms being forced into me by the piercings vibrating, shocking, cooling and heating me. I feel my anus stretch around the cool smooth thing and my ass getting filled with what feels like a thick smooth dildo, then I feel it between my butt cheeks too, my head is tugged back and I feel my hair getting attached to the thing in my ass, I arch my back to relieve tension.

I feel my pussy lips kiss another cool smooth thing, and the cool smooth thing pushes up into me, my pussy muscles grab onto it, I think it is a sphere, it refuses to be pushed out when my orgasm makes my pussy try so, instead selectively riding the muscle contractions that pull it deeper, soon I feel its coolness against my cervix, and more balls are being pushed into me, six fit entirely inside me and then the seventh are pushed up firmly until it just passes my pussy opening slightly, my pussy opening must look a little like eye lids lazily half closing around it, it feels like something is attached to that last one.


The magic of the fertility ritual:

I watch the wetness flowing from Aurora's filled pussy, down the seven beads, and to the crystal bell hanging from the last ball in her pussy, her wetness does not muffle the beautiful song of the bell ringing out into the forest, and across the other worlds.

I open the slowly changing gates between the standing stones, to let the ringing out of her bell reach other planes, along with her moans, her cries and her scent, to hopefully find a willing partner, or partners to finish the other part of me. Until then I will keep her nourished, and in a constant state of bliss, and keep her egg fertile and ready.

I make the gravity control activate inside the inner ring, and spin it clockwise inside itself, I then spin it clockwise around the centre of the stone platform, and I spin the middle ring counter clockwise inside itself, and spin the middle ring end over end in the outer ring. I spin the outer ring inside itself clockwise. I watch Aurora handle this well, the bead chain hanging from her and the bell keep hanging down between her legs as she spins, thanks to the gravity control.



The world spins around me, it must be those rings, I am glad my eyes are not able to see anything, as that might have made me throw up, but as it is I am able to relax and surrender to the sensation instead, I wonder if someone is there, I try to talk, I have no clue if I make any sense though, but I try to say "please make love to me" however I don't detect any change, the touches on my skin do not feel like real hands, more like the make hand spell, it feels good though, I feel the balls and butt plug inside me start to vibrate too, only taking breaks to pulse with heat, cold, and shock, their smooth surface ripples with waves and what feels like fingertips pressing, caressing, massaging me. I also feel the balls dance in me and thrust in a very short stroke, I soon have an even more intense orgasm from them, yet my need only grows stronger, I cry out again, begging for someone to fuck me. I notice the spinning slow down and the touches on my skin goes away entirely and makes me really feel their absence I whimper, trying to say "come back, fuck mmm me please." but I only feel these things in me, and my piercings continue making me orgasm, not letting me come down from orgasm, making my need build more and more. I lose my words as I drown in pleasure and need, crying out, hoping someone will come.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Nick (the nixie (male nymph)):

I am playing my fiddle under water, reclined a bit, my legs spread, as Nerissa the nymph is licking and kissing my balls, my cock is resting in her black hair as she is doing so, I am relaxing fully and letting her work for the erection she wants, as I compose a song about her, she is a bit of an odd nymph, an adventurer, a sorceress and warrior, only recently returned from a century of adventuring with some mortals, almost all of them dead from old age, and the rest retired, with families of their own. Nerissa is using her strong hands to massage my inner thighs while making love to my balls with her wonderful lush soft warm lips, I feel her tongue lick my balls as they are restrained by her lips, her sharp teeth gently tease my ball sack, and I know that she could easily slice me and hurt me really bad, if it was not for her skill of keeping her teeth from doing so.

I taste and smell on the water coming from the pool above, moon oil and the taste of an elven woman in heat, my attempt to not go erect too easily quickly fail.


I smell and taste Nick's wonderful masculine scent as I gently make love to his balls, and listen to the song he is composing for me, I blush and get wet as the song describes my skill in love making, in particular how good my lips and tongue feel on his balls. Then I smell and taste moon oil and an elven woman in heat, and I feel Nick's cock going erect on top of my head, and soon the taste and scent of his precum wafts around me, I giggle, a little frustrated in how easy Nick gets distracted, I had been making gentle love to his balls for an hour already, and not gotten him fully erect, of course I am not in heat, and I have magic on me that keeps me safe from getting pregnant, as getting pregnant while adventuring is not great, and I like having sex as often as I can. "Do you want me to join you as you fuck her?" I ask Nick, wanting him to know that I am obviously fine with him doing that, it is kind of his job as the resident guardian of the pool, to help women who offer themselves for the fertility ritual get pregnant, after a very thorough fucking, at least unless other males show up.


"Mmm yes I would like you to join me too, I can call over some of my friends too, to make sure you and her have sufficient attention." I say as I put my fiddle away, and gently caress Nerissa's hair and ears and pull her up to her feet as I get up and I lean down to kiss her beautiful lips, not minding tasting myself on her lips.

Grok (troll):

I am resting under my bridge, eating some nice red apples that I got as toll from one of the dwarven merchants, very sweet, juicy and crunchy, just the way I like it. I hear moans from the fey stone circle and the scent of an elf in heat soon is blown by a gentle wind under the bridge and I feel my cock pulse, I finish off the rest of the apple, stem and seeds and all, I love the bitter bite of the seeds, and I walk up over the bridge and down the path to the stone circle and I see the beautiful golden elf woman, having offered herself to whomever wants to fuck her, and I do.

Jack (human):

I am woken up by the sound of a woman moaning, I get curious and peek out of my hammock that I have tied high above the ground between two trees. I grab my spyglass and looking around I soon locate the source of the moans, a golden elf woman, held helpless in a strange contraption in the fey stone circle. I feel myself drawn to her, I can't quite make out the words she is moaning, but to me it sounds like she is begging to be fucked. I intend to do that and maybe figure out how to release her after that. I leave my hammock where it is and toss the single rope with knots down and climb down and head toward her.

Arkan (red orc):

I hear a bell ringing out and I look in the direction of the sound and see a shimmering hole in the air, and beyond it a golden elven woman restrained, moaning, her scent makes my cock go erect and I put down the barbecued wild boar leg I have been eating and pull off my loin cloth, and step through the hole in the air and I find myself in a much more lush world than my own.

I see coming through another hole in the air a tall blue hairless male, with eight tentacles instead of hair, his cock is almost as big as mine and erect, I briefly glance back over my shoulder, but my campsite vanishes as the hole in the air goes somewhere else.

Tal'ki (blue male with eight tentacles instead of hair):

I watch a portal to another world appear before me and I see an alien female, restrained, my mind connects to hers, but I do not understand her thoughts, the words she speaks in her mind are alien to me, but I feel her extreme need to have a male make love to her and make her pregnant, and despite how alien she looks I feel myself getting aroused, and I slip out of my robe and step through the portal, and I spot another male creature as I enter this strange primitive world around me, not a crystal tower in sight, but a beautiful wild garden and forest beyond it, the male briefly is considering getting his weapon, to fight me, but he drops that idea and seems to feel some sort of kinship with me, we are here for the same reason, to fulfil her need.

Corwyn (satyr):

I roar out as I bury my cock deep in Cherry's pussy and listen to her crying out with me as I explode into her, her red hair with cherry leaves and flowers, blossom even more as more flowers appear and some of the old flowers quickly become cherries that quickly ripen. I caress her firm body, enjoying the way her dryad body feels. I hear a bell ringing from the stone circle not far from here and I pull out of her, watching my cum drip down from her pussy and onto the bark and roots of her cherry tree, I kiss her "I hear another woman in need" I say "I will be back later." I say.

Cherry giggles "wait a moment" she says squatting down, grabbing my still erect cock and kisses, licks and sucks the last few drops of cum from my cock and I groan as my cock is so wonderfully sensitive "there you can go now" she says.

I run swiftly toward the stone circle, and find myself not alone. Just as I get there I can see a human with brown piercing eyes and a full head of hair reaching to his shoulders, a red orc male, some blue male I have never seen before, my friend Grok the green troll that lives under the bridge he helped the dwarves make, just as I join them I hear two splashes from the pool and see Nick and the scary nymph Neri getting out of the pool.

All six of us men are erect, it is clear that the fertility ritual of the stone circle and this golden elf's need, has all called us here. Neri I am not sure why she is here, but if she participates in the fertility ritual that would be welcome, she is really gorgeous, but she has rejected my advances in the past.


I look at the gorgeous gold elf woman offering herself to the fertility ritual, and I find that I really want to fuck her, clearly all the men here want to fuck her too. I reach out to my magical storage and bring out my favourite pet that I rescued from a dark elf bitch, my adorable cockite Cocky, it looks at me with its two large lazy violet eyes, it looks like a very soft slightly deformed flaccid cock, it is so soft and cuddly, and I feel it grip my arm with its tendrils that extend from below its eyes, I gently place Cocky on my inner thigh and feel its tendrils grab around my leg and slowly reach out to spread my pussy lips, I spread my legs a bit to make it easier for Cocky and all six men watch me, Cocky slips its tendrils up into me and start to pull itself up, then it pushes its eyes up into my pussy along with the tendrils and I feel its flesh merging with my own and now I can feel my cock fill with blood, I feel my womb and then my ovaries shifting inside me and I feel my ovaries become balls and slip down into my newly formed ball sack, made from the eyelids of Cocky and my pussy lips, I feel my cock drool precum as I quickly start getting erect.


I am not sure why Nerissa decided another cock was needed right now, I cast a spell to allow the six of us to understand each other, and I say "seems there are a lot of us, and only one of her, any ideas on how to resolve the situation?"


"Whomever has the largest cock gets to choose what they want to do first with the gold elf" I say to the strangely attractive, gorgeously handsome man, I am not into men, but I may almost make an exception in his case, the nymph and the strange creature she merges with makes me shiver, though I also find her strangely alluring, a female body with a cock, too bad it seems her pussy is occupied by the cock creature.

We all walk up closer to the golden elf, and I see that the troll is the largest, then the gorgeous man, the nymph, me, the satyr, the blue male and then the human.


"I have a suggestion, if you are all open to it, with the magic of the fertility ritual going, we can drive her even more madly in lust if we first have her pleasure us with her mouth, giving her our first ejaculation orally, then our second in her ass, then let her stew a bit in her heat before we take her pussy when we are ready for the third round" I say, looking at the others "also it helps if we know each other's names, I am Nick."

I look to the others to see if they like my idea.

"I am Grok" my friend Grok the troll says.

The red orc nods "yes, it is known filling female's ass with cum repeatedly will kindle her need for cock into an insatiable blaze, though I don't intend to just fuck her three times, I am Arkan."

Nerissa laughs "you are so wonderfully cruel Nick, it works on me, when I let guys do that, I am Nerissa, you can call me Neri for short. Also if you treat her and me right, I may get in the mood to have some fun with you guys too, but not till my cock is sore from fucking her."

"Corwyn" my friend Corwyn says "I am with Arkan, I intend to fuck her till I can't produce more cum."

The blue male speaks up "my name is Tal'ki, or Tal for short, I will go with what you who live on this world suggest, I do not know your mating rituals."

The human looks between the rest of us a bit nervously "you can call me Jack, and uh, I hope we can also promise each other to let all of us go back home after we are done fucking her brain's out, yeah?"

I walk over to him giving his shoulder a gentle squeeze "of course Jack, that is the rule of this stone circle, no fighting near it or in it. Unless one wants the wrath of the fey magic to make one wish one is dead."

I then hear the elf woman moan trying to say "please fuck me" I have learned how to understand ring gagged females.

Neri speaks up "also one more thing, if you want her to fall in complete lust with you, and make it more likely I want to fuck you, you should all go take a dip in the pool and use some of the moon oil that is in that bottle" she says and heads over to oil herself up and I join her, the other men all follow and clean themselves and get oiled up, it makes all of our scents so much better, without hiding our natural scents or pheromones, rather enhancing them, making them better, stronger, more potent. Neri caresses each of our cocks blushing as we huddle up around her "mmm not yet, but fuck you guys smell good now."


I can smell several aroused males around me, none of them are elves, I think, I am pretty sure one of them smells like a human, but the others I am not sure of, but I want all of them to fuck me, and I try to beg them "please fuck me."

They don't, and it makes me feel a bit bad, like they don't want to fuck me, am I not good enough for them? I struggle against the restraints and feel tears well into my eyes. Then I can feel the scent of them much more intensely, better, cleaner, yet so much more arousing, just no scent of sweat or dirt and grime, they must have taken a dip in the pool and used moon oil, I am going insane with lust, and I feel several hands all over me, and cocks rubbing against my skin.

Two large strong hands grab my head and I feel an enormous cock rub against my belly and press in between my breasts, my nipples hurt a bit as the rings connected by the chain between them are pulled as the huge cock head presses up between my breasts, I feel my head get tugged forward and I stick my tongue out of the ring gag, and I manage to lick the cock's head, feeling the large slit in it, and a bitter apple scented precum droplet on my tongue, then the cock head pushes my tongue back into the ring, and my lips kiss part of the cock head, I feel the ring gag get pressed against my teeth as the cock head can't fit through it, I lick the part of the cock head that is fitting in the ring gag trying to make him feel good. He is rubbing my ears roughly, it still gives me pleasure despite that though, he is not an expert on elven ear massages, but still is being gentle for a being with his size of hands.


"I can't fit through stupid ring" I groan as the wonderful elf is making me feel amazing with her tongue, I try to massage her ears as the dwarven bard sang about massaging an elven maiden's ears making her sing out in pleasure and fall in love with him. She does moan beautifully.

Nick chuckles "just touch the ring with two fingers and concentrate on how big you want it to be and it will adjust for you, or you can remove it if you want."

I growl a bit "just remove it for me."

Nick moves up behind her and undoes the ring gag and closes it around her neck above her collar.

I present her lips with my cock again and she uses her beautiful lips to kiss around the head of my cock, her tongue licking the part of my cock's head that is inside her mouth. I feel my balls press up against her breasts as I press my cock up into her mouth, that stretches for me and I press up against the back of her throat and she squirms so wonderfully around my cock.

I see Neri pick up the ring from the small pillar and put it on, she smiles "she wants you to fuck her harder."

I am not sure I want to fuck her throat, really I was about to pull back a bit and let her work her lips and tongue on my cock head, but her breast do feel great to slide my cock between, so I start to slowly thrust between her breasts and up into her drooling mouth. I love how I can see her eyes through the blindfold, crazy hot fey magic, I love her violet eyes, I can't take my eyes off them.


I am so happy to have the ring gag removed so I can better pleasure the cock with my lips and tongue, and he can fit now, stretching my mouth with his cock, I try really hard to not scrape his cock with my teeth, but I can feel him do so, however I don't draw blood and he does not stop pushing into my throat, so I must be doing a good enough job, then he pushes his cock all the way into the back of my throat and I feel saliva flowing quickly as I gag on his cock, it is so huge, I also love how his cock feels between my breasts, and how his huge balls press against my breasts from below. My hair tugging on my butt plug is also feeling amazing, as are all the hands fondling me all over and cocks rubbing on my body. I think Ruby.

I feel the huge cock start to move against me, slow thrusts at first, I try to both relax yet apply pressure with my lips around his cock's head as he pushes into my mouth and lick his cock's head as he pushes in, I had learned from one of my lovers, when I asked him to tell me what felt good, that lips sliding around his cock's head feel amazing, and I learned to slip my lips perfectly around his cock's head as he fucked me even quickly. It is a lot more challenging to do it with this cock, he is larger than my fist, or even a male fist, though not as large as his own fists must be, I love the magic that let's me stretch and feel pleasure instead of pain. I hope I look hot for him though, even as I gag and drool all over his cock.

I feel a pair of hands cupping my breasts and a pair of breasts pressing against my back, her hands press my breasts tighter around the cock fucking my breasts and mouth and she tugs the rings in my nipples, I feel a tingle of magic and my lips, tongue, uvula and throat all get pleasurable, my uvula feels as good as my clit does when touched, and this huge cock slamming and rubbing against it feels amazing.


I love the near instant reaction of this beautiful golden star elf as I make her mouth every bit as pleasurable for her as her pussy, the ring also tells me her name "if any of you care this gorgeous elf is called Aurora" I love the way her contained magical power feels as I touch her, pressing my breasts into her, she is intoxicating, and I rub my cock against the low of her back, I pull her nipples a little harder now and squeeze them, I know if I were in her position I would love that, I also enjoy feeling Grok's cock through her breasts as he moves, and I press them tightly against his cock.

Arkan chuckles "that is a typical ostentatious elven name, elves always think they are so above the rest of us." I don't entirely agree with him, though there is some truth there, but that might be since elves respect us fey, and don't really respect all the shorter lived races. However I can tell Aurora does not feel revulsion from the mixed group of scents she is smelling, she is aware there are lesser races here, non elves, and that she risks pregnancy with one or more of them, in particular with the fertility magic going.

I feel Arkan fondle my butt and I love that, however I won't let him fuck me while I can still keep my cock up, ever since I saved Cocky I have understood men a lot better, or at least why they like doing certain things with their cocks. I press my balls against Aurora's butt.

I get a bit of a twisted idea in my mind, and I reach for the fertility ritual spell, and I tweak it, and make Aurora aware of what I am doing too, letting her see the spell form in her mind.


I feel the mind of the female touch mine and I see her alter the magic of the fertility ritual. I already knew it is nearly certain I will get pregnant if a man cums in my pussy, and that is why I went here. What she has done is a bit twisted though, she has used the power of the ritual to make it possible for me to become pregnant with any male, and in addition to that, while there are men near me that want to fuck me, the sperm will be held by magic in my womb, waiting for all of them to finish and then the magic will combine the best traits of all the men into two sperm that will fertilize my egg at the same time, and guarantee I will get twins, I can tell that if I don't stop the ritual right now this change to me will happen and be permanent, not just during this ritual. I signal my approval to her by picturing a large ruby heart. As I do I feel the magic take hold. I know some other elves will look down on me as a freak and race traitor for breeding even with a human or fey, and I smell others around me, but I don't care, I even love dwarves, not that they can breed with elves. I am even a bit sad that no dwarves are here right now, I don't feel any hammer shaped cocks rubbing against me.


I am working on a breastplate when suddenly I hear a bell ringing and a gateway opens in front of me, I see a beautiful naked golden elf surrounded by naked men of many races, and I feel the scent of her arousal, her need. I find myself stripping naked and walking in a trance through the gateway and my hammer grows hard with intense arousal.

A nymph with a cock moves up to me and gently caressing me leads me to the pool and waterfall and has me wash myself with a oily gel that makes me smell amazing "my name is Nerissa, what is yours?" she says.

"My name is Ragnar" I say and listen to her introduce everyone, including the golden elf, explaining that this is a fertility ritual, and she has put herself willingly as its focus, since she wants to get pregnant and help nature while doing so. That makes me very aroused, even though I know no dwarven man have ever impregnated an elf, but it is fun to try to do so. I walk up to Aurora and see we are just rubbing our cocks on her so far.

Jack says "you are shorter than me, so you get to go after me" he says and explains the rules they have all accepted, and I like how it sounds.

I admire the chains on her and the piercings and look up into her pussy through the clear glass balls in her, and love how the bell rings out as he squirms and moans on the troll's cock. I lick her pussy lips and love the taste of her pussy juices, I also get to see her stretched open ass, tied to her hair. I rub my cock against her soaked inner thigh.

I look at the stone work and the rings holding Aurora up and marvel at the craftsdwarfship, though it does not look dwarven, or gnomeish, this is more shaped with magic, must be made by fey or elves, still looks amazing.


I feel a new scent, an aroused dwarven male, and I don't know why that really excites me a lot, it takes a while, but soon I feel his beard against my inner thighs and I feel his tongue licking my pussy lips and clit, as my mouth is getting fucked by the huge cock in my mouth, I moan as I love that he does that, then I feel his hammer shaped cock rub against my inner thigh, I am a really lucky woman, so many men wanting me, rubbing their cocks on me.

The huge cock between my breasts and in my mouth jumps, and if it was not for my protective magic my teeth would have been knocked out, and there is an enormous eruption of cum, it has such high pressure that it makes my eyes and ears pop, cum exploding out my nose and down my throat and between my stretched tight lips around the cock head. That is just the first blast of cum, and there is a total of thirteen blasts, each time erupting out my nose, lips and down my throat, filling my belly with the wonderful heat, I am panicking a bit though since I can't breathe with all this sticky cum and the cock in my throat, I squirm, but then the worst of the panic goes away as the female does a bit more magic on me and the sides of my neck feel more sensitive to the air, as I get gills I think, at least I can breathe and it feels very pleasurable to do so with the gills.

The cock softens slowly and then pulls away, and I start to feel a gentler touch, the woman is kissing and licking the cum dripping down between my breasts, while I savour the flavour of the cum in my mouth, the heat, the strange but nice taste of apples, I lick as much of my own lips clean as my tongue can reach and soon she kisses me and shares the cum with me, and then licks and sucks the cum from my nose and shares that with me too, I find it a bit weird but so very hot too, that she would do that.

Then I feel myself being spun around, yet the gravity still pulls me down towards my feet, it is a very confusing sensation.


I watch Neri cleaning Aurora of cum and sharing it with her in kisses, I get really aroused by her doing that, and it is clear I am not alone in that. As Neri finishes I pull her by her hips and kiss her and watch her look really happy of my appreciation for her. I grab Aurora and use the rings to position her horizontally, her breasts pointing up and I caress her ears in that way that gives intense orgasms to elves if you do it right, and I know exactly how to do it, I then straighten her neck and pull her head back a bit and start to rub my cock and balls all over her face and she starts licking and kissing my shaft and balls.

I look to Neri "if you want you can fuck her breasts while I fuck her mouth, but don't cum save that for your turn with her mouth."

Neri smiles and I see her concentrate as she uses the ring to control the rings, gravity and stone platform, and she grabs a pair of pillows that she places on the stone pillars that rise out of the ground on Aurora's left and right and she gets up placing her legs on the pillows and slides her cockite cock between Aurora's breasts while she massages the breasts with her hands, tugging very fiercely on the nipple rings and making the chain get one link shorter to adjust Aurora's breast to be tighter together around her cock.

I see Arkan go to Aurora's right hand as that is now in range and place it around his cock and she does her best to let him fuck her hand.

Corwyn moves up grabbing her right foot and rubbing his cock against the sole of her feet and her toes.

Tal'ki looks at both of them seeming to consider a bit and then takes Aurora's left hand and has her help him fuck her hand.

Jack looks to Ragnar and then takes Aurora's left foot and tries out what Corwyn is doing and seems to like it.

Ragnar moves up to between Aurora's legs and licks and sucks on her pussy lips and alternates thumbs rubbing her clit and licking it with his tongue.

Aurora squirms and makes the bell ring as the beads the bell hangs from hang horizontally in the gravity field affecting her body.


I love having my face rubbed by this slightly less huge cock, his scent is so much better than the other cock, I also love the cock fucking between my breasts, it confuses me though as where the cock is, the female hands are, and she is mauling my breasts in a really wonderful way, does she have a cock? I don't really understand, but I love it, then I soon get a cock in each hand and rubbing against my feet, I moan and giggle a bit as my feet are very ticklish, but despite that I love it, and then I feel the dwarven beard between my legs again and he is pleasuring me with his firm lips and strong rough tongue and hands. I squirm from pleasure and being tickled.

I lick, kiss and suck gently on the balls of the man who is gently massaging my ears in just the exactly right way, even better than I can do to myself, and nobody has been able to be better than myself with my ears. I soon sing out from an intense orgasm and the man at my mouth starts to gently fuck my lips with just the head of his cock, I have an intense desire to be able to see his balls or feel them rest on my eyes, but I love being allowed to enjoy his steady flow of precum as I pleasure him with my lips and tongue, my uvula feels very neglected though, I want to gag on his cock, and get an orally induced orgasm, now that I can have them, but my lips and tongue also feel so amazing, I can tell by his soft smooth strong hands and the shape of his cock that he is gorgeously handsome.

The nipple rings, clitoris ring, balls and hook in my ass go into overdrive pleasuring me and I really hope I am doing all I can to pleasure the men, as my body writhes and twists in the restraints and I cry out from orgasm after orgasm and I squirt on the dwarf and as I do he licks all of it up, and does not relent at all with his oral pleasuring of me. If he will let me later I am going to give him the best oral and other sex that I can. Though I know the ritual is set up to allow the men that impregnate me to remain anonymous if they want to, as it is a blessing to me for them to impregnate me, and I should not have any claim on them for that, as they are giving me what I want.

The male in my mouth starts sliding his cock ever so slightly deeper with each thrust through my lips, and slowly my mind makes a picture of his cock using how it feels with my lips and tongue, I am amazed I can achieve a kind of vision with my touch.

I feel a shift in gravity and the strain on my wrists lessens and I feel like I am floating and bobbing on a plane, I can tell from how my wetness drips around me that the plane of centre of gravity is in my middle and I float in it, the gentlest possible bed, it allows me to relax better and not feel such strain on my body.

I feel intense joy as the man fucking my throat finally presses his balls against my nose and eyes as he goes balls deep down my throat, I squirm, drool and orgasm really hard, and as I am about to panic from lack of air, thinking I will go unconscious I feel the gills keep me supplied with just enough air that a breath would feel really good, but I am not starting to black out. I feel the female's hands slide from my breasts up to my neck and caress my gills and they feel so sensitive, then she covers them with her hands and gently chokes me and I feel the panic build again, yet it also gives me intense pleasure.

I just barely manage to remember and picture a sapphire, asking through the ring for someone to tell her to back off a little bit, slow down and have a little bit of mercy on me, she relaxes her hands and caress along my neck down to grab my breasts again, the man keeps fucking me with short yet deep strokes in my throat, grinding his balls against my face, I love his scent and taste so much and what he is doing, as I start to recover from the choking the female's hands return again and chokes me, only this time she stops just before I feel the need to tell her to slow down and she alternates between mauling my breasts and choking me, I love her so much, all of them so much. I want to properly pleasure her too, eat out her pussy, if she has a pussy, and return the favour of a rough breast massage, I have never felt this much pleasure be forced from my breasts and nipples, and now I know I can take more rough handling than I knew.


Grok picks one of the berries growing on the vines on the standing stones and walks over to the pool, tossing the berry into his mouth and relaxes in the water watching the rest of us take our turn with Aurora's lips, tongue, mouth, throat.

I love how good Aurora's throat feels to fuck, her face against my balls, and watching her writhe in intense pleasure, and watching Neri be rough on her, but not too rough, just rough enough, as she closes her hands around Aurora's neck I can feel the tightness of Aurora's already tight throat get even tighter, almost making it impossible for me to keep thrusting.

I soon glisten with sweat as I thrust inside Aurora and I slow my pace just enough to stay on the edge, I hear Neri's moans indicate she is also getting close to orgasm, and pacing herself, and the groans from the other men as they also pace themselves, except Ragnar who is focused on pleasuring Aurora, I feel a bit bad for him that he is not getting to be pleasured more directly by her, but I know how fun it is to eat out a woman watching her orgasm until she has to beg you to stop.


As I choke Aurora again I decide to give her one more gift for being such a wonderful fuck toy and slut, letting all of these men have their way with her, and that she allows me to have my way with her too, I focus my magic and remember when my hands were around the neck of a winged tailed siren Cora as I was fucking her throat, and I use my magic to adjust Aurora's throat and vocal cords to give her as close as I can the singing range of a siren, I know I can't even get close to matching Cora's singing voice with my magical alterations, even with the help of the ritual magic here, but it will still be a nice gift for Aurora to enjoy, once her throat is not being used for fucking.

"Fucking cum already Nick!" I moan out to Nick "I know you want to show off, but all of the rest of us are waiting." Aurora's breasts are really amazing to fuck, but I don't want to waste a load on her chest, I want to have her taste my cum erupting out onto her tongue, filling her mouth, as I know how good that feels for me and I want her to enjoy it.


I chuckle at Neri getting desperate and annoyed at me for taking too long, as I chuckle I lose concentration and my cock twitches inside Aurora's wonderful mouth, just as her tongue licks across my slit and I let her use her lips and tongue to pleasure me as I unload my cum into her, some cum bursts out of her nose again even as she swallows rapidly, but not nearly as much as Grok did, he cold have drowned her with his cum. I perhaps could too, but not easily. I stay in her mouth until she cleans the last drop.


I grab Aurora's head and tilt her up to kiss her own breasts and fuck her hard slapping my balls against her breasts as I fuck her lips, I love how well her lips stay around my cock head as I fuck her even as I do so fast and then I stop with my balls pressed against the bottom of her breasts hard and my cock head held by her lips around the rim of my cock as I cry out and explode into her mouth, I see her beautiful tear filled eyes agape with lust and love through the blindfold, the tears are from cum going where it should not, and I feel a bit bad as I make her nose erupt more cum, but she really looks gorgeous, she licks the last drops from my cock and I don't smear her when I pull my cock out from her mouth and breasts and I lick Nick's and my cum from her face and suck her nose again to clear the cum so she can breathe and then I kiss her long and hard, sharing the cum with her.

Arkan slaps my face with his cock painting me with his precum and I love that he is so fucking brave, I have killed orcs for less, but this is the fertility ritual, and I don't want to kill him, I want him to fuck me after he is done fucking Aurora. But I decide to reward him a bit for being that brave and I kiss his cock with Aurora and he actually does not try to grab me, shove his cock into my throat or Aurora's, letting us gently pleasure him instead, he does grab Aurora's ears, having seen what Nick was doing and tries his best to pleasure her ears.


I am surprised that Neri the scary nymph did not hit me for slapping her with my cock, instead she is doing something nice with Aurora, soft, but fucking nice, I could almost cum from this, but I want to rape Aurora's throat hard first, so I gently grab Neri's hair and pull her away and then return to trying to pleasure Aurora's ears while I slip my cock down through her wonderful lips and into her throat and I grind my balls into her face.

Neri chokes Aurora around my cock and I love how I can feel her do that, I start thrusting hard and fast, my balls hurt from how hard they slap into her face, and I feel myself cumming, but I don't slow down, I just keep pounding her face roaring out, I do end up grabbing her ears rather hard as I do and I keep thrusting even as my cock hurts from intense pleasure.

I rub my cum soaked cock all over Aurora's face and soak the blindfold you are wearing I love how her nose erupted with cum too.

Neri licks my cock clean and then her face and does that disturbingly hot licking and sucking her nose clean and my cock throbs painfully as I watch them both kiss, sharing my cum.

Nick hands me a berry and we join Grok in the pool.

I watch curiously as Corwyn steps up letting Aurora gently suck on his cock for a bit before he starts trusting into her, I listen to him roar as he cums, I watch amazed as he holds her head in his hands as he pulls back to be just in her mouth and cum floods into her and out her nose, pooling around her head due to this weird magic of the metal circles, I wish I could cum that much, he finally pulls out and cums all over her face and hair and breasts and into Neri's hair and face. He backs away as she must be staring daggers at him. Aurora coughs and whimpers and writhes in her restraint, it takes effort for her head to avoid the cum pool so she can take some moaning and whimpering breaths with her mouth.

Neri starts by cleaning her nose again and letting her breathe while sucking up a mouthful of cum at a time and kissing Aurora once she has recovered her breath and then helps clean up most of the cum and feed it to her in kisses. She motions to Corwyn and she and Aurora kiss and clean his cock and he licks his cum from Neri and shares it in a kiss with her and she then kisses Aurora, taking some time to let her rest a little bit. Corwyn picks a berry and splashes into the pool with the rest of us.

The weird large blue alien walks up and he leans in to kiss her while his tentacles caress her neck, ears and face, the cum from Neri's and Aurora's hair pull free and float to his tentacles and he fucks Aurora's mouth with them until they get clean and then stands up straight and slides his cock balls deep into her staying still for a little while before he starts giving her long slow thrusts and making a strange moaning sound, he pulls out after a while letting her finish him with her mouth, his cum is strange, it is translucent and blue, with pearly droplets suspended in the blue fluid and it is much thicker than the cum I have seen from the rest of us, looks a little like frog egg clusters maybe, only blue.

Neri very tentatively licks his cock clean and really gets into it even taking him deeper into her throat, I guess that blue stuff tastes good. He pulls away from Neri though after she cleans him and walks up to the berry vines picking one and looking at it as he joins us "what is this for?"

Nick speaks up "it restores your body so you can mate again quicker."

"I don't need that, on my world men are rare, and when it is mating season we need to satisfy the needs of a thousand women per sleep cycle, it is not hard, if we eat enough and the correct food" he says and then looks at the berry, his tentacles make a motion that almost looks like a shrug and he tosses it into his mouth and smiles "ooh this is correct food yes."

Jack waits patiently for Neri and Aurora to finish enjoying the blue gel like cum, Neri giggles "ooh the bubbles have a nice bite to them, and the actual cum, why the blue gel?" She asks looking to Tal'ki.

"It nourishes the womb with important hormones and minerals and proteins that only we males can make, in the past when we did not have our currently perfect gender balance, it also blocks the cervix to prevent other men from getting their seed into the womb" Tal'ki explains.

Neri nods "thank you for telling me" she performs some sort of magic "that should prevent blockage."

Jack meanwhile starts to gently caress Aurora's face and ears and Aurora speaks up "please, human, I need your cock, your seed, please fuck me." he chuckles a little and rubs his cock over her face and playfully avoids her mouth and she moans in frustration, he can't resist her mouth for long though and slides his cock into her and groans "oh fuck she is good with her lips and tongue."

I laugh "yes we know that silly."

Ragnar takes a brief pause from burying his face in Aurora's pussy "I don't, I have fucking blue balls here, can't wait to feel her soft lips and tongue and hammer her throat."

Jack soon enough cries out and as he starts cumming he starts to thrust into her mouth and throat, then groaning and sounding like her lips and tongue are scalding hot he lets her suck his cock dry and goes soft very fast. He wobbles a bit on his legs as he walks over to the berry vines and picks one and eats it and joins the rest of us. Grok groaning a bit as he is painfully hard and Neri lovingly cleaning up Aurora's face after each of us has been driving us all nuts.

Aurora moans out "dwarf, I felt you earlier, please I need to taste your cock, fuck me."

An elf that actually asks for a dwarf cock, most elves where I come from would rather stay with orcs after they taste dwarf cum. I don't know why it makes me hard that she likes dwarf cum though, I am not a fucking dwarf.

Ragnar caresses along Aurora's belly and slaps Neri's butt before reaching his own head up to her head "hey Nick can you adjust this for me?"

Neri laughs "I will help you" she says and the rings lower into the ground a bit along with the pillars she is resting her legs on, until it is the right height for the dwarf to fuck Aurora's mouth.

Ragnar rubs his cock over Aurora's face and she moans and as she does he groans a bit as he puts his hammer cock between her lips, I can see she struggles to make her lips flow as smoothly over his cock's head compared to ours, it is due to dwarven cocks being like hammers actual hammers, for some bizzare reason, they are taller and deeper than my cock, but less wide, and at the top in between the two hammers is a larger round or sometimes square hole where their cum comes from.

I know from talking to an elf who chose to be with me rather than go with the dwarves, that their cum is lumpy, tasting metallic, rocky, like strong but stale ale and stale mushroom bread, and apparently some of them have cold cum. She hated it, but the moans I hear from Aurora as she makes love to that dwarf hammer cock make me wonder if it was just the lack of width that made that elf want to stay with me rather than go with dwarves.

Ragnar starts to hammer Aurora's mouth, but I can see he is being careful not to hammer her teeth, more reckless dwarves have been known to knock the front teeth out when they get rough, as some women can't quite open up that wide to make it unlikely their teeth get hit. Apparently their cocks are actually hard as metal too, or so the elf claimed. Also Ragnar like most dwarves have a equally magnificent lower beard as that on his face. His grunts are amusing to me, coming from such a small creature, and his roar as he cums nearly makes me laugh. He completely overflows her mouth and makes his cum shoot out of her nose, and I can see it is lumpy. Like milk in a calf stomach, curds...

Neri hesitates only for a few moments and then licks the hammer clean and helps clean Aurora, but I can tell from her body language that it causes revulsion in her, I think fey are sensitive to iron and maybe dwarf cum has that, I hope Neri will be okay. Aurora moans as they share the cum, clearly not hating it, or so far gone due to all her orgasms that she does not register the taste so much.

Neri slides the ring gag up into Aurora's mouth again and steps off her and walks to the chest and picks up a long flexible dildo the size of Nick's cock, and maybe even modelled after his cock, with balls too and walks up to Aurora, shoving the cock into the ring gag balls deep. She attaches a small pink silk ribbon from one end of the ring to the other holding the huge dildo down in Aurora's throat, I watch Aurora squirm beautifully as she gags on the dildo repeatedly, drool soon starts to leak from the ring gag.

Grok steps up "want other position to fuck Aurora ass."

Neri takes his hand and makes him grab Aurora's leg and moves his arm with her leg, the rings allowing her leg to move if anyone around her does so, but not by herself, the chain tightens and extends as needed as her leg is moved.

Grok gets the idea and lifts Aurora up to rest against his chest, her legs he keeps pulling to the side and up and more up and more up, until her feet touch her hair, there is a click from the cuffs as they touch and her feet are locked behind her head and the chains vanish.

Neri moves up and touches the rings in Aurora's hair letting her hair fall beautifully free over Grok's chest, then she pulls out the hook dildo from inside Aurora's ass and I get a nice very brief view of Aurora's wide open butt, but her anus closes perfectly up again, showing no trace of having been abused by the hook dildo.

Neri sniffs the dildo and then looking at us sucks on it, and moans. I like licking elf ass too, it smells like flowers, and tastes like it too. I don't understand why, and it also really humiliates elves when you do that to them, and gets them wet too.

Grok hugs around Aurora's legs and grabs her breasts really hard and he slams his cock up into her ass, balls deep, and the bell rings loudly along with the slaps of his balls as he starts pounding her hard, deep and fast.

Aurora makes muffled screams, her head slams back against Grok's chest and he turns his head and licks her face and ear before gently biting her neck, I really hope Aurora's magic protects her, as with how much her belly distends when he is fully balls deep her internal organs have to move out of the way and her insides must rearrange themselves to handle his cock.


I love the throat fucking I have received, especially the hammer cock, I have fond memories, his dwarf cum though is difficult to like the taste of, but I have fond memories of the first dwarf I sucked off, he was very gentle and really helped me get my life sorted, so the awful taste is actually a comfort, and the texture too. I feel her hesitate with her cleaning and kissing this time, and she does not try to exchange cum from my mouth to hers at all, I also feel her body resting on mine and how her movement indicates she is feeling revulsion or like she is going to throw up.

I feel the ring gag be forced into my mouth and made very wide and I love how I can taste traces of all of the men's cum, and smell them too, as even though she sucked my nose every time, she did not get all the cum out, the burn from the cum and the stinging is uncomfortable, but I love how it makes me feel on an emotional level, it reminds me of the throat fucking and of her care for me, between each, so the men don't need to feel like they are fucking a hole full of cum or slapping their balls against another man's cum. I know many men care about that, not all though, but many.
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Aurora continued from previous post:

She gets off me and then I feel her shove a cool huge dildo down my mouth, it has exactly the same shape as one of the cocks, the second one that fucked my throat, I smell her scent closer, and feel silk against my lips and the dildo stays firmly in place, down my throat and I squirm as my nose and mouth can't bring air in, I also feel drool and cum mingle and overflow in my mouth. I feel drool slip between my lips, the ring and dildo and down my chin.

I then feel myself getting repositioned, by huge strong hands, the first one that fucked me, I am not sure exactly about my orientation, but my legs are pulled to my sides and then pushed behind my shoulders and I feel the firm click as my anklet cuffs connect directly to each other behind my head, I twist my legs a little bit and rest my head on the soles of my feet. I feel my hair get freed and then the hook dildo is pulled from my ass and I squirm and moan, I am not sure they can hear me at all though.

Then I feel my breasts get brutally mauled and a cock slams into my ass, I don't feel pain, but insanely intense pleasure I slam my head back into my feet and against his chest, then I feel him licking me, it is both disturbing and an intense turn on, then I feel his scary big sharp teeth nibble my neck, gently, as he seems to try to turn my insides into tenderized meat with his huge cock, his balls slap the balls in my pussy and they thrust into me, only to move out a bit for his next thrust.

I am lost in this mind bending intense pleasure that should be pain, but is not thanks to the magic protecting me and I start to orgasm hard, thanks to a cock in my ass, I wish I could beg him to cum inside my ass, and let me feel his lust burning in me kindling my own lust more, than its already insane level. I dread when this ends, as I will be left pregnant alone, not getting to enjoy all these cocks, and I want them to fuck me forever, make me forget about anything else in the world, just live in this joy, this pleasure, this orgasmic bliss and the short moments where all I am is the fleshy medium my orgasms travel through like waves on the ocean.

I lose any sense of time all that exists is this intense pounding into me, his hands crushing my breasts so wonderfully, his hot sweaty moon oiled chest, his wonderful crushing hug, and him nibbling and licking on my neck, on my gills, they are much more sensitive and pleasurable than my ears.

After an eternity of pleasure I feel his cock jump, his arms tremble and I feel a powerful roar from him, I still can't hear though, and I feel his intense heat erupt into me, so much amazing heat, I guess my ass will smell like apples for a bit, like his cum, I feel my own orgasm completely overwhelm me and I lose a little bit of time as I feel his soft cock being slowly pulled out of me.

I feel the second man enter my ass next, I recognize him by the way his cock feels to my anus as he slides it in, and he is more gentle with my breasts, and every so often his hands roam along my stomach and rub my clit for a little bit, I love how his balls too slam into the balls in my pussy, fucking me with them, he kisses and licks my neck as well I really like his gentler touch while still fucking me hard, as intense as the first man fucking me was, this gives me a little bit of rest from the trying to rip me apart intensity of fucking.

I really wish I could make love to him, to all of them, and not just be a helpless chained up set of holes, I want all of them to look into my eyes and see the love there as I ride them till they cum, or spend hours making love to their cocks with my lips and tongue, no matter how much it hurts to keep my jaw open and working for so long, of course I do not feel that pain right now and I hope I can figure out how to make this magic permanent, so I can just keep enjoying this addictive pleasure. I feel him cum deep inside my ass, his heat is different, better than the first man, but I love both of their gifts, I want to cry out for more, and I remember the ring and I signal red.

I feel myself be pulled into a hug with the woman, feeling her breasts on me again and then she pushes her cock into me, her cock pounding into my ass. I feel her do some more magic on my body, there is no chance I can understand what while she fucks me this hard in my ass making me cum for her, this angle does not quite slam the balls into my pussy the same way, but they slap my butt and she still shoves the balls in me, just not quite the same way.

She is every bit as good at fucking me as the second man was, but I really love how she cared for me, sharing the cum with me, I really wonder how and why she has a cock though, did she always have one, if so why is her body feminine? If not I would love to know how having a cock feels, it must feel amazing, but I don't want to have a cock forever.

One thing that is good with her fucking me from the front is how it hits different spots inside me, letting different parts of me feel the pleasure giving stretching, and pounding.

She presses her breasts into me and pushes our breasts from the sides and she kisses and nibbles my neck, licking under my collar too, and I really wish she would kiss my lips, have her tongue dance with mine, our moans erupting into each other.

She fucks me what I feel like is longer than the others so far, maybe I am very lubricated with cum now, so it is less intense? It feels just as good to me though, maybe better.

I feel her shudder and feel her cry against my neck and her erupting cock inside my ass, I wish I could hug her to me, she keeps grinding into me for almost as long as the second man fucked me, and then I feel her stiffen as another few bursts of cum erupt into me.


I secretly wish I was Aurora right now, my butt tingles with need to be filled, and watching her squirm and moan into the dildo like she does, helplessly trying to twist free but unable to do so, that is so very hot to me.

I love the sound of wet balls slapping her and the bell tinkling, the sounds are so very different, but kind of perfect.

When Grok finishes I lick his softening cock clean from slight traces of his cum, I know he loves apples from the taste of his cum, he grabs my hair and I shove him off me "no not yet" I say firmly and he says "sorry" in a sad puppy tone and with sad puppy eyes, how a troll can be so stupidly adorable ugly I don't know.

Then Nick goes next and I even more want to be in her place, I have been teasing Nick, while telling him no, and I was hoping to get him erect earlier and then right up to the edge and then stop, so he will take me with primal desire and force, but he is too damned gentle unless you clearly tell him you want him to fuck you. Like Aurora did when she entered the fertility ritual.

I lick his cock clean, spending a bit more time on his balls than needed as they are mostly clean, just Aurora's squirt and pussy juices on them. Then it is my turn and her ass is so amazing, and my competitive streak and wanting to impress the other men, be better than them even, makes me decide to really push myself to keep fucking her, pacing myself. I love how her breasts feel against mine, the chain and ring piercings pressing up against me, and I make love to her neck, to her gills and I smell some cum I missed under her collar so I lick that up, I am so glad it is not Ragnar's cum, it is revolting, but I am going to tolerate it from him, Aurora loves it for some reason I can not understand.

As I cum my legs nearly go entirely limp, but I force myself to keep pounding as I cum, and my vision goes all blurry as I feel my cock not go soft, and in the crazy painful intensity I manage to fuck her till I cum again, now my balls are even tender and hot, after beating her with them and forcing them to make two loads of cum in one short time period, it felt really good.

I whimper as I am finally forced to withdraw my painfully tender and intensely sensitive cock from her ass and I bend down and lick her perfect anus, her flower taste, combines with the others with the little bit of slightly foamy cum that has leaked out, her anus has otherwise done a marvellous job so far in making sure no cum escapes, my cock and the other two are clean, just a bit of her scent on them.

As Arkan moves up to have his turn I pull my legs up over my shoulders and bend forward more slipping my own sensitive cock into my mouth, gagging on my own cock, it goes soft however as it is just too sensitive.

Arkan was looking at me over Aurora's shoulder and he says "hey Corwyn, want to fuck her ass with me? Make her feel something, maybe even more than Grok's cock."

Corwyn springs up out of the pool and joins Arkan.


I feel the forth man, or third, enter me grabbing my breasts and squeezing them, and then I feel another cock head struggle to push in next to the cock already inside me, and I have a crazy orgasm, and my entire body starts to tremble really violently my heart racing, the stretch is incredibly intense and for a moment I worry I will be ripped open, and consider asking for mercy, but it feel so good, instead I decide I want to test my limits and think ruby.


I am shocked when Neri asks for more, faster, harder. "Tal'ki, you are tall enough, how about you join them, Corwyn choose a side to move to so Talki can fit with you in front of Aurora" I say, thinking that two cocks in front will allow the balls inside her pussy to rest between them.

Tal'ki tilts his head "interesting, you don't have cultural taboos of men fucking each other? We consider it a sin, due to the waste of cum, but it is not really an issue, it is not mating season yet back home." he says and moves up pushing his cock into Aurora, taking Aurora's left side as Corwyn wants to use his right hand to rub Aurora's clit.

I watch the struggle and hear the groans of pained pleasure from the men, they however figure out a pattern, two stay fully inside her, one thrusts, then the next, round robin, as some sort of glorious tight cock carousel.

Aurora repeats Ruby, I look to Ragnar "how do we get you up to join them?"

Ragnar shakes his head "no, I don't mind sharing a woman if I get to be in a separate of her fuck holes, but I won't share the same hole, it might feel great for some women, but I don't like cocks on my cock, and I have tried it once, with a woman who really wanted to be hammered by two of us in her pussy, she wanted to marry the one who had a matching beard colour, and we both fancied her." he sighs wistfully. I think the other guy won that impregnation.

I decide to push all the balls and ring piercings to the maximum and I get the response sapphire and I slow down till she stops sending that.


A third cock is pushed into me and I feel that the dwarf cock is missing and in this insane state of mind of wanting to find my limit I again signal ruby, while the cocks start figuring out how to move inside me, I feel hands on my stretched ties caressing down to my butt and up, hands on my breasts, and on my clit and distended belly, then all the balls and my piercings go into a much more intense mode than they have ever before and it overwhelms me so much that my heart misses three beats as an actually painfully intense orgasm blows into my mind, I signal sapphire and feel the intensity slowly drop and when it feels right I stop giving the signal, as the cocks now moving in me are the most intense part of my experience, I don't want to miss how this feels.

Soon I am lost in the strangely beautiful in my mind at least motion of the wave the cocks do in a circle inside my ass, it feels amazing too and when either of the two cocks that are against the wall of my pussy the balls move with them and grind against everything inside me, especially my sweet spot, and when they are not the pressure in my pussy against my sweet spot is insane.

My pussy's contractions that are still trying to milk those hard huge balls in me is struggling to get a good grip, the over stretched and deformed parts of my muscles can't really respond, they just burn with intense pleasure.

I enter a sort of fugue state, I just remember being here, in this moment, being fucked in my ass by three wonderful cocks, orgasms rip away at my mind, and I willingly let the waves pull me out into that wonderful ocean of blissful oblivion.

A huge wave of heat, and love, and orgasmic pleasure blasts into me I burn with the pleasure of the three cocks flooding my ass and all the good memories from when I woke up this morning slam into me, it feels so long ago, is it even the same day?

I feel the cocks pull out and try to moan for them to stay in me, but they can't hear me, I feel my anus close tight despite what they just did to her, to me, I want to cry for more.


"Can we release her from the rings for a bit?" I ask as I watch Neri clean the three cocks that were just in Aurora's ass. Aurora lowers and I take her into my hands and her wrist bracelets release, I lay her on her belly laying a pillow under her pubic mound and I watch her hands caress the stone, trembling from not being held and I grab her arms pulling them behind her back and I clip the two arm bracelets against each other, it forces her to twist her body a bit and arch back, I clip her wrist bracelets together too and make her grab her own butt cheeks and spread them for me and she does, I watch in awe as her anus still looks like it has never been fucked, I hope I won't damage it with my hammer cock.

I slowly slide my cock through her anus and watch as it does a better job enveloping my cock than her lips managed and she feels amazing, even with all the cum inside her ass, so tight, warm and lubricated, as my heavy balls touch her pussy and the balls inside her, that feel amazing for my cock as I push into her, I reach around her caressing her sides and belly and grab her breasts, I am not trying to bruise them though, I just fondle them and then I start to hammer her ass and my balls slap her pussy, the bell is not ringing any more since it rests on the ground, and I miss its sound. I think I may now get a hard on if I hear a bell of this tone.

I angle myself a bit so I hammer all the balls thoroughly through the wall between her ass and pussy, and I marvel at her having such resilience, I know she like other elves have protective magic, but it is impressive regardless, I groan and breathe heavily as I try to keep increasing my pace of thrusting in her, I know Neri has some way of receiving safe words from Aurora, so I trust her to tell me if I am going too hard, but Aurora did not tell Grok or the last three men to stop, so I doubt even my hammer will do that.


I love this new position, though it is a challenge and there is nothing I can do to really adjust my position all that much, it is particularly tight for my shoulders as my legs are cuffed in a way that I can't fully pull my shoulders back to ease the strain on them and my arms, I feel more restrained than when I was spread eagle like this. Also the pillow to slightly lift my butt is a nice touch. I love how gentle the dwarf is with me, making me feel safe in his hands. Even as he starts to fuck my ass, I still feel him and I am tight for him, I notice him shift his thrusting angle and he makes the balls in my pussy  ring inside me as his hammer cock hits them.

I have several more gentle, warmer orgasms, like a comforting loving embrace, the little touches of gentle care he gives me, yet also how utterly restrained he made me, letting me know that I should just relax and enjoy what he is doing, and I do.

I feel him shudder against me, his lower beard pressing into me as his cock hammers and erupts its chunky cum into my ass, mingling with all the other cum, hot with small cooler chunks, I can't help but love the way it feels.


I pick out a large clear flat crystal lens spool, and lick Aurora's anus trying to not show my revulsion of the dwarf cum and then I press the lens into her anus and shift it into place, it stretches her as wide as Grok's cock did, and on the other side is the cum that is filling her ass.

I turn to the dwarf and lick his cock clean, at least his cum is mixed with other cum so it is not quite as horrible, and I let him caress my hair and ears, he does not try to grab me and because he is gentle I feel less mad at him for having disgusting cum, he can't really help it, and he is showing me how much what I am doing means to him.

Finally he gently pulls me away from him "thank you Neri, you don't have to eat my cum if it is unpleasant for you, but your gentle care and love for Aurora and the rest of us is really wonderful."


I feel the lips of the other woman and then my anus is stretched by something strange, it is not a dildo but it opens my anus wide, but the cum does not exit, then I feel it join the balls in pleasuring me and it makes the cum inside my ass churn and move as if it is a cock made entirely out of cum and able to move in ways a cock can't, I feel myself blush as this sensation is so twisted and weird, but I feel an orgasm building fast and I cum hard.

I am left there for what feels like an eternity to me, I really hope they are not just going to stop now and not fuck my pussy, I came here to get pregnant, I signal ruby and still nothing happens and I start to cry into my blindfold, feebly struggling against the impossibly tight cuffs, I know I can demand immediate release, but that ends the ritual too I think and that is the last thing I want.

The various things in me balls, nipple rings and all go crazy again and I feel the pleasure being a kind of mockery to me, a torture, but I keep ruby showing in my mind, and I gently feel my anus with my fingers, it feels like a huge circular window, if the material is like the balls in me, I feel embarrassed at anyone being able to look into my ass like that, I hate when men try to make my anus or pussy stay gaped after they fuck me and being disappointed in themselves for not having destroyed my holes, maybe in the past before we elves started using magic protections, then maybe we could have been stretched enough that it takes a few moments for us to recover, or maybe longer if we have actually been damaged, but that should not be what you want in sex, though I know orcs, usually the green variety, used to and still try to rape us till we die. That is why we had to use this magic, to allow us to survive long enough to be rescued.


We all eat several berries and relax in the pool and drink some fresh water from the waterfall, I know Aurora wants to be fucked right the hell now in her pussy, but I don't say anything, I know that letting her stew there, with a cum filled belly and ass, soaking in that nice heat, and smelling all the cum that still clings inside her nose will make her get more and more in need of us fucking her and it will feel so much better for her when she finally gets fucked.

I know from experience how good that feels, even if the rest of that experience was why I hate men a bit these days, and am a bit of a bitch to them, I love them too, but I can't really trust men easily any more.

--- may be continued, hopefully soon, but this is quite a large post already ---

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An extra warning up front here, I know several things about what happens in this post is not possible in the real world and would likely injure anyone who tries to do it, so don't try. This is not real, it is fantasy, and despite how extreme it is, it is still happening under full consent and Aurora and Nerissa can stop what is happening by just thinking a specific thought, they can also signal they want things to be harder/faster, or gentler/slower, and to pause things to talk about what they are feeling.

I won't specifically say what is more extreme in this post though, but once you reach it, it is first described what it will be and you can bail out before it actually happens, I hope I don't offend anyone with the further step away from reality into fantasy and extreme fantasy at that. If I do however I am sorry.



A green orc enters through a gate, and I quickly get up, I know how badly the green orcs have fucked up things for the star elves, and how much they hate each other, I know Aurora won't want him to be anywhere near her, so I leap out of the pool, and summon to my hands both of my exotic harvester sickles "go back where you came from or I will reap your soul!" I cry.

Arkan gets up and stands behind me "yeah go away" he says in orcish and then whispers to me "why are we shooing him away?" does not sound like he cares though.

"You are a red orc, he is green, his kind and her kind have had extremely vicious wars, your kind has not" I whisper.

The green orc has a huge wicked looking sword, but as he looks at me and the red orc and the others in the pool he seems to decide it is too much and backs through the portal and after he is through it flicks to another location.

I relax, sending my weapons away, looking up to Arkan "thanks for standing with me."

Arkan chuckles "we don't exactly have good relations with the greens either, they like killing women too much for our taste, we never kill women unless they force us to, women are for love making, mother always said."

Grok had stood up and he looks down at Aurora, as if considering her position and looking confused about the balls in her pussy, giving them a poke and trying to get his fingers into her pussy to get a grip on the first one and his fingers are way too clumsy to manage that, he makes a frustrated sad groan.

I walk up to him "I will remove them for you, how do you want her positioned?"

He looks at me and Aurora "want you below her, Aurora on top, you your cock in her face, make her suck you, when we cum you clean her up between."

Arkan chuckles "yeah, and keep our cum in your mouth, and maybe if it overflows in a bowl, so you and Aurora can share after. We can fuck your throat too, so you feel included."

I blush and feel a little bit furious too so I decide to give terms for it "only if you let me fuck her first after I remove the balls."

Grok nods at that "yes want fuck you and her together."

Nick laughs a bit "yeah I am fine with that too, and that is the only two you need permission from, get to it Neri."

Fuck, of course they agree, and all of them are eyeing me with hungry intense lust "one more condition" I say and they look receptive, nobody is complaining at least "when my cock gets sore I want to take it off and the ones that are done with filling Aurora's pussy need to start fucking my pussy, ass and her throat, and you have to make sure that when you cum you put at least one burst of cum in my ass, one in my pussy and one in her mouth, and she is not going to wear the ring gag, and the first of you that are going to fuck my pussy need to first give me some attention with your tongue and lips, or one of you have to at least, I want to get nice and wet from having an orgasm that is from gentle love."

Nick speaks up "I say we all make love to you first with our lips and tongue, and tentacles, before we fuck you with our cocks."

The other guys nod at that "want taste your pussy" Grok confirms.

"Ok and please rub some moon oil around my pubic mound, into my ass and pussy and over my inner thighs and pussy lips and my butt too before you guys start making love to me" I add since I want to feel extra good and be lubed, I know moon oil will really help with that.

Nick nods "I will do that for you and if you allow me to I can coax the cockite out for you, so you won't need to do it yourself, just give me the signal to do so."

I hesitate a bit "go get the urn for him to rest in" I say and decide that is okay.

Nick goes into the pool and returns with an urn swiftly, Arkan finds a large crystal bowl in the chest for me to drool cum into when my mouth gets too full, Nick places the urn near Aurora's head and Arkan the bowl a short bit from where my head would be if I were under Aurora's pussy.

I get behind Aurora who is in that gorgeously vulnerable position, caressing her butt and then caressing her pussy lips and clit, and I tug a bit at the clitoris hood ring and watch her squirm as much as her restraints allow, she is still signalling ruby, meaning she wants more, so I start to rub her clit hard while playing with the clitoris hood ring, I know I am being a bitch right now, but I want her to stop thinking she can give me or the men orders, she entered the fertility ritual freely and of her own free will, we don't have to pleasure her or fuck her if we don't want to, we do have to let her go if she uses her onyx mental symbol twice though.


I feel big strong but clumsy fingers trying to grab the outer ball in my pussy, but failing, and it won't even budge when I push hard trying to get the balls out of me, they just dance back and forth and press into me like a guy who refuses to let my pussy push him out when it goes wild from an orgasm, I love when they do that, as they force me to have a more intense orgasm that way.

I then feel his hands leave and I feel even more frustrated I keep signalling ruby, in my mind to the ring, but it takes a long while, an eternity before I feel my skin being touched again, gentle caresses on my butt and pussy lips, by the woman, she starts tugging on my clitoris hood ring and rubbing my clit, I try to squirm away as I am extremely sensitive and I don't want just more clitoris stimulation, I want to be fucked, by cocks, and impregnated.

She keeps rubbing my clit and making me cum over and over again, I love and hate it, I keep signalling Ruby, and she starts to slap my butt, not super hard at first, but then harder as if she is getting frustrated with me or maybe angry, as orgasm after orgasm rocks through my body making my need to be fucked in my pussy get more and more intense I try to understand why she is doing this to me, why are the men not stopping her, don't they want to breed with me? My butt is burning with the glorious pain that just adds to the pleasure, then suddenly she pinches my clit and I switch my signal to sapphire and she takes her hands off me and gently licks my clit and I feel a tingle of magic remove the pain from what she did, I drop any signals and just accept her doing what she wants with me, but the orgasm from it and her tongue licking me is incredibly intense, then I feel her gently caress the ball in my pussy and her fingers slide between me and it and she forms a fist around it, and I squirm so much it hurts against the restraints as I squirt and feel my entire body shaking violently, I scream into the dildo down my throat, she slowly rotates her fist in me, and my pussy tries to milk her, but she is just inside me and the balls are still restricting what my pussy can do.

She slowly pulls the ball out and I feel my pussy close up and feel empty, just for a few moments though as she slides her fingers into my pussy and slides around the next ball inside me, again closing her fingers around it and I had not come down from the previous orgasm and this is more intense as it is just perfectly at my sweet spot and she rotates her fist and thrusts in the short space available, the ball nearest my cervix hits it each time she pushes the balls deeper into me, I feel the muscles moving to try to squirt more, but there is not enough fluid ready for that. After wonderfully torturing me with pleasure by fisting me she slowly pulls the ball out of me and then waits just long enough for me to want to beg her to put her hand in and fill the void the balls and her hand left.

She sticks her hand in again, grabbing the third ball, she gyrates her arm inside me this time, rotating her fist and fucking me harder, I lose myself in the intense pleasure, and all I can feel is what she is doing with my pussy and the mind blowing waves of painfully intense orgasms, my heart is beating so hard it makes my ribs scream in pain. It causes an insane desire in me, I want her to find the limit of how much of this, this fisting, I can take, still I hesitate to use the signals, but I briefly flash ruby.

She pauses for a moment then slowly pulls the ball out of my pussy, then she licks my clit and pussy lips and sucks on them and I fear she will make me wait now, when I feel extremely hollow and in need of her to fill me, I start crying soaking the blind fold with my tears, then I feel her fingers slide in, one at a time, teasing me gently, but the number of fingers add up, soon I feel eight fingers in my pussy as deep as she can go while her thumbs torture my slit with her tongue, and then she spreads her fingers and hands to fit her thumbs in the palm of her hands and pushes inside me.

I barely register the pain of my muscles and joints hurting very bad as my entire body spasms around her hands as she slowly slides into me, I feel her nails avoid cutting me inside as she forces her fingers around the forth ball in my pussy, I am extremely aware of what is happening in my pussy, I can see it with how it feels by touch, her hands wrap around the ball and she starts pulling out and then as her nails tug at my stretchy hymen and I want to tell her to stop taking the ball out, she slams it into me with a very powerful thrust, with her fists and arms, and I lose track of everything except my pussy and the orgasms blasting through my mind as she fucks me hard with her hands wrapped around the ball into a huge fist. There is just one desire stronger than her doing this to me forever, and that is for her to fuck me with her cock and for the men to fuck me, but that would mean she has to stop what she is doing and let me fall back into my mind and recover from the orgasms, but I don't want to, yet I do.

I suddenly am overwhelmed by a terrifyingly intense orgasm that makes my perception of reality blank out, and it feels like I am burning, freezing, disintegrating into a cloud of painfully intensely pleasurable sparks, my heart beating very hard and slowing despite my need for more air.

The wonderful loving embrace of darkness catches me as I fall, then I feel one of the berries from the wines and some water be shared in a kiss with me and then as I recover and my body stabilizes I feel the ring gag be put back into my mouth, and the long dildo be pushed down into my throat and tied back onto the ring, and I feel the female hands slip into my pussy again and as she grabs the last ball in my pussy I don't know what happened with the other two, her fingers caress my cervix and she fucks me hard with her hands wrapped around the ball in my pussy, her fists slowing just before she pushes firmly against my cervix and then pulls back, I feel her breasts press against my hands on my butt, sweat dripping from her effort in fucking my pussy hard with her double armed double handed fist around the ball.

I finally understands she wants me to ask for mercy when I have had enough of being fist fucked, however I endure and love the feeling of her arms start to tremble from the hard exercise, and I love how my pussy closes tight between each deep thrust, then she she seems to have enough, and I feel her hands open wide and envelop my cervix as she slams the ball into me, and I feel her nails caress my tender cervix, letting me know she would rake me inside, and only has spared me up to this point because she is nice.

I signal sapphire at that point, and she pulls her trembling hands and arms out of me, letting me feel her nails caress my insides without raking me, pressing them out as hard into me as she can with her trembling fingers, and then for a brief moment I feel a huge void as cool air kisses my cervix, then my pussy closes up tight, leaving no trace of the abuse she did to me, at my request. I struggle trying to moan out my desire to be fucked again, I even try to use elven sign language with my hands, but the positioning of my wrists and my butt makes it impossible to sign correctly, I tried to sign 'by all the gods and goddesses and fey of all the eternal realms please fuck me.' I feel so empty after being stretched to the limit by those seven balls, and the wonderfully insane fisting by this woman.


I can't believe my luck, I managed to steal not only this wonderful magic carpet, but the ring of the elemental genies, it holds a Dao, a Djinn, an Efreet, and a Marid, I am a Jann myself, and this used to be my great grandfather's ring when he ruled the city of brass, these genies can grant four wishes per day.

A powerful blast of necrotic cold shoots just past my ear and I look behind myself and see a dread wraith with a his death staff riding a huge lich dragon, its eyes burning with blue fire, and it is closing on me on the carpet, the sand dunes below freezing into a field of ice and snow as it passes.

I am about to call upon the ring to wish for a safe escape when I suddenly fly into a huge troll and the nose of the lich dragon is just about to poke through the gateway I flew through, as it shifts view.

The four genies are summoned from the ring without my control, all of them naked and in the shape of hunky males that give me an inferiority complex, then again so do the other naked males around me, I am the only one in clothes "what is going on here."

A beautiful nymph with a cock laughs "you were brought here by the fertility ritual, you five should join in fucking this gorgeous elf Aurora's pussy as thanks for being saved by the ritual magic from getting swallowed whole by that lich dragon."

"I agree" I say, seeing the gorgeous elf, and I don't think this is a fair trade at all, giving me and the genies sex in return from being saved by the fey magic, I try to think of a good enough reward for Aurora, for the rescue and the sex I will enjoy and probably the ancient ones too.

She introduces herself and the others and I introduce myself "Toxa" then I look to the four genies they introduce themselves with a single tone each, the tone is from the ancient tonal language of genies that existed far back in the past, before we had any settlements, their names simply mean "ancient fire", "ancient water", "ancient earth", and "ancient air", or that is the closest translation to common.

I then add telling the genies from the ring this "you will also grant her your wishes for today, whenever she chooses to use them, as will I" though my wishes are lesser wishes, I use my one lesser wish to create a ring for her, the whole ring is of moon stone, with five gems, the elemental ones and my central one made out of very pink rose quartz, mine looking like a heart and the other ems hugging around my gem, in my gem I expend place three motes of light, my lesser wishes for her to use, and the ancients put a wish spark that looks like a star of their element shining bright in each of their elemental gems, and I walk up sliding the ring onto her right ring finger.

"Bathe first, use the moon oil" Neri orders and I strip naked except for my ring, the only possession other than my magic carpet that I care in the slightest about. I put the clothes on the magic carpet, but it shakes off the clothes and flies scooping up Aurora and floating a little over the ground with her, in the same place she was, and I shake my head picking my clothes up and putting them in a pile where they will remain dry and the ancients and I go take the bath.

Ragnar the dwarven smith speaks up "you can resolve what order you get to fuck her, after me, I don't care how large your cocks are, you joined us late."

"Of course master Ragnar" I say humbly and meaning it, I decide to go first, then fire, air, earth, water is the order they decide on their own, with surprisingly little arguing, they don't seem extremely capable of emotion, probably because they are bound to the ring and having to do what others say all their lives, since who would not use a wish every day if they could, or four for that matter. So they were used every day anyone knew what the ring did and possessed it. Of course I don't feel sorry for them, they were the leaders of the factions of the genie wars, that nearly made genie kind go extinct as water tried to snuff out fire, fire burn the earth, earth choke the winds, the winds dry the water. In the end it was a Jann like me, weaker than any of them, that made this ring and laid a trap for the four of them and locked them away, making peace among the remnants of genie kind, it took millennia for genie kind to recover.

Neri slaps Aurora's ass with her cock and then rubs her cock up and down along her pussy lips and then slides her cock into Aurora's pussy and from her moan I can tell Aurora feels good.


I feel a sudden sense of extreme dread and fear for my life, but then that goes away and I notice the scent of five males, weird smells, one earthy, one smoky, another smells like rain arriving just at nightfall on a hot summers day, one has the scent of the crisp clear air on the top of the mountains, above the glaciers, and the forth one smells like a human only with all four of the other scents mingled in, and all four smell aroused, they soon enough bathe in moon oil, as their scents become so much more wonderful joyous arousing versions of their scents. I feel so spoiled, assuming they will all fuck me soon.

I feel the scent of the new human thing come closer and a ring is slide onto my ring finger, it tells me what it does and my eyes go wide, but then the collar suppresses my control over the ring, four wishes from powerful ancient elemental genies, and three lesser wishes from a weaker genie, I suspect from the scents that this lesser genie is the one that put the ring on my finger, I blush a bit as I know that finger is the marriage finger in some cultures, some have it on the other hand though, I might consider marrying a genie, if he is hot and cute and hunky but more importantly respecting me, and loving me, and also knowing when to push me to do things he wants, that I want too, but don't want to ask about, as the other elven women might say mean things about me, true things, but not things I want them to say.

I am suddenly swept up from the ground by a soft thick carpet, it also sweeps up the pillow supporting my ass, this is a lot less painful for my naked restrained body to rest upon so I am very happy for that, it feels like it is hovering above the ground in a slightly wobbly wavy way, I like it, takes me a little while to connect floating and carpet, to come up with magic carpet, I feel excited about that, hopefully I will get fucked long and hard on this magic carpet, though I worry that there will be a mess from cum and squirting, but if the owner of the carpet stays when the ritual finishes and I am released from the collar, I can use my magic to clean it for him, I realize, the one who gave me that ring, he must be the owner of the magic carpet.

I feel my ass get slapped with a cock, not lingering enough to tell me what cock, but soon I feel the cock rub against my pussy lips and tease me a short little while more, driving me more insane with need for the cock to fill my void inside again and make me pregnant.

I finally feel her slide her cock into me, she takes it very slow, but as soon as her foreskin kisses my vaginal opening, my hymen that is still intact after teaching it to stretch, rather than break, I feel such unbelievable joy that finally I am getting what I want, and I am happy she is first, she can understand my extreme need, and will not disappoint me while fucking me, she fills me completely and stretches me wonderfully, taking her time to grind her cock in me.

I feel her magic working on me, again showing me what she is planning to do, giving me time to signal her ruby or sapphire or onyx, for yes please, maybe, no, I see she intends to make my cervix able to dilate always not just when delivering a baby, but in a faster more elastic way, and to shift my womb and cervix so that the head of each cock that fucks me will just push through and into my womb as they go balls deep, and alter the way the cervix feels when it is being hit to remove the pain impulses and replace those with intense pleasure, while also protecting my cervix and womb from taking damage from this, and also protect any babies growing in my womb in the future, I can tell that I will be able to control when my cervix will do this, the magic also will let me decide how deep the cock head is allowed into the cervix, just enveloped in the cervix or full penetration inside, cervix inside closing around the shaft just behind the head of the cock, that she thinks of this while fucking me is amazing, I love her, and I hope at least she will let me see her face, and that we can become friends at least, if not lovers, I know I am not supposed to try to find out who I am making love with in the ritual unless they choose to reveal themselves.

However for the duration of the fertility ritual, maximum penetration depth will be active if I accept the magic now, I am horrified and excited at the same time, it does not take me long to decide I accept by signalling ruby, and I hope I won't die from too much pleasure, I know I am kept safe from physical harm, but I also many times have felt my heart beating way too hard and skipping beats, and that my womb and cervix really can take that kind of punishment, with the magical protections in place, but I trust her, I trust magic, both the elven magic already protecting me, but also this strong fey magic, wielded by this woman with a beautiful twisted imagination.

I feel the magic take hold and she pulls her cock all the way back to have the rim of the head tug at my hymen, only barely pulling out of me, then she pushes forward slow again and as her balls start to touch my clit I feel the tip of her cock press against my cervix and I feel my cervix open up just enough to let her cock's head slide in further, very tight fit, and then I feel the ridge of her cock's head just pass through into my womb as her balls press hard against me and I have a mind blowing orgasm that obliterates my senses, in particular my sense of time, as I come to her cock is threatening to pull past my hymen again and she slams her cock in this time, another insane orgasm, on top of the last one, and I wonder if I will always orgasm from each thrust into me, I love this so much yet hate it, how will I ever be able to ride a man when it is this overwhelming to me, with it adjusting so that everyone gets that deep in me. I can't really count, but there are a lot of thrusts and orgasms, my new centre of my being is my cervix and the cock penetrating it. I also start to notice that my cervix holds onto the cock's head on the way out, making her have to apply her strength to pull out, it is very likely that when she and the men cum they will be held there being milked by my contractions, and apparently my cervix can join into that too, I feel it flex and pulsate with the orgasm I feel.

I then realize the troll cock, I have to take his huge cock's head into my womb, I am so glad she made this magic be possible to control for me after the ritual is complete. I feel her cock jump and she shoves herself fast and hard into my womb, and I feel her hot cum explode inside my womb, overflowing it nearly instantly even past my extremely tight cervix, and flooding my pussy too and coating my pussy lips and her balls with cum.


I slowly pull out of Aurora, wobbling a bit, and I hand the ritual ring to Nick, and walk to the chest and find a second collar and four cuffs, I walk up to the flying carpet and lift Aurora onto me, I take the pillow, and scoot it down under my butt, and spread my legs and arms out "Nick please cuff her bracelets to my anklets, and the opposite, and add spreader bars an get me a pillow to have under my head."

Nick and the other men look stunned that I choose to put on bondage for this, and give up control of the ring to Nick, but I trust him. I start licking up my own cum from Aurora's pussy and then I say "and remove the gag from Aurora, let her suck my cock till I go soft, and then remove the cockite so you can all pleasure me before having your way with me and her."

I am very excited as he gets me and Aurora locked together, I know I can use the same signals as Aurora, including double onyx to instantly have the ritual release me, so I have as much control as I may need, I had added the same magic to my own cervix and womb, as I did to Aurora, in fact all spells I have used on her are on me too, as I feel it is only fair. I hear and feel Aurora gag herself on my very tender cock, and she makes me go hard again, so intensely painfully hard, and then after a while my balls manage to make enough cum to feel like they can fire my load, and I do and she catches it in her mouth, I see the bowl next to me, and I know there is one for Aurora too.

As Nick very gently helps Cocky out of my pussy I consider if I want to make myself fully part of the fertility ritual, by using a quick spell to make myself fertile, I try to, then the collar stops me, but Nick places two fingers into my pussy and I feel him cast the spell for me, my womb quickens and I enter full heat, I moan and feel Aurora start to kiss and lick my pussy lips and clit and she tongues cum into my pussy, my own cum, that feels wrong yet so hot too, and I am glad I have the mixing seed spell to find the best traits of all my lovers to create the twins for me, my own cum should not cause an inbreeding issue then.

I cry out however "Nick please remember to let Aurora use Cocky, to fuck me, when all of you are done with both of us" as I want my babies to have all the same parents as her babies.

Nick nods "I will, and I will make sure the spell won't impregnate you until she has added her seed to the pot too."


I look at Neri and Aurora, they are so pretty, Neri is so hot, choosing to join Aurora like that, restrained too. I rub my cock in her face painting her with my precum and feel her lick and kiss my cock and I slide my cock into her mouth, feeling her struggle to take even just my cock's head, but she stretches like Aurora did, and I slowly push my cock down her throat as I grab Aurora's hips, when I feel my balls press against Neri's face I stay feeling her squirm around me and then when it feels like she is struggling a bit too much I pull out slowly and listen to her moan and gasp and I align my cock with Aurora's pussy, hearing her moan and I slip off my cock sliding between Neri's and then Aurora's breasts and I pull back and try again this time my cock spreads Aurora's pussy wide and I slip into her tight pussy that is massaging my cock, trying to make me cum before I even get balls deep and then I push up against her cervix, and instead of pushing it out of the way like when I fuck troll women her cervix opens like a very light pair of lips kissing around my cock's head and I have to push hard to slide deeper and her entire body shakes violently as she squirts around my cock, finally I feel her cervix close around the back of my cock's head as my balls press tight against her clit. I feel Neri's lips kissing my balls sucking them one at a time into her mouth and licking me.

I groan as this is a really intense unique sensation for me, I pull back, but it feels like her womb won't let me go, and as her pussy spasms around me I feel her cervix do the same and to my shame I whimper like the first time I put my cock's head into a pussy, I cum hard flooding her womb and with the pressure of the cum and its lubrication I am able to slide out of her cervix and down to flood her pussy, I then push against the pressure to get back inside her womb, short thrusting with my cock's head inside her cervix as I pump the rest of my huge load inside her and stumble back as my cock slides out and slaps Neri in the face, her lips catch my cock and I slide it down her throat, slowly, and then I pull out.

I walk over to pick a berry up to eat and finally head over to Neri's pussy and start to kiss and lick her pussy lips and clit, hoping I can make her squirt in my face, I massage her inner thighs as my mouth busies itself with her pussy.

Aurora kisses, licks and nibbles my ear as I do that, a little bit distracting yet hot.


I move up to grab Aurora's hips and rub my cock on Neri's face, loving how she kisses and licks my shaft and balls, then I slip my cock between Aurora's butt cheeks and slide down between her pussy lips, and as my cock's head slips down to her hot wet pussy opening I slide myself into her slowly, while Neri sucks on my balls. I lean down to kiss and nibble along her back and push her hair out of the way so I can kiss her neck and ear, and nibble on them as my cock's head kisses her cervix, I feel it give way to me and I very slowly push forward, loving her deep intense moan and her pussy milking my cock, actually drawing me deeper, and instead of me pushing forward I hold myself back to enjoy her pussy desperate milking of me, tugging me up through her cervix and into her womb, Neri can be scary sometimes with what she comes up with, finally my balls press tight against Aurora's clitoris, and I have the piercing in her clitoris hood pulse and I start to stir her pussy, grinding my balls against her, feeling her cervix massage the back of my cock's head, I groan into the side of her head.

Then I hear and feel Neri cry out as Grok makes her cum using his strong tongue in her pussy, she squirts a lot and Aurora and my face both get wet and I feel Neri's cry and moan vibrate my balls and shaft and it pushes me over the edge a lot faster than I thought would happen and my primal cry of pleasure joins Neri's and Aurora's cries of pleasure and I flood Aurora's womb with my cum until the pressure is so high that it is trying to push my cock out, and I press forward to stay inside her and I feel my cum flood around my cock in her cervix and along my shaft, coating my balls as Neri kisses and licks it up.

Aurora's pussy milks me for more cum even as I overflow her, and my cock soon feels intensely tender and a little bit too painful, so I let the pressure push me out as I trail kisses down her back and give her butt a playful slap as my cum soaked cock slaps Neri in the face as it falls out of Aurora. I groan as Neri cleans my cock.

I head over to kiss Aurora while Grok hungrily licks Neri's squirt juices up then I take his place in pleasuring Neri's pussy, he kisses Aurora before he grabs her head and soon is fucking her throat.


I step up to Neri, helping her empty her full mouth of cum into the bowl and then I slide my cock down her throat, fucking her throat while I give Aurora several slaps on her butt and slip my thumbs into her pussy, feeling her pussy suck on my thumbs makes me know I will love how her pussy feels, and I somewhat reluctantly pull out of Neri's throat and while kneading Aurora's butt I slide my cock into her pussy and I feel it pull me deeper and I let her do so, then I feel my cock ram into her cervix and it opens for me instead of moving out of the way and I groan as my cock's head gets mauled by her tight cervix and I pull my hips back and let her pussy's milking suck me back in again, over and over again, this feels too good to me to want to pull out and properly hammer her pussy with powerful thrusts, yet my thighs pulse and my hips move, I turn it into grinding my balls against her pussy and feeling Neri's lips and tongue work my balls, I roar as I start to cum and as I do I start to thrust hard short thrusts as my head fucks her cervix, flooding her womb with my cum. I finally stagger back rubbing my cock over Neri's face before letting her lick me clean and I hiss at how sensitive my cock is.

I wobble over just as Neri has another squirting orgasm and I take over pleasuring her pussy with my mouth, but I also knead her inner thighs and slip my two thumbs inside to spread her more widely open for me so my tongue can reach deeper more easily, I give her long laps with my strong tongue, from sweet spot to clit and back again, and it does not take long for her to cry out again.


I grab hold of Aurora's beautiful butt and hips and then start pounding her pussy hard, each thrust bottoms out in her womb as my balls slap her pussy, then my cock's head pops out and I slam into Neri's throat, and pull out to slam into Aurora's pussy again, it takes a lot of my concentration to maintain my aim, but I do and I cry out as I am holding myself on the edge of cumming for several hard thrusts more, before I bury myself in Aurora's womb and she cums again with me as my cock erupts into her womb, squirting all over my balls and Neri's face, and soon I feel my cum flooding out with her squirt juices to cover Neri's face, I love the feeling of her pussy milking more cum out of me even as she is overflowing. She is such a goddess of lust, love and fertility.

I reluctantly pull out to let Neri clean my cock and then help her reach all the cum soaking Aurora's pussy, ass and thighs and helping her put most of that cum in the waiting bowl. Then I go to wait my turn to pleasure Neri's pussy with my mouth, Arkan seems really into it though so I won't make him stop until he feels he has enjoyed Neri's pussy enough, I know why he wants to remain there, nymph pussies are amazing to eat out, and very refreshing too.


Tal'ki motions to me "I will go last, even after the genies" he says and smiles to the five genies, and Ragnar the dwarf.

I nod and walk up to Aurora I let Neri lick and suck on my cock a bit as I slip my ring and middle finger along the front wall of Aurora's pussy and find her sweet spot massaging her and using my thumb on her clit, soon she is crying out on Arkan's cock in her mouth and squirting all over me, I keep massaging her sweet spot and clit feeling and seeing her squirm on top of Neri and as I feel myself almost cum in Neri's mouth I pull out of her wonderful lips and slide my cock into Aurora's pussy, it takes all my willpower to stop myself from cumming as I slide into her milking hot wet embrace and I push in deeper until my cock slips into her tight cervix and peeks into her womb as my balls press against her and I hardly get into her before I feel myself start to cum, reminding me of the first time I had sex, I however start to thrust shallowly in Aurora's cervix, until I am done cumming and then I continue crying out as this is so intense and instead of going soft I remain hard as I fuck her pussy and bury my cock balls deep inside her again as I shoot some very hot and fresh cum into her and then get pushed out as my cock softens.

I let Neri clean me off, and exhausted I walk over to the berry bush and grab a handful of berries, eating one, and feeding one to Neri and one to Aurora and the others that came before me, then I start eating Neri out, I love her cries of pleasure, and squirming, she is really ready to be fucked it seems to me.


I walk up to Neri and Aurora, caressing Neri's face as I help her dump the cum she had gathered from Aurora into the bowl, I see her look at my cock with some dread, I know she does not like my taste, so I just lean in to give her a kiss and then get up grabbing Aurora's pussy and sliding my hammer into her, she squirts as soon as my hammer hits her sweet spot, and then cries out from an even more intense orgasm as her cervix somehow opens up for my cock's head, I feel my cock's head get a bit trapped as it clears her cervix to enter her womb, her orgasms make her feel amazing around me though and soon enough I groan as I erupt into her womb and the pressure builds inside her and then I feel her cervix open wide enough to let me slide back out of her again, and I do so, not wanting to risk getting stuck inside her, as I don't want to hurt her, I erupt a few more times against her cervix and on my way out of her pussy.

I hear Neri moan "let me suck your cock clean" and I let her do so, even though I can see her not enjoying it, she wants to make me feel good and I caress her hair and ears as she does so, she then starts licking my cum out of Aurora's pussy and I walk over to start eating her out, her pussy juices is like the most wonderful nectar of the goddesses, spring water, rain, so refreshing.


I help Nerissa clear her mouth of Ragnar's cum into the bowl and I manifest a small pink rose petal gel candy for her and slip it into her mouth and she looks so thankful, I slide my cock up into Aurora's hungry wonderful hot wet pussy that tugs me forward into her, as she does I give her one hard deep thrust and find myself get enveloped by her cervix and pulled into her womb, I rotate my hips to try to mimic how women if allowed to ride my cock like they want to without prompting, tend to do to give themselves the best pleasure move, more of a grinding than a thrusting, I happen to love it that way, but I am not going to be picky, this is the position Neri wanted, I pace myself and get lost in how wonderful Aurora's pussy is for me, though also different, not as wet as a Marid, not as hot as an Efreet, not as ethereal as a Djinn, not as hard, almost crushing, as a Dao, she is closest to a Jann pussy, but not quite that either, but I love all the differences, it just takes her several of her own orgasms before she gets me to reach the edge and as I do I start to slide my cock head in and out of her cervix, loving how soft yet tight she is and then as I feel my cock jump and I cry out "aaah Aurora aaah" I bury myself balls deep into her and erupt my seed into her womb, filling her and just slightly overflowing her, as I pull out my cock ends up clean except for one drop of cum that Neri greedily licks up from me and I lean down kissing her tasting Aurora, myself and her, and pink rose petals, and I move over to kiss her other lips.


I am so happy I have cock to suck on while I am being fucked, this has been so mind blowing, way too intense for me, but yet I don't signal to slow down or stop, as I know I want them all to cum inside me. Then I feel extreme heat, fire hot, it just briefly hurts then the heat floods into me as pleasure, but this is really different, also very violent, not loving fucking at all, but I still enjoy it and I feel my pussy juices that squirt out of me turn into steam, then I feel the eruption of fire into my womb and for a moment I am just pure burning pleasure.

Then I feel the smoke getting blown out of me as my pussy is filled with a cool vortex of air, my wetness soon makes the air very humid though and that feels a lot better as my pussy and womb is filled with the storm, finally it feels like the storm erupts unleashing its lightning and rain inside me, I cry out from how intense that feels.

Next comes a cock as hard as granite, it does not even bend a little bit and instead makes me bend for it, at least it is smooth, polished, but also feels cold, yet as I shiver I also cum on it, soaking it soon with my wet juices and I feel its powerful eruption in me, feeling most closely like the dwarf cum did, only not as lumpy, but the same solid feeling.

Then water floods up into me, a cool yet intense ocean crashing in wave after wave into me, and my orgasms follow, then I feel a more frothy mixture enter me, a little warmer too.

Then I feel tentacles probe into me, so alien yet hot, and then I feel the cock filling me, thrusting shallowly the way most of the men do to me, I love how intense it feels as their cock heads slide through my cervix back and forth, then I feel the eruption of the gel like cum, and I feel how it soothes my womb after all the rough fucking, and my cervix can't quite close as the gel hardens a bit, closing my womb for more cum, it feels maddeningly intense for my cervix to be held open like that, and he also fills my pussy with more of the gel.


I watch as Tal'ki fills Aurora's pussy with his blue clear gel with pearly droplets suspended in it, most of the pearly droplets are deeper inside her, I suck his cock clean and lick at the now very thick gel in Aurora's pussy.

Nick walks over to me holding Cocky and places Cocky on Aurora's inner thigh and I watch Cocky sink his tendrils into the gel like it was no thicker than water and soon attaches himself to her and I suck Aurora's cock until it gets hard and I struggle a bit, Nick grabs Aurora's hips to help me get her out from deep in my throat. "Free us now and get her blind fold and ear plugs off, unless one of you want to be anonymous."

I listen as none of the men care about anonymity, like I expected "also I need to be on top when you fuck me, so she can eat me out easier."

Nick and Arkan pick Aurora and me up and reposition us, I then start to suck on Aurora's cock as I hear Aurora moan.


I feel the ear plugs being gently caressed and pulled out of my ears and I hear the roar of the water, not really a roar, and the heavy breathing of several men and this woman who is now on top of me, and the sound is really overwhelming for several moments and I feel the blind fold be tugged away from my face and the blast of the sunset light and all the dreamy intense colours are also overwhelming for me, each of the men introduce themselves and the Nixie called Nick slaps the ass of the woman on top of me "this is Nerissa" he says "you may call her Neri for short."

"Why, how, do I have a cock, how did she?" I ask and moan, I love how it feels to have a cock, but I am also so very confused.

Nick smiles "you are borrowing Neri's cockite, it is a symbiotic creature" I remember reading about them now.

"So they are real? Neri aaah I am cumming!" I cry as I start to cum and I hear Neri gagging and I can't really do much to move out of the way, Neri giggles as she pulls herself free "mmm your cum is tasty."

I then watch as all the men fuck Nerissa's pussy and ass, my throat and lick and suck and kiss their balls, shafts and cock heads, enjoying their taste once more and also clean Nerissa's pussy out after each of them cum in her, filling the bowl next to me when my mouth overflows with cum, apparently she wants to be pregnant too, and we will double the power of the fertility ritual this way, I am supposed to fuck her as the last thing with the fertility ritual, but the blue alien speaks up "you need to go before me Aurora, or you won't get your cock into her pussy."

Nick and Tal'ki help undo the cuffs holding me and Nerissa locked together and I get up on very shaky legs, as Neri lies on her back and I lean in to kiss her before I start to fuck her and I get to feel how it feels to fuck a pussy and cervix thanks to the magic she has put on both of us, I don't last long, but she insists I fuck her ass too, so after she sucks me hard again I do so and then snuggle up next to her as Tal'ki fucks her, filling her pussy and then her ass, finally Nick slips in the same kind of butt plug into her pussy as I have in mine. We bask in the setting sunlight start sharing the bowls of cum in kisses, and the guys give us several fresh loads of cum too, and berries to eat, Cocky refused to leave my pussy until I had eaten many berries and loads of cum and then as he lets go three more cockites slither out of my womb, and one of them craws up to hug onto my breast and look at me with its lazy adorable eyes.

"That cockite wants you to adopt it" Neri explains after listening to its coos and looking at its tendrils wave in the air.

"My own cockite" I say smiling caressing it "I would love you to be mine yes."

Finally we get carried to the pool and get to enjoy the men cleaning our trembling bodies, as the stars come out in force above as the last rays of the sun fade away, I watch the fairy colours dance above the fairy circle, the ritual magic unleashing as the magic in our wombs finally process all the seed the men had deposited to create in our wombs our twins. Neri and I cuddle up close to each other, I am so happy that we will share raising our children. 

I also listen to each of the men tell about their lives and worlds, and I am surprised as they all want to see our children and probably more importantly us again later. As the night gets a bit cooler we swim down to Nick's under pool home, he has a large bed where we all easily fit, Nick gets to be in the middle, with me and Neri hugging ourselves to him and the other guys rest their heads next to us and I watch them all in the mirror above the bed, the fathers and mothers (including me) of our children. What a wonderfully crazy day and night this has been, and I drift into deep blissful sleep while gazing into Nerissa's eyes.

--- may be continued maybe ---