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Sara's and Nadia's Plan to get Pregnant (M/FF,cons,magic,caution)

Vela Nanashi · 523

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All characters in this story are over the age of consent, and there is no doubt of that when looking at them. Everyone in the story considers what happens in it to be consensual, though there are some effects of various hormone modulating things and wine and extremely potent well made chocolate, and mild abuse of knowing how all these things affect the brain and how it forms connections between people. The magic is mild in this one.


Me and my girlfriend Nadia are cuddling up in a bath filled with wonderful bath oils, and we have masturbated and tribbed together in the tub since the water was almost scalding and now it is getting a bit cool, but it really has our scent on it, and I always love Nadia's and my own scent when we are ovulating, I can tell just from her scent.

I love how close our bodies are to each other in looks, though we have very different mixed race parents, I have a Persian father and a Spanish mother, she has a Greek mother and an half Italian half Haitian father. We are both fit, curvy, with silky black hair that reaches down to our feet if we leave it free and hanging straight, it is also a lot of hair in volume and thickness, we can't close our hand around the hair if made into a tight braid even at the end where it is a bit thinner than near our necks.

We have perfect hour glass figures after we converted our diet and started doing hard exercises to make sure our bodies were fit and then we put on a healthy amount of fat to round out our muscles. I love the slight contrast in the shade of pale brown of our skin, my skin is olive tanned without tan lines, while she has cinnamon coloured tanned skin without tan lines. Our breasts are a bit too big for our hands to fully cup, our butts are wonderfully heart shaped, with those love bumps on our backs, we have a bit thicker thighs but only in the right places, we both have that thigh gap with long pussy lips that just hang there glistening when we are aroused.

We both have brown eyes with complex green and gold highlights, and right now our pupils are agape from our long pleasuring of each other.

Our pubic mounds are blessed with the same silky thick voluminous hair, with high density of hair strands, we tried not doing anything to it but it actually started growing long enough to hang down covering our pussies, so we have kept ourselves nicely clean below the clit, smooth skin all over, except we both have trimmed our bush, to have a heart shape, with a few braids with sparkling glass beads in a pattern that start with blue at the top and slowly shifts in colours till a little red arrow of beads sit right above our shaved naked clits, our clits also poke out cutely from our clitoris hoods, making us always feel the silk of our panties when we wear any.

Nadia is 151cm tall and I am 150cm tall, though maybe one centimetre is hair for both of us. (a bit under 5ft 4.92ft for 150cm).

We constantly get propositioned to model, do porn, go on dates with men and women, and all sorts of things, especially when we are enjoying the loving embrace of the sun at the nude beach, there has not been a single man we have seen that don't get an erection from seeing us, even most of the time when we are dressed.

I gaze into her eyes thinking about the date I am going on, we had spent weeks looking for men who we would not mind our sons looking like, if we had sons, both she and I want to have babies at the same time so we can share in breast feeding and caring for them. I look down at her lush lips, both she and I have had men say they would give up one of their balls to just feel our lips on their cocks, that our lips are just too perfect. I love those stupid things guys say, when they want you, and Nadia even likes the comments. I kiss her lips and they really are, just like mine, and really perfect, best lips I have ever kissed, and I know the few men I have given oral to will do anything for me to feel my lips even briefly kiss their cock. I made up for my low allowance by offering kisses on cocks for money a bit during university, and it really was just a slow kiss, not full oral sex, if the guy was hot I might lick him too, still I only gave full oral sex to guys three times before.

Nadia is revolted by men, really hates them, but she wants to have babies with me, I like women a whole lot more than men, but I can tolerate a man, though I have never had sex with one, both she and I are virgins and we have worked together to make our hymens elastic by stretching, so we can keep them, since they are pretty, I am a little worried mine will break, but it handles me putting four fingers through it without hurting and only hurts slightly if Nadia fists me, a good kind of pain, not sharp at all.

It was hard for us to pick a man, in addition to looks and good health, and youth for fresh sperm with as low risk for birth defects as possible, we needed a guy who accepted no condom to be used, and would be happy to fuck me several times, and cum inside my pussy, and to cum in my mouth, I convinced him over messages and video calls that I am on birth control, have a spiral in my womb I told him, a complete lie. I also said I wanted to bring my friend, to feel safe, and that she would do a strip tease with me, and some lesbian foreplay show to get him aroused, from his messages he seems to believe he will be able to win her over and fuck her if she makes me have many orgasms, something he claims he is good at giving women.

We also had to make sure the date would be when we both were ovulating, thankfully our cycles are synced. We have both been eating all the right foods, vitamins, supplements, herbs, amino acids to increase fertility and make our bodies ready to handle having a baby, it has been hard for Nadia as she hates herself for eating meat, but when she was full out vegan she lost her periods and got really sickly, and barely found the desire for sex with me, it was a rough time, and I was trying to go vegan with her and that made me hurt so much in my stomach, I started sneaking meat, she got really terrified when she lost her period, so now she will eat meat. I enjoy it myself, but try to not be obvious about it. I also know how to cook a stew that has lot of meat, but tastes like it does not, and she actually likes that stew.

I showed the guy pictures of me and Nadia and he sounds like he is in love, or rather lust, and we don't wear makeup any more, our skin is so beautiful youthful and lustrous all on its own, the only thing we do is use a little coconut fat with cherry flavour added to it on our lips, and our tight small perky nipples we also apply a bit of coconut oil on, with vanilla extract, and our pussy lips we use coconut oil with peach flavour and scent, our clit and clitoris hood we put coconut oil with mango flavour and scent, and on our pee hole coconut oil with licorice extract, the real kind, as both I and Nadia love licorice, especially if combined with a very slight trace of urine, our anus we lubricate inside and outside with coconut oil that rose petals have been sitting in, and some rose essence.

We are currently staying in my father's mansion and we have it all to ourselves, and have invited Marcus to go on the date with us in the mansion, actually we are not completely alone, we have the chef and maid. However I have told them I want them to take the day off after preparing the dining room for us. After dinner I plan to take Marcus to the harem room, for lack of a better word for it, I have seen dad bring gorgeous women there, who are not my mother, sometimes my mother joins, and sometimes my older brother joins dad. I never got to watch, but I heard a lot of wonderful moans and dad and my brother looked very happy after going there with the women.

It is a really beautiful room, it has a stage with a golden tripper pole, and a huge bed with a beautiful canopy and a mirror above the bed, there are also lots of sexy art, and sculptures, and standing mirrors to get a nice full around view of the room from anywhere, if one wants to look at some specific woman from another angle than the one facing you I think. I have always fantasized about being a stripper, or even porn star, but Nadia feels that is too degrading, but that is kind of one of the points of it, and also imagining men spilling their precious seed in their act of worship of my image, not even having touched me, that is very exciting.

We drain the tub and get out "are you sure you want to do this?" Nadia asks me "I mean, let..." I see her revulsion "let a man touch you, fuck you?" there are tears in her beautiful eyes and I kiss her "I am sure, I find him kind of cute, really does not understand that you won't be anything but eye candy for him."

I feel her shiver a bit and I hug her, kissing her neck "are you sure you can handle seeing me get fucked, and being naked in front of him?"

Nadia pulls back a little to look in my eyes "I don't care if men look at me when I am naked, I love the nude beach, I just... I don't want them to touch me, or be near me, or their smell."

I smile "you do know that men's cum smells right? A lot, and I will have it on my lips and in my pussy for when we make love after to get it into your pussy too, are you sure you can handle that?"

Nadia looks really uncomfortable "I need to have a baby, you and I are both at the peak of female fertility, when the risk of complications is the smallest. I will endure smelling his cum and tasting it on your lips if we both get pregnant from it."

I nod "help me put the drops into my pussy, and then I help you with yours" I say and hand her the bottle with its pipette, it is a combination of hormones and some herbal extracts and minerals that make a woman's womb less hostile to sperm, making it really hospitable even, also it supposedly makes men get harder and more easily go more than once and produce a larger load.

I had asked Marcus to eat certain foods for us before the date, a whole week before, and he sent pictures of eating those foods, and in exchange I sent pictures of me and Nadia on the nude beach.

I get on the soft chair next to the dresser with my butt up in the air and I slide my fingers into my pussy and use my training with my pussy muscles to open my pussy up fully almost as much as a speculum would, and Nadia gets on a small step stool and shakes the bottle and drips it directly on my cervix and I feel a wonderful heat and tingle spread in my entire pussy and deeper, soon making my entire body feel flushed with wonderful warmth and my cool skin with my and Nadia's scents gets wetter as I glaze with sweat and I feel my own scent of being in heat increase.

We both had been using the highest dose, for seven days, when normally you are only supposed to use it the morning of the day you plan to have sex.

"Should I do your butt too with the other drops?" Nadia asks and I hear her breath is faster as she is excited to see me in this position, and she caresses my butt and kisses it.

I nod "yes, please be gentle though" I had already done an enema before our bath, and we both are fasting, the drops for the butt is another set of hormones and other things that improve a girl's sexual desire, and also makes her womb more welcoming to implant the fertilized egg, and to be a hospitable climate for cum. These drops are not safe to use constantly since if the environment is safe for sperm they are safe for any bad spores or bacteria too, so that is why they should not be used every day. We still smell good though, in our pussies, so there is no infection there.

I feel my anus get poked by a cool glass bead, or that is how it feels, I feel my nipples go hard and my pulse race.

Nadia giggles a bit nervously "babe please relax your butt so I can put the round injector into your cute anus without pain."

I rub my clit, moan as my pussy flutters trying to feel a cock that is not there I think, or my fingers, but I don't have them in my pussy any more, and I inhale and hold my breath and then slowly exhale and then squeak as Nadia slides the injector into my ass and slowly injects the cool thick fluid, it is only cool for a moment and my whole body starts to feel a wonderful kind of burning sensation and I flush all over and glisten even more with sweat, fuck I wish Marcus was here right now, I think a cock in my pussy is exactly what I need, we have been doing this the same amount of time as the pussy drops, and every time I have dreamt of Marcus fucking me, though surprisingly he did not send a dick pick until I asked for it, he has a beautiful intact cock, with slightly long but beautiful foreskin, I always loved guys with foreskins the most for kissing them, the foreskin is so velvety soft, and usually he has more precum than cut men for me if I lick the foreskin back. I don't know why precum tastes good to me, it makes my pussy wet when I taste it though, or even just have it on my lips.

Nadia got very hot and bothered too and we have been making love to each other a lot, my clit is still slightly tender from all the recent sex with Nadia I have been having, but it is the good kind of tender, it is much easier for me to orgasm when her wonderful hot wet tongue licks my clit when this tender.

Nadia carefully applies the coconut oils with various fragrances to and in my anus, I love the way the solid lump of cool coconut oil feels as she pushes it through my now relaxed anus, it soothes the heat from the injection slightly, and I love her gentle touch on me, then she slaps my butt and I get up, she applies the oil on my nipples, tugging on them rubbing them between her fingers a bit hard, just like I love it, and then she applies the lip oil and kisses me and we spend some time kissing before she takes my place on the chair.

I watch her open up her pussy for me and look down at her cervix and I see that it looks like the pictures of the cervix at the time a woman is most fertile, and I drop the pussy drops onto her cervix and love the way her pussy muscles flex as I do so and I hear her moan and her skin glaze with sweat and her aroused scent is amazing. I listen to her do the breathing exercise and I quickly grab the injector and insert it into her perfect anus, and it does not resist me at all. I inject it into her and her moan and scent gets ever more wonderful, I can't help it as I lean in and lick her long inner pussy lips suck them between my lips and then lick my tongue across her pussy, pee hole and up to her clit and that alone is enough that I watch her body spasm for me as she cries out "ooh Sara aaah!" I watch her pussy get really wet and I hate that I have to wait for us to get dressed, so we can eat, then give Marcus an erotic exotic dance with stripping and then get to make love to Nadia in front of him.

It takes all the effort I have to pull back and I apply the flavoured coconut oils to where they go and have a hard time not licking her pee hole after putting the coconut licorice extract on it.

I kiss her butt and gently love bite her and then help her up I gently caress her nipples with the vanilla coconut oil, as her nipples are very sensitive, and she only likes me being rough with them right as she cums, not before or a bit after, her lips are already glisten with the coconut with cherry flavour as mine does but I kiss her anyway.

The rest of our skin smells of arousal, heat, and our own beautiful unique yet wonderful scents. We gently brush each other's hair with a soft brush made with real horse hairs, it is so soft and gentle, the process of doing that leaves our black hair lustrous and silky.

In the time we finish brushing our skin has dried leaving just a gentle oiled look to our skin, and our scents are stronger.

We put on our sexy outfits, pink lace silk panties, with ties on the sides, black garter belt and pantihose, we also slip into very sparkly very high heeled stiletto shoes "I love what they do with your butt" I say to Nadia and she blushes and giggles "you too sweetie."

We put bras on that also are just tied, but behind us, we almost never wear bras since our breasts despite their size are more firm and well supported by breast muscles. I do like that the cups have holes for our nipples though.

Nadia slips on a blue silk velvet dress that barely goes half down her thigh, and I have a red silk velvet dress, both have no back and no arms, and it feels like a fluid more than solid clothing, and very good too, it also has several decorative gaps along the sides and a deep V cut for our cleavage, and a silly cute heart cut out for our stomach, the holes and edges of the dress have some lace for decoration and stabilization, it is held up by a lace collar with a ring in it and we both attach a leash to our lace collars.

It is at that point in time we hear the door chime and my heart races, right now I feel a crush on Marcus, lust, I am in heat, I have been planning this with Nadia in extreme detail for months, and I know he will impregnate her and me, and I want that, not just with my mind, every fibre of my being wants that, he is insanely smart, except with understanding women, it took a lot to convince him to tell us how many women he had made love to, and he is a fucking virgin of all things. I hope he will listen to what I say or just know what women like instinctually, though I don't think it will take much for me to cum right now, as Nadia and I go down the stairs we both moan as the silk rubs against our sensitive clits and nipples, I hope we won't moan at him when we walk from the door to the table, that would be embarrassing.

I open the door and I see he has a briefcase with him, he stands there stunned and stares up and down our bodies and I see his erection on his tailor made pants and a wet spot forms where his cock's head pushes up against the fabric. Nadia pulls back a little as she spots his erection in his pants, while I walk up to him putting my hands on his chest and stretch to reach to kiss him, and I could not have if he did not bend his head down to meet my kiss, he kisses a little clumsily, but he smells and tastes clean and good, and he did not drown himself in perfume, but actually seems to have done what I asked, to take a hot shower, until the water goes cold, and stay in there as long as he can handle, then exercise till he is dry and gets glazed in sweat, and I can tell from his sweat that he has eaten what we asked him to eat, and also his scent makes my pussy flutter, if I was not in love with Nadia I would want to try to make Marcus propose marriage to me, as he smells the best of any man I have been close to.

As I pull away from his kiss he gently caresses my stomach and breasts as he catches the leash and gently tugs it to pull me in for another kiss, it takes every fibre in my being to not beg him to fuck me right here and now.

Marcus breaks the kiss, and this kiss was a lot better than his first, the right amount of tongue and he also tastes good, without drowning his mouth in mint oil like a lot of guys try to use, he smiles with his perfect teeth "wow you, you both are, sorry you both just blow my mind, you are so gorgeous I can hardly think, please don't ask me to take an IQ test right now" he laughs a beautiful soft yet deep laugh that makes me more wet and my panties are now soaked, also I feel butterflies in my stomach, and my pussy is fluttering too, I am extremely aware of my nipples poking through the soft silk velvet and how my clit is very aware of the wet silk against it. "Oh and can I please go to the bedroom we will use later, I want to set some gifts and surprises up for you two."

I smile "okay" and I lead him to the harem room and let him enter alone and I hear him whistle "wow, this is so beautiful" I can't really hear him move since the floor is thickly carpeted, but soon he comes out of the door and closes it "you want to have dinner first you said?"

I nod and smile and Nadia is trying to be a shadow cast by me if he was the source of light, I take her in my right hand and Marcus in my right and lead him to the dining room where the food is prepared as specified by me.

Three bowls of my stew, only spiced a little bit hotter, and his bowl has a few extra things in it to make him able to perform all night, and make him more aroused and turned on, though I don't think he needs that right now, but it is too late to remove it from the stew. We have a nice robust hot spiced mulled wine to go with, with quite a strong alcohol content too, I know Nadia will need it to calm down.

I and Marcus wolf down our food, while Nadia eats a bit slower, though still faster than normal for her.

"So how did your fifth doctors degree research going?" I ask, as it is something that impresses me, but I don't even understand what the field he is researching means, and he has tried to explain it for me.

Marcus happily starts talking about it and all I hear is the melody of his wonderful voice, and I gaze dreamily into his eyes.

Nadia finishes her food and downs her whole cup of mulled wine, and Marcus stops talking picking up his cup and finishing it off too, and then I down the last sip of mine, I blush "ready for the show?" I ask him.

Marcus nods "just tell me where you want me, I will be the luckiest man alive tonight" he knows everything I want to do tonight, so he knows sex is coming, and I suppose feeling lucky if this is his first time, that checks out.

I look to Nadia and get down on the carpeted floor and offer him my leash, and Nadia does so too but her hand trembles as she offers it to him and I see his cock jump in his pants, I just hope he won't cum in his pants and waste any of his seed that I and Nadia need.

Marcus groans "damn when did I die and go to heaven?"

I giggle a bit at that, he stands there stunned looking at both of us, then he figures out he should lead us to the harem room, the reason I wanted the leashes and to crawl on all four into the harem room is that I saw dad lead two naked women on leashes one night and it has been a masturbation fantasy since then for me, at first it was masturbating about the beautiful women, but later I often imagined being one of them, until it mostly was the being lead by the leash that turned me on and that I masturbated to.

I love the feeling of crawling after Marcus as he leads me and Nadia to the harem room, I push my butt up and wiggle it and try my best to mimic the cat in heat look that the women dad was leading was doing, the only thing missing for me is being naked and doing this, and with a real metal collar like they were wearing. Nadia would never agree to that though, with a man leading us at least. I do however see that she is mimicking my crawl as best she can, and is blushing really fiercely, she seems determined to fulfil her goal, even if it takes some humiliation.

Marcus leads us around the harem room, rather than directly to the stage right away and I love that he improvises and does what he wants with the surprise gift I gave him. He does finally take us to the stage stairs and leads us up them before letting our leashes go, and walking toward the bed.

I see he has strewn rose petals on the ground, stage and on the bed, there are also two medium sized jewellery boxes on the bed, and two ornate wooden heart shaped boxes, with the crest of a very expensive chocolate praline making company on them. I think one praline by them is as expensive as its weight in silver. I remember mentioning wanting to buy one praline to taste it on my dating profile, dad does not let me get spoiled so I can't afford it, and Nadia is not from a rich family at all, so she can't either, the clothes we are wearing we had to save up to buy, dad did chip in, since a dress can be used more than once, and he wants me to find a man soon, he was very excited when I asked to have the mansion to myself to meet a man, he tolerates my bisexuality though, and I see him look hungrily at Nadia when he thinks she and I are not looking, so I think that is also part of why he tolerates her, she is wonderful eye candy.

I point at a chair closer to the stage and the remote on it "please take a seat and turn the music on Marcus." I kiss Nadia and she melts into my kiss and we stand up with the help of the stripper pole, stiletto heals trying really hard to make us look clumsy and fall, but instead of falling I manage to grab the pole and swing around it and Nadia is a little bit more graceful in heels.

I hear the belly dance music start up and I remember the many videos I had seen and start to dance to the music and put my intense lust and desire into the dance, staring into Marcus's eyes as he watches us, he unbuttons his pants and let's his cock be free and I now see how big it is when not restrained by his pants, I was not sure how big it would be just from the picture I asked for, it is big though.

I undo the small clasp that attaches the strings of my dress to the lace collar and briefly treat my falling silk dress as a hula hoop and then as it reaches my feet, but before it touches the ground I kick it and it flies and hits Marcus in the face, I know it will have a lot of my scent on it.

Nadia sees what I did and replicates it flawlessly, our reflex and hand eye coordination exercises have apparently worked great. I watch him hold my dress in his right hand and her dress in his left and take a long hard inhale from each, his eyes going more agape as he does.

I look to Nadia and we do a combined dance move and at the exact right moment we spin round the pole and send our bras flying at him, again we hit him in the face like we wanted and I see his cock jump, he inhales the scent of our bras deeply too, Nadia and me now dance close to each other, rubbing our breast against each other around the pole and lick and kiss around the pole while pretending it is a cock or I do anyway, fucking our breasts. I glance sideways and see his cock jumping repeatedly, his foreskin sliding back, and in the lighting I see a sparkling sheen of fluid gathered there. He undoes and takes off his suit jacket, and unbuttons his shirt as he is getting too hot from what we are doing, he keeps his shirt and open pants on though, not wanting to put his butt straight on the seat, considerate of him.

Nadia and I wrap our legs around the pole, and wrap our legs around each other as we spin around the pole arching our backs so our heads and arms are below our hips as we gyrate and hump the pole. I really feel the cool metal through the wet silk of my panties and we untie our panties while we spin around and then pull the panties out the top and toss them at Marcus who, groans loudly as his cock jumps and I see a waterfall of precum drizzle down his shaft. The cool metal directly against my wet pussy is a really amazing intense feeling, Nadia and I both moan from what it does to our clits and pussies and we both squirm and our bodies shake and as we do we slide down the pole and make it glisten with our wetness.

We both face our pussies towards Marcus and arch our backs and slip our fingers down into our garter belts and slide them and the pantihose down and toss those too, this time they land on Marcus's shoulders.

I take Nadia's hand and get on all all four with her and we look to Marcus, waiting to see if he will take the hint, he gets up and strips naked, so technically we are wearing more than him, a lace collar and the leads.

Then Marcus says something really hot "well come give me each other's leads with your teeth, and crawl sexily low to the ground for me."

I take Nadia's lead and she hesitates and takes mine in our teeth and I show her how to crawl low by leading her, and I glance at myself and her in one of the many mirrors, fuck she looks hot, I look hot, and Marcus looks extremely hot as he stands by the bed waiting, Nadia actually let's him caress her face and take the lead without screaming at him, but I see her shiver of revulsion.

He opens the both chocolate boxes, and picks a gilded heart shaped praline and rubs them in his precum, and then offers them to Nadia and me, I inhale his scent on it and moan and kiss and lick it and he rubs it against my lips before letting me take it in my mouth, and he caresses my hair "good girl" he says and my pussy flutters and I moan and blush, this is so humiliating yet I really love it. I look to Nadia and she has tears in her eyes, but she repeats exactly what I did, with a quiver to her lips, I really need to make this up to her.

The chocolate praline is the best chocolate I have ever tasted, even or maybe especially with Marcus's precum on it, and still his scent in my nose, and I feel the harder outer shell melt and there is a burst of floral, fruity and spicy tones with what feels like some expensive brandy, it sends a warm happy wave into my body and I moan as I have a foodgasm from the taste and what it does to me, I feel myself blush a little bit more and my pussy getting more wet and clamping down and relaxing on the cock I wish was in her, but is not there. I see a similar reaction from Nadia, though she seems feel extremely humiliated by her reaction and having it in front of Marcus.

Marcus opens the jewellery chests, and takes out gorgeous bejewelled choker collars, with a ring for a lead, and also two matching anklets and two matching bracelets, one set for each of us. "Will you wear these to make the night fulfil a fantasy of mine, and you can then keep them and sell them, they cost a lot, I would want to put them on you myself if you allow it."

I don't even hesitate a little, for two reasons, they look like they will easily pay for not working while living in luxury and raising our kids till they leave and make their own families, just by selling a bracelet or anklet, secondly and much more importantly in the moment, this would completely fulfil the fantasy I have "I will happily wear your collar Marcus" I say and he slides his hand up to undo the lace collar and then slips his collar round my neck and I feel it fit me extremely perfectly, as if he had measured my neck for this.

He also puts on my anklets and bracelets and they also are tight fits, then he looks to Nadia, she is trembling and tears are running down her cheeks and I move up to hug her "it will be alright I promise." I say and she inhales deeply "I... I mmm will ha... umm happily we.. we..." she swallows hard, sniffs and then says "wear your collar mmm Marcus..."

Marcus gently caresses her hair and undoes the lace collar and slides his collar around her neck, and I marvel at its ingenious design, I don't know how it opens and closes, but once it is closed there is no visible seams or locks or anything on it, it looks as if it is a solid piece of gold with gems. That is true for the anklets and bracelets too. Then he pulls two long gilded and bejewelled chains from the jewellery boxes, and attaches them to the rings in our collars.

"Now you said you were going to give me a lesbian show, please do" Marcus says and tugs us by our beautiful chain leashes up into bed and I start by caressing Nadia's hair and kissing her tears away and then kissing her and I feel her tension and shaking relax and she starts kissing me passionately and we squeeze our breasts against each other and our legs shift as we slide our wet pussies together and kiss down there and I grab her right hand with my left as we lean back so Marcus can see and we gyrate against each other.

He picks another two pralines again coating them with precum and feeding them to us as we cry out as we have our first orgasm, this one has a more nutty but still alcoholic flavour to it, and the same foodgasm, both I and Nadia have a little squirt from how it amplifies our ongoing orgasm just enough to take it there.

Marcus keeps feeding us precum coated pralines as we orgasm and soon Nadia and I are glistening with sweat, squirt juices and the oils from our bath "now what I would really want for the two of you to do is make love to my cock with your beautiful lips while hugging your beautiful breasts together and still rubbing your pussies together." he holds up the last two pralines coated in his precum "will you do that for me? I will give you these last praline if you do."

I feel so warm and in lust that I move to take the position he wanted, and Nadia is there too, her pupils are agape and we kiss and he moves up so his cock is right next to us, not touching, and I see it is about to drip precum, Nadia moves up first and with trembling lips kisses his foreskin and after a brief moment of surprise at her doing that willingly I join her in the kiss, we push his foreskin back with our lips as we kiss around his cock, tasting him and each other, feeling his large cock head against our lips, our tongues licking his cock's head like an oversized lollipop, and dancing with each other as we do that, I look into Nadia's eyes and she looks completely drunk on pleasure and lust just like me, and she kisses down along his shaft, letting me pleasure the head of his cock alone and I look up at him and see how much he is enjoying what we are doing, Nadia reaches his balls and starts licking, kissing and sucking on them. All the while we keep gyrating on each other, it feels amazing, and we cum again and again while taking turns with his balls and shaft and the head of his cock, but also at times doing the same thing, I like it best when we kiss around his gloriously delicious cock head.

He then says "here you earned them" we both take a few moments to finish licking and sucking on his cock's head and take the pralines into our mouths and then kiss around his cock's head while the chocolate melts, this is the best one yet, the colours in the room become so much more vivid, as do all the rest of my senses, I feel so intensely in love with not just Nadia, but Marcus, and it feels so right for both of us to be here worshipping his cock, worshipping him, I see what looks like similar feelings in Nadia, but still that slight tremble, this is so much more intense for her than for me, this is her first cock that she has touched. Though she does seem to know what to do, to make a guy feel happy, I remember now, we have watched porn with gey men giving oral sex to each other, as well as a lot of porn with two women making love to one man with lots of oral sex, and I remember that particular kind of porn with two women and one man excites her, more than anything else with one man in it, though it is excitement and revulsion at the same time usually.

Marcus caresses me and Nadia's hair "good girl" he says and I see that Nadia now feels like me, it feels amazing to be told we are good girls, yet also humiliating, but in a really hot way, there is no trace of revulsion or hate in Nadia's eyes. I love his groans, moans and whimpers as he struggles to make us work and truly earn his cum. Then I hear him inhale sharply and roar as his cock jumps in our kiss, we somehow manage to keep our lips sealed and we redirect cum with our tongues into each other's mouths and continue to lick and use our lips to worship his cock as it spurts a lot of cum that has the flavour I expect from what I read about the things we asked him to eat, and there is a lot of cum, a whole mouth full.

As he softens and pulls away after our lips squeeze the last drop out of his cock I shove Nadia onto the bed, and lift her butt up, and she remembers and cooperates and slides her fingers into her pussy and I look at her very wet pussy and her cervix and drool the cum down into her pussy, then I get into the same position and she holds a hand over her pussy as she gets up and drools the cum into my pussy, right onto my cervix, the heat and pleasure of feeling the cum is indescribably good, and I slide up with Nadia into tribbing position again and we ignore Marcus as we really go at it tribbing each other hard, roughly fondling each other's breasts and kissing fast and hungrily, tasting Marcus's cum on each other's lips we push ourselves to have several intense orgasms, and we can feel Marcus's hot cum soaking our pussies, pussy lips, clit, pee hole and drooling down to our anus. Finally we squirt and collapse panting on our side on the bed, drowning in each other's eyes.

Marcus chuckles "that was so fucking hot, you are such gorgeous sluts" I feel him push me to the bed on my back and I notice chains he quickly secures me and Nadia's arms above our heads, and then spreads our legs pushing them to be next to our ankles and I feel the anklets and bracelets pull together with a click and I try to move my leg away from this very exposed pussy and ass up in the air position, but it is as if the bracelets and anklets are welded together. I see myself in the mirror above us, and Nadia, we look so very hot in this position, and very vulnerable. Though also the position Nadia and I were going to put ourselves in, well back to back and pussy up, and sleep like that and stay in bed as long as we could, to give the sperm every help they can get to do their job. I also see us both blow a cum bubble with our pussies, and see them being soaked in cum, I already felt that when I was tribbing Nadia, and it looks so hot to see it.

Marcus speaks up "I want you to tell me you want me to fuck your asses" it is a desire not a command I can tell from the tone, or suggestion maybe.

I and Nadia answer nearly in perfect unison "fuck my ass please Marcus" I look to Nadia in surprise again.

Marcus chuckles "ok who is the most wanton whore of the two of you?"

Again in almost unison "I am your wanton whore slut" we say in desperation as if we really want to be the first to be fucked in the ass.

Marcus laughs, it is not an evil laugh, it is just extremely joyfully amused and turned on, he groans and takes out a coin and tosses it, while the coin is in the air he says "heads, it is Sara, tails, it is Nadia."

The coin lands between Nadia's breasts, but it is heads.

I had been training my anus and ass and Nadia had too, but we were not planning to be fucked in our asses tonight, we just find butt plugs look very hot and wear those sometimes for each other and just because how it feels to wear them, but we are all lubed up with coconut oil and the lubricant that is in the enemas, so we should both be slippery inside.

Marcus presses his precum soaked cock's head, fully erect and if anything more mushroomed out wide and very veiny, against my anus and I moan "mmm Marcus yesss" as I do so I exhale and he gets to slide into me without hurting my anus at all, but he still is huge, he slowly slides into me and leans in to look into my eyes "does my cock feel good in your ass slut?"

My pussy pulsates and I moan "so ooh good mmm Marcus, I want it aaaah all." I cry as he slowly fills me wider than any butt plug I have ever tried, this is bigger than four fingers and a thumb, without the knuckles.

Marcus groans "your ass is so slippery and tight slut." and he finally presses his balls against my butt and I cry out "mmmm Marcus aaah!" as I squirt like a fountain, just barely missing the mirror above and raining down on Marcus, myself and Nadia and Marcus gyrates his hips while pressing down on me and I sink into the bed and then he slowly pulls out and I watch him watch my anus close perfectly showing no trace of him having been there, he leans in and licks my anus and kisses it "so girls really do smell like roses when they shit" he chuckles and I giggle moan at his silly joke, we certainly don't smell like roses normally.

Marcus shifts and presses his cock against Nadia's anus and she copies me "mmm Marcus fuck! yes!" and he slides into her with slightly less ease than me, I guess that makes me easy.

Nadia's moans are much more intense, but as Marcus bottoms out and presses his balls against her butt she reacts exactly the same as me, she squirts like a fountain "mmm Marcus why! aaah."

Marcus is leaning in gazing into her eyes "why what slut?"

Nadia looks bewildered then tears flow from her eyes "why... why have I shunned men, when..." she sobs "when you feel so good?"

Marcus smiles "because you were waiting for the right man, one that can take care of you the right way my gorgeous wanton slut whore. I want you both to tell me you want me to take you in any way I want, and you must not stop me unless something really feels wrong, and then you can tell me stop, but if you do I will stop and leave and never come back."

Nadia sobbing and I feeling worried for her but also really wanting to have him fuck me every way he can think of cry out "please Marcus fuck your wanton slut whores, in any way you can imagine and desire, and make us your cum dumpsters."

It was not quite exactly the same words, or if they were there were too many sobs, as Nadia said it. Marcus leans in kissing Nadia lovingly and kneads her breasts, pinching her nipples really hard, and she squirts again as his cock shifts inside her ass, she is having a crazy intense moment right now and he is letting her feel it and that he is there for her, I feel a bit envious, of not being the one to kiss their lips, both of their lips. I feel tears coming on too, but I am not quite as overwhelmed as Nadia, however this fulfils in a better way than I could have imagined, my intense desires and fantasies. I really hope Nadia will handle being taken until Marcus is satisfied and that she not say 'stop' even if it hurts, as I have a strong feeling of intense attachment to him now, I need him to feel complete.

Marcus pulls out of Nadia and remove the chains from above our heads and attach them to the bed posts to the opposite sides of the bed and then pulls us so our butts press together. He slips his thumbs into our pussies and rubs our clits with his palms and massages our pubic mounds. Then I feel and see him line his cock up with my ass and plunges into me in one smooth slow stroke, and my pussy tries to milk his thumb, sucking on it with a wet sound and I squirt in his palm and it runs down my belly and between my butt and Nadia's, he pulls out and his next stroke happens in Nadia's ass, he is slow and steady at first but as he glistens with sweat and I and Nadia look into each others eyes in the mirror above, while we have orgasm after orgasm from his glorious huge cock fucking both of our asses at the same time, he speeds up, his balls slapping lewdly against our wet asses, and he dips his thumbs deeper and manages to find our sweet spots and we squirt into his hands more, and the way he holds us, and the restraints, it prevents us from even trying to get away from him massaging our clits and sweet spots and fucking our asses really hard, and it feels so good and yet a bit painful, but nothing is ripping between each stroke I see my anus close perfectly then as I am penetrated again I see Nadia's anus close up perfectly, back and forth, over and over again, Marcus is really hot to the touch and his sweat rains his wonderful scent on us, mingling with our own, the bed is completely soaked and our scents are all overwhelming, I lick my lips to taste Marcus' precum there, it really makes his scent be so close to me.

Marcus roars as he explodes first into my ass, then Nadia's, then back in mine, I hear him strain to hold the next shot as he quickly moves back and forth between the two of us, Nadia only gets seven bursts and I get eight. For some reason that makes me feel special and happy. He pulls out of me and leans back to the jewellery boxes and pulls out two flat discs, no not flat, the edge has two ridges and a rounded gap on the edge and he places them against our butt cheeks, and I feel they are cool, and they are also of clear glass or crystal, very smooth on my skin, and he carefully dips them into our wet pussies spinning them around and getting them well lubed up, then he uses his fingers to gently pry our anuses open and shifts the discs until they align with our anus and it closes into the rounded gap hugging the clear disc in place, and now my ass and shortly after me Nadia's are held wide open to reveal his massive load of cum through the clear window, that feels so dirty, kinky and humiliating to me, but I feel so hot too, displaying the cum I have earned in my ass, for everyone to see. Nadia blushes more than I do and I see her pussy pulsating, it seems to be turning her on a lot.

Marcus taps the discs in our asses and it stimulates my whole anus at once and I moan, the disc is wider than his cock by quite a bit, I don't think my anus can stretch much more than what the disc is doing to it. He again removes the chains and pulls Nadia onto our wet spot, and he shoves me on top of her, with my pussy over her head and my head over her pussy, he disconnects the bracelets and anklets to let us get comfortable, but then grabs Nadia's arms, having her hug the outside of my calves and her bracelets click as they attach to my anklets and he moves up to push her legs into a spread position where her heels touch her butt and slides my hands under her legs to click into place, limiting movement quite a bit and as if to make sure I see him attach a short chain between her anklets and between mine too.

We are too exhausted and trembling to put up any fight, nor do we want to, we just let him position us as his heat in your butts make us hope he will finish soon and fuck our pussies.

Marcus smiles "I am now going to fuck Sara's pussy and Nadia's throat, do you two sluts want me to stop?"
I cry out "No, Marcus, please fuck my pussy" Nadia cries out the same only she says lips, meaning perhaps that she hopes to only use her lips on his cock.

Marcus chuckles "Nadia, I will fuck our lips, your mouth and your throat unless you say stop before you can't say it."

I hear her moan in a muffled way and then feel her squirm under me, even with our training of our gag reflex, I had done wanted to do that, and Nadia wanted to as well, and we did so with our pink double dildo, that we were planning to use when tribbing once we were sure it would not break our hymens, till then it was fun to use for deep throating, till all we did was drool a lot, not puke, but we still squirmed.

I feel her arms tug on my legs as if she is trying to somehow get free, as she struggles her pussy gets really wet and I hear her moan on his cock, I think I finally find a mirror that let's me see a little and his balls are rubbing against her eyes and nose as he is balls deep in her throat and she is drooling out from her lips that are tight around the base of his shaft, I see her face shifting colour and her body arches and feet try helplessly to grab onto something, and she wiggles trying to move anything to get out of this, and then I hear Nadia gasp and feel Marcus rubbing the head of his cock over my pussy, pee hole clit and back up again, spreading my pussy lips and then pushing his cock slowly into my virgin pussy, my hymen is stretched around his shaft, and it just feels hot and good with just the slightest pain, I love the feeling of his balls pressing against my clit and then I feel Nadia's tongue there, she is still breathing heavily.

"Remember you can tell me to stop at any time" Marcus says.

He pulls back out of me slowly and I watch in that one mirror that will let me get a view as he gently presents his cum glistening cock to Nadia and she kisses him, licks and slides her lips around him opening to let him slide in, I hear her moan and her pussy pulsates with need for that cock, it is on the wrong side, I stop watching and start licking and kissing Nadia's pussy and clit, I feel a bit frustrated that I have no fingers to reach her sweet spot with, but I stick my tongue in to give her pussy something to squeeze around.

Marcus takes it slow, testing Nadia's limit for breath control, but never makes her want to stop, finding just the right balance there, and I love how his cock feels, I am really sad now that I did not record this, so that I and Nadia could watch it when making love, as if anything it should be memorable and at least to me, I will just have to replay it in my mind, and will, a lot I am sure.

Marcus sounds very much like he is really straining to keep going, but he manages to speed up bit by bit, and this fucking of my pussy and her throat soon has me collapsing moaning and crying out into her pussy, trying to coordinate lip and tongue movements as I am slapped hard with his balls and his cock slams into my cervix, I completely lose myself in enjoying Nadia's scent and pussy and Marcus's cock and the beautiful squirming of Nadia as she has the cock down her throat, then I feel his cock jump and he inhales and holds his breath and stops fucking Nadia's throat as he really starts fucking my pussy hard, making me scream out from the intense pleasure and slight pain he is causing me, the pain is so worth the pleasure though, then I feel him press his cock against my cervix as his cock explodes, quickly filling me to overflowing and I hear and feel Nadia moan against my clit and lick the cum that spills out of me up, soon her moans have a bit of a gurgling tone and nasal tone to them. I feel Marcus slowly pull his cock back as the last few shots of cum fills the space it occupied, he rummages in the jewellery box, and slides a soft but springy cylindrical cup into me, it fills me as much as his cock did even a bit more, but it manages to slide just past my hymen and now presses back against my hymen from the inside, it too has a clear window, but it also bends in my pussy and cups around my cervix letting her slide into the cylinder of fresh hot cum and stay there bathing, he presses my butt down to make it easier for Nadia to see and to lick my cum soaked pussy lips and clit to gather the last of his cum, he then pounds her throat with his half erect cock till it goes hard and pulls out.

He quickly repositions our trembling bodies again, this time it is my turn to be below and I love it "fuck my throat, please" I greedily beg and then he does, throat fucking me a lot harder than he did Nadia, I feel his balls slapping my eyes and nose, and his musk marks me fully, and I feel even more intense belonging with, no, to him, I want him to say that he will take care of our needs as we bear his children, and make love to each other and him, I really would love to just be free of any responsibilities, just sunbathe on the nude beach, make love all day and night and then later give birth and take care of my baby and Nadia's baby with her.

I gasp as Marcus finishes fucking my throat and starts fucking Nadia's pussy really hard, only every so often slamming his cock down my throat, I watch his legs tremble as he forces his primal side to make sure we have been truly fucked, and properly satisfied, but also that he himself feels satisfied. She buries her face in my pussy lips and clit and I try my best to lick and kiss Nadia and Marcus when I can and am often rewarded by a wonderful slap in my face with his balls soaked in her pussy juice, I really love it. Then he roars again and fills her pussy to overflowing with my mouth overflowing too and I watch him insert the same sort of soft springy cylinder into her pussy holding all the cum inside and forcing her cervix to fully submerge in it, it is very hot to see how full she is, and to feel how full I am, pussy and ass.

Marcus takes a short breather and then brings out a double dildo version of the cylinders with what looks like balls below and a smaller tube too, he pulls us up to be ass up again and gently pulls the old cylinders out, and slowly feeds both ends of the double hollow dildo into our pussies and I feel the smaller tubes slide under my clitoris hood and he helps us get into a leg and arm hug around each other our pussies pressed tight together, as our pussy lips kiss each other around the double dildo I can feel every contraction Nadia's pussy does, as it sends waves down my end of the dildo and probably does down her end too, and I feel my cervix resting on a wavy pattern that moves with the ripples along the whole double dildo, based on Nadia's pussy movements, and I hear her moan "it moves mmm" there is a flowing of his cum back and forth between us and the pressure heightens against my cervix and I am sure Nadia's too. Even sperm that are asleep would be able to get through the cervix with this much help.

Then I notice as we tug away from each other that the dildo just stretches, it is holding on tightly to our clits that are now rubbing against each other in a cum filled tube that I imagine is how it might feel to fuck a pussy with ones cock as it feels extremely good, and also holding on to our cervixes. Then I feel the click of our anklets and bracelets click together behind our backs so we can't disengage this hug, our breasts pressing together and he slaps his cock in our faces as we kiss tiredly "make love to my cock again and fuck each other with the double dildo." this time is is not a request, but an order, but we both do as he asks because we want to, kissing and licking around his cock's head and cleaning his shaft and balls from cum and our juices, I see that Nadia loves doing this now, and we soon have the most intense orgasm we have yet had, or at least I feel like it is and Nadia sounds like it is truly overwhelming her.

Marcus finally explodes in our mouths and then showers down between us, coating our breasts and then moves around to give us an even paint job of cum. I love how much that feels like him claiming us as his own, marking us. He then lets us lick his cock clean before collapsing down next to us "you lied to me, about having a spiral, it is obvious you two love each other and want to have babies together."

Nadia speaks up "please forgive her, it was mostly to fulfil my need that she tried to trick you, I... I don't fuck men, I hate them, but... but I love you..."

I nod and say "I love you too Marcus, but I love Nadia more."

Marcus smiles caressing our cum soaked hair against our backs and I feel how it sticks all over my back, that will take some effort to clean later "then I have a question for you two, would you like to come live with me, I have mansions in several places around the world, and a private jet, and private island, I can take care of you two, and my children that you two will bear for me. Of course I would expect you to be available for sex whenever I want, and to maintain your gorgeous beauty, and to keep making love with each other. You will keep these on except when I remove them so you can clean more thoroughly under them. You will also have any luxuries your hearts desire. Including help with diaper changes for our children."

Nadia looks uncertain, and I speak up "only if you give us in writing a solid contract, that my lawyer says is okay for me and Nadia, that we can choose to leave if we want whenever for whatever reason, and if we do the children come with us, and you also have to give us a mansion somewhere to live so our children can grow up in a nice place, and you can come visit them when you want to, if we are not too busy."

Marcus nods "I see no problem so far, but be careful with leaving, I won't be taking you back if you do that, and you have to stay loyal to me, that means no sex with other men unless I say it is okay, I won't force that on you though, but if I need sex any time and any where you must give it to me and do your best to seem like you enjoy it."

I laugh at that "if it is anything like today, you don't need to worry."

Nadia speaks up "I would like... no... I agree with what we decided, I don't want to give myself an out from having sex with you, you have opened my eyes, there can be at least one man that I can come to accept touching me."

Marcus shows us a contract and I read it and I see it already had this and more protections for us, and was already checked by my lawyer, and it is signed by Marcus already. "You can sign it later, for now I want you two to keep tribbing for me."

We look at each other and say in unison as we look up at Marcus "we agree to be
your love slaves, until we or you tire of it, and to love each other and our
children." I love how in sync I am with Nadia, we always do this kind of stuff, and it drives people insane.

He takes out a double sided blindfold and ties our heads together with it, and slides a long double dildo down my throat and then into Nadia's locking us in a kiss and making breathing a little bit of a challenge. I then feel him put ear plugs into my ears and I can just feel, taste, smell Nadia and all the cum we are coated in. Then I feel us be lifted up, put on a fresh velvet pillow and I feel cool glass walls against my feet and hands and arms and shoulders, the air gets very moist and the scent of all our sex and each other gets very strong, Marcus's cum in particular is wonderfully potent. We get moved again and I gyrate against Nadia and we squirm on the double dildo in our mouths.

The pillow below us start to vibrate really intensely making the cum containing double dildo inside us act as a really intense vibrator, we can even hear the vibration despite the ear plugs as it travels inside our bodies, it varies frequencies to prevent us from getting used to it or going numb and I orgasm till either I don't really have any idea what is happening around me or I pass out, I can't really tell. I think we stay in the box for many hours though, and the only change that happens is that I feel sunlight on my skin through it, and we are slowly spinning as the sunlight bakes me and Nadia evenly as we squirm. I wonder if we are permanently the women in the box.

During this orgasmic bliss and baking in the sun I see a line of the contract, Marcus had recorded the whole room from many angles, and even his eye lenses and ears recorded everything he saw and heard. I am so happy, though he owns the full rights to the recording according to the contract that we verbally signed, I hope he won't sell it as a porn video, but I want it myself, even if the price is that it is sold as porn for everyone to see.

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I can only feel Sara in my embrace, and me in hers, the vibration is making us both orgasm at least I feel her moving against me, and it is intense and a bit painful to be made to cum these many times in a row, I am so glad we got fit before trying this, every muscle in my body is exhausted, my heart is beating so hard and I have to coordinate my movements with Sara to get deeper breaths, by biting down on the dildo in our moths to slide it with the little bit of movement we can, back and forth between us to be able to get that deep breath through our nose, small wiggles also give small breaths, but those only work in between larger breaths.

My emotions are all over the place right now, my love for Sara has never been more intense, seeing her care, love, concern and surprise when I agreed to things that I said I would never do, but deep down I expected that I might have to engage in pleasuring Marcus to get us pregnant, but I was surprised at how I felt after we had already achieved our goal, when I had cum in my pussy and she had cum in hers, and we had tribbed ourselves to orgasm a few times, as from what I had read, having an orgasm helps the cum be pulled deeper and the contractions create pressure differentials to get the cum into the womb too. Yet after that I... I wanted Marcus... I still don't really understand how or why, I never had any wet dreams or masturbation fantasies involving men, just a few times nightmares.

We are so wonderfully trapped in here, restrained into a wonderfully close kiss and hug and tribbing, our involuntary motions now make us move to pleasure each other and ourselves more, and the vibrating pillow, so soft, and soaked now, but vibrating as much as those big vibrators you sit on, that I have masturbated a lot to how women using, and I wanted one of those myself, I had fantasies of me and Sara getting one and she tying me down to it and not letting me go for a long time, my current predicament is even better than that fantasy, she is here with me, in my fantasy she would only tickle my sides with too gentle caresses, and just gently ticklishly caress my breasts, I may still see if Marcus really will get us anything we want, I would want one of those and now that I have had cock inside me, I want one with a big dildo, maybe two so I have one in my ass too, I can't believe how good that felt, and how wonderful cum inside me feels and although it tastes bitter, there is more to it than its taste, that makes it feel good in my mouth too, and its smell is the same, not a good smell, but it is arousing.

Despite our situation I feel emotionally very safe, happy, exhausted though. A little voice in my head is screaming out that it does not matter if we have a contract, he could take us to that island of his, and keep us even if we want to leave, and make us work as sex slaves, pleasing other men even if he claims to only want us for himself. Of course I don't know if he will do that, but my emotions right now, how I feel about him, makes me think he is not going to do that.

Suddenly the rotation stops, and the wonderfully hot sunlight that had been baking me and Sara stop, I feel a bit of a shiver, a chill from the sunlight going away, but the box is still very humid and I think body temperature warm by now, yet the absence of that extra heat is intense. Then suddenly comparatively very cold water showers down from above, there is also a scent of the luxury bath oils, gels and other things we used during our long love making session in the bath tub before meeting Marcus, only there are some subtle differences in the scents, the water starts rising around us and as I adjust to the temperature I find it is not cold at all, it is just that I was overheating, this water feels about body temperature now as it embraces me and Sara, as it reaches our chins we start to panic a bit and Sara works to give me many deep breaths and I struggle against her to make her take some too and as the water reaches above our upper lips I feel two soft things push into my nostrils and plug them and I feel a slight pressure of air that forces itself into my lungs filling them and I feel safe pushing against that pressure to exhale all my air from my lungs and feel it filling them again.

The water now fully covers our bodies, the vibrations are still going on and now reach everywhere much better, it does somehow unglue my hair from my back and I feel the cum gluing my breasts to Sara's dissolve away too, this is a strange bath, but it feels really good everywhere, and I feel yet another orgasm briefly make me lose track of everything but me and Sara and the double dildo full of cum inside our pussies, still so warm, it feels like it licks me inside, licks my cervix too, and that is weird but also feels good, but I am also very tender everywhere, I hope I won't feel bruised and in pain when the orgasmic bliss and pleasure fades, also my clit rubbing against Sara's while hot cum flows around us and we fuck the micro two sided fake pussy, I love that too, but like guys get tender so am I, only I can't go soft, or pull out and not continue fucking. I know how tender my clit can get when I masturbate many times in a day, and I dread how long that pain will be there for me after this.

Suddenly the water gets a bit hotter and the taste that slips between my lips is different too, and thousands of tiny bubbles start bubbling around me and Sara, tickling in a slightly sharp way, feels good as they cling to my skin and flow up around me, I feel almost like someone has dropped me in really fizzy champagne or with too much seltzer in water, I can feel the bubbling fully free my hair strands from each other and I feel my hair and Sara's flow around us, the bubbles also reach under the bracelets, anklets and collar, tickling my skin there too and making the water flow, the flowing of the water starts to feel almost like a massage, and the vibrator keeps going too, forcing me to stay in this intense pleasured state, I notice the pain where the bubbles touched, the tenderness, is going away even deeper into my muscles, and I feel myself relax more, that feeling even reaches parts of me that are not exposed, like the slight pain my anus was starting to feel from being stretched open that goes away, and starting from my pussy lips and the clitoris hood the pain and tenderness relief slowly makes it to my clit and the walls of my pussy that are being kept stretched open and eventually to my cervix too. The pleasure gets more intense as the pain is taken away and although not tender or in pain any more, my muscles can barely tremble when the orgasms that would have made me thrash uncontrollably in bed blows through me.

The water stays in that state with us for a long time, and I am not sure exactly if there were more things that happened, I just have a brief flash of Marcus carrying us both to a hot bath, gently helping us dislodge the double dildo that apparently is quite unwilling to come out, and removing the anal lens disk thing, I think I protested that, but it felt good when my anus and pussy both went right back to their normal state, no damage to me or Sara either, Marcus used a mirror to let me see my pussy, and my hymen was somehow still there, I guess the stretching exercises Sara and I were doing helped.

He washed us and held us to his body as we could barely move with what he had just had us endure, and after the bath he applied a wonderfully scented oil that felt like love, lust, pleasure, happiness, and made all three of our scents smell a lot better yet more intense, he also brushed my hair every bit as gently as Sara does to me, and finally he got in bed with us and I fell asleep listening to his heart beating and hugging myself around his leg, my wet pussy kissing him and my tender clit pulsating as I pressed it against him, my breasts hugging against his side, I fell asleep gazing into Sara's beautiful eyes, holding her hand on top of Marcus's chest, feeling happy and safe, even with Marcus's hand caressing my lower back and butt and grabbing onto my hip to hold me close, I love his touch now, the feeling of him against my body. Sara and I were still wearing our collars and chains and bracelets and anklets, and they give me a feeling of security, I am also so happy with how the chain feels, no sharp edges anywhere, just lovingly crafted golden bejewelled chains that feel wonderful against my skin when they have cooled down a bit, or even warm.

As I wake up Marcus is gone and Sara and I have our legs entangled and are pressing up against each other, embracing each other and the chain from our collars are pulled over and around each other's necks and slipped down between our breasts, also between our breasts is a remote control and I notice the light illuminating me and Sara is coming from a large wall sized tv, frozen on us as seen from Marcus's point of view as he first sees us opening the door to let him in.

I look to Sara who is still sleeping, she often needs a bit more sleep than me, though sometimes I need more sleep, I won't wake her, the remote only has a pay and pause button nothing more, but I want to see, so I press play and watch, damn Sara looks so hot and so do I, though I want to caress my old self's face and tell her everything will be alright, as I see how scared I am.

I watch as Marcus puts cameras all over the harem room, tiny ones that easily fit in, no lights or anything, and there are so many places to hide things due to the sculptures, art and mirrors, and all of the decor in general is very noisy, in a beautiful way, but easy to hide things. I watch him strew the rose petals, he does so with actual care, adjusting them till he is satisfied they look good, and also putting our gifts down, I caress the chain between Sara's breasts, the one holding me close to her, I look up at the mirror above this bed too, and my lightly oiled skin looks absolutely glowing just like Sara's and I don't think we have looked more gorgeous than that.

I watch the awkward dinner, I was so uncomfortable, scared and really not wanting to do this, but wanting to do it, he was what feels like a lucky find, a man who I would not mind my son looking like and also smart as hell, and did not force dick pics or naked pics or other things like that on us, his profile was so tasteful.

Then I watch him lead us by our leashes, seen from his point of view, yeah we look amazing, I can tell where his gaze focuses, as the camera focuses there, and it really is interesting to see that, what catches his eyes, where does he linger, and I feel myself getting hot and wet as I watch, while also wondering why he is letting me see this, is he planning to use this as blackmail against me and Sara?

We are nudists, and even have sex on the beach sometimes, this would not make very good blackmail against me, even the parts where I pleasure him, let him have his way with me and say things, people say things a lot, especially in porn, I can just claim it is a porn shoot, and most of my friends won't care, they would be surprised I would ever have sex with a man, and ask how much I got paid to endure that.

I watch him watching us dance for him, our erotic strip tease, pole dance and belly dance combination. Sara wakes up and stretches against me and then looks to the screen "mmm we look hot" she says and looks up at the mirror meeting my gaze there and caresses my breasts "we look hotter now, and we are probably pregnant" she says caressing my belly.

"Unless we are secretly barren or he is sterile I am certain we are pregnant" I say and kiss her, but we both want to watch the video, so I reach over to caress her pubic mound and start to gently masturbate her and she returns the favour and we watch, taking brief glances up at the mirror to watch ourselves.

As we start to trib in the video and do so in a showy way rather than an intimate one I have my first orgasm at Sara's ministrations, she has her first orgasm when we kiss around Marcus's cock, and I clench down on her fingers in my pussy and squirt and cry out as that happens, and I fuck her pussy harder with my fingers and soon get her to squirt too.

We have several more orgasms watching ourselves from Marcus's eyes. He leaves in how he moves us into a crystal clear box, on that pillow that tormented us with vibrations. I see him once we are in the box go pick up all his cameras, and then put the gifts into the briefcase, then he rolls us out on wheels at the bottom of the box, he has not put his clothes on yet as he gets the box to his car and slides us into the back seat area an he checks on some cameras that are inside the his car, that record us.

He gets back into the mansion, taking a shower, and then walks to find our room as he is air drying naked, he finds our phones and purses, and checks our collection of beauty and fertility products, checking our medical cabinet to see if there are any medicines there, there are none, he manages to pick out our valuable things that we would want with us, and also some not super important things. This includes my very worn stuffed animal rabbit Lizzy, and Sara's stuffed animal cat Tom, and he also finds our various sex toys, making sure to bring those. He then goes back to the harem room to get dressed and he actually also picks up the wet under blanket and sheets, and all the rose petals on the ground, making the bed and I watch him start the laundry for the bed clothes, and leave a message for the maid, then the last thing he does is pick up our clothing we threw at him, taking another long inhale from it before returning with all our things to his car, and driving us to the airport, before taking us out of the car this time he presses a button on the glass case and the windows go black, he rolls us to his private jet, and nobody stops him.

Yeah he could super easily kidnap us, I can hear our muffled moans from inside and see one of the people working at the airport hearing it and walking over and Marcus gives him a crisp thousand dollars, and makes the glass go clear to let him see us and holds out a tablet where he shows us saying we want to become his love slaves, the man accepts that and goes to finish refuelling his jet, and Marcus loads us on the plane, placing us in the main passenger area on a special place made for the box to connect to and it starts to spin and a large sun lamp starts lighting us from one side as we slowly spin, I can tell it is one of those expensive frequency tunable sun lamps that can produce the full solar spectrum or anything else desired, that some big name photographers use inside when they want to have natural looking light or very specific light. It even can illuminate with ultra violet b, so that one can make vitamin d3 in winter, so they sometimes exist in expensive spas too.

I watch him tweak the lamp settings and see him check a few screens that show him how warm we get and returned light frequencies and he spends a couple of minutes tweaking the light for us specifically.

We watch him go to the cockpit and take off, and he programs the auto pilot and returns to the passenger area pouring himself a glass of wine and watches us steaming up the box, though steam does not cling to the walls it quickly forms droplets that slide down, I love how hot we look and we watch him masturbate to the sounds of us crying out and he walks up to the box and opens a hole in the panel between us and cums on us, I don't remember that, but we were coated in his cum already and very out of it, most of it lands on our breasts. He then reaches in and finds a lock of my hair that has not been soaked in cum yet and wipes his cock dry on it and I find that so humiliating yet hot.

He does this a few more times during the long flight, and then lands on his private island, seeing it from above through his eyes as he gets ready to land and lands on his private air strip, stuns me, that is not a tiny island, and it looks like a tropical paradise, after landing he rolls us out of the plane into real sunlight, and there are many beautiful naked women on this island, he rolls us into his mansion and I marvel at how beautiful everything is.

I watch him bring us into what looks like a bath house and spa, and plugs the box into a few taps and I watch it shower us and then Marcus carefully plugging our noses with those air tubes, and watching us squirm in the water, and how the cum on us dissolves into the water making it milky, almost blocking the view of us. Then when the bubbles happen the water gets clear, and we look very clean after just a short while, though I can still see our butts being filled with cum, that looks so hot too, I hope he will soon fuck our asses again and put those lenses in and let us wear them all day, on the beach with the other hot women, I wonder if they all have some deal with him about him using them for sex when he wants, I did not see any with collars, I did see some kissing each other though, and I wonder if Sara will want to invite a few of them to make love with us, though it might be unfair to the other women, as I know it will be hard for me to focus on anyone but Sara.

I watch the water draining and him getting us out of the box, he is very careful and gentle as he picks us up and then I watch how he washes us, even as we drift in and out of even being able to focus, I watch him actually have to struggle with getting the double dildo out and I see him have to get his fingers deep into Sara to apply pressure in the right way to free it from her and then with air being able to get into the inside of it, it comes free the rest of the way easier. The discs in our asses looks hard to gently remove too, but I see him do so.

He cleans us all over gently, paying a lot of attention to our hair to make it be very clean, I watch him massage tense muscles and when we whimper he makes a soft comforting sound with his voice, and we both seem to try to hold onto him, as if the world is scary and spinning and I get a vague memory about that, my physical state being so utterly helpless, that a kitten probably could kill me before I can resist, and if you are that helpless you want to be close to a strong man, and he is that.

Finally I watch him get us into bed, with him and he watches himself with us on each side of him, then he sleeps and only the sound is there of our breathing and a few soft moans and me speaking his and Sara's name and she speaking mine and his name, in our sleep and some unintelligible things.

The video fast forwards and his eyes open and we watch him move us close, gently caressing us lovingly a while before he gets out of the bed, he is sporting an erection again, but he does not take one of us, probably wanting to be nice and let us sleep.

We watch him put the remote control between our breasts and look at the full screen picture of us like we found it and he does a caressing motion with both hands in the air as if caressing Sara's and my cheek, he sighs.

Then he puts our things around the room and in our bathroom and walk in closet, the closet has a lot of clothes that look to be our size and a lot of shoes too, Sara's and my size, and he places down the contract on one of the tables with a pen to sign it with, two very sleek portable computers stand there with the contract open in a document editor, I see a more complete remote control on the table, he puts our phones down and their wireless charging starts up, he also puts down two keys, each key has slightly different teeth, also they have our names on them, so they must open some different things, probably some private locks and also some shared ones, I think at least, master and slave keys or something, I had been watching a lot of lock picking videos in my youth, and got good with picking locks, I only stole sometimes, and only from rich families and I did not steal what seemed like important things to them, and I always locked the door again as I left.

Marcus leaves our suite and locks the door, and then walks across the hall, unlocking another door and I see another suite a little fancier than ours, but a little bit more lived in, and he lies down in bed, looking at the open door to his suite and then at his own reflection above the bed smiling and shaking his head a bit, he looks to the night table and picks up a book, slips to the bookmark and as he turns a page to read the next thing, the video returns to the start and pauses itself. Not sure how he controlled where it would stop, but I really love that he let us see so much, especially the things that happened when the blindfold was put on.

As the video pauses there is a light whirr from the window as the blinds rise and the curtains outside the blinds slide themselves open and a gorgeous sunrise sends its warm light through the balcony window.

I feel Sara turn me over onto my side and she gazes into my eyes "are you alright with all of this now, when you have slept and can think clearly?" I see her compassionate concern and love for me, wanting to do what is right for me.

I take a few moments to really think and feel what I feel, and I put that into words as I say "I am very happy, surprised at what happened, but I like Marcus now, and I love you, and as long as our babies end up healthy I will be happy and maybe he will give us more babies, I was not sure I could fully fulfil my dream of having several children, as I was not sure if I could mentally handle doing what we did more than once, but right now at least I am very happy, full of joy even." I then realize that maybe Sara could feel bad too, even if I don't "I am sorry for not asking how you are feeling about all this too, how do you feel now that you can think clearly?" I kiss her before she can say anything to give her more time to think and I caress he side and back hugging myself closer to her.

I hear her giggle a bit "mmm, I agree with most of those feelings, but I am so much more surprised, at not only you kissing his cock, but doing an amazing job at it, are you sure you have not kissed and worshipped as many cocks as I have?"

I blush really intensely "Marcus is the first real cock I have kissed and worshipped as you put it" I say firmly "I did watch a lot of videos and practice on a dildo, but the dildo was cut so... you think I did good?"

"Yes very good, I also felt how you copied me a little when you saw what I was doing, but I copied you too, and clearly we both did good, since he wanted to keep us and give us that contract assuring we live in luxury even if we choose to leave him" Sara says "also we should examine the contract and make sure it is fine before signing it."

I reluctantly get up and help Sara up too and we walk over to very soft chairs and there is a small note on the contract "if you want to change or add anything, use the computers, and please use the computer to check the list of needs/wants/maybe want/not unless negotiated/never things, you can click words to see what they mean, and even see examples."

I take one of the computers and Sara the other and we can see what we are editing, and also what things are already in the contract that we had a verbal agreement on, and what things were discussed with Sara's lawyer. There list mentioned are various sex acts, bdsm things, performing in front of people in various ways, a few things are already limited to never and not unless negotiated from Marcus's side, but still in the list and there are things we want from him too, and they are variously limited and not, I am surprised at how completely a picture of what one feels about each thing, Sara and I don't agree on everything, but we leave things different for each of us, Sara leaves having other men on negotiate, and I feel my hands tremble a bit, and change mine from never to negotiate. Though the top of the list said we can change it later, I still want to try to be with Sara if she is going to play with a man, though maybe not have sex with him this time."

We write a request that if we get on our periods we should be able to either request a good fucking, or to be left alone, I know for Sara having orgasms helps with the pain, for me it is harder as I feel disgusted with myself during menstruation, I don't want her there with her mouth licking my clit then, or using her fingers, when I don't want to touch myself at that time myself, maybe if he agrees to it, I can try it next time it happens.

I do love that the contract says we go together everywhere, meaning he won't start ignoring one of us and just fucking the other, we both go together.

A slightly creepier thing is that all rooms are recording, and he has the rights to do what he wants with the recordings, including the one he made in the harem room, though it also says we get equal shares of any profits from that. Sara adds she wants to get copies of all recordings of us and if he sells recordings of other women with him or other guys, she wants us to get those recordings too. I feel a bit uneasy about going this extremely exhibitionist 24 hours per day every day. I write a note that I would like to be able to negotiate certain recordings not be sold or shared to others, if I had a bad day with lots of crying for instance I may want to not share that, or share when I take a shit on the toilet, but I had left being recorded and shared as negotiate, in the list.

Overall we add small things and details and some conditions to the contract that was already really good, and feels like it strongly favoured our side of the contract, men do think with their dicks a lot, sex for being turned wealthy even if we leave him, though it does state that we are not married, most of his money is not in any easy to reach jurisdictions, so there won't be some sort of alimony taking all his money, or half of it, the exact amount is stated based on what we get to have, and that alone is worth it to be available for him whenever he wants, in my mind, and I don't even like men until him, I hope he will remain nice for me. Sara does add some details I did not think about, like what foods we must have, since they make us remain healthy, also she adds in all the gym equipment she wishes she could have afforded for us, during us getting fit and maintaining it.

Finally we both can't think of any additions and changes and we sign the computer version, that we agree with everything on it, in a cryptographically secure way so it can't be changed without needing a new signature.

Then I ask Sara "can you figure out how our collars, the chain, bracelets and anklets work?"

She leans in examining my collar and the chain, rotating the collar and trying to press the various gems and twist and tug the chain, then she shakes her head "I can't it looks seamless to me, there is no clear mechanism for me to manipulate, but it must be possible since Marcus can do it, why don't you check, don't you do lock picking and stuff?"

I smile that she remembered and I quickly go to check my things to see if my lock pick tools were brought by Marcus. I find them and smile and I rush back to Sara and start to examine her collar, however like she said it is seamless, smooth to the touch even, I do see a thick pin holding the first link of the chain though, and I try manipulating it with a few tools, it is completely smooth, all my tools just slide over it, there is no wiggle in the pin at all, so whatever Marcus does is beyond my understanding, I shake my head and say "no I can't figure it out right now, and..." I blush "I am craving Marcus's cock, and he did show us he left the door open for us."

Sara smiles and then giggles "it feels so weird to hear you say you crave cock, but I do too." I see her look at her key and smiles "one thing first" she goes over to her purse and takes off a pair of clips that she uses to attach things on the outside of her bag, and she quickly slips her own key into one end of the clip and then clips the other end to her collar, right next to the first link, using that same pin as the link uses.

I smile at that idea, it is a good way to not lose my key, so I do what she did and I go to the door and see it has an actual lock on the inside too, so without the keys we could not leave, I take my key off my collar and unlock the door, then I grab Sara's chain giving her a gentle tug and lock the door behind us, we almost silently walk together, only the soft sound of the smooth links of then moving with us makes any sound as we enter Marcus's suite.

I look around a bit to get more of a feel for Marcus, there are a lot of books, with science type topics and several portable computers. He is laying there flat on his back a book laying next to him on the bed, and I notice there are silk ropes tied around the bed posts of his bed, and I get an idea I whisper to Sara "let's tie him up so he gets to feel how amazing it is to be out of control, and so we can have our way with him like he did with us."

Sara nods whispering back "I hope he likes that and does not get upset."

I try to recall the list of things and then I remember I think at least it was "may like" for bondage of himself. Sara carefully puts the bookmark into the book where it fell and closes it putting it on the pile of books on the night stand, and then gently ties his wrist, using a bit of a complicated knot that is undone away from where he can probably reach, and I copy that knot on his other arm and then we do his ankles too, he is just breathing calmly an making some soft talking in his sleep, but we can't really make out anything.

Sara and I carefully get up between his legs, to his half erect cock and we start to gently kiss and lick his balls first and looking over his cock at him to see if there are any reactions. He softly moans a bit and speaks soft happy sounds, and his cock starts pulsating and growing stiffer, I actually feel really happy to watch his cock go from soft to hard due to what I did, with the help of Sara.

As his cock gets fully erect I want to lick the tip and I trail licks and kisses first up along his shaft, and I still amaze myself that his scent and taste is almost as good to me as Sara's scent and taste.

I love his wonderful groan as I push his foreskin back using my lips licking up his precum and licking his cock's head as I slide him deeper, and as I do I hug my legs around his left leg, pressing my wet pussy against his thigh, and I can't help rubbing against him and moaning into his cock's head.

Sara positions herself on Marcus's other leg, as I move down to reach his balls again I scoot down his leg, painting him with my pussy juices, in my mind I imagine marking him as mine this way and that feels very hot to me.

Sara and I end up kissing each other around his cock's head pressing our breasts around him while doing so, and we stay there as his groans and moans get more urgent and his precum is flowing faster and his cock jumping in our mouths and then we watch in awe as he roars out his intense orgasm, pumping his hips and tugging at the ropes making the sturdy bed frame creek as his strong muscles try to tug free, and he erupts into our mouths, we capture his delicious yet bitter cum without spilling a drop, until he keeps cumming past when our mouths are full and some bursts out between our lips and our ears pop, our eyes water and cum bursts out from our nose and we feel the cum get forced down our throats too, I see Sara's beautiful tear filled eyes and we both blush. I kiss and lick her nose and suck out cum from it and she returns the favour and we briefly share the cum in a kiss with each other, before we return our attention to his cock's head licking, kissing and sucking it dry.

Marcus wakes up from cumming and groans as we keep licking, kissing and gently sucking on his cock even after he stops erupting "mmm fuck, thank aaah you for mmm waking mmm me up this way" we gaze up into his agape eyes and keep pleasuring him even as he squirms under us "aaah that fuck, is so ooh intense" Sara only briefly opens her mouth to speak "you have to tell us to stop if you want us to, and then we will leave and let you figure the bounds out on your own." we have not tied him well enough that he can't get free with some effort.

I love the sparkle in his eyes of joy and amusement and really intense lust "mmm noted fuck you are such aaah amazing gorgeous sluts, wondrous wanton whores, I wish aaaah all the women on mmm my island were like you oooh two" he barely gets out as our lips and tongues on his cock's head makes it swell more than his first erection and his cock gets very hot and hard, with his veins showing more, I gently rub his balls with my hand and Sara slides her fingers down to gently caress his anus, looking up to him briefly breaking our kiss around his cock's head "you can say no to me massaging your prostate, but if you don't do so now I will keep massaging it till you beg me to stop, or I grow bored." as she says that I remember the list and how he has maybe like anal on his list.

Marcus groans like some powerful primal beast but does not say no, but also does not say yes. Sara starts kissing me again and his groans gets more loud deeper and I caress down to feel what she is doing again and she has her middle and ring finger buried in his ass, her thumb massaging the space between his balls and anus with deep rubbing, I move my hand to focus on massaging his balls gently and Sara and I continue worshipping his cock's head with our lips and mouths, and precum is flowing much more quickly from him, from Sara milking his prostate, it is a little less thick than the non milked precum, but as delicious.

I love the look he is giving us and also that he looks up at the mirror above the bed to watch us, and as I notice him doing so I wiggle my butt more as I rub my dripping wet pussy against his leg, while hugging my legs around his. I glance to see Sara doing something similar, I move my right hand up along his side caressing him in a gentle slightly ticklish way and then just barely reach his muscular chest and playfully rub his nipple, Sara notices and moves her left hand to caress his stomach and move up to rub his other nipple, I can feel his nipple get hard in my hand and I playfully pinch and tug his nipple and get a bit surprised as he erupts again in our mouths, her back arching and the bed posts complaining at him tugging the ropes hard as he cums in our mouths, we just barely manage to not have a repeat of blowing cum out of our noses, as we hungrily kiss and lick his cock's head.

I am about to stop kissing and licking around his cock's head but I notice Sara not doing so and I look up at Marcus to see if he is okay and he looks really hungrily at us, I am guessing we are going to be fucked really hard when we let him go or he gets himself loose, and I am both scared and excited for that time, I don't hear him tell us to stop so I keep worshipping his cock till I am sure it is staying hard and I say "I am going to ride him" to Sara and she smiles, grabbing his cock to angle it up for me and keeps pleasuring it as I move into position, I decide I want to give Sara a good show more than Marcus and so I face my butt his way as I squat on either side of him and slips down on his huge cock, feeling him stretch me out oh so wonderfully, I feel Sara's tongue licking my clit and pussy lips, mixing precum with my own wetness to make me and Marcus's shaft extra slippery, not that there was a need for it.

I feel his cock bottom out in me before I get fully down onto his cock and I push and wiggle down harder on him and I feel I can stretch and soon my pussy kisses the base of his cock and his balls press against my clit. I grab my own breasts and pinch my nipples and I lean back on him, feeling his hot sweaty body against my back as I shift my legs to give myself a good grip around his legs, I love how soft his mattress is, letting me do that without cutting my own circulation off. I start to gyrate hard on his cock, very slightly thrusting him inside as well, feeling his cock weep precum as Sara keeps relentlessly massaging him, she spits precum and my pussy juices every so often on her middle and ring finger as she makes sure his ass remains lubricated properly to make this comfortable.

I look up at the mirror above the bed watching Marcus's hungry gaze meet mine and it is a little scary, but also helps me get to my first orgasm so much quicker and soon I arch my back against Marcus and cry out "mmm Marcus aaah" and Sara meets my gaze in the mirror, I also notice that her fingers are completely clean as she spits on them again, clean enough that she meets Marcus's gaze and sucks on her fingers drooling on them more before rubbing his anus a bit and pushing them back in, and she is working up a sweat from how hard she is massaging his prostate and suddenly Marcus pushes me up with his hips and I feel him erupt wonderfully in my pussy, and that sets me off as my entire body squirms and thrashes on his cock and I squirt all over Sara, soaking her with my squirt juices and feel my pussy overflowing with intensely hot cum from Marcus, it is not quite as satisfying as it was last night, but still makes me feel all warm and happy inside. I also love and hate myself for having locked my legs under his as I can't squirm away from him with my involuntary movements as he feels too intense for me to keep inside me, so I am forced to give myself another orgasm from just my own thrashing on him, yet I love that too, it had not been my intent, but I really love how intensely pleasurable my orgasms are.

Marcus whimpers at how intense his orgasm is, and the complete lack of mercy from me and Sara seems to only egg him on, his cock does not soften in me, in fact even as he trembles, glazed in seat under me, his cock gets even a little bit wider fuller in my pussy, I can see his cock in my inner eye as my pussy milks his cock trying to get more drops of cum out even as he runs dry from his first load.

Sara pulls her fingers out of his ass again and moves up, trailing kisses along my belly and up to my breasts, she takes one of right hand placing it on  Marcus's neck and says "hold him" and then moves my left hand to the other side of his neck and it spreads my breasts apart as I spread my elbows to either side as Sara guides me into that position, then she holds up the fingers that were in his ass and has me inhale his scent, it is a clean scent and she slides her fingers between my lips and I suck on them, tasting Marcus, while she kisses, licks and nibbles on my sensitive nipples, her left hand seeks out my clitoris and pee hole, rubbing them just that way I love, her fingers split around Marcus's cock inside me, pressing my pussy lips up against his shaft as I keep involuntarily uncontrollably thrash on him I feel my clit and pee hole rub into her slippery palm yet I can feel all of the little ridges of her handprint, her thumb presses hard against the deeper erection of my clit behind the hood of my clit and also up pressing my pubic mound down. I may be imagining things, but it feels like she is pressing me against Marcus's cock inside me, almost hard enough to give me a bruise, but not quite, right now I love the way that pressure feels.

Sara presses herself against me hugging me tight against Marcus, and I love how our breasts squeeze together, she kisses and nibbles hungrily on my neck arond the collar and I cry out in unison with Marcus as he erupts inside me again, I feel a bit bad for not sharing Marcus's cock with Sara, but she takes the briefest moment to gather up the cum escaping from my pussy before returning to the close hug and sharing the cum with me in a very sloppy and passionate kiss. Marcus sounds like he is in a lot of pain now more than pleasure, yet he has not said a word of wanting us to stop, or slow down, and his eyes show still intense burning lust and hunger, and I wonder if we would be reduced to trembling heaps before his cock will refuse to get hard for us, or stay hard even "you... your turn" I cry and hope that Sara can help dislodge me from this helpless position I have locked myself into. Sara slides her arms around me holding my back steady as she pulls me to an upright position on Marcus, then flops me onto my belly, inside me Marcus's cock pushes up hard against the back wall of my pussy, painfully hard an Marcus groans too as this is not a natural direction for an erect cock to bend, but I manage to crawl forward off his cock and hear it slap against his pubic mound and belly.

I watch Sara mount him facing him, and she leans back in his cock as she starts riding him, she too wrapping her legs around under him as she hugs herself to him tightly and she starts to dance, mimicking the moves of the exotic erotic belly dance we were doing for him, only this time on his cock. I struggle to get up and hug her from behind as she gathers her hair up and stretches her arms up, pretending her hair is being used to tie her to the mirror above, I caress her sides and cup her breasts pinching and pulling her nipples and I pull her tight against myself and move with her dance as I feel cum soaking my pussy lips and dripping down my inner thighs, I love the hot feeling of them and squeeze my thighs as tight as I can and rub them together.

Marcus still is making somewhat pained sounds of intense pleasure, and I really hope we are not going too far, I fear how badly he might punish us, yet it also just makes me more excited, and I use my face to push Sara's hair out of the way of her neck as I kiss her and nibble on her around the collar as that felt amazing to me when she did so. Sara spasms in my grip and although it takes all my effort I keep her moving in the same dance, not letting her freeze in place but to continue to gyrate and grind on Marcus, and I caress my left hand down from her breast and down her belly, feeling Marcus's cock pressing against the front of her pussy wall enough to be felt as a bump on her stomach, and then caress through her pubic mound hair and finally I gather her wetness and pull her clitoris hood back gently before sliding her clit between my ring and middle finger as my fingers slide between her and Marcus, making her pussy lips embrace his cock and I press my thumb like she did against her clit and pubic mound and soon enough she screams out, slamming her head back against my shoulder, her back arching against me pushing me almost to falling backwards, but I manage to shift a leg back to support us at an arched back angle of both our backs, as she thrashes in my embrace and squirts and Marcus roars out a very exhausted pained but intensely triumphant roar of primal passion, I feel cum erupting out of her and soak my fingers and her pussy lips and Marcus, I massage it into her clit and pee hole as I continue forcing her to cum harder by massaging her clit as and I keep making her body move in the dancing motions whenever her thrashing does not keep her moving.

Marcus whimpers out "mercy, you goddesses aaaah you win, give mmm me five minutes, then mmm then you can oooh continue." his pupils are really agape and his breathing and trembling body against us sounds like he might have a heart attack if we don't give him a break.

I gently push Sara forward against Marcus's chest and I tug her legs out from under Marcus and then lie down pressing my breasts around Marcus's left side, hugging Sara's and Marcus's legs between mine and I lay my head down on his chest next to Sara's head and we kiss and listen to his racing heart and heavy breathing. Sara sighs and moans with slight frustration and I look up at the mirror to see Marcus's cock having gone soft and slipped out of her pussy. I see his cum and get up licking up all the cum from his cock and from Sara's pussy, before returning to slowly share his cum with her in a kiss, I feel Sara wrap a trembling arm around me and I caress her lower back and butt with my left hand and my right reaches up to caress Marcus's neck and cheek and Sara caresses him with her left hand, all three of us are glazed in sweat and enjoying the wonderful afterglow of our intense sex.

I hear two women giggle "sorry we will come back later you are busy!" and I fail to catch a glimpse of them as they run away giggling, I wonder if they were watching us for a while and I blush and watch Sara do so too, the idea of having this rough sex while being watched is still a bit beyond what is normal to me, yet I love the exposure too, more than I expected I would.

Marcus chuckles and groans a bit, still breathing heavily "I did mmm not know you two would choose to ooh join me this mmm morning, and to have your way with me like this, thank you so oooh mmmm much. You are so gorgeous when you blush. My only regret is I can't caress you as we cuddle."

Sara giggles a bit "we are not done with you yet, mmm if you want us to release you before we are done you have to say so, clearly admitting to us you can't handle us."

The hungry lustful energy in his gaze gets more intense, but there is also joy in there, amusement, he clearly loves this unexpected turn around from us. "If you start gentle now, with your lips, I can get hard for you again, but mmm unless you must, please don't try to break my cock again" he says looking to me first and then Sara.

I speak up "I did not mean to hurt you, I am so sorry, we will kiss and make it better?"

Sara smiles and kisses Marcus on the lips, I love how there is no revulsion over his cum on her lips and I slide up to kiss him too and we have a slightly awkward three way kiss, and two way kisses too. Sara then puts some pillows behind his back and shoulders and neck to make it easier for him to look down his body at us and for us to get eye contact when we both start sliding down his body kissing and licking him, tasting his masculine salty sweat, trying to pleasure him via his nipples, sliding our breasts down his body, and for some reason it makes me feel even more hot, wet, lustful towards him, just like Sara's sweat turns me on after we have worn ourselves out on the elliptical, at maximum resistance, and then make love to each other as our legs and arms tremble, moving the love making to the bath tub and having the shower wash over us, only he appeals in a bit of a different way than Sara, to the part of me that knows he can make me pregnant or most likely already has, able to fulfil that primal need in me, while Sara is more true love, and the lust that comes with that, the desire to be everything for her, as she is everything to me, yet knowing also that she needs men, cock, on a different level than me, I am so happy that we found Marcus that sparks this primal lust in me, not yet love, and not anywhere near as much as for Sara, but still a man I can share with Sara, it means so much to me.

We gently kiss his still sleeping cock, hiding in its foreskin, licking and sucking a bit on his little foreskin trunk, but Marcus sounds as if we are being too rough, so we gently kiss and lick our way down to his sweaty balls and as I kiss around them I feel how hot his balls are, they feel like they are running a fever, but he moans more pleasurably now and we slowly gently make love to his balls and kiss around them, inhaling deeply of his manly musk, and as Sara starts to massage his inner thigh and pubic region and hip, I copy her, knowing how nice that feels to me when she does it, how it gets blood flowing to my pussy if I am not aroused and that can make me get aroused really fast.

Marcus makes some groans and squirms a bit under us as his cock starts to pulsate, slowly starting to get erect, it is clearly hurting him a bit, but his gaze is terrifyingly intensely burning with lust and hunger. Sara giggles a bit nervously and when his cock gets erect enough that it flops onto his pubic mound and stomach we both move up slowly licking and kissing his shaft, slobbering over it leaving it and his balls soaked in our saliva while meeting his gaze then we gently start using our lips to kiss back his foreskin, we press our breasts up against his balls, surrounding his shaft in breasts, and we feel his soft shaft go fully hard and he hisses a bit and moans squirming for us as we lick and kiss around his cock's head until he gets fully hard.

Sara speaks "choose whom you want of me and Nadia and how" she says.

He looks between me and Sara and I can tell it is a hard choice "Sara, your pussy till aaah you cum mmm, then Nadia, your pussy till you cum, then Sara, you ass till you cum, then Nadia, yours, and back around. Till I cum. Also kissing me while you fuck, looking me in the eyes when you cum."

Sara moans at the idea and I feel very aroused too, it feels extremely intimate, and I worry a little bit about the gazing into his eyes when cumming, repeatedly, I know how much more connected I feel to Sara when we do that, and I am not sure I want to get even more connected and in love with Marcus, not that I think he will ever feel more important to me than Sara, or to Sara than me, but it is scary and possible.

Sara mounts Marcus and leans in kissing him as she starts making love to him, caressing his face as she does, I feel a bit of jealousy, as she is making a very convincing show of love toward him, not just lust or sex. I decide to stop looking at what she is doing and slide between Marcus's legs and I lick and suck on his balls and lick Sara's anus to make sure she is nice and ready for him when it is her turn to fuck him with her ass. I caress her butt and grab her hips too, to feel like I am making her make love to him. I hate that I am so insecure, she is my everything. She moans his name over and over again as she quickly works herself towards an orgasm on his glorious cock and she squirts on him and all over me and then she on shaking legs pulls herself up and his cock slaps his wet belly and she smiles to him as she struggles to move, having fulfilled his request, but perhaps not as much as he wants, not saying there gazing into his eyes while the aftershocks of her orgasm happens, like she does with me.

Sara helps me move up and align his cock for me and I decide to do what she did, and I find myself getting lost in his intense gorgeous eyes, and love Sara doing for me what I did for her and I moan as I ride Marcus's wonderful cock, it does not take me long to cum for him, I also squirt, and only when I cum do I cry out his name though and I linger a little longer in my gaze with him, and feel my attachment to him get stronger, he is so wonderful, then I feel a rather sharp loud slap on my right butt cheek and Sara helps me off his cock.

I help align Marcus's cock with Sara's anus as she slowly lowers herself on him and as she leans forward I slide my hand along her belly and slide my index and ring finger of my right hand into her pussy and caress her butt with my left hand, giving her a few slaps each time she moans for Marcus and me, once again she does the loving caresses of his face and gazing into his eyes as she fucks him and my fingers, she sings out his name and my name several times, she cums really fast squirting on my hand and I lift her up off his cock with my fingers in her pussy.

Sara playfully shoves me onto Marcus and aligns his cock with my ass and shoves me down faster than my slow hesitant sliding and she leans into me from behind and grabs my breasts, mauling them as I fuck Marcus, I try to suppress my moans of pleasure, suddenly feeling wrong about being fucked in the ass and liking it, but soon I break and cry out his name and Sara's and as I cum gazing into his eyes we both cry out at the same time and I feel his hot cum filling me with that delicious heat that drives me into a strong need to fuck him more, an insatiable lust for him, and I can't take my eyes away from his, and I kiss him with intense need and blush with humiliation and guilt for feeling so much for him.

Sara slips to my side and caresses my back and kisses me and then we kiss Marcus, and soon I feel his soft cock slip out of my ass and I moan in slight frustration, I wanted him to stay in me.

Then Sara giggles a bit, playful mischief in her eyes "mmm that was nice Marcus, when you are able please check the contract, we added some things, now I need to go make love to Nadia."

She grabs my chain and tugs me out of bed and leads me out of his room, and we leave him tied up there in bed, and as she opens the door to our suite we watch a pair of blushing women enter his suite, leaving the door open and we hear them moaning as we enter our own suite, closing and locking the door.

I look into Sara's eyes "do you think he is collecting lesbian lovers, for his own private harem?"

Sara laughs "I would if I had as much money as he seems to, but I think at least one if not both of the lovers has to be bisexual" she gazes into my eyes "I think you are a closet bisexual, you clearly enjoy fucking Marcus at least, and gave him really dreamy eyes as you came for him." her tone is playful, no jealousy at all, but she is teasing me and pushing some buttons on purpose.

I blush and feel some tears in my eyes, guilt and humiliation too, I had assured her that she was the only one for me, that I was monogamous and purely interested in women, and now that promise has been made a lie, and I take promises seriously.

She notices that she went too far and gently caresses my hair and cheeks "I am sorry babe, I... I love you and just wanted you to come off your high horse and admit you love cock too, even if it is just Marcus's cock." she kisses me and I melt into her arms crying not from being sad, but from the intense emotions from last night and today, it has been way too much, but not in a bad way, in a good way, and a terrifying way, because it feels so good, I don't recognize myself, to be changed like this, or shown how incorrect I was, was my anger at men more a fear that they might feel good and make me submissive to them, rather than just to Sara, that they might do that better than her? I, I don't know, but Sara is happy and fine with what I have become, and she leads me to the bathroom and the large tub there, and soon we have a almost scalding hot bath filled with expensive wonderful bath oils with herbal extracts that make our tender trembling muscles recover quickly and we slip into a tribbing position and I soon cum for Sara and shortly after she cums for me, we keep making each other cum over and over again, getting lost deep in each other's eyes feeling that strong bond we have strengthen further, we kiss and sing our pleasure out for each other. I don't even mind the cameras I know are filming us, let the world see our intense love for each other, I even want the world to see it.

---  may be continued ---


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Reply #2 on: November 28, 2022, 03:41:09 AM
Wow!  I started reading, "Aurora and the fertility ritual", but for some reason, it only showed the first page of the story.  So I moved on to, "Sara's and Nadia's Plan to get Pregnant"'.  I got through the first half of the 'Plan' and am very impressed.  The story is well structured and flows well.  The evolution of Nadia's attitude toward men was organic and made sense.  I can't wait to read the second part, as I really enjoy stories that change perspective.  I went back to 'Arora' because I wanted to get the title correct for this reply and I realized the whole story is there so I'm looking forward to finishing that as well.  I'm very happy to have stumbled in to chat with you and get to enjoy your writing.  Thanks.

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Reply #3 on: November 28, 2022, 08:11:56 AM
I am glad you are enjoying my stories so far:) Curious issues with the forum there for you, hopefully you get to enjoy all of the stories :) One possible confusion is that there are two threads with Aurora here, one meant to be an offer for role play, and the other being the one where I 'play' with Aurora myself :) So make sure when you continue Aurora's story that you find where the story starts up from the snippet of role play starting part of the story.

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I liked your story, thanks for sharing it!

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I am glad you enjoyed the story :)

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I've read the first part and I find it arousing. Legal plot at the end is quite funny for me. Time for second part.

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Glad you enjoyed :) I hope second part is fun too :)