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Mi Lucietta

CDAshleyFoxx · 477

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on: January 18, 2022, 12:43:43 AM
This is a fictional story of a grandfather and his crossdressing grandson who is a teenage minor. There is an aspect of consent and underage sex, so please stay away if this isn't for you. Enjoy!



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Reply #1 on: January 18, 2022, 12:44:25 AM
Chapter 1

I was laying there in the dark with my heart pounding in my chest with nervousness and excitement. The anticipation had built up so much that it was overwhelming my body, and it was making me frozen—unable to make the first move, but then, the move was made for me. I felt the warm, thick fingers of my grandfather’s hand reach through the small of my waist up to my breasts. He was gripping my chest and pulling me in with his arm. He had me clasped firmly with his elbow hooked on my hip, as my whole body slid on the bed into his warm torso, spooning behind me. I could feel his face buried in the curls of my hair, wafting in the sugary, vanilla scent he loved so much.

“Mi amor. Mi Lucietta,” he mistakenly whispered in my ear, as he pulled my hips into his pelvis. I could feel his pronounced bulge through my thin, silk nightie and panties, and even through his thick cotton boxers. It was poking my cheeks and grinding against them with urgent need, with clear intention of announcing the state of his desires. I moaned and pressed my hips back a little to let him know I was receptive to his advances.

This was exactly where I wanted to be—where I had worked to be. Everything was falling into plan, as I encouragingly pressed my ass back against the swell of his manhood that I could feel growing between my cheeks. As his hand gripped my breast, kneading and fondling it between his fingers, I slipped my hand behind my body and found his package. I quickly worked to free his cock through the fly of his shorts. Once it was out of his fly, it was rapidly swelling in my hand, as it was no longer restrained by the material. I guided it to the warmth between my cheeks, and he pressed forward. His hand moved down and pulled on my bare leg and then slipped up my nightie to find the curve of my ass. As he squeezed the cheek, my ass spread apart, and I could feel the tension on my panties making them slip between my cheeks, and then I felt a thrust from his cock. I could feel the head of his cock through the thin material pressing against my sphincter, and I could feel the velvet, soft foreskin touching my inner cheek. I pressed back to encourage him more. He didn’t require much.

He yanked down my panties, practically ripping them off with the energy and urgency of a man a third his age. There was vigor in his movements that felt like youth, but it was built up horniness that was driving him; I was sure of it. I felt him yank my panties down over my butt and hips, down to my thighs. His fingers clasped my hips, as he pulled me into his pelvis, and I felt the warm head of his cock trust between my cheeks, finding the moisture deep inside. He pressed firmly, and his cock protruded from his foreskin still clinging to my cheeks and penetrated against my sphincter where it found the juices it was searching for. As his cock thrusted back and forth, it pulled the wet secretions with it and lubricated my cheeks in the process, which made his cock easily slide in my crack. His firm grip pulled me closer, and I felt the head of his cock make contact with my sphincter, and I knew this was it.

I was a little nervous. I thought I was prepared. I knew what I wanted, but in that moment, I got a little hesitant. I blurted out, “Gentle papi,” as I felt the head of his cock pierce into my wet anus.

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Reply #2 on: January 18, 2022, 12:45:09 AM
Chapter 2

My 72 year old grandfather had bad vascular dementia that turned into Alzeihmer’s. When my grandmother died of breast cancer, he lost his primary care provider, so he moved in with my mom and me. We had an extra room, and my mother worked nights, as a nurse, so it worked out where she watched him during the days, and I took care of him at nights.

It was just my mother and me for as long as I could remember. My father was a jockey and tragically died when I was just a young boy during a race. My mother said he was the love of her life, so she never remarried. Anyways, it was just us, so it was nice having my grandfather around, even if he was very confused. In fact, he was extremely confused. Sometimes he would look at objects, as if he couldn’t remember what they were. This meant I had a lot of responsibility when it came to caring for him, which wasn’t exactly something most teenage boys were up for, but I was a little different than most boys.

Maybe it was because of being raised by my mother all my life, or maybe it was the fact that she was a very, caring nurse, but I had a strong, effeminate side that was drawn to caring for others. When thinking of my effeminate side then, I don’t think it helped the matter that I was fairly petite and androgynous for a fifteen year old boy. That fact might have bothered most boys, but it didn’t bother me, as I was pretty confused during those years, and I found my reflection and developing physique alluring.

As a jockey, my father was a short, petite man, but from the pictures and from my mother’s descriptions of him, I always got the impression that he was a very masculine and cocky man. That wasn’t the case for me.

I was short like him at 5’2’’ and slender, only weighing 125lbs, but I had more of my mother’s soft facial features and large, green eyes. At fifteen, I still looked young like I needed to go through puberty, but I was fully matured on that front. I had a tuft of black hair over my cock and in my armpits, but those were really the only signs of my maturation.

Like my father, I enjoyed riding, but not horses. I was more into cycling. It allowed me to get out of the house and blow off some energy. The steep, rolling hills around our property in the countryside really worked out my legs and got my heart rate up.

Anyways, before I get on with my grandfather, I should explain myself more. I said I was confused, and what I meant by that was because I wasn’t out yet, and I was still internally exploring my sexuality. I knew I liked boys and not girls, yet I also found femininity alluring, so I wash’t confident in that position, especially growing up in a patriarchal society that promoted strong, masculine men. I really didn’t have any experiences with boys, so it was all theory. I was also exploring my feminine side. I liked the petiteness of my physique, the taper of my torso to my waist, the swell at my hips and the curve of my developed thighs and glutes that gave me a more feminine shape. I didn’t know what it meant to be transgender, but I had all the hallmarks of one at that time. I had a fascination with my mother’s garments and lingerie, and I would occasionally crossdress and look at myself in the mirror, imagining myself as a woman, jerking off to the idea of being taken by a man. I had grown out my hair past my shoulders because I liked to style it when my mother was at work, but most days, I hid it away in a top knot. I also shaved my legs and armpits, and I was mostly hairless on the rest of my body.

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Reply #3 on: January 18, 2022, 12:45:52 AM
Chapter 3

Okay, back to my grandfather. One night after I had put my grandfather to bed I was feeling a little frisky and decided to play dress up. I went into my mother’s room and was rummaging through her drawers for something cute to wear when my eyes caught the corner of a chest peaking out from behind some of my mother’s dresses. I pulled it out, and the second I opened it, I could smell the mixture of vanilla scent and potpourri and knew it was my grandmother’s clothes. The chest had mostly sweaters and blouses in there with a few of her dresses and long skirts. At the bottom there was a few boxes. In one large one I found some undergarments. In a smaller one I found some jewelry and her vanilla perfume; it wasn’t anything expensive or fancy. I sprayed the perfume on my neck and wrist, wafting in the familiar and nostalgic scent. Then I pulled out a slightly heavier box, and I found that it was stuffed with bras. She was a fairly, full-chested lady, so the bras weren’t as petite as my mother’s, and then I found down at the bottom of the box was a pair of large breast forms. It didn’t dawn on me at the time why she would need these when she was large breasted naturally, but later I learned she had worn these after her double mastectomy. The back of them had a layer of wax paper that protected a sticky residue, which made more sense when I found another small box of skin adhesive and double sided tape.

I immediately got excited to try them on. Like literally, I had a rock hard cock, as I was stripping off my clothes with anticipation. I found her clothes to be a little too plain and conservative for my taste, so I slid on a pair of my mother’s, lacy, black, thong panties, positioning them between my cheeks and up over my hips. There was no way my small-chested, mother’s bras were going to work with these forms, so I found the cutest, black bra in my grandmother’s collection and clasped it around my torso. I removed the wax covers and positioned the breast forms in the bra and against my bare chest. The adhesive warmed to my body and stuck in place. The adhesive wasn’t fresh, but it worked well. I kind of hopped in place a little and felt how they stayed glued to my chest, which made them feel very real. I leaned forward, and I could feel the forms tugging at my flesh, as if we were one. I was feeling super feminine and sexy. I then tried to wiggle into one of my mother’s dresses, but the bust wouldn’t zip up, so I decided to try one of my grandmother’s dresses. It was a little less form fitting, and it went down to my knees, but it fit. I found one of my mother’s, waist-clinching belts hanging in her closet and donned that, which really accentuated the small of my waist and the swell of the dress around my hips. I put on some of my mother’s heels and strutted around the room.

I went into my mother’s bathroom and added some accents. I traded the small, diamond studs in my ears for some dangly earrings, and I applied some blush, lip stick, eye shadow and mascara and let my hair down. I was just finishing up and admiring myself in the mirror and about to get my camera ready to take some pictures when I heard my grandfather yelling out, which startled me.

In that moment, I really didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t exactly dressed to attend to him, but I was afraid if I didn’t come urgently that he could hurt himself, so I just decided to go to his room as is and then hope he wouldn’t remember anything after I left, which was most likely. I kicked off the heels and hurried down the hall, my breasts bouncing in the process; I hadn’t learned to move discretely with breasts yet like women learn, so they tossed about. I gently knocked on his door and opened it with my heart beating in my chest. I turned on the dial to bring some light in the room, as I stuck my head through the door. I could see my grandfather in his bed tangled and pulling on his blankets frustratingly. I hesitated for a moment, but then I just came in the room and over to his bed to restrain his arms. “Papi, papi,” I said. “Shu, shuuu, shhhhhh. Quiet yourself.” He clearly had a nightmare and was confused of his surroundings. “You are home papi. I am here.” He was diaphoretic, soaked from head to toe. I calmed his arms and slowly worked his body free of the tangled blankets.

He looked up at me with a confused look on his face, “Lucietta?”

My name was Luca, and it was not unusual for him to confusingly call me Luisa, which was my grandmother’s name, but he never called me by her pet name before, which was Lucietta. I thought about correcting him like normal, but I recalled that we were told by the doctor to occasionally go along with his delusions in his most confused states, so he doesn’t get agitated, and considering my attire, I realized entertaining his delusions might be best. “Yes, papi,” I replied. “Luisa is here to help you. Let’s get you cleaned up.”

My grandfather could normally dress himself and shower himself, so I was just a glorified babysitter most of the time. My mother cared to his bathroom and showering needs if necessary, but now it was on me, so I walked him down the hall to the bathroom. His clothes were soaked and sticking to his skin, but I managed to wiggle them off of his body.

I was surprised to find him in good condition for an old man. He was a pleasant-looking man with a full head of white hair and a portly build. He was 5’9 and stout from being a laborer all his life. Despite being out in the sun, he had good skin for a man in his early 70’s, and as I pulled off his soaked, white t-shirt, I thought his round belly suited his hairless chest. We both worked him out of his soaked boxers, as he faced away from me. He also had a cute butt for an old man. It wasn’t saggy and shriveled; there was still some muscle and youth. I walked him into the shower, and I turned on the water. I told him to wash up while I changed the linen on the bed, and he complied. I quickly changed the bed and promptly returned to the bathroom five minutes later with a change of clothes to find my grandfather standing there in the center of the rug with a face cloth trying to dry himself. That is when I really saw him completely in the buff for the first time.

Hanging down from a tuft of grey hair was his manhood. I had never seen another man’s cock in person, so I was taken back for a moment. There was four or more inches of his flaccid, uncut cock hanging between his legs along with a pair of large balls, which hung down just as low. They looked heavy in their sack—much different than my own more pettily sized package. I could see the outline of the head of his cock through the thin, smooth foreskin. I wasn’t expecting to see him nude, to see his cock or for it to look so pleasant, but I did.

I grabbed a towel out of the closet. “It is okay papi,” I said reassuringly, tossing the face cloth on the counter. “Let’s get you dry and back to bed.” I toweled his hair, and then I toweled the drops of water that clung to his skin. I worked my way down his body his body. In the corner of my eye, I was keeping an eye on his cock. I didn’t have to, but I crouched to my knees on the mat to dry his legs, which allowed met to get an up-close look at his cock. It was only eight to ten inches from my face, as I toweled him off, so I could see it in detail and smell the alluring, musky aroma of his sex. I had a hard on at the time that was trapped in my mother’s panties under the skirt of my grandmother’s dress. I could see the large vein that supplied the meaty appendage blood, and I could see the muscles in his scrotum rolling his testicles around. And then I noticed that the whole shaft seemed a little more swollen than before, enough that the pink tip of his cock was protruding a bit out of his sheath. “Does that feel better papi,” I asked, trying to gauge his demeanor.” He nodded, so I took my time working down to his calves and feet. When I brought my head back up, there was a half-inch of his cock sticking out now and his cock seemed to be sitting further away from his body. I smirked, but continued. “I moved to his balls and cock saying, “We need to get you all dry.” I worked the towel innocently enough over the mound of hair above his cock and then between his balls and thighs and around his balls. His cock twitched, bouncing for a moment. The mushroom head of his cock had almost worked itself free from his foreskin when I cupped his cock in the towel and squeezed it in my head, as if I was squeezing water out of a towel. After sampling his girth, I stroked the length of his shaft with the towel a few times. Then I released it, dropping the towel to his feet and looked up saying cheerfully, “All done!”

I looked forward and saw that his cock was now pointing straight away from his body right towards my face, and his head was sticking out of his sheath just teasingly, dangling inches from my lips. “Oh my papi,” I giggled! “Ut oh, what happened here?” I couldn’t believe where I was or what I was saying. I felt like I was on autopilot. He shrugged his shoulders, as if he didn’t know if he had done something wrong. “Well, I don’t think this is going to fit inside your boxers papi. We should probably take care of it before we get you to bed, okay?” He nodded, as if it was all part of the routine. The anticipation was coursing through my veins. My heart was out of my chest. My mouth was dry with nervousness, but I nevertheless proceeded. I reached out and cupped his cock in my petite hand and began to stroke his cock.

This was the first cock I had ever touched besides my own, and it burnt a memory in my mind that is still raw and detailed as it was then. His foreskin glided back and forth over the muscular and engorged inner shaft that was swelling more and more with each stroke. The skin was gliding over the head of his shaft, somewhat catching on the thick lip of his mushroom tip. “So big papi,” I found myself speaking my thoughts aloud. My efforts milked some clear fluid from the tip of his cock, which lathered the foreskin, as it slipped back and forth over the tip. The glossy tip of his cock looked more and more appetizing, and I could feel my mouth salivating, as I jerked my grandfather off towards my face. I repositioned myself, so I was sitting on the heels of my feet, which got me up a little higher and inline with his cock. “Feels okay,” I asked my grandfather. He nodded. “Okay. Let me know how this feels,” I said, as I opened my mouth and slid his cock in my mouth. I heard his buck a little and groan. For a second I wondered if my teeth nicked his head, but I think he was just moaning at the feeling of a hot, warm, young mouth wrapped around his cock. Who wouldn’t? I pulled off of him. “Are you okay?” He just pushed my head back down on his cock, which surprised me a little, but I didn’t mind. I slowly worked my mouth back and forth, and eventually, I realized I wasn’t using my tongue, so I started gliding the shaft along the flat of my tongue. I sucked on the tip and rolled my tongue around a bit. I was a novice, but I tried my best. I think I was a little too enthusiastic with my pace.

He had grown to a full erection, which was surprising to me that he could get himself hard at his age, but he was maybe seven inches or more; I’m not really sure. At that point, he was really filling my mouth, and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I didn’t know if I was ready. He had the back of my head, and he was fucking my face, as I braced myself on my legs to steady myself and control the tempo and depth some. I could hear his breathing deepen, and then he began grunting. The first grunt caught me by surprise and let me confused, but then I felt a jet of hot cum shoot on the back of my tongue, and I instantly knew what was coming. Then I large stream of cum shot to the back of my throat with much more force than the first, and I gagged. I went to push myself off of his cock, but he had the back of my head in his grip, as he jolted his hips in a spasm. I braced myself, as another stream of cum and then another filled my mouth. I couldn’t take any more, and I pushed myself back off of his cock, spitting out his cock and his cum, as it ran down my chin. I coughed and looked up. His eyes were closed, and he had his cock in his hand jerking it off. A few more residual streams struck my face and the bust of my chest, clinging there.

I felt a little used in that moment, as I felt the cum running down my face and tasted the salty fluid coating my mouth, but it also felt exhilarating and oh so right. I was on my knees servicing a man’s cock and taking a cum shot to the face like a good little whore should. At least, that was what my sissy brain felt was thinking at the moment and felt was right. I was feeling extremely feminine, sensual, sexual and alive in that moment, and I was utterly lost for words and in disbelief.

I chuckled and giggled. “Ohh, my word papi. That was quite a lot,” I said gleefully. He kind of shrugged his shoulders and said, ‘Well yeah,’ as if it was all routine or to be expected. I grabbed the towel and cleaned him and me up before dressing him and walking him back to bed. I tucked him back into bed.

“Are you coming to bed,” he asked directly?

I didn’t really know how to answer that. I wasn’t really expecting to sleep next to him like my grandmother would have, so I made something up. “Of course dear,” I said. “I’ll be right back once I change and clean up a little. Don’t wait up for me.” He nodded and turned over. I turned off the lights and closed his door smirking at the taste of cum still fresh in my mouth.

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Reply #4 on: January 18, 2022, 12:46:43 AM
Chapter 4

The next day I concocted a plan for the following night when I knew my mother would be at work, and it would be just grandpa and me at the house. I was getting myself so worked up that I could barely control my anticipation. By the time my mom left, I was so horny I was about ready to burst.

I put my grandpa in the living room to watch his programs and get comfortable with a glass of wine. While he had his wine, I hurried myself to my mom’s room and found the chest behind her dresses. I pulled it out and got everything I would need for the night and spread it all out on her bed. I hopped in the shower and shaved my legs and armpits. I toweled off, and then I put my hair up in curls like my grandmother used to do. While they held their position, I donned some makeup and some of her earrings and necklace. I did my makeup just like her, as best as I could remember. I applied some fresh, double-sided tape to the breast forms and then lathered on some of the skin adhesive and let is sit and get tacky. I put on one of her bras and one of her high-waisted panties. They weren’t sexy or flattering, but I was going for realism. I positioned the forms in the bra and firmly pressed them to my bare chest. I held that position for a few minutes, and then released them. The bra supported them well, but I could still feel their weight clinging to my flesh. I bounced a little to test them out, and they held their position. I put on one of her dresses and zipped up the side, before putting on a pair of thick heels. I took out the curls and tossed my hair around. I definitely was feeling feminine and looking the part. Looking in the mirror, I was not only extremely passable, but I looked nothing like myself, and I almost looked like a young version of my mother or grandmother. Perfect!

My heart was pounding, as I walked through the house in those heels. I pinned my shoulders back and walked with my hips into the family room. I came up behind my grandpa on the couch and leaned down, wrapping an arm around his chest and pressing my cheek against his, before giving him a kiss. “Hi papi.”

“Luchietta,” he asked? “Is that you?”

“Yes, my love,” I replied. “How’s my teddybear feeling?” That is what she called him. He couldn’t really see me at this time. He could barely see all that well anyways without his glasses and with his cataracts, but I could tell he was sampling the air after finding the familiar smell of the vanilla perfume. I walked around to his side and sat next to him on the couch, right up against his leg. He pulled his head back and looked at me with confusion at first, and I almost thought my plan was about to backfire.

“You cut your hair,” he stated.

I sighed a breath of relief. “Oh yes. It is a little shorter,” I replied. “You have such a good memory.” My grandmother’s hair was down to her back, and my hair was just at my shoulders, so it was surprising what he remembered and didn’t remember. I pulled my dress back behind me and wrapped my bare leg over his knee and stroked the length of his inner thigh. We chatted for a little while, and I could see through his pants that rubbing his leg was having an effect on the bulge of his crotch. He finished his wine and leaned forward to set it on the table. “Are you getting hungry papi? I could make you some food,” I said, as I rubbed his belly. He nodded, and I got up. I came back a while later with some food and another glass of wine. After he ate and relaxed a little, I pointed to the clock and said look at the time. “Time to get ready for bed.” Little did he know that I had changed the clocks earlier, so with little fuss, I was able to get him up and get him to the bathroom to clean up.

I helped him out of his shoes, pants and out of the buttons of his shirt and then out of his undershirt. I squatted down, as I pulled him out of his pants and got a good look at his beautiful cock. My mouth salivated with anticipation, but I didn’t do anything then. I spun him around and got him in the shower. While he showered, I quickly went back into my mother’s room to change.

I quickly unzipped my grandmother’s dress and pulled it off my shoulders. I wiggled the bottom of the waist of the dress over my hips, and it fell to the floor. I stepped out of the dress and kicked off the heels. I pulled down her panties, exposing my erection in the process, before unclasping the back of the bra. I carefully took off the bra, not knowing if the breast forms would stay, but they did. They were warm from being against my body, and the fresh adhesive kept them locked into place. I really couldn’t believe it looking in the mirror. They almost looked like they could have been real. I gave them a little squeeze and jumped up and down, and they stayed in place. Feeling confident in their position, I moved on.

I went in the bathroom and found some baby oil and some petroleum jelly. I mixed the concoction and reached behind my ass and applied it to my sphincter, lathering the entrance well, working the oils into my skin. I could feel my sphincter relaxing, as I massaged it, slowly working itself open. I penetrated myself and lathered my anal canal with the juicy mixture just like I had done many time before. After a few minutes, I could tell I was well prepared, I washed up and went back to the bed.

I slid my grandmother’s panties up my legs and over my hips. These were high waisted too and full bottomed, but the edges of the bottoms were loose frills instead of straight elastic. I then put on her silk nightie, which terminated mid thigh. It too was fairly plain and conservative, but it had string top shoulders and a strong taper at the waist, which accentuated my bust, and the material felt delicious against my skin. I wrapped myself in her thin cotton robe and tossed her jewelry on the bed. I applied a little extra perfume to my neck, and I hurried back to the bathroom.

I found my grandfather already brushing his teeth in the buff before having even toweled off. “Oh papi. Let me help you with that,” I said, as I surprised him. I toweled him off quickly and helped get him into his boxers, as he insisted. I grabbed his hand, “Ready to go to bed,” I asked, as I guided him out of the bathroom? I got a surprising pinch of my butt, as we walked out. He must have been feeling frisky. It was dark, but still early. I figured the lead up and wine helped get him in the mood. When we got in the room he pointed to his shirt, but I told him it was a warm night, so he should sleep without it. I pulled back the covers and put him in the bed, and he covered himself up.

My heart was racing at this point, as I stood at the door. I questioned whether I was going to actually go through with it, but my erection was killing me, my teen horniness was surging, and I wanted it bad. I slowly shut the door and turned off the lights. I walked to the bed and whispered, “I’m coming to bed too.” The moonlight was illuminating my silhouette, as I took off my robe, dropping it to my ankles.

“Ohh my,” my grandfather said, as the light traced my hourglass figure up to the tips of my fake nipples. My breasts jiggled beneath the thin material, as I pulled back the cover and worked myself into bed.

My heart was pounding out of my chest, and I couldn’t close my mouth because the excitement and anticipation was taking my breath away. I turned away from him, as I situated myself beneath the covers and projected my ass into his direction. I waited. I didn’t have to wait long. He must have been horny too because he worked faster than I had imagined. He moved his hand between the small of my waist up to my breasts and pulled my small body into his pelvis, so he could grind his cock against my ass. Not long after, he had yanked down my panties below my ass and had a grip of my breast under my nightgown, as his hard cock was eagerly thrusting between my cheeks trying to find someplace wet and hot. His cock was torpedoing out of his sheath that was pinned between my cheeks, jutting the head against my juicy, wet sphincter. I could feel the head hitting its mark, loosening up the muscles, as they acclimated to my grandfather’s appendage. He pulled me tighter to his hips, and his next thrust  penetrated my insides before coming right back out. He did it again, but this time he didn’t retreat as far, and my sphincter had a moment to grip his cock.

A whimpering moan left my lips, as his cock worked itself back and forth in my virgin ass. He seemed to be finding the right position and angles to bury more and more of his cock in me. “Gentle papi,” I moaned, as he thrusted with gusto, gripping me with a death grip that surprised me; he had strength and energy I wasn’t expecting. He pulled on my twink body tight to him, and I could feel the perspiration building between us.

Then I felt him roll on top of me, and for a moment, it was hard to breath with my face pressed into the pillow. I felt the full weight of him on top of me, as his cock slowly pressed down into my prostate. I could feel my cock twitch, as he milked some fluids from the tip of my cock. He only stayed like that for a few minutes, with his hot breath next to my cheek, occasionally kissing it, before he picked himself up and straddled my ass. I could feel him pull up my gown, exposing my ass. Then I felt him grip my hips at the top of my cheeks and pull it into his cock, as he quickly worked himself back and forth. The perspiration on our bodies made him effortless slide on my thighs, as he penetrated my insides.

Having a cock in my ass felt amazing. The appendage was made for my hole. The rippling muscles of my anal canal sliding over the velvet skin of his shaft was sending me into a horny rage. I gripped the bed and pushed back against his thrusts. My toes were curling and my legs were twisting, as I was dying from painful pleasure. Maybe he could tell my eagerness, or maybe he was just ready to pound me and unload in me because he worked himself off of me, and I instinctively pulled my knees under my hips and spread my legs. He found a position between my legs, and then I felt the head of his cock press against my stretched sphincter. I instinctively came up on my hands to get into the right position, and then I felt his cock slide up into my body once more. He gripped my hips tight and began pounding my ass hard. My hanging tits were tossing about, so much so, that I was sure they would fly off. He was pounding his hips into my ass that there was a smack, smack, smack. I dropped to m forearms and face, burying it in the pillow, as I road out this ride. My cock was dancing in the air, getting a jolting wiggle with each impact that was sending me over the edge.

I had never came before by just anal stimulation, or maybe I just started masturbating before anything could happen, but I could feel the tip of my cock tingling on the edge of an anal orgasm. The silk nightie was teasingly caressing the length of my shaft, willing me to cum. Feeling it wanting to explode from me, I pressed back into his cock, and then it happened. I began to moan into the pillow, as I felt my cock and anus contracting in rhythmic pulses. Thin streams of cum shot onto the nightie and on the bed, as my sphincter gripped my grandfather’s cock. He must have felt it too because he collapsed on my back, and we fell to the bed, still joined. He had his legs still hooked inside my spread legs, as he never stopped thrusting into my ass. My bare ass was firmly pressed against his pelvis, and he was grinding down hard. My orgasm was over, but he was still using my ass, as I just laid there with exhaustion, just trying to breathe. With his breath close to mine, I could hear the tone of his grunts change, and his hips buck with less control, as I then felt his cock twitching inside me. He pushed down hard and held, as I felt his cock buck and pulsate in my ass. The feeling was amazing, as my stretched sphincter gripped his pulsating cock unloading his cum deep in my rectum. I was crushed, but I was in heaven.

After the last twitch of his cock stopped, he immediately rolled off of me, tearing his cock out of my ass. I could feel his cum running out of my gapping hole down my taint and balls. “Mmmm papi,” I said in euphoria. “That was good. You did me really good.” He was still catching his breath, I think more surprised than I was at the work he just accomplished. I felt used, but in a good way.

I moved over to his side and put my hand on his chest and my bare leg over his hips, nudging his slippery sex with thigh. “Mi amor. Mi Lucietta,” he said affectionately.

I leaned over to him and give him a kiss on the lips. “Thank you papi. Now let’s get you cleaned up.” I cleaned him up and put him back to bed. I didn’t stay; I had to clean myself up and put away the clothes. Plus, I couldn’t have my mother find me in bed with grandpa, so I headed to bed.

My grandfather was with us for a few more years before he left us, but in those years, we had a lot of fun, and I think we both brought each other a lot of happiness. He also helped me to find my place, as I am now fully transitioned and loving my place, as a nurse, and as a wife of an amazing man, who I eagerly service whenever he wants to take me.

The End