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Ripley's Aliens (F-aliens, rape)

CDAshleyFoxx · 617

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on: March 23, 2022, 12:05:01 AM
This is of course fiction. Everyone in the story is an adult. Enjoy!



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Reply #1 on: March 23, 2022, 12:05:36 AM
Chapter 1

Ripley finished securing Sector 3 of the rig and decided to check back in with Bishop. She ran back through the outpost, across the grated floor of the iron rig. Her feet hurt in her heavy, tight boots; they clearly weren’t designed for running. And her undersized jumpsuit was annoying her. Like the shoes, it must have been worn by someone shorter. The seam of the seat was pulled up by the stretch of the material over her shoulders, riding up between her cheeks, so much so, that it was riding right next to her thong and working its way through the material of her panties, between her lips, and tugging against her clit. The petite torso of the jumpsuit was squeezing her waist and crushing her breasts, tormenting her nipples, as she ran back, but at least it provided some support, she figured; the crop top underneath was all she had besides the jumpsuit to keep her breasts from tossing about. It was all she could find on the rig after escaping the aliens in an escape pod and landing on a forgotten planet.

The heavy, mechanic doors of the laboratory slid open, screeching in the process. The abandoned outpost—a terraforming rig on an uninhabited planet—had fallen into disarray. Ripley caught her breath, as she entered the clean room of the laboratory. She peered through the looking glass into the lab and gasped with horror—or was it fury? She immediately opened the door before having the chance to change into a clean suit. “What the hell are you doing Bishop?” She could see Bishop on the far end of the lab, peering into a microscope, but that wasn’t what upset her. “What the fuck are those Bishop? I’m talking to you!” He still didn’t turn around. On the table behind him were three, large, cylindrical containers filled with embalming fluid—a pink type of synthetic, amniotic fluid that Ripley recognized—with Alien pods in them. There were IV fluids and several large vials filled with a milky fluid being bumped into them. Ripley squinted her eyes and read Propofol on the vials. They were getting enough sedation to put down a large elephant. There were lines that supported oxygen and the removal of CO2. There was another line coming out of them that seemed to be harvesting a glowing, greenish-yellow fluid. Ripley reached out to touch the line, but Bishop stopped her.

“I wouldn’t touch that,” he warned aloud. “Not yet, at least.”

“What the hell is all this? Here, we narrowly escape the aliens, and you have the audacity to bring these pods here? And you are keeping them alive! What the hell is the matter with you?” Ripley reached for a panel and was about to cut of their life support before hitting a red button to exterminate them when Bishop stopped her.

“Don’t!” He yelled, as he finally turned around. He reached out and grasped her wrist. “Just wait. I’ll show you.” He released her arm when he could tell she wasn’t resisting him. “I had to do it. We need to prepare for them. Look,” he said, as he pointed to the microscope. Ripley walked over and peered into the viewer. “See. I did it,” he said, simulating pride to the best of his programming.

Ripley could see coagulation in the slide of the microscope. “So what is it?”

“It is an antidote to their sedating neurotoxin,” he replied. He peered back into the microscope. “It isn’t a lot, but it is a start. It might give us the edge—like a vaccine. See here,” he said, as he led Ripley to the containers. “Their hyper-metabolism requires huge amounts of sedation, but I managed to stabilize them, so that I could extract the serum from their sebaceous glands.”

“How is the needle not being destroyed by their acidic blood,” Ripley inquired with astonishment, but still reeling in anger having the pods on this planet.

“Their blood is only acidic when it oxidizes in air. It is neutral in their body. I modified the amniotic fluid to be free of any oxygen,” he responded.

“Not bad for an android,” she said, smirking. “Now, when you are done here, I want you to…” Suddenly the lights went pitch black for two seconds and the AC fans screeched to a halt before the glowing, dimly-lit, red lights of the backup generator kicked on. “Oh shit!” Ripley went over to the console, but it was completely black. “Shit!” She pushed a few buttons before banging on the table. “Fuck! We have got to get that power back on. I knew I should have fixed those couplings before coming back.” Ripley ran to the door, but it too was not functioning, and the hydraulically controlled arms pinned the door shut. Ripley was panicking. “Bishop! Do you think you could…”

“Not a chance, mum. Those hydraulic doors are far stronger than me,” he interrupted, as he shook his head.

“Bishop. I need you to go to Sector 4 and reestablish a link with the couplings. You can crawl through the engineering conduit to the airlock. You will need to go outside and come in through the loading doc of Sector 6. I can’t go outside like this, or I’ll die, so only you can do this. Understand?”

“Of course, mum,” he replied, with a look of concern. “But the pods, mum. The extra Propofol is in the freezer. We don’t have enough to last the….”

“Just go Bishop! Stop waisting time!” Ripley said, as she pushed him to the engineering port overhead. “Be fast!” Bishop leaped ten feet off the ground and scaled the engineering port. He looked back with concern. “Go! I’ll be fine!” With that, she saw him crawl away, and a sinking feeling of dread filled her, as she slowly turned around and looked at the Propofol dripping into the glass containers. She was alone.

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Reply #2 on: March 23, 2022, 12:06:47 AM
Chapter 2

It had only been fifteen minutes since he left, but Ripley was feeling the effects of the power outage. With the fans down, the room was getting warm from the residual heat of the industrial building. It would take half a day, but eventually the room would have been an ice locker, she figured, so the heat was better than the alternative. She looked over at the thermometer on the wall, and it was ninety-five degrees, and she was sweating. She could feel the sweat accumulating on her clothes, making them sticky and uncomfortable. Another five minutes passed, but she couldn’t take it any longer. She had let the sensation build up so much, that she found it unbearable, so much so, that she feverishly began to rip off the laces of her boots. She kicked them off and tore off her sticky socks. Her bare feet touched the smooth, metal floor, wanting it to be a cool, heat sink, but it too was warm. She unzipped the front of her jumpsuit and peeled the sticky fabric off of her shoulders. She pushed it over the swell of her hips, almost pushing her panties off with it, as it fell to the floor. She stepped out of the legs and kicked the damp suit across the lab with disgust.

She was free of the garment, but she was still uncomfortable. She leaned back against the wall. Her bare, sweaty cheeks pressed into the wall and slipped about. Perspiration was running down her body, tracing down her arms and her inner thighs. She slowly slid down the wall to the floor. Her sticky, white, crop top pulled up on her breasts, as she slid down, but she was too hot and exhausted to adjust it. The soaked top didn’t hide the circles of her areolas, and the wet shirt teased the tips of her erect nipples. She pulled her hair up over her head to get it away from her neck, so the hot vessels in her neck could breathe. The glowing, red lights gently flashing on and off was hypnotizing. She closed her eyes in exhaustion and fell asleep.

Ripley’s head was in a cloud of confusion, as her mind struggled to sharpen itself, but as it did, she become acutely aware of the weight on her back and the dull sensation of something jabbing at her loins. As her minded sharpened more, she could feel the detail of the damp, bony fingers pinning her torso to the table in the lab. She was struggling to expand her ribs under the weight. She could feel the details of the undulating rod trusting between her legs, penetrating deep into the bowels of her body. She could sense the stretch in her pussy, swelling around the thick base of the foreign appendage pounding at her pussy, pounding against her ass. She could hear and smell the chattering breath of the alien xenomorph next to her cheek, as her fear tensed her with panic.

Her mind was awash with confusion. She didn’t know how the xenomorph got into the lab or even on the planet, nor did she remember it ripping her off the floor and throwing her over the table. She could feel her sweaty, bare breasts sliding across the metal table, as the alien continued to fuck her. She dared not resist, as she was gripped by fear, but as her mind focused further, she could feel her body betraying her. She could hear the slippery sounds coming from her soaked pussy, and she was relishing each thrust spreading her hole wide and penetrating her deep. She realized it had been so long since she had been penetrated that was lost in the moment. The black, twisting and rippling, smooth appendage of the xenomorph was driving her to an orgasm, and she was finding herself pushing back into his thrusts. His alien balls were smacking her clit, and she was wanting so bad to cum, but suddenly her mind yanked her out of her dream, ripping her into reality, and she awoke breathing deep and hard from her nightmare.

It took her a moment to catch her breath, as she looked around the room to collect her bearings and check the room for xenomorphs. She realized it was just a dream. She looked down, and she was soaked in perspiration. She could feel the heat on her body and sweat dripping down her skin to the floor, but more than that, she could feel the heat from between her legs. She spread her legs and moved her hand to her crotch. Her vulva was hot, and her panties were soaked through. She slowly pulled open the top of her thong and exposed her tight bush. She continued to pull her panties away from her vulva, and a string of clear dew, a bead of sticky nectar, clung to the material. She hadn’t been this wet since she was a teen she reasoned. She rationalized that it been so long since she was with a man that her horniness was overwhelming her senses, so much so, that she was even having wet dreams about what she feared the most. She was going crazy, or maybe it was just dehydration. She was feeling thirsty.

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Reply #3 on: March 23, 2022, 12:07:46 AM
Chapter 3

Her mind suddenly focused her on the reality that she had been sleeping. ‘How long was I out,’ she thought? She immediately looked over at the Propofol, and it was empty. “Oh shit,” she said aloud! It was slippery, but she pulled herself off the floor. There was a small puddle of perspiration that outlined her body on the ground. Her skin of her thighs and cheeks slid across each other, as she hurried over to the pods. Just then the lid on one of the pods began to open. Ripley frantically pulled the parental, oxygen and CO2 lines, hoping that would starve the pods, but then another slowly opened. She looked around for a weapon, but she didn’t have anything. She had left her gun in the clean room. She darted her eyes across the room until they landed on the greenish-yellow syringe that held Bishop’s antidote. She hastily grabbed the syringe and plunged it into her thigh. She could feel the burning fluid coursing into the muscle and distributing around her body.

She looked over and saw the arachnid legs of the face-hugging xenomorph climbing from the pod. Ripley immediately ran to the corner of the room in time to hear the glass break, the amniotic fluid gushing from the tank and a thud, as the creature hit the ground on the backside of the island table. Her heart was beating out of her chest, as her eyes darted around the dimly, lit room. She could hear it struggling for a footing in the slippery amniotic fluid, but then there was silence. It was painfully quiet, as her heartbeat was the loudest sound in the room filling her with dread. Suddenly the sprawling arms of the arachnid flew across the room in her direction. She tried to divert to the side, but her damp foot slipped on her perspiration, and she came down hard. Ripley was stunned for a moment, but her senses sharpened when she felt the warm legs of the creature scrambling up her body. It lunged for her head, gripping the back of her neck, but she had her hand pushing back on one of the legs and gripping the tail, yet it was too slippery and strong; she could feel her grip failing. “No, no,” she shouted! But it was not enough. This was a losing battle, and she looked in horror, as the arachnid xenomorph closed around her head. She freaked out when the tail broke loose of her grip and wrapped around her neck. Her slippery body tossed about on the floor, trying to get away some how, as she clenched her jaw, but when the tail tightened, she instinctively gasped for air, and that was her undoing.

She felt a long appendage from the arachnid slide down her throat, as the legs gripped tightly to the back of her head. She could taste the sour secretions from the rod attempting to sedate and paralyze her, but at best, it just kept her from gagging; the antidote was working, but in that moment, she almost wished she was unconscious. She was freaking out and flailing about, but it was only after a few seconds that she realized she could still breathe. She didn’t know how, but that calmed her, but she realized she had to work quickly before it seeded her. Ripley had a strength that welled up from inside, her courage strengthened, as she had a strong will to live. She began hitting the creature with everything she had, but it didn’t budge. She pulled at the tail and fingers, but they only tightened their death grip. She could feel the creature thrusting the appendage down her throat, yet she had a sense that it was instinctively confused that she was still conscious.

She realized she could get some of the broken glass on the floor and cut the creature off of her, so she quickly got on her hands and knees and crawled across the lab. She was blinded by the creature over her face, and she had trouble focusing, while the arachnid slowly thrusted its appendage deep down her throat, but she was undeterred. She crawled until she felt her hand touch the warm, slippery, amniotic fluid. She realized the glass would be close, so she scanned the floor blindly, but little did she know that the fluid had spread far from the shards. In fact, it was beginning to reach her knees, and then down her shins.

Suddenly she heard the sound of glass breaking, which startled her, making her jolt, which caused her immediately to fall, face first, to the slippery floor on her chest. She was stunned, but flailed to her back. She could feel the whole front of her coated in the slippy fluid running down her body, as she sat in a puddle of it. She was entirely coated. Ripley quickly worked herself back to her hands and knees, keeping her knees spread and her fingers wide, struggling to steady herself beneath the slick fluid, when all of sudden she felt something land on her lower back. Before she had a chance to react, she felt the second xenomorph arachnid wrap its tail tightly around the small of her waist and extend its digits over the curve of her ass and grip it tight, spreading it in the process. She instinctively pushed back, as if that had any chance of bucking it off, but that only opened her hips more, giving it better access, and then she felt error of her decision; she felt the warm appendage of the creature stab her sphincter. Ripley instinctively collapsed, but that didn’t stop the appendage from jutting back and forth between her slippery cheeks. It was aggressively working itself back and forth, and there was nothing she could do. The amniotic fluid was coating everything like she had taken a bath in Astroglide. The appendage easily working between her round cheeks to the depths of her sphincter. Only the thin material of panties was blocking the entrance, but the appendage was locking onto the heat it could feel with its sensitive tip, and when it found the ring of puckered tissue, it pressed forward and pushed its way through her anus.

Ripley wanted to scream, as a wave of clenching pain jolted through her body, but the xenomorph that was thrusting its appendage down her throat silenced any cry or whimper. She could only grunt her disdain at the violation. The secretions from the arachnid meant to sedate and paralyze were only affective enough to ease the way, as the appendage thrusted deep into her insides. They worked quickly to relax the clench of her sphincter, but she couldn’t help but try to squirm free; it was no use. She rolled around and pulled at the digits, but the creature just gripped her ass tighter. She could feel it extending deep into her insides where it began thrusting like the one down her throat.

She couldn’t believe her fate. She worked herself back to her hands and knees and focused on finding glass, but she could barely move. It was one thing to have the xenomorph locked to her mouth, but the one locked to her ass was something else. She never took it from the back door, ever, so she was overwhelmed by the sensation. It felt like her loins were being stretched and stabbed, but it was painfully intoxicating. She was locked somewhere between pain and pleasure that her body couldn’t figure out, but it was confusing her senses. She knew she didn’t have long to act, but her thoughts were a haze. She was feeling mildly euphoric. She didn’t know if the two xenomorphs were overwhelming the antidote, or maybe her body was just overwhelmed. She just stayed there for a moment on her hands and knees with her tits swaying back and forth in the air, as she was getting fucked up the ass by the xenomorph and was swallowing another. ‘What a fucking degrading way to go,’ she thought.

Then it dawned on her that even if she got the glass, cutting into the xenomorphs would spill their acidic blood and probably kill her in the process. She realized there was no way out. She would have to ride this out and hope Bishop could extract the pupils in her body after the arachnids fell off and died. Then she felt it; the appendage thrusting down her throat began to spasm, and she felt it bucking and rippling waves of contractions unload streams of its seed down into her stomach. She could taste the rich fluid, as some worked up to her tongue. It was dense with fat and sugar, an overwhelming richness like a double chocolate desert. She was so exhausted and thirsty that her body betrayed her. She should have been filled with dread, but she was savoring the release from her thirst and enjoying the warm, sweet pleasure of the fluid on her tongue.

Just then she heard the third container break, and she knew she was screwed. She tried to crawl across the room, as if it would make a difference, but she had the creatures appendage still thrusting in her ass, and gripping her ass and hips. There wasn’t much she could do.

Suddenly she felt the third one hit her upper back and scramble over her body. Ripley freaked out at the unknown, but that only made her crash to the floor and curl into a fetal position. She could feel the xenomorph frantically scrambling all over her body, trying to find an entrance, but it couldn’t. Ripley was overwhelmed by the furious attack; she just wanted it to be over. She couldn’t scream. She couldn’t see. She couldn’t fight it. It wasn’t going to stop until it got what it wanted. Her will was broken at this point. She just wanted it to be over. As it continued flailing over her flesh, her body betrayed her once more, and she slowly uncurled herself onto her back and spread her legs. She pulled her panties to the side, and exposed her tender, pink vulva to the beast.

In a flash, the xenomorph found the heat source and locked onto Ripleys pelvis, starling her and causing her to release her panties. The second tail wrapped around her waist, taking the wind out of her, and the arachnid’s fingers clenched at her thighs. She could feel its appendage stabbing at her pussy through her panties and sliding over her slippery flesh. It kept prodding her clit, causing her knees to buckle in, which was throwing it off its mark. If she hadn’t been so sensitive from her wet dream and the appendage sliding across the folds of her anus then she probably wouldn’t have been so engorged and sensitive, but she was, and it was too much. It kept thrusting against her clit, and she uncontrollably bucked about. Her back arched, as her hips squirmed. It was overwhelming her. She quickly grabbed at her panties and yanked them to the side, spreading her legs, so the xenomorph would stop the assault. It thrusted against her wet vulva and slipped up into her clit before thrusting again down to the opening over her vagina before thrusting one final time and flooding her pussy with its uncoiling appendage.

When Ripley felt the rod penetrate her loins, she arched her back and let out a deep, muffled moan. Only a few seconds into the arachnid’s thrusts, she could feel the one buried in her ass begin to spasm. Undulating contractions worked like rippling beads moving down the appendage and unloaded its seed deep in her ass. The xenomorph’s grip on her ass tightened, as it continued to thrust its appendage between her cheeks. While the final xenomorph was thrusting in her pussy and quickly working Ripley nearer to her orgasm, the flaccid rod from the xenomorph still buried down her throat was beginning to weaken its grip. A few seconds later, Ripley could rip feel the life leave the creature, and she slowly pealed it off her head and pulled its appendage out of her mouth. Fourteen or more inches of the creature’s rod came out, and Ripley gasped in the air, filling her lungs deeply. She still had the sweet, rich flavor of the xenomorph on her lips, and she found herself licking it up with thirst, or was it lust?

She was nearing her orgasm, and so she wasn’t thinking correctly. She wanted to cum hard; it had been so long, and her whits were utterly betrayed by her desire. She arched her neck and back, as the two appendages plunged back and forth in her pelves, stretching her holes. She lifted her top and tugged on her erect nipples, moaning loud in the process. Then she felt her body release her orgasm, and she began to buck hard, while moaning loud, so loud, she figured every Sector of the outpost would have been able to hear her, but she had no control in that moment. Waves of pleasure past over her that she crawled at the ground, as if to escape it. Her toes curled and her fists clenched, slamming against the ground, as she continued to cum hard, but the two xenomorphs kept thrusting.

The final one began to unload, and then she felt the bucking appendage deliver pulsating streams of its seed deep into her hot core. The rippling peristalsis of the appendage sent her vagina into another gripping orgasm, clenching down on the alien’s rod in rhythmic contractions. “Ohhh, ohhhh, no more, no more,” she begged, as she was overwhelmed, tossing about, thrashing her breasts in the air from the wake of her orgasm. The xenomorph in her ass was no longer thrusting, but the other one was still going to town, and the rod in her ass was still causing her sphincter to ripple with convulsions, as it as stretch over the slippery appendage.

As her orgasm began to subside, she felt a moment of clarity. It was only for a second because she was feeling another orgasm coming on, but she had enough composure to open her eyes. She had this feeling like she was being watched, and sure enough, she looked up to see Bishop standing in the looking-glass of the clean room. He was staring right at Ripley and grinning like he was jerking off on the other side. Ripley’s face grimaced with anger. “Fuck you Bishop, you fucking piece of shit machine,” she shouted! Then she felt herself being pulled into another gripping orgasm. She clenched her face, as her body winced in painful pleasure from the euphoric and penetrating waves of her orgasm, as the xenomorph worked on its final thrusts.

Bishop looked on coldly. He said with a flat affect, “No, mum. Fuck you.”

The End

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